Oh No

Funny pun meme about chile.

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funny meme about tamagotchi

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20+ Amusing Memes & Tweets To Help You Pass The Time

Random memes and tweets about dating, work, school, family, depression, life, drinking, donald trump.

TGIF, y'all! 

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20+ Deliciously Demented Comics From Mr. Lovenstein

Twisted, dark, and funny comics from Mr. Lovenstein.

Looking for a comic that accurately (and hilariously) represents your bleak outlook on life? Mr. Lovenstein has got you covered. 

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Pokémon Get The 3D Treatment In These Ultra Realistic Illustrations

Cool pokemon illustrations.

These illustrations from Joshua Dunlop are super detailed and super impressive.

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Cats must love Star Wars

Funny meme about cats and star wars.

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(401): help. there is a guy in a…

(401): help. there is a guy in a bunny costume.

(630): So this is what bad…

(630): So this is what bad decisions tastes like...

(910): All my friends are getting…

(910): All my friends are getting married and I'm pole dancing in a tattoo shop. I don't know how I feel about this.
(1-910): They spent thousands on one day. You made $76 in 30 minutes. You should feel great about that.

Lipstick Picdump 13

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Safety First

Funny meme about florida schoolteacher having lots of guns.

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(202): You made me brush your…

(202): You made me brush your teeth last night......for 47 minutes.

(914): He was referring to me as…

(914): He was referring to me as "Teenage Dream" the whole night.

(207): One of these days I would…

(207): One of these days I would like to go out drinking and stick to plan of just getting drunk and not be sidetracked with other people's plans of doing drugs along the way. I didn't even want to not feel my teeth tonight but here we go just another Thursday night when you live I live.

Choo Choo

Funny meme about getting stoned and going to taco bell.

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(415): I’m at the gym….

(415): I'm at the gym. I've taken enough caffeine to feel inspired to be a low budget instagram fitness model. I totally forgot my push up bra though.

(610): You went home with a guy at…

(610): You went home with a guy at 11... than returned to the bar at 1.

(773): Would it defeat the purpose…

(773): Would it defeat the purpose of a run if I ran to McDonalds?

Parenting Fails: Laziness is a Virtue!

addiction alcohol drugstore lazy Parenting FAILS proud parents - 6122645504

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Jimmy Kimmel Asks People To Chime In On The ‘Crisis’ In Wakanda

Even though it's fictitious.

(330): i just wanna know who wrote…

(330): i just wanna know who wrote "dibbz" on my ass?

(702): You know, you could always…

(702): You know, you could always move. Lol somewhere without gators, water moccasins, and Marco Rubio.

(714): I’m going to force her…

(714): I'm going to force her to break up with me this week. Tonight I plan to shit the bed. If that doesn't work I'm not sure what's next.

What Do Yout Get When You Cross a Jack Russell With a Shih Tzu?

dogs what do you get shih tzu jack russell terrier funny failbook g rated - 7825418752

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Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? Turns Out We Have No Idea

By Cracked Writers  Published: February 24th, 2018 

5 Shocking Laws Modern Countries Had Until A Few Years Ago

By Roman Odarenko  Published: February 24th, 2018 

Andy Capp for Feb 24, 2018 for 02/24/2018

Andy Capp for Feb 24, 2018

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B.C. for Feb 24, 2018 for 02/24/2018

B.C. for Feb 24, 2018

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Herb and Jamaal for Feb 24, 2018 for 02/24/2018

Herb and Jamaal for Feb 24, 2018

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The Other Coast for Feb 24, 2018 for 02/24/2018

The Other Coast for Feb 24, 2018

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Heathcliff for Feb 24, 2018 for 02/24/2018

Heathcliff for Feb 24, 2018

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Agnes for Feb 24, 2018 for 02/24/2018

Agnes for Feb 24, 2018

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Wizard of Id for Feb 24, 2018 for 02/24/2018

Wizard of Id for Feb 24, 2018

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Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 24, 2018 for 02/24/2018

Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 24, 2018

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Momma for Feb 24, 2018 for 02/24/2018

Momma for Feb 24, 2018

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All About That Kraft Life

Funny meme about kraft singles vs human singles.

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Funny webcomic about super mario, luigi, and the days of the week.

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30 Relatable Memes That Hit A Little Too Close To Home

Funny memes about work, school, life, dating, relationships, twitter, social media, exams, harry potter, animals.

We've all been there.

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Funny meme about Chopped contestants always using the ice cream maker.

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Dashcam Captures Boulder Falling Right In Front Of Car

This is some dashcam footage from the Su Hua Highway in Taiwan of a boulder bouncing into the road and narrowly missing several cars. Thankfully, everybody escaped without injury and only minor damage to the car filming. Still, no word if that boulder was actually meant for Piggy. "You and Lord Of The Flies." It was very influential to me! "It's the only book you've read." I've read The Catcher In The Rye too! Some of it. Keep going for the video, including a slow-motion version at the end.

Octavia Spencer, Tig Notaro, Tom Segura, and Iliza Shlesinger Join the Cast of ‘Instant Family’

An upcoming comedy starring Mark Wahlberg is rounding out its cast, which includes several standups. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Octavia Spencer, Tig Notaro, Iliza Shlesinger, Tom Segura, and Isabela Moner have joined the cast of the ensemble comedy Instant Family, which centers on Wahberg and Rose Byrne as a couple “who decide to start […]

24 Of The Most Depressing Locations Of All Time

Depressing map locations.

Damien Rudd's Instagram account, @sadtopographies, is our favorite example of darkness meeting reality. Rudd has scoured the globe for the most miserable and depressing locales he can find - and he found enough to write a book. You can purchase it on Amazon if you're a fan of what you see!

h/t/ Bored Panda

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Luna Lee Performs A Medley Of Rock Songs On A Traditional Korean Gayageum

luna-lee-gayageum-rock-medley.jpg This is a video of the always wonderful Luna Lee (previously) performing a medley of rock songs (Steppenwolf's 'Born To Be Wild', The Beatles' 'Come Together' and The Police's 'Every Breath You Take') on a traditional Korean gayageum. Now, not to brag or anything, but I actually had the opportunity to to see Luna perform live just a few weeks ago. It was absolutely amazing and you should have been there. "So you are bragging." Please, I've literally gotten to do one cool thing, just let me have this. Keep going for the video while I start a fan club.

17 Hilarious Memes That Warn Of The Dangers Of Edibles

Funny meme about edibles, marijuana, edible weed, tripping, getting high, pot.

Eat responsibly, people!

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Why Would You Do That?: Compilation Of A Girl Repeatedly Scaring Her Dad With A Confetti Pistol

confetti-gun-scare.jpg Note: Almost constant profanity, just the way I like it. This is a video compilation created by Daughter Of The Year nominee Kylie Moy, who repeatedly filmed herself scaring the shit out of her father with a little handheld confetti pistol over the course of a couple weeks. Who purposefully scares somebody with a knife in their hand?! That ain't right. This poor man clearly deserves a vacation. Same goes for yours truly. I can't even remember the last time I had a proper vacation, but it was definitely before you were born provided you're still not tall enough to ride most roller coasters. Keep going for the video.


