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Social Media Fail of the Day: Bill Cosby Meme Backfires on Twitter

Bill Cosby attempted a simple little PR stunt on Twitter Monday, and it blew up in his face almost instantly.
Tweeting a link to a Cosby meme generator on his website (which has since been deleted), he asked his followers to turn his pictures into memes, by adding some text.
But this year, following news that he would be starring in a new NBC sitcom, Cosby's past has come back to haunt him, with old sexual assualt allegations resurfacing in the media.
So it probably wasn't the best time to ask people to get creative with Cosby's images. Has his social media team ever even heard of the Internet?

Here are a few examples of the resulting Cosby meme - he certainly got lots of attention for this stunt, but not in the way they had hoped.

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Your the Best, Dad!

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Mission Impossi-baby

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Agnes for Jun 26, 2019 for 06/26/2019

Agnes for Jun 26, 2019

Updated: Wed Jun 26, 2019

Momma for Jun 26, 2019 for 06/26/2019

Momma for Jun 26, 2019

Updated: Wed Jun 26, 2019

B.C. for Jun 26, 2019 for 06/26/2019

B.C. for Jun 26, 2019

Updated: Wed Jun 26, 2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Jun 26, 2019 for 06/26/2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Jun 26, 2019

Updated: Wed Jun 26, 2019

Herb and Jamaal for Jun 26, 2019 for 06/26/2019

Herb and Jamaal for Jun 26, 2019

Updated: Wed Jun 26, 2019

The Other Coast for Jun 26, 2019 for 06/26/2019

The Other Coast for Jun 26, 2019

Updated: Wed Jun 26, 2019

Colbert Has A 1-Finger Salute For Trump Official Overseeing Child Detention Centers

"Late Show" host offers a not-so-fond farewell for departing Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner John Sanders.

40 Random Memes That Won’t Hurt You Like Your Ex Did

Funny memes, random memes, funny tweets, dating meme, dating tweets, animals, animal memes.

It's been a few months since he blocked and then unblocked you. A few weeks since he watched your Instagram story. Does that mean he still cares? The truth is that doesn't even matter. It's time to stop investing your time and emotions in someone who went out of their way to hurt you and who doesn't want to be in your life. It would be better to invest your time loving yourself, and looking at dumb memes. We're here to help you with that second part.

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This Isn’t Helpful MOM

Funny anime meme about moms when you lose something

Why do moms always ask this question??

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‘Those Are Rookie Numbers’ Memes Might Encourage You To Make Bad Decisions

'Those Are Rookie Numbers' Memes Might Encourage You To Make Bad Decisions

"Those Are Rookie Numbers" is a meme featuring a crazy-eyed Matthew McConaughey in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. The particular scene involves McConaughey's character Mark Hanna asking Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jordan Belfort how many times per week he masturbates, afterward stating that he needs to up those numbers. Let the meme-ing commence!

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Nike Heels, For When You Have Practice At 4 And Date Night At 5

Jog while being chic

I’m not a fashion icon nor do I have even above average fashion sense. I mean, I don’t think I have bad taste but I’m also aware of the fact I wear a maximum of four different outfits and my Vans have a hole in the left toe. I honestly can’t say whether or not I’m currently wearing matching socks. Am I an authority on style? No. Am I qualified to criticize the work of legitimate designers who make my salary in a week? Also no. Am I still going to? Yes.

Nike is one of the best athletic wear companies out there, in my experience. They make stuff that’s comfortable and durable and I don’t feel like a potato when I accidentally look at myself in the gym mirror, plus they’ve partnered with activists like Colin Kaepernick and I respect that.

And now designer Ancuta Sarca has elevated Nike’s iconic shoes, literally, by about two inches.

She combined running shoes with high heels to create a sort of shoe-mullet situation, with sports in the front and party in the back.

She said she wanted to give these shoes “a completely new function” which, to her credit, she definitely did.

I’m just not sure what that function is.

Haute couture penalty kicks??

Being able to kind of run but like not really???

Abiding by a 5-star restaurant’s formal dress code but just barely???

I don’t know. In any case, what I do know is I will probably never be able to afford them.

‘You’re A Good Man’ Memes Are Putting Bran Stark Back On The Meme Map

Bran STark memes, youre a good man thank you memes, game of thrones memes, theon greyjoy, porn memes.

HBO's Game of Thrones may be off the air, but the memes the epic fantasy show inspired are still going strong. These trending memes feature Bran Stark, the show's wheelchair-bound psychic. The image of Bran saying "You're a good man. Thank you." comes from the show's final season, after it becomes clear that Theon Greyjoy is about to die to protect the young Stark. In these Game of Thrones memes, the quote holds a less dramatic, but still complimentary meaning. 

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Reebok Releasing Toy Story Instapump Sneakers With One Shoe Woody, One Shoe Buzz

buzz-and-woody-reeboks-1.jpg These are the Pixar x BAIT x Reebok Toy Story Instapump Fury sneakers being released sometime soon. The pair comes with a left Buzz Lightyear inspired sneaker and a right Woody inspired one. No word on price yet, but considering a regular pair of Reebok Instapump Fury sneakers run $160 - $200 and everything I just looked at on the BAIT website comes at a premium, I'm guessing in the $300 - $400 range. I'm also guessing I won't own a pair unless some other size 12 is willing to trade me their Buzz for my Woody. "You're gonna wear two left shoes?" *trips standing up* It's never stopped me before. Keep going for a few detail shots.

Dad’s Hair-Dye Disaster Takes A Wholesome Turn In This Adorable Twitter Story

Dad's Hair-Dye Disaster Takes A Wholesome Turn In This Adorable Twitter Story

Matthew Green got a little more than he bargained for when he tweeted that his son wanted to dye his hair blue, but only if Green would also do it. Another Twitter user replied saying that if Green were to follow through with it, they would donate $300 to RAICES, an organization that provides free and low-cost legal services to immigrants and refugees. 

Sometimes you gotta make yourself look stupid in the name of a good cause!

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Oh Wow: A Stunning 25,000 Piece LEGO Build Of The Beast’s Library From Beauty And The Beast

beauty-and-the-beast-lego-library.jpg This is the Beast's library from Beauty And The Beast imagined in 25,000 piece LEGO form by builder Sarah von Innerebner. I'm not sure how many of those pieces are books, but based on a quick approximation I'm guessing a couple thousand. I wish I had a library like that. "Do you even read, GW?" I re-read and edit every Geekologie article, don't I? "Not very well." No.... Keep going for a video tour of the library while Sarah is interviewed about the build.

26 Devious Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids That We Can All Relate To

26 Devious Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids That We Can All Relate To

As we grow older we start to understand why parents occasionally lie to their kids; 1.) because it's funny as hell, and 2.) because sometimes you just don't have the patience to explain things to someone who will either not fully understand or throw a temper tantrum over it. 

These poor Twitter users are describing the ridiculous lies their parents told them as kids!

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Problem Solving: Man Loads Jet-Ski From Ocean Into Back Of Ford Taurus Station Wagon

jet-ski-in-ford-taurus.jpg This is a video of a man loading his jet-ski into the back of his Ford Taurus station wagon like that's exactly what Ford Taurus Station wagons were designed for. His friend (the guy filming vertically from much further away than he needs to be) had this to say: "My buddy got a new jet ski but no trailer. He wasn't going to let that stop him." And let it stop him he did not! Where there's a will, there's a way. And where there's a well, there's a wish to be made. Now let me borrow a penny. "That's a floor air vent." Oh is it? Then how come every time I'm cold and wish for the A/C to stop working it comes true? Keep going for the video, but the fits like a glove really starts at 0:30.

Pauline Tantot

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11 Mortified People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments Yet

11 Mortified People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Experiences Yet

Twitter mogul Chrissy Teigen asked her fans about their most embarrassing experiences ever, and we gotta say, they're bad. We mean like, never show your face to the outside world again bad. Read through them and laugh, but most of all, be real glad you aren't one of these people!

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Jaws Moments: Huge Great White Shark Eats Fishing Boat’s Chum Bag

new-jersey-great-white.jpg Note: Lots of loud screaming, but the cursing is bleeped. This is a video from a fishing boat about 30 miles off the coast of Point Pleasant, New Jersey of an estimated 16-18 foot 2,000 pound great white shark coming to eat the boat's chum bag (don't feed sharks bags!). Also, I kid you not, the name of the fishing boat in the video is 'Big Nutz Required II'. I mean this is Jersey after all. Still, no word what happened to 'Big Nutz Required I', but I suspect the boat's captain may have lied about his credentials, resulting in a maritime disaster. Keep going for the whole video, but start with your volume low.

Popular Youtuber Etika Found Dead In New York City

Youtuber Etika found dead, NYPD.

The NYPD's search for 29 year old Desmond 'Etika' Amofah has come to a tragic end. The New York Police Department confirmed earlier today that a body found in the East River was that of the allegedly troubled Youtuber. The police began searching for the popular live-streamer on June 20th following Amofah's disappearance, and before that, the uploading of a chilling video in which he revealed his suicidal thoughts. Many fans were hopeful that this was a moment of  being "overdramatic," similar to a stunt he had pulled in 2018.Things began taking a less hopeful turn when his belongings were recovered, scattered around the Manhattan Bridge. 

Following news of Etika's demise, many peers and fans took to Twitter and Youtube to share their shock, stories of happier times, and to implore people to pay attention to mental health.

 If you are struggling with mental illness or suicidal thoughts, remember that help is available. Talk to someone.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 1-800-273-8255 or chat.

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Cat Knocks On Door With Back Leg To Bet Let Inside

This is a video of a cat that's learned how to knock on the front door of its home with a rear leg to be let inside (previously: this cat who learned how to use the knocker). For reference, my neighbor's cat just sits on their porch and cries bloody murder until it's let in. They should really teach it how to knock or install a pet door because I'm tired of waking up in the middle of the night thinking someone is dying. M Night Shyamalan twist: me, due to my crippling anxiety. Does my heart seem like it's beating fast to you? *presents wrist* Check my pulse. "Cool BFF bracelet, where'd you get it?" *winks* The same place I got the matching half for you. "Claire's at the mall?" They had the best designs. Keep going for the video, which includes the cat somehow not realizing its owner is standing behind it encouraging it to knock again and not inside to open the door.


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Are You Even Real?: Video Of The Shimmering Rainbow Of Colors Of A Blanket Octopus

This is a video captured by diver Joseph Elayani in "the waters the Romblon Pass at The Three P Resort in the Mimaropa region of the Philippines" of a female blanket octopus displaying the shimmering rainbow of colors in her webs. Crazy, right? I didn't even know blanket octopuses were a real thing, yet here I am staring at one and wondering where the pot of gold is. According to Wikipedia, blanket octopuses have the most extreme sexual size-dimorphism of any non-microscopic animal, with females reaching lengths of up to 2 meters (6.6-feet), and males topping out at only 2.4-centimeters! And I thought my prom photos were awkward. Keep going for the video.

