Anti-Vaxxer Memes For The Science-Believers

Funny memes about anti-vaxxers

Okay we know, we know - we've gone a little crazy with the anti-vaxx memes in the past. But we can't help it, anti-vaxxers just give us so much excellent material to work with. If you yourself are an anti-vaxxer, then we just hope that these memes can convince you to get vaccinated! We're praying for you.

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(843): It’s the biggest dick…

(843): It’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. His IQ drops 25 points when he’s hard because there’s no blood going to his brain.

Dumb Memes For Maximum Sunday Satisfaction

Funny random memes

Let's face it, Sunday is the worst day of the week, and for that you need memes to keep you going. Not to mention they'll help you forget about the ominous coming of Monday.

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Can I Have *One* Please

Funny meme with two cute dogs depicting a girlfriend who said that she's not hungry eating all of her boyfriend's french fries

"You said you weren't hungry!!"

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Can I Have *One* Please

Funny meme with two cute dogs depicting a girlfriend who said that she's not hungry eating all of her boyfriend's french fries

"You said you weren't hungry!!"

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(323): Don’t send me pics of…

(323): Don't send me pics of cunning dicks while I'm eating potato chips.

(253): You got drunk, made toast,…

(253): You got drunk, made toast, and declared yourself a domestic goddess.

(317): I woke up and there was a…

(317): I woke up and there was a tiny sombrero on my penis. Care to explain?

We are all connected

Meme or Ryan Beckford's hackerman on how it feels to log onto the internet on your computer using your phone's hotspot for wifi internet

There is just as much info on the small internet as there is on the big internet.

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(702): If I had a dollar for every…

(702): If I had a dollar for every functioning brain cell you had I would owe someone a lot of money.

(202): Just a typical Friday. …

(202): Just a typical Friday. Dinner, drinks, doing lines with a member of Congress.

(310): You’re going to be a…

(310): You’re going to be a doctor, and I’m going to be a trophy wife. We both have goals.

These Memes of Cats and Dogs With Eyebrows Will Never Not Be Funny

funny cats and dogs with eye brows to make them into funny faced animal memes

I can has eyebrows?

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(813): It was weird, it was like…

(813): It was weird, it was like my heart got a boner. Is this being an adult?


kids parenting chocolate bunny funny - 7768795392

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The Best Dad of the Week One-Hands a Foul Ball With a Baby in Tow

And all of that on Mother's Day, too. There's gotta be extra brownie points for taking care of the baby that day while being a total mensch.

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33 Funny Cat Memes That Never Fail to Make Us LOL

funny cat memes designed to make you lol - cover meme of cat that wants to both stay outside and come indoors, and another cat climbing the toy paper roll and captioned that you are home early.

Nothing like some good old fashion funny cat memes to ease outta the BLAH zone. Cat memes were mankind's first example of artwork, first displayed on papyrus in Ancient Egypt. The truth is that the Egyptian deities man once worshiped were representations of the feline overlords and the meme lord who immortalized them. So all hail the cats and enjoy some of the funniest felines around. If looking for something more on the cute side, then these fantastic cute cats and precious kittens are just what the doctor ordered. Or perhaps a tone of humor a bit darker, with these 76 Cat memes That are LITERALLY the worst. Or, let's mix it up a bit and help us decide which of the top 10 breeds of cats are really the cutest, we can't do it without you. But if these are just too much for you, this movie gif  that sums up really how popular cats are. 

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5 Intriguing Internet Mysteries That May Never Be Solved

By William Kuechenberg  Published: October 20th, 2019 

Dogs of C-Kennel for Oct 20, 2019 for 10/20/2019

Dogs of C-Kennel for Oct 20, 2019

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Agnes for Oct 20, 2019 for 10/20/2019

Agnes for Oct 20, 2019

Updated: Sun Oct 20, 2019

Heathcliff for Oct 20, 2019 for 10/20/2019

Heathcliff for Oct 20, 2019

Updated: Sun Oct 20, 2019

B.C. for Oct 20, 2019 for 10/20/2019

B.C. for Oct 20, 2019

Updated: Sun Oct 20, 2019

Wizard of Id for Oct 20, 2019 for 10/20/2019

Wizard of Id for Oct 20, 2019

Updated: Sun Oct 20, 2019

The Other Coast for Oct 20, 2019 for 10/20/2019

The Other Coast for Oct 20, 2019

Updated: Sun Oct 20, 2019

These 22 Caturday Memes Will Make Your Day Even Better

funny caturday cat memes

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Why is Wine Almost Always Drunk in Wine Glasses Instead of Regular Glasses?

Macuzila asks: Why does everyone only drink wine out of wine glasses?

For a lot of people, a nice glass of wine is used to enhance enjoyment of things like the four F’s that make life worth living- friends, family, food, and… one other thing… Regardless of when or where you’re drinking that wine, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be drinking it out of a type of container so associated with wine it is literally colloquially known as a “wine glass”. To drink such grape juice out of anything else would likely see even non-drinkers slowly distancing themselves from you for fear of your particular brand of crazy. In fact, beyond it being a societal must to imbibe grapes’ juicy innards from such a glass, the most knowledgeable of wine connoisseurs generally insist that for maximal enjoyment, wines must further be matched with specific types of wine glass. But does this actually make a difference? And how did the modern wine glass come to be anyway?

To begin with, wine pre-dates humans making glass by at least a few thousand years and probably much more, with the earliest archeological evidence of wine making dating back to around 9,000 years ago. In comparison, humans didn’t start making glass more complicated than beads until around 4,000-5,000 years ago. Containers of choice for the earliest of wine drinkers are thought to have been things like bamboo, shells, gourds, animal horns and skins, etc.

Moving on to the earliest known references to wine glasses, these were various opaque glass containers used in religious ceremonies and beyond, such as one known as the Roman patella cup- so named in modern times for its resemblance to the human kneecap.

With advancements in glass making, particularly relatively transparent glass around 800 BC and then mold-blowing around 50 AD in Rome, glass cups slowly began to become more and more popular among those who could afford them. The most affluent also went beyond glass to even sometimes jewel encrusted gold and silver goblets for their wine containers of choice. As for the riff-raff, for most of more modern history they used things like containers made of clay, wood, or leather for their imbibing.

Fast-forward to the 15th century and things started to get a little more interesting thanks to Cristallo glass, though only the exceptionally wealthy could afford it. Beyond its rarity, the value of Cristallo glass was largely tied to how clear this glass is, combined with its light refractive qualities which were particularly enhanced when viewed via the flickering flames of candles and lanterns.

Moving swiftly on to 1673 one George Ravenscroft figured out how to achieve the same basic effect using flint (and later sand) and lead oxide. While not the first to do this, he was the first to industrialize it, as well as ultimately popularize his method, beginning in Britain and then throughout the world. Once his patent expired just 15 years later, this leaded glass began finding its way into the chandeliers and glassware of the slightly less obscenely wealthy, thanks to being made from more commonly available materials than Cristallo glass and how much easier leaded glass is to work with.

It was also around this point that the stem on the wine glasses began being elongated significantly, more akin to what was seen on some metal goblets of the age, particularly those used in religious ceremonies. It is speculated that this change to the glassware was, much like in religious ceremonies and with particularly bejeweled cups before, to better display the main part of the vessel, in this case in all its prismatic glory.

Beyond surviving glassware, as an example of the shorter stems more common before this, we have the 1660 painting The Wine Glass by Johannes Vermeer. If you look closely at this painting, you’ll also note in this and other examples from the era that the inward rim of wine glasses of today was not a thing back then. In fact, this would not become popular until around the mid-20th century, for reasons we’ll get into shortly.

Another thing worth mentioning in the evolution of the wine glass is that, starting around the 19th century and accelerating rapidly in the late 20th century, the size of a typical wine glass has progressively been getting bigger and bigger, while simultaneously the glass itself has gotten thinner and thinner.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that over the course of the bulk of the evolution of the wine glass to something very similar to what we have today, seemingly at no point was enhancement of the flavor of the wine a consideration in the design elements. It was all about aesthetics. This changed in the 20th century.

As the century progressed, the idea that the wine glass itself was integral to the perceived flavor of the wine started gaining steam popularly, though not without its detractors. For example, the creator of the famed Good Food Guide and author of the 1951 Plain Man’s Guide to Wine, noted gourmet Raymond Postgate, outlines the then common five different wine glass types, followed by stating that, despite growing popularity of the notion, “not one of them improves the wine in any way at all.” He further states that, in his opinion, in some cases certain of these glasses were just used by unscrupulous restaurant owners to make it appear as if you were getting more drink than you actually were.

It wouldn’t be until about two decades after Postgate wrote those words that the wine drinking world would be seemingly forever changed thanks to Bohemian glassmaker Claus Riedel of the aptly named Riedel Crystal company. Fighting in the German Army during WWII, Reidel was ultimately captured and made a POW. While being transferred back to his home country after the war, he decided to quite literally jump from the train he was on as it was traveling through Austria. About a decade later, he and his father decided in 1955 to restart the family glass making business- one that had previously been operated by 9 generations of his ancestors, going all the way back to 1756.

Almost two decades later, seeking a way to bolster sales, Riedel struck upon a rather ingenious idea- create a new line of glassware with each design meant to be suited for different types of wines. This would not only bolster sales from potentially many designs being sold per customer, but also would see his company, at least at first, being the only one that made these supposedly wine enhancing designs.

Using the tongue taste map for partial inspiration for many of his designs, as well as enlisting the aid of various sommeliers, he began introducing his new glasses in the early 1970s. These various shapes were meant to affect both the aroma and how the liquid was ultimately funneled onto the tongue, with the promise being that if you matched the wine to the wine glass, you’d get the best possible flavor out of a given type of wine.

