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Funny meme about kanye and kim getting fat.

Submitted by: (via lei.ying.lo)

Why Am I Like This

Funny meme about when you get a drink from kitchen and then forget it, homer simpson reading book that says "am i disabled

Submitted by: (via fvckyoumeme)

Tagged: Memes , the simpsons


Funny meme about meme tattoos.

Submitted by: (via fvckyoumeme)

Tagged: tattoos , Memes


Funny mem eabout being a garbage person, using screen cap from pokemon game.

Submitted by: (via bonkers4memes)

Tagged: Memes , Pokémon

What Could Go Wrong?

anger Memes temper - 9078491648

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: anger , Memes , temper

20 Times Men’s Fashion Made Us Shake Our Heads

Funny photos of mens clothing and fashion from the 1970's.

We've come a long way, baby.

Submitted by:

Tagged: fashion , Memes , 70s , 1970s , men , FAIL

Why, God, Why?

Funny meme about a man who took ice cream out of the freezer and left it on the shelf to melt - he never came back.

Submitted by: (via thefunnyintrovert)

Tagged: ice cream , Memes

50+ Memes & Comics To Get You Into The Weekend Vibe

Funny memes about dogs, cats, dating, america, weather, sexy times, movies and pets, web comics, planes, legos, sex, relationships, hurricanes.

Treat. Yo. Self.

Submitted by:

Climate Change Is Real

Funny meme about rising ocean levels threatening corgi (dog meme.)

Submitted by: (via Super Deluxe)

Tagged: dogs , climate change , corgi , Memes

He Should Have Been Rewarded

Funny meme about a man who trained his dog to bite people who put pineapple on pizza.

Submitted by: (via hilariousted)

Tagged: dogs , pizza , Memes

Moi, An Intellectual

Funny meme about Ratatouille.

Submitted by: (via Stale memes)

Tagged: ratatouille , Memes

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey

Funny meme about public speaking.

Submitted by: (via highfiveexpert)


Funny meme about memes curing depression.

Submitted by: (via Stale memes)

Tagged: Memes , depression


Funny meme about milk.

Submitted by: (via Degno)

Tagged: milk , Memes

Pick Your Poison

Funny meme about apple iphones vs androids.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: android , iPhones , Memes , iphone

Think About It

Funny meme about an unpaid internships for a company that claims to fight slavery.

Submitted by: (via Humans Of Late Capitalism)

Tagged: slavery , internship , Memes


Funny meme comparing self to a tree that is hollow but still alive.

Submitted by: (via Aborted Dreams)

Tagged: Memes , tree


Cute meme about a genie flirting with a man.

Submitted by: (via Wholesome Memes)

Tagged: wholesome , genie , web comics


Funny meme about STD education, pokemon theme with text that says "don't catch em all."

Submitted by: (via Dalek31)

Tagged: sex , Pokémon , Memes

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Funny meme about alien cookie jar, when people think you're mean but you're actually very sweet.

Submitted by: (via thebraintickle)

Tagged: Aliens , Memes , cookies

Kim Jong-Un Called Donald Trump A “Dotard” And It’s Our New Favorite Word

Funny tweets and reactions to North Korea leader Kim Jong-un calling Donald Trump a "dotard."

September 21, 2017 will forever be known as the day the world googled "dotard." Spoiler alert: the term, which was used by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to describe Donald Trump, is not complimentary. 

The insult was hurled at the American President in response to his September 19th U.N. speech regarding North Korea. Trump threatened to "totally destroy" the Asian country, and then referred to Jong-Un as "rocket man" - all in front of the United Nations. Kim Jong-Un did not take kindly to the speech, and threatened to tame the "dotard" with fire. 

While threats of nuclear warfare are undoubtedly chilling, Twitter was far more interested in meme-ing the 14th century insult. 

Submitted by:


dogs internet Memes - 9078188544

Submitted by: (via totalgyro)

Tagged: dogs , internet , Memes

15 Memes That Perfectly Embody The Pains Of Being A Student

Funny memes about college, studying, coffee, university, exams, papers, cover is a chart of how much coffee you need to get through various tasks.

It's amazing how one month of college can feel like an entire year. Here are some super relatable memes that'll remind you that you're not in this alone. 

Submitted by:

Fancy Meeting You Here, Zucc

Funny meme using screenshot from the Room, about mark zuckerberg watching you via webcam.

Submitted by: (via Incoming memes)


Funny Bumble online dating fail.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: Memes , dating apps , dating

18 More Hilarious ‘Hogwarts Nine Nine’ Gems

Funny crossover between Harry Potter and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Snape, Dumbledore.

Ask and you shall receive. Earlier this week we shared this Harry Potter/Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover. It was a big hit, so we are back with more!

Submitted by:

Choose Class

Funny meme about how people stay in bed instead of going to class, who would win chart format.

Submitted by: (via memezar)

Tagged: school , Memes

50+ Funny Memes To Get You Into The Groove

Funny memes about tinder, dating, food, online dating, dating apps, cats, dogs, iphones, pets, drinking, alcohol, friends.

TGIF, y'all!

