Landing Spots for Le’Veon Bell

The Pittsburgh Steelers are finally fed up with their veteran running back, Le’Veon Bell. We could all assume that this was a long time coming, but they have officially opened up their doors for any trade possibilities on Monday. At this point, a relocation for Bell would be best for both parties. It’s clear that he has no intentions of returning to the Steelers as he continues to indicate that his playing days in Pittsburgh are over. And on the other hand, the Steelers have been quite satisfied with the emergence of their second-year running back, James Conner.

If this wasn’t about money concerns, a trade for Bell would’ve probably been completed as early as Monday. But since he is coming with such a demanding price that must be paid off before a deal is in place, the situation becomes a lot more complicated for teams as they would have to give up some substantial assets along with a hefty price to pay on the financial end as well. Considering Bell’s talent is top-three at his position, though, there are going to be teams that would like to work something out and make a deal happen. By now, we don’t have too much information on a potential trade partner with the Steelers, but three teams are rumored to be in the mix. Any team that gets Bell will have a great chance of winning games.  You’ll want to be sure to visit this website to make wagers on Le’Veon Bell’s new NFL team.

1. New York Jets

Let’s get this one out of the way. If I had to choose, I’d say that the New York Jets are probably the favorite to land Bell as of right now. From a cap standpoint, the Jets can afford Bell. They are sitting slightly above the league average with about $19 million, according to Spotrac.

The only problem here is, Bell doesn’t seem too fond of the New York Jets. A Tweet recently resurfaced from Bell when he told his followers that $60 million in cash “wouldn’t be enough to come run with the Jets.” Now, obviously, Bell wouldn’t have a choice but to play for the Jets if they traded for him. But seeing as though he doesn’t really care about the actual game when he is unhappy, maybe it’s best the Jets stay away from Bell.

Unless they can get a sit down to try and convince him that they can be a legitimate winning team with him in the backfield, of course. And it’s also necessary to note that his Twitter comment was from February. So, the pre-Sam Darnold era, to be exact. Who truly knows how Bell feels about the Jets in September.

2. Indianapolis Colts

If this were the offseason, I’d say the Colts should go all in for Bell. But seeing their mediocre start to the season, maybe it’s best to just fall back from trying to acquire Bell. Look, I know it’s early on. But the Colts are not a win-now type of team. There’s no Super Bowl for them this year, with or without Bell in the backfield.

I’m not even sure the Colts are a playoff team in that case. As Andrew Luck is easing back into the game, the Colts need to recognize their situation and steer clear of making any crazy ‘win-now’ type of moves. Keep your draft assets, cash, and any semi-decent players and continue to rebuild the team through the draft and free agency in the offseason.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

So much for trusting an early-round running back. The Buccaneers just drafted Ronald Jones in 2018, and the young rookie has yet to be activated on gameday. Not only are they not utilizing Jones, but they are in the mix of a potential trade for Bell as well.

Out of the three teams linked to Bell, the Buccaneers are probably in the best position for winning right now. Although they came back down to earth on Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers, they still kept it interesting. I’d say the Bucs are probably even a dark horse in the NFC. And if they get Bell on their team, look out.

The passing game in Tampa seems to be great, so adding Bell into the mix with his multi-talented abilities to be dangerous in the air and on the ground and the Buccaneers are definitely not a team to take lightly.

At season’s midpoint, Muschamp and McClendon still trying to prove point – The State (blog)

The State (blog)

At season's midpoint, Muschamp and McClendon still trying to prove point
The State (blog)
Missing big plays, as the Gamecocks did twice against Texas A&M when Deebo Samuel and Bryan Edwards dropped long passes, means missing “opportunities to create momentum for our football team,” Muschamp said. “We had some shots down the field ...
Muschamp: Bye week reps will serve young Gamecocks well247Sports

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South Carolina Gamecocks defensive back (press release)
Saturday Down South -Garnet And Black Attack
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Third-year defensive back leaving South Carolina football program – The State (blog)

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Third-year defensive back leaving South Carolina football program
The State (blog)
South Carolina sophomore Korey Banks, who spent his Gamecocks career bouncing between wide receiver and defensive back, has left the program and will transfer. Banks was working with the team's defensive backs this season but had played sparingly.

