Miranda Lambert & husband refused to clap for Blake Shelton’s CMA performance

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Blake Shelton divorced Miranda Lambert in 2015. He took her by surprise and did some kind of hokey (but legal) quickie divorce thing, where it was over in about two weeks. He basically ordered her to pick up her sh-t from the Oklahoma ranch they shared (which was his) and that was it. He moved on with Gwen Stefani and Miranda had a string of lovers until she married Brendan McLoughlin earlier this year. Miranda and Blake still see each other at country-music functions and awards shows, and clearly, they have not yet buried any hatchet. I don’t even think they’ve spoken to each other since 2015. And Miranda went out of her way to avoid CLAPPING for Blake at last night’s CMA Awards:

Miranda Lambert and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, didn’t feel the need to stretch their legs after her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, sang his hit “God’s Country” at the 2019 Country Music Association Awards.

“Everyone stood up to clap for Blake at the end of his performance except Miranda Lambert and her husband,” an eyewitness tells Us Weekly exclusively. “At the commercial break, they both left their seats.”

Shelton, 43, attended the 53rd annual ceremony at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, on Wednesday, November 13. The eyewitness tells Us that the couple, who started dating in 2015, “were nodding their heads” during Lambert’s “It All Comes Out in the Wash” performance earlier in the night.

Shelton was nominated for three awards on Wednesday, and took home one: Single of the Year for “God’s Country.” Lambert, meanwhile, was up for Female Vocalist of the Year, but lost to Kacey Musgraves.

[From Us Weekly]

Blake Shelton and Gwen bopped along to Miranda’s performance but… Miranda made a thunderface during Blake’s performance and she sat on her hands? This would be such a big deal if the CMA Awards were conducted in a f–king middle school. I mean, congrats to Blake and Miranda for managing to be at the same event without tossing salads at one another. If all we’ve got to go on is “a refusal to clap” and my assumption of a thunderface, then they’re keeping it reasonably professional.

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Bethenny Frankel tells people to eat before parties or you’ll overindulge

Bethenny Frankel built her food and beverage line and all her branding around being thin. She has a few books with tips and recipes about it, and she loves talking about it too. It’s not easy to stay thin in your late 40s, if that’s something you’re striving for, as the pounds creep on over the years and small amounts can add up. I get it and I work on that too, I just find it superficial as hell. (I mean I know I’m that way, it’s just not my main focus in life.) US Magazine asked Bethenny at an event for holiday diet tips. She started off well and said that you shouldn’t be on a strict diet and should indulge reasonably. Some of her other advice was decent too, but of course she said disparaging things about eating and gaining weight because that’s how she is.

“I’m a fan of indulging,” [Bethenny Frankel] told Us… “I think people are always told how to restrict and my feeling is you have to teach people how to indulge. It’s OK to have some cake, it’s OK to have some cookies. If you’re getting buckets of popcorn and brownies, choose how you’re going to invest — the way you invest in shopping, the way you invest in money. You don’t go and just buy everything, you just pick your spots. So, that’s how people should handle the holidays.”

For Frankel, it’s more harmful to have a strict diet during the holiday season because it can lead to unhealthy binging. “You say you’re going to be drinking green juice and eating steamed vegetables for the holiday season, you’re going to eat five times the amount and blow up like a tick,” she told Us.

She advised people to eat before attending holiday parties “otherwise you’ll be grabbing every hors d’oeuvre.” When it comes to sipping festive cocktails, Frankel urged partygoers to drink water in between drinks to avoid overeating while buzzed. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint, the holiday season. Can’t call in full the next day,” Frankel said.

The Skinnydipping author added that cheat meals aren’t in her vocabulary because she doesn’t “think it’s cheating.” Instead, she believes the word can cause people to not achieve their diet goals.

“I eat everything,” Frankel said. “If you think it’s called cheating, then you beat yourself up for it, then you rebel, then it’s a vicious cycle. My book, Naturally Thin, is all about ‘treat your diet like a bank account.’”

[From US Magazine]

I tend to eat a lot at parties because the food is great and I don’t drink anymore so I may as well eat. I can’t get on board with this pre-eating thing, that’s assuming the food I have at home is better than typical party food and it never is! It sounds like Bethenny doesn’t care about that at all. However I do treat my diet like a bank account and eat less the rest of the day because I know I’m going to have a lot at one event. I also agree with her that you shouldn’t have “cheat foods” or “forbidden foods.” As I often mention, I count calories and it’s easier to keep a balance when you know how much you’re eating and what you have left. Plus then you don’t have to give up entire categories of foods. That seems like misery to me. That’s Bethenny’s default setting though so it probably doesn’t matter what she eats.

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Life Imitating Art? Ben Affleck Plays Struggling Alcoholic In New Film

In an ironic twist of fate, Ben Affleck is playing a struggling alcoholic in his new film.

As RadarOnline.com has learned, the actor — who recently suffered a relapse — plays a former high-school-basketball-phenom-tuned-construction-worker fighting with addiction in the upcoming sports drama, The Way Back.

So proud of this one and the incredible team behind it. Here’s your first look at #TheWayBack, a story of endurance and redemption. In theaters this March,” Affleck, 47, tweeted this Thursday, November 14, along with the movie trailer.

In the film, Affleck’s character, Jack, loses a full university scholarship and ruins his marriage due to his vices. As his life continues to go downhill, his alma mater’s basketball coach suffers a heart attack, and Jack is offered the open position.

“It keeps me busy. Keeps my mind off of other things,” Jack says of his new job, not willing to show how truly invested he really is.

From then on, Jack takes smalls steps to improve his life, but his lifelong demons are tough to get rid of.

“I spent a lot of time hurting myself,” he says in the teaser as scene of him crashing a car drunk and being carried into his home fill the scene. “I made a lot of bad decisions. I’ve got a lot of regrets.”

Affleck’s socking role comes as the actor himself suffered an unexpected relapse, days after celebrating one year of sobriety. The incident occurred during a Halloween party, which he attended with new girlfriend, Katie Cherry. There, reporters caught clips of him stumbling drunkenly to his car.

When he was questioned about the event the next day, Affleck — who’s been to rehab three times and has long admitted to substance abuse issues — brushed it off, saying “It happens, it was a slip, but I’m not gonna let it derail me.”

Still, a fellow partygoer exclusively told Radar “You could tell he was so out of it,” and “he was clearly plastered.”

As of now, the actor is continuing his sober counseling. He has not given any more details about his recent mishap.

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Salesforce announces it’s moving Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure

In the world of enterprise software, there are often strange bedfellows. Just yesterday, Salesforce announced a significant partnership with AWS around the Cloud Information Model. This morning, it announced it was moving its Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure. That’s the way that enterprise partnerships shimmy and shake sometimes.

The companies also announced they were partnering around Microsoft Teams, integrating Teams with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Salesforce plans to move Marketing Cloud, which has been running in its own data centers, to Microsoft Azure in the coming months, although the exact migration plan timeline is not clear yet. This is a big deal for Microsoft, which competes fiercely with AWS for customers. AWS is the clear market leader in the space, but Microsoft has been a strong second for some time now, and bringing Salesforce on board as a customer is certainly a quality reference for the company.

Brent Leary, founder at CRM Essentials, who has been watching the market for many years, says the partnership says a lot about Microsoft’s approach to business today, and that it’s willing to partner broadly to achieve its goals. “I think the bigger news is that Salesforce chose to go deeper with Microsoft over Amazon, and that Microsoft doesn’t fear strengthening Salesforce at the potential expense of Dynamics 365 (its CRM tool), mainly because their biggest growth driver is Azure,” Leary told TechCrunch.

Microsoft and Salesforce have always had a complex relationship. In the Steve Ballmer era, they traded dueling lawsuits over their CRM products. Later, Satya Nadella kindled a friendship of sorts by appearing at Dreamforce in 2015. The relationship has ebbed and flowed since, but with this announcement, it appears the frenemies are closer to friends than enemies again.

Let’s not forget though, that it was just yesterday that Salesforce announced a partnership with AWS around the Cloud Information Model, one that competes directly with a different partnership between Adobe, Microsoft and SAP; or that just last year AWS announced a significant partnership with AWS around data integration.

These kinds of conflicting deals are confusing, but they show that in today’s connected cloud world, that companies who will compete hard with one another in one part of the market, may still be willing to partner in other parts when it makes sense for both parties and for customers. That appears to be the case with today’s announcement from these companies.

Country Stars Get Gussied Up for 2019 CMA Awards in Nashville

Hollywood and Anytown, USA collided for the 53rd annual CMA Awards ... and they blended perfectly. Gigi Hadid, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman were on hand Wednesday night at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Gigi hung out with Kacey Musgraves,…

The Kardashians’ staged KUWTK food fight was gross, stupid & wasteful

I hate food waste. It’s one of those things that just irritates me to no end. Maybe it’s because my Indian father was obsessed with NEVER EVER wasting food, and that was drilled into me from infancy. If there’s a plate of food in front of you, you eat it. You don’t throw anything out unless it’s gone bad, and even then, expired food needs to be tested to see if it’s still “okay.” I sent a plate of food back at a restaurant ONE TIME in my life and I still remember it and worry about it because I know that the restaurant likely just tossed the pasta in the trash and that makes me want to cry (even though the pasta was gross & inedible). So obviously, I don’t find “food fights” very funny. It’s not funny to throw lovingly prepared food – because food is love, damn it – around for hilarity. I realize that not everyone feels the same way. But this staged food fight between the Kardashians is so gross to me. SO WASTEFUL.

Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian is still trying to convince people that Tristan Thompson is constantly trying to get back with her. Do you believe that?

Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian will be spending a lot of time together in the coming weeks as they try to celebrate the holidays harmoniously for their child — but that doesn’t mean the pair will be rekindling their romance. Despite Thompson’s best efforts to romantically reunite with his ex, a source close to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star tells PEOPLE that Kardashian, 35, is not interested and continues to move forward for the sake of their 19-month-old daughter True.

“It’s hard not to admire Khloé,” the source says of Thompson, 28, and his mindset. “She decided that she was going to be in a good place with Tristan, because of True and she really is. She refuses to be bitter and dwell on the past. Tristan still tries to date her, but she doesn’t seem interested. She seems very happy the way things are. She loves just being a mom and focusing on work.”

As of late, Thompson has been putting in a valiant effort to mend his relationship with Kardashian following his cheating scandal in February with longtime family friend Jordyn Woods. Last week, Kardashian showed off a pink balloon arrangement that Thompson had sent her as a gift after the launch of her new pink diamond KKW Fragrance. The balloons spelled out the name of her new scent.

[From People]

I mean… I think Tristan still flirts with Khloe, but I also think that Khloe wants everyone to think that men – especially exes – are obsessed with her. The “Tristan is desperate to get back with Khloe” storyline has been pushed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for months. Because I guess they needed that version of the story as opposed to “every guy cheats on Khloe and then she acts like a doormat and stays with them until her delusional fake-ass world comes crashing down on her publicly.”

2019 People's Choice Awards

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2019 People's Choice Awards 2019 People's Choice Awards

La Machine’s Giant Mechanical Fire-Breathing Dragon Roaming The Streets Of Calais, France

‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Honest Trailer Compares the Film’s Stars to Buff Testicles


I still can’t get over how categorically absurd the full title of this summer’s Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw is: Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw. It feels like the movie should open with Vin Diesel in his garage working on a car when he suddenly stops and says, “Oh, I didn’t see you there. You know something, Hobbs and Shaw get up to some pretty crazy shit when I’m not around. Let’s check it out…” Better movie.

Perhaps the craziest shit that The Rock Johnson and Jason Statham’s characters do in this film is pursuing a helicopter in a car, eventually bringing it down with a giant chain. It’s noisy, fiery, and absolutely boneheaded, just about everything you could expect for a film from this franchise. The good folks over at Screen Junkies have given us their latest Honest Trailer for the film and they really take the film to task for its ridiculous action set pieces.

At the same time, it kinda celebrates all the stupidity on display, ultimately throwing its hands in the air and just giving in to all the dumb fun happening. It seems that they learned, as did the rest of the world, that when it comes to the Fast & Furious movies, no multitude of cuts can kill them. Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray, and On Demand!

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson Takes Credit for Spider-Man and Superman Being British, Forgets About Batman

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Waffle House Sued For Discrimination By Woman In Viral Arrest Video

A rep for Waffle House, Inc. tells TMZ ... it hasn't had the chance to review the lawsuit because it hasn't seen it. The rep adds, "As we’ve said previously, we regret this incident happened at all. As anyone who has dined with us knows, we have…

Aussie model Erin Langmaid gave birth to a baby without realizing she was pregnant

Hello, I’d like to introduce you to Erin Langmaid, a 23-year-old Australian model. Erin gave birth to a baby girl on October 29. The birth was a surprise because Erin… did not know she was pregnant. I read this story this morning and I really didn’t know what to make of it other than “how?” and “that’s a really big baby for a pregnancy she didn’t know anything about.”

An Australian model recently had a life-changing surprise when she gave birth to a baby in her bathroom, despite not knowing that she had been carrying her daughter for nine months. Erin Langmaid welcomed a healthy 7 lbs. and 7 oz. baby girl, Isla May, on Oct. 29, but says she had no idea she was expecting after not showing any typical pregnancy symptoms and consistently using contraceptive injections, 7 News reports.

“I wasn’t showing obviously because I fit into everything,” Langmaid, 23, told the outlet. “It’s just really bizarre.”

Langmaid and her boyfriend Daniel Carty’s world was flipped upside-down two weeks ago when the model started feeling ill and took a trip to the bathroom. Within just ten minutes, Langmaid said her daughter had unexpectedly arrived in a “dramatic” fashion — a moment that Carty, 31, said also caught him off-guard.

“I heard a scream and I ran in there and then I saw the little one and I thought, ‘Hang on, there’s two,’” he recalled to 7 News of his shock, which quickly turned to panic when he realized Isla had stopped breathing after making her grand arrival. Thinking on his feet, Carty called 000 (Australia’s version of 911) and had the operator walk him through the steps to restore his daughter’s breathing and save her life. Thankfully, Carty was successful in his attempts and his girlfriend and daughter were soon rushed to the hospital, where doctors determined that Langmaid had experienced a cryptic pregnancy.

A cryptic pregnancy, also known as a stealth pregnancy, is when conventional testing methods fail to detect a mother is carrying a child, according to Healthline. One in every 475 women experience a cryptic pregnancy which goes undiscovered until the mother is 20 weeks along, News Medical reports. Some others, like Langmaid, don’t learn they’re pregnant until the baby arrives. Weeks after the major surprise, Langmaid and Carty are now settling into their new lives and unexpected roles as parents.

Carty shared the exciting news on Instagram with his followers on Nov. 1, alongside a sweet family photo of him holding his new daughter while Langmaid watched on. “We want to share with you our new little family member. Isla May was brought into the world on Tuesday night, she lived in mummy’s tummy for 9 months without letting us know,” he wrote. “After an extremely tough few days both mother and daughter are perfectly well and ready to go home.”

[From People]

The whole “consistently using contraceptive injections” thing might explain a bit of this… if this was Fifty Shades of Grey, I guess (in case you don’t know, that was a plot point of that series). My guess is that when Erin missed her period or felt her hormones going haywire, she just thought it was because of injections? I’m trying to explain this, because I have no idea. I have no idea how a model-trim woman of 23 could miss a baby-sized bump and a kicking fetus completely. I just… wonder about this whole story.

Here are some Instagrams dated just weeks before she gave birth. She, uh, seemed to take pains to hide her midsection, huh.

2019 People's Choice Awards

2019 People's Choice Awards

2019 People's Choice Awards

Photos courtesy of Instagram.
2019 People's Choice Awards 2019 People's Choice Awards 2019 People's Choice Awards 2019 People's Choice Awards

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Dog Boutique Employee Violently Throws Dog to the Ground in Sickening Video

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Damon Dash is broke ... and he says so. Dash filed legal docs in an ongoing business lawsuit in which he owes $2,400. Dash says he doesn't have the dough. He says he has no salary and depends solely on his business to make income, but the biz is…

Holding A Grudge? Miranda & Husband Brendan Refuse To Clap For Blake At CMA Awards

Auburn football: 5 reasons the Tigers will beat Georgia and all but end Dawgs’ Playoff hopes – Saturday Down South

Auburn football: 5 reasons the Tigers will beat Georgia and all but end Dawgs’ Playoff hopes  Saturday Down South

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College Football Playoff — The best, worst and most realistic conference scenarios – ESPN

College Football Playoff -- The best, worst and most realistic conference scenarios  ESPN

Jennifer Lopez called Rob Pattinson ‘Bobby’ in their Variety interview & it was amazing

Meghan Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry Duke of Sussex pictured at Field of Remembrance in London

Variety does an Actor-on-Actor interview series ahead of the big awards season every year. Usually, there’s some kind of rhyme or reason to which two actors get put together, like they’ve worked together before or they’ve circled the same films, or maybe they’re simply the same age. This year’s Variety series is absolutely bonkers though. I don’t get why Brad Pitt was put with Adam Sandler, nor do I understand Laura Dern with Sterling K. Brown, or Richard Madden with Amy Adams. But this one takes the cake: Jennifer Lopez and Robert Pattinson. Two people who have been in the manic fame machine and come out of it wiser. But my lord, they have zero in common. At one point, J.Lo called him “Bobby” and I sat here and laughed for five full minutes. Some good sections:

Robert Pattinson: OK, “Hustlers.” Very much liked it. I saw it in the theater, and it was packed. Do you think if “Hustlers” was directed by a man it would be different?

Jennifer Lopez: I think it would be so different if it was directed by a man. I think what “Hustlers” exposes is that men have a very secret life, and they have a way that they think about and look at women that is very objectified a lot of the time. Lorene Scafaria, the director, was really great. It was a nonjudgmental lens. Whereas I think from a man, these women would have been judged, because men put women in categories.

Pattinson: Sweeping statements. Jesus!


Lopez: You have to love the [bad characters]. When I first saw [Hustlers], I was sick to my stomach. I was like, “Oh, my God, what are they doing!” Then I had to remove myself from it, because when you watch a movie like “Goodfellas” or “Boogie Nights,” you delve into these dangerous, enticing worlds, where you get caught up in doing bad things and it’s a slippery slope.

Pattinson: It always looks way sexier in movies. Whenever you’re in a seedy kind of [club], it always smells weird. It’s like, “This wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.”


