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Reliability concerns raised over pi-top’s STEM learning laptop

Joker: Why Joaquin Phoenix Almost Didn’t Take the Role

"There was a lot of fear," Joaquin Phoenix says of taking on the role of Joker for the new DC movie.

Joaquin Phoenix may have dodged opportunities to play both Hulk and Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a starring role as the Clown Prince of Crime finally managed to retain his interest in signing up for a comic book movie ...eventually. The actor says he hesitated at first when he was asked to play the Joker in Todd Phillips' upcoming standalone DC film featuring the iconic villain.

"It took me a while [to commit]. Now, when I look back, I don’t understand why," he admitted to Total Film. "There was a lot of fear, yeah. But I always say there’s motivating fear and debilitating fear. There’s the fear where you cannot make a fucking step, and there’s the kind where it’s like, 'OK, what do we do? That’s not good enough.' And you’re digging deeper and deeper. I love that kind of fear. It guides us, makes us work harder."

Phoenix was certainly reluctant to get involved with a film that would portray any potential character he played as two dimensional:

"I think oftentimes, in these movies, we have these simplified, reductive archetypes, and that allows for the audience to be distant from the character, just like we would do in real life, where it’s easy to label somebody as evil, and therefore say, 'Well, I’m not that,'" he explained, before adding "And yet we all are guilty. We all have sinned. And I thought that here was this film, and these characters, where it wouldn’t be easy for you as an audience. There are times where you’re going to feel yourself connected to him, and rooting for him, and times when you should be repulsed by him. And I like that idea of challenging the audience, and challenging myself to explore a character like that. It’s rare to explore characters like that in any movies, but specifically in the superhero genre."

Phillips says that his outlook on Phoenix's casting was very straightforward, though. "The goal was never to introduce Joaquin Phoenix into the comic book movie universe. The goal was to introduce comic book movies into the Joaquin Phoenix universe."

Joker hits theaters on Oct. 4.

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Joker: Joaquin Phoenix
News Kirsten Howard
Aug 22, 2019

US cell carriers team up to combat robocalls — but no deadline set

Twelve cell carriers, including the four largest — AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon — have promised to make efforts to prevent spoofed and automated robocalls.

Announced Thursday, the pledge comes after 51 U.S. attorneys general brokered a deal that would see the telecom giants roll out anti-robocalling technologies, including a way of cryptographically signing callers to wipe out phone number spoofing. Known as STIR/SHAKEN, the system relies on every customer phone number having a unique digital signature which, when checked against the cell networks, validates that a caller is real. The carrier near-instantly invisibly approves the call and patches it through to the recipient.

Robocalls are a billion-dollar industry, but illegal. Many of these automated, robot-dialed calls imitate the area code to convince unsuspecting victims into picking up the phone. Often robocalls try to sell a product — or worse, try to trick victims into signing up for services they don’t need or con them out of cash.

The hope is that STIR/SHAKEN would weed out most robocalls. The system would verify real callers while the billions of illegal or spoofed robocalls made every year would fail.

So far to date, AT&T and Comcast have tested the new anti-robocalling system, and AT&T and T-Mobile have also teamed up to use the technology to fight robocalls. But the system works best when every carrier uses the technology, allowing calls to be checked even as they traverse between networks. By getting Verizon (which owns TechCrunch), Sprint and the other cell giants on board, the attorneys general hopes the cooperation will vastly reduce the number of robocalls each year..

CenturyLink, Charter, and U.S. Cellular have also signed up to the pledge.

There’s a catch: No deadline was set, allowing the carriers to take as long as necessary to roll out the technology. That may not be good news for those seeking immediate relief. Although all of the major networks have already made some progress in testing the new anti-robocalling system, few have said exactly when their service will be ready to roll out to consumers across the country.

The Washington Post first reported the news ahead of Thursday’s announcement.

The pledge comes just weeks after the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department took coordinated action against close to a hundred individuals and companies accused of making more than a billion illegal robocalls.

The fight for seed

Dennis Quaid Takes Young Girlfriend on Boat Date on Lake Como

Dennis Quaid is taking advantage of the last week before school is back in session ... bringing his smoking hot, grad student girlfriend on a romantic getaway in Lake Como!!! As we all know ... age ain't nothin' but a number -- but you can tell…

Busty Bella Hadid Debuts Blonde Locks – Homegirl’s Gonna like… Git It


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The shining star of the Hadid Dy-nasty is definitely Bella Hadid. Not only does she have an unreal body, but she also has the exact amount of personality I want from a female celebrity. The perfect woman. Hadid really endeared herself to us with this viral cringeworthy clip reminding everyone that, ya, she didn’t graduate from college:



Hadid says that if a man comes through wearing a certain type of shoe: “Homeboy’s gonna like… get it.” This is an iconic celebrity moment if there ever was one, and again, Bella Hadid didn’t graduate from college. Most celebrities barely clear high school. Jennifer Lawrence barely cleared middle school. Sorry for the tangent but you guys need to be learned of this stuff.

Anyway Hadid has grown a lot since the shoe interview. She used to have brown hair, and now – at least for a brief moment – she has blonde hair. It’s the kind of personal and professional growth you’d expect from someone like Bella Hadid, and man does it get me hornty. Here’s Bella. But with blonde hair. Ever-evolving. Like a fine wine. A mystery wrapped inside a riddle. Needless to say, homegirl’s gonna like… get it.



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Man Loses Control Of Chainsaw, Almost Splits Head

Overstock CEO resigns after ‘deep state’ comments

Paz de la Huerta Demands $2 Million from Harvey Weinstein or Else

Paz de la Huerta, who's already accused Harvey Weinstein of rape, claims to have new explosive facts about him, but she's willing to keep it out of the courts -- IF he ponies up big time. According to a demand letter obtained by TMZ ... the actress…

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Breathes Life Into Its Puppets

The executive producers of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance talk about how Jim Henson’s vision comes alive in the Netflix prequel.

There’s something about The Dark Crystal’s artistry in presenting characters and creatures that are designed and fabricated as fantastical figures controlled by human hands rather than by computer that transcends whatever motion capture or sophisticated visual effects can accomplish. With The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Jim Henson’s darkest tale will return to a more vibrant time in the planet of Thra’s history, and the marriage of puppetry, practical effects, and CGI will be a wonder to behold when the series arrives on Netflix on August 30, 2019. Creators Will Matthews and Jeffrey Addis along with executive producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach told us all about how the 1982 film made the journey to the small screen.

The original movie was anything but the end of The Dark Crystal story with many comic books, young adult novels, and even a creation myth series preceding this television adaptation, which was originally envisioned as an animated series. “And it’s not just one animated project; there’s been a couple different animated iterations of it, the last one of which was at Netflix,” notes Grillo-Marxuach. “And Netflix, seeing that material, came to the conclusion that one of the big things about The Dark Crystal, probably the biggest thing, is that it is done with creatures from the Jim Henson Creature Shop, so why not make the series with creatures from the Jim Henson Creature Shop? And that was the moment that changed everything for this project.”

Addis and Matthews took their own circuitous route to this project as well, but they knew they wanted to work with the Jim Henson Company. Grillo-Marxuach, whose television expertise helped the writers achieve their goal, says, “They had actually called the Jim Henson Company hoping to pitch Labyrinth 2 and instead were asked, ‘Why don’t you come in and pitch Dark Crystal?’ which they did. And they were the guys who put together all of these elements that were out there before into the show that you’re seeing now. And then my involvement came after they had written the script and Netflix actually paid some money for [director] Louis Leterrier and the guys to put together a test reel, and the show got green lit. Then I came in because I have some expertise running writers rooms and doing some world building and so forth, so the three of us became partners in the writing of this thing.”

