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8 Social Justice Issues Superman Fought Against (And 7 He Fought For)

8 Social Justice Issues Superman Fought Against (And 7 He Fought For)

At his best, Superman is a shining example of generosity and fairness that everyone around him strives to emulate.  At his worst, he falls prey to contemporary prejudices and becomes the exact opposite of everything he is supposed to stand for. This list highlights examples from both extremes, spanning the entirety of the Man of Steel’s almost 80 years as a hero. In that time, he has been confronted by and made his mark on almost every social justice issue in existence, for good or ill or sometimes even both — 80 years gives one plenty of time to reassess the facts and change one’s opinion, after all.

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But as you read this list, especially the entries where the Last Son of Krypton seems to be putting in every effort to live up to the “Superman is a jerk” meme, it is important to remember: Superman is just as susceptible to human error as the rest of us. He can misjudge others and make poor decisions based on faulty reasoning. What makes him truly super is his ability to acknowledge his mistakes, learn from them, and keep moving closer to the ideal of unconditional love and acceptance that we all should aim for.


In one infamous adventure, Lois Lane struggles to write a story about the lives of Metropolis’ black citizens because none of them will talk to her, probably because they’ve already pegged her as an idiot. Instead of giving the story to a black reporter or approaching it from a different angle or, you know, doing her job and finding someone willing to talk, Lois decides the best way to fix her problem is to become a black woman herself, with the help of a transformation machine in Superman’s possession.

Rather than pointing out that high-tech blackface is maybe not the best way to promote harmony between the races, Superman obligingly lets Lois use his machine. This being the ’70s, it’s the black people who end up learning a lesson — reverse racism is bad — because Lois and Clark definitely don’t need to learn anything about cultural appropriation…


Action Comics #987 features a virulently anti-immigrant bigot attempting to get revenge against the Latino workers who have “stolen” “his” job by shooting at them. Without hesitation, the Man of Tomorrow leaps between the terrorist and the workers, shielding the innocents with his own bulletproof body. He then confronts the shooter about his motivations. Superman is not impressed by the man’s whining about how immigrants ruin everything and tells him so.

This is only the most recent demonstration of Superman’s devotion to the ideal of justice for all, and it is an especially timely and necessary one. In an era when anti-immigrant propaganda has become normalized, it’s nice to be reminded that Superman has everyone’s back. Unless you’re a racist terrorist. Then you can expect an angry lecture and a reservation at the local jail.


Most superheroes who were around during World War II succumbed to the temptation to demonize the Japanese, and Superman was unfortunately no different. Being Superman, he even went above and beyond his fellow heroes and gave us one of the most notorious examples of racist war propaganda: the cover of Action Comics #58, which pictures DC’s greatest hero printing posters that encourage people to symbolically “slap a Jap” by buying war bonds.

Even the fact that this was made during wartime is no excuse. After all, comic books of the era feature plenty of anti-Nazi propaganda, but none forgot the distinction between the Nazis and the German people, who were generally portrayed as decent or misguided (and always white). But if comics of the ’40s are to be believed, good Japanese people are less common than, well, super-strong aliens who can leap tall buildings in a single bound.


Sometime after the Second World War, Superman reevaluated the wisdom of promoting violence against an entire race and decided that a more open-minded approach might work better. This stance is pushed into the spotlight when a costumed crazy man calling himself Bloodsport makes it his mission to shoot as many black people as he can.

Superman and his mullet chase after Bloodsport, and when they finally clash, he gives him a lecture about how Bloodsport is responsible for his own problems and that he should stop blaming anyone with a different skin color. He even condemns antisemitism and homophobia for good measure. Sadly, Bloodsport doesn’t exactly take Superman’s message to heart and fires two missiles into Metropolis, one aimed at Jimmy Olsen and the other at Ron Troupe, a black Daily Planet reporter. But don’t worry — they both make it out okay.


During the “Superman: Grounded” storyline, Superman decides to walk his way across America for reasons that only make sense to Kryptonians (we assume). In Philadelphia, he encounters a group of drug dealers who have taken over a previously respectable neighborhood. The gutsiest (or stupidest) of the dealers gets right up in Superman’s face, taunting him because he knows he won’t kill them, not realizing that Supes is at that very moment using his heat vision to set all the drugs on fire.

Whether or not this succeeds in scaring the dealers away is left ambiguous, but as a nearby random child points out, even if the dealers do leave, they will only settle somewhere else. But Superman shows no interest in providing further assistance in this matter, declaring that the nebulously defined “over there” must fend for itself for equally nebulously defined reasons.


Captain Marvel may look like an adult, but at heart he is still Billy Batson, a young child who has been thrust into a very adult world of violence, danger and loss. When Marvel reveals his secret identity to the Man of Steel, Superman is visibly infuriated that anyone could inflict such a curse on someone who isn’t even old enough to shave.

Despite the fact that magic is one of Superman’s biggest weaknesses, he unflinchingly storms up to Shazam, one of the most powerful wizards in the world, and gives him what-for for putting a child in such a horrible position. Afterwards, Superman goes to the rundown apartment where Billy lives and reveals his secret identity, just so Billy will know he has a friend he can count on.


Increasingly, people are realizing that America’s settlers were thieves and murderers who forced the native inhabitants from their lands in the name of “civilization.” Superman, however, would not only disagree, he would be one of the people who stole that land in the first place.

One fine day, a man named Henry Meecher learns that white men illegally bought the land Metropolis sits on. Meecher, as the last survivor of the tribe that once occupied that land, is declared the rightful owner of Metropolis and begins extorting her citizens. Instead of talking with the guy and seeing if they can reach an agreement, Superman goes back in time to make sure the natives are legally cheated out of their land. Granted, Meecher was a jerk about the whole thing, but considering how badly he and his ancestors were repeatedly screwed over, we kind of see where he’s coming from.


In a PSA, Superman watches as a young boy, Billy, throws a gum wrapper on the ground instead of going the extra two steps into the nearby community club to dispose of it in an actual garbage can. When Billy’s friend admonishes him, the boy dismissively says it’s “only a little piece of paper,” and Superman decides to teach the little slob a lesson. By the time Billy leaves the club, the front steps are buried in gum wrappers and bicycles (since Billy also carelessly left his own bike lying around where people could trip on it).

The moral of the story? You’re not the only person on planet Earth, so take a few seconds out of your day to make sure it stays nice for everyone. The only question remaining is where Superman got all those bikes from, and how upset their owners were when they found them missing.


In one of the many imaginary stories to be found in Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane, Superman marries Lois’ rival Lana Lang. He even whips up a very special wedding present for his beloved: a potion that will grant Lana all of his superpowers. What Superman doesn’t realize, however, is that the potion did not also transfer to Lana his vulnerability to Kryptonite, meaning Lana has become even more powerful than her husband.

This knowledge is more than Superman’s fragile masculinity can stand. He and Lana drift apart until, seeing no way to save their marriage, Lana packs up and leaves so that Superman won’t have to suffer the indignity of having a wife who is tougher than he is, which is obviously the worst thing that could ever happen to a man.


Not even Superman can solve all of the world’s problems by himself. This is the premise behind Superman: Peace on Earth, wherein the Man of Steel tries to end world hunger by personally delivering food to everyone who needs it. The plan seems to work at first, but solving such a widespread problem is not as easy as Superman’s optimism led him to expect. Between greedy despots and citizens fearful of his true intentions, Superman’s well-meant scheme quickly falls to ruin.

But Superman isn’t one to let failure stop him; he continues his quest on a smaller scale, teaching schoolkids in Smallville how to plant crops so that, when they grow up, they can help feed the world. Even though Superman fails in his self-imposed mission, the fact that he tried so hard and resolved to keep trying tells us just how much this issue means to him.


No kind of trouble was too outrageous for Silver Age Lois Lane to get into, and in Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #5, she is hit with what can only be described as a “fat” ray. Lois, already horrified and depressed by the change, is further mortified when her car breaks down and she needs rescuing by Superman, who is less than gracious about the whole thing.

Supposedly, Superman doesn’t recognize Lois here, but it’s later revealed that he’s the one who arranged for her to get hit with the fat ray in the first place to render her unrecognizable to a murderer out for her blood. Putting aside the horrendous breach of trust involved in this plan, telling anyone that they’re “quite a load” is outrageously rude and is unworthy of a hero of Superman’s caliber.


When he’s written well, Superman views every life as important and worth protecting, even the lives of criminals.  As such, it makes sense that he would be a strong advocate for the humane treatment of prisoners. In Action Comics #10, Superman meets an escaped convict, Walter Crane, who tells him about the beatings, starvation and other tortures he and his fellow prisoners have suffered at the hands of the sadistic prison warden Wyman.

