Microsoft Prediction Lab Wants to Shake Up Traditional Polling – PC Magazine

New York Times
Microsoft Prediction Lab Wants to Shake Up Traditional Polling
PC Magazine
In the run-up to November's mid-term elections (and the 2016 race), we'll likely see countless polls about who will come out victorious. But in an era when many of these polls are still conducted via landline phones, how do you modernize the polling process?
Microsoft new Polling Prediction Lab will foresee future accuratelyThe Westside Story
Microsoft is trying to predict the future, and so far it's succeedingThe Verge
Future Windows Phone Assistant Could Be Conducting Election PollsAuto World News

Taste-Testing Robots Verify Authenticity of Thai Cuisine

The government of Thailand has unveiled two new taste-testing robots that evaluate whether Thai food from around the world is up to par.

LTE Direct Will Let Your Phone Get Alerts With No Towers in Sight

LTE Direct Will Let Your Phone Get Alerts With No Towers in Sight

Picture this. You walk into the subway but you don't lose service. Instead, your phone lights up with useful alerts—the train is delayed, a nearby kiosk is running a sale, your friend is standing on the other end of the platform. Meanwhile, there's not a cell tower within 500 yards. This is the world powered by the future of smartphones: LTE Direct.


Creator of spying app arrested – CNN

Creator of spying app arrested
(CNN) -- The creator of StealthGenie, a mobile app marketed as a tool for spying on cheating spouses and keeping tabs on children, has been arrested, according to federal authorities. The FBI said the case marks the first time anyone has faced criminal

What you need to know about Facebook’s battle with drag queens

Maybe you've seen RuPaul's Drag Race, the flagship show on LogoTV, where men (dressed as women) compete to become America's next drag superstar. At the end of each show, the lowest-scoring competitors "lip sync for their life" in order to stay on the...

With Windows 9, Microsoft will try to put Windows 8 era behind it – PCWorld

With Windows 9, Microsoft will try to put Windows 8 era behind it
After spending the past two years in damage control mode over Windows 8, Microsoft will officially begin a new era for its OS on Tuesday, when it's expected to unveil a preview of Windows' next major version during an event focused on enterprise customers.
Microsoft Overhauls MSN Ahead of Big Windows AnnouncementMashable
What is next for Microsoft's Windows OS and cloud?
Windows 9 -- What to expect from the new OSBetaNews

Cypher Software Makes Phone Calls Clear As a Bell

Cypher Software Makes Phone Calls Clear As a Bell

Basically every aspect of cellphones has improved astonishingly in the past few years, except for the actual phone call part. Cypher, a brand-new startup, has some tricky software it says can fix our muddied mobile conversations. In a short live demo in NYC, it sure seemed up to the task.


Apple Patches ‘Shellshock’ on OS X – PC Magazine

Apple Patches 'Shellshock' on OS X
PC Magazine
Apple overnight released a patch for Mac OS X users susceptible to the Shellshock bug. "We have patched the Bash vulnerability for OX X Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks," a company spokesman confirmed to PCMag. Mac owners can find more details

They Finally Made an Ostrich Pillow We Can’t Mock

They Finally Made an Ostrich Pillow We Can't Mock

Well, this is awkward. The sleep-deprived minds behind everyone's favorite public, personal asphyxiation device, the Ostrich Pillow, have come back to Kickstarter with the Ostrich Pillow Mini. And it's... fine?


Why You’ll Never Leave Facebook for Ello – TIME

Why You'll Never Leave Facebook for Ello
140930_INV_Ello Berger & Föhr is a graphic design studio in Boulder, Colorado. Its partners, Todd Berger & Lucian Föhr are Co-founders of Ello. Ello. It's hard to build a large network using a freemium strategy. By no means was Facebook FACEBOOK INC.
The new Social Network Ello: All that you wanted to know about the latest craze!Hallels
Can Ello kill Facebook? Unlikely, but it's nice to know we have an ad-free ...Tech Times
'Private Facebook' site Ello: There's a reason we're still in beta. SPAMMERS!Register

China Finally Approves Apple’s New iPhones – Businessweek

China Finally Approves Apple's New iPhones
Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale on Sept. 19 in the U.S. and nine other countries, including Hong Kong—but not in China. The following week, Apple (AAPL) made its new phones available in 20 additional countries. Again, China didn't make the

Lightsaber Replacement Keys: No Need to Use the Forced Entry

Lightsaber Replacement Keys: No Need to Use the Forced Entry

Despite what you think of the Star Wars prequels, or even the original films, lightsabers will always be awesome. And despite there being everything from lightsaber bbq tongs to glowing knitting needles already out there, how could you not welcome these lightsaber-themed replacement keys with open arms?


