(315): OF COURSE I FUCKED HIM! Did you not read the part about him having red and green Christmas condoms?

(405): I’m in the liquor store…

(405): I'm in the liquor store and fucking "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls is playing. IM ALREADY ASHAMED OF MY REASON FOR BEING HERE, GIVE ME A BREAK.

Seth Meyers: Roy Moore Is ‘As Unfit For Office’ As ‘Colicky Man-Baby’ Trump

The "Late Night" host also had thoughts about Trump's address in Florida.


500 million users facebook jerks Mean People - 5780613888

DEAR 500 MILLION USERS what are you going to do about it? Sincerely, Facebook

Submitted by: Unknown


love hurts use lube - 6634162944

Submitted by: old_man_bruce

Tagged: love hurts , use lube

Would You Do ANYTHING For Your Lover?

How far should you go to make a relationship work? This far?

Submitted by: Unknown

(636): It was the scariest thing…

(636): It was the scariest thing ever having a flame that close to my balls...

(901): Tell him that his phone is…

(901): Tell him that his phone is taped to the dog's stomach. Stop trying to call it because it makes him scared.

Dogs of C-Kennel for Dec 12, 2017 for 12/12/2017

Dogs of C-Kennel for Dec 12, 2017

Updated: Tue Dec 12, 2017

Herb and Jamaal for Dec 12, 2017 for 12/12/2017

Herb and Jamaal for Dec 12, 2017

Updated: Tue Dec 12, 2017

B.C. for Dec 12, 2017 for 12/12/2017

B.C. for Dec 12, 2017

Updated: Tue Dec 12, 2017

Wizard of Id for Dec 12, 2017 for 12/12/2017

Wizard of Id for Dec 12, 2017

Updated: Tue Dec 12, 2017

Agnes for Dec 12, 2017 for 12/12/2017

Agnes for Dec 12, 2017

Updated: Tue Dec 12, 2017

The Other Coast for Dec 12, 2017 for 12/12/2017

The Other Coast for Dec 12, 2017

Updated: Tue Dec 12, 2017

Andy Capp for Dec 12, 2017 for 12/12/2017

Andy Capp for Dec 12, 2017

Updated: Tue Dec 12, 2017

Momma for Dec 12, 2017 for 12/12/2017

Momma for Dec 12, 2017

Updated: Tue Dec 12, 2017

Heathcliff for Dec 12, 2017 for 12/12/2017

Heathcliff for Dec 12, 2017

Updated: Tue Dec 12, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Another Emotional Plea For Children’s Health Care

“I don’t know what could be more disgusting than putting a tax cut that goes to rich people ahead of the lives of children."

Be Ashamed

Funny meme about truth coming out of her well to shame mankind, picture of cat in garbage can.

Submitted by: (via dutchster)

Tagged: Memes , Cats

Why Does Soda Taste Significantly Better When Carbonated vs. Flat?

Tyler K. asks: Why does soda taste worse when it’s flat?

sodaA notion that will come as a surprise to just about no one is that most people think soda and other carbonated drinks taste significantly better when they still contain a lot of fizz as opposed to being “flat.” It turns out that, contrary to popular belief, this phenomenon has nothing to do with bubbles popping on your tongue or the like. (In fact, when people drink carbonated beverages in a highly pressurized environment where no such bubbles can form, they report no real difference in flavor or sensation of the drink.)

So why do many fizzy drinks taste better than their flat equivalents? It’s simply because the carbonic acid (H2CO3) created via adding carbon dioxide (C02) to the drink (which obviously in turn contains H20) actually has a tangible taste that your tongue can detect and which accents the flavor of the beverage.

Thus, as these beverages are designed to taste good in their carbonated form, removing the flavor imparted by the CO2 is usually going to negatively impact taste.  Of course, this doesn’t inherently mean a worse overall flavor for any liquid that is not carbonated vs. the same drink that is. But because many carbonated beverages like popular sodas tend to have a lot of sugar or equivalent artificial sweetener, when the CO2 is removed, the extreme sweet flavor ends up standing out quite a bit more- usually more than most people enjoy. The net result of all of this is many people not enjoying the taste of “flat” sodas.

On a related note, to narrow down the mechanisms behind the taste derived from carbonating beverages, researchers in 2009 used mice that had been genetically modified to not be able to taste variously- sweet, umami, salty, bitter and sour. What they found was that those mice that could not taste sour did not react to carbonation, while all the others did.

Examining why CO2 triggers sour-tasting receptors, the researchers hypothesized (correctly, as it turns out) that a special enzyme on the surface of sour-tasting cells, carbonic anhydrase 4 (Car4), might be the culprit. Once again experimenting on modified mice, this time removing only the Car4, but not the entire sour-tasting cell, they found that “gustatory responses to CO2 were severely reduced,” but “responses to other taste stimuli, including sour, were unaltered.”

