15 Jaw-Dropping Green Lantern Cosplays

15 Jaw-Dropping Green Lantern Cosplays

Cosplayers around the globe have been working tirelessly to pay homage to their favorite characters across comics, video games, anime and film. One of the oft-chosen characters people choose to cosplay as are members of the Green Lantern Corps from DC Comics. The Green Lanterns are the intergalactic police force of ring-wielding superheroes chosen by the Guardians of the Galaxy. They patrol their assigned sectors and tap into the power of will, which manifests as green energy, to help create constructs and battle evildoers throughout the universe. While there are 7200 members of the Corps, most cosplayers focus on the Green Lanterns of Space Sector 2814, which includes Earth.

When it comes to cosplaying a character capable of creating green light constructs of anything they can imagine, be they weapons or even people, some have had to turn to Photoshop. We decided to highlight some of the better cosplayers whose ability to create costumes were enhanced thanks to their graphic art skills so you will find a little photo manipulation here. For this list, we have chosen more than just Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan Green Lanterns, but you might find a few gender-bent characters as well. Here are 15 Green Lantern Cosplays That Should Not Escape Your Sight.


SurfingTheVoid Jessica Cruz Green Lantern Cosplay

Surfing The Void is an artist and hobbyist cosplayer from the United States. She enjoys cosplaying as prominent female characters, having done an impressive Hawkgirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Elektra and Silk. When it comes to putting a ring on her finger, it must be green and it is going to elevate her cosplaying above the rest! When it comes to Green Lanterns, Surfing The Void prefers to don the mantle held by Jessica Cruz in one of two variants pictured above.

Jessica Cruz is the Green Lantern from Earth-3 who took up the mantle after the death of her Earth’s Hal Jordan. She first appeared in Green Lantern #20, written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Doug Mahnke. Cruz is the newest Lantern of Earth and is a relatively new target for cosplayers, but one who is becoming more popular in every convention.


Green Lantern Cosplay Benny Lee
At first glance, Cliff Tunnell’s Green Lantern cosplay looks like many others, but when you get a little closer, you can really see the craftsmanship that went into it. Tunnell designed and built the entire suit, which is outfitted with LEDs (that glow isn’t Photoshop) making the suit and ring light up. In this photo, taken by Benny-Lee, Tunnell held the pose for about 30 seconds by standing on a platform.

Cliff Tunnell has been cosplaying since he attended DragonCon in 2006, which was also his first convention. He works tirelessly to create his own costumes and accessories to include a Green Lantern battery and many others. When he isn’t defending Coast City from evildoers, he works as an Intellectual Property Attorney in Atlanta, GA.


Kay Pike Fashion Green Lantern Hal Jordan Cosplay

Not every costume is created the same way. There are a number of talented artists who have donned the mantle of the Green Lantern without actually putting any clothes on! Enter bodypainting and the incredible talents of Kay Pike. Pike has been creating unique bodypaint cosplays for a number of years and her take on Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern of Earth is one of her most impressive achievements.

Seeing as the bodypaint is so transformative, we decided it was best to show a side-by-side comparison with the artist, which is why the picture above features Ms. Pike in her unpainted glory. Her unique ability allows her to completely mask her features and incorporate them into her rather transformative design. Every part of her body (above the waist) is painted and while she doesn’t go to conventions half-naked, she does create art prints of her work.


DYNAMITEWEBBER Green Lantern Cosplay

Dynamite Webber Cosplay is the professional name of an artist and cosplayer whose real name is Shawn Webber. Webber lives and works out of Baltimore, MD where he spends much of his time perfecting his costumes in homage to his favorite characters. While his Green Lantern is certainly impressive, he has also donned the cape of Superman, thrown on Spider-Man’s tights and protected Gotham City as Batman.

Webber enjoys delving into the concept of the Green Lantern and has created several variations on the design. While we particularly enjoy the one we pictured above, it’s worth checking out his mash-up cosplay of a Green Lantern Jedi because nothing is more powerful than a Jedi with a Green Lantern Ring. Webber is a common attendee of conventions where he shows off his exceptional cosplay skills.



Super Showgirl Cosplay has a cosplay rule: no new costume without an accessory! For her Green Lantern, she has a Green Lantern Battery, which helps to establish a truly beautiful costume. This tendency comes from her love of collectibles, which has helped develop her interest in cosplay. While her need to accessorize is interesting, it’s not the most impressive aspect of her cosplaying.

After losing her mother to breast cancer, Super Showgirl Cosplay, whose real name is Darlene, uses her cosplaying activities to raise money to support the fight against breast cancer. She also works tirelessly to raise awareness in support of breast cancer research, so we just had to throw some love her way for the work she does. In addition to her Green Lantern cosplay, she has also created impressive Wonder Woman, Maleficent and Catwoman cosplays with many more in her portfolio.


Green Lantern Cosplay Zack Cloud Santiago

While most people prefer to cosplay as Hal Jordan, some cosplayers, like Zack Cloud Santiago, prefer to dress up as Kyle Rayner, the fifth Green Lantern of Earth. Rayner was chosen by Ganthet to wield the last Green Lantern Ring following the destruction of the Corps due to his ability to harness the powers of the entire emotional spectrum. When the events of Darkest Night came to a head with the creation of the White Lantern, Rayner becomes the White Lantern who wields the powers of the complete spectrum. When the event subsided, Rayner returned to the life of a Green Lantern.

Zack Cloud Santiago has cosplayed as Kyle Rayner as well as a number of cosplayer favorites, including Superman, the Red Power Ranger, Nightwing and Spider-Man. He is a Brand Ambassador for Unicorn Muscle, Tuffin Tiny and Flex Comics.


Green Lantern Cosplay By ComicChic19

Teri Christine is an American cosplayer who not only enjoys dressing up as her favorite characters, she also likes to create amazing costumes for her son. The pair often show up at cons dressed as some of their favorite costumed pairs. For her homage to the Green Lantern Corps, her son (whom she calls O-Zone online) dressed up as Guy Gardner while she took on the mantle of Soranik Natu.

Soranik Natu is a Korugarian who became a Green Lantern following the fall of Sinestro, the first Green Lantern from her planet and her father! Because Sinestro oppressed and enslaved his people, the Corps was seen as oppressive and evil, but Natu joined despite their history. It was a short-lived time with the Green Lantern Corps, though, as she eventually quit after a fight with her ex, Kyle Rayner, who lied about their future son. She has since gone on to re-form and lead the new Sinestro Corps, donning a yellow ring of fear.


Green Lantern Cosplay CaptainJaze

Captain Jaze Cosplay is the professional name of American cosplayer, Lance Jaze. Alongside his wife Aime (don’t worry, she’s next), he creates impressive costumes and accessories for conventions. Some of his best work has been his Captain Jack Sparrow, his MCU version of Thor and a Skeletor that makes us want to point our swords into the air and… well, you get the idea. Lance regularly attends conventions around the country but hails from Scottsdale, AZ where he lives and works.

In his tribute to the Green Lantern, Jaze has done something most cosplayers wouldn’t: he has created an homage to the costume “worn” by Ryan Reynolds in the 2001 Green Lantern film. For his photo shoot, he broke into some Photoshop skills to create constructs and make his Green Lantern really shine!


Green Lantern Cosplay CaptainJaze

Aime Jaze is the other half of the cosplay duo of Captain Jaze Cosplay/Studios. Like her husband, she has a background in acting, costume design, digital art and modeling. When one of these two decides it’s time to create something special, you can bet the other will be on board to join in on the fun. Some of the other duos this cosplay power couple have taken on include Ares & Xena, Mulder & Scully, Daredevil & Elektra and the Joker and Harley Quinn.

For their Green Lantern cosplay, Aime took on what appears to be another nod at the Green Lantern film with a gender-bent version of Hal Jordan. Aime, just like her husband, couldn’t resist tapping into her digital artistry powers so she could show off her construct/fist of doom.


Alan Scott Green Lantern Cosplay Galactic Reptile

Galactic Reptile Cosplay is the professional name of Toronto, Canada native and video game enthusiast, Alexander Spratley, who has been cosplaying since 2012. He cosplays as video game and anime characters, but that doesn’t stop him from dipping into the DC character pot every now and again. Besides putting on an impressive Green Lantern, he has also cosplayed as Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Most people who know even a little bit about Green Lanterns probably know who Haj Jordan is, but few would be able to identify Alan Scott. That’s most likely due to Scott being the first Green Lantern from the Golden Age of Comics. His origin story is completely different to the ones who came after him, but the character has found new life in the New 52. This particular rendition of the character pays homage to the Alan Scott of Earth 2 from the New 52 event.


Arisa Green Lantern Cosplay clefchan

Clefchan is a French cosplayer who has been dressing herself up as her favorite characters since 2010. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with late-stage chronic Lyme disease and SiBO in 2016 and has been unable to cosplay or attend conventions since she began treatment. In the meantime, she has been working hard on her illustration work, which is inspired by Manga, Disney and video games.

For her inclusion in the world of Green Lanterns, she chose to represent Arisia Rrab. Arisia is the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2815 who was recruited into the Corps at the age of 13. This was something of an issue when Hal Jordan and she got a little too close if you know what we mean. Thankfully, Arisia is a Graxonite so her tender age of 13 actually translates into an Earth-equivalent age of 240, making her the cradle robber in the relationship.


Kilowog BuckyBird Cosplay

CptTightPants (formerly known as Buckybird) is an American cosplayer and film student who regularly attends conventions. His cosplay work involves the creation of elaborate costumes and props as evidenced by his portrayal of Kilowog. Some of his more impressive work has been cosplaying as John Snow from Game of Thrones, which he premiered at DragonCon 2013.

Kilowog is the Green Lantern of Space Sector 674, but he is best known as the Drill Sergeant for the entire Green Lantern Corps. He is responsible for training just about every Green Lantern featured in the comics. While he is certainly a popular character, he is rarely cosplayed due to his rather large size and features. CptTightPants was able to masterfully craft a beautiful approximation he brought to DragonCon 2012 to take part in a Green Lantern Corps group shot.


Green Lantern Cosplay kryptoniano

Marco Casillas-Nolla is a Mexican cosplayer who operates under the name Kryptoniano. In addition to his work spent dressing up as his favorite comic book characters, he is a professional photographer and art director. Marco is also a fan of FX makeup and the horror genre and spends much of his time perfecting his mastery of Karate, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and Ninjitsu. In addition to his Green Lantern cosplay, he has also created detailed and accurate renditions of Iron Man, Wolverine and zombies from The Walking Dead.

For his Green Lantern cosplay, Marco went with the Green Lantern movie version of Hal Jordan. His skills as an artist are on display thanks to some impressive Photoshop and camera work, which have made his Hal Jordan look disturbingly similar to Ryan Reynolds’ version from the film.


Green Lantern Cosplay CBombshell

CBombshell is a Canadian cosplayer whose real name is Brittney Chu. She lives and works out of Vancouver where she enjoys creating costumes of her favorite characters whether they are male or female. Her Venom cosplay from Anime Revolution 2012 is an excellent example of her skills, but it would be criminal not to give her props for her Poison Ivy. For her Green Lantern entry, she opted to become Sedrina, the Green Lantern of Sector 73.

Sendrina was partnered to Chthos-Chthas Chthatis, who died during the Sinestro Corps War event during the battle for Mogo. She blames herself for his death and has devoted her existence to destroying the Children of the White Lobe for killing her partner. Sendrina is a relatively new character in DC Comics and isn’t often chosen as a target for cosplayers, but CBombshell had no problem nailing the look.


Green Lantern Cosplay Bfortunas

BFortunas is a cosplayer from the United Kingdom whose real name is Elijah Akiboye. He creates his own unique character designs for his cosplay career and has made some amazing costumes. This is a cosplayer who doesn’t care if someone says a particular character is impossible; he will tackle any challenge and make them his own. His Black Panther is worthy of standing in Wakanda and you can’t get much better than his Blade. For his Green Lantern entry, he chose to create a fresh take on fan favorite, John Stewart.

John Stewart was chosen as a Green Lantern from Sector 2814 after Guy Gardner was injured and needed some time to recover. He is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and architect. He is also one of the most honored members of the Corps and was given a place among the Oan Honor Guard, as well as the Chief Trainer of new members of the Corps.

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Skywatch: In March, planets loiter together in the evening and morning heavens – Washington Post

Skywatch: In March, planets loiter together in the evening and morning heavens
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Planets loiter together in the evening and morning heavens, clocks turn forward, spring emerges and the calendar presents a blue moon. March defines madness. After sunset, the sporty planets Mercury and Venus show up like a pitcher and catcher ...

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Annihilation: What to Expect From a Sequel

Annihilation: What to Expect From a Sequel

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Alex Garland’s Annihilation, in theaters now.

As of this morning writer/director Alex Garland’s new sci-fi film Annihilation has an 87 percent critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 68 percent audience score. Add to that a projected domestic opening box office of somewhere between $10 million to $12 million, and the odds for a sequel are looking pretty good. The film is an adaptation of the first novel in author Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, published in 2014. So, with that knowledge, and with clues from the film, look ahead to what audiences might expect from a follow-up.

We should note that Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media sold the international rights to Annihilation to Netflix, which means you can only see the feature in theaters in the United States and Canada. (You can watch it from the comfort of your own home most everywhere else.) If there is a sequel, it will be interesting to see how, and where, it’s distributed.

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Garland has stated that when he chose to adapt Annihilation, the other two novels in the trilogy — Authority and Acceptance — hadn’t yet been published. Further, he said he wrote 2012’s Dredd as a trilogy, and when it bombed at the box office, he changed his approach to sequels. He decided with Annihilation to focus on a single film and not plan ahead. So, we shouldn’t expect to find too much foreshadowing for a sequel. Regardless, we do know what transpires in the second novel, Authority, and there are definitely some solid clues as to what Garland was suggesting may happen after his ending.

The Annihilation novel takes place wholly inside the environmental disaster area designated Area X, which is also referred to in the film as The Shimmer. The debriefing scenes in which Lomax (played by Benedict Wong) questions Lena (Natalie Portman) are an important part of the second novel, Authority.

The Shimmer in Annihilation

The Shimmer in Annihilation

The plot of that book revolves around the secret agency known as Southern Reach, tasked with figuring out what’s happening inside Area X. The director of the agency holds the title Control, and Authority begins with a new operative assuming the role; that’s the Lomax character from the movie. Utilizing the organization’s resources, he figures out the psychologist from Annihilation was the previous Control, and that she has deep ties to Area X. He also uncovers information revealing the expedition in Annihilation wasn’t actually the 12th, as there had been expeditions 11A to 11G; that means there were 17 failed missions prior the all-female team. Control’s probing places him at odds with Southern Reach’s executive branch, and that, coupled with the agency’s offices being swallowed up by Area X, leaves him operating independently. The book ends with him entering Area X himself.

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There are some important differences between the novel and the adaptation, including that the character Kane from the film never makes it out of Area X in the book. Further, the endings are different in terms of what Lena (known only as “the biologist” in the book) does once she makes it to the lighthouse. In the film she starts a fire that seems to kill her doppelganger and eliminate the Shimmer. In the book, after finding and reading her husband’s journals, she circles back to a part of Area X that’s not in the film, called “the tunnel,” which is integral to the novel’s plot. In both the film and the books, she reappears outside Area X with no recollection of how she got out.


Lena’s debriefing in Annihilation

We expect that a sequel will of course be based on Authority, and specifically the plot points we mentioned. But with The Shimmer wiped out in the film, it does deviate from the source material quite drastically. While a copy of Kane emerges from The Shimmer in the film, it’s a copy of the psychologist that comes out of Area X in Authority, and the zone expands when she does. However, the most telling detail from the film is the last scene in which Lena and the Kane doppelganger embrace, and we see that Lena, while not a copy, is also alien at this point. So, at the very least, we’re sure Portman and Oscar Isaac will reprise their roles as Lena and Kane, and we will find out more about the agency that is holding them.

In theaters now, writer/director Alex Garland’s Annihilation stars Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tuva Novotny and Tessa Thompson.

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New US tax law brings Warren Buffett a nice check: $29 billion

Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company of US billionaire investor Warren Buffett, received a stunning $29 billion check last year from the US government, thanks to a new tax law that massively lowered corporate tax rates.

Valiant’s Bloodshot Film, Starring Vin Diesel, Reportedly Films In May

Valiant’s Bloodshot Film, Starring Vin Diesel, Reportedly Films In May

Filming on Valiant’s Bloodshot film, which stars Vin Diesel in the title role, will reportedly begin this May.

Production will take place at Origo Film Studio in Budapest, Hungary and in Capetown, South Africa, according to Omega Underground. However, it’s possible that shooting on Furious 9 may affect that schedule, as it’s currently unknown when filming will begin in the ninth installment in that franchise.

Currently, the exact start and end dates for the production remain unknown.

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Created in 1992 by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet, Bloodshot follows an amnesiac super-soldier who’s genetically enhanced with nanites by the shadowy Project Rising Spirit. Without a memory of his past, the agent embarks on a journey to discover his origins and exact revenge upon his enemies.

The top-grossing actor of 2017, Diesel headlined The Fate of the Furious and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage last year, and returned to voice Groot in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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Although an R-rated Bloodshot was originally targeted for release in 2017, Sony has since staked out 2019. Dave Wilson, Deadpool director Tim Miller’s partner in Blur Studios, is attached to direct from a script by Eric Heisserer (Arrival).

Bloodshot is set to appear in live-action prior to the self-titled movie, with Jason David Frank playing the role in an upcoming web series entitled Ninjak Vs. Valiant Universe. The product of Valiant Digital and Bat in the Sun, the series is set to debut sometime during 2018 and will feature a number of major characters from Valiant Comics.

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8 Joker Looks That Are Better Than Heath Ledger’s (And 7 That Are Worse)

8 Joker Looks That Are Better Than Heath Ledger’s (And 7 That Are Worse)

Do you wanna know how he got those scars? Were they etched into his skin by a drunk and abusive father? Or a misguided attempt to appease a beautiful wife with a gambling debt? Whatever their source, they’re an intrinsic part of the look of the best on-screen Joker to date. Hunky Australian actor Heath Ledger may not have been the most obvious choice to play the Clown Prince of Crime, but his incredibly crafted and memorable performance won skeptical fans over. Tragically, the performance was to be the actor’s last but it won him a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and left an indelible on DC’s greatest villain that fans will never forget.

So successful was Ledger’s performance that we forget the negativity with which fans initially greeted The Joker’s look in punk anarchist aesthetic in The Dark Knight. Inspired by the art of Francis Bacon and punk pioneer Johnny Rotten, the look suited Nolan’s visceral real world take on the Batman mythology but it didn’t sit well with fans who expected something more comic book accurate… and let’s not get started on the huge backlash against Joker not being “permawhite”. It wasn’t the definitive Joker look… but it certainly wasn’t the worst! Let’s see some more…


In terms of marrying comic book accuracy with a practical aesthetic that facilitates an actor being able to do his thing with the character, it’s hard to top the design of Jack Nicholson’s Joker from Batman (1989). Legend has it that producer Michael Uslan had his sights on Nicholson for the role since he drew a red smile on the infamous “here’s Johnny” shot from The Shining, and looking back at the film it’s hard to see anyone else in the role.

The costume by Bob Ringwood seamlessly blends the Marshall Rogers look of The Joker with the retro futurist ’40s inspired aesthetic of the film, while the makeup by makeup effects artist Nick Dudman created a classic and comic book accurate look that didn’t bury Jack Nicholson’s performance.


The Joker in The Batman

The Batman was actually a much better animated representation of the Batman mythology than you probably remember. It’s greatest crime was, well, not being Batman: the Animated Series. After that show made such an impression on the hearts and minds of generations of fans, any animated interpretation of the character was going to have its work cut out for it.

While The Joker’s look in the show was eventually adapted to something more traditional, the aesthetic still didn’t sit well with many fans. His outfit in early seasons consisted of a straight jacket, sweat pants and (inexplicably) bare feet. When combined with the baleful red eyes and the long matted hair it made for an interesting design but one that deviated just a little too much from the source material.


You’d be hard pressed to find a better interpretation of Batman in any medium than Rocksteady’s stellar Batman: Arkham trilogy (and WB Montreal’s underrated Batman: Arkham Origins). Drawing narrative and aesthetic influences from Batman’s entire multimedia canon from the films of Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton to the animated series and, of course, the comics themselves, the games make for a wholly satisfying Batman experience.

One of the games’ chief accomplishments is the depiction of a visually fascinating and genuinely scary Joker (voiced by the one and only Mark Hamill). While lead character artist Andrew Coombes clearly drew influence from the comics, even collaborating with Jim lee on Joker’s look there’s a grimy and disheveled veneer that owes a debt to Ledger’s version and tells of years of struggles between The Joker and his nemesis.


Joker Cesar Romero

Pop culture owes an enormous debt to the ’60s. The decade brought us pop art, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, flower power, women’s liberation and, of course, one of the most memorable and iconic interpretations of Batman’s world in William Dozier’s Batman series which ran from 1966 to 1969 and spawned the first incarnation of Batmania.

The show deviated significantly from the comics of the era, pushing the material further and further into self-conscious camp. Among one of the shows many gags was the presence of a roster of celebrity guest stars playing the members of Batman’s rogues gallery with a judge and a wink. Cesar Romero will forever be one of the most memorable, with the great Latin lover refusing to shave the mustache that made him famous, leaving the costumers with no choice but to plaster it with makeup.


Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe Joker Scorpion

Remember this one? The Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe game gets lost in the pop culture shuffle in the wake of the Injustice games but it remains a fun prospect with a healthy sense of its own ridiculousness. Although seasoned MK fans balked at the toned down violence, it was singularly satisfying to see DC villains dispatch foes with their own fatalities.

