Our Best View Yet of Molecules Moving Inside Living Cells

A new microscope developed by the Marine Biological Laboratory in Chicago is allowing scientists track the position and orientation of individual molecules in living cells. It has the potential to reveal unknown aspects of molecular behavior, including those that turn cells into agents of disease.


Let the Machines Do the Learning

As we celebrate Labor Day this month in the US, it is worth reflecting on the past, present and future of the labor force and its role in shaping modern society. The labor movement really took off in the 19th century along with the industrial revolution, where one begat the other. Today, we are clearly in the midst of another revolution beset by advances in intelligent and affective computing.

How can a post-labor society create a sense of identity when the connection between labor and our identity is so strong? Fred Wilson sees this as a challenge and an opportunity, pointing that one of the answers is to offload tasks to automation and machine learning so that humans can address other challenges that require critical thinking abilities.

Companies, from Spotify to Tinder are using affective algorithms to learn user behavior and present them with individualized, contextualized experiences. Over time, these models are become smarter as they identify and improve (not unlike a simple human) their capabilities. As they learn to overcome bottlenecks, human input becomes less and less necessary.

In the recruiting industry, the process of hiring the right employee is fraught with inefficiencies that result directly from the limited cognitive capacity that recruiters have. The three elements they are given--the CV, cover letter and job application-- offer an incomplete profile of a candidate and almost no insight as to whether they will meet the current. If the hiring company is in a fast-paced environment- say, the high tech world- anticipating future needs is an even bigger challenge.

Given the grave consequences of hiring the wrong person (and the potentially unlimited upside of hiring the right one), the hiring process cannot be left to humans alone. Relink saw this issue and put together an algorithm that combs through massive data sets of applicants and uses preset criteria to match them with certain recruiters and companies- similar to what Tinder does with matches. A smart algorithm has an unlimited capacity for identifying trends and providing accurate job recommendations and while it is contingent on candidates accurately self-reporting, early tests indicates that it is more accurate and efficient than humans at matchmaking recruits.

More than a decade ago, similar uses of machine learning were being applied to the world of finance. Jaffray Woodriff, founder of QIM, manages an asset base of $2.5 billion through a data science approach. The fund uses predictive modeling techniques to systematically make investment decisions. Their returns speak for themselves; QIM has achieved a net annualized return of 21% over the past 8 years, making the fund a leader in the CTA fleet.

Human behavior is at the crux of the algorithms that QIM and others use; their models are able to pick up on these behavioral patterns and seek to predict what's going to happen in the next 24 hours. While factors affecting prices change around the clock, human reactions to them change in certain subtle ways. The 10,000 mathematical formulas that make up their algorithm, use machine learning each with "flavors of favorite quant inputs, orthogonal to data points like volatility and price momentum" to spot and anticipate patterns in various commodity prices.

The true beauty of technology is that it truly allow us to do more with less; rewriting the plan of the world and changing long-held paradigms. Machines not going to take over the world- they will just shake up every conceivable aspect of it. While for the foreseeable future, deep-learning machines will remain pattern-recognition engines, the potential for them to learn and improve upon themselves is endless.

With that, us wonderful humans will have much more time to dedicate to important activities, be they high-level thinking or spending time with loved ones. With the advent of such forces, it will truly be possible to ruthlessly guard out time; a finite resource that money cannot buy more of. Thankfully, it can buy servers and machines.

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Wanted: One 400-lb hacker (or maybe five tiny ones)

This week the topic of cybersecurity made its first-ever appearance at a presidential debate. This was thanks to moderator Lester Holt, who asked candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump how to fight cyberattacks. Both were heavy on emphasizing i...

The World’s First Clear Glass Slide Looks Like a Dream

Our perpetually-dropped smartphones have pushed glass manufacturers to create stronger and more durable materials to survive our clumsiness. But if you’re curious just how advanced glass making techniques have gotten, someone has made a 30-foot working glass slide that’s completely transparent.


The United Nations is turning VR into a tool for social change

Virtual reality is lauded as an empathy generator. The ability to transport viewers to a setting that would otherwise be inaccessible, or even unfathomable, lends a sense of poignancy to the medium. Over the last two years, journalistic stories and c...

Apply now for Include Office Hours with First Round Capital!

include-featured2TechCrunch Include Office Hours are happening this October 10th! Phin Barnes and Bill Trenchard from First Round Capital in San Francisco will join TechCrunch to provide valuable advice and feedback to startups. Launched in 2014, Include is TechCrunch’s diversity program, aimed at facilitating opportunities for underrepresented groups in tech to take their startups to the next level.… Read More

PewDiePie’s new game “Tuber Simulator” hits the top of the App Store, crashes

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-2-16-39-pmWhat happens when the world’s biggest YouTube star Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg tells his 48 million YouTube subscribers to download and play his new mobile game? The game promptly shoots up to the top of the App Store, and the servers crash under the load. That’s what happened, at least, following the iOS and Android launch of “PewDiePie’s Tuber… Read More

iPhone 7 Camera Battle: Still the Best Smartphone For Photos – Gizmodo

iPhone 7 Camera Battle: Still the Best Smartphone For Photos
The camera on the iPhone has developed such a reputation for excellence that it's one of the device's central selling points. It's worth upgrading to a new phone just to get the latest and greatest camera. After a week of rigorous shooting, one thing ...
Moment's lenses work with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus but require a special mounting plateThe Verge
Moment lenses are ready for your iPhone 7CNET
A reeling camera market gets a new foe: iPhone 7 PlusUSA TODAY
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Facebook tests feature similar to Snapchat Stories for Messenger

Facebook has been keen on borrowing features from Snapchat as of late and it's testing yet another one in Poland. The so-called "Messenger Day" tool allows Facebook Messenger users to share a collection of photos and videos with friends that will dis...

Yahoo open sources its porn-detecting neural network

nsfw_scoreEver wonder how things get marked NSFW on the internet? It’s Yahoo. Yahoo does it — with their special-made, smut-trained, porn-detecting neural network. And now you can, too, because the team behind the system has made it open source. I guess you could say they’re down to fork. Read More

Atomic is like Google Docs for interface prototyping

atomic-3Meet Atomic, a prototyping service for your next mobile app or website. It works in your browser, but it’s a lot more powerful than you’d expect. Atomic handles animations and lets you make interactive designs. And you can collaborate on your designs with your team in real time. The startup launched the version 2 this week adding a bunch of new features that make your design… Read More

Japan’s noisy iPhone problem

I cancelled my iPhone 7 Plus order last week. Yes, I still had a two-week wait before it was scheduled to arrive, but it wasn't impatience that got the better of me. It was where I live: in Japan. iPhones sold here (and in Korea) hold the dubious hon...

