17 Troll-y Instagram Memes That Make Fun Of All The BS

Funny memes about Instagram

We all know that Instagram and other social media platforms are completely full of fake sh*t, and we're all guilty of scrolling through it from time to time. Some of us more than others...

So go ahead and scroll through these memes as a little form of schadenfreude. No shame in that!

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34 Pics Oozing With Cringe

pics oozing with cringe

Let the cringe flow through you. 

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Funny Twitter meme about elementary school kids who ask their friends to 'look over there,' and then the friend says 'over where?'

I reign supreme.

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16 Heartwarming Doggo Rates From WeRateDogs

adorable ratings for dogs from the twitter account We Rate Dogs

Here are 16 relatively new rates from one of our favorite Twitter accounts, WeRateDogs! For more doggo goodness, go check 'em out! 

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29 Memes For The Non-Geniuses

Funny memes, funny tweets, feral hogs.

We can't all be Einstein-level geniuses, but that is actually perfectly okay. And there are definitely memes out there for people with just a few less brain cells than everyone else. 

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42 Goofy Memes To Help You Scroll The Pain Away

Funny memes, random memes, Dwayne johnson as a Karen meme, Meme about Rick Astley featuring Captain america.

We've finally made it to the weekend, y'all. It's time we enjoyed a palate cleanser after a depressing, draining, soul-sucking week. That's what these memes are for.

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Hilarious Animal Expressions That Perfectly Sum Up The Frustrations Of Parenthood

funny photos of frustrated animal mommys

No one said being a mommy would be easy...

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16 Times Donald Trump’s Twitter Game Was Crazily Unpresidented

unpresidential tweets from president Trump

And this is without even considering the Trump Memes which are even less presidential, but at least those are made by the people, not the Commander-In-Chief himself.

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“Hogwarts Is Stupid” Twitter Thread Is Like Harry Potter In the Comedic Style of Archer

Funny Twitter parody account is like Harry Potter movies with the humor of Archer TV show.

Some more Funny Tweets here. Enjoy! 

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This Tinder Hero Does Nothing But Troll People

hilarious tinder troll in DM conversations

It's a low stakes game, so why not have a little fun? Besides, every girl loves a guy who can make her laugh!

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Funny Lord of the Rings meme about turning the shower nozzle up so that the water is too hot

There has to be a scheme to this madness!

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This Man’s Live Tweet of the End of His Friend’s Marriage Is a Roller Coaster of Violence, Drama and Intrigue

Tweets storm of man who has a buddy getting divorced told over twitter

This is a long read, but trust us, you will be at the edge of your seat until the very end.

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(419): Yes I went home with her…

(419): Yes I went home with her last night. I woke up this morning and ran into my boss on the way to the bathroom. Monday is going to suck at work.

(401): thank you for being so…

(401): thank you for being so understanding of my weak stomach and poor self-control.

(614): Sharted again. Stuck in…

(614): Sharted again. Stuck in traffic. Fuck.

15 Funny Hamster Memes To get You Through Friday

cute and funny hamster memes

The weekend is just around the corner! And we are here to help the day go by even faster! Just look at these hamster memes that will have you giggling all day! 

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How About Surrounding Yourself With Some Napping Kitties Sculpture Molds?

sleeping kitties sculptures made out of easy to use molds that leave a cat shape behind

Meet Neko cup, the sleeping cat sculpture molds that could turn the world into feline heaven. Japanese designer, Ash Koncent, was inspired by the sight of napping kitties strolling outside on sidewalks and invented this unique lightweight silhouette made from bamboo and scallop shell biomass plastic. It can be used to make sculptures of sleeping cats at the beach, in the snow, or even out of dirt. 

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(267): She fucked a bartender in a…

(267): She fucked a bartender in a closed Applebee’s and has the nerve to call me easy.

30 Disney Memes That Are Relatable AF

relatable disney memes that nail some points a bit too close to home

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(251): Don’t eat the Doritos. …

(251): Don’t eat the Doritos. Jeff was eating them while he was watching porn.

(609): God yes pancakes and booze…

(609): God yes pancakes and booze sounds like the best night ever.

Cat Allergies Driving You Nuts? There Might Be A Vaccine For That Soon

Company is three years from releasing vaccine against cat allergies

Your sneezing and watery eyes, and mild to severe cases of anaphylactic shock, may soon be at an end. As much as 1 in every 10 humans has an allergy to cats, which makes this breakthrough perfectly timed. A Swiss company called HypoPet has come up with a brilliant way to stop cats from causing people to be so allergic to them. They have tackled a number of maladies that affect our fury companions, in the form of vaccines, instead of steroids or pills, they are focusing on trying to solve the problem instead of reducing the symptoms. 

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(951): They’re doing CPR to…

(951): They're doing CPR to someone in the middle of Victoria's Secret. Way to block the undies, damnit!

10 Funny Confessions From Very Bad Cats

funny memes of cat confessions

These are the BEST cats!

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Octomom Song of the Day

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Failbook: Brokeback Perry

Ad brokeback mountain coat commercial facebook failbook Hall of Fame homophobic jacket oh snap Rick Perry wardrobe malfunction - 5536143616

Now THAT'S a "wardrobe malfunction!"

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Guy Makes Insultingly Low Offer for Lawnmower So Dude Sends Him to Sears

choosing beggar

It's not uncommon in cases of choosing beggars to send an entitled buyer to pick something up, but in reality send them on en endless wild goose chase. This kind of trolling is typically reserved for the more abusive, entitled, and unobservant people who try to waste other people's time with tactless low-balling.

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15 Memes To Remind You That Pomeranians Are Absolutely The Best

cute memes of dogs doing funny human stuff as if that is what they normally do

Here are 15 Pomeranian memes for when you need to laugh, smile, cackle and feel better about the world in general. 

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(815): Either my boss has an…

(815): Either my boss has an enormous dick or he’s hiding a can of tennis balls in his bike shorts
(815): Maybe I will go to the company picnic.

Happens All the Time

sister stole gay boyfriend

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Celebrate Mother’s Day With Some of Our Favorite Mom Cat Memes

memes of cats as mothers for mother's day

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One Hot Planet

wtf discovery star funny planet - 7879407360
A new planet was discovered that is similar to Earth in size and composition, meaning it has a rocky surface and an iron core. But that is where similarities end. This twin, named Kepler-78b, has an orbit so close to its parent star, that the surface is about 2,000 degrees hotter than Earth's. The planet's orbit around the star takes only 8.5 hours, instead Earth's 12 month orbit. Located 400 light years away from Earth in the constellation Cyngus, this hellish Earth shouldn't exist. For a planet only 20% larger than Earth with such a small orbit, astronomers can't figure out how it was formed.

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Hooray for Medical Science!

malaria medicine virus science vaccine - 7726550528
A malaria vaccine has become the first to provide 100% protection against the disease, confounding critics and far surpassing any other experimental malaria vaccine tested. It will now be tested further in clinical trials in Africa.

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15 Relatable Tweets About Working In Customer Service

tweets about working in retail and dealing with customers

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6 Real-Life Villains Who’d Be Too Crazy For Comic Books

By Alex Hanton,E. Reid Ross,Tee Ngin Rui  Published: August 17th, 2019 

5 Reasons Social Media Influencers Are Getting Even Weirder

By Lydia Bugg  Published: August 17th, 2019 

The Other Coast for Aug 17, 2019 for 08/17/2019

The Other Coast for Aug 17, 2019

Updated: Sat Aug 17, 2019

Wizard of Id for Aug 17, 2019 for 08/17/2019

Wizard of Id for Aug 17, 2019

Updated: Sat Aug 17, 2019

Momma for Aug 17, 2019 for 08/17/2019

Momma for Aug 17, 2019

Updated: Sat Aug 17, 2019

B.C. for Aug 17, 2019 for 08/17/2019

B.C. for Aug 17, 2019

Updated: Sat Aug 17, 2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Aug 17, 2019 for 08/17/2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Aug 17, 2019

Updated: Sat Aug 17, 2019

Agnes for Aug 17, 2019 for 08/17/2019

Agnes for Aug 17, 2019

Updated: Sat Aug 17, 2019

Trump’s ‘TREASON?’ Tweet Is Inspiring Some Pretty Clever Parodies

trump tweet and memes about treason

Recently Donald Trump tweeted the word "TREASON?" in light of the New York Times op ed that was published on Wednesday. The article was supposedly written by someone within the Trump Administration, calling themselves part of the "resistance." 

After Trump's "treason" tweet, people on Twitter began making their own amusing parodies, which you can read below!

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Thirsty Dude Goes Nuts After Getting Played By Legendary Troll

troll plays dude legendary

Ladies, we've all been in a situation where a weird guy asks for digits and you just don't feel like dealing with the backlash of saying no to him. Without giving too much away, this guy got trolled HARD. We just hope that he was able to walk away from the situation and eventually laugh at it like a good sport.

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26 Ridiculous Moments From the Wonderful World of Tinder

Unbelievable tinder moments

Here's another journey down the rabbit hole of the madness that is Tinder

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An SNL Writer Is Replying To Trump’s Tweets Like They’re Texts And It’s Hilarious

troll trolls trump epicly by replying to his tweets like there are personal

SNL writer Josh Patten is trolling the President hard. The writer and comedian announced his new project "Responding To Trump Tweets Like They Were Texts" on July 16th, and we can't get enough of it. Patten's "text" responses are brief and colloquial, providing contrast that helps highlight just how over the top and exclamatory the President's tweets can be. Patten has declined to comment on the project, but we're definitely hoping to see more of these "text exchanges" in the future. 

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19 Girly Memes That Were Just So Spot On

girly memes that are right on the money, which you also don't have


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30 Funky Memes For All The Bored & Weary Souls

Funny memes and tweets, dank memes, offensive memes, ariana grande, gaming, gaming memes.