If you liked this article, you might also enjoy subscribing to our new Daily Knowledge YouTube channel, as well as:

Bonus Facts

  • While manufacturers put the same amount of CO2 in cans as bottles of soda, when placed in plastic, which is more permeable to CO2, the carbonation will dissipate relatively quickly over time. In fact, if stored in direct sunlight, in 3 months, soda in plastic can lose up to 15% of its carbonation. Cans of soda, on the other hand, can have their taste affected by bits of metal that are dissolved from the inner lining, and again, the warmer the container, the greater the effect. This is one of the reasons many people have preferences when drinking soda from glass vs. plastic vs. metal containers.
  • Four of the five tastes were known to the ancient Greeks, with Democritus (460-370 BCE), who together with his teacher Leucippus had formulated the first atomic theory of the universe, adding bitter to sweet, salty and sour. Applying his ideas on atoms to the tastes (he thought different atoms had different shapes and solidity), Democritus opined that for sweet things, their atoms were large and round, salty flavors had an isosceles triangle shaped atoms, sour flavors were also large, but rough and angular and bitter tastes had smooth, small and spherical atoms.
  • The famous chef Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935) introduced the idea of a fifth taste to European pallets with his invention of a rich, delicious, never-before seen veal stock that simply seemed to deepen and improve the flavor of everything. At the time, however, scientists refused to acknowledge that the stock embodied a taste separate from sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Kikunae Ikeda (1864-1936), a chemist, actually isolated the source of the “deliciousness” flavor of some foods (including Escoffier’s veal stock) that seemed to defy the other categories – glutamic acid, which he named umami.
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The struggle is real

Funny meme about not being able to afford a tree because you are in school.

Submitted by: (via god)

Tagged: school , university , Memes


Funny meme about gremlins.

Submitted by: (via @sean_speezy)

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21 Random Memes That Might Hit A Little Close To Home

Random memes, funny memes, relatable memes, tom cruise, animals, dating, relationships.

At least we have memes to relate to. 

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Having Bitcoin Is The New 6 Feet Tall

Funny meme about how girls will date you if you have bitcoin.

Submitted by: (via @thebraintickle)

This Bizarre Pro-Life Zootopia Comic Is Inspiring An Insane Amount Of Dank Memes

Memes inspired by Zootopia pro-life fan comic, funny dank memes.

The insane Zootopia fan comic "I Will Survive" has completely taken over our internets - and people are meme-ing the hell out of it. The comic, which deals with an inter-species pregnancy between rabbit Judy Hopps and fox Nick Wilde, is being criticized for being pro-life. We're less interested in the politics than the absolute treasure trove the strange fan-art has inspired. All of our favorite meme subreddits are currently overflowing with Zootopia memes - and we're not complaining. 

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Strange letters from my father

I never do paid posts but I’m doing this one for two reasons.  1) Because I was already going to write about this.  Stick with it and you’ll see why in a second, and 2) because the 8th Annual Jame … Continue reading

ABC Orders a Family Comedy from Kenya Barris, Julie Bean, and Alec Baldwin

ABC just handed out a straight-to-series order to a new comedy from Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and Julie Bean with Alec Baldwin attached to potentially star. According to Deadline, the multi-cam series is written by Barris and Bean and centers on “a stuck-in-his-ways, opinionated, fading TV star who moves in with his progressive daughter, her […]

How to Be Good at Comedy, by Johnny G: Comedian and Owner of Johnny G’s House of Yuks in Canton, Ohio, by Luke Schneider

So you’re funny around the water cooler, huh? You think you got what it takes to make it big in showbiz? Well, take some notes and listen closely, because you’re about to get some tips that’ll help you make the big time in this breakneck industry. A little about me: I’ve been a comedian, entertainer, […]

Star Wars Meets Classic Album Covers In These Genius Mashups

Funny memes and mashups, album covers, Star Wars.

Steven Lear has been creating awesome album cover mashups for years - but most of his work features the Star Wars universe. He painstakingly recreates classic (and some more obscure) album art to include our favorite fandom characters. The results are often funny, and sometimes just beautiful. We've included a selection of our personal favorites, but there's much more to admire on Lear's Instagram.

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2017 In Review: The 20 Best “Cracking Open A Cold One” Memes

Best Cracking open a cold one with the boys memes 2017.

"Cracking open a cold one with the boys" really set the tone for a summer of memes. While the joke actually started in 2016 as a copypasta, memers started incorporating it into generic stock photo memes. The meme exploded in May, becoming completely unavoidable on Facebook and reddit. Though there was a good deal of backlash, many of the "cold ones" memes were actually rather clever. Here's a selection of our personal favorites. 

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Tagged: beer , men , star wars , boys , Memes , 2017

“This Feels Like A Bad Time. Why Don’t I Just Come Back Next Year?” A Message From Mistletoe

“This Feels Like A Bad Time. Why Don’t I Just Come Back Next Year?” A Message From Mistletoe

“This Feels Like A Bad Time. Why Don’...
“Merry Christmas! Who’s ready for some forced kissing?”
Submitted by: Alex Pearson
Keywords: Mistletoe Christmas Creepy Baby It's Cold Outside Kissing Forced Kissing Sexual Harassment
Views: 28

Tig Notaro on Louis C.K.’s Removal from ‘One Mississippi’: “It’s a Huge Relief”

Back in August, Tig Notaro spoke up about the long-running Louis C.K. rumors, saying in interviews with Time and The Daily Beast that she thought it was important for C.K. to “take care of” the rumors by addressing them directly. C.K. responded to Notaro’s comments soon after when he was pressed about it in interviews, saying […]

Oh Wow: Insanely Impressive Playing Card Manipulation

This is a video from playing card manufacturer thevirts showing off their upcoming FW17 Virtuoso deck of cards ("The best deck for cardistry") through a series of very impressive card manipulation tricks. They do use slow motion and video reversal but claim there was no CGI or strings or magnets involved, which I believe because you don't need CGI or strings or magnets when you know real magic. Back me up, Dumbledore! "Rub my feet first." NO DEAL. Keep going for the entire impressive video.

Inside ‘Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone’ with Cocoon Central Dance Team

In their new film, Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone, the ladies of Cocoon Central Dance Team execute the daintiest fart joke I’ve ever seen. Sunita Mani, Tallie Medel, and Eleanore Pienta stretch out luxuriously on a soundstage beach, their graceful movements undercut by exaggerated sound effects like head scratching, the squelching […]

Arrest These People

Funny meme about how people put on their socks and shoes.