Gamecock Football: Attendance Woes Persist – FITSNews


Gamecock Football: Attendance Woes Persist
The University of South Carolina football team snapped a three-year skid last season when attendance at its home games increased – on average – by 1,666 spectators. This uptick yielded an average of 78,586 fans per home game – ranking the program No.

Bye Week Open Discussion Thread

A week off from stressing about the Gamecocks.

The South Carolina Gamecocks have finally reached their bye week, which feels much-needed and well-timed despite them having already had a pseudo open date earlier this season. The Gamecocks will return in a couple weeks to play their annual Halloween game against Tennessee, but until then, there are other some college football topics to discuss.

What’s going on in the SEC right now? Is LSU for real? Has Georgia been eliminated from the playoff unless they win the conference? Does Kentucky have a legitimate chance at winning the East now? Can anyone figure out what the deal is with Florida?

Also, is USC ever going to schedule that 12th game for Dec. 1? Unfortunately, I think it’s safe to say the Gamecocks will be available.

Why Ryan Hilinski continues to post new offers to social media – The State

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Why Ryan Hilinski continues to post new offers to social media
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Late last week, South Carolina quarterback commit Ryan Hilinski received an offer from Stanford, and this set off a familiar cycle of angst for many Gamecocks fans. The four-star passer, a top-50 player nationally by the 247Sports composite rankings, ...

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Deion Sanders thanks 'Gamecocks family' for taking care of sons on recruiting visit
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Deion Sanders was one of the greatest college football players ever at Florida State, and then carved out a dominant NFL career with the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys. He was an eight-time all-pro player, dabbled in ...

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South Carolina schedule breakdown: Are odds in favor of winning season? – The State (blog)

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South Carolina schedule breakdown: Are odds in favor of winning season?
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South Carolina has five, or six, games remaining in the regular season. The Gamecocks are 3-3 overall and 2-3 in the SEC after last week's 26-23 loss to Texas A&M. Let's take a look at the rest of the schedule, with some help from ESPN's Football Power ...
Why this week is big for South Carolina's (press release)

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Snap Judgments – 2018 Texas A&M @ South Carolina


Some quick, barely researched, not fully formed thoughts from South Carolina’s 26-23 loss to Georgia.


Tick tock. We are now officially halfway through the 2018 football season (slightly more if we don’t get a chance to make up the cancelled Marshall game) and the game on Saturday was a perfect microcosm of the season so far. In other words, at various points during the game we were let down by the offense, the defense, special teams and coaching.

The offense was borderline putrid in the first half. Couldn’t establish the run, couldn’t throw an accurate pass, couldn’t catch a cold, and couldn’t score a single, solitary point. By the time the second half rolled around it was too late. Even though the Gamecocks battled back to tie the game, the hole that was dug in the first half proved to be too much to overcome.

I saw a lot of people praising the play of the defense on Saturday. I would like to point out they gave up 353 yards passing to Kellen Mood, and while they held to Aggies to 2.6 yards per carry they couldn’t get a crucial stop in the fourth quarter with the game on the line. A&M doubled up the Gamecocks in time of possession (which isn’t necessarily a telling stat, until it is). Yes, the defense was very good in the red zone. And I’m personally getting sick of the fact they continually have to be good in the red zone for us to have a chance. How about get some stops in between the 20s? We’ve been “bend but don’t break” every year that Will Muschamp has been here. I’m ready for our defense to play a little “don’t bend or break”.

Once, when we did get a stop, Bryan Edwards had a great punt return. Then he fumbled and gave the ball right back. Deebo Samuel hasn’t come close to breaking a kick return this year. (On the bright side, Parker White and Joseph Charlton continue to be excellent.)

From a coaching standpoint, we allowed Jace Sternberger to run free through our secondary for most of the game. Sternberger made comments after the game that “(Gamecock) safeties and linebackers kept miscommunicating about how they were going to guard me.” Muschamp denied that, saying Sternberger was simply a matchup problem. I’m not sure which is worse. Honestly, watching how open Sternberger was on most of his catches I tend to believe we were having communication problems.

This loss was a complete team effort, top to bottom. USC had so many chances to seize control of the game, but failed both mentally and physically to do so time and again. With half the season gone and still three wins needed to gain bowl eligibility, time is running out to salvage this season.

