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Low Calorie Dessert

Funny meme about getting baked on weed instead of baking pie on thanksgiving.

Submitted by: (via smokingtheherb)

Tagged: Memes , dessert

Thanks, Dad

Funny meme about Darth Vader carving turkey for thanksgiving.

Submitted by: (via WeWantKOTOR3Now)

A Healthy Thanksgiving Feast

Funny meme about drugs and alcohol being served for Thanksgiving dinner.

Submitted by: (via stonerparty)

Tagged: beer , alcohol , drugs , Memes


Funny meme about not being able to focus.

Submitted by: (via onlytwitterpics)

Tagged: focus , Memes , video games

These Comics Hilariously Describe Thanksgiving As A Kid Vs Thanksgiving As An Adult

Funny web comic about thanksgiving as a kid vs thanksgiving as an adult.

Whether you're parked at the appetizer station, avoiding family in the garage, or getting drunk with your "scary alcoholic aunt", these timeless comics from The Oatmeal will definitely be relatable. Happy holidays!

Submitted by:

Own Worst Enemy

Funny web comic about eating too much.

Submitted by: (via dutchster)

Tagged: Memes , web comics

Bon Appetit

gifs depression food - 9098563328

Submitted by: (via

Tagged: gifs , depression , food

Does Not Apply Today

Funny meme about being angry because your hunger.

Submitted by: (via onlytwitterpics)

Tagged: funny memes , Memes

9 Hilariously Memorable Thanksgiving Quotes

quotes thanksgiving thanksgiving quotes timeless wisdom - 131845

May your potatoes be plenty and your in-laws leave early!

Submitted by: Unknown

So Thankful

Funny meme about being gluten free on Thanksgiving.

Submitted by: (via Memebase)

Tagged: thanksgiving , Memes

Sorry Babe

Memes meatloaf - 9098558464

Submitted by: (via bestmemesperiod)

Tagged: Memes , meatloaf

These Web Comics Will Get You Into the Spirit of Thanksgiving

list thanksgiving web comics - 684293

Prepping for Thanksgiving can be stressful. For most people, the thought of spending so much time with all their relatives in one room is even enough to make them excited to see those too-early Christmas decorations. So take a minute to breathe in the smells of turkey cooking and casseroles burning while you read these web comics to remind you what Thanksgiving is all about.

Submitted by:

Virtual Reality Makes Your Dreams Come True

Funny meme about virtual reality and Guy Fieri.

Submitted by: (via distinguishedbaloney)

Look Forward To These Every Year

Funny meme about funny and weird Thanksgiving traditions.

Submitted by: (via pleatedjeans)

Tagged: thanksgiving , Memes

Oops I Did It Again

Funny meme about taking naps.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: dogs , Memes , naps

What Could Go Wrong?

Funny meme about marriage.

Submitted by: (via miseducatedmelanicmuse)

Tagged: marriage , Memes

Yin and Yang

TWo sides to every person, one side angry, one side nice.

Submitted by: (via heyintrovert)

Tagged: Memes , web comics

These Grandmas Tried Turkey Alternatives And Their Reactions Were Priceless

Buzzfeed is at it again! They rounded up several adorable grandmas to taste turkeys that are anything but classic. The banter ? Totally amazing.

Submitted by: (via Buzzfeed Video)

Tagged: thanksgiving , Memes , Turkey

::Head Explodes::

marijuana Memes - 9098364416

Submitted by: (via distinguishedbaloney)

Tagged: marijuana , Memes

Memers Are Desperately Trying To Save The Internet With Net Neutrality Memes

Funny and educational memes about net neutrality and Ajit Pai.

Net neutrality seems to be endangered every six months or so, and every time the threat becomes real, sites like Reddit and Imgur overflow with related content. The concept of net neutrality is simple: preserve equal treatment for all Internet data to keep an "open Internet" alive. This means ISPS cannot slow down or charge more for viewing specific content, such as social media sites or video streaming sites. 

Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai - who was the Associate General Counsel at Verizon from 2001 until 2003 - is seeking to end net neutrality, in an attempt to restore the Internet to the way it was in the 90's. We have to ask - what's the benefit of going back in time? Mozilla agrees. The company (of Firefox fame) says "If the FCC votes to roll back these net neutrality protections, they would end the internet as we know it, harming every day users and small businesses, eroding free speech, competition, innovation and user choice in the process." Sounds enticing. 

