Cauliflower Latkes

Citrus and Spice Cranberry Relish

The Honeydew

Bulgur With Sausage, Brussels Sprouts, and Mushrooms

Green Salad With Shaved Radish, Sesame, and Lemon-Soy Vinaigrette

Gaal Gulabi

Red Cabbage Thoren

Linguine with Spicy Italian Sausage, Butternut Squash, and Pecorino

Roasted Vegetables with Prosciutto Crisps and Fresh Figs

Celery Root Salad with Asian Pear and Poppy Seed Yogurt Dressing

Study documents paternal transmission of epigenetic memory via sperm – Phys.Org


Study documents paternal transmission of epigenetic memory via sperm
Studies of human populations and animal models suggest that a father's experiences such as diet or environmental stress can influence the health and development of his descendants. How these effects are transmitted across generations, however, remains ...
A father's life experiences can impact the health of their

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Study documents paternal transmission of epigenetic memory via sperm

Studies of human populations and animal models suggest that a father's experiences such as diet or environmental stress can influence the health and development of his descendants. How these effects are transmitted across generations, however, remains mysterious.

58 Australian fairy penguins slaughtered in suspected dog attack

Wildlife officials in the southern Australia on Wednesday announced an investigation into the mass death of 58 penguins they believe were killed in a dog attack.

Japan company admits falsifying data for quake shock absorbers

A company supplying equipment to protect major buildings in Japan from earthquakes has admitted falsifying data, authorities said Wednesday, stressing there was no immediate safety risk.

Nearly half the world lives on less than $5.50 a day: World Bank

Despite progress in reducing extreme poverty, nearly half the world's population lives on less than $5.50 a day, with a rising share of the poor in wealthier economies, the World Bank said Wednesday.

At least 30 killed by Hurricane Michael, according to estimates

Hurricane Michael killed at least 30 people in four states, as the storm made its way through the southeastern United States last week, new local estimates showed Tuesday.

Once kings of TV, US broadcast networks face reckoning

They once produced must-see television shows like "Seinfeld," "ER" and "Friends" but America's broadcast networks are facing a major crisis, as more and more viewers cut the cord in search of innovative content elsewhere.

Medical News Today: Using Facebook to predict depression

Using machine-learning technology, scientists may soon be able to accurately predict a diagnosis of depression by examining Facebook posts.

Blue wine? A tea-infused vintage? Spain startup shakes things up

Five years ago, a group of university students in Spain's Basque Country decided they wanted to shake up a sector—any sector—but preferably one to do with food or drink.

Potentially deadly infection hits California sea lions

A rescue center says California sea lions are coming down with a potentially fatal bacterial infection in near-record numbers.

YouTube goes down for more than an hour

YouTube's video streaming service went out for more than an hour on Tuesday, apparently affecting locations around the world.

Researchers say winter ticks killing moose at alarming rate

As winter in New England seems to get warmer, fall lingers longer and spring comes into bloom earlier, areas like northern New Hampshire and western Maine are seeing an unusual continued increase in winter ticks which are endangering the moose population. Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have found that the swell of infestations of this parasite, which attaches itself to moose during the fall and feeds throughout the winter, is the primary cause of an unprecedented 70 percent death rate of calves over a three-year period.

The impact of microplastics on the environment unclear, study suggests

Scientists say there is not yet enough evidence to conclude that microplastics do or do not cause harm to the environment, following a review of more than 300 global studies.

Penetrating the soil’s surface with radar

Ground penetrating radar isn't something from the latest sci-fi movie. It's actually a tool used by soil scientists to measure the amount of moisture in soil quickly and easily.

Jam-Resistant US Military Communications Satellite Lifts Off in Midnight-Hour Launch

An advanced U.S. military communications satellite soared into space in the midnight hour Wednesday (Oct. 17), lighting up the sky over Florida as it launched into orbit.

Researchers reveal the story of the oldest stars and galaxies, compiled from 20 years of simulating the early universe

The Big Bang has captured our imagination like no other theory in science: the magnificent, explosive birth of our Universe. But do you know what came next?

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Is Under Arrest in New Set Photos

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Is Under Arrest in New Set Photos

No matter what film universe he’s in, the Joker is someone who simply loves to pose in the back of police cars.

New photos from the set of director Todd Phillips’ upcoming Joker origin movie features Joaquin Phoenix in full costume and makeup as the Clown Prince of Crime as he is hauled away in the backseat of a Gotham Police squad car, with a massive smile on his face.

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Follow this link to see the full photoset

Several other photos accompany the ones of the Joker’s apparent, glee-filled arrest, including one shot of him looking much more somber in the backseat as the cops take him away. Another photo also shows one of the Joker’s clown mask-wearing henchmen as he stands ominously next to a phone booth, baseball bat in hand.

Finally, a candid shot shows what appears to be Phoenix’s stunt double in a simplified version of the Joker’s makeup and suit, chatting with an actor playing a riot control officer in between takes.

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Seeing as how a huge part of the Joker’s reputation is that everytime he gets locked up, he manages to get out in about the time it takes to have a cup of coffee, it probably won’t be the officers bringing him in who have the last laugh when all is said and done.

Directed by Todd Phillips, Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, Marc Maron, Brett Cullen, and Bill Camp. The Warner Bros. film is targeted for release on Oct. 4, 2019.

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Guardians of the Galaxy’s Bautista Returns to WWE for SmackDown 1000

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Bautista Returns to WWE for SmackDown 1000

Dave Bautista returned to a WWE ring Tuesday night in celebration of Smackdown‘s 1,000th episode. The Guardians of the Galaxy star took part in a segment that saw the reunion of the wrestling stable Evolution, consisting of Bautista, Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton.

While Bautista didn’t take part in any physical activities, there were a few tense moments as he teased a confrontation with the former Evolution leader, Triple H.

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When Orton grabbed the microphone, he started to run down each Evolution member, specifically calling Bautista out for going Hollywood and leaving the wrestling business behind him. However, Bautista was quick to point out that the reason he returned to “SmackDown 1000” was for the WWE Universe and his Evolution brothers.

After Bautista was done handing out compliments, he reminded Triple H that while he’s won a lot of matches and defeated many opponents in the WWE, he’s never beaten him. Of course, Triple H didn’t take too kindly to being called out, but the two ended the face-off with a hug — though they continued to give each other a side-eye as the group’s music played and the foursome got ready to exit the ring.

In September, Bautista revealed the reason he left the WWE was to prove to the company that he could become a better actor. Bautista left the WWE in 2010 to pursue his acting career, which saw him in minor roles in Scorpion King 3, The Man with the Iron Fists and Riddick, before making the move to Marvel Studios as Drax the Destroyer in 2014.