This game gave us a surprisingly excellent version of the Joker with a sinister, comic book accurate look, a repertoire of deadly gadgets and one or two excellent gags in the cut scenes. Best of all was his fatality which saw the Clown Prince of Crime attempt to shoot his opponent only to realize that he’s carrying his fake gun. After giggling to himself as the other guy breathes a sigh of relief he turns and unceremoniously shoots his opponent in the face.



Yeah, you can see what they were trying to do here. No way were Netherrealm Studios going to let The Joker’s death (which was the inciting incident for the whole Injustice mythology) prevent the popular character from making an appearance in this game. Rather than returning The Joker from an alternate dimension, however, he’s seen mostly as the fear toxin induced hallucination of a reformed Harley Quinn.

Perhaps this is the reason why they took such liberties with Mr. J’s appearance here. This Joker bears almost no relation to either version from the first Injustice, instead trying to co-opt elements of the Heath Ledger and Jared Leto versions in a way that just doesn’t hang together. At first glance, it’s admittedly pretty scary, but on closer inspection it’s just silly. Why Joker would take the time to dawb “HA HA HA” on his chest in body paint is anyone’s guess.   



Like Mary Poppins, Batman: The Animated Series is practically perfect in every way. One of the last mainstream animated shows to use hand drawn cell animation before the shift to digital methods, the show combined a unique aesthetic with complex, character driven storytelling. The film noir inspired, Art Deco aesthetic gave it a timeless and cinematic quality that made it visually and narratively peerless.

As well as giving us arguably the best Batman ever in Kevin Conroy, the show also brought us an equally unrivaled Joker voiced by veteran character actor Mark Hamill. Joker’s look here, like all the other characters is elegant in its simplicity. There are no scars of extremely literal tattoos here, but when Hamill’s laugh combines with that predatory smile… Joker lives!


Joker The New Batman Adventures

After three seasons of Batman: The Animated Series, the show no longer existed in a vacuum. It was joined by the equally excellent Superman: The Animated Series, and the upcoming Batman Beyond and there were rumblings that a Justice League show was in the works. Resultantly, Batman’s show (re-branded as The New Batman Adventures) underwent some redesigns to create a more unified look across what would become the DC Animated Universe.

While some characters like Scarecrow, Batgirl and Mr. Freeze benefited from the change, Joker was among the worst casualties. The redesigned Joker lost all the menace of his previous incarnation (although Hamill continued to be outstanding in his voice work). The iconic grin lost something without the red lips to frame it and the black eyes (intended to give Mr. J a more shark-like appearance) simply don’t work.


Joker Under The Red Hood

DC’s output of straight to home video animated movies has been somewhat hit and miss since Superman: Doomsday started the ball rolling in 2007, but no matter who you ask Batman: Under The Red Hood always ranks among the best. Not only does it condense a 12-issue comic book arc into a 75 minute feature without feeling rushed, it’s packed full of great performances, superb character moments and involving action beats.

Nobody would have guessed that John DiMaggio (the voice of Futurama‘s Bender) would have been so suited to The Joker, but his dry baritone is perfect for this interpretation. This is a far more rugged, stocky and physically imposing Joker than we’re used to while the dark rimmed red eyes, wild eyebrows and shock of long hair provide an interesting counterpart to the sharp, clean lines of his suit.



Okay, okay, it’s Lego…but let’s set that obvious fact to one side and look at the design concept itself, because even unencumbered by the blocky plastic pretext this look has some issues. Which is a shame, because the film actually does a superb (and surprisingly mature) job of characterizing the Batman/Joker relationship and the meta-narrative of their decades of multimedia conflict. Zach Galifianakis brings a theatrical levity to his performance and his dialog is superb….

But the look has some weird inconsistencies that don’t even fit in with this Lego Universe. Why is The Joker the only character with razor sharp teeth? Why are his forearms covered in playing card tattoos? Is it to create a sense of continuity with the Suicide Squad version? Surely those two incarnations were appealing to very different demographics?


Joker Dark Knight Returns Animated

You could argue that it’s somewhat over referenced in The Dark Knight’s cinematic canon. You could argue that, in hindsight, the book has some potentially worrying politics. You could even argue that it changed the characterization of Batman for the worst; taking an extreme and grizzled version of Batman and making it the status quo. Nobody in their right mind, however, can argue against the importance and influence of Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

The two-part animated movie does a superb job of bringing Miller’s iconic work to life, particularly when it comes to the controversial handling of The Joker. The artists, animators and actor Michael Emerson capture the Bowie-esque androgyny of Miller’s take on the character while making the character physically imposing and often downright terrifying.


Joker Batman Dark Tomorrow

It may seem odd to those who grew up in the post Arkham Asylum age, but there was a time when good Batman games were few and far between. In fact, the lion’s share were absolutely terrible. The early ’00s represent a particular dearth of good Batman games. Though Batman: Vengeance on the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube was pretty good, and even its sequel Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu was kind of passable, 2003’s Batman: Dark Tomorrow on the Xbox and Gamecube represents the absolute nadir of Batman games.

The actually decent story and voice acting were completely drowned out by the infuriating controls and camera angle, as well as the bland and unappealing visuals. While this version of The Joker is fairly comic book accurate he’s also among the blandest multimedia interpretations, possessing little sense of menace or creative flair on the part of the design team.


Joker Assault On Arkham

This animated movie from 2014 really had no business calling itself a Batman movie. What it was was proof of concept for a live action Suicide Squad movie. Curiously, the packaging for this straight to home video feature was changed to match the marketing concept for David Ayer’s movie in 2016. Nonetheless, the movie offers us a great insight into the Suicide Squad movie that could have been; presenting us with a small, tense and character driven narrative.

What many forget is that this game actually takes place in the same universe as the Arkham games, hence the return of Kevin Conroy to voice The Dark Knight (though Mark Hamill was replaced by the perfectly decent Troy Baker). Joker’s design concept is similar here, but subtly different with a sturdier and less disheveled look than the games’ bedraggled waif.



While this largely shirtless interpretation of The Joker is a great advert for Jared Leto’s vegan gains, it’s a surprisingly esoteric look for what is supposed to be the definitive cinematic Joker for our time. Granted, there are some things about it that work. The green hair is a bolder shade than we’ve seen in years which is refreshing. The scars and even the grille work as a testament to all the beatings that Batfleck has handed him over the years. Even the single purple latex glove… yeah, why not?

We’re less sold on the incredibly literal tattoos, or the fact that a character as malignantly narcissistic as Mr. J would ever tattoo the word “Damaged” on his forehead. This isn’t just a Joker, this is very much David Ayer’s Joker…which is fine if your movie exists in a vacuum, but less appropriate when building a cinematic universe.


Okay, so it goes without saying that when you’re dealing with a property like the upcoming anime Batman Ninja, representing the source material is far less of an issue. Indeed, there’s something endlessly fascinating about viewing Western icons of popular culture through the lens of a different cultural tradition.

This design hints at a Joker steeped in Japanese supernatural tradition. In fact, it’s interesting that the Japanese word Yokai (meaning a supernatural monster or demon) bears a phonetic resemblance to the word Joker. While we look forward to learning more about the character and origin of this version of the Harlequin of Hate (not to mention seeing more of him in action), the design concept does a fantastic job or marrying the comic book iconography with the visual language of the samurai.

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The Wild Storm Is Slowly Building A Brand New Authority

The Wild Storm Is Slowly Building A Brand New Authority

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for The Wild Storm #11 by Warren Ellis, Jon Davis-Hunt, Steve Buccellato and Simon Bowland, on sale now.

Warren Ellis’ curated reimagining of the WildStorm Universe has changed a lot of what we know and expect from the characters and the setting, but while the ongoing plot of warring multinational espionage instituitons wages in the forefront of the book, behind the scenes it seems that Ellis is working to bring back his most popular contribution to the WildStorm Universe. Slowly but surely, more characters from Ellis and Bryan Hitch’s iconic noughties team The Authority are making their presence known and as they come into their own and discover just what they can do when they put their minds to it, the emergence of a new Authority seems inevitable and the absence of their most iconic members seems particularly conspicuous.

Game Over

So far, The Wild Storm has introduced a number of characters we associate with The Authority, most notably The Engineer whose sudden arrival kickstarted the events of the story and left the shadowy organisations scrambling to catch up. In this new interpretation, Angela Spica was a medical engineer for Internation Operations who squirreled away alien tech and experimented on herself to create a “transdermal drysuit” stored within her skin. Forced on the run after saving the head of her company’s greatest competitor, her very public debut sent shockwaves through the world and ramped up the extranormal arms race currently being waged between Skywatch, HALO Corp and I.O.

Meanwhile, a bold new take on Jenny Sparks has been operating in the background for over a century collecting information on the different factions. While Jenny’s powers have always been electricity based, the new incarnation is much more digital and is able to use any electronic device to travel the world. If you pull up an image of London on your phone, she can use it to get there. Watching a TV show set in Hong Kong, there’s Jenny Sparks, walking in the background, hitchhiking her way around the globe.

Jenny recently hooked up with Shen-Li Min, who fans of the old WildStorm Universe will recognise as the winged hero Swift, but is also The Doctor of this reality. Swift actually became The Doctor towards the end of the WildStorm Universe’s original incarnation, so it’s more that Ellis has kept that around than changed anything too drastically, but Jenny and The Doctor have been able to compare notes to see that while a war is brewing between I.O. and Skywatch, there are some “anamolous individuals” such as themselves who slipped through the cracks, and Jenny wants to track them down. Meanwhile, this universe’s incarnation of Jack Hawksmoor is travelling from city to city, just waiting to be found by enterprising individuals such as Jenny and Shen-Li.

A Higher Authority

So that’s Jenny Sparks, The Doctor/Swift, The Engineer and Jack Hawksmoore accounted for but there are two very big omissions from The Authority’s line-up, and that’s Midnighter and Apollo. Last year, Ellis mentioned that he does plan to use both characters in the series but mentioned that they were a long way off. The Wild Storm is coming up to the halfway mark of its planned twenty-four issue run and there are still some spin-off series left to come too, along with the currently running The Wild Storm: Michael Cray series. The reveal of a new incarnation of Midnighter and Apollo would certainly shake-up the series and bring a lot of new eyes onto the project heading into its second year and allow a possible spin-off featuring The Authority, who haven’t had their own comic since November 2010.

The Authority was one of DC’s biggest hits of the 2000s and while it had a lot to say culturally and socially about society at the turn of the millennium, it’s arguably more necessary now than it ever has been. With the world more politically divided than ever, The Authority could once again be that socially relevant book that it never really was once Ellis and Hitch left the title. We need The Authority now more than ever, and it looks like all the signs are pointing towards a revival of the now-classic franchise in the very near future.

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Massive space travel discovery stuns scientists – Morning Ticker

Morning Ticker

Massive space travel discovery stuns scientists
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Researchers have developed a "happy suit" that could keep astronauts mentally and physically health on long space journeys. Scientists are working on a “happy suit” that could forever change space travel for the better, and make a long journey to a ...
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Catwoman Was a Garbage Movie, Catwoman Writer Admits

Catwoman Was a Garbage Movie, Catwoman Writer Admits

John Rogers, one of the writers on 2004’s Catwoman, has called the box-office bomb a “shit movie” and detailed some of his experiences on the film.

Rogers’ barrage of tweets came in response to a statement from conservative commentator DC McAllister who, trying to call Michelle Obama out on her statements about Black Panther, said “Michelle Obama says it’s about time black kids have a superhero that reflects who they are. Why didn’t we hear this when Halle Berry as Catwoman was released years ago?”

“As one of the credited writers on Catwoman,” Rogers responded,” I believe I have the authority to say: because it was a shit movie dumped by the studio at the end of a style cycle, and had zero cultural relevance either in front of or behind the camera. This is a bad take. Feel shame.”

Rogers admitted that he has never actually “watched the movie all the way through in one sitting,” as he “skipped premiere night.” Rogers noted that, by that point, he’d already been fired for “snark.”

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Rogers did specify what he meant by snark, writing, “I was fired off the movie after writing the green light draft because I kept arguing with notes that’d make the movie ‘very, very bad.’ Which I said out loud. At meetings. I got fired a lot in my 30’s.”

The screenwriter mentioned one of his particular arguments specifically. “At one point I said ‘You do realize the big 3rd act fight in your summer tent pole is Halle Berry dressed like a Québécois stripper beating the shit out of a makeup exec in a pantsuit,'” he said.

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Catwoman is often considered one of the worst films of all time and only grossed $82 million on a budget of $100 million. The movie starred Halle Berry as Patience Phillips, not Selina Kyle. A choice that Rogers said resulted from “an insane rights issue” that he would only reveal was “specifically tied to contracts from Batman Returns.”

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Transformers: The 15 Darkest Facts About Megatron

Transformers: The 15 Darkest Facts About Megatron

All Hail Megatron! The leader of the Decepticons is one of the most vicious villains of all time. When he’s not attacking his rival Autobots as a menacing robot, he’s transforming into a handgun and shooting deadly energy beams at them. The very mention of his name puts fear into the hearts of both Autobots and humans alike, but how did the Decepticon leader become like this? Was Megaton constructed this way or did it come from experience? Before he was Megatron, he was D-16, a miner robot on Cybertron trying to survive the Cybertronian caste system. So what turned him into the vicious killing machine that people love to hate?

Did Megatron become more evil when he teamed up with Cobra Commander? Given the fact that he’s over four million years old, could he just be cranky? Maybe he’s upset that due to an accident he got stuck in his gun mode and a criminal used him on a robbing spree? There are lots of things about Megatron you may not know, and when you add them up, his villainy may not be justified but your understanding of him may change. Here are 15 Dark Facts about Megatron!


Although Michael Bay is a big-time movie director, did you also know that he acted? Okay, maybe saying he’s an actor is a stretch, but he certainly did make a cameo in a variety of movies. Bay played a frat boy in Mystery Men and was a photographer in Coyote Ugly. He also made an appearance in a Transformers movie, though only those with very sharp eyes caught his appearance.

Towards the end of Transformers, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Sam Witwicky take a tumble off of a building and land hard on the street below. While Megatron is getting up, humans are scrambling around him. Randomly, he chooses to flick a human in a light blue shirt across the screen and into a car, but not before saying “Disgusting!” That poor bystander that was Michael Bay!


Pretty much everything you buy has some sort of expiration date, whether it’s a food item or an electronic device. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. For example, honey doesn’t go bad or spoil, and tardigrades (microscopic “water bears”) are near indestructible. When it comes to the Transformers, their durability is extremely understated, and when it comes to Megatron, he’s a lot older than he looks.

The Marvel Comics and animated Transformers versions of Megatron have him as being old… not hundreds of years old or thousands of years old, but millions of years old; around 4 million to be exact. In the comic, Megatron crashed to Earth and laid dormant for 4 million years until he was revived in 1984. In the animated series he was alive and well, spending 4 million of those years looking for the Allspark.


Like any good drama, there is a strong relationship between the protagonist and the antagonist. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker finds out he’s the son of Darth Vader, one of the most evil people in the galaxy. Sibling rivalry can be found in such classic films as The Godfather as well as The Lion King. Although Optimus Prime and Megatron are mortal enemies, they do have a very powerful link between them.

Before Optimus Prime became leader of the Autobots, he was known as Orion Pax, and both Transformers lived on Cybertron together (literally) millions of years ago. Cybertron operated as a caste system, which gave some robots more status over others. Megatron and Orion Pax were on the lower end of the caste hierarchy and the two collaborated on ways that life could improve and be more equal for all, with Megatron serving as a mentor to Pax.


Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons, and most of his fellow Transformers are jets. Ironically Megatron doesn’t transform into a jet, he transforms into a handgun. What’s also ironic is that the leader of a group of transforming planes can’t be brought onto a plane. When he’s transformed into a Walther P38, it looks too realistic to be brought onto a commercial flight. It also doesn’t stop there: if you want to own him in Australia you’ll need a special license.

Australian Customs in 2007 prevented the MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron toy, made by Takara-Tomy, from entering the country. Instead of being labeled a toy (and an incredibly awesome one at that), due to its realism, it was classified as a “replica firearm.” This meant that you needed such things as a background check, proof of membership to a collector’s club, access to safe storage and more. We always knew Megatron was dangerous, but not like this!


If you’re in one of the lower castes on Cybertron, you don’t have a lot of options to survive. Robot designate D-16 decided while living in the Decepticon-controlled city-state of Kaon to become a gladiator. Sure the deathmatches were illegal, but with very few options D-16 felt he had no choice. Working in the mines of Kaon wasn’t going to make any profound impacts on the world around him.

Adopting the name Megatronus, he survived many battles, fought to get rid of the corrupt caste system, and befriended a robot named Orion Pax who would eventually become Autobot leader Optimus Prime. Fighting as a gladiator changed D-16. It made him value life even less and hate his oppressors even more. Megatronus was eventually shortened to Megatron, and he started his journey to becoming one of the biggest villains known to the Transformers.


In Transformers: The Movie, Megatron engaged in one last battle with Optimus Prime. Both robots are mortally wounded and several Decepticons make an escape in Astrotrain. Capitalizing on Megatron’s weakness, Starscream ejects Megatron into space along with several other Decepticons. They are found by Unicron and are augmented into more powerful versions, with Megatron becoming Galvatron. However, why do some people think that they are two different robots?

This may have been due to the toy manufacturers not getting the right information or the information quick enough. On the packaging for Galvatron, he’s listed as “City Commander” even though he’s the Decepticon leader. Also in the comics, there is a version of Galvatron that is from an alternate future universe, allowing for Megatron and Galvatron to co-exist, even though Galvatron is a future version of himself. This is more complex than X-Men continuity!


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a juggernaut. It not only produces entertaining, engaging cinema but it also makes a ton of cash as well. Lots of companies have tried to repeat the formula, like DC Comics, or Universal Studios’ Dark Universe uniting such movie monsters as The Mummy and the Invisible Man. However, none of these have yet to come close to Marvel’s success. In 1987 Marvel Comics united two massive franchises: G.I. Joe and The Transformers.

Megatron naturally teamed up with Cobra and had Cobra Commander change his transformation from a hand gun into a tank. The series was revisited by Devil’s Due Publishing, picking up where Marvel Comics left off. In this version, Serpentor is an android made by the U.S. government with the knowledge of not only Earth’s greatest military combatants but also with processors from Megatron himself.


Megatron transformed from a robot into a Walther P38 handgun. Just how realistic did it look? Keep in mind that back in the 1980s you didn’t have the same laws you do now, so realistic weapons such as the Entertech water guns were made (the toys even had detachable ammunition cartridges). To answer the question, Megatron was real-looking enough to get the Canadian police involved.

In June 2009, a man in Ontario, Canada was having a really bad day.  Not only was he being evicted from his apartment, he was also attacked and robbed of his money. He was extremely angry and was reported by neighbors to be yelling and pointing a handgun. The police came in force with sniper rifles, submachine guns, and police dogs. It was later discovered that the man, later identified only as “Jason,” was brandishing Megatron transformed as a pistol.


In the 1984 Transformers animated series, the voice of Bumblebee was provided by Dan Gilvezan. However, in the 2010 animated Transformers: Prime series, Bumblebee’s voice is a little bit of a different story. Borrowing elements from the 2007 live action Transformers movie, Bumblebee’s speech is limited due to a injury doing battle with Megatron. Eventually Megatron was captured and Bumblebee had to enter Megatron’s mind to find a cure for the Cybonic plague Optimus Prime was infected with.

Unfortunately, Megatron was able to do the old switcharoo and swap minds with Bumblebee. Megatron controlled Bumblebee’s body and got him to fight Ratchet and steal Dark Energon from the Autobots. Luckily, Bumblebee was able to resist and the Autobots were able to put their minds back into their proper bodies.


Optimus Prime was leader of the Autobots and transformed from a robot into a Freightliner FL86 cab over semi truck. It makes sense that the leader of the Autobots would be a vehicle, yes? The Decepticons were mostly jet planes, but their leader was not a flying machine of any sort. Megatron transformed from a robot into a Walther P38 handgun. He could change his mass so that he could be held by something as large as a fellow Decepticon or as small as a human.

There were a number of humans that preferred the Walther P38 handgun. It originally was manufactured in Nazi Germany in 1938 and was used by the Wehrmacht (Nazi Germany armed forces) at the beginning of World War II. Was the Walther P38 chosen due to its distinct look? Perhaps it was chosen because of its association with the Nazis?


In Transformers #8, Megatron fought the Dinobots on a mountain in The Savage Land (the same one in the Marvel Universe that was visited by the X-Men). Although Megatron defeats them, it’s actually Ratchet who is able to take the Decepticon leader down. As Megatron was falling off a cliff, he transformed into his gun mode, thinking that would be a better way to survive instead of staying as a robot that’s survived for over 4 million years.

In Transformers #13, Megatron returns but not in the way you’d expect. Due to the incredible fall, he’s damaged and stuck in his gun mode. He has also conveniently reduced his mass so that he is the size of a gun that a human can hold. He’s found by a gangster named Joey Slick, who uses Megatron to pull off a series of robberies operating under the name Super Shooter. This really happened.


Megatron in the cartoon had a distinct voice that was both commanding and sinister. For several of the Transformers movies, Megatron was voiced by Hugo Weaving, who used the same evil, robotic tone that he used with Agent Smith from the Matrix movies and applied it to the Decepticon leader. Eventually Weaving left the franchise and was replaced by the man who voiced Megatron back in the 1980s, vocal legend Frank Welker, who has voiced dozens of characters from shows you watched as a kid.

Frank Welker not only voiced Megatron, but also provided the voice for Fred from Scooby-Doo. He also was the voice of Nibbler on Futurama as well as Dr. Ray Stantz from The Real Ghostbusters. Whether it’s G.I. Joe, Inspector Gadget, Smurfs, or Animaniacs, if you watched any animation as a child, there’s a triple-digit chance his voice was somehow involved in it!