Sure, we may have made it through the Monday-Friday work week, but what are we left with? A few pennies and extremely depleted energy levels? Fortunately for all you tired sad sacks, we've got some memes that require very little brain power and will leave you a bit happier than you were before.

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13 Country Memes For Anyone Who’s A Redneck At Heart

memes about the country music scene and the typica shortcomings of the genre

Country music isn't for everyone, and we get that. That's why we compiled these memes that will appeal to both the lovers and haters of the country lifestyle. Whether you're sittin' on the porch sipping sweet tea or hating on country music like the hipster you are, we've got something here for you.

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16 Kim Kardashian Memes That Are Just Too Dang Relatable

Memes that are relatable with expressions of Kim Kardashian

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Science Confirms: Cats Are Mean

why cats are jerks: it's science

Cats can be a**holes, and most of the time, they are (aside from those rare moments when your cat shows you affection and it feels like clouds in the sky are parting to reveal the sun shining behind them). But despite the standoffish, b*tchy behavior and simply mean things cats can do, we always gave them benefit of the doubt. 'They can't understand us', we reason. 'If they did understand, they wouldn't act this way.' Well, I'm really sorry to burst your bubble and possibly ruin your relationship with your cat, but I've got some news for you: cat's DO understand you and cats are MEAN. At least that's what the latest science says. 

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17 Funny Animal Memes That’ll Make You Roar With Laughter

funny animal memes of all sorts, shapes and sizes

Start the day right!

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Hypothetical Burglars Reveal The Little Things They Would Steal To Ruin Someone’s Day

Funny tweets about things people would steal to slightly inconvenience someone's day

People can really surprise you with their unexpected capacity for evil. These evil geniuses in particular have clearly mastered the subtle art form of ruining one's day with the (seemingly) smallest actions. Stealing earring backs? Anyone with pierced ears will understand how unbelievably annoying it is to have to search for those little f*ckers in the morning!

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‘Avengers Level Threat’ Memes Mock Dramatic Responses To Nonexistant Threats

Funny Avengers Level Threat memes featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio.

The latest Marvel meme to hit our screens is ripped from Spider-Man: Far From Home and features the handsome mug of Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio. The character appears wide-eyed and is uttering the line "Now this is an Avengers level threat." As one can imagine, the meme is used to describe situations that are the opposite of dire, like, say, the existence of sand in the mind of Anakin Skywalker. Or an "armed" man with no legs and no hands. The meme is simple, but it's still inspiring some light chuckles. 

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Hilarious Twitter Thread On A Girl’s Allergic Reaction To Grass/Wheat

Twitter thread about girl's allergic reaction to grasswheat

Yeah, she goes from an innocent fivehead to full on Elephant Man status. Twitter user @RhiRob99, went ahead and tweeted out a reminder that it was about this time last year when her friend's head grew to 900x its normal size due to a violent allergic reaction to grass/wheat. They're lucky everything worked out, cause it sounds like they waited a dangerously long amount of time to seek medical attention. 

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We Have Found Some Funny Tweets About Sharks You Must Read Now

funny tweets

In case you need a break, a chuckle, or a quick jolt of wonderful, start with this list below of hilarious shark tweets. We sure hope they will give you a happiness boost.  

If you are still on a Funny Tweet high here are some more! 

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16 Funny Clean Work Memes To Peruse While You’re Supposed To Be Slaving Away

Funny and clean work memes.

There's no shortage of work memes out there, but these ones are special because you can absolutely scroll through them at work without getting in trouble. These job-related memes are for anyone in a clean and corporate environment, or just the cuss averse. We may complain about working but let's be real: it beats being unemployed, and getting fired for your saucy taste in memes would be a damn shame.

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Ladies who stay in shape GIFDUMP 5

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

25 Dungeons & Dragons Memes For The True Heads

Funny Dungeons and dragons memes, dank memes, memes about role play.

We'd always thought Dungeons & Dragons was a super niche interest, one with a small following. Holy crap, we were so wrong. As we'e gotten older it's become clear that way more people were playing than we thought. Which definitely accounts for the insane amount of D&D memeswe've been seeing on the internet. It only makes sense that we'd slap a bunch of 'em together for your perusal. 

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For 5,000 Retweets This Comedian Got a Donald Trump Sucking a D*ck Tattoo, Like For Real

trump troll for tattoo on Twitter

Comedian Elijah Daniel, also the author of an Amazon best selling Donald Trump erotic fiction, told twitter for 5,000 retweets he'd get the graphic image tattooed on his leg and he 100% did. Obviously the graphic tattoo isn't for everyone, but check it out if you want to see Daniel's vision of presumably what he described in his erotic tale, "Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & the Bellboy".

And if that is not tremendous enough for our readers, then perhaps these tremendous Trump memes will help build that wall of solitude around our feelings.

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Jimmy Fallon Did John Travolta Impressions… Against John Travolta

This is a bold move

His wide range of hilariously accurate impressions is what started Jimmy Fallon’s comedy career, and decades after auditioning for Saturday Night Live with musical impressions, it’s nice to see that Jimmy frequently flexes his comedic chameleon skills. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Occasionally on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, he and his guest will take a quick break from the regular interview either for a segment called ‘Wheel of Impressions’ if they’re an actor, or ‘Wheel of Musical Impressions’ if they’re a musician. During these segments, Jimmy and his guest will hit a gold button that activates the ‘wheel’. For acting impressions, it pairs an actor or celebrity who has a famously distinct voice with a completely random topic. So, as an example, Liam Neeson talking about Time Warner Cable. Similarly for musical impressions, an artist with a recognizable voice will be paired up with a random song, like Eddie Vedder singing ‘The Muffin Man’, or a particular song with a random genre, like ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ sung as an Opera number.

It’s so goddamn great.

Not only is it hilarious to listen to something as absurd as a dead ringer for Kathleen Turner talk about slip n’ slides, the impressions are so stupidly impressive.

During last night’s episode, though, Jimmy did something a liiiiiiittle more specific than usual.

His guest was John Travolta, and the two of them did impressions — literally just of John Travolta.

When it comes to John Travolta impressions I think John Travolta had a bit of a leg-up on Jimmy Fallon. It seems a little rigged, but regardless, they both totally nailed it.

26 Tinder Fails To Keep You Laughing All the Way to Your Lonely Grave

funny tinder conversations that will make you want to remain single

Why try when you can watch others fail!

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Funny meme about how loud your jeans sound when you put them in the dryer.

We can seriously hear this meme.

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17 Adorable Baby Owls That Are Too Cute To Handle

cute pictures of adorable baby owls

Get ready for cuteness overload

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Cute girls picdump 140

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

30 Sext Jokes That Will Never Not Be Funny

sexting fails that will make you LOL

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These ‘Girls Vs Boys’ Puberty Memes Are Dank & Dirty Fun

Funny girls vs boys meme about going through puberty.

The horny teenage boy theme may seem cliche to some, but cliches and stereotypes sometimes exist because they're true. The 'Girls vs Boys' format has been super popular this year, and this riff on horny teenage boys going through puberty is probably one of our favorites. Puberty was rough, man.

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20 Hilarious Cat Posts On Tumblr

Funny pets on Tumblr that might not even be aware of how hilarious they actually are

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Emotional Stuntman with Bradley Whitford – Full Director’s Cut

When actors are confronted with the darkest and most powerful of emotions, sometimes they need an Emotional Stuntman. One of the best kept secrets in Hollywood, Bradley Whitford who is perhaps best known for his roles in ‘Get Out’, ‘The Post’, and the hit TV series ‘The West Wing’, is also one of the industries most distinguished Emotional Stuntmen.


BRADLEY: Bradley Whitford

DOCUMENTARIAN: Gildart Jackson

MEREDITH: Melora Hardin

COLIN: Joshua Malina

DIRECTOR: Marta Cunningham

AD: Justin Hogan


DIRECTOR: Amy Landecker

WRITER / EDITOR: Matthew Mayer

EDITOR: Salamo Manetti-Lax



PRODUCER: Rob Hatch-Miller

PRODUCER: Hans Sahni

UPM: Jack Bradley

1st AD: Justin Hogan

2nd AD: Lexi Kirsch

DP: Matthew Sweeney

CAM OP: Matt Diamond


1st AC: Steve Kan

2nd AC: Chris Marius Jones

DIT: William Maxwell

GAFFER: Eddy Scully

KEY GRIP: Keenan Kusnierczyk

KEY GRIP: Jay Carey

SWING: Joseph Gutierrez


COSTUME DESIGNER: Michelle Thompson


MAKEUP: Brenna Haukedahl

MAKEUP: Erin Blinn

WARDROBE: Francesca Roth

SOUND MIXER: Alex Dawson

PA: James Tinsley

PA: Ted Copeland


VFX & COLOR: Bryan Wieder

These Flower Crown Wearing Dogs are Ready for Music Festival Season

dogs with flower crowns that make the music festival Coachella

If you're not familiar with "flower crowns", they're usually worn by hippies or brides. Most recently though, they've made an appearance at music festivals like Coachella.

While dogs aren't usually allowed at music festivals, if they were, you'd find all of these pups waiting in line to meet their favorite band.

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15 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Capture the Struggles of Seizing the Day

funny tweets

"Well, I did everything I could..." 

Check out some more Funny Tweets here. 

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Trump Apparently Wants To Buy Greenland, Gets Roasted & Toasted Over It

Funny memes about tweets about Trump wanting to purchase Greenland

Donald Trump has apparently recently expressed interest in purchasing Greenland with "varying degrees of seriousness," according to the Wall Street Journal

Yes, you read that correctly - Greenland, the massive autonomous Danish territory northeast of Canada with a population of just 56,000. 