Fortunately, Addis was already a staunch devotee of The Dark Crystal and was anxious to explore the world of the proud gelfling and the evil Skeksis with Matthews. “I was very deep,” he admits. “I was the kid who burned through several VHS [tapes]… I used to draw Mystics and Skeksis in all of the margins; I fancied myself an artist. I still ‘start with the eyes’ because that’s what [creature creator] Brian Froud said to do in the first documentary. And so I was a huge, huge fan. Will certainly loved it, and it had scared him quite a bit as a child, but he picked up a lot of that information along the way. So it’s nice that we had two points of view on it.”

further reading: How Age of Resistance Can Reignite The Dark Crystal Franchise

Grillo-Marxuach, whose genre cred is already quite solid having worked on Charmed, Lost, The 100, and more, also brought quite a bit of fan enthusiasm to the writers room. “I saw The Dark Crystal when it came out in 1982. It was a seminal part of my becoming a fan of genre and of me wanting to become a filmmaker,” he says. “The Jim Henson Company put a framed picture of Jim Henson and Frank Oz and Gary Kurtz on the set of the original in the writers room, and every day I would come in and I would look at these three men who are gods to me and think about how fortunate and grateful I was to be able to tread on the same ground. So honestly, when you look at The Dark Crystal, you’re looking at a show made by true believers.”

Those true believers include many crew members from the original movie, including the aforementioned creature creator Brian Froud and his designer wife, Wendy, who brought their son Toby into their craft. “Brian was creating artwork for the show and designing things; his son Toby was the head creature designers, and then [his wife] Wendy was also on set and building things. So it was a family affair!” says Addis. “It was actually really amazing to get to watch Toby work with his father and work with his mother and to see the affection that they have, to see them working together to create these things… it was really incredible.”

Together, the writers and designers populated the world of Thra with its native gelfling clans, represented by the three characters who lead the story in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. “The reason we have three leads is because three is a big number in Thra,” explains Matthews. “We realized early on we had three mysteries that needed solving, and so we thought give them each a character to follow that storyline. So you see at the beginning three very different gelfling in very different places worried about three very different things. And then one of the themes of the show is that the many become one, and so you’ll see those storylines come together, those characters come together, and those problems to come together for one solution.”

Addis elaborated, saying that the three protagonists act as a way to ease the audience into the world they were about to walk into. One of the things we all talked about was each of our leads would represent a different place within the structure of the gelfling and their relationship to the Skeksis,” he says. “So we have Brea, who’s a princess; she’s at the top. We have Rian, who works as a guard at the Castle of the Crystal; he’s a company man. He is a believer in the structure in this system. And then you have Deet, who’s from a clan that lives deep under the ground that’s almost forgotten. And so she’s coming into Thra and coming up into the light and becoming the audience’s eyes, in a lot of ways, into this world. So we thought of it as tackling it from three different angles.”

more: Dark Crystal: What Makes Age of Resistance Unique TV

Another major ingredient in the future success of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is the skillful voice work done by actors like Mark Hamill, Simon Pegg, Awkwafina, and Jason Isaacs, whose Skeksis voices are delightfully over-the-top. “Traditionally in animation, you go in and you record before they animate, and then they animate to your performance,” Addis explains. “In our case, we shot it all live with the puppeteers doing it, and then we go into a studio with the voice talent and they have to match what the puppeteers did… They had to find the way to bring their performance and the performance of the puppeteer together, which is very tricky. So you could see in the beginning when the voice actors would come in — and these are some of the most talented actors in the world — and they would look at it and go, ‘Oh no!’… It was really amazing to watch! We really got some of the finest actors in the world, and then made them unrecognizable!”

In addition to the skilled puppeteers themselves, however, it will perhaps be director Louis Leterrier’s visual style that will stand out most to viewers of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. “One of the things that Louis brought to this project was a real sense of change from how the original was directed,” says Grillo-Marxuach. “If you look at the original, it’s a pretty pastoral piece of work; Jim Henson described it as a painting. It has a lot of long takes; the camera doesn’t do a lot of motion… Louis really came at it from a sense of wanting to put you in the middle of gelfling civilization and make you feel like you’re one of them. He shot three cameras per setup, and a lot of the time that third camera was a Steadicam that he operated himself… So one of Louis’ big contributions to this thing is a visual dynamic that you haven’t seen in this kind of material before. It wasn’t just about directing puppets and puppeteers; Louis really came in to try to revolutionize the way that material with puppets is shot.”

So will fans of the original The Dark Crystal be spoiled, knowing that the last of the gelflings in the 1982 movie means that the mission in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance must ultimately fail? Not according to Addis. “When we pitched the show to Netflix, we pitched an ending. We have an answer to this, and we don’t want to give it away,” he says, being purposefully cryptic. “We don’t want to even really hint at it. But Thra is a big world, and there’s a lot of space for hope in that world. And so we hope that people will come to the show with an open mind and enjoy the journey, but maybe it’s not quite the ending that you think it is.”

Or, as Matthews puts it, “In the opening of the original, the Master says to Jen, ‘There’s more to the story than you know.’ — we ran with that!” Discover the story of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance when Netflix brings all ten episodes of the miniseries to subscribers on August 30, 2019, and read all of the news surrounding the show here.

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Michael Ahr is a writer, reviewer, and podcaster here at Den of Geek; you can check out his work here or follow him on Twitter (@mikescifi). He co-hosts our Sci Fi Fidelity podcast and coordinates interviews for The Fourth Wall podcast.

Deet and Hup in the Stonewood in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
Michael Ahr
Aug 22, 2019

Kristin Cavallari Wrecks Jay Cutler in Axe-Throwing Showdown

Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler faced off against his reality TV star/fashion designer wife, Kristin Cavallari, in an epic axe-throwing challenge ... and it went exactly how you'd think. Yeah ... Kristin whooped dat ass. The couple showed off the…

Jenni Farley: Roger Mathews Is a Rat! Thank God For Prenups!

When the world first learned that Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews had separated, it was Roger who broke the news, with a series of videos that, at the time, were viewed as admirably heartfelt and sincere.

Roger vowed to win Jenni back and claimed that no one was at fault for the split, the two of them hgad simply grown apart.

Jenni and Roger Throwback

We soon learned that wasn't the case.

Farley has now accused Mathews of abuse, claiming that he often became violent with her and was negligent in his parenting duties.

If you've been watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation this season, you know that Jenni has been reluctant to talk about her troubled marriage -- though she hasn't held back her comments on Ronnie Magro's relationship with Jen Harley.

That all changes tonight, as Jenni will finally open up to her housemates about the Roger situation -- and admit that she was wrong for repeatedly sounding off on Ronnie's predicament.

“I thought silence was greater good,” she explains in a preview clip.

JWOWW and Roger Mathews at Trolls

“As bad as [my] relationship [with Roger] got, I stayed f–king quiet because that’s what you’re supposed to do. … So to me, like, the ultimate betrayal is the fact that he went public.”

In a confessional segment, the usually stoic Jenni gets emotional while discussing her divorce:

“My divorce, um, it was a sore subject,” she tells the cameras.

