Catch a Speeding Star: High-Velocity Milky Way Objects Tracked (Animation)

A new animated video from the European Space Agency shows how the stars in Earth's galaxy have moved over the last million years — and tracks the movement of six special stars that are speeding through the Milky Way.

Buzz Aldrin and George Clooney Talk Apollo 11 Moonshot in Omega’s ‘Starmen’

On the heels of Moon Day watchmaker Omega has produced a short documentary called "Starmen,"featuring one of the first men on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, and actor George Clooney. It's worth a watch, with or without popcorn!

Today in Space! July 22, 1972: Venera 8 Lands on Venus

Find out what happened on July 22, 1972, when the Soviet Union's Venera 8 probe became the second spacecraft to successfully execute a soft landing on the planet's surface.

Space-Grown Crystals Could Counteract Toxic Nerve Poisons

Enzyme crystals growing in the microgravity of the International Space Station will help scientists develop improved antidotes for toxic nerve agents.

Final New Moon Sunday Starts the Countdown to the Great American Eclipse –

Final New Moon Sunday Starts the Countdown to the Great American Eclipse
A sketch by Spanish astronomer José Joaquin de Ferrer shows the sun's corona extending outward during a total solar eclipse June 16, 1806. Credit: José Joaquin de Ferrer. It seems that everyone is eagerly awaiting the shady drama that will be enacted ...
A lifelong eclipse chaser's promise to America: 'You will never be the same'Northwest Herald

25 burning questions about solar eclipses,
One month until the solar
FOX31 Denver -KCCI Des Moines -The Augusta Chronicle -The Inquisitr
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Final New Moon Sunday Starts the Countdown to the Great American Eclipse

The total solar eclipse is coming across the United States on Aug. 21; early Sunday morning (July 23) marks the first new moon before the dramatic event.

2017 Solar Eclipse Science Will Star Planes, Radio Waves and Citizen Help

With the 2017 total solar eclipse only one month away, scientists from several science organizations highlighted how studying the sun during an eclipse will help improve understanding of the behavior of Earth's closest stellar neighbor.

DC Entertainment congratulates all the 2017 Eisner Award nominees and winners!

Tonight, at a ceremony held at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego, CA, the 29th annual Eisner Awards recognized DC Entertainment across multiple categories and with a diverse selection of creators. 

This ‘Despacito’ Heavy Metal Remix Is Impossible To Take Slowly


Creating the largest neutrino detectors in the world

A new era in neutrino physics in the United States is underway, and UW–Madison's Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL) in Stoughton is playing a key role.

Stephen Colbert Likens Donald Trump Jr.’s Meeting With Russians To ‘Ocean’s Eleven’


Sam Bee’s Show Trolls Sean Spicer With ‘Shawshank Redemption’ Goodbye

Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal” show has likened Sean Spicer’s escape from the Trump administration to a scene from “The Shawshank Redemption.”

After the news broke on Friday that Spicer had quit as White House press secretary, Bee’s team tweeted this gif of the movie’s main character Andy Dufresne (played by Tim Robbins) basking in the glory of his new found freedom following a prison break:


Medical News Today: New drug target could change chronic pain medication

New research identifies a novel target for potential new medication for chronic and pathologic pain. The study finds a new pain receptor and mechanism.

Medical News Today: The fitness placebo: Can you really think yourself fit?

If you believe that you are exercising enough, you will live longer than someone who believes that they are not - regardless of activity levels.

Medical News Today: Chaga mushroom: Nine potential health benefits

What are chaga mushrooms and what are their potential health benefits? How are chaga mushrooms used and what are the possible risks?

‘SNL’ Bids Hilarious Farewell To Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer

“Spicey out.”

With just those two words, “Saturday Night Live” said goodbye to one of its most popular cameo characters on Friday.


Your eyes will fry under normal sunglasses during 2017 eclipse, here’s why – WPXI Pittsburgh

WPXI Pittsburgh

Your eyes will fry under normal sunglasses during 2017 eclipse, here's why
WPXI Pittsburgh
That means buying special eclipse glasses because normal sunglasses – even those with the darkest lenses – aren't enough to protect eyes from damaging rays. It's not that the sun is any stronger during an eclipse, but where you would squint, blink and ...
South Floridians prepare for total solar eclipsePalm Beach Post

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The Death and Return of Superman Gets a Two-Part Animated Movie

The Death and Return of Superman Gets a Two-Part Animated Movie

It’s one of the most popular and powerful Superman stories ever told, but it’s such an epic tale that it can’t be faithfully told over a single film. So when Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.

Trump Jr. And Manafort Reach Agreement With Senate Panel To Put Off Public Hearing

The Senate Judiciary Committee has reached a deal with President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort that will allow the two to avoid being subpoenaed for a public hearing next week on Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump Jr. and Manafort have both agreed to hand over any relevant documents about Russian contacts to the committee and to be interviewed in private prior to any public session, CNN reported Friday.


Anthony Scaramucci Prompts Search Of Scaramouch And People Can’t Handle The Definition

Anthony Scaramucci is the new White House communications director who spoke confidently during a press briefing on Friday, then blew a kiss to reporters.

Scaramucci is not “scaramouch,” a word defined in Merriam-Wesbter as the name of a boastful and cowardly character from the Italian commedia dell’arte. He is often depicted as a clown.


The Defenders Unleashes SDCC Trailer With Loads of New Footage

The Defenders Unleashes SDCC Trailer With Loads of New Footage

Marvel and Netflix have debuted the full-length Defenders trailer they dropped earlier this evening at Comic-Con International in San Diego’s panel for the series. Take a look below, and marvel at all the new footage it presents.

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Blind ninja. Smart-ass detective. Bulletproof ex-con. Kung Fu billionaire. Marvel’s The Defenders centers on four outsider heroes that have to put aside their personal issues and come together when a villainous sect threatens to destroy New York City as we know it. The Netflix original series launches globally on August 18, 2017.

RELATED: Mike Colter & Finn Jones Want Avengers to Visit Defenders’ World

Arriving Aug. 18 on Netflix, the eight-episode Defenders stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Finn Jones as Danny Rand, Elodie Yung as Elektra Natchios, Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra, Eka Darville as Malcolm Ducasse, Simone Missick as Misty Knight, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth, Scott Glenn as Stick, Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple and Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing.

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Today, during DC’s Young Animal panel, imprint curator Gerard Way made comic dreams come true by announcing that the weird and eccentric characters of Young Animal will encounter the iconic Super Heroes of the DC Universe.

Owl in wheel of plane delays flight out of Portland airport – WHIO


Owl in wheel of plane delays flight out of Portland airport
A barn owl, similar to the one pictured, was found in the wheel well of a plane at Portland International Airport.(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images). Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images. 0. Share. Facebook Twitter Google+ Email. Share this with your friends!

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Thompson, Bachalo Tackling Spider-Man vs. Deadpool

Thompson, Bachalo Tackling Spider-Man vs. Deadpool

There’s going to be a shakeup in the relationship between Marvel Comics’ wacky pairing of Spider-Man and Deadpool. Not only will Spider-Man/Deadpool get a new creative team —
writer Robbie Thompson and artist Chris Bachalo — in November’s issue #23, but the series will also be retitled Spider-Man vs. Deadpool.

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The news was announced by Marvel editor Nick Lowe during the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Like the main Deadpool series, the book will have interlude issues, but instead of flashbacks, it’ll have flash forwards: Starting with Old Man Wilson and Old Man Parker at a retirement home.

Spider-Man/Deadpool launched in 2016 from writer Joe Kelly and artist Ed McGuinness, and saw the wallcrawler working reluctantly alongside the Merc with a Mouth. The series has shuffled creative teams during its run, most notably during the Deadpool-focused “‘Til Death Do Us…” crossover with the main Deadpool series and Deadpool: The Mercs For Money.

RELATED: Peter Parker Returns to the Daily Bugle in Marvel Legacy

Thompson is no stranger to the world of Spider-Man, having penned Spidey, a retelling of Spider-Man’s earlier days as a teenager and just coming into his own as a superhero, and Silk, which starred Cindy Moon as a new Spider-Man supporting character who was bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker.

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The 15 Best Genderswapped Cosplays We’ve Ever Seen

The 15 Best Genderswapped Cosplays We’ve Ever Seen

There are thousands of women out there who spend their days creating costumes and props so they can have fun and entertain the world as cosplayers. Most of the time, the ladies cosplay as female characters and the guys… well, you get the idea. Thankfully, not all of these entertainers stick behind the relatively set gender lines of comic book and video game cosplay and this has led to some impressive creations. You might think that gender-bending a beloved video game character or favorite superhero would turn the fans off, but the opposite is true.

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If there’s one thing about cosplayers the fans like it’s their ability to be creative with their costumes. The good ones make their own and when they take a concept like a usually male character and turn it into a female version, they tend to go all out. We wanted to honor these creative ladies by digging through thousands of pictures until we found the very best versions of women cosplaying as men. Like we said, there are thousands of cosplayers out there and there’s no way we got to all of them with a list of only 15, so please let us know your favorites in the comment section if we missed anyone.


Nadyasonika is a Mexican cosplayer who spends her time out of costume designing clothing and modeling. She has been an international cosplayer for a little over a decade and has featured more than 60 individual costumes. Like a lot of ladies on this list, Nadyasonika is a gamer and she racks up a lot of hours on her Twitch account streaming for her many fans.