Paint with your friends in VR with new Google Tilt Brush update

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-10-42-50-amOne of the more fun usages of virtual reality to have already emerged is Google’s Tilt Brush. The VR painting simulator is often one of the first things I demo to first-time VR users and it really allows people to lose themselves in a VR world and make it whatever they want it to be. Art is more fun with friends, and it appears Google is discovering that as well. Today, the company… Read More

Made With Code Unveiled New Project at Global Citizen Festival

This past Saturday, at the star-studded Global Citizen Festival, Google's Made with Code initiative unveiled a new project. After Metallica's spirited performance, 'Quantico'-star Priyanka Chopra, a host of the evening, was joined on stage by a legion of teen girls. "The girls you see on stage and screen are coding to fight inequality, to increase peace, and to end poverty," Priyanka explained. She then motioned to the jumbotrons behind her which lit up with colorful shapes, iconography, and cartoon animals. Each image featured text that proclaimed a political, social, and/or environmental message like: "Love Our Animals," "Protect Our Nature," " Support All Women."

Priyanka Chopra and the girls of Made with Code on stage at The Global Citizen Festival. Courtesy of Made with Code.

"Behind me," Priyanka continued, "you will see the hopes and aspirations written and designed with code of girls and young women using their voices to make a difference," She then went on to introduce Ellie Goulding who performed her biggest hits with the girls' work displayed behind her.

What happened on stage is only half the story though. Backstage were some of the individuals working to make such a powerful presentation possible. For each featured image, there were a million more created by teen girls across the world using Made with Code's "Change" App.

The "Change" app was designed around a larger goal: to encourage today's youth to become the computer scientists of tomorrow. It uses drag-and-drop functionality to create a fun jigsaw-esque programming platform that offers coding challenges for beginner and junior coders.

Young participants in Made with Code's programs also owe much to their mentors, women who are recruited for their knowledge, caring, and ability to connect a technical skill set with opportunities in the real world. One of the mentors, Fereshteh Forough, is an Afghan refugee who founded her company, Code To Inspire, to educate Afghani women in technology and entrepreneurship. Fereshteh hopes that her students will go on to thrive in society "without being worried of physical or geographical distances. They come online, they work online, and they get paid online."

Displayed on the Jumbotron is one of the millions of images coded by girls around the world. Photo taken by Alex Schattner.

Another mentor, Rose Broome, is the founder of HandUp, a digital platform that helps users donate money to the homeless people featured on its profiles. Instead of the money going directly into a featured person's pocket, it is given to the shelter he or she belongs to, and used for the legitimate purposes of their choosing (ie. clothes, food, rent). So far, HandUp has partnered with shelters in 25 cities to provide local facilities with global awareness and assistance.

"My favorite part is impacting someone else's life," Rose says, "We have all this technology and innovation, and yet we have people sleeping on the street at night... I wanted to help somebody, and I thought there had to be an easier way to do that. So, I told myself I was going to do something for homeless people. I started working on HandUp as a side project and then it just took off. Now I have two co-founders, and its a five-person team. I was telling the girls at the lunch [earlier] that when you use code, a small team can make something that can scale, and be deployed in many cities."

With such good mentors on its side, and a dedication to helping young women advance in the growing field of technology, Made with Code shows exciting promise. And like Ellie Goulding sang, "Anything could happen."

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The 2016 Open Data Roundtables: New Report on Putting Data to Use

From March through June 2016, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the nonprofit Center for Open Data Enterprise ran a series of four Open Data Roundtables. These events brought together a total of 290 experts from inside and outside of government. Their challenge was to find ways to maximize the value and accessibility of open government data - publicly available data that anyone can use and republish for business, research, or the public good.

The Roundtables were designed to highlight best practices and case studies, explore innovative solutions to data challenges, and lead to new connections and partnerships. The participants in these Roundtables ranged from data scientists to climate scientists, lawyers to public-service advocates, corporate tech leaders to academics. Through the Roundtables, they heard talks from open data innovators and leaders including Megan Smith, the U.S. Chief Technology Officer, and DJ Patil, the U.S. Chief Data Scientist. We asked the participants to tackle some of the most difficult challenges and biggest opportunities for government data: privacy, data quality, sharing research data, and public-private collaboration.


Today, we at the Center are pleased to publish the results in our report, The 2016 U.S. Open Data Roundtables: Recommendations from Data Providers and Users (read it here). This report represents the individual participants' recommendations as summarized by the Center for Open Data Enterprise. It also includes 21 case studies of ways that open government data is fueling scientific research, civic innovation, and advances in health, agriculture, energy efficiency, and other fields.

The report's first section includes recommendations that may be useful to a wide range of people working with open federal data. These include approaches to:

Data collection: Gathering data to serve a government agency's or organization's mission
Standardization: Developing common data definitions, formats, and metadata
Managing privacy: Ensuring that personally identifiable information in datasets is not released to the public
Data release: Publishing data in effective and appropriate ways
Quality improvement: Making datasets more accurate, complete, and usable
Curation, storage, and management: Managing datasets for maximum value
Communities and collaboration: Building user communities and collaborations between government, the private sector, nonprofits, and academia


Its second section covers recommendations focused on specific research areas, including:
Arctic: Using satellite, energy, and biodiversity data to help make Arctic communities sustainable and resilient
Cancer and biomedical: Using data for cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment
Climate: Using weather, geography, oceanography, agriculture data in climate science
Health: Exploring research data issues for patients, health care providers, academics
Infectious Disease: Using data to combat outbreaks
Materials Science: Using data to discover, manufacture, and deploy advanced materials more rapidly
Smart cities: Data-driven strategies to reduce energy use, combat traffic congestion, improve air and water quality
Oceans: Preserving and protecting oceans and preventing over-fishing
Soil and agriculture: Using data for precision agriculture, promoting nutrition, tackling hunger

Open government data has huge potential to fuel innovation and new discoveries in a wide range of fields. We encourage government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and academics to join in improving government data resources and putting them to use.

The Center's work on the Open Data Roundtables was supported by Microsoft and Booz Allen Hamilton. To learn more about the Center, contact katherine@odenterprise.org. To download the Roundtables report, go to http://opendataenterprise.org/reports/2016opendataroundtables.pdf.

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Volkswagen previews its EV future with the I.D. concept

You wouldn't blame Volkswagen if it never wanted to here the word "diesel" ever again. The German company desperately needs to swing from dirty to clean, so it launched the ID, a new platform for its next-gen EVs. The first model is a concept car, bu...

The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week

The ladies of Twitter never fail to brighten our days with their brilliant ― but succinct ― wisdom. Each week, HuffPost Women rounds up hilarious 140-character musings. For this week’s great tweets from women, scroll through the list below. Then visit our Funniest Tweets From Women page for our past collections.

Trump is the guy who made it to the final round of interviews and is finally getting asked about all the shit he made up on his résumé

— Brittani Nichols (@BisHilarious) September 27, 2016

[Hillary eloquently answers every question]

[Trump doesn't call Hillary a cunt]

News: No clear winner in the first debate.

— OhNoSheTwitnt (@OhNoSheTwitnt) September 25, 2016

I hope while you are in your 20s you appreciate the fact that you can look in different directions without getting neck pain.

