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NASA puts $7M towards long-shot research, from moon mining to solar lenses

NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program is all about making high-risk, high-reward bets on unique — and sometimes eyebrow-raising — ideas for space exploration and observation. This year’s grants total $7M and include one of the most realistic projects yet. It might even get made!

NIAC awards are split into three tiers: Phase I, II, and III. Roughly speaking, the first are given $125K and 9 months basically to show their concept isn’t bunk. The second are given $500K and two years to show how it might actually work. And the third get $2 million to develop the concept into a real project.

It speaks to the, shall we say, open-mindedness of the NIAC program that until this year there have only been two total recipients of Phase III awards, the rest having fallen by the wayside as impractical or theoretically unsound. This year brings the third, a project at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory we first noted among 2018’s NIAC selections.

Artist’s concept of how the resulting image might look.

The “solar gravitational lens” project involves observing the way light coming from distant explanets is bent around our sun. The result, as the team has spent the last two years reinforcing the theory behind, is the ability to create high-resolution images of extremely distant and dark objects. So instead of having a single pixel or two showing us a planet in a neighboring star system, we could get a million pixels — an incredibly detailed picture.

“As this mission is the only way to view a potentially habitable exoplanet in detail, we are already seeing the significant public interest and enthusiasm that could motivate the needed government and private funding,” the researchers write.

Several of the Phase II projects are similarly interesting. One proposes to mine ice-rich lunar soil in permanently dark areas using power collected from permanently bright areas only a few hundred meters up in tall “Sunflower” towers. Another is a concept vehicle for exploring vents on the Saturn’s watery moon Enceladus. One we also saw in 2018 aims to offload heavy life support systems onto a sort of buddy robot that would follow astronauts around.

The Phase Is are a little less consistent: antimatter propulsion, extreme solar sails, and others that aren’t so much unrealistic as the science is yet to come on them.

The full list of NIAC awards is here — they make for very interesting reading, even those on the fringe. They’re created by big brains and vetted by experts, after all.

Ronaldinho Moved from Jail to House Arrest In Fake Passport Case

Ronaldinho -- the soccer superstar accused of using a fake passport to enter Paraguay -- is finally out of jail ... but he ain't exactly home free. The 40-year-old Brazilian was moved to house arrest Tuesday -- after spending the last month locked…

Side Effects Halt Use of Chloroquine Vs. COVID-19

Jack Dorsey creates $1B COVID-19 relief fund using Square equity

Jack Dorsey announced in a series of tweets today that he is shifting $1 billion in his Square equity to create a fund dedicated to COVID-19 relief. The Twitter and Square CEO is calling the fund Start Small and posting a tally of disbursements and recipients in a public spreadsheet.

Dorsey said in his announcement that the new initiative will shift the focus to other causes at some point.

The first Start Small contribution listed is $100,000 to America’s Food Fund — an effort led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Laurene Powell Jobs dedicated to providing meals to vulnerable populations disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other top backers of America’s Food Fund include Oprah Winfrey ($1 million) and Apple ($5 million), according to the organization’s GoFundMe page.

That’s what we know so far from a tweet posted Tuesday afternoon by the American tech entrepreneur who co-founded and leads not one, but two publicly listed companies.

There’s still a lot to learn about Dorsey’s new initiative, including how it will be managed, whether it will make investments (along with donations) and how to apply for funding. TechCrunch has asked Square for additional details and will update this post when we hear back.

Does Marijuana Help AFib?

Tech shares close down on the day despite roaring start

American equities closed down today, with the major domestic indices all losing ground after a wild trading cycle. After starting the day up sharply higher after strong Monday gains, those gains were erased as the day closed. It was a day of confusing movement; the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite, to pick an example, had a range on the day of more than 3%, despite closing off just a tenth of that figure.

Divining the correct reason for movement in the stock market is a fool’s errand most days. Today, however, it isn’t hard to point to at least part of the reason for the reversed gains: a possibly record-setting one-day domestic death toll from COVID-19. Per collected data, deaths for the day as of the time of writing came to 1,690, with several high-infection states yet to report.

Here are the day’s results:

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA): -26.13, -0.12%
  • S&P 500: -4.27, -0.116%
  • Nasdaq Composite: -25.98, -0.33%

Shares of SaaS and cloud companies dropped more sharply, with the Bessemer cloud index falling 1.88% on the day. Oil also fell, with WTI crude dropping more than 7% as of the time of writing.

Are you a bit sandblasted by all the volatility? Let’s update you on how the major indices have performed since their recent highs:

  • DJIA change from 52 week highs: -23.4%
  • S&P 500 change from 52 week highs: -21.63%
  • Nasdaq Composite change from 52 week highs: -19.83%

And for good measure, the Bessemer cloud index is off 24.09% from recent highs. So everything is in bear market territory at the moment — even after Monday’s huge gains — except for the Nasdaq Composite, which remains merely in deep correction. Not great news for anyone with a 401k balance, but the numbers were worse on Friday.

Today the market tried to go up again and failed. Let’s see what tomorrow’s COVID-19 data shows us. It just may drive the markets yet again.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Donate $1 Billion Of His Wealth to COVID-19 Relief

Twitter's CEO just beat every other big shot's donation to coronavirus relief by tenfold -- he's dropping ten figures to help, and then rolling whatever's leftover to another great cause. Jack Dorsey made the stunning announcement Tuesday on his…

New email service, OnMail, will let recipients control who can send them mail

A number of startups over the years have promised to re-invent email only to have fallen short. Even Google’s radical re-imagining, the Inbox app, finally closed up shop last year. Today, another company is announcing its plans to build a better inbox. Edison Software is preparing to launch OnMail, a new email service that lets you control who enters your inbox. This is handled through a new blocking feature called Permission Control. The service is also introducing a number of other enhancements, like automatic read receipt and tracker blocking, large attachment support, fast delivery, and more.

Edison is already home to the popular third-party email app, Edison Mail.

Edison Mail is designed to work with your existing email, like your Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, or iCloud email, for example, among others. OnMail, however, is a new email service where users will be assigned their own email account at @onmail.com when the product debuts later this summer.

At launch, the web version of OnMail will work in a number of browsers. It will also work in the existing Edison Mail apps for Mac, iOS, and Android.


The biggest idea behind OnMail is to create a better spam and blocking system.

Though Gmail, Outlook.com, and others today do a fairly decent job at automatically filtering out obvious spam and phishing attempts, our inboxes still remain clogged with invasive messages — newsletters, promotions, shopping catalogs, and so on. We may have even signed up for these at some point. We may have even tried to unsubscribe, but can’t get the messages to stop.

In other cases, there are people with our email address who we’d rather cut off.

The last time Gmail took on this “clogged inbox” problem was in 2013 when it unveiled a redesigned inbox that separated promotions, updates, and emails from your social media sites into separate tabs. OnMail’s premise is that we should be able to just ban these emails entirely from our inbox, not just relocate them.

OnMail’s “Permission Control” feature allows users to accept or decline a specific email address from being able to place mail in your inbox. This is a stronger feature than Edison Mail’s “Block Sender” or “Unsubscribe” as a declined sender’s future emails will never hit your inbox — well, at least not in a way that’s visible to you.

In technical terms, declined senders are being routed to a folder called “Blocked.” But this folder isn’t displayed anywhere in the user interface. The blocked emails won’t get pulled up in Search, either. It really feels like the unwanted mail is gone. This is all done without any notification to the sender — whether that’s a human or an automated mailing list.

If you ever want to receive emails from the blocked senders again, the only way to do so will be by reviewing a list of those senders you’ve banned from within your Contacts section and make the change. You can’t just dig into a spam folder to resurface them.

In another update that puts the needs of the receiver above those of the sender, OnMail will remove all information sent from any invisible tracking pixels.

Today, most savvy email users know to disable images in their Gmail or other mail apps that allow it, so their email opens are not tracked. But OnMail promises to remove this tracking without the need to disable the images.

“We view pixel tracking as this horrific invasion of privacy and this is why we block all read receipts,” noted Edison Co-Founder and CEO, Mikael Berner. “The sender will never know that you opened their email,” he says.

Other promised features include an improved Search experience with easy filtering tools, support for large attachments, enhanced speed of delivery, and more.

Edison says it’s been working to develop OnMail for over two years, after realizing how broken email remains.

Today, U.S. adults still spend over 5 hours per day in our inboxes and feel like they’ve lost control. Tracking pixels and targeted ads are now common to the email experience. And searching for anything specific requires complicated syntax. (Google only recently addressed this too, by adding filters to Gmail search — but just for G Suite users for now.)

It may be hard for people who have set up shop for 10 or 20 years in the same inbox to make a switch. But there’s always a new generation of email users to target — just like Gmail once did.

And now that Gmail has won the market with over 1.5 billion active users, its innovations have slowed. Every now and then Gmail throws a bone — as with 2018’s debut of Smart Compose, for example — but it largely considered the email problem solved. A little fresh competition is just the thing it needs.

“We’ve invested years as a company working to bring back happiness to the inbox,” said Berner, in a statement. “OnMail is built from the ground up to change mail. Nobody should fear giving out their address or have to create multiple accounts to escape an overcrowded mailbox,” he said.

OnMail’s premise sounds interesting. However, its software is not yet live so none of its claims can be tested at this time. But based on Edison’s history with its Edison Mail app, it has a good handle on design and understanding what features email users need.

Currently, OnMail is open only to sign-ups for those who want to claim their spot on its platform first. Like Gmail once did, OnMail will send out invites when the service becomes available.


Top Space Operas in 2020

While one of the most famous space operas of modern times—the Skywalker Saga—concluded last year, 2020 still has a number of fantastic tales aboard starships to look forward to. Some are dystopian, some are hopeful, and some tie into our favorite franchises. With plenty of Star Wars and Star Trek novels and television seasons to look forward to, it’s time to boldly take your reading (and watching!) where no reader has gone before…


Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access

There are only a few people who embody Star Trek as much as Sir Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard, and fans are rightly excited to have him back on the screen through CBS’s All Access. It’s also exciting to have celebrated spec fic novelist Michale Chabon on the writing team alongside Hanelle M. Culpepper (Star Trek: Discovery, The Flash), Kirsten Beyer (Star Trek: Discovery), and Akiva Goldman (Star Trek: Discovery, Titans). Given that the series was renewed for a second season before season one launched, CBS is expecting great things. Check out Den of Geek’s ongoing coverage of the show for more details.

The Last Human by Zack Jordan

The Last Human by Zack Jordan

In a future where humanity was deemed too dangerous to exist, Sarya, the lone surviving human, must keep her identity hidden. On Watertower Station, there are plenty of aliens that allow her to blend in, but there aren’t a lot of ways to find out the truth about her past—and her species. On a stolen ship with an oddball assortment of allies—maybe—Sarya discovers there’s more going on across the universe than she realized, and that she might have a chance to save humanity after all. Jordan’s debut has gotten praise from well known SFF celebs including Andy Weir (The Martian) and Clint McElroy (The Adventure Zone), and the action-packed, humorous novel has garnered comparisons to the works of Douglas Adams.

Read The Last Human by Zack Jordan on Amazon.

Resurgence by C.J. Cherryh

Resurgence by C. J. Cherryh

Fans of SFWA Grandmaster Cherryh’s “Foreigner” series are in for a double helping in 2020; Resurgence, the 20th installment, released in January, and Divergence (#21) is set to release in September. Both continue to follow the adventures of diplomat Bren Cameron as he helps keep the atevi head of state, Tabini-aiji, secure, and the atevi government stable. In Resurgence, Cameron is working for the dowager, trying to solve an internal conflict among the atevi while also protecting the dowager from shadowy assassins.

Read Resurgence by C.J. Cherryh on Amazon.


Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope by Una McCormack

Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope by Una McCormack

If you’re a fan of the new Star Trek series, you may be curious to find out what transpired between when we last saw Picard and the character’s current incarnation. McCormack bridges the gap, giving readers insight into why Picard left Starfleet—and how he arrived where he is when the new series begins.

Read Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope by Una McCormack on Amazon.

Star Wars: Clone Wars: The Final Season

Clone Wars: The Final Season on Disney+

It’s been a long wait, but the final season of Clone Wars has made it onto small screens everywhere. Using voice work and initial illustrations from the first run of the series, before the final season was cancelled, Clone Wars Season 7 is releasing twelve last episodes that bridge the time between Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.


Between Burning Worlds by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell

Burning Between Worlds by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell

Brody and Rendell continue the YA epic they began in Sky Without Stars, which mashes together themes from Les Miserables and The Lunar Chronicles. Focusing on three outlaws in the midst of a revolution, the unlikely team must risk everything to save their world from a dangerous new weapon.

Read Burning Between Worlds on Amazon.

Deep Space Zine by Alison Wilgus

Deep Space Zine, edited by Alison Wilgus

Love Star Trek, but miss the good old days of DS9? So did these comic writers and artists, who came together to create a 64 page collection of tales inspired by DS9. Readers may be familiar with names like editor Alison Wilgus, and contributors Hannah Krieger, SJ Miller, and Wem Forster, but even if they’re not, this short collection, available for download, celebrates the love these creators have for the series.

Read Deep Space Zine, edited by Alison Wilgus.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Expanded Edition by Rae Carson

The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition by Rae Carson

Fans are torn about The Rise of Skywalker, with some complaining that the movie felt like it was leaving out important information that would have helped the piece feel more fully fleshed, and better wrapped up loose strings from the earlier films (instead of seemingly directly countering them). YA author Carson’s (Girl of Fire and Thorns) novel may not satisfy all franchise fans, but it does address some of those left out moments, including why evil-Rey’s lightsaber is so mechanically specific, the failed-clone identity of Rey’s dad, and the General Leia arc sadly cut short by the death of Carrie Fisher.

Read The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition on Amazon.


The Last Emperox by John Scalzi

The Last Emperox by John Scalzi

Hugo Award-winning author Scalzi continues his Interdependency Series in the third installment (following The Consuming Fire). With an interstellar pathway on brink of collapse, the nations of the Interdependency face an uncertain future. Emperox Grayland II is determined to save her people, wresting control of her empire from those who deny the pathway’s destruction. But her enemies are only beaten, not destroyed, and they will stop at nothing to steal her power—and her world.

Read The Last Emperox by John Scalzi on Amazon.

Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie

Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie

There’s a serious description of Skrutskie’s (Hullmetal Girls) new series starter, but the pencil work she provided on her website, pointing out aspects on the cover, has so many hooks for why you should pick up the new novel, they’re worth quoting. Skrutskie bills the book as including “Galactic-level bisexual disasters” with “weaponized rainbow umbrellas,” “one hell of a pilot,” a “secret prince,” “sick stunts,” and “big space battles.” While the plot revolves around Ettian having to make the moral decision of whether to help the heir to the empire that invaded his world, we’re here for the weaponized rainbow umbrellas.

Read Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie on Amazon.

Queen by Timothy Zahn

Queen by Timothy Zahn

The stories of Zahn’s “Sibyl’s War” have been leading to this moment. Sibyls are humans with the ability to communicate with strange alien ships. Nicole, a Sibyl, and her alien allies are caught in the middle of a tumultuous war. In order to find freedom, Nicole must unite aliens being forced to fight against each other—and win the trust of an AI at war with itself.

Read Queen by Timothy Zahn on Amazon.

Dark Star Rising by Bennett R. Coles

Dark Star Rising by Bennett R. Coles

In the tradition of Patrick O’Brian’s sea epics, the novellas of the Blackwood & Virtue series follow the misfit crew of the HMSS Daring. This second novella features Subcommander Liam Blackwood and Quartermaster Amelia Virtue going undercover to dismantle a network of space pirates—and facing off against an old enemy.

Read Dark Star Rising by Bennett R. Coles


The Eleventh Gate by Nancy Kress

The Eleventh Gate by Nancy Kress

Fans of space opera are sure to be familiar with Nebula and Hugo-winner Kress’s body of work. In The Eleventh Gate, the citizens of the Eight Worlds are doing their best to avoid war—but when it comes knocking, everyone vies to come out on top. When Tara Landry, the spoiled granddaughter of one of the dynasty heads battling for power, discovers a star-jump gate, she and physicist Philip Anderson find themselves at the center of events that will utterly change the Eight Worlds.

Read The Eleventh Gate by Nancy Kress on Amazon.

Thicker Than Blood by Holly Ash

Thicker than Blood by Holly Ash

The third novel in Ash’s underwater military SF series takes to the sky, bringing the Neophian crew and their human teammates to Earth to negotiate the continued vision of an officer exchange program. Although Lieutenant Commander Crystal Wolf’s human teammates have become friends since the program started, once on Earth, she and the other Neophians face prejudice against their planet and their people.

With tensions so high, Crystal has to decide whether to follow orders—or whether the officer exchange program isn’t worth continuing. Ash’s world building is intriguing, and the plots keep thickening as the series progresses. (Disclosure: I contributed editing services on two books of this series, but gain no benefit from promoting the book.)

Read Thicker Than Blood by Holly Ash on Amazon.

The Human by Neal Asher

The Human by Neal Asher

Asher’s epic Rise of the Jain trilogy comes to its conclusion as an ancient warships emerges with a vendetta: it will hunt down the alien Client and destroy anyone who gets in its way. When the Jain destroy Earth’s fleet, humanity forms an uncertain alliance with the Prador—but not everyone is happy with the alliance, and the Client has motives of her own.

Read The Human by Neal Asher on Amazon.

The Aleph Extraction by Dan Moren

The Aleph Extraction by Dan Moren

Featuring misfit spies in a cold war—in space—Moren’s second installment in his Galactic Cold War series follows Simon Kovalic’s team of operatives as they try to steal a quasi-mythical alien artifact. Of course, Kovalic’s Commonwealth team aren’t the only ones after the object; not only does it belong to a notorious crime lord, the Commonwealth’s enemies in the Illyrican Empire want it, too. This has all of the great makings of an espionage, space-set heist novel—an unusual combination that sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

Read The Aleph Extraction by Dan Moren on Amazon.

Chaos Reigning by Jessie Mihalik

Chaos Reigning by Jessie Mihalik

Space opera needs a dash of romance now and then, and Mihalik’s “Consortium Rebellion” trilogy scratches that itch in this concluding volume. Bubbly socialite Cat is really a spy for her High House. On a mission with a bodyguard, Alex, she doesn’t want—and finds inconveniently attractive—she uncovers evidence of treason. With her family off-planet, she has to work together with Alex to expose the truth—before her enemies end all her chances.

Read Chaos Reigning by Jessie Mihalik on Amazon.


Star Wars: Queen's Peril by E.K. Johnston

Star Wars: Queen’s Peril by E. K. Johnston

YA author Johnston (The Afterward) returns to the Star Wars galaxy with a book about Queen Amidala’s early days in her reign. Elected at only fourteen, Amidala has a lot on her plate, including creating a team of bodyguards who can be her eyes and ears in the galaxy. When the Trade Federation attacks, her team is tested—and she will discover if what she has created will last. This is Johnston’s second Amidala book, but steps back earlier into the character’s timeline to show how a girl became a queen—and a hero.

Read Star Wars: Queen’s Peril by E.K. Johnston on Amazon.

Star Wars: Shadow Fall by Alexander Freed

Shadow Fall: Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed

The best fighter pilots in the New Republic are back in the second book in Freed’s trilogy. Set after the events of The Return of the Jedi, the trilogy follows Yrica Quell on a search with fellow New Republic pilots, trying to search out Shadow Wing, the deadliest TIE fighters in the galaxy. Now, those TIE pilots are led by Yrica’s former mentor, Soran Keize, the last of the Imperial aces. Star Wars: Rebels fans will be happy to see General Hera Syndulla as a recurring character.

Read Star Wars: Shadow Fall by Alexander Freed on Amazon.


The Vanished Seas by Catherine Asaro

The Vanished Seas by Catherine Asaro

Set in the world of Asaro’s “Skolian Empire” books, this third spin-off novel is part military SF and part private investigator, with a healthy dose of political intrigue. Major Bhaajan is retired from Imperial Space Command, and she’s become a hard-bitten investigator in the Undercity—an impoverished world in the shadows of the beautiful City of Cries. Through the events of the last two novels, she’s become the investigator for royal House of Majda, and when the powerful elite of Cries begin disappearing, the royals turn to Bhaajan to figure out who’s behind it.

Read The Vanished Seas by Catherine Asaro on Amazon.

Demon in White by Christopher Ruocchio

Demon in White by Christopher Ruocchio

Ruocchio’s “Sun Eater” series, of which this is the third, combines epic fantasy and space opera, following the adventures of Hadrian Marlowe, commander of the Red Company. Hadrian’s successes for the Empire against a dangerous alien incursion have made him a legend—and have caused his political adversaries to decide to eliminate him. Seeking safety, Hadrian travels to a distant world’s library in an effort to discover the truth behind the Quiet—a now lifeless planet where humans originated—the first Emperor, and a long-dead, extraordinary race.

Read Demon in White by Christopher Ruocchio on Amazon.

The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway

The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway by Una McCormack

McCormack jumps Star Trek series in this focus on Voyager Captain Janeway. Through Janeway’s voice, McCormack explores Janeway’s career in Starfleet, as well as the events and characters of the television series that made Janeway the farthest traveling of any of the Star Trek captains.

