Thirty-Two Random Memes For Immediate Consumption

Funny random memes

We understand your frustration; it's Friday night and you're bored out of your mind with nothing to do. That's why we wanted to bring you some entertainment that may help keep you sane in these trying times.

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Every Time

Funny meme about how dogs stand weirdly when they are being pet.

We just wanna pet ya!

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Doctor Memes For Anyone Trying To Avoid Those Medical Bills

Funny memes about doctors and patients

Honestly, none of us can afford to go to the doctor anyway, so let's just look at memes until the pain goes away. You won't regret it, probably. Want to feel even more sad? Take a look at this gallery of memes about the American healthcare system to make you lose hope for humanity.

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Forty-One D&D Memes Because You Nerds Love ‘Em

Funny memes about Dungeons and Dragons

You don't even have to be a nerd to enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, totally normie-seeming people love the game just as much as the hardcore geeks. Here's even more for the hyper-nerds!

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The Difference Between… [Part 1]

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we are looking at the difference between a number of things, kicking it off with the difference between hardwood and softwood…. which you’d think you already know, but we’re guessing for most, you don’t actually know the difference. 🙂

We also have a brief message from a sponsor, Skillshare. Help support this show and learn a lot of interesting new skills, as well as TWO MONTHS FREE using the following link

Up next we dive into a bunch of “difference betweens” such as the difference between fruits and vegetables, green and black tea, various types of olive oils, brown and white eggs, etc. as well as a slew of interesting tips on optimizing ripeness schedules on bananas, including a way to keep your bananas at the perfectly ripe stage for approximately a week, instead of the two seconds or so that happens naturally.

On another note, if you could do us a huge favor and rate and review this show in whatever podcasting platform you’re using (including hopefully giving us some feedback related to the new format), we would be extremely grateful. Thanks!

(You can also discuss this episode and view references on The BrainFood Show forum here.)

Don’t miss future episodes of this podcast, subscribe here: iTunes | Spotify | Google Play Music | Stitcher | RSS/XML

You can also find more episodes by going here: The BrainFood Show

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Got ‘Em

Funny meme about lord of the rings, gandalf vs balrog

Another amazing Lord of the Rings meme. 

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Elizabeth Warren And Stephen Colbert Played “Guess That Billionaire” And It Was HILARIOUS

Okay but when is Stephen going to moderate a debate

The two Democrats in the race to become president and save us from the horror that is The Don whose agenda could most succinctly be boiled down to, “Eat the rich,” are of course, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

And we love that.

Senator Warren has made it crystal clear since the get-go that she plans on taxing the wealthiest of the wealthy in order to fund things like healthcare, education, and other services that us poor-folk keep annoyingly saying are “essential” and “basic human rights” and all that nonsense. But Stephen Colbert had another question for the candidate — how well does she actually know these billionaires that she plans on taking a crumb of money from for the betterment of the nation? So, to answer this burning question once and for all, Colbert challenged her to a lightning round of...




Colbert served up clues about each billionaire pictured and Warren had to try and identify which corporate overlord he was describing as fast as possible.

Shockingly she wasn’t able to figure out one of the wealthy elite, Scrooge McDuck. But to be fair, Stephen Colbert did leave out his most important attribute — “He doesn’t wear pants!”

Check out the full segment featuring Elizabeth Warren below.

Compilation Video From A Wildlife Camera Set Up By A Tree Fallen Across A Creek To See All The Animals That Utilize It

This is 'The Log 2: Another Year' (the sequel to 2018's sleeper hit 'The Log Movie', not to be confused with The Lego Movie'), another compilation video of the highlights of a wildlife camera cleverly set up in Pennsylvania next to a long fallen across a creek to capture footage of all the different animals that use the log. I'm talking about black bears and their cubs, ducks, heron, a wild turkey doing battle with a great horned owl (damn!), a bunch of other birds, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, deer, beavers, foxes, coyotes, muskrats, bobcats, AND MORE. Now are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Does it involve pretending to be a bridge troll and charging all these animals to cross your log?" *repeatedly hitting palm with wooden club* Next crossing is two miles upstream if it isn't flooded, I'm just saying. Keep going for both videos, the sequel first.

Twitter Thread About Sick Days In The Service Industry Is Depressing As Hell

Informative Twitter thread about what happens to employees in the service industry when they get sick

Most of us have had to or will have to work in the customer service industry at some point in our lives. Whether that be bartending, serving, or working at a grocery store, all of these jobs have one thing in common: virtually no opportunity for paid sick days, which can lead to employees infecting others and even ridicule from management if one dares to take a day off.

Writer Lauren Hough took to Twitter to highlight these problems, and we have to say that it's very informative and 100% worth the read.

And once again, here's a link to some hilarious (yet ultimately depressing) memes about our "wonderful" healthcare system!

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Amazing Isolated Vocals Of Cyndi Lauper Singing ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’

cydi-lauper-girls-just-want-to-have-fun-vocals-only.jpg This is the audio of Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' with the vocals isolated from the rest of the song. Or was this her singing in the studio? Whatever the case, damn *gets goose bumps* she's good. Just give it a listen, you won't regret it. Just like my motorcycle, she's really got some pipes on her. "Do you even own a motorcycle?" Don't you try to take this away from Cyndi. Keep going for the video while I 1) go around the office arguing Cyndi is twice the singer whoever anybody else likes will ever be, then 2) play the entirety of She's So Unusual on the internet jukebox at happy hour.

These Joker Memes Ridicule Poor Choices Of Words

Joker memes, very poor choice of words, heath ledger, dark knight, batman

It's official: we're kind of tired of seeing Joaquin Phoenix Joker memes everywhere. So when our colleagues told us the latest Joker format was of the Heath Ledger era, we were pretty damn relieved. The meme uses a scene from The Dark Knight, during which the Joker is dangling Rachel Dawes off the roof of a building. When Batman demands that Joker let her go, the villain says "Very poor choice of words" and promptly drops her to her death. A subtitled screen capture of the moment is being used to indicate that, well, a poor choice of words was chosen for any given situation. And gosh, there are so many situations (especially on the internet) that deserve the poor choice of words stamp. 

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Cute as a button 156

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

Valiant Attempts That Hilariously Missed The Mark

Funny fails, failed attempts, stupid people

The world love to laugh at people's mistakes. We do too, especially when they occur on the internet and involve minimal harm to people's feelings. These fine examples of hilarious muck-ups comes straight from the r/therewasanattempt subreddit. They're filled with quality schadenfreude and massive amounts of stupidity. Bonus? You'll probably end up feeling better about yourself. 

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What In The?: Dead Tree Starts Oozing Liquid Rot After Being Cut

liquid-tree-rot-goodness.jpg This is a video from some tree removers in Paintsville, Kentucky of a tree that started oozing liquid rot after it was cut. In a worker's own words while I dial Treebeard on my soup can and string phone and ask if he knew about this:
"My company was called out to a routine tree removal in the Paintsville area. When my son, Brad Auxier cut into the tree a river of water and rotten tree poured from the tree. I have seen this before, but never in this large of amount. It made for a very interesting day."
"I have seen this before, but never in this large of amount." I can't even begin to count how many time I've said that myself. Also is that really liquid tree rot? Because I have a sneaking suspicion this is actually *dipping finger in* where all the squirrels have been stashing their beanless chili for the winter. *licks finger* Just as I suspec-- just kidding I can't even pretend, holy shit that was awful I think I'm gonna puke you have to try some seriously it's so nasty I might have to get my tongue amputated just just to get half the taste out of my mouth. Keep going for a video of the flow.

Forbidden Knowledge

stupid memes funny memes Memes rock paper scissors harvard - 9447855104

Don't tell NASA.

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Eye Candies: 4K Super-Zoomed, Slow-Motion Video From Air Show

Note: Gif really doesn't do it justice at all. This is a video released by Warped Perception of some 4K ultra slow motion, super-zoomed footage captured at Chicago's Annual Air Show, including some beautiful A-10s, F-16s, F-22 Raptors, and the Red Arrows and Blue Angels. And if you thought the jet scenes from Top Gun got you excited, this footage will make you question if you ever really knew what a boner was. "Oh wow." Right? My head is reeling and my pants ache. Keep going for the full video along with a screenshot I took of his timestamp clip so you can skip directly to a particular aircraft if you're interested.

Feminine Memes Full Of Dumb And Humorous Stereotypes

Funny and stereotypical memes about being a woman

We'll be the first ones to tell you that women are definitely not all the same; it's almost like every single person on planet earth is different regardless of gender! That being said, please enjoy these very stereotypical memes that we (as women) found amusing ourselves. 

Next, please enjoy this roundup of period memes!

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Top Ten Infographics Guides (February 27, 2020)

top ten daily infographics guides | Insect - CHOPSTICKS MANNER (TABOOS) Saguri-bashi Mayoi-bashi Sashi-bashi Neburi-bashi Yose-bashi look contents soup with chopsticks pull plate or bowl around with chopsticks wander chopsticks pick up food by stabbing lick tips chopstickS over several foods without decision Hotoke-bashi Kaki-bashi Nigiri-bashi Hashi-watashi Namida-bashi shovel food into one's mouth hold two sticks pass food another person chopsticks chopsticks drip sauce food or chopsticks stan

For some more random trivia check out this list, that is filled with interesting guides! 

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Whee!: Man Gets Blown Over Fence Trying To Hang On To Tent In High Winds

This is some backyard home security camera footage of a man in the middle of setting up for a party when a particularly strong gust of wind rolls an entire party tent over a fence with him hanging onto it like this is some sort of harebrained prison escape plan. Just let go bro, The Wonderful Wizard can wait. "Well now I need legs!" That was your bad. Keep going for the video, complete with the man's eventual return, much to the relief of his dogs.

The Dank Drop: 25 Of Our Favorite Dank Memes Of The Week (2-22 to 2-28)

The funniest dank memes of the week

We know you've been waiting patiently for it, so we're coming at you with another Dank Drop featuring some of our favorite dank tidbits from the week! Warning: these memes are not for normies, so if you're not a fan of weird, nonsensical humor, it might be best to turn back now. 

Check out last week's Dank Drop here!

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Top Ten Starter Pack Memes (February 27, 2020)

top ten daily starter pack memes | Person - "Hiding fact not American" starterpack University-College Colour Labour Honoyr Metric System "Mom"

And here are some starter packs from the other day if you missed it. 

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Cat Mesmerized By The Footprints It Leaves In Memory Foam Mattress

This is a short video of a pretty kitty named Winston who's rather intrigued by the footprints he leaves in a memory foam mattress. Admittedly, I did the same thing when I first got a memory foam mattress. Then I made the mistake of laying my penis directly on it and the foam has never recovered. It's like the Mariana Trench running right up the middle of the bed now, with my girlfriend and I sleeping on opposite sides. One time she accidentally rolled into it and I had to tie two bedsheets together just to pull her out, true story. Keep going for the full video, as well as a BONUS video of Winston's roommate Lola stuck in a coat sleeve. The fun must never end at that house!

Chilling Twitter Story About Kid Sneaking Food And Discovering A Trespasser

Creepy twitter story about kid discovering stranger in his kitchen, later the dude dies in the walls of the house, smells, maggots.