Submitted by: (via god)

Tagged: shoes , Memes

Flaming Bagpiper Dressed As Rebel Pilot Takes Down An AT-AT While Riding Unicycle

Because Portland will be Portland, this is a video of the Unipiper (previously) playing the Star Wars theme on his flaming bagpipes while bringing down an AT-AT with his unicycle's tow cable (technically just a long string). Admittedly, that AT-AT would make a pretty sweet lawn ornament in the snow. Me? I haven't seen snow in like ten years. I don't even remember what it feels like. "It feels cold." Okay maybe I do remember. Keep going for the video while I speculate why he didn't just torch the AT-AT with his flaming pipes.

Check Out the Season 2 Trailer for Sharon Horgan’s HBO Comedy ‘Divorce’

Sharon Horgan’s HBO comedy Divorce returns next month, and today the network released the trailer. Renewed for a second season last year (alongside fellow freshman comedy Insecure from Issa Rae, which scored a season 3 renewal in August), the Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church-starring series returns to HBO Sunday, January 14th at 10:00pm […]

‘The Santa Clause’ Gets Spooky In This Jarring Recut Trailer

In this rendition of The Santa Clause, the transformation into Saint Nick is caused by a nervous breakdown. This angle would probably have made for a better movie. 

Submitted by: (via Aceinyourface)

Questionable: Fossil Found ‘That Looks Like Darth Vader’

darth-vader-fossil.jpg Because nobody would care about a 245-million year fossil of an extinct horseshoe crab otherwise (and I'm still struggling to), the paleontologists who found this particular specimen are claiming it looks like Darth Vader's mask. Yeah! Star Wars can make anything relevant, right?!
Paleontologists from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque and the University of Colorado at Denver have published a scientific article describing the extinct fossil horseshoe crab and its uncanny resemblance to the headgear Anakin Skywalker wears when he becomes Vader.
Personally, I think if anybody it looks more like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs. But that's just me and I'm the king of knowing what things other things look like. You should see me spotting shapes in clouds. If that was an Olympic sport I would definitely take home the gold or get banned for doping. Thanks to Thaylor H, who invited me on a fossil dig which I graciously accepted because you never know if today is going to be the day you find a dinosaur boner.

Mara Inkperial

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Who Did This

Funny meme about stuart little.

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‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ ‘Black-ish,’ and More Nominated for 2018 Golden Globes

The 2018 Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, including a Best Television Series category that includes returning shows Black-ish and Master of None as well as new shows SMILF, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and NBC’s Will & Grace reboot. Pamela Adlon also received a nom for her acting in Better Things alongside Alison Brie […]

Little Pig Boy James Franco Hosts ‘SNL’

Seth Rogen said what we were all thinking: SZA was the thing to get stoked for last week on SNL. “This is my fourth time hosting,” admitted James Franco, “which is the most you can do without it being special.” And this was not a special night of television. It was a very quotidian affair. But […]

‘Ready Player One’ Gets First Official Trailer

ready-player-one-trailer.jpg This is the first official trailer for the film adaptation of Ernest Cline's 'Ready Player One.' It looks intense. Some of the things I recognized from the book, but a bunch I did not. Of course I don't have the best memory, so I may have just forgotten them. Or maybe I never actually read the book -- now I'm questioning everything. Am I in the OASIS? "And choosing to spend your time in a virtual reality cubicle?" Okay so I'm not in the OASIS. Keep going for the trailer.

Bad Lip Reading Of ‘Stranger Things’ Is Freakin’ Hilarious

"My poor tongue is dry -- do you wanna feel it?"

38 Funny Memes To Cure Your Case Of The Mondays

buncha funny memes about Mondays, dogs, food, cheese puffs, love, relationships, dating, online dating, anxiety, depression, animals, pets.

You can do eeeet! The memes are here to help you. 

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The Funniest Twitter Reactions to Week 14 of the NFL

The Funniest Twitter Reactions to Week 14 of the NFL

The Funniest Twitter Reactions to Wee...
The week when the Bills and Colts played their game North of the Wall.
Submitted by: Twitter Roundup
Keywords: nfl football game of thrones blizzard bills buffalo colts game twitter tweet steelers ravens pittsburgh baltimore seattle seahawks browns cleveland green bay packers eagles wentz philadelphia los angeles rams eli manning new york giants brady patriots juju smith schuster
Views: 2,059

(585): I’m only texting you…

(585): I'm only texting you this bc god forbid circumstances change when you wake up but currently santa is asleep on top of the washer and dryer.

(605): I must stop trying to make…

(605): I must stop trying to make out with my friends when I'm hammered.

(519): Just reached for my phone…

(519): Just reached for my phone in my non existant pocket while it was in my hand.

(314): she went outside…danced,…

(314): she went outside...danced, got some snow, and put cherry vodka in it. she was so proud of herself.

(606): hey man , the girl you…

(606): hey man , the girl you brought home last night is in the kitchen puking in the sink and asking if she can have more shots of Whiskey....think i should give her a shot glass or send her home....

(517): I think it might be the guy…

(517): I think it might be the guy sitting next to me. I've concluded he HAS to be smuggling insane amounts of onions in his wardrobe to smell like that.

(716): You have a penis. Therefore…

(716): You have a penis. Therefore everything you say is automatically wrong.

Overflow 305

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Life Hack

Funny meme about using gift cards to buy presents.