Funny tweet of neil degrasse tyson getting roasted.

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Life is complicated.

I was going to write a very funny post today but I took Dorothy Barker to the vet for her annual shots and she had a very severe allergic reaction to one of them and the vet has been observing … Continue reading

Sick Graphics: Every Best Animated Feature Oscar Winner

best-animated-feature-video.jpg With the Oscars just a couple weeks away (I already put my tuxedo t-shirt in the hamper to make sure it gets washed in time, which it probably won't), this is a video of clips from all previous Best Animated Feature winners (beginning in 2001 when the category was instituted), as well as this year's nominees. Surprisingly, I've actually seen every single one of these movies (except all of this year's nominees). That's rare for me. "Do you want a cookie?" Do you have any donuts? So, which one is your favorite? They're all so good. I had forgotten Spirited Away won. I'm probably going to watch that one again this weekend. Also, $100 says The Incredibles 2 wins the category the next four years. Keep going for the video.

Rachel Jane Andelman (@rajandelman) and “Thought Angels” on Twitter

Rachel Jane Andelman is a writer, performer, and coach living in the Boston area. You can visit her website here, read her here, and watch her accost strangers here. If you are in Boston on March 2nd, she’s recommends you see this. This week, Andelman talked to me about unexpected Twitter interactions, tweets vs. standup, […]

People Are Trolling Twitter With Ridiculous Images Of What Cleopatra Looked Like

Funny Twitter trolling, cleopatra.

We love a good copypasta, and Twitter seriously delivered this week with this history-related meme. The text in question reads "Scientists at Harvard University have created this 3D Model depicting what ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra may have looked like," and Twitter users have been pairing it with funny 3D images and pics of celebrities. It's a great joke. So great that many people don't realize that it's tongue and cheek, and actually protest the images. We love gullible know-it-alls. They add so much extra humor to memes like this.

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Guy Beating Pokemon Red/Blue With A Single Ditto He Hacked Into The Game As His Starting Pokemon

beating-pokemon-with-a-ditto.jpg This is a video of Youtuber Pikasprey Yellow challenging himself to beat the original Pokemon Red/Blue for Game Boy with only a Ditto he hacked into the game as a level 5 starter Pokemon (and using no items in battle). He explains his methodology for the run at the beginning of the video starting around 1:30 (including needing Pokemon with HM moves to progress the story at times but making sure these are unconscious in battle). Man, the things people come up with to challenge themselves. Personally, getting out of bed in the morning is challenge enough for me. "How's that working out for you?" Please, just one more hour. I swear I'll get up by Jeopardy. "At 7PM?" I meant Wheel Of Fortune. Keep going for the video.

Cute Girls Picdump 83

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It Me

Funny meme about sugar gliders dying if they don't get enough attention/

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Man Demonstrates The Incredible Complex Puzzle Box He Build For His Father

complicated-puzzle-box.jpg This is a video of Ryan Calme demonstrating all the steps required (there are a lot of them) to open the extremely complicated puzzle box he built for his father. It's got everything: cyphers, enigmatic symbols, magnets, electronics, gears, hidden compartments, AND MORE. Sure it's nothing one well-placed blow from a hammer couldn't solve, but what fun would that be? "Tons." Heck yeah, my middle name isn't Hammersmash for no reason. "Wait -- your middle name is Hammersmash?" Well it will be as soon as the court approves it. "What was it before?" Lovestocuddle. "Interesting." I thought it would give me a leg-up on dating websites. Keep going for the video. Oh, and you can find all the files to build your own if you're interested on GitHub HERE.

Ali Siddiq Comes Full Circle

After being incarcerated for drug trafficking at 19 and spending six years behind bars, Ali Siddiq emerged from prison with a new skill set: standup comedy. “A lot of comics will come backstage before a show and say, ‘How’s the crowd?’ The reason I never ask that is because I came from a horrible crowd. […]

These Dog Adoption Before And After Photos Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Before and after photos of adopted dogs.

Adopt, don't shop!

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Adam Cayton-Holland’s New Standup Album Is Out Next Month

Denver-based standup and Those Who Can’t co-creator/star Adam Cayton-Holland has a new album coming out next month. Titled Adam Cayton-Holland Performs His Signature Bits, the album was recorded at Union Hall in Brooklyn and will be released by Comedy Central Records on Friday, March 23rd. Here’s a preview track from the album: In addition to […]

The Harlem Globetrotters Team Up With Georgia Tech To Build A Rube Goldberg Trick Shot Machine

harlem-globetrotters-rube-goldberg-machine.jpg The Harlem Globetrotters recently teamed up with Georgia Tech's College Of Industrial Design to build this gigantic trick-shot making Rube Goldberg machine. That looks like it would have been a fun project to be a part of. I don't remember doing anything even half as fun in college. "Do you even remember college?" Unfortunately, just like the snapshot of my ass I tried taking with one of the disposable cameras they'd placed on everyone's tables at the last wedding reception I attended, it's all a blur. Keep going for the video, complete with soundtrack created by Georgia Tech's College of Music.

Dante Elephante – Call Me (on the phone)

Dante Elephante - Call Me (on the phone)

Dante Elephante - Call Me (on the pho... 4:03
Directed by Ivan Diaz
Submitted by: BigCob Productions
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Not Wrong

Funny meme about reading from left to right in memes.

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No Thank You: Developers Make Augmented Reality Girl From The Ring Crawling Out Of Television

the-ring-augmented-reality.jpg Note: First video contains screaming, keep your volume chill. These are two videos from two different developers that used Apple's ARKit to make an augmented reality Sadako/Samara crawl out of a television, just like in The Ring. Pretty clever/terrifying. Now if I could just sneak this into the hands of my girlfriend when we're watching our shows one night, that would be great. She'd probably hit the ceiling. Then smash the television. Thank goodness I purchased the two year warranty from Best Buy. "No you didn't, you bought Playstation games instead." Honey, quick -- give me the phone back. *screaming, electronics breaking* Fudgebuckets! Keep going for the videos.

(766): My mom found my empty case…

(766): My mom found my empty case that I hid in my room and just said "now why don't you be a responsible underaged drinker and throw it in the recycling" and walked away. I'm in shock.

22 Classic Movies Hilariously Represented By The Simpsons

Funny memes of the simpsons that correlate with popular movies.

It's said that The Simpsons has often predicted the future, but if you look back - you'll see that many of the show's plots and images work very, very well with popular movies. These Fake History-style memes say it all.

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HBO Renews ‘High Maintenance and ‘Crashing’ for Third Seasons

Two of HBO’s comedies are returning with new seasons. According to Variety, the network has handed out season renewals to Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair’s High Maintenance as well as Pete Holmes’s Crashing, which will see the comedies returning for third seasons. Both shows premiered their second seasons last month. High Maintenance currently airs Friday nights […]

Check Out the New Trailer for Bill Hader’s HBO Series ‘Barry’

Bill Hader heads to HBO next month with his very own show, Barry, and the network recently dropped a new trailer. Ordered to series back in 2016, the show stars Hader alongside Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Glenn Fleshler, Anthony Carrigan, and Henry Winkler. Hader plays “a low-rent hitman in the Midwest” who “begrudgingly travels to […]

(218): So… Sex in my rain boots…

(218): So... Sex in my rain boots last night. Trashy or a great show of character?
(612): If it was with a guy, trashy. Sex with a girl is never trashy.