Read The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway on Amazon.

Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott

Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott

With the tagline “gender-swapped Alexander the Great on an interstellar scale,” Elliott’s new series starter introduces Princess Sun, who came of age in the shadow of her legendary mother. Under her reign, all of Chaonia has been united, and all invaders have been banished. But not everyone loves Sun’s mother—and not everyone thinks Sun should be the heir, putting Sun in a contest for survival, where she needs to not just win, but conquer.

Read Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott on Amazon.

Chaos Vector by Megan O'Keefe

Chaos Vector by Megan E. O’Keefe

In Velocity Weapon, the first volume of “The Protectorate,” Sandra and Tomas set free the most dangerous smartship in the universe. Now they’re on the run and not sure who to trust. Sandra knows only that she has mysterious coordinates locked in her brain—and she has to figure them out before the powers of the galaxy make her into their pawn.

Read Chaos Vector by Megan E. O’Keefe on Amazon.

The Relentless Moon by Mary Robinette Kowal

The Relentless Moon by Mary Robinette Kowal

The third in Kowal’s fantastic “Lady Astronaut” series focuses on the mass-exodus of Earth, as climate disaster and a meteor strike spell doom for the planet. But politics are interfering with the IAC’s efforts to save as many humans as possible. Astronaut Nicole Wargin is thrilled to be one of the settlers developing the moon colony—but is less excited that her husband, Governor of Kansas, is eyeing a run for president.

Read The Relentless Moon by Mary Robinette Kowal on Amazon.


Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule

Star Wars: Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule

The new multi-format Star Wars initiative, also called Project Luminous, launches with this adult novel, the first in a new time period called the High Republic. Two hundred years before the events of The Phantom Menace, the Republic and the Jedi Knights are a source of order and peace in the galaxy. But something sinister threatens everything the Jedi have built—and even the Force itself. Two additional novels are included on this list, but as the comics don’t yet have release dates, it’s worth noting you should keep an eye out for Daniel José Older’s IDW book Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, and Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic by Cavan Scott.

Read Star Wars: Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule on Amazon.

Seven Devils by Laura Lim and Elizabeth May

Seven Devils by Laura Lam and Elizabeth May

Eris was once the heir to the ruthless Tholosian Empire, but she faked her own death to avoid that fate. Now, recruited by the resistance to stop the Empire’s expansion, she finds herself right back in the middle of the intrigue. Focusing on seven resistance fighters striving to free the galaxy from the Empire, this first in a feminist duology plays with the themes of an overwhelming evil fought against by determined outsiders, striving to save the galaxy before millions more die.

Read Seven Devils by Laura Lam and Elizabeth May on Amazon.

The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson

In this debut, multiverse travel is possible—but a person can only travel to a world if their counterpart is dead. Cara is alive on Earth, but dead on 372 other versions of Earth across the multiverse, making her a perfect candidate for traveling. Plucked from the wastes and given her own apartment in wealthy Wiley City, Cara is enjoying her life, until one of her remaining doubles across the multiverse dies mysteriously. Cara plunges into a new world, and learns secrets that might have been better left uncovered.

Read The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson on Amazon.


Star Wars: A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland

A Test of Courage: Star Wars: The High Republic by Justina Ireland

Because kids are Star Wars fans, too, this middle grade novel introduces the new High Republic setting to the 8-12 audience. Penned by Dread Nation author and Star Wars novel alumn (Lando’s Luck: Flight of the Falcon) Ireland, the story centers on a teen Jedi, a young Padawan, a tech-genius, and the son of an ambassador all stranded together on a jungle moon. Given the hopeful setting, it’s unlikely this will turn into the Star Wars version of Lord of the Flies, instead featuring some good old-fashioned lightsaber combat.

Read Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage on Amazon.

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini

Best known for his Eragon series, Paolini is back on bookshelves with his newest, a space opera featuring epic space battles and the wonders (and fears) of first contact. The story centers on xenobiologist Kira Navarez, whose routine mission to a distant, unsettled planet goes awry when she discovers an alien artifact. Now, the future of humanity may be in her hands.

Read To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini on Amazon.


Star Wars: The Mandalorian Trailer Breakdown and Analysis

The Mandalorian on Disney+

After the first season of The Mandalorian exploded on the scene (and brought viewers flocking to Disney+’s new streaming service), viewers have been excited to see the future adventures of Mando and The Child/Baby Yoda. Filming of the second season wrapped in March 2020, and (pending any release delays), the newest episodes are set to stream in October. The popular series could even spin off future projects we’ll have to keep our eyes out for.

Grab a FREE TRIAL of Disney+, on us, right here!

Machine by Elizabeth Bear

Machine by Elizabeth Bear

Bear’s newest is set in the same universe as White Space, and features ships with minds of their own. Enter Dr. Jens, who jumps out of perfectly good spaceships to try to cure alien maladies. When she encounters a crew suffering from an unknown sickness, their shipmind trapped and memory damaged, she delves into the mystery, not knowing the terrible secrets she’s about to uncover.

Read Machine by Elizabeth Bear on Amazon.

Star Wars: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray

Into the Dark: A Star Wars High Republic Novel by Claudia Gray

Gray’s Leia, Princess of Alderaan was a very popular installment in the new chronology, so it’s no surprise the “Constellation Series” author is back for her fifth Star Wars novel. In this YA installment, Padawan Reath Silas would rather stay in cosmopolitan Coruscant than travel to the frontier. But when the galaxy-wide disaster launching the storytelling of the High Republic knocks Reath’s ship out of hyperspace, and he and the other travelers take refuge in an abandoned space station, Reath realizes there are secrets at work that could spell tragedy for everyone in his group.

Read Into the Dark: A Star Wars High Republic Novel on Amazon.

The Rush's Edge by Ginger Smith

The Rush’s Edge by Ginger Smith

Halvor Cullen, genetically engineered former soldier, can’t help but crave an adrenaline rush: he was modified to need excitement. When his best friend and former CO gets him involved with ship salvaging as a safe way to chase the Rush, he starts to form a friendship—and hope for something more—with crewmate and hacker Vivi. But Hal’s not about to lead a simple life: an alien intelligence invades their ship’s computer, and Hal and his friends find themselves embroiled in a conflict to determine the fate of genetically engineered and naturally born humans throughout the galaxy.

Read The Rush’s Edge by Ginger Smith on Amazon.

Star Wars: Thrawn: Ascendancy: Chaos Rising

Thrawn: Ascendancy: Chaos Rising by Timothy Zahn

Zahn’s reinvention of his popular villain from the original EU (now Star Wars: Legends) returns in a new series, depicting Thrawn’s rise from a simple military recruit in the Ascendancy to the Imperial tactician we love to hate. This novel is the story of Thrawn’s first command, and an inkling into his backstory in the current Star Wars continuity.

Read Thrawn: Ascendancy: Chaos Rising on Amazon.


MCU's The Eternals

Eternals, MCU

Although the coronavirus pandemic may have pushed back the release dates for the MCU’s Phase 4, Marvel fans can still look forward to the release of Eternals, originally scheduled for November 2020. Based on a series created by the legendary Jack Kirby, the Eternals are a race of immortal aliens who don’t know their own identities—until the events of Endgame set in motion their revelation. Now, the Eternals have to face down their ancient enemies, the Deviants, to save Earth. Combining superhero and space opera conceits, Eternals has a great comic history (including a 2006-07 run by Neil Gaiman) that readers can catch up on, regardless of when the film hits the big screen.

Read more about The Eternals here.

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PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller is a sleek and futuristic gaming accessory

Away, the high-flying travel brand, just furloughed half its employees and laid off 10%

Sony’s PS5 DualSense controller has a built-in mic and adaptive triggers

Joel Osteen’s Virtual Easter Service Will Feature Kanye, Mariah & Tyler Perry

Joel Osteen's still going big with his Easter service amid the coronavirus pandemic, but of course -- for safety purposes -- all the big names he's recruited will be performing remotely ... for a virtual service. Sources close to Osteen tell TMZ…

How to see tonight’s pink supermoon, the largest full moon of 2020 – Live Science

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  3. This week’s full Pink Supermoon will be biggest, best of the year  MLive.com
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Kody Brown: I Never Should Have Married Meri!

Kody Brown has some regrets, folks.

And they, sadly, have a lot to do with Meri Brown, his marriage to Meri Brown and basically all things these days related to Meri Brown.

Staring Down Kody

On this past Sunday's episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Meri visited a therapist in Las Vegas.

It was made clear this session was booked at the behest of Meri, who has openly been unhappy in her relationship for years and years now.

Most of the chatter around this installment in the last couple days has centered around Meri's self-proclaimed death sentence in regard to the union, as she said on air that her romance with Kody is dead.

"The relationship between he and I is gone, it's dead, it's over," Meri said back when the episode was filmed.

Kody Brown in Some Therapy

This was the clearest the long-serving spouse has ever been on the subject.

She and Kody got married in 1990, but then divorced soon after Kody met his fourth wife, Robyn, so that he could legally adopt Robyn's kids.

Meri and Kody share one daughter, Mariah, themselves.

And while most of the attention paid to this emotional episode in the time since it aired has honed in on Meri's candid admission, it's worth noting what Kody said about the marriage.

Meri Brown in a Sister Wives Confessional

"Meri and I have just soft-pedaled this for so long," he told viewers of why he agreed to speak to a counseling, adding:

"Meri said, 'Hey can we get a little deeper?' I think she's felt like we needed to make a step deeper into our relationship.

"Honestly, it's time. It's time for us to actually take the temperature of our relationship."

That temperature appears to be ice cold at the moment.

Brown, Kody

Based on Meri's recent Instagram messages, she may finally be ready to walk away from Kody.

And based on what Kody said on this episode, he wishes he never walked down the aisle with Meri in the first place.

"Meri and I had a very fast courtship. I didn't know who I was marrying," he confessed for the first time on air, implying he regrets even being Meri's husband and adding of how he's felt around her for awhile at this point:

"I am just done with hearing how I am wrong."

Kody Can't Handle This

Back in 2015, Meri tried to date someone else -- and ended up being caught in a catfishing scandal.

But Kody has now made it clear that his problems with Meri go far beyond that one humiliating incident.

“My question in my life is how do I have a relationship with somebody that after knowing for years, I don’t want a relationship because of the hurt and the struggle and stuff. And I’m not blaming Meri here," he said.

"I’m just saying we’re trying to heal a very very deep wound in a sick body and it’s a challenge."

Kody Brown Yammers

Added Kody in a confessional:

"This struggle that I’m having is way deeper than the catfishing experience. The catfishing was really just a wake-up call for Meri and I.

"Our problem ran much deeper than that and it’s probably why we led up to why the catfishing ever happened."

That's actually an accurate assessment.

But so is this:

It sounds as if these problems have only worsened in the years since, and it definitely sounds like Meri has to finally get up the courage to leave this unhealthy marital arrangement.

Parasite Drug Shows Early Promise Against COVID-19

When Will The Flash Return With New Episodes?

Considering that Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, he sure has been slow in returning to our TV screens with new episodes, right? To be fair, unlike nearly everything else that happens on the show, the ongoing delay with The Flash isn’t actually Barry’s fault, but a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has affected every corner of the economy, from “non-essential” businesses to TV productions. Which, to be fair, in the grand scheme of things, even Den of Geek has to admit is “non-essential.” Whew, that got dark.

Like the rest of the TV production slate, The Flash had to press pause on filming and post-production for a while last month as the seriousness of the pandemic began to take hold. And while there were still a number of episodes that had been filmed, it also slowed down post-production, which led to several upcoming episodes of The Flash getting temporarily bounced from the CW schedule (but not our hearts). However, our social distancing-mandated break from Central City will end on February 21, as The CW begins to roll out new episodes of most of its scripted lineup.

The next new episode of The Flash is season 6, episode 16, “So Long and Goodnight.” It will air Tuesday, Feb. 21 in its expected place in the lineup at 8 pm. Here’s the official synopsis for the episode:

“After Black Hole hires Rag Doll (guest star Troy James) to kill Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Singh (guest star Patrick Sabongui) suggests he go into Witness Protection but Joe refuses to stop investigating Carver (guest star Eric Nenninger). While investigating Carver with Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) runs into Sue (guest star Natalie Dreyfuss). Iris (Candice Patton) becomes suspicious of Eva (guest star Efrat Dor).”

Iris is only NOW getting suspicious of Eva? Well, if there’s one thing you can’t accuse this season of doing, it’s rushing the Mirror Master arc. Hopefully things start to pick up on the Black Hole end of things, too. It’s been remarkable how little time we’ve spent with Barry in costume since the conclusion of Crisis on Infinite Earths, with the season instead putting in a lot of work with its supporting cast, particularly Iris and the other women of the show.

And if you haven’t already caught it, you can check out the trailer here, too…

We expect we might see some more delays before this season wraps for good, but at least for now, we’ve got new episodes of The Flash to look forward to again!

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Joe Exotic AIDS Rumor Floods Social Media: Is the Tiger King Star Sicker Than We Thought?

If you've spent any time on social media in recent weeks, then you're probably aware that there are really only two topics of conversation these days -- the coronavirus and Tiger King.

The two big news items of the 2020s collided last month with reports that Tiger King star Joe Exotic has been placed in COVID-19 isolation in the federal prison he now calls home.

Joe Exotic Mugshot

Many media outlets falsely reported that Exotic had tested positive for the coronavirus, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

In a new interview with Andy Cohen, Exotic's husband, Dillon Passage, confirmed that the incarcerated former zoo proprietor has not tested positive for the coronavirus, but was merely isolated as a precaution. 

“We speak like three to five times every day, but [not] since he’s been moved to this new facility," Passage said.

"They are putting him on a COVID-19 isolation because of the previous jail he was at, there were cases.”

Dillon Passage and Joe Exotic

A message on Joe's Facebook page confirmed the negative diagnosis:

"Joe DOES NOT have the COVID-19 virus, he’s in a 14-day quarantine because he was transferred from another facility," read the status update.

A second, even more shocking report about Joe's health has made the rounds in recent weeks, as several sources have claimed that Exotic is being treated for AIDS, which he contracted during his first marriage. 

(Exotic was married to Brian Rhyne from 1986 until Rhyne's death from HIV complications in 2001.)

Joe Exotic and Friend

In a second interview with Variety (Passage is highly in demand these days), the 24-year-old confirmed that Joe has been "moved to a medical facility in Fort Worth, Texas."

He adds that he has not spoken with Joe since his transfer.

"As far as I know, he was placed in a medical facility, and there was a possibility that he would be placed on a 14-day quarantine," Passage told Variety.

As scary as that may sound, Passage says he believes there's currently no cause for concern.

Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage

The relocation was reportedly a precautionary move resulting from Joe's earlier incarceration at a facility where coronavirus cases were detected.

Insiders say Joe has received the best medical care possible during his 18 months behind bars, and blood tests performed during his incarceration would have indicated if Exotic was HIV positive.

So we guess one rumor that's been haunting Joe for 19 years can finally be put to rest.

Which is good, because there's a whole lot more where that came from.

Joe Exotic & Baby Cub

After his marriage to Rhyne, Joe entered a relationship with J.P. Hartpence, who was later imprisoned for child molestation and murder.

That relationship also wasn't featured in the Netflix doc, which picks up with Exotic's polygamous marriage to John Finlay and Travis Maldonado.

Will Joe's past be prominently featured in the new episode of Tiger King, which is expected to be released in the next week?

We have no way of knowing, but Passage says he has no involvement with the new footage.

Zach and Tori Roloff: Jackson is an AMAZING Big Brother!

While Little People, Big World has just shown Tori and Zach Roloff learn that their daughter will be a dwarf, baby Lilah was born late last year.

Precious Jackson has had months to adjust to being a big brother. How is he handling it?

Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff Speak and Reflect

In an interview published on Tuesday, April 7, Zach and Tori Roloff opened up to Us Weekly about Jackson and his new role.

"We can definitely see moments and glimpses of him not wanting us to talk to [our 4-month-old daughter], Lilah,” Tori admits.

She explains: “He wants us to talk to him."

"But," the beloved mother of two opines, "I think overall he’s a pretty easygoing kid."

Jackson Roloff is Absolutely Adorable

"The transition hasn’t been terrible," Tori characterizes.

Together with her husband, Zach, she goes into how "helpful" the nearly 3-year-old Jackson is being.

"Jackson’s all about order,” Zach begins.

“He’s Mr. Professional," he assesses.

Jackson and Lilah Roloff

"So," Zach explains, "Lilah has her thing and he has his."

"And those things don’t cross," he points out.

Any other eldest siblings finding Jackson very relatable right about now?

"But if she’s crying," Zach says, "he’ll go find a binky or a burp cloth."

Tori Roloff, Lilah and Jackson

The couple shares that, within reason, things have been going "great” when it comes to sheltering in place during this pandemic.

The parents do acknowledge that their kids are “in different seasons of life."

"Lilah’s a bit more chill and is not moving yet," Zach notes.

He then characterizes: "But Jackson is go, go, go all the time.”

a Happy Baby

Zach goes on to explain that it is for this reason that the parents “divide” their time.

“I usually take Jackson and then Tori will hang out with Lilah, or vice versa," he reveals.

Zach states: "We just divide and conquer."

Both parents agree that having a child is "more relaxing the second time around."

Siblings in Bed

"With every kid," Tori reasons, "you have to take it in stride and figure out what each kid is doing."

"I think that things worked out pretty well with Jackson," she states.

"So," Tori continues, "we were like, ‘Let’s try to do that again."

Not all children are the same, but if it works, it works.

Out and About with Lilah

"We say we’re built for this,” Zach boasts.

“We love it," he expresses.

"It’s all part of the game, the fun," Zach says.

He acknowledges that "waking up at two in the morning. … It’s strengthened [our] relationship."

Just. So. Precious.

Zach also gushes about his wife and brags that she is a "great mom."

“I love watching her with the kids," he raves.

Zach expresses: "I think she just has that sense."

Some people have great instincts as parents. Others do not.

Lilah at 4 Months

It is so heartwarming to hear that Jackson is such a doting big brother who will quickly leap into action to help his crying baby sister.

At the same time, it is encouraging that he has the good sense to enforce a division between her belongings and his own.

Loving someone doesn't mean taking their things or giving them yours, after all.

We can't wait for more updates like these as both Lilah and Jackson continue to grow!

Acting Navy secretary resigns over handling of virus-stricken aircraft carrier – POLITICO

  1. Acting Navy secretary resigns over handling of virus-stricken aircraft carrier  POLITICO
  2. Acting Navy Secretary resigns after calling ousted aircraft carrier captain 'stupid'  CNN
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  4. Navy Secretary Modly's aircraft carrier speech misfires badly | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Navy captain fired over coronavirus memo is a calm, honorable leader. He's also my friend.  USA TODAY
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Doctors Puzzle Over COVID-19 Lung Problems

Snapchat’s new lens helps users donate to the WHO’s COVID-19 relief fund

Netflix now lets you lock your personal profile with a PIN to keep kids (and roommates) out

Things Are Returning To Their Natural Habitats While We’re All In Lockdown, According To This Dank Meme

Nuro gets OK to test its driverless delivery vehicles on California public roads

SpaceX and NASA test the system Crew Dragon staff would use to exit the launch area in an emergency

On Friday, April 3, 2020, NASA and SpaceX completed an end-to-end demonstration of the teams’ ability to safely evacuate crew members from the Fixed Service Structure during an emergency situation at Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

SpaceX and NASA are in the process of final preparations prior to launching their first crewed spaceflight mission — Demo-2, which is technically still a demonstration mission needed to validate SpaceX’s Crew Dragon for transporting humans during regular flight. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will be on board the historic flight, which will see SpaceX’s vehicle fly them to the International Space Station for the very first time.

One preparatory step for that launch happened on April 3, with a full run-through of the emergency egress system that will be in place during Demo-2 launch day to ensure that astronauts and ground crew can all quickly and safely get clear of the launchpad in case anything goes wrong. It’s highly unlikely that the system will actually be used, but safety is the name of the game in human spaceflight, and so NASA and SpaceX conducted a full demonstration with crew and support staff at Kennedy Space Center in Florida to prove that everything works as intended.

As you can see in the video above, the system includes essentially loading crew from the launch tower into what amounts to a biplane system, with baskets they ride in to reach armored vehicles at ground level. They’re loaded into those, which are technically called Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (explosion-resistant, naturally), and then those take them to a safe distance.

Part of the demonstration exercise included simulating crew injuries among the support staff, with other team members having to locate them and carry them to the baskets for evacuation. Everything seems to have gone to plan, and this means that May window for this groundbreaking SpaceX mission is looking more solid than ever.

Dear Sophie: Is unemployment considered a public benefit?

Here’s another edition of “Dear Sophie,” the advice column that answers immigration-related questions about working at technology companies.

“Your questions are vital to the spread of knowledge that allows people all over the world to rise above borders and pursue their dreams,” says Sophie Alcorn, a Silicon Valley immigration attorney. “Whether you’re in people ops, a founder or seeking a job in Silicon Valley, I would love to answer your questions in my next column.”

