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41 Completely Pointless Memes To Bring A Smile To Your Face

twitter Memes funny tumblr relatable memes animals adventure time - 5390597

Go ahead and laugh, we won't judge.

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15 Old-School 10 Guy Memes For All The Stoners Out There

420 10 guy weed funny marijuana stoners FRIDAY weekend - 5390853

Everyone's favorite internet stoner is back in honor of the holiday!

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18 Dank Memes That’ll Blast You From 4:19 To 4:20

Funny dank memes, dank weed memes, weed memes, marijuana, 420, 420 memes, getting high, willem dafoe, daenerys targaryen, stoners, getting stoned, stoner memes.

Everyone's favorite stoner day has officially arrived, and we've got some appropriately dank memes to help you celebrate it. Grab your visine, buy some munchies and get ready to blaze it.

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27 Sexual Memes For The Dirty-Minded

Sex memes, funny sex memes, sexy memes, sexual memes, viagra.

Memes for when you're feeling a little naughty. If this list doesn't satisfy your urges, check out this raunchy collection of memes.

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So…That’s A No Then?

marijuana 420 work weed funny - 9153041920

Submitted by: (via catflaps)

Tagged: marijuana , 420 , work , weed , funny

17 People Revealed The Most F***ed Up Things They Think About On A Regular Basis

messed up ask reddit wtf gruesome askreddit oh god why Reddit morbid - 5390085

Redditors are sharing their effed-up thoughts that'll make you want to cleanse your brain.

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30 Food Memes To Satisfy Your 4/20 Munchies

Funny memes about food, weed, 4/20, snacks, treats, desserts, cookies, meat, meals, munchies, chips, cereal, burgers, pizza.

Okay, it is 4/20 but we should all be enjoying food (and food memes) 365 days a year.

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17 Amusing Times Old People Couldn’t Quite Figure Out How To Internet

cringe facepalm facebook old people social media funny - 5388037

Everyone has that one older Facebook friend who doesn't quite understand social media etiquette! 

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9 Brutally Honest Cocktail Recipes To Get You Into Weekend Mode

drinking alcohol drawing the New Yorker Memes funny web comics - 5386757

We've been following Chaz Hutton on Instagram for his insanely funny Post-It graphs, so we were delighted to find his work featured in The New Yorker last month. These handy satirical drink recipes are geared at millennials, but martinis will get a person super drunk regardless of generation. Drink responsibly.

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text facepalm funny - 9152716544

Submitted by: (via ihavenosoul2)

Tagged: text , facepalm , funny

Ohhhh Noooo….

twitter oops mean weed funny - 9152598272

Submitted by: (via FishMarshall)

Tagged: twitter , oops , mean , weed , funny


text virginity funny burn - 9152686848

Submitted by: (via IsNice)

Tagged: text , virginity , funny , burn


funny meme about pizza rolls

Submitted by: (via pettycentral)

Tagged: pizza , Memes

The Ultimate Stress Relief

Funny mozzarella stick meme.

Submitted by: (via gameofloans)


Funny meme about university and depression.

Submitted by: (via god)

This Bird And I Have A Lot In Common

angry birds birds anger management funny - 9152238336

Submitted by: (via JCRickards)

People Revealed The Businesses They’ll Never Give Their Money To Again

askreddit scam Reddit company business - 5383941

These Redditors had some pretty horrible experiences.

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25 Hilarious Memes & Tweets That Roast HGTV To Death

house hunters Memes TV hgtv - 5385221

Nobody watches reality TV for accuracy, but HGTV manages to take the privileged insanity to another level. This meme dump is for those of us who relate more to squatters than the "house hunters". 

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Tagged: house hunters , Memes , TV , hgtv

Guy Gets Totally Shut Down In An Airport After Asking His Girlfriend To Turn Down A Work Promotion

cringe relationships story breakup funny - 5380613

She really shut his a$$ down.

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27 Time-Wasting Memes To Help You Survive The Day

drinking twitter life alcohol school gym work Memes Party food dating - 5385733

Life is pain. Memes make it hurt less.

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Tagged: drinking , twitter , life , alcohol , school , gym , work , Memes , Party , food , dating

This Guy Should Definitely Be Named Employee Of The Month At Walmart

story Walmart funny - 5382917

Whoever Shane is, he's our hero.

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Tagged: story , Walmart , funny

19 Classic Arthur Memes That Might Ruin Your Childhood

Ruined Childhood arthur TV - 5380869

These are oldies but goldies.

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Tagged: Ruined Childhood , arthur , TV

30+ Amazing Office Memes That Will Make You Want To Relive The Hilarity

the office Memes TV funny - 5385477

Nobody really needs an excuse to rewatch The Office, but damn these memes are making us nostalgic.