Reddit has long been a proponent of net neutrality, and its users, as well as the users of Imgur, have been churning out memes to educate Internet users on the subject. They range from genuinely informative to crude. As memes go, they're all pretty important.

Submitted by:

The Fun…Definitely Stops

Funny Pringles-like chip called Prongles.

Submitted by: (via clowncum)

Tagged: chips , Memes , pringles

20 Heinous Food Memes That’ll Make You Lose Your Appetite

Funny and disgusting food memes, bone apple teeth, bone app the teeth, bone apple tea, bon appetit.

Some of these disgusting food pics have to be jokes. Either way, they'll definitely help you save room for Thanksgiving - by absolutely destroying your appetite.

Bone apple tea!

Submitted by:

Tagged: Memes , food

Hmm Tough One

Funny meme about Very Hungry Caterpillar books.

Submitted by: (via Know Your Meme)

These Thanksgiving Charts And Graphs Are Totally On Point

funny web comics, charts, and graphs about Thanksgiving.

These charts from The Gentleman's Armchair never get old. But we have one question: how in the world did he leave out stuffing from that food chart? It's obviously the ultimate Thanksgiving dish.

Submitted by:

Nothing But Respect For MY Thanksgiving Dinner

Funny meme about putting bananas and mayo between white bread.

Submitted by: (via Soylent Memes)

Tagged: Memes , food

Watch The Emoji Movie Get Ripped To Shreds In The Latest ‘Honest Trailer’

Screen Junkies is back with another hilarious Honest Trailer, and this time they're listening to their fans' demand for them to "feature" The Emoji Movie. And we're glad they accepted the challenge. It's not every day that a film is likened to "Taco Bell through a human centipede" but we plan on reusing that descriptor - often. 

Submitted by: (via Screen Junkies)

30+ Amusing Memes To Improve Your Mood

Funny and random memes about life, school , dating, guy fieri, science, neil degrasse tyson.

Strap yourself in for some meme therapy!

Submitted by:

A Good Day

Funny meme about having a tv in the classroom at school.

Submitted by: (via dabmoms)

Tagged: school , Memes , TV

A Good Day

Funny meme about having a tv in the classroom at school.

Submitted by: (via dabmoms)

Tagged: school , Memes , TV

Every Damn Time

Funny meme about taking naps.

Submitted by: (via dabmoms)

Tagged: headaches , Memes , naps

Thankful For Those Walks

Funny meme about smoking weed with cousins on Thanksgiving.

Submitted by: (via dabmoms)

Tagged: thanksgiving , Memes

Ruh Roh, Raggy

Funny meme about Ryan Reynolds telling someone he looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Submitted by: (via will_ent)

Very Busy Right Now

Funny meme about work with woman vacuuming outside.

Submitted by: (via amd2319)

Tagged: work , Memes

Redditors Are Now Using Safari Tabs To Create Amusing Meme Stories

Funny memes popular on reddit featuring Safari tabs.

Ah, more proof that anything can become a meme! The latest meme-trend on Reddit is to use screen captures of Safari tabs to create a sort of story. These memes range from impeccably constructed burgers and sandwiches, to images of the Dr. Phil green M&M or, of course, cats. This may be a fleeting meme, but these trends have been known to be exploited until they inspire meme backlash. Only time will tell. 

Submitted by:

Tagged: dr phil , Memes , Reddit , apple , shrek , safari

This Is Fine

Funny meme about life being meaningless featuring Patrick Star of Spongebob Squarepants

Submitted by: (via dearzoez)

This Impressive Trailer Imagines An Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie In The Style Of ‘Logan’

Maybe it's about time Obi-Wan got his own movie.

Submitted by: (via Bliger Productions)

25 Dank Danzig Memes That’ll Have You Crying Out For Mother

Funny memes about Danzig of the Misfits, mother, the room, movies, rock and roll.

Glenn Danzig of Misfits fame has been a living meme for many, many years. There's even an entire Facebook meme page dedicated to the cat-loving, skull-obsessed vocalist. We went through and found their dankest and darkest material - but there are literally thousands more where these came from.

Submitted by:

Tagged: Music , rock , dank memes , Memes , danzig , misfits

Great Idea

Funny meme about dog calling 911

Submitted by: (via thebestone53)

Tagged: dogs , Memes

25 Of Our Favorite ‘Who Would Win’ Memes In Celebration Of Its Memeversary

All time best Who Would WIn memes in celebration of the 7th memeversary.