Mr. Brightside. Phew, felt good to get that off my chest. Here’s the good news – we are SO close. Even with all our problems we played a pretty darned good Texas A&M team to within 3 points. I believe Tennessee, Florida and Ole Miss are all winnable games as long as we stop making messes so big we can’t clean them up. Despite evidence to the contrary I believe the offense is going to get it going. I believe the defense is going to mature and is going to benefit greatly from the return of DJ Wonnum. The young guys we’ve been playing are going to continue to get better. The very cautious optimist in me is excited for the second half of the season.

Dropsies. You saw it, I saw it, the American people saw it. Our once proud wide receiver corps repeatedly torpedoed any chance we had to win the A&M game with crucial drops. If you haven’t already read it, Ben Breiner with The State did an excellent job of recapping all the lost yardage from Saturday. (Including Rashad Fenton’s crucial drop of an interception late.)

Red state vs. Blue state. The Jake Bentley/Michael Scarnecchia debate turned into a fierce political battle heading into the game on Saturday. Bentley didn’t help his cause for much of the first half, following his standard pattern of being too jacked up emotionally and overthrowing his receivers. When the offense did put together a promising drive Bentley ended it with easily the worst throw and worst interception of his career. Heading into halftime I even tweeted that I thought we needed to start Scarnecchia in the second half just to see if he could infuse some energy into an offense that had been shut out.

But Will Muschamp stuck with Bentley (probably because his dad is on staff I’M KIDDING PLEASE DON’T TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY) and Bentley responded splendidly. While he still didn’t always display pinpoint accuracy, he threw for 174 yards and two touchdowns against no interceptions. Again, the numbers would’ve been higher, and outcome could’ve been different without the butter fingers.

It was an impressive performance by any measure, and perhaps the most important play of the day for him was his scramble and dive for a first down in the third quarter. He was going balls out to get the win, and for the most part the anti-Bentley crowd recognized that and backed off…a little.

Boo birds. Our old pal Kevin McCrarey summed up our feelings about the booing in the first half more eloquently than we ever could.

The bottom line here is this – do your best to treat people with dignity and respect. Those guys on the football field, the folks next to you in the stands, the people you come into contact with online. I know it sounds trite and cheesy, but give it a try. Just because you wanted Scarnecchia to start and somebody else wanted Bentley, that doesn’t make them a moron, idiot, communist, and you won’t get shingles if you come into contact with them. Even though I was in the Bentley camp, each side had a reasonable argument for “their guy” to start on Saturday, and I wouldn’t have surprised or disappointed if had been 12.

But it was Bentley. And when Bentley ran into trouble his supporters didn’t “get what they deserved”, which is something I saw on Twitter more than once along with “I hope they’re happy”. We’re all on the same team here, folks. Just because you disagree over who starts a football game it doesn’t make you mortal enemies.

If that makes you mad that’s cool, I’m going to love you even more. Now come here and give me a hug.

How to win friends and influence people. I think we’re going to re-engineer this tweet and turn it into our core values for the blog.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 10.26.12 PM

I’ve always thought our arrogance and inability to offer a basic level of sound analysis are two of our most endearing qualities.

Plus, not only do we have ties to the program, this is Ray Tanner’s burner account.

You folks enjoy the bye week. Go Cocks.

What We Learned: South Carolina vs Texas A&M


Alright, another week, another disappointing loss by the South Carolina Gamecocks. Honestly, I’m starting to feel like a broken record with these write-ups, so let’s just jump right in.

Overrated: Look, I’ll just say it. The wide receivers on this team are flat out overrated. They have talent, speed, athleticism and all the tools needed to be a dominant unit. Yet they continuously fail to do the one things their on scholarship for: catching the damn ball. Several drops led to a significant amount of lost yardage and possibly a couple of touchdowns. I hope after the bye week this group proves me wrong but, based on their production thus far, I think it’s safe to say this year’s wideout group is vastly overrated.

Improving: Okay, so, they weren’t perfect against Texas A&M, but the defense played their tails off on Saturday. Despite being on the field for 41 minutes they did everything in their power to keep the team in the game, especially in the first half. Hopefully DJ Wonnum back after the bye week will only make the defense better. It was also encouraging to see some young guys like RJ Roderick, Dylan Wonnum, Israel Mukuamu come in and play well.