Both of Superman’s identities work to put a stop to the maltreatment: Clark Kent writes a scathing exposé on Wyman, while Superman takes pictures of a prisoner being abused and then subjects Wyman to the same treatment, locking him in a sweat box until he agrees to give the prisoners fairer treatment.


In Action Comics #68, Lois’ niece Susie gets in trouble for claiming to have caught a whale. To save the girl from being punished by an irritated Lois, Superman goes out, grabs some poor unsuspecting whale, and makes it look like Susie caught it. He even gets a nearby ship full of sailors in on the act, convincing them to corroborate the girl’s version of events. After all, what’s more important: saving the whales, or coming up with elaborate super-schemes to teach Lois not to be so harsh on a kid for having an overactive imagination?

The worst part is, the Superman Family seems to make a habit of killing marine life to make children happy. Supergirl would later pull this same stunt, helping an impoverished boy catch a whale to make him look good in front of a couple of rich bullies.


Superman’s social justice tendencies started very early indeed. In his first appearance in Action Comics #1, one of several criminals he confronts is a man who beats his wife. In true Superman fashion, our hero storms the apartment and gives the abuser a taste of his own medicine, slamming him into the nearest wall. The guy then pulls out a knife, because apparently he’s as thick as he is abusive, but he faints from shock when the knife bends against Superman’s super-durable skin.

This turns out to be a lucky break for the wife-beater, as it prevents Superman from further throwing him around.  Superman’s hatred for those who would abuse their spouses has endured over the years, to the point where it was the focus of a two-part story, “Crisis at Hand,” in the ’90s.


Ever miss the good old days, when a white man could go marching into another country and take whatever he wanted without consequence? Superman sure did, and in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #42, he accompanies Jimmy to the Arabian Desert for a little old-fashioned tomb raiding. After uncovering a long-lost tomb filled with priceless artifacts, Superman unilaterally decides to take said artifacts to an unspecified museum (but we’re betting it’s in Metropolis as opposed to the objects’ country of origin).

Jimmy asks if Superman can take them to his apartment first so he can get some good pictures, and Superman happily makes himself an accessory to theft.  One of the artifacts is Aladdin’s lamp, which Jimmy abuses for his own purposes and then, after supposedly learning his lesson, keeps in his room rather than turn it over to the proper authorities.

Which of these instances was the worst to you? Let us know in the comments!

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The Mighty Thor, X-Men: Blue & More Marvel Comics On Sale September 27, 2017

The Mighty Thor, X-Men: Blue & More Marvel Comics On Sale September 27, 2017

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale Wednesday, September 27th, 2017. When you’re through checking out these exciting previews, stop by the Marvel Comics forum, Spider-Man forum, X-Books forum, or Star Wars forum to share your thoughts with other fans.

Click any title below to be taken to the preview of your choice.

Also available September 27th, 2017: Black Panther #18

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X-Men: Blue #12

X-Men: Blue #12

…NOW YOU DON’T! While HANK continues to struggle with his newfound magical skill, JIMMY HUDSON struggles with a challenge all his own…Will Jimmy be able to regain his memory with the help of his new friends? And will he like what he finds if he does?

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Venomverse #4

Venomverse #4

[CLASSIFIED] may be on their side, but the Venoms’ battle against the Poisons is far from over. Luckily, the Venoms have a plan. Unluckily, it’s a suicide mission into the heart of Poison territory!

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The Punisher #16

The Punisher #16

FACE OFF! Frank finally made it home, but a monster followed him out of the northern woods. Can the Punisher keep the city safe from a man who began as a psychopath, THEN overdosed on mind-wrecking, strength-enhancing drugs? How do you punish that which should already be dead?

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The Mighty Thor #23

The Mighty Thor #23

When the Ultimate Thor finally goes too far, Jane has no choice but to stop him. Can she quell the rage of the War Thor before he destroys the very realms he once hoped to save?

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The Mighty Captain Marvel #9

The Mighty Captain Marvel #9

Between battling a horde of Chitauri, keeping Alpha Flight afloat and fighting off the raging HLA monster insider her, Carol Danvers has been stretched a little thin. Though she desperately needs to unwind, there’s no time for recreational asteroid punching today…Not when Earth’s fate rests in the hands a few Alpha Flight Cadets…

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Thanos #11

Thanos #11

Thanos, depowered. Thane, host of the Phoenix Force. Round Two! RIP Thanos?

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Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu #2

Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu #2

On a planet of near-perpetual darkness, the Jedi must bring light. Mace finds both his faith and skill tested. For is it truly the place of the Jedi to go to war?

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Spider-Gwen #24

Spider-Gwen #24

The aftermath of the PREDATORS storyline leaves Gwen in a VERY different place. Matt Murdock’s plans all come home to roost, and when you plan like our good friend Murderdock does, you know that ain’t pretty. WHAT IS THE NEXT EVOLUTIONARY STEP FOR SPIDER-GWEN?!

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‘What Happened’ And Moving On From The 2016 Election

You may have noticed that I’ve written quite a few blog posts about the 2016 U.S. Election and the presidency of Donald Trump. I even wrote about the fact that I write about Trump so much, after a friend commented on the fact that all of my posts seemed to be centering around American politics. In that post, I concluded that I would keep writing about Trump because his actions, words and policies have serious impact on the world. I’ve continued doing this; but it’s not just the current political climate that I find myself writing about. I keep coming back to the election.

The 2016 Presidential election was the first time when I truly felt engaged in politics. Some of the campaigning period overlapped with that of the Canadian election, so the combination of both really sparked my interest. Although I wasn’t old enough to vote at the time, I began to consider which candidate I agreed with most and which policy issues I felt most strongly about.


Poe Dameron’s Quest is Getting More Dangerous

Cue the recap roll! Poe Dameron and his team of elite pilots have been tasked with finding Lor San Tekka, a wise old explorer who may know the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. Suffice it to say the gang has faced their fair share of trouble along the way, everything from fighting off a glorified bounty hunter to orchestrating a good old fashion prison break, knocking them a bit off track.

But come October 18, writer Charles Soule and artist Angel Unzueta make sure the team gets back on track. “Most of the main threads we’ve been dealing with in the series have been wrapped up, except one – the one that began the book,” says Soule. STAR WARS: POE DAMERON #20 will kick off a six issue story that is, as Soule puts it, “an epic in the great Star Wars tradition.”

So just how far out is Poe from completing his mission? Let’s check the reports!

Operative: Poe Dameron

Commanding Officer: General Leia Organa

Objective: Find Lor San Tekka and determine what he knows about the last remaining Jedi, Luke Skywalker – our only hope.

Progress: Black Squadron has made some great leaps in furthering the resistance’s agenda, most recently securing a fuel transfer for the rebel bases depleting resources and gathering footage of operatives in action to use as a way to rally support for the cause. However, progress toward the major objective has been slow going.

“Poe made progress early in, finding a list of possible locations, but it’s taken a while for the Resistance to work through it and narrow it down,” notes Soule, “C-3PO and his squad of droid operatives have been working through the list trying to see if any of the locations will bear fruit.” Time to lace up your boots and pound the space pavement as the search kicks off anew.

Poe Dameron (2016) #20

Poe Dameron (2016) #20

  • Published: October 18, 2017
  • Cover Artist: Phil Noto

Deviations: The team has encountered a few hiccups along the way, some more heartbreaking than others. However, “the biggest issue is that Poe made an enemy of an extremely versatile and deadly First Order Security Bureau named Terex,” notes Soule, “This fellow was once an Imperial Stormtrooper, and in the decades since the fall of the Empire made his way through the galaxy by being scarier than anyone else. Not a good person to have trying to hunt you down!”

So far Poe and his team have successfully thwarted the attempts of the First Order to capture them, but with Terex brainwashed into mindlessly following orders, Black Squadron finds it harder and harder to pull of their usual escape just in the knick of time antics.

Next Step: “Survive and thrive…hopefully,” suggests Soule. General Organa has planted a seed in Poe’s mind – the resistance is bigger than just one person. Why is this significant for Poe you may ask? “Poe has lost long-time companions, dealt with traitors, and has been learning the galaxy is a darker, more complex place than he realized,” explains Soule, “He’s understanding that he needs to evolve – that maybe he can’t just be a hotshot pilot anymore. The Resistance needs more – it needs a leader.”

Will Poe find Lor San Tekka and become the leader the Resistance needs? Find out on October 18 in STAR WARS: POE DAMERON #20, written by Charles Soule with art by Angel Unzueta!

Download Episode 308 of This Week in Marvel

True Believers, level up your weekend with a brand new episode of This Week in Marvel, the official Marvel podcast!

Catch up on all the latest comics news and info as Ben, Tucker and Maggie give you the rundown on all of this week’s new comics releases including AVENGERS, AMERICA, SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, and more! Not one to rest on his laurels, Ben talks to editors Jordan D. White and Heather Antos about creative changes to the STAR WARS book, and gets the exclusive announcement on the NOT BRAND ECHH creative teams from Heather (55:25)!