Pattinson: Something I was trying to find for years was to do a ballet movie. And then my agent was like, “Why? Do you know how to ballet?” I’m like, “No.”

Lopez: But why? Why, Bobby, tell us?! Is there something fascinating to you about the world of being a male ballet dancer?

Pattinson: I think there’s a ballerina inside me.

Lopez: Yeah, there’s a ballerina in there. It’s the dance.

Pattinson: I really wanted to do it.


Lopez: I feel like some younger actors, they feel like they need to stay in it all the time. And as I’ve done movies for many years now, I can’t wait for the end of the day to let it go, and go home and wash — literally get in the shower and wash it all off.

Pattinson: I always say about people doing Method acting, you only ever see people doing Method when they’re playing an a–hole. You never see someone just being lovely to everyone going, “I’m really deep in character.”

Lopez: You’re right. Oh, my God, that’s so funny.


Lopez: You thought it was going to be a “Lost Boys” type of thing?

Pattinson: Exactly. I mean it’s a weird story, “Twilight.” It’s strange how people responded. I guess the books, they are very romantic, but at the same time, it’s not like “The Notebook” romantic. “Twilight” is about this guy who finds the one girl he wants to be with, and also wants to eat her. Well, not eat — drink her blood or whatever. I thought it was a strange story. Even the way I promoted it, I was very open about how strange I thought it was when I was doing it. Then afterward, I didn’t make a conscious decision at all to do smaller things. I’ve just kept doing what I wanted to do in the first place.

[From Variety]

BOBBY. His name is Bobby Sparkles now, sorry I do not make the rules. Bobby Sparkles has always been rather charming in interviews, and I feel like he sort of charmed Jennifer in a weird way. He makes her laugh a few times but she’s super-earnest. I also think he might be slightly in love with her too? He was trying to talk to her about The Cell, and she changed the subject to vampires and the line about “this guy who finds the one girl he wants to be with, and also wants to eat her” is hilarious.

Cover courtesy of Variety.

Ford’s all-electric SUV is officially the ‘Mustang Mach-E,’ and you can reserve one starting Nov. 17 – TechCrunch

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Ford’s all-electric SUV is officially the ‘Mustang Mach-E,’ and you can reserve one starting Nov. 17

Fourteen years after launching 1Password takes a $200M Series A

Sea-Thru: An Algorithm That Removes The Blueish Underwater Look From Underwater Photography

Kathie Lee Gifford on moving to Nashville: there’s a culture of authentic kindness

Kathie Lee Gifford left The Today Show about eight months ago to start a new life in Nashville, where she’s making music and Christian movies. She came back for the first time yesterday to talk to Hoda and Jenna and it’s clear that she’s loving her semi-retirement in Tennessee. She said a lot of things about how wonderful people are in Nashville and how it’s different from Connecticut in that people are more open and social. Kathie’s husband of almost 30 years, Frank Gifford, passed away in 2015. She told Hoda and Jenna that she went on her first date in 33 years with a decent man she met while she was dancing.

On living in Nashville
It’s a completely different culture down there. There’s a culture of kindness and they’re authentically kind. They’re joyful they have so much fun. There’s barbecues, everything is Americana like when I was growing up. There are church bells and birds. When a siren comes around it’s not because someone was murdered.

She went on two dates for the first time in 33 years
No I went out on a couple of dates. I went out with friends to a club to hear my favorite band. This sweet guy asked me to dance. A couple of weeks later same band, so we danced again. We just went out a couple of times. It was fun. I hadn’t been out on a date in 33 years. It’s surreal because the world has changed so much. But he was a gentleman. It was fine, fun. I got so busy and we’re just from different worlds.

On how it’s different in Nashville
Nobody in Greenwich, Connecticut just shows up [at your house] so that’s different. Nobody takes a guitar off your wall and starts playing and the next thing you know you’ve recorded it and you’re trying to get Little Big Town to do it.

I’m just writing with tons of people, going back to Israel to shoot more films. There’s such a desire in people for truth in this world we live in. People want authenticity. Let people be who they are too. In Nashville there is so much decency. There’s Republicans, there’s Democrats, there’s Libertarians. People talk nicely to one another, ‘why do you feel that way?’ People don’t scream at each other.

[From The Today Show video]

As someone who moved to the south from Connecticut specifically, I have to say that southern people are kind, friendly and they can be super nice to your face, but they talk about you behind your back much worse than they do other places. Once you learn this you can use it to your advantage, but it took me a while to catch on. Everyone is nice to you if you’re a white person. It’s not as welcoming for people of color. That said, it does sound like a great place for Kathie and like she’s enjoying herself. Also I bet she could find love again if she wanted to! Not everyone wants that and it does take a lot of work to find someone. My friends in their 50s are meeting decent guys though and there are plenty of older men looking for partners. The world has changed but we have so many more options now to meet guys. It’s definitely not as big of a pool as there was in our 20s and 30s though that’s for sure.

Here’s Kathie’s interview. I would jack the hell out of my face if I could look like that at 66. She looks good!


Embed from Getty Images

photos credit: WENN and Getty

There’s a High School in South Korea Where Anything Goes When It Comes to Yearbook Photos

funny yearbook photos

Jeonju Haesung High School in Jeonju, South Korea doesn't take yearbook photos too seriously. Here's some photo evidence for proof.

[via: Kotaku]

Submitted by: Unknown

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The social media giant removed billions of fake accounts this year, but still faces criticism over its role in the 2020 presidential election.

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Law & Order’s Diane Neal Claims Ex Physically & Sexually Abused Her, Hurt Her Pets

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‘The Bachelorette’: Tyler Cameron Told His Instagram Following That He’s Looking For Love – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Wayfair adds AR furniture and 3D visualization tools to its apps

Child Leaves The Internet Screaming After Roasting Teacher Extra HARD

student roasts a teacher

This poor kid could've used the extra hours in school before they went trying to utterly ruin their teacher. 

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Tencent vs. Alibaba: Why one Chinese titan is slumping while the other soars – CNN

  1. Tencent vs. Alibaba: Why one Chinese titan is slumping while the other soars  CNN
  2. Alibaba readies $13 billion Hong Kong listing before the end of November  CNBC
  3. Hedge Funds Salivate Over Arbitrage Trade in Alibaba  Investor's Business Daily
  4. Hong Kong's risk of 'total collapse' pushes economy deeper into the red  Nikkei Asian Review
  5. Alibaba's Hong Kong secondary listing gives Asia's Taobao users a chance to own stakes in China's biggest technology champion  Yahoo Finance
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Disney+ warns viewers of ‘outdated cultural depictions’ in old movies

Old dogs, new tricks: 10,000 pets needed for science – The Associated Press

Old dogs, new tricks: 10,000 pets needed for science  The Associated PressView full coverage on Google News

China’s Mars ambitions one step closer after successful test of lander – CNN

China's Mars ambitions one step closer after successful test of lander  CNNView full coverage on Google News

The Morning After: Motorola RAZR returns as a $1,500 foldable phone

Protesters killed in Iraq as HRW slams attacks on medics – Al Jazeera English

  1. Protesters killed in Iraq as HRW slams attacks on medics  Al Jazeera English
  2. Iraq Protests: What Do the Protesters Want?  TIME
  3. Four killed, 52 wounded in Baghdad protests: police, medics  Reuters
  4. Iraq's elderly encourage young protesters in Baghdad  Al Jazeera English
  5. Iraqi crackdown on protests enters sinister phase of disappearances and espionage  The Independent
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20 Trashy College Students Who Probably Shouldn’t Be There

Trashy College Students Who Probably Shouldn't Be There

These idiots are just wasting their college tuition. 

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Tagged: trashy , wtf , FAIL , funny , college

Google AI can tell you how close your voice is to Freddie Mercury’s

SEC Football Power Rankings for Week 12 – A Sea Of Blue

SEC Football Power Rankings for Week 12  A Sea Of Blue

AOC slams WH adviser Stephen Miller as ‘white nationalist’ after recent report, calls for his resignation – Fox News

  1. AOC slams WH adviser Stephen Miller as 'white nationalist' after recent report, calls for his resignation  Fox News
  2. Advocacy group releases emails claiming Stephen Miller promoted white nationalism | USA TODAY  USA TODAY
  3. AOC calls on Stephen Miller to resign over leaked emails  New York Post
  4. Yes, Stephen Miller is absolutely a white nationalist  Washington Post
  5. Democrats call for Stephen Miller to resign after leak of xenophobic emails  NBC News
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ISIS Suspect Trapped at Turkish-Greek Border Is to Be Deported to U.S. – The New York Times

  1. ISIS Suspect Trapped at Turkish-Greek Border Is to Be Deported to U.S.  The New York Times
  2. American ISIS fighter stranded in no-man's to be repatriated to U.S., Turkey says  USA TODAY
  3. Turkey deports American IS suspect stuck at Greek border  Washington Post
  4. Turkey to extradite American IS suspect 'stranded on border'  BBC News
  5. American ‘ISIS fighter’ deported by Turkey stranded in gap between fenced borders after Greece refused to tak  The Sun
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Recession fears recede in Germany but the global economy is still fragile – CNN