Shellshock Draws Hacker Attacks, Sparks Race to Patch Bug

Hackers are bombarding computers to test whether they’re vulnerable to the Shellshock security hole that had lain dormant for two decades until last week, sparking a race by companies to protect their data.

Matchstick’s Firefox OS adapter sends media to your TV for $25

Looking for a streaming media stick that's more accessible than Google's Chromecast? You might have found it. After a few teasers, Matchstick has revealed the first Firefox OS-based media sharing adapter. The self-titled gadget lets you "fling"...

New Interstellar poster and trailers show more of the spaceship

New Interstellar poster and trailers show more of the spaceship

I'm so stoked about this movie that I may start wearing my spaceman pijamas out of the house. So stoked that, even while I'm always against trailers, I'm glad they keep releasing new material, like the banner above or the barrage of international and TV trailers below.


‘Shadow of Mordor’ And The Benefits Of Being Underhyped – Forbes

'Shadow of Mordor' And The Benefits Of Being Underhyped
Today may mark the official kick-off of “big fall games that aren't Destiny” season, with the release of Warner Bros.' Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The game has already surprised many critics, and in turn, surprised many fans who found the reviews that

Owl Struggles To Fathom iPhone Screen Even After A 90 Degree Head Turn, Is Basically All Of Us

They say owls are wise. So if Kuu the screech owl can't make sense of this iPhone after a full 90 degree head turn, we don't know what hope the rest of us have.

Watch Kuu squint and bend its big feathery neck to try to get on this iPhone's level in the video, uploaded in January and currently trending thanks to a post on Tastefully Offensive.

So what's on the iPhone screen that's confusing Kuu? A ridiculously complicated update? A Sisyphian loading screen? A surprise U2 album?

According to the video's description, the owl was actually struggling to comprehend his own reflection. No worries, Kuu. We still think you're pretty wise.

General Catalyst Commits $10M For Startups To Stripe’s Payments Ecosystem

Another bout of news is coming from the world of online payments: General Catalyst has announced a new, $10 million plan — called the GC Stripe Platform Initiative — to help portfolio company, payments startup Stripe, continue to scale up: GC will invest in interesting startups that are powered by Stripe’s network, and startups that are building ways of extending the… Read More

Ford’s all-new F-150 trucks win towing and hauling wars – Los Angeles Times

Fox News
Ford's all-new F-150 trucks win towing and hauling wars
Los Angeles Times
Ford bagged a key bragging right in the brutally competitive world of full-size trucks, announcing Monday that its all-new F-150 has best-in-class towing and payload capabilities. The F-Series has been the most popular vehicle in the U.S. for decades, and the

With $3.5 Million In New Funding, Expensify Targets Concur Customers


Space Combat Won’t Look At All Like ‘Star Wars’

Concept Art For A Space Weapon National War College, via Wikimedia Commons

If humanity brings war into space, what will those battles look like? Well, if our understanding of physics is anything close to correct, they won’t look at all like Star Wars. In this six minute clip by PBS Digital Studios, host Joe Hanson explores the physics of space battles.

Space battles in fiction, especially television and movies, resemble World War II aerial dogfights or naval battles more than anything else. That fixture on the past means they don’t do a great job modeling the future. But as Hanson points out, battles among the stars might actually resemble an even older form of combat. Because space battles are likely to be fought by vessels far away from each other, enemies will have to guess where their opponents are before firing off weapons. In this way, space war could be like 18th century battles, with limited communications and an unclear knowledge of enemy positions.

Of course, the video only addresses the physics of space battles. When it comes to technology, it may be that robots will do all the fighting.

Jony Ive Hung Out With Anna Wintour To Launch The Apple Watch In Paris – Businessinsider India

Jony Ive Hung Out With Anna Wintour To Launch The Apple Watch In Paris
Businessinsider India
For the first time, Apple is giving members of the public a look at the new Apple Watch. The Verge reports that high-end fashion store Colette in Paris is holding a 24-hour public viewing event for the new device, although it can only be seen behind glass.

and more

Is this wrist-worn smartphone on Indiegogo a hoax or a fever dream?

One downside of Indiegogo's lax attitude to projects is that there's no requirement for a prototype or any proof that the device being pitched could even exist. In fact, the site is so laissez-faire, that a creator could probably promise a hoverboard...

Donald Trump Tweets He Was An ‘Inspiration’ For Serial Killers

Donald Trump became the laughing stock of Twitter Monday after accidentally re-tweeting that he was a “big inspiration” to a husband-and-wife team of serial killers.