Thanks to Marvel Comics, we got to see G.I. Joe team up with The Transformers. Although we’ve seen Star Trek crossover with the X-Men and even Green Lantern, is it possible to see The Transformers go where no robots have gone before and have a storyline involving Kirk, Spock, and the starship Enterprise? Although that may not happen, there is a cool connection between the Enterprise’s science officer and the leader of the Decepticons.

Leonard Nimoy played Spock in the Star Trek franchise, but he also was the voice of Galvatron in Transformers: The Movie released in 1986. Galvatron was the evolved version of Megatron, courtesy of the planet-eating Unicron. Frank Welker was the voice of Megatron for the animated series as well as several of the live action movies. Welker also provided voiceover for one of the young Spocks in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Small world!


In Transformers #59, Ratchet died a heroic death and tried to take the Decepticon Leader with him into oblivion. Ratchet detonated a series of bombs on a Decepticon base and it was thought that both Megatron and the Autobot died in the explosion. However, in Transformers #70, it was revealed that they survived but at a terrible cost.

Megatron tried to escape the explosion by traveling through a trans-time dimensional portal but Ratchet stopped him from doing so at the last minute. Traveling through the portal coupled with the explosions resulted in a monstrous fusion of the two Transformers. This left Optimus Prime with big moral dilemma: allowing the creature to die would kill Megatron but also Ratchet. Saving Ratchet meant saving Megatron as well. Optimus could not allow Ratchet to die and allowed for both to be saved, a decision that Megatron made sure Optimus would regret in the future.


The odds of us meeting an interstellar robot that transforms itself into Dodge Ram SRT-10 are fairly low. It’s much more likely that you’ll travel to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. By Transformers The Ride-3D you have the chance to interact with giant robot versions of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and even Megatron. However, be prepared to protect yourself not against his villainy… protect yourself against his sarcasm.

Several videos of fans interacting with Megatron have gone viral on YouTube, but possibly the most infamous one is where the Decepticon Leader is criticizing a woman for taking a selfie with him. Not only does he mock her outfit, he goes off on a very articulate rant about how status updates mean nothing and that she should be living her life, not adding photos to “a library of forgotten photographs.” Whoa, Megatron, when did you get so deep?

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Batgirl: Gail Simone’s Got An Idea for the Movie

Batgirl: Gail Simone’s Got An Idea for the Movie

Writer Gail Simone has an idea for the Batgirl movie, though she didn’t really reveal any specific details.

“Huh. I actually thought of the perfect story for a Batgirl movie,” Simone wrote on Twitter.

Although she didn’t provide many other details, Simone did later mention in a tweet that her story would involve Alysia Yeoh, who was introduced in 2011’s Batgirl #1.

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Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay has also expressed interest in writing the Batgirl film, which prompted a response from Michelle Wells, a vice president at Warner Bros. Entertainment. When someone suggested that Simone and Gay work together on the movie, Simone responded, “I’m in.”

Simone is known for her work on BatgirlBirds of Prey and Wonder Woman. There was previously some indication that the yet-to-be-titled Batgirl movie would be based on Simone’s 2011 run on the character, which saw Barbara Gordon regain the use of her legs after a terrible accident.

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Another report indicated that Joss Whedon — who recently left the project — was aiming  to adapt “The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl!,” which featured Barbara Gordon’s debut in 1967’s Detective Comics #359. Written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Carmine Infantino, the tale follows the daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon who, dressed as a female version of Batman for a masquerade ball, intervenes in the attempted kidnapping of Bruce Wayne by Killer Moth. Although Batman insists the gives up crime-fighting because of her gender, Barbara ignores the Caped Crusader and adopts the identity of Batgirl.

Little is known about Warner Bros.’ Batgirl movie at this time. However, the film is rumored to be among DC’s next wave of films.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Movie’s Biggest Changes From the Anime & Manga

Fullmetal Alchemist Movie’s Biggest Changes From the Anime & Manga

After a December release in Japan, the new live-action adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa’s legendary manga Fullmetal Alchemist slipped onto Netflix this past President’s Day along with both anime adaptations of the equally beloved manga.

Much like we did for Death Note last summer, we’ve put together a guide looking at the various versions of Fullmetal Alchemist out there and how they tell Arakawa’s epic story. Let’s get cracking.

Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa (manga) (2001-2010)

Arawaka (whose pen name is the male variant of her real name, Hiromi) began publishing Fullmetal in the pages of Monthly Shonen Gangan, a monthly magazine published by Gangan Comics, an imprint of Square Enix (and home to other series like Heroman and Corpse Princess), in 2001. It ran for nine years. Collected in 27 volumes, the series was translated, adapted and published in print by Viz Media and published digitally by Yen Press.

In an alternate world where alchemy is a legitimate branch of science, alchemists are able to create almost anything they want through a process called Transmutation. But they must obey the Law of Equivalent Exchange (aka conservation of mass): In order to gain something, something of equal or greater value must be lost.

In the country of Amestris, kid brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, both natural talents at alchemy, live peacefully, but their world is upended when, years after their father leaves, their mother falls ill and dies. Heartbroken, the brothers finish their alchemy training and attempt the one single alchemic taboo — to transmute a human soul to bring their mother back to life.

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The process backfires horribly, with Edward losing his left leg while Alphonse is dragged into the afterlife. A dying Ed hurriedly writes a Transmutation seal in his own blood on a suit of armor, bonding Alphonse’s soul to it at the cost of his right arm. In the depths of his grief, Ed is approached by Col. Roy Mustang and Lt. Riza Hawkeye of the Amestrian military. Mustang — himself a gifted fire alchemist — invites Ed to join the army’s State Alchemist program and, in return for his service, get full access to government archives to find a way to restore himself and Alphonse.

Ed agrees and commissions his childhood friend and gifted mechanic Winry Rockbell to make him prosthetic metal limbs called automail. He quickly becomes, at just 12 years old, the youngest State Alchemist in history, earning the nickname “Fullmetal Alchemist,” both for his prosthetics and because of his affinity for metal-based alchemy. Ed and Al then undertake various military missions while searching for the Philosopher’s Stone, the most powerful alchemic object in existence.

Fullmetal Alchemist (anime) by Seiji Mizushima and Bones (2003-2004)

FMA‘s runaway success made it a no-brainer for anime adaptation, with this 51-episode series debuting just two years after the manga’s debut, with Arakawa serving as an advisor. But because she respected the work of both Bones (the studio is best known these days for My Hero Academia) and director Mizushima (who’d just come off Shaman King at the time and went on to direct Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Concrete Revolutio), she requested they work independently, and specifically that Mizushima and show writer Sho Aikawa make their own ending.

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And so they did, with the final show differentiating from the manga after the 25th episode. Regardless, the series was an enormous hit in Japan ad internationally. Translated, dubbed and released by Funimation in the United States (although their rights to it and all other FMA media they dubbed have now reverted to the American arm of the franchise’s production company Aniplex), the show wound up on Adult Swim where it became an enormous hit and a touchstone for a generation of anime fans as their first “serious” anime after growing up on shows like Pokémon.

And there’s a good reason for that. While the show’s largely dismissed these days, both for slightly dated visuals and for reasons we’ll explore in a moment, it’s still worth watching. Currently streaming on Netflix, it takes its cues from the manga’s sensibilities while going in its own compelling direction. Combine that with these great characters, great Japanese and English casts and an astonishing soundtrack by Michiru Oshima, and you’ve got a show that’s a great adaptation and thrilling, compelling TV in its own right.

Page 2:

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Logan Director Details His Beef With the PG Rating

Logan Director Details His Beef With the PG Rating

Logan director James Mangold has been quite outspoken lately. First, he criticized post-credits scenes in films, calling them “really f*cking embarrassing.” Now, he’s wading into cinema’s PG-rating and how it ties into the violence that’s actually being depicted on-screen.

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Mangold believes that the entire ratings process is flawed because it depends on the character’s agony as opposed to the sheer volume of death and violence that may actually be happening on a wider scale within the film.

“I have a lot of misgivings about violence and PG ratings,” the director said in an interview with The Credits. “A PG film might show hundreds of people dying, falling off buildings, getting mowed down by rapid fire guns, but you don’t feel the deaths because the ratings system dictates the amount of agony being played by the actor. In a weird way, that makes violence more palatable because when we excise the upsetting bits, we de-sensitize ourselves to death to the point where it’s almost like shooting ducks at a carnival.”

Usually, these kinds of movies get a PG-13 rating as opposed to a PG rating (as per Man of Steel), but it’s something that clearly weighed on Mangold’s mind when he unleashed Hugh Jackman’s Oscar-nominated final run as Wolverine in a very gory and bloody fashion for Fox.

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“We wrote a movie about a character struggling with the PTSD from three lifetimes of mayhem and violence, so it was important to feel the toll all that bloodshed has taken on Logan’s soul,” Mangold said about Logan’s R-rating, which he admitted allowed “the freedom to make a more sophisticated movie.” Well, if Mangold has any future plans to do another comic book movie, he’ll have quite a lot of things to factor in given his recent spate of comments.

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Walking Dead: Where Everything Stands Before the Midseason Premiere

Walking Dead: Where Everything Stands Before the Midseason Premiere

The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead is upon us, and, boy, does it have some expectation riding on it. The Season 8 winter finale, “How It’s Gotta Be,” ended with if not most divisive, then at least most shocking death sentences since its inception. In the final moments of the episode, Rick survives Negan’s attack on Alexandria only to discover Carl was bitten by a walker.

While producers and star Chandler Riggs confirmed that Carl will die (you can’t exactly amputate a waist), they didn’t confirm when it would actually occur. Therefore, we don’t know precisely what to expect on Sunday with Episode 9. A lot happened in “How It’s Gotta Be,” so there are lot narrative possibilities.

The Hilltop


The Hilltop is the only community still intact after the Savior counterattack, but its survival came at a price. While Maggie and Jesus were on their way back to the stronghold, they were intercepted by a group of Saviors led by Simon, who informed them of their own defeat. Because the Hilltop is so necessary in terms of supplies, it’s permitted to survive. However, Simon killed Neal to make his point, then escorted Maggie and Jesus the rest of the way home. At which point, Maggie was all, “Nah,” killed that Savior prisoner who’d been sassing her all season, and told everyone the Hilltop will make a last stand.

The Kingdom


Ezekiel sank into a deep despair after the massacre of his tiger entire team, and looked to be on the verge of abandoning both the war and his position as leader of the Kingdom. He holed up in the auditorium holding Shiva’s collar, and refused to come out. Carol couldn’t snap him out of it, and even Jerry finally leaving his side wasn’t enough to move Ezekiel to act. But when Gavin and a team of Saviors invaded the Kingdom and rounded up its residents, Ezekiel heard his former handler announce that no one had to die if they give up the king. Of course, no one did.

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Finally roused to action, Ezekiel drove a bus into a pile of gasoline barrels and the subsequent explosion created a diversion that allowed the Kingdommers to escape. But in true Shakespearean fashion, Ezekiel remained behind and sacrificed himself to ensure the Saviors wouldn’t pursue his people. Whether he’ll actually end up on the chopping block a tragic hero remains to be seen, however. Carol’s still in play, and she’s not about to let a valuable asset like Ezekiel die because he’s too mopey to live.

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16 Hilarious Justice League Fail Memes

16 Hilarious Justice League Fail Memes

Justice League has come and gone, and it has signaled a serious need for a course correction for the DCEU. Despite having some of the greatest characters in comic history, the movie was still subpar at best. Featuring half-baked CGI, Superman’s infamous mouth, and a tone that feels inconsistent with the previous entries, Warner Bros is ready to set the record straight going forward. However, the internet will never forget the ultimate flop that was the Justice League film. Even with the help of Joss Whedon, the man behind The Avengers, it couldn’t be saved. Making matters worse is that rumors were let out that Warner Bros knew it wouldn’t be great but decided to release it anyway.

As is the case with bad popular movies nowadays, the internet was taken the time to make fun of Justice League with the help of memes. While they’re not all true (some of them make pretty poor arguments), they’re still enjoyable for a few good laughs or two. What’s better is that you don’t have to scour for the best ones, because we have 16 of our top picks for Justice League memes. DC’s finest heroes might be knocked down a few pegs after this.


One of the criticisms surrounding Justice League is that its heroes aren’t tonally consistent with what has been established in the DCEU up to that point. Batman is a bit more quippy this time around, which isn’t exactly his forte if Batman V Superman is anything to go by. The new characters are fine, but when you break them down to a fundamental level, there isn’t much there for most of them.

Cyborg is little more than a device, only being in the movie because he’s connected to the Mother Box. Flash is simply the character there to make as many jokes as possible. Aquaman is a loner who is cool because he can swim at fast speeds. Batman is Batman. Finally, Wonder Woman is the best thing the DCEU has going for it, but they definitely don’t deserve her.


One of the most horrifying scenes in the recent It film was when the kids were looking at pictures of Pennywise through a projector. In a short amount of time, the demon clown takes over the display and comes out, making the kids scream while trying to shut it all off. Because it’s a horror movie, it’s not hard to guess what happened after that.

Believe it or not, audiences had a similar reaction to Henry Cavill’s mouth in the film. After some “impressive” CGI work was done to digitally remove his mustache, it was still extremely noticeable and looked downright wrong. If we were with our friends and saw Superman’s weird face on a projector, we’d try to get it shut off as well.


Warner Bros has been known to severely alter their movies before they release simply because they think it’ll do well for them financially. Without having any concrete plans in place, it’s clear that their worldbuilding is taking a massive hit as a result (Justice League was called in for reshoots along with Suicide Squad. It was also the whole reason Man of Steel 2 became Batman V Superman). However, that’s the entire reason that this meme works so well.

Over at schmoesknow, it’s been said that a movie with the word “wedding” in the title would do well opening weekend. It’s shocking that Warner Bros already hasn’t picked up on this and tried to do a wedding movie with the heroes of the DC Universe. Perhaps it’s on their to-do list.


If there is one complaint about Justice League that rises above all the rest, it’s that the villain is probably the worst one yet in the history of superhero movies. Not only was Steppenwolf completely generic from his design to his motivation, but he was also created entirely with CGI that was simply unfinished. He looked awful from the start.

When he introduces himself to the Justice League, there’s a lot of lazy dialogue that comes from him. There’s no better reaction to how he is portrayed than from Wade Wilson in the most recent trailer for Deadpool 2. Wade looks at the camera and says, “Well that’s just lazy writing.” We’d imagine that this was his reaction to every single one of Steppenwolf’s lines in Justice League.


When DC announced that it would be creating a cinematic universe to match the MCU, everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before Batman showed up to save the day. Little did we know that Batman would be the biggest focus of the DCEU, having had a massive claim in most of their movies since his debut.

Suicide Squad featured not one, but three cameos from the Dark Knight. Man of Steel 2 was completely restructured to become a movie that was predominantly about Batman. Then, in the Justice League movie, the main character is Batman. It seems that Warner Bros knows that Batman is one of the biggest DC properties, but it’s the DC Extended Universe, not the Batman Extended Universe.


While this isn’t directly related to Justice League, there were several signs that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t going to be the movie that most people were hoping for. Among them was the reveal that Doomsday would be the villain of the film, but he looked quite different than many comic fans had remembered him and it was all for the worst.

Instead of resembling his menacing comic design, Doomsday was more akin to one of the Ninja Turtles from Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. However, Snickers has the answer. All Warner Bros needed to do was pop one of those bad boys in Doomsday’s mouth, and we would’ve looked at least ten times better. Perhaps they’ll remember to do that for Black Manta.


There will always be those DC fans who will still swear by the DCEU and say that the MCU has a lot of improvements to make. However, if you ever meet a DC fan who talks about how awful the MCU villains are, then they might be speaking a bit too quickly. Let’s look at their history, shall we?

Lex Luthor is nothing more than Jesse Eisenberg doing a bit, Doomsday looked like the cave troll from The Lord of the Rings, Ares was essentially a CGI monster with Nigel Thornberry’s accent, and Steppenwolf looked like a generic demon from the DOOM series. On the flipside, Marvel has at least a few villains that are worth watching on-screen. Even Suicide Squad‘s and Man of Steel‘s villains weren’t all that great.


If you say that Superman is the symbol of hope in the DCEU, then you’re dead wrong. Without a doubt, the DCEU’s shining beacon of hope is Wonder Woman. It doesn’t have much to do with her outlook or methods in being a hero, but rather the quality of her character and related solo movie. Most people agree that Wonder Woman was the best DCEU movie to date. It even has an impressive score on Rotten Tomatoes.

As it stands, she’s the only character that Warner Bros has going for them. After the success of her film, she’s practically holding together Warner Bros, DC, and their entire movie slate. While Batman’s fate is uncertain and Man of Steel 2 hasn’t been talked about for a long time, Wonder Woman 2 is still in the pipeline. Well done, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot.


False advertising is a pretty serious crime in America, but it’s an accusation that gets thrown around a lot (particularly in the issue of makeup on women). However, there might be some grounds for false advertising against the Justice League movie. It has nothing to do with them visibly not including the DC’s finest heroes or the coming together of the various heroes. Where the false advertising comes into play is in direct relation to the quality of the film.

As this meme puts it, “The trailers made it look a lot cooler than it really is.” There’s no denying that Justice League started out its marketing on the right foot, but things quickly went downhill after Snyder had to drop out and Whedon took over. After that point, there were some cool posters, but that was about it.


Gillette did an interesting campaign where they teamed up with Warner Bros to have special razor sets based on various characters from the DCEU. One question they asked along the way was, “How does the Man of Steel shave?” Some cartoons have depicted him using his laser vision to get the job done, but we’re otherwise a bit confused as to how he does it.

At least, we were confused until Justice League came out. The only way for Superman to get his mustache removed is by $300 million dollar special effects. As this meme playfully points out, the whole debacle with Henry Cavill’s strange-looking upper lip would’ve been the perfect opportunity to bring back Gillette’s “How does Superman shave?” marketing campaign. Many people would’ve eaten it up.


Going into the Justice League movie, there’s reason to think that Batman would’ve had some very specific criteria for who got to be a member. When going to visit Arthur Curry halfway across the world, he was looking for people with powers who were willing to protect the world from disaster. That said, there was a surefire way for Aquaman and the other members to guarantee that Batman would bring them in.

Of course, this is where we make jokes about the “Martha” scene in Batman V Superman. Had Aquaman’s mother’s name been AquaMartha, Batman probably would’ve leapt out of his parka and welcomed the King of Atlantis into his ranks. Likewise, if Barry’s dead mother was also named Martha, then the two of them would’ve been good friends from the start.


What was very fascinating is that, around the same time Justice League came out, “Crisis on Earth X” (the Arrowverse 4-night crossover) debuted on the small screen. After DC fans watched both, the general consensus is that the Arrowverse did the whole team-up much better than the DCEU ever did (and they had a lot more characters to work with as well).

Overall, “Crisis on Earth X” was a much more exciting crossover that built itself on a well-established universe with many characters that we already had the opportunity to know. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the DCEU, no matter how good their opening animation is. At the end of the day, the adventures of Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and the Legends are just better stories.


Many reviewers reported that there was one moment where everyone was clapping during Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice — and it had nothing to do with either of the title characters. Instead, it was when Wonder Woman showed up in her suit to help fight Doomsday with her new, intense theme blaring in the background.

After she showed up, Batman and Superman shared a dialogue about who she was with, but this meme says that there was a bit more to it than that. In that moment, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight both realized that they were immediately being shoved to the side in favor of a character who was much more interesting. It’s terribly fitting, then, that the resulting Wonder Woman movie was much better than Batman V Superman.


This isn’t a criticism solely with the DCEU, but with DC Comics as a whole. The whole idea that Superman puts on glasses and a civilian uniform and no one recognizes him has always been absurd. That said, it’s even more absurd when you have someone with the massive physique that actor Henry Cavill has — there’s just no mistaking that chiseled jawline and those toned muscles.

What makes this even worse is that Clark Kent disappeared at the same time Superman died in Batman V Superman, and no one seemed to put two and two together. The entire time, everyone is just acting like Korath did in Guardians of the Galaxy when Peter Quill said that he was a famous galactic outlaw known as Star-Lord.


When it was announced that Justice League would be going through some reshoots, Warner Bros hit a snag when Henry Cavill had a mustache. Instead of being able to shave it, Paramount wouldn’t allow it (he needed the look for the next Mission Impossible film). That said, Warner Bros shrugged their shoulders and thought they could easily fix it.

With that in mind, we would’ve loved to be in the room when they told Henry Cavill that they were just going to digitally edit his mustache out of the film. We’d bet that he might’ve hedged a little, but went with it anyway. After all, when you’re in a movie as big as Justice League, then you need to just go along with whatever the studio tells you. It didn’t payoff for the Superman actor.


There are a few moments where Justice League tries to get the audience to fear the villainous Steppenwolf, but they all fall flat. Among them is when he first appears to combat the League. They fire a large missile at him, which he just catches and holds in his hand before calling it primitive and throwing it to the side.

This meme points out that his criticism of the missile seems misplaced simply because of the weapon he ends up using. Steppenwolf doesn’t wield a gun or any sort of lasers. Instead he uses an axe. We have to admit that it goes without saying how much more primitive an axe is when you compare it to a giant missile. He’s a bit of a hypocrite there.

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This Week’s Top Space Stories

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Ellen Page Is Game to Reprise Kitty Pryde Role for Bendis’ Movie

Ellen Page Is Game to Reprise Kitty Pryde Role for Bendis’ Movie

Ellen Page reveals that she would love to reprise her role as Kitty Pryde in Brian Michael Bendis and Tim Miller’s upcoming X-Men spin-off movie.

Page famously played Pryde in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand and reprised her role for Days of Future Past in 2014. However, as Fox moves forward with a standalone focussing on one of the youngest member of Xavier’s gifted youngsters, can Page hold the movie on her own?