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On the heels of Avengers: Infinity War, Bautista’s slated to appear in Avengers 4, although director James Gunn’s firing has left him in an uncertain position with Disney and Marvel, as he has spoken out in defense of the director. His role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is also up in the air, with the actor going so far as to say he’s not sure if he will return as Drax the Destroyer for the third installment in the Marvel Studios film.


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Spider-Man PS4 Unveils New DLC Scarlet Spider, Spider-UK Suits

Spider-Man PS4 Unveils New DLC Scarlet Spider, Spider-UK Suits

If you’ve been trying to unlock all of Spider-Man’s suits in Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man, your video game to-do list just got a little bit longer.

Insomniac director Ryan Smith revealed the game’s first batch of downloadable content on the official PlayStation Blog, titled Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist. The addition will feature three brand new costumes based on the second Scarlet Spider, Spider-UK and the Resilient Suit, an original design by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

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Spider-Man DLC Suits

While it’s not clear whether or not these new suits will unlock any new abilities, these new outfits will bring the total number of suits available in the game to 31. The Scarlet Spider II costume will bring the fan-favorite look that former Spider-villain Kaine has worn since he became the Scarlet Spider in 2012. While Spider-UK hasn’t had a great time in Spider-Geddon, this alternate reality Spider-Man costume has been around since the original Spider-Verse in 2014. Although the gleaming metallic Resilient Suit is Dell’Otto’s first original design for the game, Marvel’s Spider-Man already includes a few original suits and the Dell’Otto-designed Secret War suit.

In addition to the costumes, the DLC will include new trophies, enemies and story missions that revolve around the Black Cat, Spider-Man’s ex-girlfriend who’s also the second most famous feline thief in comics. This is the first of three releases in the Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC series, with the other two set to be released before the end of the year.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is on sale now, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist will be available for download on October 23.

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New Study Explores How Dogs Understand Human Language – Gizmodo


New Study Explores How Dogs Understand Human Language
If you're a dog person who has suspected that your four-legged friend may know exactly what you mean when you use certain words or phrases—for example “toy,” or “car,” or maybe even “who's the good boy?” (he is)—you may be correct. A new study by ...
Dog Brains Reveal How Much Human Language They Actually UnderstandInverse

MRI scans show that dogs can understand some of what we
Dogs may be able to process the meaning of some words, brain scans revealNewsline
Firstpost -The Sun -The Siver Telegram -Bustle
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Black Lightning Introduces Its Version of the ‘Arrowcave’

Black Lightning Introduces Its Version of the ‘Arrowcave’

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for this week’s episode of Black Lightning, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues.”

All superheroes need a central location where they can hide their equipment and meet up with their colleagues. Perhaps the most famous headquarters is Batman’s Batcave, which helped spawn the creation and nickname for Arrow‘s “Arrowcave,” where Oliver Queen and Team Arrow would store their electronics, weapons and costumes.

Season 1 of Black Lightning revealed Jefferson Pierce’s confidant, Gambi, provides him with his super-suit and hides the vigilante’s headquarters underneath his tailor shop. While we’ve seen Black Lightning and Gambi make improvements to the costume and perform training activities there, it was missing a section to display Black Lightning’s costume. Black Lightning finally unveiled this missing piece of its cave in “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues.”

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Gambi calls in Jefferson and his daughter Anissa, aka Thunder, to fill them in on Wendy Hernandez, a green light baby who escaped from her pod and is on the run. After they narrow their search to three possible locations, Jefferson turns to Anissa and says, “Let’s hit the streets.” From there, the Dramatics’ “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get” begins to play in the background as the superhero duo walk into a hidden room that houses their suits, which are encased in display pods similar to those seen in the Batcave and Arrowcave.

CBR got a chance to walk through the room with Black Lightning and Thunder’s suits during a set visit attended by the press. While the room currently holds two costumes, there is more than enough room to add one for Jennifer if she ever decides to follow in her father and sister’s footsteps to protect the citizens of Freeland.

Cress Williams, who plays the titular hero, talked about the revelation of the secret room and what it could mean for Jennifer down the line. “Yes, the room. We were excited about that because we all last season are like, ‘Okay, just go off in the background. We haven’t built that yet, just go up into that direction so it’s cool.’ And then eventually I think we’re going to have to add another one in there and all that. But it’s really cool, it’s that Batman-esque.”

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Airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, Black Lightning stars Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning, China Anne McClain as Jennifer Pierce, Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce/Thunder, Christine Adams as Lynn Stewart, Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias Whale, Damon Gupton as Billy Henderson and James Remar as Peter Gambi.

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The Flash Drops a Major Clue About Cicada & His Powers

The Flash Drops a Major Clue About Cicada & His Powers

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for “Blocked,” the latest episode of The Flash.

The Flash just dropped a major clue about Cicada. In “Blocked,” the latest episode, Team Flash faced off against their freak of the week, only to encounter something much more insidious. The ensuing battle against Cicada and Nora’s reaction to seeing him suggest he may actually be from her time period.

When Cicada arrived, Barry instructed Nora to take someone to the hospital, leaving himself, Elongated Man and Vibe to fight Cicada alone. Cicada immediately demonstrated why he is a formidable foe by nullifying their powers with his lightning bolt-shaped dagger. Even without their powers, Team Flash fought valiantly, but Cicada overcame them easily. In fact, he was about to kill Flash when Nora returned. As soon as they locked eyes, Nora and Cicada shared a moment of recognition. Nora froze, allowing Cicada to shuffle away without a word.

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As Team Flash recovered from the fight, Iris revealed what she had discovered at CCPD. She replayed footage from the night Gridlock died and pointed out the noise, which Caitlin said sounded like an insect. “Like a Cicada,” Nora said with a grim expression. Everyone turned to look at her when she said that, and Barry asked who Cicada was. She didn’t respond before the episode cut to black, but the scared look on her face spoke volumes.

The promo for “The Death of Vibe,” next week’s episode, only confirmed the worst. In it, Cicada is described as “one of the worst serial killers in history.” However, it isn’t clear whose history is being discussed.

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Introduced in 2001’s The Flash #170 by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, the Cicada of the comics is David Hersch, who was filled with regret after murdering his wife when he was struck by lightning. As a result, he gained the ability to absorb the life-force of others, allowing him to dramatically extend his life. Believing he was somehow linked to The Flash by the similar accidents in which they gained their powers, Hersch founded a cult whose members were dedicated to murdering everyone the Scarlet Speedster ever saved, using lightning bolt-shaped daggers. As the result of a vision, Hersch believed that the energy from all the people The Flash saved, and from the hero himself, would allow him to resurrect his dead wife.

Airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanaugh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet, Hartley Sawyer and Jessica Parker Kennedy.

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The Gifted EP Reveals the Insidious Threat of the Purifiers

The Gifted EP Reveals the Insidious Threat of the Purifiers

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for “outMatched,” the latest episode of The Gifted.

Former Sentinel Services agent Jace Turner has started down a dark path. In “outMatched,” the latest episode of The Gifted, the disgraced officer made his first steps towards joining the Purifiers, an anti-mutant hate group. According to executive producer Derek Hoffman, fans — much like Jace himself — weren’t supposed to realize what was happening until it was already too late.

“Hopefully, you don’t see it coming until it’s happened, and then you’re kind of like, ‘Wow,'” he told CBR. “You know, I think it was in 2005 or something, the FBI released a document saying that the biggest danger to the country was not ISIS at the time; it was alt-right hate groups infiltrating law enforcement. And there was this feeling of somebody like him is very useful to them and the idea that where Jace is emotionally leads him to places where suddenly he looks around and isn’t quite sure who he is or why he’s doing the things that he’s doing. It’s a very strong theme that we play with.”

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“I think it would be hard for any of us to accept a character blindly walking in and being that overt. So we tried to make it happen as realistically as we could imagine. It’s tough! And it’s a hard thing to imagine,” he added.

“The Purifiers, again, we try to honor the comic origins, but put them in a modern day place. Oddly enough, bigotry at that level is rather cartoonish, so you need to sort of slide into it slowly and kind of reveal that it’s around you before you can be fully in it, so they don’t as much have a headquarters or things like that,” he explained. “I mean, honestly, it’s like that feeling — you know, Handmaid’s Tale does it very well. Our nightly news sometimes feels like it’s doing it. But that idea of, ‘Wait a minute. How did we get here?’ We’re trying to explore that more of the thing that like, when people truly reveal their true natures, sometimes you didn’t see it coming.”

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“I don’t have them on the set tour because they are so realistic. Actually, a lot of their set, we’ve converted places in our offices. We converted one place that looks like a conference room that we use all the time and there was a production meeting today, so we couldn’t go in today, but that gets converted into a church basement,” he shared. “It’s very disconcerting to have your office space turned into a hate rally. It’s very unnerving, and — even though you know all the people in the room — you look around and you go, ‘Wow. This is scary.’ And I think it’s possibly the most real thing we have in the show, for better or worse.”

The Gifted Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox and stars Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker, Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker, Sean Teale as Eclipse/Marcos Diaz, Jamie Chung as Blink/Clarice Fong, Coby Bell as Jace Turner, Emma Dumont as Polaris/Lorna Dane, Blair Redford as Thunderbird/John Proudstar, Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren Strucker, Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker and Skyler Samuels as the Frost Sisters.

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The Gifted: An Old X-Men Foe Poses a New Threat to the Mutant Underground

The Gifted: An Old X-Men Foe Poses a New Threat to the Mutant Underground

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Gifted Season 2 episode “outMatched,” which debuted Tuesday on Fox.

Virtually from the 1963 debut of the X-Men, Marvel’s mutants have been viewed as representing minority groups, whether African-Americans, the LGBT community, Jews or Muslims. The metaphor doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny, as the oppressed don’t possess extraordinary abilities that might enable them to fight back against their oppressors, but it endures, and it frequently results in powerful stories. Fox’s The Gifted leans into that theme, albeit inconsistently, with Season 2 opening on a raid on an apartment complex, no doubt intended to evoke the actions of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, before pivoting to interpersonal drama and the conflict between the Mutant Underground and the Inner Circle.

But with the fourth episode of the season, “outMatched,” the X-Men spinoff returns to timely societal issues, if only briefly, with the reintroduction of the anti-mutant hate group the Purifiers.

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Debuting in the 1982 graphic novel X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills, the Purifiers were a group of Christian fundamentalists, led by Rev. William Stryker, engaged in what they viewed as a holy war against mutants. They’ve clashed time and again with the X-Men and X-Force, determined to carry out their crusade to eradicate mutants.

A Purifier from The Gifted Season 1

A Purifier from The Gifted Season 1

The Purifiers were introduced to The Gifted in the first season in a flashback to Clarice (Jamie Chung) and her friend being harassed by a group of men in black hooded sweatshirts emblazoned with white crosses. Their presence was felt again in the season finale as members of the Mutant Underground traveled with the Frost sisters (Skyler Samuels) to an anti-mutant summit as part of a high-risk plot to kidnap Dr. Roderick Campbell and bring an end to the Hound Program. But apart from a passing mention, the Purifiers had seemingly been forgotten by the series, at least until this week, when the group’s anti-mutant fervor finally intersects with the aimlessness and despair of Jace Turner.

Played by Coby Bell, the disgraced former Sentinel Services agent has arguably become even more driven to bringing fugitives to justice. Bristling at life in the private sector, and increasingly at odds with his wife, he sought to make his skills and knowledge useful to a Washington, D.C., police precinct, and perhaps in the process bring down the Mutant Underground, only to be rebuffed. Torn between saving his marriage and pursuing justice, or revenge, for the daughter killed in the mysterious 7/15 event, he chooses the latter. And that brings him into direct contact with the Purifiers, who we learn aren’t all hooded goons harassing mutants in theater parking lots. Some of them are even police officers.

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Officer Wilson (Tom O’Keefe), whom Turner encountered at the precinct, reaches out, identifying himself as a Purifier by the cross tattoo on his arm. When Turner indicates he has no interest in joining a hate group, Wilson replies, “I get it, you hear the lies in the media, about how we’re all bigots. The fact is, we’re regular folk who love our species, our country and our families.” He seems perfectly harmless, friendly even, reminiscent of white nationalists occasionally trotted out as spokespeople to help normalize the movement’s repugnant views. When Turner politely refuses his offer, Wilson offers him his phone number, in case he should ever change his mind.

However, he doesn’t have to wait long, as the Inner Circle’s plot to free a mysterious mutant from the Linwood Mental Hospital is provided cover by the release of all the super-powered patients. The “mutant attack,” as media reports describe it, is all that’s required to make Turner dial the phone, and find a placed where his knowledge can be put to use.

Airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, Fox’s The Gifted stars Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker, Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker, Sean Teale as Eclipse/Marcos Diaz, Jamie Chung as Blink/Clarice Fong, Coby Bell as Jace Turner, Emma Dumont as Polaris/Lorna Dane, Blair Redford as Thunderbird/John Proudstar, Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren Strucker, Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker, Skyler Samuels as the Frost sisters and Grace Byers as Reeva Payge.

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Riverdale’s Teens Become Their Parents in New Season 3 Photos

Riverdale’s Teens Become Their Parents in New Season 3 Photos

In the upcoming flashback episode of Riverdale Season 3, titled “The Midnight Club”, the young stars of the popular CW series will be stepping in to play their characters’ respective parents when they were students at Riverdale High School during the early ’90s.

A set of photos released by Entertainment Weekly provide a first look at the previous generation of Bulldogs as they try to solve a mystery years before their children would be doing the same.

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The photos in question show off K.J. Apa rocking his natural hair color to play a young Fred Andrews, Lili Reinhart as Alice Cooper before she renounced her Southside roots, Cole Sprouse as former football star F.P. Jones, Camila Mendes as Hermione Gomez (soon to be Lodge), Ashleigh Murray as Sierra Samuels (now known to the town of Riverdale as Mayor Sierra McCoy) and Madelaine Petsch as a young Penelope Blossom.

It was also revealed by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa that the case Riverdale’s parents tried to crack in their youth is connected to Season 3’s main mystery, which revolves around a peculiar tabletop game.

“One of the things that the kids discover pretty early on is that the murder victims in the present were playing a game called Gryphons & Gargoyles, which is of course the Riverdale version of Dungeons & Dragons,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “And what our kids in the present day discover is that their parents, when they were in high school, were also playing this game and there was a similar murder that happened in the past.”

Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper and young Alice, also commented on the episode, adding, “Young Alice is so different from the Alice that you see today. She’s not just this uptight, precocious, looks-down-upon-everyone teen — like she was a Serpent. So that gives her young personality a lot.”

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“The Midnight Club” is set to air on Wednesday, Nov. 7. In addition to the pictured cast members, the episode will also guest star Mark Consuelos’ son Michael Consuelos as a young Hiram Lodge, as well as Breakfast Club alum Anthony Michael Hall as Principal Featherhead.

Airing on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW, Riverdale stars KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Madeleine Petsch, Ashleigh Miller, Casey Cott, Mark Consuelos, Skeet Ulrich, Marisol Nichols, Madchen Amick and Luke Perry.

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How The Conners Kills Off Roseanne Barr’s Character

How The Conners Kills Off Roseanne Barr’s Character

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the series premiere of The Conners, “Keep on Truckin’,” which premiered Tuesday on ABC.

Viewers have known since August that ABC’s Roseanne spinoff The Conners would kill off Roseanne Barr’s character, and with tonight’s eagerly anticipated series premiere, they finally learned how.

“Keep on Truckin'” opens weeks after the death of Roseanne, with the remaining Conners still struggling the finish off all the funeral casseroles and return the dishes to their owners. The family had been operating under the belief that Roseanne died from a heart attack, until Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) receives a call from the coroner, and delivers the news that the actual cause was an overdose of painkillers.

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That picks up on a plot thread from the Roseanne revival (the 11th season of the comedy), in which Roseanne became addicted to opioids following knee surgery. In the penultimate episode, “Netflix & Pill,” it’s revealed she had been hoarding other people’s leftover medications, and taking them as well. The revelation floors the family, who looks for someone to blame, before concluding that Roseanne was going to do what she wanted, and no one could stop her.

The loss of the Conner family matriarch comes nearly five months after ABC canceled its hit revival of Roseanne following a racist tweet by the often-controversial Barr. Within a month, the network announced plans to move forward with a spinoff  featuring the entire Roseanne cast, except for Barr. That raised the immediate question of how The Conners would explain away Roseanne’s absence, something answered, perhaps inadvertently, in late August, when John Goodman said in an interview that his character, Dan Conner, will likely be “mopey and sad because his wife’s dead.”

The Conners premiere

ABC stoked curiosity about how exactly Barr’s iconic character would be written off The Conners, promoting the premiere first with Carly Simon’s “Anticipation,” and then with a TV spot teasing, “There’s one thing on everyone’s mind.” At the same time, the network kept a tight grip on spoilers, only making the premiere available to critics at exclusive screenings in Los Angeles and New York City.

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Inspired by Barr’s own standup comedy, Roseanne originally aired from 1988 to 1997 on ABC, and is typically ranked among the greatest television sitcoms of all time. It was revived last year for a nine-episode 10th season, which earned high ratings, resulting in a Season 11 renewal before its ultimate cancellation. The network has ordered 10 episodes of The Conners.

Airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, The Conners stars John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, Michael Fishman, Emma Kenney, Ames McNamara, Jayden Rey and Maya Lynne Robinson.

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Republicans Are Still Rewriting History On Pre-Existing Conditions

Now it's Senate candidate Martha McSally telling whoppers about her record on health care.

25 Supernatural Plot Holes That Fans Can’t Get Over

25 Supernatural Plot Holes That Fans Can’t Get Over

When a show has been around as long as Supernatural, it is easy to make mistakes, whether they are plot holes, continuity errors, or head-scratching inconsistencies. With 13 seasons under its belt, the battles between demon-hunting brothers Sam and Dean and both the forces of Heaven and Hell in Supernatural have resulted in monster ratings for the series. Fans have supported it through thick and thin to ensure that the series has lasted longer than just about any fantasy television series in history. All things considered, they’ve done a good job keeping track of things, but with well over 200 episodes in the can, the writers are bound to slip up once in a while and they’re especially liable to start pulling narratives out of nowhere. It’s hard to blame them considering they thought they were going to be done after season 5. Had they known the legs that their little show would have, they might not have brought out the apocalypse until much later.

With so many angels and demons coming and going and so much mythology thrown in, it is easy to see how the writers could get lost in its own deep story and make mistakes along the way. While fans have tried to explain away some of the mistakes, others are just glaring plot holes that make dedicated long-time fans scratch their heads and wonder why the writers don’t pay as close attention to the show as its legion of fans. Here, are 25 plot holes in Supernatural that fans have a hard time getting over:


During the early seasons of Supernatural, Sam and Dean would save people who were possessed by demons through exorcisms and so forth. However, as the years have gone by, the brothers no longer seem to care about the innocents that the demons possess and just take out the demons by eliminating the hosts as well.

This means that the brothers are taking out innocent people for the greater good. This goes against their motto of saving lives. With that said, most fans can just dismiss this by stating that the brothers are doing the right thing at the end of the day.