That morning, twitter user Phil Bradbury tweeted at Trump, writing, “My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration. Can you pls RT for their memory?”, The Guardian reports.

The tweet included a photo of Fred and Rose West, notorious British serial killers responsible for torturing, raping and killing multiple young women.

Hi @realDonaldTrump. My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration.Can you pls RT for their memory?

— Philip Bradbury (@feckhead) September 29, 2014

Apparently Trump wasn’t familiar with their faces, because he retweeted Bradbury, much to the public’s joy. “They seem like lovely, kind caring parents, don’t you think Donald?” tweeted comedian Dom Joly.

@NeonWhisky " target="_hplink">posited the question, “Did someone saying you were an inspiration not make you a little bit suspicious?”

Others saw it as an honest mistake, and thought Trump was simply being kind by retweeting. "Even though @realDonaldTrump is getting so much flack I think it's really sweet he bothered to retweet at all," wrote @Kezsez13.

The 68-year-old tycoon and reality star deleted his retweet and publicly responded to the prank by calling Bradbury a “jerk” and threatening to sue:

Some jerk fraudulently tweeted that his parents said I was a big inspiration to them + pls RT—out of kindness I retweeted. Maybe I’ll sue.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 29, 2014

In a follow-up tweet, Trump stated, “I thought I was being nice to somebody re their parents. I guess this teaches you not to be nice or trusting. Sad!”

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These Popular Bluetooth Speakers Are Only $30 Each Today

These Popular Bluetooth Speakers Are Only $30 Each Today

Whether you're taking them to the beach, a tailgate, or just using them to boost your iPad's volume in the kitchen, Bluetooth speakers are incredibly handy, and we've found a couple of highly-rated models for just $30 each today.


Forza Horizon 2 Review: A Driving Game That Could Even Win Over People Who Hate Driving Games


We Now Know Nearly Everything About Google’s Giant New Smartphone: The Nexus 6

Android Police The purported Nexus 6 If you think the iPhone 6 Plus is big, wait until you see Google’s next smartphone. For months, we’ve been hearing that Google and Motorola were teaming up to build a new phablet. Now, we’re seeing multiple reports that this 5.9-inch phone will indeed be the Nexus 6. A new report from tech blog Android Police, which has a pretty solid track record when it ...

Disney USB Chargers Make Outlets Fun, Which, Uh… Guys?

Disney USB Chargers Make Outlets Fun, Which, Uh… Guys?

For those us without kids, these Disney-themed USB chargers seem like an adorable way to replace the adapters that came with our smartphones. But to anyone with a toddler roaming the house, exploring every last nook and cranny, they also serve as an engraved invitation to start playing with power outlets.


Payment Network Dwolla Picks Up A Strategic $9.7M Led By CME Group


Zero Motorcycles’ new e-bikes can last 185 miles on a single charge

With the bad memories of 2012 product recalls firmly banished to the past, Zero Motorcycles is today unveiling its 2015 lineup of e-motorbikes. Changes from the 2014 models include improved seats, a slight increase in price, and larger batteries that...

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel Is Debuting on Netflix

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel Is Debuting on Netflix

It's no secret that Netflix has flirted with the idea of footing the bill for "big" movie releases in the past, but now we're finally seeing what that actually means. Next August, the sequel to 2000's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon will be hitting Netflix and (select) IMAX theaters simultaneously. Other theaters be damned.


Best Buy Starts Receiving Samsung Gear VR Demo Units – Android Headlines – Android News

Android Headlines - Android News
Best Buy Starts Receiving Samsung Gear VR Demo Units
Android Headlines - Android News
Its happening. Man I love that gif. But for anyone that's excited about Samsung's Gear VR, well it looks like Best Buy is getting their demo units in right about now, for their Samsung Experience area of the stores. So you should be able to pop in and play with

Touch ID for iPads revealed in iOS 8.1 beta – Today’s iPhone

Today's iPhone
Touch ID for iPads revealed in iOS 8.1 beta
Today's iPhone
On Monday, Apple released iOS 8.1 beta to developers. On the outside, the update brings some minor cosmetic changes to some various internal screens. However, one developer has found some more information hidden inside. Hamza Sood, while posting

Ebay’s Dark Binary Star Is Finally Exploding

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.56.49 AM

io9 The 8 strangest fast food movie tie-ins | Jalopnik The Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R Is Batshi

io9 The 8 strangest fast food movie tie-ins | Jalopnik The Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R Is Batshit Insane | Jezebel OkCupid Casanova Has Some Very Specific Things He Wants to Do With You | Lifehacker How to Look Better in Photos Based on Your Body Type