Horny Tweet About Ed Sheeran Has Turned Into A Hilarious Roast-Fest

GUYS ED SHEERAN GOT HOT, memes, twitter memes, tweets

A very enthusiastic tweet about Ed Sheeran's appearance has inspired a ton of roasts on the social media site. User @snollygoster111 started the fire when they tweeted two shirtless photos of the pop star captioned "GUYS ED SHEERAN GOT HOT". Sheeran is a frequent victim of internet mockery, so other accounts were very eager to roast the tweet and the musician by pairing the text with pictures of other popular and unpopular gingers. It's a simple meme, but incredibly effective. 

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Clever: Man Uses Fishing Line And Dino Toys To Make A Fun Scene For Wife’s Car’s Back-Up Cam

dino-back-up-cam-1.jpg These are a couple shots of the result of Twitter user stevevsninjas (I hope you're stocked up on throwing stars and smoke bombs) using some fishing line and a couple dinosaur toys to make a fun little scene for his wife's Toyota Highlander's back-up camera. This really gives me some ideas. Maybe not any ideas that are going to make my girlfriend think I've matured in any way, but ideas nonetheless. Keep going for a video of a pterodactyl Steve auditioned before going with the dinos.

19 Funny Pictures For Anyone Who Needs A Laugh

Funny pictures, pictures with funny captions.

There are times when life is getting you down, and you just need to scroll through some funny pictures. Other times, you just need the memes and pics for the purpose of pure procrastination. The truth, however, is that nobody needs an excuse to look at laugh-worthy pics.- so you can scroll through this gallery of hilarity completely guilt-free.

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Watch Will Forte Do A Seance In This Bonkers Video

Will brings a neti pot to contact the famed comedian W.C. Fields

Supernatural hi-jinx ensue as Will Forte joins Zabrecky on a visit to the Other Side.


Will Forte is a big fan of W.C. Fields, and he came to Zabrecky to communicate with the 1900s-era comedian to strange, bewildering, uncomfortable, yet ultimately lovely, results.

ICYMI - W. C. Fields liked to juggle, tell jokes, act in front of a camera, and write words down on paper to then sell those words through publications.

He was, in many ways, much like you or me. According to WikiPedia, his comic persona was “a misanthropic and hard-drinking egotist, who remained a sympathetic character despite his snarling contempt for children.”

As a new dad, honestly, relatable.

Zabrecky guides Will on a journey through the ether to interact with Mr. Fields, and we’re just glad he made it back alive.

This supernatural sceance comes to you from Zabrecky.


Created by Zabrecky

Starring Will Forte

Check out more from the Funny Or Die community here and if you have something you think is worth featuring, make sure to submit it for review by the Funny Or Die team here.

Ultra-Slow Motion Footage Of SpaceX Rocket Launches Captured From Cameras On Launchpads

This is 'Night Into Day', a short film by photographers Ryan Chylinski and MaryLiz Bender starring ultra-slow motion footage of SpaceX rocket launches, captured from the actual launchpads using autonomous cameras. Some of the shots captured really are breathtaking, plus the soundtrack starts to get exceptionally good after 3:00, when the chanting starts. Kinda reminds me of Pure Moods. Remember that CD? I listened to it so many times the CD player in my car stopped working. "No, you crashed the car into a creek trying to jump it." Purely coincidental. Keep going for the video.

Hell Yeah Enya

Funny meme about how Enya lives alone in a castle with her cats

Who knew Enya was our spirit animal?

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Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Melissa Joan Hart

Although she’s a famous comedian herself, Tig Notaro has a very special and unique ability: she doesn’t recognize celebrities. Whether they’re a Grammy Award-winning musician, a world-famous chef, or one of the most iconic actors in television, for Tig... well... it’s just not ringing a bell.

Queen of teen comedies, there wasn’t a television screen between the 90’s and 00’s without Melissa Joan Hart’s face on it. She talked us through all the ups and downs of teenage life in Clarissa Explains It All, and then took us on a much more magical journey through adolescence as Sabrina the Teenage Witch -- in both live-action and cartoon form! Sabrina Spellman even made her way into other sitcoms like Boy Meets World and Clueless, which makes sense because duh, she’s a witch, she can go wherever she wants. She dazzled on the silver screen as Nicole in Drive Me Crazy, and after putting away her spellbook she starred in the romantic comedy series Melissa & Joey, busted a few moves on Dancing with the Stars, and you can catch her on Netflix in the new sitcom No Good Nick. Between starring in sitcoms, cameos in series’ of every genre, and lending her voice in animated shows for both children and adults, everybody knows Melissa Joan Hart. And by everybody, I mean everybody except Tig Notaro.

Melissa Joan Hart is so famous that she’s been literally turned into dolls, but, of course, Tig has no clue who she is. Alexa’s here to help though, and not just help Tig figure out who Melissa is, but to fill Melissa in on who Tig is, too. Melissa learned a lot about Tig, like her distaste for high-fives, but even with hints (and ribbons) who knows if Tig will be able to figure out this celebrity mystery. After all, she does live under a rock.


Starring: Tig Notaro & Melissa Joan Hart

Director: Amy Landecker
Executive Producer: Tig Notaro
Executive Producer: Stephanie Allynne
Executive Producer: Thomas Ouellette
Executive Producer: Hunter Seidman
Executive Producer: Rowan Wheeler
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Executive Producer: Brian Toombs
Executive Producer: Chris Bruss
Associate Producer: Jessica Dollin

Head Writer: Thomas Ouellette
Writer: Jon Mackey
Consultant: Lauren Pomerantz
Consultant: Kyle Dunnigan
Writers Assistant: Marla Black

Line Producer: Charles Forsgren
Production Coordinator: Jack Bradley
Production Coordinator: Maisie Hooper
1st AD: Jonathan Hinman
Director of Photography: Geoff George
Camera Operators: Scott Smith, Aaron Smith, Drew Dawson
1st AC: Sam Kim
DIT: Jack Damon
Gaffer: Danny Williams
Key Grip: Nick Bodkin
G/E Swing: Danny Williams
Hair & Make-Up for Tig Notaro: Stephanie Daniel
Hair & Make-Up: Vanessa Moreno
Costume Designer: Ambika Sanjana
Production Designer: Ellie Del Campo
Set Decorator: Samantha Corona
Sound Mixer: Alex Dawson
Production Assistants: Max Hamilton and James Tinsely

Post Producer: Phillip Loeb
Post Producer: Kia Reghabi
Editor: Jon Mackey
Assistant Editor: Cariad Owen
Graphics: Aaron Andersen, Paul Smith, Bryan Wieder, and Isaac Sanchez

50 Various Memes That Don’t Suck

50 Various Memes That Don't Suck

We've got memes for when you're feelin' down, or for when you're happy as a clam, or for when you're just feeling neutral. Doesn't matter - memes are always there for you when you need them!

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(765): You kept saying,…

(765): You kept saying, "please sir, can I have some more.".

(317): Quick question. If you…

(317): Quick question. If you break the bathroom sink off the wall from fucking on it, can you claim it on your homeowner's insurance as a 'natural disaster'?

That B Meredith Blake

Funny tweet that reads, "Kids today will NEVER know how much we HATED this woman" above photos of Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap

Parent Trap, anyone?

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(201): this bedazzled flask is my…

(201): this bedazzled flask is my best investment yet.

Weird overflow 158

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(702): They told him he could only…

(702): They told him he could only pay in monopoly money and he pulls out a wad of it from his pocket... i think im in love.

(919): At what point did i decide…

(919): At what point did i decide poptarts, nyquil, and whiskey was a good idea?

(432): On a scale of one to ten…

(432): On a scale of one to ten how bad is it that the first cardio I've done in months is jogging to the bars?
(507): I'll just go with dedication.

(949): I don’t remember…

(949): I don't remember anything from last night, but at track I found my thong next to the high jump pit... So it must has been decent.

(567): i’m not sure what you…

(567): i'm not sure what you are doing right now, but i know that i don't like it. whatever you are doing. just stop. come here so we can fuck.

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The Thing about ‘The Thing’

Described variously as everything from “the greatest B-movie ever made” to a masterpiece of horror and suspense, John Carpenter’s The Thing, which debuted on June 25, 1982, is a movie that rightfully stands amongst the likes of Alien and The Terminator as one of the most kick-ass sci-fi movies in history. The thing is, it turns out The Thing was so poorly received when it debuted that it nearly ruined Carpenter’s career.

First, for anyone unfamiliar with the The Thing, the basic plot is that a shape-shifting alien organism from the depths of space crash lands in the middle Antarctica and begins brutally assimilating the denizens of an American research base. Throughout the film, in traditional horror movie fashion, the eponymous Thing slowly kills off the cast while Kurt Russell, sporting the bushiest beard of his career, tries to incinerate it with a flamethrower. Of note is the fact that the film ends on a cliffhanger, showing Russell’s character staring down known hero of this Earth Keith David, as they both sit around waiting to freeze to death and come to the realisation that one of them could be the Thing… The fate of neither man is made explicitly clear, leaving what happens next largely up to the interpretation of the audience.

For some reason audiences and critics hated this, with many a scathing review being written criticising the movie’s nihilistic tone and lack of a satisfying conclusion to the story. This somewhat annoyed director John Carpenter who did actually film a more positive ending after being pressure by the studio, but ultimately cut it because it felt, in his words “cheesy”. As Carpenter would later note of the general reaction to the film’s ending: “The film wasn’t heroic enough, it wasn’t the U.S. Hockey team beating the Russians. That’s what people wanted to see.”

Not stopping there, perhaps the most baffling criticism levied against the film came courtesy of New York Times reviewer Vincent Canby who described the film’s practical effects as “phony looking”. A bold claim considering the film’s practical effects are still referenced today by experts in the field as being some of the most technically impressive ever seen on the silver screen.

The endless dunking on Carpenter didn’t stop with reviews, though, and the director of the film The Thing was loosely based upon, The Thing from Another World, Christian Nyby would later release a statement saying that the film was terrible. As if that wasn’t a bitter enough pill to swallow, following the bad reviews and exceptionally poor box office returns the film saw (it only managed to bring in $20 million on a budget of $15 million), Universal yanked Carpenter off of his next directing project and then bought out of the rest of his contract so that he wouldn’t make any more movies for them.

Carpenter, as you can imagine, was hurt by the critical mauling the film received, including being particularly stung when Sydney Magazine had a cover story on the movie titled: “Is This the Most Hated Film of All Time?”

Needless to say, Carpenter refused to comment on The Thing publicly for many years. Of course, over the years the critical consensus on the film has shifted dramatically and The Thing is now considered one of the greatest and most influential horror movies ever made. Which begs the question, what gives?

Well, according to Carpenter, one of the key reasons he believes the film flopped was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which was released just two weeks before The Thing. Said, Carpenter, “I just don’t think audiences in 1982 wanted to see that. They wanted to see E.T. and The Thing was the opposite of that… I was called ‘a pornographer of violence’… I had no idea it would be received that way… The Thing was just too strong for that time. I knew it was going to be strong, but I didn’t think it would be too strong…”

In the end, he didn’t think audiences were ready for a movie about a shape-shifting alien murder-beast so soon after one about a happy, friendly little alien who likes eating Reese’s Pieces.