People bought it- literally, with sales of his designs skyrocketing and soon in demand throughout Europe, and by the 1970s and 1980s spreading throughout the United States.

Of course, the whole tongue taste map idea isn’t actually a thing at all, which should be abundantly clear to anyone who has ever tasted pretty much anything, ever. As noted taste and smell expert Dr. Linda Bartoshuk of Yale aptly stated in 2004 with regards to Riedel’s work, “Your brain doesn’t care where taste is coming from in your mouth, and researchers have known this for thirty years.”

Nevertheless, in the decades since Riedel’s work, the idea that different wine glasses actually effect flavor has become an almost universally supported notion by sommeliers, with various pairings suggested by Riedel likewise being popular. So firmly entrenched is this notion that there is even an international standard for wine glasses used for taste testing to make sure everyone is drinking out of the same types of glasses, both in design and composition, for a given test.

But is there any actual evidence to support this idea?

Well, if we’re talking scientifically rigorous studies, no, not really. But, it turns, beyond the word of the people who dedicate their lives to wine, there is some reason to think drinking wine out of a wine glass does make a difference in flavor. Why?

To begin with, as demonstrated in a 2015 study in Japan, A sniffer-camera for imaging of ethanol vaporization from wine: the effect of wine glass shape, different wine glass shapes and temperatures do indeed show different vapor patterns and vapor densities for their contents around the surface of the glass where you sip from.  As smell plays a large role in how we perceive something tastes, particularly in something like wine which is relatively aromatic, and the different vapor patterns will mildly effect the smell, it seems a pretty reasonable hypothesis that the flavor will be affected subtly from this.

That said, just because something might subtly change a flavor of something, doesn’t mean a given person will notice at all in a given setting, let alone whether the person will think that change is a good thing given their particular pallet.

On a similar note, while the tongue taste zone thing is a myth, the flow rate and how much of the tongue is covered by the wine on initial contact will also subtly effect the overall perceived flavor as can be attested by anyone who has ever drunk anything- guzzling vs sipping makes a difference. But, again, your mileage may vary and whether you think this very subtle change is a good or bad thing, or whether you even notice at all.

Next up, the temperature of wine makes an even bigger difference in flavor, in part for vaporistic reasons.  Thus, it’s often claimed that drinking wine from a stemmed wine glass, rather than a more versatile cup, is beneficial as it keeps your grubby, warm fingers further away from the wine. However, color us extremely skeptical that this one is going to make much of a noticeable difference in many scenarios people drink wine in, despite it often cited as one of the top reasons wine must be drunk in wine glasses. We’re hypothesizing that it’s only consistently listed as one of the top reasons in reality because it is the most notable difference between wine glasses and many other types of glasses.

For example, if you’re sipping wine on a beach in Florida in the summer, odds are pretty strong where you’re holding the glass isn’t going to make one iota of noticeable difference. Further, while temperature does affect the evaporation rates and thus aroma, if you’re just briefly picking up your glass and then setting it back down after taking a sip, the ambient temperature, whether hot, cold, or somewhere in between, is once again going to strongly dominate.

Hold the wine by the bowl for extended periods, however, and it will affect the temperature somewhat, but whether you’ll notice or not depends on a number of outside factors to the point that we’re guessing even the greatest of sommeliers aren’t going to be able to tell much of a difference in a huge number of real world scenarios. Thus, we’re going to need some scientifically rigorous studies before we buy that the majority of the population would notice a difference between holding the bowl vs. holding the stem in the vast majority of scenarios.

This brings us to the real largest reason drinking wine in wine glasses probably enhances most people’s enjoyment of consuming wine. It turns out how our minds perceive flavor isn’t just about taste-buds and smells, but rather the environment we’re currently in and our preconceived notions, to the point that study after study has shown that with the right suggestion it’s even not difficult to convince people they are drinking or eating something completely different than they actually are in blind taste tests.

Or for more subtle effects, for example, studies have shown that if someone is drinking whiskey in a room with a lot of wood decor, or in the extreme like a log cabin, people will rate said whiskey as having a woody flavor. Take those same people and place them outside on a sunshiny day with the exact same whiskey, and they’ll use completely different adjectives to describe the flavor. It’s even been found that changing just the lighting or color of the container holding the thing to be consumed will change people’s perception of the taste.

In yet another study looking into this fascinating relatively new field, subjects were given a strawberry dessert on two plates, one pink and one black. When the dessert was consumed from the pink plate, it was rated as tasting markedly sweeter than the same exact dessert placed on the black plate.

Researchers in this field are even starting to narrow down types of music that change our perception of taste. For the curious, while large samplesize studies still need conducted, the research so far indicates high pitch piano or flute music is associated with an increase in sweetness of the flavor of something, while heavy bass is associated with an increase in bitterness. Naturally, certain companies like Starbucks, Nestle, and many major restaurant chains have in recent years been throwing money at neurogastronomists to try to find music playlists and container types that make their wares taste better to people while also creating an otherwise suitable ambiance for a particular establishment.

As Perception Physiologists (which is totally a job title by the way) Johannes Le Coutre at Nestle states, “We are beginning to learn about these things. We don’t know necessarily what will come out at that end, but clearly contextual perception is a big opportunity.”

Thus, much like our historic forbears, it’s generally thought aesthetics of the glasses themselves is effecting our perception of taste, in this case seemingly universally in a positive way.

Thus, despite lack of any direct studies into the matter, all of this combined has resulted in most wine connoisseurs equating drinking wine out of anything but a suitable wine glass akin to, to quote the author of How to Drink, Victoria Moore, “like buying a state-of-the-art sound system and fitting it to cheap speakers.”

That said, there still exists certain levels of holdouts among the wine experts of the world. For example, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson from the Oxford Companion to Wine state that while more refined pallets can tell a difference in flavor when using different glasses, in their opinion, most people can’t.

Backing up that it doesn’t make enough of a difference to be bothered with is how various major restaurant chains have chosen to deal with the matter. For example, Restaurant Manager of the Four Seasons in Hampshire, Andrea Bravi, states, “It was once common practice in Four Seasons hotel restaurants to serve each wine in a different shape vessel. Today… [we] find that a Bordeaux glass is a great style for most complex red structures; and a Montrachet/Chardonnay for whites.”

So to conclude, while there is no hard scientific proof that drinking wine out of some form of wine glass actually makes a significant difference in flavor, there is enough ancillary evidence to support the hypothesis that there may be something to this. However, assuming this is true, it’s not actually clear that a given individual will notice the change, and even if they do, if they’ll think the flavor change is a good thing or a bad thing in a given instance- everybody has their own unique palate. Like so many things with wine, while there are a whole lot of experts who will insist this or that is the “best” way to enjoy a given wine, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll agree, or even notice a difference at all. You like what you like, and if you want to drink Chateau Cheval Blanc 1943 out of a coffee mug that says “World’s #1 Ol’ Fart” because that’s the way you enjoy it best, you should. And, hey, if your thing is to have a specialized glass made of the finest crystal for each and every different type of wine you drink because that enhances your enjoyment, more power to you too. In either case, nobody has the right to make you feel lesser for enjoying the little things in life the way you like.

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Man Parks Truck Solely To Get Out And Key Tesla, Leave

This is a video of some dingaling at the the Davies Park and Ride in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who parks his truck, gets out, keys a Tesla, keeps walking for a bit, then turns around, returns to his vehicle, and leaves. Maybe he went to park somewhere further away from the scene of the crime? Now that's some criminal mastermind level thinking right there. Unfortunately for him, the entire incident was captured by the Tesla's nine camera security system. Hopefully he's identified, police find out he's committed a lot more criminal deficiency, and he's tossed in the slammer, where, just based on the look of his doofy ass, he won't fair well at all. Keep going for the video.


funny meme about dressing up as an entire country by dressing up as ronald mcdonald with a machine gun.

Somehow it works.

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Brie Larson’s ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ Uncut Extended Interview

Brie Larson sat down with Zach Galifianakis to discuss if her name was originally Gorgonzola, how old she was when she had her first period, and if she will aim to win Best Actor instead of just Best Actress.

Zach Galifianakis and his two ferns are back. This time they’re out on the road, interviewing some of the biggest and brightest stars all over the country in order to prove to Will Ferrell that he’s a top rate host, and land his own big-time talk show.

Check out this exclusive interview clip!

Brie Larson (not Alison Brie, which is annoying because that’s who Zach wanted to interview, but this is fine too I guess) joined Zach between the glorious ferns to discuss if she’s really aiming high enough as an actress, and what it’s like to be named after cheese.

Watch Between Two Ferns: The Movie, only on Netflix.

And check out the entire back catalogue of Between Two Ferns episodes here.

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Crass & Clever School Presentations We’d Bestow With An ‘A’

funny school presentations

We're not sure if it's just changing times or people are getting bolder and funnier, but these are not the school presentations we remember! They're ballsy, irreverent, and self-deprecating perfection - and we think they all deserve an "A."

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Finally, A Decent Unicorn Skeleton Halloween Decoration

unicorn-skeleton-1.jpg This is the $40 Unicorn Skeleton Halloween Decoration available from Oriental Trading. Although I would argue it doesn't just have to be just a Halloween decoration, it could be a year round decoration if you play your cards right. The mythical beast bones measure 43-inches long and 27-inches tall. Not exactly full size, but that would probably cost significantly more than $40. I actually bought one of these last year, and painted it all black and modding its horn to shoot flames at my Halloween party. How cool is that? "A lot cooler than the partygoers you set on fire." Man...that mummy really went up quick, didn't he? Keep going for a few more shots, including one custom painted Día de Muertos style.