  1. Recession fears recede in Germany but the global economy is still fragile  CNN
  2. Germany narrowly avoids a technical recession with 0.1% growth in the third quarter  CNBC
  3. Germany just narrowly avoided recession — but a downturn 'is more likely than not' in 2020  INSIDER
  4. Trade War, Powell Speaks, Germany Dodges Recession: Eco Day  Bloomberg
  5. 'Suffering' German economy narrowly escapes recession in third quarter  Reuters
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Teresa Giudice speaks out on Good Morning America about husband Joe – WPVI-TV

  1. Teresa Giudice speaks out on Good Morning America about husband Joe  WPVI-TV
  2. Teresa Giudice Speaks Out About Reunion With Husband Joe Giudice for the 1st Time: ‘We Had the Best Time Ever’ in Italy  Us Weekly
  3. RHONJ: Teresa Giudice Says Daughter Audriana, 10, Was Bullied Over Joe Giudice's Jail Time  Yahoo Entertainment
  4. Teresa Giudice Opens Up About Her Future With Husband Joe and the Cheating Rumors (Exclusive)  Entertainment Tonight
  5. RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Breaks Her Silence on Reunion with Husband Joe in Italy: 'I'm Unbreakable'  PEOPLE.com
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Walmart earnings beat estimates, shares rise on higher outlook ahead of holidays – CNBC

  1. Walmart earnings beat estimates, shares rise on higher outlook ahead of holidays  CNBC
  2. Walmart earnings preview: Battle with Amazon for grocery delivery dominance heats up  MarketWatch
  3. What’s Walmart’s Thinking On E-Commerce, Consumer, China and Yes, Virginia, Holiday Shopping?  Forbes
  4. Walmart Reports Earnings Tomorrow. Here’s What to Expect.  Barron's
  5. With New Grocery Delivery Services, Walmart Challenges Amazon Prime  Seeking Alpha
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Teresa Giudice Breaks Silence on Italy Trip: There Were So Many Tears!

We rarely associate Teresa Giudice with being quiet.

Or with not talking about herself.

Or with turning down an opportunity to make headlines.

Teresa in Italy

This is why we found it so unusual that The Real Housewives of New Jersey star didn't say anything after returning this past Sunday from Italy, where she had spent a few days visiting her estranged husband, Joe.

He was sent to his native country after being released from ICE custody and is required to stay there while he waits to learn the fate of his deportation appeal.

We had taken Teresa's silence on her reunion with Joe as yet another sign that she was done with the marriage...

... but it turns out the Bravo personality was simply waiting for a huge platform on which she could dish about all that transpired.

Teresa Giudice on Bravo Couch

"We had the best time ever. It was so good,” the 47-year-old says in a Good Morning America iterview set to air on Thursday, November 14.

She adds of Joe:

“He said he cried after we left. He cried the whole day, he said. Missing his daughters. He was so sad.”

Hard not to take note here of the fact that Teresa never says if she cried or if she was sad to leave.

Visiting Joe

Joe and his four daughters shared a number of photos from the family's visit -- but Teresa did not.

Her Instagram page is basically void of all references to the trip and we are yet to see a picture of just her and Joe from the adventure.

In her Good Morning America sit-down, Giudice added that the visit was full of “lots of laughs” and “lots of tears.”

Teresa Giudice on Good Morning America

After she and Joe pleaded guilty to charges of loan and bankruptcy fraud in 2014, the self-centered stars were given staggered prison sentences, which allowed one parent to be at home with their kids.

Teresa served 11 months behind bars in 2015 and has been home alone with her children for more than three years.

Joe served 41 months and was then ordered to be deported in October 2018 because he committed a felony as a non-U.S. citizen.

Neither husband nor wife sounded particularly optimistic about their future as a married couple when they sat down for a joint interview with Andy Cohen a few weeks ago.

“I think [the kids] get it. I don’t think they want to see it happen, obviously, but I think they understand,” Teresa, who previously claimed she would leave Joe if he was indeed deported, said of a potential divorce.

She added:

“The way I explained it to them, how are we going to live apart?

"I don’t think he would be faithful, I don’t. I think he would have someone there and I would be here. I don’t want to live life like that."

Teresa on Watch What Happens Live

As for Joe? He seems resigned to the couple's fate.

“If we stay together, we stay together. If we don’t, we don’t,” he said at the time. “We’ll see.”

Baker Mayfield and Mason Rudolph’s Bedlam bromance comes to AFC North – ESPN

  1. Baker Mayfield and Mason Rudolph's Bedlam bromance comes to AFC North  ESPN
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns Week 11 NFL Game Preview  NFL
  3. Tim Benz: Steelers think they have a plan to slow Browns' receiving tandem  TribLIVE
  4. Cleveland Browns Pregame Scribbles: A test for Freddie Kitchens, who has yet to impress  cleveland.com
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Google demos Stadia UI and lists several missing launch features

Just Like Uncle Brad! Pitt’s Niece Studies Architecture At $40k-A -Year Private College

‘I came, I saw, I conquered’: Zlatan Ibrahimovic confirms LA Galaxy exit – CNN

  1. 'I came, I saw, I conquered': Zlatan Ibrahimovic confirms LA Galaxy exit  CNN
  2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic LA Galaxy part ways after two MLS seasons  ESPN
  3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Conquered MLS with 30 GOALS in 2019! ALL GOALS  Major League Soccer
  4. Zlatan Ibrahimović on the end of his tenure in Los Angeles: "Thank you LA Galaxy for making me feel alive again"  LA Galaxy
  5. What is Zlatan Ibrahimovic's next move?  Daily Post
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CMA Awards 2019: Complete list of winners, best and worst moments – The Washington Post

  1. CMA Awards 2019: Complete list of winners, best and worst moments  The Washington Post
  2. Jennifer Nettles calls for 'equal play' for women in country music with CMAs red carpet look  Yahoo Celebrity
  3. Jennifer Nettles calls out country radio with outfit at the CMA 2019 Awards  11Alive
  4. Country’s female stars kick off CMA Awards  WKRN News 2
  5. Jennifer Nettles calls for equal play with CMAs red carpet look: ‘Play our f—kin' records’  Fox News
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Servant Apple TV+ Series Cast, Trailer, Release Date, Plot, and News

Apple TV+ twisted thriller series Servant manifests from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan.

Servant marks M. Night Shyamalan’s return to television, a medium in which he last endured the 2016 cancellation of his secretly-post-apocalyptic Fox television series, Wayward Pines, after two seasons. However, Shyamalan didn’t have to wait long for his television hopes to rebound, since he subsequently closed a deal with Apple, which will provide his new thriller series a platform with its November-launching Apple TV+ streaming service.

Shyamalan’s Apple deal yielded a 10-episode straight-to-series order for Servant, teaming him with writer and executive producer Tony Basgallop, of Berlin Station, 24: Legacy, 24: Live Another Day and What Remains fame for the mystery series, described as a “psychological thriller.” Interestingly enough, Shyamalan’s Servant will distinguish itself in terms of format, since – contrary to genre convention – it will manifest as a half-hour series, for which he’s set to direct the first episode.

Servant Cast

There's a plethora of cast members for Servant. Here are some of the notables.

Toby Kebbell, an English actor, has been seen in an array of recent high-profile pictures, notably reprising his motion-capture role as bellicose primate Koba in War for the Planet of the Apes, along with appearances in Kong: Skull IslandGoldBen-HurWarcraft and played a – let’s just kindly say “unique” version of Marvel mega-villain Doctor Doom in the 2015 flop, Fantastic Four. Amongst his upcoming projects is a major role as villain Axe in the Vin Diesel-starring Valiant Comics movie, Bloodshot.

Lauren Ambrose and Nell Tiger Free were cast as co-stars for the series back in August. The plot is said to depict the ordeal of parents Dorothy and Sean Turner, who have hired young nanny Leanne to help care for their newborn. Of course, in prospective Shyamalan-esque fashion, a major twist will apparently occur.

Lauren Ambrose will play the mother, Dorothy Turner. Ambrose is an American actress, who's best known as the co-star of HBO’s Six Feet Under. She comes into the Shyamalan show off a recent run on Fox’s The X-Files revival, with other recent runs on USA’s Dig, NBC’s Law & Order: SVU and the BBC’s Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood. Moviegoers will remember her from films such as WanderlustWhere the Wild Things AreDiggersCan’t Hardly Wait and In & Out.

Nell Tiger Free will play the nanny, Leanne Grayson. Free, an English actress, gained early-career exposure to a worldwide audience in 2016 with a single-season run on HBO’s Game of Thrones in the role of young Myrcella Baratheon, who was secretly the daughter conceived by Lannister siblings Jaime and Cersei. She recently banked a TV run on Amazon’s Too Old to Die Young.

Rupert Grint is playing Julian, the younger brother of Dorothy (Ambrose). Grint, who, of course, is best known as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter cinematic saga, has been quietly charting his own post-Potter path, fielding TV runs on Sick Note and Snatch, and recently redefined himself in the Amazon Prime Video John Malkovich-starring Agatha Christie/Hercule Poirot reboot series, The ABC Murders.

Servant Trailer

A new trailer for Apple TV+'s Servant has arrived. Titled "Jericho," this fittingly covers the origin of the show's inert, creepy little star. 

The full trailer for Servant has arrived, showcasing the arrival of a creepy nanny (Game of Thrones' Nell Tiger Free) hired to care for a creepy-in-its-own right doll that a couple keeps in place of their dead baby. – For good measure, it should be reiterated that this is creepy.

Just below are a duo of teasers, each one focused on distinct, though equally-creepy aspects of the series.