Most of her costumes are of famous female characters like Lara Croft, Cortana, Mystique or Supergirl, but she seems to have an affinity for the X-Men’s men. We chose a great shot of her cosplaying as Gambit, but she has also rocked the eye beams as Cyclops, which made it difficult for us to choose between the two. Nadyasonika can be found attending gaming and comic book conventions in her native Mexico, the United States, and elsewhere throughout the year.


Not a lot of cosplayers take on the guise of Gordon Freeman. This could be due to the lack of a follow-up in the Half-Life series for so long, but it could be simply due to cosplayers wanting to go with something more relevant to today. Whatever her reason for tackling the beloved character, Jessica LG created an impressive look and even modded a beautiful Gravity Gun, the main weapon the character uses in the game.

Jessica LG has been dressing up as her favorite characters for years. While she tends to embrace the more feminine aspects of the craft, she has dabbled in gender-swapped characters like Freeman from time to time to include an impressive female version of Angel from the X-Men. She has also portrayed the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Woman rather well.


It takes a certain type of creativity to transform a character nobody would find sexy into the wonderfully crafted version of DC’s Two-Face pictured above. Meagan Marie is a relative newcomer to the cosplay community, but her skill in the craft has helped her to rise above a lot of the competition to garner an impressive audience. Other than Two-Face she has created a lady Mario, though she isn’t the first to do so, which is why we focused on the unique cosplay pictured above.

She created the costume in secret for the 2011 SDCC and it was a huge success. Six hours of hair and makeup went into creating the bifurcated look of the infamous character. Meagan Marie is a huge fan of Batman: The Animated Series and wanted to create an homage to the series, which helped gift the world with the creative character featured here.


Evgenia a.k.a. mercury of A-Twins Cosplay created the pictured rendition of Bucky Barnes’ The Winter Soldier. The design is comparable to the Marvel Cinematic Universe version played by Sebastian Stan. The most impressive aspect of the costume has to be the cybernetic prosthetic arm, but it isn’t a perfect copy of the film’s arm. The arm was designed specifically for a female version of the character she debuted at the AVA-expo.

Evgenia is only one-half of the duo of cosplayers alongside Daisy a.k.a. Alexandra. The two have been cosplaying together for years and even did an opposing female version of Captain America, but we wanted to limit their entry to the Winter Soldier to make room for another creative Steve/Stephanie Rogers later on in the list.


Kay Pike‘s take on cosplay is truly unique among the other ladies on this list. Ms. Pike’s gifted skills as a makeup artist have made her an icon in the industry. All of her cosplay is done via body paint she does on her own figure. Nearly all of her cosplay is painted onto her body directly to incorporate her figure which is truly an impressive feat.

While she does do female characters, she does a lot of men as well. She will either create a female version like the Iron Man pictured or she will paint her face to look just like the character masking her feminine features. There is true talent in each of her creations so we threw a couple examples here for everyone to enjoy including a Titan from Attack on Titan.


Freddie Nova‘s unique take on cosplay has led her to create some truly unique costumes. She has been cosplaying for just under nine years and uses more body paint than your average cosplayer. One of her best costumes was a latex/body paint Venom she created. You may have seen the pic on the Internet of a woman trying to tear off the symbiote from her half-naked body. That was Freddie Nova and we could have gone with that pic, but wanted to use one you may not have seen.

Given the sheer muscle mass of the character and the lack of femininity, we had to use her portrayal of Skeletor. It takes a lot of creativity to turn a character like Skeletor into something sexy and she was able to perfect the look you see pictured above. Check out her Lady Death, and Witchblade for some incredible artistry as well.


For some reason, everyone who has never played a Zelda game thinks that the main character is so-named. No, Zelda is the name of the princess that Link, the hero we get to control, has to rescue. Link is a common costume created by cosplayers, but most folks tend to keep him male. Thankfully, Jessica Huard decided to abandon that practice and instead of knocking out a standard Zelda cosplay, she created a unique look for Shadow Link from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.

She focuses most of her cosplaying on female characters but came up with something truly special with Shadow Link. In addition to designing killer cosplay, Ms. Huard is also a shoe designer who creates geek-themed footwear and clothing as well as costumes for other like-minded ladies. She is also a talented artist and creates paintings using tea.


For anyone who has ever played any of the Uncharted games, you know that the main character, Nathan Drake, is a good-looking guy. He is drawn with a rugged Indiana Jones look, which is perfect for a character who runs around adventuring while seeking treasure. Many male cosplayers have worn him well, but there are some excellent examples of women taking on the role and making a sexy man into a sexy woman.

Our favorite gender-bent version of Drake is definitely Lady of Rohan‘s pictured above. LoR is another cosplayer on this list with a small following who should be checked out by anyone who is a fan of the art form. She usually cosplays as female characters, but as you can see from the shot above, she can kill it as anyone she chooses.


Speaking of sexy dudes, we think that anyone who watched Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast would agree that Gaston had a little more going for him physically than his rival in that film. Even so, he turned out to be kind of a jerk so we tend to forget about him… that is, until we see Rue The Day Cosplay absolutely kill it as a sexy lady Gaston (pictured).

Rue has been cosplaying since 2007 and has been sewing her own costumes since. She can be found attending conventions all along the eastern coast of the United States where she has shown up as everyone from Catwoman from Injustice, Jasmine and many other interesting characters. Rue is also an Anime fan and she enjoys dressing up as various characters from many of her favorite series.


Asya is a new entry into the world of cosplay and she isn’t like the rest of the ladies on this list. Finding pics of her online in anything other than the Captain America pictured isn’t easy since it’s her most prominent costume yet. She still hasn’t gotten more than 1,000 followers on Instagram so a little exposure might get this creative lady out there for a wider audience.

Looking through her profile, it’s clear she’s a fan of the first Avenger so it’s no wonder she picked up a shield and posed for some impressive pics. She has also donned a Starfleet uniform and clearly has a love for the genre so it would be great to see her creativity blossom in the world of cosplay.


Andy Raye has been a fixture of cosplay for a number of years and she currently has more than a quarter million followers on Instagram. Most of her creations are of female characters, often scantily clad so she can show off her figure. When she decided to tackle Jesse McCree, she went all out and Overwatch fans went wild.

Raye is an avid gamer with an active Twitch channel where she provides makeup, prop and costume tutorials for her fans. Raye is a Canadian who has been modeling and cosplaying since 2014 so she is an up-and-comer in the field. She has been recognized for her skills with the award for “Best Craftsmanship” at the Calgary Expo in 2014 as well as the “Judges Choice” award at Anime Revolution the same year.


While she may be a creative, beautiful woman, the best way to describe Azzy is as a gamer. A self-described tomboy, Azzy grew up with a love of original NES games to include Super Mario, Castlevania, Contra and Metroid among many others. Her favorite game growing up was The Legend of Zelda and after finding others online who shared her love of gaming, she embraced cosplay as a creative outlet.

Nearly all of her cosplay has been of female characters save for an interesting take on The Flash. We decided to go with her feminine version of Azir from League of Legends due to the complexity of the costume and the props involved. Her photos are always taken professionally with the level of artistry shown above. You can find her on YouTube sometimes hosting the show, Before they were Famous.


Lisa Lou Who has been a fixture in the cosplay world for a number of years with numerous accolades under her belt. She has won numerous awards for her work and creativity to include “Best in Show” at DragonCon in 2012 for her portrayal of Ty Lee from Avatar. As a professional seamstress, creating costumes to help indulge in her love of sci-fi, comics and gaming has only helped elevate her to the level of a professional cosplayer.

Most of her costumes are of women, but her creation of a female Handsome Jack from the Borderlands games is amazing. She has also done impressive work as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as well as many others from the world of science-fiction and fantasy. Lisa Lou Who lives in Minnesota, but she gets out often to attend cons all over the country.


Vamptress is one of the biggest names in cosplay and it was difficult to focus on only one version of her many gender-bent cosplays. We decided to go with her sexy version of Freddy Kreuger since, given all the male characters from film and literature, Kreuger is not one who should in any way look sexy. For her, it works.

Leeana calls herself the “Ghoul of Your Dreams” who insists she is a nerd and has the history to prove it. In addition to fashion, she is also an actress who has created and produced Best Friends Forever and Star Wars Girls. She is a regular fixture at conventions and has more than a million followers on Facebook alone. As with most of these ladies, she has also made some creative choices with Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Zatanna, but you can’t go wrong with everyone’s worst nightmare come to life.


People who have never heard of cosplayers may have a passing familiarity with Jessica Nigiri. She got her start in the industry by dressing up as a sexy Pikachu and only shot forward in fame and popularity from there. She began in the industry in 2009 at the SDCC and has been a staple in the industry ever since. Most of Ngiri’s costumes are of female characters and her talents at prop-making as well as costume design are second to none.

When it comes to portraying male characters, we couldn’t have chosen any other than her version of Ash(ley) Ketchum from Pokémon. Nigiri has also created a sexy Mario, Roadhog from Overwatch, Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series and even a beautiful version of Indiana Jones. Nigiri is a regular attendee at cons all over the world and has a successful YouTube channel among her other pursuits.

Did we miss any of your favorite gender-swapped lady Cosplayers? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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Iron Fist Renewed For Season 2 With Expanded Cast

Iron Fist Renewed For Season 2 With Expanded Cast

Iron Fist will return for a second season on Netflix, with a casting addition that will undoubtedly please Marvel Comics readers.