(And not to mention, "abundant resources.")

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your personal take on the situation), Greenland has stated that they are absolutely not for sale. 

This of course hasn't stopped memers and Twitter-dwellers alike from mocking the absurd proposal! We just hope that Trump is aware that Greenland is, in fact, not very green...

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Life: Wind Blows Pool Float Woman Is About To Jump Onto, Causing Bellyflop

This is a short video of life in a nutshell starring a woman somewhere tropical trying to jump onto a pool float but the wind catching it right as she's jumping, causing her to bellyflop. I've done that before. I mean of course I've bellyflopped, but I meant I've moved out of the way when a girl was trying to jump on me before. Specifically my girlfriend. "Worst dance partner ever." I panicked! Keep going for the video, complete with slow motion.

Choosy Beggar Gets Shut Down After Asking For Insane Wedding Photo Favor

Choosing beggar asks for deeply discounted wedding photos from a friend.

Taking photos may not be the most fun gig in the world, but usually you expect it to pay. From navigating drunk aunts, to making sure your clients have beautiful ways to remember their special day, this kind of labor deserves to be rewarded in kind. This choosy beggar seems to disagree - and actually balks at the very fair rate his friend usually charges. Pretty sick stuff. If this isn't enough proof that people are terrible, check out this gallery that is chock full of entitled wastes of space. 

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Guy Handwrites Entire Script to ‘Bee Movie’ For His Girlfriend, In Most Romantic Gesture of 2016

script for bee movie

In what is hopefully the last bit of Bee Movie meme-ing this year, a freshman at Baylor University wrote the script to Bee Movie by hand for his girlfriend as some sort of Christmas gift. Who says romance isn’t dead ironic?

Conner Fastenau spent three hours, three human hours, 180-EARTH MINUTES, transcribing the 2007 script to Bee Movie, the film about a talking bee that Jerry Seinfeld made for some reason, as sign of his romantic attraction for an adult human woman. She reportedly “got a good laugh,” so it was “worth it,” Fastenau told Buzzfeed


Bee Movie has been the subject of a strange resurgence of late. Earlier this year, someone put the script to Bee Movie on a shirt in really small print, and just last month, a video that featured all of Bee Movie except every time someone said “bee” the playback sped up went viral. The world continues to be in awe not only of Bee Movie’s very existence, but also ongoing cultural relevance.

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‘Boom Bang’, A Song Made From A Kid Making Weapon Sound Effects, With A Music Video Of War Movies

boom-bang.jpg This is Eclectic Method's 'Boom Bang', a song made from a kid making weapon sound effects, with clips from war movies acting as the song's music video. I'll be honest, when it first started I wasn't that into it, but by the time I was thirty seconds deep I had already made it my ringtone and was searching online how to hack my doorbell. Keep going for the video, and "Don't worry the kid doing the sound effects didn't watch Apocalypse Now, didn't really say 'I love the smell of Napalm in the morning' and doesn't really know what these sounds are , except maybe the helicopter." Well that's a relief.

18 Very Educational History Memes For The Scholars

Funny memes about history

This gallery has a little bit of everything when it comes to history. We've got your medieval history, WWII history, Revolutionary War history, ancient history, etc. 

We just hope you can learn a thing or two from these memes, unlike your 10th grade history class where the teacher just talked about his divorce for an hour straight every day...

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24 of ‘Internet of Sh*t’s’ Technological Fails That Make Reality Seem Like a Crappy Dystopia

Technology fails from twitter.

Would you like to pay for a subscription to drinking fountains? How about shoes that you have to charge? Internet of Shit highlights these disappointing marvels of technology and many more in what seems like a rapidly approaching dystopian future of awful products that simultaneously don't work and make life more inconvenient when they do work.

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The First And Last Times Mister Rogers Sang ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’

first-and-last-beautiful-day.jpg This is a video of both the first (February 19, 1968) and last (August 31, 2001) times Mister Rogers sang 'Won't You Be My Neighbor' on his show, some 33 years apart. My God, what a treat that man was. You think he and Bob Ross were friends? Because in my mind they were, and in my mind they hung out on Friday nights and just had the best, happiest, most wholesome fun. *huffing spray deodorant* The times we would have had together. Keep going for the video.

17 Prodigious Slams and Clapbacks That Achieved Max Damage

Witty responses and insults

Who knew people were so passionate about which corner you put the sun in as a kid, but we're intrigued.  We're fans of clapbacks that blast peoples souls from their bodies, so here are some more from people who savagely responded to just about everything that crossed their paths.

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19 Shower Thoughts That May Ever So Slightly Blow Your Mind

Funny shower thoughts, deep thoughts.

Why is it that our "deepest" thoughts occur when we're doing mundane sh*t like taking a shower? We have no idea, but we'll never get tired of reading other peoples shower thoughts when we're at our most bored.

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23 Hilarious Signs Written By Funny Librarians

memes that librarians would only understand, or someone who loves books

Silent Humor 

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Guy Asks Internet If He’s Wrong For Outing Girl’s STD On Facebook After She Didn’t Disclose It To Him

AITA for outing girl online as having STD

This guy decided to out a girl he hooked up with after he found out she had herpes, after not disclosing it to him when they originally hooked up. Apparently he posted anonymously on their University's Facebook page, and just wanted to warn other people, because of his experience with her deceiving him. From there he proceeded to face quite a bit of backlash. Was he in fact the asshole for outing her, or did he do the right thing? Or, are they both just kind of crappy people in this equation? 

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Impressive!: Man Demonstrates His Bounce Juggling Ability

This is a video of a man who's no doubt got his eyes set on the circus demonstrating his bounce juggling prowess. Impressive. I like how he even throughs in a twirl mid-performance, that was a nice touch. And the smile he gives the camera at the end, man -- that's the look of a man who KNOWS he can steal your girlfriend. 5/5 but would not invite to perform at my birthday party. Keep going for the full video.

32 Stupid Memes That Serve Society No Purpose Whatsoever

Funny random memes and tweets

If you're tired after working and you just want to relax with some dumb comedy, then you've come to the right place. Just scroll down to be entertained for at least several minutes!

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The ‘7th Heaven’ With The Developmentally Disabled Glow-In-The-Dark Puppeteer

A Very Special Episode: Season 4 Episode 8

Annie says Papa’s glum since he can’t work after a double bypass. Tell him your problems so he feels needed! They claim to have no problems. Ruthie assures them all their shit’s a mess. Like Simon who has a crush on Cecilia but won’t tell her. Plus other drama who cares.

Eric mopes about taking off his pants for a day of no work? The dream. He wants to return to meddling in everyone’s affairs. He doesn’t want to feel like (some sick guy) Right, wouldn’t want that, Reverend. Ruthie has some meddling leads. Like Simon and Cecilia plus nine other plots. No thanks.

Lucy’s gets approached by Paul. Her friend? Paul quit his job at Pete’s Pizza for showbiz! But first (I need you to tell my brother I’m gonna become a star) K.

Paul wants to join The Famous People Players, a (blacklight musical theater company that travels all over the world) All the performers are developmentally disabled like Paul. His homie Tom introduced him to the founder, Diane, aaaand (she said I can be a famous people player) Diane can make it happen in this town!

Except Paul’s brother Lenny doesn’t treat him like the full adult man he is. But he’ll certainly listen to Lucy, not a full adult or man.

Papa invited Cecilia over! She’s Ashely fucking Simpson. Of course she is. Everyone’s pissed at Eric for sticking his nose in all their shit.

Lucy runs in talking nutty about an aspiring puppeteer in the backyard who won’t come in until she calls Lenny. Time for a drug test, young lady.

Eric feels worthless. (a week ago I was a man with a purpose...a man who helped his kids) The longer he stays away from kids the better.

Paul with the bold intro. (who are you? Who are you? I asked you first) Game set match Paul.

Eric returns from his gripping convo to meet Lenny and his wife Marie. Eric’s thrilled about fresh lives to destroy.

Only Lenny and Marie are here to talk to Lucy. Not Eric. He’s gonna need surgery again they way you’re breaking his heart.

They’re understandably surprised Paul wants to join a glow in the dark traveling puppet show. Lucy tries to sell them. But Lenny doesn’t get it.

(he wants to play with puppets) I take it back. Lenny gets it.

They say Paul can barely keep a job at Pete’s! Surprise! He can’t do that either. Lucy says he has a lot more potential than Pete’s, shitting on everyone who makes her pizza.

She assures these randos that some guy she hardly knows should run away to join the ultra violet circus. Lenny decides what’s best for his brother. Working at Pete’s until he drops dead from greasy depression.

Eric and Paul bro out over their sadness. Eric feels useless. And Paul? (I want to be a famous people player. I want to work with Diane, not pizza. I’m a man ... I’m a man too) I never say this, but you two have to start a podcast.

Ruthie needs advice. Eric passes. Until he gets encouragement from his new bestie.

Ruthie has a ... uh, friend ... being starved and abused by her parents, could’ve sworn we did this last week. Eric is like name names. NOW. Lucy names Alice Brand.

Lenny won’t let Paul trade pizza for puppets. Even though that’s an upgrade. Lucy apologies she couldn’t get him released him from his pepperoni prison. But she’s not giving up. She’s got a plan with Diane.

Alice Brand and her family got a visit from 12. The Brands don’t appreciate these baseless allegations. The Camdens explain it’s not OK to lie about child abuse because you think being needed will make dad feel better. Where’d she get that idea? Ruthie snitches on her mom with her eyes.

Eric says it’s not Annie’s fault he’s sad. (whos’ fault is it? God’s) Well go hop in line for his complaint department behind everyone else who’s ever fucking existed, dude.

Lenny and Marie watch a Famous People Players performance with Diane. Paul can’t do that! Guess what, bitches? Paul was on that tape! He quit Pete’s and squaded up last week. Snuck out and took the bus. Just like Boogie Nights, but I assume less hog jacking for money.