Servant Release Date

Servant will be released on Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving). The date was announced at New York Comic Con 2019 along with a fittingly creepy teaser. 

Servant Plot Details

According to Servant showrunner Tony Basgallop, the show is about a couple who tragically loses a child and tries to rebuild their lives.

Basgallop added to Den of Geek “And one of the methods they use to try and get over this loss is the introduction of a reborn doll, which is one of the very, very lifelike dolls that cost you somewhere in the region of six and 10,000 dollars each. They introduced a reborn doll to get over the grief but it hasn’t worked, and Dorothy, the mother of the infant, is in a position to hire a nanny to watch after the doll while she returns to work.”

...Creepiness will ensue.

Servant is a production of Shyamalan’s Blinding Edge Pictures with Ashwin Rajan (Split, Wayward Pines) serving as executive producer, joined in that capacity by Jason Blumenthal (The Equalizer), Todd Black (Fences) and Steve Tisch (Forrest Gump) of Escape Artists, along with Taylor Latham.

Shyamalan’s presence will undoubtedly boost Apple’s array of developing television offerings, which includes the reboot of Steven Spielberg’s beloved 1980s anthonoly series Amazing Stories, as well as a new space drama by Ronald D. Moore of Outlander and Battlestar Galactica fame, along with dramatic offerings from Octavia Spencer and La La Land, maestro Damien Chazelle, just to name a few.

Read and download the Den of Geek NYCC 2019 Special Edition Magazine right here!

Joseph Baxter is a contributor for Den of Geek and Syfy Wire. You can find his work here. Follow him on Twitter @josbaxter.

Nell Tiger Free in Servant; Apple TV+
News Joseph Baxter
Nov 14, 2019

Atlanta Season 3 Cast, Release Date, News, and More

Atlanta Season 3 will be bringing more Southern Gothic goodness to FX but not for awhile.

We'll be getting an Atlanta Season 3. It's just going to take awhile.

Donald and Stephen Glover's brilliant, Faulkner-esque series Atlanta has been a big hit for FX in some untraditional ways. Anecdotally speaking, it feels like few shows on television drive online conversation or rile up the blogosphere like Atlanta.

read more: Best TV Comedies of 2018

FX, as run by CEO John Landgraf, is a network that thrives on non-traditional attention. It likes its shows to drive conversation, generate thinkpieces, and win awards. Atlanta has proven adept at all three of those things. So Atlanta only drew less than a million viewers on the night it airs, but FX is confident in its product. It likely helped that FX just inked Atlanta director and long-time Glover collaborator Hiro Murai to a big overall deal.

Atlanta is phenomenal, achieving and exceeding what few television series have done,” said president of original programming for FX Nick Grad in a statement. “With Atlanta Robbin’ Season, Donald and his collaborators elevated the series to even greater heights, building on the enormous success of their award-winning first season. We’re grateful to the producers and our extraordinary cast and crew for achieving this level of excellence, and we share the excitement with our audience about the third season knowing they will continue to take us to unexpected and thrilling places.”

read more: The Many Genres of Atlanta

At an FYC Emmy screening this summer, Glover said that Atlanta Season 3 will be the most "accessible" season yet.

“I align the seasons I think, to me, like Kanye records,” Glover said. “I feel like this is our ‘Graduation.’ This is probably our most accessible but also the realest — an honest version of it — and I feel like the most enjoyable, like the third album.

Atlanta Season 3 Cast

The main players are all sure to be back: Donald Glover, Zazie Beets, Brian Tyree Henry, and Lakeith Stanfield. There may, however, come a day when this cast is simply too famous and has too many other opportunities to stay locked down. Beetz and Stanfield had a busy schedule of late with the likes of Deadpool 2 and Sorry to Bother You. That day is not here yet though.

Atlanta Season 3 Release Date

Atlanta star Zazie Beetz told IndieWire that due to some delays, Atlanta won't begin production until the spring. Clear some space in your 2020 schedule. FX CEO John Landgraf confirmed as much during his appearance at the 2019 TCA winter press tour. Atlanta Season 3 likely won't arrive until late 2020, with production beginning in the spring of that year.

Glover also likes to work at his own pace, telling Entertainment Tonight before the debut of Atlanta Season 2: “I don’t rush my work. I’d hate to be like, ‘It was worth the wait.’ You’ll decide that." Whenever Atlanta Season 3 arrives, it will likely be worth the wait. We can't wait to see where Paper Boi's career goes next or at least what haunted woods he gets lost in.

Read and download the Den of Geek NYCC 2019 Special Edition Magazine right here!

Alec Bojalad is TV Editor at Den of Geek and TCA member. Read more of his stuff here. Follow him at his creatively-named Twitter handle @alecbojalad

Atlanta Season 3 Release Date, Cast, News
News Alec Bojalad
Nov 14, 2019

Erdogan Hands ‘Tough Guy’ Letter Back to Trump – The New York Times

  1. Erdogan Hands ‘Tough Guy’ Letter Back to Trump  The New York Times
  2. Trump vows new Ukraine transcript release in post-impeachment hearing press conference  Fox News
  3. GOP senators air concerns during unusual White House meeting with Erdoğan  CNN
  4. President Trump urges Turkish strongman to call on a ‘friendly’ reporter  Washington Post
  5. In Meeting Erdogan, Trump Courts Another Tyrant  The New York Times
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This Arctic blast is in its final day. But the cold isn’t over quite yet – CNN

  1. This Arctic blast is in its final day. But the cold isn't over quite yet  CNN
  2. Deadly Arctic blast breaks records set more than 100 years ago USA TODAY  msnNOW
  3. Deadly Arctic blast breaks records set more than 100 years ago  USA TODAY
  4. This Arctic blast is shattering hundreds of records and causing deadly road conditions. And it’s not over  KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis
  5. This Arctic blast is in its final day. But the cold isn't over quite yet  msnNOW
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Fragile ceasefire holds in Gaza amid reports of fire exchange – Al Jazeera English

  1. Fragile ceasefire holds in Gaza amid reports of fire exchange  Al Jazeera English
  2. Cease-fire reached with Israel to end Gaza fighting, Islamic Jihad says  Fox News
  3. Gaza Strip ceasefire agreed after 32 killed in bombardments  Al Jazeera English
  4. Does Israel Need a Crisis to End Its Crisis?  The New York Times
  5. Michael Lynk's UN report on Israeli settlements speaks the truth – but the world refuses to listen  The Independent
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European stocks edge lower on China trade concerns and ‘worst of all worlds’ German economic data – MarketWatch

  1. European stocks edge lower on China trade concerns and ‘worst of all worlds’ German economic data  MarketWatch
  2. European stocks edge lower as US-China talks hit stalemate; Germany avoids technical recession  CNBC
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China’s Commerce Ministry says trade war should be ended by removing tariffs – CNBC

  1. China's Commerce Ministry says trade war should be ended by removing tariffs  CNBC
  2. Exclusive: U.S. manufacturing group hacked by China as trade talks intensified - sources  Reuters
  3. China hacked U.S. manufacturers group in summer cyberattack, report says  CBS News
  4. China hacked US manufacturing group amid trade talks: report | TheHill  The Hill
  5. U.S.-China trade deal doubts lifts yen, A$ hits one-month low  Reuters
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Delayed 9/11 Trials At Guantánamo Bay Cuba Military Court Tied To Past Torture – NPR

Delayed 9/11 Trials At Guantánamo Bay Cuba Military Court Tied To Past Torture  NPR

Sweeping Study Points To Devastating Impact Of Climate Change On Global Health : Goats and Soda – NPR

  1. Sweeping Study Points To Devastating Impact Of Climate Change On Global Health : Goats and Soda  NPR
  2. The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: 2019 report  The Lancet
  3. The Lancet report: International health experts sound alarm about climate change's growing and potential impact on kids  CBS News
  4. The climate crisis will profoundly affect the health of every child alive today, report says  CNN
  5. How the Climate Crisis Is Killing Us, in 9 Alarming Charts  WIRED
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Opera’s latest browser update will show you how much you’re being tracked

THE MANDALORIAN: Jon Favreau Shares A Behind The Scenes Image From The Set Of Season 2

We've only seen one episode of The Mandalorian but season two is already shooting and showrunner Jon Favreau has now shared a behind the scenes image from the set of the show. Check it out right here...

Stanford publishes its massive Apple Watch heart-rate study

AQUAMAN Star Patrick Wilson Confirms Sequel Return And Teases James Wan’s Ideas For The Sequel

Patrick Wilson has confirmed that he'll return as Orm in the Aquaman sequel and reveals that director James Wan is planning to push things "even further" in that. Find out more details after the jump...

THE BATMAN: Matt Reeves Confirms That VENOM 2 Director Andy Serkis Will Play Alfred Pennyworth

The Batman director Matt Reeves has once again taken to social media to reveal the latest casting addition to The Batman and Black Panther star Andy Serkis will indeed take on the role of Alfred...