Marvel Head of Television Jeph Loeb made the announcement this evening during the Defenders panel at Comic-Con International, where he teased, the inclusion of another character that “will make you a little misty.”

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Obviously he was referring to Misty Knight, played on Luke Cage by Simone Missick, signaling the potential formation of the Daughters of the Dragon with Colleen Wing (played on Iron Fist by Jessica Henwick).

Iron Fist premiered in March on Netflix, starring Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) as Danny Rand, who returns to New York City, after being presumed dead for 15 years, to reclaim his family’s company from Harold Meachum and his two children. Trained in the mystical city of K’un-Lun to be a living weapon, Danny calls upon the power of the Iron Fist to confront the Meachums and battle the evil ninja cult The Hand.

RELATED: The Defenders Will “Mature” Danny Rand

When the first season ended, Danny  returned with Colleen to K’un-Lun, only to find the gates to the city closed. Both characters play a role in The Defenders, the miniseries that brings together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist to face a still-undisclosed threat in New York City.

Although the first season of Iron Fist received largely unfavorable reviews, Netflix said it generated the second-highest demand among the Marvel series during its launch week.

No date has been announced for the second season of Iron Fist. The Defenders arrives Aug. 18 on Netflix, followed by The Punisher.

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The Gifted’s Mutants Power Up in SDCC Trailer

The Gifted’s Mutants Power Up in SDCC Trailer

When a mutant’s powers manifest themselves for the first time, it can be a stressful, nerve-wracking experience. Viewers get to witness this first-hand in a new trailer for Fox’s X-Men-inspired drama The Gifted.

The trailer premiered at the Gifted panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and begins with Andy Strucker unleashing his uncontrollable powers while being bullied at a high school function. With the help of his sister, the two Strucker children escape, but not before their actions make it into the news cycle and alert the mutant underground.

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Back at home, the kids’ mother is presented with the fact that her own two children are mutants — which is a problem, since the head of the household, Reed Strucker, puts mutants in jail. However, Reed decides to put family before work and calls the mutant underground to aide him in protecting his family. The mutant underground wants to help, but indecision is in the air as we learn that the X-Men and Brotherhood (of Evil Mutants) may no longer exist.

Before the trailer ends, we get a rundown of each mutant in the underground (Thunderbird, Polaris, Blink, and Eclipse), new mutants Andy and Lauren Strucker, and a display of their impressive powers.

Airing Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, The Gifted stars Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker, Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker, Sean Teale as Marcos Diaz/Eclipse, Coby Bell as Jace Turner, Emma Dumont cast as Lorna Dane/Polaris, Jamie Chung as Blink/Clarice Fong and Blair Redford as John Proudstar/Thunderbird, Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren Strucker and Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker.

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SDCC: Marvel’s Defenders Unite to Preview Series

SDCC: Marvel’s Defenders Unite to Preview Series

The Defenders have arrived in San Diego for this year’s Comic-Con International. Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Finn Jones (Iron Fist), Jessica Henwick (Colleen), Elodie Yung (Elektra), Sigourney Weaver (Alexandra), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page) executive producer Marco Ramirez and Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb took the stage to offer the denizens of Hall H an exclusive first look at the upcoming Netflix series.

“We walked into Netflix and we had a dream,” Loeb said, recalling the day he walked into Netflix to present his idea for Defenders. “They sat down and said, ‘We’re in for 60.’ It is unprecedented.”

Jon Bernthal, who plays Punisher, walked on stage as a surprise guest. “Frank’s very much in my heart and I’m eternally grateful to get another crack at him,” he shared. “I just want to saw to the member of the law enforcement, the ladies and men who serve this country, the comic book fans… we’re going to do our best to get it right.”

Loeb then cued a clip, which showed Punisher riding around the country killing off the cartel that murdered his family starting from the bottom up.

Loeb then announced a second season of Iron Fist. What’s more, the second season will feature another Marvel Netflix character who “will make you a little misty,” which suggests that Luke Cage‘s Misty Knight will be in it.

“Colleen really had her whole life ripped away from her at the end of Season 1,” Henwick said of her role in Defenders. “We catch up with her and Danny, not in New York — somewhere else. She hasn’t really come to terms with what has happened emotionally…”

“It’s like three shows now that Karen Page is on. I reach out to Rosario [Dawson] like, ‘How do you do this?!'” Woll recalled. “It’s been really fun to keep adding on.”

“Elektra is an amnesiac. She doesn’t remember who she is. She’s trained by Alexandra to be some sort of a weapon, and I guess the question for my character is how much of the Elektra we know remains? So we’ll find out I guess,” Yung revealed.

“You were kind enough to introduce me to [the Defenders] on stage at New York Comic Con on stage,” Weaver recalled. “It was too late. They were stuck with me! I was a huge fan of Daredevil and Jessica Jones… They offered me a part I couldn’t refuse… A woman who has a lot of dealing with this lovely young lady [Yung]. Their relationship is certainly interesting… it was a joy to work with you guys. I really appreciate it.”

“This story is something that we knew was coming, and I think the most interesting part about the Defenders is the people,” Colter shared. “I love working with Finn, I love working with Krysten… getting a chance to work with Matt, Sigourney… we all shared the screen and had time off. We enjoyed coming to set and we enjoyed seeing each other.”

“Well, Jessica doesn’t really want to play with others. She doesn’t ask or want to help. But at the end of the day… she has a gooey inside and will rise to the occasion and help the little guy,” Ritter said. “She takes every opportunity to make fun of everything they’re doing and to make fun of Daredevil’s suit.”

“It’s kind of a wonderful celebration to come to Hall H and San Diego,” Cox shared. “It’s a celebration!”

“This is not the kind of show where they’re ever going to have a headquarters. Nobody’s getting suits… Jessica’s going to look at Danny and say, ‘Your fist doesn’t make any sense,'” Ramirez explained. “These people are all having fights in the back alleys and shitty bars.”

Jones then demanded that Loeb roll a clip. When Weaver stood up to challenge him, he announced he would play the entire first episode of the series.

Arriving Aug. 18 on Netflix, the eight-episode Defenders stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Finn Jones as Danny Rand, Elodie Yung as Elektra Natchios, Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra.

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Comic Legends: Which Intended Member of the X-Men Never Got to Join?

Comic Legends: Which Intended Member of the X-Men Never Got to Join?

Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the six hundred and thirty-seventh week where we examine comic book legends and whether they are true or false.

As we’ve been doing it for some time now, one legend today, one tomorrow and one Sunday.

Let’s begin!


Chris Claremont introduced a new member of the X-Men but he never got the chance to have her actually join the team.



If you were to say that Chris Claremont’s return to Uncanny X-Men in 2000 was filled with problems, you would be woefully misstating just how bad things were for the legendary X-Men writer. Almost from the word “go,” Claremont clashed with editorial on his return to writing both Uncanny X-Men and X-Men. You see, the X-Men film was debuting that year, so Marvel was extra sensitive about their X-Men titles with the presumed extra attention that the series would be receiving from outside readers. The whole thing was a mess and Claremont ended up getting pushed out after roughly a year on both books (it was actually just slightly under a full year on the books).

Anyhow, one of the areas where Claremont’s original plans were changed was with a new mutant that he introduced that he planned to have join the team.

Introduced in Uncanny X-Men #383, Sketch was a mutant who was being kept as a slave by a slaver that the X-Men came to Russia to take down.

At first, she used her mutant power of being able to create anything that she sketched on her pad to help trap the X-Men by creating an illusion to trap the X-Men…

When Storm remained free, she was forced to use her powers to capture her…

In the end, though, she took the chance to free the X-Men to free herself…

When the issue ended, she was free and hanging out with the X-Men…

But then that was it. Claremont never got a chance to return to the character to have her join the X-Men. And I don’t believe she’s been shown since. It’s too bad. She would be great as part of a DC/Marvel crossover where she teamed up with “The Writer” from Grant Morrison’s Animal Man!

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Check back Saturday for part 2 of this week’s legends!

And remember, if you have a legend that you’re curious about, drop me a line at either or!

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Fox’s The Gifted ‘Is Its Own Universe,’ Separate From X-Men Films

Fox’s The Gifted ‘Is Its Own Universe,’ Separate From X-Men Films

Although Fox’s The Gifted shares with the X-Men films certain characters, elements and themes — from Blink to Sentinel to anti-mutant sentiments — the upcoming television drama exists in a separate universe. Or, in the words of showrunner Matt Nix, a different stream.

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“One of the great favors that Days of Future Past did for all of us is establish that there are many streams,” he said this afternoon at the Gifted panel at Comic-Con International. “One answer is that we exist in one of those streams. This is its own universe, we don’t exist in the same timeline as any specific movie or comics. But there are shared characters. We’re doing our own thing, and, as I say, there are many streams.”

That’s more definitive than comments made early this year by X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who contrasted FX’s Legion with what was later titled The Gifted.

“Matt’s [X-Men-based show] is much more a part of just the world in terms of there are mutants, mutants are hated and there are Sentinels — though very different from what we’ve seen before,” she said in January. “You feel like you’re here in the X-Men world. With Legion, we’re our own universe.”

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Star Stephen Moyer (True Blood) suggested just last month that although The Gifted doesn’t immediately sync with the timeline of the film franchise, it eventually could. “[W]e definitely slot into a timeline, but as of yet, we’re not allied,” he said. “I think they have given themselves a lot of leeway in order to be able to go places, but we’ve enough story within our universe to propel us forward without having to do that.”