New Basis Peak Is Part Fitness Tracker, Part Smartwatch –

Wall Street Journal
New Basis Peak Is Part Fitness Tracker, Part Smartwatch
A new version of the Basis fitness tracker called Peak — which features a new design, improved heart rate monitoring and some smartwatch capabilities — will be released in early November, the company announced today (Sept. 29). Some notable

Atlantic.Net Launches $0.99/Month SSD-Based Servers To Challenge DigitalOcean


Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE: Stream Games Anywhere (If You’ve Got the Cash)

Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE: Stream Games Anywhere (If You've Got the Cash)

I just stepped into the future of gaming. Well, that's not quite correct. I sampled one possible future: the one where you can take the power of your entire gaming PC absolutely anywhere.


Belkin Announces New Thunderbolt™ 2 Express Dock HD for Mac® and PC Computers

Belkin® today introduced the Thunderbolt™ 2 Express Dock HD with cable, a powerful docking solution for both Mac and PC computers. Equipped with two Thunderbolt 2 ports, it allows

HP Stream laptops and tablets provide Windows on a budget – Gizmag

HP Stream laptops and tablets provide Windows on a budget
HP has announced a new range of Windows-based tablets and notebooks. The devices, all of which carry the Stream moniker, hit a low-end price point and come with cloud storage solutions – a signal that the company is taking aim at the Chromebook

Novel Messaging app Download on rise amid Hong Kong Protests – Uncover California

Uncover California
Novel Messaging app Download on rise amid Hong Kong Protests
Uncover California
A new mobile messaging app that enables users to communicate in the absence internet connection or Wi-Fi is becoming a hit a among Hong Kong protesters. The free app known as FireChat app, launched in March was downloaded in Hong Kong by more

TiVo’s Android app now supports streaming

It was nearly a year ago that TiVo brought streaming to its iOS apps, enabling you to watch recorded shows anywhere with a WiFi signal. Eleven months later, and the company has finally added the same functionality for TiVo's Android app. The feature...

Government Robots Will Decide if Your Thai Food Tastes Right

Pad Thai dishes don???t always taste the same. But they could from today onward. Thailand is unveiling two new robots that can evaluate whether Thai food around the world is made according to government-standardized recipes.

No, this isn’t another golf ball from outer space.

No, this isn't another golf ball from outer space . In fact, it's a simulated image of the interior of a supermassive star weighing 55,500 times more than our Sun.


Shellshock bug: Apple patch serious security flaw affecting millions of Mac … –

Shellshock bug: Apple patch serious security flaw affecting millions of Mac ...
Apple released an update to its Mac operating systems today to fix a critical security flaw affecting millions of computers. The bug affects Bash, a program that runs on Apple Mac and Linux computers - and can run in the background without a users knowledge

The Fault In Our Email

Conventional workplace wisdom declares email a daily scourge. We receive too much of it. We spend too much time replying to it. We concoct elaborate strategies to cope with it and avoid incurring a debt that downward-spirals to email bankruptcy.

We bow down at the altar of Inbox Zero, the methodology that dictates we take prompt, concrete action to dispatch with every single message we receive. Reply to it. Or File it. Or Delete it. We turn the drudgery of processing the flood of correspondence into a game. Inbox Zero, FTW! Achievement unlocked…

Sneaky Scientists Slip Bob Dylan Lyrics Into Articles For 17 Years

How many times can scientists slip references to Bob Dylan lyrics in their research articles? The answer, my friends, is a lot.

At least that's true for a group of five researchers at Sweden's famed Karolinska Institute who this week revealed that they have been sneaking Dylan lyrics into their articles for the past 17 years.

It all started with an article about flatulence that two of the scientists wrote for the journal Nature Medicine in 1997. The title? "Nitric oxide and inflammation: The answer is blowing in the wind."

After that, three other scientists joined in, with all five agreeing to an informal competition: whoever snuck the most Dylan references into articles before retiring would win lunch at a local restaurant.

"We're not talking about scientific papers -- we could have got in trouble for that -- but rather articles we have written about research by others, book introductions, editorials, and things like that," Dr. Eddie Weitzberg, a professor of anesthesiology at the university and one of the five scientists, told Sweden's English newspaper The Local.

Other references the scientists have woven into their papers include: "The times they are a-changing," "blood on the tracks," "a simple twist of fate," and "tangled up in blue."

The whimsical competition has charmed bloggers across the web -- and served to remind us that even scientists like to have a little fun.