— Abbi Crutchfield (@curlycomedy) September 28, 2016

I knew it would never work out between us when he asked if I wanted to split dessert.

— Erica (@SCbchbum) September 25, 2016

me: writes article on topic with no real emotional pull

white men: have strong emotional reaction

white men: why are women so emotional

— Rachel Charlene (@RachelCharleneL) September 30, 2016

If I had a time machine I'd probably spend a lot of trips in it just going back 15 minutes to re-eat meals.

— Ali Spagnola (@alispagnola) September 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton was interrupted 51 times during the debate. This is what's commonly referred to by every woman in your office as "Tuesday."

— Heben Nigatu (@heavenrants) September 28, 2016

This election is taking up so much mind space, I can barely plan my dogs Halloween costumes.

— Lauren Sivan (@LaurenSivan) September 27, 2016

I want to Freaky Friday into a man and see what it feels like to be overvalued and praised for being competent to above average at my job.

— KB (@KaraRBrown) September 27, 2016

God I can't wait for tomorrow's #Debates2016 pic.twitter.com/CE7NvcwU7k

— Jennifer Wright (@JenAshleyWright) September 25, 2016

I would like to think I have strong convictions, but I also know I could probably be bribed with a free pizza.

— Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) September 27, 2016

The work of feminism will not be completed until we are all given free black hair elastics to wear on our right wrists "just in case."

— Nicole Cliffe (@Nicole_Cliffe) September 28, 2016

Burning my palate on a cheese quesadilla this morning makes me realize that sometimes it's the ones you love that hurt you the most.

— Arielle (@jewfacekilla) September 30, 2016

My mother lands Sunday night, which means I have 48 hours to clean my apartment, lose 10 pounds, and write a New York Times bestseller.

— Chloe Angyal (@ChloeAngyal) September 30, 2016

Men re No Scrubs, probably:

"Well she said I don't want no scrubs, which is actually a double negative meaning she wants me to talk to her"

— Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad) September 28, 2016

Me: Okay i think i got these breakouts under control
My skin: pic.twitter.com/C0Nn90Bp9C

— Hoetic Justice (@_Kimbabwe_) September 30, 2016

If you're a male pundit critiquing a woman's weight you should have to do it shirtless in front of an audience of women three rosés deep

— Erin Gloria Ryan (@morninggloria) September 29, 2016

[Spelling bee]

Me: Your word is misery.

"Can you describe the word?"

Me: *points to self*

— Saucy Kensington (@Book_Krazy) September 27, 2016

*gets on elevator* *presses 5*
"so dude my best buddy's bachelor party last week..."
*presses 2*

— Julia Bush (@jabush) September 29, 2016

Me: *grabs a donut from conference room* Incredible powerpoint, Greg

"Excuse me ma'am, do you work here?"

Me: *grabs another donut & runs*

— Lurk @ Home Mom (@LurkAtHomeMom) September 29, 2016

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Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016) announced with 5.7-inch display, 16-megapixel camera

Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 official front

Samsung’s newest Galaxy A smartphone, the Galaxy A8 (2016), is now official.

Announced by South Korean carrier SK Telecom, the Galaxy A8 (2016) runs Android 6.0.1 on a 5.7-inch 1920x1080 display. There’s a 16-megapixel camera on its backside and an 8-megapixel camera on its face, as well as an octa-core Exynos 7420 processor and 3GB of RAM inside of its metal shell.


Salesforce urges EU to block Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn

When Microsoft announced they'd won the bidding war for LinkedIn with a colossal $26.2 billion offer, it seemed, well, about as interesting as corporate enterprise acquisitions sound. Yet it's a shrewd move for both: Integrating a business-oriented s...

So now we have a federal CISO

cybersecSo now we have a federal CISO as part of the OMB (Office of Management and Budget). But what does that really mean? Read More

Will Super Mario Run help Nintendo sell consoles?

Super Mario Run

Earlier in September, Apple started its keynote event, the one where it eventually debuted the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with a bit of a surprise. Nintendo’s own chief game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, took the stage and unveiled Super Mario Run. It’s an endless runner game, and its reveal was kind of a big deal.


Headphones You Can Use Right Now With Your iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Gadgets

The 3.5mm jack is gone, but don't pull your hair out just yet

So you’ve upgraded your ancient iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7 and now your headphones are obsolete. Don’t fret. Even though Apple has killed the 3.5mm headphone jack, you can…

Make Kanye West Your New Screensaver Because It Makes Every Message Better

Kanye West is the only screensaver you’ll ever need.

Twitter user and Texas A&M student Michael Butler came up with the genius idea of making Yeezy, with arms raised overhead, the lock screen on his iPhone. Now, whenever he gets a notification,it is presented by Kanye.

this is the best screensaver cos whenever i get a notification, Kanye holds it up for me pic.twitter.com/W3bpDt82MA

— mb (@michaellbutlerr) September 29, 2016

It shouldn’t have taken someone so long to think of something so perfect.

The photo was taken back in February when Westsimultaneously debuted his Yeezy Season 3 collection and his album “The Life of Pablo” in front of the audience gathered at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Into it?So are we.

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Facebook “Messenger Day” is the chat app’s new Snapchat Stories clone – TechCrunch

Facebook “Messenger Day” is the chat app's new Snapchat Stories clone
Facebook is stealing the Stories format and invading countries where Snapchat isn't popular yet. Today in Poland it launched “Messenger Day”, which lets people share illustrated filter-enhanced photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours, just like on...
Facebook is testing a clone of Snapchat stories inside MessengerThe Verge
Facebook testing Snapchat Stories-like features in MessengerVentureBeat
Facebook tests Messenger 'My Day' in another swipe at Snapchat StoriesMashable
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States sue to block White House plan for internet transition

If you thought the battle over whether or not the "keys" to the internet would be handed over to an international governing body might be over quickly, we've got some bad news. Attorneys general from Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Nevada filed a lawsui...

Why The Rosetta Spacecraft Had To Die

The Rosetta orbiter's final resting place Space

Slow-mo suicide

The comet-chasing European spacecraft descended to its death this morning in a controlled crash…

9 tricks to appear smart in brainstorming meetings

image9The following is an excerpt from Sarah Cooper’s new book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings (October 4, Andrews McMeel) In a brainstorming meeting, the pressure of coming up with incredible new ideas can be debilitating. Luckily, the last thing most corporations want is new ideas. During these largely pointless exercises, the point is to contribute using the mere gravitas of… Read More

Does Crossing the Chasm Apply to the Industrial IoT World?

According to "Crossing the Chasm," for a new technology to become "mainstream," it needs to cross the chasm, moving from the early adopters or visionaries to the early majority, or pragmatists. Yet some people wonder if this famous technology adoption/diffusion model applies to the Industrial IoT space as well, in particular, to smart energy/infrastructure.