“Dear Sophie” columns are accessible for Extra Crunch subscribers; use promo code ALCORN to purchase a one or two-year subscription for 50% off.

Dear Sophie: I have an H-4 visa and work authorization. I currently have a job that’s considered nonessential during the coronavirus emergency. If I get laid off, I would need unemployment assistance while I look for another job.

Would getting unemployment benefits hurt my or my spouse’s green card petition under the new public charge rule?

— Nonessential in NorCal

Dear Nonessential:

Thanks for your timely question. The short answer is no, getting unemployment benefits alone right now won’t jeopardize your or your spouse’s green card. This is because receiving unemployment benefits, getting tested for coronavirus and seeking emergency medical treatment (even if it’s covered by Medicaid) are all exempt from consideration as government benefits under the new public charge rule.

Immigration officials have long had the authority to deny individuals a visa or green card if they are likely to be dependent on public benefits. The new public charge rule, which went into effect on February 24, expands the factors immigration officials will consider. An additional form seeking health and financial information must now be submitted with most visa and green card applications. Immigration officials will use that information to determine whether applicants are or are likely to become dependent on government benefits.

If you have received a public benefit in the past, your application won’t necessarily be denied, but given what’s at stake, it’s important to consult an experienced immigration attorney.

Individuals who will be subjected to the increased scrutiny of the expanded public charge rule are:

U.S. Study Finds COVID-19 Seldom Severe in Kids

‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ is introducing four-player squads

N.J. orders all state and county parks and forests closed indefinitely to fight coronavirus outbreak – lehighvalleylive.com

  1. N.J. orders all state and county parks and forests closed indefinitely to fight coronavirus outbreak  lehighvalleylive.com
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  3. New Jersey's governor extends state's health emergency  New York Post
  4. Gov. Murphy extends N.J.'s coronavirus public-health emergency for 30 days. State of emergency remains in eff  NJ.com
  5. Watch live: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy holds a press conference on the coronavirus outbreak  CNBC
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Facebook ships an experimental app for couples

Dr. Phil Says Quarantine Stress Has Serious Effects, Offers Simple Cure

Dr. Phil has a few home remedies for pandemic-related stress building up in your body under quarantine -- they're simple and not all that time consuming. Phil says the first thing ya gotta do is acknowledge life is pretty messed up and stressful…

Inside a COVID-19 ICU: ‘I’m Terrified’

HARLEY QUINN: BIRDS OF PREY “Honest Trailer” Pokes Fun At The Lack Of Team-Up Action

COVID-19 Linked to Multiple Cardiovascular Presentations

COMMENTARY: A Neurologist Over 60 Looks at COVID-19

Baltimore Cop Appears to Intentionally Cough at Housing Complex Residents

A Baltimore police officer reacted to jeers at a housing complex by loudly coughing at residents without covering his mouth, and it's triggered an investigation. The video shows the cop walking through the Perkins Homes complex in East Baltimore.…

SpaceX’s first operational version of Dragon successfully ends its 20th and final mission

Not All Biologics Compromise the Immune System

TechCrunch Live: Join execs from Roblox, SuperAwesome, and Fingerprint tomorrow at 11:15am PDT to discuss kids media

With large majorities of all children (70% in the U.S. and U.K.) staying home from school during the COVID-19 crisis, use of digital media properties popular with kids has soared. Screen time among kids in the U.S. is up 50% according to research by SuperAwesome .

This adds momentum to a space that has already been rapidly evolving amid greater protections on children’s data privacy, increasing popularity of gaming, the rise of subscription bundles, and the influence of independent content creators.

TechCrunch will host a live webinar panel tomorrow (April 8) at 11:15am PDT / 2:15pm EDT about the current state of children’s media with three leaders in the industry:

  • Craig Donato, Chief Business Officer of Roblox, the $4 billion gaming platform that counts the majority of US kids age 9-12 among its active users.
  • Nancy MacIntyre, Co-Founder & CEO of Fingerprint, a leading subscription video and gaming service for children.
  • Dylan Collins, Co-Founder & CEO of SuperAwesome, the London-based creator of “kid-safe” adtech and privacy tools.

Extra Crunch members will be able to submit questions to the panelists using the Zoom dial-in information posted below. For other TechCrunch readers, we will have a YouTube live stream ready to go to join, which we will post on TechCrunch’s Twitter page.

Dial-in information

Magnetic monopoles detected in Kagome spin ice systems

Magnetic monopoles are actually impossible. At low temperatures, however, certain crystals can contain so-called quasi-particles that behave like magnetic monopoles. Now an international cooperation has proven that such monopoles also occur in a Kagome spin ice system.

The evolution of color: How butterfly wings can shift in hue

A selective mating experiment by a curious butterfly breeder has led scientists to a deeper understanding of how butterfly wing color is created and evolves.

Bob Iger Hints That More, Non-Blockbuster Disney Movies Will Head Straight To Disney+ Due To COVID-19

Brutal’ Plan to Restrict Palliative Radiation During Pandemic

Star Wars Editor Criticizes The Last Jedi for Trying to ‘Undo’ Trilogy

Colton Underwood Out for a Walk After Full Recovery from Coronavirus

Colton Underwood looks like a walking clean bill of health after being stricken by coronavirus -- and the first thing on his checklist was a jaunt with his boo. The ex-'Bachelor' hit the road Monday for a walk with his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph,…

Timelapse Of Man Removing Sediment From 12-Million Year Old Crab Fossil

Patronizing Quarantine Tweet Inspires Tongue-In-Cheek Meme

Rapid Response to PTSD Therapy May Predict Long-term Improvement

Netflix’s new parental controls include PIN-protected profiles

Olivia Culpo Wants YOU to Stay Home

Olivia Culpo Wants YOU to Stay Home

Live Stock Market Tracker During Coronavirus Pandemic – The New York Times

  1. Live Stock Market Tracker During Coronavirus Pandemic  The New York Times
  2. Wall Street gains on signs of coronavirus slowdown  Reuters
  3. Asian markets rise, echoing Wall Street’s optimism on coronavirus battle  MarketWatch
  4. Asian shares rise, echoing Wall St optimism on virus battle  WRAL.com
  5. Coronavirus hopes propel stocks, euro higher  Reuters
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Position Statement Tackles Sleep to Prevent Physician Burnout

Walmart sued by family of worker killed by coronavirus – NBC News

  1. Walmart sued by family of worker killed by coronavirus  NBC News
  2. Walmart employee's family files wrongful death lawsuit after man dies of coronavirus complications  CNBC
  3. New Worry: Grocery Workers Now Dying  Newser
  4. VIDEO: 2 workers at the same Walmart die from COVID-19  WKRG
  5. Walmart Limits Store Customers After 2 Employees In Illinois Die From COVID-19  HuffPost
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Relativity Space’s focus on 3D printing and cloud-based software helps it weather the COVID-19 storm

The Next JUMANJI Movie Is Already In Development According To Director Jake Kasdan

The original Jumanji movie was released in 1995, but 2017's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle reinvented the franchise and proved to be a huge success. Last year's The Next Level was also a hit, with a whopping $797 million at the worldwide box office and positive reviews

Despite COVID-19 putting Hollywood on hold for the foreseeable future, director Jake Kasdan - who helmed the reboot and its sequel - has confirmed that he's working on a follow-up.

"We were just getting into the conversation before this global calamity and we will re-engage it as soon as everybody’s settled," he said, confirming that the pandemic has slowed things down somewhat. However, he added that his hopes for the sequel are that it will be "exciting on its own two feet in a way that’s comparable to what the first two were for me."

Before we get too excited, though, the filmmaker was quick to point out that he's still in "the earliest days of trying to figure out what that would be."

Most intriguing, though, is what he had to say about Jurgen the Brutal (Game of Thrones star Rory McCann). It's previously been revealed that someone was playing as that character, and Kasdan noted that he "would love to" reveal that secret character in the next instalment. 

Oh, and talking of Jumanji: The Next Level, those of you who live in the UK might want to keep an eye out for the Blu-ray when it's released next week as it features a quote from ComicBookMovie.com!

Stay on Angiotensin Drugs’ Still the Message as Trials Begin

Why black Americans are at higher risk for coronavirus – CNN

  1. Why black Americans are at higher risk for coronavirus  CNN
  2. Black Americans Face Alarming Rates of Coronavirus Infection in Some States  The New York Times
  3. Black America must wake up to this viral threat  CNN
  4. Address African-American residents’ heightened risks of the coronavirus | Opinion  Miami Herald
  5. Black, Latino communities suffering disproportionately from coronavirus, statistics show | TheHill  The Hill
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COMMENTARY: Don’t Endanger Your Patients: Stop Allergy Immunotherapy Now

Superman & Lois Casts Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang

Sarah Hyland Cutting Her Husband’s Hair!

Austin Forsyth: Derick Dillard Should Stop Attacking Jim Bob!

We already reported how Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth got slammed for seeming to mock the COVID-19 pandemic during a recent interview.

Talking to those same folks, Austin let slip a hint that he is very aware of some internal squabbles within the Duggar family..

Joy-Anna, Austin Forsyth Pic

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth sat down for an interview with The Freedomists, a truly insidious group (more on that later).

As we mentioned, they came under fire for laughing off coronavirus concerns.

We all know that they only did that to serve a political agenda. Hopefully, in private, they are taking precautions.

Towards the end of the interview, however, there was a dramatic shift from the previously lighthearted tone.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth on YouTube

"Try to make the best of the situation," Austin offered as advice to any viewers.

He counseled anyone listening to "Learn to get along with your families."

“Maybe there’s some unresolved conflict that’s been going on," Austin not-so-subtly suggested.

"Sit down and talk about it," he recommended.

Gonna Be a Girl!

Austin advised viewers to talk things through with their families "and try to works things out."

"I think during hard times," he opined, "we can all learn from it."

"And," Austin concluded, "we can all better ourselves."

Not all family disputes can be settled, but for those that can, his advice makes sense.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Selfie

The cult to which the Duggar family belongs is a little too dedicated to communicating with fans for Austin to not be aware of current troubles.

For months, but especially in recent weeks, Derick Dillard has been waging a very public battle against his father-in-law, Jim Bob.

The father of Joy-Anna and Jill allegedly took in all of the money from Counting On, so that none of the children received any money from the show.

In addition to enriching himself in order to keep his adult children dependent upon his good graces, Jim Bob is also controlling in other ways.

Joy Forsyth, Austin Forsyth

Austin may very well have been talking about that when he made this statement during the interview.

It sounds like he may be trying to indirectly encourage Derick to just talk things out with Jim Bob instead of speaking out.

Fans hope that Derick does not take the advice, however.

Derick may not be a fully good person, but countless people would love to read his tell-all book if he ever writes and publishes it.

Joy-Anna Duggar on YouTube

We mentioned that the Freedomists are an insidious group, and we should explain why it's troubling to see Austin and Joy interviewed by them.

It's made up of conservative Millennials, but the media that they produce is targeted at young and impressionable Gen Z kids.

They use a "soft sell" approach to lure in viewers, while their content becomes increasingly toxic.

In researching this article, I watched one of their articles, and early on, their statements and arguments and examples all seemed reasonable.

freedomists video example

For example, in this video, these at-first reasonable-sounding people talk about people valuing seeming virtuous rather than doing virtuous deeds.

Watch enough of it -- and you should not -- and the argument lays the groundwork for opposition to LGBTQ+ rights as "unrealistic," if not in so many words.

They are insidious because they don't come out and say it like that -- they don't want to scare off viewers, but radicalize them.

Joy-Anna and Austin's choice to associate with these folks is disappointing, but sadly no surprise.

Justin Trudeau Uses ‘Moistly’ During Coronavirus Update, Instantly Regrets it

Here's Justin Trudeau putting a super-gross image in the minds of Canadians dealing with the coronavirus pandemic -- he says face coverings prevent you from "speaking moistly." Canada's Prime Minister uttered the phrase Tuesday during his daily…

In Bed with Elsa Hosk!

Prioritizing Transplants When Other Surgeries Are on Hold

Facebook’s latest app experiment is a ‘private space’ for couples

COVID-19 Exposes Potential Gaps in PPE Training, Effectiveness

Trump removes inspector general overseeing $2 trillion coronavirus relief package days after he was appointed – CNBC

  1. Trump removes inspector general overseeing $2 trillion coronavirus relief package days after he was appointed  CNBC
  2. Trump removes independent watchdog tasked with overseeing coronavirus emergency funds  CNN
  3. Trump removes independent watchdog for coronavirus funds, upending oversight panel  POLITICO
  4. IG-noble president: Firing of intelligence community watchdog is another signal that integrity has no place in  New York Daily News
  5. Trump Is Gutting Our Democracy While We’re Dealing With Coronavirus  The New York Times
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Bill Jemas Hiring Non-Fiction, Comic Book Journalists for a New Line

Jim Bob Duggar Snubs Grandson Amid Feud With Derick Dillard

So much for Jim Bob Duggar being the bigger man, we guess.

Amid a seemingly never-ending feud with Derick Dillard, the family patriarch appeared to have snubbed his very own grandson this week, refusing to celebrate little Israel's latest birthday.

jb and dd

Here is what we know:

On Monday, April 6, Dillard and Jill Duggar's son turned five years old.

Because nearly every community in the country is shut down and residents are being forced to shelter at home while they remain six feet away from each other, the parents couldn't really throw a typical party for their child.

How did they try to make up for it?

"Although the current state with Coronavirus has changed our plans, we are counting our blessings and trying to make lemonades from lemons..." wrote the reality star to open a message on Instagram.

Derick and Jill on Christmas

Added Jill:

"We decorated the house after the boys went to bed last night and they were so excited this morning!

"We did a special birthday breakfast and are planning a drive this afternoon to say hey to friends from our car before we make our way to Derick’s mom and stepdad’s for a simple celebration in their front yard (keeping our distance)."

Elsewhere, as you can see below in a sort of heartbreaking photo, Michelle Duggar stopped by to wave to her grandson.

She was unable to actually get any closer due to the coronavirus pandemic, which at least some Duggars acknowledge is real.

israel party

You can see who is NOT included in this picture, though, right?

Jim Bob.

We can't state this for certain, but one has to assume he didn't make an appearance at Jill and Derick's house because Dillard has been slamming Jim Bob pretty hard for months now.

The main topic of contention for Dillard has been how Jim Bob allegedly controlled every aspect of his kids' lives while they filmed 19 Kids and Counting.

Derick Dillard With His Family

In an interview with YouTube Channel Without a Crystal Ball, for example, Dillard claimed the following:

“We weren’t even allowed to be the first ones to announce our own life events -- our marriage, expecting our baby, our genders of our children, our births -- not by our own choice.

"If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve announced myself when we were expecting and things like that, even if I would’ve gotten in trouble..

"Your family relationships are affected to this extent that you are on board with the family business."

Derick and Jill on Christmas

Indeed, Dillard seriously hates Jim Bob.

Would the grandfather really snub is his own five-year old grandkid just to spite Derick, however?

Is that really something he seems capable of and/or something he'd be williing to do, simply because he's mad at the child's dad these days?

We'll save you the time of analyzing and wondering and trying to answer this question.

We're talking about Jim Bob Duggar. The answer is yes.

Thankfully, Israel appears to be unfazed by the absence of his relative.

Concluded Jill on Instagram last night:

Israel has loved getting to spread out his birthday over several days since gifts have been coming in the mail from family during #socialdistancing and is being a great sport about the non-traditional celebration.

We’re so blessed to still be able to show him how special he is. We love you Israel

Medical Societies Issue Bold Statement of Physician Support

What Is Even Going On With Those SBA Loans? – One Mile at a Time

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  2. 'Nightmare': 3 small-business owners describe process of applying for PPP coronavirus loans  Yahoo Finance
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  4. Your forgivable loan may be undercut by this provision of the Paycheck Protection Program  CNBC
  5. The Louisiana Loan Portfolio Guaranty Program explained  Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
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COVID-19 Daily: Ventilator Protocols Questioned, Physician Rights

Movies Anywhere launches movie-sharing feature ‘Screen Pass’ into open beta

Last month, it was reported that digital locker service Movies Anywhere was working to launch a movie-sharing feature called “Screen Pass.” At the time, the feature was only available in limited, private beta testing with a plan to fully roll it out late summer or early fall. But as a result of increased demand from consumers stuck at home under government lockdowns and quarantines, Movies Anywhere has rushed to launch the sharing feature into an open, public beta.

The Movies Anywhere app today allows consumers to access their purchased movies from across a range of services, including iTunes, Vudu, Prime Video, YouTube, Xfinity, and many others. Today, the app is jointly operated by Disney, Universal, WB, Sony Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. An earlier 2014 version of the service was called Disney Movies Anywhere, but it later migrated to a new platform in 2017 and the app was rebuilt to serve the expanded group of operating partners. The two are related efforts, but much different businesses.

Movies Anywhere had been developing the movie-sharing feature with plans for a later launch. But the overwhelmingly positive response to its testing encouraged the company to move up the launch even further.

Screen Pass will allow Movies Anywhere users to loan out only 3 movies per month to family and friends. The movies can then be watched across the Movies Anywhere platform, except for Roku devices for the time being.

To share the title, you can view eligible titles from a new section under “My Movies” in the app, then click the Screen Pass icon on the title you want to share and provide the details. Movies can be sent out over text, email, or message and the recipient has a week to accept the share.

The shared movie will effectively work like a movie rental, as recipients will have a limited time to watch — in this case, up to 14 days. Once the movie is started, recipients have 72 hours to finish watching. But unlike a rental, it’s free to share a movie and free to watch.

Only some titles will be “Screen Pass-eligible” at launch and they aren’t able to be saved for offline viewing. Only purchased movies can be downloaded, the company says. To use the feature, the Movies Anywhere account will also need to belong to a U.S. resident.

Screen Pass is currently supported on a range of popular movies, including “The Fate of the Furious (F8),” “Tombstone,” “Logan,” “Wonder Woman,” “Trolls,” “The Lego Movie,” “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” “Groundhog Day,” “Rushmore,” the “Harry Potter” movies, “Jason Bourne,” “Elf,” “Sing,” “Role Models,” “Bad Moms,” “Happy Feet,” “Ready Player One,” “Speed,” “The Karate Kid,” “Back to the Future,” and others.

Users who want to join the public beta test can sign up using this link. Users can also accept a Screen Pass from a current beta participant, which then opts them into the beta testing group, too.

The company does not have a planned commercial launch date yet for the feature.




SpaceX’s first-gen Dragon cargo capsule left the ISS for the last time

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: We Don’t Have Time For Quarantines! We’re Busier Than Ever!

No event in modern history has brought human activity to a grinding halt as abruptly as the coronavirus pandemic.

Sure, the Nazi blitz of London was a trifle inconvenient, but even then, people went to work -- they just hunkered down in bomb shelters afterward.

Queen Elizabeth on TV

Queen Elizabeth was just 14 at the time, but she played her part -- speaking to her fellow young people in radio addresses intend to soothe fears and offer hope for a brighter tomorrow.

In the final year of the war, Elizabeth made herself as useful as possible, learning to drive and repair ambulances and trucks as part of the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

Needless to say, Elizabeth was and is quite the badass.

Meghan Markle and Da Queen

And many believe her grandchildren have failed to similarly rise to the occasion during the first and (hopefully only) global emergency of their lifetimes.

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their decision to step down from their roles as senior members of the royal family, the move attracted a good deal of negative attention.

Now, the couple is once again drawing flak for their behavior in the midst of the pandemic.

Fair or otherwise, comparisons are being made between the Sussexes of 2020 and the royals of the early 1940s.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Outta There

Obviously, the two situations are very different, and Harry and Meghan are generally criticized no matter what they do.

But it's worth noting that even if they've behaved as responsibly as possible at all times, the couple's recent activity has resulted in some seriously bad optics.

Take Harry and Meghan's decision to move to LA in the midst of the crisis.

We're sure they took every precaution -- but instructing the plebes to stay put while you board an international flight is simply not a good look.


Many believe Harry should be even more vigilant than other public figures, as his father, Prince Charles, has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Even the release a Disney documentary narrated by Meghan has been criticized as poorly-timed.

So perhaps the decision to re-launch the Sussex's humanitarian organization is intended to stir up some much-needed bad publicity.

As you may recall, the Queen has prohibited Harry and Meghan from using the Sussex Royal name in their 

Whispering to Meghan

Now, the organization has been renamed, and an announcement to The Telegraph, the Sussexes revealed that the new moniker is of even greater significance:

Not surprisingly, Archewell is named after the couple's son, Archie -- but there's more to the story:

"Before Sussex Royal, came the idea of ‘Arche'—the Greek word meaning ‘source of action,'" Meghan and Harry explained.

"We connected to this concept for the charitable organisation we hoped to build one day, and it became the inspiration for our son's name," they added.

Markle and Prince Harry

"Archewell is a name that combines an ancient word for strength and action, and another that evokes the deep resources we each must draw upon."

Possibly to avoid being accused of further tone-deafness, Harry and Meghan announced that the official unveiling will take place when times are a bit less hectic:

"Like you, our focus is on supporting efforts to tackle the global COVID-19 pandemic," their announcement read.