If you liked this article, you might also enjoy our new popular podcast, The BrainFood Show (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Feed), as well as:

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4 Ridiculous Times Celebrities Feuded With Normal People

By Adam Wears  Published: June 25th, 2019 

5 Ways Hollywood Totally Sucks At Depicting LGBTQ People

By Tiago Svn  Published: June 25th, 2019 

Heathcliff for Jun 25, 2019 for 06/25/2019

Heathcliff for Jun 25, 2019

Updated: Tue Jun 25, 2019

B.C. for Jun 25, 2019 for 06/25/2019

B.C. for Jun 25, 2019

Updated: Tue Jun 25, 2019

Momma for Jun 25, 2019 for 06/25/2019

Momma for Jun 25, 2019

Updated: Tue Jun 25, 2019

Herb and Jamaal for Jun 25, 2019 for 06/25/2019

Herb and Jamaal for Jun 25, 2019

Updated: Tue Jun 25, 2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Jun 25, 2019 for 06/25/2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Jun 25, 2019

Updated: Tue Jun 25, 2019

Agnes for Jun 25, 2019 for 06/25/2019

Agnes for Jun 25, 2019

Updated: Tue Jun 25, 2019

Cock And Awe: Colbert Mocks Trump’s ‘Tiny Little Mushroom Cloud’ Threat

"Late Show" host lets the puns run wild after Trump's "cocked and loaded" tweet.

33 Memes & Tweets To Keep You From Losing Your Sh*t

Funny memes, funny tweets, relatable memes

Congratulations on making it through Monday without killing someone (we hope.) To assist you on braving the rest of the week's arduousness, we've put together this comprehensive list of moderately amusing memes and tweets for your viewing pleasure. Don't say we never gave you anything.

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25 Retail Memes For Anyone Who’s Real Sick & Tired Of Karen

25 Retail Memes For Anyone Who's Real Sick & Tired Of Karen

If you've ever worked in a customer service position, then you've guaranteed encountered your fair share of Karens and other horrible, entitled customers who make your job a lot harder than it needs to be. We're not going to stereotype generations here, but it's the Baby Boomers who are always the worst. Sorry, not sorry.

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A likely story

Funny Lord of the Rings meme about having just one beer.

Why is this every single weekend? 

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Lizzo’s BET Awards Performance Will Make Your Day, Probably Your Week


Mondays generally aren’t great but man today has honestly felt like it’s lasted a hundred years. All day I felt like the walking dead and I’ve had an amount of coffee that would probably (definitely) concern my doctor but I just could not get my ass in gear.


Honestly it got me more amped up than a quad espresso shot.

If you don’t know who Lizzo is you need to get on that shit immediately because you are WAY BEHIND and MISSING OUT. Not only is she a ridiculously talented singer and rapper, she’s an incredibly powerful voice for body positivity who is creating positive change in the world. If this is your first time experiencing Lizzo, this performance is the perfect introduction.

It’s got everything!!

✓ A giant wedding cake with Lizzo atop it as a badass bride
✓ High-energy, nonstop, how-the-hell-are-they-still-going dancers
✓ Costume reveals
✓ Beats so infectious they’ll get your grandma moving

Lizzo is life giving, and this video is how I’m going to wake myself up every morning from now on.

E3’s ‘Scared Luigi’ Memes Are All About Our Deep Dark Fears

Luigi memes, scared luigi memes, e3 2019, nintendo, porn memes.

This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has already inspired some seriously amazing memes. Mini Keanu Reeves and Breathtaking memes are still going strong, but it's time to make way for a new E3 format. Nintendo fans will be pleased that Luigi is the star of this trending template, and even more pleased that he's being flanked by two babes. The terrified expression on the character's face (while seemingly cowering from the babes) was just begging to be meme'd, and Reddit and Instagram have stepped up to the plate as per usual. We expect to see a lot more of these memes this week, but here are our favorites so far. 

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This Mom’s Potty Training Technique Is So Hilariously Extra

I mean, I get it

I don’t have any kids and I get baby fever in the sense that the thought of being responsible for a tiny human makes me break into a sweat, so suffice to say I am thoroughly impressed and amazed by people who are parents. Literally no aspect of that looks easy or fun. Babies are pure chaos with zero skills. Like a lump of clay that periodically explodes and you have to figure out why it’s exploding and also still form it into a recognizable being. In short, a nightmare.

I have, however, had dogs. Which I understand isn’t the same thing, but there are some similarities. Potty training, for instance. Honestly the only difference is you teach one to shit in a toilet and the other to shit outside. I assume you also reward babies with treats and head scratches but I don’t know for sure. Housebreaking both dogs and humans can be an incredibly difficult process that is not fun for either party, as well as extremely messy and gross. With dogs, I know that some people rub their dog’s nose in it if they have an accident in the house, but in my opinion that’s just mean. I can’t say how well this approach would work for potty training a toddler, but if someone could test it out and tell me how it goes I’m kind of curious.


This training tactic probably isn’t featured in any parenting handbooks but it’s definitely a winner.

DAY ONE Am I doing it right? Sat here waiting for her to pee. Do I just keep sitting her on the potty and hope she gets it? I'VE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING ... Shona McLoughlin Photography

Posted by Shona McLoughlin on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Normally I’d say this sort of thing is extra as hell, and it is, but when it comes to dealing with actual human poop these measures are definitely warranted.

At the end of the day, you wanna set your kids up for success, and this mom’s approach to potty training is certainly giving her kid a small margin of error.

Oh Wow: ‘My Heart Will Go On’ From Titanic Performed Using A Bike Pump

titanic-my-heart-will-go-on-bike-pump.jpg Because this is the internet and the internet will never stop sinking, this is a video of Titanic's 'My Heart Will Go On' performed on a bicycle air pump. And while that pump is certainly no Celine Dion, I'll admit it did a far better job than I've ever done at karaoke. I mean unless the job is getting too drunk and stealing other people's songs and being asked to leave . That I will always be the best at. Keep going for the video while I draw that bike pump like one of my French girls.

‘Unsheathing The Sword’ Memes Cleverly Reveal The Unexpected

'Unsheathing The Sword' Memes Cleverly Reveal The Unexpected

We're loving these trending "Unsheathing The Sword" memes because they remind us of the OG "Dating Site Murderer" or "Successful Black Man" memes from back in the day. The meme was inspired by anime series Gurren Lagann, and it otherwise known as "Kamina's Sword."

You can check out even more at Know Your Meme!

Submitted by:

Not the superhero we deserve. The superhero we need.

Okay, so a couple weeks ago I asked you to help me name the elderly taxidermied bear currently propped up against my desk. You guys picked Matthew McCLAWnaughey, which totally made sense because of his Alright, alright, alright shirt… …but … Continue reading

Why is this so true?

Funny meme of an emoji used to describe Emilia Clarke's face when she's being interviewed.

That squint tho.

Submitted by: (via @memebase)

Man Takes Hit To The Family Jewels During Gender Reveal

This is a video of a man taking a shot to the nuts from a malfunctioning powder cannon during a baby gender reveal party. "He should have worn protection." You mean now or five months ago? Does this mark the end of gender reveal parties? Probably not. Does it mark the end of this man's gender reveal parties? Quite possibly. "I get it -- because he got hit in the nuts." No -- because having one kid is already more than a handful. Besides, if this is all it took to prevent someone from having children don't you think I'd be in Florida powder cannoning everybody in the nuts right now? Keep going for the whole video, but the gif is it really unless you want to slow the Youtube video down to 0.25X speed, which was worth a few views.

Peace in the Middle East 6

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

30 Extra Spicy World War II Memes For The History Nerds

Dank world war two memes.

World War II was a horrible, bloody, and dramatic period of time for pretty much the entire world. The atrocities that occurred are many. As is the case with most controversial and offensive times in history, the war has spawned some almost shamefully spicy and dank history memes. Here are some of our favorites.

Submitted by:

Another Day, Another Bear Practicing Kung-Fu With A Log

This is a video from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Anchorage of a female grizzly bear practicing her kung-fu moves with a log. Granted she might not be as proficient with the weapon as the original Kung-Fu bear, but you have to start somewhere. Training takes time. You think Po the Kung-Fu Panda just woke up one morning kicking ass and cooking noodles? *shrug* Maybe he did, I've never seen the movies. "He didn't." Okay cool then what I said before -- practice makes perfect and always give 110% and all those lies. Keep going for the video.

21 Cringey Times Reply Guys Risked It All

Cringey tweets from creepy guys, reply guys.

If you've ever spent time on social media, you're probably aware of the existence of "Reply Guys." The term refers to men who go out of their way to reply (unsolicited) to women's tweets or slide into dms with comments that are generally very inappropriate and very horny. While we're sure these messages are generally disturbing and annoying to recipients, we have to admit that the cringey ballsiness of the senders is incredibly entertaining. Twitter account @guyinthereply has set out to document these creepy messages, and their archive is filled with pure gold. We've put together some of the more tame examples but you can visit their twitter for the stuff that is decidedly NSFW. 

Submitted by:

A Wooden Death Star Cheese Plate With Tool Storage

death-star-cheese-plate-1.jpg Because nothing says fancy dinner party like a Star Wars theme, this is the Death Star Cheese Set With Cheese Tools available from Amazon ($40). It features a laser-etched Death Star graphic on a cheese board that swivels to reveal four cheese tools, including a cheese plane, knife/spreader, curved knife with dual pronged tip, and a hard cheese knife. Is cheese going to work its way into the fine lines of the laser etching? Probably. It's cool though, after all: moons are made of cheese. "That's no moon." Yeah it's a cheese plate -- were you even paying attention? You know you remind me of myself in high school and college and at every job I've ever had. Keep going for a handful more product shots, including one of straight out of a Crate & Barrel catalog.


funny dank meme about japan, wwII, anime memes.

What a beautiful evolution.

Submitted by: (via @memebase)

You’re A Battering Ram, Harry!: Guys Run Pal Headfirst Into Punching Bag Machine

human-battering-ram.jpg This is a very short video of a group of guys lifting a "friend" and using his head as a battering ram to hit one of those punching bag arcade machines. First the actual punching bag, then the back of the machine. Now I'll be the first to admit I'm full of bad ideas I'm convinced are good ones, but even I know this wasn't a good idea. Plus all the dudes just leave him there on the ground after almost paralyzing him -- that's when you really know it's time to get out there and make some new friends. I mean I'm sure there were plenty of other signs along the way, but this absolutely the last one you get before your current so-called friends actually kill you. Keep going for the video.

14 Bizarrely Blessed Images That Will Just Make You Feel Good

Blessed images, animals, cute animals, wholesome photos.

We've all seen our fair share of cursed images on the internet. The eerie and disconcerting photos are as irresistible to people as they are mysterious. While they're certainly entertaining, sometimes you want to look a pictures that are more on the "warm and fuzzy" side of the spectrum. Enter blessed images. Many of these photos are just as inexplicable as their cursed counterparts - they just don't make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, they put us at ease.