From the first ever episode of Supernatural, we’ve seen Dean and Sam posing as police officers, and we learn that Dean is a wanted criminal with a long history of charges. Throughout the early seasons, Dean and Sam are often arrested and told how long the FBI have searched for them.

What’s confusing here is how they manage to hide so well in plain sight. With the number of cops they talk to, don’t you think they should be recognized sometimes? Yet both brothers never even bother to change their appearance in any way at all.


Kevin Tran was one of the coolest, most loved Supernatural characters ever. Kevin was a high school kid who turned out to be a prophet of God. This meant he had the knowledge to help out Sam and Dean, and they all became friends. It was a very dark day in Supernatural when Kevin perished.

He was ended by Gadreel, who was ordered by Metatron. Kevin came back as a ghost because he had attached himself to his class ring. Our issue is that Heaven was apparently shut at this time, so Kevin couldn’t go back. When Heaven reopens we don’t hear anything about Kevin or if he went there to live.


It was revealed time flowed differently in the underworld and four months on Earth was equivalent to forty years in there. Going by this logic, it would mean Sam was in Lucifer’s Cage for over a century, while poor Adam has been down there for millennia. But this fact does not line up with what we’ve seen on the show since.

For instance, when Bobby was rescued, he didn’t act like he was stuck there for a century. Sam went to hell to retrieve Bobby and from Dean’s point of view was gone for hours, meaning he should have been hell for a few years at least.


There are several things about the angels that make no sense. However, one of the things that the show seems to waffle on is their desire to eat food. In season 9, Castiel is complaining about becoming an angel again.

In the episode, he said that one of the things that he will miss the most is enjoying food because angels can’t taste food as it just tastes like molecules to them. However, in season 5, Castiel is seen eating hundreds of hamburgers due to the influence of Famine. When asked about the food, he says that he thinks they taste delicious. So which is it?


In Season 5, the apocalypse was in full swing, even including the four horsemen as foretold. Sam and Dean faced each of these horsemen which included Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death.

Although for the most part, these beings were way above the boys’ pay grade, it was only Death who displayed the level of power he brought and willingly gave away his ring. The other three rings had to be taken away through physical means. Ultimately the four rings were used to open a portal to Lucifer’s cage, but we never found out what happened with the three horsemen. Their attributes still lived, but what of the beings themselves?


One of the methods of spotting a demon was revealed in an early Season 1 episode to be uttering the word ‘Christo’, which would force the demon to flash its black eyes. By saying this one word, a demon flinched and allowed them the chance to defeat it.

This plan works and the brothers are able to prevent the demon of the episode from crashing a plane and save numerous lives in the process. With that said, they never used the word again in the next 12 seasons, despite having numerous chances for it to help them win a fight with a demon.


The Leviathans were the main antagonists of Season 7, with their threat of such magnitude that they were easily able to dispose of Angels, and had all the other monsters in their grasp. To top it off, they had manufactured a corn syrup, which had been mixed in the food supply that gave them control of the human population.

This plan was well underway before they were thwarted at the season’s end. You’d think there would be some fallout to all this in the next season, but the leviathans have in fact never been referenced to again. We would like to know, what happened to the remaining Leviathans?


Ruby’s knife was a weapon capable of ending demons. It was noticed that this would make things too easy for the protagonists. In order to combat this, some demons were made too powerful for the knife to have an effect on them, given their attribute as being among the oldest demons.

But this brings up a glaring plot hole in the form of Lilith, the very first and supposedly most powerful demon. Lilith was clearly terrified of the knife when Sam tried to attack her with and fled her vessel. Wouldn’t she logically be immune to it if she was the most powerful among all demons?


Angels commanded fear in the hearts of all lower beings upon their introduction. Demons, in particular, were wary of them with Ruby keeping a distance from Sam due to his association with Castiel as she was afraid of getting caught.

The reason for said fear was appropriate as well, as angels could effortlessly smite demons upon placing their palms on demons’ forehead. In the beginning seasons this was displayed quite a lot, but in recent times angels don’t seem to use this ability much. In fact, higher levels demons such as Princes and Knights of hell can shrug off high-level Angels. So they are not so powerful after all, huh?


While this is something that the show has explained, it still makes no sense. Dean and Sam, from the start, are able to drive across the country, stay in motels, buy food and clothes, and survive without having a real job. Where do they get their money?

As the show reveals from the start, the boys get credit cards under false pretenses and then use them without care since they consider credit card companies to be immoral anyway. Also, Dean is a pool hustler. And while on the subject of credit cards, where do the companies send them?


Despite many curve balls, Supernatural has one guarantee: Sam, Dean, and Castiel will keep dying to save the world and they’ll always come back. At first, it’s incredibly moving to see a beloved character accept their fate and sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

But after a while, it starts to lose emotional weight. Sam and Dean have literally been to Hell and back while Castiel has died and transformed numerous times. Sam, Dean, and Castiel are likely never going to be anything worse than “mostly dead.”


In Season 2 episode 9, Dean makes a comment about all the driving they do, but he’s still never been to the Grand Canyon. It was the episode where, yet again, they thought Sam was going to pass, so Dean literally locked himself in the room and planned to perish with him. The plot hole came in season 8.

In Season 8 episode 21 Sam asks Dean if he remembers that time John took them to the Grand Canyon on a donkey ride. Dean says that Sam was only four and that he can barely remember it. So does Dean have selective memory loss?


Supernatural has a tried and tested formula that just works for the show. One of the most common parts of an episode would be where the antagonist is confronted by the boys only for them to be taken aback by the villain’s feats and get flung around the room.

More often than not the villain immobilizes the boys by pinning them against a wall and rendering them motionless. In the end, though, the heroes win, not because of their skill but because the antagonist wastes time with a monologue to take note of some outside interference. Storyline wise, however, why do the bad guys do this?


Angels and the extent of their powers have been wildly inconsistent on the show. On occasion, they are great reality benders who only need to snap their fingers to make anything come true while on others they seem incapable of doing much. One of the most useful powers they could possess is, or was, resurrection.

Castiel displayed this ability by bringing Bobby back to life in the Season 5 finale. This ability is scarcely used. It’s a wonder as to why this isn’t brought up whenever someone bites the dust. It’s not clear either if this power still remains in the angels or if they lost it.


Castiel Supernatural

Right from their introductory season, the angels are said to be on the verge of extinction. In that season alone we see numerous angels brought to an end as the war with the demons rages on. Fast forward over to Season 13. We’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of angels pass away on the screen.