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Speaking to Cinema Blend, the 31-year-old discussed how she would love to come back and play the “phasing” mutant one more time:

“I loved playing Kitty Pryde, and I think one of the things I always felt was I wish I could have done more. My experience in the films wasn’t necessarily that extensive and she is such a great character. I don’t know anything about the movie to be honest with you, but yeah, of course, that’s something I’d love to do, but I don’t know.”

Although Pryde appeared in both X-Men and X2, it was only Brett Ratner’s third entry that gave the character a speaking role. Casting the Juno star as an inexperienced mutant who shared a bond with Shawn Ashmore’s Bobby Drake, Page’s performance was one of the better parts of the maligned threequel. Page was given an expanded role for Days of Future Past, using her abilities to help transport Jackman’s Logan back to 1973.

However, with Matthew Vaughn effectively rebooting the X-Men with First Class, there has been no sign of either Page or Pryde aside from her future self in DoFP. As Fox moves forward with her own solo movie, it is highly likely that director Tim Miller will want someone new in the role. However, with Kitty’s ability to phase through time and space, there is every chance that Page could do a Rebecca Romijn and appear somewhere in the movie.

Fox is expanding its slate even further in the wake of its merger with Disney, but it is unknown whether projects like Kitty Pryde, Gambit and Multiple Man will make it into production before the MCU takes over. Given Kitty’s 38 years of X-Men history, there is plenty of material to work through. Her complex relationship with Colossus could tie into the Deadpool movies or the upcoming X-Force, while some even suggest that Pryde could be the one to bring the mutants into the MCU.

As one of the most popular members of the team, Fox should have no problem finding fans that are willing to part with their money to see the character (in whatever form) get her time to shine in a leading role for an X-Men movie.

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Wolverine’s Back – So Is Marvel Planning to Kill Old Man Logan?

Wolverine’s Back – So Is Marvel Planning to Kill Old Man Logan?

Wolverine isn’t just on his way back to the Marvel Universe, he’s here. He’s been flitting around in the background for a few months thanks to his newly acquired Space Stone, but as of this week’s Infinity Countdown Prime #1, he’s back in the fray and things are only going to get worse before they get better for the old Canucklehead.

In May, there are four new miniseries starting featuring the heroes of the Marvel Universe searching for Wolverine in their own ways and he’s front and center on the publisher’s recent “Fresh Start” promo image, but what does that mean for the Logan we already have running around the Marvel Universe?

Ain’t No Grave

Old Man Logan has been floating around the Marvel Universe for over two years now. He got his own territory hopping Secret Wars miniseries which ended with him joining the fight against God Doom and the result of that was Logan waking up in present day Manhattan, worlds away from his own time.

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In those two years, he’s grown a lot as a person after getting over the initial hump of accepting that this world was already different from his own, and that things weren’t going to work out the same. He joined the X-Men and remembered how it felt to be a hero; however, it looks like the light might be setting on the elder Logan, with May’s solicits pointing to his healing factor not quite working right, thus hinting at a possible final fate for the old timer on the horizon.

It would make a certain sort of sense to kill off Old Man Logan. Last year’s feature film which was heavily inspired by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s original story ended with the heroic and heartbreaking death of Hugh Jackman’s incarnation of the character and Marvel would be wise to lean into that. The problem is that the goodwill here isn’t there on anywhere near the same level. That’s not to say people don’t like Old Man Logan — come May, his title will be closing in on fifty issues — but people haven’t spent over fifteen years with the character in the hopes of seeing him receive a touching of a send off. Instead, it might make more sense to let him ride off into the sunset with his head held high.

Happy Endings

It’s so very rare for Wolverine to get a happy ending. If he gets married, the woman usually gets killed, turns evil, or both. If he tries to step away from the superhero life, he gets pulled back in one way or another, usually because someone he loves is dead or in danger. There’s so much death in comics, and so many dour endings, it would be refreshing to see Old Man Logan get a much more pleasant farewell. Plus, there’s enough Wolverines running around — Normal Age Logan, Laura, Gabby, Daken, Jimmy Hudson, just to name a few — that he can safely leave the Marvel Universe in their hands without the sense of responsibility that often bogs Logan down.

Just because his younger incarnation has returned, it doesn’t mean Old Man Logan needs to die and if anything, it could present a great storytelling opportunity for the returned Wolverine. He’s been through so much, so many alternate realities and possible futures, but he’s never seen one where he gets to be happy. Giving the elder Logan a positive send-off could show the younger one that such a future is possible for him and give him back some of the joie de vivre that he’s been missing for so long. Death is played out in comics, the only way to shock people now is to keep characters alive, so let’s keep Old Man Logan alive and really shake-up what readers expect from superhero narratives.

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Mark Millar Explains Why Marvel’s Movies Are Better than DC’s

Mark Millar Explains Why Marvel’s Movies Are Better than DC’s

Mark Millar is one of modern comics’ most popular writers, having worked on a bunch of books across Marvel, DC, Image and of course, his own Millarworld imprint. Having also seen his stories such as Kick-Ass, Wanted and Kingsman head to the big screen, he knows a thing or two about cinema, and he’s now revealed why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is better than its DC counterpart — at least in his opinion.

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Millar revealed that Marvel Studios has the one-up on Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe simply because the former develops the human character, and doesn’t just focus on the powered-up superhero.

“And I say [that] as a massive DC fan who much prefers their characters to Marvel’s. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are some of my favorites but I think these characters, with the exception of Batman, they aren’t based around their secret identity. They are based around their super power,” he said.

“Whereas the Marvel characters tend to be based around the personality of Matt Murdock or Peter Parker or the individual X-Men, it’s all about the character,” he added. Millar’s work on the Ultimates and Civil War comics heavily influenced the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s path with the Avengers, but he’s also written Superman and Justice League books at DC. Thus, his words do hold water and are seemingly justified with Black Panther’s growing success putting Justice League even further in the shade.

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“People will slam me for this but I think the evidence is there. We’ve seen great directors, great writers and great actors, tonnes of money thrown at them, but these films aren’t working. I think they are all too far away from when they were created. Something feels a little old about them, kids look at these characters and they don’t feel that cool. Even Superman, I love Superman, but he belongs to an America that doesn’t exist anymore. He represents 20th Century America and I think he peaked then.”

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15 Times He-Man Snuck By Censors (And 1 Time It Got Caught)

15 Times He-Man Snuck By Censors (And 1 Time It Got Caught)

When Mattel was being pitched on the idea of a line of toys based on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, part of the pitch was that each figure would be accompanied by a mini-comic book so that fans would learn the back story of the characters. When Mattel executives wondered about younger viewers who could not read yet, the pitch was expanded to say that they would do a cartoon series, as well. While a bluff at the time, eventually Filmation did release a cartoon series based on the action figures and took what was already a popular line and made it one of the biggest toys in the world.

The series is famous for having some of the very earliest work of two notable cartoon writers, J. Michael Straczynski and Paul Dini. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was also one of the earliest cartoon series that was produced directly for syndication, which meant that there was slightly less oversight over the content of the series (stress slightly). Like other shows of the era, the writers and animators tried to push the envelope whenever possible. Here are 15 times that they pushed the boundaries of what was allowed on TV and one time that they went too far!


One of the major characters on the series was Teela, who was the Captain of the Royal Guard. That job set up a fascinating set-up in the series, which is that one of Teela’s main responsibilities was guarding Prince Adam, but since Prince Adam was secretly He-Man, Adam would have to avoid his own bodyguard to turn into He-Man to help save the day. Of course, Teela would become one of He-Man’s main allies.

In Season 1’s “The Taking of Grayskull,” Skeletor teleports Castle Grayskull to another dimension. Teela and He-Man end up in the other dimension and Teela needs some help from He-Man to lift her to the proper spot in the other dimension. The “camera” lingers way too long on her backside as He-Man lifts her up.


For years, one of the odder problems that cartoons and comic books had was how would they depict drug use. Comics and cartoons were some of the best tools to get little kids to learn of the dangers of drug use but then you run up against the idea of how detailed do you get in the depiction of drugs? ‘

One of the most famous Spider-Man comic book stories was when Stan Lee and Marvel defied the Comics Code to do an issue about Harry Osborn being addicted to drugs. However, the drugs Harry takes are ridiculous multi-colored pills. In Season 1’s “A Friend in Need,” on the other hand, while it is ostensibly a sort of super steroid that a friend of Teela gets hooked on, it totally looks like crack! Like, way too much like a vial of crack! Who okayed that?


Something that should be established in these discussions is the fact that animation inherently, at one point, is a static image game. By that we mean the animators, before they actually animate the images that they have created, are dealing with a series of static images. Therefore, while in a live action show, frozen frames might deliver something unexpected (like someone caught in the middle of a sneeze, for example), that would never be the case in an animated project.

Therefore, it was a conscious effort by someone to keep doing these weird zoom-ins that end up with bizarre looking set-ups like this one, with only He-Man’s bare legs visible on a zoom-in on Man-at-Arms that make it look like they are recreating the poster for The Graduate.


One of the most hilarious things about Orko that speaks to the realities of animation is that he was originally going to be named Gorko, but if you put a G on his chest, then you would be stuck with the images going only one direction. You would be unable to flip him left and right, since his G would flip in the process. Now, if he has a big O on his chest instead, you can flip him around willy nilly and save on having to draw him again going the other way.

Orko’s body itself is equally  poorly defined, leaving us with these weird moments where it looks like He-Man is shoving his hand up Orko’s… well… “unmentionables” to grab an amulet that Orko was unable to find himself. It’s an unsettling image.


Season 2’s “Mistaken Identity” is a J. Michael Straczynski script about a teenage boy who tries to impress his girlfriend by pretending to be He-Man’s secret identity. She falls for it, but so does a new villain called Modulak and the boy needs the real He-Man to save his bacon. Now, you see, He-Man had to include sort of public service announcements at the end of each episode to try to get people to lighten up about the fact that the show was clearly a half-hour ad for the He-Man toys.

In this one, Prince Adam tells us not to lie. However, while he is stroking his cat, Cringer, they zoom in for some inexplicable reason so that we just see Prince Adam stroking his arm up and down. Prince Adam looks like he’s trying to teach us a different kind of lesson!


We would like to include the absurdity of Fisto even, you know, existing as something that snuck by the censors, but the character was created as an action figure first, so it would not really be the cartoon creators who got anything by the censors, but rather the toy company who managed to convince everyone that it was totally cool to have a character named Fisto.

In any event, in Season 2’s “Fisto’s Forest,” we see the first meeting of He-Man and Fisto, when Fisto was a villain who wouldn’t let people walk through his forest. He had a giant spider shoot sticky goo all over them. Okay, fair enough, there is a giant spider there, so at least it isn’t coming from something else entirely. At the same time, though, it evokes There’s Something About Mary way more than it should.


As noted earlier, there is no such thing as a surprise out-of-context moment when you’re dealing with animation. There’s no surprise, “Oh, huh, when you freeze that, it looks like that person is doing a super inappropriate thing!” That’s because the animators are drawing it as they go along.

Therefore, in this scene from “To Save the Creatures,” where He-Man, Teela and Orko get help from young Ricky (whose father runs the local Animal Sanctuary), then everyone involved knew full well that when you look at this image, it sure as heck looks like Ricky is checking Teela out. Amusingly enough, at the end of the episode, the moral involved Ricky telling kids that if you have a genuine interest in something then it doesn’t seem like work. We all know what Ricky has a genuine interest in!


While the He-Man cartoon mostly starred characters from the Mattel toy line (as that was, of course, the entire purpose of the cartoon series), Filmation also added a significant character to the bunch with Orko, He-Man’s wacky magician buddy. He was the comic relief of the series.

In the opening of Season 1’s “Dawn of Dragoon,” we see Orko has created a magical pyramid. He has Man-At-Arms open it up and bizarrely enough, mud comes shooting out and all over Man-At-Arms. At least it is technically mud. However, it is difficult to watch it without the scene looking like Man-At-Arms just got a face full of… well, you know. What’s doubly amazing about this scene is that Man-At-Arms then opens up another side of the pyramid and gets sprayed by water! Stop while you’re behind, Man-At-Arms!


As we mentioned before, Teela was the Captain of the Royal Guard and was Prince Adam’s bodyguard. However, for a character whose specific function was to be a protector, Teela would constantly end up getting captured, with He-Man having to save her. It’s an unfortunate trope in cartoons that the otherwise super-competent heroine ends up being a damsel in distress.

Not only that, but it often seems like the animators were getting a kick out of keeping Teela in bondage all the time. You would think that you were watching a show based on Golden Age Wonder Woman with the amount of times Teela ended up in ropes or chains! Especially this bit here, from “The Keeper of Ancient Ruins,” where they got bizarrely detailed with Teela’s backside while she was prisoner of Trap-Jaw.


While Orko was the main comic relief on the side of the good guys in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, his opposite number was definitely Beast-Man. You can tell Skeletor’s hapless second-in-command would just love to someday get a chance at overthrowing his master, but he’s just too incompetent for it to ever become a reality.

Anyhow, in one of the earliest episodes of the series, “Disappearing Act,” Orko ends up losing He-Man’s sword, so when Prince Adam is captured, he can’t transform into He-Man! Things work out in the end anyway (after Orko and Cringer go back in time to where Orko accidentally sent the sword and they retrieve it) and Orko gives Beast-Man a splash of water at the end for good measure. It looks more than a bit suggestive.


As we have noted a few times, there’s no such thing as a surprise freeze frame in cartoons. That said, there certainly can be a case where the animators legitimately don’t get how disturbing a certain scene looks like and we believe that’s probably what’s behind the infamous screen grab from the Season 1 episode, “The Starchild.”

In the episode, a young girl with magical powers ends up being fought over by rival tribes in the forest. She runs away and soon finds herself in trouble. Luckily for her, He-Man arrives to protect her. He has to first put her at ease, so he leans down to let her know that everything is going to be okay. He’s simply being a friendly guy, but boy, the freeze frame sure makes it look like he’s being super duper creepy.


In an early Paul Dini episode from Season 1, “Quest for He-Man,” He-Man falls into a trap laid for him by Skeletor and Evil-Lyn. They erase his memory and send him to another dimension. His friends ultimately track him down. By that point, however, the amnesiac He-Man has already gotten himself into an adventure on the world of Trannis, where an evil tyrant named Plundor has, well, plundered the natural resources of the planet.

Plundor puts all of the “magic liquid” from the planet into a rocket and intends to blow it up to spite his enemies. He-Man rides the rocket made out of magic liquid and gets it to explode all over the planet and re-inveigrate everyone with the return of the magic liquid. Not that that could possibly seen as being suggestive, of course.


He-Man, like many cartoon series, saved money by re-using sequences. For instance, the transformation sequence when Prince Adam turns into He-Man? The whole “I have the power!” routine? That’s totally just the same sequence in every episode. It’s just recycled animation. Similarly, a few of the action sequences of characters are just re-used every time that the use that action.

For whatever reason, the stock action sequence that they used for Teela involves her jumping and landing. When she lands, we see her from her posterior angle and they give us quite a detailed look as she squats to the ground when she lands. Again, they re-used this bit of animation over and over again! No wonder they put so much detail into this one shot, they knew they were going to recycle it over and over!


In the earlier mentioned episode, “Dawn of Dragoon,” after Man-At-Arms finishes getting sprayed with water and other filth, the magic pyramid is replaced by a female version of Orko! She is a fellow Trollan and needs Orko’s help, as Trolla (their home world) is under attack from a dangerous creature known as the Dragoon.

Orko and his friends show up to help (which is difficult, because Trolla is a strange place where everything is “backwards,” which makes it hard for them to be as effective as they are on Eternia), but when they get to Trolla, it is decidedly disturbing. It is essentially like Salvador Dali’s famous painting, The Persistence of Memory, in that the entire landscape seems to be melting. At the same token, much of the rocks in the area are also decidedly phallic-looking. Hilariously so.


As we mentioned before, the episode “The Starchild” is all kinds of disturbing. It is about a young girl with magical powers who is being fought over by various jungle tribes. They seem to be treating her like an object more than a person and it does not seem to be appropriate at all. She’s alone in the jungle, so He-Man shows up to help her out. He first calms her down.

Next, though, he has her ride on Battle Cat with him. This is obviously a very normal thing to do, but the way that it was drawn and animated is extremely disturbing. It looks like precisely the reason why parents tell little kids not to get into vehicles with strangers, and we can’t imagine that parents at the time weren’t understandably upset. He-Man is just being nice, but the animation is way too suggestive.


There were 130 episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe made (two seasons of 65 episode each). That is a lot of episodes. That is more than almost every other cartoon of the era (more than the original Sunbow G.I. Joe series and more than Transformers). When you last that long, you’re bound to come up with some bold ideas to push the content envelope.

One of these was the original plot of Season 2’s “Problem with Power,” where He-Man was going to accidentally kill an innocent person during battle. It would make him question whether he should quit being a hero. In the end, he is drawn back into being a hero by his friends. Filmation felt the idea was way too intense, so they switched it so that Skeletor would fake the death of an innocent person. In the end, He-Man would learn the truth.

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Silver & Black Director Seems to Confirm Delay, Offers Script Update

Silver & Black Director Seems to Confirm Delay, Offers Script Update

With rumors that Sony has delayed the upcoming Silver & Black, the movie’s director confirms the news on social media.

Supposed to be the next in line of Spider-Man spin-off movies for the studio after Venom, the storyline was set to focus on fan-favorites Silver Sable and Black Cat. No casting news was released, but we do know that Cloak & Dagger‘s Gina Prince-Bythewood is (still) attached to direct.

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Taking to Twitter in response to The Hashtag Show‘s exclusive report on the state of Silver & Black, Prince-Bythewood revealed that she is waiting for the right script before continuing with production:

With aspirations for another Venom, movies based off the likes of Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter, or even a Sinister Six spin-off, Sony’s Villainverse was supposed to be in the darker vein of movies like Deadpool and New Mutants to rival the lighter tone of the MCU.

Given that filming was supposed to begin in Atlanta next month and hit theaters in less than a year, there was already a surprising lack of information surrounding the project before the rumors came into play. While the future for Silver & Black is unclear, Prince-Bythewood isn’t completely shutting down hopes that the movie will head into full production.

Just like DC’s Batgirl, the future of Silver & Black — as well the various other Sony movies — remains unclear. On the other side, Disney seems to be powering ahead with its plans for Tom Holland Spider-Man. Ultimately, we will have to wait until Ruben Fleischer’s Venom fares at the box office to see whether the idea of a separate universe focussing on Spider-Man’s villains is really worth Sony’s efforts. However, you can’t dismiss Prince-Bythewood’s intentions of waiting for the script to be right before moving forward. For now, it looks like a case of wait and see.

Originally scheduled to hit theaters on February 8, 2019, Silver and Black will be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. No additional casting details for the film have been released at this time.

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EXCLUSIVE: G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero vs. the Six Million Dollar Man #1

EXCLUSIVE: G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero vs. the Six Million Dollar Man #1

The greatest American heroes go face-to-face with the most dangerous living weapon… Steve Austin! Hacked by COBRA, the Six Million Dollar Man has the G.I. JOEs in his bionic targets as the fate of world peace hangs by a thread and Cobra Commander holds the world’s infrastructure in his venomous clutches!

  • A cross-company crossover like no other, where ‘80s nostalgia meets modern-day mayhem!
  • Kung Fu Grip or a Bionic Eye?! Now you can have both!
  • Variant covers by Michael Adams, and Jerry Ordway!

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SpaceX’s biggest rival has a ‘genius’ plan to cut its rocket launch costs more than 70% – Business Insider

Business Insider

SpaceX's biggest rival has a 'genius' plan to cut its rocket launch costs more than 70%
Business Insider
vulcan rocket flight illustration united launch alliance ula youtube An illustration of ULA's Vulcan rocket launching toward space. (In this image, used-up rocket motors are falling back to Earth. United Launch Alliance. SpaceX turned heads around the ...
SpaceX Delays Next Falcon 9 Rocket Launch to Conduct Nose Cone ChecksSpace.com

SpaceX postpones Falcon 9 launch over payload fairing concernsSpaceflight Now
SpaceX delays Sunday launch for further nose cone testingWFTV Orlando
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INTERVIEW: Duncan Jones Speaks Out About His Netflix Sci-Fi Film, Mute

INTERVIEW: Duncan Jones Speaks Out About His Netflix Sci-Fi Film, Mute

Mute may be the title of director Duncan Jones’ latest movie, but one thing comes through loud and clear: the filmmaker has become one of the most reliable voices in thoughtful, moody, human-scale science fiction.

After his much-admired 2009 debut film Moon, the clever follow-up Source Code and a foray into large-scale franchise filmmaking with Warcraft, Jones — who as the son of pop icon David Bowie has artistry, theatricality and a keen sense of the cosmic in his DNA — is delivering his first original film for the steaming giant Netflix, which debuted on Friday. Set in a high-tech Berlin nearly half a century in the future, Mute focuses on the desperate, determined efforts of a mute Amish bartender (Alexander Skarsgard) to track down his missing girlfriend, running afoul of two alternately amusing and deadly dangerous surgeons (Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux) who have a role in her mysterious disappearance.

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Jones joined CBR for a freewheeling peek behind the scenes of his latest effort and the surprising influences that fueled it, his specific affinity for sci-fi storytelling, the kinds of films he expects to make moving forward and the as-yet-untapped material that could lure him to adapt a comic book property for the big screen.

CBR: You clearly had a lot of fun with this one. As hard as it gets making a movie, I bet you were having fun all the way.

Duncan Jones: I did! I mean, it’s kind of an amazing cast to be able work with, and working with Justin Theroux and Paul Rudd, who are both very funny guys — well, Alex [Skarsgard] is funny too, but he was quiet most of the time. But Paul and Justin, they’re just really funny, great guys and it just made it a load of fun.

What was the essential thing about this project that made you say, “I have to make this film”? Was there one thing that just made you say “Gotta do it”?

