Laughter Can Make People Feel More Comfortable And Reveal Their Secrets

They say laughter is the best medicine, but new research suggests it could also make people more likely to reveal their secrets.

A study published in Human Nature found that cracking up is a catalyst for opening up: It makes people more likely to share personal details about themselves.

To conduct their experiment researchers at University College London split 122 students into groups of four people. The groups were then shown separate 10-minute mood-induction videos: One meant to prompt a kind of laugh-out-loud laughter (a stand-up performance by comedian Michael McIntyre), one meant to stimulate pleasant feelings (an excerpt from "Planet Earth," that depicted relaxing landscapes and animals) and one meant to induce neutral feelings (an instructional golf video -- snooze). Though subjects did not interact with other until after viewing the clips, they watched the scenes in groups of four, based on the premise that laughter is contagious. Research shows that people are 30 times more likely to audibly chuckle when in a social setting.

Researchers discovered that the groups of students who had watched the stand-up routine were most likely to disclose intimate details about their own lives. Sentences like, “Half of my favorite films are (embarrassingly) Disney films,” and
“In January I broke my collarbone falling off a pole while pole dancing,” are examples of "highly intimate disclosure statements." Statements that were most limited in self-disclosure (and a bit mundane), like "I am from Cheltenham,” and “I am at Worcester College in my first year,” were most prevalent among the groups who had been shown the clips meant to induce neutral or pleasant feelings.

The study's authors hypothesize that laughter is a social coaxer, making people feel more relaxed about the details they communicate. "Given the importance of disclosing behaviors in facilitating the development of intense social bonds, it is possible that the act of laughing may temporarily influence the laugher’s willingness to disclose personal information," the study reads.

This could potentially explain why you may think your best friends are also your funniest friends; laughter makes people more comfortable letting their guards down, which makes them feel more connected (less small talk, more real talk). Laughter and general playfulness are linked to stress relief, healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well as a stronger immune system. Below, find a fabulous llama and a pug reenacting her favorite TV sitcom to hopefully reap some of these wonderful benefits tied to a hearty bellow.



Family Drama is Always Best When It Plays Out on Facebook

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Are You Ready, Kids?


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When Suddenly, a Boyfriend

anniversary,boyfriend,facebook,flirting,online,We Are Dating

C-c-c-c-combo breaker!

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Learn More About Bandwidth

This Map Shows The Booziest Places In America

Some of America's cities are thirstier than others. A recent nationwide analysis from CareerBuilder revealed that among the country's major cities, Las Vegas and New Orleans have the highest ratios of bartenders per 1,000 residents (Las Vegas has 5.5 bartenders for every 1,000; New Orleans has 3.4). This is not at all shocking, as both are cities with great tourism industries that promote "nightlife" as one of their essential activities.

The data also revealed that there are close to 580,000 bartenders in the U.S., which equals 1.8 per 1,000 residents. Cities located in the Midwest, Great Plains, Pacific Northwest and Northeast tend to have more bartenders per residents compared to those in the West, South and Southeast. An unscientific guess would be that colder locations have a higher tendency to seek out alcohol for activity. With all the snow these cities have seen in the past winters, what else, really, is a person to do for entertainment?

Check out Career Builder's interactive map below. You can toggle to view bartender populations by city, county or state, and see how your residence falls on the map. Cheers!

(212): your were asleep with…

(212): your were asleep with people making out on top of you. you didn't even look bothered by it.

Goodbye Cruel Banana World


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(231): … drunk me broke the…

(231): ... drunk me broke the coffee table?

(320): moral of my life: don’t…

(320): moral of my life: don't tell a guy you want to have sex with him. he'll get back together with his ex.

NHOT Having a Giraffe

animals,conversation,elephant,giraffes,Hall of Fame,koala,literalism,similar sounding

But seriously, what the hell pun were you trying to make with the word giraffe, OP? - Matty Malaprop

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Wrap a Burro? What?


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Is it Ok to Be Sexy?

5 Things To Expect From The Season Finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ (Comic Spoilers)

finale,expectations,spoilers,The Walking Dead

This Sunday marks the end of Season 5 of The Walking Dead. Rick's group has made it to the Alexandria Safe Zone, and spent the past couple episodes adjusting to it's safe walls.

This time last season Rick's group was just entering Terminus, and we all thought someone would die. Well that didn't happen. Now that they're relatively safe, should we be expecting the worst? Here are five things we want to see on the season finale.

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DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TURN ON THE COMPUTER knows how to block a website to all students

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It’s a Family Affair

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This Guy Was Born to Be the Tank Operator


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It’s Real!


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The Cutest Saint Patrick’s Elves


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(253): I ripped off the screen and…

(253): I ripped off the screen and literally supermaned through my bedroom window. That wasted.

(905): He told me that if he broke…

(905): He told me that if he broke my bed my bed durring sex he would take me to ikea, but only on Monday because it's all you can eat meatballs. I think I'm in love.

Best Way To Deliver Bad News


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(502): So I was just like hi,…

(502): So I was just like hi, I'm your roommate's gf. Please don't hate me. That would be rly inconvenient for you.

(434): Alvin just won tickets on…

(434): Alvin just won tickets on the radio. I guess he's out of jail.

Don’t Mind Me Human, Continue With Your Activities


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Baking Soda and Vinegar Potato Cannon

This is What Happens When Your Driving Student is a Big Fan of ‘The Fast & The Furious’

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Wait… This Can Be a Thing?


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This Guy Has More Class Than You’ll Ever Have


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(512): there are not enough nopes…

(512): there are not enough nopes in the world for that situation.

Probably The Best Escalator Ever?


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(775): He called yelling about…

(775): He called yelling about whhhhhhiskey and enchiladas I heard sirens in the background last time I talked to him b.

(502): I mean, it’s just…

(502): I mean, it's just pathetic when the standard is tinder and he can't live up to it.

This Dialect Is Really Complex


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Didn’t Even Start Playing and Already Had Nightmares

And This is Why Aliens Will Never Come to Visit Earth


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Look Happy? I Don’t Think So!

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Only in America…

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... because the South is waaaaaaaaaay behind on adopting modern recycling practices. - Matty Malaprop

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Jesus’ Priorities


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Pick One, You’re Either Invisible Or Very Visible


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Rain Forest Biking


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Nostalgia Initiating…

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The Power of Your Attitude Determines Your Situation


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How Do Babies Work?


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Just Think About The Possibilities


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New Herb and Jamaal for 03/27/2015

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Updated: Fri Mar 27, 2015Ads by Yahoo!

New Andy Capp for 03/27/2015

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New The Other Coast for 03/27/2015

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New B.C. for 03/27/2015

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New Wizard of Id for 03/27/2015

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Updated: Fri Mar 27, 2015Ads by Yahoo!

New Momma for 03/27/2015

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Updated: Fri Mar 27, 2015Ads by Yahoo!

New Heathcliff for 03/27/2015

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Updated: Fri Mar 27, 2015Ads by Yahoo!

New Agnes for 03/27/2015

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New The Meaning of Lila for 03/27/2015

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New Dogs of C-Kennel for 03/27/2015

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Updated: Fri Mar 27, 2015

The Monsters Of A Rapidly Changing Media Landscape

The Monsters Of A Rapidly Changing Media Landscape

The Monsters Of A Rapidly Changing Me... 2:49 invite you to this once in a lifetime speaking event. Submitted by: chris_singel Regular Keywords: New Media social media old media very strange time rapidly changing media landscape media jargon media garbage media lingo hulu gauge tv success really trying to figure out mobile mobile content marketing social event promotion social event marketing grab viewer awareness Views: 309

Do Robots Feel Love?


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My Kind Of Gas Station


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Friday The 13th’s True Fan


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That’s What A Good Wife Does


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Heere’s Kitty!