Submitted by:

Yikes: Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Crowd At Missouri Festival

Dammit, Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, what the hell are you doing? These are a couple videos (from different angles) of a hot air balloon crashing into the crowd gathered for the Hannibal Bicentennial Celebration and Hot Air Balloon Festival in Missouri over the weekend. Apparently the balloon clipped a tree coming in for a landing, causing the basket to dip and the pilot to lose control. Trees: you should avoid them. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries as a result of the crash landing (one girl was treated for minor injuries), and the festival continued. Man, and I thought you only had to fear for your life riding in a hot air balloon, I never imagined one could monster truck it's way through a crowd like this. Now I'm not saying this is further proof humans don't belong in the skies, but there's a good reason God didn't give us wings. "Why's that?" Um, because he ran out of clay? Did you even go to Vacation Bible School? Keep going for the videos (the first two are the same in case the Facebook version doesn't work) while I call my parents and tell them I won't be able to make the hot air balloon festival they invited me to and encourage them to miss it as well.

50 Pleasantly Entertaining Comics From Poorly Drawn Lines

poorly drawn lines drawing funny web comics animal comics comics Memes animals web comics - 6119941

Artist Reza Farazmand has been churning out these pastel-colored, deadpan comics for years, and we are so fortunate for it. Here are 50 reasons you should be keeping up with him on his website.

Submitted by:

This Video Encouraging Us To Proudly Announce ‘I’m Peach’ Does It For Me

Are you Peach? I’m Peach. #impeach

A PSA for America. Join the movement!


Hooboy, what a day. So, guess what — as of today there are now at least 21 women who have come forward and publicly accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. This fact, along with

  1. the staggering mountain of evidence of his absolute ineptitude
  2. the public record of his flagrant efforts at collusion and obstruction, and
  3. for the love of all the ever-crunchy Pringles chips in the world his babyish meltdown when his Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney coughed over one of his lines in an interview

really, truly, easily makes it clear that at the very least, regardless of outcome, regardless of political fallout, it’s time for all of us, citizens, senators, congressmen and congresswomen, to stand up and shout out, “I’m Peach.”

This sneaky little PSA comes to you from KK Apple.


Written & produced by KK Apple

Directed by Kady Ruth Ashcraft

Shot & edited by Geoffrey Stevens

Animation by Casey Pugh

Sound design & re-recording mix by Bryan Pugh

Check out more from the Funny Or Die community here and if you have something you think is worth featuring, make sure to submit it for review by the Funny Or Die team here.

A Better Look At Adam Savage’s Flying, Bulletproof Iron Man Suit

adam-savage-iron-man-suit.jpg "Tony -- come give me a hug!" *sound of gears whirring* "Missiles locked-on target." "Wait, what?" This is some clearer test flight footage of Adam Savage's recent build of a flying, bulletproof Iron Man suit (previously seen here). The suit, which is approximately 95% titanium, was constructed from 250 individually 3-D printed pieces of the metal, along with 3-D printed powder nylon boots (the only non-titanium). In addition to the flight video below, you can stream the entire 52-minute Savage Builds episode on the Discovery Channel's website HERE, which, unfortunately, does not include any footage testing the suit's bulletproof properties while in flight. That's a shame, and clearly the Discovery Channel still has a thing or two to learn about television ratings, and how to get the highest ones. I mean you can't expect Shark Week to carry you year-round. Keep going for the video, as well as two other excepts from the full episode about 3-D printing the suits parts, and testing its bulletproofness.

22 Hilarious Instances Of Men Setting Themselves Apart

Funny instances of dudes being stupid, stupid guys, funny memes.

We know that men aren't the only ones who throw common sense out the window, or seem to approach life and relationships with a...unique...worldview. But damn, these 22 dudes really went above and beyond to make us face palm, laugh and smile. We'll never get sick of this sh*t. If you're craving more masculine humor, these 26 manly memes are here to satisfy you where these guys may have fallen short. 

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Overflow 485

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

29 Funny Pics To Help You Cope With Another Monday

Funny memes, funny comics, funny tweets.

We have gathered here today to acknowledge the death of the freedom of the weekend, whom we have all known and loved. When something we care for dies, family and friends gather with sorrow in their hearts to grieve and give comfort to each other. We all grieve differently, and often the presence of another person's company can bring understanding and support. Just being together, sharing our grief and our love, dissolves some of our loneliness and helps begin the process of releasing and healing from our loss. Another way to cope with this gigantic loss is through the healing power ofmemes. So go ahead, scroll through these stupid photos, and bask in the memory of sweet, sweet, freedom and happiness. 

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(203): I think a major source of…

(203): I think a major source of concern would be the fact you snorted a shot. Who does that?

(503): I got up and left his place…

(503): I got up and left his place at 3am because I remembered I had a burrito in my car.

GIF overflow 27

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

(815): No but seriously. Just had…

(815): No but seriously. Just had a guy lean over and sniff my head like it was a freshly baked pie.

(727): Dude. I just got a visual…

(727): Dude. I just got a visual of u climbing over a bathroom stall to save my life.

(715): I’m just letting you…

(715): I'm just letting you know right now in advance that if I die or go to the hospital or end up in jail tonight it's because your kid sold me mushrooms.

John Oliver Has The Only Sane Way To Summit Everest And You Can Do It Right Now

The "Last Week Tonight" host has a plan to prevent deaths on Everest and still give people bragging rights.

Your Friend’s Are Looking Out For You

burned grammar nazi listen to your friends punctuation - 3616910848

Submitted by: Unknown

Twitter Creates The Hardest RPG Ever Made: Survive Beyonce

By Cedric Voets  Published: June 24th, 2019 

A Group Wants Netflix To Cancel Good Omens, An Amazon Show

By Luis Prada  Published: June 24th, 2019 

5 Celebrities With Insanely Embarrassing Internet Histories

By E.M. Caris,Peter I. Santiago,Tee Ngin Rui,W.H. Thomas,Caitlin Mahony  Published: June 24th, 2019 

5 Famous Video Game Disasters (And Why They Happened)

By Adam Wears  Published: June 24th, 2019 

The Other Coast for Jun 24, 2019 for 06/24/2019

The Other Coast for Jun 24, 2019

Updated: Mon Jun 24, 2019

Andy Capp for Jun 24, 2019 for 06/24/2019

Andy Capp for Jun 24, 2019

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Heathcliff for Jun 24, 2019 for 06/24/2019

Heathcliff for Jun 24, 2019

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Momma for Jun 24, 2019 for 06/24/2019

Momma for Jun 24, 2019

Updated: Mon Jun 24, 2019

B.C. for Jun 24, 2019 for 06/24/2019

B.C. for Jun 24, 2019

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Dogs of C-Kennel for Jun 24, 2019 for 06/24/2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Jun 24, 2019

Updated: Mon Jun 24, 2019

Herb and Jamaal for Jun 24, 2019 for 06/24/2019

Herb and Jamaal for Jun 24, 2019

Updated: Mon Jun 24, 2019

25 Humorous Posts To Get Your Day Rollin’

25 Humorous Posts To Get Your Day Rollin'

This gallery has everything you need...tweets, Tumblr, memes, whatever you want - we're pretty sure it's here. However, if you're looking for your long-lost father who went out for milk in 1997, we don't have that.

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Funny tweet that reads "If I was accidentally weird to you once just know I will be thinking about it every night for the next 50 years"

It's going to play over and over in my head while I'm trying to sleep.

Submitted by: (via wellisntthatsomething)

50 People Hilariously Demonstrate Their State’s Accent

Some stereotypes are true, which you can clearly see in this video!

Submitted by: (via Condé Nast Traveler)

Get Ready

Funny meme about "Disappointment Island"

Disappointment Island, where you need not have any expectations.

Submitted by: (via wellisntthatsomething)

16 Excellent Tumblr Posts To Spice Up Your Life

tumblr furries chris hemsworth witty relatable memes mind blown witty tumblr posts relatable tumblr posts - 6109189

Getcha Tumblr gems right here folks!

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Vote For Funny Or Die In This Year’s Emmy Awards!


All of us here at Funny Or Die have one common love and aspiration: great comedy. Wanting to bring people together through that shared love, showcase the best comedic talent the world has to offer, and create the most extraordinary funny content possible is how Funny Or Die got its start. We’ve grown and changed a lot since The Landlord, but one thing that has remained the same since our origin is that, at the end of the day, we just want to make you laugh. And anytime we’re able to do that, it already feels like a win to us.

But an actual win would feel a lot like winning, too.

So if you could still vote for us in this year’s Emmy Awards that would be great.

There’s only ONE DAY LEFT to vote and it’s so easy to do.

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Here’s what we’ve been nominated for.

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Outstanding Short Form Variety Series

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Billy on the Street

Outstanding Short Form Variety Series

Each episode is available to watch here

47 Dank History Memes That’ll Make You Feel Like A Scholar

Funny dank history memes.

If you didn't pay much attention during history or hate reading dumb books, these memes might help you seem smarter. They won't help you write an award-winning essay, but they might help you in random conversation or when you're trying to impress someone who is only moderately intelligent.

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17 Painfully Cringey Neckbeard Memes & Moments

Funny and cringe memes and moments from fedora tipping gentlemen, neckbeards, gamers.

Salutations, m'lady. Please accept this bounteous offering of monumentally cringey fedora-tipping gems as a token of our affection and gratitude. 

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14 Idiotic Dwight Schrute Memes You Can Save For A Rainy Day

14 Idiotic Dwight Schrute Memes You Can Save For A Rainy Day

(Get it? Like Rainn Wilson?) 

We almost think that Michael Scott sometimes gets too much credit as the tried-and-true favorite character on The Office, so we're here to show the dopey salesman Dwight Schrute a little appreciation. We'll always love his talent for sales and his deep disapproval of Jim Halpert. 

So without further ado, some memes and moments brought to you by Mr. Schrute himself!

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Girl Loses Her Friend’s Beloved Pet Praying Mantis, Chaos Ensues

bugs funny stories funny facebook stories sam the praying mantis england facebook stories praying mantis bug story hilarious story UK girlsmouth - 6098437

This is the tale of Sam the Praying Mantis.

Submitted by:

15 Clean Memes That Even A Church Lady Can Enjoy

clean memes, spongebob memes, minecraft, gaming, school.

Let's face it: there's a whole lot of offensive garbage on the internet. It's become apparent that sex even sells memes, and that drugs, alcohol, and curse words have become If you can't handle raunchy memes or dank memes, or you're just not allowed to look at them at school or work, these are the memes for you. 

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28 Cringey Times Brands And Adults Tried To Speak Millennial

28 Cringey times brands and adults tried to speak millennial, sad attempts at meme references, bad advertising.

We're still not sure what "yeet" means, but there is absolutely no doubt in our minds that these people and brands really missed the mark with these sad attempts at seeming relevant. Culled from the depths of r/fellowkids, these images are proof that sometimes it's really best to not try at all. 

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Sunday Gunday 12

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33 Funny Memes For When You’re Bored Out Of Your Mind

33 Funny Memes For When You're Bored Out Of Your Mind

Memes make the world go 'round! Don't believe us? Just ask any member of the Millennial generation or Gen Z kid walking down the street. Literally any of them. They'll tell you.

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That’s Really Cool Though

Funny tweet about a radioactive lizard and the Justice League

The most pointless superhero.

Submitted by: (via wellisntthatsomething)

(817): Did you get drunk between…

(817): Did you get drunk between now and two texts ago?

(253): I just kept eating and…

(253): I just kept eating and watching him slide down the stairs head first.

(240): None of what you just said…

(240): None of what you just said was coherent
(301): I just bought wine at a gas station what the hell do you expect.

