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The Sixteenth Chapel

everyone is laughing facepalm fail at life listen to your friends nice try really your friends are laughing at you - 4077526784

It will be assumed of anyone who votes this down that you didn't know the difference either.

Submitted by: Unknown

George R.R. Martin’s Ridiculous Tweet Has People Feeling Some Type of Way Right Now

twitter Game of Thrones reactions ridiculous - 1925381

Submitted by:

Guy Creates Troll Tinder Account Using Male Model Pics, Doesn’t Fail to Pull Amazing Number of Thirsty Chicks

Social Experiment tinder dating - 1667589

I get it, I get it: shocker right? Bro with affinity for trolling and Imgur fame breaks out the fake male model Tinder account, and manages to get away with being a bane of the earth, insensitive, sex-crazed, depraved simeon. Do really really ridiculous good looking people just get away with being, well, shittier people, or what? Obviously the results from this dude's 'social experiment' have been skewed and framed in such a way that highlights the more ridiculous encounters for the sake of those self-serving upvotes, but it still makes you wonder. Or wait, does it.

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facepalm graph mom ouch parenting - 4917417984

Submitted by: Unknown

Tagged: facepalm , graph , mom , ouch , parenting

Aand the Unintentional Pun of the Month Award Goes To:

failbook puns facebook - 8801704960

Submitted by: (via captaininsanoshowsnoomercy)

Tagged: failbook , puns , facebook

When the Comment Gets More Likes than the Actual Post

you mom end piece of bread joke facebook comment

Submitted by: (via memewhore)

Tagged: comments , your mom , facebook , burn

Tired of Dudes Asking for Nudes? Throw Them Off the Scent With a Photo of a Loading Photo

twitter nudes social media dating - 8606185472

Submitted by: (via jwzayn)

Exactly as I Planned It

Exactly as I Planned It

Submitted by: (via zaddynature)

What About a Wealth… of Knowledge!


Submitted by: (via lsurox22)

Whatever You Say, Brainiac


Submitted by: (via Know Your Meme)

Talk Conspiracy to Me

dream flirting conspiracy sexy time - 8489973760

Submitted by: soren7550

In Fair Miami, Where We Lay Our Scene…


Submitted by: (via BismoFunyuns01)

Be the Change You Want to See in the World. Or Just be Bricks.

view school inspirational - 8360110336

Submitted by: FunnyLittleMe

Tagged: view , school , inspirational

Way to Keep Up With the News

news outbreak ebola - 8280581376

Submitted by: Unknown

Tagged: news , outbreak , ebola

But… But… a McFlurry…

twitter Drake mrw - 8161015040

Submitted by: (via Suss_Bus)

Tagged: twitter , Drake , mrw

She’s the Hero Young Girls Need, Clearly

Role Model miley cyrus kids these days - 8076355072

Submitted by: (via Reddit)

This Isn’t the End That Mr. Nibbles Deserved

bad idea facepalm pets what failbook - 8081201408

Submitted by: (via Reddit)

Tagged: bad idea , facepalm , pets , what , failbook

I Have My Priorities in Order

cheeseburgers food - 8015179008

Fast food order, that is...

Submitted by: Unknown

Tagged: cheeseburgers , food

Fus…Ro… Darn, Wait a Second…

Skyrim updates - 7904911360

Submitted by: Unknown

Tagged: Skyrim , updates
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