(781): “suitors” is just…

(781): "suitors" is just a nice way of her saying "the guys i'm fucking".


Funny meme about eating between respawns.

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(403): I’m at a Tim…

(403): I'm at a Tim Horton's and two girls just came in handcuffed to eachother.

(801): Few clarical questions…

(801): Few clarical questions about last night: 1. How did we get home? 2. Am I wearing your underwear? 3. Where is Andrea? 4. Guy with nose ring last night hot?
(949): 1. You tried hitch hiking "like a pro" and flashed cars while sticking out your thumb until I called Michael. 2. I don't know but probably. 3. Who is Andrea? 4. Hot.

(814): Just broke into the…

(814): Just broke into the basement of my house via my american red cross blood donor card. I officially save lives.

They don’t make ’em like they used to.

Funny meme about infrastructure.

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(631): There was a woman who drank…

(631): There was a woman who drank mouth wash to get drunk during her supposed detox...this is def the internship for me!

Overflow 346

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Two business men

hark scorpio and elon musk meme

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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Skating Or Sneezing’ Game Should Be A New Winter Olympic Sport

Will we see this at Beijing 2022?

Parody Of Donald Trump’s Speech About Arming Teachers Is So On Point

"What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard."


closet hilarious janitor poo room stinky text working - 3727311104

JANITOR POO It requires it's own room

Submitted by: cyannide

(732): honestly if there were…

(732): honestly if there were pictures of last night i would be embarrassed.... im embarrassed without pictures.

(585): Turns out the guy I did all…

(585): Turns out the guy I did all that coke with the other night is a cop
(585): We're dating now.

Can’t Get Outside? That Won’t Stop You From Playing in the Snow!

kids snow parenting winter - 8432672512

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The Lies We Tell

kids lies parenting batman - 8250908416

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(719): The US is in the finals, aren't they.

(650): that lady just saw me…

(650): that lady just saw me taking a picture of her baby... It's time to leave.

(203): and then you proceeded to…

(203): and then you proceeded to throw soup at him for calling you a bitch...a CAN of soup...


cleaning out the fridge lesbians trolling the boyfriends - 6165325312

And then they kiss? PLEASE?

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Scumbag Steve Hitting on Pregnant Chicks

cheating facebook flirting hitting pregnant scumbag We Are Dating - 5398428416

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Trevor Noah Has A Message For People Upset By The Blackness Of ‘Black Panther’

“I guess some people got too hyped up the wrong way about it."

The Victorian Moustache Cup


Beyond being a staple of any self-respecting peace officer, thanks to the popularity of things like Movember, the humble moustache has made a glorious, bristly return to the faces of men all over the world in recent years. As a result, there is an almost endless supply of moustache related products one can buy, which means it’s only a matter of time until the moustache cup once again becomes relatively commonplace.

“What’s a moustache cup”, you say? The moustache cup is a cup designed with a small lip on the inside intended to protect the drinker’s face fuzz from whatever beverage they happen to be drinking. Despite sounding like the kind of joke gift you’d get a moustachioed co-worker for secret Santa because you don’t know them that well, the moustache cup was something people took very seriously once upon a time and it’s noted that pretty much every self-respecting gentlemen in the mid-to-late Victorian England with a mouthbrow owned at least one.

If you’ve ever taken a glance at portraits from the 19th century, you’re probably aware that huge moustaches were very popular with gentlemen of the era. In fact, from 1860-1916, the British military actually required all of its soldiers to sport a moustache for the authority it imparted to the moustachioed man. Not surprisingly from this, gentlemen ultimately came up with a number of ways to make sure that their lip warmers were as gloriously trimmed and maintained as possible. One of the more popular ways to style a moustache during this time was to use wax, some men also liked to dye their moustache to give it a more vibrant appearance.

The problem with both of these methods of moustache maintenance was that neither held up well to hot liquid- dye would run and wax would invariably melt and cause unsightly moustache droopage the second it came into contact with something like hot tea or coffee. Enter the moustache cup which is generally thought to have been invented by an English potter named Harvey Adams sometime between 1850 and 1860. The moustache cup allowed a magnificently moustachioed man to safely sip on a cup of steaming tea without it getting wet or contaminating his tea. So when Adams first introduced the moustache cup in Staffordshire, they proved to be a hit with the social elite, causing a wave of copycat products to hit the market.

Although moustache cups are also known to have been very popular across the pond, finding a surviving specimen with a “made in America” mark on it is incredibly rare. This is not so much a reflection on their popularity in America, but because early American manufacturers would commonly falsely claim that the cups they produced had been made in England due to the high demand for English ceramics in the states at the time. Surviving left-handed moustache cups are also noted to be very hard to find and even when the popularity of the cup was at its peak, left-handed individuals usually had to make do with a portable moustache guard that could be fitted onto either side of an ordinary cup.

By the turn of the 20th century, the invention of the safety razor led to a change in grooming habits that made moustache cups obsolete for the vast majority of men. As a result, production and sales of moustache cups slowly dried up. By 1930, this formerly commonplace item was almost unheard of.

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Bonus Facts:

  • Moustachioed men also found it quite difficult to eat soup without ruining their prized facial ornaments, so of course, moustache spoons were another invention that proved to be quite popular in the late 19th century.
  • Today, surviving examples of genuine moustache cups are highly sought after, albeit niche antiques, and can sell for upwards of $2000-$3000 for one in good condition. For the more down to Earth moustache owner, there are several places online selling new moustache cups for much more reasonable prices.
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Clear Warnings You Need People To Read, Right Now

By CRACKED Readers  Published: February 23rd, 2018 

6 Famous Things That Only Exist Thanks To Laziness

By Chris Bucholz  Published: February 23rd, 2018 

5 Sex Comedy Tropes That Need to Evolve or Die

By Ian Fortey  Published: February 23rd, 2018 

Puppy Dogs 29

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Heathcliff for Feb 23, 2018 for 02/23/2018

Heathcliff for Feb 23, 2018

Updated: Fri Feb 23, 2018

Agnes for Feb 23, 2018 for 02/23/2018

Agnes for Feb 23, 2018

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Herb and Jamaal for Feb 23, 2018 for 02/23/2018

Herb and Jamaal for Feb 23, 2018

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Momma for Feb 23, 2018 for 02/23/2018

Momma for Feb 23, 2018

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B.C. for Feb 23, 2018 for 02/23/2018

B.C. for Feb 23, 2018

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Wizard of Id for Feb 23, 2018 for 02/23/2018

Wizard of Id for Feb 23, 2018

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Andy Capp for Feb 23, 2018 for 02/23/2018

Andy Capp for Feb 23, 2018

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Why Do Baseball Managers Wear the Team’s Uniform Instead of a Suit Like In Other Sports?