Some memes don't fade away - they just get stronger. It's been 7 years since the 'Who Would Win' format first came on the meme scene. It was first used on 4chan, but has seemingly taken over Reddit since its inception. The meme is insanely versatile, which is probably why it's still popular today. To celebrate the 7th "memeversary" we've rounded up some of our all time favorite examples of the meme. Enjoy!

Submitted by:

Vincent Van GOOO

Funny joke and meme about Vincent Van Gogh driving.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: art , Van Gogh , Memes , web comics

31 Hilarious Time-Wasting Memes To Help You Procrastinate

Funny cool memes about life, dating, sex, prison, god, anxiety, pain.

Say bye-bye to your boredom with these sick memes!

Submitted by:

Tagged: Memes

Never Enough

Funny meme about needing to rest for 20 hours a day.

Submitted by: (via landing.strip)

Tagged: anime , Memes , koala

19 Deliciously Witty Comics For Lovers Of Dark Humor

Funny dark comic, dark humor, web comics, devil, blackhumor.

Some of these are TWISTED!

Submitted by:


Funny meme about if you're the first person to talk to me for the day you alrady don't like the person.

Submitted by: (via Stale Memes)

Tagged: Memes

How Despicable

Funny meme about someone accusing Bernie Sanders of wanting to help pay for college.

Submitted by: (via Sprunt2)


Funny meme about having 0% interest in work this week.

Submitted by: (via tank.sinatra)

Tagged: work , Memes

It Starts With One Thing

Funny Linkin Park Meme

Submitted by: (via Meme Corp)

Tagged: Memes , linkin park

Fire Your Ad Team

Funny meme about pregnancy test advertisement, woman looks like she is pregnant, why would she need a pregnancy test to tell her that?

Submitted by: (via lordmegacop)

16 Freshly Harvested Dank Memes To Spice Things Up

Funny dank memes about hollywood sexual allegations, mario, princess peach, nintendo, video games, school, mugabe, kevin spacey, the incredibles, fcc, net neutrality, chrismas, charles manson, EA, STar WArs battlefront.

Sometimes only dank memes will do. 

Submitted by:

40+ Dad-Worthy Jokes And Memes That’ll Get Your Eyes Rolling

Funny dad jokes and comics.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so here are some classic dad jokes to prep you for all the dinner table cringing you're about to be doing. 

Submitted by:

Need More Sick Days

Funny meme about taking sick days because you are sick of people, Seinfeld characters.

Submitted by: (via emotionalclub)

Tagged: Memes , seinfeld

23 All-Time Funniest Joe Biden Memes In Celebration Of His Birthday

Funny Joe Biden memes to celebrate the former vice president's 75th birthday.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is celebrating his 75th birthday today, so we decided to round up our all-time favorite Biden memes for your viewing pleasure. We really miss seeing this dude on the regular, so we'll be dreaming of a Biden 2020 campaign for the rest of the day.

Submitted by:

The Struggle Is Hilariously Real In ‘Slippery Stairs’, Our New Favorite Japanese Game Show

Japanese game shows are famously entertaining, and Slippery Stairs is no exception. Watching these rainbow-suited contestants struggle to ascend some seriously slick stairs is painfully funny. Hopefully we'll get a similar show on this side of the world.

Submitted by: (via Just Wow me)

Arnold Schwarzenegger With Sweet Potato Arms Is Our Favorite Thanksgiving Treat

Funny photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger photoshopped so that his arms are sweet potatoes.

These bizarre Photoshops work surprisingly well. While some people might ask "why", we prefer to ask "why not?" 

Submitted by:

Open Your Eyes

Funny meme about conspiracy videos on Youtube.

Submitted by: (via Methamphetamemes)

36 Wholesome Memes And Comics To Make Your Monday A Little Brighter

Wholesome web comics about animals, love, friendship, family, dogs, cats, relationships, dating, barbers, laughing, happiness, sweet, pure.

Together, with memes, we will get through the hardest day of the week. 

Submitted by:

This Hilarious Video Imagines A World Where Hand Turkeys Are An Actual Thanksgiving Delicacy

Hand turkeys: a classic Thanksgiving art project for American children. This sketch from College Humor kind of ruins the innocence of the hand turkey - in the best way

Submitted by: (via College Humor)

Tagged: Memes , Turkey , thanksgiving


Funny meme about eating Play Doh.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: play doh , Memes

Happy Monday

Funny meme about the last time you had a good sleep was in the womb, as a fetus.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: Memes , sleeping
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