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Oh Snap

Funny meme about netflix and chilling.

Submitted by: (via bestmemesperiod)

Tagged: Memes , netflix

Oh No

Funny pun meme about chile.

Submitted by: (via dankmemesgang)

Tagged: puns , Memes , giraffes


funny meme about tamagotchi

Submitted by: (via cabbagecatmemes)

Tagged: Memes

20+ Amusing Memes & Tweets To Help You Pass The Time

Random memes and tweets about dating, work, school, family, depression, life, drinking, donald trump.

TGIF, y'all! 

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20+ Deliciously Demented Comics From Mr. Lovenstein

Twisted, dark, and funny comics from Mr. Lovenstein.

Looking for a comic that accurately (and hilariously) represents your bleak outlook on life? Mr. Lovenstein has got you covered. 

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Pokémon Get The 3D Treatment In These Ultra Realistic Illustrations

Cool pokemon illustrations.

These illustrations from Joshua Dunlop are super detailed and super impressive.

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Cats must love Star Wars

Funny meme about cats and star wars.

Submitted by: (via dutchster)

Tagged: star wars , Memes , Cats

Safety First

Funny meme about florida schoolteacher having lots of guns.

Submitted by: (via distinguishedbaloney)

Tagged: florida , Memes , gun control

Choo Choo

Funny meme about getting stoned and going to taco bell.

Submitted by: (via cabbagecatmemes)

Tagged: taco bell , Memes , weed

All About That Kraft Life

Funny meme about kraft singles vs human singles.

Submitted by: (via dankmemesgang)


Funny webcomic about super mario, luigi, and the days of the week.

Submitted by: (via Owl Turd Comix)

30 Relatable Memes That Hit A Little Too Close To Home

Funny memes about work, school, life, dating, relationships, twitter, social media, exams, harry potter, animals.

We've all been there.

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Funny meme about Chopped contestants always using the ice cream maker.

Submitted by: (via Know Your Meme)

Tagged: cooking , Memes , chopped

24 Of The Most Depressing Locations Of All Time

Depressing map locations.

Damien Rudd's Instagram account, @sadtopographies, is our favorite example of darkness meeting reality. Rudd has scoured the globe for the most miserable and depressing locales he can find - and he found enough to write a book. You can purchase it on Amazon if you're a fan of what you see!

h/t/ Bored Panda

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Tagged: Memes , Maps

17 Hilarious Memes That Warn Of The Dangers Of Edibles

Funny meme about edibles, marijuana, edible weed, tripping, getting high, pot.

Eat responsibly, people!

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Tagged: marijuana , Memes , edible , weed


Funny tweet of neil degrasse tyson getting roasted.

Submitted by: (via Know Your Meme)

Tagged: Memes

People Are Trolling Twitter With Ridiculous Images Of What Cleopatra Looked Like

Funny Twitter trolling, cleopatra.

We love a good copypasta, and Twitter seriously delivered this week with this history-related meme. The text in question reads "Scientists at Harvard University have created this 3D Model depicting what ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra may have looked like," and Twitter users have been pairing it with funny 3D images and pics of celebrities. It's a great joke. So great that many people don't realize that it's tongue and cheek, and actually protest the images. We love gullible know-it-alls. They add so much extra humor to memes like this.

Submitted by:

Tagged: Memes , Cleopatra , twitter , history

It Me

Funny meme about sugar gliders dying if they don't get enough attention/

Submitted by: (via reddit)

Tagged: Memes , sugar glider , animals

These Dog Adoption Before And After Photos Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Before and after photos of adopted dogs.

Adopt, don't shop!

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Tagged: dogs , pets , animals

Not Wrong

Funny meme about reading from left to right in memes.

Submitted by: (via uoy_kcuf)

22 Classic Movies Hilariously Represented By The Simpsons

Funny memes of the simpsons that correlate with popular movies.

It's said that The Simpsons has often predicted the future, but if you look back - you'll see that many of the show's plots and images work very, very well with popular movies. These Fake History-style memes say it all.

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Tagged: movies , Memes , TV , the simpsons


Funny meme about eating between respawns.

Submitted by: (via Holofan4Life)

Tagged: gaming , Memes , video games

They don’t make ’em like they used to.

Funny meme about infrastructure.

Submitted by: (via smokethis1st)

Tagged: Memes

Two business men

hark scorpio and elon musk meme

Submitted by: (via finofilipino)

Tagged: jokes , Memes

We Need Change, Now

its always sunny in philadelphia Memes - 9130742784

Submitted by: (via Petaaa)

Save Yourself

Funny meme about black death.

Submitted by: (via retarded_bandicoot)

Tagged: history , Memes , black plague

Oof Ouch Ow

Funny meme about drinking coffee that is too hot.

Submitted by: (via therecoveringproblemchild)

Tagged: birds , Memes , coffee

50+ Random Memes To Cure What Ails You

Funny memes, random memes, food, dating, family, friends

Jump into the meme stream!