There's been a lot of talk about Bong Joon-Ho's Oscar-winning Parasite, but this true and incredibly disturbing story kind of trumps it. Horror writer Grady Hendrixshared a chilling tale back in October about innocent food-sneaking gone incredibly wrong. Kids are known for sneaking around, and one night when Hendrix intended to sneak-eat his family's leftovers, he discovered a strange man in his kitchen consuming the contents of the family fridge. It doesn't stop there. His family didn't believe him, but later, some disturbing proof of his "run-in" comes to light. And we are not envious of the experience. 

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Top Ten White People Tweets (February 27, 2020)

top ten daily white people tweets | Person - Weird History @weird_hist 1900 people thought life would be like year 2000: balloon-supported lake-walking. Hildelirands Deutsche Schokolade Bassersparirrgnng im Jahre 2000, jomny sun @jonnysun GONE WRONG WAY

Enjoy these hilarious white people tweets and check out this list if you can't get enough. 

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Etch-A-Sketch Unveils New Model That Can Draw Circles

In what an exciting time to be alive news, Etch-A-Sketch is releasing a new model to celebrate 60 years of managing to stay in business despite the advent of smartphones and tablets and the ever dwindling attention span of children. The Etch-A-Sketch Revolution (this changes everything!) has the traditional X/Y axis knobs, but also a round screen that can be rotated to draw perfect arcs and circles. Do you know what this means? "You can finally draw boobs that don't look like they were welded out of scrap metal!" 12-year old me thought this day would never come. Photo and gif via Gizmodo. Thanks to Eric P, who can't wait to see how they improve Wooly Willy.

Medium Quality Memes For Your Viewing Satisfaction

Funny random memes, relatable memes, witcher memes, geralt, henry cavill

TGIF, friendos. We've made it through the five-day workweek of hell. What better way to celebrate than with some memes

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Top Ten Tweets From Black Twitter (February 27, 2020)

top ten daily tweets from black twitter | Animal - Suit GuyTM @eqow_mclean Not all relationship will lead marriage. Some will help discover new restaurants and locations. 10:22 26/02/2020 Twitter iPhone

Some more hilarious black tweets for you to check out and have a good laugh. 

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Finally, The Weird Al Yankovic Chia Pet You’ve Been Waiting For

weird-al-yankovic-chia-pet.jpg This is the $20 Weird Al Yankovic Chia Pet available for pre-order from your choice of Chia Pet retailer (just Google Weird Al Yankovik Chia Pet, shipping in June). Obviously, this is a great day for people who have been waiting their whole lives for this. For everyone else? Just a regular day. *pulses blender, pours entirely too strong tropical cocktail into cored pineapple, sips through krazy straw that spells 'worksucks' in cursive* At least it's Friday and I can start my weekend after this dumbass performance review. Thanks to Chase, who informed me green thumbs don't help grow penises. Well duh!*trying to scrub green Sharpie off thumb*

Top Ten Wholesome Memes Of The Day (February 27, 2020)

top ten 10 wholesome memes daily | mario and princess peach No matter time girl, there is always time do Pulp Fiction cosplay and if is with better.

Enjoy these wholesome memes, and check yesterday's list here.

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Gifs Speak Louder Than Words

wonderful and fascinating gifs to keep you occupied all day long. The cover gif is of a competitive archer as she lets an arrow fly and catches her hair in the wind rushing past

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Overflow 552

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

Gifs to Keep You Figthing Until the Weekend

Gifs that will have you satisfied and sighing with relief. The cover gif is of a lioness who had been separated from her pride for several days finally being reunited with them at last

The time has almost come. You've made it through the perilous week, and the weekend is close at hand, or already at your feet. So it's time to unwind after all those hours and check out some amazing gifs. Nothing is more mind-numbing then endless looping images that will satisfy your brain's need for stimulation as you rest it from any actual thinking.

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Top Ten Dank Memes Of The Day (February 26, 2020)

top ten 10 dank memes daily | tell friends finally got girlfriend but they start laughing saying she's imaginary but then laugh at them because they are imaginary as well

Enjoy these fine dank memes and check out yesterday's list here.

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Top Ten Wholesome Memes Of The Day (February 26, 2020)

top ten 10 wholesome memes daily | trying find means be good person This bird landed on page about itself Lirype Lapp mesese Mantedever ndremmen ster ng Arkla T e med e tar e

Enjoy these wholesome memes, and check yesterday's list here.

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Top Ten Tumblr Posts Of The Day (February 26, 2020)

top ten 10 tumblr posts daily | violentfutches Megan coming mines. DMegan knocked unconscious. Kathleen: MEEGAN Adonis: MEEGNA Megan: igot f up by bee love multiplayer

Check out today's highlights from Tumblr, and here is previous list, in case you need a reminder.

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Top Ten Memes Of The Day (February 26, 2020)

top ten 10 memes daily | 3:09 Thursday, December 15 Mom now Do not buy dad anymore toys. slide reply Dad now got trouble with my light saber hell happened here?

Enjoy this batch and have a look at yesterday's list here.

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Gifs To Rock You Round the Clock

amazing and fascintating gifs that will keep you glued to your screen as the day goes on. The cover gif is of a person running on a self-powered treadmill while lego pieces are

Time to get your groove on. The weekend approaches, and you need to have your mojo at peak levels to make sure you take advantage of every second. So before you run on with your work day, be sure to take the time to check out some fantastic gifs. And if you need an extra dose, don't worry, we have an extra dose of amazing gifs to keep you going all day long.

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When the Easter Bunny Decides to Take His Gloves Off, It’s On

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Cool Stuff GIFDUMP 41

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

Day-To-Day B.S. That Fictional Characters Probably Have To Endure

By Cracked Plasticians  Published: February 28th, 2020 

Reminder: Playing Batman In A Movie Will Not Bring You Joy

By Daniel Dockery  Published: February 28th, 2020 

The 6 Worst Health & Fitness Trends On Social Media

By Eirik Gumeny  Published: February 28th, 2020 

B.C. for Feb 28, 2020 for 02/28/2020

B.C. for Feb 28, 2020

Updated: Fri Feb 28, 2020

Andy Capp for Feb 28, 2020 for 02/28/2020

Andy Capp for Feb 28, 2020

Updated: Fri Feb 28, 2020

Heathcliff for Feb 28, 2020 for 02/28/2020

Heathcliff for Feb 28, 2020

Updated: Fri Feb 28, 2020

Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 28, 2020 for 02/28/2020

Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 28, 2020

Updated: Fri Feb 28, 2020

Herb and Jamaal for Feb 28, 2020 for 02/28/2020

Herb and Jamaal for Feb 28, 2020

Updated: Fri Feb 28, 2020

The Other Coast for Feb 28, 2020 for 02/28/2020

The Other Coast for Feb 28, 2020

Updated: Fri Feb 28, 2020

Momma for Feb 28, 2020 for 02/28/2020

Momma for Feb 28, 2020

Updated: Fri Feb 28, 2020

Thirty-Four Amusing Memes Worthy Of Some Light Laughs

Funny random memes

Are you ready for some dumb humor? Of course you are. Accordingly, we've compiled this list of insanely random yet humorous content to soothe your bored mind. Enjoy! And check out even more here! You know you want to...

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Super Nintendo Video Memes For Old-School Gamers

Funny video memes from the Super Nintendo games pixel old school | robot face checking on frozen pizza put oven 2 minutes ago @super.memetendo need start taking things little more serious Also super.memetendo floor is lava donkey kong

These old-school gaming memes are for the '80s and '90s kids who grew up with Super Nintendo and yearn for the days of Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, or Donkey Kong Country. 

Thanks @Snackytuna and @super.memetendo for these funny and clever video memes that we're really loving at the moment!

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Do Not Touch Me

Funny object-label meme that shows someone shaking hands saying they need to work together to stop coronavirus, above a photo of someone washing their hands afterward

Stay the f*ck away from me, germs.

Submitted by: (via anlyin)

Sixteen Pics Of Dopey Dogs Who Ate Spicy Flies

Cute, sad, and funny pictures of dogs who got stung by bees

We feel a little bad laughing at these pics of dogs who are clearly in a fair amount of discomfort, but what can we say? They're still so damn cute. So without further ado, scroll down for a roundup of pics, and click here for even more cute dog content!

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Uplifting Memes For People Who Just Want Some Good News For Once

Funny and cute memes that are wholesome and positive

With all the constant bad news (hello coronavirus and World War III) bombarding our social media feeds at every moment of the day, it's important that we occasionally have a little reminder of some of the good things in the world. We're here to bring you that reminder and tell you that life is, in fact, sometimes alright. 

Be sure to check out /r/WholesomeMemes for a cornucopia of uplifting content!

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Ride-Or-Die Dog Joins Toddler For Time Out


We all know the saying, “Dogs are man’s best friend,” but how far will they really go for us?

My 100-pound German shepherd got spooked by a rabbit in a bush one day and booked it down the forest path before I had time to say, “Hey dingus it’s just a bunny,” so it’s a safe assumption that he isn’t going to protect me in the event of any life-or-death situations.

It’s fine, Zeppelin, I forgive you.

The furry companion of one boy, however, has proven that he really is man’s (or young boy’s) best friend through thick and thin.

Peyton Smith got into a bit of a tiff with his 3-year-old sister (hey man, we’ve all been there) and unfortunately actions have consequences, so his mom and jailer, Jillian Smith gave him the choice between going to his room or serving a time-out sentence. Peyton chose the time-out, and went to the designated time-out serving spot, but he wasn’t alone for long.

It only took a few minutes before the family’s English mastiff, Dash, joined his small, incarcerated friend.

When you're in time out but your best pal wont let you serve your time alone ©2020JillianSmith

Posted by Jillian Marie Smith on Sunday, January 26, 2020

Look at that face!! That is a face of true solidarity. I feel like they need some morose old-timey harmonica tunes in the background while they serve their time.

This is real loyalty.

Video Of Service Dog Failing His Service Training Spectacularly

This is a video of Ryker the Belgian Malinois spectacularly failing all his exams at the Double H Canine Training Academy. *shrug* The service industry isn't right for everyone. And instead of entering into the service, Ryker was adopted by his trainer, Zach James. You know, Ryker reminds me a lot of my own dogs. "Because they're poorly behaved?" What? No -- because they're Belgian Malinois. "Do you even know what a Belgian Malinois is?" Prior to this article I would have assumed a kind of cookie or D&D character class. Keep going for the video (set to Sinatra's 'My Way') as well as a bonus clip of Ryker going nuts with a helium balloon.

Ten Mad Lads Who Can’t Be Contained (February 24, 2020)

top ten 10 mad lads weekly | youtube Gambia TOTA 11:25 Ran Through an Entire Country with Diarrhea PPPeter 225K views 1 year ago

Here are the top mental lads and lasses of the week! And here is the previous list, if you're in the mood for more shenanigans.

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True Dat

Funny tweet that reads, "Being in a relationship is solving problems together, problems you wouldn't have if you were single"

Got 99 problems but a b*tch ain't one.