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Tagged: the office , Memes , TV , funny

17 Deep Fried Memes That Are Guaranteed To Hurt Your Eyeballs

deep fried supreme dank memes Memes funny - 5381637

Low quality and low-brow, deep fried memes are anything but cerebral. The heavily distorted memes tend to make little sense, and are filled with references to hip hop culture, such as Supreme and lean. They're the perfect meme for anyone who appreciates the seriously dank and seriously ironic. 

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Drake And Josh Was Just Full Of Excellent Quotes

drake and josh drake bell Memes josh peck funny - 9152598016

Submitted by: (via FishMarshall)

17 Cooking Fails That’ll Make You Feel Like Gordon Ramsay

FAILS cooking gordon ramsay Memes chef kitchen - 5381893

These cooking mishaps would make anyone feel like a Top Chef contestant. Better luck next time, kitchen freaks!

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So Deep

Funny meme about philosophy and barbers.

Submitted by: (via classicalfuck)

Tagged: Memes , philosophy


Memes - 9152539136

Submitted by: (via god)

Tagged: Memes


facebook funny Mark Zuckerberg - 9152248320

Submitted by: (via MrVernonDursley)

Yeah, Get Outta Here!

Cheezburger Image 9152242176

Submitted by: (via huskorgii)

Great Guy.

Funny park bench plaque that says dude hated kids.

Submitted by: (via emotionalclub)

Tagged: Memes , funny

You Always Go Back

Funny meme about yoda and olives.

Submitted by: (via distinguishedbaloney)

Tagged: star wars , Memes , yoda

19 Memes That Suggest Science Has Gone Too Far

Memes science - 5378565

These parodies of bogus online advertising have been around for at least five years, but their absurd nature (and clickbait-y caption) has managed to live on. 

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Tagged: Memes , science

Dad Schools His Son’s Teacher With An Incredibly Embarrassing Letter

twitter school funny petty - 5377029

Seann Walsh tweeted about a letter that his dad wrote to his teacher in the ninth grade pointing out how silly dress code rules can be. Let's just say the letter reveals an embarrassing piece of information about his dad...

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Tagged: twitter , school , funny , petty

20 Amusing Food Tweets That Will Get Your Stomach Growling

twitter bill murray anna kendrick social media food funny - 5376261

Food might be necessary for survival, but it's also necessary for many other functions: coping with emotional trauma, carbo-loading, hangover relief, drinking relief, munchies relief. It's only natural that such a universal joy would be tweeted about by hilarious humans everywhere. Here are some gems to keep you going 'til your next meal.

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Kanye West Revealed Some New insight About His ‘Book’ On Twitter And It’s Totally Meta

Music twitter kanye west funny - 5378053

In case you haven't heard, Kanye is writing a book on philosophy that he's planning to title 'Break the Simulation.' However, he just revealed on Twitter that the book is going to take an unorthodox twist...

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Tagged: Music , twitter , kanye west , funny

These KFC Ads Are Re-imagining Fried Chicken As Explosions And They Look Tasty AF

hong kong chicken fried chicken kfc funny fast food - 5371909

KFC in Hong Kong came out with advertisements for their hot and spicy chicken looking peculiarly like flames from explosions. It's pretty cool, but now everyone on the internet is hungry.

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Introducing друг, The Creepy Cursed Image Meme That Is Blowing Up On Reddit

fallout apyr creepy gaming Memes funny weird - 5377541

Memes come in all shapes and sizes. We've got wholesome memes, relatable memes, dank memes and deep fried memes. And then there are memes like друг (or Apyr) that leave us kind of creeped out and scratching our heads. These друг memes largely feature an image of a Deathclaw creature from Fallout, accompanied by the text "друг," which is Russian for "friend." The images have been very popular on Reddit, particularly on r/cursedimages and r/4panelcringe. Even cursed Youtuber PewDiePie has shown the meme some love. While we're not sure what the hullabaloo is about, this is definitely proof that weird and creepy reign supreme on the interwebs. 

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Tagged: fallout , apyr , creepy , gaming , Memes , funny , weird

20 Mildly Rage-Inducing Images That’ll Give You Full-Blown Anxiety

mildly annoying twitter Reddit funny - 5369861

These pics are just annoying enough.

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This Guy Needs Answers!

yahoo answers Yahoo Answer Fails funny - 9152229888

Submitted by: (via e4rlight)

20 Harry Potter Memes And Comics That’ll Make You Scream For Volde-More

twitter Harry Potter Memes funny - 5368581

These'll really have you Rowling on the floor.

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13 People Who Seriously Need To Study Female Anatomy

anatomy sex men Memes science funny women - 5370373

If the children are our future, they really, really need Sex Ed. 