“I filed before [we went to] the dude ranch, but I didn’t want to talk about it publicly out of respect for my children, so when those videos came out, I feel like it was a really, really low blow [by] Roger.”

Roger Mathews and Jenni

As for the clip of Mathews in the back of a police car that Roger posted earlier this year, Jenni says her ex wasn't lying necessarily, but he was playing up the drama to try and earn sympathy.

“All I said was I want a cooling off period. I don’t want him in my face. Then he left," Farley says.

"People think I had him arrested. … [That’s] not even the case,” she clarifies. “You wouldn’t have your phone in the back of a cop car. … They’re being nice and giving him a ride.”

As for the equally troubling Ronnie-Jen situation, JWoww says she's no one to judge:

Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley Together

“The irony in all of this is I’d love to make fun of Ron and Jen [Harley],” she admits.

“Car chases, getting run over, you know, drama, and now I’m on that level.”

Farley wraps up her commentatry (knowing her aversion to emotion, this might be the last time she speaks publicly on the matter) by repeating that her top priority is the health and happiness of her kids:

“I just want this to calm down because I’m in the public eye and I don’t want this to get out of control,” she says.  “At the end of the day, [he’s] still the father of my kids. [I] gotta keep it together.

JWoww and Roger Mathews at Dinner

“Everything that I do in this life, today, the kids come first,” she adds.

“And for him to literally just piss on all of that and call me, like, a piece of s–t mom, that sucks," Farley continues.

"The last thing I want is this divorce to drag out. Thankfully, we have a prenup because this thing can’t end soon enough.”

It's been a rough year for the Jersey Shore crew.'

And it sounds like Roger is in for one hell of a fight if he decides to continue testing Jenni's patience.

OtterBox reveals a portable and stackable wireless charging system

D23 Expo 2019: Dates, Schedule, Tickets, and News

D23 2019 is a celebration of all things Disney, from the biggest Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar movies, to what's coming to Disney+!

D23 2019 is the biggest Disney celebration of the year. With panels focusing on all things Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney Animation, D23 is bringing news, trailers, and hopefully some surprise reveals from all the universes you love. Plus, we'll learn a bit more about the House of Mouse's upcoming subscription service, Disney+!

If you're excited for the expo, then you'll want to read below for everything you need to know about the Disney event of the summer:

D23 Expo 2019 Dates

D23 2019 will take place on Aug. 23-25 and will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

D23 Expo 2019 Schedule

Below, you can find a schedule of the D23 2019's biggest events, including showcases for all things Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar! All times are PT.

Friday, Aug. 23

10:30 am - 12 pm: Disney Legends Awards Ceremony

The ceremony, hosted by Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger, will once again honor those visionaries and artists who have made significant contributions to the Disney legacy. This year’s recipients are: Wing Chao, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, James Earl Jones, Bette Midler, Kenny Ortega, Barnette Ricci, Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Ming-Na Wen, and Hans Zimmer.

2 - 3 pm: Star Wars Vader Immortal Episode II Preview

3 - 4 pm: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Panel

3:30 - 5 pm: Disney+ Showcase

The highly anticipated streaming service Disney+ will give guests a first look at some of its original content including Lady and the Tramp, The Mandalorian, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and many more during this star-studded presentation.

Saturday, Aug. 24

10 am - 12 pm: Walt Disney Studios Showcase

Fans will see what’s on the drawing board for the acclaimed filmmakers at Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios and get a peek at the exciting slate of live-action projects, from Disney to Marvel Studios to Star Wars. As always, attendees will be treated to exclusive footage, special guest appearances, and more!

10 - 11 am: The Simpsons Panel

5:30 - 6:30 pm: Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary Panel

Sunday, Aug. 25

10 - 11 am: Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Celebration

10:30 - 12 pm: Disney Parks Panel

Step into the magical world of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products with Chairman Bob Chapek to find out what’s new and what’s next for resorts around the globe, including more about the transformational plans for Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

You can find the full schedule of events here.

D23 Expo 2019 Tickets

Unfortunately, tickets to D23 2019 are now sold out, according to Disney. So if you didn't jump on tickets when they first went on sale in Aug. 2018, you'll just have to watch the event unfold from the comfort of your living room. At least you won't have to stand in any lines?

D23 Expo 2019 Live Stream

If you weren't able to make it to the expo this year, you may not be completely out of luck. While Disney hasn't confirmed its live streaming plans for D23, there's a chance that the House of Mouse will stream at least some of the content on display at the expo. 

D23 Expo 2019 Star Wars

With both Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian set to make appearances at D23 2019, you should expect quite a bit of news (and maybe a trailer or two) from the galaxy far, far away. Stay tuned to this article for updates on all the Star Wars news coming out of the expo. 

D23 Expo 2019 Marvel

Marvel Studios completely demolished the competition at SDCC 2019 and we expect the studio to continue that streak on its home turf. What are we likely to see at D23? For one thing, we'll hear about MCU Phase 4 entries such as Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Eternals, and maybe even some more about Thor: Love and Thunder and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. On the TV side, expect Marvel to be a major part of the Disney+ showcase, with both WandaVision, Loki, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier coming to the service. Keep this article handy, as we'll be posting all the latest Marvel news from the expo right here!

John Saavedra is an associate editor at Den of Geek. Read more of his work here. Follow him on Twitter @johnsjr9 and make sure to check him out on Twitch.

D23 Expo 2019: Dates, Schedule, Tickets, and News
John Saavedra
Aug 22, 2019

What’s Next for Spider-Man Movies Without the MCU?

In a post-MCU world, where will Tom Holland and Sony take the adventures of Peter Parker and Spider-Man without Marvel?

Spider-Man no more! Well, not really. Spider-Man is a box office champion, a legendarily versatile character, and an absolute juggernaut of merchandising and storytelling. So the recent news that Sony and Marvel Studios have ended the agreement that has allowed them to share custody of Peter Parker has been met with consternation among fans. Especially since Kevin Feige’s steady hand helped return Spidey to glory after three consecutive dreadful live action efforts. Marvel Studios not only put a new coat of paint on the Spider-Man mythos, reminding everyone why they love Peter Parker and friends so much in the first place, but they made him a central character in the mind-bogglingly ambitious climax to the MCU!

So what the hell does Sony do next? As it turns out, they have plenty of options. You might not particularly love all these options, but here they are.


This is happening.

Buried in the Deadline report that broke the unfortunate news of the likely split between Sony and Marvel was confirmation that there are two more Spider-Man sequels in development starring Tom Holland, with Jon Watts hopefully returning to direct. Doesn’t that make you feel a little bit better? Just replace Kevin Feige with Phil Lord and Chris Miller behind the scenes, and you’ve got the makings of another great live action Spidey movie, right?


Other than the fact that Spider-Man: Far From Home ended on a cliffhanger so big that it will be extraordinarily difficult to carry that story forward without mentioning or acknowledging some of the MCU characters and events that got Peter to where he is now, it should be totally easy and reasonable for Sony to just pick up the story right where they left off! (ahem...or not) 

With Marvel Studios out of the picture, does this mean that not even the name “Tony Stark” can be uttered? While both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home gave us plenty of big cameos and co-stars, they also were built on the foundation of the MCU, with both of the films’ major villains characterized by their resentment of being left behind by the wider superheroic world around them. The movies can pivot to other angles, to be certain, but what about Peter’s journey? How does he go from being “the next Iron Man” to the next… something else?