"Consider this a reminder that scientists are people, too," reporter Rachel Feldman wrote on the Washington Post's 'Speaking of Science' blog, "and that many of them really, really want to make you laugh."

Honda CR-V goes high tech to prevent crashes – USA TODAY

Honda CR-V goes high tech to prevent crashes
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — In a class of family vehicles where safety can be a big selling point, Honda is betting on high tech to avoid wrecks in its 2015 CR-V. The 2015 CR-V will be the first vehicle in Honda's lineup to get what the automaker has

The Evolution of Your Desk, Visualized

Over the past twenty years, you entire desk has collapsed in on itself and into your computer. This video, by the Harvard Innovation Lab, shows how it happened.


PayPal, eBay To Split Into Two Companies

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — EBay is splitting off its fastest growing segment, mobile payment service PayPal, the e-commerce company said Tuesday.

Investors applauded the news, sending eBay's shares up nearly 7 percent in morning trading. The move comes after months of pressure from activist investor and billionaire Carl Icahn. EBay CEO John Donahoe had been adamant that splitting off PayPal was the wrong move for the company. But Tuesday, the company said that making the mobile payment service a separate publicly traded company next year "maximizes strategic focus and flexibility for eBay."

Although it has not become mainstream yet, the mobile payment sector is growing quickly. Citi Investment Research analyst Mark May said in a note last month that the sum total of mobile payments could grow from $1 billion in 2013 to $58.4 billion by 2017. Apple threw down a gauntlet in September with its own digital wallet Apple Pay, seen as a major competitor to PayPal.

Donahoe also said he will step down as CEO of eBay after overseeing the separation of the two companies and will not have a management role in either of the two afterward. He may have a seat on the board at one or both, along with eBay Chief Financial Officer Bob Swan.

Dan Schulman, an executive at American Express, will be the new president at PayPal, effective immediately. The 56-year-old will become PayPal's CEO once the separation takes place.

Devin Wenig, currently president of eBay Marketplaces, will become CEO of the new EBay Inc. He will lead the eBay Marketplaces and eBay Enterprise businesses.

Cowen and Co. analyst John Blackledge said the spinoff "makes a great deal of sense," because there is "manageable overlap" between the two businesses and the new structure makes PayPal "more nimble" to respond to challenges like Apple Pay.

EBay, based in San Jose, California, said that the separation was the best path for growth and shareholder value creation for each business.

EBay is an e-commerce site that connects sellers to buyers. PayPal, acquired by eBay in 2002 for $1.3 billion, has been its fastest-growing segment.

In the most recent quarter, PayPal gained 4 million new, active registered accounts, up 15 percent, to 152 million. Payments revenue rose 20 percent to $1.95 billion, about 45 percent of eBay's total revenue.

PayPal users can send and receive payments online, with all transactions backed by prepaid user accounts, bank accounts or credit cards. The service is available in 203 markets worldwide and is on track to process 1 billion mobile payments in 2014.

There is a push away from traditional credit cards, particularly after a string of high-profile data breaches that have ensnared major retailers like Target and Home Depot.

Citibank predicts that the mobile payments business will grow from $1 billion last year, to nearly $60 billion by 2017.

"A thorough strategic review with our board shows that keeping eBay and PayPal together beyond 2015 clearly becomes less advantageous to each business strategically and competitively," Donahoe said.

PayPal has been expanding beyond mobile payments and offering other financial services. It began lending money to small business customers late last year. And eBay bought Braintree, a payment processor used by startups such as vacation rentals site Airbnb and cab-hailing app Uber, a year ago for about $800 million and will be part of the PayPal.

Shares of eBay jumped nearly 7 percent to $56.16 in morning trading.


AP Business Writer Joseph Pisani contributed to this report.

Microsoft needs your help to predict the future accurately

Apparently, Microsoft Research is working on a forecasting methodology based on data and not on the fevered dreams of precogs or Nostradamus-wannabes. In the past few months, the project's researchers have been relying on the data they've collected...

eBay And PayPal To Split Into Two Separate Companies


Toyota recalling 690K Tacoma pickups – USA TODAY

Toyota recalling 690K Tacoma pickups
Toyota is recalling 690,000 midsize Tacoma pickup trucks to fix a problem in the rear suspension. The recall applies to 2005 to 2011 Tacoma 4x4 and Tacoma Pre-Runner pickup trucks. Toyota says it notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

AppDynamics Extends APM Coverage To Native Mobile Apps

Cartoon of frustrated mobile phone user.