Exclusive announcement on NOT BRAND ECHH creative teams, you say? Here’s the scoop:

  • SECRET EMPIRE ABRIDGED – Written by Nick Spencer and Inks by Scott Koblish
  • FORBUSH MAN RETURNS – Written/Art by Jay Fosgitt
  • GWENPOOL ABSORBS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE – Written by Christopher Hastings and Art by Gurihiru

Over on the West Coast, Christine and Eric have everything you need to know about TV, Films, Games and Themed Entertainment (1:19:35). And from there, it’s back to the east coast for your questions and comments (1:38:55)!

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Trump Doubles Down On Criticism of Kim Jong Un During Alabama Rally

President Donald Trump went after Kim Jong Un during a campaign rally for Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.) in Alabama on Friday night, the latest barb in the ongoing exchange of threats and insults between the two leaders.

Trump called the North Korean dictator a “mad man” and “rocket man” during the endorsement speech for Strange, echoing insults the president made against Kim earlier this week at the United Nations General Assembly. 


Kirby 100: Ariel Olivetti

1917 to 2017: 100 years of Kirby.

Join us to celebrate Jack “King” Kirby’s 100th birthday by learning about the characters and stories he created that changed comics forever. To commemorate Jack’s centennial, we’ve sat down with the modern-day creators he influenced—and the decades of work he gifted us all.

These days, you can barely flip the channels without finding Marvel-inspired shows on the air, but not back in the early 1960s! Not until the syndicated “Marvel Super-Heroes” debuted in 1966. Focusing on five heroes—Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Namor—the cartoon essentially took panels straight from the comics of the day and added animation embellishments.

In addition to getting Marvel’s characters out into the world in front of even more eyes, the series also introduced people all over the world to artists like Jack Kirby! In fact, that’s how Ariel Olivetti first discovered the King’s work!

With credits that include THE LAST AVENGERS STORY and various Hulk and X-Men efforts, Olivetti’s more than familiar with drawing on Jack for inspiration. We taledk with the artist about that, the cartoons, and more!

Marvel.com: Do you remember how you first encountered Jack Kirby’s comics and what did you think of it then?

Ariel Olivetti: The first thing I saw about Kirby were the Hulk, Captain America, and Thor cartoons, and they were beautiful.

Marvel.com: Can you remember any lessons or tricks you’ve learned from Kirby’s work over the years?

Ariel Olivetti: The simplification of line in function of the graphic dynamism.

Marvel.com: One of your first interior works for Marvel was THE LAST AVENGERS STORY. Did you feel any intimidation when taking on a comic that would tell the end of a tale Jack Kirby and Stan Lee started?

Ariel Olivetti: It was a great responsibility, but it was the project that I enjoyed the most.

Marvel.com: You have done a lot of work with various X-Men books. Did you ever look back to the Kirby-drawn issues from that franchise’s earliest days for reference or inspiration?

Ariel Olivetti: I always try to look at Kirby’s design for the original characters.

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more throughout Kirby Month and beyond! And join the conversation on all of our social channels with the hashtag #Kirby100.

‘I’ve Helped Hundreds Of Women Transform Their Bodies—This Is the Best Way To See Results’

Hint: You're probably spending way too much time on cardio.

Trump And Kim Are Trading Personal Threats As Millions Of Lives Hang In The Balance

President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un escalated months of tensions this week, trading fierce threats and pointed insults like “rocket man” and “dotard” in high-profile addresses in two continents.

The increasingly personal attacks between both leaders have have caused alarm among some nuclear weapons and foreign policy experts concerned the pair are edging dangerously closer to an actual war.


All-New Wolverine: My Brother’s Keeper

Coming up, things get more personal than ever for Laura Kinney.

Having returned from her Brood-killing mission alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, Laura has no choice but to return to the place where her journey began—to fight for the family she has left.

On October 11, writer Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal reintroduce Laura and Daken in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #25!

We caught up with Tom to hear more about the Marvel Legacy beginning of a complex new partnership for Laura and her long-lost “brother.”

Marvel.com: Catch us up on what’s been going on in the wonderful world of Wolverine!

Tom Taylor: At the moment, we’re just coming back from space—Laura, Gabby, and Jonathan have been off with the Guardians of the Galaxy. They dealt with a massive threat there and now they’re coming back to Earth in the hope of finding some normalcy in their new residence on Roosevelt Island. But—of course—we’re going to be turning their world upside-down.

Something very bad happens. Daken will be taken…but a piece of him will also be found.

Marvel.com: Oh no.

Tom Taylor: Yeah, right!? That will start Laura on a very big journey which will involve her past, her present, and her future. There will be an intensity in our Legacy arc that we haven’t seen before. By the end of the first issue of our Orphans of X run, everybody will want to pick this book up.

Marvel.com: Just to recap, it wasn’t so long ago that Daken and Laura were—literallyat each other’s throats. Where do we find their relationship now?

Tom Taylor: Daken and Laura are actually quite close. We saw it in Marjorie Liu’s run and we saw it in the recent Immune arc where Daken comes—not to help Roosevelt Island in the middle of their horrible infestation—but to help Laura. Daken doesn’t get close to a lot of people. But he does respect Laura and I think that becomes quite clear.

We are playing with them as brother and sister and I think that comes through in all of Orphans of X, but in the beginning of Orphans of X, Daken gets taken prisoner (I can’t say by who yet!) and Laura has to deal with that. But it feels quite traumatic, and this will be one of the most intense arcs we’ve ever done.

Marvel.com: It seems so cool to go back to Laura’s roots with Legacy—to see her challenged in such a personal way.

Tom Taylor: She’s a fantastic character—she has an incredibly traumatic past but she’s not a victim. Particularly after everything she went through in Enemy of the State arc, she has really come through it and become a hell of a hero—as I hope we saw on the moon with the hive…like, she just went to an alien moon, took on the Brood, and she saved an entire island of people! She kicks ass in every way.

Marvel.com: Generally speaking, what does the legacy of Marvel Comics mean to you?

Tom Taylor: I’m a fanboy and I always have been. I’m a fan of these great characters. And when Marvel calls you up and says, “Hey Tom, do you want to write Iron Man?” you absolutely lose it! You just do! It feels insane. Like, this stuff just doesn’t happen. My first gig in American comics was writing Star Wars. And it’s just like…you’re kidding me. You want me to write Luke and Han and Leia? What!? I’m a guy from Melbourne, Australia. This just doesn’t happen.

I think we were talking about something else with Marvel at one stage and then they were like, actually, would you like to do Wolverine? What person in the world would say no to that!? Of course I want to do Wolverine! I’ve been reading Wolverine comics my whole life, I have shelves of them—yes I want in on this. I love Laura, ever since I saw her in “X-Men: Evolution”!

It’s just exciting to be on all of this and—I think I can say this—I’ve just been offered a new project for Marvel and it’s exactly the same. I have a very packed schedule but I just thought, you know what, I’m going to immediately drop everything I’m doing to jump onto this and make it as good as I possibly can; it couldn’t be more exciting to do another incredible Marvel property and to try to do my best at it.

Marvel.com: That’s so exciting! So Legacy must be a treat to work on.

Tom Taylor: Yeah—and we’re seeing things like going back the Muramasa Blade here, which has been a huge part of Logan’s past and what that came to mean. And now that his children have to deal with that will be a really big thing. That’s the kind of Legacy thing that we’re seeing in this, and I have to say that the artwork by Juann Cabal and [colorist] Nolan Woodard together looks like nothing you’ve ever seen. The three of us are just jamming so well! We’re adding extra beats everywhere and it’s amazing to be working with these talented guys.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #25, by Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal, drops on October 11!

Rabbit Sets World Record For Dunking Basketballs

NYCC 2017: Dark Horse Announces NYCC 2017 Programming Schedule

SIGNING SCHEDULE All creators signing in our booth offer their autographs for FREE. FREE prints, comics, or posters are provided for most of our signings (while supplies last). You may purchase or bring items to be signed; however, we may restrict the type or number of items to be signed as necessary.  Some signings require a wristband for entry, as noted on the schedule. Drawings for wristbands for these events will begin at show opening the day before and day of each signing. Come to...

Days of Wein and Wolverine: A Tribute

Additional reporting by TJ Dietsch

“If you really want to tangle with someone—why not try your luck against—the Wolverine!”