The thing to remember is that while the loss of the MCU is gonna sting, but Spider-Man and his world are strong enough to sustain a franchise all on their own. There may be some awkward things to sweep under the rug going forward, but with Watts, Holland, and that terrific young supporting cast in place, the tone and spirit of these films should be enough to prevent them from devolving into Amazing Spider-Man or Venom-esque fiascos. Hopefully.

read more: How Sony Screwed Spider-Man Again

And fortunately, Spidey’s rogues’ gallery is one of the very best in fictional history. And many of them are already on screen, with more on the way...


Tom Hardy and Tom Holland are probably going to be spending some time together pretty soon. 

Almost as much as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Venom is the movie that disgruntled MCU fans are currently pointing to as an example of what happens when Sony takes the reins of a Spider-Man movie without Kevin Feige’s guidance. And… they have a point. Venom was an utter mess.

Ah, but there’s hope. Venom 2 has a new director with the great Andy Serkis, and isn’t far off from production. Sony has long held out hope that they could get a Spider-Man/Venom movie off the ground (presumably one that would absolve them of the sins of Spider-Man 3), and with Tom Holland now free of any/all other crossover concerns, expect this to quickly become a priority. Whether Holland’s Spidey makes a post-credits scene appearance in Venom 2, or Sony’s next Spider-Man movie becomes a Spidey vs. Venom vs. Carnage punch-up, you can rest assured that Sony is going to find a way to make this happen as quickly as possible.


Jared Leto’s Morbius movie is in post-production and scheduled for a July 31, 2020 release. A nervous studio exec questioning their own logic about making a movie about Morbius, the frakkin’ Living Vampire, a third-tier Spidey villain who will be played by Jared Leto (who didn’t exactly endear himself to superhero fans with his portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squad) would probably jump at the chance to film a quick post-credits scene with the star of the studio’s biggest moneymaker ever. 


Perhaps the only true loss when Sony decided to tap out on their ill-fated reboot after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the loss of Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six movie. The Amazing Spider-Man franchise was an utter mess, with the second film clumsily setting up what it hoped was a multitude of sequels and spinoffs. But a villain-centric team-up movie still sounds pretty delicious, and two key members of the Sinister Six were not only introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but introduced to each other in the post-credits scene. It shouldn’t be too hard to get Vulture and Scorpion four more buddies to play with. Shame about Mysterio, though.

To be clear: this movie has remained dormant for years other than some comments from last year. But wouldn’t you rather see Drew Goddard work his magic on a supervillain team movie than whatever we’re likely to get with Morbius or a genuine head-scratcher like Kraven? Speaking of which...


There’s a Kraven the Hunter movie in development for some reason, apparently with Equalizer 2 writer Richard Went. Does this even get made at this stage, or does it get reworked into a Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland? At the very least, this seems like something that would benefit from a Peter Parker appearance. And when you consider how Far From Home ended, it would make an awful lot of sense for a “big game hunter” looking to make an even bigger name for himself to come to New York City and try to bag a notorious superpowered prize. A Spider-Man sequel with Kraven would even give them the opportunity to do a variation on the “Kraven’s Last Hunt” story, complete with one of the most chilling and gruesome moments in mainstream superhero comic history.


Among the many spinoffs Sony thought they had in their back pocket going into the dreaded Amazing Spider-Man 2 was The Black Cat. That ill-fated movie introduced Felicity Jones in a thoroughly thankless cameo as Felicia Hardy, never to be seen again. Ms. Jones dodged that bullet and instead went on to star in the excellent Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Ah, but I digress…

After the prospects of a Black Cat solo movie evaporated, Sony put Silver and Black into development, which would have teamed Ms. Hardy with the mercenary Silver Sable. Gina Prince-Bythewood was attached to direct, a release date was set...and then pulled.

Ah, but somethingsomething nine lives. Sony claims to have another Black Cat movie in development. One that could certainly only be enhanced by a certain science-loving nerd from Forest Hills. No other details are available. In other words, don’t hold your breath for this one.


Cindy Moon was a teenager in Peter Parker’s class who was also bitten by the same radioactive spider and developed similar (but not the same) powers as Peter Parker. Announced last year, no writers and directors have yet been attached to this project. BUT…

The biggest strength of the Jon Watts Spider-Man movies has been their ensemble cast of talented, hilarious, and sympathetic teenagers. Want to get people on board with Silk? Make Cindy Moon a central part of your next solo Spider-Man movie at Midtown High and then spin her off into her own movie. 


Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse was one of the best films of 2018, one of the best animated movies of recent years, and arguably the greatest Spider-Man movie ever made. Its freewheeling, utterly bonkers multiversal approach opened fans up to the notion that even in Brooklyn and Queens, anything is possible. Miles Morales and Ghost Spider will likely remain the undisputed headliners of this end of Sony’s Spidey efforts, but a voice cameo from Tom Holland, and perhaps an easter egg that helps lightheartedly explain just what the hell has been going on in his corner of the Spider-Verse would seem like an easy, natural fit.


Do not do this, Sony. Everyone is already mad enough at you. Unless…


Phil Lord and Chris Miller are developing a slate of Spider-Man TV shows for Sony Pictures TV. While no details about what specific characters (let alone the formats) of the shows have been revealed since the announcement, is there any world where Sony takes the current (brilliant) Spider-Man cast and characters and just starts them back early in Peter’s career, minus the MCU elements and delivers them to Netflix wrapped in a bow? 

Nah. It’s almost too crazy to consider. And with Far From Home crossing the billion dollar mark and becoming the studio’s highest grossing movie of all time, there’s little chance they’d trade box office receipts for raw streaming numbers. 

Whatever comes next, let’s just hope that Sony keeps Avi Arad as “far from home” as they possibly can.

Mike Cecchini is the Editor in Chief of Den of Geek. You can read more of his work here. Follow him on Twitter @wayoutstuff.

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Marvel Sony Spider-Man Movies
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Aug 22, 2019

Patriots Safety Patrick Chung Indicted For Cocaine Possession In New Hampshire – CBS Boston

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Daily Crunch: Apple plans Pro iPhones

Chevy’s 2020 Bolt EV will pack a longer 259-mile range

Verified Expert Growth Marketing Agency: 3Q Digital

With 12 offices and 350 employees around the world, 3Q Digital is a giant among growth marketing agencies. They’ve worked with companies like Brandless, Opendoor, and Warby Parker, but they also have an internal business unit called 3Q Incubate to work with startups in their pre-launch phase. 3Q Digital gets tech and that’s a testament to CEO and founder David Rodnitzky’s early days as a one-man growth marketing consulting practice in 2008. Learn more about 3Q Digital’s approach to growth, their ideal client, and more. 

“I’ve used them at 3 companies – 2 of which were small startups with minimal prior paid investment. In those cases, they helped me build our entire performance marketing foundation…” Matt O' Day, SF, Head of Performance Marketing and Analytics, Rylo Inc

3Q Digital’s approach to growth

“As far as our own focus, we’re a performance agency founded on a bedrock of SEM and paid social; as the digital landscape has grown and expanded (channels, skills, services), so have we, but we continue to have a reputation as one of the best online performance marketing agencies around.”

David’s proudest accomplishment

“We’ve not only survived in Silicon Valley for 11 years, we’ve grown massively. We are one of the largest performance marketing agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area, with over 100 people locally. We continue to get referrals from founders who used us for their first start-up and now have come back to us for their second or third. The same is true for many venture capital partners who rely on us again and again.”

designer fast facts 34

Below, you’ll find the rest of the founder reviews, the full interview, and more details like pricing and fee structures. This profile is part of our ongoing series covering startup growth marketing agencies with whom founders love to work, based on this survey and our own research. The survey is open indefinitely, so please fill it out if you haven’t already. 