Submitted by: (via bestmemesperiod)

Tagged: presents , Memes , selfie

(310): I never thought I’d end…

(310): I never thought I'd end up with a prison pen pal through tinder.

(503): I don’t know if I’m…

(503): I don’t know if I’m nauseous or just disgusted with myself.

This Kid Was a Smooth Criminal

pickup line puns cute funny g rated dating - 7777304576

Submitted by: Unknown

Tagged: pickup line , puns , cute , funny , g rated , dating

I Bet For Your First Time You Couldn’t Believe It Either

first time gifs mclovin sexy times superbad - 5813536256

Submitted by: Unknown

(775): And the last thing I…

(775): And the last thing I remember was you in the bed with the german guy screaming "wrong hole" I laughed n passed out.

(+61): The walk of shame was so…

(+61): The walk of shame was so much longer today. i have to start fucking guys in my own postcode.

It’s Dangerous Out There, Wear Shoes

bad idea sexy times funny shoes wtf - 8262789632

Submitted by: Unknown

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art hilarious portal 2 robots Rule 34 video games - 4963405312

RULE 34 ruins everything

Submitted by: SntJimmy

Open Mic Is on Hold

downtime ecard twitter - 6461651456

Submitted by: Unknown

Tagged: downtime , ecard , twitter

(925): You whispered ‘For…

(925): You whispered 'For Frodo', handed me your shirt, and charged campus security.

Inventions 6

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6 Crazy Ways Your Favorite TV Shows Get Written

By Adam Wears,JM McNab,Marina Reimann  Published: December 11th, 2017 

5 Moronic Stunts YouTube Stars Won’t Quit Doing

By Luis Prada  Published: December 11th, 2017 

The Hellish Reality Of Working At An Overseas ‘Click Farm’

By Evan V. Symon  Published: December 11th, 2017 

Agnes for Dec 11, 2017 for 12/11/2017

Agnes for Dec 11, 2017

Updated: Mon Dec 11, 2017

Dogs of C-Kennel for Dec 11, 2017 for 12/11/2017

Dogs of C-Kennel for Dec 11, 2017

Updated: Mon Dec 11, 2017

Herb and Jamaal for Dec 11, 2017 for 12/11/2017

Herb and Jamaal for Dec 11, 2017

Updated: Mon Dec 11, 2017

Wizard of Id for Dec 11, 2017 for 12/11/2017

Wizard of Id for Dec 11, 2017

Updated: Mon Dec 11, 2017

Momma for Dec 11, 2017 for 12/11/2017

Momma for Dec 11, 2017

Updated: Mon Dec 11, 2017

B.C. for Dec 11, 2017 for 12/11/2017

B.C. for Dec 11, 2017

Updated: Mon Dec 11, 2017

Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle The Chowdah In Boston

Overly Excited Tourist Can't Handle The Chowdah In Boston

Overly Excited Tourist Can't Handle T... 2:13
Ryan learns about the history of our great country's ass as he explores Ballstown.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: Overly Excited Tourist Boston Massachusetts Joking my ass Ryan O'Flanagan Ryan Boston Market The Freedom Trail Faneuil Hall Fenway Park Sam Adams Benjamin Franklin Landmarks Tourist GoPro Home Video Parody
Views: 67


Funny meme about aging.

Submitted by: (via distinguishedbaloney)

Tagged: Memes , aging , sexy times


Funny meme about anxiety, grades, wallet, spider-man.

Submitted by: (via god)

Tagged: Memes , Spider-Man , anxiety


Funny meme about chipotle being extra.

Submitted by: (via god)

Tagged: Memes , chipotle

Embrace Your Dark Side With These Awesome Black Metal Comics

Collection of web comics called Belzebub about a black metal family.

Finnish artist JP Ahonen is serving up some surprisingly adorable metal realness in his Belzebubs strip. The refreshing series follows the antics of a strangely cute metal-loving family. We love that the strip seemingly draws inspiration from the artist's home life - he's a tattooed dad, a musician and clearly a metal fan. Here's a selection of some of our favorite of Ahonen's gothy comics. 

Hail Satan!

Submitted by:

Tagged: metal , Music , funny , web comics

Masterclass Parody ‘How To Be A Family’ Hits Hilariously Close To Home

Funny or Die's instructional video shows awkward family dynamics in all their glory.

19 Times Protesters Were Brutally Trolled

Funny signs making fun of protesters of gay marriage and abortion.

We love a good internet troll, but these IRL trolls sticking it to the protesters deserve medals! We've collected our favorites, but for more clap back goodness head over to Bored Panda for the mother lode!

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tell us how santa gets to all them houses in one day

Submitted by: (via marcianosmx)

Tagged: jokes , Memes

Every single time

when you try and enjoy life for a second meme

Submitted by: (via marcianosmx)

Tagged: jokes , Memes

23 Comics For People With A Twisted Sense Of Humor

Collection of dark and funny web comics from Mark Organisciak.

We like web comics, but we LOVE quirky and darkly funny web comics. This series from artist Mike Organisciak definitely fits that bill. He set out to complete 100 days of comics and finished this past May. Hopefully he will himself again because we NEED more of these gems.

Submitted by:

(585): Little does she know that…

(585): Little does she know that you've out-sourced your conscience to a girl who doesn't even wear pants on a regular basis.

(203): I feel like I should send…

(203): I feel like I should send her I'm sorry I've been fucking your boyfriend flowers.

(416): The next time you invite me…

(416): The next time you invite me out to a bar full of cougars warn me first. I never felt like a piece of meat before.