(218): Come over I need help. I…

(218): Come over I need help. I just almost died in an acid flashback while listening to do You Feel Like We Do off of the Frampton Comes Alive album.

(517): dude, he literally lasted…

(517): dude, he literally lasted one minute. and i paid 8 dollars for cabs.

(304): It’s okay to admit that…

(304): It's okay to admit that you're into redheads.

(517): No reason. My tongue went…

(517): No reason. My tongue went numb after one shot. I may die tonight.

Who Started the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory, How Many Actually Believe This, and What Do They Believe Exactly?

Contrary to popular belief, a decent percentage of the human population has known definitely the Earth was roughly spherical for over two thousand years. Hardly impressive, as noted in our BrainFood Show podcast, bees also use this fact in their own absurdly fascinating navigation and in communicating directions to other bees.

As for humans, we took a little longer to realize this, with Pythagoras (6th century B.C.) generally credited with being the first known person to have suggested a spherical Earth, though the idea didn’t exactly catch on at this point. Aristotle (4th century B.C.) agreed and supported the hypothesis with observations such as that the southern constellations rise higher in the sky when a person travels south. He also noted that during a lunar eclipse the Earth’s shadow is round.  Much more definitively, the 3rd century BC head librarian at the Library of Alexandria, Eratosthenes, built on their ideas and managed to calculate the circumference of the Earth with remarkable accuracy. How? He simply used the knowledge that at noon on the Summer Solstice there was a well in Syene where the sun shown directly down to the bottom, with no shadow. Thus, at noon on Summer Soltice he used a rod to measure the angle of the shadow made in Alexandria and found it to be about 7 degrees or about 1/50th of a circle. With this information, he now just needed to know the exact distance between Syene and Alexandria to get the circumference of the Earth (about 50 times the distance between Syene and Alexandria). He hired a survey crew, known as bematists, to measure the distance, which they found to be about 5,000 stadia. He then concluded the Earth must be about 250,000 stadia around.  Depending on which stadion measurement he was using, his figure was either just 1% too small or 16% too large. Many scholars think it likely that he was using the Egyptian stadion (157.5 m), being in Egypt at the time, which would make his estimate roughly 1% too small.

Moving on to the so called Dark Ages in which Christianity supposedly squashed such outlandish ideas as a spherical Earth, the truth is actually the opposite. In Christian medieval Europe, 7th century Catholic monk and scholar Bede produced an influential treatise that included a discussion of the spherical nature of the world. This work, The Reckoning of Time, was copied and distributed to clerics across the Carolingian empire. Later, in the 1300s, Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy also describes the Earth as a sphere and again nobody seemed to have a problem with this.

The Catholics and later other branches of Christianity weren’t the only religious sects that seemed to have its clergy and scholars almost universally think the world was spherical.  The Islamic world also concurred. As historian Jeffrey Burton Russell sums up,

With extraordinary few exceptions, no educated person in the history of Western Civilization from the third century B.C. onward believed that the Earth was flat.

Beyond the academics of the Western world, even the most empty headed sailor knew the Earth was spherical simply by the fact that ships disappear over the horizon with the bottom first and then the mast the last to be sighted. A similar effect is observed when spotting land from a ship. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to realize the sea’s surface must curve continually.

Despite this, there really still is a tiny percentage of the populace of the developed world who believe the world is flat.

You might at this point be wondering just how many? While internet comment threads make it seem as if the percentage is large, the reality is probably drastically less. (Comment trolls gonna troll.)

As for some numbers, according to a 2018 poll run by the massive market research firm YouGov, the 8,215 responses which were chosen to have a high probability of accurately representing the wider adult populace, showed,

  • 84% of respondents said they have always believed the world is round
  • 5% stated “I always thought the world is round, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts”,
  • 2% stated “I always thought the world is flat, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts”
  • and 2% went with “I have always believed the world is flat”.
  • The remaining 7% stated “Other/not sure”.

While the good people at YouGov certainly know their stuff with respect to getting accurate data that represents the wider populace, we were curious as to what a larger sample of our own audience would reveal, though with the caveat that a general internet poll can sometimes be notoriously inaccurate. But for the curious and for whatever it’s worth, our poll asking more or less the same questions received over 72,000 votes. What were the results? Approximately

  • 96% of respondents stated they “firmly believe the world is round”,
  • 1% went with “I used to firmly believe the world is round, but now have doubts”
  • 1% voted for “I firmly believe the world is flat”
  • 0% stated “I used to firmly believe the world is flat, but now have doubts”
  • 1% noted “I am not sure what I believe on this issue.”

These numbers seem surprisingly reasonable for an online poll when compared to something a little more rigorously implemented like the YouGov poll. While our numbers skew more towards Round Earthers, this is perhaps to be expected given we know definitively that our audience skews towards being much more educated than the general populace.

And just because we were curious about the many, many online trolls who, as stated, it’s our pet hypothesis are actually making it seem like there are a lot more Flat Earthers than there actually are, we did a follow up poll which got 54,000 votes. For whatever it’s worth, in this one, approximately

  • 9% of respondents stated “I believe the world is round, but sometimes say online it’s flat”
  • 2% stated “I believe the world is flat and advocate this position online”
  • The remaining 89% stated “Neither applies to me.”

(And, yes, we know those numbers don’t add up to exactly 100% in either case, but YouTube’s polling system rounds to the whole number, so here we are.)

Those numbers out of the way, this finally brings us to who started the relatively modern Flat Earth movement and how on God’s oblate spheroid Earth this movement is actually growing in an era where nearly all human knowledge is almost literally at everyone’s fingertips?

The genesis of the modern Flat Earth Society started in the mid-19th century thanks to one Samuel Rowbotham of London, England. Dropping out of school at the tender age of 9, Rowbotham would eventually become convinced, or at least claimed he was, that not only was the Earth flat, but that everything we see in the heavens is actually only a few thousand miles from the Earth- stars and all. While his ideas were absurd for an incredible number of reasons, even given the technology and scientific knowledge of his era, what Rowbatham had going for him was he was reportedly incredibly quick on his feet in debates and an extremely charismatic speaker, able to twist the words of even the best academics. It didn’t matter if he was actually right or not, only that he was better at convincing laypeople than the academics he regularly debated, or at least good at creating reasonable doubt. As noted by a contemporary article published in the Leeds Times,

One thing he did demonstrate was that scientific dabblers unused to platform advocacy are unable to cope with a man, a charlatan if you will (but clever and thoroughly up in his theory), thoroughly alive to the weakness of his opponents.

Besides making a small fortune public speaking, he also wrote various works including a book aptly titled Earth Not a Globe. Rowbotham ultimately created the Zetetic Society, which, besides advocating for a flat Earth, also advocated that only facts one could prove themselves could be accepted as true. On the side, Rowbotham also began going by “Dr. Samuel Birley” and making money selling people on cure-alls and life extenders of his own invention, among other such activities.

While by the early 20th century the society he started had gradually faded into even more obscurity than it already was at its peak during Rowbotham’s lifetime, all was not lost. The truth cannot be killed so easily! In 1956 when mankind was on the verge of putting a satellite in orbit, Samuel Shenton of Dover, UK, came across the former works of the Universal Zetetic Society, the successor to Rowbotham’s, and was hooked. He then established the International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS) which adopted some of the ideas of the Zetetic Society before it, most notably, as you might have guessed from their new name, that the Earth is flat.

Of course, his timing wasn’t exactly ideal given the launch of Sputnik in 1957 which, beyond being in orbit, put out a signal that anyone with a little know-how could track, very clearly demonstrating the spherical nature of the Earth.

This didn’t phase him in the slightest, however. He simply noted that satellites circled over the disc of the world and that, “Would sailing round the Isle of Wight prove that it were spherical? It is just the same for those satellites.”

When pictures of the Earth were taken from space clearly showing the planet’s spherical nature, the man who strongly advocated trusting what you can see with your own eyes stated, “It’s easy to see how a photograph like that could fool the untrained eye.”

When astronauts came back still believing the Earth wasn’t flat, he went with the catch-all explanation for any conspiracy theory when no other suitable explanation can be thought up- “It’s a deception of the public and it isn’t right.”

Despite the giant, roughly spherical mound of evidence staring the members right in the face, including the variety easily confirmed by anyone with a modicum of knowledge in physics, the society did not die completely, though by 1972 had dropped from a peak of about 3,000 members down to around 100 spanning the globe.

That same year Shenton died and Californian Charles Johnson more or less took over the remnants, creating the International Flat Earth Research Society of America. Johnson also advocated that there was a global conspiracy with regards to the very flat Earth, not just today, but spanning millennia. To quote him, this was a conspiracy that “Moses, Columbus, and FDR all fought” against. Beyond that Columbus most definitely thought that the Earth was roughly spherical, simply misjudging its circumference, we’re guessing Moses didn’t have to fight anyone on this one as the Ancient Egyptians firmly believed in the concept of a flat Earth, as did seemingly the Hebrews around the time he supposedly lived.

So what exactly do the world’s governments and countless scientists and high school physics students throughout human history have to gain by convincing people the world is spherical instead of flat? Well, Johnson advocated that this is a tool used by scientists to get rid of religion. Of course, as noted, Christian scholars throughout history on the whole advocated for the very spherical Earth and we’re not aware of any major religious denomination the world over today that goes with the flat Earth model, so no apparent conflict… But, hey, we guess Eratosthenes must have really had it in for those Ancient Egyptian and Greek gods…

In any event, despite Johnson’s less than compelling arguments, over time this new society actually gained followers up to a peak of about 3,500 members under his leadership. Disaster struck, however, when a fire at headquarters destroyed some of the records of membership in 1997. Ultimately Johnson himself passed away in 2001 and the society was temporarily just as dead.

All was not lost, however, as there is no medium greater than the Internet at giving humans ability to discover the truth in anything for themselves… if we weren’t all so lazy and our monkey brains not so chock full of cognitive biases.

And so it was that in 2004, one Daniel Shenton created a discussion forum home for the mostly dead Flat Earth Society and by 2009 a new wiki website was created in its place, with the society slowly growing from there to apparently around 500 members to date. There are also many Flat Earth pages and channels on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube sometimes exceeding 100K members or subscribers of a given page, channel, or profile, for whatever that’s worth.

In the latest incarnation of the society, as with their forebears, the modern group strongly advocates for only accepting that which you can see with your own eyes and prove with your own efforts. As they note on their website,

The simplest is by relying on ones own senses to discern the true nature of the world around us. The world looks flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat, the movement of the Sun; these are all examples of your senses telling you that we do not live on a spherical heliocentric world. This is using what’s called an empirical approach, or an approach that relies on information from your senses. Alternatively, when using Descartes’ method of Cartesian doubt to skeptically view the world around us, one quickly finds that the notion of a spherical world is the theory which has the burden of proof and not flat earth theory.

As for the model of the Earth they go with, while there is some dissension among the ranks over exact details, the current belief advocated by the Flat Earth Society is that the the Earth is disc shaped. The North Pole lies at the center of this disc and there is an ice wall surrounding the outer most parts of the Earth that keeps the oceans contained. This wall is nearly impossible to reach owing to the fact that NASA is closely guarding it, ensuring no one ever gets close enough to see it for themselves. NASA also is extremely active in generating satellite photos of the Earth and generating other data all meant to keep people believing in a spherical Earth. Seemingly the Google Earth team must be in on it too, clearly abandoning the company’s long held unofficial mantra of “Don’t be evil.”