Good Timing: For whatever reason, this team can not put it together for a full game. It’s a combination of issues with this squad. From the QB, to catching the ball, stopping the run, penalties, etc. New issues seem to arise every single week. I think this team needs a mental rest to recuperate from from what’s been an underwhelming start to the season. On that note, the bye week could not have come at a better time.

As usual, there’s lots of other things I could’ve touched on. What did you learn from Saturday’s ballgame? Let us know in the comments!

What the Gamecocks hope to get out of their open week – The State

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What the Gamecocks hope to get out of their open week
The State
South Carolina football will try to take advantage of a week without a game, as it won't have to return to the field until Oct. 27 against Tennessee. The biggest goal might not have much to do with retelling strategy or anything between the lines. “A ...

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Shilo Sanders recaps official visit with Gamecocks – 247Sports


Shilo Sanders recaps official visit with Gamecocks
The Gamecocks have been in contact with him for about a month now. The official visit weekend was setup soon thereafter. Shilo's father and one of his coaches, Kevin Mathis, are familiar with the Gamecocks coaches. “Coach Mathis, he's friends with ...

Game time, TV network announced for South Carolina’s home game with Tennessee – The State

The State

Game time, TV network announced for South Carolina's home game with Tennessee
The State
South Carolina football will play Tennessee at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 27, with the game being televised on the SEC Network, the conference announced Monday. The Gamecocks have entered their bye week after losing at home to Texas A&M on Saturday, 26-23.
Grading the Gamecocks: South Carolina's season so farGarnet And Black Attack

Kick off time announced for Gamecocks game against (press release)
Gamecocks, Volunteers kickoff time is set247Sports

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Gamecocks in the NFL: DJ Swearinger calls out referees for labeling him ‘the bad guy’ – The State

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Gamecocks in the NFL: DJ Swearinger calls out referees for labeling him 'the bad guy'
The State
After that, Swearinger said, Newton said he would beat the former Gamecock up, prompting Swearinger to tell him to hit him. That's when the flag came flying in. “That's the label 36 (Swearinger's jersey number) got,” he told reporters. “But I'm cool. I ...

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SEC Power Rankings: Muppets.gif Edition

This week we turn to the finest entertainers Earth has ever known to countdown the SEC.

To quote Homer Simpson:

So that brings us to today’s rankings. Break out the felt and feelings. It was a weird weekend in the SEC and we’re going to countdown the damage done using Jim Henson’s greatest creations.

A quick note here before we begin. The Sesame Street gang are not part of the Muppets. The Fraggles are not part of the Muppets. The Muppets are a very specific group of characters. I own multiple coffee table books about them.

Okay, let’s get to it!

1. ALABAMA (7-0)

After this weekend, this conference is more “Bama and everyone else” than ever.

2. LSU (6-1)

VIDEO: Coach O speaks about his team’s win over UGA and preparation for Mississippi State’s upcoming visit to Baton Rouge.

3. FLORIDA (6-1)

Maybe the rest of America will just look at the final score and not dig deeper and see just how many of Florida’s flaws Vandy exposed.

4. GEORGIA (6-1)

Let’s take a live look at Jake Fromm after Saturday’s game.

5. TEXAS A&M (5-2)

How would you describe A&M through most of Saturday’s game?

6. KENTUCKY (5-1)

So now that Georgia has a loss, Big Blue Nation has quickly gone from licking its wounds back to pounding its chests. Plus they get two teams that are winless in the SEC before UGA comes to town.


After beating Auburn, the Bulldogs got in a needed bye week before taking a trip to Baton Rouge this week.

8. TENNESSEE (3-3)

Jeremy Pruitt coached Tennessee to a win over a top 25 opponent.

No, I’m serious.

9. OLE MISS (5-2)

I have a feeling Ole Miss fans aren’t really interested in what the team’s record is this season.


With all of the talent and experience that returned to our offense, it surely seems like the Cocks should be better than 3-3 and in the middle of the East right now. It almost makes you wonder when we are going to get out of neutral and move above 4th place.

11. AUBURN (4-3)

Auburn needs 2 more wins to make a bowl, and if they keep playing the way they have played the last 4 weeks, I am not positive there are 2 wins left on this schedule.

12. MIZZOU (3-3)

We all assumed that given Bama’s injuries and a defense that has been below typical Saban standards that Mizzou would put up points, right? I thought scoring was the only thing the Tigers do well.