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Listings for March 27-April 2

A guide to stand-up, improv and comedy shows in New York City.

I Need These Salt And Pepper Shakers


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The Unsolved Mystery


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I Wouldn’t Like To Race This Guy


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Obviously This Kid Will Go Far In Life


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Different Sizes, Same Attitude


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Doctors Vs. English


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Completely Conspicuous


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Cosplay Level: Epic


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A Very Popular Number Indeed


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Someone Really Wants To Eat Pizza


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With Me, The Force Was


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Oh Look, A Mexican Buddy


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Bone.exe Was Deleted


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A Real Haunted Sword


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Engineering At Its Best


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The Three Faces


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Van Gogh Problems


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What She’s Saying Is Really Powerful


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Password Change


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Someone Built His Rabbit An Iron Throne Made Of Carrots, And It’s Glorious

Will Wallace the Mad King be a fair and just ruler? Or will he hop jarringly from one decree to the other? How will he ensure hay quotas are met?

These are the questions Wallace the rabbit's owner should have asked before handing over the keys to the seven kingdoms.

Alas, the mad king now sits atop the Iron Carrot Throne, holding tight to power. We think "Game of Thrones" author George RR Martin would be proud.

King Geoffrey is dead.

All hail Wallace the Mad King!

A note for the new king, who should keep an eye on his waistline: per the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, carrots are high in sugar and should only be fed to rabbits in small amounts as an occasional treat.

H/T Time

Let’s See The Difference Between Countries


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Yoga Has Several Major Starting Positions, Including “The Reluctant Evangelical”


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The Entire Dark Souls Series in a Nutshell


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Humans Try To Catch Food, Aren’t Nearly As Cute As Fritz The Dog

Fritz is one cool golden retriever. He loves playing catch with food like burritos and doughnuts. Fritz doesn't always catch his food, but he's still adorable.

Just look at him!

Humans, on the other hand, aren't as cute -- especially when they're trying to snatch flying food. BuzzFeed put together a video of people attempting to catch doughnuts, pizza, burritos, pumpkin pie and more in their mouths.

It isn't pretty, but it's certainly funny. As the video description notes, "Mouths are freaking worthless."

H/T BuzzFeed

No Wonder They’re Endangered


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Billy Zane Thinks Zayn Tweets Are About Him

Billy Zane Thinks Zayn Tweets Are About Him

Billy Zane Thinks Zayn Tweets Are Abo... 2:49 While he's a bit confused, Billy Zane appreciates all the Zayn support on Twitter. Submitted by: chris_singel Regular Keywords: billy zane Zayn Malik one direction 1d Zayn Malik 1d billy zane 1d you don't know you're beautiful billy zane quote billy zane original billy zane musician billy zane music Views: 16,191

Two Kinds Of People When Going Out To Eat


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Hell of a Question


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Aidy Bryant, Dwayne Johnson, and George Ezra Get Comfy in These ‘SNL’ Promos

by Megh Wright

Dwayne Johnson returns to SNL this weekend, and NBC just released another round of promos to get you excited. The four-time host is joined by musical guest George Ezra and Aidy Bryant, who clearly has a deep appreciation for homemade cookies and manly muscles.


Golden Retriever Born Without Eyes Brings Joy To Humans With Disabilities


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10 Epic Pranks Pulled Off By People With Way Too Much Time On Their Hands

When it comes to April Fools' Day, it's one thing to put tape on someone's computer mouse or place plastic wrap over a toilet bowl, but it's quite another thing to spend days -- even weeks -- crafting a single prank of epic proportions.

Spoiler alert: these 10 people fall into the latter category.

Find out just how far some people are willing to go to torment the unsuspecting with these time-and-sanity consuming pranks. If you're one of those people who always waits until the last minute, maybe these will inspire you to step up your game.

Superboy Flying Over The City


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New Who’s 10th Anniversary: Look Back on Eccleston’s Premiere Season

10th anniversary,doctor who,christopher eccleston,9th doctor

Doctor Who returned to television sets on this day, 10 years ago. After four Doctors, numerous companions, a 50th Anniversary spectacular, and year after year of Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and Christmas Specials, let's take a look at the season (and Doctor) that began it all.

Happy Birthday, Doctor Who, and thank you to Russell T Davies and Christopher Eccleston.

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Ever Been So Handsome You Just Wanted to Kiss Yourself?


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Short Answer: We Die

Ed Sheeran Makes a Surprise Wedding Appearance, Steals Attention from Newlyweds

Something That Came To Mind


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There’s Room For More


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The Battle of Who Has the Most Money

Jaws Themed Baby Crib


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The First Annual March Sadness Bracket

The First Annual March Sadness Bracket

All of these sad things are very sad, but which one has got what it takes to win the Championship of Sadness? Submitted by: patshereyouguys Regular Keywords: march madness bracket NCAA college basketball frye's dog episode mr. hooper's death saddest things ever jim henson's funeral march sadness saddest movies saddest TV moments saddest songs Views: 3,097

Well It Isn’t Technically Wrong


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If Real Animals Sounded Like Pokemon


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The Greatest Gimmick in the History of Professional Wrestling

When I was a kid my father took special glee in mocking me for watching professional wrestling -- "It's fake! It's not real! How dumb can you be?"

But truthfully, even at eight years old, I knew in my heart of hearts it wasn't legit.

How could it be? We all had heard the rumors that Chief Jay Strongbow was really an Italian guy from the Bronx, and anyone could see the pulled punches from a mile away.

But then, like now, it didn't matter. It spoke of a world unconfined by the laws and rules the rest of us had to obey. In wrestling, there was justice, and there was freedom. Wrestling was all about the power of imagination.

No one demonstrates this better than the Undertaker, whom Ric Flair -- generally considered to be the greatest professional wrestler to ever step foot in the ring -- called the greatest gimmick of all time.

That the selling of a dead man walking seems prima facie absurd makes no difference in professional wrestling, the greatest of all entertainments. As I have written elsewhere, it is the least self-conscious of sports, and is much like what Dostoyevsky wrote about having faith: If you get it, no explanation is necessary, and if you don't, no explanation will do.

This weekend WrestleMania 31 will explode with pyrotechnics when the Undertaker makes his famed entrance to battle a more earthly ghoul, the "new face of fear" Bray Wyatt, but the question remains, is this the Undertaker's last ride at the rodeo? Will he "walk off into the great wrestling beyond of Barcaloungers and bad backs, to dandle his grandkids on busted knees and hump a riding mower across a texas suburb?"

Check out this video and discover the legacy of the Undertaker, a walking corpse who proves that "professional wrestling is for people who can't handle reality. "

We All Have That Friend Who Does This


The post We All Have That Friend Who Does This appeared first on The Meta Picture.

Grace Helbig’s Mom Dealt With Her Temper Tantrums In The Best Way Possible

In her viral videos, Grace Helbig comes across as that cool friend with the best one-liners and silly attitude. As a kid, she wasn't always so chill.

The YouTube star recently sat down with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show,” and revealed what she was like as a child.

“I threw temper tantrums a lot, which I think is just being creative with your emotions,” she joked.

One such creative moment for little Grace included a temper tantrum as a result of her mom telling her she couldn’t have the cookies she wanted. According to the YouTuber, things got pretty aggressive.

“I think I was like 6 years old, and I grabbed her hair and ripped a chunk of her hair out,” she said.

To teach her a lesson, Grace's mom drove her and her brothers to show them the place they would end up if they misbehaved -- the police station. A little girl happened to be walking into the station at the same time, which definitely worked in her mother's favor. The experience, or what Grace called "an abbreviated 'Scared Straight' program," was successful, and she vowed to never be a bad kid again.

Take it from Grace, kids. Don't mess with your mother.