Submitted by: (via anlyin)

Okaaay: Driving A Ford F-350 On Wheels Made Out Of Steel Spikes

truck-with-spike-wheels.jpg This is a video from Youtube channel WhistlinDiesel of a Ford F-350 with an Any Level Lift kit that's been outfitted with 'reaper wheels' constructed from quarter inch steel spikes in the style of a tiller or cultivator, capable "of literally tilling frozen dirt." Not very effectively, mind you, and the spikes are almost immediately bent to all hell, but they tried. And, according to my ripoff of a life coach Zane who puts way too much stock in the act of just trying, that's what really matters. *tries to toss candy wrapper in wastebasket, misses* Where's my participation ribbon? Keep going for the full video, but the best footage starts around the 5:00.

Flex Seal Is Back With Another Meme-able Infomercial

funny memes using flex paste commercial

The Flex Seal brand has birthed many memes through their energetic infomercials, and as of Valentine's Day we can add another to the roster. The company introduced their "Flex Paste" rubberized paste product on Youtube and memers were very quick to meme-ify a few moments. The memes are basically the same as their Flex Tape brethren, but memes about coping and poor solutions never really go out of style. We've put together some of our favorites but you can read more and snag the templates over atKnow Your Meme.

Submitted by:

Marina Kharina

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

Fourteen Sassy Billionaire Memes That Are Too Rich For Our Blood

Funny dank memes about billionaires | Oprah reveals she manages stay stress free at 64! Step 1: have billion dollars | spongebob mr. krab dragged by a dollar bill Billionaires they have pay taxes Noooo! Two dollars! Two dollars!

In the midst of the 2020 presidential elections, there's been a plethora of jokes and memes made about cringey billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his Meme 2020 campaign. 

Let's face it, this country is effed in pretty much any potential outcome of the election, so let's just say f*ck it and laugh over some memes about people who are too rich for planet earth.

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My My!: If The Whole Star Trek The Next Generation Cast Wore The Same Top As Deanna Troi

star-trek-tng-deanna-troi-tops.jpg In both 'Engage' and 'Make it so' news, this is a Star Trek: The Next Generation cast photo Photoshopped by Kindra T imagining the rest of the Enterprise crew wearing the same low-cut top as Counselor Troi. And, I think everyone here will agree with me when I say if the crew had actually worn the same top as Deanna the world would have run out of boners by season six. Thanks to Ashley I, who agrees Deanna's asymmetrical teal top was really where it was it.

This Guy Deserves An Award

Funny meme that reads, "Dad challenges kids to draw him sleeping so he can have a nap" above a photo of a guy sleeping on a couch with kids drawing him

Parents, take note.

Submitted by: (via anlyin)

Meet The Chillest Driver In The World

His name is Juan David, he’s a real life angel and we love him

If you can zen out in rush hour, you can zen out anywhere

At a time when humans can scare the holy living ear wax out of you, it’s such a delightful reminder to see that there are people in the world who are kind, considerate, and stone-cold, steely-nerved guardians of gridlock gallantry.

Because the inevitable dramas and various collisions (real or metaphorical) we get into in our end-of-day, post-work funk can, and often do, bring out the worst in us. But occasionally, once in an abandoned mattress on the highway shoulder, you meet someone who rises above it all. And Alex Greer has found that human being today.

We are thrilled to bring this man straight to your face holes — IN THE MOST WHOLESOME, WORSHIPFUL WAY, YOU GUYS.

Hey, Internet, meet Juan David, perhaps the chillest driver in the world

The most important things to know about Juan David:

  1. He is a native Angeleno
  2. He knows his saints backwards and forwards
  3. He’s the chillest mf behind the wheel
  4. And when he needs to mail some stamps, HE REALLY NEEDS TO MAIL SOME STAMPS

So sit back, relax, and OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


Created, Produced, Directed, and Written by Alexander Greer and Joe Saunders
Production Assistant: Annie Mae Coleman

Follow THE TRAFFIC SHOW on Social:

Scientists Track Birds Flying Through Cloud Of Helium Bubbles To Study Their Aerodynamics

This is a video of an owl and hawk flying through a cloud of ~20,000 trackable helium bubbles (I actually counted far fewer) to help scientists better understand the aerodynamics of the birds' flight, and how they're able to create lift and reduce drag while gliding. The scientists hope this better understanding may help improve the efficiency of small gliding aircraft, but I've really got my fingers crossed for $80 airfares to Hawaii. Keep going for the video while I track birds the old fashioned way: with my binoculars. *pointing to tree* Right there, they're boning!

Classic Mitch Hedberg Jokes That Just Hit Right

Funny mitch hedberg jokes | My manager's cool, he gets concerned, he says Mitch, don't use liquor as crutch can't use liquor as crutch because crutch helps walk.

Comedian Mitch Hedberg would have been 58 this week. It's hard to believe he's been gone for almost fifteen years. Hedberg's wit was so quirky, so singular. There will never be another comic like him. To celebrate his too-short life, we've rounded up some of his classic zingers. If we keep laughing it's kind of like he's still around. 

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Kazuhisa Hashimoto, Creator Of The Konami Code, Has Passed Away

konami-code-creator-dies.jpg In sad news for a generation that grew up playing Contra, Kazuhisa Hashimoto, video game developer and creator of the Konami Code, has passed away after apparently blowing through all 30 of his extra lives. He was 61. How to Konami code came to be in the first place:
The Konami Code was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto who was developing the home port of the 1985 arcade game Gradius for the NES. Finding the game too difficult to play through during testing, he created a cheat code to give the player a full set of power-ups (normally attained gradually throughout the game). After entering the sequence using the controller when the game was paused the player received all available power-ups. The mistake was discovered after the release, but developers decided to leave it there, as removing it could result in new bugs and glitches. The sequence was easy enough to remember for testers and simultaneously sufficiently hard to enter accidentally during the gameplay for unsuspecting users.
You can view the Wikipedia page with a list of all the games the Konami code works in and what its effects are HERE if you're interested. Or, if you're like me, you can pay your respects by committing to beating Contra this afternoon while on the clock using an online emulator. *covering head and monitor with blanket* It's what Kazuhisa would have wanted. Rest in peace.

Punny Musical Upgrade Memes Are Low Effort And High Reward

Funny music memes, finally, upgrade memes, mambo #6, cardi b

Last week we started noticing some memes floating around that hail the discovery of a Mambo #6. For all you Zoomers, that's a reference to Lou Bega's "one hit wonder" from 1999. This week we realized that the Mambo #6 memes inspired a host of pun-tastic music memes that imagine the upgrades of popular artists and bands. The meme is honestly a dad joke-lover's dream, and the memes are so easy to come up with that you can't help but join the fun. We've put together our favorites, but you can read all about these referential wonders at Know Your Meme.

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A Video Tour Of That Ridiculous $100,000/Night World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

most-expensive-hotel-room-tour.jpg This is a video of automotive columnist and Youtuber Doug DeMuro giving a tour (compliments of of the world's most expensive hotel room (links to previous post with photos), the gaudy Empathy Suite designed and furnished by artist Damien Hirst that takes up the entire 9,000 square foot 34th-floor of the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Did I mention there's a two-night minimum stay? That's *counting on fingers* way too much money for a hotel when I've never spent more than $40 for a room in Vegas. Besides, hotel rooms in Vegas are only for hiding money from your drunk self and scrubbing the puke out of your blazer before returning to the blackjack table anyways. Keep going for the video.

Bang Bang GIFDUMP 8

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‘What The Hell Happened Here’ Memes Are For Situations That Leave You With Questions

funny memes featuring paul rudd as ant-man marvel avengers | KENYA: CHINESE TOURIST ARRESTED WITH 300 ZEBRA PENISES HIS LUGGAGE hell happened here? DO NOT FEED HALLUCINOGENS TO THE ALLIGATORS hell happened here?

We've been big on reactions memes lately, and the fact that this one involves the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings a smile to our faces. The format features Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) saying "What the hell happened here?" after discovering that half of all life on Earth had been reduced to dust by Thanos. The meme, which is sourced from Avengers: Endgame is generally paired with screen shots or photos that leave us with a lot of questions. Think ominous warnings and rules, like "Do not molest the ducks." We've put together some classic iterations of the meme, but you can learn more over at Know Your Meme. This one's gonna be around for a long time. 

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Scowling Baby Fresh Out Of Womb Becomes Instant Meme

scowling-baby.jpg This is a shot captured by Brazilian photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann of baby Isabela freshly C-sectioned from her mother scowling at the doctor for bringing her into this cold, bright world from her life of warm, dark comfort. Man, I could really go for some warm, dark comfort right about now. And for the past 28 years if we're being completely honest. Still, Isabela here looks like you just told my Uncle Louis he can't bring glass beer bottles into the pool area. Thanks to Allyson S and hairless, who agree a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one is worth 'Put me back in there' two hundred times.

Forty Rando Memes That Serve No Point But Entertainment

Funny random memes | tweet by wittyidiot @stephenszczerba RELATIONSHIP STATUS: 10:01 PM 12/22/19 Twitter iPhone | pizza slice covered in coins trashcanbees can feel this image on my teeth and am so angry st-louis-is-awful didn't think until said and now l'm mad at

If you're cool with extremely dumb entertainment, then we think you're going to like these memes (and these too!) that have absolutely no purpose other than to bring you joy and happiness for a fleeting moment.

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Magic: What Happens When Water Droplets Perfectly Impact The Tip Of A Superhydrophobic Cone

This is 'Impaled droplets: On the breakup of drops impacting singularities', a highspeed camera video of water droplets striking the tips of cones treated to repel water and the magic that happens when they do. Who knew? Now granted this info probably isn't going to cure cancer, but it did cure my boredom for almost three minutes, which is nothing to sneeze at, particularly *putting on cool guy relevant glasses* with this whole corona virus thing going on. Keep going for the video.

WTF 129

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Boeing vs. Airbus the Aerial Throwdown

A comparison of some of the most iconic models of planes from the biggest plane manufacturers in the world, Boeing and Airbus. The cover gif is of a profile of an Airbus A220

Calling all plane-spotting fans both prospective and avid. We have a great showdown for you today between the dueling giants of the industry, Boeing and Airbus. From luxury craft to massive jumbo jets, these companies have kept billions of people in the sky for decades. Some of these planes are definitely a no brainer where the differences lie. But some aren't so obvious. Can you spot them all?

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awesome car gear level 85 minibus WoW - 4368489728

LEVEL 85 MINIBUS with awesome gear

Submitted by: n3n0n3n

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eww hairy hilarious i dont always wtf - 5716739328

I DON'T ALWAYS TAKE NUDE PICTURES but when I do, I prefer to do it with webcams. Stay hairy, my friends.

Submitted by: Unknown

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Loop Your Way Through the Day

Incredible looping images and gifs to satisfy even the most picky of gif lovers. The cover gif is of a trail in the amazon that was completely submerged underwater due to flooding, revealing an incredible world

Don't have any fear, loops are here! Time to sit back and feast your eyes on these incredible images repeating before your eyes. They get even better the more you gaze at them, every time you might notice a new detail you missed. They have hidden treasures inside each so don't miss any of them. But if you want even more extra gifs to spice up your day, look no further. Seriously.