I think it’s really hard. In my opinion, there was an original idea at the heart of it, which just felt worth pursuing because I don’t know about other writers, but I think coming up with something that feels really original is fairly rare. A lot of the time it’s a riff on something, and also you are trying to reinvent something. And this felt like there was something really unique about it.

So, Leo’s character being unable to talk, having a lead protagonist who didn’t talk and then my solution to the puzzle of, “How do I do that movie?” Of having half the movie with him and the other half with these very talkative, witty American surgeons. It just felt like, “I haven’t seen this before. This feels really unique and original, both structurally and the characters.” I wanted to try and pursue that.

Maybe it wasn’t as challenging as it might sound, but the whole of Alex’s character not talking at all — did you find that be challenging cinematically, or did it free you up in certain ways?

Not cinematically. I think [it was challenging] in the original writing phase, trying to come up with as much as possible a visual way of showing his investigation, showing the red herrings that he’s led on, showing how he comes up with solutions to things and doing it all without dialogue.

That was kind of a test for myself and for Michael when we were writing it, but I think once we worked out that side of it, the onus was really on Alex to deliver. And it was really getting him on board, and making sure that he felt comfortable that he had enough variety in what he wanted to do with his performance that he could go from being Leo at the start of the story to this different guy by the end of it.

With Paul and Justin, obviously these two men are known for their improvisational skills, plus Paul’s a screenwriter, Justin’s a screenwriter — tell me about that collaboration and fleshing out these characters with guys who bring that much to the table.

I think they were a little intimidated too, only in that they knew how much I wanted to channel Trapper John and Hawkeye Pierce from Robert Altman’s M*A*S*H. That was really important to me. And I think they understood, “OK, so we are riffing on those characters. We are finding ways to tweak those characters into something slightly different.”

But I think they already know each other very well, and that was one of the reasons why I was so excited about casting the two of them, is that dynamic between guys who are smart and know each other, have that friendship is really what Duck and Cactus had to have, and fortunately they went along with it.

Did you sometimes just feel like, “I’m just going to get out their way.”

100 percent. We would do what was on the page, and get that done as quickly as possible, and then let them improv their way through scenes, especially things like the surgeries and stuff like that. We did what was on the page, and then immediately through it out and just let them go for it.

The Blade Runner influence can’t be missed in a lot of science fiction.

It’s aesthetic in this one, maybe, and that’s it, I’d say.

The more connective thing rather than the visual elements for me was the fact that if you strip away a lot of the sci-fi of the story, it’s essentially a noir story, as is Blade Runner. Was that on your mind as you were putting it together, that you were writing a sort of noir story with a high-tech edge?

Yeah, absolutely, and the references that we were using in the writing were Paul Schrader’s Hardcore, M*A*S*H for obvious reasons, and Lee Marvin’s Point Blank. It was really those movies, especially the Paul Schrader one. That was really a touchstone for us, but that film is incredibly dark. And we were trying to balance the darkness of that with our own humor. And M*A*S*H is kind of a blend of dark and has humor. And that’s kind of where we were trying to go, trying to find that tension point between the two.

Tell me a little about layering in the science fiction elements to a story like this, because it is a very grounded human story at the core, but also there’s parts of it you can’t tell without the futuristic aspect.

Yeah, absolutely, and I think that was part of the fun of it. Rather than having like a single technology changing the world, it’s a small intimate kind of localized story that takes place in a science-fiction world. And the science fiction really just kind of is something they kind of bump up against once in a while, but it’s not the reason for being for the story, which is taking place.

Obviously, Leo’s character being sort of Amish, there was this backstory, which is not really in the film, but was there to sort of wrap our heads around while we were writing the film that in the same way that Israel has sort of called back Jews to come to the homeland that the swing of the pendulum from Angela Merkel who’s allowed and invited mass immigration into Germany swings the other way to sort of more right-wing parties who basically said to those around Germany, “If you have German heritage, if you have German customs and traditions, come back to the homeland.” And so, Amish and various other have sort of come back to Germany.

That’s kind of the backstory of why Leo and his family are there. And Leo just doesn’t fit in this world, this very technological science-fiction world where he just basically lives in this little sort of apartment that has no real technology in it. That was kind of the backstory foHavr him.

What got you creatively charged up, as far as the world-building aspect of this film?

I have a fairly unique relationship and experience with Berlin because of my dad’s work. I was back there in the 1970s when he was working there when it was in the heart of the Cold War and the wall was very much up, and you really felt a sense of flying into this incredibly isolated island of Western civilization within the Soviet Bloc. So there was a sense of what Berlin was back there, which I definitely remember and feel and was able to kind of measure up against the Berlin that I saw over the decades after that.

And one thing you can definitely say about Berlin is its one of the most dynamic and fast-changing cities I’m aware of, certainly in the Western world, that’s just changed dramatically decade to decade. And so setting a science fiction film there kind of feels right, because it is kind of this clashing point between Eastern and Western cultures.

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SpaceX Delays Next Launch to Conduct Falcon 9 Rocket Tests – Space.com


SpaceX Delays Next Launch to Conduct Falcon 9 Rocket Tests
SpaceX has delayed the planned Feb. 25, 2018 launch of the Spanish communications satellite Hispasat 30W-6 from Space Launch Complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Here, a SpaceX Falcon 9 launches the GovSat-1 satellite from the ...
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5 Olympic-Worthy Recipes From Lindsey Vonn’s Personal Chef

Chef Dan Churchill shares what was on the menu for Lindsey Vonn at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Get the recipes here.

SpaceX Delays Next Falcon 9 Rocket Launch to Conduct Nose Cone Checks

SpaceX has delayed its weekend launch of a Spanish communications satellite to allow time for extra tests on the mission's Falcon 9 rocket. A new launch date has not been set.

Here’s what aliens probably look like – New York Post

New York Post

Here's what aliens probably look like
New York Post
We are on the cusp of discovering new technologies that “will take us even farther as we explore the planets and the stars” — and lead us closer to making contact with alien life, writes Michio Kaku in “The Future of Humanity.” We know that one out of ...
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In Batman, Poison Ivy Becomes the World’s Most Dangerous… Hero?

In Batman, Poison Ivy Becomes the World’s Most Dangerous… Hero?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Batman #41 by Tom King and Mikel Janin, in stores now.

No matter the continuity, Poison Ivy always stands apart from the usual crop of Batman villains. For starters, she’s not a deranged killer, like most of Gotham’s super-powered community. Sure, she’s often depicted as an evil seductress who uses her abilities for her own gain, but aside from the occasional robbery (a girl’s gotta eat), her goals tend to veer more on the noble side of things. After all, Ivy has a special connection with plant life, and she puts the needs of the green ahead of those of the humans who constantly pollute the planet they inhabit.

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Ivy’s methods are extreme, yes, but her voice and motive is pure. She is an advocate for the environment in a world that doesn’t seem all too concerned about it. For that reason, she’s recently been portrayed as an anti-hero of sorts, an eco-terrorist who fights for the planet. In this week’s Batman #41, we see Ivy take her environmentally-friendly cause worldwide, to disastrous effect. But, once again, it all comes from a good place.

Batman Poison Ivy controls everyone

In Tom King and Mikel Janina’s last collaboration, Bruce Wayne and his newly-minted fiancee Selina Kyle wake from a surreal dream. Bruce instantly realizes what’s happening, which is why he immediately runs to inoculate Selina and himself before further damage can be done. Somehow, in a massive display of power, Ivy has managed to reach everyone person on the planet, and more, take control of them. Now, 7.6 billion people are her puppets, and yes — that includes the Justice League.

In a beatifully illustrated two-page spread by Janin, we learn that everyone, all over the world, has fallen under Ivy’s spell. How she did this remains unclear, even to Batman, but with Ivy’s connection to nature and the fact that trees and plant life cover most of the planet, we can assume that she has reached a new level of power that allows her to tap into plants all over the world. Or perhaps this has always been in her upper power level, but she’s never been pushed hard enough to realize it.

Batman Poison Ivy throne of green

Whatever the cause, Ivy is making her grand move to save the entire planet. She might not be on the side of human life, but she is on the side of life. Her actions resonate greatly, because they come at a time when pollution, over-population and dwindling natural resources are increasing concerns in the current state of the world. Hurricanes are blowing harder and more frequently, it’s snowing in areas where it hasn’t in decades, and extreme weather patterns are becoming alarmingly commonplace.

Ivy has had enough of seeing the planet she loves be reduced to a victim. She aims to fix a broken world, and the reader can kind of see where she is coming from. She might be mind-controlling the entire human race, but perhaps this is the only way for them to actually survive. We’re fairly certain Batman and Catwoman will find a way to stop her next issue, of course, but the question has to be asked — should they?

KEEP READING: Silencer, DC’s Newest Hero, Has a Surprising (and Major) Batman Connection

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No Joe: The 15 Most Useless Members Of G.I. Joe

No Joe: The 15 Most Useless Members Of G.I. Joe

Someone should really look into what’s going on at G.I. Joe headquarters.  They were supposed to be a specialist wing of the army, meant to handle specific situations and combat encounters that normal soldiers couldn’t. Specifically, they target the forces of the terrorist agency Cobra, which one would think requires only the best combat soldiers the U.S. military could find. But somehow, they’ve expanded to include a much larger number of people: engineers, astronauts and more.. it’s almost as if they’re trying to create their own army to supplant America’s own soldiers.

And if that sounds dangerous, well, it would be if the army consisted of those roles played by people of the level of Snake Eyes, Hawk, Duke, Scarlett, and Cover Girl.  But…nope.  The Joes are staffing up with some of the most useless people ever: failed baseball players, insurance agents, and disc jockeys.  It’s like someone got promoted high enough to put all their buddies on and is engaging in one of the worst cases of nepotism the country’s ever seen. But CBR’s done a deep dive of serious investigative journalism to bring readers the corruption going on in the Joes.  So get ready, because these are the 15 Most Useless Members of G.I. Joe.


Deep-Six started out as a part of Joe’s rarely mentioned undersea division. He’s not mentioned often because he’s such an intense isolationist. When he was asked what made him get into deep sea diving to begin with, his response was simply “so I could be alone”. But in all honesty, how often does Cobra even attempt that many schemes involving underwater threats? The Commander’s main goal is taking over world governments, so the Joes have got someone on their payroll who doesn’t even have much use.

He later joins the Eco-Warriors, but that group is barely a team and rarely gets focused on. Plus there’s no way Deep Six’s original, Centurions-esque armor didn’t cause environmental damage, so he’s just fixing damage he helped cause to begin with.


It’s coincidental, but half the Joes on this list have some of the worst names ever. They didn’t make the list because of that, but it feels like a self-fulfilling prophecy: the horrible name precedes the character being useless. Chuckles follows that trend, as the Joe’s useless undercover agent. It’s usually expected of people known for undercover ops that they try not to stick out all that much. But here’s Chuckles, running around cracking jokes and wearing the loudest Hawaiian shirt he could find so he can be the most noticeable unnoticeable guy ever.

Before the Joes he was an insurance investigator, which is the most regular job a Joe’s ever had before joining up, but he’s done so many jobs since no one’s even sure who he works for anymore. Couldn’t he just be making the whole thing up? His special skill is being “likable”, for Pete’s sake.


Colonel Courage feels like a character that wouldn’t be allowed in the real Joes, he’d just be the super wholesome guy asked to do all the Joes “And Knowing is Half the Battle” videos. Don’t let the giant cannon he’s somehow wielding with one arm fool you: this guy is so boring he would put someone who watches paint dry as a hobby to sleep.

Cliff Mewell’s usual job is working as an administrative strategist, so he spends most of his time behind a desk. He takes care of all the minute details that people fighting a never ending battle against one of the most well-equipped terrorist armies in fiction wouldn’t usually have time to deal with. He also has a habit of trying to force all his subordinates into dressing impeccably neatly as well. Because one has to make sure their tie is straight before mowing down Cobra’s army.


Quick Kick is…exactly what someone would expect a action character named Quick Kick to be. He took to martial arts after being discouraged from trying everything else. He collected black belts like candy, excelling in countless martial arts forms. And he would be the G.I. Joe’s lead hand-to hand combatant, except for one thing: they’ve got Snake Eyes. And that’s where the problem comes in. Snake Eyes literally does everything Quick Kick does, but several times better, and while wearing a shirt and shoes.

And if that’s not bad enough, his origin is worse. He joined the Joes after being abandoned by his director in the middle of filming a commercial for Frozen Fudgy Bars. The director absconded with the film equipment..and Quick Kick’s check for the job.


Terrance Lydon was destined for greatness no matter what. He graduated in the top ten of his class from West Point, but eventually turned down an opportunity to continue his education further at the U.S. War College in order to get a position in the field so he could be “where the action was”. This brought him into contact with the G.I. Joes, who were impressed by his determination.

Unfortunately, Terrence spends way too much time trying to be likable. His toy card describes him as doing a John Wayne impression all the time, while the cartoon describes him as constantly shoving football terminology into everything. It’s hard to discern which is worse: a tough guy impression from a guy who gets shot at for a living, or a commander using interminable football talk at a key moment in battle.


For an elite fighting force, the G.I. Joes have an astounding amount of characters that only got into their jobs because Plan A failed. In Sgt. Major John Edward Jones’ case, he signed up with the Joes once his art career fell apart thanks to the syndicated cartoon industry slowly dying out. Using his skill with the pen he becomes key to their intelligence as a scout.

But as a toy, Altitude is probably one of the worst a kid could ever get. A part of the G.I. Joe sub-team “Sky Patrol”, a team that’s easily one of the laziest ideas Hasbro ever came up with. They just repainted a bunch of older Joes and gave them parachutes that were shiny silver on the inside.


Scoop’s origins vary depending on which version of G.I. Joe canon someone chooses to follow. In the cartoon, Leonard Michaels is a double agent working for Cobra because he believes the Joes blew up his home and changes sides once he realizes he’s been lied to. In the comics he’s forcibly placed their as a manner of congressional oversight. And in either case, he absolutely doesn’t belong there.

To be clear, being a war correspondent is one of the toughest and most respectable jobs in the world. But Scoop (who’s also got the most stereotypical news reporter name ever) has decided that reporting on the aftermath of war isn’t good enough, and so he joins the Joes on actual missions, which feels weird enough. But he also carries a gun in case he needs to take out some Cobra members, so he isn’t even objective!


Corporal William S. Dugglesby was born in Cooperstown, New York and started out with dreams of making it to the major leagues as a baseball player. But after realizing that he would be stuck in the minor leagues forever because he didn’t have “star quality”, he decided to quit his first love and fall back on his second: the G.I. Joes. There, he became a grenadier due to his ability to hyper accurately judge distances and fast reaction time.

Technically, this is a fine enough base for a character. But judging from his outfit it’s easy to tell Hardball still takes his love for the game too seriously. Instead of dressing in proper military garb, he goes into battle wearing military jeans and a baseball shirt. It’s only a matter of time before a guy like that thinks it’d be better if his grenade launcher shot baseballs instead of grenades.


David Kunitz was born on Three Mile Island, site of the greatest nuclear accident in American history. So, if we told you he was a part of a group called the Eco Warriors, you likely wouldn’t hold it against him. He excels in the areas of environmental health and taking care of chemicals in the environment, which is why he wears such an unwieldy outfit. It sounds ridiculous, but it was the ’90s and Captain Planet was one of the most popular shows on television — saving the environment was in.

Truthfully, Ozone isn’t actually useless at his job. He’s saving the world in his own way, with a method that will have more long-term benefits than stopping Cobra’s weekly world domination plan. Unfortunately, the show is definitely about an army stopping a terrorist organization from world domination, so in that context the Joes could absolutely do without him.


Sci-Fi is part of the coolest line of G.I. Joe toys, Star Brigade. The cartoon had been canceled for years, the toyline was about to follow, it was obvious no one important was paying attention so they just threw caution to the wind. Star Brigade is a group of astronaut soldiers, which is cool enough. But do they fight Cobra? Sometimes. But mostly they fight aliens from outer space.

Despite being in that awesome group, Sci-Fi still winds up here. How? Well that’s what happens when your special skill is shooting lasers in an army that can only shoot lasers because standards and practices are watching and kids shows like G.I. Joe can’t show anyone firing real guns. That, and he’s consistently described as being slow, almost lazy, in battle. How can anyone be lazy when their job is fighting space aliens?


Dee-Jay is a character that’s very much a product of his times. Real name Specialist Thomas R. Rossi III, Dee-Jay starts out as a disc jockey in Boston before deciding interviewing some of the hottest musicians in the world isn’t fun enough, and signs up for G.I. Joe’s latest squad, the Battleforce 2000. Now one might believe that the Joes wouldn’t have a use for a DJ, but as it turns out the character knows radio equipment inside and out.

Unfortunately, the toyline the character belonged to sold incredibly poorly, and around this time G.I. Joe: Real American Hero comic writer Larry Hama was given the greenlight to kill off characters with toylines that weren’t still on the market. As a result, Dee-Jay is introduced and dies in the very same issue of the ongoing, issue #113.


G.I. Joe was an ’80s cartoon that was never ashamed to tap into the popularity of pop icons at the time. Like the Chuck Norris: Karate Kommando or Mister T’s cartoons (Yes, those are both actual things that exist). But unlike those shows, G.I. Joe tended to relegate their real life members to side characters rather than making them the main character of the show.

Take “The Fridge” for instance. More well-known as Chicago Bears’ defensive lineman William Perry than as a G.I. Joe, the typical lore from the biography card on his toy listed him as the lead trainer for G.I. Joes. It makes sense, as typically football players go through some of the most grueling training imaginable…but then apparently he also goes into battle? His chosen weapon is a…metal football attached to a stick, which makes him slightly more threatening than Quick Kick.


Like many characters on this list, one of the first things you notice about Banzai is his stupid, stupid name. He was one part of the G.I. Joe’s “Ninja Force” (an equally stupid name) toyline from 1992-1993. The team appeared in Larry Hama’s G.I. Joe: Real American Hero ongoing, getting wrapped up in a lot of the storylines involving Storm Shadow and his Arashikage Clan.

Banzai is the team’s “Rising Sun” ninja, and since no one’s actually sure what that means, he distracts everyone from it with his origins: he’s a guy named Robert Travalino from Hartsdale, New York. He spent a lot of his time training blind-folded under a ninja master in the mountains of Tibet, which makes his title as a “Rising Sun” ninja make even less sense. And to finish out this mess of a character, he’s a ninja that runs around with magenta-colored weapons and clothing.


Bullhorn isn’t useless so much as he just doesn’t make any sense. Otherwise known as Sergeant Stephen A. Ferreira, Bullhorn first appeared as a character in the season one episode “United We Stand”. After Cobra threatens to launch a worldwide missile attack, it’s left up to Bullhorn to attempt negotiating with him while his fellow Joes sneak into the Cobra base to stop the Commander for good.

Known for his negotiation tactics, the problem with Bullhorn is that he doesn’t really fit in with the Joe ethos. They’re meant to be all about battle, so they also happened to hire a hostage negotiator? Certainly they’re necessary on most teams, but how useful can the character be when they’re constantly facing the same villain? Eventually they’ve got to figure out that Bullhorn’s only talking to them so someone else can sneak in and get the drop on them.


Above all else, Tollbooth has a naming problem. First off, nobody actually likes toll booths so he already leaves a bad impression. But more importantly, the character doesn’t actually do anything involving toll booths. An engineering prodigy, the story of Chuck Goren is a familiar one. Graduate from MIT, build things so well you get utterly bored and disinterested in the corporate world, then join the army in the hopes of being recruited by the G.I. Joes. So now you can build bridges while being shot at! The ultimate challenge.

But in all that, absolutely nothing has anything to do with a tollbooth, save for the very absurd connection that Tollbooths are used to cross a bridge, and engineers sometimes build bridges. They really should’ve called him Bridge Layer or something, but the toy he came with was already named that. Oh well, guess it’s impossible to call the vehicle something else.

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When Did the Elongated Man Reveal His Identity to the World?

When Did the Elongated Man Reveal His Identity to the World?

In “When We First Met”, we spotlight the various characters, phrases, objects or events that eventually became notable parts of comic lore, like the first time someone said, “Avengers Assemble!” or the first appearance of Batman’s giant penny or the first appearance of Alfred Pennyworth or the first time Spider-Man’s face was shown half-Spidey/half-Peter. Stuff like that.

Today, based on a suggestion from reader Chris C., we look at when the Elongated Man revealed his identity to the world!

This is a fascinating one because for years, that was not the ONLY cool thing about the Elongated Man, because probably the MOST notable things about him were that A. he was a married superhero well before most superheroes got married and B. he loved mysteries, but the fact that his identity was public was definitely a big hook for him. Heck, whenever he would show up, it was unusual enough that Julius Schwartz would usually give it a footnote to let the readers know that, yep, everyone knows this guy’s secret identity. That’s how out of the ordinary it was at the time.

But here’s the amazing thing about this one – this is a rare comic book first that never REALLY happened, exactly. Oh, I mean, obviously it happened, but there’s no instance where I can say “Oh, here is when it happened” since it really does appear to have occurred OFF-PANEL!!

The Elongated Man debuted in Flash #112 by John Broome, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella, where hilariously enough, the Flash is actually super jealous when a new superhero shows up and takes some of the Flash’s thunder…

What’s great about the Elongated Man is that he clearly doesn’t give a hoot about the whole “don’t use your powers to make money” deal, since he flat out does shows and pockets the bread by showing off his superpowers.

However, this new very famous hero, the Elongated Man, is then framed for robbery. The Flash agrees to clear his good name and, in the process, he learns the Elongated Man’s secret identity…

Ralph shows up again three issues later (Murphy Anderson now inking instead of Joe Giella) and the Flash explicitly notes that only he knows the Elongated Man’s secret identity (even though he freakin’ calls him Ralph OUT LOUD!)…

Okay, now here’s the tricky part. I GUESS the answer is here, in the Elongated Man’s next appearance in Flash #119 (by Broome, Infantino and Giella), where we meet Sue Dibny for the first time, as she marries Ralph. The newspaper only says that she married the Elongated Man…

But I guess the implication is that to make their marriage official, he revealed his identity? It is not shown in the comic book at ALL.