13. VANDERBILT (3-4)

Remember when James Franklin was there and Vandy was able to close out games where they had huge leads on teams like Florida?

14. ARKANSAS (1-6)

No comment necessary.

Grading the Gamecocks: South Carolina’s season so far

With the bye week upon us, let’s take a step back and assess what’s going on here.

The South Carolina Gamecocks finally get a much-needed open date to rest, heal up, and hopefully come back better than before. Rather than rehash the Texas A&M game again specifically, I figured it would be worth pulling back to take a look at the big picture. At the halfway point of the season, what’s the state of the program?

Quarterback: C

There’s been so much ink spilled on this issue already, with I’m sure much more to come. Here’s the long and short of it: Jake Bentley is undeniably having a rough year, while Michael Scarnecchia showed some impressive poise in his lone start. I’m neither a Bentley defender nor a Scarnecchia truther — or rather, I guess I should say I’m a little of both. I’m fine with Bentley maintaining his hold on the starting job, especially after he rebounded in the second half against Texas A&M, but I also think it’s fair and perhaps warranted to give Scarnecchia more opportunities. Ideally, Bentley operates the rest of this season with a short leash, now that the coaching staff knows they have a legitimate backup to send in. The Gamecocks have their backs against the wall when it comes to bowl eligibility, especially with the continued mystery over adding a 12th game, so there’s no harm in experimenting here. If nothing else, the Connor Shaw/Dylan Thompson tandem showed us that opportunistically swapping quarterbacks around can work. It’s just going to depend on the coaching staff’s willingness to try new things.

Wide receiver/tight end: D

Drops on drops on drops on drops. I think it’s safe to say that outside of quarterback, the single biggest disappointment this season rests with the receiving corps, which is underachieving to a mind-boggling extent. Coming into the year, fans were excited to see a versatile and athletic group with the likes of Deebo Samuel, Bryan Edwards, Shi Smith, and others at the disposal of South Carolina’s offense. Unfortunately, things have largely not broken their way. Losing OrTre Smith to a season-ending surgery hurt, but that has nothing to do with how a formerly sure-handed unit has dropped catchable ball after catchable ball in big moments and in big games. Shi Smith is the standout at this point with his explosiveness and reliability, but even he wasn’t immune to getting butterfingers in the loss to Texas A&M. Samuel, who has had some really nice plays but doesn’t look like himself, might still be getting back to game speed after the injury he suffered last year, while Edwards seems to be in a pattern of following up incredible snags with head-shaking drops. It’s developed into an epidemic, and the Gamecocks just don’t have the margin of error to withstand shaky play from the guys who are supposed to be their stars. I said it elsewhere, but if the receivers were simply as steady as they were last year, this team would be much better off. Instead, they’ve shown a frustrating tendency to botch even routine plays.

Running back: F

This is a difficult position group to parse out, because it just doesn’t make a lot of sense right now. The Gamecocks’ running backs possess some talent and skill, but there’s not a game-breaker among them, and the coaching staff doesn’t seem to manage the rotation with any kind of rhyme or reason. Starter Rico Dowdle has 351 yards on 82 carries for a 4.2 yards per carry average, but just two rushing scores (to go with one receiving touchdown) and a long of only 29 yards. He also, of course, has a couple of infamous fumbles that helped put the Gamecocks in early holes against Georgia and Kentucky. Ty’Son Williams, on the other hand, has 255 yards on almost half the carries (46) for a 5.5 ypc average and two touchdowns of his own, but frequently misses large chunks of games. I don’t know if he’s constantly hurt, constantly in the dog house, or what, but all evidence points to him being the most complete back on South Carolina’s roster — and he doesn’t play nearly as much as he should. There’s also A.J. Turner, who showed out in a big way last year when Dowdle went down with injury but has so far seen a bizarrely small amount of snaps, and Mon Denson, who is a reserve but has run hard in his few opportunities.

The bottom line is that the lack of a reliable running game, along with inconsistent wide receiver play, is killing this offense. Again, there aren’t any true studs in the Gamecocks’ stable, but there’s enough versatility to cobble together a halfway decent rushing attack. And unless South Carolina is playing the Coastal Carolinas and Vanderbilts of the world, it’s not materializing — the Gamecocks are dead last in the SEC with 922 yards and only five rushing TDs. I’m not sure if it’s a scheme issue, a personnel management issue, or both, but something is just way off here.