As we’ve seen from the first trailer and subsequent marketing, The Gifted is certainly grounded in the larger world of the X-Men, with plenty of elements that will be familiar to fans of the comics and the films. The series follows a family whose life is turned upside down when they learned their teenage children possess extraordinary abilities. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, they turn to an underground network of mutants for help and must fight to survive.

Airing Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, The Gifted stars Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker, Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker, Sean Teale as Marcos Diaz/Eclipse, Coby Bell as Jace Turner, Emma Dumont cast as Lorna Dane/Polaris, Jamie Chung as Blink/Clarice Fong and Blair Redford as John Proudstar/Thunderbird, Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren Strucker and Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker.

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Matt Reeves Batman Film May Have a New Writer

Matt Reeves Batman Film May Have a New Writer

Following today’s news that the DC Extended Universe will work to transition from Ben Affleck as Batman to another actor in the role, a new rumor has surfaced suggesting that The Batman director Matt Reeves has brought in a new writer to help him pen the screenplay for the forthcoming film.

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According to Splash Report, Reeves will bring in his frequent collaborator, Mark Bomback (War for the Planet of the Apes), to pen the new script. The news comes after Reeves revealed that he’d be starting from scratch on the film, choosing not to use the script that had been previously penned by Ben Affleck, Chris Terrio and DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns.

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Given Reeves’ working relationship with Bomback, it would make sense for the two to team-up on The Batman as they’ve worked the last two Planet of the Apes films together — films that have been a hit both critically and financially. However, while entirely probable, this report should be treated as a rumor for the time being. With Warner Bros. set to take over Hall H tomorrow following today’s big Batman news, we can only hope they’ll provide an official update regarding The Batman and, hopefully, Affleck’s future as the Caped Crusader.

Affleck, who is expected to be on hand at San Diego Comic-Con for tomorrow’s Hall H panel, will next portray the Dark Knight in WB’s Justice League, which hits theaters on November 17, 2017. The Batman does not have an official release date at this time, although a 2019 release seems likely.

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Line it is Drawn: European Comic Team-Ups!

Line it is Drawn: European Comic Team-Ups!

Welcome to Line it is Drawn, our weekly gallery of amazing art by our great collection of artistic talent, all working from your suggestions!

So every week, I ask a question here. You reply to it on the CSBG Twitter page (just write @csbg with your reply), our artists will each pick one of your suggestions and I will post their drawings based on your suggestions here every week. So every week you will have a new question and you will see the choices picked from the previous week.

To qualify, you have to be following @csbg when you reply – so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (All suggestions due by noon Pacific Saturday – we’re being delayed a bit due to San Diego Comic Con, so we’ll extend the suggestion deadline accordingly).

The topic for the next Line is…

In honor of the release of Atomic Blonde, name a badass comic book female character and our artists will draw them in an homage to SOME sort of badass moment in pop culture history (whatever they feel like)

Read on for the drawings that came about courtesy of the last question/challenge!

In honor of the release of Valerian, team up American comic book characters with a famous European comic book character!


I’ll put them in alphabetical order based on the name of the Twitter user who made the suggestion.

All copyright and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners!

B_Granderson suggested

hip flask and blacksad

Axel Medellin drew this one. His website is here

Here’s Axel’s schedule for San Diego Comic Con this weekend:

This time I’ll be there Thursday to Saturday (possibly a bit on Wednesday and Sunday) at the Comicraft / Elephantmen booth #2106, in front of DC. Besides all the Elephantmen stuff, I’ll bring original art, prints, and will be doing commissions.

I’ll have a special signing of The Thing Artbook on Friday 5:00 PM at the Aspen Comics booth #2320

As usual, followers of The Line get an extra nice sketch.

ErichMees suggested

Batman and Tintin, the Boy Wonder.

The art for this one is by Dan Wolff. His website is here.

ErichMees and JohnnyUnusual suggested

Asterix and Thor

The art for this one is by Paul Shinn. His website is here.

ErichMees, KeithAlanMorgan and PeteStelenberg suggested

Batman and Diabolik

Xum Yukinori drew this one. Here is his website.

KeithAlanMorgan suggested

Adam Strange and Barbarella


TheCountingTree suggested

Grant Morrison’s Doom patrol Meets Moebius’ Airtight Garage or Jerry Cornelius

Nick Perks is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

Click here for a larger version of page 1.

Click here for a larger version of page 2.

KeithAlanMorgan suggested

Atom and the Smurfs

The art for this one is by Chris Marino! His website is here.

ScottFry78 suggested

Desperate Dan from the Dandy and Jonah Hex

The art for this one is by Matt Sandbrook. His website is here.

Very cool stuff, everyone! Hopefully this inspires some folks to check out some European comic book classics!

Okay, people, go tweet us suggestions for next week’s badass theme!

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Will And Jada Pinkett Smith Finally Learned What Groupon Is On New Orleans Swamp Tour


In search of donations: NASA’s famed Apollo Mission Control Cent – WENY News – WENY-TV

In search of donations: NASA's famed Apollo Mission Control Cent - WENY News
The historic Apollo Mission Control Center at the Johnson Space Center in Houston -- where NASA helped put a man on the moon 50 years ago -- is in desperate need of repair after years of wear-and-tear. The group, Space Center Houston, operates a large ...

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Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns Days After Fatal Police Shooting Of Justine Damond

Report: Russian Ambassador Said He Discussed Trump Campaign With Jeff Sessions

Sean Spicer To Hannity: Trump Didn’t Want Me To Go

Pink Posted a Cute Picture of Her Family, and Now People Are Mommy-Shaming Her

Instagram commenters are mommy-shaming Pink for a photo she posted of herself cooking with her daughter Willow and son Jameson.

Stop Buying Designer Crap, Start Giving To Charities

Senate Referee Rejects Key Pieces Of Repeal Bill, Dealing Major Blow To GOP

Linkin Park Cancels Remainder Of One More Light Tour After Chester Bennington’s Death

You Can’t Look At The New Portrait Of Prince George Without Smiling

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Disney XD’s Big City Greens Opening Credits

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Disney XD’s Big City Greens Opening Credits

Disney XD has provided CBR with the exclusive first look at the opening credits for Big City Greens, the upcoming animated series by comics creators (and brothers) Chris and Shane Houghton.

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Announced in May 2016 under its previous title, Country Club, the series centers on Cricket Green, a mischievous and optimistic country boy who moves to the big city with his wildly out of place family. Cricket’s curiosity and enthusiasm lead his family on epic fish-out-of-water adventures and endear the Greens to their new urbanite neighbors.

Big City Greens follows Cricket Green, a mischievous and optimistic country boy who just moved to the big city. His curiosity and enthusiasm will lead him and his wildly out of place family on epic journeys, perilous escapes, and into the hearts of his new neighbors.

Emmy Award-winning director Rob Renzetti (Gravity Falls) serves as executive producer alongside the Houghtons.

Writers on Nicktoons’ Harvey Beaks, the Houghton brothers are perhaps best known in comics circles for their all-ages supernatural Western Reed Gunther, published by Image Comics. Shane Houghton has written stories for Peanuts, The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror and Casper’s Scare School, while Chris Houghton has contributed to The Simpsons, Adventure Time and Kung Fu Panda comics, as well as Disney’s Gravity Falls.

Big City Greens is scheduled to premiere in 2018 on Disney XD.

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The team behind 2017’s hottest event, DARK NIGHTS: METAL, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, were joined by DARK MATTER contributors Jim Lee, Phillip Tan, James Tynion IV and Robert Venditti in this revealing hour of comics!

Space Photos of the Week: This Dim Galaxy Is a Starry Slowpoke – WIRED


Space Photos of the Week: This Dim Galaxy Is a Starry Slowpoke
Every day some 7 billion people sit in traffic, grocery shop, or scroll through Twitter. And all that time, they're slowly turning with the Earth, which is slowly orbiting around the Sun. For Earth, that trajectory takes 365 days. But it's just one of ...
Speedy Mars Moon Zips Around Red Planet in Amazing NASA

NASA: Mars Moon Phobos Orbits Red Planet in Beautiful Time-Lapse Captured by HubbleNewsweek
Mars rover concept vehicle tours this planetUSA TODAY -Gizmodo -CNET
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Inmates Without Air Conditioning Yell For Help From Inside Sweltering Jail

National Weather Service cancels its union contract

The National Weather Service is canceling its contract with the union representing about 3,800 of its meteorologists and other workers in what could be the first major labor showdown of the Trump administration.

Optimization for self-production may explain mysterious features of the ribosome

Optimization for self-production may explain key features of ribosomes, the protein production factories of the cell, reported researchers from Harvard Medical School in Nature on July 20.

Trump ‘Loved’ His New Communications Director’s Feud With CNN

Blumhouse Producing R-Rated Spawn Movie

Blumhouse Producing R-Rated Spawn Movie

Blumhouse Productions’ Jason Blum has signed on to produce a Spawn movie reboot that will reportedly be R-rated.

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane announced the news in a Facebook LIVE video (featuring Kevin Smith) straight from Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Blumhouse Productions is responsible for a stable of popular horror films from the last decade, including Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge, Sinister, Split and Get Out.

RELATED: R-Rated Spawn Movie Script’s First Draft is Done, Reveals McFarlane

McFarlane previously indicated a script was complete for the film. “Today, the official news is the script is done, at least the first rough draft,” McFarlane announced in a video message back in May. “As you can see here, it’s actually been done for a couple months,” he continued. “The initial rough draft was about 182 pages. That’s way too long for Hollywood. They like it to be about 120 pages… I now have it down to 136 pages. I’ll knock out about another ten or twelve pages out of that, and we’ll get it there.”

