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Surviving September

There’s something about September that wants to eat you. I wrote that years ago and it’s still just as true today.  In fact, every September for years and years I’ve written a post about how – for me at least … Continue reading

On open letter to the lady in my neighborhood:

Dear lady whose small dog was running in the middle of a road and almost caused several accidents until me and a stranger made a roadblock with our cars and chased down the dog and then walked door-to-door carrying him … Continue reading

I’m a little offended that this was recommended to me and also I want it immediately.

So Amazon is continuing its insulting streak of knowing me better than I know myself by sending me a recommendation for this: It’s a backpack filled with a cat. Cat not included. Probably. It isn’t that specific. But it has … Continue reading

They’re like snow peas, but with less carbs. I assume.

Me: Dude.  The news just said that snow leopards are no longer endangered, so guess what’s for dinner? Victor: Are they no longer endangered because there are more of them or because now they’re extinct? me:  Oh.  I don’t know. … Continue reading

Our people

My mom last year when her DNA test came back: “This says I’m mostly Irish?  I don’t know anything about being Irish.” me today:  “I’ve found your people.” Slightly related: This ad was under the video on youtube and I … Continue reading

I don’t even know if vaseline is edible.

Last week when we were driving I was singing along to Madonna’s Into the Groove and I was like, “You can dance, perspiration” and Victor was like, “Are you kidding me?  It’s ‘You can dance…for inspiration” but I was pretty … Continue reading

Seclusion. Sort of.

At least once a year my head becomes constipated and I panic that I’ll never write again and I have to go into seclusion for a few days and force myself to write even if I end up deleting most … Continue reading

Parenting is hard, but donkey braiding is harder.

The worst part about school starting back up again is that there are suddenly a million clubs and advanced classes and other things that make you feel like a shitty parent for pushing your kid to do them and also … Continue reading

I shouldn’t be allowed to adult

My car has been broken so I’ve had a loaner and it’s much fancier than my normal car, which is a real problem for me because I don’t like changes.  I wasn’t even the one who broke my car and … Continue reading

Tell me some happy

I promise I’m working on something funny right now but I’ve been overwhelmed with anxiety watching so many friends trapped in flooding.  One is literally being rescued right this moment after days of flooding and I was so relieved to … Continue reading
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