"Faced with this information coming to light, we felt compelled to share the story of how this came to be," the couple continued.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Get Serious

"We look forward to launching Archewell when the time is right,"

For now, they said, the young family is simply focusing on "enjoying all the time together."

Well, it might not be a teenage future queen tuning up a tank while Nazi Messerchmitts darken the skies, but it's a step in the right direction! 

A payments provider for paying court fines and utility bills exposed years of transactions

A payments processor used by local governments to collect court fines and utility bill payments from residents across Arkansas and Oklahoma mistakenly left a cache of data, representing years of transactions, exposed on its website.

Security researcher Ashot Oganesyan found a cache of database files in a public and unprotected web directory on the website of payment processor nCourt, which runs the two payment sites courtpay.org and utilitypay.org. The directory contained backup database files storing at least three years worth of transactions up to and including November 2019.

The directory was left exposed for at least five months, according to data from BinaryEdge, which scans the internet for exposed systems and databases.

Oganesyan reported the exposure to the payments processor, and the open directory was closed on Monday.

But TechCrunch learned Tuesday that the database files have been posted to a widely known hacking forum. Although we did not download the data from the forum, the posting — which was published prior to this article — listed the correct number of records in each database, suggesting the posting is genuine.

TechCrunch reviewed the exposed databases and found 79,000 transaction records on courtpay.org, and 64,000 records for utilitypay.org. We verified the data by cross-referencing names and addresses against public records.

Both sets of databases contained a payee’s name, postal address, email address, and phone number. Each record also contained the payment card type, the first and last four-digits of the payee’s card number, and the card’s expiry date.

Some records also contained dates of birth, and partial bank account numbers when a checking account was used.

Although the payment data was partially masked, none of the data was encrypted, despite a claim on nCourt’s website that “all tracked data, including account number and expiration date, is obscured so that the data cannot be decrypted without the corresponding decryption keys.”

When reached, nCourt’s chief information officer Terry Chism said the company was “aggressively gathering facts” about the security lapse, which he said affected a “legacy” system called GovPSA.

“Upon learning the legacy GovPSA data may have been accessed, we moved the data offline,” he said. “We have also engaged a third-party forensic investigation firm which is currently conducting a forensic investigation to verify the scope and impact of this suspected data security incident on the legacy GovPSA data and how it occurred. If we confirm that a breach has occurred, we will evaluate the legal notification obligations to individuals whose personal information may be impacted and will notify all affected persons and regulators consistent with our legal obligations to do so.”

But that leaves its customers — largely local governments and municipalities — in the dark. One of nCourt’s customers, a city in Arkansas with a population of about 30,000, told TechCrunch that they have not yet been informed of a security lapse.

Chism declined to comment further, or answer our questions — including why the data was not encrypted.

Google Cloud makes it cheaper to run smaller workloads on Bigtable

Mother-Baby Separation for COVID-19 Not Evidence-Based

Microsoft bought corp.com to keep it away from hackers

Five CEOs on their evolution in the femtech space

With women-specific health needs long ignored by tech giants, FLEX, the tampon replacement, raised $4 million and Nurx, the birth control delivery web platform, raised $5.3 million in 2016 (and went on to raise $93.4 million). Both companies became one of the top 10 companies out of more than 100 to raise the most money during their Demo Days at Y Combinator that year. By March 2017, it was reported that femtech companies had raised $1.1 billion since 2014, and the growth has only continued.

We spoke to CEOs and founders Gina Bartasi of Kindbody, Jill Angelo of Gennev, Kate Torgersen of Milk Stork, Molly Hayward of Cora and Liz Klinger of Lioness about how their companies have evolved from first entering the space and feeling like an island to now — a community of women changing the world for women.

“Investors would say, ‘Well, what lets the air out of the balloon? What can derail the business?,'” CEO and founder of the New York-based tech-enabled fertility company Kindbody, Gina Bartasi said. “And I would say, ‘Well, I guess if women went back to the old way of having children and they didn’t go to graduate school and they didn’t go to med school or business school and they started having babies again in their early 20s — then, that’s what would cause the fertility world to come crashing into the ground.’”

She flatly says that’s highly unlikely. Kindbody is Bartasi’s third fertility startup. She launched them all after going through her own fertility journey.

Torgersen started her first-of-its-kind breast milk shipping service after a four-day work trip during which she had to pump and fly home in her carry-on bag two gallons of breast milk for her eight-month-old fraternal twins.

These options didn’t exist before, and even where there was demand, it wasn’t recognized enough.

“It’s been really amazing over the last four or five years that we’ve been around to see the different areas of women’s lives sort of being addressed through commerce, through business, through business solutions — everything from fertility to breastfeeding and sexual wellness, pleasure, all of these things,” Hayward, who founded Cora, the period and bladder care brand, said.

Femtech isn’t just for women

There is, however, some gray area in femtech. Fertility, for example, has always been a mainstay in the space. Kindbody is actually Bartasi’s third fertility startup, but she notes fertility is not solely a women’s health concern.

“Remember that 50% of all fertility issues are male-related,” she says. “It does directly affect them and they don’t talk about it. Women do. She adds that they’re seeing a rise in same-sex couples leveraging Kindbody rather than adopting.

Women’s sexual health and wellness brands sometimes are excluded (primarily from those outside of it) or are criticized for being included. For example, CB Insights, the market intelligence company used by many investors, routinely shares data on its own idea of femtech.

“For the most part, Lioness and pretty much anything sexual-pleasure-related is not on those maps,” Liz Klinger, the CEO and co-founder of Lioness, the world’s first smart vibrator brand, shared with TechCrunch.

We reached out to the insights company for an updated femtech map. There isn’t one pleasure-centered (or even pleasure-adjacent) women’s health startup on the most up to date map for women’s health startups. For a site that touts itself as “loved by the smartest companies” for sharing “insights on probability, not punditry,” it is interesting that the $30 billion sex tech industry didn’t make it on this map. The only place we did find women’s pleasure brands was on a market map for “Valentine’s Day” tech in 2020.

Source: CB Insights

In talking to some former and current employees, Klinger discovered rumors about potential reasons for the exclusion.

“I heard that there is a bit of pushback, both a combination of personal and also that some of their larger clients are Fortune 500.” They don’t think it’s relevant to those clients.

As these challenges are seemingly par for the course for companies focused on women’s sexual pleasure, Klinger noted the most pleasant surprise in fundraising was how black and white it was when it came to who was going to invest and who wasn’t.

Bartasi pointed to undeniable macroeconomic trends that have emerged since she entered the space in 2008 with her first company Fertility Authority, making fundraising easier now than in the past (in addition to her second company, Progyny, being valued at nearly $2 billion before coronavirus).

“Heterosexual couples are waiting to have children and waiting to get married, and more and more same-sex couples are having children, which is relatively new,” says Bartasi. “Same-sex couples five and 10 years ago potentially adopted, but today they’re going through fertility at a rapid clip.”

She also notes the number of single women who are making the decision to freeze their eggs, opting against the traditional marriage-then-baby route.

Jill Angelo, CEO and founder of Gennev, the first-ever online clinic for women in menopause, also highlights mainstream media and the conversation around women shifting in general.

“You’ve got J. Lo doing the Super Bowl Halftime Show at 50-plus. You’ve got Laura Dern and Renée Zellweger, 50-plus, winning Oscars at the top of their game in their careers. You’ve got Gwyneth Paltrow talking about menopause on Goop.”

Education is instrumental to femtech’s growth

While companies in the space point to a diverse set of challenges with fundraising, each CEO discussed how essential it is to educate investors around women’s healthcare.

“It felt like — in my pitches — I was educating more than pitching, because it was a space people just didn’t know about,” Angelo recalls about when she first started raising money for Gennev in 2015.

This highlights the glaring gap in our education system in reference to health and sexual reproduction.

“What you’re trained on is how not to get pregnant, not how to get pregnant,” Bartasi pointed out. “And really, what nobody knows, even with the most fertile woman and fertile man having sex when she’s ovulating and when they’re supposed to, the chances of natural conception every month are only 20%. It’s not 50% or 60%.”

Molly Hayward’s Cora was launched as a social impact initiative to provide organic feminine products to women and girls who did not have access to them. Their inability to obtain the products caused them to miss school, the result being they would fall behind the boys.

“You have to do a lot more work as an entrepreneur to explain the experience, how broken it is and why there’s an opportunity to change that,” Hayward says.

Similarly, Klinger found that those who presumably were the least aware of pleasure were the most interested.

“Our investors are from traditionally conservative places like Thailand — where sex toys are illegal — and Texas. Once I figured out people were looking for pleasure and education, it was a lot easier to figure out who to talk to.”

As education is at the core of activism, the extra legwork doesn’t come without at least some sense of reward.

“When I am explaining this and people are actually listening and paying attention — regardless of whether they’re going to make an investment or not — the fact that I’ve had this conversation with them, I do walk away feeling we’re raising awareness and normalizing breastfeeding,” Torgersen shared.

The mother of three hopes that as more people become educated on breastfeeding, it will make other mothers’ lives easier.

In 2020, women are the majority of the U.S. workforce

As nearly half the labor force is women and more than half of all management positions are women, companies looking to retain employees have to accommodate women’s health needs in ways they haven’t in the past. Femtech is on the front lines of providing not only solutions but data and information that hasn’t been available (or even established) elsewhere.

This is how Milk Stork had its big break quickly after launch. “Our first press release actually hit with Fortune and within 10 days we were contacted by one of the largest consulting firms in the world wanting to bring us in as a benefit for their North American employees,” Torgersen said.

She credits moms and predominantly female-staffed human resources departments. “What I think is truly amazing is that it was moms who are raising awareness. They were using Milk Stork on the retail side and then asking their employers to reimburse them for it or to provide it as a benefit for the other women at their company.”

Within a month, Torgersen’s team put together an enterprise solution to offer Milk Stork as a benefit, something that wasn’t fully established at their launch. “The experiences women in femtech are solving have been invisible for so long.”

Bartasi discussed how doctors will share learnings within a practice about their patients to better understand trends in terms of medication, prescriptions and outcome. Kindbody is making these learnings more available to patients than ever before.

“We actually have predictive algorithms that the patient sees. It’s completely transparent. You enter your age, your pregnancy history, what your ovarian reserve is — which is tested through our blood work — and it’s going to generate your chances of success. How many eggs you’re predicted to get. There’s data that allows for total transparency, which increases the confidence and the trust between patient and the doctor.”

Klinger’s Lioness is centered on never-before-seen data tracking orgasms, and for those who don’t see the value in simply learning more about pleasure, she pointed out medical uses for the information available using the vibrator.

“For some people, it’s also tracking how certain medications or certain conditions might be affecting their pleasure and vice versa.” This can be extremely helpful as women’s sexual performance anxiety goes largely undiscussed.

Gennev, on the other hand, released the first-ever menopausal assessment, and it’s available for everyone. “There’s no ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’ for menopause,” Angelo says.

Using the data from the questionnaire, they’re providing that. “We’re creating that roadmap and using technology to predict and help them see where they’re headed in the journey and where they’re at right now.”

Gennev has also already begun working on solutions for our new normal of sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this month, the company launched HealthFix, an initiative to provide remote access to doctors, in addition to what their telemedicine membership already offered.

“We’re expanding our HealthFix membership to go beyond just working with health coaches and behavioral changes in life to manage menopause to also include the doctors, our OB-GYN,” Angelo says.

“We have a team of 25 of them, and so that means you’ll have your medical team, your coach and your doctor all in one via a regular membership that’s affordable, so that we’re not just for the top 1% of the 1%, but for every woman.”

Right now, it feels like the future of a lot of things has been paused, but even with discussions on the new normal beginning to start, rest assured the consistent growth in femtech will only continue following years of neglect.

“Competition is good when you’re in a space that people know nothing about because it raises the profile for everybody,” Angelo shared, a sentiment echoed by each CEO we spoke to.

And of the competition, Bartasi said, “The camaraderie and the lifting off of each other is remarkable and a testament to this group of women where we all do really share in opportunity and in helping each other.”

The proof is in the numbers. Femtech raised nearly $750 million in 2019, and it’s founded by women who want healthcare experiences they desire but didn’t find. And, because womanhood isn’t an insular experience, there is room and demand for a diverse set of solutions, as women continue to take up more spaces in which they’ve historically only been a minority.

Awww: Red Fox Steals Recording Phone And Runs With It While Caretaker Gives Chase

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Get Out Of There

Gene Simmons Says Quit Complaining About Quarantine, WWII Was Worse

Gene Simmons says people griping about being in quarantine -- not to mention acting like maniacs -- need a history lesson to understand how good they've got it. The KISS frontman joined us Tuesday on "TMZ Live'' to chime in on the wild behavior…

Neurologic Symptoms and COVID-19: What’s Known, What Isn’t

Apple Maps prioritizes grocery, food delivery and medical searches

Trump removes inspector general who was to oversee $2 trillion stimulus spending – The Washington Post

  1. Trump removes inspector general who was to oversee $2 trillion stimulus spending  The Washington Post
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AHA COVID-19 CVD Registry to Collect Data on CV Outcomes

Chrome OS tablet mode gets iPad-style gestures – The Verge

Chrome OS tablet mode gets iPad-style gestures  The VergeView Full Coverage on Google News

Doctor With COVID-19 Recovering After Treatment, “Lot of Luck”

They Turned Out to Vote in Wisconsin During a Health Crisis. Here’s Why. – The New York Times

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‘No Man’s Sky’ update adds giant mechs with jetpacks

1983: A victory as sweet as sugar for a championship team – 247Sports

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Here’s what determines who has recovered from coronavirus — and it includes two more tests  MarketWatchView Full Coverage on Google News

Marvel Also Won’t Release Any New Digital Comics This Week As Diamond Comic Distributors Closure Continues

Marvel Won’t Release Any New Digital Comics This Week As Diamond Comic Distributors Closure Continues

Mobile website builder Universe raises $10M from GV as it ventures into commerce

A startup that has framed itself as an Instagram for websites is now squaring up against Shopify as it nabs new funding from Google’s venture capital arm.

Brooklyn-based Universe has just closed a $10 million Series A from GV. The funding round was well in the works before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold stateside; nevertheless, CEO Joseph Cohen definitely sounded relieved to have everything signed.

“Hopefully, it’ll take some weight off their shoulders that may have been there otherwise,” said GV general partner M.G. Siegler, who led the deal and is taking a seat on their board.

When the team launched out of YC two years ago, the initial aim was to be the go-to short link for young people and creatives to stick in their Instagram bios. The mobile app allowed users to create very basic landing pages, allowing them to type up some text, toss up photos and arrange their creation across a couple of web pages.

As the startup matures and looks to home in on a more robust business model, they’re now looking to build an incredibly low-friction commerce platform. Users can add a shopping “block” to their site, add a photo, description and price and then start accepting orders.

“We’ve gone from a landing page builder to a full-fledged website builder,” Cohen told TechCrunch in an interview.

Universe is going after what Cohen calls “very small businesses.” This could be an artist selling prints, a yoga instructor charging for Zoom classes or one of their latest customers, a farmer selling live bait. “These are people who don’t work at desks,” Cohen says.

Shopify has been one of the biggest tech success stories of the past several years, but Cohen sees weaknesses for Universe to capitalize on. Shopify is “complex and not mobile-first,” he says. Universe not only doesn’t require a developer to implement, it doesn’t seem to require someone that’s particularly tech-savvy.

The price of simplicity for the end user is a hefty cut for Universe. At launch, the company isn’t taking a percentage for the first $1,000 of a customer’s revenue, but will take a 10% slice thereafter, a number that’s notably multiples higher than the rates of competitors.

Cohen acknowledges that if a business succeeds, this can be a significant expense for them, one that might push them to another platform. He say that he wants to figure out a model that can help his startup “grow and scale” with their customers, but he didn’t offer up any details on what that might look like.

The team is still working with free and paid “pro” tiers that offer advanced features like analytics. Commerce features will be available for both tiers.

Universe has raised $17 million to date. Other investors include Javelin Venture Partners, General Catalyst and Greylock Partners.

We chatted with GV’s M.G. Siegler about closing this deal and how his role as an investor has shifted since the current crisis took hold. You can read that interview on Extra Crunch.

‘Dead Cells’ is coming to Android on June 3rd

GV’s M.G. Siegler on portfolio management, crisis fundraising and his latest investment

The pandemic crisis has pushed entrepreneurs and investors into unknown territory.

Google’s GV just led a $10 million investment in Universe, a low-friction website builder that’s venturing into the world of commerce.

The investment was in the works before the COVID-19 pandemic hit America in force, but things were finalized for the Brooklyn startup in late March. I chatted with M.G. Siegler, a general partner at GV (and former TechCrunch writer) who led the deal with Universe, about how the crisis was affecting his investment work and how he was balancing portfolio work with sourcing new deals.

This interview has edited for length and clarity.

This deal sounds like it was in the works before pandemic concerns really hit America, but when you saw this situation arise, did it change your thinking about this deal at all?

The reality is we’re still going to be continuing to look for interesting opportunities to invest in. History has shown that even during great financial turmoil, many companies are still being built, and while it’s certainly not easy for anyone given that we’re all stuck inside and trying to make things work. I think Universe is in an interesting spot, they have a tool that can potentially help some of these struggling businesses move online quicker and create commerce opportunities that they really need to think about given the current realities.

So there’s no thought that we shouldn’t do something just because of the current macro environment if we’re really passionate about it to begin with. Obviously, there’s there’s varying degrees of that for different sectors, but I do think that Universe had been in a great position before this situation, and it seems like they have different opportunities now.

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Here’s What We Know About Coronavirus Risks to Children, According to the CDC – Gizmodo

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19 Scandals & Counting! The Duggar Family’s Biggest Controversies Revealed

The Duggar family came to the public eye with 19 Kids & Counting. They claim to be very religious, but their behavior often seems far from Christian.

MORE: Josh Duggar Begs Court To Dismiss Him From Real Estate Lawsuit

The reality with reality TV is that it often makes people famous for all the wrong reasons, and the Duggars appear to support the pattern. From the hidden scandals, arrests and alleged fraud, the Duggars seem to be very familiar with the concept of ‘do what I say, not what I do.”

MORE: Josh Denied! Judge Rules Duggar Can Never Sue Arkansas Officials Over Privacy Again

The following is a gallery detailing some of the family’s biggest secrets, largest scandals and greatest controversies. Here are 19 scandals and counting.

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Scientists visualize a black hole plasma jet in unprecedented detail

American Ultra: Kristen Stewart’s Relationship Timeline

Who has Kristen Stewart dated? The L.A. native shed the Twilight stigma to become a powerful leading lady, and over the years she has had her share of romantic rendezvous along the way. The Charlie’s Angels star has bewitched male and female alike — breaking hearts all the same, whether it’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel or a teen heartthrob.

MORE: Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Love Triangle Exposed: Ex Stella Warns Off New Girl!

Apart from her widely-publicized history with the next Batman, who else has K. Stew dated? As one of the most highly sought-after actresses in Hollywood, any new action is bound to garner some attention. Even still, there have been a couple of dates that may have flown under the radar.

MORE: Stella Maxwell ‘Fuming’ Over Ex Kristen Stewart’s New Lover Sara Dinkin

See if you can ID the Twilight star’s former flames.

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Protecting the high seas: Identify biodiversity hotspots

Researchers use big data to identify biodiversity hotspots that could become the first generation of high seas marine protected areas.

Statement on chest imaging and COVID-19

A multinational consensus statement on the role of chest imaging in the management of patients with COVID-19 has just been published.

How serotonin balances communication within the brain

Our brain is steadily engaged in soliloquies. These internal communications are usually also bombarded with external sensory events. Hence, the impact of the two neuronal processes need to be permanently fine-tuned to avoid their imbalance. A team of scientists has revealed the role of the neurotransmitter serotonin in this scenario. They discovered that distinct serotonergic receptor types control the gain of both streams of information in a separable manner.

How wallflowers evolved a complementary pair of plant defenses

A pair of chemicals used by wallflowers and their kin to ward off predators have evolved to complement each other, with one targeting generalist herbivores and the other targeting specialized herbivores that have become resistant to the generalist defense.

Researchers suggest a special diet against asthma

Can a special diet help in certain cases of asthma? A new study at least points to this conclusion. According to the study, mice that were switched to a so-called ketogenic diet showed significantly reduced inflammation of the respiratory tract.

What type of cells does the novel coronavirus attack?

Scientists have examined samples from non-virus infected patients to determine which cells of the lungs and bronchi are targets for novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infection.

Adding a pinch of salt to El Niño models

When modeling the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) ocean-climate cycle, adding satellite sea surface salinity -- or saltiness -- data significantly improves model accuracy, according to a new study.

First-ever photo proof of powerful jet emerging from colliding galaxies

Researchers have reported the first detection of a relativistic on-axis jet emerging from two colliding galaxies -- the first photographic proof that merging galaxies can produce jets of fast-moving charged particles. Scientists had previously discovered that jets could be found in elliptical-shaped galaxies, which can be formed in the merging of two spiral galaxies. Now, they have an image showing the formation of a jet from two younger, spiral-shaped galaxies.