The original Spawn movie, which starred Michael Jai White and John Leguizamo, came out in 1997 and was the title character’s big-screen debut. While the film was moderately successful financially, it received negative reviews from critics and holds an 18% on Rotten Tomatoes. MacFarlane has said several times that the new film would be different from other superhero movies and fall into the horror/suspense genre.

Spawn #1 was published in May 1992. The series recounts the story of Albert Francis Simmons, a CIA operative who is recruited into the shadowy world of covert operations. Simmons is murdered by one of his squad mates on a mission and is sent to Hell because of his murderous life choices. In Hell, Simmons is contracted by the demonic Malebolgia to become a Hellspawn, the foot troops of the fiery dimension.

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Sharkathon 2017 is here: How to watch it like a scientist – WTOP

Sharkathon 2017 is here: How to watch it like a scientist
(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) George Burgess, University of Florida. (THE CONVERSATION) Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your television, the Discovery ...

and more »

Sharkathon 2017 is here: How to watch it like a scientist – WTOP

Wicked Local Whitman

Sharkathon 2017 is here: How to watch it like a scientist
(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) George Burgess, University of Florida. (THE CONVERSATION) Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your television, the Discovery ...
Nine things to know about sharksWicked Local Acton

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SDCC LIVE: Snyder, Capullo & More Go Dark Nights: Metal

SDCC LIVE: Snyder, Capullo & More Go Dark Nights: Metal

The creative teams behind DC’s upcoming cross over event, Dark Nights: Metal and the recently announced spin-off line, Dark Matter, took the stage at Comic-Con International in San Diego to spill the secrets of the Dark Multiverse.

Metal masterminds Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo were joined by Steve Orlando, James Tynion IV, Philip Tan, and Robert Venditti to talk the future of their work in Rebirth.

CBR is there live so keep hitting the refresh button for the latest details.

DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio opened the panel by hyping up the crowd: “This is going to be a loud, noisy, crazy panel!”

Didio then began introducing the panel, starting with “Greg Capullo” (who was actually Scott Snyder in a costume bald cap and a fake mustache.) The real Greg Capullo took the stage immediately after, never fear.

Despite the lack of costume, Capullo was quick to share his impression of Snyder with the crowd — “That’s his voice for both me, and his wife,” Snyder interjected immediately.

Snyder then took the opportunity to explain the premise of Metal to the crowd. “The Dark Multiverse is coming to invade, and the only way to stop it is the Nth Metal. The first wave of attack is going to be these “dark” Batman, which are pulled from the darkest fears of Batman.”

“There’s clues all the way back to the start of [Capullo] and I’s run…” Snyder teased, “If you’re a deep dive fan, you’ll find things all the way across the DC. It’s Hawkman and Dr. Fate and Plastic Man and the Source Wall…”

Snyder was quick to add that fans who were not actually deep dive fans, or fans who had never read his Batman run, they’ll still find a “big, zany comic event.”

Capullo laughed, his fans have asked him to draw all sorts of DC characters over the years but with this, “I think I’m drawing every single DC character.”

Capullo then spoke about his history with Marvel and how moving over to DC offered him a new creative freedom, a “virgin territory” for him to explore and design. He said that “Metal has it’s serious elements but really it’s wall-to-wall fun. We’re making it as big and exciting as it can be.”

Didio then took over to talk about how Metal is all about “newness” and teases the new villains before showing the line up of the “Dark Knights” roster for the first time out of the silhouettes they were solicited in.

Snyder took over from there and explained that the Dark Knights are the representation of Bruce’s darkest fears — alternate possibilities to the Batman stories. “They all have origins that we’re really excited about […] they’re the total nightmare Bruce Wayne Batmans.”

“What if Batman experimented with the Doomsday Virus to prevent Superman’s death? And what if that infected all of Metropolis?” Snyder teased, presumably about the Superman-analogue “Nightmare Batman.”

The one shots will focus on the character origins as well as some of the secret plans they’re seeding through the universe right now.

The story will be called Justice League: Bats out of Hell.

Snyder continued to explain that Batman is “a hero of discovery, he’s a detective. And Hawkman is too — But for the first time, he’s going to discover that maybe all of these things he’s done, going back to Death of the Family and Endgame were possibly leading to opening this door.”

“All of this story is trying to treat the DC universe with irreverence, but also show it in a new way,” Snyder was excited to say, “It’s crazy. It’s just what I know that I would want to pick up and read right now.”

Didio then took over to pivot the panel away from Metal toward the Dark Matter line.

The Dark Matter line then took the stage, confirming new books and teams like Brimstone with Philip Tan and Justin Jordan, and The Terrifics with Jeff Lemire.

The Terrifics will be a team that includes Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Phantom Girl, and Plastic Man.

The floor was then given to Jim Lee, who will be working with James Tynion on Dark Matter’s Immortal Men.

“Out of a jam session with some of our key artists, Romita Jr, Andy Kubert…This idea was born,” Lee explained, highlighting the importance of artists in the Dark Matter line.

“This is a team book and I haven’t done one of those in a while!” Lee laughed.

James Tynion IV took the floor there to explain the way Lee pitched the book to him. “Jim said he was interested in an old character called Immortal Man and like, 20 minutes into the conversation I had to ask “are you doing a book with me?”

Jeff Lemire then took over, to say he’s so excited to be back at DC and then announce that he’ll be doing Hawkman: Found with Bryan Hitch and Kevin Nowlan.

Lemire also spoked about The Terrifics and how it’s a book that’s aiming to capture the same feel of Fantastic Four from the Kirby era. “It’s all about family,” Lemire says, “And Ivan Reis will be working with me on art.”

The panel then focused on Philip Tan, the artist of Brimstone to talk about his own return to DC. “Dan asked if I wanted to do something fun and special, and he knew I like horror, so…” Tan joked. It sounds like the tone of Brimstone will be pretty dark. Tan joked about his love of drawing “people getting their heads cut off.”

“Justin Jordan has been amazing,” Tan said for Brimstone’s writer, “A great writer, very, very scary.”

Snyder was put back in focus to talk about his upcoming book with Andy Kubert, Challengers of the Unknown, “For us, this is a combination of Kirby and Lost. They have these tattoos that look like hourglasses, and they’ll be given a mission and the hourglass sand will start to run out. If they don’t do these missions they’ll die, and they don’t know why.”

Venditti then took over to talk about Damage the huge blue monster of the Dark Matter line up. “This’ll be the first time you’ve seen Damage, but you’ll know based on the relationships he has to other characters that he’s always been there…he’s just on the loose now.”

“Damage is unlike anything we have in the DCU right now,” Venditti said, “He’s just a giant wrecking ball. We’re three scripts in already and Tony Daniel is doing a great job.”

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Who Is Young Justice’s Mysterious New Member, Thirteen?

Who Is Young Justice’s Mysterious New Member, Thirteen?

When Young Justice returns next year with its long-awaited third season, the team of young heroes will have a new member in its ranks: Thirteen, better known to DC Comics readers at Traci Thirteen.

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Although few details were offered about the new addition during this afternoon’s Young Justice Q&A at Comic-Con International in San Diego, afterward series co-creator Brandon Vietti confirmed the character’s identity to CBR.

In DC canon, Traci is the teenage daughter of Dr. Terrance Thirteen, aka Doctor Thirteen, the professional skeptic and paranormal investigator who appeared in a number of comic anthologies — Star Spangled Comics and Ghosts, among them — and The Phantom Stranger from the 1950s through the 1970s.

A minor fixture of the DC Universe, Dr. Thirteen (or 13, if you prefer) has been a recurring guest star over the decades, and even headlined his own feature in the 2006 revival of Tales of the Unexpected, in which he led an oddball team that included daughter Traci.

Traci Thirteen

Traci is a sorceress — one of the “Homo Magi,” in DCU parlance — who was forbidden by her father from using her abilities because magic was the cause of her mother’s death. Introduced in 2003’s Superman #189, Traci and her then-troubled father lived a nomadic life, ending up at one point on the streets of Washington, D.C. She later moved to Metropolis where, as Girl 13, she tapped into the city’s urban magic.

During DC’s Infinite Crisis, Traci teamed with Shadowpact and other supernatural heroes to locate and reassemble the shattered pieces of the Rock of Eternity. Afterward, during “One Year Later,” she lived with her father in their ancestral home Doomsbury Mansion (aka “Dorksbury Mansion”).

Traci Thirteen in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Traci Thirteen in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

At one point Traci dated Jaime Reyes, the current Blue Beetle, and was later offered membership in the Teen Titans. She declined, but nevertheless assisted the team on a number of occasions.

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With “urban magic” abilities inherited from her mother, Traci can access the knowledge and power of cities, allowing her to view and track people’s auras, fire mystical blasts, generate protective force fields, locate distant objects, and take possession of someone’s body for a limited time. In the comics she also has demonstrated a psychic link to her pet Iguana Leroy, who’s served as her familiar.

Young Justice won’t be Traci’s first animated appearance: She had a minor role in the direct-to-video Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, where she’s shown working at a soup kitchen where Jaime offers to volunteer (she’s the one with the “13” emblazoned on her shirt, if you hadn’t guessed).