It seems to be that in the short-term - that the "chasm-crossing" theory by Geoffrey Moore does not fit our smart energy industry too well. In the energy industry, there is currently still a massive challenge in the way of applying Moore's model - regulation. If we take a more long-term view, however, and look to the telecommunications industry, I believe that we will begin to see an energy utility industry that is increasingly becoming more consumer-driven. Just as smart phones, the Internet, and IoT communications revolutionized the telecommunications industry business models and consumer spending behaviors, I expect a similar revolution to occur in the energy infrastructure industry with consumers driving the change. In other words, in the long-term, the Smart Grid will eventually cross the chasm with prosumers leading the charge.

If the Internet of Things (IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items -- embedded with software, sensors, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data, then the Industrial IoT (IIoT) is simply the industrial subset of it. Although the IIoT's potential payoff is enormous - the most conservative independent estimates place spending on the IIoT worldwide at $500 billion by 2020 - the IIoT is a major trend with significant implications and cautions compared to its "consumer IoT" counterpart. Some implications and cautions include platform fragmentation and a lack of industry standards, privacy, autonomy and control, security, and environmental sustainability impact, which all lead to more stringent regulations, particularly in the energy industry.

The preliminary signs of such a revolution, however, are still visibly underway in certain parts of the country. For example, New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked his public state commission and chairman of energy and finance, Richard Kauffman, to fundamentally shift utility regulation to meet the needs of a more distributed, consumer-focused energy system. In fact, according to one recent Gartner research report, "Top 10 Trends Shaping the Energy Industry in 2016," technology innovation and new consumer engagement models are already beginning to disrupt the energy sector, forcing regulators and industry leaders alike to explore new regulatory frameworks and business models for more sustainable energy provisioning. Smart technologies are at the heart of this energy industry revolution.

Here is a proposed 3-step process to help the energy industry and their consumers to more readily "cross the chasm":

Step 1: Modernize Infrastructure & Improving Operations

It may be easy to overlook the importance of modernizing existing power infrastructure, but the bottom line is that we cannot rebuild our power grid from scratch. We have to rely on intelligent technologies to improve the systems we have in place, improve power quality and security, and enable consumers to have a role in their power usage. All technologies from field automation devices to software integration to planning services provide energy providers with unprecedented levels of control over their operations through both improved hardware and digital technologies.

Step 2: Enhance Efficiency & Cost Savings

Focusing on digital technology drives efficiencies across an energy provider's business by increasing the opportunity to integrate new renewable generation and distributed energies into their system. More importantly, intelligent management of grid assets can drive significant value through operational efficiencies.

Step 3: Business Transformation Services for More Value-Added Consumer Services

The value to an energy provider goes far beyond basic operational enhancements or efficiency, ultimately leading to major change to the business value for the energy provider, typically reflected in the form of new products and services that are outside of the traditional business model.

One way the industry can "cross the chasm" is to make Smart Energy and the IIoT more mainstream. Instead of talking about kilowatt hours, the energy industry must explain to consumers and regulators how a smart meter will empower them to better manage their energy usage. Instead of talking about power interruptions, explain how the applications of smart technology will help the industry safely and quickly restore power during outages, with the resulting economic savings. Instead of talking about demand response or energy efficiency, explain in plain everyday language how smart technology is enabling consumers to become "prosumers" (consumers and producers of electricity) with their solar panels and electric vehicles.

As an industry, we are in the midst of an once-in-a-lifetime transformation - to transition our energy infrastructure from the 20th to the 21st century and "cross the chasm." To do this right, we must get ahead of the challenges, be agile, and embrace the opportunities.

Sonita Lontoh is Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Siemens Digital Grid.

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Top 10 iOS Apps of September 2016!

Top 10 iOS Apps of September 2016! - PhoneDog

We've compiled a 'Top 10' list of our favorite iOS apps to hit the App Store in September 2016. The apps highlighted in this video include Allo, Marline, Weather Widget, Zip Zap, Patch, Keelo, Odio, NBA 2K17, Cardboard Camera, Blend. Which app is your favorite? 

AppleApple iPhone 7 Plus

The best smart leak detector

By Rachel Cericola This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a buyer's guide to the best technology. Read the full article here. After spending over 10 hours pouring water, mopping it up, and changing wet socks to test the performance...

Facebook “Messenger Day” is the chat app’s new Snapchat Stories clone

messenger-snapchatFacebook is stealing the Stories format and invading countries where Snapchat isn’t popular yet. Today in Poland it launched “Messenger Day”, which lets people share illustrated filter-enhanced photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours, just like on Snapchat. By using the international popularity of Messenger to spread the Stories format, Facebook could boost retention… Read More

As Rosetta Spacecraft Crash-Lands Successfully, A Bittersweet Celebration

Rosetta cake Space

Mission accomplished

After traveling 4.9 billion miles, the first spacecraft to orbit a comet ended its mission today by softly “landing” onto Churyumov-Garisemonko or 67/P.

There’s a Reflector Built Right Into this Camera Bag

If you’re not careful, photography can become a black hole of never-ending accessories and camera gear that you can never escape. You don’t always need to bring along an entire studio’s worth of gear to get a great shot, and Betabrand is making it even easier to travel light with a new camera bag featuring a reflector built right in.


Aura rethinks the digital picture frame with smarter software, sensors & gesture control

aura-lifestyle-1We’re taking more digital photos than ever, but we’re not very good about printing them out to enjoy them in our homes. Meanwhile, the digital picture frame market has filled with cheap products that haven’t kept up with technology developments, like ubiquitous Wi-Fi, better photo quality, and higher resolutions, in order to instead chase ever-lower price points. Aura aims… Read More

This Is What Happens When the White House Brings Tech and Creativity Together

Folks, big news: the White House is hosting a South by South Lawn (SXSL) event on Monday, October 3rd. This is about civic engagement and accessibility, which is more important than ever. The deal is, the Craig Newmark Foundation is a partner in the SXSL event on the White House lawn.

Earlier this year, President Obama traveled to South by Southwest for a conversation on civic engagement. In Austin, TX, he called on creative folks and entrepreneurs nationwide to help tackle the toughest challenges facing our country today. The SXSL event next week's to celebrate that spirit of innovation with a festival of ideas, art, and action.


This is a call for Americans to roll up our sleeves and discover our own ways to make a positive difference in our country. And this is an opportunity to celebrate the inspiring work so many folks have already accomplished.

The White House's mission with South by South Lawn is to highlight the work of people who have really got their boots on the ground harnessing new technologies to solve real problems -- and to get participants to think critically about how they can do the same in their own lives. Essentially this is part of the baton pass from the President back to non-government folks to carry on change. We're long overdue for greater civic engagement from all sectors, but the focus here is really the tech community.

I'd like to challenge you to make a commitment to civic engagement and hold the White House accountable to engage with regular people on a regular basis (maybe one day a week) on issues of civic engagement. The democratization and wide distribution of new technologies is providing new opportunities to more and more people, every day, to engage directly with their governments and make change. Or to start change from the ground up. It's the open and ongoing input of citizens that's really helped drive the conversation in today's political and cultural climate.