Denny G. asks: Why do baseball managers wear the team’s uniform instead of a suit or something like that like you see in other sports? It especially seems weird because managers in baseball seem to universally let themselves go after their playing days are over and tubby old men do not look good in sports uniforms!

baseball-managerFootball coaches wear clothes bearing their team’s logo thanks to the NFL’s push to sell more merchandise. Basketball coaches stand on the sideline in collared shirts and blazers looking for a neat, professional look. And then there are baseball managers who dress in the team uniform, as if they are planning on joining their players on the baseball diamond. Despite that today’s managers are universally beyond the point where they could play at a level worthy of putting them in the field, the tradition of them wearing the team uniform dates back to a time when that’s exactly what they did.

Specifically, the position that managers hold today used to be typically held by the team captain. This person was a player responsible for making decisions about plays on the field during the game. He wore the team uniform because he often took to the field to play alongside his teammates.

connie-mackOver the course of baseball history, managers gradually stopped going onto the field to play alongside the men that they coached. As this happened, contrary to what you see today, a few of them began to distance themselves from the tradition of wearing a uniform. Instead, they wore suits while managing. In fact, famed manager Connie Mack wore a business suit for each of the fifty years that he managed the Athletics. A former manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Burt Sutton, also shunned his team’s uniform. But this wasn’t the norm and their idea for how a team manager should look failed the test of time.

John Thorn, the official historian of the MLB, has his own take on why this is the case. “Maybe it’s just a testament to the notion that, no matter how old you get, between your ears you think that you’re a baseball player.” After all, the body gets old, but so often, particularly if those you hang around are younger (and in this case incredibly athletic), the mind still feels like you’re young and vibrant as ever.  Many MLB managers also have been wearing a baseball uniform since they were little kids, so it may just seem more comfortable for them, despite their expanding girths.

As for the official rules on uniforms, we have Rule 1.11, Section a, number 1 and 3 where it states: “All players on a team shall wear uniforms identical in color, trim and style… No player whose uniform does not conform to that of his teammates shall be permitted to participate in a game.”

The official rulebook further goes on to state in Rule 2 that “A COACH is a team member in uniform appointed by the manager to perform such duties as the manager may designate, such as but not limited to acting as base coach…” Also in Rule 2, “THE MANAGER is a person appointed by the club to be responsible for the team’s actions on the field, and to represent the team in communications with the umpire and the opposing team. A player may be appointed manager.”

As you can see from this, while players and coaches are explicitly required to wear uniforms, there is no mention of managers specifically needing to wear the team’s uniform, nor will you find such a reference explicitly stated anywhere in the rule book. In fact, they even allude to the fact that managers are not required to wear a uniform in rule 3.15: “No person shall be allowed on the playing field during a game except players and coaches in uniform, managers, news photographers…” mentioning that players and coaches must be “in uniform” but putting managers in a different category.

That said, there is one references in the rulebook that could be interpreted as managers being required to wear the team’s uniform, found in Rule 2 where it states a,  “BENCH OR DUGOUT is the seating facilities reserved for players, substitutes and other team members in uniform when they are not actively engaged on the playing field.”

Managers would presumably be considered “team members” even though that is not specifically defined in the rule book. Since they certainly spend a lot of time in the bench or dugout during the game, and the team members there are explicitly required to be in uniform (and there is no mention of the manager being allowed in the dugout otherwise), then it would follow that managers should be in uniform too.  However, when defining coaches, as mentioned, the rule book explicitly states “is a team member.”  The manager, on the other hand, is defined “is a person…” So perhaps assuming managers are team members by the official rule book definitions is not correct.

Moving on, in rule 4.07 it also states that, “When a manager, player, coach or trainer is ejected from a game, he shall leave the field immediately and take no further part in that game. He shall remain in the club house or change to street clothes…” also implying the manager should be wearing special attire while managing, though it’s not clear from this whether this is just supposed to adhere to the general MLB dress code or requires the manager to wear a uniform.  And since it’s been a long time since any manager tried to wear something like a suit, which certainly is within the bounds of the MLB dress code, it’s not clear what officials would do if a manager tried wearing that during the game instead of a uniform as tradition dictates.  As noted, in some instances, the rulebook seems to go out of its way to imply the manager is not required to wear the team’s uniform, while in the definition of a “bench or dugout” perhaps implying they should, hinging on whether they are officially considered team members by the rule book’s definitions.

Of course, a player can also be the manager or designated such, in which case they are required to wear a uniform, but it’s been a few decades since the last time that happened when Pete Rose had a stint as a player/manager for the Reds starting in August of 1984 through his retirement as a player in 1986.

So, in the end, as to how this all got started, it would seem originally individuals who did the job of managers today simply wore the uniform because they also were players, or at least started out that way in many cases, and later it just became a tradition. And baseball is, perhaps more so than any other major sport, all about tradition and fighting tooth and nail before changing the way things have always been done.

After all, even the MLB Hall of Fame still honors Abner Doubleday by displaying an oil painting of Doubleday, despite the fact that he had nothing to do with baseball at all and this fact is well-known and conclusively proven.  Two blocks from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown (where Doubleday was said to have invented baseball, which is why the Hall of Fame was put in this backwater town instead of a place more accessible to fans), there is also a “Doubleday Field” which annually features various Hall of Famers and retired MLB players playing an exhibition game there on Father’s Day weekend. These and many other baseball honors for a guy whose own obituary stated he was a man “who did not care for outdoor sports.” This is, funny enough, the only documented instance of him being connected to sports in any way, despite the amazing amount of documentation on the man’s life thanks to the journals he kept and news reports covering the famed General. But, you see, tradition says he invented baseball, so here we are. (And if you’re curious: Why Did People Think Abner Doubleday Invented Baseball?)

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Bonus Facts:

  • Major League Baseball only started requiring base coaches to wear helmets in 2008, after the death of a minor league first-base coach the previous summer who had been struck in the head by a hit baseball. Base coaches who refuse to comply with the rule are subject to ejection from the game along with a significant fine. Given that a ball hit on a line tends to have more kinetic energy than a .22 caliber bullet shot from a gun; the ball can reach one of these base coaches in around 0.5-1 second; we’re learning more and more the long term consequences of even minor concussions; and many of the coaches are older with reflexes not what they used to be, this is probably for the best. Despite this, not surprisingly considering it’s not the way things used to be done in baseball, some were very resistant to the change. Larry Bowa even briefly refused to wear a helmet and stated “There are a lot of coaches that I’ve talked to who aren’t saying anything, so I feel like I’m talking for those guys. They don’t want to wear them.” He further stated he was willing to pay whatever fine was laid down for every single game he coached in.  However, after making these statements, the MLB brass gave him a stern talking to, no doubt telling him he’d also be ejected from every game he didn’t wear his helmet, and the next game he was grudgingly wearing said helmet.
  • Managers are allowed to wear approved pullovers, jackets, or other such attire meant to keep themselves warm on top of their uniforms during cool weather. But some managers have in the past pushed the boundaries by not wearing attire that conforms to MLB dress code guidelines underneath that outerwear. Thus, checks to see what they are wearing under their jacket or pullover can occur during the course of the game. Former Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona complained about such a check that occurred while his team was at-bat during a 2007 game against the New York Yankees. MLB officials later agreed that the staff member who conducted the dress code check acted poorly in forcing the manager to leave the dugout and go into the clubhouse while play on the field was taking place.
  • Interestingly, if a manager, in his rage of being thrown out of a game, forgets to explicitly designate his replacement before leaving, it is the head umpire who then decides what team member will act as the substitute manager, and the umpire is thus perfectly within their rights to choose one of the players, rather than a coach, if he so chooses.
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Under the Lights: The First Baseball Game Played at Night