Imagine: It’s the summer of 1974. You’ve just read to the end of INCREDIBLE HULK #180—the newest issue—and a brand-new character nearly leaps out of the art at you with claws extended. You’re just not sure how you’ll be able to stand the wait until the next installment to see what’s up with this new mystery man, and then you turn to the book’s credit page and wonder how this Len Wein guy keeps coming up with all this cool stuff…

“The Wolverine” moved on past his throwdown with The Hulk and Wendigo to become one of the most popular comic book characters ever when he hooked up with a certain band of merry mutants a few months later in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1—also written by that Len Wein guy. Today, the long line of legacy from the writer through his creation to modern scribes and artists stands as a testament to the impact Wolverine’s made on the comics industry and its fans.

“In that seminal issue, Len established Wolverine’s blunt, pugnacious, take-no-prisoners voice as a character,” posits X-MEN: GOLD writer Marc Guggenheim. “Sure, Wolverine would become less verbose and chatty in future incarnations, but his blunt attitude was established in that first appearance in INCREDIBLE HULK.”

“It’s incredible how Len Wein, along with artist Herb Trimpe, shaped Wolverine perfectly from the very start,” says ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS. HULK artist Leinil Francis Yu. “That [debut] is 40-years-old and it still reads like the Wolverine we have today, complete with the attitude and richness we all love about him.”

Mike Deodato, himself a veteran X-Men illustrator and current artist on OLD MAN LOGAN, agrees: “He is a rebel; he is rock n’ roll. He doesn’t care for anything or anybody, but at the same time he will give his life for them. He is savage, unpredictable, and that is what makes him so attractive.”

“It’s the physicality—short, hairy, like a gnarled old tree—and the indomitable spirit, I think,” ponders DEATH OF WOLVERINE writer Charles Soule when considering Wein’s mutant scrapper. “Wolverine never stops, no matter what gets thrown in his way. Because of his healing factor, it’s almost like he can’t stop. He’s very fun to write, but more importantly, very fun to read.”

Wolverine’s Canadian heritage made him something of a rarity at that time among super heroes, as well as his direct approach to problems in his path.

“In many ways, Wolverine was so unlike any character readers were really familiar with,” one-time WOLVERINE writer Cullen Bunn insists. “He was violent and vicious, but a hero, too. The mystery element was heavily ingrained in the character, which made him all the more interesting. He was working for the government, but beyond that, we didn’t know much about him. Maybe more than any character created before or since, he represented the potential for amazing stories ahead. Other creators capitalized on that potential, making Wolverine the household character he is today.”

“I think Wein created the ultimate outcast,” says Juann Cabal, the artist behind ALL-NEW WOLVERINE. “To me, Logan is the outcast among outcasts. To Wein’s credit, [he] gave him the appeal of being different, wild and mysterious without falling strictly into the antihero cliché. He might have his inner demons, but his moral compass is always pointing the right direction. In my opinion, this is what has made the character stay relevant all this time.”

Perhaps Cabal’s partner on ALL-NEW WOLVERINE, writer Tom Taylor, sums it up best when he notes that “there was something perfectly realized about that first appearance of Wolverine.”

“It was all there on the page. The attitude was there, the brash bravery. But Wolverine was also not infallible. He had a savagery, and wasn’t a perfect, untouchable hero. It was a character everyone wanted to see more of. And, clearly, the rest of the world did too. There have been so many great Wolverine stories. None would exist without Len.”

By summer of ’74, Wein’s comic career stood as relatively new, though he’d racked up a sizable number of scripts for a variety of titles. He’d taken over INCREDIBLE HULK only an issue before “the big one” but his introduction—along with artist Herb Trimpe and costume designer John Romita—of Wolverine to fight the jade giant forever cemented him into the firmament of comic book superstars.

He also, by all accounts, kept his feet firmly panted on solid ground.

“I got to meet Len a number of times in 2014 while I was writing the DEATH OF WOLVERINE story, as well as working on a long run featuring one of his other signature creations, Swamp Thing, over at DC,” says Soule. “I found him to be gracious and kind, and generous with his conversation and time. He dreamed up enormous swaths of the super hero landscape that will last for generations—a legacy most could only dream of.”

“First and foremost, Len’s creation of the ‘All-New, All-Different’ X-Men was seismic and industry-changing,” notes Guggenheim. “Without Len, there’s an excellent argument to be made that there wouldn’t be any X-Men today, and certainly not the X-Men that we’ve come to know, love, and cherish. I had the good fortune to meet Len a few years ago at San Diego Comic-Con and he truly couldn’t have been a nicer guy.  He clearly loved comics, both the industry and the medium.”

“As a creator, I think the truly incredible thing you discover writing [his] characters is just how different they are, and how human,” offers Taylor. “They have flaws. They’re complex. They struggle. Len’s characters breathe.”

Bunn takes it one step further: “Len’s work was a huge influence on me. Like many of my absolute favorite creators, he wore his imagination on his sleeve, and he didn’t let anything hold him back from putting that on the page.

“Since I owe my whole career to Wolverine, Len and Herb’s creation means a ton to me,” says Yu. “We may be divided by a few decades, but I am proud to inherit and to continue to breathe life into Wolverine and the X-Men.”

“As a fan, Len created some of my absolute favorite heroes,” concludes Taylor. “Some of these characters are the reason I’m a comics fan.

“The world would have been a far less heroic place without Len Wein.”

This Baseball Team Learned There’s A Wrong Way To Celebrate Japanese Culture

Please Don’t Get Your Sunburn-Prevention Advice From Tom Brady

According to an excerpt from his new book, Tom Brady has an interesting way to prevent sunburns—and it involves a lot of water.

Tens Of Thousands In Puerto Rico Told To Evacuate Immediately As Dam Cracks

Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her First Child

Congrats, Kylie!

Jeff Sessions’ New Chief Of Staff: Mueller’s Russia Probe Could Be A ‘Witch Hunt’

WASHINGTON ― Attorney General Jeff Sessions has appointed as his chief of staff a former federal prosecutor who has written that the special counsel investigation into the Trump administration could be turning into a “witch hunt.”

Matthew Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Iowa during the George W. Bush administration, has been appointed as Sessions’ chief of staff, a Justice Department spokesman said Friday. 


Dark Horse Comics Blog 2017-09-22 21:18:43

Dark Horse and Konami proudly present a collection twenty years in the making, translated into English for the first time: The Art of Metal Gear Solid I–IV! The Art of Metal Gear Solid I–IV contains two historic volumes of concept and key art from Yoji Shinkawa, art director and illustrator behind Metal Gear Solid, MGS2: Sons of Liberty, MGS3: Snake Eater, MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, and MGS: Peace Walker. This definitive chronicle of...

Amazon signs deal to boost its restaurant delivery service

Amazon wants to deliver more burritos and hamburgers to your doorstep.

It’s Official: The U.S. Department of Education Department Has Eliminated Obama-Era Title IX Guidelines


Betsy DeVos announced that the "Dear Colleague Letter" guidelines are officially out.

Ooyala Video ID: 

It's official: The U.S. Department of Education has eliminated key Title IX guidelines on how sexual assault cases should be handled at schools. Education secretary Betsy DeVos announced today that while her department is still reviewing all of the rules, they have removed the "Dear Colleague Letter" enacted by the Obama administration, which was placed in an effort to provide clearer and more definitive instructions on how schools are expected to handle sexual assault claims. 

In its place, the department has issued a Q&A document outlining how schools are required to respond to claims, as well as what they are allowed to decide on their own to develop their own policies. Notably, for some schools, this change will make it more difficult for the victim to prove guilt in these cases. 

This announcement comes less than three weeks after DeVos announced that her department would be reviewing Title IX, something she says was overdue for a change. In her first speech on the subject, DeVos called for an alternative to the current guidelines, arguing that the reporting process was "increasingly elaborate and confusing," and contributed to a "failed system." Critics of the guidelines argue that they're unfair to those who are being accused.

Some context: Title IX was created in 1972 to guarantee that all students have access to fair and equal opportunities regardless of gender. The rules also apply to discrimination in sports and in coursework, but also misconduct on campus, such as sexual assault. Fast forward to 2011, the Obama administration adds in the "Dear Colleague Letter" to clarify how complaints should be handled under Title IX by school officials. 

While proponents of DeVos' changes may say they protect the falsely accused, the decision to eliminate the "letter" could have damaging effects. With more than 20 percent of female undergrads subjected to rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) as we previously reported, softening up the guidelines could make an already scary campus issue even worse. What's more, only 2 to 10 percent of reported rapes turn out to be false claims.

There is still a requirement by law for the school to investigate the claim, and many colleges have announced they are holding off on changing any policies until the review is complete, according to Politico.

"This is a disgrace and a disservice to everyone who has worked to address sexual violence," senator Bernie Sanders tweeted. "Congress must act to undo this terrible decision."

Whatever the outcome, we can only hope that victims don't feel even more discouraged about coming forward to seek justice.

Video Story Image: 

Facebook backs off plan for non-voting shares

Facebook on Friday reversed course on a plan to issue a new non-voting class of shares, avoiding a public trial in a suit filed by investors in the huge social network.

Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Pregnant

NYCC 2017: Dark Horse to Publish New Edition of Badlands

Dark Horse to Release New Edition of Steven Grant and Vince Giarrano’s Crime Drama! Dark Horse is thrilled to present a new edition of Steven Grant (2Guns, The Rook) and Vince Giarrano’s (Terminator) Badlands! Originally published in 1992 and long out of print, this second edition features a brand new cover by Tim Bradstreet.  Badlands is a fictional crime drama that depicts the events leading up to the assassination of JFK and examines the longstanding question—was...

Study finds no-tillage not sufficient alone to prevent water pollution from nitrate

A new IUPUI study funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture answers a long-debated agricultural question: whether no-tillage alone is sufficient to prevent water pollution from nitrate. The answer is no.

Twitter bots for good: Study reveals how information spreads on social media

After an election year marked by heated exchanges and the distribution of fake news, Twitter bots earned a bad reputation—but not all bots are bad, suggests a new study co-authored by Emilio Ferrara, a USC Information Sciences Institute computer scientist and a research assistant professor at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering's Department of Computer Science.

‘I Tried Drinking Kombucha To Beat Bloat—Here’s What Happened’

"It felt like I was carrying an over-inflated volleyball in my gut."

‘Human computer’ Katherine Johnson opens Nasa research facility named in her honour – The Independent

The Independent

'Human computer' Katherine Johnson opens Nasa research facility named in her honour
The Independent
One of Nasa's “human computers”, who helped plan the mission that saw an American astronaut orbit the Earth for the first time, has opened a new research centre named in her honour. The key contribution of Katherine Johnson, 99, and other ...
NASA honors 'Hidden Figure' Katherine Johnson with a new facility in her nameMiami Herald

NASA honors black mathematician Katherine Johnson by naming facility after herPulse Headlines
NASA Just Opened the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research FacilityThe Mary Sue
The Guardian -wtvr.com -KHOU -WAVY-TV
all 36 news articles »

Flashback Friday: The Tinkerer

Every Friday we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the very first appearance of a major character, place or object that made waves this week.

When it comes to super geniuses per capita, no place compares to the Marvel Universe! Some use their powers to help keep the world safe while others try to rule the world. And some just want to make crazy weapons to sell to nutcases! The Tinkerer – newly returned in this week’s PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #4 – fit into that last category for most of his villainous career. 

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2017) #4

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2017) #4

First debuting back in 1963’s THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, The Tinkerer made quite an impression on his first page. The old man with glasses propped up on his forehead wearing a plaid sweater and green slacks might have seemed like no problem at all had he not blasted Spidey with a ray gun right then and there! 

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #2

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #2

  • Published: May 10, 1963
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Penciller: Steve Ditko
What is Marvel Unlimited?

In the Mighty Marvel tradition of the day, the next page flashed back to Peter Parker working hard in the chemistry lab at Midtown High where his teacher introduced him to electronics expert Professor Cobbwell who needed some weekend help. Peter’s first duty included stopping to pick up a radio from The Tinkerer Repair Shop on the way over the next day.

After arriving at the business the next day, Peter’s Spidey Sense went off, but he chalked it up to electrical impulses from the nearby machines. However, we learned that he should have listened to it as the Tinkerer and his apparently alien cronies hid something sinister inside Cobbwell’s  radio!

While working in Cobbwell’s lab, Peter realized that his Spider Sense continued to react in the same way. When his new boss left to give a lecture, Peter inspected the radio and found something extra inside. To investigate, he ditched his civvies and swung his way back to the shop!

Having descended into the Tinkerer’s underground lab, our hero learned that the radios all now hide secret spy equipment so that he could learn about Earthly weaknesses and attack with his alien cohorts. After being discovered by one of the potential invaders, Spidey fought hard, but fell to the Tinkerer’s blast seen on that first page.

The Wall-Crawler used his own considerable intelligence and skill to get himself out of the Tinkerer’s death trap. In the ensuing battle, much of the equipment got destroyed and caught fire, engulfing the entire place in flames. Spider-Man tried saving The Tinkerer, but he refused to be touched and they both escaped through the smoke.

Much later on down the line, The Tinkerer returned in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #159 and 160 where he designed a Spider-Mobile to kill the Wall Crawler himself! From there he went on to update and create weapons for many a masked marauder and even played a huge part in SECRET WARS. Now he’s back to cause more trouble for Spider-Man! 

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #160

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #160

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Flash Forward

One of the most interesting parts of Tinkerer’s history remains the fact that, for the more-than-15-year gap between his first and second appearance, Spidey and the readers believed him an alien! Much of that came from Peter walking away from that first confrontation with a human mask, but also a bio published in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 which clearly labeled the Tinkerer as “the first, and the only alien menace Spider-Man has ever fought!” He explained the mask in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #160: “That mask I left you holding was merely a ruse – a simple ploy to deter pursuit that, I must say, worked exceptionally well!”

The aliens themselves reappeared in PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #50 and 51, but the Wall Crawler learned that are and were out of work actors posing as aliens that Tinkerer hired. One of that actually turned out to be the future Mysterio who got the gang back together for the job seen in these issues.

The Importance Of Civil Discourse

Last week I became the Chair of The Sanders Institute (TSI), an initiative that grew out of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign of 2016. While as a sitting senator, Sanders cannot be involved in the work of TSI, we are committed to elevating the issues on which he based his run for the White House.

TSI’s purpose, as defined in our mission statement, is to revitalize our democracy by fostering an informed electorate and advocating progressive ideas through civil discourse. The foundation of TSI’s effort will be built on a collection of remarkable founding fellows who will provide leadership on a range of economic, environmental, racial and social justice, and foreign policy concerns. They include such distinguished scholars and activists as: Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover; Robert Reich, Stephanie Kelton, Cornel West, and Jeffery Sachs; Bill McKibben, Ben Jealous and Michael Lighty; Tulsi Gabbard and Nina Turner; and Jane O’Meara Sanders, whose idea it was to launch TSI.


I Am Groot: Hardwood History

Everybody loves him, but nobody really understands him…and not just what he’s saying, either! Quick—where did Groot come from? What’s the name of his species? How did he meet Rocket Raccoon? If you don’t know the answers, you’re not alone.

The history of Groot weaves a complex web. Having started as a minor character, the talking tree finally received more frequent opportunities to shine in the wake of the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” film. Now he stars alongside the Guardians, his best friend Rocket—and in his own solo series!

On September 27, writer Christopher Hastings and artist Flaviano present the conclusion of I AM GROOT with issue #5!

But before we reach that ending, let’s go back to where it all began for the character. Groot’s story has to be pieced together—and while it doesn’t come to light chronologically, it’d probably be easier to hear it in the order that it happened to him in.

Okay, are you ready? Say it with me: I! Am! Groot!

Groot’s childhood exile

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #14, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Nick Bradshaw, explained Groot’s origins for the first time. Framed as a kind of nature documentary, the story explained that Groot originated as a Flora Colossus from Planet X. The book illuminated the social order of the planet, with the Flora Colossi ruled by a monarchy and an elite group called the “Arbor Masters.” Together, these leaders teach children—called saplings—via a method known as “Photonic Knowledge.” In this process, the accumulated knowledge and experience of generations of elders gets psychically absorbed by the young through a kind of photosynthesis; this ultra-advanced educational practice provides the Flora Colossi with genius level intelligence.

The planet’s biome gets tended to by subservient “Maintenance Mammals” (small, squirrel-like creatures) forced into slavery in service of the Arbor Masters. In his youth on Planet X, Groot finds an unlikely friendship with these oppressed animals—and even prefers their company to that of his fellow saplings; Groot doesn’t get along with his own kind, as the adult Flora Colossi regularly kidnap and perform harrowing experiments on other life forms to further their study of the universe. The moral implications of these scientific atrocities horrify a young Groot, as do his peers’ harsh and violent treatment of his Maintenance Mammal friends. Acting on his conscience leads to his banishment from his home world; an unseen narrator explains that Groot got exiled from his people for injuring another sapling as he protected a Maintenance Mammal from attack.

Later, in GROOT #6 by writer Jeff Loveness and artist Brian Kesinger, the tree communicates, via psychic link, to Jean Grey to explain that the original story of his banishment has actually been sanitized…because the mammal he protected from the other saplings proved to not be a Maintenance Mammal after all, but in fact a little Earth girl named Hannah. He reveals that he saw her trapped and terrified by his people and sent her home in a rescue pod—then came the consequences.

Doing time

While it remains unknown whether Groot got arrested for unrelated reasons or sent directly to a prison for treason against his people, we next see our heroin this chronology  locked up—in GROOT #2—where his roommate turns out to be a certain anthropomorphic raccoon. Rocket learns to understand Groot and they forge a strong friendship in the process.