It isn’t evident that his identity is public in the next appearance in Flash #124, although the Flash DOES shout out his name again, but we saw him do that when the Elongated Man’s identity was specifically hidden, so that doesn’t mean anything.

In his NEXT appearance in Flash #130, he teams up with Kid Flash, and although Barry tells Wally what Ralph’s real name is, it doesn’t seem like anyone else knows…

As seen later in the story…

So when did things change?

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25 Final Fantasy Memes That Will Choco-Blow Your Mind

25 Final Fantasy Memes That Will Choco-Blow Your Mind

Happy anniversary, Final Fantasy! The beloved Square-Enix franchise celebrated its 13th birthday last year. From the four Warriors of Light to the four road tripping bros of Final Fantasy XV, this series has had an incredible three decade run spanning more than two dozen games in a wide variety of genres including racers, fighting games, and even physical card games based on some of the series’ side quests. The Final Fantasy series includes some of the most beloved games, relatable characters, and reviled villains in video game history.

But with so much history, there are bound to be some valleys to match the series’ incredible peaks. Whether through its frustrating mechanics or goofy graphics, the Final Fantasy series has delivered as much fun in incredibly meme-worthy content as it has in its thousands of hours of engrossing gameplay. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying over playing yet another interminable game of blitzball! To celebrate Final Fantasy’s long history, we’ve collected 25 of the dankest memes we could find to choco-blow your mind. There’s plenty to enjoy here from almost every installment (and sequel, and spin-off).


A screen shot of the Final Fantasy VII Victory Screen

Final Fantasy VII throws you right into the thick of things, opening with a bombing mission on Reactor No. 1. Cloud and Barret stage a daring mission to shut down a mako reactor, culminating in a deadly battle against the massive Guard Scorpion. Who doesn’t remember playing through this mission for the first time, few potions, low levels, getting pumped up when the Guard Scorpion finally faded to red … only to be met with a ten minute time limit while Cloud and Barret are still taking a victory lap?

In the grand tradition of Final Fantasy timed missions, you can’t pause or quit. The timer keeps chugging along no matter what you do. Run into a random battle? Timer’s still going. You win? Timer’s still going. Why are Cloud and Barret wasting time looking so pleased with themselves when a bomb’s about to go off? This meme brings back a lot of extremely frustrating memories.


A screenshot from Final Fantasy VIII styled as a motivational poster

Squall is the most notoriously dour Final Fantasy protagonist of all time from one of the most controversial games in the series, Final Fantasy VIII. A man of few words, his favorite — “whatever” — has earned him a top spot in the Final Fantasy meme hall of fame. This succinct meme encapsulates all of Squall’s worst traits in one image. The dialogue here is photoshopped, but you believed it for a split second, didn’t you?

Squall is notoriously callous and sour, even to the woman he eventually comes to love so much he rescues her from the cold depths of space. He’s not a nice guy or a great role model, but he does come around in the end, proving himself to be a capable leader who redeems himself from some of his surlier moments. In the end this meme is still good for a chuckle even if the dialogue isn’t entirely accurate.


Image of a chocobo from Final Fantasy

It’s really a shame Chocobo Racer didn’t take off. Chocobos are an iconic Final Fantasy staple, vital to side quests and more importantly, to overworld fast travel. Since the notoriously tricky chocobo training minigames of Final Fantasy X, actually getting a chocobo to cooperate has become a vital part of the franchise. Chocobo riding skill is almost more important than chocobo breeding in the games these days. Sun sigil sidequest, anyone?

As graphics improve, chocobos have gone from cute blobs of pixels to ostrich-esque speed demons in their own right. Now that we can get some high quality birds, maybe it’s time to consider a gritty reboot of the Chocobo Racer series that combines the stats manipulation of Final Fantasy VII’s breeding game with the frustration of Final Fantasy X’s racing games. Couldn’t hurt to see if Vin Diesel is free for some voice acting!


Prompto from Final Fantasy XV

Get a load of that dog! Get a load of it. Who doesn’t love to pet a good pupper? In Final Fantasy XV, you can do exactly that, as Prompto helpfully demonstrates in this fun text post meme. Final Fantasy XV is a little light on the dogs until your cool bros road trip turns into a cool bros time travel adventure, but eventually you’re given the ability to call Umbra and relive your past adventures. Or you can just call Umbra and ask for some paw whenever it strikes your fancy.

That’s right: Final Fantasy XV features the ability to summon a supernaturally powerful dog and shake his little dog foot whenever you like. Feeling frustrated after losing a tough battle? Give Umbra some paw. Not since Final Fantasy VIII has a dog been so loyal and eager to help out your party (Red XIII would probably prefer not to be compared to a house pet), but Final Fantasy XV revolutionizes the series by going one step further and giving you an incredibly cute emote to enjoy. Get a load of that dog indeed, Prompto.


Malboro from Final Fantasy

If you can take down a Malboro with ease, you’re ready to take down anything a Final Fantasy game can throw at you. Known for their devastatingly “Bad Breath,” Malboros are nasty tentacle-covered beasts that spit nasty fumes that can inflict anywhere from half a dozen to thirteen status effects depending on the game. One wrong move and suddenly your whole crew is asleep, petrified, or scrambling to defeat the Malboro before the Doom clock ticks down to zero.

Unfortunately, the same skill that makes a Malboro so deadly is often available to learn as a blue magic skill that could instantly make a blue mage like Quistis or Kihmari substantially more powerful or even just more efficient to level grind with. Facing down against the big nasty beast featured in this high res image was often a fight you could avoid until late in the game, but the ability to inflict a dozen nasty debuffs in one shot is tough to resist.


Philosoraptor Final Fantasy Meme

This philosoraptor poses the real question: if it’s a Final Fantasy, why are there so many of them? The series is almost two dozen titles deep now, when you count five different sequels and the likes of Tactics, but the name persists. There was a time you could argue each game was the own individual “final” fantasy of that particular universe, but now we’ve got Crisis Core, Final Fantasy X-II, and the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy to dispute that.

Even series director Hironobu Sakaguchi and famed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu don’t seem to agree on the reason. Sakaguchi has long said the name comes from his thought that it would be his last game before returning to college, while Uematsu claims it was because the team thought it would be the last game Square completed before the company went bankrupt. No matter the reason, we’re glad both of them were wrong. Here’s to another 30 years!


Final Fantasy VII Turks McDonald's Alignment Chart

We’re lovin’ it. For those who have managed to miss this particular meme so far, the idea is to take your favorite media and work out who would be the responsible parent and pass on spending money on fast food when you have fresh groceries, who would be hollering for a Happy Meal from the backseat, and who would commit the ultimate cruelty of driving into the drive thru just to order themselves a single beverage before taking off.

We might put Vincent Valentine between the “orders one cup of black coffee” and “we have food at home” axes, or potentially swap Reeve and Elena. Sure, Elena is eager to prove herself to the rough and tumble men of the Turks, but she’s still fairly young. There must still be some part of her that’s itching to get some delicious food of questionable quality on the company dime. All in all, though, this meme does an excellent job.



Final Fantasy has a complicated US release history in its early years, marked by a few confusing names and renames and rereleases of the early few games in the series. The most notable among these is Final Fantasy IV, initially released in the United States as Final Fantasy III to maintain consistency with the only two other Final Fantasy titles that had been released in the US previously.

Playing or even just acknowledging the games in the “correct” order based on the Japanese release date has always been a point of pride for many hard core Final Fantasy fans. This take on the hipster cat meme offers a fun twist, suggesting the original Final Fantasy III release of FFIV means they beat it “before it was cool.” There are some die hard fans who would undoubtedly beg to differ, but this meme is still a fun way to undercut the conversations that surrounded the early games in the series back in the days before the “real” versions started getting ported to the PlayStation.


Quina and Vivi Marriage From Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX has one of the strongest supporting casts of any game in the series, but none is as delightful or as underrated as the enigmatic Quina Quen. One of the genderless, ravenous Qu, Quina joins your party as the game’s Blue Mage and quickly endears themselves with an endless appetite for tasty frogs and monsters that can teach them devastating Blue Magic spells.

Late in the game, in order to pass through the town of Conde Petie, Zidane and Dagger are forced to “get married.” You have the option to suggest Vivi and Quina tie the knot too, and though the optional cutscene is short, it’s genuinely cute. Quina seems sincerely happy, and honestly, when given the choice between a controlling, sparkly vampire and a nosy werewolf who can’t mind his own business, who wouldn’t want to marry a sweet, sincere young Black Mage instead?


Lumina from Final Fantasy XIII-3

Lumina, the mysterious trickster who helps and hinders Lightning in equal measure in Final Fantasy XIII-3, is known as much for her mischievous nature as she is for her suspicious resemblance to the Farron sisters. She spends most of Lightning Returns sowing seeds of distrust and Chaos through Nova Chrysalis — kind of like pulling on the pigtails of someone you want to make pay attention to you, but with monsters and the impending end of the world.

This “texts from last night” mash-up meme perfectly captures Lumina’s troublemaker nature. Surprisingly, “stealing dogs” is pretty tame behavior in the grand scheme of Lumina’s actions in Lightning Returns, including attempting to get Lightning to kill one of her dear friends when they transform into a monstrous Cie’th. Lumina’s got a good heart buried under it all, though. She’d probably give those pets back in the end!


Salt Bae Manderville Dance from Final Fantasy XIV

The Manderville Dance is a cute grooving emote in Final Fantasy XIV, and has no place in a boss battle unless you’re positive your party can burn through it with minimal effort! This meme is a little dated since cleric stance has shuffled the magic coil, but who can forget the frustration of being in the heat of battle at full health and looking over to see your healer doing a joyful little wiggle.

There are plenty of reasons for a healer not to switch to DPS right away, of course. More enemies have spawned and the party is about to get swamped. A big attack is just a turn or two away and you’ve got to be ready to heal at a moment’s notice. The Manderville Dance isn’t exactly a short emote, though. Think twice about firing it up in a fight!


Drew Carey Final Fantasy Meme

Five hundred points for this meme! Drew Carey’s got one thing right: if you’re playing a Final Fantasy game, you’re going to see some pretty incredible hairstyles. From the famous — Cloud Strife — to the truly outrageous — Seymour from Final Fantasy X — Square Enix’s most famous franchise is as famous for its high-flying locks as it is its incredible games.

Gravity-defying haircuts have been a hallmark of the series since the beginning, but the games’ improving graphics haven’t made the haircuts any more down to earth. Selphie Tilmitt’s aggressive side flips are one of the more egregious examples from the “modern” era of Final Fantasy games, but Noctis’ cowlicks are looking suspiciously upright there too. As silly as some of these haircuts are, though, you can’t deny they’re part of any Final Fantasy’s visual charm.


Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII L'Oreal Meme

Speaking of glamorous hair, here’s one of the most famous hairstyles in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise. There are few characters in the franchise who deserve to be a poster model for L’Oreal haircare as much as Sephiroth does. Sephiroth is known as much for his long, luscious locks as he is for the destruction of Nibelheim, and certainly such high maintenance hair demands some high quality hair products. At the very least he’d need some L’Oreal damage-erasing balm to repair the heat damage from the Nibelheim fires.

He certainly would be a controversial spokesperson. Sure, he’s a murderer devoted to worshiping an equally sinister space alien, but maybe he could get some credit for at least appreciating proper grooming? Would Jenova be a helicopter mom on the commercial sets? In the end, given the destruction Sephiroth wreaked across Gaia in Jenova’s name, L’Oreal probably dodged a bullet by not being able to sign him.


Tidus and Yojimbo From Final Fantasy X Meme

Final Fantasy X is full of reasons to grind. AP grinding, sphere grinding, blue magic grinding, and perhaps most importantly, grinding for gil. Who didn’t spend hours powering through enemies and selling off every spare item you could to have enough money to enter into into negotiations with Yojimbo? Getting this summon on your side was a tricky process of negotiations and counter negotiations, where a single wrong answer or misplaced gil could ruin things entirely.

Tidus probably had a tough time justifying the almost two hundred thousand gil it takes to get to even recruit Yojimbo in the first place, much less the amount of gil you had to keep on hand to make good use of him as a summon. Still, the pleased as punch look on his face in this meme is the same face we’d be making if we had a dog as cool as Daigoro on our side.


Balthier from Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII doesn’t get enough credit, thanks in large part to its unusual battle system, but it does have some of the most charismatic characters in the franchise. Case in point, the handsome pirate Balthier, whose cocky, flirtatious exterior hides a fiercely loyal warrior. Balthier blends the roguishness of Han Solo with the glam rock attitude of David Bowie, and this meme perfectly captures his devil may care charm.

This is a cheesy pick-up line for sure, but Balthier is exactly the kind of man who would give it a shot and one of the few people who could actually pull it off. Though romance isn’t as much of a feature in Final Fantasy XII as other games in the series, Balthier still has plenty of playful playboy moments — this meme wouldn’t be out of place at all in The Zodiac Age HD remake. And Balthier is even more handsome than ever in it!


Tidus and Wakka from Final Fantasy X

Minigames and side quests are a common occurrence in any Final Fantasy game, but there is perhaps no minigame more infuriating in the entire franchise than being required to play blitzball to progress the game in Final Fantasy X. You can at least level grind to defeat a boss, or even to save up enough gil to get rare aeons like Yojimbo, but putting together a solid team for blitzball involves traversing the world to recruit players you may not just stumble across in regular gameplay.

Blitzball is a huge part of Spira’s culture, to the point where a casual cheering gesture from its past becomes a gesture of prayer in its future. It’s easy to see why it would be so important to Tidus and Wakka to play in the big tournament in Luca. From a player perspective, though, blitzball is an infuriating and unreasonably tricky distraction. We’d rather go back to dodging those lightning bolts on the Thunder Plains.


South Park Final Fantasy VIII Guardian Forces Meme

The junction system is one of the most game-breaking and, as a result, mot maligned magic systems in Final Fantasy history. Anyone with a little patience can level grind and magic refine their way to insanely high stat boosts early on in the game, thanks to Final Fantasy VIII’s version of summons, Guardian Forces. But as this riff on a South Park-inspired meme says, bad GF management can make for rough play late in the game.

If you’re not paying close attention to what abilities your GF are learning, you can get to the end of the game without some of the most useful skills, including the ability to make yourself wildly overpowered with the likes of Card Mod, magic refine skills, and junctions like Vit-J that boost your HP. Made it all the way to Time Compression without any magic refine and junction abilities? You’re gonna have a bad time.


Auron from Final Fantasy X

Lulu had the goth girl style on lock in Final Fantasy X, it was the brooding Auron who wound up being the dramatic one in the party. As Tidus’ stern mentor, Auron spends much of the game trying to keep him focused on his real mission — defeating Sin. Though he does occasionally show a softer side, Auron never quite lets go of his troubled past or tough exterior.

“Die and be free of pain” is pretty hardcore, but we’re sure you immediately had a friend come to mind with this one. Granted, Auron does have good reason to have such a grim outlook on life. As one of the few people on Spira privy to the truths of Sin, Yevon, and Tidus’ eventual fate, Auron carries an emotional burden almost as heavy as Yuna’s. Tag your serious friends in this one, but make sure you ask how they’re doing, too!


Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII

From Setzer to Selphie, Slots have been a Limit Break staple in Final Fantasy for decades. Most slots results are harmless at best, but as this meme demonstrates, when a slot goes bad, it can be devastating. Selphie’s Slots ability is probably the most helpful, delivering a spell and the number of times it will be cast, but Cait Sith’s Slots delivered all the danger of Selzer’s debuff slot options with the added anxiety of Final Fantasy VII’s inconsistent save points.

A good spin might get you the healing Mog Dance, but the worst spin might get you Death Joker, an instant KO to your party that — if you’ve been away from the world map and without a save point for a while — could lose you a devastating amount of game progress by forcing you to reload from your last save. Ouch!


Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII Meme

Final Fantasy VIII was the first game to introduce the internet as commonplace in the Final Fantasy franchise, and train-loving, festival-planning Selphie Tilmitt was the series’ first true social media pioneer. Even her name was a harbinger of social media changes to come! Selphie uses the Garden Network for her personal and scholarly pursuits, setting up a site to coordinate the Garden Festival and launching her own Laguna Liore fanpage.

We know that if Square-Enix ever developed a Final Fantasy VIII reboot, selfies for Selphie would have to be the first big addition. Adding a few more social media side quests might be fun too. A livestream of the battle against X-ATM092 Black Widow robot would go viral in a hot second. Don’t forget to monetize it, Selphie!


Final Fantasy VII Deadpool Meme

After 21 years, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: Square-Enix has finally announced the long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII! There’s no official release date yet, but screenshots of updated graphics and rumors about a potential 2018 drop date have fans worldwide scrambling to get emotionally prepared for a return to the Planet.

As this meme demonstrates, though, fans who have gotten used to the substantially better graphics of Advent Children or Dirge of Cerberus may find themselves in for a shock when they boot up Final Fantasy VII again. Though there is a certain charm to the Popeye-ish proportions, this meme is right about one thing: the relatively higher quality graphics of later games (okay, maybe not Final Fantasy VIII) may make VII hard to replay for folks looking to revisit it before the remake finally drops.


Cloud Strife Zack Fair Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII Chart

This is one of the most important alignment charts to rise to the top of the alignment chart meme heap: the timeless, succinct Wake Me Up alignment. Where do you fall on this straightforward scale? Are you more of an upbeat Wham! aficionado like Zack Fair, an introspective Green Day-loving loner like Cloud Strife, or a fan of mournful vocals punctuated by driving, fiery beats like Sephiroth here?

Sure this meme is a little silly, but we feel confident in its accuracy. Zack is precisely the type of positive go-getter to enjoy a cheery bop like Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. As for Sephiroth, go take a look at Fanfiction.net. There’s no way there aren’t at least a dozen increasingly dramatic songfics focusing on Sephiroth’s troubled past set to this exact song. No judgment here — just the facts.


Hope Estheim Final Fantasy XIII Inigo Montoya Quote

Poor Hope. From losing his family to finding himself under a god’s sway, he’s had a rough time of it through Final Fantasy XIII. This mash-up meme invokes Inigo Montoya of The Princess Bride fame to explain Hope’s motivation throughout the series. Nora Estheim is a troubled figure in her own right — a beleaguered mother and wife to an absent husband, she does her best to provide for Hope no matter how frustrated he gets with his father.

After her death, Hope finds himself in much the same position as Inigo: consumed by his need for revenge, with little idea how to exact it and no idea what he’ll do with himself after he does. Ultimately, thanks in large part to Lightning, Hope is able to come to terms with what happened and, like Inigo himself, help defeat multiple manipulative villains to honor her memory and sacrifice.


Spongebob Knights of the Round Final Fantasy VII Meme

If you ever bump into this guy, trust that you’re dealing with one tough customer. Emerald Weapon is one of the most difficult bosses in Final Fantasy VII, and defeating it without the Knights of the Round materia requires a truly outrageous amount of grinding to make sure your other materia and limit breaks are up to snuff.

Knights of the Round is the most powerful summon materia in Final Fantasy VII, hands down. It costs a whopping 250 MP, but players get their money’s worth. Thirteen knights appear for thirteen separate attacks that can deal almost 130,000 damage in a single summon. A summon like that would be absolutely vital to making it out of a battle against Emerald Weapon unscathed. If this Bikini Bottom denizen from Spongebob Squarepants really pulled it off, he’s definitely entitled to bragging rights.


Noctis Prompto Final Fantasy XV Road Trip Meme

Last but not least comes one of the most viral Final Fantasy memes of recent history: the Final Fantasy XV road trip. The trailer for Final Fantasy XV featured Noctis and the lads rolling down the highway in a sweet ride, and inspired a meme so popular that Square-Enix even released visual assets to help meme makers take their craft to the next level. This particular example features the guys perusing a drive-through menu to get some travel snackage, but there are plenty of hilarious variations on the theme.

You can see Noctis and company rolling through the Shire as Bilbo Baggins chases them down, coasting through the Australian Outback with Crocodile Dundee, or even taking a chance in Mario Kart against their memetic rival Luigi. This meme is still going strong through the official assets and even through original fanart, and perfectly captures the passion for Final Fantasy that has made the series such a lasting success for the last 30 years. Here’s to 30 more!

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Ron Frenz’s Thor Cover Tributes to Jack Kirby

Ron Frenz’s Thor Cover Tributes to Jack Kirby

In I Can’t Cover What I Am, I spotlight a collection of comic book covers (of at least ten covers) that follow a specific theme.

Ron Frenz’s early years at Marvel were interesting. He first really to people’s attention when he was doing licensed work on Marvel’s Lucasfilm comic book series, The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Star Wars, in particular, really made saw Frenz shine, when he took over the series in 1983 with writer Jo Duffy (right when Return of the Jedi was on everyone’s mind). Working with legendary comic book inker Tom Palmer, Frenz did breakdowns and Palmer did finishes and they were truly dynamite. They excelled at the likenesses of the main characters, but not in that ridiculous way that you sometimes see artists do nowadays where it looks like they just digitally altered the literal still of the character from the film into the work. This was just traditional likeness work (Palmer has always been AMAZING with likenesses, so that was no surprise, but Frenz was still fairly new to Marvel – he only started working there in 1982, so he was the bigger revelation). I really dug Cynthia Martin’s work following Frenz (Duffy’s run on the book, in general, was excellent) but she went in a whole other direction than Frenz.