Many are mentioned to have met their demise during the great fall in season 9. And yet still there seem to be quite a lot of these beings running around on Earth and in Heaven. So how many angels were there, really?


Jesse Turner appeared in the season 5 episode “I Believe the Children Are Our Future”. He looked like a cute little kid, but he was actually the son of a demon and human. Not only that, but little Jesse is also the Anti-Christ – yes, according to Castiel, Jesse could eliminate all angels in Heaven with just one single word.

Castiel rightly wanted to destroy the child before he could, in turn, destroy Heaven and Earth. However, Dean and Sam had other ideas and allowed Jesse to live. The problem is that this is the Anti-Christ and the harbinger of the end, yet he has never been seen again since season 5.


It took millions of years for Lucifer’s plan to work, and a whole lot of plotting to make it so before the villain was released to kick-start the apocalypse. All that trouble could have been so easily avoided. In the eleventh season, Lucifer escapes his cage when he possesses Castiel and returns to Earth.

This was made possible thanks to Rowena, who was able to shift Lucifer away from his cage into another. However, there were many powerful witches the likes of Rowena. Why didn’t any of Lucifer’s followers have this idea to release him? It was certainly a whole lot easier than breaking the 66 seals.


For the most part, Supernatural was very consistent with its mythology. As of Season 13, Lucifer has switched a number of vessels with hardly any problems. For the most part, it has been explained how he stays in a different vessel without deterioration. But there was none in Season 11.

He took possession of Jimmy Novak while Castiel also inhabited the same person. It is said containing an archangel is impossible for someone who is not their true vessel. Yet, here Jimmy was harboring not only Lucifer but another angel simultaneously. How is this possible?


The introduction of the realm of Purgatory brought a whole lot more questions than answers. For one thing, why is there a backdoor to Purgatory? If this is where the sinners and monsters go to stew, why would there be backdoor at all?

There is one plot hole that was never answered about purgatory: where do things go when they pass away in Purgatory? All that beings in purgatory do is hunt each other. But they are already dead when they end up there; which brings about the confusion of where they go after they have been taken out.


By this point, we have a clear understanding of where individual souls go for most beings. Humans, who have proven themselves worthy, go to Heaven. John Winchester was the original ‘Righteous Man’ as part of the 66 seals that contained Lucifer.

That means after his escape from confinement down under, at the end of Season 2, his soul should have rightfully ascended to Heaven. We’ve never gotten a clue of his current whereabouts. And yet no one from Heaven has ever been able to locate him. Sam and Dean couldn’t when they were there themselves. Castiel can’t give them a straight answer on the matter.


The Winchesters talk a big game about the importance of family. They do all sorts of things in the interest of saving and/or resurrecting one another. Dean even kills Death, knowingly unleashing the Darkness, just to avoid killing Sam. But when it comes to their half-brother, Adam, that all goes out the window.

Presently, Adam languishes in Hell’s Cage, along with Michael. Though they’ve since revisited the Cage numerous times, they’ve made no further attempts to extract Adam. At one point, Sam was in there with Adam and Death offered to spring one of them for Dean. Dean barely hesitates to choose Sam.


As the Big Bads of season 7, the Leviathans were truly scary, and as God’s first creation, they were bound to have flaws. The first question was what their powers were. There’s lots of talk about how dangerous and indestructible they are.

Yet, they never really bring out the proverbial big guns when faced with the two hunters famous for killing monsters that could not be killed. They’re allegedly more powerful than angels, but a lot of them go down like storm troopers. It was said that they could heal from anything but fell down like flies at the brothers’ hands.


Sam was originally meant to be 20 years old, but at the last minute, they changed his age to 22. The implication was that Dean was pulling him away from his senior year of undergrad, thus lending more weight to his sacrifice.

When Dean delivers his famous pitch about their dad going missing on a “hunting trip,” he references that they haven’t seen each other in 2 years. Without the knowledge of the writing oversight, it doesn’t make any sense that a smart 22-year-old on a law school track would only be a sophomore in college.


At the start of season 8, we learn that Dean has been trapped in Purgatory for the past year, having been sent there with Castiel when they killed the Leviathan leader, Dick Roman. When Dean finally finds a way back to Earth, having fought countless monsters in the process, he’s understandably scraped up and worse for wear.

That is, apart from his usual haircut and clean-shaven mug. One might assume that since Purgatory is a sort of after-life, human body functions don’t apply. On the other hand, Castiel emerges from Purgatory with a full beard, while his hair remains the same length. Interesting.

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Steve Aoki Wants Us All To Become Cyborgs

Steve Aoki Wants Us All To Become Cyborgs

Steve Aoki’s ideal future for humanity involves the onset of cybernetics to an astonishing degree. The DJ made his first appearance at New York Comic Con in 2018 to promote his inaugural comic book Neon Future.

Grown out of the broader concept that served as a basis for two of his previous albums — with Neon Future 3 dropping in November 2018 — the comic introduces a more distinct narrative to further promote the tech-positive ideology of Aoki.

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Created in collaboration with Eisner award winner Jim Krueger, Tom Bilyeu and artists Jheremy Raapack and Neil Edwards, Neon Future explores a dystopian world in which humans have outlawed all advanced technology in an effort to reclaim jobs eliminated by automation. The result is a future in which economic class divides have gotten even worse and humans implanted with technology (Augments) are persecuted by those who aren’t (Authentics).

Neon Future’s protagonist is an Augment named Kita Sovee, who makes it his mission to end the persecution that’s victimized him and help others who find themselves in government crosshairs.

It’s an interesting twist on the kind of future so many science fiction stories create; instead of making technology the root cause of whatever dystopia is at work, it’s the human application of and attitude toward tech that threatens the world.

Listening to Steve Aoki’s personal philosophy regarding the application of AI, it’s easy to see the roots of the ethos behind Neon Future. Not only does Aoki reject the idea that technology is dangerous in and of itself, he fully embraces the idea of humanity merging with tech as our next stage of evolution.

But just how far does it go?

“I’m definitely far-leaning past Mark Zuckerberg,” says Aoki. “I want to embrace AI to its fullest potential, and feel like we could use it to eventually become cyborgs. That’s how we will eventually become part of the cloud.

“I’ve been obsessed with the convergence of technology and our humanity in a way where it’s positive, where we live in this utopian future. I agree with Ray Kurzweil in that that every technological development and every moment it happens… we find our own safeguards. I don’t think we’ll allow ourselves to be taken over by AI.”