Planned as a 26-episode season, Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere sometime next year on Warner Bros.’ new DC Comics-branded streaming platform.

Meg Downey contributed to this report.

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Starfire Joins the Fight in Injustice 2 Gameplay Video

Starfire Joins the Fight in Injustice 2 Gameplay Video

NetherRealm Studios and WB Games have revealed the newest addition to its Injustice 2 roster: Teen Titan extraordinaire, Starfire! The character will be available as DLC in August, as revealed at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The news was unveiled in a gameplay video, showing off all of Starfire’s abilities in the game, which you can check out below.

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As the next Queen of Tamaran, Princess Koriand’r found herself the victim of her fratricidal sister’s vengeful plot that resulted in their planet being conquered. Now a royal exile on Earth, Koriand’r uses her ability to absorb and convert ultraviolet energy as Starfire.

RELATED: Why The Injustice Universe Works… Even Though It Shouldn’t

Developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by WB Games, the sequel to the hit 2013 fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us allows players to build and power up the ultimate versions of their favorite DC Comics characters. The story centers on attempts by Batman and his insurgency to restore society after the fall of Superman’s regime. However, the arrivals of the supervillain group The Society and the alien Brainiac force the Dark Knight to consider freeing the imprisoned Superman to help combat these new threats.

Injustice 2 is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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I’m Done Keeping Quiet About Suicide

LifestyleMind and Body
It's time to speak up about suicide. We owe it to Chester Bennington—and millions of others.
Photo: Getty Images/Burak Cingi Like many of you, I was shocked and heartbroken to learn of Chester Bennington's death, especially after just losing Chris Cornell a couple of months ago. Linkin Park was an influential part of my adolescence. I remember purchasing the Hybrid Theory album in my early years of high school and listening to it over and over, both with friends and by myself. It was a new sound, and it was raw. You could feel the passion and pain in Chester's words, and they helped a lot of us deal with our teenage angst. We loved that he created this music for us, but we never stopped to think about what he was truly going through while making it. As I got older, my teenage angst turned into adult angst: I'm one of the unfortunate 43.8 million people in America who suffer from mental health issues. I struggle with OCD (focus on the O), depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. I've abused alcohol in times of pain. I've cut myself—both to numb my emotional pain and to make sure I could feel anything at all—and I still see those scars every single day. My lowest point occurred in March of 2016, when I checked myself into the hospital for suicide. Lying in a hospital bed in the dark, watching the nurses tape up cabinets and secure every possible instrument that could be used as a weapon, I just started crying. I wondered how I had gotten here, how it had gotten this bad. I had hit rock bottom in my mind. Fortunately, that was my wake up call to turn my life around. I started writing a blog about my journey, and I couldn't believe the support I got out of it. People started reaching out with their own stories, and I realized there are a lot more of us silently dealing with this than I originally thought. I stopped feeling so alone. Our culture generally ignores mental health issues (we still refer to suicide as "passing away" to avoid discussing an even harder reality), but I'm done ignoring the topic of suicide. I'm not ashamed to discuss my struggles, and neither should anyone else dealing with mental illness. When I first started my blog, I felt empowered knowing I could help people with something that hit home for them. My life did a 180 when I started accepting that I'm worth being on this planet. I started going to therapy, taking medication and vitamins, practicing yoga, meditating, eating healthy, volunteering, and actually reaching out to people when I felt myself going down a dark hole again. That last one is probably the hardest habit to implement, but it's one of the most important. We are not meant to be alone in this world. Song lyrics have a way of reminding us of that. They can explain what we're feeling or thinking, and become a form of therapy during difficult times. There's no doubt that Chester helped countless people get through tough moments in their lives through his music and made them feel less alone in their issues. As a fan, I felt like I struggled with him, and it saddens me deeply that I'll never be able to celebrate with him too—celebrate finding the light in the darkness, celebrate finding solace after the struggle. I guess that's a song for the rest of us to write. Are we sick? Yes. Are we permanently damaged? No. Are we beyond help? Definitely not. Just as someone with a heart condition or diabetes wants (and deserves) treatment, so do we. The problem is, those who don't have mental illness or empathy for it find it uncomfortable to talk about. We're expected to pull ourselves together and snap out of it, because everyone gets depressed sometimes, right? There's nothing that a funny show on Netflix or walk in the park can't fix, and it's not the end of the world! But sometimes it does feel like the end of the world. That's why it pains me to hear people call Chester "selfish" or "a coward" for what he did. He's not either of those things; he's a human who lost control and didn't have the help he needed to survive. I'm not a mental health professional, but as someone who has been there, I can only say that support and community are crucial if we want to see mental health change for the better. If you think someone you know is suffering (here are some risk factors to look out for), please, please please have those "uncomfortable" conversations. I don't know where I'd be without my mother, who made a point of frequently checking in to see how I was doing. More than half of mentally ill adults in this country don't get the help they need; it's time we change that statistic. If you're suffering from suicidal thoughts yourself, know that you're not a bad or unworthy person for feeling that way, and you're certainly not alone. It's incredibly hard to navigate life with a mental illness, and the fact that you are still here is a testament to your strength. If you feel like you could use some extra help or even someone to just talk to for a little while, you can call 1-800-273-8255, text 741741, or chat online at

Not Aliens: Weird Radio Signal from Star Likely Has Duller Explanation –

Not Aliens: Weird Radio Signal from Star Likely Has Duller Explanation
The signal that seemed to emanate from the red dwarf star Ross 128, as detected by the Arecibo Observatory in May 2017 (enclosed in the red frame). Credit: PHL @ UPR Arecibo. A strange radio signal that seemed to emanate from a small nearby star ...
Weird signals from nearby star probably weren't from thereCNET

Astronomers now think they know what that 'weird' radio signal from space wasGeekWire
Ross 128: Scientists Solve Mystery of Radio Signals Coming from Nearby StarNewsweek
Popular Mechanics -ScienceAlert -PRI -International Business Times
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A Positive Perspective In The Face Of Cancer

It’s hard to tell if newfound fears are simply a plight of aging or legitimate reactions to emerging issues of our day, particularly in the realm of health. Did I obliviously overlook the vast effects of cancer until I was old enough to experience the first and second-hand repercussions? Are cases truly becoming more and more common, or has the rise of social media simply exposed us to the ugly truths that have existed all along?

I’m not an expert, nor have I spent enough time Googling charts and statistics spelling out the generational differences in diagnoses, so I don’t know the answers to those questions. All I know is that in my reality, and the realities of my fellow millennials, the dread of how cancer will (not might—will) affect our lives is not an idle concern.


Creating the largest neutrino detectors in the world – Phys.Org


Creating the largest neutrino detectors in the world
Physical Sciences Laboratory electronics technician Andy Arbuckle soldering 150 micron CuBe wire on the anode panel assembly (APA). Four underground detector modules in South Dakota will each be two-thirds the size of a football field and …more.
Why do we exist? UTA team working on particle collider for answersFort Worth Star Telegram

Construction begins on international science experiment to understand neutrinosUChicago News
1000 scientists, engineers to work on new underground SD research labGrand Forks Herald
SFGate -International Business Times -KEVN Black Hills Fox -Wall Street Journal (subscription)
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Name that scotch: Colorimetric recognition of aldehydes and ketones

Vodka tastes different from brandy, and connoisseurs can distinguish among different brands of whiskeys. The flavors of spirits result from a complex bouquet of volatile compounds. New colorimetric sensor arrays on disposable test-strips read by hand-held devices allow for their rapid, inexpensive, and sensitive identification by their chemical "fingerprints". They are based on novel sensor arrays that detect and differentiate among a diverse range of aldehydes and ketones, as reported in the journal Angewandte Chemie.

NASA sees Tropical Storm Noru east of Japan

NASA's Terra satellite captured a visible-light image of Tropical Storm Noru after it formed far to the east of Japan in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Congratulations to White House Press Secretary Jared Kushner

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Anthony Scaramucci is the new White House communications director, which is perfect because what this fine-tuned machine really lacked was a guy with a henchman nickname like “The Mooch.” Sean Spicer will soon be liberated from telling Trump’s lies and be able to spend more time lying about things of his own choosing. And the Democratic Party has a new slogan, replacing its previous one, “Welp!” This is HUFFPOST HILL for Friday July 21st, 2017:


Meet the Zoo’s Newborn Red Panda Cubs, Who Just Opened Their Eyes

The three cubs were born within days of each other at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Charlize Theron Speaks Honestly About Growing Up With An Alcoholic Father

In an interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday, Charlize Theron opened up about her experience growing up with an alcoholic father, People reports.

The “Atomic Blonde” actress spoke specifically about the night her mother killed her father in self-defense, a traumatic experience she previously detailed while promoting her film “Dark Places” in 2015. 


Having A Soda With That Burger Is Double Trouble

High-sugar drinks combined with protein triggers extra fat storage by body, study finds

20% of Adults Have Mental Illness or Drug Problem

New Jersey is the mentally healthiest state, report finds

Protestors Are Putting a ‘Pro-Life Jumbotron’ Outside Kentucky’s Only Abortion Clinic

This week in women's health care: anti-abortion protests in Kentucky, a potential Obamacare repeal, family planning program cuts, and more.

Waid & Samnee Taking Over Captain America with Issue #695

Waid & Samnee Taking Over Captain America with Issue #695

At Comic-Con International in San Diego’s Secret Empire panel, Marvel Comics announced the new Captain America creative team in light of the Marvel Legacy publishing initiative: The Eisner Award-winning team of writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee. The duo will take over the series with issue #695. Waid made it clear at the panel that it’s Steve Rogers in the title role.