On a field about fifty miles from Boston, Strawberry Hill, on the evening of September 3, 1880, history was made. It is unlikely the department store employees who were tossing around a ball knew that this game would still be talked about 135 years later. As the crowd took their seats, the ball players took their positions; the Sun dipped below the horizon and the Moon rose. And then, the lights came on to illuminate the field. It was said the lights were as bright as “90,000 candles” burning simultaneously. This was the first baseball game played at night under artificial light. Here’s the story of that game and the history of baseball under the lights.

While it is commonly said that the the great New Jersey inventor Thomas Edison gave the world its first commercially produced electrical lights, that is false. While Edison did produce the first commercially viable light bulb, there were other companies that were trying to compete in the industry at the same time using various forms of electrical lighting. One of them was Boston’s Northern Electric Light Company, using electric arc lamps and Weston equipment.

weston-arc-lampEnglishmen Edward Weston was a master electrician who began working with dynamos (electrical generators that produced direct current power through the use of commutators) in the 1870s. In 1875, Weston patented “rational construction of the dynamo,” that allowed him to “increase its efficiency from 45 percent to more than 90 percent.” When he premiered electric lamps using dynamo power at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876, attention was scarce. But that didn’t deter him and he moved to the US permanently in 1877 to set up his own workshop in Newark, New Jersey, only about twenty miles from Edison’s lab in Menlo Park. Also a master marketer, he began putting up his electric arc lamps around Newark, most prominently on Newark Fire Department’s watchtower right in the center of town. This led to an influx of orders for his lamps, including for the city’s Military Park in 1878 and Boston’s Forest Garden in 1879.

Now, it isn’t entirely clear if Weston Electric Light Company collaborated with the Northern Electric Light Company or they were branches of the same company, but either way, the companies excelled at marketing and publicity and this September ball game was a perfect way to show off what Weston equipment could do.

The game was between well-known Boston department stores (as was the case back then, most “professional” teams were made up of employees who the company recruited and sometimes paid to win games as bragging rights) owned by Jordan Marsh and R.H. White. Jordan Marsh & Company was regionally famous for its wide variety of wares and blueberry muffins. R.H. White Company was Marsh’s biggest competitor with a giant store downtown. They were to play for a “purse of $50” (about $1,300 today) provided by the electric company.

During the day of September 3rd, the Northern Electric Light Company set up three wooden towers overlooking the field on Strawberry Hill, which laid on the shores Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts. According to the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), the towers were erected five hundred feet apart from one another in a “equilateral triangle.” Each was one hundred feet high with one row of 12 electrical lights, as described by the Boston Herald, “of the Weston patent.”

As advertised by the company, each light was supposed to match the light power of 2,500 candles. So, with three towers, 12 lights each, there was supposed to be the light of 90,000 candles in this limited area. Dynamos stored in a small shed were used to generate a “motive-power of 36 horses.” (See: Why Engines are Commonly Measured in Horsepower) As the Boston Herald noted, the Electric Light Company wanted to show off what they could do and hopefully attract bigger, better clients by creating “a model of the plan contemplated for lighting cities from overhead in vast areas, the estimate being that four towers to a square mile of area, each mounting lights aggregating 90,000 candle power, will suffice to flood the territory about with a light almost equal to midday.”

However, at the last moment, the department stores decide to forbid their employees from playing in the game. The reason is not known, but the players showed up anyway and played “sub rosa,” meaning in Latin “under the rose” or in secrecy, hence why all the accounts of the game do not mention players’ names or descriptions. If the players had been found out, there would be a chance they would no longer have a job. As recounted by the Official Scorer of the game thirty years after the fact, “inexpedient [for him] to mention any names of players, as some of them may still be employed in these establishments, although a number of players were recruited from the various jobbing houses in the dry-goods trade.”

It is not known how many fans exactly came out to the game. One account says about three hundred. Another account, noted with reporters added in, the number got closer to five hundred. Either way, it was pretty clear the fans came out not for the baseball, but for the light spectacle. In terms of the publicity, the game was a hit. But in practice and the quality of the game, not so much.

Complaints from reporters who attended the game appeared in the next day’s newspapers, centering around the amount of light. Said the Herald, “on account of the uncertain light, (resembling that of the moon at its full,) the batting was weak and the pitchers were poorly supported.” Baseball writer Preston Orem concluded that, “The light was quite imperfect and there were lots of errors made. The players had to bat and throw with caution. For the spectators the game had little interest as only the movements of the pitcher, in general, could be discerned, while the course of the ball eluded the vision of the watchers. … None of the reporters believed the idea to be at all practical.”

The game was tied 16 to 16 after nine innings, but the two teams agreed to call it, perhaps out of fear that the enveloping darkness would bring with it a line drive off the head. Additionally, it was noted that the players didn’t want to miss the last ferry to Boston, which was around 10 PM. For their efforts, the electric company rewarded the players and officials of the game with a generous supper (presumably back in Boston).

For the next fifty years, there would be sporadic night baseball games using artificial lights. In 1883, a game was played in Fort Wayne, Indiana in front of a couple thousand fans. A few more happened, but all were considered little more than a novelty. Into the 20th century, as electric lights became more mainstream, minor league baseball teams began hosting a night game or two per year. But it wouldn’t be until May 24, 1935 when Major League Baseball had its first night game under the lights between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Cincinnati Reds at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field. The home team won 2-1, but Clark Griffith, the owner of the Washington Senators, was skeptical. Saying to a newspaper, “There is no chance of night baseball ever being popular in the bigger cities. People there are educated to see the best there is and will stand for only the best. High-class baseball cannot be played at night under artificial light.”

Today, over eighty percent of Major League Baseball games are played at night, under the lights.

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Colbert Hits Marco Rubio With A Brutal Review For His CNN Town Hall Performance

"Just showing up isn’t that impressive."

Tomi Lahren Mocked As Right-Wing Crisis Actor In ‘Daily Show’ Conspiracy Spoof


We Need Change, Now

its always sunny in philadelphia Memes - 9130742784

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The Best Internet Reactions To Ted Cruz’s Simpsons Comments

The Best Internet Reactions To Ted Cruz's Simpsons Comments

The Best Internet Reactions To Ted Cr...
The internet was not going to let Ted Cruz's Simpsons comments go unnoticed.
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Save Yourself

Funny meme about black death.

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Oof Ouch Ow

Funny meme about drinking coffee that is too hot.