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Parenting Fails: How to Feel Smart

computers g rated it Parenting FAILS parents - 6431184640

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U.S. Marine Dresses up as Umpire to Surprise His Son During Game

Submitted by: (via Inside Edition)

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Overly Attached Zombie Apocalypse Girlfriend?

overly attached zombie girlfriend apocalypse The Walking Dead - 6683792384

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Barbie hair flip sexy water - 6511419904

Submitted by: Unknown

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Dirty Dirty Girls 8

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Indiana Jones 5 Doesn’t Need A New Director, It Needs To Die

By JM McNab  Published: February 27th, 2020 

Film Fact: Villains Can’t Have iPhones in Movies

By Jordan Breeding  Published: February 27th, 2020 

The New ‘High Republic’ Era Is The Clean Slate Star Wars Needed

By Luis Prada  Published: February 27th, 2020 

If Everybody On ‘The Masked Singer’ Is A Singer, Then Why Should We Care?

By Isaac Cabe  Published: February 27th, 2020 

5 TV Shows That Nailed Sexual Consent Issues (Decades Ago)

By Markos Hasiotis  Published: February 27th, 2020 

5 Secret Reasons Movies Look Like Garbage

By JM McNab  Published: February 27th, 2020 

Herb and Jamaal for Feb 27, 2020 for 02/27/2020

Herb and Jamaal for Feb 27, 2020

Updated: Thu Feb 27, 2020

Andy Capp for Feb 27, 2020 for 02/27/2020

Andy Capp for Feb 27, 2020

Updated: Thu Feb 27, 2020

Heathcliff for Feb 27, 2020 for 02/27/2020

Heathcliff for Feb 27, 2020

Updated: Thu Feb 27, 2020

The Other Coast for Feb 27, 2020 for 02/27/2020

The Other Coast for Feb 27, 2020

Updated: Thu Feb 27, 2020

Wizard of Id for Feb 27, 2020 for 02/27/2020

Wizard of Id for Feb 27, 2020

Updated: Thu Feb 27, 2020

Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 27, 2020 for 02/27/2020

Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 27, 2020

Updated: Thu Feb 27, 2020

Agnes for Feb 27, 2020 for 02/27/2020

Agnes for Feb 27, 2020

Updated: Thu Feb 27, 2020

Assorted Memes To Keep You Entertained

Funny random memes, relatable memes, school memes, work memes, drinking memes, future, drake, relatable tweets, marvel memes

If you're bored and you know it, stare at your screen. If you're bored and you know it, stare at your screen. If you're bored and you know it, and you really want to show it, if you're bored and you know it stare at your screen. And look at memes.

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Thirty PhD Memes For The Grad Student Who’s Checked The Eff Out

Funny memes about PhD, graduate students

Grad school is no joke; you're stressed out all the damn time and you can't catch any sort of break ever. But if you do in fact find yourself with a fleeting moment to take a break, we think you'll like scrolling through these relatable memes for anyone in the thick of finishing up their PhD.

If you want to feel even more angry about your academic woes, click here for more grad school memes!

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Facepalm-Worthy Knockoff Brands That Tried Their Best

Funny pics of knockoff brands

Believe us when we say, these cringey pics of knockoff products are fricken hysterical. From "Star Wabs" to "Mountain View," each one of these pics displays impressive efforts to get around the whole copyright issue. 

Hallelujah, we've got even more cringe pics for you here!

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Humane Society Offering Terrible Drawings Of Your Pets For Donations

They’re all beautiful in my eyes

Art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so with those two truths in mind, it’s pretty damn near impossible to find one piece, or even one type of artwork that any group of folks will all love equally. However, one humane society has cracked the code and figured out exactly what kind of art will speak to anyone and everyone. Any piece where their own pets are the subject! Because while it’s true that not everyone will love the same style of art, everyone loves anything to do with their pets. You could create a portrait of my dog out of twigs you found in a local park and I would probably weep.

The Wisconsin Humane Society isn’t offering twig portraits, but their not exactly promising giant oil paintings either.

If you make a $15 donation and post a picture of your pet, one of their staff-turned-impromptu-artists will recreate them through the medium of their choice, probably Sharpie or HB pencil or ball-point pen.

Personally, I’d like to see them all framed and put on display in a gallery!

UPDATE: 2/26 @ 4pm - Wow, you all are truly incredible!! To ensure we're able to fulfill all the art requests,...

Posted by Wisconsin Humane Society on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

All images courtesy of Wisconsin Humane Society, Facebook, and various donors to the WHS.

Hate Baby Yoda? There’s A Safe Space For Your On Reddit

Memes about hating baby yoda, baby yoda hate subreddit

Baby Yoda took the internet by storm in the Fall, and there are still scads of memes devoted to that tiny green alien. It would seem that The Mandalorian birthed meme immortality with this character. Most people seem pretty pleased to scroll past the critter on their timelines, but that's not the case for everyone. Earlier today it came to our attention (Thanks, Know Your Meme) that there's actually an entire subreddit dedicated to the hatred of Baby Yoda. The memes on the site are either violent attacks on the Yoda clone, or cringey reposts of horrifyingly basic Baby Yoda memes. While we don't hate the cute character, we're fascinated and extremely entertained by all this contempt. We've put together some mean-spirited examples of the hate, but we highly recommend visiting the subreddit for more surprisingly brutal content. 

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Top Ten Advice Animals Of The Week (February 24, 2020)


Heed our advice, check out the previous list.

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Ten SpongeBob Memes From The Bottom Of The Ocean (February 24, 2020)

top ten 10 spongebob memes weekly | she-rando getting two Spongebob spinoff series, one prequel series and another series about Squidward Netflix she-rando nick Stephen Hillenburg Am really going defile this grave money? nick Stephen Hillenburg course l am!

The best memes Bikini Bottom had to offer this week. Check out the previous list here.

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Jif Peanut Butter Enters The Gif Pronunciation Debate

jif-gif-debate.jpg Because apparently moms aren't too choosy anymore and Jif needs to drum up some cheap advertising, Jif has teamed up with searchable gif database Giphy to announce their very firm belief that gif is pronounced with a hard G like gift without the T, and not like their peanut butter brand. Some more info on this breaking news while I conduct a crunchy versus smooth workplace poll:
We know there's only one Jif and it's peanut butter. If you're looking for all the GIFs, there's only one Giphy," the site's co-founder and CEO Alex Chung said in a statement. "If you're a soft G, please visit If you're a hard G, thank you, we know you're right." The debate has raged since 1987 when GIFs, known now for their fun looping videos, first surfaced. However, the format's creator, Steve Wilhite, told the New York Times in 2013 that, despite popular opinion, it should strictly be pronounced like the peanut butter brand and not like "gift" without the T.
First of all, if the gif's creator says it's pronounced jif, then it's pronounced jif. That's one of the perks of inventing something -- you get to name it. That said, Steve was wrong and should have insisted it was pronounced with a hard G like a normal person. I mean it stands for graphic interchange format -- where the hell do you get the j sound? But, as I said before, if you invent it you get to name it, and we should respect Steve for all the LOLs the format has brought us, and Jif has no right trying to argue. *licking spoon* Skippy's way better anyways. Thanks to MSA, who's an extra crunch and grape jelly girl.


Funny meme about math problems, wario, people buying oranges.

Relatable only to caterers.

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Smoother Than Silk: This Dancer’s Unbelievable Glides

This is a video of dancer Jav Lm demonstrating his ultra-smooth footwork with a series of unbelievable glides. If I didn't know better I'd swear he was just wearing those Heelys shoes with the wheels in the bottom. And I don't know better, so that's exactly what I'm accusing Jay of. Nice try, bro, but they're called the laws of physics and we have to obey them. Keep going for the full performance.

Artist Tackles Coronavirus Anxiety With Educational Comic

Educational comic about the anxiety surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

It's official: Coronavirus has made it to every single continent besides Antarctica. The first South American case of the disease was just reported in Brazil. Anxiety regarding the pandemic has been skyrocketing as the worldwide total of cases has surpassed 81,000. While 31,281 of those cases are people who have recovered, medical professionals are urging every country to take this spread seriously. Judging by the public's fearful response to the virus, citizens are taking this seriously. But how much anxiety is too much? 

A Singaporean artist who makes comics as Robert the Otteris one person who's been feeling the tension palpably. But instead of spreading fear, he's created a comic that tackles the right way to deal with the growing anxiety. The cute comic reminds people that there's a big distinction between reaction and response, and even offers some preventative measures that seem obvious, but could really make a difference where staying healthy is concerned. We're sharing the comic, but if you head to Robert the Otter'sFacebook page, there are versions of the educational comic in languages such as Spanish and Mandarin. Stay safe, people.

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What nice eyes you have GIFDUMP 5

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Fifteen Dank ‘Despicable Me’-mes From ‘Minions 2’

Funny Dank memes from the movie 'Minions 2' entitled "Yes, I am Pretty Despicable" gru as a young boy with hair and wearing his signature striped scarf | 9-year old logging into Club Penguin without my parents' permission | super mario video game

First of all, we're really sorry for that terrible pun-laden title, but we just couldn't resist. Now please enjoy these dank memes from the movie Minions 2: The Rise of Gru, where mini Gru says, "Yes, I am pretty despicable."

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On the other hand, I did inadvertently stick to the theme, so that’s something.

So there’s a chapter in my next book (coming 2021) where I talk about how the most embarrassing moments in our lives are the ones that really bring us all together and I wanted to quote a bunch of tweets … Continue reading

Demo Of Samsung Galaxy S20’s 100X ‘Space Zoom’ From Nosebleed Seats At Basketball Game

samsung-galaxy-s20-zoom.jpg This is a TikTok video demonstrating the new Galaxy S20's 100X 'Space Zoom' from all the way up in the rafters at a Golden State Warriors basketball game by zooming in on Steph Curry sitting courtside. It's, uh, it's pretty zoomy. So zoomy it might actually make a basketball game watchable from this far away without having to squint through two pairs of opera binoculars. Keep going for the video while I speculate if this feature was rolled out strictly so my roommate could finally take a wiener pic. Hoho -- burn, Derek!


Funny tweet about when you use a measuring cup for water.

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10 Benefits of Humor for Organizations

humor at work

There is no denying the benefits humor has for an individual’s career.  It is the basis for our most popular blogpost: 30 Benefits of Humor at Work.

These benefits focus mostly on the individual using the humor though, so what does an organization gain when they create a culture of humor?  Why should company leadership focus on humor and happiness at work?

“I have to run meetings, achieve productivity targets and manage my team, isn’t humor just a nice to have?” – your classic Manager.

“Well, do you want your team to have psychological safety, feel joy throughout an 8 hour work shift and stay loyal to the company longer?” – your friendly neighborhood Humor That Works Engineer.

A dose of humor can refresh, recharge and ignite creativity in your team, so work doesn’t feel like an endless cycle… ie, a literal hampster wheel.  Here are the benefits for organizations, backed by research, case studies and real-world examples.