Diane, the actual Famous People Players founder in real life yes it’s a real thing, says folks scoffed when she started in the 70’s. (create a blacklight ... performers) I mean, I kinda see where the scoffers were coming from. But she knew her iridescent theater would make dreams come true. The kind of dreams impossible to realize working at Pete’s Pizza.

They give their blessing for Paul to leave them, probably forever, to run around in the dark covered in neon paint.

So what did we learn today?

Life’s too short. You might get a heart attack! Quit your shitty job and run away from your family with a glow in the dark circus for the developmentally disabled. And Ashlee Simpson was on this show. Crazy. And if you try to fix people’s problems, you will make things worse! So don’t bother. And god hates you. See you next time on A Very Special Episode.

Need a proper fix of 7th Heaven? Watch the show now on Amazon or Hulu.

Actor/ Writer/ Editor: Dashiell Driscoll
VFX: Bryan Wieder
Post Supervisor: Kia Reghabi

20 Very Thirsty Animals

Pics of animals drinking water that are clearly very thirsty to be trying so hard to quench their thirst

Cats, dogs, birds and other types of animals beating the summer heat by staying hydrated. 

Submitted by:


pun about a cat named joy and he will not jump for that cat, will not jump for joy

And this is why he does not jump for Joy.

LoL by: heyman

18 Animal Parenting Memes That Will Totally Have You Laughing Out Loud

parenting memes of animals taking care of their young or lack thereof

and for those with children... totally understand! 

Submitted by:

Fresh Collection of 5-Star Tinder Profiles We Fell In Love With

Entertaining Tinder profiles and conversations from particularly humorous individuals into modern dating game.

I'll be the first to say that I'm as weary as the rest of you when it comes to the latest assemblage of funny, strange, cringe-packed modern (so...Tinder) dating moments. More often than not, we're left scratching our heads, legitamately discouraged or confused with the current state of dating affairs as a millennial. Are we devolving when it comes to dating, or are these convos and wildly creative profiles natural symptoms of progress? Probably a bit of both.

If you guys ever encounter any remarkably twisted Tinderers (we'll pretend that's a word for the meanwhile), and you're down to share your convo/profile please submit 'dem screenshots over here! We're always game to credit and feature community submissions. 

Submitted by:

16 Dirty Times Tinder Lived Up To Its Terribly Senseless And Immature Reputation

dirty times tinder puns that are fun to laugh at

Good 'ol Tinder, never failing to keep things nice and raunchy. The most predictable part of the app is that at least someone's going to walk away from it vaguely uncomfortable. You never know who's lurking behind that next right swipe. 

Submitted by:

Funniest Animal Tweets: The Special Halloween Version

funny tweets

These are Funny Tweets are totally relatable 

Submitted by:

26 Of The Dumbest Questions Customers Have Ever Asked

customer service, fail, customer, retail, ridiculous, stupid, funny

Gotta love when you get the customer who asks if you have "gluten-free water." 

Submitted by:

These 13 Illustrations Of Literal Idioms Are Literally Funny

Pun Funny illustrations that describe things literally - Cover image woman pushing cart with many windows in it and captioned 'Window Shopping'

Submitted by:

(908): this poor kid thinks hes…

(908): this poor kid thinks hes going to have his first time with both of us.

(516): yeah, last night we…

(516): yeah, last night we handcuffed you and you started crying saying that you weren't a bad person.

The Overflow 497

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

This Guy is Putting Kazakhstan on The Map – For the Wrong Reasons

Drunk man climbs over fence in order to ride giraffe, and gets bucked off

Let's face it, the average person cannot place Kazakhstan on a map, even if you paid them. But apparently the hijinks that Russians are so famous for all over the internet, also extend to the former USSR's territories turned independent nation-states. This guy took being drunk at the zoo to a whole new level. Now I am sure most of us have at least dreamt about riding a wild safari animal. This guy clearly had a little too much liquid courage in him when he pulled this stunt off. The culprit wasn't caught, but police are searching for him with the intent to press charges. Check out all the juicy details from the stunt, find out how special this particular zoo is, and decide if you might have found your next vacation spot. The animals would sure appreciate it, but I would avoid trying to ride them..

Submitted by:

Tagged: drunk , zoo , jo38ma3 , riding , giraffes , FAIL

(402): Just made a secret hand…

(402): Just made a secret hand shake with my sisters cat. Boredom at its finest.

Top Funny Memes That Will Help You Get Through The Rest Of The Day

cat relaxing on a no-dog area of a park LIKE A BOSS - awesome animal memes

These funny memes don't need any explanation

Submitted by:

(574): Who the fuck puts glitter…

(574): Who the fuck puts glitter on their vagina? It’s all over my face and crotch.

(904): Be there in 6 mins I’m…

(904): Be there in 6 mins I’m smell like fireball. and strippers and need to use your showers before go home.

These Cat Anatomy Illustrations Will Help You Get To Know Your Cat Better

cat anatomy illustrations

Submitted by:

(714): he would NOT stop making…

(714): he would NOT stop making out with my stomach! creeeeeepy.

9 Times Wives Told Their Husband That They Now Own A Puppy

Funny image of a puppy in a shopping cart with a lot of bottles of alcohol - cover photo for a list of funny memes of women bringing home dogs when they weren't meant to

Submitted by:

20 Comics That Prove Garfield Is Getting Ready For Christmas Too

garfield comics that help for Christmas

Submitted by:

(413): i just read a article…

(413): i just read a article called "Booze, Drugs, and Bipolar Disorder"... i think someone is writing the memoirs of my life.

Here Is The Proof Dogs Are The Best Branch Managers Ever (Memes & Gifs)

funny doggo memes of dogs with sticks

Submitted by:

(319): when the cops came she just…

(319): when the cops came she just started yelling at them "Fuck the police! freedom of speech bitches!".

17 Wholesome Animal Memes to Turn Your Frown Upside Down

wholesome memes that will foster growth and personal values

Submitted by:

27 Hilarious Tweets About Sephora All Women Will Relate To

Funny tweets about Sephora and make up

Via: Rearfront

Submitted by:

Guy Reveals a 34-Year-Old Family Secret About Murdoch, The Beloved Family Dog

Twitter story of a lovable family dog

And the secret just makes everything so much better! A great story by twitter user @Phroosh77

Submitted by:

The Modern Man Has It Rough

dating fails g rated manly things mans-life the modern man - 6217061888

Submitted by: Unknown

Cool Stuff Picdump 179

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

Parenting Win: A Baby With Wisdom Beyond Its Years

baby cosplay parenting WIN pixar up - 5688545536

Submitted by: (via Fashionably Geek)

The Salmon Cannon: Catapulting Fish and People’s Dreams Into The Future

the salmon canon

Humans have interrupted a lot of natural processes. Highways divide forests, and dams interrupt the migration routes for fish. But that isn't to say that we haven't found solutions to some of the problems that we created. Wildlife bridges have been built over highways allow animals to cross the highway safely. And in a recent Twitter storm, the public has rediscovered an amazing apparatus that scientists released in 2014 which helps salmon migrate. It is called the Salmon Cannon. And as you can imagine, everyone is obsessed with it. 

Submitted by:

Fisher-Price Rolls Out a New Line of Complexes with Exercise Bike for Kids

fisher price exercise bikes for kids

Parents are concerned about how active their kids are. But rather than, you know, taking their kids outside, they’re relying on Fisher-Price to get their kids moving without actually going anywhere.

At CES, Fisher-Price introduced a new stationary exercise bike for kids to ride and that parents can just plop an iPad in front of and forget about. Finally, a way for your kid to play video games and feel the burn.

via Maroon 5

According to CNN, “The system is Bluetooth-enabled so the bike could work with the apps played on platforms such as Apple TV and Android TV. App dashboards tell parents how much time their child has spent peddling and what he or she has learned in that duration.”

So now not only does your kid get hours of guilt-free screen time, but also they can enjoy all the healthy obsessing over exercise that their parents do. A toy that brings the whole family together.

Submitted by: (via CNN)

Four Loko Is Back As A Hard Seltzer To Make You Hate Water

By Luis Prada  Published: August 16th, 2019 

Meet TV Head Man, The Newest American Urban Legend

By Cedric Voets  Published: August 16th, 2019 

4 Crazy Ways The Human Body’s Changing In Our Own Lifetimes

By Mark Hill  Published: August 16th, 2019 

5 WTF Attempts To Bring Superheroes To TV

By Matt Solomon  Published: August 16th, 2019 

The Other Coast for Aug 16, 2019 for 08/16/2019

The Other Coast for Aug 16, 2019

Updated: Fri Aug 16, 2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Aug 16, 2019 for 08/16/2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Aug 16, 2019

Updated: Fri Aug 16, 2019

Wizard of Id for Aug 16, 2019 for 08/16/2019

Wizard of Id for Aug 16, 2019

Updated: Fri Aug 16, 2019

Herb and Jamaal for Aug 16, 2019 for 08/16/2019

Herb and Jamaal for Aug 16, 2019

Updated: Fri Aug 16, 2019

Andy Capp for Aug 16, 2019 for 08/16/2019

Andy Capp for Aug 16, 2019

Updated: Fri Aug 16, 2019

15 Self Important Mind Titans Who Really Brought the Intellectual Heat

some real self importance titans

At its best, a comments section is a place for people to discuss new ideas, share interesting stories, and tell each other jokes. At its worst, it kinda looks something like this. Egotistical braggarts tearing each other down for no reason other than to make themselves feel something. Boy it happens a lot.