When asked whether such a notion concerns him, Aoki is quick to point that it doesn’t. On the contrary, he says, “it’s just a part of our evolutionary process.”

steve aoki neone future

“It’s part of where we’re meant to be,” he continues, “and I don’t really see it as a negative, or as a downfall. In most sci-fi comic book stories, technology is the problem. It is taken away or it’s the evil machine. This story we tell [in Neon Future] is something different.”

It’s certainly a more optimistic and refreshing future than The Terminator‘s Skynet, so here’s hoping Neon Future inspires the kind of positivity and stewardship that could actually result in responsible innovation, rather than the kind that results in more… unpredictable outcomes.

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Letting nature take its course: Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

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New understanding of Mekong River incision

An international team of earth scientists has linked the establishment of the Mekong River to a period of major intensification of the Asian monsoon during the middle Miocene, about 17 million years ago, findings that supplant the assumption that the river incised in response to tectonic causes. Their findings are the subject of a paper published in Nature Geoscience on Oct. 15.

Can a unified path for development and conservation lead to a better future?

The U.S. city of Louisville, Kentucky isn't known as a hotbed of environmental action and innovation, but that could change as it has recently become home to a first-of-its-kind collaboration between environmentalists, city leaders and public health professionals. The Green Heart Project, funded in part by the United States National Institutes of Health, will plant trees in neighborhoods throughout the city and monitor how they affect residents' health. It's a boundary-pushing medical trial—a controlled study of nature as a medical intervention.

Researchers develop new method to address deep-seated biases in science, starting with birds

New UMBC research is helping dismantle gender and publication biases in science. A team of researchers working across disciplines has developed a new statistical technique to understand similarity, rather than difference, in the natural world. With this new technique, they've determined that among Eastern Bluebirds the structure of songs female birds sing is statistically indistinguishable from songs males sing.

Cold All the Time? 7 Reasons You Might Be Dealing With This Feeling

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Antarctic ice shelf ‘sings’ as winds whip across its surface – Phys.Org


Antarctic ice shelf 'sings' as winds whip across its surface
Winds blowing across snow dunes on Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf cause the massive ice slab's surface to vibrate, producing a near-constant set of seismic "tones" scientists could potentially use to monitor changes in the ice shelf from afar, according ...
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Antarctic ice shelf ‘sings’ as winds whip across its surface

Winds blowing across snow dunes on Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf cause the massive ice slab's surface to vibrate, producing a near-constant set of seismic "tones" scientists could potentially use to monitor changes in the ice shelf from afar, according to new research.

Renewable energy is common ground for Democrats and Republicans

As the battle lines are drawn for next month's hotly contested midterm elections, some Americans may be comforted to know there is at least one area of common ground for Democrats and Republicans.

Chinese city to launch man-made moon to light up skies – Asia Times

Asia Times

Chinese city to launch man-made moon to light up skies
Asia Times
Officials in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, have unveiled a science fiction-like plan to launch what's known as an illumination satellite, or “artificial moon,” in two years. Local newspapers reported that ...
China to launch 'artificial moon' into SPACE to replace STREET

China all set to launch artificial moon to replace street lights, what's next?Infosurhoy
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Lululemon’s New “Zoned In” Tight Will Make You Rethink All Your Other Workout Leggings

FitnessWorkout Clothes
Never have I ever felt so simultaneously supported and comfortable.
Photos: Lululemon There's something magical about finding a pair of workout tights that hug your body in all the right places. And I'm not talking about the booty-accentuating, peach-emoji way. I'm talking about that slightly-sucked-in-but-still-stretchy, super-supportive feeling that is ideal—whether you're about to tackle shuttle runs, stretch through a standing split, or crush through a set of burpees (or, okay, lie on the couch). (Related: Why Leggings Are the Best Thing Ever Invented) So often, I'll find myself a tight that almost accomplishes that Goldilocks sensation. But it'll be too tight at the waist. Or it'll cut off circulation behind my knees. (Is it not the worst when you're trying to get that kind of legging on or off?) So when I heard that Lululemon wanted to create one that makes you feel supported and free to move, I was intrigued. To be honest, I haven't been convinced up to this point that both sensations could co-exist effortlessly in a workout bottom. Called the "Zoned In" tight, it's an entirely new offering for the brand. And it sticks true to every claim they throw out there. Made with added Lycra for stretch, they're soft at the knee and waist while giving me the support I seriously need for logging lots of marathon-prep miles. (With the help of all this other long-run gear, of course.) I have to admit, though, I was a little hesitant when I first tried them on. Compared to my other go-to pair of Lululemon tights, this pair was more snug (I decided to size up) and made with a thicker material. Considering I was wear-testing them at the tail-end of summer, I was definitely nervous I'd get too hot, too fast. Not. At. All. A lighter mesh near the knees allows for increased airflow, keeping me cool both on the treadmill inside the gym or outside for breezier runs. And you know how sometimes tights get a tad looser as you wear them? Not with this pair. When I asked one of the engineers at Lululemon's research and development lab (called Whitespace) about how this works, he said it has a lot to do with their new SenseKnit technology: "This new silhouette offers the tight sensation through a fully engineered fabric that has specific areas of support, compression, and breathability knitted in," says Tom Waller, senior vice president of Whitespace. "This means you'll feel additional mobility around your joints, specifically the hip and knees, and higher support around muscle groups like the glutes, calves, and thighs." (FYI, Lululemon recently released an innovative everyday bra you'll be obsessed with too.) Support: check. Feels like a hug for tired legs: double check. Pair this secure, cozy sensation with a smooth, flat waistband and secure back pocket to store all my keys and energy gel—and I'm a happy camper. When I went straight from gym to a morning coffee meeting, I was surprised at how not-so-gross I felt post-workout in the real world. This could be a pair of tights I have trouble taking off—and not because they're too tight. Lululemon "Zoned In" Tight, comes in sizes 2 to 12 ($148;

Loss of a microRNA molecule boosts rice production

The wild rice consumed by our Neolithic ancestors was very different from the domesticated rice eaten today. Although it is unclear when humans first started farming rice, the oldest paddy fields—in the lower Yangzi River Valley—date back to 4000 BC. During its long history of cultivation, rice plants with traits that reduce yield or impede harvest (e.g., grain shattering) were weeded out, whereas those with traits that increase yield (e.g., highly branched flowering structures) were selected and propagated. Although the resulting rice plants are super-producers that feed much of the world's population, they rely on human assistance and cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Breastfeeding Rooms Will Now Be Required at All Major Airports

Bipartisanship for breastfeeding! The bill championed by Senator Tammy Duckworth will make lactation rooms standard at airports.

Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend: How and When to Watch – The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend: How and When to Watch
The Weather Channel
The Orionid meteor shower is set to peak this weekend from Oct. 21-22, but the moon could get in the way. During its peak, 15 to 20 meteors per hours should be visible and are some of the fastest among meteor showers. The best viewing time will be ...
Orionid Meteor Shower: See Them Before They Peak In

Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend: Where it is, when to see
Warm temps, clear skies make for perfect conditions to view meteor
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Luxe Wellness Retreats You’ll Want to Sign Up for Stat

62 cases of AFM, the polio-like illness, confirmed across 22 states: CDC – WLS-TV


62 cases of AFM, the polio-like illness, confirmed across 22 states: CDC
There are now 62 confirmed reports of acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, an illness similar to polio, across 22 states in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As of Sept. 20, the CDC had confirmed 38 cases in 16 states ...
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The Strength Training Workout for Perfect Posture

Stop right there—without moving, do a posture check. Back rounded? Chin sticking out? Don't worry, strength training can help fix your hard-to-break slouching habits. (These yoga poses will help your tech neck too.)

Slouching doesn’t just visually pack on pounds; it also causes neck and back pain, decreases oxygen flow to your muscles, and reduces flexibility, upping your risk of injury. This workout—designed by Doug Holt, a trainer and owner of Conditioning Specialists in Santa Barbara, CA and Natalie Miller, a doctor of physical therapy at Vaida Wellness Center in Minnesota—combats chest tightness (which exacerbates bad posture) and strengthens the muscles that pull back the shoulder blades to build better posture. (It's one of most people's major muscle imbalances.)

Grab some light (2- to 5-pound) dumbbells, a 6- to 10-pound weighted Body Bar, a few other odds and ends, and tackle this routine to score a sculpted upper body that not only looks tall and strong but also feels and functions better too. (No equipment handy? Try this weight-free posture workout instead.)

12 to 15
12 to 15
15 to 20
30 second to 2 minutes
1 Minute

Matt Lincoln/Getty Images

You will need: 
Body Bar
Free weights
Foam roller
Resistance band
Swiss ball
Promo Dek: 
Bye, ~bleh~ desk body.
How it Works: 
Two or three times a week, do 1 set of each of the first seven moves, resting for up to 60 seconds between sets. Repeat twice. Finish with one round of the neck flexion exercise and T stretch.​
Workout Type: 
Strength training
Promo Title: 
The Strength Training Workout That'll Fix Your Posture

Stretch and strengthen certain muscles to function, feel, and look better, stat

Total Time: 
up to 45 minutes

Sex or food? Decision-making in single-cell organisms

Unicellular diatoms are able to adapt their behavior to different external stimuli based on an evaluation of their own needs. In experiments, Seminavis robusta diatoms directed their orientation either towards nutrient sources or mating partners, depending on the degree of starvation and the need to mate.

New understanding of Mekong River incision

An international team of earth scientists has linked the establishment of the Mekong River to a period of major intensification of the Asian monsoon during the middle Miocene, about 17 million years ago, findings that supplant the assumption that the river incised in response to tectonic causes.

The science of sustainability

Can humans drive economic growth, meet rising demand for food, energy and water, and make significant environmental progress? The short answer is 'yes,' but it comes with several big 'ifs.' New research shows that we can put the world on a path to sustainability if we make significant changes within the next 10 years.

New method to address deep-seated biases in science

A new statistical method that tests for equivalence, rather than difference, has a role to play in dismantling gender and publication biases in science. The authors believe the technique has broad applicability across disciplines and can help remove publication bias against ''negative results,'' opening the door to a broader investigation of natural phenomena.

Letting nature take its course: Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

Since the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in 1995, the park's ecosystem has become a deeply complex and heterogeneous system, aided by a strategy of minimal human intervention. The new study is a synthesis of 40 years of research on large mammals in Yellowstone National Park.

Antarctic ice shelf ‘sings’ as winds whip across its surface

Winds blowing across snow dunes on Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf cause the massive ice slab's surface to vibrate, producing a near-constant set of seismic 'tones' scientists could potentially use to monitor changes in the ice shelf from afar, according to new research.

Is the Soyuz Debacle the Nail in the Coffin for Russian-American Space Relations? – Daily Beast

Daily Beast

Is the Soyuz Debacle the Nail in the Coffin for Russian-American Space Relations?
Daily Beast
Last week, a Russian rocket carrying two passengers from its launch site in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station—the Soyuz capsule—malfunctioned, forcing controllers on the ground to abort the launch and eject the vehicle's crew capsule.
NASA Astronaut Nick Hague 'Rolls with Punches' After Harrowing Soyuz Launch

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The Workout That May Help You Live Longer

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Research says that strength training may be the secret to a longer life span.
Photo: Westend61/Getty Images If you're a cardio junkie, it may be tempting to skip the weight room when you work out. Hey, your legs are sore after you hit up your go-to spin class—that totally counts as strength training, right? Eh, not so much. And according to research, it might be time to stop skimping on a legit leg day, because anaerobic exercise (a.k.a. strength training) may be the secret to longevity.  In the study published in the journal Preventative Medicine, researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine found a link between strength training and a longer life. While, yes, cardio has been shown to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, and cancer, there's much less research on how strength training (as opposed to cardio or overall activity levels) impacts your health and longevity. (Related: An Open Letter to Women Who Are Afraid of the Weight Room.) To examine how strength training would impact mortality, the researchers looked at data from the National Health Interview Survey collected between 1997-2001 and linked it to death certificate data of more than 30,000 people aged 65 of older through 2011. Only 9 percent of people reported strength training at least twice a week (come on people!). But those lifters had a 46 percent less risk of early death than people who didn't. They were also 41 percent less likely to have a cardiac-related death and 19 percent less likely to die from cancer. And the results held even after adjusting for other lifestyle factors like smoking or alcohol use. Other research supports the connection between strength training and heart health, too. In one Appalachian State University study, people who performed 45 minutes of moderate-intensity resistance exercise lowered their blood pressure by a whopping 20 percent (as good as—if not better than—the benefits associated with most blood pressure pills.) Other perks of strength training? Research has shown that lifting heavy weights over time not only maintains bone mass but can even build new bone, especially in the high-risk group of post-menopausal women. Plus, picking up weights will help you prevent injuries by helping you maintain good form and by strenghtening the integrity of your joints. (More on that here: 11 Major Health and Fitness Benefits of Lifting Weights)  So what does this mean for your next sweat session? Don't just hit the treadmill and then hit the locker room. (And by the way, you don't have to do cardio to lose weight.) Get started with The Perfect Strength Training Workout for Beginners. 

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