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Finally, Some Decent Motorized Wheel Attachments For Your Shoes

turbo-jetts.jpg These are the $130 Turbo Jetts from Razor (of scooter fame), motorized wheel attachments for your shoes. They're like those Heelys that were so popular years ago that they heartbreakingly never made in my size, except with an 80-watt electric motor in one heel that can speed you up to 10MPH for 30 minutes on a charge. Don't tell my mom but I'm already saving for a pair!
Like any motorized "rideable," there's a learning curve before you can cruise on Turbo Jetts. A company representative told me it should only take a few hours to find your balance and get the hang of how they feel. They fit U.S. kid shoes up to size 12 and U.S. adult shoes up to 12 as well. Its max weight limit is 176 pounds.
Wait -- a max weight limit of 176 pounds?! Well isn't that some shit. Still, this is probably the best reason I've ever had to actually exercise and eat right to lose some weight. "I explicitly told you that you were going to die soon if you didn't. " Whatever, doc, I'm doing it for the Turbo Jetts. Or maybe I could just replace the motor with a more powerful one... Keep going for several video demonstrations.

50+ Random Memes To Cure What Ails You

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Guy Mods Early 80’s Honda Accord With Tesla Powertrain, Does 0 – 60 in 2.7 Seconds

old-accord-with-tesla-powertrain.jpg This is a short video of the Teslonda in action, an early 80's Honda Accord that's been modded with (among other things) a Tesla electric powertrain built with pieces salvaged from a Tesla model S and X, and a Chevy Volt battery. It does 0 - 60 in 2.7 seconds, and sounds like an R/C car the entire time. I feel like electric car manufacturers need to start adding some speakers under the hood that blare sound effects when they're running so they don't sound so whirly. Or maybe I'll start my own aftermarket business selling them! Maybe like the sound of a lion roaring or something. "Or a dragon breathing fire!" I mean my idea was better but yours isn't bad and I will include it in my sound effect catalog with zero credit to you. Keep going for the video.

16 Funny Comics Most Women Will Relate To

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Murzz Studio is really killing the webcomic game with her relatable and anime-ish drawings. We rounded up some of our favorite gems but you can catch more relatably self-deprecating goodness on her website.

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Sneezing In 70 Different Countries, And How To Say The ‘Bless You’ Equivalent Afterwards

sneezing-in-70-countries.jpg This is a video of people from 70 different countries demonstrating how they sneeze (I thought we all sneezed the same -- and pick our noses in our cars pretending our windows are privacy screens) and how to say the 'bless you' equivalent afterwards. Me? I've always sneezed the exact same way since middle school -- using my fingers to hold my eyes open and praying to time travel. "How's that working out for you?" I've been creeping into the future a millisecond at a time. Also, no word what the protocol for an international fart is, but my guess is the universal 'point at somebody with their back turned' and blame it on them. Keep going for the video.

This Week in Comedy Podcasts: ‘R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME?’

The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy. Each week our crack team of podcast […]


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LEGO’s Hodgepodge 60th Anniversary ‘Classic Fun Future’ Building Set

hodgepodge-lego-set-1.jpg These are several shots of LEGO's 60th anniversary 'Classic Fun Future' building kit (set #10402). It costs around $10 and includes a rainbow of 186 pieces with instructions to build a robot, singing parrot, or go-kart. Or you can get creative and build your own design. Still, let's not kid ourselves and call this kit what it really is, the 'We Accidentally Made Too Many Of All These Pieces' playset. Keep going for several more shots.

Interview Possum Is A Meme With Something To Say

Funny memes about opossums.

The East Coast has Punxsutawney Phil. Sand Mountain has "Sand Mountain Sam" - this opossum that supposedly predicts the weather. This year, after Sam predicted an early spring, a photo of the critter has gone viral on social media - inspiring a whole lot of memes.

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Video Of Tesla’s Semi Rig Accelerating Down A Street

This is a super short video of one of Tesla's new semi rigs accelerating down a street, right in front of a clearly visible 25MPH speed limit sign. Breaking the law, breaking the law! Cool, but I wanna see how that truck can accelerate pulling 60,000 pounds behind it. "I'll ask my mother-in-law." Stop that, she's a beautiful lady. Now if you'll excuse me, I believe this calls for a song *ahem*
♫ You've got a fast truck, I want a ticket to anywhere, Maybe we can make a deal, maybe together we can-- ♫
What do you mean, 'Gas, grass or ass, nobody rides for free'?! Keep going for the video.

Inside the Evolution of ‘2 Dope Queens’ with Phoebe Robinson

Comedian, television writer, actress, and New York Times best-selling author are enviable titles to have associated with your name by the young age of 33. Phoebe Robinson, ever the consummate multi-hyphenate, has not only achieved all of those aforementioned high-water marks, but she’s currently adding one more honorific to her professional index: Podcast Royalty. Robinson […]

Naty Sporty

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Experimenting With Ferrofluid Poured On Magnets Levitating Above A Superconductor

This is a video of Youtuber JD Rock pouring ferrofluid over a variety of different magnets that are levitating above a superconductor. Science! And by science I very clearly mean magic. When reached for comment about the experiment, I could hear Magneto begin rubbing himself so I hung up. Obviously, for $3.99/minute that would have been a different story. Keep going for the video.

50 Wholesome Memes And Moments That’ll Bring A Smile To Your Face

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That’s More Like It: The Solo Star Wars Story Trailer Re-Cut With The Beastie Boys’ Sabotage

star-wars-solo-trailer-beastie-boys.jpg This is the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer re-cut with a Beastie Boys 'Sabotage' soundtrack, making it infinitely better than the original. Now that got me excited to go see the movie, so if they could just go back and re-cut the whole film with Sabotage on repeat that would be fantastic. See you at the theater! (I'll be the one with a thermos full of Brass Monkey) Keep going for the trailer.

Comedy Central Renews ‘Drunk History’ for a Sixth Season

More Drunk History is in the works. Comedy Central just announced it’s handed out a 16-episode renewal to Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner’s series, which debuted its fifth season last month and is currently airing Tuesday nights at 10:00pm. “They say history is written by the victors, but after five seasons, it’s now clear that […]

Michelle Wolf Will Host This Year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Michelle Wolf is having a very busy 2018 – in addition to landing a weekly late night series at Netflix, she also just landed the toughest annual political comedy gig there is: the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. White House Correspondents’ Association president Margaret Talev announced today that Wolf has officially signed on as the featured […]

The Perfect Belt Commercial

Mollie Merkel’s got a great belt. She wants to tell you all about it. Now, this is just my opinion but, I think you’d be wise to listen up. Luke is executive producer at Big Breakfast and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.