As evidence of this conspiracy and how far reaching it is, they also point out on their website that the United Nations emblem strongly resembles the Flat Earth Society’s view of what the Earth actually looks like.

(We guess clearly showing the logo design team, led by industrial designer Oliver Lincoln Lundquist, in 1945, didn’t get the memo that the true shape of the Earth was supposed to be a secret. You had one job Lundquist!!!

To be fair, however, when his team designed it, it was originally just supposed to be used on the badges at the United Nations Charter signing conference, so only for people who already knew the Earth was flat… Fun fact, Lundquist did, however, make up for the screw up by later designing the classic blue and white Q-tip box.)

In any event, you might at this point be wondering how the Flat Earth Society believes commercial airlines and ships the world over continue to seemingly travel in one direction and manage to circle the globe. Well, this is because these ships and planes are literally circling. They state, “circumnavigation is performed by moving in a great circle around the North Pole.”

As for how the ship and plane captains don’t seem to be aware of this, in modern times it’s because GPS devices and autopilots are designed in software to simply make it seem like the craft is circling a globe and not continually turning slightly. Of course, it’s not clear how they account for people tricking themselves when navigating before or without GPS, which has only been ubiquitous for a couple decades or so. (See: Who Invented GPS and How Does It Work?)

There’s also the fact that fuel burn on these ships and airplanes are carefully calculated, particularly important for planes where weight and balance is always an essential consideration if one doesn’t want to die a fiery death. Thus, if they were really traveling in the way the Flat Earthers claim, the fuel requirements would be different, sometimes vastly so. (No surprise here that Big Oil must be involved…)

As for, you know, the whole day and night thing, this is explained on their website “The sun moves in circles around the North Pole. When it is over your head, it’s day. When it’s not, it’s night. The light of the sun is confined to a limited area and its light acts like a spotlight upon the earth… The apparent effect of the sun rising and setting is…a perspective effect.”

How exactly the light from the Sun only works as a spotlight isn’t clear. It’s also not clear how the phases of the Moon and lunar and solar eclipses work given this spotlight model and given they believe the Sun is always above the Earth…

Moving on- as for the many people who claim to be able to see the curvature of the Earth when on high altitude commercial flights, well, the Flat Earth Society, who advocated trusting your own senses over what anyone tells you. tells these people, to quote, “Quite simply you cannot… the windows on commercial aircraft are small and heavily curved. Even if they flew high enough for a person to see curvature, it would still not be visible to passengers.”

As for the issue of someone with even a half way decent telescope being able to see the spherical nature of other planets in the solar system, including them spinning away, the Flat Earth Society claims,

Planets are orbiting astronomical objects. The Earth is not a planet by definition, as it sits at the center of our solar system above which the planets and the Sun revolve. The earths uniqueness, fundamental differences and centrality makes any comparison to other nearby celestial bodies insufficient – Like comparing basketballs to the court on which they bounce.

As for how gravity works in the flat Earth model, it turns out that, “The earth is constantly accelerating up at a rate of 32 feet per second squared (or 9.8 meters per second squared). This constant acceleration causes what you think of as gravity. Imagine sitting in a car that never stops speeding up. You will be forever pushed into your seat. The earth works much the same way. It is constantly accelerating upwards being pushed by a universal accelerator (UA) known as dark energy or aetheric wind.”

You may have spotted a problem with this explanation given the whole issue of eventually exceeding the speed of light. In fact, if constant acceleration at 9.8 meters per second squared, it would only take about a year for the Earth to reach the speed of light.

Well, they’ve got you covered, explaining: “Due to special relativity, this is not the case. At this point, many readers will question the validity of any answer which uses advanced, intimidating-sounding physics terms to explain a position. However, it is true. The relevant equation is v/c = tanh (at/c). One will find that in this equation, tanh(at/c) can never exceed or equal 1. This means that velocity can never reach the speed of light, regardless of how long one accelerates for and the rate of the acceleration.”

Anyway, as to what lies below the Earth, this is heavily disputed among Flat Earthers. But it doesn’t really matter as you can’t get there anyway. You see, to quote Flat Earther Robbie Davidson in an interview with Forbes,  “We don’t believe anything can fall off the edge, because a big portion of the flat earth community believes that we’re in a dome, like a snow globe. So the sun, moon and stars are all inside. It’s very high but all contained inside. So there’s no way to actually fall off of the earth.”

Given it only takes a modicum of effort to disprove pretty much everything said on their website and prove definitively for one’s self that the Earth is roughly spherical without needing to trust any scientist or government, you might think the Flat Earthers just aren’t trying. Well, you’re kind of right, but there are exceptions! Case in point- limo driver Mike Hughes who managed to raise about $8,000 thanks to a Flat Earth fundraiser. Why? To build a rocket to reach the heavens with to once and for all prove the Earth was flat.

Reportedly the final hilariously fitting steam powered rocket and launch platform cost around $20,000 and took about ten years to build. With it, Hughes managed to achieve an altitude of almost 1,900 feet, which while kind of impressive for an amateur built home made rocket that could carry a human, was nonetheless not able to achieve his objective of getting him to space.

If only it was possible to build more powerful rockets… Or if there existed a balloon designed to be able to soar into the heavens with some sort of device on board that could capture and store what it sees through an eye like apparatus… Or, stick with us here people, if a human going along for the ride was a requirement to show NASA hadn’t tampered with this futuristic visual capture device, some sort of bird-like machine that could carry humans above 1,900 feet…

On that note, for a mere $12,000-$16,000 Hughes could have purchase a charter flight ticket to not only take him higher than altitudes of 1,900 feet, but also take him to Antarctica to see the massive ice wall for himself. Or if the Flat Earth society wanted to pool together their resources, for prices from $25,000-$70,000 they could charter a flight to the South Pole itself.  Though, a thing they don’t tell you on the vacation package brochure is that while you can go visit the South Pole, NASA subjects everyone that does to severe mental retraining to ensure all memories of the ice wall have been erased and replaced with pleasant, but very wall free, recollections.

All joking and head scratching aside, it’s always important to note that many of the core psychological quirks that see Flat Earthers intractably convinced the Earth is flat in the face of all evidence to the contrary exist in all of us. Monkey brain gonna monkey. We further all have many beliefs we firmly cling to just as tenuously supported by our level of knowledge on a subject, though thankfully for most of us the absurdity isn’t quite so easy to spot, allowing us to safely continue to think of ourselves as superior to mere mortals with alternate ideas…

In the end, we all firmly believe many things that aren’t true at all and no amount of evidence could ever convince any of us to change our minds on some of these things. Food for thought.

If you liked this article, you might also enjoy our new popular podcast, The BrainFood Show (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Feed), as well as:

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noob leap year days - 6818415872

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Those Winnie the Pooh Feels

Cheezburger Image 6456105984

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Must Get to Detention!

detention slide Movie breakfast club - 7150928384

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(832): Look get the dick out ur…

(832): Look get the dick out ur mouth and answer the phone.

5 Mobile App Scams That Just Keep Getting Worse

By Seanbaby  Published: June 23rd, 2019 

Agnes for Jun 23, 2019 for 06/23/2019

Agnes for Jun 23, 2019

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Andy Capp for Jun 23, 2019 for 06/23/2019

Andy Capp for Jun 23, 2019

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Wizard of Id for Jun 23, 2019 for 06/23/2019

Wizard of Id for Jun 23, 2019

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Momma for Jun 23, 2019 for 06/23/2019

Momma for Jun 23, 2019

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30 Random Memes To Help Get You Through Life

30 Random Memes To Help Get You Through Life

Life is pain, so have some memes to help you improve it at least a little bit. We can't guarantee they'll erase all of your problems, but whatever, we tried.

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23 Flat Earth Memes That Dismantle Scientific Argument

Funny and dank flat earth memes.

Checkmate, scientists.

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24 Women Share The Dumbest Sh*t A Man Has Said To Them About Sex And Women’s Health

Twitter thread from @brownandbella baout the dumbest things men have said about sex and reproductive health.

As reproductive rights are being stripped from women in Alabama and Missouri, many women are coming out to discuss their experiences with abortion and reproductive health. After reading this Twitter thread from @brownandbella, we are starting to think that we need to talk not only about the right to choose, but about the state of sexual education in the United States. These astounding shows of ignorance are definitely proof that something needs to change. We might be chuckling at some of these tweets, but reality of it all is pretty frickin' dark.

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The Best Type Of Friend

Funny meme about friends who wait for you when you're tying your shoes

Wait upppp!

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Nice Jeans 12

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24 Rage-Inducing Pics That’ll Infuriate You Right To Your Very Being

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Sometimes you just see something that offends you straight to your core. You know, like when someone walks as slow as a fricking snail right in front of you on a crowded sidewalk, or that well-meaning but socially inept person who likes to start a conversation with the cashier when there are clearly 10 people behind them. Clearly, "common" sense isn't so common to a lot of people!

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15 Spongebob Memes That Are Guaranteed To Tentacle Your Fancy

15 Spongebob Memes That Are Guaranteed To Tentacle Your Fancy

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So Wholesome );

Funny meme that reads, "Bob Ross when he finds out that everyone went from posting Bob Ross memes to Keanu Reeves memes"

Bob Ross, what a hero.

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Salty People On AskReddit Describe What They’re STILL Pissed About After All These Years

Salty People Describe What They're STILL Pissed About After All These Years

These Redditors may be salty, but we think they have every right to their salt - sometimes people you thought you could trustjust do ya wrong and you can never forgive them for that. Honestly they deserve to give these people a piece of their mind, even after all these years!

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24 Fascinating Library Secrets That Every Librarian REALLY Wants You To Know

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Libraries are an often-overlooked amenity in society. They provide us with infinite amounts of knowledge right at our fingertips, they can serve as an optimal community meeting spot and many, many other things. This kind librarian took it upon themselves to explain these little-known facts that every librarian wants you to know!

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Twitter Is Reminiscing About What Life Was Like Before Memes

Twitter Is Reminiscing About What Life Was Like Before Memes

"Notorious virgin" (his words, not ours) and Twitter user LxDx asked the internet what they even did before the existence of memes, digging up a whole lot of nostalgia for those who weren't totally raised by the internet. We may be a little biased, but we think memes have definitely improved the quality of the internet by tenfold. 

We'd like to know what you did before memes! Let us know in the comments!

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27 Damn Good Tweets That’ll Perk You Up A Bit

Funny tweets, silly tweets, smart tweets, entertaining tweets, witty things, clever things, dominos pizza, diarrhea, panic at the disco, anxiety, depression.

Life is pain and we're inching closer to death every single meaningless day. At least there are funny and smart people on Twitter typing up self-deprecating jokes and observational witticisms. For more amusing tweets, you can check out this list we banged out earlier. Lord knows we need some pick-me-ups these days. 

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Legs Picdump 41

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36 Silly Shitposts To Help Your Saturday Vibes

Funny memes, Saturday memes

Hallelujah, the weekend is upon us! To help you lean into your sweet, sweet Saturday, we've put together these spicy memes, funny tweets, and silly shitposts. They might not change your life but they'll certainly improve your day.