As President Obama said in Selma, "It is you, the young and fearless at heart, the most diverse and educated generation in our history, who the nation is waiting to follow." But the thing is, this isn't true for just one generation, tech is a sector that spans generations, gender, race, ethnicity, among other demographics. We've gotta make a commitment to standing up for what's right.

If you're able, please join us on October 3rd, no matter where you are. The festival will be streamed live on WhiteHouse.gov, Facebook.com/WhiteHouse, and sxsw.com/live. You can also participate in the conversation online using #SXSL to share your ideas and tell us how you're working to create real change. Don't hesitate to tell me about it in the comments, too. Thanks!

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Garmin makes fitness trackers for kids now

GarminI’m doing my best to resist the urge to go all Andy Rooney here and complain about kids these days. You’ve heard that one before. And besides, with all of those new VR tools and Pokemon Going, kids are probably getting a better work out than they have in a generation, right? Also, let’s be honest, when it comes to getting off the couch and moving around, we could all probably… Read More

China now streams some court trials on the internet

In China, some court cases will now be streamed on the internet for the public to view across the country. The Chinese government isn't exactly known for transparency, but this is certainly a step in that direction. As you might expect, not all cases...

This Is What Inspired Elon Musk Get Into The Modern Space Race

This adapted excerpt is taken from a new book, How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Spaceflight, by Julian Guthrie, with a foreword by Richard Branson and an afterword by Stephen Hawking. (Penguin Press, Sept. 20, 2016) The new book tells the story of entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, his idea for a $10 million space prize, and the group of dreamers, engineers, rocket enthusiasts and aviation designers from across the globe who entered the race to become the first team to privately build and fly a rocket to the start of space.

June 2001

Peter Diamandis arrived at the Skybar, a rooftop watering hole on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, with the idea of meeting two young guys who had struck it rich in the dot com boom. Peter, whose lifelong dream had been to get man and machine to space without the government’s help, had heard these Internet entrepreneurs were interested in space.

Peter had never heard of the men before the meeting was arranged by a mutual friend, so he wrote down their names: Adeo Ressi and Elon Musk.

Peter usually approached pitch meetings with great enthusiasm, but tonight he felt subdued. He spotted Adeo by the Skybar pool, smoking a cigarette and looking out at the gold and glimmering Los Angeles sunset. He was tall and thin, a Giacometti walking man figure, and immediately affable. Adeo said Elon was running late but on his way. Elon was workingon getting his pilot’s license and was flying down from San Jose with his instructor. He had a new plane being built.

It was Sunday, June 3, 2001, and Adeo, Elon, and Peter were scheduledto have dinner at Asia de Cuba, adjacent to the Skybar in the MondrianHotel. Peter took in the beautiful women in filmy tops and shortskirts, and felt overdressed in his suit and mock turtleneck. Adeo was incasual slacks and a shirt open at the collar. The music was pulsating, thelychee up martinis flowing, and the entire hotel was bathed in white,with minimalist accents of Herms orange. Even the matches were stylish,with lime-green tips. Peter had taken notice of the white-clad valet team when he pulled up to the white-faade hotel. The valet attendants all clasped their hands in exactly the same way.Peter joined Adeo for a drink near the pool. Adeo had justsold his Web development firm Methodfive and was working on turnarounds of lagging public companies. He said he and Elon had been housemates at the University of Pennsylvania. Elon was South African and had founded Zip2, a mapping and business services company, and cofounded PayPal, the online payment service being bought by eBay.

Their shared interest in space came to light during a late-night car ride the weekend before Memorial Day. As they drove back to New York City from Long Island on a cloudy night, talk turned to what they wanted to do next. As a joke, one of them said, “Why don’t we do something in space?” When the laughter died down, Elon said, “Well, why can’t we dosomething in space?” The debate went back and forth: Space was tooexpensive. Why was it so expensive? Space takes a lot of infrastructure.Why does it take so much infrastructure? Space is controlled by governmentsand strict regulation. What happens if it is taken out of the government’shands? Finally, they asked each other, Why do we even think spaceis interesting? This led to a discussion of where they would go if they couldgo to space. By the end of the car ride, they had their answer about what todo next. They knew exactly where they wanted to go.

Before Adeo could continue, Elon arrived and apologized for beinglate. The three men moved with drinks in hand from the Skybar to therestaurant and ordered a feast: pan-seared ahi tuna, miso grilled salmon,the Asian noodle box, and more. Tracks from the Buddha Bar collectionplayed in the background. Peter found Elon immediately likable: goodchemistry from the start, soft-spoken, polite, his words well chosen.Adeo was also great, but more of an extrovert who seemed to enjoy playingdevil’s advocate. Peter knew very little about the two coming into thenight’s dinner. He’d had a quick conference call the week before with Elonand Adeo, thought they said all the right things, and took Elon’s accent tobe British.

Adeo made Peter laugh knowingly when he said, “I think every geek isa bit of a space buff.” Peter talked about his various space ventures, including the XPRIZE, which he had launched five years earlier to try to jumpstart the private space industry by offering a $10 million prize for the first team that could build and fly a rocket to the start of space. Peter also talked about Space Adventures, his company with Eric Anderson, which had brokeredthe final part of the deal to send the world’s first space tourist, DennisTito, to the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuzspacecraft for $20 million. Peter talked briefly about how NASA had triedto stop Tito from flying, but Tito had launched on April 28 and landedsafely in Kazakhstan on May 6. It was big news in space circles that Tito,an American, had to fly with Russian cosmonauts and was not allowed onthe U.S. side of the space station.

As Peter talked about what the “ultimate space company” would looklike, putting on Moon missions and suborbital and ZERO‑G flights, Elonand Adeo said they had set their sights on something different, somethingeven more difficult. They wanted to reach the Red Planet. Their mission,decided that night on Long Island, was to put humanity on Mars. Theywanted to spend money to “shame, embarrass, or prod” the governmentinto doing a human mission to Mars.

Peter cautioned that he had seen a lot of great missions fail becauseone wealthy backer or another expected other wealthy individuals tosupport his vision. “But every wealthy person has his own vision,” Petersaid. To make such a mission work, Peter now believed, one very wealthyand determined person would need to be willing to pay for everything,something he had yet to encounter. As Elon listened to Peter talk aboutBlastoff and his other companies, he thought Peter’s heart was in theright place, and it was obvious that he cared deeply about the future ofspace travel. But the Blastoff plan didn’t make sense to him. He didn’tthink sending a rover back to the Moon was going to reignite space travel.

Returning to the subject of Mars, Elon said, “We want to do somethingthat’s significant enough but does something for a reasonable budget—for a couple million.” Adeo added that they had $10 million to $15 million tospend, but wanted to start with a $1 million or $2 million project.

Peter was stunned to hear such a low figure of “a couple million,” butknew that in aerospace, a couple million often led to many more millions.He listened to them with interest, but made sure not to get his hopes up.