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“Steve is kind of tired of being the couch-surfer of the Marvel Universe, he’s never really had a place to call his own other than Avengers Mansion,” Waid said, continuing that the series will involve a road trip for the character. “This is him getting back in touch with Captain America, learning how people perceive Captain America in light of Secret Empire.”

Marvel Comics assistant editor Alanna Smith said this is something of a back to basics approach to the character, following the Hydra Cap of Secret Empire, while Waid said it will be the “Steve Rogers that we know and love.”

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Waid and Samnee first teamed on a critically-acclaimed run on Daredevil, which was also a “back to basics” approach to the character in the wake of several runs that depicted a more gritty version of the Man Without Fear. The run garnered an Eisner win for the team. They would later re-team for a run on Black Widow.

Captain America #695 releases this November.

Additional reporting by Albert Ching from Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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What Transgender Women Need to Know About Their Prostate Cancer Risk

Your prostate cancer risk may be related to your transition. This is what experts want transgender women to know.

Collateral Damage: The 15 Most Brutal Civilian Deaths in Comics

Collateral Damage: The 15 Most Brutal Civilian Deaths in Comics

To readers, comic book superheroes are metaphorical avatars of virtue; larger-than-life embodiments of identifiable and desirable traits. To people in comic book universes, however, superheroes are the last and best line of defense when it comes to preventing their premature deaths. But there are so many threats in comic book worlds and heroes are only human (unless they’re not) so unfortunately, innocent bystanders are occasionally caught in the crossfire, something that both Captain America: Civil War and, to a lesser extent, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice address in their respective movie universes.

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Sometimes, civilian deaths are played up for emotional drama, leaving whoever was responsible for the passing to be haunted by their actions. A civilian close to a comic’s protagonist who dies, can turn a story on its head or completely change the attitude of a main character. Other times, artists like to splatter blood and gore across the page in hyper-gritty explosions of brutality that rival Mortal Kombat finishers in terms of excessive violence. And once in a while, it’s a combination of both, which can make a more compelling and heartbreaking story. Just a warning: There be blood in these waters. Those with weak stomachs shouldn’t sail them.



Garth Ennis’s violent and raunchy comic about a world of corporate heroes taken down by a colorful group of government mercenaries received critical praise and the respect of readers for its stellar writing and art, but also for its playfully macabre atmosphere. The tone of the entire series was set in the opening pages of the first issue where series protagonist Hughie “Wee” Campbell and his girlfriend Robin share a tender moment of affection.

Immediately afterwards, Robin is crushed against a wall by a supervillain, leaving Hughie holding her severed and bloody arms in shock. His despondent and horrified expression as well as the dark colors used convey the true weight and brutality of this loss. It’s this innocent death that motivates Hughie to join the titular group and drives the narrative and tone of the entire series.



Though readers of Marvel’s Civil War event didn’t see the visuals of some 600 innocent souls perishing in Nitro’s explosion, the full impact of their deaths are felt in every page of the series. It is this event that serves as a catalyst for the superhero schism that gives the series its name and changed the landscape of the Marvel Universe. The only image given of the deaths themselves are haunting to say the least.

A sole, page-wide panel showing a group of children silhouetted by the explosion gives eerie tribute to brutal real-world attacks as Nitro’s rage shreds away their lives. Characters are reminded throughout the title’s run that approximately 60 kids were killed in Stamford, CN, driving home the full devastation of this mass slaughter.



Spider-Man’s whole ethos as a hero is that with great power comes great responsibility. These words handed down to him by his departed Uncle Ben took on an entirely new meaning in Amazing Spider-Man #121 when Peter accidentally killed his girlfriend Gwen Stacy. When Green Goblin tossed her off a bridge, Spider-Man tried to save her with his webbing. As it stuck to her leg, her neck visibly snaps backwards with onomatopoeic emphasis.

Though Gwen’s death was horrible to witness, the real brutality came through the ironic remolding of Peter’s mantra. Her death was caused by his great powers and was, unequivocally, his responsibility. This innocent death is so iconic, it is widely regarded as not only the end of Gwen’s life but the end of the Silver Age of comics, with previously campy and fun styles being abandoned for harsher storytelling.



It’s hard to say if there are any real civilians in Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s The Walking Dead. The post-apocalyptic world makes it clear that nobody is safe and anybody can die at any time. However, some characters felt above mortality, as if they were so likable that they’d earned a ‘get out of dying free’ card. Glenn was one such character.

Introduced early in the series, the plucky scavenger had his own story lurking underneath the main narrative which endeared him to readers. His death at the hands of central villain Negan was as crushing emotionally as it was physically. The smiling psychopath battered Glenn’s skull in with a barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat. The black-and-white aesthetic of the comic help to make each blow feel as solid to the reader as they do to poor Glenn.



The brutality of Aquababy’s death comes predominantly from the fact that he’s a baby, for goodness sake. As the story goes, Aquaman’s nemesis Black Manta had the infant trapped in a bubble of unbreathable air in order to force Aquaman and Aqualad into a death match. Ultimately, Aquaman is able to spare Aqualad and stop Manta, but is too late to save his son.

The bloodless image of a broken and emotionally shattered Arthur Curry cradling the suffocated body of his infant child is more harrowing than many gore images in comics. At this point in comic book history, dark and edgy content was becoming more and more normal, but the visual of Aquaman’s innocent child being killed on the page was too disturbing for many readers.



Poor Sue Dibny had to put up with a lot from comic book writers during the Identity Crisis event. The loving wife and constant companion of the Elongated Man, Ralph Dibny, Sue put the entire crisis into motion when she was accidentally killed by the crazed Jean Loring, wife of the Atom. To cover her tracks, Jean burned Sue’s body.

While investigating her disappearance, Ralph discovers that Sue had been sexually assaulted by the villain Dr. Light and the whole incident had been magically wiped from everyone’s mind. Crushed by his wife’s pain and demise, Ralph finds her remains and breaks down, letting his rubber powers go loose as he mourns her. Sue’s accidental murder is horrific enough, but the reveal of her assault makes every smile she’d been drawn take on a whole new meaning.



Sarah Essen Gordon was a cop for most of her run in the Batman comics but was a liaison between the GCPD and the mayor’s office, technically a civilian, at the time of her death. The “No Man’s Land” storyline ended with The Joker accumulating kidnapped infants and toddlers in the basement of the abandoned GCPD building. Sarah is the first person to find him, but he forces her to choose between saving a baby and killing him.

Sarah, of course, chooses the baby and readers were left with the image of toddlers crawling over her corpse after The Joker puts a bullet in her head. The death itself is horrific but the most shocking part of her demise is perhaps the reaction of her killer. For the first and only time, The Joker delivers a killing joke but doesn’t get the last laugh, walking away with a disappointed scowl.



Alexandra DeWitt is perhaps most well known as the origin of the phrase ‘women in refrigerators.’ As easy as it is to dismiss this particular civilian death as a write off considering that Alexandra hadn’t been around that long and her role as Green Lantern Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend hadn’t been fully fleshed out. But the sheer brutality of her death earns her a place on this list.

She isn’t just strangled by Major Force while her boyfriend is out, her body is ripped apart and eviscerated in order to fit all of it in the refrigerator. When Kyle finds her mangled cadaver, her limbs are lit blue by the fridge light. The only red on the page is to indicate Kyle’s rage-filled and shattered mind, inviting readers to imagine the gore of Alexandra’s twisted and destroyed body as vividly as they wish.



Preacher is a comic that thrives on comically excessive violence and sex. From depicting the scion of Christ as an inbred mutant to the graphic mass slaughter of an angelic host, there are no taboos Preacher seems unwilling to approach. This tone of ultraviolence was set early on in issue #1, where mere moments after being introduced to the series’s main protagonists, the eponymous preacher Rev. Jesse Custer is possessed by an ambiguous spirit who causes the entire church around him to explode.

His entire congregation is killed instantly and the comic has no problem vividly depicting their skin melting off their bones in the presence of a theological entity. Later in the same issue, their charred skeletons are seen lying in the rubble of the collapsed building, gleefully grinning at the characters and the readers as the series begins.



It’s easy to downplay the tragedy of Batman’s origin considering how overexposed it’s become in the media. It’s been covered repeatedly in comics, films, and video games to the point where the innate brutality of a child watching their parents get gunned down at point blank range is often downplayed or outright ignored to focus on Batman’s angst. But the emotional and psychological scars that cause Bruce Wayne to don a silly bat-themed getup and run over rooftops was inspired by this one act of random and heinous violence.

Perhaps the best visual depiction of the Wayne’s murders comes from the pages of Batman: Earth One where the comic’s detailed penciling perfectly captures their sprawled bodies and shocked expressions. Despite being one of the most famous superhero origins in history, the true impact of Thomas and Martha’s deaths was the brutal scars they left on Bruce’s psyche.



Similarly to the death of the Waynes, the wholesale destruction of an entire planetary ecosystem, a highly-developed culture, and an entire race of sentient beings is often taken for granted by comic book readers. The loss of Superman’s homeworld serves more as a narrative mechanic, a catalyst that causes him to be brought to Earth and eventually become the Man of Steel.