A Stylish Water Filter You Don’t Have To Hide In the Fridge

A Stylish Water Filter You Don't Have To Hide In the Fridge

Taking its design inspiration from the pour-over coffee setups that are so en vogue right now, KOR's new Water Fall filtration system separates the actual filter from the vessel, letting you fill glasses, carafes, or bottles without ever having to carry the whole rig around.


15 Times The World’s iPhone Obsession Went Entirely Too Far

Each time Apple launches a lustrous new iPhone, it's a spectacle. Crowds cheer as they rush to stores in the eternal quest to obtain the latest and greatest gadget.

But the blind fervor over Apple devices masks a darker aspect of iPhone mania: People go to truly desperate lengths to get their hands on one.

Since the first iPhone shipped out in 2007, fans have gotten in fist fights, sold organs and even trafficked children in exchange for the devices. Others risked their own safety to recover lost phones. Robbers have killed just to make a buck feeding the iPhone black market.

Here are some of the most extreme things people have done in the name of an iPhone.

1. One couple sold three newborn babies.
A couple in China was charged with child trafficking after they sold three of their children over several years to pay for iPhones and high-end shoes.

2. A teenager sold his kidney.
A Chinese teenager sold a kidney in 2011 and used the money to buy an iPhone and an iPad. Five people were later charged with intentional injury, including the surgeon who removed the kidney.

3. Another teenager got stuck in a storm drain.
In April, a teenager in England got herself stuck in a storm drain trying to retrieve her phone. Firefighters were called to help her out.

4. One guy tried to "rent" his girlfriend.
A Chinese man was photographed holding up a sign at Songjiang University in Shanghai advertising platonic dates ("no funny business" allowed) with his girlfriend to finance a new phone. The woman in question appeared to be a willing participant.

5. Another guy demanded a dowry from his future brother-in-law.
A Saudi man took advantage of marriage customs by requesting a new iPhone 6 in exchange for a woman's hand in marriage.

6. A supposed "businessman" hired homeless people to wait in line at an Apple store, and didn't pay them as promised.
An unidentified businessman transported vans full of homeless people to a Pasadena, California, Apple store last fall to wait in line for the iPhone 5S and 5C. Each one received two vouchers to purchase phones, but when some of the vouchers didn't work, chaos ensued. The businessman was escorted out by police, leaving scores of homeless people without pay or transportation back to skid row.

7. Several people have tried to buy sex.
People have posted ads on Craigslist attempting to trade sexual favors for the iPhone 6.

8. A 15-year-old girl fell off a car and died.
A girl in Santa Ana, California, ran after a thief who stole her iPhone in July, jumping onto the back of his car as he sped away. Witnesses told police that the driver "swerved back and forth in what appeared to be an intentional manner to get her off the car." She fell off and died from her injuries. A number of other people have been killed by thieves looking to cash in on high demand for the phones.

9. One lady traded a $2,000 bag for a better place in line at the Apple store.
A woman who was already fifth in line for the iPhone 5S traded her Louis Vuitton bag in order to move up to third place last fall after an Apple store employee hinted at a limited supply of phones.

10. Thieves formed a gang with the singular goal of stealing iPhones.
New York City police dubbed the gang, which they believe to be responsible for around 40 iPhone robberies, "Apple Pickers." More than 3 million Americans were victims of smartphone theft in 2013.

11. A teenager allegedly offered to sell her virginity.
In 2011, a teenager in China allegedly wrote on social media that she'd sell her virginity to anyone who'd buy her an iPhone 4. We're hoping it was just a bad joke.

12. Many people have been in physical fights outside an Apple store.
There were numerous reports of fights after the iPhone 6 release. It's not a new phenomenon.

13. A police chief sent 10 officers to find his son's phone.
Berkeley, California, police chief Michael Meehan was criticized in 2012 for having 10 investigators work overtime to search for his son's missing iPhone. They didn't find it.

14. One man stole from a baby.
In 2012, a surveillance camera picked up a man stealing an iPhone from a 20-month-old baby whose mother had been letting her use it to watch "Barney the Dinosaur."

15. People stood in line for 22 days.
A bunch of people camped outside the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York City weeks before the iPhone 6 became available. One Japanese man attempted to line up seven months before the release date, but was told to leave.

With New Ad Publishers On Board, Appsfire Becomes A Solid Alternative Mobile Advertising Network

outdoor advertising bam

Ebay Is Splitting PayPal Off as a Separate Company

Ebay Is Splitting PayPal Off as a Separate Company

Ebay has just announced that it's to split PayPal off as an independent, publicly traded company in 2015.