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Hashtag Angry Elephants

A few months ago, I wrote Hashtag Happiness in exploration of whether or not I am a happy person. To further this exploration of human emotion, I am going to follow up with Hashtag Angry Elephants, the story of a girl and her discussion of anger. It will have nothing to do with Twitter and even less to do with angry elephants.


Let's head straight to Wikipedia for the most valid definition: "anger... often it indicates when ones basic boundaries are violated."

Hmm...intriguing. Well, obviously we have to click the link to see what basic boundaries means. Here we go. "Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that a person creates to identify for themselves what are reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave around him or her and how they will respond when someone steps outside those limits."

And according to Nina Brown's self-help book that worked its way into Wikipedia's definition, these boundaries can be soft, spongy, rigid or flexible. Ah cha. So, our boundaries are quite similar to our bellies.

Let's delve into these and I will give you thought provoking examples that I have come up with all by myself to demonstrate what I think these terms mean:

A person with soft boundaries merges with other people's boundaries. "Hey Bob, I stepped on your toe." "Oh, Joe, no problem, that was just my pinky toe. I don't even use that one."

On the other hand, a person with spongy boundaries: "Hey Bob, I stepped on your toe." "Oh, Joe, I am upset that you stepped on my toe, but am not sure if I am too upset or just the right amount of upset so I am just going to passively aggressively tell you it is ok and then hold my unsure feelings inside. And then I am going to call my friend Peter and tell him that when you stepped on my toe, it really sucked and the only reason you stepped on it is because you weren't looking where you were going, which you always do, which is really annoying. And then Peter will tell me that he agrees and you were wrong."

Flexible boundaries: "Bob, stepped on your toe." "It's ok, Joe. I am fine." This one is so boring, right?

And then rigid boundaries: "Bob, stepped on your toe." "I don't care Joe. About you. Or my toe."

So, how do I find out which one of these categories I fall into. Well, I guess I have to find out more information from Nina Brown as she is the one who created these fine categories so I am going to Google her and see what comes up. And go.

Google leads me to... Amazon. No website for Nina Brown in site (pun intended).

I guess the only way to find out what Nina had to say is to buy her book. Well, I am left with no choice. I am clicking "Buy now with one click" because if I add it to my cart, I might actually consider what I am doing and then decide not to do it. This post to be or not to be continued in two days after Amazon prime gets my book to me...

*This article is in no way an endorsement of Nina Brown's books as I haven't read any of them and you can all clearly see how I came across her name. So she may be a genius or her books may be crap. I have no idea. But Wikipedia seems to like her, so maybe we all should as well.

**How do your react when someone steps on your toe?

I Could Practically Live Here


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What? You Asked for It!

facebook,rate me

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Let the Magic School Bus Learn You Some Vaxx Facts

Don’t Worry About the Apostrophe

grammar,kids,Close Enough,spelling

Submitted by: jc2581

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This Dog Is Cuter Than Most Dogs


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Who Owes Rihanna All This Money?

Music,single,Bitch Better Have My Money,rihanna,r&b,r&b,r&b

We may never have that answer, but we CAN have her newest single, dropped March 26.

It's been two and a half years since she released her last album Unapologetic and the people are thirsty.

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GTA V Logic


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NBC Sets Premiere Dates for ‘Mr. Robinson,’ ‘The Carmichael Show,’ and ‘Welcome to Sweden’

by Megh Wright

mr_robinsonCraig Robinson's NBC comedy finally has a premiere date. The network revealed today that Mr. Robinson will premiere on Wednesday, August 5th at 9:00pm followed by the premiere of The Carmichael Show starring comedian Jerrod Carmichael at 9:30pm. Mr. Robinson has been in development at NBC for over two years, while Jerrod Carmichael's show landed a six-episode order earlier this month. Greg Poehler's Welcome to Sweden will also return to NBC for a second season on Sunday, July 19th at 8:00pm.


The Nothing Box


The post The Nothing Box appeared first on The Meta Picture.

They Weren’t Kidding


The post They Weren’t Kidding appeared first on The Meta Picture.

Somebody Pass the Novocaine


Submitted by: Unknown

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What Do Your Shoes Say About You?


Submitted by: (via Owl Turd)

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Is That Aquaman?


Submitted by: Unknown

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Run The Jewels’ New Video Pits Man Vs. Cop

‘Are You Gonna To Eat That?’ Is The Anthem For Scavengers Everywhere

Perhaps you know a human garbage disposal, the moocher-scavenger for whom no food is off-limits.

But did you know that this Hoover of a human could be portrayed with such catchy music?

Internet duo Rhett and Link gleefully do gluttony in "Are You Gonna Eat That?"

Now who's hungry?

H/T Viral Viral Video

They Are Very Helpful Animals


The post They Are Very Helpful Animals appeared first on The Meta Picture.

Sportsgraphic: Greatest Undefeated Seasons In Sports History

With the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team just four games away from completing a perfect 40-0 season, Onion Sports takes a look back at the greatest undefeated runs in sports history. 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers: The Univers...

Well, That’s Good Enough For Today


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Look at This Guy’s Giant Ho-Oh Tattoo

pokemon memes ho oh back tattoo

It's a work in progress that

Willie Nelson Founds a Marijuana Business, Surprising No One

strains,legalization,stores,marijuana,willie nelson,surprise,weed

Now that marijuana has found a welcome home in four states and the nation's capitol, new businesses are rolling out of the woodwork

And who better to join those ranks than the Prince of Pot himself, Willie Nelson? Recently the spokesman for Nelson's business, dubbed Willie's Reserve, spoke to the Daily Beast about the fledgling brand.

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Children Can Be So Cruel

kids think mom is the ugly one

Submitted by: (via moemeemoe)

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Hopeful Gay Dads-To-Be Create Meghan Trainor Parody, ‘Dear Future Baby,’ As They Begin Adoption Journey

Two Minneapolis gay men have created a heartfelt social media campaign as they aspire to become fathers.

Joe Morales and Joey Famoso say they released "Dear Future Baby," a parody of the Meghan Trainor smash, "Dear Future Husband," to "illustrate the type of dads we will be" in the future.

The musical parody contains quirky lyrics, like: "Please don't scream and fight/We'll teach not to bite, and try to raise you to be kind, funny and polite" and "We promise you our world if you're our boy or girl/Takin' care of you, it's what we gonna do."

“We wanted to do something different that stood out, but also showed our personalities,” Morales told Today Parents. "There are so many great families for a birthmother to choose, and by doing this, we hope to be one of the top on her list.”

You can check out the couple's official Facebook page here, or their page on the Lifelong Adoptions site here.

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

Happy Valentine's Day!!! We are so lucky to have each other and hope that next year we will be able to share our love with a baby boy or girl! Xoxo

Posted by Joe & Joey Adopt on Saturday, February 14, 2015

Meanwhile, Trainor has offered her own seal of approval. The 21-year-old pop star shared a Today story about the campaign on her own personal Facebook page:

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I love this! What an amazing story! ❤️

Posted by Meghan Trainor on Friday, March 20, 2015

Anti-Vaccines Parents Take a Ride on the Magic-Schoolbus

Using Shock and Violence for Comedy’s Sake in ‘Wild Tales’

by Brad Becker-Parton

wildtalesOscar Best Foreign Language film nominee Wild Tales, directed by Argentine filmmaker Damián Szifron, is an anthology of six short films tackling the topic of revenge. The shorts, beginning with a short pre-credit sequence that sets the tone of sadistic retribution that carries throughout the film, each follow a structure of a seemingly normal situation going as far awry as you could possibly imagine. The craziness is triggered by violence, anger, retaliation, and personal slights big and small that turn situations on their heads and drive them to the most absurd realistic conclusion. The pieces end up bloody, gory, tragic, explosive, but always in the service of a laugh. It is a fantastically unique way to go about creating a comedy and a way that goes often unseen in American filmmaking.

