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Lasers Could Make Computers 1 Million Times Faster

Pulses of light from infrared lasers can speed up computer operations by a factor of 1 million, and may have opened the door to room-temperature quantum computing.

Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Drifting Westward, and Nobody Knows Why

Weird, slow-moving waves in the planet's core could explain the mysterious drifting.

On This Day In Space! May 20, 1978: NASA Launches Pioneer Venus 1

On May 20, 1978, NASA launched a spacecraft to Venus. The mission was called Pioneer-Venus 1, but it’s also known as the Pioneer Venus Orbiter. See how it happened in our On This Day In Space video series.

Watch Orbital ATK Launch a Cargo Ship for NASA Early Monday! Here’s How

An Orbital ATK Antares rocket will launch a Cygnus supply ship Monday morning (May 21) to deliver more than 3 tons NASA cargo to the International Space Station, and you can watch it live online.

‘Everyday Astronaut’ Tackles SpaceX Rocket Landings in Episode 2!

If you've ever wondered how SpaceX manages to land its rockets, the Everyday Astronaut is here to help.'s RSS Feed
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