Bubble dynamics reveal how to empty bottles faster

Researchers have discovered how to make bottles empty faster, which has wide-ranging implications for many areas beyond the beverage industry. They explore this bottle-emptying phenomenon from the perspective of bubble dynamics on a commercial bottle by using high-speed photography. Image analysis allowed them to conceptualize various parameters, such as liquid film thickness, bubble aspect ratio, rise velocity and bottle emptying modes.

Engineers and chemists ‘program’ liquid crystalline elastomers to replicate complex twisting action simply with the use of light

Researchers designed a polymer known as a liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) that can be 'programmed' to both twist and bend in the presence of light. Especially in the field of soft robotics, this is essential for building devices that exhibit controllable, dynamic behavior without the need for complex electronic components.

Babies retain even detailed events during a nap

While sleeping the brain goes through previously experienced things, consolidates new memory contents and summarizes similar experiences into more general knowledge. This also applies to babies. However, they can more than just generalize what they have learned. A recent study shows: during sleep a baby's brain also consolidates the details of its individual experience and protects them from generalization and is therefore also important for what is known as episodic memory.

Disagreements help team perception

Team disagreements might be the key to helping soldiers identify objects in battle, researchers say.

Cancer scientists aim to use protein power to stop tumor growth

Scientists have created a new therapy option that may help halt tumor growth in certain cancers such as prostate, which is among the most common types of cancer in men.

Common protein in skin can ‘turn on’ allergic itch

A commonly expressed protein in skin -- periostin -- can directly activate itch-associated neurons in the skin, according to new research. Blocking periostin receptors on these neurons reduced the itch response in a mouse model of atopic dermatitis, or eczema.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone – Official Season 3 Trailer – GameSpot

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SUPERMAN AND LOIS Adds Former ENTOURAGE Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui As Lana Lang

The CW's upcoming Superman & Lois series has added a new take on Clark Kent's hometown friend and first crush, Lana Lang. According to Deadline, Emmanuelle Chriqui (The Passage, Entourage) will play the role.

We've seen a few different live-action interpretations of Lang over the years, with Kristin Kreuk's Smallville take being the most prominent. This version of the character is described as "the loan officer at Smallville Bank who stayed in Smallville when others left for something bigger and brighter. Lana reestablishes her friendship with her old friend, Clark Kent, during one of the most difficult periods in her life."

We recently found out that Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck, Unforgettable) had also joined the cast as General Lane.

This new series will be a little different to previous Man of Steel-centric shows, as the story will focus on Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) raising a family and dealing with the "stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today’s society." Former Flash showrunner Helbing will executive produce Superman & Lois with Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Geoff Johns via Berlanti Productions.

The show will go straight to series (13 episodes), and production is expected to get underway as soon as it's safe to do so.

Are you guys looking forward to this one? What do you make of Chriqui's casting? Let us know in the usual place.

10 Celebs Who Have Been In Major Car Accidents

Celebrities go through many of the same trials and tribulations we do, and car crashes are no exception, especially major ones. Dating as far back as the 1950s, scores of beloved celebs have fallen victim to wrecks that involved serious injury or worse.

MORE: New Blow! Prince Philip Car Crash Victim Emma Fairweather Needs Surgery

Some of the highest profile celebrity accidents have also included tragic loss of life, including many heartbreaking cases that involved young stars in the prime of life.

MORE: Sarah Who? Mom Of Alleged Drunk Driver Who Killed Hyland’s Cousin Has Never Heard Of Her

Park yourself and take a look at some of the worst car crashes in celebrity history, but pump those brakes, as some of these had genuinely horrific consequences.

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When Will Legends of Tomorrow Return?

One of the less-important side effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is that we’ve had to wait a little longer than expected for new episodes of our favorite Arrowverse shows. The entire CW production schedule was temporarily put on hold as the outbreak took hold, and even episodes that had already been filmed saw some post-production delays. The result? The next episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 5, which had been scheduled to air several weeks ago, was temporarily removed from the schedule. The good news is, it’s back on, and we’re very close to having a new episode of Legends of Tomorrow return to our TV screens (as well as other beloved CW shows).

Legends of Tomorrow season 5 episode 9, “Zari, Not Zari” will now air on Tuesday, April 21 at 9 pm, right after a new episode of The Flash, which will also return from its temporary hiatus. Here’s the official synopsis for the episode…

“Sara (Caity Lotz), Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) find themselves in British Columbia searching for another piece of the Loom, but they run into a problem they couldn’t have foreseen.  Zari (Tala Ashe) has been having trouble feeling like herself, so she goes on meditative journey at the suggestion of Behrad (guest star Shayan Sobhian). Meanwhile, Ava (Jes Macallan) volunteers to try and help Rory (Dominic Purcell) with a personal problem.”

And check out the unsurprisingly delightful trailer.

You know what this means? It means you have a solid two weeks to catch up on what is absolutely the best Arrowverse show right now! The first four seasons of Legends of Tomorrow are currently available on Netflix, and the fifth season can be watched for free on the CW Seed app.

Too many people have slept on Legends of Tomorrow for too long, and Den of Geek will no longer stand for it! While the show’s first season was a little too conventional in its approach, there’s an immediate improvement with season 2, which has a more free-wheeling vibe. It gets even better in season 3, and by the fourth season, it basically gives up any pretense whatsoever of being a superhero show, and is instead more akin to a bizarre sci-fi ensemble show, something you would expect to gain a cult following after airing in syndication in the 1990s. Hilarious and delightful, the crew of the Waverider will basically be your new best friends until you’re allowed to see your actual best friends again.

So catch up on Legends of Tomorrow before it returns on April 21. You can thank us later. Until then, stay home, stay safe, and look out for each other!

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Coronavirus deaths in NYC soar past 3,000 – New York Post

  1. Coronavirus deaths in NYC soar past 3,000  New York Post
  2. New data on New York coronavirus deaths: Most had these underlying illnesses; 61% were men  USA TODAY
  3. New York coronavirus deaths jumped by 731 Monday, the biggest daily increase, Gov. Cuomo says  CNBC
  4. N.Y. Virus Deaths Hit New High, but Hospitalizations Slow: Live Updates  The New York Times
  5. Cuomo: Use of antimalarial drug in New York hospitals 'anecdotally' positive | TheHill  The Hill
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Questionable: Michael, The Sickly Future Gamer Of 2040

Steam’s direct publishing changes only helped two thirds of developers

A House Divided RPG Graphic Novel Published Today

Memes For Sophisticated People Who Cook Their Pizza Rolls In The Oven

Everyone knows that heating food up in the oven is classier than heating it up in the microwave. It's just facts. These dank memes are all about the superiority of cooking pizza rolls in the oven, and we think you're gonna like 'em. 

Check out some of our favorite high-quality dank memes from last week here!


Cartoon - Pizza rolls in the oven Pizza rolls in the microwave @memebase


Face - In regards to the art of cooking pizza rolls (1.redd.it) submitted 1 year ago by NoThruTrucks 7 comments share save hide give award report crosspost Microwave Oven Toaster Oven At/Deep Fryer


Text - when you put pizza rolls in the oven instead of the microwave for your bros It aint much, but it's honest work,


Text - Reagan Saul @Reagan_Saul Marry a man that puts his pizza rolls in the oven instead of the microwave. He knows good things take a little more time 2:57 PM · Jul 9, 2017 · Twitter for iPhone


Animated cartoon - Pizza rolls in the Pizza rolls in the microwave


Text - when you cook the pizza rolls in the oven instead of the microwave


Tiger - Mark Collins March 31 at 6:33 AM · The difference between putting pizza rlls in the oven vs putting pizza rolls in the microwave


Chef - When you make pizza rolls with the oven instead of the microwave shef


Hair - PIZZA ROLLS Ouen Microwave




Human - pizza rolls in microwave pizza rolls in toaster oven



Submitted by:

The Hulk Beats Superman In This Unused Artwork From 1996’s MARVEL VS. DC Crossover Event

With the comic book industry essentially on hold, a lot of fans believe that the best way to kickstart sales when the world returns to normal would be a Marvel/DC crossover event of some sort. 

The last one came our way in 2004 (yes, sixteen long years ago) in the pages of Kurt Busiek and George Perez's epic JLA/Avengers series which brought the two teams together. However, back in 1996, a crossover was published titled Marvel vs. DC pitting the most iconic characters from both worlds against each other. 

The interesting thing is that readers were given the opportunity to vote on the outcomes of five of the event's biggest battles, including Superman's confrontation with The Hulk! Debates have raged for decades about which of them is strongest, but on this particular occasion, the Man of Steel won.

Now, Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has taken to Twitter to share an unused piece of artwork by Claudio Castellini showing a version of this fight which ended with the Jade Giant standing triumphant over Superman. He also shared the original page depicting the alien's win over the Gamma powered hero. 

Another Marvel/DC crossover would be no bad thing, especially as comic book sales may struggle to rebound once COVID-19 is defeated seeing as they're unavailable physically and digitally.

Superman or The Hulk? Who would you put your money on? 


The best Xbox controllers for every playing style

Hims launches group therapy services as first foray into broader mental health initiative

Blac Chyna: I Could Beat TF Out of Khloe! Bring It, Bish!

Rob Kardashian has gone to war with Blac Chyna in court over who should get full custody of Dream. 

Now, Chyna has taken things to the next level, publicly challenging Khloe to a fight over Rob's sister's role in their dispute.

Khloe Kardashian Confesses on Season 18

On April 2, Khloe Kardashian livetweeted her viewing of the physical brawl between Kim and Kourtney.

"I would demolish Kourt’s ass," Khloe predicted on Twitter, should the hypothetical fight ever take place.

She laughed, writing: "lol don’t play."

"I’m 5’10." She’s 5 feet on a good day," Khloe said, to explain her reasoning.

Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian FIGHT

She's not wrong to say that.

Khloe may be barely taller than my mother, but among the Kardashians, she's a veritable titan.

(Kendall and Scott are close to her in height, and Rob is the only family member who could be considered tall; the rest are tiny)

Naturally, we hope that none of the Kardashians ever come to blows again.

Blac Chyna in Formal Wear

There is one person who appears to be itching for a fight with Khloe, however.

Blac Chyna clearly saw Khloe's tweet, as she took to her Instagram Stories to comment on it.

"What about 5’2″?" she asked.

Chyna then included a thinking emoji, as if she were giving serious consideration to challenging Khloe to a fight.

Blac Chyna, All Made Up

"Nobody’s noticing that Blac Chyna asked Khloe for a fight??" one fan tweeted.

"Chyna said she’s 5’2″ what’s good now Khloe," another explained on Twitter.

"Khloe said she’ll demolish Kourtney cause she 5’10” and Kourtney only 5 feet," another marveled, "and this bitch blac chyna gone post and say what about 5’2”."

"Blac Chyna wants to fight Khloe??" asked one fan. "For what exactly??"

Blac Chyna Crying Hard

Chyna has a litany of beefs with the Kardashian family that go back for years.

But the latest points of contention almost certainly have to do with Rob and Chyna's legal battle over custody of Dream.

Though Chyna is likely frustrated with the entire extended family of her baby daddy, she is likely particularly furious with Khloe.

Why? Because Khloe has offered key testimony against her parenting skills.

Dream Kardashian in Pink Hair Extensions

As we have previously reported, Khloe has expressed that she has observed changes in Dream after Dream spends time with Blac Chyna.

Apparently, 3-year-old Dream exhibits more aggressive behavior after spending time at her mother's house.

Dream allegedly displays inappropriate behavior learned at her mother's house, with one example being twerking while naked.

At one point, her described aggression was so intense that she allegedly struck one of her young cousins. That is deeply alarming.

Blac Chyna Stroller Attack

Blac Chyna's history of misbehavior is both well known and very public.

That is what happens when you get into a fight in the middle of a very crowded theme park and throw your child's stroller at a stranger.

Whether she is, for example, exhibiting these hostile behaviors in front of Dream has not been confirmed.

She has been accused of attacking people at her home. If true, this could have a strongly negative impact upon Dream.

Khloe Kardashian is Agog

Chyna's history of getting into fights might also mean that she could rpevail against an inexperienced opponent, even one with Khloe's build.

Ferocity counts for a lot in physical fights.

Hopefully, Chyna will keep her fight to the courtroom and away from any of the Kardashians.

Dream needs love and support, not to see her beloved family members carted off to jail.

Samsung earnings guidance stays upbeat despite global macro crisis

Hannah Ann Sluss to Kelley Flanagan: You DESERVE Peter Weber!

With all the insanity they caught on camera while filming that trainwreck reality series, it's hard to believe the cast still has fresh drama to offer us on a daily basis. 

No, we're not talking about Tiger King -- we're talking about Peter Weber's disastrous season of The Bachelor.

Peter Weber on Instagram

Every time we think the dust has finally settled and we've seen the last of Peter and his Harry Potter scar, some new insanity arises involving Pilot Pete and the many lives he effed up with his indecisive nonsense.

Yesterday, we learned that Hannah Ann Sluss is still not cool with Madison Prewett.

Sluss made the revelation on Nick Viall's podcast, stating that while she'd be open to patching things up with Madi, their friendship is simply not what it used to be.

Quite understandable after everything they've been through.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Engaged

But at least there's a glimmer of hope for Hannah Ann and Madison.

The same cannot be said for Hannah and Kelley Flanagan.

As you've probably heard, Peter and Kelley appear to be dating, which is an absolutely bonkers twist worthy of anything that took place in Joe Exotic's zoo.

There are even rumors that Peter instructed Kelley to audition for the show and assured her she would win when the two of them met (and probably banged) in Los Angeles last year.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

But we're not willing to go quite that far down the conspiracy rabbit hole just yet.

The point is, Kelley and Peter are now together; the fix may have been in from the start; and Hannah Ann is understandably pissed about it.

Ms. Sluss isn't talking any trash though -- she's letting her fans do it for her.

Currently, Peter and Kelley are quarantining in Chicago and posting TikToks in a lame imitation of Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown's Quarantine Crew.

Kelley and Peter Weber

Peter's contribution to the content stream mostly consists of magic tricks, which sounds like a joke, but sadly is not.

“Imagine how satisfied Hannah Ann must be to see her ex doing magic on Instagram," a fan tweeted earlier this week. 

“HAHAHA she’s like BYE BITCH see ya never,THE QUEEN @HannahannSluss WON!!!!” another replied, along with a GIF of Hannah giving Peter the brush-off after he broke off their engagement.

Hilariously, Hannah retweeted the whole exchange!

Kelley Tweets

That's some serious shade, but if you're worried about Hannah's mental state these days, fear not.

It seems she's fully over Peter and simply enjoys joining her fans in some light trash talk from time to time.

During her appearance on The Viall Files, Hannah revealed that she's met someone via dating app and is looking forward to meeting him in person once the quarantine comes to a close.

“There’s one person in particular I’m excited to go on a date with after,” Hannah said.

Sluss, Hannah

“He’s someone that’s been really nice and I’m excited to get to know more and it’s weird because when I’m actually liking someone now not the whole world knows about it," she added.

"It’s nice just to have private conversations, slowly get to know someone and not have everyone know every detail.”

Hopefully, when they do meet, they can enjoy a nice laugh about Peter's magic tricks.

Coronavirus Daily Digest: April 7, 2020

Borderlands 3 bridges the gap between citizen science and blockbuster games – TechCrunch

  1. Borderlands 3 bridges the gap between citizen science and blockbuster games  TechCrunch
  2. Borderlands 3 - Borderlands Science Official Trailer  Borderlands
  3. ‘Borderlands 3’ Is Giving Out New Loot If You Help Them Map The Human Gut Microbiome, Wait What?  Forbes
  4. This Borderlands 3 minigame will help map the bacteria in your gut  Digital Trends
  5. Borderlands 3 players can help map the human gut microbiome by playing Borderlands Science  VG247
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Karl-Anthony Towns’ Mom Still In ICU And Needs Prayers, Says John Calipari

NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns' mother, Jackie, remains in the ICU and continues to fight her battle with coronavirus ... this according to KAT's old college coach, John Calipari. The Minnesota Timberwolves center revealed his mother's health status 2…

NASCAR retains sponsors for esports series as Bubba Wallace loses his

NASCAR drivers can now lose real-world sponsors for conduct in virtual competition.

That’s what happened to Bubba Wallace on April 5 when he rage-quit a race in the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational — a substitute for the sport’s live rubber-to-pavement action during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As live audience sports organizations have paused playoffs and closed stadiums, NASCAR has found traction in an esports alternative to keep racing and sponsorships going through the coronavirus crisis.

That’s what created the scenario for the sport’s latest driver sponsor fracas. After a bump by Clint Bowyer spun Wallace out in Sunday’s virtual Bristol Motor Speedway contest, Wallace bailed with an expletive and a yell from his net-connected simulator.

The gaming world has a term for abruptly exiting a competition — rage quitting — and one of Wallace’s backers was none too thrilled about him doing it. Blue EMU, a joint muscle-cream product, pulled their sponsorship of the driver.

“Bubba’s actions were disrespectful to iRacing, NASCAR, and especially their fans. That’s why Blue Emu discontinued his sponsorship,” Blue EMU VP for Marketing Benjamin Blessing told TechCrunch .

The incident marks a first for a NASCAR driver to lose a sponsorship for conduct in e-competition, according to a NASCAR spokesperson. But the affair is a sub-plot in a bigger story — how NASCAR has transitioned its fan and advertiser base rapidly to another format during a national health pandemic. 

The auto racing series — which is America’s most popular motorsport — has turned to tech to continue competition and audience engagement through the COVID-19 lockdown. When the coronavirus crisis restricted NASCAR’s ability to race, the fast-moving sport shifted to an esports alternative in short order.

The series postponed its regular schedule on March 16 and the next day NASCAR and iRacing announced the formation of the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series.

This was accelerated by the two parties’ working relationship. iRacing is a Massachusetts based online racing simulator company that has partnered with NASCAR on the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series, a global gaming contest.


Chase Elliot in a NASCAR sim rig, Image Credits: NASCAR

The two transferred much of that format — including the iRacing’s sim rigs — to connect NASCAR’s drivers to the new format.

“We ended up taking an entire apparatus…and industry that was built to promote real cars [racing] in real circles and pretty quickly migrated that over to the virtual world,” NASCAR’s Managing Director for Gaming Scott Warfield told TechCrunch .

Fox Sports aired the first eNASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing Series on a trial basis on March 22 and drew nearly a million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

As a result, Fox Sports agreed to simulcast the series — on its broadcast network, Fox Sports iRacing and the FOX Sports app — for as along to the coronavirus keeps the drivers at home and off real tracks.

An integral part of NASCAR — sponsors that run ads and adorn logos on team cars — is riding along with the virtual shift, according Warfield.

“Where we’ve been able to pull through some of our official sponsors we’ve done that,” he said. Those include NASCAR’s four premiere partners Coca-Cola, xFinity, Geico and Anheuser Busch, according to Warfield.

He credits the ability to keep key backers on board to the ratings the virtual races have pulled on Fox Sports and the audience engagement they’ve gotten on NASCAR’s cord-cutter platforms.

NASCAR teams are seeing fewer sponsors in esports competition, but Warfield believes that could pick up as the ratings for the eNASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing Series continue to rise.

“When you start talking 1.3 million viewers. That’s a pretty important metric to be able to say [to sponsors] ‘hey, you could be on the side of Denny Hamlin’s car in the virtual world,” Warfield said.

NASCAR’s esports traction could become a case study for other live event sports that have shutdown due to COVID-19.

Working with a tech partner — iRacing — the motosport series is continuing competition virtually through the health crisis.

And while Bubba Wallace may have lost a sponsor in this new esports arena, NASCAR has managed to carry over key backers in its digital conversion.

UW Hospital to treat COVID-19 patients with survivor blood starting next week – Madison.com

  1. UW Hospital to treat COVID-19 patients with survivor blood starting next week  Madison.com
  2. Plasma from coronavirus survivors found to help severely ill patients  The Guardian
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Homemade face masks, coronavirus prevention, CDC: Here’s what you should know – CNET

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  2. No-sew coronavirus face mask instructions: US surgeon general gives a quick how-to in viral video  Fox News
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Kaia Gerber’s Quarantine Book Recommendations

Kaia Gerber is self isolating with her supermodel mom Cindy Crawford and her Casa Migos daddy Rande Gerber, and I guess she’s feeling bored because she made a move that no other 18 year old is doing during this quarantine, she’s reading BOOKS. Kaia took her Instagram to share her favorite reads.

