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Let These 25 Random Memes Ease You Into the Evening

Funny collection of memes about drugs, sharing, animals, work, dinosaurs, depression, the simpsons, dating.

You deserve it.

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Abracadabra, Alakazam

Funny meme about someone saying they are magical in bed, woman says she wasn't expecting it, he does a card trick.


Submitted by: (via donny.drama)

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Meant to Be

Funny meme about an old man pretending to be a little boy, goes to meet the little boy and it turns out it's another old man.

Submitted by: (via memezar)

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Throwback Thursday: 23 of Our Favorite Funny Moments From ‘The Office”

Funny collection of moments from the television show the office.

Do you still jump at the opportunity to say "That's what she said"? This one is for you.

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Proper Attire

Funny meme of a baby in a suit - for a pun about a formal picture.

Submitted by: (via girlsthinkimfunny)

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Fine Vegan Dining

Funny meme of people eating grass that suggests it is a vegan restaurant.

Submitted by: (via drgrayfang)

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100% Dom

Funny meme about opening up to someone, they're asked if they are a dom or a sub, person opening up thinks they mean the fast food companies dominos and subway.

Submitted by: (via tatum.strangely)

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As Long As There’s No Bone Rot

Funny meme about a weird pill call intellifuck which you can buy at gas stations for sex and becoming smart.

Submitted by: (via funnieronline)

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My Name Is Michael Jordan

Funny meme about claiming one is athletic because sitting on toilet playing toilet basketball game.

Submitted by: (via wilfordbrimly)

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Stay Vigilant

Funny meme about a tick that makes you allergic to meat, framed as though it's a vegan battle tactic.

Submitted by: (via thefunnyintrovert)

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Funny photo of man holding a sign that says

Submitted by: (via _theblessedone)

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Good Boy

Funny meme in the style of the floor is lava, but the floor is being a bad boy - dog joke.

Submitted by: (via hilarious.ted)

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You’ll Have To Wait

work lunch Memes

Submitted by: (via LIT Memes)

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This Is What’s Wrong With Dating Today

funny meme about dating, woman asks man how tall he is, he asks how fast she can spin because he only dates fidget spinners.

Submitted by: (via Jakerbell)

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Funny meme that

Submitted by: (via littl3willy)

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Whatta Man

Funny meme using a photo of a stadium, jumbotron with that text

Submitted by: (via highfiveexpert)

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Makes You Feel Special

Funny meme about when

Submitted by: (via wilfordbrimly)

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Healthy Prime Time Entertainment

Funny meme of a fat man on a motorcycle, a sons of anarchy joke - calls it

Submitted by: (via drgrayfang)

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Lunch Break: 17 Random Memes to Keep You Entertained

Collection of funny memes about fashion, porn, dating, relationships, friendship, animals, work, drinking.

Would you leave the house in that shirt, Y/N?

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G’day Mate

Funny meme where someone asks for a sexy photo because they are in the mood, the person they are sending sends a photo of a kangaroo standing in front of a bathroom mirror.

Submitted by: (via mememang)

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Damn, That’s Cold

Funny meme of a girl and guy sitting on a couch, guy is playing a game and the girl says she thought he wanted to smash. He says he did. Photo that reveals he is playing super smash brothers.

Submitted by: (via shitheadsteve)

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You Know What They Say

Funny meme about someone who is dying because they ate an apople but the doctor won't talk to them because of the saying

Submitted by: (via grapejuiceboys)

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Feel Old Yet?

Funny meme about how 50 Cent's CD

Submitted by: (via gameofloans)

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