Dark comedies use sadness to make mundane light moments in life have extra comedic value and campy horror films use comedy only for shock value. Wild Tales certainly has its share of shocks, but in addition to be visually shocking (at certain points), they are also dramatically shocking. We are surprised at the narrative turn the stories take and how quickly the devolve into total madness. Because of the layout of the project — six shorts each with the same structure — after the first two establish that structure the response becomes a question of how Szifron will pull off the big shock-laugh this time around and the tension that builds knowing that it will all be going to hell makes for little moments that can play to big laughs.

In addition to being about revenge, Wild Tales is also a story of class, and Szifron takes joy in the rich and powerful social elite getting their comeuppance from an ignored or outright disrespected lower class. Szifron’s clear judgement makes it easy to laugh at the characters being put through the sadistic ringer he forces them into. When a wronged waitress and line-cook with a past realize that their only patron is a local notorious mob boss, you want to call their bluff when the rat poison appears. When the Audi-driving businessman flips off a redneck from the safety of his car as he passes on a country road, of course you laugh when a flat tire a few miles down the road leads the a confrontation that ends in brutal death. By the time you realize that these small, seemingly consequence-free acts of class warfare that lead off each piece will eventually pay off with the ultimate consequence, you cringe as the inciting incident is played through.

In many mainstream American comedies, the humor and drama is usually derailed two-thirds into the film as the director attempts to ground and humanize his characters. The moment you start to feel a Judd Apatow film is starting to run a little long is the moment it pauses to ask you to empathize with his man-child leads. Szifron has no time for empathy and in this type of comedy that's all the better. He puts his characters in a fishbowl and sets the lens to them, allowing the viewer to consider their actions through his judgment of these deeply deplorable people. It is a similar to the type of filmmaking Armando Ianucci (In the Loop, Veep) employs, where he doesn’t worry about making a likable character for the audience to cling to but rather, makes his worldview very clear and uses that as the audience access point.

Szifron also takes advantage of a short film form that can be referred to as the “punchline short,” where the entire run of the short is a set up for a punchline that is usually the final beat of the film. Often times, the title even serves as a set up for what you know will eventually pay off. For example, in one of my favorite short films Gregory Go Boom by Janicza Bravo starring Michael Cera, the at first cryptic title of the short pays off as you learn more and realize what will ultimately be the final shot of the film. This is a storytelling device unique to short form content and Szifron plays with it in the feature theatrical exposition format in that the viewer eventually comes to understand a punchline is coming, so he is forced to subvert expectations of when or how.

It is also why the least successful shorts are buried in the middle of the run of show, because once the format is established, Szifron creates a higher degree of difficulty each time which is not always met. However, the establishing of the form also allows for smaller beats earlier in the piece to pay off in the later shorts in the series because the viewer comes to understand the types of consequences to come. Ultimately, Wild Tales is a fascinating study in comedic form and content. While the ultimately audience reaction goal is laughter, as it would be in any broad, raunchy comedy, the road Szifron takes to get there is unique, unexpected and original to his voice and worldview.


Controversy of the Day: Photo of Kids Climbing on Vietnam Memorial Infuriates Internet


An artist named Matthew Munson was snapping some photos around Washington, D.C. when he happened to catch some kids using the Vietnam Women’s Memorial as a jungle gym.

He posted the image to Facebook this week, and it has since sparked a heated debate online.

“I managed to take some decent photos and even a very powerful one of two little brats climbing over war memorial right in front of a veteran,” he wrote in the post.

Munson says the vets all appeared “hurt” as they watched the debacle, and he thinks the parents are to blame for this sign of disrespect.

“Certain memorials and statues are more positive and welcoming to kids and parents expressing their freedom and good vibes, other memorials (this one) focuses on the tragedies of war and how certain groups of people played a big role in helping others recover from it,” he said. “Having children step all over a wounded warrior is not an appropriate way to express the freedom our veterans fought for, in my opinion.”

Commenters on the post are taking both sides, some are horrified and others think everyone is blowing this out of proportion.

Here are a few opinions from Facebook:

“I love the pic with the kids: Speaks volumes to what we fought and fight for.” – Pipal Tri.

“Take those damn kids to Disney Land and not to a place of remembrance.” – Jill Kin

“They are just kids, and it’s just a statue. People invest way too much into idols and memorials.” – Stephen Budzash

“The level of disrespect that ensues towards or vets both alive and dead, their memorials. is sicking… and parents allow this to happen.” – Justin Burkhardt

The statue was unveiled in 1993 and is dedicated to women who served the country during the Vietnam War, many of whom were nurses.

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My Wife’s Tampons


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Angry Beaver Face


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The Environment Is Sexy

environmentalists,pr0n,sexy times

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Banksy Writes Weird Little Love Poems

why is she looking at your phone

That's pretty good, but it's no Dr. Seuss

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Bad at Holding on to Your Phone? Have a Backup Plan!


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Umm, Should I Be Concerned?


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Cities: Skylines is Everything SimCity Wanted to Be (and More)

SimCity,cities skylines

In 2013, the world was treated to the latest entry in the SimCity franchise. To say that it was a disappointment would be a huge understatement. EA's killing of the SimCity franchise left a void in the world of simulation games, and filling such a void would prove to be... well... a colossal order (sorry).

Enter Colossal Order, a Finnish game developer consisting of nine people, who after two years of work, bring us Cities: Skylines, which is everything SimCity hoped to be.

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This Seethingly Homophobic Congressman From Idaho Forgot to Renew His Website, So It Was Scooped Up and Turned Into a Resource for LGBT Youth

lgbtq,paul shepherd,Idaho,LGBT,gay marriage,paul shepherd website hacked,gay rights,politics

Let this be a lesson to politicians: set your domain licenses to auto-renew! Or just don't be a bigot. Up to you.

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Nude, Ash-Streaked Dick Vitale Proclaims This What March Madness All About

CLEVELAND—Shrieking at the top of his lungs as he scuttled through Quicken Loans Arena during a game between Wichita State and Notre Dame, sources confirmed Thursday that a fully nude, ash-streaked Dick Vitale was observed loudly proclaiming that th...

American Voices: Parents Let Kids Play On Vietnam War Memorial

Parents visiting Washington, D.C. with their kids this week sparked outrage and controversy by encouraging them to climb and play on the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, which honors U.S.

The Beatles Are Cool But I Still Laughed


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‘Uptown Funk’ Passover Will Get Your Seder Rockin’

The New York City group that brought us "Shake It Off" for Hanukkah is now singing a new tune.

Watch the matzo men of Six13 perform a parody of "Uptown Funk" for Passover.

These guys can rock a seder like nobody's business.

H/T Elite Daily

This Happens Every Time You Start Working on a Paper


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Congressman Knows Regular Lobbyist’s Order Without Even Having To Be Told

WASHINGTON—Noting that the Valero Energy representative had been coming to his office for more than a decade now, Sen.

Tig Notaro Is Working On A Top Secret TV Show (But Would Also Be Fine With Just Feeding The Birds)

Tig Notaro is one of the most revealing comedians working today, weaving deeply personal details about her life into hilarious and conversational bits about the everyday. But you know what else she's great at? Bird watching.

In an alternate universe, Notaro could be a happy pizza delivery driver, a stay-at-home child/bird watcher or the unhappy wife of a wealthy man, but luckily for us, she chose comedy. She recently premiered her first documentary special, "Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro," at Austin's SXSW festival, which follows Notaro as she performs intimate and/or awkward sets in fans' homes, backyards and basements. The special will air on Showtime April 17.