The struggle is real

me in november vs me in december

Submitted by: (via RobotPinja)

Tagged: november , jokes , december 21 , Memes , Cats

(603): It was terrible. I am sore…

(603): It was terrible. I am sore from head to toe, neither of us got off, and we were at it for an hour and a half, I faked having a heart episode so we could stop. It worked.

(860): You’re sleeping on my…

(860): You’re sleeping on my couch so you’re not making dick appointments tonight.

(502): We’re starting to light…

(502): We're starting to light shit on fire, bring a metal bucket. Be prepared, Jimmy's off his meds.


Funny meme about child being afraid of santa claus.

Submitted by: (via Vuynjou)

Tagged: Memes , santa claus

(520): I turned on Elf, made…

(520): I turned on Elf, made myself a mojito, and am eating one of a sleeve of Ritz. You tell me if I wanna go out tonight.

(917): Greattt I just sexted my…

(917): Greattt I just sexted my dad trying to write u back.

(202): The box said 94%…

(202): The box said 94% effective prevention of pregnancy if used correctly but God knows I’m not gonna use it right so let’s adjust that to like a 70%.

(918): For someone I see at the…

(918): For someone I see at the bar by herself all the time... I should have know she had a tazer.

For That Historical Love

hitler Marx stalin valentines Valentines day - 5839002112

Submitted by: (via Ben Kling)

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

funny face llama mom special - 6128245760

Llama let you finish.

Submitted by: (via Bits & Pieces)

Tagged: funny face , llama , mom , special

(858): TURNS OUT they were both…

(858): TURNS OUT they were both cheating. Like the Gift of the Magi except for shitty people.

(260): Oh BTW the next time I see…

(260): Oh BTW the next time I see you I don't care where we are your dick will be going into some part of my body.

5 Ways Society Trains Men To Expect Sex From Women

By Mark Hill  Published: December 10th, 2017 

Feast Your Ears On These 5 Rockin’ (And Affordable) Earbuds

By CRACKED Store  Published: December 10th, 2017 

5 Horrifying Ways America’s Hunting Undocumented Immigrants

By Abraham Mireles,Alex Perry  Published: December 10th, 2017 

Heathcliff for Dec 10, 2017 for 12/10/2017

Heathcliff for Dec 10, 2017

Updated: Sun Dec 10, 2017

Wizard of Id for Dec 10, 2017 for 12/10/2017

Wizard of Id for Dec 10, 2017

Updated: Sun Dec 10, 2017

Agnes for Dec 10, 2017 for 12/10/2017

Agnes for Dec 10, 2017

Updated: Sun Dec 10, 2017

The Other Coast for Dec 10, 2017 for 12/10/2017

The Other Coast for Dec 10, 2017

Updated: Sun Dec 10, 2017

B.C. for Dec 10, 2017 for 12/10/2017

B.C. for Dec 10, 2017

Updated: Sun Dec 10, 2017

Herb and Jamaal for Dec 10, 2017 for 12/10/2017

Herb and Jamaal for Dec 10, 2017

Updated: Sun Dec 10, 2017

Dogs of C-Kennel for Dec 10, 2017 for 12/10/2017

Dogs of C-Kennel for Dec 10, 2017

Updated: Sun Dec 10, 2017

Girls In Jeans 3

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Al Franken Makes Santa’s Naughty List On ‘SNL,’ But Roy Moore Makes The ‘Registry’

Kid nearly schools Claus on Matt Lauer's sex toys.

Smart move

guy playing dead in front of bears

Submitted by: (via EvilPotato12)

Tagged: jokes , bear , Memes


Funny meme about cats and christmas trees.

Submitted by: (via bestmemesperiod)

Tagged: Memes , holidays

40 Random Memes That Will Totally Destroy Your Boredom

Random funny memes about cars, gaming, cats, life, animals, video games, gaming, web comics.

Give in to the memes!

Submitted by:


guys goes home with girl but he noticed she believes in earth being flat

Submitted by: (via JubiladoVioIento)

Tagged: jokes , Memes , earth

You’re Welcome

Funny meme about seeing a shiba inu.

Submitted by: (via @theworldpolice)

Tagged: dogs , Memes , shiba inu

Just Beautiful

funny meme, shia laboeuf.

Submitted by: (via memesformemers)

Tagged: shia labeouf , Memes


Funny meme of a powerpoint presentation that says "i'm so tired give me an A"

Submitted by: (via Museum of Internet)

Tagged: school , Memes

Feast Your Eyes On Giphy’s Top GIFs of 2017

Giphy's top 10 gifs of 2017.

Giphy just released their most popular gifs of the last year - and the results might surprise you. You can find the full list on Medium, but we've included the top 10 everyone who is too lazy to click that link. 

Submitted by:


Funny meme about texting someone that you should see other people.

Submitted by: (via Incoming memes)

Tagged: Memes , texting , dating

29 Puppers And Floofers To Brighten Your Day

Memes and photos of doggos.

We question the souls of anyone who doesn't crack a smile at these doggos.

Submitted by:

Tagged: dogs , Memes , doggos

(978): So our night ended with 6…

(978): So our night ended with 6 cruisers, a fire truck, and an ambulance. Also, lots of blood. How was yours?

The end of semester in a nutshell

The end of semester in a nutshell

Submitted by: (via aixawayne)

Tagged: studying , students , jokes , Memes

(830): I think I may have fully…

(830): I think I may have fully transcended this spectrum of life. I can see beams of light man. Down to the photons
(214): What
(830): The only downside is I can't stop skipping.

(570): What do I have to do?!…

(570): What do I have to do?! Spell it out for him? Why can't he just plow me and pull my hair at the same time
(1-570): You are my new hero.