Communication between the duo took some time to be established—the result of Groot’s most famous feature: seemingly only being able to say the words “I am Groot.” As explained in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #17 by Maximus the Mad, Groot’s race experiences a hardening of the larynx and vocal chords during adolescence, forcing them to make the same sound over and over.

Angst, Phalanx, and robbing banks

After spending an undisclosed amount of time together in prison, Rocket and Groot receive an offer to join a rag-tag group fighting the Phalanx in ANNIHILATION CONQUEST: STARLORD—written by Keith Giffen with art by Timothy Green. This team becomes known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. At this point in Groot’s life, he claims to be the monarch of Planet X while—surprisingly—speaking normal, if somewhat pretentious, English. During this arc, Groot also volunteers for three separate suicide missions—each time saved from a branch clipping by Rocket.

2008’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2, written by Lanning and Abnett with art from Paul Pelletier and Clint Langley, sees Groot’s vocal chords re-harden and his personality settle back into what it had been in his youth: kind-hearted and goofy. The next big change in his life came in the wake of THE THANOS IMPERATIVE in 2011—in a story written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Brad Walker—when the apparent deaths of Star-Lord and Nova cause the Guardians to disband.

In 2011’s ANNIHILATORS bonus story, by writers Abnett and Lanning and artist Tan Eng Huat, Groot returns to Planet X to help liberate his oppressed Maintenance Mammal friends who ran an underground resistance operation. When Groot arrives, though, he’s arrested and tortured for returning after exile and impersonating the monarch. Luckily for Groot, he has the greatest prison breaker in the universe at his side, and Rocket saves him from incarceration. Once the two finish their tearful reunion, they re-start the Guardians alongside Drax—and try to be a force of good in the galaxy.

Rocket and Groot then embark on a road trip to Earth where Groot finds his friend Hannah, now an old woman. This story—in writer Jeff Loveness and artist Declan Shalvey’s GROOT—further delves into the tree’s mind. We hear his psychic words, “Life is not about the shadow you cast on your enemies, but the shade you provide to your friends.”

Most recently, Groot has been spending an unusual amount of time attempting to re-generate from his “baby” state—even missing out on Rocket’s bank heist team in writer Al Ewing and artist Mike Mayhew’s recent ROCKET #1 due to his vulnerable condition. As witnessed in ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Aaron Kuder, the nature of this form and the unique abilities that makeit so are explored in this year’s I AM GROOT series—written by Christopher Hastings with art by Flaviano—where a tiny Groot finds himself trapped on a strange planet in another dimension where no one can understand him. And the finale of this series, issue #5, drops on September 27!

I am Groot

He certainly says an answer enough, but, really, who is Groot? Find the long answer above, but here’s the short one—proven by years of moments and stories, trials and adventures: he’s a friend.

Check out Christopher Hastings and artist Flaviano’s I AM GROOT #5 on September 27!

Egg Freezing Gives You Options but Has Risks

cold sample storage container

Doctors say more women are interested in egg freezing, a procedure that may help preserve their fertility but comes with risks.

This Is How Many Carbs You’ll Find In A Cup Of Cauliflower

And everything else you should know about the star vegetable.

Study Suggests Neanderthals Enjoyed Long Childhoods – WBUR


Study Suggests Neanderthals Enjoyed Long Childhoods
Until about the last decade or so, that's how many of us were accustomed to thinking about Neanderthal life. But a lot has changed since then, not least of which is the emergence of smoking-gun DNA evidence that Neanderthals are, in fact, family. Now a ...
Modern Humans and Neanderthals May Be More Similar Than We ImaginedSmithsonian

Exquisite Skeleton Of A Neanderthal Kid Offers Clues To Human EvolutionGizmodo Australia
Neanderthal boy's skull reveals they grew like modern boysThe Guardian
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The Story Behind That Couples Boudoir Shoot You’re Seeing Everywhere

When this soon-to-be-married couple stripped down for a lakeside couples boudoir shoot, they had no idea they'd go viral.

The anatomy of a hurricane

A satellite image of Hurricane Irma near eastern Cuba on September 8, 2017.

Here's how these huge storms form.

Every tropical cyclone that forms on Earth has the same basic structure that sets these storms apart from the rest.

NASA’S OSIRIS-REx spacecraft slingshots past Earth

NASA's asteroid sample return spacecraft successfully used Earth's gravity on Friday to slingshot itself on a path toward the asteroid Bennu, for a rendezvous next August.

Here’s What Actual Dentists Think of those Viral Dental Cleaning Videos

If you're bored of pimple popping videos, check out these extreme dental cleaning videos—and see why even dentists are fascinated by them.

16 Delicious Gluten-Free Products You Can Buy at the Supermarket

R.D.-approved choices to add to your grocery list.

‘This One Simple Question Changed My Life When I Hit Rock Bottom’

How would you answer it?

The Senate Will Vote on an Obamacare Replacement Within the Next Week

This week in women's health care: an update on the GOP's latest Obamacare replacement plan, a look at Betsy DeVos' new campus sexual assault rules, and more.

The 7 Best Running Sneakers

​Lace up one of these stylish pairs of running shoes to pound the pavement pain-free.

Ian Somerhalder Says He Threw Out Nikki Reed’s Birth Control Pills When They Decided to Have Kids

Somerhalder explained his incredibly questionable decision to throw out wife Nikki Reed’s birth control pills when they decided to start a family.

This Video of Gina Rodriguez Will Make You Want to Kick Something

CelebritiesCelebrity Workouts
The actress and cover star shared a video of her time practicing Muay Thai in Thailand.
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Contributor/Getty Images Damn, Gina! Ever a source of grade A fitspiration and self-love, Gina Rodriguez shared a look at how she gets in the zone when she's training. The Jane the Virgin star posted a #tbt video to Instagram of herself landing some punches and kicks on her boyfriend Joe LoCicero. Her agility during the sequence is mesmerizing. "Throwback to training with @joe_locicero. Strong is my sexy. How do you like to grow in strength?" she captioned the clip.   Throwback to training with @joe_locicero Strong is my sexy. How do you like to grow in strength? A post shared by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on Sep 21, 2017 at 9:59am PDT In our October issue cover interview, the actress tells us about how she developed a love of Muay Thai last year when she and her boyfriend went to Thailand to train like champions for a month. "I felt very stealthy and quick," she said about upping her workout routine. "It was an amazing transformation." It certainly seems to have paid off—there's no denying how skilled and strong she looks. We certainly wouldn't want to spar against this badass babe.   No pain, no Muay Thai. I came here to transform. I came here to face my demons and bad habits. I went full force into training and it wasn't comfortable or easy but discipline never is and life never is. Everyday I want to grow stronger, I may fail but I will try. Everyday I want to grow wiser, I may fail but I will try. Life knocks you down and it can hurt but that has never stopped me before and so I repeat no pain, no Muay Thai.by @mitchviquez A post shared by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on Dec 22, 2016 at 9:10am PST While in training in Thailand, she spoke about her intentions on Instagram. "I came here to face my demons and bad habits," she wrote. "I went full force into training and it wasn't comfortable or easy but discipline never is and life never is." (Learn more about why Muay Thai is the most badass workout you haven't tried yet.)
, ,

Photos: 61-year-old Anthony Bourdain and his badass girlfriend both have better abs than you

Anthony Bourdain

Just call him Absthony Bourdain.

The 61-year-old writer, chef, and host of the hit travel show Parts Unknown (which will premiere its 10th season on CNN on October 1) flashed a ridiculously shredded six-pack—or eight-pack, rather—while relaxing poolside in Rome.

And his girlfriend, Asia Argento? Well, the Italian actress and xXx star looked like she could probably kick your ass too, sporting her own set of chiseled abs.


Here are the best photos of the epically ripped couple. And if you're trying to get abs like Bourdain, follow these 10 steps to getting an eight-pack.

This Photo Of Kourtney Kardashian’s Son Is Drumming Up Some Serious Controversy

What do you think?

These High-Fiber Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins Are A Breakfast Must-Try

They're so good, you won't even know they're whole grain.

You’re more stressed than you want to admit. Here’s how to change that.

Man and woman mindfully exercising

Meditation, in theory and in practice, can seem like a bunch of mumbo jumbo B.S. Most guys hear an instructor talk about "the art of mindfulness" and react with an instant eye roll.

But let's be honest, dude: Between this weekend's fantasy football lineup, your phone contract, and the permanent challenge of getting to the gym on time, stress is real. And even if you don't want to acknowledge it, you probably have more than enough shit going on.

So do famous jacked dudes like Matt Bomer, Norman Reedus, Hugh Jackman, and Joe Manganiello—who also happen to be devotees to transcendental meditation.