Then Frenz, of course, followed up John Romita Jr. on Amazing Spider-Man, right when Tom DeFalco took over from Roger Stern. The whole bit about Star Wars is important to note if only because it puts into context how good Frenz is at likenesses, which works with licensed characters but also works when he decided to try to do a Steve Ditko vibe with his work on Amazing Spider-Man. It was this really cool modern day spin on Ditko’s early Spider-Man. Modern enough to work for current audiences, but enough Ditko there to really be a throwback, as well. Really outstanding stuff.

So then DeFalco and Frenz end their Spider-Man run and they eventually move over to Thor. Thor, of course, is one of Jack Kirby’s two main series from the Silver Age. The two substantial Marvel runs that meant the most to him (Captain America obviously meant a lot to Kirby as a character and the Inhumans were very important to Kirby, as well, as was the Silver Surfer, but his two most iconic runs at Marvel were clearly Fantastic Four and Thor).

When Frenz and DeFalco took over Thor, they were following in the footsteps of the OTHER most iconic Thor run, Walter Simonson’s stint on the book. Simonson had also went back to Kirby’s run a LOT on this run, but he did it in a much different fashion than DeFalco and Frenz. DeFalco and Frenz decided to do the Ditko thing I mentioned before – bring that Kirby style directly to the late 1980s.

What Frenz did, though, was much more than just draw in the Kirby style. He intentionally worked in lots of actual Kirby panels into his stories. This, to me, is different from the common idea of “swiping,” where an artist uses another artist’s work to fill in for their own storytelling. Storytelling has never been a problem for Ron Frenz. The dude can clearly tell a story really well. He doesn’t need to look to Jack Kirby to know how to lay out a panel. No, here, it was MEANT to be clear that he was working Kirby panels into his stories. It was a giant homage to Kirby.

Here is an example. First a Kirby panel and then a Frenz/DeFalco panel…

Frenz got teased about it a lot at the time…

Now, feel free to dislike what he and DeFalco were going for, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t think it really fits the traditional negative view of “swiping.” It’s not like that dude who chopped up Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 into nearly all of his panels for a Ghost Rider/Wolverine team-up. This was a clear homage going on. Everything was above board.

The Kirby tributes continued with the covers. My buddy Chad Nevett wanted me to write about the covers, so here you are…

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Captain America: 15 Dark Secrets Disney Doesn’t Want MCU Fans To Know

Captain America: 15 Dark Secrets Disney Doesn’t Want MCU Fans To Know

Captain America is Marvel’s Golden Boy, and the popularity he has brought to the Avengers is something Disney does not want to lose. But behind the winning smiles, the heroism, the chivalry, and the All-American attitude is a comic book hero with a dark secrets that Disney would love to keep hidden. Steve Rogers may be the inspiring leader of the Avengers, but he has not always been the most stand-up guy. He was introduced as a piece of war propaganda, and his comics were meant to be cancelled soon after. When the war ended, Captain America kept going, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t quite a few bumps along the way.

Hopefully Disney and Marvel stick to the Captain America we have come to love (even though the comics are still going rogue, on occasion). With Disney’s move toward progressive media and inclusion, a racist Captain America, or a drug-addled Steve Rogers, or a literal Swastika shield, are things no kid wants to see. Just imagine meeting Captain America at Disneyland, only to realize he is a complete sham, with dark secrets hidden in his past and a racist attitude to boot. No thanks. If you thought Captain America was all hero, all the time, prepare for an unwelcome truth.


Captain America is always there to save the day, save his friends, and save America. Well, not always. In the recent Captain America story arc “Secret Empire”, it is revealed that Captain America is not who we thought he was. In a flashback, distraught fans of the First Avenger learned that he was recruited to Hydra at a young age, and had been a sleeper agent for the organization the entire time the world regarded him as one of Earth’s greatest heroes.

Fans and comic book characters were equally outraged, but luckily for everyone, comics are always changing. Due to some confusing timelines and some Cosmic Cube action, it turns out that Hydra Cap wasn’t our Cap at all (obviously). Still, the dark stain of Hydra Cap is a time most fans would like to forget, and a storyline that the MCU will likely avoid, hopefully forever.


Everyone knows Captain America and Bucky Barnes, but Bucky was not Captain America’s only sidekick. In fact, there was not only one Bucky, either, but that’s a Marvel mess for another day. Throughout the course of his comics career, he has also teamed up with the All-American duo, Jack Flag and Free Spirit.

Besides being nauseatingly full of American Pride and covered in the most tacky stars and stripes outfits ever seen, Jack Flag was a well-loved character and one of Cap’s best friends.

Unfortunately for Jack, comics get dark, and bad things happen to good heroes. Captain America recently decided it would be in his best interest to toss his friend and sidekick out of a moving plane. The “Hail Hydra” he uttered after attempting to murder Jack was a telling clue to the Hydra Cap timeline that was about to ensue.


When Captain America was first introduced, he was in constant battle with his eternal arch-enemy, Red Skull. After battling Red Skull over and over, all over the world in in all sorts of weird scenarios, the writers were pushed toward stranger and stranger means of keeping Cap fresh and interesting. Marvel might have gone too far, though, when they literally sent Captain America to Hell.

He didn’t deserve it, he was a pretty good guy and a great hero, but down he went anyway, with Red Skull close behind. He was forced to decide whether to murder Red Skull or remain in Hell forever. Even though Captain America likes to think he saves killing for the last resort, he didn’t waste any time making sure he could get back to his heroic life on Earth.


Captain America, or Steve Rogers rather, and Peggy Carter is the Marvel love story of a lifetime. Though time, circumstance, and some seriously weird comic book events kept them apart, they are still the OTP of the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately, Steve is not the devoted boyfriend he is usually made out to be. In the MCU, we meet his new love interest, and she happens to be related to his long lost love, though at least far enough removed to give him a bit of a break.

Before that, though, Steve met Peggy’s sister in the comics, and he managed to date both women at once.

He didn’t want to hurt their feelings, but that is a tired excuse. Luckily future comics and the MCU have managed to make things a little less creepy, but Steve still gets a mark on his dating record for bouncing between broads.


Fans of Marvel comics and the MCU know that Captain America and Black Widow are good friends. They aren’t just co-workers in the Avengers together, but they really get along. Sometimes, they are even a little more than friends. Unfortunately for Natasha, cozying up to Cap is a dangerous game. In the Captain America comics, it was foretold that Miles Morales would have to kill Captain America (he was having an issue with the Cosmic Cube, but no one knew it at the time).

Black Widow didn’t want to kill her friend, but she was more on board with the idea of dispatching the evil Cap than some of the other Avengers. She was also concerned with saving Miles, because she didn’t want the teen to have a murder on his hands. She tried to save Miles, but she was too late to avoid a killing blow from Cap’s shield.


Captain America was born of war propaganda, and when the war ended, Marvel had to re-evaluate what it meant to be Captain America. They jumped on the next war-like scenario they found…the Red Scare. Most fans (and Marvel) try to forget this era in Captain America’s history, because the resurgence of Captain America, the Commie Smasher, is not a thing the world needs.

Like the Red Scare itself, the point and scope of these Captain America adventures was vague and reactionary.

He led racist tirades against people based on their race, culture, and political beliefs in the name of Justice and Peace and the United States of America, but in retrospect, these outdated Captain America comics were just mistakes rooted in the misplaced fear and xenophobia of the time.


The “Civil War” storyline in the MCU seems a lot less dark and serious than it was in the comics. There is still time for things to get much worse, but some parts of the Civil War timeline might be too dark for Captain America fans to want to revisit on the big screen. In “Civil War”, Captain America goes against the Avengers, standing up for what he views as necessary rights instead of helping his teammates enforce new laws.

It is not completely Cap’s fault that everything got so out of control, but his beliefs and actions are the true root of the contention behind “Civil War”. Eventually, Captain America regrets the rift he has caused between the Avengers and turns himself in, but even his surrender can’t save him from a dark fate at the end of “Civil War”.


Captain America was born of propaganda, and it occasionally leads him to some strange political platforms, like when he witnessed (and did nothing to prevent) the death of Richard Nixon. Captain America has met presidents before, so it’s not the office he hates, it’s just Nixon. He shook Bill Clinton’s hand, but Nixon, he tracked down and watched him die.

Captain America was battling an organization called the Secret Empire (some dangerous foreshadowing) which was set on nuclear warfare.

Cap defeated the grunts, but their leader, Number One, got away. Cap chased him to the Oval Office, where it was revealed in a roundabout way that he was definitely President Nixon. He ended up shooting himself, and Captain America just stood over him and watched. Captain America let his political beliefs go too far, and Disney endorsing this hyper-political Cap is not likely.


Fans were outraged by Hydra Cap, because he worked for the organization that he had fought since the beginning, the organization that is a direct representation of the Nazi party. Unfortunately, that is not even the darkest secret Cap is harboring regarding the Third Reich. For a man who has literally punched Hitler in the face, no one would expect Captain America to fight for the ideals of the mustachioed dictator.

If you find the right comics, though, the image of Captain America wielding a familiar shield with a very unwelcome Swastika addition will be burned into your ind forever. Captain America is the epitome of American ideals, and burying this time in his life is the right thing to do. No one wants to see Cap saluting Hitler ever again, especially Disney exces, as Disney has a dark past with Nazi propaganda itself.


Captain America may have been the “First Avenger” but he was not always an Avenger at all. He has quit the cowl, twice in fact, in favor of going solo. Unlike Justin Timberlake, Steve on his own was not a hit. First, he quit being Captain America after he watched Richard Nixon die, because he was so disappointed and fatigued by politics.

He quit a second time, later on, and was replaced with someone who ended up being the exact opposite of what Captain America is meant to represent.

John Walker was skilled and trained by Taskmaster in the style of Captain America, and he even carried a shield. What he lacked, however, was the American spirit that Cap embodied, and he ended up being violent and murdering someone with his bare hands. Luckily, Captain America always came back, but who knows when he will quit again.


Captain America was the First Avenger, and most fans think he has always been an Avenger but Captain America sowed his wild oats like everyone else. When he was tired of the downfall of US politics, and scarred after watching Richard Nixon commit suicide, he decided to let Captain America die. That was not the end of his story, though, and a new hero rose from the ashes of Captain America.

Cap ditched his shield for a cape, and became Nomad, a yellow and black caped vigilante that totally has nothing to do with any DC hero, we promise….Steve has a tough time leading a vigilante life away from his signature stars and stripes. He literally trips over his own cape. Steve returns to his role as Captain America after only a few issues, but Disney probably isn’t interested in a disillusioned, lost Captain America.


Captain America has been lovingly known as The First Avenger for a long time, and it is used throughout the MCU and, more importantly, Disney and Marvel’s marketing materials. The idea of Cap being the original instigator of the Avengers is integral to his story, and adds to his heroic personality. Unfortunately, it is all a lie, disguised by years of comics erasing the real truth.

Captain America is not the First Avenger at all, he isn’t even one of the original Avengers. 

The original line up consisted of Iron Man, Ant-Man, the Wasp, Thor and the Hulk. Captain America was retroactively declared a founding member, and he pushed Hulk out of the way to do it. Captain America might be one of the most inspirational leaders of the Avengers, but he wasn’t there in the beginning, no matter what Marvel wants us to believe.


captain america meth

Captain America, in the MCU, is shown giving upbeat Public Service Announcements to schools in the United States, which seems like the perfect job for him. He is always polite and chivalrous, even when it comes to saving the day. He even admonished the other Avengers for their language! For most fans of Captain America, it is hard to imagine him doing anything wrong. Everyone has dark secrets, though, and Cap is no exception.

In the comics, he once did a lot of meth, and he had a pretty wild time. In a single-handed attack on drugs (because that sounds like a great idea) Cap decided to blow up a meth lab. Unfortunately, they were making super meth, which is apparently different than regular meth, and it fused with Cap’s Super Soldier blood. He made a mess and a lot of chicken noises, but he was alright in the end.



There still might be a chance to add to the “Civil War” storyline in the MCU, but it is unlikely that Marvel and Disney would decide to include the truth about the end of “Civil War”. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers don’t make up and stay friends, despite their political differences. Steve does end up turning himself in and surrendering to his crimes, despite his disagreement with his friends’ militant attitude toward the new laws, but the story doesn’t end there.

Captain America is brutally murdered, in one of the most emotionally deaths in the history of Marvel Comics.

His assassination was on the orders of his arch-enemy, red Skull, but in a final, devastating blow, the killing shot was delivered by a brainwashed (and pregnant) Sharon Carter.


Captain America is always polite, but he is not always “politically correct”, to put it lightly. He embodies everything America is, and in some of the older comics, that includes the absolute worst parts of American racism and xenophobia. Besides the awful experience that was Captain Swastika, Steve Rogers had some even more questionable moments throughout his comics career.

Like your racist grandpa, Captain America was popular in a much different time, where racial slurs were overlooked and racist tirades were a joke. These days, insulting people for their race and culture in comics is something people should strive to avoid, and that includes Disney. With a checkered racist past of their own, Disney should steer far away from the days of racist Captain America.

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15 Crazy Messages Hidden In Popular Comics

15 Crazy Messages Hidden In Popular Comics

Throughout comic book history, comic book companies have generally placed a high priority on keeping their comic books acceptable to a wide audience. As a result, there have been certain codes of conduct (even before the establishment of the official Comics Code) that kept creators from expressing themselves freely in their work. As a result, some creators chose to go a different direction and work hidden messages into their comic book stories.

Quite often, these hidden messages were benign (Jim Aparo hiding hints to who Batman was going to team-up with in the next issue of issues of The Brave and the Bold, Todd McFarlane hiding Felix the Cat in his work and Jim Balent hiding cats on the covers of Catwoman) but other times, these hidden messages proved controversial. Sometimes these hidden messages were approved by the other people working on the issue and sometimes the artists involved just went completely rogue. Here, we will take a look at 15 of the most controversial hidden messages in superhero comic book history.


After Tom DeFalco was removed as Editor-in-Chief of Marvel in 1994, Marvel briefly tried a system where they would have five Editors-in-Chief, each responsible for one part of the company. Bob Harras, already in charge of the X-Men titles, became the Editor-in-Chief of the X-books. When the Editors-in-Chief idea was abandoned, Harras was chosen as the new full-time Editor-in-Chief.

Harras helped guide Marvel through some difficult times before was replaced in 2000. Longtime inker Al Milgrom must not have been a fan, because in 2001’s Universe X: Spidey, Milgrom hid in the background a message about how pleased he was to learn that Harras had been removed as Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief. Milgrom lost his staff job, but he was allowed to continue to freelance on Marvel titles.


In 2017, Marvel launched two new X-Men titles, X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold, each spotlighting a different X-Men team (with X-Men Gold featuring the more traditional X-Men, now led by Kitty Pryde and X-Men Blue featuring the time-displaced original five X-Men, now led by Magneto). This was part of their dedication to spending more effort developing the X-Men side of the Marvel Universe.

In the first issue of X-Men Gold, however, artist Ardian Syaf hid references to a section of the Quran, QS 5:51, which had been interpreted by some people in Syaf’s home of Indonesia to mean that Muslims should not have Christians of Jews lead them (in other words, to then vote out the Christina governor of Jakarta). Marvel reprinted the issue without the hidden references and fired Syaf.


In the mid-1970s, star writer/artist Jim Starlin had become disillusioned with Marvel Comics. He had recently taken control of a feature starring Adam Warlock that would revive enough interest that Marvel took his old series out of mothballs for Starlin to handle (after Starlin began telling stories with Warlock in Strange Tales) and he used the feature to vent a little.

In Strange Tales #181, Warlock is accosted by two clowns (who are stand-ins for Stan Lee and Marvel’s Art Director, John Romita) who tried to force Warlock to be homogenized to be like every other Marvel hero. He fights back, while also seeing Lee and Romita torture the then-outgoing Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Roy Thomas. Starlin then compared his work on Warlock to a diamond hidden at the pile of a mountain of human refuse. Gross.


In the late 1970s, one of Marvel’s top writers was Steve Gerber, who created the breakout comedy character, Howard the Duck. Gerber, though, ended up leaving Marvel following a legal dispute over the rights to Howard the Duck. Before he left Marvel, Gerber gave a couple of interviews where he complained about Marvel and also about popular culture in general, including the state of children’s animation.

Gerber then went into work in children’s animation himself. Jim Shooter decided to roast Gerber in Secret Wars II by basing a supervillain (Thundersword) on Gerber, showing a liberal animation writer who, once given superpowers by the Beyonder, proves himself to be a hypocrite who decries violence but then is violent himself (basically Shooter’s criticism of Gerber, who complained about violence in kids’ shows in the 1970s but then wrote G.I. Joe, one of the most violent kids show around, in the 1980s).


A year later, it was Jim Shooter himself who was the subject of roasting in the pages of DC’s follow-up crossover event to Crisis on Infinite Earths, Legends. People often attribute the joke here to John Byrne due to his disagreements with Shooter over the years, but Byrne was strictly the artist on Legends, so whoever came up with the joke, it wasn’t Byrne. It was either the plotter of the series (John Ostrander) the scripter (Len Wein) or perhaps the editor (Mike Gold).

In any event, Guy Gardner runs into a supervillain clearly based on Jim Shooter, including the fact that he has what looks to be the Star Brand and he is babbling about how powerful he is and how he just wants to create a new universe (Shooter had then just recently launched the “New Universe” at Marvel Comics, a line of superhero comics set in a different reality than the Marvel Universe).


Even before there were such a thing as comic books, there were plenty of popular comic strips in the United States and a number of these strips were adventure strips. Drawing a daily adventure strip was a total grind and due to deadlines, most artists just copied from the most popular artists in the field. The two most copied artists of the era were Hal Foster and Alex Raymond. When comic books started, a lot of comic book artists did the same (Bob Kane swiped from both Foster and Raymond in early Batman stories).

The idea of artists copying other artists’ work for their own continued into the 1990s. Uncanny X-Men artist, Joe Madureira, though, was not a fan of when fellow X-Men artist Roger Cruz began swiping Madureira’s work, so he wrote in a headline into Uncanny X-Men #325 calling Cruz out for swiping.


In most of the instances on this list, the hidden messages were at least intentional. An artist or a writer decided to include them in the story for whatever reason. That’s what makes the hidden messages in Captain America #602 so frustrating for the writer of that issue. In the story arc, Bucky Barnes (then Captain America) and Sam Wilson (then Falcon) went undercover into a new political party.

Writer Ed Brubaker intentionally avoided explicitly connecting the people in the group to the Tea Party (the group now known as the “Freedom Caucus”), but the artist left the signs at the rally blank and the letterer of the comic just searched online for signs used in political rallies and threw in some common signs, thus inadvertently making the rally an explicit Tea Party rally. This freaked people out and Marvel apologized, before they edited the signs out in future printings.


For years, one of the things that Ethan Van Sciver used to get a kick out of (he might very well still do it now, but just hides it really well) is to hide imagery inside of his comics to amuse himself. One of the most famous examples of this was in New X-Men #118, early in Grant Morrison’s famed run on New X-Men.

Van Sciver tried to hide a certain three-letter word ending in X throughout the issue, as a sort of parody of the idea that people always seem to think that comics and cartoons are saying things subliminally. Well, here, he actually was! The editors caught a few of them and had them changed, but most pages of the comic still involve at least one hidden example of the word (look at the red letters on the two signs on the right in the first panel in the above image).


One of the interesting things about comic book writers working in insults against the rivals of whatever company that they are currently working on is that very often, comic book writers end up changing companies, at which point it is kind of awkward to look back at their older insults in their earlier work.

A good example would be J. Michael Straczynski, who worked for Marvel for most of the 2000s before leaving for DC Comics in 2009. In Amazing Spider-Man #516, he had the news report that Time-Warner’s stock went down because their comic book division (DC Comics) was disappointing. That’s one of the more overtly hostile hidden messages that you’ll find on this list (and one of the least hidden “hidden messages” on the list, as well).


Some of the earliest work that Alan Moore ever did in the world of comic books was for Marvel UK, Marvel’s comic book branch in England. Moore, though, objected to Marvel reprinting one of his stories in an American comic, claiming that British copyright was different and that they owed him more rights to his stories and the characters created in them. So he stopped working for Marvel.

Years later, they had seemed to work out a deal with Moore to reprint his Captain Britain stories into a trade paperback, but then ended up leaving off the proper credits in the published books (Marvel claimed that it was an accident), which irked Moore. So in the pages of his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, he included (in a section of “of the era” ads) an ad for Marvel Douche. DC refused to publish the issue with the insult, so they destroyed the print run of the issue and reprinted the comic with an altered version of the ad.


Magik of the New Mutants has the ability to teleport. She does her teleportation by going through the demonic dimension known as Limbo. Naturally, then, there have been many New Mutants stories that took place in Limbo, with the heroes getting stuck there for one reason or another.

During Zeb Wells’ run on New Mutants, he had the New Mutants get stuck in Limbo for a while and get caught up in war there. During the story, the demons speak their own language. Someone figured out the code for the language and when you translate, the demons are saying some rather offensive things (lots of profanity). It’s a clever way of hiding language in plain sight that would never be allowed in a Marvel superhero comic book.


In the history of comic books, nothing good has ever come out of a comic book being rushed to hit its deadline, like Wolverine #131, which ended up with a controversial “hidden” message in the comic due to the hurry behind its release. Brian K. Vaughan (early in his career) was brought in to script the issue after the original writer, Todd DeZago, left the series. He wrote in his script “the man named Sabretooth” or “the assassin named Sabretooth” and editor Mark Powers crossed it out and wrote “the killer named Sabretooth.”

The letterer thought the handwritten “killer” by Powers was the word “kike” and, not knowing that it was a slur, lettered it into the comic. Since the comic was behind schedule, the proofreading process was rushed through and the comic book was released into the stores with the slur included. It was recalled and pulped by Marvel.


A strange area in the life of a comic book series is when a comic book’s cancellation is announced but there are still a few comic books to be released before the book officially ends. These issues are odd, because everyone involved knows that the book is done, so they sort of just go through the motions. Often, the original artist will leave the series before the end to secure another gig on a different book.