Q&A with 3Q Digital CEO & Founder David Rodnitzky

David Rodnitzky 2019 headshot

Yvonne Leow: How did you become a growth marketer and start working with tech startups? 

David Rodnitzky: I moved to San Francisco in 1999 after graduating from law school in my home state of Iowa. In early 2000, I got a job at a Softbank — a Sequoia-backed SaaS startup as “manager of strategy.” I quickly realized that no one was running marketing, so I volunteered.

After spending $50K/month on PR and branding agencies, I discovered pay-per-click advertising via GoTo.com. I was immediately hooked by the measurability and ROI, and spent the next seven years working at Silicon Valley start-ups with a focus on measurable online marketing.

Justice Department indicts 80 individuals in a massive business email scam bust

The Justice Department has indicted dozens of individuals accused of involvement in a massive business email scam and money laundering scheme.

Thom Mrozek, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Central District of California, confirmed more than a dozen individuals had been arrested during raids on Thursday — mostly in the Los Angeles area. A total of 80 defendants are allegedly involved in the scheme.

News of the early morning raids were first reported by ABC7 in Los Angeles.

The 145-page indictment, unsealed Thursday, said the 80 named individuals are charged with conspiracy to commit mail and bank fraud, as well as aggravated identity theft and money laundering.

Most of the individuals alleged to be involved in the scheme are based in Nigeria, said the spokesperson.

It’s not immediately known if the Nigerian nationals will be extradited to the U.S.; however, a treaty exists between the two nations, making extraditions possible.

U.S. Attorney Nicola Hanna said the case was part of an ongoing effort to protect citizens and businesses from email scams.

“Today, we have taken a major step to disrupt criminal networks that use [business email scam] schemes, romance scams and other frauds to fleece victims,” he said. “This indictment sends a message that we will identify perpetrators — no matter where they reside — and we will cut off the flow of ill-gotten gains.”

These business email scams rely partly on deception and in some cases hacking. Scammers send specially crafted spearphishing emails to their targets in order to trick them into turning over sensitive information about the company, such as sending employee W-2 tax documents so scammers can generate fraudulent refunds, or tricking an employee into making wire transfers to bank accounts controlled by the scammers. More often than not, the scammers use spoofing techniques to impersonate a senior executive over email to trick the unsuspecting victim, or hack into the email account of the person they are impersonating.

The FBI says these impersonation attacks have cost consumers and businesses more than $3 billion since 2015.

Valentine Iro, 31, and Chukwudi Christogunus Igbokwe, 38, both Nigerian nationals and residents of California, are accused of running the operation, said prosecutors.

The alleged fraudsters are accused of carrying out several hundred “overt” acts of fraud against more than a dozen victims, generating millions of dollars’ worth of fraud over several months. In some cases, the fraudsters would hack into the email accounts of the person they were trying to impersonate to try to trick a victim into wiring money from a business into the fraudster’s bank account.

Iro and Igbokwe were “essentially brokers” of fraudulent bank accounts, prosecutors allege, by fielding requests for bank account information and laundering the money obtained from victims. The two lead defendants are accused of taking a cut of the stolen money. They then allegedly used illicit money exchanges to launder the money.

Several bank accounts run by the fraudsters contained more than $40 million in stolen funds.

The FBI said the agency has seen a large increase in the number of business email scams in the past year targeting small and large businesses, as well as nonprofits.

Madison Beer Has Friends in High Places, If You Catch My Drift

Lenovo’s Smart Clock gets more useful with latest Google update

I liked the Lenovo Smart Clock when I reviewed it back in June. It’s a pretty minimalist take on the smart screen designed for the very specific purpose of living next to your bed. The streamlined features are very much by design — rather than the kitchen sink approach, the clock is built around a relatively limited number of Assistant functions, coupled with tailored alarm functionality.

Today, Google’s bringing a handful of new features, attempting to walk that line by adding functions without making the bedside product overly distracting. The addition of Google Photos is a no brainer, using the app to double as a small screen digital picture frame while it sits idle. Hey look, a Yorkie.

Google’s also bringing one of the best smart screen features to the small display, with the ability to view video from smart cameras. Not a bed feature to have next to your bed. Interesting, while the product is clearly capable of displaying video, Google still isn’t making YouTube available here, for the aforementioned reason of “limiting distractions.”

It’s a nice sentiment, but YouTube’s always been Google’s biggest and best weapon in smart screen wars. The company really pulled the rug out from under Amazon by blocking access to the service on Echo devices. Google says it may revisit the feature later, however, depending on user feedback.

Also new here is Continued Conversation, which keeps Assistant active for longer, in order to create a more “natural back-and-forth conversation” with the AI. The idea is to lesse the number of times the user has to use the wake word to interact with Assistant.

Those features are starting to roll out this week. The Smart Clock will also be available in additional countries including India soon.

Where Did Dog Go? Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Post Reality TV Life

What A Time To Be Alive: Pumpkin Spice SPAM Coming This Fall

How do you build a secure startup? Find out at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Security is everything — more so than ever in startup land. But with the constant pressures to launch and scale, how do you build a secure startup from the ground up without slowing growth?

Whether you’re starting out small or you’re a multinational unicorn, your customers and their data will be your greatest asset. We’re excited to announce three cybersecurity industry experts who know better than anyone how to keep their organizations safe from phishing emails to nation-state attackers — and everything in between.

We’ll be joined by Google’s Heather Adkins, IOActive’s Jennifer Sunshine Steffens, and Duo’s Dug Song, who will discuss those startup security questions at TechCrunch Disrupt SF.

Adkins, a 16-year Google veteran, runs Google’s information security shop. As an early employee, Adkins built a global team responsible for maintaining the safety and security of Google’s networks, systems and applications as the company has ballooned in size. Her extensive background in network and systems administration has led her to work to build and secure some of the world’s largest infrastructure.

Steffens, who has spent over a decade at penetration testing and ethical hacking company IOActive, knows all too well how to build a security company. Her team go into enterprises large and small and find the weak spots in their security in an effort to fix the flaws before bad actors exploit them. Having worked during the early stages at several successful startups, Steffens brings a world of corporate and security knowledge to the table.

And, Song, who co-founded security giant Duo, led one of the most successful exits in Silicon Valley security startup history following the company’s $2.35 billion acquisition by Cisco last year. Song is a leading voice in the security community with broad experience in developing security solutions for the enterprises.

How do these cybersecurity leaders keep ahead of the bad guys — and the insider threats? Join us on the Extra Crunch stage to find out. Tickets to the show, which runs October 2 to October 4, are available here.

Did you know Extra Crunch annual members get 20% off all TechCrunch event tickets? Head over here to get your annual pass, and then email extracrunch@techcrunch.com to get your 20% off discount. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours to issue the discount code.

Times ‘Wish’ Advertised Some Bizarre Sh*t

Gina Kirschenheiter Divorce: Support Payments, Custody Deal Revealed!

After a lot of stress and even a restraining order, Gina Kirschenheiter has been granted a divorce from Matt.

Now, court records from the judge's ruling are shedding light on the results of the divorce.

For the first time, fans are learning how much Gina will receive in support, their custody deal, and how much Matt makes.

Gina Kirschenheiter, Husband

This week, court documents obtained by The Blast revealed new details of the Kirschenheiter divorce.