Submitted by:

Looking Good

Funny meme about how Androids take shitty photos.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: android , Memes , iphone


Funny meme about panic attack when anyone asks you anything.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: the office , Memes , panic , anxiety

It’s Gonna Take A Long, Long Time

Funny meme about Kim Jong Un, rockets, and elton john's song rocket man.

Submitted by: (via tank.sinatra)

One Moment Please

funny meme about when you're about to die but you have to correct someone's spelling, lion eating man's head as he is on his phone.

Submitted by: (via masipopal)

Tagged: internet , Memes , lion

Nice Knowing You

Funny meme about taking shots, woody from toy story.

Submitted by: (via mytherapistsays)

Tagged: drinking , toy story , Memes

Nice Knowing You

Funny meme about taking shots, woody from toy story.

Submitted by: (via mytherapistsays)

Tagged: drinking , toy story , Memes

I’m In The Mood For Something Light

Funny meme about eating tons of chips and salsa at restaurant, picture of fat looking cat.

Submitted by: (via mytherapistsays)

Tagged: restaurant , Memes , Cats

I’m In The Mood For Something Light

Funny meme about eating tons of chips and salsa at restaurant, picture of fat looking cat.

Submitted by: (via mytherapistsays)

Tagged: restaurant , Memes , Cats


Funny meme about how you wish metabolism worked as quickly as anxiety, by Pete Wentz.

Submitted by: (via mytherapistsays)

Tagged: Memes , anxiety

Well, La Di Da!

Funny meme about sticking fork into outlet.

Submitted by: (via Troll_Dovadoge)

Tagged: Memes

They Grow Up So Fast

Funny meme about peter dinklage growing.

Submitted by: (via ladbible)

30 Amusing Memes That Will Eliminate Your Boredom

Funny memes about friends, drinking, alcohol, animals, sloths, dogs, cats, dating, relationships, iphones, pizzas, photo of an old lady and young doctor, text says when youre friend is one year older than you.

You're not actually wasting time if you're having fun.

Submitted by:

Learn Your Place

Funny meme about when someone gets too close to your pet.

Submitted by: (via shitheadsteve)

Tagged: pets , Memes , Cats

The Worst

Funny meme about when you touch wet food in the sink.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

10+ Clever Web Comics From False Knees

Funny and cute web comics about cats skunks and birds from False Knees.

We're huge fans of Joshua Barkman's False Knees. The animal-forward art is actually stunning, but it's the strip's oft-nihilistic tone that really takes the comics to the next level. 

Submitted by:

20+ Stunning New Images From Star Wars: The Last Jedi

New images from Star WArs: The Last Jedi, kylo ren, poe dameron, luke skywalker, chewbacca, finn, rey.

We're getting super duper psyched for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The followup to 2015's The Force Awakens is set for a December 15th release, and thankfully Lucasfilm has released some fresh new photos to tide us over. The high resolution images introduce us to some new characters (and species) and reunite us with old favorites such as Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron.

Submitted by:

People Are Flipping Out Over Melania Trump’s Hot Pink Dress

Twitter memes and reactions to Melania Trump's hot pink Delpozo dress from United Nations speech.

Melania Trump gave a speech against cyber-bullying at the UN yesterday, but it seems the internet was more concerned with what she was wearing. The first lady was sporting a very vibrant hot pink Delpozo dress that received an appropriate amount of attention from media outlets and Twitter users alike. The outfit, which cost $3,000, garnered comparisons to neon lights and everyone's favorite blueberry - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Violet Beauregarde. 

Submitted by:

If These Walls Could Talk

Funny meme about scared looking hotel air conditioner.

Submitted by: (via ladbible)

Tagged: Memes , hotels


Funny meme about man breaking into jail to hang out with friends.

Submitted by: (via memezar)

Tagged: Memes

40+ Funny Memes To Brighten Your Day

Funny memes about dogs, dating, art, relationships, fashion, corgis, cats, animals, pets, sex, friendship.

Memes make it better. 

Submitted by:

Tagged: sex , dogs , art , pets , relationships , corgi , Memes , Cats , animals , dating


Funny meme about playing with toilet paper when you forget your phone.

Submitted by: (via betasalmon)

Tagged: phones , toilet paper , Memes

Deal Breaker

Funny meme about chicken leaving date because his date ordered scrambled eggs.

Submitted by: (via thefunnyintrovert)

Tagged: chicken , eggs , Memes

Start Praying

Funny meme about hurricanes.

Submitted by: (via god)

Tagged: hurricanes , Memes


Funny meme about dog car engine.

Submitted by: (via Cheerful Nihilism)

Tagged: dogs , cars , Memes

Hello My Fellow Kids

Funny meme about trying to relate to millennials and using the wrong words.

Submitted by: (via god)

Tagged: arthur , millennials , Memes

You Got This

Funny meme about anxiety about ordering food at a restaurant.

Submitted by: (via Crippling Things)

Tagged: restaurant , Memes , anxiety


Funny meme about being a garbage person.

Submitted by: (via Stale Memes)

Tagged: garbage , Memes
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