Kanye West’s Sunday Service at Joel Osteen’s Church Requires Tickets

Kanye West's appearance at Joel Osteen's megachurch this Sunday is expected to draw overflow crowds ... and the folks at Lakewood Church are scrambling to avoid pandemonium. We've learned the Church has contacted Ticketmaster and will offer tickets…

George Lopez Says Let Impeachment Hearings Play Out, Then Unite

George Lopez has a take on the House impeachment hearings that might actually surprise you -- let it sort itself out and whatever the outcome, find common ground as Americans. We got the comedian out at LAX Wednesday afternoon and wanted to get his…

Disney Actor Chris Tavarez Busted for Domestic Violence

Disney actor Chris Tavarez is in hot water after allegedly flying into a rage, giving his girlfriend a concussion ... and getting his ass thrown in jail as a result. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Chris and the woman were at a house in…

16-year-old taken in for questioning over bushfires as fourth person found dead – CNN

  1. 16-year-old taken in for questioning over bushfires as fourth person found dead  CNN
  2. Australia bushfire death toll rises as fire risk spreads west  Al Jazeera English
  3. Sydney fires: NSW roads closed due to fires – air quality reaches dangerous levels  Express.co.uk
  4. Toll rises in Australian wildfires with more danger ahead  Los Angeles Times
  5. Death toll rises to four in Australian bushfires as 16-year-old accused of deliberately starting blaze  The Telegraph
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Graphene: The more you bend it, the softer it gets – Phys.org

Graphene: The more you bend it, the softer it gets  Phys.orgView full coverage on Google News

Nancy Drew Episode 6 Review: The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge

A trip to a party for the uber elite provides Nancy with answers—and even more questions—about Dead Lucy.

This Nancy Drew review contains spoilers.

Nancy Drew: Episode 6

Given how small a town Nancy Drew’s Horseshoe Bay is purported to be, it’s kind of wild how many truly bizarre things take place in it. From death-predicting seawater rituals to storms with the power to fuel restless spirits, there’s just…well, it’s a lot. So, it probably shouldn’t surprise us that this quaint seaside town is also the location of a super-elite party for the 1% that takes place every five years where everyone wears animal masks and bids on priceless antiquities. And yet.

“The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge” is a return to great form for the series after last week’s uneven exorcism adventure. Here, there are just enough spooky moments to feel genuinely frightening, mixed in with a bizarre but entertaining present-day plot that features more information about Dead Lucy’s past, the humanization of Ryan Hudson, and a chance for Bess to recapture her love of stealing things. Who can ask for more?

read more: Nancy Drew Episode 5 Review

Sadly, despite the episode’s title and it’s vaguely adjacent to the Archieverse feel, there are no surprise appearances by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina characters, nor is anyone revealed as a secret witch. (Though probably we should just give Bess some time on that point.)

Instead, our focus returns to Lucy Sable, as Nancy attempts to figure out the meaning of a poem the dead girl left behind in a high school time capsule. Because this is Nancy Drew, the angst-ridden rhyme leads us to the underground posh rager known as “The Velvet Masque,” a party is apparently so top secret you need a ridiculously rich person to vouch for you in order to enter. Luckily, the Drew Crew knows a lot of rich people somehow.

Nancy scores an invite by sort-of befriending Ryan Hudson, who needs her to steal some priceless Roman coins for him, and is also afraid he’s being stalked by a killer. Apparently, these coins are also evidence that the Hudson family killed a bunch of people by sinking a merchant ship in order to commit insurance fraud, so this episode is even messier than usual somehow. Just go with it.

read more: The CW's Nancy Drew Adaptation Will Never Use Guns

Ryan and Nancy are a pairing that, on paper, should be fairly off-putting, but is instead strangely charming and really works in a sort of reluctant-partners-for-the-moment kind of way. (I might even ship it a little bit; please respect my privacy during this strange and bizarre time.) It’s hard to remember sometimes that Ryan is technically meant to be some twenty-odd years older than Nancy and her friends, given that he generally behaves as though he’s barely old enough to order a cocktail legally. But he is, and that fact gives him a connection to yet another Horseshoe Bay dead girl: Lucy.

“The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge” reveals that not only were Lucy and Ryan romantically involved for a summer before she died, he also apparently took her to an earlier incarnation of The Velvet Masque where she accidentally spied on his mother having an affair with Owen Marvin’s uncle Sebastian -- who, by the way, was famous for wearing a Kraken mask at these events and sounds like a total hoot. (I’m vaguely sorry he’s dead so he can’t pop up unannounced at a Horseshoe Bay civic gathering someday.)

The secret underground rich people party is pretty much everything what we want from a show like this. An opulent setting with all our faves sporting attractive black-tie attire while a bunch of suspect adults drink, engage in risqué behavior and try to buy random, apparently priceless artifacts on the black market. It’s all great—random rich kid Owen is weirdly protective of Nancy, Nick gets jealous of their flirtation, Bess makes out with Lisbeth, and Ryan’s mom is the kind of monster I can’t wait to see again. (Is she a murderer? Who can say?)

read more: Riverdale Season 4 Episode 6 Review

There’s so much to enjoy here, that its easy to handwave the paper-thin nature of the Drew Crew’s ultimate plan to steal the McGuffin of the week, as well as the fact that the alleged Marvin/Hudson rivalry has been comprised of an awful lot of showing and not telling. When everyone’s wearing sparkly glitter masks, it’s hard to get but so annoyed.

And while this episode is full of some genuinely freaky moments—the shot of Dead Lucy trailing Nancy through the Hudson home in a mirror is particularly good, as is her apparent desire to literally burn the wedding ring off Ryan’s finger—they’re balanced out by worthwhile character work elsewhere. Since Nancy is off doing her sleuth thing for most of the episode, “The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge” gives us some very satisfying moments between George and Nick (the prickliest detective team ever), as well as with Ace and Bess.

Nancy Drew is genuinely taking the time to build real relationships between and among the characters who aren’t Nancy, which helps give the show a much more well-rounded and ensemble feel. Plus, Ace giving Bess dating tips—most of which involve the fact that she can’t and shouldn’t talk about herself in pretty much any way—is deeply adorable. They all feel like real people rather than simply Nancy Drew’s sidekicks, and it offers hope that as the series continues to develop, those characters and relationships will become more and more three-dimensional.

Grab a FREE TRIAL of Disney+, on us, right here!

The episode ends with a reminder (again!) that Nancy’s dad is still carrying around a lot of mysterious baggage, but is also maybe actually not a murderer. (Woohoo!) The forensics are back on Dead Lucy’s crown, and the DNA evidence says another woman was likely with her when she died. Or, at least, left some hair behind in her Sea Queen crown.

Too early to wonder if this somehow involves Nancy’s mom? A mystery for later, it seems.

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays on The CW. You can find out more about it here.

Lacy Baugher is a digital producer by day, but a television enthusiast pretty much all the time. Her writing has been featured in Paste Magazine, Collider, IGN, SyFyWire and elsewhere. Literally always looking for someone to yell about Doctor Who and/or the CW superhero properties with, you can find her on Twitter @LacyMB.

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Review Lacy Baugher
Kennedy McMann as Nancy in Nancy Drew Episode 6
Nov 13, 2019

Joe Johnson Teases NBA Return, ‘It’s Possible, We’ll See’

Joe Johnson's not giving up on a possible return to the NBA -- telling TMZ Sports he's still training his ass off in case he gets that call. The 38-year-old stud had a stint with the Pistons earlier this year after BALLING OUT in Ice Cube's BIG3…

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Guess Who This Happy Baby Turned Into!

This smiling sweetie was born in Canada as Eilleen Regina Edwards, but would later change her name and grow up to sell over 100 million records ... making her one of the best-selling artists of all time. Now dubbed the "Queen of Country Pop," her…

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 6 Review – Chapter 63: Hereditary

Julian the Murder Doll returns on a thrilling episode of Riverdale season 4! Need we say more?

This Riverdale review contains spoilers.

Riverdale Season 4 Episode 6

"This is what happens in Riverdale."

Six episodes in to this season of Riverdale and the brakes are fully off. Finally.

It has long been my complaint that the series needs to fully ramp up the crazy without hesistation and this has come to pass. Yes, Jingle Jangle, the Gargoyle King, the Black Hood, The Farm, etc were all insane, but now, in its fourth season, a murderous doll named Julian is front and center. Oh hell yeah.

It is the kind of televisual insanity I live for. Not since the glory days of Melrose Place has a series had so many stupefying plot developments, and really, it's a thing of beauty. This episode's most interesting storyline involves Cheryl further descending into madness as she becomes convinced that the spirit of Julian, a triplet who she absorbed in the womb, is haunting Thistlehouse. Logic dictates that the seemingly nimble refuge from Trilogy of Terror is just a device being used by her remaining relatives to drive her insane and then be able to sell the family's struggling maple syrup business out from under her. Then again, this is Riverdale, so maybe the doll actually is alive a la The Boy. Fingers crossed!

read more - Afterlife with Archie: The 13 Scariest Moments

Regardless, something is going on with Julian, and it is causing Cheryl to miss school. When Toni finally convinces her to leave Thistlehouse and return to Riverdale High, Dagwood mysteriously chokes on a ping pong ball in Cheryl's absence. Seeing how Julian has escaped the containment circle she created, Cheryl decides to take matters into her own hands and drowns the doll -- hoping to kill its malevolent spirit. That's how she rolls.

Further complicating her already-packed week is the arrival of her relatives, who want Cheryl to agree to sell her stake in the family's maple syrup business. Cheryl seems amenable to this until Uncle Bedford mentions wanting to visit the Chapel, the same place Corpse Jason is currently enjoying the afterlife in. Before you can say "institutionalize," Uncle Bedford breaks in to the Chapel, discovers the grotesque tableau on display there and attacks Cheryl. A fight ensues in which Bedford is mortally wounded by Toni. The couple that kills together chills together!