10 Benefits of creating a Humor Culture

1. Increases employee engagement

“Managers who lead with levity benefit from higher levels of employee engagement and overall success.” 1

“They don’t believe in fun for fun’s sake, but fun that boosts creativity and very real employee engagement metrics.  In fact, for several years, Boeing-SVS consistently has been one of the top scoring sites at Boeing for employee engagement.” 1

2. Increases company loyalty

“Southwest is a fun brand that delivers focused value, and the flight attendants and pilots who crack jokes and entertain the passenger are not just putting on a show. They have been hired at Southwest because that sense of humor comes naturally to them.” 2

“Many companies (Southwest Airlines for example) have used humor as an employee retention tool.  It’s well known as part of the company culture. Herb Kelleher, founding CEO, has been known to dress up as Elvis, do the chicken dance and infuse humor even into the hiring process to ensure culture fit.” 3

3. Increases employee job satisfaction

“Supervisors’ use of humor was correlated positively with employee job satisfaction and workgroup cohesion, and… that organizations incorporate humor into the workplace in an attempt to reduce stress and increase solidarity and productivity.” 4

“Principals who share humor in the workplace have teachers with higher job satisfaction than those principals who share very little or no humor in the workplace.” 5

4. Increases employee productivity

“Research indicates that supportive and collaborative humor (analogous to self-enhancing and affiliative humor) were used by factory workers to make routine tasks interesting and to solidify close relationships.” 6

“The improved rapport, teamwork, and creativity resulting from humorous interactions will not only make for a more enjoyable work environment but will also translate into greater productivity and a better bottom line for the company. Articles extolling the benefits of humor in the workplace have appeared in numerous business magazines, trade journals and popular books.” 7

5. Prevents employee burnout

“Humor may reduce burnout by helping employees deal with difficult situations, release tension, regain perspective on their jobs and facilitate an optimistic reinterpretation of events.” 8

“Organizations may benefit from enhanced job performance and satisfaction as well as reduced costs associated with burnout, withdrawal and poor employee health.” 8

6. Reduces absenteeism

“Humor has also been associated with job satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, lower turnover intentions and higher organizational commitment.” 8

“Absenteeism is not experienced where humor is integrated to the teaching content. You want to be in class [at work] and enjoy. Humor makes learners to feel at home.” 9

7. Decreases employee turnover

“An increasing body of research demonstrates that when leaders lighten up and create a fun workplace, there is significant increase in the level of employee trust, creativity, and communication – leading to lower turnover, higher morale and a stronger bottom line.” 1

“If you look at it from a business standpoint, fun reduces turnover, gets people more engaged in the work, and increases productivity. It just makes good business sense. At Enterprise, every branch has a budget, a dollar amount for employee fun whether that’s an employee picnic or party or however they want to celebrate. Fun is a line item in the budget.” 1

8. Improves morale

“The use of humor in organizations has been associated with improving morale among workers, creating a more positive organizational culture, enhancing group cohesiveness, stimulating individual and group creativity and increasing motivation.” 10

“The use of humor has been described as motivating divergent, unconventional, creative, and innovative thinking.” 10

9. Creates a more positive work culture

“Research revealed that different types of organizations employ different types and amounts of humor. This suggests that humor is not only part of an organization’s culture, but also a distinctive feature that makes each organization’s culture unique.” 6

“The use of humor in organizations has been associated with improving morale among workers, creating a more positive organizational culture, enhancing group cohesiveness, stimulating individual and group creativity and increasing motivation.” 10

10. Increases profit

“In general, workplaces that encourage laughter have happier, healthier and more productive workers and, as a result, they see an increase in profits and results.” 11

  • Larry D Weas, Adult Education University Lecturer


  1. The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up, Adrian Gostick. Wiley, April 2008.
  2. Focusing on Employee Engagement, Pat Cataldo. UNC Kenan Flagler, 2011.
  3. Keeping Good Employees on Board, Dawn McCooey. Morgan James, 2010.
  4. The Psychology of Humor at Work, Christopher Robert. Routledge, 2017.
  5. The effects of principals’ humor on teachers’ job satisfaction, B Lee Hurren. Educational Studies, 2006.
  6. The use of humor in the workplace, Eric J Romero. Academy of Management Perspectives, 2006.
  7. The Psychology of Humour, Rod A Martin. Elsevier Academic Press, University of Western Ontario, 2007.
  8. A meta-analysis of positive humor in the workplace, Jessica Mesmer-Magnus, David J. Glew, Chockalingam Viswesvaran. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 2012.
  9. Humor: A pedagogical tool to promote learning, Mary Chabeli. University of Johannesburg, SA. 2006.
  10. A funny thing happened on the way to the bottom line, Bruce J Avolio, Jane M Howell, John J Sosik.
  11. Using Humor in HRD & Training, Larry D Weas, Northern Illinois University

Awww: Cockatiel Sings The Legend Of Zelda Lost Woods Theme Wearing A Bok Choy Hat

cockatiel-lost-woods-theme.jpg This is a short Instagram video of Crumpet the cockatiel wearing a bok choy hat (presumably cosplaying as a Korok) and singing the Lost Woods theme from Ocarina Of Time. How delightful. You know I actually catch myself unconsciously humming the Lost Woods theme all the time. Like, to the point my girlfriend finally asked me what it was. You know what I told her? "I'd like you out of here by the end of the day." It hurt but I know it was the right thing to do. Keep going for the video.

Freshly Picked Twitter Tidbits For Your Enjoyment

Funny random tweets | Regina Carpaccio @ReginaCarpaccio wish could let my dogs bark at voicemail notification until goes away like do people come door 1:53 PM 2/24/20 Twitter Android

We don't want to bore you too much with an intro, nor do we think these tweets really need one. So without further ado, please scroll down (and click here) for some prime entertainment from Twitter!

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Scientists Discover First Multicellular Organism That Doesn’t Require Oxygen To Survive

multicellular-organism-with-no-respiration.jpg Seen here looking suspiciously like the contents of a wadded up Kleenex, the multicellular parasite Henneguya salminicola awaits some salmon to infect and cause "milky flesh" disease. Scientists believe H. salminicola is the first known multicellular animal that doesn't require oxygen to survive, possibly leeching all the energy it needs from its host. God, I know some people like that. They just suck the energy right out of you.
H. salminicola is a fairly common parasite, causing "milky flesh" or "tapioca" disease in salmon, according to a guide published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. "Milky flesh" disease results in unsightly cysts on the salmon's flesh but is generally harmless to humans and the fish itself. Researchers found that over the course of its evolutionary process, the animal has been able to survive by eliminating so many of the traits associated with multicellular species. H. salminicola is a fairly common parasite, causing "milky flesh" or "tapioca" disease in salmon, which results in unsightly but harmless cysts on the salmon's flesh. "They have lost their tissue, their nerve cells, their muscles, everything," Dorothée Huchon, an evolutionary biologist at Israel's Tel Aviv University and study co-author, told Live Science. "And now we find they have lost their ability to breathe."
Honestly, I think my coworker (I'll call her Wendy but her name is Susan) who shares a cubicle wall with me doesn't require oxygen to survive either. The way she talks nonstop I just assumed she doesn't need to breathe. She's like the Micro Machines guy if the Micro Machines guy had three children and a husband who were constantly getting on his last nerve and he needed to always tell somebody about it at length. Thanks to Thaylor H, who challenged me to a breath-holding competition, which I accepted because I have gills like Kevin Costner in Waterworld.

Fifteen Historical Memes Because We Could All Use A Little Education

Funny and dank history memes | 4 stages Germany World War II @dankhistory_memes yoda dabbing surrounded by clapping people VIBE CHECK cursed emoji frozen jack from the shining and master oogway | average presidential term lasts 4-8 years but speedrun only 30 days am speed cars lighting mcqueen

Let's face it, unless you're a historian none of us really know enough about history because a.) we didn't really pay much attention in high school history class, and b.) high school teachers didn't exactly give us a great rundown of the entire world (where was African history?). As is such, please enjoy these educational memes (and then these afterward) that we think you're gonna like.

Submitted by:

Train Toilet Plumbing Just A Straight Pipe Down To The Tracks

This is an ultra short video of the bathroom aboard a SNCF train in France with a toilet that just empties onto the tracks below via a short pipe. Simple enough. I also like to imagine this is how the toilets on planes are too and I've peed all over the country from 30,000 feet. It's the little things, you know? "Like what else?" Well not my penis, that's for sure. Keep going for the video (although the gif is really it minus the sound) while I throw out the collection of unusual rocks I've collected on train tracks.

Heartbreaking Missed Connection Will Give You The Feels

Wholesome and heartbreaking missed connection about suicidal man meeting someone in the rain on the last day of 1972 | Massachusetts met rain on last day 1972 same day resolved kill myself. One week prior, at behest Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger flown four B-52 sorties over Hanoi dropped forty-eight bombs many homes destroyed many lives ended never know. But eyes my superiors had served my country honorably

Five years ago a Boston missed connection went viral. Not because it was funny. Not because of anyone famous. But because it was a beautifully written and gut-wrenching story of immense sadness, redemption, and magic. A Boston man penned the Craigslist advertisement in 2015, titling its lengthy contents "I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972." The flair for the poetic doesn't end there.

What follows is a redemption arc that we thought only occurred in movies and romance novels. A chance meeting that left a suicidal veteran with hope for the first time in a long time. It's a touching read, and we highly recommend you start it prepared: armed with tissues, waterproof mascara, and a whole lot of love for all the people around you. 

Submitted by:

Heartbreaking Missing Connection Will Give You The Feels

Wholesome and heartbreaking missed connection about suicidal man meeting someone in the rain on the last day of 1972 | Massachusetts met rain on last day 1972 same day resolved kill myself. One week prior, at behest Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger flown four B-52 sorties over Hanoi dropped forty-eight bombs many homes destroyed many lives ended never know. But eyes my superiors had served my country honorably

Five years ago a Boston missed connection went viral. Not because it was funny. Not because of anyone famous. But because it was a beautifully written and gut-wrenching story of immense sadness, redemption, and magic. A Boston man penned the Craigslist advertisement in 2015, titling its lengthy contents "I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972." The flair for the poetic doesn't end there.

What follows is a redemption arc that we thought only occurred in movies and romance novels. A chance meeting that left a suicidal veteran with hope for the first time in a long time. It's a touching read, and we highly recommend you start it prepared: armed with tissues, waterproof mascara, and a whole lot of love for all the people around you. 

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Forty-Four Amusement-Filled Posts Just For You

Funny random memes, tweets, and Tumblr posts | find perfect eggplant at grocery store macho man randy savage and McDonald's grimace mascot purple blob | how i met your mother Europeans they landed New World @k4rl_m4rx Diseases brought diseases

Hooray! We've picked out a whole bunch of memes, tweets, and Tumblr posts just for you guys, because we love ya that much! Now scroll down for some entertainment, and then click here for the last gallery of random content!

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Top Ten Wholesome Memes Of The Day (February 25, 2020)

top ten 10 wholesome memes daily | cute frog pic DID HEAR UR GREAT UR DANDY NEGATIVE SELF TALK? Please do not do .

Ten memes that will make you feel good inside. Check out yesterday's list if you haven't yet.

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Top Ten Tumblr Posts Of The Day (February 25, 2020)

top ten 10 tumblr posts daily | Liberals want spiders be even sexier. HANNITY NEWS AEREEXE keatonpatti thought closed captioning messed up, but nope, he actually said queenofchildren even

Ten of today's highlights from r/tumblr. And here is previous list, in case you need a reminder.