Offensive line: A

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert or even a particularly knowledgeable observer when it comes to evaluating an offensive line’s performance, but even from that limited standpoint, this unit is the clear MVP of the offense. The group has allowed just eight sacks through five games, frequently giving Bentley ample protection and time in the pocket, and is virtually never penalized for false starts, illegal use of hands, and so on. Run blocking is probably the weak spot here, but regardless, this is by far the best offensive line play South Carolina has seen in some time. The preseason fears about inexperienced starters and lack of functional depth have all but dissipated.

Defensive line: C

I almost want to give this unit an incomplete, because losing D.J. Wonnum so quickly into the season and for so many weeks has really had an impact, and he’ll be back after the bye week. But we might as well evaluate what we’ve seen so far, and it’s been up and down. I think a lot of folks thought this group could be sneaky good — not just with Wonnum after his impressive 2017, but also with Javon Kinlaw. Kinlaw turned in a monster performance against Vanderbilt, but has been busy with lot of double teams, and players like Keir Thomas and Aaron Sterling are sporadically productive. The Gamecocks are 12th in the SEC with just 10 sacks, and often seem either a step too late to get to the quarterback or overpursuing and taking themselves out of plays. Overall, this unit had been steady and shows flashes of potential.

Linebackers: F

A unit that was assumed to be a relative strength has actually proven to be a weakness for the Gamecocks. South Carolina clearly misses Skai Moore, and although veteran T.J. Brunson was expected to step up and help fill that void, he’s been virtually silent. Sherrod Greene, as a new starter and younger player, has gone through predictable growing pains, contrasting some great plays with head-scratching mistakes. Bryson Allen-Williams stands out as the only true disruptive force in this group — but he also lines up at defensive end and is more of a hybrid player. Overall, this unit has been a liability and is probably the biggest reason the Gamecocks’ rushing defense is so soft. Arm tackling, poor angles, miscommunication — we’ve seen it all from the linebacking corps, and very little of it is pretty.

Secondary: C

The defensive backfield topped the list of concerns for many South Carolina fans and observers in the offseason, but in another reversal, it’s become a somewhat steady unit. Freshman Jaycee Horn has been an absolute revelation at corner and could have a special Gamecock career, while Rashad Fenton has continued his impressive lockdown play. Jamyest Williams has been having a shaky year, though, and safety stands out as the biggest weakness. Across the board, South Carolina’s DBs still look just a bit too small, and that’s bitten them at times. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how the secondary has pulled together, especially after injuries to guys like J.T. Ibe and Nick Harvey, who the coaching staff was counting on to provide veteran depth. This unit could’ve been a disaster, and while it certainly has room for improvement, I wouldn’t say the Gamecocks have been torched through the air yet. (Texas A&M’s 353 yards is the closest candidate for that, but it was largely thanks to Jace Sternberger’s bananas 145-yard performance and the complete inability of anyone on South Carolina’s roster to tackle him after the catch.)

Specialists: B

I’m giving this grade based mostly on the unexpected reliability of the kicking game, which has made a 180 from this time last year. Parker White’s performance against Missouri alone was something I don’t think anyone would’ve expected from him, and it bodes well for his future and the Gamecocks. Unfortunately, almost everything else concerning special teams leaves something to be desired, and most glaring of all is the lack of production in the return game. Obviously, everyone knows how dangerous Samuel is now, so it’s not surprising he hasn’t gotten many touches on kickoffs. But even when he does, the blocking evaporates so quickly that he just doesn’t have a chance. Edwards has also been a non-factor on punt returns, and when he finally got loose enough to break one, he fumbled. Outside of White and Joseph Charlton (who has had a couple bad shanks but normally booms his punts), this phase of the game needs serious attention.

Muschamp offers impressions of Gamecock OC McClendon – (press release) (press release)

Muschamp offers impressions of Gamecock OC McClendon (press release)
SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS FOOTBALL. Bryan McClendon is halfway through his first full season as the Gamecocks' offensive coordinator, seven games into calling plays dating back to last season. It's been an up-and-down season for McClendon's ...