Notaro spoke to The Huffington Post over the phone on Tuesday and reflected on her life and career ... and birds. She also left us with a pretty masterful round of "Two Truths and a Lie," but if you know Notaro at all, you won't have a hard time figuring out which one is the lie.

How are you doing today?

I'm great. I'm just in the process of turning 44.

Happy Birthday! Sorry you have to work on your birthday.

It's not a problem.

I'm curious, where does your name come from? Is Tig short for something?

My brother made it up when I was two. People think it's my stage name. I guess it is, because I use it on stage as well, but it's just my name.

I saw you perform at SXSW and talk about the temping job you had before you got started in comedy. Did you have any other odd jobs?

Oh yeah, I was a barista at a coffee shop, I babysat, I was a production assistant. I worked for the director Sam Sam Raimi's company for a couple of years. I worked at a grocery store, a lot of things like that.

And do you have any idea what you'd be if you hadn't become a comic?

Oh my God, an utter mess of a human. My girlfriend and I talk all the time about what we would do if we had minimum wage jobs and I always think that I'd want to deliver pizzas. I like that I could just get in my car, get away from everyone and just listen to music. I don't know what I would do. Maybe find a rich man and get married and have kids [laughs]. I think I would have been a very lost human being.

Based on your description of the pizza delivery job, it sounds like you could have been an Uber driver.

No, I wouldn't want to be an Uber driver because then I'd have to talk to people. What I like is that I could get out on the open road -- with my car smelling like pizza -- and just listen to music.

That does kind of sound like a dream job.

Yeah, I don't know why anyone wouldn't want that for themselves.

I love the name of your special, "Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro." Do you have a favorite knock knock joke?

I can't help but smirk every time someone does the "Orange you glad" joke.

After your album, film and TV special, do you have any personal comedy milestones you hope to reach?

I have an HBO special coming out next year , which is an hour of stand-up. I really don't have much beyond that. My girlfriend and I really amuse each other and we have a fantasy about writing and making something together, but sometimes a part of me just wants to be at my house and feed birds and have children ... Wait, did I say feed or have children?

Well, you could do both.

Yeah I'm not up to that, but I'd like to just stay at my house all the time, feed the birds, hang out with Stephanie [Allynne] and have children. And then, you know, pop out new stand-up shows here and there. That's kind of my dream.

You could probably make that dream a reality.

I'm kind of on the teetering point of that being my life. I've been developing a top-secret TV show so that might appear if it gets picked up, but if not, I'll probably just be here with the birds.

Sounds pretty relaxing.

Yeah, I have bird feeders hanging all over the property. I have a lot of birds' nests too. I'm sure that's not what you were trying to get to the bottom of.

[laughs] It's okay I have other questions.

Are they about birds?

Performing wise, do you prefer New York, LA or being out on the road?

I recently performed in Cleveland and I had always wanted to go there. I'm a big fan of the band The Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde is from Akron, Ohio, so on this tour I drove out of my way to drive to Akron and make my dreams come true. I'm realizing in this interview I sound like I don't have big dreams for myself, between the birds and Akron, Ohio. But, in Cleveland, the audience was just so into it, I ended up doing almost two hours. So the New York and LA audiences are really awesome and great and all that stuff, but Middle America is dynamite, as well. All the fly-over states. I just really love performing.

What's your favorite place to write jokes?

Well, I do all my writing on stage. I'll have an idea or a word or a concept that I think about, but it's not until I'm on stage that I start working it out. I can guarantee that I live with my girlfriend and she's never seen me sit down and write jokes. I'll record audio to remember what I said on stage. But, I don't know, I like that kind of risky feeling I guess on stage.

Do you think the stigma surrounding women doing comedy will ever fully go away?

I hope so. It hasn't ever really reared its head in my life. I just don't even think about it. I just think about doing the best shows I can do and always being the funniest I can be, and then I call it a day. I really think everyone should do that too.

Tell us two truths and a lie.

Okay, one: I use to water ski in swamps as a kid. Two: I played with barbies through middle school. And three ... Umm, I have nipples?

Tickets and tour dates for Tig Notaro can be found on her website.

Buy Comedy Dynamics’ Humble Bundle Featuring Bill Hicks, Mike Birbiglia, Iliza Shlesinger, and More

by Megh Wright

billhicksFlash sale website Humble Bundle just unveiled a brand new comedy bundle today from Comedy Dynamics. The pay-what-you-want collection is available on Humble Bundle for one week only with proceeds going to the American Red Cross and Electronic Frontier Front and includes both video and audio selections from Bill Hicks, Marc Maron, Mike Birbiglia, Iliza Shlesinger, Doug Stanhope, Brian Posehn, and Brooks Wheelan. The bundle is only available through Wednesday, April 1st, so head over to the Humble Bundle website to purchase yours today.


Most Outrageous Florida News Stories Of 2015 (So Far)

Florida is easily America's weirdest state. Exactly why is not so easily explained.

But weird news lovers can always depend on Florida to come through with the strangest news stories.

Brobible has compiled a list of what they believe are the strangest news stories of 2015 (so far).

Monkey See, Monkey Do


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Alien 5: A Love Story

Deep space. The Nostromo. Ripley encounters the Alien in her private quarters:

RIPLEY: We've got to stop meeting like this. It's been, what, four movies?

ALIEN: It's kismet. We were meant to be together.

RIPLEY: It will never work out. We're from two different worlds. I'm from Earth and you're from Acheron in the Zeta Reticuli galaxy.

ALIEN: We've overcome greater obstacles. You died in Alien 3 and were cloned from a few cells in Alien 4: Resurrection. And I've lost count of how many times I've been jettisoned into the empty vacuum of outer space.

RIPLEY: We're from different species.

ALIEN: Love is blind. That's why I have no eyes. Besides, you're an alien-human hybrid now.

RIPLEY: Your mother the Queen hates me. She'll never forgive me for calling her a bitch in Aliens.

ALIEN: She'll come around. In the meantime, why don't you remove your spacesuit and relax? We could have some fun like in the old days...

The Alien starts unzipping Ripley's spacesuit. Ripley slaps its paw away.

RIPLEY: Nothing doing, buster! The last time we fooled around you left me pregnant with one of your chest bursters! Do you have any idea what it's like to give birth to a mixed species child alone on a male-only prison planet?

ALIEN: I know! Humans can be so cruel!

RIPLEY: While you were off running around with those Predators! What did you see in them, anyway? Those long, greasy dreadlocks are so gross!

ALIEN: It was just a phase I was going through, baby. You're the only host organism for me!

RIPLEY: And what about those Engineers from Prometheus? Giant hairless albino muscle men! Really!

ALIEN: You've had your own indiscretions. Don't tell me you weren't attracted to Corporal Hicks in Aliens.

RIPLEY: You killed him before the opening credits for Alien 3!

ALIEN: What can I say? I'm just a jealous xenomorph. And what about those Na'vi from Avatar? Big blue hippies running around naked in the forests of Pandora? And what about that gangsta robot? What was his name again--Crappie?

RIPLEY: Chappie. Okay, we both have indiscretions in our past. It's all so confusing. How are we suppose to keep all these sci-fi franchises straight anyway?

ALIEN: Maybe it's best to focus on our future...

RIPLEY: That's my Star Beast!

The Alien starts unzipping Ripley's spacesuit again. This time, she doesn't swat its paw away.

ALIEN: You know you want to, baby! I'm covered with ridges for your pleasure.

RIPLEY (giggling): You've got a one track mind!

ALIEN: They don't call me a penis with teeth for nothing.

RIPLEY: All right, but this time no tongue! Those love bites of yours hurt!

The two of them fall back into Ripley's bunk...Later, lying naked side by side, sharing a post-coital cigarette:

RIPLEY: That was out of this world! The things you can do with that prehensile tail!