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The Petty Is Off The Charts

Funny tweet that reads, "My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding"

This is peak mother-in-law right here!

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(818): his mom walked in while he…

(818): his mom walked in while he was eating me out. and my vag was facing the door. luckily his face was in it.

(409): getting my period the day i…

(409): getting my period the day i moved was my bodies way of saying 'congratulations youre not leaving town with anybodies babies!'.

(507): so do you remember taking…

(507): so do you remember taking your shirt off and just standing in your bra at the bar or no?

(765): I wasn’t trying to be…

(765): I wasn’t trying to be creepy it just happened
(574): I’m beginning to think that’s your defining personality trait.

(704): I promise I won’t bug…

(704): I promise I won't bug you anymore, I just need the following things at your convenience but preferably soon: my earrings, cup, and panties. Thanks. Good talk.

Jimmy Fallon’s Viewers Share Their Funniest Wedding Fail Stories

"The Tonight Show" host also recounted a sweet tale about his late mom.

(901): People probably think I’m…

(901): People probably think I’m a fangirl bc I go to so many shows but it’s really bc I like fucking the tour manager.

(316): you tried to fight the cop…

(316): you tried to fight the cop who was busting the party, you said you had a constitutional right to do a keg stand...

(573): She’s like a squirrel….

(573): She's like a squirrel. She spazzes out all the time.

Stephen Colbert Chews Out ‘Doomed’ 2020 Candidates Over Comfort Food Claims

"The Late Show" host dished some all-American advice for the Democratic hopefuls.


hilarious no no tubes photoshop Pirate wtf - 6132066560

PIRATE umm, nice sword?

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hammer time hilarious ramona scott pilgrim - 5049192704

STOP! hammer time

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Kate Beckinsale Recreated a Birth Photo With Daughter and Former Lover Michael Sheen

parenting kate beckinsale - 8798686976

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Big Brother Gets a Surprise When He Plays With the New Baby

Warning: It's a very. Very. Gross surprise.

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6 Actors Whose Favorite Roles Aren’t What You’d Guess

By E. Reid Ross,Ryan Menezes,Gino Reyes,Peter I. Santiago  Published: June 22nd, 2019 

The Weirdest New Marketing Trend Is Branded Musicals

By Lydia Bugg  Published: June 22nd, 2019 

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Wizard of Id for Jun 22, 2019

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Agnes for Jun 22, 2019

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Momma for Jun 22, 2019 for 06/22/2019

Momma for Jun 22, 2019

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34 Dumb & Amusing Memes To Elevate Your Mood

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You were working hard all week, so in case you forgot, it's Friday! That means it's time to party - with memes. Let's face it, you probably don't have any plans, but you know what? Sometimes those weekends without obligations are the best weekends. You can sleep in and not worry about anyone but yourself!

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These memes keep getting better

Funny mini keanu reeves meme about taking your cat to the vet.

"My cat hasn't been as mean to me lately. Something is definitely wrong."

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Belle Delphine’s “Fake” Pornhub Account Is Bringing The Memes

Funny Belle Delphine Pornhub memes

Ahegao e-girl Belle Delphine excited a lot of weeaboos earlier this week after posting a thirst trap promising that if it garnered a million likes she'd start a Pornhub account. It took merely days for it to reach 1.8 million likes, and yesterday, when she fulfilled her promise, many of her fans were sorely disappointed. While she lived up the to the account creation, her videos feature very saucy titles paired with very PG content. Instead of "two cocks" she features a video of herself playing with a couple of chickens. You get the idea. This "deception" has inspired quite a few outraged memes from the r/dankmemes subreddit. People are even accusing her of ripping off Ryan Creamer's wholesome Pornhub videos. Controversy aside, we honestly find her videos to be pretty entertaining, lewdness or not. We've put together some of her account's highlights so you don't have to search the porn in public, and the memes because they're just great.

For more hot Belle Delphine meme content, visit our boys at Ebaum's World. They've got what you weeaboos crave.

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Video Of Giant Squid Caught On Camera For The Third Time (First Time In US Waters)

This is a video of a 10 - 12-foot juvenile giant squid (adults can grow up to 40-feet) attempting to attack a blinking array of blue LED lights meant to resemble a bioluminescent jellyfish that are attached to the Medusa deep-sea camera system. This is only the third time a live giant squid has ever been caught on film, and the first time in US waters (about 100 miles southwest of New Orleans). Holy shit, they're coming for me. Do you think that thing knows where Atlantis is? I bet it does. And the way it moves its tentacles -- such grace and elegance. There's only one thing I've seen with such gracefulness -- and that thing is you. "Awww, thanks, GW." It's true. "You know you're not so bad yourself." Me? Are you kidding -- I move like the penis of a naked man running through a sprinkler. Keep going for the whole video, including coming out of nowhere and disappearance back into the dark.

30 Fresh Avengers Memes That’ll Scratch Your MCU Itch

Funny Avengers memes, marvel memes, Avengers: endgame memes, thanos memes, captain america memes.

Marvel Studios recently announced plans to re-release Avengers: Endgame with new footage, as soon as next weekend. While none of the new footage seems to be dramatic (it's all after the credits) fans are still getting psyched - as is pretty clear from the continued influx of Avengers memes. Here are some of the fresher one's we've found this week!

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A Demo Of Tesla’s In-Car Racing Video Game (Using The Wheel To Steer And Brake To Brake)

This is a video demonstration of Tesla's now-not-just-an-Easter-egg Tesla Arcade feature, which includes a handful of oldschool games like Asteroids, Missile Command, Lunar Lander, Centipede, Millipede, Super Breakout, and Tempest, as well as Beach Buggy Racing 2, a cartoony racing game which can be played using the car's actual steering wheel and brake (acceleration is automatic to prevent somebody from quickly exiting the game with their foot still on the gas pedal and driving through whatever strip mall they're parked in front of). It looks fun enough. Although, personally, when I just finished driving somewhere the last thing I want to do is immediately start driving again, even if it is a video game. Besides, if you're a Tesla owner and have some time to kill in your car before going somewhere, please, just take a nap. Keep going for the video while I speculate just how terrible this guy is at Mario Kart. The walls are not your friends!


Funny meme about white guys on tinder, pizza, king of the hill, bobby hill

Liking pizza is a personality, right?

Submitted by: (via @kewlshrekmemes)

Happy Friday, Seth Meyers And Rihanna Got Day Drunk Together

This is glorious

The key to a good talk show is compelling conversation. If the host doesn’t have interesting questions or the guest gives short one word answers, the audience and viewers at home are gonna tune out pretty quick since, y’know, it is a talk show after all. So, hosts of late night television have come up with various ways to keep everybody entertained and make the most of the time they have with their guests, and there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to get everyone nice and talkative: alcohol. They don’t call it ‘liquid courage’ for nothing, and what’s better than having a relaxing conversation over a pint?

How about knocking back a slew of hilariously terrible drinks with pun-based names and getting sloppy in the middle of the day?

Seth Meyers, comedian and host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, brought musician and beauty mogul Rihanna to a (decidedly skeezy-looking) dive bar, and together they did the most appropriate thing one could do at a dive bar. They got very day drunk very quickly.

The segment starts off as anyone trying to get absolutely obliterated in the middle of the day would, with a fat shot of brown liquor and a beer to chase it down. From there, things get a little more tailored to Rihanna as Seth hops behind the bar and crafts her some signature drinks based on her songs.

They are, in a word, awful. I wouldn’t wish them upon anybody.

After Seth and Rihanna finish downing these cleverly named but frankly abominable beverages, such as VEUVE IN A HOSTESS PLACE, Seth asks if she’ll give him a nickname. Sadly, she says she “doesn’t know him like that,” although Seth was quick to point out, “WE DRANK TEQUILA OUT OF CHOCOLATE BUNNIES TOGETHER”

Fair point. That’s an immediate bond.

By the end of the video they’re both half-cut and thus are able to become close in a way that is only achievable when one is day drunk, and Rihanna gives him a makeover. So it’s safe to say that she definitely now “knows him like that”.

Get ready to laugh your ass off, and please enjoy responsibly.

Texting Can Get You An STD And Other Revelations From ‘Little Italy, Los Angeles’

Technology can make even the simple things — like relationships — complicated

LA’s Little Italy is a neighborhood going through some changes. We’re talking corporate stores, hipster salons, foreign food trucks and gay bars. And the citizens there aren’t quite sure how to deal with it.

“Little Italy, Los Angeles” follows the interconnected lives of the community’s diverse residents, led by its last original Italian, Frank the Barber, as they learn to deal with the changes they find themselves in the middle of.

Winner of Best Web Series at both HollyShorts Film Festival and LA Comedy Fest , “Little Italy, Los Angeles” was created and directed by NBC Comedy Playground Winner and HBO’s Project Greenlight Top 10 Finalist, Adriano Valentini, who fuses his admiration for his Italian heritage with the culture of his current ‘hipster-heavy’ city that is Los Angeles.


It was discovered recently that “phone neck” — that particular slouching down-cast gaze we all do when staring at our phones — is actually leading some people to grow horns on their heads thanks to the way the muscles and tendons pull on the back of the head.

If that’s not enough to make you put the g’dang Motorola RAZR down for a second then I’ve got worse news for you.

It turns out texting can get you an STD. And group texting?




That’s one of many playful concepts that illustrate the changing nature of an Itialian neighborhood in Los Angeles, captured beautifully by Adriano Valentini, the writer and creator of this series.

Take a look at the episodes below.

Episode 1: Viral

Episode 2: Members Only

Episode 3: Date Night at Dicks

Episode 4: Brush it Like Beckham

Episode 5: Not My Taco

Episode 5: Un Taglio all’Italiana

This slice of Italian life in the City of Angels comes to you from Adriano Valentini.

Watch the full Little Italy, Los Angeles sketch series, and, if you really dig and happen to be an Academy member, give it a vote!


Written and Directed by
Adriano Valentini

Produced by
Adriano Valentini Productions
Adaptive Studios

Sandro Iocolano
Jade Catta-Preta
Ali Hoffman
Carmine DiBenedetto
Josh Simpson
Brandon Kyle Goodman
Justine Marino
Becki Dennis
Tiffany Daniels
Emily Kincaid

Check out more from the Funny Or Die community here and if you have something you think is worth featuring, make sure to submit it for review by the Funny Or Die team here.

Surprise!: Whale Breach Startles Woman Lounging In Ocean

whale-breach-surprise.jpg This is a video from the coast of Rio de Janeiro of some outrigger boaters taking a break from paddling when a whale breaches nearby with a surprise hello. That must have been exhilarating. And by exhilarating I mean terrifying. Did anybody else just poop their pants at work? I'm kidding, I'm on the subway. Hoho, looks like this is everybody's stop. Keep going for the video, and if anybody wants to provide a translation please feel free to do so.

Amazon Delivery Mix-Up Turns Into World’s Most Awkward Situation

Amazon Delivery Mix-Up Turns Into World's Most Awkward Situation

Sometimes the Amazon delivery people screw up, and that's okay - they're human after all and life goes on. Unfortunately, however, sometimes these screw-ups lend themselves to, shall we say, less-savory happenstances? In this particular case, we're not really sure that these people will live to see the other side of this because it's just so humiliating!