What is so much fun about this whole storyline, more than its inherent ridiculous, is that it plays off of the American Gothic nightmare that is everything about the Blossom family. Glued together by incest and maple syrup, this is the most dysfunctional of families whose reality is severely heightened on a show where things already have a baseline off-kilterness. Meanwhile, Toni is a levelheaded character who increasingly is becoming poisoned/enhanced (your call) by Cheryl's bizarre drama. Now the pair have blood on their hands, and this plus the yet-to-be-resolved Julian saga should result in some captivatingly goofy TV in the coming weeks.

As Choni contends with actual murder, Betty resumes her investigation into whether or not that Charles is a serial killer. The verdict is still out on that one, but in this installment we learn that he is in cahoots with his lover, Chic (a returning Hart Denton). Chic and Charles have launched an ambitious plan involving the exhumation of the Shady Man's body to gain the Cooper family's trust. Sure, why not? The plan works, Betty welcomes Charles fully into her life. Oh Betty, you are so much smarter than this. Sigh.

Family matters are also the focus of Veronica's storyline, as she welcomes her mom home from prison and into a new hostess job at La Bonne Nuit. Much like Henry Hill at the end of Goodfellas, Hermione isn't prepared to live an ordinary life like a schnook, so she soon falls back into the arms of Hiram. ("I already regret this," she sighs, echoing the sentiments of viewers who have had enough of these two already). Veronica's new normal also involves having her dad an Hermosa embark on a new rum business, which apparently has been Hiram's passion...even though he's never mentioned it before. Contrivance Rum, drink it and let thoughts of contemptous writing drift away.

Hermosa has now firmly taken her place in her father's heart, so much so that a picture of her hangs where Veronica's once did. At least that's what she thinks. Hiram however tells Veronica that she remains his favorite daughter. Reminder: Parents shouldn't have favorites. This declaration aside, Veronica doesn't want him back in her life, let alone the Pembrooke. She's standing her ground, renewed vowels or not, and setting out on her own without her parents' help. We've heard all this before though, haven't we?

The repeated mistakes don't end there though! Archie is in a bit of a pickle in that his community center still isn't a hit with the kids, despite all the free junk food and videogames he throws at them. (Might I suggest an animatronic band at the El Royale?) Dodger is still being a pain in the ass, even more so once he discovers that Archie is the vigilante that has been messing with his burgeoning criminal empire. Following having his house shot up, Archie takes the desperate measure of seeing if Mr. Lodge can handle Dodger for him. This move actually makes some sense, with Fred gone all he has is Mary, and his wanting to protect her at all costs very much charts with what we know about Archie. Hiram says no to Archie's request for street justice. Nevertheless, Archie and Reggie arrive at the gym to find a nearly dead Dodger wrapped in a carpet and thrown in the trash. And with that, Archie again owes Mr. Lodge big time.

There's no flash-forward about Jughead's impending death this week. Instead, we are given some exposition about how Forsythe the First created the Baxter Brothers series and apparently had the characters ripped away from him by Mr. Dupont. Exactly why Dupont was so eager to reconnect with Forsythe is a mystery, other than to perhaps rub salt in an old wound. Jughead goes to Mr. Chipping with his findings, who says he is eager to help before subsequently leaping out a window. Jug has uncovered a truth that could shake Stonewall Prep's very foundations. And maybe result in his faking his own death? Time will tell...

Riverdale Roundup

- As if the Blossom family storyline wasn't already insane enough, this episode may have just introduced one of the craziest characters from Archie Comics lore ever: Cricket O'Dell. A ginger with the ability to smell money, Cricket would fit in perfectly with the Blossom clan. We don't know as of yet if this Cricket is the same as the one in the comics (a first season Easter Egg named Ms. O'Dell as a Riverdale High student), but it seems more than a little bit likely. Stay tuned.

- The best line of this episode, if not the series to date, was Cheryl yelling "damn you demon doll!" at Julian. Friends, do you even begin to realize what a golden age of television we are currently living in?

- Penelope Blossom is still missing. My prediction is she is the one pulling Julian's strings. Although I really, really want Julian to be a sentient being.

- Jughead makes an offhand mention of being "in existential hell," as if this were a new development for him.

- Speaking of Jug, the writers have really toned down his eating this season so far, boo.

- Is there any doubt that Dodger is working for Hiram?

- The end credits tell us silent member of the Blossom family who arrives with Bedford and Cricket is named Cousin Fester Blossom, an obvious (and appropriate given both clans' creepiness) refefrence to The Addams Family.

- It's kind of hilarious that F.P., a former thug-turned-sheriff, has qualms about arresting Dodger without cause but has zero problem helping to assist in the cover up of the Shady Man's murder for the second time just a few scenes later. Logic has no place on this show, and really, isn't that part of its charm?

- Let's add Archie to the list of terrible pet owners on this show. He's not as bad as Betty (too soon?) or Jughead (Hot Dog, I haven't forgotten you), but we haven't seen Vegas since the season premiere.

- Everytime Sketch Alley is mentioned, I can't stop laughing for at least five minutes.

- I was going to question how Betty knew how to operate and read a polygraph machine, but this is probably part of the standard curriculum at Riverdale High.

- There were no Mr. Honey scenes this week, fortunately.

- Ms. Bell sure had a lot of information about what happened to Dagwood. Guess there aren't HIPPA Laws in Riverdale.

- More Jingle Jangle references please.

- This isn't the first time we've seen a circle of salt used to keep away evil in the TV Archieverse. The method has also been utilized on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

- Dodger knifing Archie's vigilante mask to the front door of the Andrews house was a creepy touch, especially given the family's history with the Black Hood.

- Mr. Chipping's suicidal swan dive out of the window was a mood, even for this show.

- Mr. Dupont referring to Forsythe the First as a "vagabond" is such an accurate caricature of a prep school authority figure.

- Hermosa mentions that her mother is dead, but we don't know the exact circumstances...or if Hiram was somehow involved.

- Say what you will about Uncle Bedford and Aunt Cricket, but their assessment that Cheryl is having a psychotic break is far from inaccurate.

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Review Chris Cummins
Riverdale Season 4 Episode 6 Chapter 63 Hereditary
Nov 13, 2019

SpaceX successfully completes Crew Dragon engine tests without an explosion

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Episode 1 Easter Eggs Explained

The first episode of The Mandalorian has plenty of easter eggs and references to the larger Star Wars universe. Here's what we've found...

This Star Wars article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian not only explores a new medium for Star Wars -- a live-action TV series -- but also a new corner of the galaxy far, far away. In the first episode, we're introduced to a post-Empire realm of scum and villainy in the Outer Rim. This is the sector of space Mando calls home.

We follow the bounty hunter as he completes two jobs -- one that is pretty conventional and the other that's anything but. Along the way, we get a look at both some familiar trappings and brand new elements of this universe. Together, they make up a setting that feels alive and dangerous. 

Den of Geek has put together a guide to all of the easter eggs and callbacks to other Star Wars stories as well as a who's who to the new characters, locations, and aliens on the show.

Stream Star Wars shows with a FREE TRIAL of Disney+, right here!

The Mandalorian

- Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way: the Mandalorian isn't Boba Fett. As revealed by Pedro Pascal himself, the character's real name is Dyn Jarren. It sounds like this orphan-turned-bounty hunter is an original creation for the show. Unless Pascal lied. After all, the first episode went through a lot of effort not to reveal Mando's name...

- Mando's ship is called the Razor Crest, which apparently hails all the way back to the Clone Wars. 

- Mando's rifle is also a blast from the past: the tuning-fork-shaped weapon is an Amban phase-pulse blaster, which was first used by Boba Fett in The Star Wars Holiday Special

- We don't know much about Mando's past except that he was orphaned at a young age after he lost his parents during a Separatist attack in the Clone Wars. At some point, he was taken in by a Mandalorian clan that is led by a new Mand'alor. We also learn that Dyn is interested in helping other "foundlings" -- or orphans -- with the beskar steel he was given by his Imperial client.

The first episode suggests that the Mandalorian is a rogue who thrives in the lawlessness of the Outer Rim planets, but he isn't necessarily a villain. After all, he didn't pull the trigger on the Baby Yoda he discovered at the end of the premiere. If nothing else, Dyn has a real soft spot for fellow orphans. He chooses to protect them over collecting a few credits. 

Read More: Star Wars TV Series Disney+ Streaming Guide

Mandalorian Timeline

The Mandalorian is set approximately five years after the fall of the Empire in Return of the Jedi but before the rise of the First Order in The Force Awakens, somewhat bridging the gap betwen the two trilogies. While this time period was heavily explored in the Legends (old canon) timeline, it remains a bit hazy in the current continuity. 

The Rebel Alliance has reorganized itself into the New Republic, operating out of its new capital on the planet Chandrila, the home of Mon Mothma, Rebel leader and first Chancellor of the new galactic government. But while many systems have been freed from the Emperor's tyranny, a remnant of the Empire still remains outside of the New Republic's influence, even after the Battle of Jakku.

This means that the faraway planets the Mandalorian frequents are still either under Imperial control, have been left to fend for themselves, or have been plunged into lawlessness after the Battle of Endor. 