Submitted by:

15 Hilarious Results From ICHC’s Facebook Challenge For Christmas

a cute list of cats wishes

It's not surprise when we say "We wonder what you're thinking..." when talking to a cat. If only we knew! Well, what if they were able to write a letter to you this Christmas? What do you think it would say?

Well, this week we decided to ask our I Can Has Cheezburger Facebook users that simple question because well, we really wanted to know!

"If your cat were to send you a Christmas Card, what would it say?"

And the results.... are priceless! 

If you need to see more, check it out Here

Submitted by:

If These Animal Comics Don’t Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

funniest animal webcomics of all shapes and sizes

Submitted by:

30 Tinder Conversations That’ll Obliterate Your Hope In Modern Day Dating

Tinder conversations that perfectly reflect the ridiculous nature of modern day dating.

Tinder conversations and profiles that will destroy any thread of hope you had about online dating. 

Submitted by:

Tagged: tinder , ridiculous , dating , dms

This Photoshop Battle Makes Trump Great Again

Photoshop battle of a double chin trump making a gumption face, made into a meme from so many edits

Some keen photoshoppers got a hold of an extremely unflattering photo of Trump that has been circulating the internet. Let's just say that these are nothing short of extraordinary.

Feast your eyes on these fantastic beasts that we've found. And when done, check out the most tremendous Trump memes that were ever made in the history of memes, maybe ever.

Submitted by:

Twitter Story About A Married Couple And A Creepy House Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

tweets about creepy house

This story is going to make you say, "Ohhh, white people...."

Submitted by:

Colbert Absolutely Loves This Genius Plan To Troll Trump In His Own Home

The "Late Show" host really wants to see this happen.

31 Dumb Memes That Are Funny AF

Funny random memes

We might be a little biased here, but we think memes make the world go 'round. They're pretty much the main form of communication for Millennials, after all! So send these to your friends and let them do all the talking!

Submitted by:

27 Cringe Pics That’ll Make You Want To Go Blind

Cringey pics

Oh, the humanity! We spend hours and hours trawling the deep corners of the web for fun stuff for you all to gaze upon. Every now and then, however, we come across pics or videos that make us wonder why we bother with this "life" thing at all. Here's some of the content that makes us wish the asteroid would hurry the f*ck up. 

Submitted by:

15 Therapist Memes For Anyone Who Really Needs A Damn Shrink

Funny memes about therapists and going to therapy

This gallery is a gentle reminder for you that memes are not therapy. No, like seriously, go see a damn therapist IRL. Memes might make you laugh temporarily but they won't bring your dad back from the grocery store after he said he was just going out to get milk when you were seven. 

And as a message to all the therapists out there: keep it up and remember that you're doing the lord's work!

Submitted by:

17 “That Feeling When” Memes To Make You Say “Exactly”

animal memes of that feeling when (TFW) followed by a scenario we all relate too

The internet is all about expressing feelings for better or worse and that's what this gallery of TFW memes is all about.

Submitted by:

This Alpaca-Human Dance Off Deserves Its Own Disney Movie


We humans tend to think that there’s a lot separating us from other animals for a variety of reasons, like our complex language, infrastructure, and the fact that we’ve developed hobbies, passions, and interests, to name a few. But dolphins and whales have extremely complex language, and bees make structures out of perfect hexagons and they don’t even use rulers. So are we really that different from the rest of the animal kingdom or are we just smart enough to be full of ourselves and kinda dickish?

I’m sure at this point you’re all yelling, “but what about the fact that humans have passions and hobbies?! You mentioned that in your opening but you didn’t address passions and hobbies!!” at your screens, to which I say ha HA! I did that on purpose! Because that is going to be the lead into the topic of this article, which I’m sure none of you saw coming!!!

Moving on from my cleverness, let us continue.

What are you passionate about — sports? Singing? Painting? Those are all things that tons of animals can do if you train them, but we all know that’s not the same as having a passion for it. A passion is something you want to do, unprompted or without reward. Something that you’re excited about. Take dancing, for instance. Sure, you can train an animal to perform certain moves, you can teach them a routine with practice, and a lot of animals will even dance to music on their own, like parrots or cockatiels or other similar birds.

(In high school my best friend’s budgie Richard would lose his absolute shit every time Biggie Smalls came on, he wouldn’t dance but he would tweet like crazy for the whole damn track which we assumed was him rapping along. He had taste)

That’s all well and good, but is that enough to be able to say that some animals are on the same level as us? Is a bird bobbing its head and singing September — Earth, Wind & Fire a compelling enough argument?

How about an alpaca that’s so into dancing it throws down in a full on dance battle???



I gotta be honest, I’m not invested in anything enough to test my skills in a battle against someone else, especially if that someone else is a different species. This is the kind of bond that births Disney movies.

So there you go, maybe more of your animal pals have hobbies that you don’t even know about. Maybe we aren’t so different after all. Only one way to find out! Challenge your golden retriever to duelling pianos, bring your stamp collection outside and see if any squirrels are into it, ask the local crows how they feel about Shakespeare!

Those big ones are dangerous!

meme of a pit bull dog playing gently with a dandelion in a field outdoors somewhere with partially cloudy skies and leaves or plants growing all around on the ground

Submitted by: Chris10a

Tagged: dogs , cute dogs , dog memes , woof

Oh What Up

Funny Tumblr meme about two friends who took photos of each other while one was in Toronto on the ground and the other was in an airplane

Damn, what are the chances?

Submitted by: (via LeoSenior)

30 Priceless Memes That We Can All Relate Too

priceless memes that you can get at the thrift shop if you know what to ask for

Get ready to laugh out loud... because we can all relate to these memes! 

h/t: Pleated-jeans

Submitted by:

17 “Feeling Cute” Animal Selfie Memes That Have Been Bestowed Upon The Public

animal pics that are feeling cute, but might delete later, idk

These animals were feeling cute in their pic, but most of them mentioned they might possibly delete the picture later! Don't worry, we managed to save a few before that happened. 

Submitted by:

25 More Funny Tweets About Marriage

funny tweets

Marriage counselors say that you should always take responsibility for what you do in your significant other's dreams. 

Take a look at some more Funny Tweets here. 

Submitted by:

‘Regretful Hulk’ Memes Are Overflowing With Relatable Cringe

Funny memes about the hulk, regretful hulk, marvel memes, regret, past mistakes.

If you've ever texted your ex at 3am or put off something important to the very last minute, 'Regretful Hulk' is a meme for you. So basically, this meme is for absolutely everyone. We may tell ourselves that we're maturing and making better choices, but there's a pretty high chance that we're going to make these mistakes again. And again. And again. Or at least until phones keep you from sending drunk and risky AF text messages.

Submitted by:

‘Christian Girl Autumn’ Is The New Cringey Version Of ‘Hot Girl Summer’

Funny tweets making fun of 'Christian Girl Autumn'

Apparently we're moving on from Hot Girl Summer and heading into "Christian Girl Autumn" now. Well, according to fashion and lifestyle blogger Caitlin Covington anyway. Covington tweeted a photo of her and a friend with the caption, "Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end, get ready for Christian Girl Autumn." 

The tweet inspired thousands of parodies, memes, and roasts about the stereotypes of basic Christian girls who love pumpkin spice lattes and over-sized scarves. 

A lot of these roasts make a whole lot of assumptions about Christian people that might not necessarily be true, but we found them to be pretty amusing regardless!

Submitted by:

The Best Moments From the Greatest Troll in the History of the Internet: Ken M

Ken M comments that a new planet found is probably only small because it's really far away

One of the most dedicated and most active trolls in the history of the internet, Ken M, has given us quite a few laughs over the years. Here's some of his best from his escapades around the internet. 

Submitted by:

What Is Wrong With You?: Man Faceplants In Real Life Jumping Off Building In Virtual Reality

This is a video from a house party I wasn't invited to (looks lame anyways) of a guy on top of a virtual tightrope or rooftop or something doing a bellyflop from the virtual height and smacking the very real pavement below with his face. Why would you do that? Do people really get this lost in virtual reality? I don't get it. "Drugs?" Haha, nice try, HR -- but I ain't peeing in nothing for you today. And don't even think about touching the Arizona Iced Tea can under my desk. Keep going for the full video with lead-up.

17 Funny, Sad and Dumb Tinder Moments to Make You Feel Less Lonely

sad tinder conversations that will make you happy it is not you this happened to

Tinder has proven itself to be a pretty strange place. Honestly, there's no way of knowing what you're going to get. Here's what people have hauled up from a sea that promised "a whole bunch of other fish." For more awkward dating moments, here are some more from the world of Tinder.

Submitted by:

Tagged: Sad , sex , jokes , tinder , Awkward , one liners , lol , dumb , funny , stupid , casual , dating

Donald Trump’s Baby Picture Just Made Photoshop Battles Great Again

Photoshop battles of trump as a kid

Donald Trump's creepy baby picture surfaced on the internet, so of course it became a photoshop battle. Comb overs, tiny hands, references to Trump's hyperbolic speeches, we've got it all!

And when we say we got it all, we are excluding the tremendous Trump Memes, but we gotcha covered on that too.

Submitted by:

Simon Cowell’s ‘New Look’ Is Getting Roasted & Toasted On Twitter

Funny tweets about Simon Cowell plsatic surgery.

We may not be medical professionals but we definitely know when someone has gotten work. It's baffling that someone in the spotlight would undergo serious cosmetic procedures and think their fans wouldn't notice, but it keeps happening. Yesterday, after photos from the red carpet were released, Simon Cowell went from being a judge to being judged - and harshly. The notoriously cranky English judge of America's Got Talent has been on our television screens since 2001, and many fans were shocked at his transformation. 

It's pretty obvious to most people that Cowell has gotten work done, though he's attributing his new look to his vegan diet and weight loss. Perez Hilton seems to think otherise: "I'm going with: new veneers, fillers in the cheek, Botox in the forehead and a possible eye job too! What do U think of the new Simon Cowell???" We're inclined to agree. And judging by these hilarious reactions to the dude's face, so is Twitter.