That was the case with Weapon X, as the regular artist left the book before the end and artist Tom Mandrake filled in. In the final issue, someone wrote in a diary in a panel that, in effect, everyone involved in the book hated putting together the last few issues of the series.


During the famous “Demon in a Bottle” story arc, Tony Stark’s descent into alcoholism alienated the millionaire from those around him, including his longtime butler, Edwin Jarvis. In Iron Man #127, a drunk Tony berates Jarvis. This causes Jarvis to resign from Stark’s service at the end of the issue (while staying on as the butler for the Avengers).

The resignation letter, however, was an actual resignation letter that Dave Cockrum had given Marvel recently when he quit from his staff art position (he continued to work for Marvel, but only as a freelance artist). No one probably would have noticed had writer David Michelinie not apologized for the use of the letter a few issues later, noting that he didn’t do it and that he would make sure nothing like that happened again in the future.


In the 1970s, after selling Marvel Comics, Marvel’s former publisher, Martin Goodman, decided to get back into the comic book game with a line of comics called Atlas Comics from Seaboard Periodicals. This new company offered higher page rates than either Marvel or DC, but many artists were wary of going to work for a start-up company, feeling (rightly so, as it turned out) that the new company would ultimately fail.

So they mostly got either older artists and younger artists. One veteran artist, Mike Sekowsky, didn’t like working on Brute, a Hulk “inspired” series and he made his views known by drawing on the side of a plane in the issue a call sign that expressed his views of the comic book in general.

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Holy Bit: 15 Mind-Blowing Pieces Of Fan-Made Pixel Art

Holy Bit: 15 Mind-Blowing Pieces Of Fan-Made Pixel Art

With every year that passes, it feels as though love for retro gaming grows in popularity. Aside from the fact that the term itself is starting to include games that make many of us feel incredibly old, retro gaming has a genuine charm that wins over fans of all ages, even those that weren’t born when the games first found release. There’s a heavy dose of nostalgia involved in the resurgence of the 8-Bit era, but more than that, it’s a love of the pixelated aesthetic and brightly colored adventure that captures imaginations.

Once upon a time, whenever a new movie came out, there would be a video game to accompany it. From the early days of the NES, through to the Genesis and even the PlayStation, the catalog was filled with movie adaptations, spin-offs, and tie-ins. Of course, genuine 8-bit and 16-bit games largely ended long before a lot of modern pop culture properties took off, meaning that fans looking for pixelated versions of things like Stranger Things or any new superhero movies have had to either go without, or make them themselves. With that in mind, here at CBR, we’re pleased to bring you some of our favorite pieces of fan-made pixel art!


Every time a new superhero movie hits, there are a bunch of fans that would love to get a true video game adaptation. Sure, a lot of those old games sucked, but getting to play as your favorite on-screen characters has always been appealing, and throwing in pixelated graphics only sweetens the deal.

That’s why artist and designer ScrollBoss has created these awesome custom sprites for use in the M.U.G.E.N freeware fighting game. Black Panther, the Dora Milaje, and even Klaw are represented here, giving the fans that play the open source beat-em-up a chance to relive their favorite moments from one of this year’s hottest superhero properties. Scrollboss has developed sprites for a lot of pop-culture properties, and it’s the community that keeps that game alive, as well as giving fans a chance to see what the world would be like if these sorts of games were still being released.


With a strong gothic aesthetic and a cast of dozens upon dozens of iconic characters, Batman: The Animated Series has stood the test of time as not just one of the best adaptations of the Dark Knight, but one of the greatest animated TV shows of all time.

Behance artist RGZNSK  has taken it upon themselves to recreate as many of Batman’s rogue’s gallery as possible for this piece, ensuring that characters like Clayface, Mr Freeze and Two-Face — whose popularity soared after their appearances in the show — get the awesome 8-bit treatment. Aside from being instantly recognizable, you can clearly see the personalities shine through too, especially with the Joker and Batgirl. This pixelated artwork really shows just how much the odds are stacked against the Bat-Family, and yet they are always triumphant.


Being able to find great pixel artwork online is brilliant, and the growing fondness for the medium is only making it easier to get 8-bit versions of all your favorite characters. Just looking at these pieces of art only gets you so far though; wouldn’t it be great if you could actually play a game with these creations?

That’s why this piece, by the folks over at  Deadpool Nes, goes one step further. This project is slowly crafting a mod for the classic NES game Ninja Gaiden where, instead of the main protagonist of that series (Ryu Hayabusa), you play as that loveable killing machine Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. This rom hack is extensive and still a few months away from completion, but once it’s done it’ll be the closest thing to a real game you can find.


The Ghostbusters franchise went from cult hit to multifaceted phenomenon, with sequels, remakes, video games, cartoons and comic books helping to scratch the itch that fans have for the bustin’ that makes them feel good. The original movies have been around for long enough that there were plenty of games from the NES era and beyond that attempt to recreate the magic of the movies, with varying degrees of success.

Found on OKTotally, this image is from a series of pixelated scenes of classic movies, with this one recreating the moment when Ray, Egon and Peter first come across Slimer. This still is actually from a gif that captures the moment of… capture… really well. There’s something about the streams from the proton packs that come across really well in pixelated form, and while those retro games often don’t hold a candle to the movies, this makes us crave a fully pixelated remake.


Modern superhero movies seem perfect for a retro video game adaptation. Their bold cast of characters, iconic action scenes, and unforgettable soundtracks would make for some awesome pixelated recreations that you can play at home. These days the closest we get to blocky reimaginings of big-screen heroes is the Lego sets that accompany most of the movies, but a genuine video game would be a treat.

Deviantartist lustriouscharming has attempted to give us the next best thing, by recreating almost all of the major players from Marvel’s cinematic universe in pixel form. From the Avengers to the Guardians of the Galaxy and even the latest additions like Ant-Man and Black Panther, they are all here! This collection of characters seems perfect for an Avengers: Infinity War game that we’ll probably never get, but is one step closer to reality thanks to art like this.


If there’s a TV Show that is perfectly suited to the pixelated format, it’s definitely Stranger Things. The Netflix original is practically made for an 8-bit reimagining. The ‘80s-set series first made its debut in 2016, and since then it’s become a global hit, with the second season released last year and a third on its way.

This image from Pxlflx is just one of many adaptations you can find online, and in fact, there’s an official game of the show you can play, and it’s appropriately retro too. The second season of Stranger Things opened in an arcade, making video games a central part of the show — as they were in any kid’s life in the ‘80s — so having a game that looks exactly like the kind of thing the characters themselves would play immerses you in the show in whole new ways.


With the folks over at 8-Bit Cinema on the case, having to just imagine what most of your favorite movies would be like as a retro video game is a thing of the past. The YouTube channel regularly posts trailers and short films that look like they’re lifting snippets of gameplay from movie adaptations that don’t exist, like this one for Iron Man.

Taking their inspiration, appropriately enough, from the classic Mega Man games, this recreation of the first Iron Man movie is filled with cool moments, faithful recreations of some of the best scenes, and a fun sense of humor to boot. Let’s face it, Iron Man has a lot in common with Mega Man anyway, so taking cues from the latter to make a game for the former makes perfect sense, and it turned out great.


We’ve looked at a lot of franchises that perfectly suit the retro video game aesthetic, but what about those movies where an arcade adaptation isn’t the first thing you’d think of? Well, this image, taken from the final moments of 1999’s Fight Club is a good example of what can be achieved with the 8-bit form.

Looking like a cutscene from the end of a Fight Club Sega Genesis game, this image is a good reminder that not all video game adaptations were taken from kids movies or family-friendly blockbusters. The Nightmare on Elm Street horror franchise had a game, as did Aliens and even Cliffhanger. What’s next, the Godfather? Oh wait, that’s had one too. Also, Fight Club actually did have a video game adaptation made in 2004; it came out on PlayStation 2 and Xbox.


When you realize that A Nightmare on Elm Street had a video game release for the NES, suddenly this Hellraiser fan-art doesn’t seem so far-fetched. In fact, it was fairly common for films to get video-game adaptations as far back as the mid-’80s, so in another reality, this could have been made.

A lot of movies still get the video-game treatment, but these days a lot of them are consigned to iOS or Android apps. Still, some of the most classic movies have had adaptations made of them, from Scarface to The Thing, from Goldeneye to Ghostbusters. We’re not quite sure how a retro Hellraiser game would work — would you play as Pinhead, or is he the final boss? — but if this image is anything to go by, we’d love to find out.


Sometimes a piece of fan-art comes along that just makes you angry that it’s not real, like this piece from Baznet. Designed for a t-shirt, this mash-up of Doctor Who and the original Donkey Kong game would be a great way to waste a few hours (or days).

There have been a few Doctor Who games over the years, from side-scrollers to puzzle games, but never one like this. Taking its inspiration from Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, the Time Lord has to fend off as many Daleks as he can to rescue Amy Pond and get to the Tardis. As with any great fan-art, the best bits are in the details, like how the Hammer has been replaced with a Sonic Screwdriver, or how K-9 is patiently waiting at the bottom of the screen.


Sloth never looked so good. The Goonies, much like Stranger Things, is a movie almost custom-made for a video game adaptation, which is why it must have seemed like a perfect choice for artist Jude Buffum to recreate in a pixelated style. A crazy cast of kids that go on a wild adventure involving pirates and lost treasure is practically a game idea itself, so seeing this piece of art feels extremely satisfying.

Much like a lot of movies in the ‘80s, there actually was a video game based on The Goonies. Released in 1986 for the Famicom, The Goonies game was a platformer developed by Konami that was never officially sold in North America, but the game is a lot of fun. It even comes with a chiptune soundtrack lifted from the movie, namely Cyndi Lauper’s “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough.”


The Studio Ghibli movies are beautiful masterpieces of animated cinema, with almost every one of them becoming an instant classic. That’s true of Howl’s Moving Castle as well. Hayao Miyazaki’s 2004 film follows Sophie, a young woman cursed into aging prematurely, and her experiences with Howl, a wizard who opposes the ongoing war between the kingdoms.

Artist Richard J. Evans has faithfully recreated the titular moving castle in his pixelated artwork here, and you can practically feel the castle chugging along in the sky as it moves through the clouds. Evans has created pixelated versions of many Ghibli films, including Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbour Totoro. While designed predominantly as kids movies, the Studio Ghibli films always carry important messages and surprisingly adult themes about things like the importance of family and the savagery of war.


Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins’ Watchmen was and remains a seminal Graphic Novel that has redefined the mainstream opinion of comic books since its release in 1987. While a lot of creators in the decades since appear to have taken the wrong lessons away from the work, there’s no denying the power of Moore’s creation and its impact on the world of comics and literature.

This pixelated Rorschach manages to capture the quiet, imposing form of the character and remains as instantly iconic as the man himself. Of course, a video game adaptation of Watchmen would be the opposite of what Alan Moore would have wanted for the novel, seeing as he has been vocally opposed to any recreation or usage of his works for many years; but as fans, we can only imagine what a retro game would have been like.


While it seems redundant to recreate The Last of Us as a retro video game, seeing as it already is a video game, there’s something beautiful about this piece by Deviantartist Ben3555. The focus of the art is definitely on the vastness of the open world in front of Joel and Ellie, which manages to perfectly capture the sense that they have a long journey ahead of them. While it seems fairly idyllic now, we all know the dangers that are waiting for them.

Released in 2013, The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival horror game following Joel and Ellie as they make their way across an unforgiving post-apocalyptic wasteland. Joel is a smuggler tasked with escorting Ellie across a ravaged United States, avoiding the zombie-like plague victims along the way. The game received universal acclaim upon its release, and it remains a hit with fans even five years later.


Sometimes the best art is the most simple, as proven by artist Eric Palmer in his series of pixelated movie posters. This one, recreating the classic scene from Zack Snyder’s film 300, is a great example of a lot done with very little. The majority of the poster is blank space, but that only accentuates what we do get, which in this case is a “Mega-Manned” version of King Leonidas booting the emissary to the Persian King Xerxes off a ledge to fall to his death below.

The movie was released in 2006 and was an adaptation of Frank Miller’s 1998 graphic novel of the same name. Much like Sin City that came before it, 300 was highly stylized with CGI effects in order to faithfully recreate the look and feel of the original work.

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Sons of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter Breaks Down Return of Lucas Stand

Sons of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter Breaks Down Return of Lucas Stand

If Kurt Sutter is involved with a project in any medium, you can be sure it is going to be gritty and fast-paced. His success as a writer, director and producer on The Shield in the early 2000s gave him the opportunity to do his own show, and in 2008, Sons of Anarchy was born. Through seven seasons, the series about a fictional outlaw motorcycle club in California became one of the most watched shows in FX history.

S.O.A. made Sutter a major name in entertainment, and in 2013, he worked with BOOM! Studios to continue the tales of SAMCRO in comic books. While he didn’t personally write those books, his involvement in the series hooked him, and in 2016 his first original comic book series was released by BOOM!, Lucas Stand. The book followed the exploits of a time-traveling demon hunter and was co-written by Caitlin Kittredge (Coffin Hill) and illustrated by Jesus Hervas. He followed that with a fun miniseries about vengeful, gun-toting nuns titled Sisters of Sorrow, just last year.

RELATED: Sons of Anarchy Creator Returns to Comics with New Lucas Stand Series

If you got a chance to read the first volume of Lucas Stand, you will know it ended with the title character hellbent (pun intended) on revenge against the Tempter known Penemue. Well, Sutter and Kittredge are back with Hervás to make Stand’s life a living hell (sorry) once again, with the four-issue series Lucas Stand: Inner Demons, which debuted this week. CBR talked with Sutter about his latest adventures in comic book-making, and Lucas Stand: Inner Demons #1.

Lucas Stand: Inner Demons #1 cover by Adam Gorham

CBR: Most everything you’ve done, like Sons of Anarchy and The Bastard Executioner, have been reality-based. So, how come you went in a completely different direction with Lucas Stand?

Kurt Sutter: I try to exercise different creative muscles. It started out as a TV script, but the nuance of it was really hard to do in the serialization world, just because it wasn’t black and white. I love the idea of that supernatural component of heaven and hell, and demons and angels, and that it’s all different shades of grey. We’re never quite sure what side of the line we’re on.

It’s a difficult thing to do in TV where you tend to need to land an audience and be very clear, and things sort of have to be black and white. So, I just couldn’t figure out how to do it, and I was becoming educated on the comic book world with the S.O.A. project that BOOM! was doing. And much to my excitement, it really flourished in the medium. As a creator in TV, I get to create the rules but once the rules are established, I have to stick to those rules. Or if I break them I have to lead people into it. But in the graphic novel and comic book world, you can create the rules and then two issues later, break them all…o r reinvent characters. It’s such a bigger sandbox to play in.

What was co-writing this title with Caitlin Kittredge like?

Caitlin has been masterful at navigating all this and really honoring what I want to do tonally. She’s so good at having it be character driven, really have it be… like Lucas will get to the point where he just starts to heal some wounds or begins to feel some of that redemption that he desperately needs, and then we’ll turn it all upside down on him. So, it’s just been so much fun to play in a medium where we can do that so easily and so effectively.

It’s interesting that is started a concept for a TV show, because I was going to mention that BOOM! has a first-look deal with Fox, and then ask if you would like to adapt Lucas Stand to TV. So, how would you feel if it got optioned for TV now?

I think it’s a really interesting property and I think it’s a great character, but I think perhaps some of the same issues may still exist, in terms of why it was a struggle to do it the first time around. But I also feel like once a property has some legs and people see where it is and where it’s going, it’s easier to sell that nuance. But yeah, I try to stay involved in pretty much everything if it is my original idea. So yeah, of course, I’d open for them to explore that again. But it’s hard to predict anything in TV right now.

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Shooting for the stars: Local teen heads to leadership camp at Space and Rocket Center – KREM.com


Shooting for the stars: Local teen heads to leadership camp at Space and Rocket Center
Her drive and passion come at a good time. NASA's top brass says they need more women in the space science field and Sara is up for that challenge. Evan Noorani, KREM 5:50 PM. PST February 23, 2018. CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST. SPOKANE ...

and more »

Shooting for the stars: Local teen heads to leadership camp at Space and Rocket Center – KREM.com


Shooting for the stars: Local teen heads to leadership camp at Space and Rocket Center
Her drive and passion come at a good time. NASA's top brass says they need more women in the space science field and Sara is up for that challenge. Evan Noorani, KREM 5:50 PM. PST February 23, 2018. CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST. SPOKANE ...
Students From Around The World To Train Like AstronautsReal Leaders (blog)

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Comic Legends: Did NYPD Blue Really Reference Watchmen in an Episode?

Comic Legends: Did NYPD Blue Really Reference Watchmen in an Episode?

Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the six hundred and sixty-eighth week where we examine comic book legends and whether they are true or false.

As always, there will be three different posts for each legend this week!


NYPD Blue referenced Watchmen in an episode about why Andy Sipowicz stopped believing in God.



One of the all-time great TV characters is Detective Andy Sipowicz, played by Dennis Franz, on the hit drama series, NYPD Blue. Franz played the character for a remarkable 11 seasons, winning an amazing FOUR Emmy Awards for Best Actor in a Drama for the role.

The main narrative of NYPD Blue was the redemption of Detective Sipowicz, who begins the series as a broken man but slowly pulls himself out of the dirt. However, along the way, he has a lot of bad things happen to him. Like, oh man, you would think that he was a character in the Bible with a normal-sounding wife’s name with the amount of horrible things that happen to him throughout this series.

In Season 2, however, it looked like the darkness might have been in his past…

He’s getting married (guess whether his wife later gets murdered) and she wants to get married in a church, so he visits a priest. In the end of the episode, though, he has to admit that he has given up on God. He explains why to his fiancee in a stunning monologue:

I worked a case once. A couple’s kid was missing. A 14-month old kid. He wondered away in a park, and we’re looking everywhere, and there’s flyers we got out, they’re interviewed on the radio. The guy’s a dog trainer in from the Midwest who came here so he could take this special course with a German Shepherd that he’s got. And the wife’s half an oilier. You can tell that she likes to drink. I’m just getting this bad feeling about the both of them. So, I go at her a little bit. We’re up there in their transient apartment they rented, and finally she says… whatever happened, it wasn’t her. So now I’m looking at the husband. He’s this… he’s this horse-balled tough guy. A fake marine. And he’s talking to me about how pets have to be disciplined, and the breakdown of discipline… and I’m getting worried what might have happened with this asshole. And now she starts screaming that it wasn’t her. She was asleep. The baby peed while the father was changing it one night and… uh… it urinated in the guy’s face. He threw the baby down on the floor, and fractured its skull, and the baby lay there and died. And what happened with the baby, I wanted to know. And she’s still screaming that it wasn’t her and I’m looking at this dog, and this asshole husband is trying to get the dog away from me. This German Shepherd dog with a drooping round belly. Now, I got to cut open this dog to find out what’s going on. I take the dog over to the vet’s. We cut its large belly open… we got to murder this poor dog and… there’s the pieces of the dead child… hacked apart… inside the dog. The sick couple tried to hide their dead baby by hacking him apart and surgically hiding its pieces inside their dog.

However, he adds (in a great bit)

Father Kankarides wanted to know if I lost my faith. I got faith in you.

Fans of Watchmen might find the story familiar.

In Watchmen #6 (by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons), the imprisoned Rorschach explains to his psychiatrist the moment where he stopped being Walter Kovacs and became purely Rorschach…

Brutal. Rorschach then killed the dogs and then handcuffed the killer to a pipe, doused the room with kerosene and gave the man a hacksaw to try to escape. He did not escape.

Reader Dwain G. wanted to know if this was a Watchmen reference, then, in NYPD Blue.

I asked the guy I know who knows the most about NYPD Blue, the great TV writer, Alan Sepinwall, and he explained to me that it was not a Watchmen reference. Not only weren’t there any comic book readers in the writer’s room of NYPD Blue at the time (including the nominal writer of that episode, George Putnam), but he noted that David Milch actually asked show writer Bill Clark (a former cop) to share the worst thing he ever experienced as a cop for that final sequence.

Interesting coincidence, though!

Thanks to Dwain for the question and thanks to Alan for the information!

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Check back Saturday for part 2 of this week’s (Black Panther-themed) legends!

And remember, if you have a legend that you’re curious about, drop me a line at either brianc@cbr.com or cronb01@aol.com!

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Short-term use of IV devices is common — and risky — study shows

Many hospital patients get medicine or nutrition delivered straight into their bloodstream through a tiny device called a PICC. In just a decade, it's become the go-to device for intravenous care. But a new study finds that one in every four times a PICC gets inserted, the patient didn't need it long enough to justify the risks it can pose. And nearly one in ten of those patients suffered a complication linked to the device.

Young children use physics, not previous rewards, to learn about tools

Children as young as seven apply basic laws of physics to problem-solving, rather than learning from what has previously been rewarded, suggests new research.

Metalens combined with an artificial muscle

Inspired by the human eye, researchers have developed an adaptive metalens that is essentially a flat, electronically controlled artificial eye. The adaptive metalens simultaneously controls for three of the major contributors to blurry images: focus, astigmatism, and image shift.

Charging ahead to higher energy batteries

Researchers have developed a new way to improve lithium ion battery efficiency. Through the growth of a cubic crystal layer, the scientists have created a thin and dense connecting layer between the electrodes of the battery.

Molecular Trojan horse delivers chemotherapeutic drug to cancer cells

Researchers have discovered a way for chemotherapy drug paclitaxel to target migrating, or circulating, cancer cells, which are responsible for the development of tumor metastases. Until now, paclitaxel has only been used to target rapidly dividing cancer cells. The team was successful in getting the drug to piggyback on 123B9, an agent they devised to target an oncogene called EphA2.
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