Watch Jake Bentley smash a chair with his helmet after a big play – The State

The State

Watch Jake Bentley smash a chair with his helmet after a big play
The State
... football coach Will Muschamp doesn't mind a fiery Jake Bentley. The junior and third-year starter showed some of that fire on the sidelines Saturday, when he took his helmet to an unsuspecting chair. It came just after a touchdown as the Gamecocks ...
Muschamp offers impressions of Gamecock OC (press release)

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Five things we learned from South Carolina’s loss to Texas A&M – The State (blog)

The State (blog)

Five things we learned from South Carolina's loss to Texas A&M
The State (blog)
Wide receivers Deebo Samuel, Bryan Edwards and Shi Smith were considered to be the Gamecocks' most dangerous weapons, and they are. When they catch the ball. Samuel and Edwards have been hindered by dropped passes in several games this ...

Gamecock women’s basketball fans: The #GHive is waiting for you

Become a part of the ultimate Gamecocks women’s basketball fan experience. Packages are still available for the 2018-19 season.

Over the past few years, the #GHive has evolved into the premier experience for fans of Gamecocks women’s basketball. If you’re not a member, then you’re missing out.

What is the #GHive, you may ask? It is a special group of ticket holders that is extremely passionate about Gamecocks WBB and everything it stands for. The #GHive fan club is named as nod to the #BeyHive, the infamous fan group of award-winning singer Beyonce (of whom women’s basketball head coach Dawn Staley is a huge fan).

The #GHive is more than a fan experience; it is a source of lifeblood for the WBB program. The monies generated from these ticket sales help support the team, and the fan loyalty generates much-needed and much-appreciated publicity. More publicity brings more fans; more fans bring more money. More money helps keep the Gamecocks WBB team in the best positions to succeed in an increasingly competitive college sports landscape and beyond. Case in point: during the summer, it is a sight to behold the Gamecock love that alumnae A’Ja Wilson (Las Vegas Aces), Tiffany Mitchell (Indiana Fever), Allisha Gray (Dallas Wings), Kaela Davis (Dallas Wings), and Alaina Coates (Chicago Sky) receive during their respective WNBA games, and especially when they play in Atlanta, GA as Atlanta is only a 3-hour drive from Columbia.

This season, #GHive members get more cool perks. One of those is intra-Hive fan groups for each player, with personalized hashtags for use on social media. The groups are:

#3eez (Elysa Wesolek)

#35Hive (Alexis Jennings)

#52SmooveCrew (Tyasha Harris)

#ActionJacksons (Bianca Jackson)

#BusyBs (Bianca Cuevas-Moore)

#DazhiaVus (LaDazhia Williams)

#DestaNation (DeStanni Henderson)

#DoniyasDefenders (Doniya Cliney)

#HerbertHarrigang (Mikiah Herbert-Harrigan)

#LeLesGs (LeLe Grissett)

#PerrysPeeps (Nelly Perry)

#SweetTs (T’ea Cooper)

#VSquad (Victaria Saxton)

#GHive members received randomized autographed player cards this summer with the associated hashtags listed, as well as player trivia on the back of the card. I received my own card this summer and am rocking with the #ActionJacksons this season (fun fact from the back of the card: Bianca J. puts ranch dressing on everything she eats).

#GHive members also get cool T-shirts and other swag. This year’s T-shirts are straight fire and there are five different designs included with each ticket package.

Perhaps one of the best perks this season is not one, but two #GHive ticket package options. Ticket memberships are still available, but must be purchased by October 22. That’s not that far off, so make sure to join or re-up with the #GHive today. Can’t swing a season package? No worries: you can still buy single-game tickets to upcoming games. Click on the links to visit Ticketmaster, or visit the ticket office at the Colonial Life Arena (COLA).

The 2018-19 season officially kicks off with a non-conference exhibition game against Lander University on November 2 at the COLA, which includes an exclusive Fan Experience event for #GHive members. We will need the #GHive and the rest of the #GamecocksFAMs in full effect. Don’t miss out on what’s sure to be an entertaining season: join the #GHive before it’s too late!