Kaia Gerber’s Quarantine Book Recommendations

i know we are all feeling isolated right now, so I was trying to think of easy ways we can stay connected (beyond just scrolling) and decided i’m gonna start a book club. i read a lot on my own, but would love to be able to talk to you guys about it… so every week i’m gonna post a book to my stories and the following week i’ll jump on live (sometimes with a friend, writer, guest etc.) so we can all talk about the book that week! ♥ i want to start with a new favorite I’m actually rereading right now: Normal People by Sally Rooney. download it, borrow it, order it if you can! let’s all meet here and talk next week 4/3 at 12pm PST

Here’s the list:

1. “The Bad Girl” by Mario Vargas Llosa
2. “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami
3. “This Side of Paradise” by F. Scott Fitzgerald
4. “Normal People” by Sally Rooney
5. “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” by Ocean Vuong
6. “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac
7. “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara
8. “The Prophet” by Kalil Gibran
9. “A Season in Hell” by Arthur Rimbaud
10. “The Stranger” by Albert Camus
11. “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind
12. “A Lover’s Discourse” by Roland Barthes
13. “Symposium” by Plato
14. “Hunter S Thompson: The Last Interview and Other Conversations” by Hunter S Thompson
15. “Bright Lights Big City” by Jay McInerney
16. “Bonjour Tristesse” by Francoise Sagan
17. “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro

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Kaia Gerber’s Quarantine Book Recommendations

Kaia Gerber is self isolating with her supermodel mom Cindy Crawford and her Casa Migos daddy Rande Gerber, and I guess she’s feeling bored because she made a move that no other 18 year old is doing during this quarantine, she’s reading BOOKS. Kaia took her Instagram to share her favorite reads.

Kaia Gerber’s Quarantine Book Recommendations

i know we are all feeling isolated right now, so I was trying to think of easy ways we can stay connected (beyond just scrolling) and decided i’m gonna start a book club. i read a lot on my own, but would love to be able to talk to you guys about it… so every week i’m gonna post a book to my stories and the following week i’ll jump on live (sometimes with a friend, writer, guest etc.) so we can all talk about the book that week! ♥ i want to start with a new favorite I’m actually rereading right now: Normal People by Sally Rooney. download it, borrow it, order it if you can! let’s all meet here and talk next week 4/3 at 12pm PST

Here’s the list:

1. “The Bad Girl” by Mario Vargas Llosa
2. “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami
3. “This Side of Paradise” by F. Scott Fitzgerald
4. “Normal People” by Sally Rooney
5. “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” by Ocean Vuong
6. “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac
7. “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara
8. “The Prophet” by Kalil Gibran
9. “A Season in Hell” by Arthur Rimbaud
10. “The Stranger” by Albert Camus
11. “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind
12. “A Lover’s Discourse” by Roland Barthes
13. “Symposium” by Plato
14. “Hunter S Thompson: The Last Interview and Other Conversations” by Hunter S Thompson
15. “Bright Lights Big City” by Jay McInerney
16. “Bonjour Tristesse” by Francoise Sagan
17. “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro

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Why Playgrounds Are Unsafe During COVID-19

“Naomi Campbell told Cindy Crawford that she’s ‘loving’ the quarantine” links

Naomi Campbell interviews Cindy Crawford for her YouTube channel. [Jezebel]
Chris Hemsworth is still trying to make his “action hero” thing happen. [JustJared]
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Duchess Meghan should voice a honeybadger documentary next. [Pajiba]
Woody Harrelson is another one of those “your cell phone is giving you coronavirus” people and I cannot even start. [The Blemish]
Diane Kruger & Norman Reedus made out in a parking lot. [Dlisted]
Remember Crown Princess Victoria’s lovely Swedish wedding? [GFY]
Conan O’Brien did an animal segment from his house. [Seriously OMG]

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Borderlands 3 bridges the gap between citizen science and blockbuster games

The Borderlands series has long-offered players a chaotic loot scramble of explosive cel-shaded cartoon violence and intricately-tuned shooting that leaves anything that isn’t the fun part on the cutting room floor. It’s like the gaming equivalent of a very large, very rich dessert—and what if, by eating dessert, you could also make the world better? Imagine.

Borderlands 3 publisher 2K and developer Gearbox Software is elevating the series’ latest game to lofty new ideals with a new in-game experience called Borderlands Science, a crowdsourced citizen science project that will leverage the hit game’s massive player base to conduct actual scientific research. In this case that’s mapping the gut microbiome—one of the most interesting frontiers in biological science right now. Scientists believe that microbes in the gut could play a role in everything from autism to allergies, though many of those mechanics remain mysterious and difficult to study given the massive breadth of microbes in the gut and the limits of computational power.

For players, Borderlands Science appears in the game as a retro arcade cabinet that will pop up soon on Sanctuary III, the game’s central starship. The mini-game itself looks like a colorful, Tetris-like experience and if players don’t read the fine print they might not even know that they’re mapping microbes. Assuming that Gearbox’s normal ethos is on display here it’s also likely fun and addictive, though we haven’t yet tried it. And of course, players won’t be expected to engage with the project for the good of science alone. The mini-game will offer players special rewards and Vault Hunter skins to collect—a smart and natural way to incentivize players in a game that’s all about the pursuit of loot.

The undertaking is a partnership between researchers at McGill University, the Microsetta Initiative at UC San Diego School of Medicine and Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS), a project connecting video games with vital scientific research.

“We see Borderlands Science as an opportunity to use the enormous popularity of Borderlands 3 to advance social good,” Gearbox Software co-founder Randy Pitchford said of the initiative, calling it a “new nexus between entertainment and health.”

Gaming-focused citizen science is emerging as a fascinating way to pair the gaming community’s natural strengths—sustained focus, patience for repetitive tasks, intensive time commitments—with the needs of scientific researchers. Two prominent examples are EyeWire, which invites players to help map the brain’s neural networks and Foldit, in which users solve puzzles to map complex protein structures believed to have a role in diseases like HIV and Alzheimer’s.

Apart from a handful of exceptions—like EVE Online players mapping exoplanets—these citizen science games are usually browser-based, with more of an edu-science vibe than anything resembling the flashy hit games that drive the industry. Borderlands Science bridges that gap, bringing citizen science into the lucrative, bustling world of triple-A games. And if the model pioneered here goes well, the project could be make excellent example for other publishers and developers looking to weave real scientific good into their games in the future.

Diamond Comic Distributors Will Ship to Retailer Home Addresses

Trump decries IG report on hospital shortages as ‘another fake dossier’ | TheHill – The Hill

Trump decries IG report on hospital shortages as 'another fake dossier' | TheHill  The Hill

Facebook’s new tool lets gamers plan their own esports tournaments

Who is Dominic Raab? Coronavirus Puts to the Fore an Improbable U.K. Leader – The New York Times

  1. Who is Dominic Raab? Coronavirus Puts to the Fore an Improbable U.K. Leader  The New York Times
  2. Boris Johnson in intensive care as coronavirus symptoms worsen  CBS News
  3. Boris Johnson is 'stable' in ICU amid questions about who's running the UK  CNN
  4. Seeing Boris Johnson Go Into Intensive Care With Coronavirus Should Rid Us  Newsweek
  5. Boris Johnson vs. the Coronavirus  The New York Times
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Chicago mayor signs order ensuring immigrants, refugees have access to COVID-19 relief provided by city | TheHill – The Hill

  1. Chicago mayor signs order ensuring immigrants, refugees have access to COVID-19 relief provided by city | TheHill  The Hill
  2. ‘Those numbers take your breath away’: Covid-19 is hitting Chicago’s black neighborhoods much harder than others, officials say  The Washington Post
  3. Coronavirus exerts heavy toll on blacks in places like Chicago  Fox News
  4. Illinois’ stay-at-home order ‘a long way away’ from being phased out in the city, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot  Chicago Tribune
  5. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defends getting a haircut amid coronavirus outbreak, says stylist wore ‘a mask an  Chicago Tribune
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Ryan Russell’s new role allowing him to connect with newcomers – 247Sports

Ryan Russell's new role allowing him to connect with newcomers  247Sports

Daily Crunch: Airbnb raises another $1B

Save Me Too: why was Grace put in Jody’s place?

Warning: contains spoilers for Save Me series 1 & Save me too episode 2

Hit 2018 Sky thriller Save Me revolves around a father’s search for his abducted child. South London wastrel Nelly Rowe (Lennie James) dedicates himself to finding his estranged 13-year-old daughter Jody, who was lured into a child sex abuse ring by somebody posing as him online. 

By the end of the six-part series, Jody is still missing. Wanting to subvert audience expectations and avoid a tidy, predictable ending, James instead shows Nelly’s search leading him to the discovery of another girl – Grace (Olive Gray). 

After infiltrating the child abuse ring that took Jody, Nelly is led to a caravan where he finds Grace (who bears a superficial resemblance to Jody), chained up. Nelly rescues her, and the search for his own daughter continues. 

Viewers assumed that Nelly’s discovery of Grace was accidental and that she was another victim of child sexual trafficking, abducted and exploited like Jody – which is in many ways, the case.

In follow-up series Save Me Too currently airing on Wednesdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and available as a boxset on NOW TV however, that assumption has been corrected. Grace was deliberately planted in the caravan by abuse ringleader Gideon Charles (Ade Edmondson), for Nelly to find. What viewers are wondering, is why?

Den of Geek asked Olive Gray, who plays Grace in the series, for her interpretation:

“If Nelly had found Jody [in the caravan], Nelly would also have found out who had Jody and told the police. So because they swapped Jody for Grace […] he was still looking for her, so therefore he didn’t want to tell the police.”

When Gideon Charles realised that Nelly was on Jody’s trail and had come as far as infiltrating the auction at which Jody was sold to her abuser, in order to throw him off the scent, Gideon ‘sacrificed’ another of his victims – Grace, who was around the age of 16 when Nelly rescued her.

Series two episode two spoilers ahead

As viewers discover in Save Me Too episode two, during the trial of Gideon Charles, years earlier at the age of 13, Grace had been groomed by Gideon and made to think he was her ‘boyfriend’. He gave her heroin and trafficked her to other child abusers under the pretence that she was doing ‘favours’ for him out of love. Pretending to be Jody was Grace’s last favour to Gideon, says Gray.

“She was asked to be there, and that would be the last favour for her. She definitely knew that whoever was going to find her wasn’t then further going to traffic her, because that would be the end of it, she’d be able to go after that last favour.”

Why did Grace’s abuser Gideon discard her in favour of Jody? Because compared to 13-year-old Jody, says Gray, Grace was no longer what the abusers wanted and had lost ‘value’.

“Within the world of sex trafficking there is an idea of being ‘used goods’, and that was why there was such a high bidding for Jody. When Gideon used Jody as a product to sell, he said she’s new, she’s never ridden… Grace is seen as old goods, used goods because she’s not new.” 

Save Me Too continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. The complete box-set is available to stream on NOW TV

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High-Tech Rings Track COVID-19 ‘Warning Signs’

AFC East roster reset: Brady-less Pats vulnerable? – NFL.com

AFC East roster reset: Brady-less Pats vulnerable?  NFL.comView Full Coverage on Google News

U.S. appeals court hands win to Trump plan to resume federal executions – Reuters

  1. U.S. appeals court hands win to Trump plan to resume federal executions  Reuters
  2. Appeals court rejects block on Trump administration execution plans  POLITICO
  3. Court sides with Trump effort to resume federal executions; more litigation ahead  USA TODAY
  4. Trump administration can resume executions, but not just yet, divided appeals court rules  The Washington Post
  5. Appeals court sides with Trump on federal execution policy | TheHill  The Hill
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Post Malone Sued For ‘Circles,’ Fires Back With Own Lawsuit

Post Malone is now suing the guy who sued him ... claiming Armes is not a co-writer on "Circles" because the dude didn't contribute anything to the song. In the new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Posty says Armes was at the first recording session but…

A guide to buying (or making) a face mask for COVID-19

Scientists visualize a black hole plasma jet in unprecedented detail – Engadget

  1. Scientists visualize a black hole plasma jet in unprecedented detail  Engadget
  2. Earth-Spanning Telescope Takes Unprecedented Image of Black Hole Spewing Radiation  Gizmodo
  3. Scientists capture image of black hole emitting high-energy jets  The Guardian
  4. Event Horizon Telescope spots weird black-hole jet mystery inside quasar  Space.com
  5. Event Horizon Telescope: Black hole produces twisting jet  Yahoo News
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Key Trump coronavirus task force must work remotely after positive COVID-19 test – NBC News

  1. Key Trump coronavirus task force must work remotely after positive COVID-19 test  NBC News
  2. Coronavirus US live: New York suffers highest single-day death toll  The Guardian
  3. Trump downplays hospitals' critical lack of coronavirus supplies  CBS This Morning
  4. ‘Swept Up by FEMA’: Complicated Medical Supply System Sows Confusion  The New York Times
  5. White House coronavirus unit ordered to work from home after positive COVID-19 test | TheHill  The Hill
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Samsung will reportedly make the next Galaxy Fold more affordable

Investor survey results: Upcoming trends in social startups

Voice-based social networks and gaming as a new form of identity were among the top emerging trends in consumer social startups, according to an Extra Crunch survey of top social tech investors. Meanwhile, anonymity and dating apps with a superfluous twist were spaces where investors were most pessimistic.

Extra Crunch assembled a list of the most prolific and well-respected investors in social. Many have funded or worked for the breakout companies changing the way we interact with other people. We asked about the most exciting trends they’re seeing and which areas they expect will soon spawn blockbuster social apps.

Subscribe to Extra Crunch to read the full answers to our questionnaire from funds like Andreessen Horowitz, CRV, and Initialized.

Here are the 15 leading social network VCs that participated in our survey:

Stay tuned next week for a followup article from these investors detailing their thoughts on social investing in the COVID-19 era.

Olivia Moore & Justine Moore, CRV

What trends are you most excited in social from an investing perspective?

First, it’s worth noting that consumer social is very hard to predict. Unlike enterprise software, there’s no rational buyer, and the things that take off can seem “random” or dumb. Startups that see huge success in this space are often pioneering a new feature or way of communicating that hasn’t existed before. Any VC who claims to know what the “next big thing” in consumer social will look like should probably go build it themselves!

Dana White: UFC 249 to take place at secret location, trying to secure private island for future fights – Fox News

  1. Dana White: UFC 249 to take place at secret location, trying to secure private island for future fights  Fox News
  2. Potentially losing Khabib vs. Ferguson forever just isn't worth the risk | Opinion  MMA Junkie
  3. Dana White -- Secured U.S. location, private island for UFC fights  ESPN
  4. Dana White absolves Nurmagomedov: ‘Khabib didn’t fly back to Russia; he got flown back to Russia’  Yahoo Sports
  5. 'I've got a private island,' says Dana White as he plots UFC event  CNN
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1568, In Scotland: The First Known Written Use Of The F-Word

Shippo raises a $30M Series C after posting rapid 2019 growth

Another major fintech exit as SoFi acquires banking and payments platform Galileo for $1.2B

The fintech wars continue to heat up with another major exit in the space.

Consumer financial services platform SoFi announced today that it is acquiring payments and bank account infrastructure company Galileo for $1.2 billion in total cash and stock. The acquisition is dependent on customary closing conditions.

Salt Lake City-based Galileo was founded in 2000 by Clay Wilkes and was bootstrapped to profitability over the intervening two decades. My colleague Jon Shieber wrote a profile of Galileo back in November after the company announced its second round of external funding, a $77 million ‘Series A’ check from Accel, which was led by growth partner John Locke. The company had previously raised a $8 million Series A round from Mercato Partners in April 2014.

Galileo provides APIs that allow fintech companies like Monzo and Chime to easily create bank accounts and issue physical and virtual credit cards, among a myriad of other services. While simple in theory, banking regulations and financial rules place a huge regulatory burden on fintech companies, burdens that Galileo takes on as part of its platform.

The company has found particular success in the United Kingdom, where all five of the country’s largest fintechs are customers. Globally, it processed an annualized $45 billion in transaction volume last month, up from $26 billion in October 2019 — nearly doubling in just six months.

From a strategic perspective, SoFi’s objective is that Galileo will help power its expanding suite of finance products and offer it another revenue source outside of consumer services. While SoFi was founded a decade ago to offer ways to secure better financial terms for student loans, it now offers a bevy of consumer financial options, including loan, investment and insurance products as well as cash and wealth management tools. With Galileo, it now has a clear B2B revenue component as well.

SoFi, which is now led by ex-Twitter COO Anthony Noto, has also raised hundreds of millions of new capital from the likes of Qatar in recent years. The company was most recently valued at $4.3 billion.

Galileo will operate as an independent division of SoFi, and will be continuing its operations with founder Wilkes remaining as chief executive.

As fintech valuations have rapidly expanded in recent years, the companies that empower those fintechs have increasingly become strategic for investors. Earlier this year, Visa bought Plaid for $5.3 billion, in what was considered a key exit for a finance infrastructure company. That exit brought acute investor and strategic interest to the space, interest that almost certainly accrued to Galileo as well and helps explains the company’s relatively quick exit from its funding round last year.

As for Accel, the firm has long had a strategy of investing in mostly bootstrapped companies, sometimes a decade or more after their founding, with examples outside of Galileo including 1Password, Qualtrics, Atlassian, GoFundMe, and Tenable. Accel also led this type of round into payments platform Braintree, where the firm met the startup’s GM Juan Benitez, who also joined Galileo’s board in November along with Accel’s Locke.

Accel’s valuation of the deal was not publicly disclosed in November, but a source with knowledge of the acquisition today characterizes the firm’s return as more than 4x. Given that Accel held the equity for roughly half a year, that’s quite the IRR multiple in an otherwise challenging global macro context. Given that the acquisition of Galileo was for cash and stock, Accel likely now holds a stake in SoFi, making at least part of the return unrealized.

Galileo was represented by Qatalyst in the transaction.

Updated April 7 to include the $8m Series A funding round led by Mercato Partners and more context on IRR.

Eighteen Clever Adult Moments From Your Favorite Kids’ TV Shows

THE MANDALORIAN: Rosario Dawson’s Role As Ahsoka Tano Could Span Multiple STAR WARS TV Shows

R. Kelly’s Bid for Jail Release Due to Coronavirus Denied

R. Kelly swung hard to get out of jail over fears he'd catch COVID-19 ... but he struck out 'cause the judge just denied his request. According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the judge said among the several reasons why the disgraced singer…

Pinterest adds new ‘Shop’ tabs connected to in-stock inventory, style guides and more

Given the rise in online shopping attributed to the coronavirus outbreak which has forced consumers to stay home from stores, Pinterest today is launching a new way to shop on its platform. Now, Pinterest users will be able to browse in-stock inventory from newly added “Shop” tabs on Search and on Pinterest boards. The company has also improved visual search to make more products shoppable from Pins.

The new Shop tab on Search will help users to find in-stock items from retailers when they perform a search query, like “spring outfits,” “home office décor,” or “kitchen remodel,” among other things. Before, users would have to scroll through a variety of search results, only some of which may have been shoppable.

In addition, when a Pinterest user now visits one of their boards containing shoppable items, they’ll see a new Shop tab here, too.

This will let them shop the products from the Pins on their board plus those that are “inspired” by the Pins. Again, this connects users to in-stock inventory for the items in question.


The new Shop tabs leverage Pinterest’s existing Product Pin technology which links a Pin directly to the checkout page on the e-commerce website, encouraging transactions.

Turning inspiration into conversations that complete with a checkout transaction has been Pinterest’s holy grail and its pitch to advertisers. The idea is that people come to Pinterest early on in their shopping journey — when they’re just collecting ideas and thinking about what they want to buy. But eventually, those idle thoughts will turn into sales, Pinterest believes. So it created technology to help facilitate the transaction.

In another change, Pinterest has updated visual search to make more products shoppable within Pins. Now, when you hover over a Pin, you can click “Shop similar” to see related in-stock products for looks and rooms.

While making Pins more “shoppable” is something that has worked for larger retailers like IKEA, Wayfair, Target, Pottery Barn, Walmart, and others, it’s not something that has reached as many smaller to medium-sized retailers due to the effort involved.

Today, retailers must first upload their product feeds through Pinterest’s Catalogs feature, then organize their products into smaller groups, and optionally launch ads. Pinterest says in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s been working with SMBs to learn more about their current needs. It’s also been releasing a series of resources — like videos and webinars — to help retailers new to Pinterest learn how to list their online products for sale.

In addition the new Shop tabs, Pinterest today is also debuting curated style guides that appear on some home-related searches like “living room.” These guides let users browse specific, popular ideas across styles like mid-century, contemporary, and rustic.

The company says, overall, demand for shoppable products on its platform is rising.

The number of Shoppable Product Pins has increased by 2.5 times since last year, and Pinterest drove a total increase in traffic to retailers by 2.3 times since last year. In addition, the number of users engaging with Shopping on Pinterest has grown by 44% year-over-year.

However, specific terms have seen spikes following the COVID-19 outbreak, which has forced consumers to stay home under government orders and self-quarantines. For example, searches for “home office” grew by 70% over the past weeks, and searches for gifts like “employee gifts” and “care package ideas” grew by 4x.

The advantage for smaller businesses getting their products on Pinterest to be made shoppable is that they gain an even playing field. Pinterest says 97% of its users’ searches are unbranded — meaning people are looking for ideas using general terms or browsing visually, but don’t yet have a specific brand in mind. That means a smaller retailer’s product could even rank higher in search results than a larger retailer’s product, if it’s a better match.

Of course, there’s a limit to how much people are able to shop for non-essential items at this time, given the rise in unemployment related to the government-mandated business closures that have put millions in the U.S. out of work. Pinterest’s updates very much cater to those with the ability to now redecorate their homes or shop cute spring dresses, for example — not those struggling to get their basic needs met in a time of crisis. For the latter, Pinterest will remain what it often is — a dream board filled with wishful thinking and “maybe one day” ideas.