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The New Season of ‘The Standups’ Premieres on Netflix Next Month

Last year, Netflix revealed the lineup of the second season of its half-hour standup series The Standups, and now the next batch of episodes has a premiere date. This round will feature specials from Gina Yashere, Rachel Feinstein, Kyle Kinane, Aparna Nancherla, Joe List, and Brent Morin, which were taped at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles. Netflix will release all of […]

Gad Elmaleh Lives the ‘American Dream’ in the Trailer for His Netflix Standup Special

Gad Elmaleh’s second Netflix standup special debuts next month, and the streaming network recently released a trailer. Titled Gad Elmaleh: American Dream, the special was taped at The Town Hall in New York and covers Elmaleh’s “experiences moving from Paris to New York, struggling to flirt with women in New York clubs, and how he […]

NBC Renews ‘Superstore’ for a Fourth Season

More Superstore is in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has officially renewed the America Ferrera-starring series for a fourth season, which will consist of 22 episodes. Season 3 of the show premiered back in September and returns with new episodes Thursday, March 1st at 8:00pm. “Superstore is one of our signature NBC comedies, and we’re […]

24 Memes And Comics All Gamers Will Appreciate

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16 Freshly Harvested Dank Memes To Spice Things Up

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Sometimes only dank memes will do. 

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Damn He Got U

funny meme abut fbi agents.

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Weird Picdump 98

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The Other Coast for Feb 22, 2018

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Andy Capp for Feb 22, 2018

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Snow White 2

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Heathcliff for Feb 22, 2018 for 02/22/2018

Heathcliff for Feb 22, 2018

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Quirky Corporate Twitter Accounts Are Not Your Friends

By Mark Hill  Published: February 22nd, 2018 

5 Awesome Movie Sequels (You Had No Clue Existed)

By David Christopher Bell  Published: February 22nd, 2018 

Wizard of Id for Feb 22, 2018 for 02/22/2018

Wizard of Id for Feb 22, 2018

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Stephen Colbert Mocks Lawmakers For Talking Porn Instead Of Guns

“What do you have against teenagers?”

Oh no, baby, what is you doing?

Funny meme about a white guy making black panther jokes.

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Not Again

funny meme about drunk texting.

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What a punchline.

Funny meme about making everything into a joke.

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So Cruel

Funny web comic about calling dogs stupid.

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Funny meme about sasquatch.

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Follow up

First up… Secondly, it’s weird how many of you asked for a “Long-distance diarrhea sorcerer” t-shirt.  Mainly because I’m not sure how it doesn’t already exist.  But it does now. Third, I’m going to Book People this weekend to sign … Continue reading

18 Dank Flat Earth Memes To Fuel Your Intelligent Debates

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Check. Mate.

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Here’s the Trailer for Judd Apatow’s HBO Documentary ‘The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling’

Today, HBO released the first trailer for Judd Apatow’s two-part, four-hour Garry Shandling documentary, titled The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling. Set to air next month, the documentary features over 40 of Shandling’s family members and friends, including James L. Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Jim Carrey, Conan O’Brien, Jerry Seinfeld, and more, plus “four decades’ worth […]

Avocado Proposals: The Millennial Trend That Makes Us Want To Exit Earth

Funny tweets about avocado proposals, avocados, proposals, marriage, relationships, engagment.

Maybe millennials actually deserve the avocado toast prejudice that's been plaguing them. The Daily Dot and The Cut, among other publications, have been featuring this painfully twee proposal trend that seems to have started on Instagram. Shocker. The sites dug up avocado proposals from as long ago as last year - a sign that end of days is way, way overdue. 

Trendiness aside, while we enjoy a good avocado every now and then, it doesn't really seem logical to serve up eternity with your partner in a (likely) browning and mushy fruit. Much of Twitter seems to agree. 

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IFC’s ‘Brockmire’ Heads to New Orleans in the Season 2 Trailer

IFC’s Brockmire returns with a brand new season in April, and today the network dropped a trailer. Renewed ahead of its season 1 premiere last year, the Hank Azaria-starring series returns Wednesday, April 25th at 10:00pm, and the next batch of episodes follow Jim Brockmire as he “finds himself in the decadent city of New […]

This Kung Fu Panda Meme Is The Latest To Be Overused On Reddit

Funny and dank kung fu panda memes.

Kung Fu Panda fans are probably familiar with Po's sick Wuxi Finger Hold move - used to create an epic explosion to defeat his enemy, the tiger Tai Lung. This devastating maneuver is now taking over Reddit's r/dankmemes subreddit, whether users actually like it or not. The meme is meant to illustrate epic burns, often using trivial and childish examples - think "time for you to get a watch." Here are a few for you to judge with your discerning eyes. 

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Yeah, Let’s Be Real

Funny meme about kid playing with stuff that seems like a serial killer in training would play with.

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Sasheer Zamata and Sean Kleier to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot ‘So Close’

Saturday Night Live alum Sasheer Zamata has a new TV project in the works. Deadline reports that Zamata and Sean Kleier (Odd Mom Out) have signed on to star in a multi-cam comedy pilot in the works at NBC called So Close. Ordered at the network last month, the pilot is produced by Sean Hayes, […]

The Duplass Brothers Land a Four-Movie Deal with Netflix

Jay and Mark Duplass have four movies in the works at Netflix. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo has landed a four-picture deal with the streaming network, which will start with a movie starring Ray Romano to be released sometime later this year. The movie, which is currently untitled, is described as a “bittersweet […]

‘In Living Color’ Gets Its Own History Book with ‘Homey Don’t Play That’

When In Living Color premiered on Fox in 1990, the sketch series represented the beginning of a wave of Black network programming unlike any seen on television in decades (arguably ever). In 1994, In Living Color ended along with four other Black series on Fox alone (the syndicated talk show The Arsenio Hall Show ended […]

50 Entertaining Memes And Tweets To Help You Zone Out

Funny meme list about food, school, drinking, relationships, dating, dogs, cats, america, the office, tinder, online dating, alcohol.

Memes are a healthy distraction, right?

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40 Scottish Memes And Twitter Gems That’ll Have You In Pieces

Funny gems from scottish twitter, scotland memes.

The award for best Twitter definitely goes to Scotland. Prove us wrong.

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Parenting 7

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

People who can’t recognize it

people who watch anime people who doesnt

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Check Out the Season 5 Trailer for HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

The new season of Silicon Valley now has a full trailer, and it’s got it all: a bunch of dogs, a bear, a secret message, and Andy Daly. Renewed for season 5 last year, the show returns next month with Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Josh Brener, Amanda Crew, Matt Ross, Suzanne […]

Life Hack

Funny meme about ikea and twitter.

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Come on barbie, Let’s go party!

life in plastic is fantastic meme

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Girls Mix So Well With Alcohol 18

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It’s a good boy

me the sandwich i just made and my two dogs

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Someone Swapped Donald Trump’s Face Onto Alec Baldwin’s And It’s Terrifying

It's hard to tell which is which.

Animals Making A Mess 2

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B.C. for Feb 21, 2018 for 02/21/2018

B.C. for Feb 21, 2018

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Andy Capp for Feb 21, 2018

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Herb and Jamaal for Feb 21, 2018

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Wizard of Id for Feb 21, 2018

Updated: Wed Feb 21, 2018

Momma for Feb 21, 2018 for 02/21/2018

Momma for Feb 21, 2018

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Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 21, 2018 for 02/21/2018

Dogs of C-Kennel for Feb 21, 2018

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A Great Place to Go…

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader

bryant-parkLet’s face it: New York City is famous for a lot of things, but the abundance and cleanliness of public restrooms aren’t among them. There is one notable exception, however, just outside the main branch of the New York Public Library.