How To Protect Yourself From Domain Thieves

Most of us are aware that hackers can steal our financial information. But few people realize that hackers can also go after other valuable property online, like web addresses. Short, catchy URLs can be worth millions of dollars, making them prime targets for thieves. On Monday, The Huffington Post reported on domain theft, a scheme in which hackers steal valuable Internet addresses and sell them in online forums or extort their rightful owners.

If a hacker steals your domain name, there’s often little you can do to get it back. But how do you protect your website from getting hijacked in the first place?


Start by questioning emails that claim to come from a domain registrar like GoDaddy. Hackers often steal website addresses by sending fake emails to their owners. The bogus emails include malicious software that allows thieves to gain control of their victims’ email accounts and approve the transfer of their domain names.

The bogus email might say: “Urgent attention! We believe your account has been compromised and payment method is no longer valid. Please log in and correct information,” according to Dave Piscitello, a senior security technologist for ICANN, a California-based nonprofit responsible for managing the Internet address system.

Once a hacker has control of your email account, the criminal can transfer your website into his or her control, and you might not be able to get it back.


Choose a domain registrar that offers added security features, like GoDaddy's two-step authentication, that make it harder for hackers to break into your domain account. You should also request your domain be placed on “Registrar Lock,” which requires you to "unlock" the domain before you transfer it by logging in to the registrar's website. With the lock in place, a hacker would need access to both your email account and your registrar account.

For an extra $8 a year, GoDaddy will also hide your contact information -- including your email address -- from a public list of domain owners known as the “Whois” database. This prevents thieves from knowing how to contact you to send a bogus email, according to the company.

For even more security, offers an extra feature that prevents anyone from transferring a domain name to another account until a company representative has called the account owner on the phone and that person has provided a nine-digit PIN code to prove their identity. However, the added security comes with a hefty price tag -- $1,850 for the first year, and $1,350 for each additional year.


If your domain name is stolen, you’re more likely to recover it quickly if you've kept documents related to the website, such as billing and registration records. Such documents can help in a lawsuit or when the domain registrar investigates the theft.

To get your domain back, “you have to demonstrate you've been a victim,” Piscitello said. “Without documentation, your recourse is very limited.”

Read more on domain theft here.

eBay and PayPal will part ways in 2015

Despite spending most of 2014 arguing the opposite, eBay has today decided it will divide its popular payment and auction properties in two. Next year, the company will split PayPal away from its embattled auction site, and as a result of the...

Dan Schulman To Lead Newly Independent PayPal, Devin Wenig Will Be CEO Of eBay Inc.


Cloudflare’s Matthew Prince To Speak At TechCrunch Disrupt Europe

Matthew Prince

Pavlok’s Wristband That Electroshocks You For Facebooking Or Skipping Workouts Now On Indiegogo


Edinburgh becomes the first UK airport to openly trial Google Glass

Google Glass is still a rare sight in the UK, but it's proving popular amongst brands and businesses, especially when customer service is involved. Virgin Atlantic previously used the headset to welcome passengers to Heathrow, but only now is it...

Ace Computers Delivers Custom HPC Solution to Colorado University for Joint MIT Research.

Ace Computers delivered a custom high performance computing (HPC) solution to the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Boulder). (PRWeb September 30, 2014) Read the full story at

Spreadable Beer Exists, So You Can Drink Your Brew And Eat It, Too

Love beer so much that you wish you could eat it? The time has come.

Birra Spalmabile is the brainchild of an Italian chocolatier and an Italian brewer: Accordingly, it spreads just like ganache and tastes like a brew (with an "irresistible hoppy scent"). A single jar contains 40 percent beer (and no chocolate). The product can be paired with both sweet and savory foods, like cheeses, meats, fruits and pastries.

The spread is alcohol-free, so if you like, you can add it to your bacon, egg and cheese for a quality breakfast sandwich experience. It received some buzz back in 2012 in Italy, and has recently resurfaced for purchase stateside. You can pre-order it on Firebox.

There are so many foods we want this spreadable beer to meet. For starters, we're thinking it would pair nicely with a grilled cheese, a warm pretzel, brie and crackers, a bratwurst on a bun and maybe even a savory peanut butter and beer sandwich.

If you desire something a little more domestic, "beer jellies" can be found in the U.S., which are infused with spicy, floral and smoky notes of either IPA or stout flavors.

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Three Accounts Of What Life Is Like With Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass

Owners of Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass have had about a week to start carbo-loading. For a measly $100, one thousand lucky noodle lovers snagged seven weeks of unlimited pasta (beyond pasta, card-holders are privy to endless Coca-Cola sodas, breadsticks and soup or salad). Though the promotion didn't start until Sept. 22, it sold out in less than two hours the day it was announced (Sept. 10), and some card-owners even took to eBay, surrendering their endless eats to make a profit.