Girls With Abs 10

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Pure evil

pizza with pineapple tom and jerry meme

Submitted by: (via patitosdegoma)

Tagged: pizza , pineapple , Memes

(363): We damn well better have a…

(363): We damn well better have a snow day tomorrow. We just broke out the rum.

(802): I can’t wait to see you…

(802): I can't wait to see you again. It will be like when we first started dating- but with less clothes.

(707): How’s the date going?? Do…

(707): How’s the date going?? Do you think he’s gonna cut your face off and wear it to his birthday party?

(620): Dude.. She just busted into…

(620): Dude.. She just busted into my house wearing a ski mask, a poncho, and thigh-high pink hooker boots and yelled, "THE CABS ARE HEEERRREEE!!".

Amen to that

me saturday vs me sunday

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(254): I woke up at her place in a…

(254): I woke up at her place in a kids bed hearing Sesame Street. She doesn't have kids!

(309): Think I was still drunk…

(309): Think I was still drunk when I woke up cause I went and bought a mandolin.

(303): i guess she just walked…

(303): i guess she just walked over ass naked and peed on his laptop. gonna call an over price on that drunk sex.

Are You a Math Nerd Looking for Love?

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Tagged: nerds , love , math , funny , Video , g rated , dating

This Has Been a Public Service Announcement From John Waters

psa john waters books sexy times funny - 8036356864

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Definitely the Eyes

wtf eyes profile pic bewbs funny - 8179454208

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Tagged: wtf , eyes , profile pic , bewbs , funny

Here’s What Donald Trump’s Family Wants From Santa, Per ‘The Late Show’

"Bring dirt on Hillary and a live rhino to shoot."

(716): Mom saw my dick pic over my…

(716): Mom saw my dick pic over my gf's shoulder. She told her she really should've had me circumcised.

Myevilmilk Choice Cutsxxxxviiib

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(+44): I sprayed his whole room…

(+44): I sprayed his whole room with my perfume and left lots of my hair on the bed. So now if he does bring her home, the bitch will know this territory is marked.

I Can’t Wait!

back to the future hover board - 6554659584

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What Are They Waiting For?

standing basic funny women - 8420972544

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5 ‘Edgy’ Ads That Sold But Nothing But Failure And Madness

By Michael Garowee,Greg Tuff,Jordan Breeding,Andrea Meno  Published: December 09th, 2017 

4 Things You Learn Moving From A Small Town To A Big City

By Dwayne Hoover  Published: December 09th, 2017 

Herb and Jamaal for Dec 09, 2017 for 12/09/2017

Herb and Jamaal for Dec 09, 2017

Updated: Sat Dec 09, 2017

Heathcliff for Dec 09, 2017 for 12/09/2017

Heathcliff for Dec 09, 2017

Updated: Sat Dec 09, 2017

The Other Coast for Dec 09, 2017 for 12/09/2017

The Other Coast for Dec 09, 2017

Updated: Sat Dec 09, 2017

Dogs of C-Kennel for Dec 09, 2017 for 12/09/2017

Dogs of C-Kennel for Dec 09, 2017

Updated: Sat Dec 09, 2017

Agnes for Dec 09, 2017 for 12/09/2017

Agnes for Dec 09, 2017

Updated: Sat Dec 09, 2017

B.C. for Dec 09, 2017 for 12/09/2017

B.C. for Dec 09, 2017

Updated: Sat Dec 09, 2017

Momma for Dec 09, 2017 for 12/09/2017

Momma for Dec 09, 2017

Updated: Sat Dec 09, 2017

15 Life Hacks For People With Loose Morals

Collection of funny life hacks designed to help you lie.

While completely unethical, these "life hacks" can help you get out of plans, school and work. 

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Oh My God, It Even Has A Watermark

Funny meme about american psycho.

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Funny meme about grades and memes.

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‘Feliz Navidad’ Meets ‘Hotline Bling’ In This Ridiculous Holiday Mashup

Submitted by: (via Cyranek)

California Man Records Plane Dropping Fire Retardant On His House

airplane-dropping-fire-retardant.jpg This is a video of a California man standing outside his home to record a plane flying by to drop a bunch of red fire retardant on his property, denting his garage door and knocking pieces of his roof off in the process. Which, I think we can all agree, is a small price to pay to not have your house catch fire. Me? I payed the ultimate price to not have my house catch on fire. "You sold your soul to the devil?" Worse -- penis to a wizard. Keep going for the video.

It’s A Diabetes!

Funny meme about candy called fun dip, it says pregnant.

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Slow Down, Grandma!: Mobility Scooter Modded To Have Tesla-Like Acceleration, Top Speed Over 62MPH

ultra-fast-mobility-scooter.jpg This is a video of the terrifying 3-wheel electric mobility scooter that somebody modded with insane acceleration capabilities and a top speed over 100km/h (~62MPH). Obviously, this is not your grandma's Hoveround. Also obviously, when I'm older I'm going to build myself one and be the bad boy of the entire retirement village. *almost hits old man crossing the street to the community center for bingo* "What are you, nuts?! Slow down!" At least my pecker works, Arthur! Keep going for the video.

Louis C.K. Buys Back His Scrapped Film ‘I Love You, Daddy’ from The Orchard

Following last month’s New York Times report detailing multiple allegations of sexual assault by Louis C.K., the distributor behind his new movie I Love You, Daddy has not only decided to scrap the film’s release, but they’re also selling rights to the film back to C.K. According to Deadline, The Orchard has confirmed they’re “wrapping […]

20 Awesomely Sardonic Comics From War And Peas

Funny web comics from War and Peas, dark web comics, dark humor, cynical, animals.