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Tagged: anatomy , sex , men , Memes , science , funny , women


relatable Memes food funny - 9152174080

Submitted by: (via awesomeme27)

Tagged: relatable , Memes , food , funny

27 Funny Memes And Posts That’ll Eviscerate Your Boredom

twitter alcohol school relationships Memes tweets food weed funny dating - 5367813

Next stop: Procrastination Station. 

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The Agony

Funny meme about taylor swift and ed sheeran.

Submitted by: (via classicalfuck)

Love The Chainsmokers

Funny meme about the chainsmokers.

Submitted by: (via cabbagecatmemes)

Knew It

Funny meme about ikea existing centuries ago.

Submitted by: (via classicalfuck)

Tagged: ikea , Memes

It’s A Relic

Funny meme about britney spears nokia phone.

Submitted by: (via cabbagecatmemes)

Tagged: britney spears , Memes

The IRS Website Crashed On Tax Day And They’re Still Making People Do Their Taxes

twitter news IRS Tax Day - 5370885

Bad news for all of you who've been procrastinating doing your taxes - parts of the IRS website just crashed. While some people are celebrating in speculation of not having to do their taxes, the IRS is apparently still making people file their taxes on time!

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Tagged: twitter , news , IRS , Tax Day

This Old Scene From Eric Andre Is Now A Viral Dank Meme

funny eric andre memes.

Eric Andre is basically a human meme, but he and his show have actually inspired several memes that are just as zany as the television personality. This latest meme features stills from a scene in which Andre "kills" his costar Hannibal Burress while discussing climate change. The topics range from the OG climate change debate to anime. Here are some of the best ones we've seen so far. 

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Funny meme about when your friend is absent from school.

Submitted by: (via god)

Tagged: school , Memes

24 Random Memes For Your Viewing Pleasure

random relatable Memes boredom funny - 5367301

It's a wonderful day for some meme-age.

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Tagged: random , relatable , Memes , boredom , funny

These Former High School Losers Are Tweeting About The Dorkiest Things They Ever Did In School

twitter middle school embarrassing cringe facepalm cringeworthy funny - 5365253

Buzzfeed's David Mack tweeted about the most cringe-inducing things that happened to him while he was in school. He then asked Twitter about their most embarrassing school memories, and Twitter did not disappoint.

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Being An Adult Is The Worst

Sad relatable sad but true Reddit funny - 9151684608

Submitted by: (via stayfullish)

9 Of The Week’s Weirdest and Wackiest Headlines

Funny news headlines.

We live in an age of fake news. Why not celebrate all the news that *sounds* fake but is actually very, very real? From drugged up raccoons to suicide machines and escapee baboons, we've tracked down some of the week's strangest headlines. Click through to the publishers for each full story. You'll either have a laugh or have a serious head-shaking moment. 

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Tagged: news , news headlines , Memes , funny

13 Highly Questionable And Possibly Fake Book Titles

books funny - 5363461

There's a good chance some of these books are either fake or stowed away in a dank and dusty thrift shop in the middle of nowhere. It's too bad as we could all use a copy of Feelings And How To Destroy Them

Submitted by:

Tagged: books , funny

College Student Gets His Faith In Humanity Restored In The Most Heartwarming Way

aww twitter adorable faith in humanity restored - 5356293

Just like your grandma always told you, don't judge a book by its cover.

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This Adorable Couple Got Engaged In The Most Creative Way On Top Of A Mountain

aww twitter adorable proposal - 5354757

You're gonna cry at how cute this proposal is.

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Tagged: aww , twitter , adorable , proposal

30+ Perfect And Reference-Filled Music Memes

Music twitter hip hop rock rap Memes funny - 5356805

There's something here for everyone, even the classical music lovers. Wherever they are.

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Tagged: Music , twitter , hip hop , rock , rap , Memes , funny

This Meme Is The 18th Century Rebirth Of The Distracted Boyfriend Meme

twitter distracted boyfriend Memes funny - 5353221

Twitter user ELXGANZA noticed an uncanny resemblance between the Distracted Boyfriend meme and this 18th century painting...

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Well, They *Did* Need A Way To Distinguish Between The Two…

twitter Memes Cats funny - 9151644672

Submitted by: (via JustAWeirdLoser)

Tagged: twitter , Memes , Cats , funny

The Ultimate Dad Joke

twitter spring dad jokes funny - 9151643648

Submitted by: (via JustAWeirdLoser)

Tagged: twitter , spring , dad jokes , funny

Wasn’t me

Funny meme about eating roommates food.

Submitted by: (via bestmemesperiod)


Funny depressing picture about people hating you

Submitted by: (via emotionalclub)

Tagged: friends , Memes , smile
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