Nancy Pelosi Pointing At Trump Is An Assertive Dank Meme

Funny memes entitled, "Nancy Pelosi Pointing at Donald Trump"

During a meeting to discuss Syria, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was photographed assertively pointing a finger at Donald Trump. Trump later tweeted the photo with the caption, "Nervous Nancy's unhinged meltdown!" the photo has inspired a whole host of memes from every political angle. 

Whether you're a Trump supporter or a Pelosi fan, we think you'll find these trending memes amusing. Or maybe you hate both of them equally! That's certainly an option too!

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What Are You?: Paris Zoo Unveils ‘The Blob’ Exhibit

The Paris Zoological Park is unveiling a new exhibit tomorrow -- The Blob. The blob is a unicellular organism (actually a species of slime mold) that looks like a fungus, but acts like an animal. Me? *shotguns two beers back-to-back, pukes a little* I always act like an animal.
[The blob] has no mouth, no stomach, no eyes, yet it can detect food and digest it. The blob also has almost 720 sexes, can move without legs or wings and heals itself in two minutes if cut in half. "The blob is a living being which belongs to one of nature's mysteries", said Bruno David, director of the Paris Museum of Natural History, of which the Zoological Park is part. "It surprises us because it has no brain but is able to learn (...) and if you merge two blobs, the one that has learned will transmit its knowledge to the other," David added.
Whoa -- 720 sexes? That's like, almost quadruple the amount of sex I've had. I meant a quarter. Probably closer to a tenth. A hundredth? Heck, I'm having it right now. "Sex?" I think a stroke. Still, as far as zoo exhibits go, this does not sound like a very exciting one, but at least it's not gonna try throwing a handful of turd at you. Keep going for a video about the blob, which is also capable of memory, learning, and maze solving, three things I'm terrible at.

It Really Be That Way

Funny joker meme about bing and google search

Bing is a scary, scary place.

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Thanks, Internet!: Dog Excitedly Jumping Around To House Of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’

This is a short video of a dog that appears to manage an unregulated Amazon fulfillment center furiously jumping around with the audio of House Of Pain's classic 'Jump Around' added. Man, I remember when that song came out -- I did so much jumping around. I was probably in the best shape of my life. Now look at me. Just look at me! "Awww, you could still be on the cover of a magazine." You mean it?! "Sure, Heart Attack Digest." *wiping powdered donut crumbs from side of lips* Your words hurt me. Keep going for the video.

Memers Go Back To School With Preachy Reading Time Sh*tposts (16 Memes)

Funny memes, independent reading time memes, silent reading time memes

We love a tongue-in-cheek shitpost that takes us back to "the good old days," and boy, does this one check both of those boxes. Harkening back to our childhood school days with references to "independent reading time" and "silent reading time," these memes take the tone of a teacher's pet, and they're pretty freaking hilarious. To make things even funnier, the memes use Impact ironically - a touch that really takes things to the next shitpost-y level. We've scraped the hallowed halls of Know Your Meme for our favorites, but we expect to see more of these in coming days. And we ain't mad about that. 

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Damn: 18-Wheeler On Side Of The Road After Its Heavy Cargo Tore Bottom Of Trailer Out

This is a short video from a trucker delivering a load of a steel to a plant in Atlanta when he spotted a UPS trailer on the side of the road that had its heavy load collapse through the middle of the trailer. So, if you were wondering why your package hasn't arrived yet, this is it. That or some jabroni stole it off your porch. You know there's a special place for package thieves. "In hell?" *moaning, chains rattling in basement* Yes, in hell. That's what I meant. Keep going for the drive by.

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Trashy People That Are The Definition Of Cringe

Trashy people, cringe

Do you enjoy pain and suffering? Do you believe the human race is irreversibly f*cked? Well, you might enjoy looking through these abominable photos. They're oozing with pure trashiness, and remind us that maybe we deserve to go extinct. 

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Dare To Dream: Team Builds A Massive 3,168 Square Foot Ouija Board

giant-ouija-board-1.jpg This is a video of the world's new largest Ouija board, OuijaZilla, a massive 72-foot by 44-foot Ouija board constructed out of painted plywood in Salem, Massachusetts (appropriate). The board was constructed from 99 sheets of 4' x 8' plywood, weighs 9,000 pounds, and measures 3,168 square feet (three times the size of the previous record holder). It also features a 15.5-foot x 10-foot planchette, which can be moved around the board by a single person standing in the middle of it. "What about a person in a relationship?" LOL. Man, just imagine the size of the unholy demons that are gonna be summoned with this thing. Because one time in middle school my best friend and I were playing with his Ouija board during a sleepover and the planchette started moving around the board all crazy, then a face appeared in his fireplace so we burnt the whole house to the ground just to be on the safe side. Keep going for a video of the board from ground level.


Funny meme abouy how english teachers don't like it when kids get creative at school but gush over writers that do.

English teachers should take a damn chill pill.

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Parents Are Tweeting About The Expectations Vs The Reality Of Parenting

parenting tweets about expectation vs reality

Are you crying yet? No? You must not have kids then. 

If you are crying, just remember you're not alone! 

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Real Products That Exist: Cat Head Portable Phone Chargers

cat-head-phone-chargers-1.jpg These are the Nyanko Charge Cat Head Phone Chargers available for sale from the Japan Trend Shop ($72, cheaper elsewhere if you're cool ordering directly from a Japanese website). Available in Persian, Garfield, Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, and Orange Eyes varieties, each 4400 mAh battery pack takes about five hours to charge, and is expected to last at least 500 charges. I remember I bought one of these USB phone charging battery packs from the dollar store once, then one night at the bar and it felt like my penis was roasting like a hot dog and I yank the battery pack out of my pocket and it is hot. Like HOT hot. So I casually but quickly stepped outside into the alley behind the bar and 100% TRUE FACT: that's where the term dumpster fire originated. Keep going for a couple more shots.

Stupid Shitposts That Won’t Fix Your Problems (24 Memes)

Funny random memes

Listen, we can't pretend to be professionals, but we can almost guarantee that these memeswill have no lasting impact on your mental health. They're not going to be your anti-depressants and they definitely won't solve your problems. But they might cheer you up for a brief moment. And you know what? That's something.

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Dumbest Music Videos: Hootie and the Blowfish

“Only Wanna Be With You” is the dumbest music video about sucking at all sports

Welcome to the worst episode of SportsCenter in the history of ESPN. Tonight there will be no highlights and no top plays, just footage of Hootie and the Blowfish sucking at sports. Let’s revisit “Only Wanna Be With You”, one of the dumbest music videos.

Hootie and the Blowfish begin their special episode of SportsCenter with an introduction from Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann, the first two names that come to mind when anyone thinks of cool rock and roll. They give viewers a heads up that what they’re about to watch something extremely bad, with Dan Patrick going so far as to say “these blowfish stink” which is a solid burn and entirely true.

We begin our tour through the wide world of poorly played sports with a trip to the basketball court. The Blowfish match up against of group of NBA All Stars including Alex English, Alonzo Mourning, and Muggsy Bouges. So it’s basically Space Jam, if Bugs Bunny was a 90s pop rock singer. Years later, footage emerged of Alonzo Mourning remembering how bad the video was, but then remembering that he got to literally dunk on Hootie.

It’s a sorry display that makes you wonder why the Blowfish wanted to show off how bad they are at basketball. It’s not like NBA All-Stars make videos just to flaunt how bad they are at music. Oh wait, okay, nevermind, that actually happens all the time.

Next we return to the SportsCenter set so Mike Tirico and Charley Steiner can warn us that we are about to watch some golf, the sport that’s boring even when people are good at it. So let’s see how the Blowfish do. Oh, they’re terrible. Anyway, while they drive Fred Couples to violence, here’s a fun fact. This song comes off of their 1994 album Cracked Rear View, which remains the 19th best selling album of all time, outselling every single Beatles album ever released. This music video may be dumb, but not as dumb as the American public.

Before we move onto the grand finale, let’s honor the SportsCenter theme by counting down Hootie’s best dance moves. Coming in at number 3, an exaggerated wink. At number 2: whatever this is. And finally, Hootie’s best move, a beautiful cabbage patch.

Now back to the highlights as Hootie goes to play football with Dan Marino and I am just now being told that this guy is actually not Hootie. Hootie was a nickname he gave his friend in college and then he named the band after that friend. Interesting. Anyway, Hootie goes to throw around the old pigskin with Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino and it’s the video’s grand finale.

Dan Marino puts on a sweatshirt he had lying around and his best pair of mom jeans and tells Hootie to go deep. Most bands might end their video with a triumphant touchdown catch, but not Hootie, who displays hand eye coordination so bad that it makes you wonder how he can even play guitar in the first place. He misses catch after catch after catch. Hootie is disappointed. Dan Marino is disappointed. Even Chris Berman is disappointed. But why did we expect more? This isn’t the immaculate reception or Jordan’s game winning shot. It’s just another dumbest music video.


Writer: Ben Rosen

Editor/GFX: Andrew Jewell

(217): Nah, we’re just sitting…

(217): Nah, we’re just sitting around talking about different kinds of boners.

(253): I don’t want to be…

(253): I don't want to be flamboyant (says the guy who bought a hot pink suit to be a flamingo for Halloween)--but I don't mind being a little extra.

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(860): also. when i get a car,…

(860): also. when i get a car, the amount of space there is for sex WILL be a huge deciding factor.

(303): its a comptetion of fuckups…

(303): its a comptetion of fuckups and im HERE TO WIN.