Submitted by:

Man With Television For Head Leaves Over 50 Old Televisions On Porches In Virginia

television-head.jpg A man wearing a custom television helmet (presumably a member of Daft Punk) has left over 50 old TVs on porches in Henricho County, Virginia under the cover of darkness. Several of his special deliveries were caught on home security cameras, but the man has not been identified and police suspect it's just a prank and that all the televisions (which have already been rounded up by authorities) will not turn on simultaneously and start broadcasting Television Head's list of demands or he'll destroy all TV streaming services. As one of the news anchors in the video clip concludes, "It's somebody's art project or something, watch -- it'll show up in a museum." Sherlock Holmes, ladies and gentlemen! It'll show up in a museum. Keep going for a short video news report which includes footage a few of the deliveries.

Amazon Gets Roasted For Creating Fake Twitter Accounts To Hide Its Sketchy Working Conditions

Funny parody tweets about the Amazon Fulfillment Centers being a good place to work

Apparently we're actually living in George Orwell's 1984

Amazon has come under fire for allegedly creating fake Twitter accounts (under the name "Amazon FC Ambassador") to silence any criticism of the working conditions of its fulfillment centers which, if you're unaware, are known for being particularly sweatshop-like. 

Recently various Twitter users have called out Amazon for this...bizarre (to say the least) behavior. 

So without further ado, here are some of the best parodies and examples of the creepy Orwellian tweets!

Submitted by:

So don’t even try…

wearing fox fur won't be as cool as this fox

LoL by: MuttMeat

Tagged: foxes , fur , fox , tongue , tongue out , animal , animals

Throwback To Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg’s Dad Joke Standoff

You’re probably gonna want to get your notepad out and jot a few of these gems down

Ahhh, dad jokes.

Simultaneously the best of comedy, and the worst of comedy. The kinds of jokes that make you want to walk right out of the building and groan for a full 24 hours. Just the worst jokes that are never okay, unless you’re the one telling them, then they’re downright hilarious. Jokes that make your mother say, “oh for fuck’s sake,” but crack your father up, and make your grandfather shed a single, proud tear, knowing that the pun-torch is being carried down through the generations. Jokes that are so bad they’re good; jokes that we can’t help but laugh at, and then hate ourselves for laughing at.

Dad jokes, at their most basic level, are just puns. And anyone can tell a pun.

But not everyone can tell a dad joke.

To turn your average, run-of-the-mill pun into a dad joke, it needs to be told from a place of complete, unabashed self-satisfaction. You have to be just so totally pleased with yourself before, during, and for a looooong time after you tell it. You have to ease into the delivery, but ham it up enough that everyone knows what’s coming, and you can see the looks of “oh no, oh no this is going to be so bad” form on their faces in real time. You need to relish in every “UGHHHHHH” that follows. It needs to make your day and ruin everyone else’s. In order for it to be a dad joke, you should be the only one laughing, and you should be laughing hard.

It’s truly a skill and an artform, and All Def Comedy pits the best of the best (or the worst of the worst, depending on how you feel about dad jokes) against each other in their video series You Laugh, You Lose.

Two comedians enter, only one leaves.

Well ok actually they both leave because it’d be crazy if a dad joke battle was a fight to the death but that just sounded cool didn’t it?

The entire series is hilarious, but back in 2017, a battle of titans went down — a battle to see who is the master of dad jokes:

Will Ferrell, or Mark Wahlberg?

What Is This Sorcery?

Funny meme about an airplane cockpit resembling a phone calculator when it's turned sideways

How TF does this work now?

Submitted by: (via LeoSenior)

Guy’s Twitter Story About His Psycho Ex Will Leave You Feeling SHOOK

funny tweets

Strap in for this wild story about a guy's totally insane ex-girlfriend!

We love a good Funny Tweet so check out some more here. 

Submitted by:

Live Action Frozen with Bella Thorne and Mae Whitman

Bella Thorne and Mae Whitman star in Disney's latest live-action adaptation of an animated movie. Because the world needs that.

Bella Thorne & Mae Whitman

Director- Andy Bush
Writer- Lindsay Kerns
Producer- Brianne Trosie
Editors- Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm
DP- Yuki Noguchi
Gaffer- Ben Salvetti
Grip- Chris Pevey
Cam Op- Bret Watkins
Production Design- Tricia Robertson
Sound- Mike Robertson
Wardrobe- Jordy Scheinberg
Hair & Makeup- Jessica Leigh Schwartz
PA- Josh Kay

Ron Burgundy Dives Into The Internet With A Cyber Security Expert

It’s a mercurial place, as Ron calls it, and this episode is the ultimate guide

Few people know how the internet actually came to be, but Ron Burgundy has done extensive research for this podcast. Extensive research that he had to do, mind you, because Carolina didn’t send him any notes before the episode. Or did she? Maybe his fax machine was just out of paper, who’s to say.

The internet is here to stay and Ron Burgundy has a lot of questions about it, as we all should. It’s a dangerous beast! Are your children safe? Are the elderly safe? Is anyone safe? There’s a lot to discuss, that’s why Ron brought in Cyber Security Expert, Richard Greenberg.

To warm up, Ron and Carolina learn a bit about Richard and about his job as a Cyber Security Expert. For instance, is Ron allowed to call him Dick? Does he carry a badge and a gun? Because it seems like he should get to carry a badge and a gun.

After the pleasantries, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty, and Ron asks the questions that are on everyone’s mind: How do you create a strong password? What are hackers? What is the dark web? Can you buy quaaludes there? All things that we need to know.

Richard Greenberg fields all of these important questions and more, providing extremely useful information on how to keep yourself safe on the internet, and some insight into whether or not we should be afraid of robots.

You might think you know a lot about the internet and cyber safety, but how much do you really know? If you spend time online, which you do because you’re reading this right now, Ron and Carolina’s talk with Richard is a must-listen.

New episodes of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” drop every Thursday. Check out all the available episodes of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” on Apple Podcasts and iHeartRadio now.

Ron Burgundy Dives Into The Internet With A Cyber Security Expert

It’s a mercurial place, as Ron calls it, and this episode is the ultimate guide

Few people know how the internet actually came to be, but Ron Burgundy has done extensive research for this podcast. Extensive research that he had to do, mind you, because Carolina didn’t send him any notes before the episode. Or did she? Maybe his fax machine was just out of paper, who’s to say.

The internet is here to stay and Ron Burgundy has a lot of questions about it, as we all should. It’s a dangerous beast! Are your children safe? Are the elderly safe? Is anyone safe? There’s a lot to discuss, that’s why Ron brought in Cyber Security Expert, Richard Greenberg.

To warm up, Ron and Carolina learn a bit about Richard and about his job as a Cyber Security Expert. For instance, is Ron allowed to call him Dick? Does he carry a badge and a gun? Because it seems like he should get to carry a badge and a gun.

After the pleasantries, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty, and Ron asks the questions that are on everyone’s mind: How do you create a strong password? What are hackers? What is the dark web? Can you buy quaaludes there? All things that we need to know.

Richard Greenberg fields all of these important questions and more, providing extremely useful information on how to keep yourself safe on the internet, and some insight into whether or not we should be afraid of robots.

You might think you know a lot about the internet and cyber safety, but how much do you really know? If you spend time online, which you do because you’re reading this right now, Ron and Carolina’s talk with Richard is a must-listen.

New episodes of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” drop every Thursday. Check out all the available episodes of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” on Apple Podcasts and iHeartRadio now.

The Cat Selfie, A Clip-On Bell Attachment For Smartphones To Get Your Cat’s Attention For Selfies

cat-selfie-1.jpg In other cat news, this is the Cat Selfie available from "British novelty company" Bubblegum Stuff. It's a £12 [~$15] plastic clip-on attachment for smartphones that has a little bell in the middle to grab your cat's attention for taking selfies. Simple enough. Of course if you're taking so many cat selfies that you need a $15 clip-on smartphone attachment to take even better ones, it may be time to put the smartphone down and dust off that old online dating profile. "You bought one, didn't you, GW?" No, I bought two -- one for home, one to put on my keychain for when I visit friends with cats or meet a friendly stray. My Instagram is about to be nuts. Keep going for a couple more pictures because they exist and I'm just passing the time until my buddy Dave finishes up whatever the hell he's working on so we can go to Taco Bell for lunch.

Karina Elle GIFDUMP

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23 Comics For People With A Twisted Sense Of Humor

dark and funny web comics from Mark Organisciak.


We like web comics, but we LOVE quirky and dark web comics. This series from artist Mike Organisciak definitely fits that bill. He set out to complete 100 days of comics and finished this past May. Hopefully he will himself again because we NEED more of these gems.

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Tribute of the Day: RIP Debbie Reynolds, The World Says “Thank You”

twitter reacts to death of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds, singer, dancer, and actress of Singin’ in the Rain, died last night at the age 84, mere hours after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher. One of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the 50s and 60s, she received an Oscar nomination for The Unsinkable Molly Brown in 1964 and continued to appear on stage and screen well into the 21st century. If you aren’t familiar with her face, you’ve probably heard Reynolds’ voice on some of your favorite cartoons, including Rugrats, Family Guy, and as the voice of Charlotte in 1973’s classic adaptation of Charlotte’s Web.

via Mrs Burty

And like in Fisher’s death just two days ago, the world mourns the loss of another beloved actor, with many posting tributes to Reynolds on Twitter.

Watch a clip from Singin’ in the Rain and read some of the tributes to Debbie Reynolds below.