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Top Ten Dank Memes Of The Day (February 25, 2020)

top ten 10 dank memes daily | Two Years Ago, This Man 500 Pounds. Now He Is Two Men Who Weigh 250 Pounds. This is getting out hand. Now there are two them!

Roundup of today's best dank memes. And here is yesterday's list, in case you need a reminder.

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(715): Stand and applaud for me. I…

(715): Stand and applaud for me. I have successfully masturbated in a Walmart changing room with the door wide open during normal business hours. I lead a very Charmed Life.

(717): Omg, new summer goal: sex…

(717): Omg, new summer goal: sex in a bouncy castle.

Top Ten Memes Of The Day (February 25, 2020)

top ten 10 memes daily | dog smothering owner with pillow comic if they if dogs weren't real were created by CIA Just spy on us extra fabulous comics

Some good memes to entertain you. Have a look at yesterday's list here.

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(914): There is a baby in my…

(914): There is a baby in my apartment. What the fuck happened last night?

Start Your Engines For The Sports Memes Of the Week

Sports memes to last you all day long. The cover photo is a meme of basketball players the Morris Twins when the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers meet in the playoff

It's time for memes sports fans. We've got it all from basketball to hockey and everything in between. No matter what your sport is we've got something for you. But if you are still looking for the memes to scratch that sport's fan itch, check out even more sports memes to make sure you can.

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(218): You ever stub your boner?…

(218): You ever stub your boner? It happened to me. Just know that drugs and strip poker and a hot tub. I'll Regale you with the story over drinks later.

(870): I’m reading fall out…

(870): I'm reading fall out boy fanfic. What has my life come to.

Keep Your Back Straight And Your Loops Looping

Incredible and mesmerizing loops that will keep you occupied for hours.

Feast your eyes on these delightful and magical loops. The more you watch them, the more you see and the more you want to see it again, and again, and again. And what's wrong with that? Forget about the troubles going on all around you, and enjoy these amazing loops that will keep you entertained all day long.

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(870): Planning a vacation around…

(870): Planning a vacation around my dog. I have become one of those dog moms.


betty white hilarious power racism shocked sign - 5323865856

RACISM even Betty's shocked

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(678): I’m at the fucking ritz…

(678): I'm at the fucking ritz Carlton and I would leave here to cuddle with her. Not even fuck, just cuddle. What th hell is wrong with me?
(404): I think it's called love, bro.

You’re My Life Now, Warehouse

Seattleite Babylonia Aivaz (yep, that's her real name) declared her undying love for and married a warehouse scheduled for demolition as a gentrification protest. She says her "heart is tied to this warehouse," and specified that since the warehouse is female (well obviously) it's a gay marriage. However, the building is slated to be completely demolished by mid-February, so she could just be a gold digger.

As strange as this story is, people marriage , news , objects , seattle , true love , wait what , warehouse

IKEA Is Producing Weird Audio Porn Now

By Amanda Mannen  Published: February 26th, 2020 

Meet Bizarro Greta Thunberg, Spawned From A Rightwing Think Tank

By Cedric Voets  Published: February 26th, 2020 

Costco Food Courts Go Behind A Paywall March 16th: So Long Cheap Hotdogs, Non-Members

By Isaac Cabe  Published: February 26th, 2020 

The News For Bullies Is Bad: Their Brains Are Small

By Luis Prada  Published: February 26th, 2020 

Why Are Modern Blockbusters Full Of Pointless Action Scenes?

By Daniel Dockery  Published: February 26th, 2020 

4 Crazy Symbolic Plots Points Audiences Never Noticed

By Nicholas Vrchoticky,Christian Markle,K. Haeg  Published: February 26th, 2020 

The 5 Most Garbage Democrats In Congress

By Cedric Voets  Published: February 26th, 2020 

Cars 67

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Heathcliff for Feb 26, 2020

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The Other Coast for Feb 26, 2020

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Agnes for Feb 26, 2020 for 02/26/2020

Agnes for Feb 26, 2020

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Herb and Jamaal for Feb 26, 2020 for 02/26/2020

Herb and Jamaal for Feb 26, 2020

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Momma for Feb 26, 2020 for 02/26/2020

Momma for Feb 26, 2020

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Andy Capp for Feb 26, 2020

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B.C. for Feb 26, 2020

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Wizard of Id for Feb 26, 2020 for 02/26/2020

Wizard of Id for Feb 26, 2020

Updated: Wed Feb 26, 2020

Lord Minimus- the Knight Who was Two Feet Tall

The 17th century wasn’t exactly the most progressive time in history, as evidenced by the fact people with dwarfism were literally traded about by the upper echelons of society like Pokemon cards. Amongst the pantheon of known “court dwarfs” as they were called, one stood above them all thanks to the frankly astonishing life he led in his rise from the son of a commoner to ultimately seeing himself not just a Captain of the Horse, but a knight as well.

Jeffrey Hudson, or “Lord Minimus”,  Sir Jeffrey, or Captain Hudson to give him his proper titles, was reportedly born sometime in June of 1619 in the town of Oakham located right in the heart of the quaint English county of Rutland.  The son of a stout and broad shouldered man, called John Hudson, Jeffrey’s dwarfism was not initially apparent. This is largely because Jeffrey had what is known as “proportionate dwarfism” which, as the name suggests, is characterised by the individual having limbs of proportionate size to their body. As a result, Jeffrey’s family didn’t actually notice that anything was amiss until he just stayed abnormally small.

There were many hypotheses bandied about during Jeffrey’s lifetime about how exactly he came to be so small, with our personal favourite being a contemporary one espousing that the cause was his mother choking on a pickle while giving birth… However, experts have since concluded that he, like many proportionate dwarfs, most likely just had hypopituitarism, much to the chagrin of those of us who like the pickle story.

In any event, Jeffrey was born into, while not a well to do family, at least a well connected one. Jeffrey’s father, John, was described as a man of “lusty stature”, which was a bit of a requirement of his job- breeding and managing bulls meant for fighting with other animals for the Duke of Buckingham, George Villers.

Little is known of Jeffrey’s childhood, that is, until his dear old dad decided to present him to the Duches Katherine Villers at the age of 7. You see by the time Jeffrey was around 7 years old, he reportedly stood “scarce more than a foot and half in height”, while still being near perfectly proportioned.

Jeffrey’s father knew how uncommon this was as well as how prized dwarfs were at court. It turns out many royals kept at least one dwarf, among other such “pets”, around for their own and their guests’ amusement. His hope seemingly was that Jefferey would be made a member of the Duchess’ court as such an object of entertainment.

While this might seem somewhat cruel, it should be noted here that Jeffrey’s future prospects were not exactly good in this era. By seeing if the Duchess would take little Jeff as part of her court, John potentially was ensuring his son a life of luxury, if, of course, also one that would be extremely demeaning. But he would be demeaned by people either way. Thus, might as well choose the life that would see him have his own servants, plenty of food in his belly, and anything he could wish, rather than scraping a living as a commoner.

Whatever his father was thinking, the young Jeffrey was indeed accepted and quickly became a beloved plaything of the Duchess, who spent her time dressing him in miniature outfits and taking delight in the reaction he garnered from friends when she presented him at parties.

Mere months later, Jeffrey’s life was once again upended when the Duke’s household was expecting a visit from King Charles I and his wife, Queen Henrietta.

As we’ve talked about before, a common practice of the day was to impress guests via having obscenely large food items made and have random things burst out like living birds, frogs, and even in one case an an entire 28 member orchestra. In this particular case, the Duchess decided to surprise the King and Queen with a rather small pie that Jeffery was scrunched up in.

At the appropriate moment, Jeffrey burst out of the pie wearing a small suit of armor and brandishing a little sword that he swung about wildly to the amusement of all.

The Queen is said to have immediately become enamored with Jeffrey’s “remarkable smallness”, and asked the Duchess if she could take him home to add to her own little collection, which comprised of a couple other dwarfs, a giant called William Evans who was reportedly over 7 feet tall, and a little monkey named Pug. Happy to oblige, the Duchess handed Jeffrey over to the Queen in 1626.

After this, Jeffrey went to live with the Queen in London and became known as “Lord Minimus”, with his remarkably near perfect proportions and extremely small stature, even for a dwarf, being particularly valued. As noted by Sir Walter Scott when Jeffrey had reached adulthood and still not added much in height from his 7 year old self,

He although a dwarf of the least possible size, had nothing positively ugly in his countenance, or actually distorted in his limbs….His countenance in particular, had he been a little taller, would have been accounted, in youth, handsome, and now in age, striking an expressive; it was but the uncommon disproportion betwixt the head and the trunk which made the features seem whimsical and bizarre- and effect which was considerably increased by the dwarf’s moustaches, which it was his pleasure to wear so large that they almost twisted back amongst and mingled with his grizzled hair.

Going back to his childhood, due to the massive difference in height between Evans and Jeffrey (over 7 feet vs about 1.5 ft), apparently one of many popular party tricks Evans and Jeffrey used to perform was to have Evans presented to guests, at which point he’d pull a large loaf of bread out of one pocket, then pull Jeffrey out of another. The two would then proceed to prepare some food for the guests using the bread.

It wasn’t all about entertaining guests, however. While Jeffery initially was treated as little more than a pet, for whatever reason the Queen, who was about a decade older than Jeff, and he hit it off, quickly becoming extremely close.

It’s speculated by some that their shared sense of being outsiders to the society in which they lived may have played a part- the Queen being a French Catholic living in England at a time when both were somewhat taboo. Things got even worse for her when she was further isolated by her husband, King Charles, when he had almost her entire retinue, including her close friend Madame St. George, forcibly removed by guards and kicked out of the country in June of 1626, around the same time Jeffery came into the Queen’s life.

With Jeffrey her trusted confidant, the Queen saw to it that he became educated, taught how to be a gentlemen, and even began giving him courtly tasks, rather than having him working solely as entertainment for guests and herself.  For example, in 1630 the Queen sent a then 10 year old Jeffrey to France as part of a delegation to retrieve her midwife, Madam Peronne, ten Catholic friars, and various valuables from her mother Queen Marie de Medicis.

While there, along with famed court dance master and hunchback Jacques Cordier dit Bocan who was also part of this delegation, Jeffrey reportedly wowed the court in France with his dancing abilities, in the process collecting quite a lot of rather expensive gifts from impressed members the court.

Unfortunately for Jeff, this journey ended in disaster when the ship he was on while headed back home was captured by pirates. The midwife and Jeff, his own newfound valuables, along with those sent as gifts to the Queen, were taken, though the others aboard, like the friars and the dance master, were allowed to go free.

When the Queen found out what had happened, she reportedly was extremely concerned for Jeffery’s safety. As to how she got him back, this isn’t clear, but it can be presumed she paid some sort of ransom for his return. Whatever the case, return he did shortly thereafter and continued his life at court.

Unfortunately for the Queen, her baby died not long after being born, though reportedly Jeffrey was a great comfort to her during this period, staying by her side throughout her long recovery from what was described as an extremely difficult labor. From here, Jeffery was her constant companion and when he got older one of her most trusted advisors.