(856): Guess who just stumbled…

(856): Guess who just stumbled into work hungover, wearing yesterday's clothes, covered in hickeys and glitter, and carrying a giant bottle of rum in her purse.
(856): I just took plan B at work.
(484): This is the greatest story of all time.

(215): Could’ve gone my whole…

(215): Could’ve gone my whole life not seeing a man snort coke off another man’s cock... but there it is...

An AI Robot Learnt How to Solve A Rubik’s Cube One-Handed

AI robot learnt how to solve rubik's cube with one hand

AI seems to be moving forward in leaps and bounds these days (sometimes literally). In the latest advancement of robotics, OpenAI has just released footage of Dactyl, it's AI powered robot (which has just one humanoid hand) solving a Rubik's cube. It's not about the speed, but rather the dexterity required to solve a Rubik's cube one-handed (heck, even solving a Rubik's cube with both hands is difficult for me). The most impressive thing is that the robot learnt to solve it all by itself. 

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Jimmy Kimmel Taunts ‘Greasy Little Son’ Donald Trump Jr. Over ‘Goon’ Photo

The late night host hits the president's eldest son for hypocrisy.

The Hubble Telescope’s Best Images Ever Taken

Roundup of the best images the Hubble Telescope has ever taken as it gets closer to 30 years in space

First launched in 1990, the Hubble Telescope is coming up on its 30th anniversary in space. Having provided us with some of the most incredible images from our known universe, the Hubble has allowed us to explore parts of the universe no man-made craft could reach.

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Thirteen Top Notch GIFs

top thirteen gifs of the week

It's that time of the week... GIF time! As usual, we have handpicked the very best GIFs from the past week, and boy are these ones good. What are you waiting for? Dig in!

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Texas Will House the New SpaceX Rocket Launching Facility

awesome science texas spacex Rocket Science - 8257566720
SpaceX has been launching rockets in Florida or California for quite some time, but Texas will likely see most of the action once the company finishes building its new spaceport in Cameron County. While SpaceX CEO Elon Musk hasn't made an official announcement yet, a Florida official (who's understandably disappointed by the development) confirmed that the Lone Star State has indeed landed the contract. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration already gave SpaceX its blessing to do 12 launches per year (mostly of its Falcon 9 and upcoming Falcon Heavy rockets) from the 56.5 acre site.

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betty white hilarious power racism shocked sign - 5323865856

RACISM even Betty's shocked

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How are Rich People Able to Buy Exotic Pets Like Tigers?

Amikkik asks: How do celebrities buy exotic pets like a tiger like Mike Tyson has? How is that legal?

As you may or may not know, there are around twice as many tigers in the United States, around 5,000-10,000, as there are in the wild in the rest of the world, with the vast majority of those big cats belonging not to zoos, but private owners who keep them as pets. So how are people legally able to acquire these animals?

To begin with, at the federal level, there are no real regulations on the sale of these particular exotic animals outside of the Captive Wild Animal Safety Act of 2003, which was put in place to try to quell the rise in popularity of people purchasing big cats. However, this is extremely limited in scope, mostly just banning, outside of certain exceptions, transporting them across state lines. That said, as most of these big cats are bred locally in the U.S., and, particularly with cubs, it’s not difficult to transport them across state lines without getting caught, this has proved a minimal hurdle in acquiring such an animal. Further, given there is no federal registry or the like of who has these animals, it likewise makes it relatively easy to flout the rules.

On that note, there are a mishmash of laws at the state level concerning tiger and other exotic animal ownership, but these are often not strictly enforced, and in some cases there are no rules at all. For example, if you happen to live in Nevada, Alabama, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and South Carolina you’ll find you can just go buy one without telling anyone- no permit or license required, outside of the fact that North Carolina allows counties to have their own rules here, and Wisconsin requires you get a permit if you’re bringing the animal in from another state, which as noted is mostly illegal outside of some exceptions. Additionally, there are at least a dozen more states where buying an exotic pet like a lion or baboon requires simply filling out a bit of paperwork and paying a small permit fee.

On top of that, going back to states where owning something like a tiger is illegal, there’s a loophole- a license from US Department of Agriculture to display the animal. Specifically, most anyone can classify themselves as an “exhibitor” under the USDA’s guidelines, which to quote them state, “Licensed exhibitors include circuses, zoos, educational displays, petting farms/zoos, animal acts, wildlife parks, marine mammal parks, and some sanctuaries.”

The USDA offers no further clarification on what exactly it constitutes, say an “educational display”, leaving it up to interpretation. So, for example, a person could, in theory, obtain a license, buy a tiger and then put it in a cage with a printout of the Wikipedia page for that breed of tiger next to it and then occasionally let friends and family see their little educational exhibit. This would not only be perfectly legal, but in some cases may even allow an especially enterprising individual to potentially write the cost of the tiger off in their taxes if done right.

As to the process to get that USDA license, the fees are only $10 to apply and then around $30-$300 per year after that, varying based how many animals and type you want to have. Beyond that, to qualify you just have to show you have the minimum required facilities required by the USDA. Unfortunately for the tigers, this USDA minimum is not anywhere close to the level considered needed by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries nor the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Also much to the chagrin of animal rights activists, after you get the license, the government is notoriously lax when it comes to regulating the facilities of licensed exhibitors, reportedly only checking in around once per year typically, if at all. On top of that, as it is the job of the owner of the animals to keep a record of what animals they have for the USDA to inspect when they do come out, it’s not terribly difficult to hide the fact that you might have more animals than you’re showing them, if you think you don’t have the minimum required facilities for a given animal.

Furthermore, even in cases where facilities are found to fall below these standards, the more exotic animals are rarely confiscated because, to put it simply, there’s often nowhere for them to go, with better equipped sanctuaries and zoos already overrun thanks to many owners buying a cute little easy to manage tiger cub, only to quickly find out they bit off more than they could chew when the tiger potentially reaches 500-800 lbs and is up to 12 feet long from tip to tip…

Naturally, once reality of taking care of an adult tiger hits, a lot of owners place a rather desperate call to sanctuaries and zoos to see if someone will take the animal. If unable to find a home, sadly, simply putting the animals down isn’t uncommon.

Factor in fairly minor fines and repercussions for being caught violating the USDA’s rules here and there’s little incentive for a person with tiger buying money to care about potentially incurring the wrath of the laws, even sometimes the state level ones.

Moving away from the US for a moment, in many other parts of the world the ownership and sale of exotic creatures is regulated a little more strictly, in the extreme in countries like Austria where owning a tiger is outright banned outside of zoos and sanctuaries. For most countries, however, it is still allowed, usually requiring the purchase of a license or permit, though generally with more regulations to actually get the license.

For example, in the UK, it’s actually perfectly legal to own a tiger, but the laws surrounding the ownership of exotic animals are a little more strict and more heavily enforced thanks to the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976. This stipulates that people must buy an annual license and must adhere to strict guidelines and regular inspections, as well as carry liability insurance for the animal in case it runs amok.

As an aside, we’d like to note that the Dangerous Wild Animal Act of 1976 is quite the read for anyone who’s interested and it notes, amongst other things, that Britons are free to keep aardwolves (a bit like a small hyena, but fascinatingly eats bugs mostly), otters, and seals as pets without a permit.

In any event, given the slightly more strict rules and tracking, it is known that in the UK exotic pets kept legally include 300 American bison (some of the most dangerous creatures in the world to humans statistically, which has hindered efforts towards their mass domestication for agriculture), over 500 monkeys, 250 poisonous snakes, 50 crocodiles, 2,000 ostriches, and approximately 150 big cats, mostly leopards. As to why leopards are so popular, apparently these are often used to interbreed with domestic cats- the idea being to create new, smaller and slightly more domesticated versions of the animals to sell as pets.

Moving on to actually purchasing the creatures, up until 2014 in Britain, the one stop shop for an exotic pet was Harrods’ Pet Kingdom in London. Prior to the introduction of the Endangered Species Act 1976 the Pet Kingdom sold nearly every kind of animal requested, and even after had quite the variety, at its peak containing a stock on hand that rivaled that of the London Zoo. Wealthy Britons were known to be able to walk into Harrods’ and casually buy three scarves and a crocodile, with the store having a reputation for inscrutable standards of service- a fact epitomised by the story, whether true or not is hard to determine, of the time King Zog of Albania called to inquire about buying an elephant. Rather than think this might be a prank call, the story goes that the concierge answering the phone simply responded without missing a beat, “African or Indian, sir?”

In more modern times, as we can attest, a quick and very basic Google search is about all you need to do to find a slew of outlets willing to sell you a tiger or many other such exotics animals, in some places, like certain states of the U.S., even locally.

This all brings us around to the cost of acquiring said tiger. It turns out you don’t need to be rich at all. If you’d like an adult tiger, this can sometimes be acquired for free from an owner trying to get rid of theirs.  As for cubs, depending on exact type, you can usually find one for in the realm of $1000 to $3000, though they can be more expensive for some of the most prized. For example, an albino tiger cub can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars each. A further thing to consider on that one is that those albino tigers are so incredibly inbred at this point that they come with massive health care costs.

This brings us to the first of the expensive costs of owning a tiger- healthcare.  As you can imagine, there are only a small percentage of vets willing and skilled enough to attend a tiger, and they don’t exactly offer their services on the animals cheap, typically. Further, in some cases, finding such a vet requires actually transporting the tiger long distances, which is a bit more of a process than simply throwing said animal in the back of your car.

