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There’s No Such Thing As the Perfect Nigh-


Submitted by: (via Wholesome Memes)

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When I Reply With “K” Vs. When People Reply to Me With “K”

Memes,social media,funny

Submitted by: (via Dank Memes Melt Steel Beams)

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Hello, It’s Me


Submitted by: (via Dank Memes Melt Steel Beams)

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SUPER RARE Historical Footage of Italian War Declaration

This is one for our archives.

Submitted by: (via uoʇʁow)

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When He Waits 3 Hours to Text Back So You Wait 3 Days

Submitted by: (via @sarcasm_only)

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Today’s Internet Comment Etiquette Lesson: Mansplaining

For a man attempting to explain mansplaining, the host of the Youtube series Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik does a pretty good job. This video is eye-opening, edgy and hilarious, all at once.

Submitted by: (via Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik)

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Um, Delta, Where is Your Pilot Taking Me?

Memes,minecraft,video games,funny

Submitted by: (via @InstantCOffee)

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“What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?”

Submitted by: (via @sonny5ideup)

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Rare Photo of the UK Leaving the EU


Ta-ta! Cheerio!

Submitted by: (via imgur)

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Deadpool Meets Beauty and the Beast in This Gaston Parody

Little known fact about Deadpool: he's always wanted to be in a musical. In this fan-mad video, the masked anti-hero sings his own sarcastic version of "Gaston" from the classic Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. While Deadpool could probably carry the sequence on his own, he's joined by Black Widow, Rogue, Spider-Man and Wolverine.

It's just like Beauty and the Beast, just with 100% more profanity, gratuitous violence and chimichangas.

Submitted by: (via Deadpool Said)

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Prequel Memes: 1 Sequel Memes: 0

star wars,Memes,sci fi

The war between Star Wars prequel memes and sequel memes rages on, now capitalizing on the popular

I’m Trying to Reach This Level of Self-Love in 2017


Submitted by: (via @garyfromteenmom)

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Here’s the Deadpool/Gaston Parody You Didn’t Know You Needed

It's like Beauty and the Beast, but with 100% more curse words and violence!

Submitted by: (via Deadpool Said)

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Happy Memeversary: Then Who Was Phone?


For dramatic readings and parodies of the meme, check out Know Your Meme: THEN WHO WAS PHONE?

Submitted by: (via Know Your Meme)

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What’s the Point?

meta,dank memes,Memes,the simpsons

Just end it.

Submitted by: (via via

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RIP fam

Submitted by: (via @ItMeIRL)

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Choose One Pill

pills,dank memes,meme,funny

Black pill. It's all about the black pill.

Submitted by: (via @Naruto-Uzumaki111)

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Emo Trump is Back and Whinier Than Ever

The folks over at Super Deluxe have answered our prayers and released another Emo Trump video. Like their previous effort, this clip uses the President's own words to create a deliciously nostalgic tune. One question: is this more Dashboard Confessional or Taking Back Sunday?

Submitted by: (via @SuperDeluxe)

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Cut it Out, Linda!

good things only

Submitted by: (via via Wholesome Memes)

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Me Explaining Memes to My Friends

Pepe Silvia memes are on the RISE. According to Google Trends, interest in this favorite conspiracy theory meme has skyrocketed since February of 2017.

For more on these It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia inspired memes, visit KYM.

Submitted by: (via via @dumboybk)

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Memesters: Please Help This Old Man Meme

First order of business: pronunciation.

Submitted by: (via via @arrgh garry)

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Get Ready for “Cash Me Ousside”: The Reality Show

viral videos,Memes,TV

Well how bow dah: Danielle Bregoli of viral media fame has just inked an exclusive reality television deal with IMG. Not a bad birthday present for the 14 year old.

The teenage meme queen was approached by seven production companies - four of which were looking to snag the Florida native for a reality show. This deal comes on the heels of several money-making ventures featuring Bregoli - from grills to tee-shirts bearing her image. Wonder how her ratings will stack up to Dr Phil's.

Check out KYM for more on Bregoli and "Cash Me Ousside."

Submitted by: (via via WorldStarHipHop)

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My Hands Look Like This So Hers Can Look Like That

weiner RelationshipGoals

Submitted by: (via @JimDidntCarrey)

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Rayna Meets a “Robot” for the First Time

A little girl has her first encounter with a water heater tank ...and a rude one at that.

Submitted by: (via YouTube)

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Don't ruin the pizza.

Submitted by: (via via

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