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16 Funny Comics Most Women Will Relate To

Funny memes and web comics about girls, women, relationships.

Murzz Studio is really killing the webcomic game with her relatable and anime-ish drawings. We rounded up some of our favorite gems but you can catch more relatably self-deprecating goodness on her website.

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Funny meme about cats liking to sleep on keyboards.

Submitted by: (via JM-Rie)

Tagged: Memes , Cats

Interview Possum Is A Meme With Something To Say

Funny memes about opossums.

The East Coast has Punxsutawney Phil. Sand Mountain has "Sand Mountain Sam" - this opossum that supposedly predicts the weather. This year, after Sam predicted an early spring, a photo of the critter has gone viral on social media - inspiring a whole lot of memes.

Submitted by:

Tagged: opossum , twitter , possum , Alabama , Memes


funny meme about two player game.

Submitted by: (via TRPC-Sam)

Tagged: Memes , texting

50 Wholesome Memes And Moments That’ll Bring A Smile To Your Face

Funny memes and wholesome memes, animals, love, dating, realtionships, family, friends.

Good feels only.

Submitted by:

Tagged: wholesome , pets , Memes , animals


Funny meme about dogs parking.

Submitted by: (via god)

Tagged: dogs , Memes

24 Memes And Comics All Gamers Will Appreciate

Funny memes and comics about video games.

Non-gamers might like 'em too. 

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16 Freshly Harvested Dank Memes To Spice Things Up

Funny dank memes about hollywood sexual allegations, mario, princess peach, nintendo, video games, school, mugabe, kevin spacey, the incredibles, fcc, net neutrality, chrismas, charles manson, EA, STar WArs battlefront.

Sometimes only dank memes will do. 

Submitted by:

Damn He Got U

funny meme abut fbi agents.

Submitted by: (via dutchster)

Tagged: Memes

Oh no, baby, what is you doing?

Funny meme about a white guy making black panther jokes.

Submitted by: (via dankmemesgang)

Tagged: black panther , Memes

Not Again

funny meme about drunk texting.

Submitted by: (via dankmemesgang)

Tagged: drinking , twitter , Memes

What a punchline.

Funny meme about making everything into a joke.

Submitted by: (via dankmemesgang)

Tagged: jokes , relationships , Memes

So Cruel

Funny web comic about calling dogs stupid.

Submitted by: (via safelyendangered)

Tagged: dogs , Memes , web comics


Funny meme about sasquatch.

Submitted by: (via ipate84)

Tagged: Memes , sasquatch

18 Dank Flat Earth Memes To Fuel Your Intelligent Debates

Funny and dank memes about flat earth theory.

Check. Mate.

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Avocado Proposals: The Millennial Trend That Makes Us Want To Exit Earth

Funny tweets about avocado proposals, avocados, proposals, marriage, relationships, engagment.

Maybe millennials actually deserve the avocado toast prejudice that's been plaguing them. The Daily Dot and The Cut, among other publications, have been featuring this painfully twee proposal trend that seems to have started on Instagram. Shocker. The sites dug up avocado proposals from as long ago as last year - a sign that end of days is way, way overdue. 

Trendiness aside, while we enjoy a good avocado every now and then, it doesn't really seem logical to serve up eternity with your partner in a (likely) browning and mushy fruit. Much of Twitter seems to agree. 

Submitted by:

This Kung Fu Panda Meme Is The Latest To Be Overused On Reddit

Funny and dank kung fu panda memes.

Kung Fu Panda fans are probably familiar with Po's sick Wuxi Finger Hold move - used to create an epic explosion to defeat his enemy, the tiger Tai Lung. This devastating maneuver is now taking over Reddit's r/dankmemes subreddit, whether users actually like it or not. The meme is meant to illustrate epic burns, often using trivial and childish examples - think "time for you to get a watch." Here are a few for you to judge with your discerning eyes. 

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Yeah, Let’s Be Real

Funny meme about kid playing with stuff that seems like a serial killer in training would play with.

Submitted by: (via wrps8)

Tagged: twitter , Memes

50 Entertaining Memes And Tweets To Help You Zone Out

Funny meme list about food, school, drinking, relationships, dating, dogs, cats, america, the office, tinder, online dating, alcohol.

Memes are a healthy distraction, right?

Submitted by:

40 Scottish Memes And Twitter Gems That’ll Have You In Pieces

Funny gems from scottish twitter, scotland memes.

The award for best Twitter definitely goes to Scotland. Prove us wrong.

Submitted by:

Tagged: twitter , scotland , Memes , funny

People who can’t recognize it

people who watch anime people who doesnt

Submitted by: (via Saaaaaaaaaaaame)

Tagged: jokes , Memes

Life Hack

Funny meme about ikea and twitter.

Submitted by: (via pettycentral)

Tagged: twitter , ikea , Memes
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