Still, at the very least, even if Elon and Adeo did nothing, Peter had metsome smart guys who would be friends. Elon was a major Trekkie. He hadwatched all of the episodes as a kid in South Africa, dreamed of spaceships,and read Heinlein, Asimov, and Douglas Adams. He said his successesin Silicon Valley had paved the way for his future in space—not unlike what Jeff Bezos had told him.

Adeo, Elon, and Peter shared an interest in using small teams toaccomplish what only the government had done before, though Elonremarked that he saw the government as “a corporation—the biggest corporation.” And like Peter, Adeo and Elon didn’t see NASA as the bad guy,but instead saw the public’s expectation of perfection as an unnecessaryspeed limit on innovation. The expectation that everything needed to goright caused NASA to be overly cautious.

Elon talked about how he had been trying to understand why theworld had not made more progress in sending people to the Moon orMars. “There was a lot of excitement with the Apollo program and thedream of space travel,” Elon said. “It was ignited, and somehow thatdream died or was put into stasis.” He said he was “trying to figure out ifthere is anything we can do to bring back the dream of Apollo. Maybeeven a philanthropic mission.”

Peter could see that Elon—a logician and engineer above all else—needed to understand the physical and psychological limitations of whyrockets hadn’t improved since the sixties. Peter knew that Elon and Adeowere in research mode, talking to a mix of major players and fringe playersin the world of aerospace. Peter told them he thought Mars was a greatplace to set up a future colony, but “the Moon was economical. The Moonis a place where you can go to gain access to resources and you are closeenough to Earth that you can build on it.”

But Elon was not interested in the Moon. “Maybe we do a mini greenhouseto Mars,” he said. “Maybe mice to Mars. Maybe we grow samples offood crops.” He said it had been obvious to him since childhood, whenthe Moon was already reached, that “Mars is next.” Also, Mars was evenmore mythical, more unattainable. The Moon was 240,000 miles awayfrom Earth. Mars was about 34 million miles away when their orbits weretogether on the same side of the sun, but as much as 250 million milesapart when the two planets were on the opposite sides of the sun. TheMoon was the talcum face in the night sky. Mars was the out‑of‑reachgem. Mars would take at least half a year to reach, using optimal energycost. It would take a year and a half for the planets to realign, and then itwould take another six months to return. Elon said he thought such amission sounded entirely doable. Earlier, in May, Elon had attended aMars Society event with Jim Cameron, who was working on a six-episode TV miniseries on the Red Planet. Over breakfast the next morning withMars Society cofounder Robert Zubrin, Elon had pledged $100,000 to thecause.

Peter, who had been in constant pitching mode for what felt like aneternity, tried to sit back and listen, but he kept finding himself back inthe mode of selling. Elon and Adeo asked whether a manned mission toMars was possible for less than $10 billion. Now the budget is edging closerto reality, Peter thought. Peter said enticingly, “I’ve got a way for you to doit for a tenth of the cost, for one billion.” Everyone leaned in. “You couldbuild a one-way mission with existing Russian hardware. You send afew people with the goal of their living on Mars for five years until aresupply or rescue mission gets there. They will be the world’s first Martians.”

Adeo and Elon loved the idea and spent the next hour in a fast-paceddiscussion, going over details and obstacles. Peter then told themthat whatever they did in space, they needed to first prove themselves,“step by step.” Even though Peter had figured out quickly that Elon and Adeo had nointerest in funding one of his for-profit ventures, he admired how these guys were willing to gamble on space. And the evening offered a pleasant surprise: Elon loved theXPRIZE idea. “I could be a supporter of that,” he said. Elon thought thatthe XPRIZE could jump-start an industry and rekindle public interest in space.

Elon and Adeo appeared keenly interested as Peter talked about the Spirit of St. Louis, Charles Lindbergh, and the teams that had signed up for the XPRIZE. Peter said that the idea for his space prize came from reading about the $25,000 Orteig prize offered first in 1919 to the first aviator who could fly nonstop from Paris to New York or New York to Paris.

“I’d love to meet some of the teams,” Elon said. Adeo offered to join the XPRIZE board.

Well after midnight, the men finally walked out of the restaurant andwere greeted by the white-clad valet. They had plans to meet the nextmorning to continue the discussion.

As Peter drove back to his apartment in Santa Monica, he turned on his recorder and began to reflect. It was strange, he said, how untiltonight, he had felt like the kid in the room. Now, at forty, he felt more likethe elder statesman. Both Adeo and Elon were weeks shy of turning thirty.They were just starting on space; he had never been anywhere else.

“They only have ten million to fifteen million to spend,” Peter said as hedrove. “They could be backers of the XPRIZE. Regardless, I get the feeling we’ll be friends. I really liked this guy Elon. He was quieter, but sounded serious about space. I think Iplanted some ideas, some seeds, maybe some direction, tonight.”

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Fuze is the first iPhone 7 headphone jack case you can preorder

It was only a matter of time until iPhone 7 accessory makers started delivering a slew of cases to bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack. But I didn't expect the first case that you could actually preorder -- Fuze -- would come from a tiny Austin outfi...

The Real Story Behind the ‘Sorry I Tased You’ Cake [Updated]

Yesterday, a fake story about a beautiful cake that read “Sorry I Tased You” went viral. It was debunked as false last night, but the truth remained elusive. Today, we bring you the real story behind the infamous cake.


US renews five-year gaming education grant for Becker College

To maintain its interest in gaming education, the US Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration renewed a five-year grant this week with Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts. Becker College is the home of MassDigi, an academic...

Trocafone unlocks Latin America’s smartphone market selling certified, pre-owned phones

São Paulo, 11/11/2014. Brasil Econômico - Guillermo Arslanian (E.) e Guillermo Freire (D). Foto - Piervi Fonseca / Agência O DiaSometimes it’s a startup business, and not political power, that grows out of the barrel of a gun. At least, that’s the story behind Trocafone, a Brazilian startup that just raised $7 million for its services buying, refurbishing, and re-selling smartphones across Latin America. The company’s journey began with an armed robbery in Argentina. Read More

The NES Classic has a CRT filter to make games look properly old school – The Verge

The Verge
The NES Classic has a CRT filter to make games look properly old school
The Verge
Nintendo's NES Classic Edition is a fairly straightforward device: it's a tiny version of the classic console, with 30 games built in so you can play them easily on a modern television. It doesn't have much in the way of frills, but today Nintendo is ...
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Apple’s Spaceship Campus Is Glowing Now

It’s been years in the making, and now, it’s almost complete. Apple first started working on its brand new offices—officially dubbed Apple Campus 2—back in 2006, when Steve Jobs announced to the Cupertino City Council that Apple was buying a huge swath of land one mile east of the company’s existing facilities. After hitting some delays, construction on the campus began in 2014.


Print and ebook revenue down as Amazon slashes prices

books on a tableIt’s good news and bad news for the publishing industry. The good news is that print revenue was up 3.4 percent in April, primarily in trade paperbacks, with some solid grown in young adult print and religious titles. The bad news is that revenue is down 4.3 percent year-to-date with a 7 percent loss in April compared to 2015. Further, ebook sales were down 22.7% compared to last year.… Read More

You Really Don’t Need to Watch the Black Moon Tonight

Have you heard? The Black Moon rises tonight! But if you’re worried about catching this “rare” phenomenon don’t be—it’s actually not that special.