However, consider the plight of the average Kryptonian who one day witnesses their planet begin to crumble around them and then are suddenly disintegrated by the exploding core. Their horrific demises are only outdone by those who foresaw the apocalyptic event, such as Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, but could do nothing to prevent their planet’s destruction. The brutality and abruptness of Krypton’s death may be what allowed Superman to become the DC powerhouse he is today, but the vast loss of life is also what he most regrets.


The Five Women_from Hell

A masterpiece from one of the most prolific and respected comic writers of all time, From Hell is a re-imagining of a Jack the Ripper conspiracy theory told by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. The comic follows William Gull as he systematically kills five women to cover up a royal controversy and to appease his own murderous desires. The lack of color pairs with a crass, stylized aesthetic to make the vicious killings of Mary Kelly, Catherine Eddowes, Polly Nichols, Liz Stride, and Annie Chapman seem all the gorier.

Their grisly death scenes are shown to be the sadistic experiments of a madman, but the art direction gives it a crude, rudimentary look that emphasizes each slice and hack as an individual blow to a death gong. Enforcing the gruesome visuals are Gull’s narrations which gradually become more insane and self-righteous, providing a disgusting commentary on his brutal actions.



Karen Page had an absolute roller coaster of a life, ranging from being a high-profile lawyer’s assistant to being a heroin addict. However, whatever digressions she had were redeemed by her gruesome death. Falsely believing she is HIV-positive, Karen tracks down ex-boyfriend Daredevil to tell him. She finds him in a church where he is trying to protect a baby from the assassin Bullseye.

At one point in the fight, Bullseye throws Daredevil’s own club at the hero and Karen intercepts the blunt instrument with her chest. The red and black silhouette as the club is driven through her heart makes it one of the subtly goriest deaths in mainstream comics. A following panel showing Karen closing her eyes for the last time gives readers a devastating close-up of her final moment.


Uncle Ben dead

It’s said that nobody in comics stays dead except for the Waynes and Uncle Ben. Even Krypton got a chance at a do-over. But the logic for why none of them have been resurrected is simple: their deaths were so impactful to their respective heroic family members that to discount their brutal passing would undermine that hero’s pathos. This is doubly true in the case of Peter Parker as his Uncle Ben’s death was ultimately his fault.

Earlier on the day of Ben’s murder, Peter had an opportunity to stop a thief but chose not to for various reasons in various continuities. When he learned Uncle Ben’s killer was the same thief and his inaction had directly lead to his father-figure’s death, Peter truly took Ben’s mantra to heart for the first time, spurred by the brutal realization that his actions have consequences.



Since 1941, Archie Andrews has been the quintessential symbol of cornball Americana and purist pulp conventions. Even more so than Superman, he was representative of the white picket fence era of American history, marked by naive social simplicity and bluegrass, suburban culture. In 2014, after 72 years of publication, Archie died of a gunshot wound after shielding his friend from the attack.

The death itself is not particularly vicious or gory, but the image of Archie Andrews, the only comic character more ‘gee golly’ than silver-age Robin, lying dead on the floor cradled by his loved ones is more shocking and viscerally destructive than most violent comic deaths. To see the iconic embodiment of simple citizenship brought down by the sheer randomness and ambiguity of life is perhaps the most brutal wake-up call of all.

Have another human death we may have missed? Let us know by hitting up the comments section!

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Few Americans Want To See The GOP Keep Trying To Repeal Obamacare

Barely over a quarter of the public wants to see Senate Republicans continue working to pass a health care bill, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds.

Just 26 percent say the GOP should keep trying to find votes and pass a bill, according to the poll, which was taken in the wake of the Senate’s most recent attempt to push through legislation, while 50 percent would rather see the party move on to other issues. An additional 24 percent aren’t sure.


Warner Bros. Developing Harley Quinn Vs. Joker Film

Warner Bros. Developing Harley Quinn Vs. Joker Film

Warner Bros. is looking to launch another film in the DC Extended Universe headlined by Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s Joker.

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Screen Rant has learned DC Entertainment President & CCO Geoff Johns will produce Harley Quinn vs. The Joker, a spinoff from 2016’s Suicide Squad.

While no other details on the project are known, there’s possibility some light will be shed on the report during Saturday’s Warner Bros. presentation at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The panel is rumored to include a new trailer for Justice League, along with a first look at Aquaman and an update on the sequel to Wonder Woman.

Anticipation for the Hall H presentation is high, especially after this afternoon’s report that the studio plans to transition from Ben Affleck as Batman to another actor in the role.

Robbie is lined up to reprise her role as Harley Quinn in director David Ayer’s Gotham City Sirens, appearing alongside DC antiheroines Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Althoug there’s been speculation that Leto might appear in that film as The Joker, the actor remains tight-lipped.

“I have no idea,” recently said. “Y’know, I can’t confirm — maybe I know — but I can’t confirm or deny. There are a lot of moving parts for that stuff, and we’ll see what happens next.”

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Negan Promises You’ll ‘S- Your Pants’ in Walking Dead’s SDCC Trailer

Negan Promises You’ll ‘S- Your Pants’ in Walking Dead’s SDCC Trailer

Negan is back, and he’s making a promise nobody wants to see him keep in the first trailer for The Walking Dead’s eighth season.

Much of the mostly dialogue-free trailer gives fans exactly what they expect and want — lots of shots of Rick, Michonne, Darryl, Ezekiel and the rest of the cast preparing for war, fighting walkers and just, well, surviving. The trailer’s second half includes an inspiring speech by Rick, scenes of Daryl blowing things up, and a brief bit of sparring between Jesus and Morgan, all over the sounds of the Dropkick Murphy’s “Prisoner’s Song.”

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Perhaps the biggest surprise is the trailer’s post-title scene, which appears to flash forward several years to a once again fully-bearded Rick, being startled from his sleep, a fancy walking cane by his bed. This would indicate that the series will be making a leap forward this season, much like the comic did with the “A New Beginning” story arc, which saw the title skip ahead two full years after the final battle in the “All Out War” arc.

Returning to AMC for its eighth season on October22, The Walking Dead is a production of Skybound Entertainment starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride as Carol Peleteir, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Green and Danai Gurira as Michonne.

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SDCC: AMC’s The Walking Dead Panel

SDCC: AMC’s The Walking Dead Panel

There are three months to go before The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its eighth season, but that’s not too early for the show’s cast and executive producers to converge on Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego‘s Hall H, for a panel highlighting what to expect when the show returns on Oct. 22.

Scheduled to be in attendance: Series stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Chandler Riggs, Seth Gilliam, Alanna Masterson and Khary Payton, alongside executive producer and showrunner Scott M. Gimple, franchise creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer Dave Alpert and executive producer/special effects makeup supervisor Greg Nicotero.

CBR is there live, so keep hitting refresh for the latest details.

The Walking Dead panel began with a beautiful tribute to John Bernecker led by showrunner Scott M. Gimpole as the panel will moederate themselves to honor their friend, the stuntman who passed away this week. After some very kind owrds about Bernecker’s long career, many credits and love of storytelling, the season eight trailer was dropped. It started slowly with a percussive soundtrack free of dialogue as the rival communities prepare for war. We see no actual conflict, but Negan opens the trailer with a sick smile and asks Stokes if he’s got his “sh*tting pants on,” so it’s safe to say it won’t be pretty.

Applause-worthy shots included Daryl on a motorcycle firing a gun behind him with a smile and the subsequent explosion, and Carol legit looking like a SWAT officer in full body armor and a serene smile on her face as she prepares to defend what they’ve built. Toward the end, Rick’s voiceover declares firmly that they will protect their world and eliminate those who would steal, use each other and in general be terrible.

Then, and this is important, the trailer abruptly ends on a shot of a cane, then cuts to Rick Grimes’ aged face lying in bed. It’s either a dream sequence or Rick. Grimes. Surives. To. Old. Age.

After that, the panel moved straight to audience Q&A. When asked what he liked most about Negan, Jeffery Dean Morgan said that he enjoyed how amusing Negan is and how much fun he has, and as for what he didn’t like? “The fact that he wears a leather jacket in 100 degree weather.” Fair.

Everyone sobbed inside a little when Lauren Cohan was asked what wisdom Glenn would want Maggie to impart to their baby, and she commented that his fortitude and positivity in the face of such incredible adversity would be on the top of her list. No, no, YOU’RE crying. On a more positive note, the entirety of Hall H made fun of how Andrew Lincoln pronounces “Carl” (Co-ral) by demonstrating his accent en-masse.

Was for what everyone would want to see on the show, Khary Payton simply wants to get to the damn capital. “It’s right there! Let’s go!” he exclaimed.

A fan asking a practical question gave us our favorite quote of the panel when he asked about the FCC and how they deal with Negan’s language. Apparently, there’s usually a fight many of his lines. Or, all of them, according to Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

All of them. All of them. We are allowed seven ‘shits’ like one ‘goddamn,’ like zero ‘fucks.’ And as you know [they’ve] written a character who likes that word a LOT.

As for whether or not we’d see any new characters this season, Gimple did confirm that that would happen, but we have no details. He offered to take suggestions from the audience, but none were immediately forthcoming.

The final question was “what would it take for your individual character to turn into someone like Negan?” which lead Khary Payton say what he loves most about the show, “Everyone is in a horrible circumstance, but not everyone chooses to act like Negan.” With that, we saw the trailer one more time, and it was a wrap.

Season 8 premieres on October 2nd, so get some sh*ttin’ pants and saddle up. It’s going to be intense.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Responds To Rumors She And Will Smith Are Swingers

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