ALIEN: I know, right? In space, no one can hear you scream in ecstasy.

Suddenly Hicks walks in on them carrying a plasma rifle.

RIPLEY: Hicks! I thought you were dead! Did they clone you too?

HICKS: No, and you're not a clone either. Neill Blomkamp's setting Alien 5 after Aliens but before Alien 3, which is confusing from a continuity perspective, but is great from a we're-not-dead perspective.

ALIEN: Gee, this is awkward. You wouldn't be interested in a three-way, would you?


Hicks shoots the Alien dead with his plasma rifle.

RIPLEY: Damn, I'll never get those acid blood stains out of my sheets! Do you know how hard it is to get clean linens in outer space?

HICKS: Sorry.

Ripley rushes naked into Hick's strong, masculine arms.

RIPLEY: Oh, never mind! I'm so glad to see you! It's so great you're alive! It's so great to be alive!

Hicks looks down at the floor.

HICKS: I've got a confession to make. I'm actually an android.

Ripley looks down at the floor too.

RIPLEY: I've got a confession to make too. I'm actually a Replicant from Blade Runner. Ridley Scott can't keep those sci-fi franchises straight either.

The two of them look at each other for a moment. Then they burst out laughing.

HICKS: I'm a phony and you're a fake!

RIPLEY: Well, since we're both reproductions, lets start reproducing!

The two of them fall into bed and make mad, passionate love next to the body of the dead Alien. The end...for now.

Pimping: So Easy a Grade Schooler Can Do It

but pimpin' ain't easy

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Senior Citizen Keeps Mind Active By Contemplating Death

PORTLAND, ME—In an effort to remain mentally sharp well into her golden years, local senior citizen Evelyn Gordon, 86, told reporters Thursday she keeps her mind active by regularly contemplating her rapidly approaching death.

Photography At Its Best


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Inappropriate Quotes

dailyhaha funny picturesPicdump : Click to see all pictures.

The Best Time of the Year

christmas,frats,spring break,idiots

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What if People Left Parties the Way They Left Facebook?



SANDSHREW Sir, I'm afraid your sandshrew is an idiot.

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Bloodborne is a Beautiful Nightmare of a Game


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Downton Abbey Will End After Next Season. How Will You Continue to Learn About British Class Tensions?

Downton Abbey will end after the sixth season.

Pearl necklaces were clutched everywhere March 26 as Carnival Films chief Gareth Neame confirmed Downton Abbey would end after the upcoming sixth season. He said the end came not at the request of creator Julien Fellows, but rather as a product of respecting the story.

"It isn't the case that Julian said, 'I want out' and others were forced.

It's been about integrity, not how do we mechanize the production of Downton."

Whether you think this is a tragedy on the scale of the Battle of the Somme in World War I or a welcome rest to a show that has long gone off the rails, it still begs the question: where will you learn what English high society wore to dinner in the early 20th Century?

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Tales of Incredible and Horrifying Mediocrity!!!!!

2015-03-25-1427288678-5709721-Beltclothing.jpg The sublime and fantastic have a hold on the imagination. Paranormal phenomena like bending spoons and spirits of the dead being channeled are the stuff of bestsellers and big grossing movies. But little credence is given to terminally inane events, those phenomena that evince a tawdry indifference to meaningfulness, the ones that cause you to yawn right in the face of a speaker. Have you ever had the experience of falling asleep right in the middle of a deadly cultural event or conversation? It really makes you appreciate sleep because it was what you have had to stave off throughout the dreadful activity in question.

Think about the time you went into the department store to buy a belt. Belts are not high up on anyone's list. No belt is going to change anything. It's a utilitarian item. You simply buy a belt so your pants won't fall down. Even sales people whose job it is to sell belts often have to work to stay awake as they go about their thankless job. You go to the belt area, sliding yours off and trying new belts on to make sure they're the right size and have the necessary holes. The belt specialist comes by with the most bored look that you have ever witnessed in all of your years of buying things in a store. He or she is not going to become a retail star by selling you that belt. No fantasies of fame or fortune attach themselves to the buyers or sellers of belts. Nevertheless, you almost can't believe your ears when you hear the words "it's a very happening belt," intoned behind you as you walk towards the mirror. The phrase is even worse than the belt itself since the false promise created by its haunting vapidity makes you want to totally give up. Yes, you feel like sitting down right on the floor of the men's or women's clothing department and staging a sit in, a protest which will call attention to the utter absurdity of your predicament.

photo: Evan-Amos

{This was originally posted to The Screaming Pope, Francis Levy's blog of rants and reactions to contemporary politics, art and culture}

Guys Know The Struggle


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Utah Town Goes Nuts Over Bull Statue’s Genitalia

Hurricane, Utah, is usually a peaceful place, but the giant genitalia of a bull statue atop a local restaurant has pricked the calm environment of this normally serene city.

A ballsy bust of a bull with a massive penis was erected on top of Barista's Restaurant on March 14, according to the St. George News.

Since then, the copper statue has aroused controversy, in part due to its location across the street from a local high school.

“It looks terrible,” Denise Mackelprang told the St. George News. “I could see the bull, but not the details of the sex. It’s R-rated to me, especially with young school kids seeing it and talking about it.”

At least 600 of Hurricane's 14,576 residents have signed a petition demanding that the Hurricane City Council "refuse the business license renewal."

As a member of the Hurricane City council has already said, Barista's has given Hurricane, UT a "black eye". It's owner is a terrible representation of what our community stands for. He takes advantage of every person that walks into his restaurant. They intentionally take excessive advantage of those that are visiting our community from other parts of the world. They have a horrible reputation that shines a bad light on the rest of Hurricane, UT. We as a community will not stand aside and allow this false representation be made!

Locals have raised such a cow over the bull statue that one man allegedly came to Barista’s and assaulted an employee, according to

Hurricane City Police Chief Brandon Buell told KCSG TV that a citation for misdemeanor assault, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct was issued to an unnamed suspect described as a male in his 40s,

bull statue

Barista's owner Stephen Ward said he refuses to back down, and is planning to sue the city for, among other things, refusing to upgrade his limited license.

"They hate me and all I've done is bring this town movie stars and quality and class, and there has been a conspiracy -- from the mayor, to the police station, to the council, to all the haters in this town -- to disrupt, destroy and cause harm and disrespect my business," Ward said, according to

City Manager Clark Fawcett said that the uproar over the copper bull, has officials evaluating whether it should be modified or removed.

Fawcett told the St. George Daily Spectrum that even though the statue was approved by Hurricane's planning department, "the dimensions of certain parts of the animal don't seem to be built the same way as in the plan that came to us."

Ward disagrees vehemently.

"The reason they don't like the bull is because they know it's beautiful and amazing and it's going to get me even more business, which it already has," Ward told the paper. "It has nothing to do with the genitalia. If you drive around the LaVerkin area, there's (a business with) a horse's weenie hanging out that's 15 inches long. I've never heard anyone say anything about that. It's not the bull; it's me."

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Ricky Gervais Put Absolutely Zero Effort Into This Australian Commercial

Some Genius Combined Paddling And ‘Tug Of War’ Into A Single Sport

Some questions:
What is going on?
Is this sport real?
Is this sport new?
Have people been doing this for years?
Why weren’t we informed?
When can we play?

The Trailer For Sundance Breakout ‘Dope’ Is As Dope As The Movie Itself

Put June 19 on your calendar. That's when "Dope," the Sundance Film Festival's primo breakout comedy, will hit theaters. The first trailer was released Thursday, and it is as retro and engaging as the rollicking film itself. Incorporating psychedelic animation, social media, video games and footage from the film, the clip introduces Malcolm (Shameik Moore, destined to be one of our next great stars), the flat-topped, '90s hip-hop obsessive who unwittingly finds himself caught up in a drug dealer's ring after attending a rowdy birthday party with his two nerdy high school pals (Kiersey Clemons and "Grand Budapest Hotel" star Tony Revolori). The events that ensue comprise what we promise will be one of the funniest and most unexpectedly poignant movies of the year.