In fact, even if you can train your tiger to put up with this (and you can manage to fit it in) and not be a risk to your driving (or just you in general if they get antsy in cars), most vets will not accept a tiger for care uncaged. Thus, for transport, it’s generally recommended you purchase or construct a rather large, extremely sturdy cage, which then can be placed in the back of a truck or on a trailer to be towed.

Next up we have food. A full grown tiger will need in the ballpark of 15 lbs (7 kg) of meat per day, plus supplemental nutrients as the horse and cow meat many owners use doesn’t provide the diverse diet the animals need.

That said, some intrepid individuals have found ways around this rather large expenditure. For example, the co-author of this piece actually grew up near a woman in Washington State who owned a pet black panther, a lion, a tiger, a cougar she kept in her house, and an absolutely massive wolf- the only one of her animals guests were not allowed to pet, or even go near at all, which was completely understandable when watching the animal watch you as you walked within its eyesight. What it had on its mind was not subtle… This woman of fairly simple means was easily able to supply the food needed for all her animals via road kill, mostly deer, she either collected herself or was brought to her house by road care workers. She would typically throw a deer or two in for the animals to chow down on per week, and otherwise made sure to stay out of the cage if it had been a few days since they’d eaten.

Of course, it’s one thing to have enough food, a whole other thing entirely to have enough space to humanely keep the animals. For reference here, a typical male tiger naturally has a range of around 40 square miles (about 100 square kilometers), whereas the females tend to like around 7 square miles (about 18 square kilometers). Few have that kind of land, but even a small acreage is tricky because tigers are notoriously good at escaping from even tall fences, leading to many just throwing them in small cages to make sure they stay put and for general safety.

It’s at this point we should note that tigers never stop seeing humans as prey, even the humans who raise them from their earliest life. For example, one Cindy Gamble of Minnesota who had cared for her tigers, among many other dangerous animals, for over a decade found her life abruptly ended when, for whatever reason, her 500 lb pet Bengal tiger decided to go ahead and kill her in 2006.

In yet another case, this one in 2003, a 10 year old boy, Clayton James Eller, was shoveling snow when he got a little too close to his aunt and uncle’s tiger cage, which had a small opening under the chain link fence so that their dog could go in and play with the tiger. On that note, by all accounts up to that point, the tiger in question had always been extremely friendly to humans, including Clayton, and animals, such as their dog. Tragically for the boy and his family, that particular day for whatever reason the 400 pound animal decided to reach under the fence, grab Clayton and pull him in and precede to maul him. The boy’s uncle, James, almost immediately rushed into the cage and with all his strength tried to get the the Tiger off the boy and to stop the attack, but was unsuccesful. He then ran and got his gun and shot the tiger dead. Sadly, Clayton didn’t survive the ordeal.

Perhaps the most famous case of such privately owned animals running amok is the Zanesville Zoo Massacre which occurred in Ohio in 2011. In this case, one Terry Thompson decided to set loose the majority of his little personal zoo, with the animals released comprising two wolves, one macaque monkey, one baboon, six black bears, three mountain lions, two grizzly bears, three cougars and a whopping 17 lions (nine male, eight female), and 18 absolutely massive Bengal tigers…

When police first got a call of a then unknown number of escaped animals at Thompson’s place and no sign of Thompson, they assumed perhaps he’d finally been killed by one of his animals. In years leading up to the event, they’d been trying to get the animals taken away from Thompson, particularly after he did a stint in jail and was deemed by authorities as a bit unstable, even speculated to have been schizophrenic. Things didn’t improve when his debts mounted and his wife left him. However, as he was breaking no laws, they couldn’t get the dangerous animals taken away.

When the police arrived on the scene, they found Thompson had shot himself at some point after setting his animals free, leaving them with a very dangerous situation they were ill equipped to deal with.

To get an idea of what it was like on hand, we have an account from one of Thompson’s neighbors, Sam Kopchak, who was the first to notice the issue when his horses started freaking out. Upon investigating, he saw a slew of animals observing his horses. He notes, “I’m telling you, the lion is bad enough, and the lioness is bad enough, and the wolf is bad, and the bear, but…don’t be around the tiger. The tigers are actually bigger than the lions if they’re fully grown. He started snarling, and went after the horses.”

Unable to safely corral the dozens of dangerous animals running wild in the concentrated area, and with no time to call in professionals and people with tranquilizers without potentially letting some of the animals escape into the night, the police ended up having to kill all of them outside of the few that the animals themselves had already killed in the interim. This massacre was much to the devastation of many called to kill the poor animals, and was considered even more tragic in the case of the 18 Bengal tigers as there are only a few thousand of those left in the wild in the world and an unknown number in captivity.

As you might imagine, this event saw many states, including Ohio, put in place stricter rules about owning such animals though, as often lamented by animal rights activists, having rules and anyone actually bothering to enforce them are two different things, let alone the loopholes that exist.

If you liked this article, you might also enjoy our new popular podcast, The BrainFood Show (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Feed), as well as:

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Since there's really no point to our meager existences, why not consume some dumb humor to pass the time? These memes are entertainment at its finest and we hope you'll find some enjoyment out of them.

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Dank Memes Fresh From The Depths Of Reddit

funny dank memes

If you're bored of the basic relatable memes that are so popular these days, this gallery might be the respite you're searching for. It's got a healthy mix of spicy, fresh, and trending memes that's anything but normie. And you don't have to go to Reddit to enjoy 'em.

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Therapy Sh*posts For People With Issues (20 Memes)

Funny memes and tweets about therapy

One thing that pretty much all of us Millennials can come together over is our deteriorating mental health. The planet is dying, our parents ruined the economy, and none of us will ever be able to retire. It's no wonder that many of us have to see therapists. The good that's come out of that, however, is that we've managed to de-stigmatize therapy - there's certainly something to be said for that!

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Nineteen Punny Memes That Are Incredibly Groan-Worthy

Funny memes that involve puns

All dads can rejoice over these stupid pun-filled memes. We'd also like to extend that to dads-in-training; you don't need to be a dad or even want kids in order to be a dad-in-training - the only requirement here is that you take a lot of joy in making the whole room groan from your bad jokes.

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Thank You, Paul Rudd, For Teaching Us How To Make Butts In Photos

I’m not sure how to translate this new skill into a marketable skill on my resume, but damn it, I WILL figure it out

Season 10 of Hot Ones kicked off with Shia LaBeouf attempting to tackle the gauntlet, dumping milk on his face, and giving the most heartwarming interview in the process. So it was honestly hard to imagine that they’d be able to deliver another episode that compared, but those wizards over at First We Feast have done it again. They got Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd is one of the most beloved men in Hollywood, he’s as funny as he is sweet, and he’s probably immortal. (The man literally does not age.) Let’s be real, he’s pretty much perfect. However, it looks like he does have an Achilles heel, and it’s his tongue. When asked at the top of the interview how he feels about hot food, his mouth said, “I like spicy food!” but his body said, “I am definitely in danger.” Brave soldier.

The interview, for the most part, is exactly how you’d expect: Sean Evans is super thoughtful, Paul Rudd is incredibly charming, and he even flips the script for a while and asks Sean some pretty great questions about himself. At one point Paul literally talks about his love of tea and crumpets. They rate biscuits. It’s delightful.

And then things take a wonderful, wonderful turn.

Around 17 minutes in, Paul Rudd blesses us all with the gift of knowledge. Knowledge that none of us could have anticipated learning today, knowledge none of us knew we desired going into this video, but knowledge we all definitely, definitely needed.

Paul Rudd teaches us how to make it look like there’s a naked butt hovering over people when you take pictures of them.

The key is to bend your index finger and hold it very close to the lens at the top of the frame. It’s so simple! So simple and so beautiful!! AND IT DOESN’T EVEN END THERE.


We can all agree that Paul Rudd deserves every award he has and will receive for his acting chops, but goddammit, this man also deserves a Nobel Prize.

Ron And Carolina Take America’s Calls

In this episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast, the phone lines were open to everybody!

“Don’t talk to strangers” is one of the first lessons any child learns from their parents, but as Ron quickly points out, mommy and daddy aren’t here so it’s time to open up the lines! Ron initially wants the theme for the episode to be confessions, but Carolina reminds Ron that asking people to criminals who got away with illegal activities is not the best of ideas, no matter how badly he wants to award the person with the best story tickets to Carolina’s niece’s high school theatre production.

So, the possible topics for discussion are then changed to: 1. Cheese, 2. Golfers from the 1970’s, and 3. Wolf-dog hybrids. You might be thinking to yourself, “that’s a weird choice of topics, those things don’t even really have anything to do with each other,” and, yes, that’s entirely true and a good observation.

Many people from all over this country call in for their thoughts on these subjects, and Ron and Carolina get to chat with folks from New York to Louisiana and everywhere in between, which means that Carolina gets a chance to flex her incredible accents skills and really show her range.

The cheese callers had a lot of thoughts and weigh in on big important questions like, how do they feel about fruit and cheese platters on dessert menus? Which is better, fresh parmesan or parmesan from those plastic tubs with the holes in the top? Goat cheese is delicious, sure, but should we trust it? Many things to consider.

The 1970’s golf fans and Ron all agree that, man, the game of golf today sure isn’t what it used to be, and the sport could definitely use a return to the 1970’s when the tournaments were just truly amazing. But what about the golfers? How do the golfers in this generation compare to their predecessors?

And finally, the conversation surrounding wolf-dog hybrids really focuses on one major talking point: How does a dog owner handle with a local wolf that’s got the hots for their dog? Do you forbid their union? Do you encourage their love? Do you throw a weird party with all your neighbors? Ron and Carolina have a lot of thoughts.

This episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast was truly a delightful melding of the minds from all around this nation, and it’s unclear if any questions were really answered, but you’ll definitely be left pondering a whole lot of things you probably have never thought about before.

New episodes of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” drop every Thursday. Check out all the available episodes of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” on Apple Podcasts and iHeartRadio now.

Catch-A-Ride: Heron Casually Acts As Hood Ornament On Moving Car

heron-hood-ornament.jpg Because why exert any energy if you don't have to (one of my mottos), this is a short video of a heron acting as a Mercedes' hood ornament as it slowly makes its way through rush hour traffic in Miami. Nowhere to go, and all day to get there -- that's called living the dream. Or retirement, which kind of IS the dream. Will I ever retire? I doubt I'll have the luxury. Based on my most recent financial analysis I'll probably have to work until I die, which, based on my most recent health analysis, should be any moment now. Keep going for the video.

Dank ‘Joker’ Memes Are All About Depressing Thoughts

Funny dank memes from The Joker entitled, "All I Have Are Negative Thoughts"

This trending meme, entitled "All I Have Are Negative Thoughts," is for sad sacks and Joker fans alike. Or honestly, any Millennial in the world because we're all depressed and have nothing to live for anyway. Now please enjoy the memes!

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Gender Reveal Giant Balloon Pop Fails Beautifully

I don't know what it is about gender reveals gone wrong that fill me with such unbridled joy, but they do. One of the very few things if we're being honest. Enter this couple. What are they having? No clue, but Barry Bonds and his wife over here can forget about me attending any do-over gender reveal party, my Saturday afternoons are precious. Keep going for the video while I suggest a spiked bat.

Pshh, Poor People

Funny meme that reads, " poor peons cannot even understand how to fashion!"

Is this some peasant joke I'm too rich to understand?

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Kelsey Kernstine

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Thirty-Eight Tantalizing Tweets For All Entertainment Needs

Funny random tweets

Sifting through Twitter to find the absolute best content is a pain in the butt, but lucky for you we've already done the heavy lifting and found the best tweets so that you can spend all your precious free time being entertained. Boredom stands absolutely no chance against Twitter, so have at 'em!

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Freaky Deaky: Deep Sea Creatures Feasting On A Whale Carcass

whale-carcass-feeding-frenzy.jpg This is a video from the exploration vehicle Nautilus's under sea rover Hercules (previously), which stumbles across the carcass of a whale and the deep sea creatures that have come to eat it. Admittedly, it's hard to pass up a feeding frenzy, even if whale is the only thing at the buffet. As usual, the scientists watching the video live go absolutely nuts over the footage, and presumably not just because they've been cooped up on a ship for months. They are genuinely into this. The last thing I was genuinely into? Probably pogs. Keep going for the video.

Uber-Relatable Memes That Spoke To Us

Funny and relatable memes

Sometimes you just need some hyper relatable memes to speak your mind for you. These memes fit that bill perfectly and you'll wonder if the person who made them was reading your mind the entire time.

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Kitten Playing Pokemon GO Successfully Catches A Pokemon

Note: Go HERE to watch the video on Facebook with a much more pleasant resolution frame rate. This is a short video of a cat playing Pokemon GO and successfully catching a Pokemon. Impressive! Maybe not as impressive of my cats' video game playing skills, but -- oh who am I kidding, they just chew through my controller's charging cables because they feel like i don't spend enough time with them. Then when I do try to spend some quality time with them they just scratch my legs and run and hide. I swear, they're like having kids who just want to shit under the bed. Thanks to ilana, who agrees now the cat just needs to run around the neighborhood for a bit to collect candy and hatch your eggs for you.


Funny meme about tall kid in class hitting the door frame for the 500th time, joker, joaquin phoenix, joker movie

It's the little things.

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Wait, What?: Finally, A Star Trek Inspired Exercise Book

This is Star Trek: Body By Starfleet, an upcoming fitness guide ($16, available December 3rd) created by Robb Pearlman (not be be confused with Hellboy). It provides instructions for numerous fun-filled exercise routines by giving long-existing common exercises Star Trek themed names. That's...something. Something worth $16? Well my heart is saying no, but my email confirmation is saying I just bought two. Keep going for a video of Doctor Crusher and Commander Troi exercising together because I still remember that scene vividly. You can watch a full video promo for the book HERE.

Sixteen Millennial Memes For The Lovers Of Avocado Toast

Funny memes about Millennials

Some say that the Millennial generation's greatest contribution to society has been memes, and honestly we can't say we disagree. That might sound silly to people who are members of older generations, but young people know the importance of memes in today's dismal world. Memes are an art form, dammit.

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23 Bizarre and Funny Bird Memes

List of bird memes that are funny, hilarious - chickens, parrots, food, cats, fashion.

Birds. Birbs. Whatever you call them, these memes featuring our feathered friends will make you smile, laugh, and say WTF. 

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NASA Unveils Two New Spacesuits For 2024 Mission To The Moon

This is a video from NASA unveiling their two new spacesuit designs for the Artemis program, with the goal of landing "the first woman and the next man" on the moon (specifically the lunar south pole) by 2024. Was I chosen for the mission? No, but I do plan on stowing away and establishing my own lunar pirate colony anyways.
The orange suit is the Orion Crew Survival System suit, also commonly called a flight suit or a launch and entry suit. New features include a helmet that comes in more than one size, and suits that are custom fit. The color is intended to make astronauts easy to spot if they end up in the ocean, and the suit itself includes a "suite of survival gear": Even though it's primarily designed for launch and reentry, the Orion suit can keep astronauts alive if Orion were to lose cabin pressure during the journey out to the Moon, while adjusting orbits in Gateway, or on the way back home. Astronauts could survive inside the suit for up to six days as they make their way back to Earth. The suits are also equipped with a suite of survival gear in the event they have to exit Orion after splashdown before recovery personnel arrive. Each suit will carry its own life preserver that contains a personal locator beacon, a rescue knife, and a signaling kit with a mirror, strobe light, flashlight, whistle, and light sticks. The white suit is the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit or xEMU. The xEMU provides dramatically superior range of movement to the suits worn on previous missions.
Whatever works, I'm just happy we're returning to the moon. It's been 47 years since the last human stepped foot on its surface. Do you think it'll greet us like an old friend, or be resentful we haven't come to visit in so long? "Neither, it's a giant rock." It's cheese you dumbass. Keep going for the video while I start making preparations.

Dank Roman Memes Steeped In Historical Humor

Ancient roman memes, history memes, funny memes.

Paging all history nerds! These historical memesare a little more specific than our usual galleries - and they'll please anyone with a bizarre fascination with the Roman Empire. If your interest in the past covers broader subjects, check out this wider variety of history memes. They'll only disappoint if you're anything less than a meme scholar.

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Dad Builds Awesome Submarine Themed Baby Crib

submarine-crib-1.jpg These are a couple shots of the very impressive submarine crib that Redditor radamshome built after made the suggestion after seeing the giant tree he crafted for his own daughter's bedroom (a couple pics of that too after the jump because it's awesome). You can see pictorials of both builds on Imgur HERE (submarine) and HERE (tree). Radamshome says the submarine took approximately 90 build hours and $1,250 in materials, and he plans on auctioning the crib later this year to benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital. Wow, talented AND generous. These bedrooms, man *opens own bedroom door to reveal mattress on floor surrounded by piles of dirty clothes, shrugs* equal but different. Keep going for a worthwhile shot of the sub in the dark, a gif of its lights dimming, and a few of the bedroom tree.


school funny memes Memes joker memes heath ledger deaf memes deaf people school memes - 9375157760

Teacher should know better.

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Okaaaay: Creepy Pennywise Face Dissolving Bath Bombs

Because we all float down here, these are the homemade Pennywise bath bombs available from Etsy seller NaturalleSolutions. Apparently NaturalleSolutions is the original maker of Pennywise bath bombs, but now everybody and their posse is selling them on Etsy because it's the Wild West out here. The bombs cost $8 apiece and are dragon's blood scented, although I suspect not actual dragon blood scented, because real dragon blood smells like battery acid. I know because I'm slain them.
Materials: fragrance oil, witch hazel, vitamin E, kaolin clay, Colorants, coconut oil, epsom salt, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, Cornstarch, colorant, grapeseed oil The original maker of scary clown pennywise bath bomb! Foaming, skin safe, non staining scary bath bomb that would look like a murder just happen in your tub..Let the fun begin
Hey, if you want to take a nice relaxing bath with a scary clown head fizzing right next to your privates, I say go for it. I'm not here to judge, I'm just here to-- wait, what am I doing here? "I called you to fix my computer." Oh riiiiiight -- right right right. Well I'm almost done. "But you've just been downloading adult movies on my Wi-Fi for the past hour." Haha *removing thumb drive* later sucker! Keep going for a couple more shots and video demo.

Full of Win GIFDUMP 5

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Dumb Memes & Tweets For Procrastination Purposes

Funny random memes, funny tweets, dank memes, the queen of england, spongebob memes, spongbob squarepants

Ever have those days where you want something to do but you don't want actually think? That's when we start to re-watch The Office for the sixth time and zone out on our phones. This selection of memes and tweets is perfect for anyone looking to mindlessly scroll through content while pretending to do something like watching tv or catching up on work. We got you.

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Las telenovelas son un infierno: María la del Barrio

María la del Barrio es la version incestuosa de La Cenicienta

¿Si tuvieras que elegir, preferirías que te envenene una bruja? ¿Que te prendan fuego? ¿O que tu primer nacido sea robado por una señora que vende salchichas en la calle?

¿Saben que? No tienen que elegir, porque en la telenovela mexicana María La Del Barrio, todas esas cosas le ocurren a una persona. Y eso es porque las telenovelas son un infierno.