Others, however, are using the deal as intended -- to eat limitless pasta bowls at Olive Garden. Hagana Kim writes on that he will "eat Olive Garden every day for seven weeks." On the blog, Kim documents the daily meal, total Olive Garden calories consumed, the would-be cost of the meal, the number of breadsticks consumed and his current weight (the writer actually appears to be losing mass). Kim is enchanted and consistently positive, so far.

"This card is pure magic," Kim writes. "It’s like a credit card that you never have to pay off. The bill just disappears."

Matt of has taken a more financially-conscious approach. He won't frequent the chain every day, but will eat Olive Garden to save money. He's anything but gluttonous: Matt, so far, has only ordered food to go, which defeats the concept of "endless:" When ordering take-out, card-holders are permitted one pasta bowl with sides.

"This is about eating as cheaply as possible off of my AmeriCorps VISTA stipend," he writes on his blog. "I’m not out to emulate Morgan Spurlock and Pasta-Size myself. I won’t guarantee that I’ll eat there daily, and I’ll be taking my health into strong consideration as the weeks go by."

Matt portions his meals, once saving the side salad for the next day's lunch, another time bequeathing the breadsticks to a hungry-looking man seated on a sidewalk.
Images courtesy of

"Vino" of may be the most extreme of the three: "My goal is to fulfill Olive Garden's unspoken challenge of the Pasta Pass - to use it fully and completely, to try every permutation the Never Ending Pasta Bowl has to offer, and to entertain others while I do it," he writes in an email to HuffPost.

The Never Ending Pasta Bowl deal offers six different pastas with six different sauces and five different toppings, meaning there are dozens of combinations (but still, it's pasta and sauce and that can get tiresome and lead to some, um, clogging).

Vino says he did the math and found there are 180 "pastabilities" in all (if you include "no topping" as an option), and intends to ingest them all by the end of the 49 days. "I eat one pasta for lunch and 3 for dinner, and there are 49 days," he writes. "If I keep up this pace, I should actually finish all 180 before the promotion ends." Vino is confident he'll be able to complete the challenge he's set out for himself -- "I'm one week down and hungry for more."

We'll continue to follow these ambitious journeys from the sidelines, while eating sushi.

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Basis Unveils The Peak, A Smarter Fitness Tracker

Basis Peak

Basis Peak: A Powerful Fitness Tracker With Smartwatch Envy

Basis Peak: A Powerful Fitness Tracker With Smartwatch Envy

From the very beginning, the Basis Band wanted to do more than the Fitbit and Nike competition. With high-tech sensors designed to monitor your heart rate and sweat levels — not just your flailing arms — it was one of the first, best activity trackers on the market. It was also an ugly little cretin, but the caterpillar is finally coming out of its cocoon: The new $199 Basis Peak brings some smartwatch sensibility to the company's medical-grade formula.


Basis unveils its first fitness tracker since getting acquired by Intel

You probably mainly think of Intel as the company trying to make 2-in-1s happen, but lately it's been dabbling in fitness, too. It all started when the chip maker acquired Basis, the creator of what was quite possibly the most sophisticated fitness...

Heritage Provider Network Launches Innovative Business Plan And Startup Competition With The National Institute Of …

BETHESDA , Md., Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A world-wide, open innovation competition to bring promising brain related inventions to market has been launched by the Heritage Provider Network (HPN) in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI). Heritage is providing the funding for the challenge. CAI is orchestrating all elements of ...

TiVo Debuts Android App to Stream Shows on Mobile Devices

TiVo Inc. (TIVO) , a maker of digital video recorders, is introducing a mobile application for users to stream TV content on their Android smartphones and tablets, adding to a similar service it offers on Apple Inc. (AAPL) devices.

Akamai: Broadband Speeds Tip 4 Mbps Globally; DDoS Attacks Down 15%


Could a Simple Pill Make You Mentally Stronger?

Could a Simple Pill Make You Mentally Stronger?

Camp Mackall, North Carolina, is home to the US Army's 'survival school'. Here, soldiers take part in survival, evasion, resistance and escape (SERE) training. This is among the toughest of all US military training programmes.


Security tightened in Tripura, Assam for Durga Puja

Agartala/Silchar, Sep 30 (IANS): Armed with sophisticated weapons and electronic gadgets, a large number of security personnel have been deployed in Tripura and Assam for the Durga Puja.

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