Written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa ("The Wood," "Brown Sugar"), "Dope" also stars Kimberly Elise, Zoë Kravitz, Chanel Iman, Keith Stanfield, Blake Anderson and A$AP Rocky in his film debut. Again, mark your calendars. June 19.

Clever Medical Invention: The VeinViewer


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The Tranquility of Nature


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This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Jenny Slate Embraces Her Emotions on ‘Crybabies’

by Megh Wright

slate_crybabiesThe comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We're here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy. Each week our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists and especially enthusiastic people will pick their favorites. We hope to have your ears permanently plugged with the best in aural comedy.

Crybabies – Jenny Slate, Elizabeth Hill

crybabiesElizabeth: After talking about music that makes them cry while working out with psychotherapist/spin instructor Elizabeth Hill, Susan Orlean and Sarah Thyre welcome actress, comedian, and huge crybaby Jenny Slate. Jenny hadn’t cried yet that day, but that quickly changes as they delve into the things that make her weep including a scene from The Tree of Life, the song “On the Street Where You Live” from My Fair Lady, and First Aid Kit’s “Cedar Lane.” Jenny also talks about her mom’s loom, how all her serious relationships were with people whose parents were psychotherapists, and sobbing in Asheville, North Carolina. The ladies also discuss marriage—from Jenny’s love role models, her grandparents to their own marriages, which range in length from 2 to 21 years—and how to keep it fresh (like by having sex in the bathroom of a Church’s Fried Chicken.) By the end you’ll be touched and probably wondering how many penises are on your subway car.

Don't Ever Change – Brendon Walsh

Don't Ever ChangeLeigh: If you're reading this you probably already know how many podcasts there are right now. Which is why it takes a truly unique concept for one to stand out and stay interesting. Don't Ever Change gets it right. Each week host John Roy sits down with a comedian and finds out what they were like in high school, starting with the question "What were you doing when you were 14?" This week, Brendon Walsh is on the show to talk about growing up (and getting beat up) in Philly. Going from Catholic school to public school to getting kicked out of school, Walsh shares how figuring out pretty early on that threats of things going on his permanent record were bullshit seemed to get him into trouble growing up. While I'm probably very out of touch with what high school students are into these days, Don't Ever Change always ends with what I think is some pretty good advice from the guest for kids in high school (make that for everyone, really). And this episode is no exception.

We Got This with Mark and Hal – Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter?

we got thisMarc: What do you do when you’re a regular cast member on a popular podcast that’s about to close down its phenomenal run? For Mark Gagliardi and Hal Lublin, fixtures on The Thrilling Adventure Hour (not to mention regular turns on Drunk History and Welcome to Night Vale) the answer is to gear up your own podcast. And so they have. This week marks Episode 4 of We Got This, where the two comedic actors and vocal artists match wits and absurdity to settle debates on the oddest of topics. The current edition looks at mankind’s classic struggle: Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter? The two gentlemen stray off topic and, when it does, their back-and-forth has a little of the feel of Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. Their interplay is pretty entertaining and, with episodes running just a tad over half an hour, if you have the bandwidth for a bit of goofiness in your podcast listening day, We Got This should fill it nicely.

[BRACKET!] – Cookies

bracketPablo: In honor of today's Sweet 16 matchups, I'm writing about another sweet bracket: This week's cookie-based episode of [BRACKET!], the podcast that ranks everything from action movie one-liners to fonts so hosts John Ryan Abbott, Cullen Jennings, Jesse Knowles, and Greg L. Mercer can debate their merits until only one is left standing. Like the real March Madness tournament, sometimes #1 seeds are taken out by clearly inferior teams, and sometimes Milano cookies are beaten in the first round which is straight up bullshit. Even if it was beaten by eventual winner chocolate chip cookies, it's still bullshit. Along with guest Michaela Dietz, just about every type of cookie under the sun is judged, even web browser cookies, until the classic chocolate chip emerges as the victor. But I don't know if I want to live in a world where corporate behemoth Nabisco and the all-powerful Girl Scout lobby have more influence than the good country folk at Pepperidge Farms.

Always Been Silly – Casey James Salengo

always been sillyMarc: New York-based standups Brandon Scott Wolf and Anthony O’Connell have found a way to fill those off-stage hours. They’ve started the Always Been Silly podcast where they invite fellow comedians to come on the show and tell some remembered silly story from their lives. The latest installment features Casey James Salengo who story deals with how, at the age of 5 or so, he disrupted the dance recital of a girl several years his senior that he had a bit of a crush on. It seems Salengo invited himself on stage and proceeded to do his series of dance moves – which were nothing more than a collection of battle stances from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Someone from the local paper was in attendance and wrote an extensive story on the incident. The rest of the show takes off from there.

The Bitch Bible – Pretty Hurts

bitch bibleKaitlynn: Host Jackie Schimmel is joined by the biggest "B" in her family, her cousin Joanna and their grandmother Gloria. The podcast has great intro/outro music which is short, sweet and very catchy. The term "Bitch" is a used as a term of endearment, a compliment instead of an insult. One could compare the meaning to the term Boss Ass Bitch: you are confident, in charge, and straight-up honest. The episode is the perfect length. It moves along quickly and Jackie has done her preparation. I wouldn't hesitate to say it would be a great podcast to turn into video so us audience members can be the real judge whether Joanna really is (as she puts it) "skinny, pretty and dresses well." You don't have a chance to even reflect when Joanna tells the story of her first night out post-pregnancy where she drunkenly sprayed her friends with her breast milk. They seemingly fly through the whole realm of pop culture from the pros and cons of Gwyneth Paltrow, the Kardashians, Real Housewives, and playing fashion police. Grandma Gloria even utters the most straight-edged phrase that you have probably heard people mutter when describing their stance on drugs: "I'm high on life."

Other Podcasts We're Listening To:

My Sexy Podcast - Drew Michael- A Man on the Pod!
We Know Nothing – Get Funnier
The Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship – Burbank & Family Talk
The Bertcast – Russell Peters
Industry Standard – Norman Lear
Before You Were Funny – Sean Clements, Emily Heller, Paul Rust
The K Ohle – Get Lost with Nick Thune
Professor Blastoff – Advice with Molly Ringwald

Elizabeth Stamp is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Pablo Goldstein is a writer from Los Angeles, CA.

Marc Hershon is host of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast and author of I Hate People!

Kaitlynn E-A Smith is a writer/creator and (somehow) MA fashion grad, born and living in Toronto.

Leigh Cesiro is a writer living in Brooklyn who only needs 10 minutes to solve any Law & Order: SVU episode.


Browser Humor


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Kids Singing the National Anthem Into Fans at Walmart is Pure ‘Murica

He Gets My Vote Next Election


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Mortified Wisconsin Basketball Player Caught Whispering ‘God, She’s Beautiful’ During Press Conference

Nigel Hayes thought someone at his recent press conference was beautiful, but he did not think the entire room would hear when he told his teammate.

“God, she’s beautiful,” the Wisconsin basketball player whispered to Frank Kaminsky. He was talking about someone in the crowd -- do you know who? -- in what he thought was a hushed enough tone that it wouldn’t get picked up by the mic.

When he found out everyone had heard, he was understandably embarrassed.


It’s alright, man. Maybe she thought the same of you.