La vida de María es una cagada. María es pobre, gana monedas recogiendo basura apestosa del suelo, y su familia entera esta muerta, excepto su madrina, que tiene cara de sapo, y eventualmente muere en los brazos de María el día de su quinceañera después de haberse atragantado con una albóndiga.

Para ver cómo sigue esta telenovela, haz click en el video!

(631): Well when I woke up this…

(631): Well when I woke up this morning I didn’t think I’d be masturbating to my own LinkedIn profile today but here we are.

(803): My apartment stinks of…

(803): My apartment stinks of burning failure.

(941): Finally hooked up with…

(941): Finally hooked up with Ryan. Now I know why they call him “Beast Mode”. So. Many. Orgasms.

(803): Complete and utter failure….

(803): Complete and utter failure. 100% unsalvageable. I have not failed so hard at a culinary endeavor in YEARS. MY HONOR IS IMPUGNED I HAVE SHAMED MY HOUSE.

Failing 44

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(336): PSA. Do not shart while…

(336): PSA. Do not shart while wearing a jock strap at work. That is all.

For Those Who Can’t Get Enough Shockwave Gifs – Here’s The Cream of the Crop

The best shockwave gifs from all over the internet, from bombs to gas explosions and everything in between

Just like those endless videos of satisfying mechanics and perfection, there are countless videos of epic shockwaves, whether from military ordinance, disasters, or simple backyard shenanigans. Whatever the case, the results are amazing, and shouldn't be missed. So we went ahead and gathered all the best ones from this week into one place, so instead of looking, you can simply sit back and enjoy.

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Twenty Five Breathtaking Photos of The Himalayas

twenty five stunning photos of the himalayas

The Himalayas: a mountain range 1,500 miles long that spans across five countries. From Bhutan to Pakistan, the scenery of the sacred mountains and the surrounding nature is not seen anywhere else in the world. With many of the mountains revered by locals and worshipped as incarnations of gods, it's easy to see how the peaks could be mistaken for something out of this world. Here are twenty five photos of the Himalayas that showcase it's magnificence. 

But beware: after reading this article you may have a sudden urge to buy a one-way ticket and a pair of hiking boots. Don't say you weren't warned. 

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(310): Can you recommend a quality…

(310): Can you recommend a quality dick? I haven’t had a good sexing in a while.

You Can Now Become Your Cat By Turning His Photo Into An Incredibly Realistic Mask

masks of your cat so you can cat with them

If you want to become your cat, you must first take a photo of your cat (make sure to catch their fur in good light) and submit it to shindo rinka, a creative planning office in japan and wait. wait for your custom cat mask.
Japanese creative studio Shindo Rinka joins forces with modeling workshop 91 and together the collectives launch a service that produces incredibly realistic cat masks. The curious initiative is quite interesting as it attempts to give pet owners a chance to bond with their feline friends on a level that is more in-depth. 

Shindo Rinka and 91's offering is completely customizable. Consumer who want to partake in this opportunity will have to submit a photo of their pet, which the designers can use as a reference point. After careful consideration of the features of the image, the skilled sculptors will begin making the custom realistic cat mask with a 3D mold that will be covered in fur. The details and "facial extremities" will be replicated by hand. 

Via: Trend Hunter

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NASA Unveiled It’s New Moon Spacesuits for 2024 Mission

nasa reveals the new spacesuits astronauts will wear in the 2024 moon mission

In preparation for the 2024 Artemis mission, NASA just revealed the new spacesuits that male and female astronauts will wear. They look pretty cool, but the astronauts will still have to wear diapers. 

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(224): I have mystery bruises on…

(224): I have mystery bruises on my right knee, right arm, under my chin, and on my forehead. What the fuck happened last night??

Weekly Meme Roundup – October 13th to 19th

Best memes of the week from around the internet all brought to one place so you can enjoy them

Now that you have basically survived the work week, give yourself a pat on the back! You finally almost have that work monkey off your back (your boss), and all you have to do is make it through the work day to be that much closer towards the weekend and freedom. So luckily we did the work for you, bringing amazing memes right to you instead of you having to scroll through endless re-posts and unfunny content. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best of the meme stream.

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Donald Trump Impersonator Goes Viral Reading President’s Strange Letter To Erdogan

Anthony Atamanuik jumps into character as POTUS for the spoof bit.

Come fly the friendly skies 8

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18 Crusader Memes That’ll Laugh You To The Holy Land

Funny crusader memes.

Crusader memes (DEUS VULT) have been kicking around for years, but they really popped off around six years ago, in 2013. While we don't condone religious warfare, these tongue in cheek crusader memes are definitely entertaining. 

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How to Become Royalty

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This Kid Was a Smooth Criminal

pickup line puns cute funny g rated dating - 7777304576

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Tagged: pickup line , puns , cute , funny , g rated , dating

Even Elton John Hated The New ‘Lion King’

By JM McNab  Published: October 17th, 2019 

Big Fast Food Is Losing Its Mind Selling Crap To Millennials

By Mark Hill  Published: October 17th, 2019 

Why Are All The Vampires Dating Teenagers?

By Kelly Stone  Published: October 17th, 2019 

5 Stories That Prove Stanley Kubrick Was A Maniac

By Ryan Menezes  Published: October 17th, 2019 

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Dogs of C-Kennel for Oct 17, 2019 for 10/17/2019

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Heathcliff for Oct 17, 2019 for 10/17/2019

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Herb and Jamaal for Oct 17, 2019 for 10/17/2019

Herb and Jamaal for Oct 17, 2019

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Agnes for Oct 17, 2019 for 10/17/2019

Agnes for Oct 17, 2019

Updated: Thu Oct 17, 2019

The Badass WWII Squadron of Female Pilots Known as the Night Witches

Throughout the 1930s pilots around the world were continually trying to push the limits of anything that had been done before in the air. While the likes of Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart are more familiar names in the Western World, the Soviets had their own equivalents such as Mikhail Gromov who, in 1937 along with his two man crew, managed to break the world distance record for non-stop flight, flying 6,306 miles from Moscow to California via a rather dangerous North Pole route.  Hailed as heroes upon their return, Premier Joseph Stalin decided the Soviet Union should follow this up in 1938 by having a group of women pilots attempt to set the distance record for non-stop flight for a female crew. The selected trio, who each already held one or more world records for female aviators, were Polina Osipenko, Valentina Grizodubova, and the woman who would ultimately form the squadron that is the subject of today’s video, Marina Raskova.

And so it was that on September 24, 1938 the three ladies took off from an airfield in Shchcyolkovo near Moscow, in a Tupolev ANT-37, which normally had a range of about 5,000 km or 3,100 miles. Their destination was Komsomolsk-on-Amur over 3600 miles away. Unfortunately for them almost immediately upon departing they encountered a number of issues including a thick layer of clouds and icing conditions which forced them to climb above said clouds, in the process losing all sight of the ground for the duration. Not long after this, their radio stopped working. Without a clear view of the ground for almost the entire flight, Raskova used the stars, a compass, and their airspeed to roughly determine their position as they flew.  When the clouds finally broke, they found themselves flying over Tugur Bay in the Sea of Okhotsk, about 500 km or 300 miles directly north of their intended destination.

Low on fuel, they desperately attempted to find an alternate place to land, but the engines died first. With some form of a crash landing inevitable and a navigator no longer having anything to do, Grizodubova ordered Raskova to parachute out of the plane from about 6,500 feet with the hope that it would increase her odds of survival. Of course, decreasing her odds slightly, she chose to leave her emergency survival kit for the other two women, reportedly only taking two chocolate bars with her for rations to trek through Siberia with. When Raskova safely hit the ground, she noted the direction the plane was gliding and began hiking after it.

As for the pilot and co-pilot still aboard, they were forced to make a gear up, dead-stick landing in a frozen swamp near the upper part of the Amgun River, in the end successfully executing what is termed in pilot-speak as a “good landing”- in that all occupants survived and were able to walk away from the wreckage.

As for Raskova, she hiked for a full ten days before finally locating the downed aircraft and her comrades. Not long before she arrived, a search crew located the plane. While this was a good thing for the women, unfortunately two of the search planes collided overhead and killed all 15 aboard as the horrified pilots watched from below. A few days later, the women were picked up via boat.

When they arrived back in Moscow, their harrowing journey, which managed 3,671.44 miles in 26 hours and 29 minutes (though in truth they had flown some 6,450 km or 4,007 miles total), had indeed set the distance record for a straight line, non-stop all-woman crew. That, along with how they handled themselves in such adverse conditions saw them lauded as heroes across the Union, including quite literally being given the “Hero of the Soviet Union” award, among other honors.

Fast-forwarding about three years later in June of 1941, Germany decided to invade. During Operation Barbarossa, almost 4 million troops were thrown at the Soviet Union, and in one fell swoop the Axis managed to destroy approximately 66 airfields and about 80% of the military aircraft in the Soviet Union at the time.

With an abundance of pilots and few planes, you might think this was not exactly an ideal environment for female pilots of the era to be given a job- especially not in combat- but two factors saw Stalin convinced establishing all female squadrons was something they should do. First, Raskova wouldn’t stop berating Stalin about it, noting both in the air and on the ground that forgoing using half your populace when the enemy was almost at the doorsteps of Moscow was foolish. Another factor was that among the planes still available were a large number of Polikarpov Po-2’s- an open cockpit two seat 1928 biplane made of wood and fabric, mostly meant for flight training and crop dusting.