"Mindfulness means you're present in the moment at hand, aware of your surroundings, and acknowledge how it all makes you feel," says Aino Siren, a yoga instructor who specializes in ISHTA practice, which combines vinyasa flows with meditation. "It can affect your life in many positive ways: You gain more focus, which improves your health and fitness, which then improves your overall well-being and life."


Think of mindfulness as a workout for your brain that benefits your body, enhances your workout, and helps chill you out. It won't necessarily dump all that stress, but it will help you let go of it.

Here are five ways to make your workouts more mindful—without all the fluffy, hippy-dippy nonsense.

1. Set the foundation for a mindful routine

"Put your electronic devices away, and decide how you'd like to feel after the workout," Siren says. "Take a minute to become present, let go of what happened right before, and let go of what will happen later." The goal is to focus on your workout without distraction.

How do you do this? Think about "creating intention". Set a goal to beat your personal best if you find your motivation tends to falter mid-workout. On the flipside, if your regimen is extreme, put your ego aside and do what feels right that day. Athletes at the highest echelons of sports know to listen to their bodies. For example: Give yourself some rest if you're showing signs of overtraining. It can reset your mind, muscles, and motivation.


2. Focus on your breathing

Before you start your workout, take three minutes to close your eyes and breathe. Sit or lie down so you're completely comfortable, and belly breathe: Fill your toso up with air, from the bottom to the top, so the space between your ribs feels as if it's expanding like a balloon. Use this time to reiterate your intention from step 1 and think about your goals for today alone. This will clear your mind, and help you begin your workout totally focused. The emphasis on proper breathing can also boost your lifts and make runs more efficient.

Obviously, breathing is essential to workouts, since, y'know, it's essential. But you have to breathe differently during cardio than you would during lifts. For runs, you want controlled, even breaths that keep your heart rate regulated. Breathing during heavy lifts is more like controlled breath-holding. By using your breath as the grounding point in workouts, you can push yourself harder.

3. Recognize when your mind drifts

"Practicing mindfulness is about honoring the moment with full focus and commitment," Siren says. So if you're in the middle of a monstrous lifting session, but your mind keeps gravitating toward an impending work deadline, learn to recognize that and pull your attention back to the task at hand.

"Take a few breaths and visualize what you're about to do, then do it," Siren says. "Everything is connected: your breathing, the muscles you're putting to work, the movement. If you picture everything in your head first, then go for it, you'll have better chances of executing with more power, strength, and technique." Not only can this help you hit a new squat, deadlift, or bench press PR, but you'll lower your risk for injury. "Finish what you started, then move onto other things with new energy," Siren suggests.


4. Know when to pump the brakes

"Every day you experience different things in life that affect your emotions and the way you feel, which affects your workout," Siren says. "When you're mindful of the way you feel and allow yourself to take it slower or give 110% when you feel strong some days, it'll result in better-quality workouts every day."


5. Enlist some help

If you find you're actually digging the mindful approach, but still need some help getting your mind into the appropriate headspace, take advantage of available classes, apps, and wellness initiatives in your city. NYC & Company, New York City's marketing and tourism board, for example, has started encouraging travelers and locals to weave meditation into sight-seeing opportunities, like the Empire State Building Sunrise Viewing Experience. Follow suit, and find a hike, park, or landmark that inspires you to slow down and clear your mind.

If you want studios and centers that emphasize meditation specifically, look for studios like Inscape and MNDFL.

Want to add some tech to your sessions? MUSE is a headset that guides you through meditation exercises—perfect if you tend to lose focus. You can also download apps on your smartphone to get mindful on your commute or in the office. These are our three favorite meditation apps.


Breaking News: A Crisis of a Crossover

If you’re a #DCTV fan, you’re going to want to mark November 27, 2017 with a big X on your calendar. That’s the first day of this year’s four-part CW crossover…and it’ll find our heroes landing on Earth-X.

Watch: Yes, Liam Neeson jumps off a train in the new trailer for ‘The Commuter’

The Commuter

If you saw the first trailer for Liam Neeson's The Commuter and thought it looked bonkers, just wait until you see the international trailer.

The Commuter finds Neeson playing family man Michael Woolrich. When Woolrich is unwillingly thrust into a conspiracy by a enigmatic stranger (Vera Farmiga), he suddenly needs to find the identity of a mysterious passenger on his commuter train or risk dire consequences. It's kind of like Murder on the Orient Express, but with far more explosions and violence.


While this trailer has some of the same beats as the first—and this is a Neeson action movie, so we all know what we're getting—we also get to see more of the other commuters on the train, including a menacing-as-always Jonathan Banks. Also: Make sure you watch to the very end for an amazing action shot.

If you're thinking this sounds a lot like Non-Stop but in a different form of transportation, that's not a coincidence: The Commuter is also directed by Jaume Collet-Sera, and is his fourth collaboration with Neeson. We know what we're getting, and we're totally stoked for it.


The Commuter will be in theaters nationwide on January 12.

Mechanism that underlies age-associated bone loss

A major health problem in older people is age-associated osteoporosis -- the thinning of bone and the loss of bone density that increases the risk of fractures. Researchers have now detailed an underlying mechanism leading to that osteoporosis. When this mechanism malfunctions, progenitor cells stop creating bone-producing cells, and instead create fat cells. Knowledge of this mechanism can provide targets in the search for novel bone-loss.

Two Group A Streptococcus genes linked to ‘flesh-eating’ bacterial infections

Group A Streptococcus bacteria cause illnesses ranging from mild nuisances like strep throat to life-threatening conditions such as flesh-eating disease, also known as necrotizing fasciitis. Life-threatening infections occur when the bacteria spread underneath the surface of the skin or throat and invade the underlying soft tissue. Researchers have found two group A Streptococcus genes involved in invasive infections, which may be potential targets for therapeutics.

Houston Astros star Carlos Correa’s fittest Instagram workouts

Carlos Correa

Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa is one of the top young stars in Major League Baseball.

After winning the 2015 AL Rookie of the Year award, Correa put up career-high numbers in 2016 in batting average, RBI, walks, runs scored, and slugging percentage.


In 2017, he was on pace to shatter those numbers before going down with a torn ligament in his left thumb in July. Even though he missed nearly two months of baseball following that injury, one thing remains clear: Correa’s ceiling is only getting higher and higher.

Now that he’s back, the Astros have their sights set on the World Series.

The 6'4", 220-lb stud has been a key part of the Astros’ success in recent years, and that’s due in part to all the hard work he puts in at the gym. During the off-season, Correa trains in the weight room at least two hours per day, working out with squats, abs rollouts, deadlifts, and core exercises.


“Core strength is so important—it’s my favorite workout,” Correa told Men’s Fitness ahead of the 2017 season. “A lot of baseball moves come from your core—a strong core helps you to hit, play defense, dive for the ball, to throw. I work hard on keeping my legs strong too. I use squats, split squats, [and] hamstring workouts to build muscle and make sure my legs have the strength to stay healthy for all 162 games.”

Correa is leading a new group of athletic, powerful, home run-hitting shortstops into the future—and he won’t be satisfied until he brings Houston a championship.

Here’s a look at Correa’s fittest workout posts.


Selena Gomez Is the New Face of PUMA

Selena Gomez rocks a retro crushed velvet look as the new face of PUMA, Brooks launches a new super-high-tech running shoe, plus more food and fitness news.

Turns Out The Flint Water Crisis Had A Major Impact On Women’s Fertility

Here's what you need to know.

5 Eye Doctors Share The Craziest Things They’ve Ever Seen At Work

"It turns out, a spike had flown off the metal grinder, had punctured his cornea, and was sitting in the middle of his eyeball."

CVS to Limit Opioid Prescription Amounts

First national pharmacy chain to limit prescriptions to seven days.

Bob Harper’s 30-Minute Heart Rate–Boosting Workout for Killer Abs


The legendary trainer is back from his health scare and ready to whip you into shape.

Ooyala Video ID: 

A lot has changed for celeb trainer Bob Harper in the last year—including his fitness philosophy. He experienced a health scare with his unexpected heart attack that had all us asking how something like that could happen to such a healthy and physically fit person. (For the record: Harper has a family history of heart disease, which put him at greater risk.) He has since recovered (thanks in part to lots of yoga) and has learned a lot along the way, including how important it is to slow down and listen to your body.

But make no mistake, Bob Harper is still a force to be reckoned with (yes—he's still doing burpees) and he proved as much when he trained two of our Shape editors through an intense, fat-burning, abs-focused workout. Follow along for this 30-minute session that incorporates total-body movements, heart rate–boosting intervals, and active stretching to show that building abs is about SO MUCH more than holding a plank forever. (Love the workout clothes our editors are wearing? Everything is from Kohl's, so you shop these looks and more activewear on their site.)