Gina and Matt share seven-year-old Nicholas, five-year-old Sienna, and four-year-old Luca

As you may recall, they have a temporary custody agreement already in which Matt gets supervised visits.

Now, the court has awarded shared legal custody to both parents, but that doesn't put them on equal footing.

Gina will retain primary physical custody of the three children, and Matt will get them on "some weekends."

Gina Kirschenheiter Image

Now it turns out that Matt is going to paying monthly support to Gina -- to the tune of about $10,000.

$4,500 per month will be child support (that means about $1,500 per child) and then $5,127 per month will go to Gina.

(Keep in mind that these are young children; if they were teens, their expenses would be higher)

That adds up to $9,627, which comes out to $115,524 per year.

Those figures are based in part upon Matt's salary and annual commissions of $421,000 per year.

Matthew Kirschenheiter and Gina Kirschenheiter

The court has instructed Gina and Matt to attend at least one co-parenting class per month.

As is often the case in family court, both parties have been cautioned against speakin ill of the other to or in front of their children.

Since Matt and Gina will soon be officially, legally single (as of January 1), dating is a very real possibility for both of them.

The judge advises them both against introducing people whom they date to the children until the relationship is serious.

Or, at least, until the other gives them their go-ahead.

Gina Kirschenheitr Promo Pic

Division of property is always a big deal in divorces.

Gina's clothing and jewelry collection are worth a great deal, and she will retain ownership of those.

She will also keep her car, a Chrysler Town and Country.

Matt also keeps his personal belongings, along with a 2015 Lexus.

There are additional property decisions that must be made, which is why the divorce does not officially take place until the end of the year.

Gina Kirschenheiter Hat Pic

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gina explained the reason for their divorce.

"With Matt, we moved here and Luca was like four months old," she recalled. "And he had an affair."

"We tried to work through it the best we could," she explained. "We’re in therapy."

"It opened our eyes to other problems in the relationship," Gina admitted.

"And so, when I filed for divorce and then meeting everybody going forward, for my kids’ sake, I just felt like it wasn’t necessary to share that," she said.

Gina concluded: "I didn’t want to take that from my kids."

Gina Kirschenheiter and Family

Affairs are a big deal, and plenty of marriages have ended over less.

But given that Matt allegedly threatened Gina's life and was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence back in June, there may be more to it.

No matter what, it's clear that this couple needed to divorce, so we're glad that their marriage has come to an end.

Some people just should not be together.

Samsung updates mid-range A50 and A30 with new cameras, flashier designs

AmazonFresh expands to three key markets: Houston, Minneapolis, and Phoenix.

Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo In Tribute to Kaitlynn Carter, Gives Brody Jenner Weed For His Birthday

There are as many ways to express one's affection as there are human beings on the planet.

Some people like to make a grand gesture, while others are all about quiet quality time with their loved ones.

Miley and Kaitlynn

And then there's Miley Cyrus, who's love language will always be tattoos and weed.

As you're probably aware by now, Miley and Liam Hemsworth have called it quits after less than a year of marriage.

Less then 24 hours after the couple announced their separation, photos of Miley making out with Kaitlynn Carter surfaced online.

Carter is the ex-wife of Brody Jenner, and it's been rumored that there was some overlap between those three relationships.

But Miley and Kaitlynn both insist they were done with their dudes before they went wading in the lady pond.

Miley and Kaitlynn

When it was first reported that Miley and Kaitlynn are dating and not just hooking up, fans didn't believe it.

Surely, the new and improved Miley would take a little time to reflect and regroup after her separation and not just run from her pain by diving straight into another relationship, right?

Well, if that's what you thought, you may have been giving her a bit too much credit.

Not only are Miley and Kaitlynn romantically involved, it seems they're moving quite fast.

Miley, Kaitlynn, and Friends

Already, Kaitlynn has met Miley's mom, Trish Cyrus, who's said to be "confused" by the whole situation (we're with ya, Trish).

And earlier this week, Miley and Kaitlynn were spotted "basically having sex" at West Hollywood hot spot Soho House.

It seems that not only are Miley and Kaitlynn super into each other, they want the whole world to know it.

Which might be why the singer has already passed the next two Miley Cyrus relationship milestones (Mileystones, if you will) by getting a tattoo and purchasing a large amount of weed in honor of her new gal pal.

Miley Tatt

The tatt was revealed on Instagram this week by artist Dr. Woo, who posted the above photo along with the following caption:

"Cool old sculpture @mileycyrus found in Italy."

Miley and Kaitlyn recently returned from a trip to Lake Como, and it seems the new ink is a tribute to their Italian adventure.

Elsewhere on the 'Gram, Kait's ex Brody Jenner revealed that Cyrus and Carter helped him celebrate his 36th birthday with -- what else? -- a giant weed bouquet.

Miley Weed

"WEED like to wish you a Happy Birthday! Love you! Miley + Kaitlynn," the duo wrote on the accompanying card.

It's nice that Miley and Kaitlynn are both on such good terms with Brody, but many feel that the gift -- which they had to know he would make public -- is yet another way for the new couple to send a message to the world that they're serious.

Interestingly, both gestures occurred shortly after Hemsworth filed for divorce from Cyrus, a move that insiders say blindsided the singer.

If Miley is really serious about Kaitlynn, that's great, and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

But here's hoping she's not just using Carter as an escape from the pain of her marriage ending.

‘Minecraft Earth’ beta brings AR building to Android next week

Eminem’s publisher sues Spotify for unlicensed streaming

Enterprise software is hot — who would have thought?

Once considered the most boring of topics, enterprise software is now getting infused with such energy that it is arguably the hottest space in tech.

It’s been a long time coming. And it is the developers, software engineers and veteran technologists with deep experience building at-scale technologies who are energizing enterprise software. They have learned to build resilient and secure applications with open-source components through continuous delivery practices that align technical requirements with customer needs. And now they are developing application architectures and tools for at-scale development and management for enterprises to make the same transformation.

“Enterprise had become a dirty word, but there’s a resurgence going on and Enterprise doesn’t just mean big and slow anymore,” said JD Trask, co-founder of Raygun enterprise monitoring software. “I view the modern enterprise as one that expects their software to be as good as consumer software. Fast. Easy to use. Delivers value.”

The shift to scale out computing and the rise of the container ecosystem, driven largely by startups, is disrupting the entire stack, notes Andrew Randall, vice president of business development at Kinvolk.

In advance of TechCrunch’s first enterprise-focused event, TC Sessions: Enterprise, The New Stack examined the commonalities between the numerous enterprise-focused companies who sponsor us. Their experiences help illustrate the forces at play behind the creation of the modern enterprise tech stack. In every case, the founders and CTOs recognize the need for speed and agility, with the ultimate goal of producing software that’s uniquely in line with customer needs.

We’ll explore these topics in more depth at The New Stack pancake breakfast and podcast recording at TC Sessions: Enterprise. Starting at 7:45 a.m. on Sept. 5, we’ll be serving breakfast and hosting a panel discussion on “The People and Technology You Need to Build a Modern Enterprise,” with Sid Sijbrandij, founder and CEO, GitLab, and Frederic Lardinois, enterprise writer and editor, TechCrunch, among others. Questions from the audience are encouraged and rewarded, with a raffle prize awarded at the end.