On that note, a curious and academically inclined child, Jeffrey was known to be a voracious reader. He also soon was known in the Queen’s court for his rapier wit and penchant for devilishly cutting put downs to any who would insult him- something that only served to make him even more popular with the Queen and later the King who are both said to have been endlessly amused by Jeffrey’s growing confidence and ability to reduce anyone insulting him to a sputtering idiot with a marvelously well-crafted insult of his own.

Beyond book learning and his weaponpized wit, Jeffery was also taught to use actual weapons and to ride horses, with a special saddle and custom-made pistols more suited for his stature made for him.

By all accounts, as with so many other areas of learning, Jeffrey excelled at horsemanship and became an exceptional marksman- two skills that would ironically result in the latter half of his life go horribly wrong.

Nevertheless, at the age of 23, Jeffery was keen to do his bit for his King and Queen when the English Civil war began in 1642. Though still only around 20-23 inches tall, he didn’t hesitate to lend his newfound talents to the war effort. Impressed by the dwarf’s candor, the King and Queen granted him the title of “Captain of the Horse”, although it’s not clear if Jeffery actually was allowed to lead troops in battle or if it was just a ceremonial position. It was also around this time the the King knighted Jeffrey, though that one was reportedly a joke during a party. Nevertheless, it was an official knighting from the King.

As for Jeffrey, he took his new positions incredibly serious, insisting upon being addressed as Captain Jeffrey Hudson after being given that rank.

When the Queen fled England at the height of the war, Jeffrey dutifully accompanied her to France. Upon arriving in the country, emboldened by his recent successes in life, he made it known to the Queen’s entourage that he would no longer accept jibes about his height and that he’d defend his honor with his life, if necessary. After all, whether originally as a joke or not, he was now a knight of the English court, a Captain of the guard, an excellent marksmen, and one of the most trusted confidants of the Queen.

This brings us to an event that would change his life forever, occurring in 1644 when he was about 25 years old.

A gentlemen of the court evidently decided to ignore Jeffrey’s insistence that he was no longer some court pet to be teased, and instead apparently insulted Jeffrey in some way, though what exactly was said has been lost to history. Enraged, Jeffrey challenged the man to a duel- a challenge that was accepted, with pistols on horseback being chosen for the fight.

Showing how much he thought the whole thing was a joke, Jeffrey’s opponent chose to face him not wielding a pistol of his own, but rather a squirt-gun like device, as noted in a letter from Queen Henrietta of the event,

The giving cavalier took no firearms, but merely a huge squirt, with which he meant at once to extinguish his small adversary and the power of his weapon. The vengeful dwarf, however, managed his good steed with sufficient address to avoid the shower aimed at himself and his loaded pistols, and, withal, to shoot his laughing adversary dead.

Not just shooting him dead, from horseback, Jeffery demonstrated his prodigious skill as a marksmen, by putting a rather sizable hole in his opponents forehead, almost hitting him right between the eyes.

This all might have amused the royals, except that the man Jeffrey had just killed happened to be the brother of the Queen’s Master of the Horse, Baron William Croft.

This still might have been OK, except on top of having a well connected brother, it turned out that dueling was illegal in France at the time. Meaning that Jeffrey had just committed murder in the eyes of the court.

Sir Jeffrey was promptly arrested, with calls to have him executed, but the Queen was having none of it. Although apparently extremely displeased at Jeffrey for embarrassing her in this way among the aristocracy and while a guest in the country, she nevertheless wrote to Cardinal Mazarin pleading that Jeffery’s life be spared. Her request was granted, and instead of being executed, Jeffrey was exiled from France.

Exactly what happened to Jeffrey after this isn’t clear, other than apparently shortly thereafter he found himself on a ship that was captured by Ottoman pirates. Being something of a novelty, he was sold into slavery and spent around two and a half decades in this state.

Ultimately freed sometime in the late 1660s as a part of efforts by England to get its captured citizens released from slavery, the first mention of him back in England after this period occurred in 1669.

As to what he got up to as a slave, little is known of this, other than an account gleaned from interview he gave to author James Wright who was writing a history of Rutland book. From this, we know only a couple things. First, Jeffrey somehow grew 22 inches, approximately doubling his height from age of around 25 to 50 when he returned.

This is where we have some small reference of what his life was like as a slave when he credited his growth to the stresses of hard labor as well as “buggery”. For those not familiar, this is another word for sodomy, seemingly implying at least part of Jeffrey’s role as a slave for someone was as a sex toy, or perhaps other slaves used him for such.

Whatever the case, now free, the much taller Jeffrey now was simply a short man, instead of a miniature one, meaning he wasn’t able to resume his former post at court. Compounding the issue was that Queen Henriette had died in 1669, the year he appears to have returned to England, so benefiting from her patronage also was not an option.

Ultimately he was given money by the Duke of Buckingham George Villiers II, who was the son of Jeffery’s first patron, as well as from Charles II, son of Queen Henriette, to help set himself up on his new life.

Unfortunately for him, when he traveled to London in 1676 to request a pension from the court, this was a peak time of anti-Catholic sentiment in the country. This saw Jefferey promptly arrested upon arriving in London for the sole crime of daring to be a Catholic- a faith he’d taken up as a youth because the Queen.

Jeffrey subsequently spent the next four years or so in prison, being released in 1680. As to what he got up to after, this isn’t known, other than he died 2 years later at the age of 63 in 1682, buried in a pauper’s grave without so much as a headstone, despite officially being a knight and a Captain of the Horse.

While it isn’t known where he was buried, a marker was created at some point near his place of birth which states simply, “Sir Jeffery Hudson-1619-1682- A dwarf presented in a pie to King Charles 1st.”

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Memes & Tweets For The Purpose Of Procrastination

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Fascinating Tumblr Thread Deals With Common Historical Misconceptions

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Oh Wow: A Stop Action Short Made With 600 Pancakes

This is 'Max's Journey to the Moon', a stop-action short shot by directors Tom Wrigglesworth & Matt Robinson to celebrate Shrove Tuesday today. The entire shoot took 600 carefully crafted pancakes in total. Now that is a lot of precision batter pouring. Maybe not as precise as I can pour batter to form shapes and characters, but who's your favorite superhero? I'm kidding, you're getting an oval with blueberries in it. Keep going for the video while I commit to giving up caring for Lent.

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Walmart, go home, you're drunk.

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Ten Rare Insults You Don’t See Everyday (February 24, 2020)

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Okaaaay: Scenes From Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Mashed Up With The Audio From Baby Driver

This is 'Baby Driver: The Phantom Menace Edition,' a video of scenes from Star Wars: The Phantom menace mashed up with audio from Baby Driver. And, in what is perhaps a very first here on Geekologie, I've actually seen both movies involved. *cell phone ringing* Hey baby what's up? *listening* Ah-- I see. You are one smart cookie, you know that? Can I get a little nibble? Can I get-- hello? Hello? *tosses phone on desk* So apparently I've seen Drive and not Baby Driver. Keep going for the video.

Okaaaay: Scenes From Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Mashed Up With The Audio From Baby Driver

This is 'Baby Driver: The Phantom Menace Edition,' a video of scenes from Star Wars: The Phantom menace mashed up with audio from Baby Driver. And, in what is perhaps a very first here on Geekologie, I've actually seen both movies involved. *cell phone ringing* Hey baby what's up? *listening* Ah-- I see. You are one smart cookie, you know that? Can I get a little nibble? Can I get-- hello? Hello? *tosses phone on desk* So apparently I've seen Drive and not Baby Driver. Keep going for the video.

Fourteen ‘Unexpected’ ‘Sonic’ Memes Featuring Jim Carrey

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Top Ten Wholesome Memes Of The Day (February 24, 2020)

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Darya Lebedeva

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Seventeen ’90s Memes For The Millennials Craving That Nostalgia

Funny memes for Millennials and '90s kids

We can never get enough of the '90s memes, which is probably because many of us are about to hit 30 and we're longing for the days when we didn't have to worry about spending a fortune on rent or getting grey hairs. The '90s were just a simpler time where we could play with our Tamagotchis and not have a care in the world. And hey, while we're at it, have even more '90s memes!

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Top Ten Tumblr Posts Of The Day (February 24, 2020)

top ten 10 tumblr posts daily | polyglotten Annabella @lunaru old were american: oh freshman an european still have no idea old were 05/08/2018, 22:51 chlo-egg someone uk: im sixth form many regenerations do have left

Today's top voted Tumblr highlights. And here is yesterday's list in case you need a reminder.

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Woopsie: Woman Runs Back Inside For Engagement Ring Without Putting Car In Park

engagement-ring-car-through-garage-door.jpg In news that doesn't bode well for being married or the quality of education at Chapman University (I'm kidding I do this all the time and I didn't go to Chapman), this is a Ring(!) doorbell cam video of a woman who forgot her engagement ring inside her home, returns to go get it, but failed to put her SUV in park so it runs through the garage door. Per her husband: My wife forgot her engagement ring while backing out of the driveway at 5 am and thought she had put SUV in park and hopped out to run inside. But the vehicle was in drive and it jumped the curb and smashed into the garage door. We had to replace the door. I actually thought the most interesting part of the video was hearing her frantically tell her husband what happened when she comes inside, and his response ("Ash-ley-UH"). Still, wanting to make sure she has her engagement ring on when she left the house -- that's nice. Because it seems like my wife forgets hers at home more often than not, and she work for the company that produces all those hunky firefighter calendars! Keep going for the full video and audio.

The Ultimate Dad Joke

Funny tweet about someone's high school reunion that turns into a dad joke

Even if you hate dad jokes, you gotta admit this is really good.

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How To Correctly Pronounce ‘GIF’

This professor just schooled Jif on why there’s a soft G in GIF...and most other words.

Since the dawn of mankind (more or less) one debate has divided us... How the heck do you pronounce ‘Gif’? For far too long people have been throwing that hard G about with reckless abandon. That’s why this certified professor is here to set everybody straight and end this arjument for jood.

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Like Printing Money: An Animatronic Baby Yoda Toy

In other toy news, this is The Child Animatronic Edition by Hasbro, a $60 animatronic baby Yoda toy with over 25 sound and motion combinations (just Google for places to buy, although I did take the below product description from Gamestop). Some more info while I start manufacturing bootlegs to sell to desperate parents as Christmas nears and they haven't been able to procure one yet:
Touching the top of The Child Animatronic Edition's head activates over 25 sound and motion combinations, including happy and excited sounds, giggles, babbles, and more, all while the figure's head moves up and down, ears move back and forth, and eyes open and close. FORCE ACTIVATION: Boys and girls ages 4 and up will love patting The Child Animatronic Edition's head 3 times for Force activation, in which the animatronic toy will raise its arm, close its eyes, and sigh, as if using the Force FORCE NAP: Pretending to channel the Force takes a whole lot of energy and requires a lot of rest. Lay The Child toy down and it will close its eyes and take a "Force nap"
I'm genuinely surprised Disney didn't anticipate the baby Yoda craze and have all this merchandise ready when The Mandalorian was released. That was some piss-poor planning. I mean they were selling plushy Porgies before The Last Jedi was even released, and who cares about those things? "Porgs, not Porgies." You are such a nerd. "For knowing Star Wars?" No, for correcting me in front of my kid. "But I'm the only one here." *wink* Keep going for a commercial and some hands-on footage from the New York City Toy Fair.