Equal parts grim and amusing, War and Peas has become wildly popular within the web comics scene. The witty text and colorful drawings make it easy to fall into a seriously enjoyable comics hole. We've included some choice offerings, but visit their page for more cynical goodness. 

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‘Here’s To 2017’, A Mashup Art Print Of All The Stuff That Happened This Year

2017-poster-640.jpg Note: Much larger version HERE, but you might have to save it to see it at full-res. This is 'Here's To 2017', a mashup art print created by Beutler Ink featuring references to a bunch of the major pop culture and news events that happened this year. Man, what a steaming turd of a year in the toilet bowl of history. And 2018 doesn't look to be shaping up to be much better. My only hope is that I miraculously managed to be good enough to get on Santa's nice list this year and he delivers the giant asteroid I asked for. Thanks to Briana, who has a much more positive outlook and is convinced 2018 is going to be THE YEAR. God I hope you're right.

Statistically Accurate

Funny meme about Mariah Carey Christmas song "all i want for christmas is you."

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Dear God: Tornado Tears Through Concrete And Steel Building Like A Wet Paper Bag

tornado-damage-1.jpg This is a video from Spartanburg, South Carolina of an EF2 tornado (wind speeds 111 - 135MPH) tearing through a concrete and steel warehouse back in October. Thankfully (and amazingly), none of the people seen in the video right before the tornado comes plowing through were even seriously injured. I like how that one guy was actually outside like ten seconds before shit hits the fan. There are balls, and then there are that guy's balls, which I can only assume were forged in the heart of a dying star as practice before Thor's hammer. Keep going for the video. Also, props to whoever installed that security camera, they clearly did a good job. Also, clearly a tornado > the big bad wolf.

“I Love You, America” with Sarah Silverman Episode 109 Monologue

I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman Episode 109 Monologue

"I Love You, America" with Sarah Silv... 8:38
Sarah Silverman gives her take on nationalism in this week's monologue. I Love You, America is now streaming on Hulu.
Submitted by: I Love You, America
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Spotify’s ‘2017 Wrapped’ Feature Is Inspiring Some Hilarious Parodies

Funny spotify parody memes, 2017 wrapped, music streaming, toto, smash mouth, weezer, communism, anime.

Spotify released a fun feature this week that allows users to view an analysis of their 2017 music listening habits. The generator, which they call "2017 wrapped," reveals users' top artists, songs, and genres. The popular music streaming service has been encouraging users to share this information on social media. Judging by our newsfeeds, their plan is working - and then some. While some people are gleefully showing off their colorful listening cards, others are hard at work creating parodies for music and meme lovers alike. 

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Neato: Adding Colored Ink To Water Calligraphy

This is a video of calligrapher Seb Lester demonstrating a water calligraphy technique. Basically, you write whatever you want with water, then drip drops of colored ink into the water and watch the magic happen. Pretty neat, right? I'm thinking I'm going to have my next birthday invitations done in the same style so people know I spent a lot of money on the party and should feel guilted into bringing expensive gifts. I'd try inking them myself, but I don't have a very steady hand. As a matter of fact, I have a very unsteady hand, which is why I was discharged from the military. "No, you were caught trying to steal a tank." I could tell it was sad just wanted to crush some cars. Keep going for the whole video (he adds purple too) as well as another example.

Strange new weather patterns

Last night it snowed. That might not seem like much to you but snow is rare here.  Rare as diamonds and – in my opinion –  more beautiful.  The newsman said it’s the first real snowfall here in 30 years … Continue reading

Cute Girls Picdump 78

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2017 In Review: The 15 Best ‘Fireflies’ Memes And Videos

Funny memes of Owl City's "fireflies" song.

According to the experts at Meme Documentation, 2017 was a year of nostalgic memes. From "the floor is lava" to "Elf on a shelf," it seemed that the jokes that resonated most were ones that recalled the past. Owl City's 2009 hit, "Fireflies," was treated no differently. The 8 year old electro-pop hit exploded onto the meme scene, inspiring users to create bizarre video memes, as well as the more standard "Who Would Win?" fare. The 15 memes below were our personal favorites, but searching "fireflies" on Youtube will reward you with hours of ridiculous time-wasting. 

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This Guy Researched The Onscreen History Of The Phrase ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’

In 7 months, he found 105 examples.

Videos Of NASA Testing Its New Shape Memory Alloy Tires

These are several videos of NASA testing out its new shape memory alloy tires for use on future trips to distant planets that will probably never happen. The tires are constructed out of a titanium-nickel alloy, and can return to their original shape after being deformed by rolling over a rock or the leg of a jaywalking alien. Hey -- can't you read the signs?! Whoa -- okay now, let's put the laser blaster away. Oh God, oh God, please don't kill me! *shaking head* Whew -- it was a just a daydream. "Are you okay, GW?" Why wouldn't I be? I've never been okayer. "Because you're crying." It was just so vivid. Keep going for the the video above of a Mars simulation, a video of a tire being tested on a Jeep in the grass, and a more informative minute and a half long video.

Here Are This Week’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos with Returning Host James Franco

James Franco returns to Saturday Night Live tomorrow night for his fourth hosting stint, and NBC released a round of promos today to get you excited featuring Franco alongside Kate McKinnon and musical guest SZA. Check out another promo below, and catch the rest when the episode airs on NBC tomorrow night. SNL will close […]

Adam Rotstein (@madamepotstein) and Alt Comedy on Twitter

Adam Rotstein is a comedy writer who lives in Los Angeles. He spent two years living in Brooklyn and was legally obligated to move to Los Angeles after that lease was up. He’s written a couple of pilots that he “accidentally” leaves behind at high-end coffee shops in Silver Lake. He also regularly contributes to […]

This Hilarious Compilation Covers The World’s Worst Acting

Today's big release of The Disaster Artist has bad acting on a lot of people's minds. This video covers the very worst - beyond The Room. 