The Shopping updates are rolling out today across Pinterest.

Bonus Podcast: How the Stages of Grief Explain What You’re Feeling During This Pandemic

Garmin’s Forerunner 35 GPS smartwatch drops to $100 at Best Buy

NO TIME TO DIE Star Lea Seydoux Promises An Emotional Experience For Fans: “I Bet You’re Going To Cry”

The Dow gave up all of its 940-point gain as stock-market rally stumbled into the close – MarketWatch

  1. The Dow gave up all of its 940-point gain as stock-market rally stumbled into the close  MarketWatch
  2. Stocks give up gains on oil's sharp reversal  Fox Business
  3. U.S. stocks surge on Wall Street for 2nd day in a row  UPI News
  4. Asian markets rise, echoing Wall Street’s optimism on coronavirus battle  MarketWatch
  5. Wall Street's rally fizzles as oil prices suddenly plunge  Honolulu Star-Advertiser
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With $8 million to consolidate Amazon’s top marketplace sellers, Perch makes its first deals

After raising $8 million in November to roll up top Amazon marketplace companies, the new Boston-based startup Perch has begun putting that money to work in its first few deals.

The brainchild of Chris Bell, formerly Wayfair’s head of logistics and a Bain & Co. principal, Perch is pretty well-positioned to serve as unifier of a bevy of disparate products in one nest.

The company’s recent acquisition include brands selling a sand anchor for beach umbrellas (Beachr), a waterproof apron for cooking, a hip sciatica brace (Bodymate), and other similar products that wouldn’t be out of place in a late night informercial or on the Home Shopping Network.

“We believe that the future of product R&D is entrepreneurs that are closest to the problems,” says Bell in an interview. “We look for products that are top three in their niche… [Their founders] want some liquidity and we can bring that onto our platform and add price optimization, ad-spend optimization and cross-geography marketing.”

In a way, Perch is tapping into a similar urge to give America’s huge population of tinkerers and inventors better access to market and a chance to monetize their ideas a la Quirky, the failed attempt by GE to turn gadget ideas into new product lines for GE. 

By contrast, Perch waits for the businesses to gain traction, then offers to buy the products off of their owners hands and give them up to two years participation in any upside that the product generates at certain milestones that Perch sets for the entrepreneurs that sell.

“Three years ago I would not have started this business,” says Bell. “Amazon has made this a much more defensible place.” 

The Amazon marketplace remains somewhat of the wild west, where intellectual property rights are often ignored and successful products are copied at lightning speed by vendors with access to the same commoditized supply chains. It’s really marketing muscle and an ability to get better margins through scale that creates winners, it seems, and Perch is using its technical know-how to get to the top. 

Acquisitions can range from $750,000 to $2 million upfront with the upside on the backend still to come, according to Bell. Financing this operation is a $4.5 million equity round and $3.5 million in debt financing by some of the nation’s leading venture firms. Perch won’t buy any company that’s doing less than $250,000 in revenue.

Spark Capital led the deal for Perch, with general partner Alex Finkelstein taking a seat on the company’s board of directors. Tectonic Ventures also participated. Finkelstein, who led Spark’s investment in Wayfair, was introduced to Bell through Wayfair’s chief operating officer. He immediately saw the potential in Perch’s pitch.

“If you look at it from a macro standpoint. Amazon is growing very quickly and the third party marketplace is growing very quickly. Within the next year we’re going to have a large portfolio and it’ll do well in any environment,” Finkelstein said. 

Amazon’s third party sellers are a $200 billion market and the largest single vendor is a $500 million seller, Bell noted, and that, is an opportunity that a well-capitalized company can exploit.

“We’re going to be managing hundreds of micro-brands and the only way to do that is through a technology platform,” Bell said. “They’re generally niche products that are not big enough that Amazon Basics would come into that category. We’re competing in smaller categories, but even some of these niche categories are tens of millions to hundreds of millions in revenue.”

While Perch has seen some impacts from the economic shutdown caused by the government response to the COVID-19 epidemic, the company expects the shift in consumer behavior to be the wind beneath its wings, rather than against its branches.

“Medium-term it’s pushing more people to buy online,” says Bell. And Perch isn’t slowing its pace of acquisitions. “We made two acquisitions in March and we’re likely going to close another two in the next two weeks.”


Kailyn Lowry: I Do Believe in Covid-19! Just Not in Saving My Kids!

Kailyn Lowry would like to make something very clear.

She hopes you are listening very closely.

Okay? Are you ready?

Kailyn Lowry and Trio of Kids

Good. Here she goes:

The Teen Mom 2 star does believe in the severity of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

She knows it's far more deadly and contagious than the flu and she's taking every precaution to keep herself and her three kids safe during this time of unprecedented crisis in America.

Do you hear that, Debra Danielsen?!?

Lowry, Kailyn Rae

Lowry has gone on record about her beliefs in the wake of being called out by Danielson, the mother of ex-MTV personality Farrah Abraham.

In a recent IGTV video, Danielson urged folks everywhere to be aware of the danger that comes with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Citing what she’s learned from her husband, an infectious disease doctor, the 62-year old talked about those who’ve already lost their lives, including physicians.

How did Lowry get dragged into Danielson's plea?

Kailyn Lowry on the Instagram

The reality star said this month that even if scientists come out with a coronavirus vaccine... she won't give it to her children.

“Not trying to be mean or anything, but, you know, it’s time to be a true grown up and realize that we don’t always understand what’s going on," Danielson said in her video, adding:

"And you’ve got to protect yourself and your children. Just because you don’t believe there’s a pandemic … you don’t believe it’s real, doesn’t mean anything. … Take care of your kids.”

Kailyn Rae

Danielson said she was only calling Kailyn out due to concern, which is pretty understandable when you consider Lowry stance on proven vaccines.

“I know what’s best for my kids,” she told In Touch in January of 2019, referring to her highly dangerous belief that vaccinations are not safe. “Other parents know what’s best for theirs.”

Do you know who truly know what is best, though?


And every single one recommends vaccinating one's children.

kailyn on vaccins

At the moment, of course, there is no Covid-19 vaccine.

As you can see in the above exchange, Lowry doesn't ever plan to give her kids one if/when it gets developed, however.

Speaking again to In Touch this week, Kailyn says this doesn't mean she isn't taking the outbreak as seriously as possible.

“Wow, I’m surprised by Debra’s sudden ‘concern’ about me and my children,” she said in response to Danielson's remarks, adding of her immediate family:

“We’ve been quarantined at home just like everyone else and are taking this pandemic very seriously. My family is doing whatever we can to help at this time.”

Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy Announcement

What about that whole thing about how she needs to act like a grown-up and be responsible?

“I’m proud to say I have very happy, healthy and socially conscious children,” Lowry also told In Touch. “I’m doing pretty well on the ‘grown up’ front. All is good over here.”

Except for the fact that Lowry is expecting her second child with douchecanoe Chris Lopez, yes, this is largely true.

And also except for that anti-vaccine thing, too.

Listen to medical experts, everyone. Not that lengthy thread on Reddit that you just noticed.

Global Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 76,000 as Lockdowns Tighten – The Wall Street Journal

  1. Global Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 76,000 as Lockdowns Tighten  The Wall Street Journal
  2. US records over 10,000 coronavirus deaths as infections mount  Fox News Latino
  3. New Zealand's coronavirus lockdown has resulted in only one death | TheHill  The Hill
  4. US coronavirus death toll passes 10,000  New York Post
  5. More Than 10000 People Have Now Died From COVID-19 In The U.S.  NPR
  6. View Full Coverage on Google News

James Bond Movies Streaming Guide: Where to Watch 007 Online

In times of great stress it’s natural for us to all find some sort of escapism – and movies are the perfect way to forget about your problems (or the world’s) for a couple of hours. Personally, we’ve found the James Bond franchise to be among the best forms of such entertainment: the movies are pure adventure and fantasy, they have a comforting template that they mostly follow, and you can dive into the series — or even an individual film — without having to catch up on anything that came before.

That’s why it’s so heartening to learn that — even though the new Bond film, No Time to Die, has been delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis — Amazon is making some 20 films in the series available for streaming, all in newly restored 4K UHD editions. Of course, you can also watch a lot of them (with commercials) on the free Pluto TV app’s dedicated Bond channel, or on demand there as well.

Wherever you get your Bond, the exploits of 007 remain a sure bet to whisk you away for a while; it’s only a shame that we couldn’t send Bond to defeat the coronavirus as easily as he takes out his enemies.

Sean Connery in Dr. No

Dr. No (1962)

The first Bond movie and still one of the best, Dr. No introduced so many elements of what became the series template for decades to come. Unsettling megalomaniac villain, world-spanning evil plan, drop-dead beautiful women, pulse-pounding chases and cold-blooded killings…they’re all here. And then of course there was Sean Connery, rugged, smoldering and deadly as the definitive screen Bond.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Amazon UK

Sean Connery and Robert Shaw in From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love (1963)

Connery’s second outing as 007 is probably the closest to Fleming’s books in terms of overall tone and style. This is a lean, thrilling adventure that puts Bond up against one of his most fearsome enemies: the cold-blooded assassin Red Grant (Robert Shaw). Their train fight is one of the best scenes in the franchise.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Amazon UK

Gert Frobe and Sean Connery in Goldfinger

Goldfinger (1964)

Bond’s third outing was the Avengers: Endgame of its time, a cultural event not to be missed. Director Guy Hamilton introduced more humor into the proceedings, while Connery tweaked the character accordingly. Add to that more action, a larger than life villain and an epic scope, and you have the movie that many still consider the best of the series.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Amazon UK

Claudine Auger and Sean Connery in Thunderball

Thunderball (1965)

After three straight winners, Thunderball is where the 007 series first started to wobble. Although it features one of the best Bond villains and some of the most beautiful Bond women, the movie is overlong and bogged down with too many underwater sequences. Thunderball is still fun in many ways — the first 40 minutes or so are marvelous — but it spends way too much time in the water.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Sean Connery and Donald Pleasance in You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice (1967)

The final entry of Connery’s initial run as 007 proves that bigger isn’t always better. Although the movie finally introduces long-lurking nemesis Blofeld and takes Bond to a massive secret lair disguised as a volcano in Japan, the series started to feel flabby and the star seemed visibly bored. It was also the first Bond movie to stray wildly from the source novel, a decision that in this case didn’t work.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

David Niven and Barbara Bouchet in Casino Royale (1967)

Casino Royale (1967)

Producer Charles K. Feldman acquired the rights to the first Bond novel before the official series from Eon Productions was launched. He subsequently produced this spoof of the 007 series, which bears only the title of the book and the name of the Bond character (who is played by David Niven). Six credited directors, a bevy of screenwriters and a boatload of international stars couldn’t salvage this infamous mess of a movie.

Available on HBO, Amazon, Amazon UK

George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Australian model-turned-actor George Lazenby made his sole appearance as Bond in this sixth film, an exceptionally faithful adaptation of the emotionally devastating Fleming book it’s based on. Lazenby manages to acquit himself nicely despite being the first actor to follow Connery, while Diana Rigg and Telly Savalas are outstanding as, respectively, the love of Bond’s life and the instrument of her death. Once considered a misfire, OHMSS ranks among the very best of the series.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Sean Connery and Lana Wood in Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever (1971)

A pale echo of the earlier Goldfinger (from the same director, Guy Hamilton), Diamonds are Forever is remembered as the movie that lured Sean Connery back for one more turn in the tuxedo (until 12 years later, that is). The sober, character-driven style of OHMSS is jettisoned for a cartoonish romp that has its fun moments but is largely disposable.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Roger Moore in Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die (1973)

Roger Moore’s debut in the role — after Connery exited for a second time — is, sadly, a largely cringeworthy affair. Based on Fleming’s second 007 novel, the movie’s attempt to fuse blaxploitation with Bond is awkward and, nowadays, borderline racist. Moore doesn’t quite find his footing either. The upside? The title song by Paul McCartney and Wings is a stone cold classic.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Christopher Lee and Roger Moore in The Man with the Golden Gun

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Based on Fleming’s final Bond novel and considered one of the worst of the Roger Moore era, The Man with the Golden Gun has two things going for it: a relatively tough Moore performance and one of the best Bond villains of all time in Christopher Lee’s title baddie, Scaramanga. Lee’s presence literally saves whole stretches of the film, which is often undone by juvenile humor and lame supporting characters.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Roger Moore and Richard Kiel in The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Third time was the charm for Roger Moore, as The Spy Who Loved Me gambles on going for all-out spectacle and delivers handsomely. Moore strikes the right balance of grit and humor, the action is thrilling throughout and the villain’s henchman, Jaws (Richard Kiel), is a slam dunk. This is rightly considered the high point of Moore’s run as well as one of the series’ finest entries.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Amazon UK

Lois Chiles and Roger Moore in Moonraker

Moonraker (1979)

Although remembered with some derision as “Bond in space,” Moonraker really only takes 007 to the stars in the final act for a wacked-out battle that looks too much like a cheap grab at some of that then-lucrative Star Wars money. Until then, however — and barring some bad comedy starring the encoring Jaws — Moonraker is a fairly straightforward thriller with a deliciously droll villain (Michael Lonsdale).

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Moore gives perhaps the best performance of his seven Bond films in a taut thriller that scales back the gimmickry and comes closer to the feel of the original Fleming than any other film in the Moore era. There are some cringeworthy elements (such as an awful Lynn Holly Johnson as a 007-infatuated pro ice skater), but this also features Moore at his most cold-blooded and cynical. 

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Amazon UK

Roger Moore in Octopussy

Octopussy (1983)

An aging Moore and director John Glen (back for the second of five films — the most of any 007 director) keep the For Your Eyes Only vibe going with less spectacle and more practical spy film action. Maud Adams is good as the title femme fatale, but the film gets snarled in a convoluted, uninteresting plot that features some especially flat humor and one of the weakest Bond villains.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Kim Basinger and Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again

Never Say Never Again (1983)

Sean Connery was coaxed back to play an appropriately aged Bond in this non-canon 007 adventure. A remake of Thunderball that was legally made possible due to certain rights owned by a solitary producer, Never Say Never Again benefits from the Connery charisma, a distinctive villain and some stylish sequences. But it can’t help feeling like a strange mirror universe cash grab at the same time.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Grace Jones and Roger Moore in A View to a Kill

A View to a Kill (1985)

Moore bows out with a rather silly Silicon Valley adventure in which the actor’s 57 years (at the time) are clearly visible throughout. Christopher Walken is an excellent, quirky villain and henchwoman Grace Jones is also an impressive presence, but it was clear that the Moore formula of suave bonhomie and locker room humor was long worn out.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Amazon UK

Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights

The Living Daylights (1987)

Timothy Dalton’s debut as 007 was billed as a return to the feel and texture of the Fleming stories, and it even borrows elements from the short story it’s based on. Dalton is a much harder-edged Bond than his predecessor Moore, but the movie is overplotted and its action mostly unremarkable.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Timothy Dalton in License to Kill

License to Kill (1989)

Dalton settles into the role in his second (and as it turns out, final) appearance as Bond, this time in a tale that puts Bond on a personal mission of revenge against a powerful South American drug lord. Somewhat maligned for its rather sadistic violence, License to Kill is an underrated entry in the series that occasionally pushes the envelope for 007 in ways that hadn’t been done for a while.

Available on Amazon, Hulu, Pluto TV, Amazon UK

Sean Bean and Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye

GoldenEye (1995)

After nearly winning the role years earlier, Pierce Brosnan makes his long-expected debut as 007 in a rather thoughtful thriller that questions both Bond’s relationships and his place in a post-Cold War world. Brosnan is assured in the role, if a little bland, but GoldenEye still manages to feel a little like both the earlier Connery classics and some of the better Moore romps.

Available on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon UK

Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Jonathan Pryce is excellent as the movie’s Rupert Murdoch-like media mogul villain — who intends to start a major war to bolster his news network’s ratings — and Michelle Yeoh makes a solid foil to Bond as a tough Chinese agent named Wai Lin. Brosnan’s sophomore Bond outing has a subtle satirical edge to it and some exciting scenes, but stretches of it seem more impersonal and functional than stylish.

Available on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon UK

Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Marceau in The World is Not Enough

The World is Not Enough (1999)

Despite strong work from Sophie Marceau as a 007 first — a principal villain who’s also a woman — and Robert Carlyle as her damaged terrorist henchman, Brosnan’s third film is marred by another incomprehensible story and Denise Richards as one of the most embarrassing Bond women ever. The humor and serious moments clash awkwardly, harming what could have been a much better entry.

Available on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon UK

Pierce Brosnan and Judi Dench in Die Another Day

Die Another Day (2002)

Just like Connery and Moore, Brosnan goes out on a low note with this ridiculously overstuffed mess that features both an invisible car and a high-tech lair made out of ice. The plot is even more incomprehensible than usual for the lesser outings, and the presence of Halle Berry as a sort of female version of Bond doesn’t generate much excitement either.

Available on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon UK

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

Casino Royale (2006)

Four years after Pierce Brosnan exited in one of the silliest Bond films, Daniel Craig took up the mantle in an instant classic that returned the series literally to its roots. This largely faithful version of Fleming’s first book features Craig as a relatively new but deeply haunted 007, who gets one last chance to turn back before becoming the ruthless assassin of legend.

Available on Amazon, Amazon UK

Daniel Craig and Judi Dench in Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Widely derided at the time, and deservedly so, for Marc Forster’s nearly unwatchable direction — the movie’s editing is absolutely atrocious — Quantum of Solace was also hurt by a writer’s strike that left the script somewhat undercooked. But Craig is excellent again, and the movie works a little better if you watch it right after Casino Royale, as an extended epilogue.

Available on Amazon, Amazon UK

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Skyfall (2012)

Craig’s second finest outing as Bond has impressively stylish direction by Sam Mendes and is one of the most beautiful-looking 007 films of all time thanks to DP Roger Deakins. Javier Bardem is marvelously ghoulish as the villain, and Judi Dench gets an emotional send-off in her seventh and final appearance as Bond’s boss M. Skyfall finds the right, gripping mix of characterization and epic action.

Available on Amazon, Amazon UK

Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux in Spectre

Spectre (2015)

Bond arch-nemesis Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) and the title crime organization appear for the first time since 1971’s Diamonds are Forever in one of 007’s most polarizing entries. The action is great and some of the series callbacks are fun, but Craig seems bored and tying everything from the last four films back to Bond’s childhood is a contrived, unnecessary mistake. Spectre is better than you might have heard, but not as good as it could be.

Available on Amazon, Amazon UK

The post James Bond Movies Streaming Guide: Where to Watch 007 Online appeared first on Den of Geek.

My 600-lb Life Accused of Breaking Quarantine to Film Season 9

It turns out that the complaints lodged by seven former stars who are suing My 600-lb Life are just part of what's wrong with the show.

The show's production company is accused of flagrantly violating stay-at-home orders across multiple states in order to continue filming.

Angel Parrish on My 600-lb Life

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report that Megalomedia had finally stopped filming for My 600-lb Life Season 9 and Where Are They Now.

While bringing filming to a halt was good, it appears to have come too late.

According to various sources, production was seen as ongoing as late as March 27 -- just over a week ago.

By this point, lockdown orders had begun in many states, with countless more Americans social distancing and working from home.

Maja Radanovic on My 600-lb Life

The filming allegedly carried on that long in at least three states -- Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.

Sources expressed concerns over "the number of of crewmembers required to shoot the show and the rigors of production."

The very valid worry was that continuing to film might "put the show’s subjects, many of whom are already particularly vulnerable, at increased risk."

As we are all very aware, people who already struggle with health problems are at increased risk for COVID-19.

James King

Now, Texas did not issue a statewide stay-at-home order until April 2.

But, as happened in many states, counties placed such lockdown orders ahead of the statewide directive.

Harris County, where most of Houston resides, had already issued a lockdown order before filming reportedly came to a halt.

Besides, many believe in a radical notion: that a company should not require legal orders to protect their employees.

James Bonner

Sources additionally revealed that at one point, production could not film one of the stars.

This was because, per the report, the "hospital was on lockdown and was not letting the crew in to film.”

Allegedly, at least one cast member was instructed “not to mention the virus during filming.”

Another star reportedly expressed to producers that they were “feeling anxious about the coronavirus." Aren't we all.

Sean Milliken

Some may roll their eyes at this report of shady behavior and suggest that it's just how show business works.

For comparison, let's look at 90 Day Fiance, produced by Sharp Entertainment.

That show announced weeks ago that they would not be filming a Tell All to the current season in light of the pandemic.

Additionally, they opted to create a spinoff: 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined, in which the stars safely and responsibly record themselves at home.

Brittani Fulfer, Weight Loss in 2018

Long-running franchise The Real Housewives also put production on pause weeks ago.

The Housewives themselves took to social media to emphasize and even illustrate their self-isolation and social distancing strategies.

We do not know the exact date that The Real Housewives of Orange County paused filming.

But the present and former stars of that show were discussing the virus in serious tones nearly two weeks before Megalomedia allegedly halted production.