Genius Thread Reimagines Stereotypical Fantasy Accents

Funny thread about reassigning fantasy accents.

Attention Dungeons & Dragons players and most fantasy nerds: Twitter user @djMalenfant has some important news for you. He's gone and reassigned those tired and cliche fantasy accents. Gone are the Scottish dwarves of campaigns past. In the accent's stead? Distinctly Bostonian articulation. 

Okay, don't panic. You can still botch your brogue. This thread is just for fun, and there's a lot of it. From Texan orcs to motionless radio-voiced elves, @djMalenfant hilariously reimagines the norm. And most people seem to be here for it. We've included highlights from this nerdy thread, but you can take in all the amazing replies right here.

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The Best Reactions From The ‘Impractical Jokers: The Movie’ Premiere

‘Impractical Jokers: The Movie’ in theaters now!

This past weekend marked a very special occasion, the day we’d all been counting down to since it was first announced, the premiere of Impractical Jokers: The Movie.

All the fun, outrageous hijinks that Joe, Sal, Murr, and Q could cook-up were brought to wild new heights for their first time ever on the silver screen. The premiere drew long-time fans of Impractical Jokers as well as those who hadn’t experienced the hilarity of The Tenderloins boys before, but it’s safe to say they left the theater as fans, too.

Don’t just take our word for it, though! We’ll let the folks who caught the movie this weekend speak for themselves.

And if you didn’t have a chance to see Impractical Jokers: The Movie over the weekend, don’t sweat it! You’ve still got plenty of time to check your local listings for Impractical Jokers: The Movie now playing at a theater near you.

Top Ten Memes Of The Day (February 24, 2020)

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Hot Wheels Releasing $400 1:10 Scale R/C Cybertruck (Plus $20 1:64 Scale)

Hot Wheels has announced it will be releasing a 1:10 scale Tesla Cybertruck R/C car later this year for $400. It will also be releasing a 1:64 scale version (still radio controlled) that fits on its regular orange car tracks for $20. The larger version will have working headlights and taillights, a complete interior, and includes broken window decals if want your R/C Cybertruck to look like the one from the big unveiling (apparently Tesla actually sent Mattel Adobe Illustrator files of the actual break patterns for max realism). It has a manually operated sliding truck bed cover and lowering tailgate, a top speed of around 25MPH, and can be driven in "chill" or "sport" modes. Unfortunately for any of you seriously interested, pre-orders for the larger model are already sold out, although you can add yourself to the wait list HERE if you really care that much. Honestly, I'm surprised Elon didn't decide to just manufacture these things himself. Like ordering a side of lobster tail with his lobster tail, that just seems like something he would do. Keep going for a promo video as well as some hands-on footage from the recent New York City Toy Fair.

These Prequel Memes Are All About Strokes Of Minor Genius

Funny memes prequel memes star wars memes mace windu saying he's too dangerous to be left alive, samuel l jackson

We're suckers for a good prequel meme, and we're way overdue for a feature on this Mace Winduformat. The meme features Samuel L. Jackson's character shouting "He's too dangerous to be left alive" in Revenge of the Sith. The moment is generally paired with moments of minor genius, or, sarcastically, moments of absolute stupidity. We've put together a ton of educational examples, but you can learn more about this format over atKnow Your Meme. Happy scrolling!

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Sports Memes To Keep You Going All Day Long

A collection of amazing sports memes from all over to satisfy the most avid fan. The cover photo is of the instance where your dad gets super loud while watching a sports game where he usually isnt

What can you do the day is long and motivation only goes so far. Sometimes you need a bit of a boost, a pick me up in the middle of the day to get you through until you are back at home and able to rest. So put on your favorite team's hat and check out some of the funniest and best sports memes around. And if you feel like you still need a little something extra, check out even more perfect sports memes to make sure you're in the clear. 

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Damn, Mother Nature!: Leopard Pulls Half-Eaten Food Right Out Of Crocodile’s Mouth

This is a video from Kruger National Park in Africa of a leopard that stumbles upon a crocodile finishing up a meal and proceeds to pull meat right out of the animal's mouth, eventually making off with the majority of a leg. A bold move for sure. I wonder if it learned this trick from watching me pick food off people's plates while returning from the bathtroom at restaurants. Keep going for the full video while I take a lap around the office looking for candy on coworkers' desks.

Fresh Election Memes For Anyone Who Isn’t Sick Of The Democratic Race

Funny political memes about the democratic race for the presidency, bernie sanders, socialism, michael bloomberg, russia, media coverage, election 2020, pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, donald trump | NEWS Hillary Clinton admits she feels an 'urge run against Trump again By Mark Moore January 28, 2020 10:21am Everyone disliked | political predictions have been proven wrong 763rd Time Media Russians nut button

Warning: If you're sick and tired of reading or hearing about the Democratic primaries, this post ain't for you. Since Bernie Sanders destroyed the Nevada caucus, the media seems to be freaking out. People from both parties are freaking out. And while we're starting to feel a bit politically fatigued, we've still got the memes to bring some entertaining edge to this political nightmare. This mix of memes, while mostly devoted to Sanders (the Democratic front runner) should be able to satisfy any democrat with a taste for memes.

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Sports Gifs To Keep You Cheering Through Overtime

Sports gifs to keep the most hardcore sports fan happy and content. The cover photo is of the Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder fight card after Fury knocked out Wilder in the 7th round with a TKO

It's that time again sports fans! Time to turn off the tube and check out some of the highlights from the past week you might have missed. What can you do, you can't follow all the leagues and all the action, you need to focus. So luckily you have the highlights right in front of your eyes so you won't have to. But if you want even more gif highlights from across sports, don't touch that remote.

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Doctor Who Tenth And Thirteenth Doctor Build-A-Bears Now Available

doctor-who-build-a-bears-1.jpg Build-A-Bear Workshop has just released a buildable Doctor Who bear that can be customized into the likeness of the Tenth or Thirteenth Doctors. For $70 you can get the Doctor Who bear (with two hearts sewn onto its chest representing a Time Lord's binary vascular system), the Tenth or Thirteenth Doctor's signature outfit, a corresponding sonic screwdriver with sound effects, and TARDIS box. That's cool. Personally, I've never built a bear before. I always want to whenever I see the store at the mall but any time I've expressed interest my parents are all, "What are you, five?" then I throw a tantrum and have to go to bed without dessert. Keep going for a few more shots.

Funny Memes To Counteract Terrible Tuesday

Funny random memes for Tuesday, monday, funny memes, random memes, dank memes, relatable memes, funny tweets, polyamory | spongebob characters everyone working at restaurant looks customer comes 10 minutes close sit down and eat. SERVERES | tiny dog head coming out of a suit armor This is imagine my dog feels he's protecting house by barking at leaves blowing by @tank.sinatra

You may have survived Monday and its existential dread, but Tuesday's here and with it comes the waves of malaise. Last weekend feels like a figment of your imagination, and the coming weekend is a lush mirage that feels like an eternity away. The only way to kick these Terrible Tuesday feels is by perusing memes. And we've got a ton of them right here. 

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Top Infographics Guides (February 24, 2020)

top infographics guides | Packaged goods - Fragrance Concentration Guide Presented By: Real Men Real Style Eau de Toilette (EDT) Eau de Cologne (EDC) Perfume (Parfum) 20-30% Eau de Parfum (EDP) 15-20% Eau Fraiche 5-15% 2-4% 1-3% Lasts Up 8 Hours Lasts Less Than 2 Hours Real Men keal Seyle

Check out some more cool infographics if you enjoy random trivia! 

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Problem Solving: Swinging Kid On Playground For Fourth Story Apartment

This is a short video from Belgorod, Russia of someone swinging their kid (Wait -- is that a kid? Seems large) on a playground swing from their fourth floor apartment with a very long cord. Why? I'm not sure -- maybe it's too cold outside and they don't have a heavy coat. Or maybe they have trouble walking. Or maybe-- "It's Russia, GW, no need to try to explain." Oh thank God, I felt like I was grasping at-- "Penises." Slippery lil devils. Keep going for the whole video.

Top Ten Starter Pack Memes (February 24, 2020)

top ten daily starter pack memes | Shoe - 25-35 y/o White Guy With Golden Retriever Starter Pack dog's name: buddy, dude, charlie, max, etc. aggressively outdoorsy, all his camping gear is rei gettyimages Definitely uses these fancy tennis balls lives city, probably portland, seattle or bay has airpods works tech KAPWING

Wanting some more starter packs? Check out this list from the other day for more! 

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Top Ten Dank Memes Of The Day (February 23, 2020)

top ten 10 dank memes daily | throw away spoon instead yoghurt cup My goals are beyond my understanding Reverse Flash

Mmm! Who doesn't love the smell of fresh dank memes in the morning? Take a big whiff of that, and check out the previous list, y'know, for the memories.

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Top Ten Tumblr Posts Of The Day (February 23, 2020)

top ten 10 tumblr posts daily | catchymemes PE CE PE CE W R United Nations: Transiating War into Peace Source: catchymemes goose dove peace war untitled goose game

Ten gems from Tumblr that you don't want to miss. And check out the previous list if you haven't yet.

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Top Ten Memes Of The Day (February 23, 2020)

top ten 10 memes daily | girls think guys do they hangout guys actually do: CenStoe Playing Games Watching sports Talking about girls think only drink hangout Also drinking

Here are the ten memes that racked up the upvotes today. And here is the previous list, in case you missed it.

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Weirdos 199

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

Top Ten White People Tweets (February 24, 2020)

top ten daily white people tweets | Person - Mac McCann @MacMcCannTX absolutely refuse drink any tap water till 's gone though my brita filter haven't changed 5 years

Check out these vanilla tweets from the other day for a good laugh. 

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Top Tweets From Black Twitter (February 24, 2020)

top ten daily tweets from black twitter | Packaged goods - Cleotrapa's whole personality @cleotrapawest If pull up ya crib and see 2 BIG ASS ONIONS bake mac leaving im blocking number. and ig and Twitter and just cannot communicate anymore sorry. 4. Rear Front

Have a look at these tweets from black twitter if you are looking for more! 

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dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.


aperture black mesa irony science underground - 4712906496

IRONIC seeing that the whole of aperture science is underground

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Childbirth is Nuts

wtf child birth nuts - 7561780224

Commence with the "But it's a leguuuuume! HAHAHA IZ SO SMART" comments.

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Time to Get Your Gif On

Some spectacular gifs gathered from around the internet to keep you entertained. The cover photo is a paper helicopter that perpetually spins over the fire because of the hot air vents released by the fire, keeping it afloat forever

It's time for more gifs to keep that energy at peak levels. Don't let the monotony of the day get you down. Check out these fascinating and wonderful gifs to keep you focused and in charge as you go throughout your day. But if you need an extra dose of gifs, don't worry, we've got you covered.

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Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 25, 2020 for 02/25/2020

Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 25, 2020

Updated: Tue Feb 25, 2020

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