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Going Vertical: Kittens Climb On Carpet Wall To Chase Toy

cats-on-carpet-wall.jpg This is a super short video of a precious kitten duo climbing around on a carpet wall to chase the cat toy their caretaker is waving around for them. That looks like a fun time, doesn't it? Plus it's a great way to teach kittens that they can climb your drapes. I mean, not that they weren't going to figure it out on their own anyways. *eyes tattered drapes, completely destroyed vertical blinds* Sucks too, I was really hoping to get my full security deposit back. "Um, you cut a hole in the floor and installed a fireman's pole." Come on, nobody can argue that wasn't value-add. Keep going for the full video.

Brilliant Troll Gives Scammer A Taste Of Their Own Shady Medicine

Funny text exchange of a dude trolling an obvious scammer.

We absolutely love seeing scammers get owned while scammin', and this text exchange is one of the better ones we've seen in a while. This dude "Michael" plays along with an insanely obvious attempt at robbery, and the results are completely hilarious. He trolls the scammer so hard they end up begging him to stop wasting his time. Incredible.

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Salmon Cannon Video Gets Luigi Voiceover Treatment

Remember the video of the salmon cannon we posted back in 2014? It was designed to blast as many as 40 salmon a minute over dams and other obstacles at up to 22MPH so they can return to their spawning grounds then bone like crazy till they die (sounds like a dream, doesn't it?). Well somebody went and added some Luigi audio to a demonstrative video of the cannon to liven things up a bit. "It's a video of salmon blasting through a cannon, it really doesn't need to be livened up any more." And normally I'd agree with you, but just like my girlfriend gets sometimes, I'm committed to being combative today. *phone rings* Dammit, why do I do keep doing this to myself? "You're a rebel without a cause, GW." Well I'm about to be a rebel without a penis if I keep it up. Keep going for the videos (the second with the Luigi audio).

That was weird 168

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A Bot Just Wrote A Chapter Of Harry Potter And It’s An Absolute Masterpiece

Funny story about a Harry Potter chapter that was created using predictive keyboards, Jamie Brew, Botnik studios, twitter.

Jamie Brew's Botnik Studios has become internet famous after sharing their incredible AI-generated Harry Potter fanfic yesterday. The piece, which amounts to a small chapter, was created using predictive keyboards that had been fed all 7 books in the original Harry Potter series. The resulting text is impressively hilarious - and has caught the attention of many, many people on Twitter. 

If you want to create something similar of your own, Brew has released the Harry Potter keyboards for both dialogue and narration. Happy "writing"! 

Get more of these magic nuggets of Harry Potter gold with Harry Potter movie fun facts (from eBaum's World) or get some Riddikulus Harry Potter Memes. Its like Christmas morning all up in here but instead of gifts it is memes about Harry Potter.

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WTF!: Parasitic Worm Turns Snail Into Strobing Zombie To Get Eaten By Birds, Continue Its Reproductive Cycle

This is a freaky deaky video of a snail that's been invaded by a parasitic Leucochloridium worm, which has used chemical control to cause the normally nocturnal snail to venture out into the daylight where its vulnerable. Oh, and then proceeded to commandeer its motor functions and moved into its eye stalks and begun pulsating in a way that mimics a caterpillar, so the snail will get eaten by a bird and the worm can continue its reproductive cycle in the bird's gastrointestinal track, eventually producing eggs in the bird's poop to start the unholy cycle all over again. Now I think I speak for everyone when I say that intervention with Mother Nature is long overdue. The only question is how we can lure her somewhere without her knowing it's a setup. "We'll tell her she's won an award for all the freaky deep sea shit she's created recently!" Not a bad idea. "Thanks." A terrible one, she'll see it coming from a mile away and infect us all with anal roaches. "Are those even a real thing?" Well they certainly will be if we go with your dumbass plan. Keep going for a longer video (but it's really just more of the same and I'm pretty sure the gif was already more than enough anyways) while I try to figure out how to break this circle of life.

So Real

Funny meme about how people pace when they're talking on the phone, photo of concrete that a duck paced across.

Why is it impossible to have a damn good phone call without pacing?

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19 Head Shakingly Ridiculous Moments of Pure Facepalm

facepalm moments that would make the strongest person cringe

These instances might remind you that you're actually doing pretty well for yourself in the whole brain department. Hot damn, it's like life is a race to see who can do the dumbest thing ever. We absolutely love it. And boy people are dumb a lot.

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Meanwhile In Russia: Pedestrian Scoots Through Backseat Of Car Blocking Crosswalk

This is a short video from Petrozavodsk, Russia of a pedestrian man who decides to go through a car blocking the crosswalk instead of around it. Heck yeah, that ought to teach the driver a lesson! Possibly about not blocking crosswalks, but probably about locking their car doors. Keep going for the video while I speculate why he didn't just ask for a ride. I mean he was already in here.

27 Boredom-Busting Memes Of The Moderately Amusing Variety

Funny random meme and tweet dump, relatable memes, cute memes, cute animals, animal memes.

We believe congratulations are in order. We've all officially made it over the hump to Thursday, and that deserves celebration in the form of these procrastination-fueling and boredom-destroying memes. You're welcome.

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meme template of cats in a box with minor feline disagreement in progress

Submitted by: allcatsloved

24 Wholesome Comics That Serve Up The Sappiness

Wholesome and happy webcomics filled with love, animals.

Feeling down or just want to smile a little wider? These sappy comics are overflowing with all that cheesy good stuff. It's okay to be a softie every once in a while. 

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(304): my mom is feeding me weed…

(304): my mom is feeding me weed brownies...god help us.

(216): it’s okay that you two…

(216): it's okay that you two hooked up in the family bathroom at the mall.. i just pray to god you were not making a family in the family bathroom..

12 Insane Tinder Profiles That Let You Know What You’re Buying

tinder profiles of crazy people that are at least honest - cover image of girl who likes to be hang from ceiling sometimes.

At least these individuals aren't doing any false advertising. 

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Tagged: FAIL , tinder , cringe , funny , dating

45 Times Scottish Twitter Was Unexplainably Hilarious

scottish people twitter

We can't guarantee you'll understand these wildly incomprehensible Funny Tweets, but therein lies the beauty of Scottish Twitter! 

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25 Idiots Who Posted Their Crimes to Facebook

dumb criminals who posted their crimes to facebook

I think it goes without saying that you shouldn't commit crimes but, if you really have to. don't post about it on Facebook.

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(617): you going clubbing…

(617): you going clubbing tonight?
(508): well its tuesday isnt it.


Cat meme template of a cat that is up for adoption and he is sticking out his tongue in the photos just like in real life, showing a level in honesty in advertising typically not found with cats up for adoption or anyone getting rid of a pet for whatever the reason

Submitted by: allcatsloved

(260): I can’t tonight. I’ve…

(260): I can’t tonight. I’ve got to see about a penis.

(843): I have filthy fantasies…

(843): I have filthy fantasies involving his tongue. My vagina almost exploded while he was licking that ice cream cone.

24 Terrible Maps To Give You a Whole New Perspective Of The World

maps that are about as useless as a map with no use

So terrible they're actually good, Check out the facebook page for more. 

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(413): I’m going to Lewinsky…

(413): I’m going to Lewinsky this place
(1-413): That makes no sense, but it sounds terrifying.

Doug The Pug Tweets His Daily Life Adventures And They’re Hilarious

Hilarious tweets from a pug

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(540): Gatorade without vodka just…

(540): Gatorade without vodka just doesn't taste the same.

‘Don’t Deport Melania’ Trends As Trevor Noah Lays Out Evidence Of Trump Plot

"The Daily Show" host says the president's constant attacks on immigrants are really about one immigrant in particular.

The Secret Club Inside Disneyland Where You Can Buy Booze

Disney has undeniably made a lot of unusual business decisions over the years, like that time they built a town in Florida in an attempt to create a perfect community that ended up being a haven for old people to have sex with each others’ wives while fake snow falls outside. But the one that keeps us up at night is the decision to call Disneyland “The Happiest Place on Earth” and not serve alcohol there despite literally maintaining a park-wide liquor license at a park where you can’t get liquor. On that note, as it turns out, you can buy alcohol in Disneyland, it’s just that the bar is hidden and costs an insane amount of money just for the right to enter.

Named for the physical address at which it resides in Disneyland – 33 Royal Street in the New Orleans Square section of the park (near where the Pirates of the Caribbean ride gets out), Club 33 was originally conceived by Walt Disney as a place to entertain Disney investors and VIPs. The idea supposedly came to Walt while visiting the New York World’s Fair in 1964 and noting the existence and popularity of exclusive VIP lounges and bars.

After some discussion with various entities, Walt – who wasn’t keen on the idea of alcohol being consumed in his park -floated the idea of building a hidden lounge inside of a new area of the park then being constructed. This was an idea the executives loved, because who wouldn’t enjoy the idea of slamming shots with fellow wealthy people from an official Mickey Mouse shot glass, all while laughing at all the plebeians having to pay to spend a day without alcohol.

In a move that would make John Hammond proud, Walt spared absolutely no expense during construction, even going as far as to hire legendary illustrator and production designer Dorothea Holt Redmond, generally remembered for her work with Alfred Hitchcock and on Gone with the Wind and Ten Commandments.

Among other work on Disneyland and Disney World, concerning the club, Disney had her come up with detailed and elaborate designs of what the best possible version of the club would look like to use as a template. What she drew up was the design for the trophy room and the Napoleon-style, ultra upscale dining area. As for the rest of Club 33, it comprises an additional dining area and various connected areas, including balconies overlooking the New Orleans portion of the park.