Traditional virtual machine infrastructure was originally designed to help manage server sprawl for systems-of-record software — not to scale out across a fabric of distributed nodes. The disruptors transforming the historical technology stack view the application, not the hardware, as the main focus of attention. Companies in The New Stack’s sponsor network provide examples of the shift toward software that they aim to inspire in their enterprise customers. Portworx provides persistent state for containers; NS1 offers a DNS platform that orchestrates the delivery internet and enterprise applications; Lightbend combines the scalability and resilience of microservices architecture with the real-time value of streaming data.

“Application development and delivery have changed. Organizations across all industry verticals are looking to leverage new technologies, vendors and topologies in search of better performance, reliability and time to market,” said Kris Beevers, CEO of NS1. “For many, this means embracing the benefits of agile development in multicloud environments or building edge networks to drive maximum velocity.”

Enterprise software startups are delivering that value, while they embody the practices that help them deliver it.

The secrets to speed, agility and customer focus

Speed matters, but only if the end result aligns with customer needs. Faster time to market is often cited as the main driver behind digital transformation in the enterprise. But speed must also be matched by agility and the ability to adapt to customer needs. That means embracing continuous delivery, which Martin Fowler describes as the process that allows for the ability to put software into production at any time, with the workflows and the pipeline to support it.

Continuous delivery (CD) makes it possible to develop software that can adapt quickly, meet customer demands and provide a level of satisfaction with benefits that enhance the value of the business and the overall brand. CD has become a major category in cloud-native technologies, with companies such as CircleCI, CloudBees, Harness and Semaphore all finding their own ways to approach the problems enterprises face as they often struggle with the shift.

“The best-equipped enterprises are those [that] realize that the speed and quality of their software output are integral to their bottom line,” Rob Zuber, CTO of CircleCI, said.

Speed is also in large part why monitoring and observability have held their value and continue to be part of the larger dimension of at-scale application development, delivery and management. Better data collection and analysis, assisted by machine learning and artificial intelligence, allow companies to quickly troubleshoot and respond to customer needs with reduced downtime and tight DevOps feedback loops. Companies in our sponsor network that fit in this space include Raygun for error detection; Humio, which provides observability capabilities; InfluxData with its time-series data platform for monitoring; Epsagon, the monitoring platform for serverless architectures and Tricentis for software testing.

“Customer focus has always been a priority, but the ability to deliver an exceptional experience will now make or break a “modern enterprise,” said Wolfgang Platz, founder of Tricentis, which makes automated software testing tools. “It’s absolutely essential that you’re highly responsive to the user base, constantly engaging with them to add greater value. This close and constant collaboration has always been central to longevity, but now it’s a matter of survival.”

DevOps is a bit overplayed, but it still is the mainstay workflow for cloud-native technologies and critical to achieving engineering speed and agility in a decoupled, cloud-native architecture. However, DevOps is also undergoing its own transformation, buoyed by the increasing automation and transparency allowed through the rise of declarative infrastructure, microservices and serverless technologies. This is cloud-native DevOps. Not a tool or a new methodology, but an evolution of the longstanding practices that further align developers and operations teams — but now also expanding to include security teams (DevSecOps), business teams (BizDevOps) and networking (NetDevOps).

“We are in this constant feedback loop with our customers where, while helping them in their digital transformation journey, we learn a lot and we apply these learnings for our own digital transformation journey,” Francois Dechery, chief strategy officer and co-founder of CloudBees, said. “It includes finding the right balance between developer freedom and risk management. It requires the creation of what we call a continuous everything culture.”

Leveraging open-source components is also core in achieving speed for engineering. Open-source use allows engineering teams to focus on building code that creates or supports the core business value. Startups in this space include Tidelift and open-source security companies such as Capsule8. Organizations in our sponsor portfolio that play roles in the development of at-scale technologies include The Linux Foundation, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

“Modern enterprises … think critically about what they should be building themselves and what they should be sourcing from somewhere else,” said Chip Childers, CTO of Cloud Foundry Foundation . “Talented engineers are one of the most valuable assets a company can apply to being competitive, and ensuring they have the freedom to focus on differentiation is super important.”

You need great engineering talent, giving them the ability to build secure and reliable systems at scale while also the trust in providing direct access to hardware as a differentiator.

Is the enterprise really ready?

The bleeding edge can bleed too much for the likings of enterprise customers, said James Ford, an analyst and consultant.

“It’s tempting to live by mantras like ‘wow the customer,’ ‘never do what customers want (instead build innovative solutions that solve their need),’ ‘reduce to the max,’ … and many more,” said Bernd Greifeneder, CTO and co-founder of Dynatrace . “But at the end of the day, the point is that technology is here to help with smart answers … so it’s important to marry technical expertise with enterprise customer need, and vice versa.”

How the enterprise adopts new ways of working will affect how startups ultimately fare. The container hype has cooled a bit and technologists have more solid viewpoints about how to build out architecture.

One notable trend to watch: The role of cloud services through projects such as Firecracker. AWS Lambda is built on Firecracker, the open-source virtualization technology, built originally at Amazon Web Services . Firecracker serves as a way to get the speed and density that comes with containers and the hardware isolation and security capabilities that virtualization offers. Startups such as Weaveworks have developed a platform on Firecracker. OpenStack’s Kata containers also use Firecracker.

“Firecracker makes it easier for the enterprise to have secure code,” Ford said. It reduces the surface security issues. “With its minimal footprint, the user has control. It means less features that are misconfigured, which is a major security vulnerability.”

Enterprise startups are hot. How they succeed will determine how well they may provide a uniqueness in the face of the ever-consuming cloud services and at-scale startups that inevitably launch their own services. The answer may be in the middle with purpose-built architectures that use open-source components such as Firecracker to provide the capabilities of containers and the hardware isolation that comes with virtualization.

Hope to see you at TC Sessions: Enterprise. Get there early. We’ll be serving pancakes to start the day. As we like to say, “Come have a short stack with The New Stack!”

Bethenny’s Beef! ‘RHONY’ Execs ‘Very Upset’ With Frankel Months Before She Quit Show

G. Willow Wilson Leaves Wonder Woman for Mystery Project as Steve Orlando Takes Over

Last month, the DC Comics October solicitations, which solicited select books that would actually ship in November, showed that writer Steve Orlando would kick off a six-part story in Wonder Woman #82 with artist Jesus Merino, following Wonder Woman #81 by writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Xermanico. The solicitations seemed to imply that Wilson’s run on the title, which began with great fanfare last November with Wonder Woman #58, would come to an end, but with no official announcement, it was unclear whether Wilson and Xermanico were just taking a break for the new creative team’s story, or whether that new team or a different team would continue after that.

Today on Twitter, Wilson set the record straight. She is leaving Wonder Woman in order to work on an unnamed project, and Orlando will be the new writer going forward.

Wilson says that the new project will be announced this Fall at the earliest, or as late as Winter, so it’s possible we could learn more at New York Comic Con. But for now, we know that Orlando (and maybe Merino?) will continue on Wonder Woman after the initial six-issue arc, so readers can plan accordingly.