As always, make sure to follow Gamecocks WBB on Twitter for more updates. Thanks for stopping by. #Gamecocks

Gamecocks get some good news on defensive standout – The State (blog)

The State (blog)

Gamecocks get some good news on defensive standout
The State (blog)
After a disappointing loss on Saturday, South Carolina at least got a dose of good news Sunday. The Gamecocks expect junior defensive end D.J. Wonnum, last year's team leader in sacks with six, to return to the lineup the next time they take the field ...
Gamecocks get good news on DJ (press release)

South Carolina football: Back to the drawing board once more as mistakes persistSaturday Down South
FINAL: Texas A&M 26 – Carolina 23247Sports
Charleston Post Courier -AP News
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A dying USC fan’s wish came true. How these Gamecocks helped make it happen – The State

The State

A dying USC fan's wish came true. How these Gamecocks helped make it happen
The State
It took a lifetime to happen. But in her first visit to Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturday, a terminally ill fan experienced South Carolina football in a way that few people will in their lifetimes. Tears welled in Gloria Butler's eyes as she hugged ...

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The Buffalo Bills threw at this former Gamecock. He answered with a game-winning TD – The State

The State

The Buffalo Bills threw at this former Gamecock. He answered with a game-winning TD
The State
For the seventh time in his pro career, former South Carolina football great Johnathan Joseph found himself in the end zone after an interception. This Sunday, the touchdown from the former Gamecock was especially vital for his team, the Houston Texans ...

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By a hair: Jadeveon Clowney yanks an opponent down for a loss by his dreadlocks – The State

The State

By a hair: Jadeveon Clowney yanks an opponent down for a loss by his dreadlocks
The State
In football, the difference between a great play and a bad one is often said to be a matter of inches. For former South Carolina great Jadeveon Clowney on Sunday, the margin for error was a single lock of hair. In the third quarter of the matchup ...

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Greene elevates his play due to one key factor – 247Sports


Greene elevates his play due to one key factor
There were several bright spots on the South Carolina defense in Saturday's 26-23 loss to Texas A&M. None of those bright spots had to do with yards allowed, but holding the Aggies to field goals instead of touchdowns was certainly a big positive for ...

Two Gamecock freshmen see major extended action – (press release) (press release)

Two Gamecock freshmen see major extended action (press release)
SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS FOOTBALL. With the secondary struggling against Texas A&M, Will Muschamp turned to a true freshman to help bolster the Gamecocks' defensive backfield. Muschamp pulled Keisean Nixon at times, moving Jaycee Horn to ...
Freshman Report: Two newcomers see major playing time247Sports

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Offensive: Bentley, USC receivers bear the brunt of fans’ ire in loss to A&M – The State (blog)

The State (blog)

Offensive: Bentley, USC receivers bear the brunt of fans' ire in loss to A&M
The State (blog)
The Gamecocks rallied. Again. Head coach Will Muschamp came to the defense of his starting quarterback. Again. South Carolina lost to Texas A&M. Again. The Gamecocks fell 26-23 to the No. 22 Aggies on Saturday in front of an announced crowd of 76,871 ...
FINAL: Texas A&M 26 – Carolina 23247Sports

Grading the Gamecocks: Texas A& (press release)
Sapakoff: South Carolina State Fair, South Carolina football season are the same thingCharleston Post Courier -Saturday Down South -AP News
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Was Scarnecchia an option against Texas A&M? What Muschamp said – The State

The State

Was Scarnecchia an option against Texas A&M? What Muschamp said
The State
For stretches against Texas A&M, it seemed as if a quarterback change might be on the table for South Carolina. Jake Bentley completed only 6 of 17 passes in the first half. Several were potential big gains missed because good receivers couldn't catch ...
FINAL: Texas A&M 26 – Carolina 23247Sports

Mond, Small lead No. 22 Texas A&M to 26-23 win vs.
Gamecocks down two due to (press release)
Saturday Down South -Garnet And Black Attack -AP News
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Was Scarnecchia an option against Texas A&M? What Muschamp said – Charlotte Observer

Charlotte Observer

Was Scarnecchia an option against Texas A&M? What Muschamp said
Charlotte Observer
For stretches against Texas A&M, it seemed as if a quarterback change might be on the table for South Carolina. Jake Bentley completed only 6 of 17 passes in the first half. Several were potential big gains missed because good receivers couldn't catch ...

Aggie TE after big day: ‘Easy to sense’ USC defenders ‘didn’t know what was going on’ – The State

The State

Aggie TE after big day: 'Easy to sense' USC defenders 'didn't know what was going on'
The State
It was that kind of day for both Sternberger and Gamecock defenders. The 6-foot-4, 250-pound junior finished with a career-high seven catches for 145 yards and a touchdown. It didn't take him long to realize a special afternoon was brewing. All he did ...

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