Camp David, from the makers of Milk Studios, brings co-working to BK’s Industry City

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-10-43-12-amBrooklynites looking for a place to build their wares now have yet another option in the form of Camp David. Camp David comes to us via Milk Studios founders Mazdack Rassi and Erez Shternlicht, who have experience in bringing this type of space to life in the studio production world. With Camp David, they hope to expand that footprint into other creative verticals including tech. Camp David… Read More

Cybersecurity firm offers $1.5 million for iPhone exploits

A previously undisclosed (aka zero-day) exploit can fetch enough money to buy its finder a house. Zerodium, a firm that buys security exploits, has announced that it's paying $1.5 million for one that can be used to take over iPhones and iPads. That'...

Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Nvidia, Qualcomm, EA, Top Insider Trades – Investor’s Business Daily

Investor's Business Daily
Facebook's Zuckerberg, Nvidia, Qualcomm, EA, Top Insider Trades
Investor's Business Daily
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sold more than 700,000 shares of the social network days after his charity announced a plan to invest $3 billion to eradicate diseases. (Facebook). ELAINE LOW; 10:40 AM ET. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Print Share.

and more

The new LIFX smart bulb emits infrared light to help security cameras see better

lifx__a19_e26_800California-based lighting startup LIFX has released a number of smart lightbulbs since completing a successful Kickstarter campaign back in early 2013. The latest from the company is pretty straightforward as far as such things go, offering up the kind of features we’ve long come to expect from the company and competition like the Philips Hue. The bulb’s intensity and color… Read More

Google search cards help you choose a college

Search for a college or university with Google and you'll soon see a new results card. These small, mobile-friendly summaries include graduation and acceptance rates, the average post-grad salary and the normal fees for undergraduate tuition. All of...

Amazon shows its first games integrated with Twitch – TechCrunch

Amazon shows its first games integrated with Twitch
Amazon Games Studios this week showed off the first games that will be integrated with live-streaming site Twitch, which Amazon acquired for over $1 billion in 2014. The new games will run on Lumberyard, the game engine powered by Amazon Web...
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Amazon shows its first games integrated with Twitch

amazon-twitchAmazon Games Studios this week showed off the first games that will be integrated with live-streaming site Twitch, which Amazon acquired for over $1 billion in 2014.  The new games will run on Lumberyard, the game engine powered by Amazon Web Services, that debuted earlier this year. These integrations will allow gamers to stream their broadcasts in real-time, overlaid with live stats,… Read More

Teddy Ruxpin returns with eyes that can rend the bonds of space and time

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-9-56-29-amIn this, the 3000th Year Since The Coming Of The Wanderer (All Praise His Mercy), we are greeted by the fifth Potentate, a Teddy Ruxpin with LCD eyes and iPad connectivity. Teddy Ruxpin, or, as his followers in the Cities of Refuge called him, Ted, is a robotic toy that reads to children and then flays your mind from stem to stern, stealing all hope and blasting your personality to ribbons… Read More

Why An Israeli Company Is Sucking Water From The Sky

In the face of a changing climate and the challenges that come with it, companies the world over have been attempting to pull solutions out of thin air — literally.

There are firms turning air into fuel and others transforming it into stone. Some are even extracting clean drinking water from it.

Israel’s Water-Gen has built devices that create and store drinking water by harvesting condensation from the air. It was among a group of Israeli firms that presented their technological innovations at the United Nations General Assembly last week.

“Put simply, [our technology] leverages the same process as a dehumidifier, but instead captures and cleans the moisture,” said Zach Gorin, a company spokesman,in an email this week. “This ‘plug-and-drink’ technology is fully independent of existing water infrastructure. All we require is an electrical outlet and the humidity found in the air.”

Water-Gen isn’t the only company to market such a technology, but it says its machines ― known as atmospheric water generators ― are far more energy-efficient than any other water production device currently available.

“Our technology takes one-fifth of the amount of energy used by other methods ― around three liters of water produced for every kilowatt of energy. That makes the water we produce much cheaper, too,” Gorin said.

At current energy prices, Water-Gen estimates the water its machines generates would cost less than 10 cents per gallon.

The company’s devices come in three sizes: industrial, medium and one for use in the home or office. Each machine comes equipped with a system of plastic “leaves” which cools the air and then collects any resultant condensation. The water collected then passes through a water filtration system which filters out any chemical and microbiological contaminants.

The smallest device can yield up to 5 gallons daily, while the largest can produce more than 800 gallons a day.Gorin noted, however, that the technologyis easily scalable.

Water-Gen got its start providing its water generation technology to the Israeli military and other armies, including those of the U.S. and France.But the company said its focus has recently shifted to providing the technology to communities facing water scarcity.

“We think it’s possible to bring drinking water to all countries. Humidifiers, army solutions, etcetera are a secondary issues,” Maxim Nasik, Water-Gen’s chairman, told Business Insider in an interview this month. “What’s important for us is to bring water to the people. This is a basic human right.”

The company is in talks with several governments, including the United States, India, China, Brazil and Mexico. And it’s currently doing field tests in cities such as Mumbai, India, and Shanghai, China.

Water-Gen said it’s also working with industrial manufacturers to scale up production for its home appliances. The company’s products are expected to be commercially available in 2017.

“We’ve all seen the numbers about the global water crisis: under conservative estimates, one out of every ten people in the world lacks access to safe water; one out of every five deaths of children under the age of 5 is the result of a water-related disease,” Gorinsaid. “Global leaders have made it clear that all sectors ― government, business, and non-profit ― must take significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint while conserving existing resources. Water-Gen’s technology is a critical to expanding access to safe, clean, and sustainable water supplies.”

According to the World Bank, 1.6 billion people live in countries and regions that struggle with water scarcity. That number is expected to balloon to 2.8 billion by 2025.

“There is zero doubt that the threat posed by global climate change means that water supplies will be under increasing amounts of stress each year,” Gorin said. “We’re excited about the impact we can make for the world.”

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The Engadget Podcast Ep 8: He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot

On this week's episode managing editor Dana Wollman, reviews editor Cherlynn Low and senior editor Devindra Hardawar join host Terrence O'Brien to discuss Elon Musk's plans to colonize Mars, racing 3D boats in Red Hook and the over-simplification of...

ICYMI: Channel your Wall-E future with self-driving tech

Today on In Case You Missed It: Nissan created smart chairs that autonomously move themselves while people are seated in them, modeled off of the car maker's ProPILOT driving system. The chairs are being used in Japan to keep people neatly in line...