Robert Buchel

Interestingly, the accusation that the production company prioritized filming over the safety and well-being of its stars is not surprising.

That would be consistent with the allegations in the flurry of lawsuits, accusing production of endangering their stars.

In particular, Megalomedia is accused in the array of suits of failing to live up to promises made to stars, including getting them adequate therapy.

We would hate to believe that a production company would care so little about its stars, producers, or film crew.

What to know before buying a smartwatch

Los Angeles Air Cleanest in Decades Due to Coronavirus Shutdowns

The notorious Los Angeles smog is nowhere insight, and the city's enjoying its longest stretch of good air quality in at least 40 years -- but of course, the reason for that sucks. The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdown of most commerce…

DC Comics Updates Release List For Wednesday And There Are Once Again No New Titles Going On Sale

Tiger King SHOCKER: Joe Exotic’s Husband Sides With Carole Baskin!

Tiger King is unique from many reality shows and documentary series, in that it filmed for several years before a single episode aired.

Actually, Tiger King is unique from other documentary series in just about every way, but let's stick with this one difference for now.

Meet Joe Exotic

The unusual production schedule means, or course, that as events from several years ago unfold on their TV screens, the principal players might be just as stunned as the rest of us.

It also means that characters who were only involved in the later episodes -- such as Joe Exotic's current husband, Dillon Passage -- may be learning about Joe's bonkers past for the very first time.

Don't get us wrong, we're sure Dillon knew the basics of Joe's feud with Carole Baskin, but he'd probably only ever gotten Joe's side of the story.

Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage

These days, Passage is making the media rounds and discussing America's newfound obsession with his husband.

On the topic of "that b--ch Carole," you might think that Dillon would simply reiterate views previously expressed by his husband -- but you would be wrong.

Somewhat surprisingly, Dillon is not taking advantage of his moment in the spotlight to shout "Carole Baskin fed her husband to Tigers!" from the rooftoops.

Instead, he takes a much more nuanced view of the situation -- and he admits hat some of Joe Exotic's behavior was unforgivable.

Dillon Passage and Joe Exotic

Dillon was interviewed on Andy Cohen's podcast this week and he made a startling admission:

"I feel the only person Joe has really done wrong was the situation with Carole," Passage said at one point.

Given Joe's strong anti-Carole stance, the statement came as a shock to many listeners, but Passage tempered it by stating that he believes Joe was "being equally tormented by her" during the years of their feud.

He also claimed that Carole engaged in much of the animal abuse and neglect of which she accused Joe:

Carole Baskin And a Tiger

"I've never seen an animal being abused on the park," Passage told Cohen.

"Carole's doing the exact same thing. She's very pro-animal rights and not having tigers locked up, but her tiger cages look like chicken wire in my opinion." 

Of course, Dillon didn't enter Joe's life until 2018, and it's unclear if he's ever even met Carole.

So he's probably just engaging in the same activity as everyone else right now:

Dillon Passage

Sitting around and trying to cope with his quarantine boredom by obsessively re-watching Tiger King and forming hot-take opinions.

Speaking of the series, we received some all-too-rare good news this week, as it was revealed that a new episode of Tiger King will be released on Netflix in the very near future.

Passage says he will most likely not appear in the new installment.

But fans of the series will get what they've been craving -- more details on the never-ending feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

Newsom: California coronavirus peak expected in May – Los Angeles Times

  1. Newsom: California coronavirus peak expected in May  Los Angeles Times
  2. California sends 500 ventilators back to national stockpile  POLITICO
  3. Here's where California's ventilators will be delegated | TheHill  The Hill
  4. As coronavirus cases top 16,000, Newsom is ‘confident’ about the state’s supply of ventilators, hospital beds  The Mercury News
  5. COURTS freeze evictions, bail — NEWSOM loans ventilators for NEW YORK — FACEBOOK ups data help — ZBUR announces for LA City Attorney 2022  Politico
  6. View Full Coverage on Google News

Khloe Terae Still Getting Bikini Modeling Gigs, Pandemic Be Dammed

Khloe Terae is still strutting her bikini bod, but don't panic ... she appears to be practicing some social distancing. The model threw on a tiny pink bikini Monday in Malibu to do a photoshoot for a water company. Now, on the one hand, this is…

Prison Inmate Posts Vid, Says COVID-19 is Killing His Cellmate

A rep for the Bureau of Prisons tell us that they identified the men in the video, and neither was symptomatic of COVID-19. We're told the video was recorded at Elkton Federal Correction Institution in Ohio and is still under investigation. There's…

AVENGERS: ENDGAME Audience Reaction Videos Spotlight Cap Lifting Mjölnir, Portals Scene, And More

If you're looking for something to lift your spirits in these troubled times, we have just what the doctor Sorcerer Supreme ordered.

Scott Gustin has taken to Twitter to share some key scenes from Avengers: Endgame with added audio files from the Marvel movie's premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood on April 25th, 2019, and they are well worth a look.

We've all seen the movie at this stage, of course, but we think you'll enjoy re-watching the Infinity Saga finale's most fist-pumping, emotional moments while hearing how one of the first audiences to see the film reacted.

The first video spotlights Captain America lifting Mjölnir and charging into battle with Thanos, but if you follow the thread you'll find the "Portals" scene, "I am Iron Man," and more.

It might be some time before we can return to the theater, so it's important to remind ourselves what an incredible experience it can be to watch a movie like this with like-minded fans.

Did the crowd react the same way during your first watch? Let us know in the comments, and if you fancy a recap of the events of Infinity War and Endgame, check out or spoiler breakdowns below.

To view all of the moments at once, simply click on the next button below!

We Lose loki And Heimdall In The Opening Scene

Image result for infinity war loki

We expected to lose someone here, but both Loki and Heimdall are killed off.

The movie opens with Thanos and his forces having already decimated the Asagardian refugee ship (half of them manage to escape). When the Mad Titan makes short work of The Hulk, Heimdall uses the last of his power to send Banner to earth, which costs him his life.

Then, Loki pretends to side with Thanos only to attempt an assassination. The Titan is ready for the attack, though, and crushes The God of Mischief's throat in a particularly brutal scene.

The Hulk Gets Stage Fright

Image result for hulk vs thanos

After Banner crashes to earth via Doctor Strange's Sanctum Santorum, The Hulk refuses to put in an appearance.

We see Banner try to summon the Green Goliath a couple of times during the early fight against Maw and Obsidian, and then again against the latter in the final battle - and Hulk always refuses.

So, we never get that scene of him smashing out of the Hulkbuster armor, and that slo-mo shot of him running towards Thanos' army along with Cap, Widow and the others is not in the movie.

Stark And Strange Really Don't Like Each Other

Image result for iron man doctor strange infinity war

Some tension was hinted at in the trailers and spots, but Tony Stark and Stephen Strange have a genuine dislike for one another in Infinity War that extends far beyond a bit of good-natured banter.

At one point, the good doctor actually tells Tony that he'd let him die in an instant to save the Time Stone - which is the right thing to do to protect the universe, but still pretty damn cold!

Of course, they do put their differences aside in the end, but it's hard to imagine these two ever becoming bosom buddies.

Thor Gets A New Eye

Image result for infinity war thor eyes

If you were wondering why Thor was shown with both eyes in some of the marketing material, it's because The God of Thunder picks up a new peeper in Infinity War.

Feeling sorry for his multiple losses, Rocket gives his new friend a mechanical eye that he stole during one of his many double-crosses.

Thor looked pretty awesome with the patch, so this seems like an odd decision. Perhaps the Russos simply weren't that keen?

Hawkeye Is Not In The Movie At All

Image result for hawkeye avengers

After being absent from all marketing, fans have been been wondering what role Hawkeye would play in Infinity War, and the answer is very simile: He doesn't.

In fact, we only get a single mention of the archer when Black Widow informs Banner that he and Ant-Man took a deal to stay off the radar in order to protect their families.

We thought Jeremy Renner had filmed some scenes for this movie, but they were obviously for Avengers 4.

The Red Skull Returns

Image result for red skull captain america movie

In perhaps the biggest surprise of the movie, The Red Skull returns!

Fans have been wondering what happened to the villain since he vanished at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, and it turns out the Tesseract somehow banished him to a far-off planet to become the keeper of the Soul Stone.

When Thanos and Gamora arrive, Skull (not played by Hugo Weaving this time) appears in a hooded cloak and explains what The Mad Titan must do to retrieve the gem.

Thanos Kills Gamora

Image result for thanos and gamora infinity war

It turns out, Thanos must sacrifice what he loves to get the stone, and the only thing he truly cares about is his "daughter", Gamora.

In one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the movie, The Mad Titan reluctantly flings Gamora to her death before waking up with the Soul Stone.

The dreamlike quality of the sequence may lead to speculation that the GOTG member could return at some point, but that seems highly unlikely.

Peter Dinklage Does Indeed Play Eitri The Dwarf

Image result for peter dinklage;age eitri

There was a lot of speculation relating to Peter Dinklage's role in Infinity War, and it turns out the majority of you were on the money about him playing Eitri.

In order to forge a new weapon to defeat Thanos, Thor, Rocket and Groot travel to Nidavellir only to find all but one of the Dwarves there slain by The Mad Titan. Their King, Eitri, still lives, but Thanos has taken away the use of his hand, forcing Thor and his new friends to forge Stormbreaker themselves.

Star-Lord Screws Everything Up

Related image

If you or someone you know vanished in a swirl of ash leaves recently, blame Star-Munch.

Towards the end of the film, Stark, Spidey, Strange and the GOTG manage to subdue Thanos. They're just about to remove the gauntlet when The Mad Titan admits that he killed Gamora, sending Quill into a rage. He smashes the villain in the head, allowing him to get free and travel to earth for the final stone.

What. A. Moron.

Strange Looks Into The Future/Gives Thanos The Time Stone In Order To Save Iron Man

Image result for doctor strange avengers infinity war

At one point, Doctor Strange uses the time stone to take a glimpse forward to see if there are any scenarios in which they defeat Thanos. Out of millions, there is only one.

Later, when Thanos seriously wounds Stark, Strange offers him the stone in exchange for his fellow Avenger's life.

Though it's never explicitly stated, both of these things seem to be connected and will likely factor into Avengers 4.

Thor Joins The Battle Of Wakanda And Kicks All Of The Asses

Related image

Just as things are looking bleak for our Wakandan-based heroes, The God of Thunder shows up with Rocket and Groot and proceeds to wipe out Thanos' Outrider army with the help of his powerful new weapon.

This is one of the most fist-pumpingly brilliant sequences in the movie, and is sure to result in goosebumps.

As if taking out Thanos' forces wasn't enough, Thor also manages to (temporarily) defeat The Mad Titan. If only he'd "gone for the head."

Scarlet Witch Is Forced To Kill Vision... For Nothing

Image result for vision and scarlet witch

When Shuri's attempt to extract the Mind Stone from Vision fails, Wanda is forced to destroy it, and her lover, in one of the film's most powerful moments.

Unfortunately, it's all in vain, because Thanos uses the Time Stone to reverse what happened, before ripping out the stone himself and re-killing Vision in the process.


Thanos Snaps His Fingers And A LOT Of Heroes Die

Image result for thanos snaps his finger

Right at the end of the movie, Thor buries Stormbreaker in Thanos' chest - but the Mad Titan still has the wherewithal to snap his fingers, wiping out half of all life in the universe.

Of course, that also includes some of the main characters. It's actually easier to list off who survives! On earth: Cap, Rhodey, Widow, Banner, Rocket Thor, Okoye and M'Baku. On Titan: Stark and Nebula.

Of course, it's highly unlikely these heroes will stay dead, but it's still quite shocking to see them all simply cease to exist in this manner.

We End On A Major Downer

Image result for thanos smiles

For the first time in the history of The MCU, a Marvel Studios movie ends on a downer with the bad guy winning.

Having made good on his mission to "balance" the universe, Thanos does just what he told Strange he would: sits and watches the sunrise with a smile on his face as we cut to credits.

Sure, we still have the second part of the story to come, but this is still a pretty risky move on The Russo's part, and will likely wind up being a divisive one.

Post-Credits Scene Teases Captain Marvel

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There is only one post-credits scene, but it's a doozy.

We see Nick Fury and Maria Hill discussing the invasion of Wakanda when they narrowly avoid a crash. Then, Hill and some of the background extras begin to vanish. Fury races to grab his phone, before beginning to fade himself.

However, as he disappears we see who he was attempting to contact: Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel!

Continue on for our Avengers: Endgame breakdown!

Captain Marvel To The Rescue

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We then cut to Tony Stark and Nebula aboard The Benatar, which they have managed to get into the air again but only temporarily. Now adrift, oxygen is running out and Stark is almost done.

Iron Man records his final message to Pepper, and lies down to prepare for the inevitable. Nebula then places him in the cockpit and bids a silent farewell, but all is not lost (obviously).

There was speculation that it'd be Pepper who would suit-up as Rescue to make the...um, rescue, but it's actually Captain Marvel, who carries the ship down to Earth where the surviving members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes are waiting.

Plan A

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It's here that Stark and Steve Rogers have a somewhat low-key reunion (they do have a much better scene together later on), and it's clear that there's still some bad blood between them.

While Tony recovers, the others hatch a plan to track down Thanos and use the Infinity Stones to reverse The Decimation and return their friends - and half of all life in the universe - to the land of the living.

Danvers does a recon and finds no one on the garden planet aside from The Mad Titan, and the others move in.

Thor Goes For The Head

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After the team subdue a now weakened Mad Titan, they discover that he only used the Infinity Stones to reduce them to atoms, destroying them forever. Rhodey doesn't believe him, but Nebula assures her hew friends that her father does not lie.

Then, just as the villain is about to admit that he may have been too hard on Nebula in the past, Thor takes the advice Thanos gave him in Infinity War and cuts his head clean off!

The end of Thanos? Not exactly.

Five. Years. Later

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A bit of a time-jump? How about five years!

We skip forward half a decade, as the world attempts to move on and restore some sense of normalcy. Cap talks things out as part of a group, while Nat holds down the fort at HQ getting regular mission updates from Okoye, Rocket, Danvers and Rhodey. The latter reveals that Barton has been taking out criminals in particularly violent fashion, and a clearly upset Black Widow asks him to track her old partner down.

At this point Cap drops by for a chat, and the pair are interrupted by none other than Scott Lang at the front gate.

Scott's Plan

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Scott returns from the Quantum Realm completely by accident (a rat is basically responsible for saving the universe), and soon realizes what's happened when he's reunited with his now teenage daughter.

Though five years have passed on Earth, Lang was only in the QR for five hours, and believes this might be the key to reversing The Decimation. Because his theories are mostly based on Back To The Future, the team decides to seek the advice of someone a bit more qualified.


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Tony Stark is now living an idyllic life with Pepper and their adorable daughter Morgan, who we first meet wearing the Rescue helmet her father his working on for his wife. Some foreshadowing, perhaps?

Tony basically dismisses Scott's plan when the others show up to try to convince him to help, but, of course, curiosity gets the better of him and he ultimately figures out a way to safely travel through time.

Hulk Out

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In the meantime, the others have gone to see Bruce Banner, who has managed to combine his genius-level brain with the brawn of The Hulk after a few hours in the lab. "Professor Hulk" agrees to help, but warns them that quantum physics isn't really his area of expertise.

What follows is a hilarious test-run scene, with Scott returning from The QR as a teenager, an old man, and a baby. Fortunately, Stark shows up with a fix, and it's here we finally get to see him and Rogers make amends as Tony returns his old friend's shield.

Thor Has... Let Himself Go

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Hulk and Rocket travel to New Asgard, where we're reintroduced to Valkyrie. She hints that Thor is not The God of Thunder he once was, and that's an understatement!

Thor has put on a few (okay, more than a few) pounds and has developed a slight drinking problem. He spends his days playing video games with Korg and Miek (yay), and is still wracked with guilt about how things went with Thanos.

He agrees to accompany his friends with the promise of beer, but it's abundantly clear that The King of Asgard is dealing with a lot of baggage.

The Time Heist

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Banner points out that they can't simply go back and stop Thanos from using the stones because that will only alter that timeline, so they decide to travel back and acquire the stones themselves. This means we get to revisit scenes from several previous MCU movies, and see a few old friends.

Rocket and Thor travel to Asgard for The Ether, where the latter gets to see his mother again and reacquires Mjölnir. Cap, Stark and Lang go for The Tesseract but lose it to Loki, forcing them to alter the plan. Tony settles on a time and place where they can get the Tesseract back and lift some more Pym particles in the process.

Meanwhile, Banner goes to see Doctor Strange but has to deal with The Ancient One instead. She eventually agrees to hand over The Time Stone when Bruce explains that Strange willingly gave it to Thanos in the first place, but only if he agrees to return each stone to its respective timeline once The Decimation is reversed.

Thanos Returns

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Rhodey and Nebula are tasked with retrieving The Power Stone on Morag, but they jump to a time when Thanos, Gamora and a very different version of Nebula are also in the vicinity.

Rhodey escapes with the stone, but Nebula is captured and bad Nebula takes her place. With past Thanos now aware of what happens in the future, he is able to plan an attack that The Avengers will never see coming.

Black Widow Does Whatever It Takes

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Nat and Clint travel to Vormir, where they encounter The Red Skull and must give up the same thing Thanos did in order to earn The Soul Stone. Both former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents want to be the one to do whatever it takes and it looks like Hawkeye "wins" the right to leap from the mountain, but Widow manages to pin him to the side.

Clint is determined not to let her go, but Nat tells her friend that it's okay, before pulling from his grasp and plummeting to her death in a sequence that plays out a lot (too much?) like the Gamora scene from Infinity War.

Hulk Snap

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Back in the present, the devastated heroes realize that they can't get Widow back and swear that her sacrifice won't be in vain.

Thor wants to be the one to use the new Gauntlet and reverse The Decimation, but Bruce knows he's the only one strong enough to achieve this. The effort almost kills him and leaves him with a severely injured arm, but Banner manages to snap his fingers and restore the 50% of life in the universe that Thanos erased.

Unfortunately, it's then that The Mad Titans launches his attack, and Avengers HQ is reduced to rubble.

Cap Is Worthy

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Iron Man, Captain America and Thor regroup and attack Thanos with everything they have, but even without the Infinity Gauntlet The Mad Titan proves to be too much for them to handle.

Just as the villain is about to drive Stormbreaker into Thor's chest, he's hit in the back by Mjölnir, which then flies back into the hand of... Steve Rogers! Yes, Cap is worthy to wild the mighty hammer of Thor, and uses it to put a serious beat-down on Thanos before he too is taken down.

Then, Thanos' entire armada arrives on the scene, and Rogers faces down an army.

Avengers, Assemble

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Just as all hope seems lost, we hear Falcon in Cap's earpiece, and all of the "dusted" heroes are transported to the battle by Doctor Strange, Wong and their fellow sorcerers. They also bring hundreds of Wakandans, Asgardians and various others as backup.

As Giant Man emerges from the rubble with Hulk, Rhodey and Rocket in hand, the scene is set for one of the most jaw-dropping battles in cinema history. "Avengers," shouts Captain America as he calls Mjölnir to him; "Assemble."

"You Can Rest Now, Tony"

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Captain Marvel shows up to take out Thanos' warship, but The Mad Titan still manages to get his hands on the new gauntlet. After a tussle with Stark, he snaps his fingers and... nothing. Tony managed to get all of the stones away from him and fashions a new gauntlet from his own armor to house them.

Responding to Thanos' "I am inevitable" with "I am Iron Man," Stark snaps his fingers and wills The Mad Titan and his forces out of existence.

This proves to be Tony Stark's last heroic act, as he succumbs to his catastrophic injuries after an emotional goodbye to Rhodey, Spidey and Pepper.

The Funeral

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That scene we heard about that was said to feature pretty much every main character in The MCU? It's Tony's funeral, and it's an incredibly emotional sequence for a variety of reasons.

After watching a holographic recording of a message Tony left in the event of his death, Pepper places the "Proof that Tony Stark has a Heart" keepsake she gave him in the lake, and the camera pans back over the assembled heroes and their families before stopping on Nick Fury.

Asgardians of The Galaxy

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After the funeral, Thor decides to take Frigga's advice and focus on being the man he is and not the man he's meant to be. He leaves Valkyrie as Queen of New Asgard, and joins the Guardians of The Galaxy for some new adventure.

On The Milano, we're treated to another terrific scene between Thor and Star-Lord as they argue about who's in command.

Please let Thor be part of the team in GOTG Vol. 3!

Old Cap/New Cap

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Cap decides to return The Infinity Stones to their rightful timelines, but when Bruce can't bring him back they assume something must have gone wrong. It's then that Bucky spots an old man sitting nearby on a bench, and Sam goes to investigate.

After he returned the stones, Steve decided to live the life he never got to before going into the ice. He presents Falcon with his shield, passing on the mantle of Captain America.

The Dance

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Turns out Steve didn't spend his time in the past alone! Sam notices a wedding ring and asks his friend if he'll talk about "her," but Rogers declines.

The final shot of the film pans into a house where music is playing, and we see Steve and Peggy Carter finally having that dance. Rogers kisses the love of his life, and we fade to black.

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