One afternoon in 1979, the 77-year-old heiress Brooke Astor, New York City’s “First Lady of Philanthropy” and a trustee of the New York Public Library, was walking into the library for a meeting of the trustees. But before she could enter, she was accosted by a “hooligan,” as she put it, who tried to sell her drugs.

The drug dealer had walked up to her from Bryant Park, which borders the library to the west. If you’re a New Yorker and you’re old enough to remember what Bryant Park was like in those days, it wouldn’t surprise you to learn that the drug dealer had been loitering there. The nearly ten-acre park had had a seedy reputation as far back as the 1930s. A redesign in 1934 helped for a time, but by the 1970s the park was in trouble again. Prostitutes and druggies were a constant, menacing presence that caused ordinary New Yorkers to keep their distance. The park’s reputation was so bad, in fact, that it had driven down the value of nearby high-rises, because nobody wanted to live or work near it.


Astor was sad to see how low the park had fallen, and she asked her friend and fellow philanthropist David Rockefeller if something could be done. In 1980 he joined with other prominent New Yorkers to create the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation to raise money for improvements. And because the city was mired in a financial crisis at the time, Rockefeller also struck a deal that allowed the corporation to take over management of the park, though the city would continue to own it.

One project that needed funding was the restoration of the park’s statue of the 19th-century poet and abolitionist William Cullen Bryant, for whom the park was named. Rockefeller asked a charity called the J. M. Kaplan Fund to contribute to the project, but the charity’s president, Joan Davidson, wasn’t interested. She did, however, offer to donate $50,000 to reopen Bryant Park’s restrooms, which had closed in the mid-1960s and never reopened. Public restrooms, Davidson felt, were “more essential to life in the city” than statues. Rockefeller accepted the offer.


In all, the corporation raised more than $9 million to renovate the park. The work was scheduled to coincide with the underground expansion of the New York Public Library: In 1988 the park was closed to the public and part of it was excavated to build an underground wing for the library. After the structure was completed, the park was rebuilt on top of it.

Walls and hedges that provided hideaways for illicit activities in the old park were torn down to make the redesigned park safer and more open, and to give it a friendlier feel. Hundreds of metal chairs and tables were set out on the large lawn, to give workers in the surrounding buildings an enticing place to sit and eat their lunches. To attract seniors, there was a reading room with free books, and to pull in families with kids, the park installed a carousel. Open-air concerts and movie nights were planned for the summer, and an ice rink and holiday shopping village were set up in the winter. All of it was patrolled by eight police officers during the day, and four officers after hours when the park was closed.


These were all wonderful improvements to be sure, but they were being made in a park that had been a no-man’s-land for more than two decades. Would people really be willing to risk a visit to the new park? Rather than leave anything to chance, the corporation decided to make the restrooms as elegant as any of those in the city’s finest four-star restaurants and hotels—more like a “powder room in a country estate” than a typical restroom in a city park, said the corporation’s president, Dan Biederman.

“Mrs. Astor was in my mind. Anybody, from homeless people to Mrs. Astor, could use it,” he told the New York Times.

The granite-faced Greek Revival building that housed the restrooms had its stonework lovingly restored. An elegant new tile floor was installed, and the walls were tiled around the sinks and given fresh coats of paint as well. Stylish “vandal-proof” porcelain sinks and toilets were installed, and a sound system was put in to provide classical music. The artwork, lighting fixtures, and other design elements were as stylish and tasteful as those in the finest restrooms in the city.

For new visitors to the park, the first sign that these were no ordinary city park restrooms appeared just inside the entrance, where a large urn overflowing with fresh-cut flowers, delivered daily, greeted visitors. Another difference: not one but two friendly full-time toilet attendants, who kept the bathrooms spotless. The improvements cost well into the hundreds of thousands, but it was all paid for out of contributions (including the initial $50,000 donated by the Kaplan fund). The cash-strapped city didn’t contribute a cent, and neither did the people who used the restrooms—the facilities were open to all, free of charge.


According to one estimate, some 150,000 people lived, worked, or were staying in hotels within two blocks of Bryant Park when it reopened in 1992. Whatever fears the corporation had that they wouldn’t come dissipated soon after opening day, when they began pouring into the park. In good weather as many as 10,000 people visited during the peak hours of noon to 2:30 p.m., making it one of the busiest city parks in the world. It became such a popular destination that the New York Times called it “Manhattan’s town square.”

A big part of the Bryant Park experience was (and still is) paying a visit to the park’s magnificent restrooms. At peak times, as many as 40 people will be waiting in line to use them; the wait can take 20 minutes or more. The facilities received major upgrades in 2006 and 2017. Today they feature air-conditioning, marble sinks, mirrors framed in cherry wood, and self-flushing toilets with rotating, sanitary, self-cleaning seat covers. The improvements haven’t gone unnoticed: In 2011 the travel website Virtual Tourist voted them the best public restrooms not just in the United States but in the entire world.


As of 2017, the operating budget for the restrooms is $271,000 a year, which includes $27,000 for premium toilet paper and $14,000 for regular deliveries of fresh-cut flowers. The Bryant Park Corporation (“Restoration” was dropped from the name in 2009) still pays for it all; it raises much of the money from voluntary assessments paid by the owners of the high-rises that surround the park. These landlords happily pay, because Bryant Park, no longer a den of crime that causes rents and property values to go down, is actually pushing values up: people will pay a premium to live and work near the park.

…And poop in it. Just as when the park opened, the elegant restrooms are still a big draw. “I’m going to come here more,” a messenger who makes regular trips to the park just to do his business told a reporter when informed that another bathroom upgrade was in the works. “I thought it was already good enough and now they’re going to make it even better? I may live here.”

This article is reprinted with permission from Uncle John’s OLD FAITHFUL 30th Anniversary Bathroom Reader. Uncle John and the Bathroom Readers’ Institute! Every year for the past three decades, Uncle John and his team of tireless researchers have delivered an epic tome packed with thousands of fascinating factoids. And now this extra-special 30th anniversary edition has everything you’ve come to expect from the BRI, and more! It’s stuffed with 512 pages of all-new articles sure to please everyone, from our longtime readers to newbies alike. You’ll get the scoop on the latest “scientific” studies, weird world news, surprising history, and obscure facts.

Since 1987, the Bathroom Readers’ Institute has led the movement to stand up for those who sit down and read in the bathroom (and everywhere else for that matter). With more than 15 million books in print, the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series is the longest-running, most popular series of its kind in the world.

If you like Today I Found Out, I guarantee you’ll love the Bathroom Reader Institute’s books, so check them out!

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DK Update

The Daily Knowledge podcast still gets a pretty shocking amount of downloads for having not been updated for so long, so we just thought for those of you still around we’d do a little update announcing our new podcast: The BrainFood Show, which you can find here:  iTunes | Google Play | RSS/XML

Let us know what you think, and stay tuned because we also have an update on the DK podcast itself coming in the not too distant future.

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