Read More: Best Bounty Hunter Stories

Mand'alor and the Tribe

- Mando isn't the only Mandalorian on the show, as revealed about midway through the episode. In fact, there's a whole Mandalorian tribe operating on whatever planet the bounty hunter calls home. The Mandalorian hideaway marked by the traditional sigil of the mythosaur -- a giant sea creature the ancient Mandalorians used to ride around on their home planet -- is the base of operations for a number of armored warriors. The group is led by a new Mand'alor, whose identity remains a mystery. Could it Bo-Katan, who accepted the title at the end of Star Wars Rebels? If so, is that Katee Sackhoff under that awesome helmet?! We talked way more about who the Mandalorians are right here

- The episode doesn't shy away from referencing Boba Fett. Inside the Mandalorian hideout, you will catch a blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse (at 18:31) of a bounty hunter that looks A LOT like the most famous gunslinger in the galaxy. Is this actually Boba Fett? It would be weird to drop such an iconic character into the show in such a matter-of-fact way. This is likely just Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni having fun with fans. And who says Boba Fett is the only bounty hunter with his color palette? 

Read More: Star Wars Timeline Explained

The Empire

The Mandalorian episode 1 plays its cards close to its chest when it comes to the status of the Empire. Most of the context we have for this time period comes from other parts of the Expanded Universe, namely the books and comics. The Battle of Jakku has already happened by this point, which means that the Empire has been officially defeated, but clearly smaller Imperial cells still remain in the Outer Rim.

As far as the premiere goes, we get a brief glimpse at one Imperial enclave, the mysterious client's headquarters, which is guarded by grimy and dusty stormtroopers. Werner Herzog wears the Empire's sigil but it's unclear if he is in fact an Imperial officer or just a crook with Imperial sensibilities. We'll likely find out who's the Imperial in charge of these planets in the coming weeks.

Who Is Kuiil?

One of the show's more peculiar castings is Nick Nolte as the voice of Kuiil, an Ugnaught who helps the Mandalorian reach his target in the second half of the episode. It was originally rumored that Nolte's character was from Mandalore, but that turned out to be Bantha poodoo. Kuiil is instead a wise vapor farmer with some good advice for the Mandalorian during his mission. 

If this alien looks familiar, it's because Ugnaughts were originally introduced in The Empire Strikes Back. They're the grumpy aliens who disassemble C-3PO on Cloud City. Kuiil is pretty grumpy, too.

I have spoken. 

Read More: Star Wars Movie and TV Release Date Calendar


IG-11 is a quirky assassin droid prone to self-destruction voiced by Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok). If this droid looks familiar, that's because its from the same series as another assassin droid, IG-88, one of the bounty hunters who appeared in The Empire Strikes Back

Baby Yoda

The big cliffhanger of the first episode is a major reveal that introduces what will likely be one of the show's central mysteries: who is the 50-year-old Baby Yoda, where did it come from, and what does Werner Herzog want with the infant? We broke down this mystery and talked way more about it here


There are three planets in the premiere episode, which does a good job of checking off the boxes of the usual Star Wars locations seen in the movies. The first one is an ice planet with a cantina, while the second one is a desert planet...with a cantina. And some Imperials and a Mandalorian enclave. This seems to be the main setting of the show. Neither planet is named, but they might as well be called Hoth and Tatooine. 

The third planet is called Arvala-7, which is where the Mandalorian finds his target, the aforementioned Baby Yoda. This is also Kuiil's home. 

All of these planets are beyond New Republic control at the moment. The Outer Rim of the galaxy remains lawless or under the control of what's left of the Empire. It's in this dangerous environment that the Mandalorian seems to thrive. 

Read More: Star Wars Movies Disney+ Streaming Guide

Alien Species

- The aliens who pick a fight with the Mandalorian at the cantina on the ice planet include a Quarren, a species first introduced in Return of the Jedi.  

- The Mandalorian's first target is a blue-gilled alien called a Mythrol. This is this species' first appearance. 

- The flute dude who hails a landspeeder for Mando is a Kubaz. This species first appeared in A New Hope. The informant who gives away Luke and the droids' location on Mos Eisley is a Kubaz.

- Fans of Return of the Jedi's Salacious B. Crumb might have a hard time getting through the first episode's most gruesome scene, which shows how Kowakian monkey-lizards are treated outside of Jabba's court. The obnoxious creature the Hutt saw as the perfect jester is actually food in other parts of the galaxy. You can see one of these monkey-lizards roasting on a spit, while another awaits his fate in a cage.

- You can see plenty of other recognizable aliens at the criminal outpost on the desert planet, including Rodians, Kyozo, Jawas, Trandoshans, and Twi'leks. There are probably more, too. Shout them out if you spot them!

- Familiar droids at the outpost include a GNK power droid, an astromech, and a gatekeeper droid (like the one from Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi). 

- Two creatures appear prominently in the first episode: a Ravinak, the giant monster that attacks the Razor Crest on the ice planet, and a Blurrg, the mount Mando learns to ride on Arvala-7. Blurrgs were first introduced in the animated movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

Read More: Everything You Need to Know About Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Assorted References

- Even the Mandalorian has to call an Uber sometimes. He hitches a ride on a landspeeder to get to his ship. It's driven by Brian Posehn (The Big Bang Theory). 

- The Mythrol makes a reference to Life Day, a holiday celebrated on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. It seems that Wookiees aren't the only ones who observe this special day. 

- The Mandalorian has an easy way to keep uncooperative captives in line: he freezes them in carbonite, which seems to be standard operating procedure for Mandalorian bounty hunters, including Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back

- Greef Carga (Carl Weathers) is the leader of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, an institution that's been around since before The Phantom Menace. Recognizable bounty hunters such as Bossk and Boba Fett were a part of this organization.

- There are several references to beskar steel, an alloy often used to make Mandalorian armor. This metal is so strong that it can deflect a strike from a lightsaber. 

John Saavedra is an associate editor at Den of Geek. Read more of his work here. Follow him on Twitter @johnsjr9.

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Star Wars: The Mandalorian Episode 1 Easter Eggs Explained
Feature John Saavedra
Nov 14, 2019

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Suspect in Popeyes fatal stabbing arrested, reports say – Fox News

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China completes lander test for first Mars mission in 2020 – msnNOW

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Walmart Black Friday deals are already here (and they’re pretty good!) – Mashable

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Dakota Fanning Looking All Kinds Of Hotter And Bustier Than Ever!

Dakota Fanning New

Here’s Dakota Fanning looking absolutely stunning and like a blonde bombshell at the 15th Annual Heller Awards, and looking bustier than ever, and busting out said bustier braless bosom in a sexy little number… sweet baby Jesus! Damn right she looks more boobtastic then ever, eh? Yup, this babe just keeps getting more and more drool-inducing. Alright, enjoy the sizzling photos and try not to drool all over yourselves!

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Dakota Fanning New Dakota Fanning New Dakota Fanning New Dakota Fanning New
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Emilia Clarke Braless And Chesty And Bootylicious For Last Christmas!

Emilia Clarke

Here’s Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke (aka Daenerys Targaryen/Mother of Dragons/Breaker of Chains/Khaleesi/Etc…) looking like a hot little minx at the UK premiere for Last Christmas, and flashing her sexy braless cleavage and chest in an outfit that was specifically made to show off sexy braless bosom/chest action… sweet baby dragons of Westeros! Oh yeah, she’s also busting out her underrated booty as well. Nice. Enjoy the sizzling photos and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke
Photo Credit: WENN

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Kara Del Toro Gets Ultra Bootylicious And Busty And Cleavagy!

Kara Del Toro

Here’s model Kara Del Toro looking like a supernova of hotness at the boohoo x All That Glitters Launch Party, and doing what she does best, and that’s busting out ginormous cleavage/bosom and her bootylicious booty in a skin-tight dress… dayuuuuuuuuuuuuumn! Wow, this minx sure is something else, eh? Especially when unleashing a cleavage/booty combo show. Speaking of… enjoy!

Kara Del Toro Kara Del Toro Kara Del Toro Kara Del Toro
Photo Credit: WENN

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Josephine Skriver Selfies Her Insanely Sexy 10/10 Cleavage!

Josephine Skriver

Here are a couple of photos that supermodel/super cutie Josephine Skriver just posted on her Instagram featuring her sexy little self taking a selfie of her ultra cute little self and new hairdo, and more importantly, her insanely sexy/perfect cleavage… wowzers! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this peach has the sexiest/most perfect bosom on the planet. And she crafts the sexiest/most perfect cleavage as well. Hence the cleavagy selfies. God bless her. Enjoy!

Josephine Skriver Josephine Skriver Josephine Skriver
Photo Credit: Instagram

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Ireland Baldwin Selfies Her Awesome Huge Cleavage!

Ireland Baldwin

Here’s a photo that Ireland Baldwin just posted on her Instagram featuring her ultra stunning little self taking a selfie of her extra hot and blonde little self, and busting out her ginormous/perfectly-shaped cleavage and bosom in only a sexy little bra… good lord! This peach is one of the sexiest babes on the entire freaking planet. With one of the sexiest/most perfect bosom on the planet as well. Speaking of sexy/perfect/ginormous bosoms… enjoy!

Ireland Baldwin
Photo Credit: Instagram

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Ireland Baldwin Ireland Baldwin Ireland Baldwin Ireland Baldwin

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