The last time Logitech released a webcam, Obama was running for re-election

LogitechThe last time Logitech released a webcam, the year’s hit song was by a fresh-faced Canadian newcomer named Carly Rae, Ryan Lochte was most famous for swimming, and we were all pretty sure the world was going to end in December. Sure that last bit still seems like 50/50, Mayan prophecies aside, but one thing’s for certain: webcams just aren’t the hot commodity they once… Read More

Remitly raises another $38M, adds World Bank’s IFC as it pushes into emerging markets

Image (1) dollars.jpg for post 224218Remitly, a startup co-founded and led by a former executive of Barclays who saw a gap in the market to build money transfer and other financial services for emerging markets and the “unbanked”, is today announcing that it has raised $38.5 million, as well as expansion to seven more countries in Latin America. The funding, which brings the total raised by Remitly to just under… Read More

California approves unmanned self-driving car trials

Given the number of tech companies that call California home, it's no surprise the state has been quick with forward-thinking legislation to support the development of self-driving vehicles. And almost four years to the day since driverless trials on...

Hands-free ‘Ok Google’ commands come to Google Maps – Engadget

Hands-free 'Ok Google' commands come to Google Maps
With always-on detection, Android users can check traffic or find a gas station by voice alone. Richard Lawler , @Rjcc. 6h ago in Mobile. Comments. 1133 Shares. Share (341). Tweet (102). Share (30). Save. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji. The "Ok Google" command...
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Hands-free ‘Ok Google’ commands come to Google Maps

The "Ok Google" command has expanded since the debut of Android KitKat, allowing devices to respond in various smart ways to those two words. Now, Google Maps on Android has this ability too, whether you're in the middle of a road trip or doing somet...

Angry man smashes iPhones and Macs at Apple Store in France – The Verge

The Verge
Angry man smashes iPhones and Macs at Apple Store in France
The Verge
Apple customer support is often rated highly throughout the world, but that doesn't mean the company always avoids unhappy customers. A disgruntled customer in France entered an Apple Store in Dijon yesterday and calmly smashed devices in front of...
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Google Assistant could be the killer bot, but it’s missing a key feature – VentureBeat

Google Assistant could be the killer bot, but it's missing a key feature
As Google Allo becomes available worldwide, just over a week into its existence, its Google Assistant is already being called a standout in the rapidly growing field of bots. Pete Skomoroch, founder of early-stage startup Skipflag and formerly a ...
Google Allo (for iPhone)PC Magazine
Google Allo Reaches 5 Million Downloads On Google Play In A WeekTech Times
7 of the most requested Allo features (and whether they'll actually make it into the app)Phandroid.com
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Audi heads to the races with its all-new RS3 LMS – CNET

Audi heads to the races with its all-new RS3 LMS
This car is devilishly handsome, and it sounds pretty great, to boot. Audi. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as an "entry-level" race car. After all, it's not like you get thrown into a Le Mans car on your first outing. Audi's latest barrel ...
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Jimmy Kimmel’s Heartbroken BlackBerry Tries To Rekindle Their Love

function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible);

BlackBerry reportedly has stopped producingmobile phones, but one unit apparently won’t go quietly into the obsolete. On Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel’s old phone showed up on his talk show to make a heart-wrenching plea for another go. “I can change,” the phone said. “I just need a software update.” Kimmel tried to be tender but the device just had to heighten the drama. Breaking up is hard to do.

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Amazon’s next game will have a Twitch-centric wager system

Ever since Amazon bought livestreaming website Twitch, the retailer has slowly but surely begun building video tools into its offerings. It's new free game engine, Lumberyard, already lets developers quickly incorporate and scale community features f...

Avast CEO on why it’s just spent $1.4BN to absorb security rival AVG

Avast CEO vince steckler with staff from its threat labSecurity firm Avast has today confirmed the completion of a $1.4 billion acquisition of fellow Czech-based antivirus company AVG. The deal will see Avast’s customer base nearly double — swelling from 230 million to more than 400 million in total, 160M of whom are mobile users. Read More

Introducing the Startup Battlefield Scholarship Fund

startup-battlefield1600Today, we’re excited to formally announce a new addition to our competition – the Startup Battlefield Scholarship Fund. The Battlefield is TechCrunch’s premiere startup competition. Three times a year, the Battlefield takes place several times a year, where 20-something new companies will have the opportunity to present their product live onstage. While participation in… Read More

WhatsApp’s privacy U-turn on sharing data with Facebook draws more heat in Europe

facebook-whatsapp-tiltA dramatic privacy about-face by messaging app WhatsApp this summer, in which it revealed an update to its T&Cs would for the first time allow the sharing of its user data with parent company Facebook, is getting the pair into hot water in Europe. Read More

The more you play ‘Hello Neighbor,’ the smarter its villain gets

In an upcoming horror PC game called Hello Neighbor, you play a character with voyeuristic tendencies. You're obsessed with sneaking into your suspicious next-door neighbor's house to see what secrets he's hiding in his basement, sort of like Tom Han...

Zero-Day Acquisition Platform Triples iOS 10 Bug Bounty to $1.5 Million – Mac Rumors

The Christian Times
Zero-Day Acquisition Platform Triples iOS 10 Bug Bounty to $1.5 Million
Mac Rumors
Exploit acquisition platform Zerodium has increased its reward for a successful jailbreak of iOS 10 to $1.5 million, far surpassing Apple's recent payout offer for discovering and reporting vulnerabilities in its software. Late last year, Zerodium ...
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Exploit broker triples iOS bounty to $1.5M, cites security improvements and demandAppleInsider (press release) (blog)
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Twitter Foolishly Suggests Rosie O’Donnell ‘Might Like’ To Follow Donald Trump

Is Twitter trying to reconcile Rosie O’Donnelland Donald Trump?

The duo’s decade-long feuderupted again this week following the GOP nominee’s jibe at the TV personality during Monday night’s presidential debate.O’Donnell fired back, calling the brash businessman an “orange anus.”

The micro-blogging giant seemed to attempt to play peacemaker on Thursday by suggesting O’Donnell follow the account of her nemesis. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t want to know.

ummmm - wrong pic.twitter.com/a0JdqDUVZz

— Rosie (@Rosie) September 29, 2016

OK, so the suggestion was more likely down to Twitter’s algorithms, rather than a conscious effort by someone at the service.

The site suggests who users should follow based on their location and who they’ve previously interacted with. And with thousands of people discussing the duo’s animosity, it was perhaps inevitable that at some point one would be invited to follow the other.

CAUSE HE IS A MORON https://t.co/dWO6t5LHF1

— Rosie (@Rosie) September 30, 2016

While O’Donnell continues to campaign against Trump online, other comedians are calling on Twitter users tounfollow the Republican candidate as part of “The Big Unfollow” initiative on Saturday.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly .com/entry/donald-trump-violence_us_56e1f16fe4b0b25c91815913">incites political violence and is a serial liar, .com/entry/9-outrageous-things-donald-trump-has-said-about-latinos_55e483a1e4b0c818f618904b">rampant xenophobe, .com/entry/donald-trump-racist-examples_us_56d47177e4b03260bf777e83">racist, .com/entry/18-real-things-donald-trump-has-said-about-women_us_55d356a8e4b07addcb442023">misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

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