H/T Deadspin

Well This Isn’t Helping


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10 Utterly Impossible April Fool’s Day Headlines

Since the Internet provides very few ways to trick you into thinking that your shoelace is untied, I thought it far more convenient to trick you into thinking the following ten headlines somehow represented reality. Which we know, of course, that they never will. But if you can't dream on April Fool's Day, when can you dream?











More of James Napoli's comedy content for the web can be found here.

I’ll Just Stay Here


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Every Girl Remembers Her First Time


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And It’s Cold Too

chilly,chili,outside,literalism,food,homophone,temperature,double meaning

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The Owner of The Wire’s Only Catch Phrase Wants Potty-Mouthed Bobbleheads to Say It

In the words of Isiah Whitlock Jr.'s Kickstarter page:

How often do you wish you had Isiah Whitlock, Jr. around to say 'sh***************t'? Wish granted!"

Kickstarter is weird.

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Shark Gives an Explorer a Hell of a Surprise

Firefighters Were Ready to En-Gauge the Task


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Don’t Look at it and it Will Eat You

mario bros boo bras

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Calm Down There, Satan

dogs,wifi password,funny,vacuum

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Awesome Lip Makeup


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Real Pikachu Is So Cute


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Fake Sets Of Conspiracies Of Real Events


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Broken News

(A television studio, occupied by the moderator, Wolf Spritzer, two commentators, Greta Insufferable and Sean Inanity, and tonight's chief guest, John Boner.)

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of Breaking News. We are taking a pause from our ceaseless investigation into the crash of Germanwings Airbus A320 after our ceaseless investigation of Malaysian Flight 370 to bring you  Breaking News: Congress' revolutionary decision to return to Washington after its seven-and-a-half month vacation. My guest tonight is Speaker of the House Congressman John Boner.  He sits on my right.


Also on my right is the  noted commentator from Twist the Fox [Facts] News, Greta Insufferable...

Good evening.

...and to her right another celebrated Twist the Fox commentator Sean Inanity. Twist the Facts host, Bill Unruly sends regrets he couldn't be here tonight. He's in the Falklands looking for another wounded photographer to save.

Why are we all sitting on your right?

Because I'm the only one in the center. Now Congressman Boner, how do you explain your groundbreaking decision to bring Congress back to Washington this week  after its seven-and-a-half month break. Was it because the cameras caught Democrat Representative George Miller on the floor of the House last Tuesday speaking to empty seats?

Whoa, there! A lot of Democrat seats were empty, too. 

Because you declared a seven-and-a-half-month  Congressional holiday. Are you saying that's over now?

I wouldn't exaggerate the amount of time we are actually going to spend in Washington this week--just enough to block the Iran sellout and start Impeachment proceedings against Obama.

So there's no chance the 113th Congress might pass some legislation this term?

None, whatever.

Thank God.

Will there be any time when you can  invite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Washington again?

No, we have enough Republicans in Congress to insult the President for him.

How will you keep the Tea Party boiling if you manage to impeach Obama?

Oh, we have other boiling issues for the Tea Party.

Such as?

Such as debunking all that atheistic propaganda about climate change...

Sure, where in the Bible does it say anything about climate change?

Have you spoken to anyone in Boston lately?

About global warming?

The icecaps are melting in the North pole.

I'm no scientist but they tell me it's normal for ice to melt.

Any other pressing issues to keep Congress in Washington for a while?

Outlawing abortion. Prohibiting contraception. Banning smelly armpits.

Amen to all.

And abolishing masturbation and  same-sex marriage. 

As called for in the Scriptures.

Don't you also have a problem with Welfare?  I thought that was a big issue on the Right.

Absolutely. No healthy economy can tolerate welfare cheats who get paid for not working.

How would you define a "welfare cheat."

Anyone who stays home from his job while continuing to collect salary checks from the government.

(Loaded silence)

Are you looking at me?

The house was in session only 130 days this past year. Wouldn't you call that a seven-and-a-half month paid vacation?

Even politicians need time once in a while to reflect on issues, and to meet with their constituents.

I'm with you all the way on that, Congressman Boner. But I wish  the Republicans could have stayed in Washington a little longer to legislate some tax breaks for the one-percent. The wealthier classes are suffering enough from threats of regulation, not to mention a bad press.

And what about Obamacare? Republicans can't sit passively by and watch the Democrat administration spend Federal money on free medicine. That's the path to Socialism.

Well, Obama is a Socialist. He picked up that radical ideology from where he came from in Africa.

Wasn't he born in Hawaii?

One of those anti-American places.

A final question, Congressman Boner.


Why don't you ever smile? You seem to be miserable even when you're happy.

I smiled once. And I have videotapes to prove it. When Bibi Netanyahu addressed Congress in March. 

And apart from that?

What's to smile about? The opposition Party still controls the Presidency. And we have so little time left to smear Hillary before the 2016 election.

Yes, what about her email problem? Conducting government business with private resources can be a way of hiding the facts.

What about Bill Clinton? He used government resources to conduct his private business.

(Pressing his earpiece and listening) Wait a minute! Wait a minute! There's some Breaking News about Germanwings Airbus Flight A320.

What is it? What is it?

(Disappointed) There's won't be more news.

So soon? It took two years for CNN to give up on Malaysian Flight 370.

They found the black box.

(Patting his back) Don't worry. There'll be another plane crash before long. Maybe with more dead passengers.

(Crying) Not with the lasting appeal of Malaysian Flight 370 and Germanwings Airbus Flight A320.

(They all come over to comfort him.)

There. There.

I'm alright. Thanks.

You can count on us, Wolf. Any time you have an airline catastrophe, we'll be there for you..

Thanks for those good words. (Drying his eyes) Well, I am afraid we've far exceeded our allotted air time with House Speaker John Boner which is why we'll now take a half hour break for a Geico commercial. Please don't feed the salamander. 

What's up after the commercial, Wolf?

Some Breaking News about the continuing reverberations of the crash of the Hindenburg Zeppelin LZ 129 in 1937. 

Too bad Hitler wasn' t on it.

Well, thanks on the part of all our viewers to Sean Inanity, Greta Insufferable, and, of course, our distinguished Congressional leader, Congressmen John Boner.

Thank you, Wolf. A pleasure to be on the program. See you soon, etc.

By the way, Wolf,  I  have some breaking news for you.

(Eagerly). Yes?

Your Breaking News is broken. My name's pronounced Boehner.


Route Not Recommended


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Kids in Northern Ireland are Living the Dream; Minecraft is Free in Every School

Dude… Duuuuuuuuuude…



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Jake Fogelnest Is Developing a Scripted Comedy for IFC

by Megh Wright

fogelnestIFC is teaming up with Jake Fogelnest for a new show. The network announced today that Fogelnest — who is a writer on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Billy on the Street, and upcoming Hulu series Difficult People — is creating and writing a new scripted comedy tentatively called Start Making Sense with Ben Stiller on board as an executive producer. The series follows a man named Jack "desperately clinging to his fading relevancy as a best-selling author and his son, Shane, basking in popularity by expressing his teenage angst in 140 characters or less. As these generational voices collide they must navigate new waters of texts, trust and rock and roll." Said Fogelnest on the news: "I am thrilled to be working with IFC, Red Hour and Legendary on this project. I just hope they never figure out they’ve put a complete dumdum in charge of writing what has been sold to them as a smart comedy. Seriously, have you seen what I put on Twitter?"


I Know Some People That Would Actually Buy These

funny-invented-book-self-help funny-book-store-shelf-prank


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Blue = Baby Brother, Pink = Baby Sister


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The Dangers of Using Galactic Tinder

catfishing in a galaxy far far away

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Best Drinking Device Ever

stanley coup,hockey,awesome,funny,keg

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The Only Thing Slippy’s Good For?

barrel roll,blue-marine,Command,gifs,literalism,peppy,slippy,Star Fox,tootsie roll

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