Slow and plodding, the Polikarpov cruised along at a breakneck pace of about 68 mph (109 km/hr) and a never exceed if you don’t want your wings to fall off speed of 94 mph (151 km/hr). Combine that with a maximum climb rate of a mere 500 feet per minute (152 meters) while traveling at a speed not that much faster than Usian Bolt while ascending, and these weren’t exactly planes male pilots were itching to fly to the front in…

For reference here, the Luftwaffe were flying such planes as the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Würger, which had an engine possessing about 25 times the horsepower as the Polikarpov, cruised along at 280 mph (450 km/hr), with maximum speeds of 426 mph (685 km/hr), and could climb in excess of 3,000 ft/min. That’s not to mention this plane came equipped with dual 13 mm MG 131 machine guns.  The pilots of the Polikarpov Po-2’s, on the other hand, were given hand pistols as their air to air combat weapon… No doubt when in a dog fight, they also were instructed to make “pew pew pew” sounds to increase the effectiveness of their arsenal.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, should one get shot down or the fabric of the aircraft catch fire, which occasionally happened when tracer bullets ripped through them, as weight was at a premium, the pilots weren’t given parachutes… On top of that, the planes themselves did not come equipped with radios or any other such equipment. A map, a compass, a pistol, and their wits were what the stick and rudder Po-2 pilots brought with them on their combat missions.

Now, you might at this point be wondering what possible use these pilots could serve flying these planes into combat other than reducing the Soviet population by a couple hundred pilots. Well, the one marginally potent weapon the planes did come equipped with was bombs- up to six of them, weighing approximately 110 lbs each (50 kg).

Planes few wanted to fly sitting on the ground and Raskova refusing to shut up about it, Stalin ordered her to form three all female squadrons, though the 588th Bomber Regiment, who would come to use the Polikarpov Po-2’s, was the only one to remain exclusively staffed by women throughout the war.

As for the young ladies who volunteered to fly in these death traps, they ranged from about 17 years old to their early 20s. And while you might think the name they’d soon be given would be something along the lines of “Target Practice”, their incredible effectiveness and near non-stop bombardment of the Germans at the front starting on June 8, 1942 and continuing all the way to Berlin, earned them another nickname- The Night Witches.

So just how effective were they? For the approximately four years they were active, they flew close to an astounding 30,000 missions, with an average of about 250 missions each. To put this in perspective, airmen aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress in 1944 had a 1 in 4 chance of surviving to the 25 mission mark for their rotation. But in the case of the Night Witch bombers, some flew near or greater that number in under a week. One, who we’ll discuss shortly, almost managed that number of missions in a single night. Despite the incredible number of missions they flew, over the course of the war, of the 261 women that flew in the 588th, only 32 died, and a handful of those not from combat, but tuberculosis.

This bring us to Nadezhda Popova, who managed the record of 18 missions in a single night when she helped chase the Axis as they retreated from Poland. Popova, who started flying at aged 15, was a flight instructor by 18, and decided to join up not long after her brother, Leonid, was killed in the early stages of the conflict. She states, “I saw the German aircraft flying along our roads filled with people who were leaving their homes, firing at them with their machine guns. Seeing this gave me feelings inside that made me want to fight them.”

The Nazis would soon come to regret making an enemy of Popova, who shortly was about to go all John Wick on them for killing her brother. But before that, unfortunately for her, when she tried to enlist, she was turned away, with Popova later stating of this, “No one in the armed services wanted to give women the freedom to die.”

Nevertheless, given her credentials, when the 588th was formed when she was 19 years old, they had a place for her. She would go on to fly an incredible 852 missions during the war, despite, as she stated in an interview in 2009, “Almost every time, we had to sail through a wall of enemy fire. In winter, when you’d look out to see your target better, you got frostbite, our feet froze in our boots, but we carried on flying…. It was a miracle we didn’t lose more aircraft. Our planes were the slowest in the air force. They often came back riddled with bullets…”

On that note, after returning from one mission where she was tasked with dropping supplies to ground troops who were bottled up in Malaya Zemlya, she found 42 bullet holes in her plane, one in her helmet, and a couple in her map. It was then that she joked with her navigator, “Katya, my dear, we will live long!”

In truth, Popova, who became a squadron commander, survived the war, among other honors receiving the Hero of the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin, and was a three time Order of the Red Banner recipient (awarded for extreme heroism and courage demonstrated in battle), twice awarded the Order of the Patriotic War 1st class… and the list goes on and on- badass. She was a badass basically.

As for her life after, she married an airmen, Semyon Kharlamov, who she met after the two had separately been shot down on August 2, 1942. While she couldn’t see his face as it was covered in bandages, they hit it off as they joked around together during their trek back to safety. They got hitched almost immediately on war’s end. For work after, she continued her pre-war career as a flight instructor, ultimately living to the ripe old age of 91 years old, dying on July 8, 2013.

Going back to the squadron as a whole, given their extreme vulnerability in the air, you might at this point be wondering how these women not only almost all survived, but proved to be so incredibly effective?

Well, given their slow speed, the fact that in a dogfight they’d quickly be made into Swiss cheese by enemy planes, and the fact that they needed to deploy their paltry payloads at extremely low altitudes to actually accurately hit a target, meaning ground based crew could likewise easily turn the pilots of these craft into wreckage riders, flying missions in daylight with any regularity wasn’t really an option if one liked to keep breathing.

Thus, in an era before incredibly accurate terrain mapping and GPS systems to help avoid said terrain, these women voluntarily hopped inside their antiquated pieces of equipment and ascended to the heavens in darkness- the darker the better.

Stealth was their only way of surviving, and they used it to their advantage at every opportunity. Navigating in darkness towards their assigned enemy targets, usually hugging the ground as much as possible until getting close to their targets to avoid being spotted by enemy aircraft, once they located their targets, the women would employ a number of strategies to actually get close enough to deliver their deadly payloads. These included doing things like flying in groups and intentionally having one or two of the planes up high attract the attention and fire from those on the ground, while others would idle their engine and try to slip in closely undetected. Another strategy was to do what is generally considered in aviation 101 as a great way to die, especially in the often frigid environments these women were flying in- cut their engines completely in flight and at relatively low altitudes.

They’d then silently descend onto their targets until almost literally right over the heads of the enemy and finally drop their bombs, kick the engine back to life (hopefully) and get back to base as fast as possible to be loaded back up and sent out again and again to the front line.

Describing this, the chief of staff for the 588th, Irina Rakobolskaya, noted, “One girl managed to fly seven times to the front line and back in her plane. She would return, shaking, and they would hang new bombs, refuel her plane, and she’d go off to bomb the target again.”

Popova would state of this strategy, “We flew in sequence, one after another, and during the night, we never let them rest… the Germans made up stories. They spread the rumor that we had been injected with some unknown chemicals that enabled us to see so clearly at night…. This was nonsense, of course. What we did have were clever, educated, very talented girls…”

Effective, one German soldier would later state in an interview after the war of the Night Witches, they were “precise, merciless and came from nowhere.”

Dedicated to delivering their payloads no matter what, one former 588th member stated that occasionally the bombs would get stuck when trying to drop them just over the target. The solution was simply to have one of the two women in the plane scramble out on the wing and kick it loose, often while under heavy enemy fire- all leading author Kate Quin to note, “You women are crazy. You’re incredibly brave, but my god you’re crazy.”

A sentiment Popova would later echo in her waning years, stating, “I sometimes stare into the blackness and close my eyes. I can still imagine myself as a young girl up there in my little bomber and I ask myself, Nadia, how did you do it?”

Moving on to the nickname the Germans gave them and which they would so proudly embrace once they learned of it, it is widely speculated that this was because of the wooshing sound the planes made as they glided down through the air, like the sound a witch flying on her broomstick. However, there is no primary documentation backing this speculation up at all, despite it being almost universally repeated. And, for our part, we’re just guessing not a single German soldier ever actually had heard the wooshing sound of a witch flying on a broomstick to compare. So allow us to suggest our own alternate hypothesis- that it wasn’t so much the sound that was the inspiration, but, instead, the name “The Night Witches” was actually because these were women, flying at night, on aircraft made of wood, not unlike a witch flying on a broomstick.

Whatever the case, in the end, for their heroism, almost 1 in 10 of the women of the 588th were honored with the Hero of the Soviet Union award. For reference here, while that award was given out almost 13,000 times over the entire life of the Soviet Union, the badass ladies of the 588th accounted for approximately 1/4 of all women who ever received it.

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Forty Stupid Memes That Has Us LOLing

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Memes may not be the most intelligent form of humor, but no one said they had to make you feel smarter. Sometimes it's totally fine to laugh at extremely stupid sh*t. We'll never judge you for that.

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Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

Fake IDs aren’t a new or novel idea by any stretch of the imagination, and they’ve been used countless times in movies and television for every reason under the sun, from the standard trying-to-get-booze-for-a-high-school-party-because-you-gotta-be-cool à la Dazed and Confused, to trying-to-vote-underage-because-you’re-an-overly-responsible-virgin as seen in The Breakfast Club. However, there is one fake ID movie moment that shines above the rest, and I think we all know the one I’m talking about: McLovin.

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Last Friday a 20-year-old man in Des Moines, Iowa was arrested on “alcohol related charges” while leaving a bar in the early hours of the morning, and when asked to present identification, he pulled out a Superbad McLovin ID.

And judging by his mugshot I’d say this is just as hilarious to him as it is to everybody else.

 Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

This is not a face of remorse, and honestly I don’t blame him.

However the best response to this has come from the man responsible for McLovin himself, Seth Rogen, who had just five, perfect words to say: My work here is done.

Salutes to both Seth and the brave, brave young Iowan who made this story possible.

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