When it came time to decorate, Walt and his wife physically travelled to New Orleans with a Hollywood set designer to pick out fancy, exorbitantly priced antiques. As an example of the kind of insane levels of perfectionism Walt insisted upon, up until the club was renovated in 2014, guests were taken to the second floor by an “antique” French elevator. The elevator was an exact replica of one Disney encountered during a trip to Paris with his wife and became enamoured with the novelty of. Disney attempted to buy the elevator in Paris to place in the club, but when the owner refused to sell, he instead sent a team of Disney engineers to Paris to study the original so that the replica would be as accurate as possible. The club is also, as you’d expect, decorated with Disney memorabilia, including rare artwork and sketches from Disney films.

Perhaps the oddest feature of the club and one that Walt insisted upon personally is a large animatronic vulture in the club’s “Trophy Room”. It was Walt’s original intention for small microphones to be installed in the light fixtures that would allow the vulture to “listen” and then converse with guests via an operator monitoring everything.

The novelty evidently wore off, or perhaps people just didn’t like their conversations being listened to by some creepy dude sitting in a room by himself, and the wiring was removed a few years after the club opened. The vulture is still there today, however, maintaining an eternal, silent vigil over the club, waiting for the chance to listen to everyone’s personal conversations again.

As for how you physically get into the club, this involves pressing a hidden buzzer in the mysterious door marked 33 in New Orleans Square. After proving your membership and reservation, the door is unlocked and you’re whisked into the lobby and then taken to the dining and bar area, originally via the aforementioned lift or a staircase in the Court of Angels. However, following extensive renovations in 2014, it was found that the elevator did not meet modern codes. It’s not clear if this has ever been updated or if guests are simply required to use the stairs now, which would be a bit of an accessibility issue if so.

Whatever the case, sadly, Walt’s insistence on perfection meant that the club, despite being conceived as early as 1964, wasn’t completed until May of 1967, 5 months after he passed away.

Shortly before Club 33 opened, Disney paradoxically sent out brochures advertising their new secret, super-exclusive lounge to individuals they felt may want to become members who didn’t necessarily warrant automatic membership like sponsors or Disney executives. Even today, the exact number of total members of Club 33 is a closely guarded secret, though most estimates say there are around 500, with a further 800 said to be on the waiting list before they stopped allowing anyone to be added to said waiting list.

To highlight how ridiculously exclusive this club is, the average waiting time for memberships is said to be around 14 years. The cost of membership, as with most things, has steadily risen over the years with most sources reporting that today it is about $25,000 for individuals and $45,000 for businesses, then after that, an additional $12,000 in fees every single year.

Speaking of membership, though Disney did offer both Gold and Silver Membership options in the past, both of which offered entrance to Club 33 but limited the number of guests members could bring with with them, amongst other things, they have since stopped for reasons that aren’t clear and now only offer Platinum membership to individuals. The only other option for membership, aptly known as Business Membership, is offered exclusively to businesses. Functionally identical in practise to a Platinum Membership, Business Memberships have the added bonus of being able to be used by many employees of the owning corporation, making them useful for impressing clients or, we presume, arranging team-building exercises in Disneyland.

Before they’re even allowed to become a member though, individuals and businesses must submit themselves to an invasive and “rigorous” background check” to ensure they’re Club 33 material.

As for who exactly are the members of this very exclusive club, only Disney knows. However, for whatever it’s worth, supposedly Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Guillerno del Toro, Christina Aguilera, and Elton John are a few celebrities that maintain a membership.

So, outside of entrance to the club facilities, what exactly do people get for paying this insane amount of money and jumping through all the hoops? Well, not much. In fact, despite the huge annual fee, you still have to pay for any food and alcohol once inside, with one anonymous member noting a typical meal there costs about $150 per head, plus additional for drinks. He also states the quality of food isn’t worth it. “The food was worth the price 5+ years ago. Now, in my opinion, is over priced. It’s fancy and creative food but there are better places to eat in the area. I always tell people to go for the experience, not the food.” He also notes it’s best to make a reservation many weeks in advance if you want to make sure you can get a table on a given day.

Going back to specific benefits, Disney does not publish such a list publicly, and members on the whole seem reticent to even mention they are members for fear of having their membership revoked. That said, it would appear from accounts from the few willing to talk about it, beyond of course being able to get in at all, membership includes the ability to ride inside the Lilly Belle train car when it’s in use, and visit the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain Mississippi Riverboat, though in both cases only if you book well in advance. Members also periodically get invited to preview new rides, as well as tour behind the scenes.

Members are also apparently granted access to the much more exclusive Club 1901 in California Adventure. As for what this is, Club 1901 is described by Disney Imagineer Ray Spencer as follows: “Imagine it’s the 1930s, and this is where the animators would’ve hung out, swapped stories, doodled on napkins. This is the place Walt and the animators might’ve chatted, relaxed, unwound . . . a cozy den.”

Unlike Club 33, Club 1901 is exclusive to the members and their spouses or domestic partners and limited guests they bring with them, whereas Club 33 allows you to give away a small number of passes to those you know, without you needing to be there at all. That said, we did find one report in 2015 that claimed Disney was looking to cease giving out those VIP passes that allow non-members to come without the members themselves coming too, but we could not confirm this. Supposedly the trade-off here was that Disney was revoking this ability, but then adding a perk of being able to get into the park for free instead of having to pay like lesser humans.

Unsurprisingly, this change didn’t sit well with members, particularly as they used to be able to get into the park for free if they purchased a meal at the Club on a given day, but then Disney took that perk away too.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the membership is that members have access to a Disney concierge who helps to arrange anything you like while at the park within the bounds of the rules of the facility. Members also get fast track tickets to bypass lines and receive complimentary valet parking whenever they visit. They can also usually expect to receive an upgrade when staying in a Disney hotel or traveling via one of their cruise liners.

Also, if you’re wondering, it would appear membership to the original Club 33 in Disneyland does not not give members access to alternate Club 33’s in Tokyo Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and the newly built Club 33 in Disney World that just opened last year.

In the end, for most people, the value of the membership doesn’t so much lie in the perks it grants, but rather the mystique and air of exclusivity surrounding the membership itself, with many using it to impress business associates and friends, as well as to artificially inflate their sense of self importance to try to fill that empty void inside of themselves, which is, of course, the ultimate goal of pretty much everyone in that general section of California. Plus, we’re guessing it’s kind of fun to to ride Space Mountain after about 7 beers.

If you liked this article, you might also enjoy our new popular podcast, The BrainFood Show (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Feed), as well as:

Bonus Facts:

  • As Walt Disney laid on his deathbed, suffering from lung cancer, in 1966, the story goes (later confirmed by Kurt Russell) that he scribbled on a piece of paper the name “Kurt Russell.” He died never writing another word.  Many have speculated what this could have meant, including the famous actor himself, Kurt Russell who in a 2007 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live said, “It’s true. I don’t know what to make of that. I was taken into his office one time after he died and I was shown that.” Russell was a child actor at the time for Disney, having just signed a ten year contract with the studio. However, Jim Korkis of MousePlanet.com argues that “Kurt Russell” was not the last written thing / last words of Disney, merely one of the last things he wrote and states that no one actually knows what the very last thing was, despite what Russell himself says and was told.  The very paper with Russell’s name on it supposedly still lies on Disney’s office desk, along with many other papers that Disney had written on (hence why there is some contention over whether “Kurt Russell” was really the last thing or merely something he wrote then intended to come back to later.)
  • The man who served as the voice of Walt Disney’s iconic Mickey mouse for over 30 years, Wayne Allwine, was married to the woman who voiced Minnie Mouse, Russi Taylor, for 33 years up until her death in July of 2019.  Incidentally Taylor also voiced Martin Prince, Sherri and Terri, and German foreign exchange student Uter in The Simpsons, as well as was the voices of Huey, Duey, and Louie in Ducktales. In any event, the two were married for nearly two decades until Wayne Allwine passed away in 2009 due to complications from diabetes.A Southern California native, Allwine first joined Disney in 1966 as a clerk in the mail room.  He later moved to work in the sound production department before landing the gig of Mickey Mouse’s voice, the third person to do so. (Walt Disney was the first voice, but his smoking habit damaged his vocal chords and he eventually stepped away from voice acting.  Sound effects guru, and Allwine’s mentor, British voice actor Jimmy MacDonald was the second person to voice Mickey.) Allwine got the job thanks to an open voice audition after another actor failed to show up. He claimed he simply did his best to conjure up Mickey’s voice from memory. Seems to have worked. Russi, also known as Rosslyn, simply auditioned for the role in 1986 and got it. Details of exactly how the Allwine’s met are unknown, though one can assume they met on the job as five years after Russi started work as Minnie, the two wed. Russi stated of this,  “Everyone thought it was sweet that we were together, though we kept it quiet for a while.  We kept hearing how cute it was that Mickey and Minnie married.  Yet, we didn’t want it to be about the characters.  It was about Wayne and Russi.”
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(703): Why did I wake up with a…

(703): Why did I wake up with a half-eaten burrito and a vaccuum cleaner in my bed? ...on top of me.

You’re Right!

negging comics amazing super powers - 7129949952

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Just Wind it Up and it Scars Your Child for Life!

gifs christmas presents dolly - 6865970944

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Windy Days 9

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25 Memes of Times Exes Went Crazy With Revenge

memes about exes and breaking up with someone you no longer love

How does that saying go? "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" Ya, well how about we change that women to exes and then it would make a lot more sense! As if it wasn't hard enough breaking up in the first place, sometimes you have to deal with your crazy ex! But, who knows.... maybe they really deserved it! 

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37 Funny & Relatable Tweets To Help You Pass The Time

Funny relatable tweets

Prepare to feel seen, y'all!

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Fun ‘Star Wars’ Theory: What If Luke Was Secretly Dead?

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Loot Crate Is Bankrupt, Can’t Pay Employees Deadpool Merch

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5 Actors Who Keep Playing Weirdly Specific Roles

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HD Remakes Are Making All Of Your Favorite Shows Unwatchable

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