Submitted by:

I’m Gonna Be Rich: Gold Bar Notepads

gold-bar-notepads-1.jpg These are the 'Gold Bar Noteblocks' available from the New Museum Store ($10). They look like gold bars and have 300 pages. According to the notebooks, 'YOUR IDEAS ARE PRICELE$$. Write your brilliant thoughts on this solid gold notepad and watch profits soar.' Those are some lofty claims. Still, what do I have to lose? *jots most brilliant thoughts in notepad, patiently waits for profits to soar* Well -- what do you think is taking so long? "I think you actually have to put your thoughts into action." That's not what the instructions said. "I think it's implied." Fine, I'm willing to give it a go -- you wanna help? "These are just a bunch of penis doodles." *wink* Keep going for one more shot.

14 Mom-Worthy Yoga Memes That’ll Take You To Your Highest Vibrational Self

14 Mom-Worthy Yoga Memes That'll Take You To Your Highest Vibrational Self

It's International Yoga Day, so roll out your mat and get into that downward dog! We have to give a disclaimer though: these memes are not good. In fact, they're straight-up cheesy and will probably make your mom giggle almost as much as she does when she sees Minion memes. Regardless, we hope they can make you laugh, or at the very least roll your eyes!

Submitted by:

Japan is weird. But so am I so it worked out shockingly well.

I’m dealing with a nasty case of jet lag (which Victor says doesn’t exist and is just an excuse for sleeping until noon and maybe it is but it is a very good one) but it was totally worth it … Continue reading

Wiki Page Titles That You Can Sing To The TMNT Theme Song


The names Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael became known throughout the world because of the ingenious Renaissance artists they belonged to. But if you were born in the 1980’s or anytime after, I’m willing to bet that when you see those four names together you only think of one thing, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The pizza-loving, crime-fighting, anthropomorphic reptiles of New York City have been a quintessential part of childhood throughout the world for the last three decades, and the cartoon features one of the catchiest theme songs of all time. You might not be able to remember what you had for breakfast but I’m willing to bet you remember the TMNT song, because literally all it is is “TEEN-AGE MU-TANT NIN-JA TUUURTLES” over and over and over — and the occasional “heroes in a half-shell”.

But that cadence is applicable to more than just the words Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and there’s an entire Twitter account dedicated to combining super random Wikipedia page titles with the TMNT logo — and it is SERIOUSLY FUNNY.

There’s no way you’re going to get through this list without cracking up, but you’re also for sure going to have the TMNT song stuck in your head after this and for that I am sorry.

17 Roy Moore Memes That Will Totally Creep You Out

Roy Moore memes, Roy Moore Senate 2020, roy moore election, roy moore pedophile

Everyone's favorite child molester, Roy Moore, has just announced a 2020 run for Senate in Alabama. The former judge is looking to redeem himself after a loss to Doug Jones (D), but as these Roy Moore memes show, he should probably be more worried about clearing up his reputation as a pedophile. For more memes that drag the Alabama politician, check out some more Roy Moore memes that will give you the creeps.

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I’m So Sorry

Funny meme about 'my childhood friends seeing who i've become on social media'

That's showbiz, baby!

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One of the Easiest Ways To Be Funny, Even If You Are Not

jennifer lawrence on ellen

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a guest post from Siyan Li. In it, you’ll learn a simple approach to using sarcasm in conversation, along with examples of seeing it in action.

When I was in middle school, my best friend was a funny girl. As a result, she was really popular and everyone wanted to be her friend.

It hasn’t changed much today. If you ask anyone what they’re looking for in a partner, the majority would say kind, accomplished in their own way, and funny.

That’s the power of humor. Some people were born funny. Good luck to those $%&$%!… I mean lucky people. But what about the rest of us?

Luckily, you can learn how to be funny. One of the most popular forms of humor is sarcasm. According to Wikipedia, sarcasm is “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark.” That sounds really cool but how do you actually come up with a playful sarcastic remark in daily conversations?

One way to learn any type of humor is to look at those people who use it well. So for sarcasm, let’s look to one of the best : Jennifer Lawrence. Having completed a quick analysis — no, okay, a detailed analysis of 50+ of her video clips in talk shows —I’ve discovered the #1 easiest way to be witty and sarcastic: Give the opposite answer to yes/no questions.

The best part? You don’t have to be naturally funny to come up with any clever stuff — ANYONE can do it. In fact, I’ve found five foolproof lines to be funny fast that even accountants can use (just kidding, I know at least one funny accountant). Here’s how to do it:

Give the opposite answer to yes/no questions.

Yes, it’s that simple. if people are expecting you to say yes, you say no. If people are expecting you to say no, you say yes.

Example 1:

The clip was filmed just after Jennifer shot to fame with the Hunger Games. Don’t forget — at the time she was only around 20 years old.

Given her newfound fame, the reasonable and EXPECTED answer to “Are you used to it (all the attention and publicity)?” is a big fat “No.”

Jennifer Lawrence didn’t give that expected answer. Although the truth is indeed that she was not used to it, she said “Totally”, first — the opposite of No.

Jennifer pulled the same trick with Stephen Colbert. When Stephen asked whether it’s difficult for Jennifer to be a talk show host for the first time, guess what she said?

Example 2:

“Pretty easy! Not that hard!”

Of course, this isn’t true either. She said “I was kidding” immediately after and went on to explain why it wasn’t easy at all. But she gave the opposite answer first.

Just to show you how much Jennifer loves this tactic and how simple but effective it is, one more example.

Example 3:

You get the idea now!

How to implement this tactic in your life, today:

A yes/no question is your cue.

Your first answer doesn’t have to be your real answer, you just have to lay it out there right after the question. Then, give your real answer, which is what Jennifer did after pausing for raucous laughter.

The magic is that the moment you give the opposite answer, you have surprised the audience, so they laugh, then you can move on to your real story.

The best part? You don’t have to be naturally funny to come up with any clever stuff to make people laugh. All you need to do is throw out a “Yes” or “No.”

One word of caution: you should use this strategy for questions that have a strong expected answer. Otherwise, neither ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is gonna be funny for a question like “Is the weather good?”

But let me make it even easier for you. Next time someone asks you a similar question to Example 3: Hey are you enjoying it? Be it a holiday, a party, a promotion, or anything people expect you to say “yes it was a blast” to, give the opposite answer. And pause for their face to freeze! Then, move onto your real story. Trust me, you’re gonna enjoy this. 😛

Now you know the secret of being funny immediately, let’s crack some people up, shall we? Remember, anyone can be funny, including you! If you want a little extra help with being a little extra charming, grab 5 Insanely Easy Lines to make you funny & witty immediately.

Siyan Li is a humor enthusiast and blogger. You can read more of her work on Medium.

Man Has Already Watched Avengers: Endgame 114 Times To Beat World Record

avengers-movie-record.jpg Above: Viewing #129 Agustin Alanis, a self-proclaimed Avengers superfan (I'm not gonna argue there) from Florida, has already seen Avengers: Endgame 114 times in a bid to clench the Guinness World Record for 'Most Cinema Productions Attended of the Same Film.' The previous record was set in 2018 by Anthony 'Nem' Mitchell of North Carolina, who saw Avengers: Infinity War 103 times. I'm surprised Anthony isn't trying to beat his old record. Agustin says he's managed his 114 viewings (documented each time by taking a selfie with his ticket along with a theater staff member) by going to see the movie whenever he has free time, including watching it 4 - 5 times each on both Saturdays and Sundays. My God, this man is already almost 346 hours deep. That's just short of nine 40-hour work weeks. Obviously, the key to beating this record will be finding a movie that isn't 3 hours long, and doesn't suck so it stays in theaters a long time. I'm thinking like an hour and ten minute animated film. Also, there's no way Augstin here isn't an expert on sneaking his own food and beverages into the theater, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn he's clenching a 2-liter of Coke and a microwave (to pop his own popcorn) between his butt cheeks in the photo above. Thanks to Carmen, who agrees dream it, and you can achieve it.

‘You Have Entered The Comedy Area’ Memes Call Out Predictable Jokesters

Funny Mario Kart memes, You have entered the comedy area.

Some people really can't help themselves when it comes to making obvious, predictable and general dad jokes. Minion moms and dads are some serious offenders in this area, and this trending meme calls them the f*ck out, without being too mean about it. The template is a reworking of the Mario Kart DS cover art, which features a very cool-looking Mario in shades, and text that reads "You have entered the comedy area." It's honestly perfect for dragging well-meaning dads and their "Hi hungry, I'm dad" jokes. The internet seems to agree.  

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Guy Jumps Through Roof Doing Some Hardcore Parkour

This is a video of three parkour enthusiasts risking death jumping from rooftop to rooftop when the one wearing the helmet-cam crashes through the roof they're jumping to. Thankfully, he didn't land on a man in his underwear lounging in a recliner watching television, it appears to just be a storage room. Also, why did they film the exact same jump scene twice? The first take looked fine. Plus in that one nobody fell through a roof. Measure twice, cut once -- that's my motto. An old carpenter taught me that. Also, what a wooden penis looks like. SPOILER: not much different from a chair leg. Keep going for the video, complete with slow motion and aftermath.

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2020 Presidential Candidate Calls Vaccines ‘Orwellian,’ Gets Totally Shut Down By Twitter

2020 Presidential Candidate Calls Vaccines 'Orwellian,' Gets Totally Shut Down By Twitter

We're not going to take sides on the political spectrum here, but we are absolutely going to take sides when it comes to whether vaccines should be mandatory or not (hint: they should be). 

Ms. Marianne Williamson, a democratic 2020 presidential hopeful, may have lost her chance at ever seeing the inside of the White House when she stated that required vaccines are "Orwellian" and that US government should have no right to tell anyone what to do with their bodies.

The flawed logic here is astounding.

Luckily Twitter wasn't having it either!

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Son Gives Dad First Nitrous Boost Experience For Father’s Day

nitrous-boost.jpg Son -- where's my racing harness? This is a video of Twitter user ese_josue702's brother giving their father his first nitrous boost experience for Father's Day. Nitrous BOOST, not just nitrous -- that would have been an entirely different video. He seems to enjoy it. That or his heart stopped. Killing your dad on father's day -- that's a hell of a present. Either way, I'm still gonna inhale all the helium balloons somebody brought into the office today for our manager's birthday. Keep going for the video while I try to figure out what kind of car that is based on the interior.

28 Spicy Print Fails That’ll Make You Facepalm

Cringey news headlines, news fails, newsprint fails.

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27 Memes ‘N Tweets That’ll Inject Your Day With Comedy

Funny memes, random memes, funny tweets, web comics

TGIF, y'all! There's really nothing that says "Friday" quite like a double dose of funny memes, tweets, and pictures designed to help you decompress. From savage comics about vegans to quirky and clever tweets, this gallery has everything you need to take your day from tedium to hilarity. 

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(908): Pandora played an ad for a…

(908): Pandora played an ad for a free trial for an abortion pill if you’ve had unprotected sex in the last 2-3 days and then Lucky came on... I literally am dying laughing.

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