Submitted by: (via Chodmunch)

All The Rage: Christmas Tree Decoration Inspired Eyebrows

chistmas-tree-eyebrows-1.jpg These are a bunch of photos taken by makeup and beauty enthusiasts who have transformed their eyebrows into tiny Christmas tree inspired displays. I suspect they're going to be all the rage at holiday parties this year, which is great because they should make it super easily to identify crazy people from a safe distance. Keep going for a bunch more examples, applied with varying degrees of skill.

Amber Ruffin Responds to Allegations That She Punched Seth Meyers: “It Was a Different Time Back Then”

There have been a lot of public apologies recently from men whose history of sexual harassment and assault have finally come to light, so during last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers welcomed writer Amber Ruffin to share the lessons she’s learned from them. After surprising Meyers with a swift punch to the face, Ruffin gets […]

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Got Ya

Funny meme about looking at memes while you are at work.

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Fire Department Spends An Hour Rescuing Youtube ‘Prankster’ Who Cemented His Head In A Microwave

microwave-head.jpg Because even Darwin sleeps on the job sometimes, a 22-year old Youtube 'prankster' had to be rescued by local fire services in Wolverhampton, England after cementing his head in a microwave. Wait -- how is almost suffocating a prank? If you die, aren't you only pranking yourself?
Friends had managed to feed an air tube into the 22-year-old's mouth to help him breathe, the service said. Watch Commander Shaun Dakin said the man "could quite easily have suffocated or have been seriously injured". Mr Dakin said: "He and a group of friends had mixed seven bags of Polyfilla which they then poured around his head, which was protected by a plastic bag inside the microwave. "The oven was being used as a mould and wasn't plugged in. The mixture quickly set hard and, by the time we were called, they'd already been trying to free him for an hour and a half." "All of the group involved were very apologetic, but this was clearly a call-out which might have prevented us from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need."
You can watch the video below, but I don't really encourage it. It's just eleven minutes of Jonny Numbnuts freaking out with a microwave stuck to his head. Personally, I would have preferred to see the fire department plug the microwave in and hit the popcorn button to let nature run its course, but that's just me and the gazelle with the microwave on its head is always the first to get eaten by lions anyways. Keep going for the video while I write Youtube demanding this guy be banned from ever uploading or monetizing another video.

Jordan Klepper Risks His Life by Eating Trump’s 2,400-Calorie McDonald’s Order

Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski just released a book that reveals a fact about Trump that probably isn’t the best thing to process in the morning: Not only does our current president eat McDonald’s food regularly, but his go-to meal order – two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and a chocolate milkshake — consists […]

(616): Hey does the gas gauge in…

(616): Hey does the gas gauge in your car work?
(1-616): Nevermind...we figured it out. Heres a more relevant question, does your insurance have roadside assistance?

24 High Quality Birb Memes That Will Elevate Your Mood

List of funny birb memes, funny bird memes, birds, animals, dogs.


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Tagged: birds , Memes , dogs , birb , animals

Stephen Colbert and John Hodgman Review Movies as Gil and Phil Peaches

If you’re interested in some high-quality film reviews of some of this year’s Oscar contenders, look no further than this clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert returns as YouTube movie reviewer Gil Peaches to break down some of the year’s hottest films alongside his “pretentious cousin” Phil Peaches played by John Hodgman. The […]

Patton Oswalt Explains Why Trump Is Like “Sour Cream in a Sauna” for Comedians on ‘Conan’

Here’ a clip from Patton Oswalt’s appearance on last night’s Conan, where he and O’Brien talk about the very misguided idea that Donald Trump is “great for comedy” and how the speed at which Trump creates ridiculously terrible news actually makes comedy a lot more difficult. “Imagine there’s a guy out on the sidewalk, and […]

(703): I was sprawled on his bed…

(703): I was sprawled on his bed and heard him and a girl walk in the apartment. I jumped out the window and am walking down main street wrapped in an american flag blanket. Can you pick me up?

(208): She bruised my penis again….

(208): She bruised my penis again. But, trooper I am we kept on going.

Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss

Funny meme about drinking and not knowing what you did the night before.

Submitted by: (via Holofan4life)

Tagged: drinking , Memes

(850): “Fwd: Nice to meet you last…

(850): "Fwd: Nice to meet you last night thanks for the tit flash" no recollec. i am officially banned from wearing tube tops to the bar.

(920): my goal is to never have a…

(920): my goal is to never have a bac of 0.0 the whole time while in the state of florida, which means i have to chug a beer before i cross the state line.

(303): I told him he looked like…

(303): I told him he looked like my uncle.
(1-303): Why would you say that in a bathtub?

(859): She slapped a big dramatic…

(859): She slapped a big dramatic bandage on my arm and people started buying me drinks...I plan on wearing a full body cast tomorrow night.

Overflow 304

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A Perplexing Query

Funny meme of a dog wondering why he is a good boy.

Submitted by: (via @god)

Tagged: dogs , Memes

This Frosty The Snowman Wears A Donald Trump Hat And Hates Snowflakes

"The Late Show" version is not a jolly, happy soul.

(847): I haven’t taken my socks…

(847): I haven’t taken my socks off in over 36 hours. I should add that to my bumble profile.
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