30-Minute Heart Rate–Boosting Workout for Killer Abs

What you'll need: A mat, a set of 5-pound weights, a jump rope

How it works: You'll warm up with some really active exercises that are meant to get your heart rate up from the get-go. Then you'll move on to a circuit-style workout that works your entire body but requires serious core activation, strength, and stability, so you'll walk away sore and this much closer to rock-solid abs.

Warm-up: Perform each of the moves below for one minute each with no breaks in between.

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Alternating Front Lunge with Raised Arms
  • Inch Worm
  • Alternating Single-Leg Plank (with a hold and push-up)
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Twisting Lunge with Reach
  • Jump Rope
  • Wall Mountain Climber

Hollow Hold

A. While lying on back, bring both straight arms up and back to frame face.
B. Keep both legs together and straight, and lift to hover off the floor. Hold here.

Do this for 15 seconds.


A. From sitting, plant feet on floor and palms behind you with fingertips facing heels.
B. Engage glutes to lift hips to the sky to form a flat, tabletop position from head to knees. Hold here.

Do this for 15 seconds.

Hollow Rock

A. Come into hollow hold position, then, while maintaining position, begin rocking forward and back, keeping core engaged and lower back planted on floor.

Do this for 30 seconds.

Tabletop with Leg Extension

A. From tabletop position, lift right foot off ground to point straight leg out, keeping knees level. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat with left leg.

Do this for 30 seconds.

Hollow Rock

A. Repeat hollow rock as described above.

Do this for 30 seconds.

Tabletop with Alternating Leg Lift

A. From tabletop position, lift right foot off ground to point straight leg out, keeping knees level.
B. Immediately return foot to floor and switch so left leg is lifted. Continue alternating legs.

Do this for 30 seconds.


A. To begin, hold 5-pound dumbbells in either hand in racked position (elbows bent, weight at shoulders), with feet wider than hip-width apart and toes slightly turned out.
B. Keeping weights racked, squat low, engaging the glutes.
C. Push through heels to quickly return to standing while simultaneously thrusting arms overhead into the top of a shoulder press position.
D. Bring weights back to racked position as you reverse the movement to come back into a low squat. Repeat.

Do this for 1 minute.

Rest for 1 minute.


A. Repeat thruster as described above.

Do this for 1 minute.

Alternating Forward Lunge with Crescent Pose Arms

A. From standing, bring right leg forward and bend at both knees to come into a fitness lunge.
B. Push through right heel to return to standing, then bring opposite leg forward and bend both knees to come into a lunge. Continue alternating sides.

Do this for 1 minute.

Static Knee Hold Three Ways

A. From standing, bring right knee into chest and hold using both hands.
B. Bring bent right knee out to the right side, and hold using right hand.
C. Bring bent right knee across body to left side, and hold using left hand.
D. Repeat all three holds with left leg.

Do this for 30 seconds on each side.  

Alternating Forward Lunge with Crescent Pose Arms

A. From standing, bring both arms straight up to frame face. Keep them here for the entire exercise.
B. Step right leg forward and bend at both knees to come into a fitness lunge.
C. Push through right heel to return to standing, then bring opposite leg forward and bend both knees to come into a lunge. Continue alternating sides while keeping arms raised.

Do this for 1 minute.

Jump-Switch Lunge

A. Begin at the bottom of fitness lunge; right leg in front, knees bent at 90-degree angles with back knee resting on floor.
B. Using a burst of power, jump up and quickly switch feet, landing softly in fitness lunge with left leg forward.  

Do this for 30 seconds.

Tree Pose

A. Shift weight onto right leg. Draw left knee into chest, grab ankle, and press the bottom of left foot onto the inside of right thigh or calf.
B. Press palms together in front of chest into prayer position. Hold for 10 breaths before dropping foot to floor and repeating on opposite side.

Do this for 15 seconds on each side.

Bicycle Crunch

A. Lie on back with hand clasped behind head and knees lifted to tabletop.
B. Twist torso to the left as you straighten right leg to hover above the floor and left knee into chest, aiming to meet right elbow with left knee.
C. Come back through center, before twisting to the opposite side, straightening left leg and bringing right knee to meet left elbow. Continue alternating sides.

Do this for 1 minute. 

Video Story Image: 

New technique spots warning signs of extreme events

Many extreme events—from a rogue wave that rises up from calm waters, to an instability inside a gas turbine, to the sudden extinction of a previously hardy wildlife species—seem to occur without warning. It's often impossible to predict when such bursts of instability will strike, particularly in systems with a complex and ever-changing mix of players and pieces.

This Is How Many People Have Had Sex In A Parked Car

Are you the exception or the norm?

NASA Spacecraft Buzzes Earth on Way to Distant Asteroid Bennu – Space.com


NASA Spacecraft Buzzes Earth on Way to Distant Asteroid Bennu
A NASA asteroid-sampling probe has just said goodbye to Earth for the second time. The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft zoomed past our planet this afternoon (Sept. 22), a little over a year after launching on a mission to the big near-Earth asteroid Bennu.
OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission receives gravitational boost from planet EarthSpaceflight Now

Spaceship chasing an asteroid slingshots past EarthCNN
NASA's asteroid chaser swings by Earth on way to space rockPocono Record
Los Angeles Times -CBS News -Space Daily -Gizmodo
all 131 news articles »

Watch: This guy is running a 153-mile race. Here’s the inspiring reason why.

For most people, the notion of completing a full marathon—26.2 miles—seems insane, if not altogether impossible.

But ultra-runner Alex Anyse isn't most people. And he's planning on competing in an event that's a hell of a lot more than 26.2 miles—all for charity. Anyse is taking on the "Spartathlon," a 153-mile race that starts in Athens and ends in Sparta—to support the Smile Train organization, which provides cleft lip and palate surgeries to children in developing countries.

Check out his interview in the above video.


CVS Says It Will Stop Filling Prescriptions for Opioid Painkillers with More Than a 7-Day Supply

LifestyleMind and Body
Today the drugstore chain announced a new plan to limit opioid drugs in an effort to fight the epidemic of overdose-related deaths in America.  
Photo: Shutterstock When it comes to the opioid drug crisis in America, two things are certain: It's a huge problem that is only getting bigger and no one quite knows how to deal with it. But today marks the addition of an important new tool in the fight against opioid abuse and, nope, it isn't coming from doctors or the government. Today, CVS, a nationwide chain of drugstores, announced it will be limiting opioid drug prescriptions, becoming the first pharmacy to take this kind of measure.  Starting February 1, 2018, patients will be limited to a seven-day supply of these powerful, addictive painkillers. Under the new plan, if pharmacists see a prescription for a dosage lasting longer than that, they'll contact the doctor to revise it. CVS also announced that they will only dispense extended-release versions of prescription painkillers—the type most likely to lead to addiction and abuse—under certain conditions, such as when a patient has already tried immediate-release painkillers with suboptimal results. Pharmacists will also be required to talk with patients about the risks of addiction and secure storage of medications in the home, as well as provide customers with directions on proper disposal. (Related: Everything You Should Know Before Taking Prescription Painkillers) While this news is a small victory in the war against overprescribing opioids in this country, the announcement has been met with mixed feelings. Chronic and intense pain is, understandably, something people want to avoid. Yet opioid medications—including OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet, among others—seem to cause as many problems as they solve, leading to abuse, addiction, overdose, and even death. In fact, we previously reported that the American Society of Addiction Medicine estimates that nearly 2 million Americans are currently addicted to opioids. Finding a line between pain relief and introducing new problems is tricky, to say the least. "We are further strengthening our commitment to help providers and patients balance the need for these powerful medications with the risk of abuse and misuse," said Larry J. Merlo, president and CEO of CVS Health in a statement. "We think this can help make an impact.... I think as health care stakeholders, we all play an important role in being part of the solution," Merlo told USA Today. The company's prescription drug management division, CVS Caremark, provides medications to nearly 90 million people. CVS is extending their impact further by announcing that they will increase their donations to drug treatment programs by $2 million dollars and provide resources for help at their 9,700 clinics.   

This Facebook Post Thanks Moms for the Countless Things They Do Each Day

The mother behind the parenting blog Lucky Orange Parents wants her fellow moms to know she sees the hard work they put in each day.

Modern Humans and Neanderthals May Be More Similar Than We Imagined

A remarkably preserved 49,000-year-old skeleton shows that Neanderthal kids may have grown slowly, like us

NYCC 2017: The World of Critical Role to Comics

The world of Exandria is coming to comics. In a partnership between Dark Horse and Geek & Sundry, Critical Role, the beloved weekly web series, will be featured in a monthly six-issue digital series entitled Critical Role - Vox Machina: Origins. Exploring the enthralling origins of the Vox Machina team, the comics are written by Matthew Colville (Evolve, Priest, Thief) with interior art by Critter community member Olivia Samson, and coloring and lettering by Chris...
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