Here’s the solicits for Wilson and Xermanico’s last issue and Orlando and Merino’s first:

G. Willow Wilson Leaves Wonder Woman for Mystery Project as Steve Orlando Takes Over

(W) G. Willow Wilson (A) Xermanico (CA) Yanick Paquette
Olympus has been returned to the gods! Now that the deities of Diana’s world are back in power, all of her troubles are over. Or are they? Using the welcome distraction, Cheetah has finally made her way to her final destination for destruction: Themyscira!
In Shops: Oct 23, 2019
SRP: $3.99

G. Willow Wilson Leaves Wonder Woman for Mystery Project as Steve Orlando Takes Over

(W) Steve Orlando (A) Jesus Merino (CA) Rafael Albuquerque
Now that Cheetah has gained control of Themyscira, Wonder Woman must return home for a final showdown. Does she stand a chance against this scholar-turned-monster whose sole purpose was to enter this mythical realm? Meanwhile, Earth is left unprotected and some of Themyscira’s most vile creations have found their way there. What chaos awaits Wonder Woman if she ever returns? Join returning writer Steve Orlando for the first chapter of this six-issue tale!
In Shops: Nov 13, 2019
SRP: $3.99

So what do you think of the change? And any guesses on Wilson’s next project?

The post G. Willow Wilson Leaves Wonder Woman for Mystery Project as Steve Orlando Takes Over appeared first on Bleeding Cool News And Rumors.

Verizon enlists Boingo to help it bring 5G indoors

Manhunt underway for sniper who shot sheriff’s deputy – ABC News

Manhunt underway for sniper who shot sheriff's deputy  ABC News

The Los Angeles sheriff's deputy, Angel Reinosa, was saved by his bulletproof vest.

View full coverage on Google News

Conor McGregor Punch Victim Speaks Out, ‘He’s a Bully with Money’

The man who was punched in the face by Conor McGregor at a pub in Ireland is breaking his silence ... and he's BRAGGING that he can take a punch!!! The victim spoke with the Irish Daily Star on the condition of anonymity -- and explained why he…

Verizon is teaming with Boingo to bring 5G inside

Google proposes new privacy standards to protect web browsing data

Densify update helps finance make more intelligent cloud buying decisions

Densify has been a company that helps engineers buy cloud resources in a cost-effective way, but the company wanted to show this this cloud spending data to finance as well. This week it announced a new product called Cloud Cost Intelligence (CCI), which has been designed to give finance teams greater visibility into a company’s cloud spend.

Densify CEO Gerry Smith says that the new product aims to bring the customer’s understanding of cloud spend to the part of the business that actually pays the bills. “What we’ve done is we’ve advanced our product, so that the same intelligence that the engineer uses [to select cloud resources], is now available on the finance side of the house,” Smith told TechCrunch.

He says they found that at many customers, there is a disconnect between the engineers who are buying the resources and the finance team, who is responsible for paying the bill. Ultimately, they need to understand what they are buying, so they can give engineering what they need without overpaying for the required resources.

11. Private Cloud Optimization Overview

Screenshot: Densify

Smith explained that often what happens is that finance is charged with negotiating with the cloud vendors without any real knowledge of the engineering requirements. For example, if an engineering team buys a certain type of configuration on a regular basis, the finance team can see this in CCI and maybe get a better price on that by promising to buy a certain amount of those configurations, or they could find that there is updated configuration available that provides a similar set of resources for a lower cost, something engineering may not be aware of.

“CCI allows the finance person to do a better job than just looking at a bill. He or she can now understand the choices and alternatives and why one is better than the other. So It allows the finance person to do more than just allocate costs. It allows them to add value to the engineer, so that they can buy [more cost-effective] reserved instances, for example,” Smith explained.

Densify is based near Toronto in Canada and has raised $38.2 million, according to Crunchbase. The company actually began life back in 1999 as Cirba. Originally, it provided data center analytics solutions for storage supply and demand “Their first optimization product was Densify. They ended up rebranding the company and focusing solely on optimization in 2017,” a company spokesperson explained.

Robby Hayes: Yes, I Sort of Made a Sex Tape with Lindsie Chrisley

Robby Hayes has confirmed that he once made a sex tape with Lindsie Chrisley.

Kind of. Sort of.

By this exact definition, yes, absolutely.

But the details are a tad bit confusing...

lc and rh

The former Bachelorette suitor actually addressed this topic on the “Housewives and Vanderpump” podcast yesterday because the celebrity gossip world is abuzz with chatter over he and Lindsie's past.

For what random/shady/stunning reason?

Well: Todd and Julie Chrisley, the stars of USA Network's Chrisley Knows Best, were indicted last week on multiple counts of tax evasion.

They have pleaded not guilty, but stand accused of lying to the government about their income, of hiding money from the authorities and of falsifying bank documents. 

Todd, in a lengthy defense shared on Instagram, has said that a bitter ex-employee set him and his wife up.

But this isn't all he's said...

Todd and Lindsie Chrisley

In response to estranged daughter Lindsie stating that she's been "harassed" and "threatened" over the years by family members, and in response to reports that Todd has been blackmailing his own child with the the release of her sex tape, the reality star has lashed out.

He's tried to say that he still loves and cherishes Lindsie...


Really, this is the statement Todd released in response to the above extortion accusation:

We have tried to keep Lindsie's extramarital relationships with [Bachelor Nation stars] Robby Hayes and Josh Murray private for her sake since August of 2016.

Sadly, for reasons we can only guess at, she ran to the sheriff's office to accuse her brother of buying a sex tape of her and Robby, which was a complete lie, and now she's telling more lies about me

Although our hearts are broken, Lindsie is our daughter and we will always love her.

Lindsie Chrisley and Terrible Dad

So... this brings us all back to Hayes.

Can her at leasy verify that he slept with Lindsie Chrisley? And that it's on video somewhere?

Yes, he can.

"We did not make a sex tape,” the Bachelorette said on Wednesday's podcast, prior to clarifying:

“I’m not sitting there with a camera aimed down and trying to get the angles.

"Like, we got caught on the security camera, basically. It was a puppy camera in her friend’s living room, the couch we crashed on."

Okay, but, wait... WHAT?!?

Lindsie Chrisley Photograph

Hayes is confirming that he and Chrisley had sex on a friend's sofa? And that a camera in the apartment captured the red hot action?

And... somehow it now seems that this footage is floating around out there, presumably in the hands  of Lindsie's brother and father? This story is wild, you guys.

“We’re in the middle of dealing with it,” Hayes added. “I was just talking with [Lindsie] this past weekend in Atlanta, two days ago.”

Here's the thing, too. This story actually gets even more wild...

Todd Chrisley Promo Pic

In June of 2017 (the same month Lindsie reportedly left Chrisley Knows Best), Lindsie’s sister, Savannah, Tweeted a reference to someone having an affair.

“Soo funny! Come after me…I really don’t care…come after my mama…you’re OVER!!” Savannah wrote on June 29, 2017. “Watch what u tell when your bed isn’t clean…#literally.

Todd (who, again, is LINDSIE'S FATHER) then added:

“Especially since there’s been more men in your bed than your husband has spent time there, #2batchelors #inlaws #vidoes #photos #letsdothis."

lindsie tweets

A few months later, Todd Tweeted about someone who “cheated twice.”

“Sometimes those that lie need 2 be exposed in order 2 stop the madness. #cheatedtwice #thxgodforpuppycams #JAMRH #suemeoverthetruth #psycho,” he wrote in September of 2017.

And would you look at that:

It's a reference to a puppy cam, just as Hayes described above.

This seems worth mentioning one more time:


Todd Chrisley Image

Making things extra incredible and Todd extra horrible?

He just said the following this week to People Magazine:

“As I’ve said before, it’s heartbreaking that Lindsie feels the need to air her private issues in public. But whatever she says, she is still my daughter and Chase and Savannah’s sister.

"We have always loved her, we will always love her, and we are here for her."

Seriously, right? Who would ever air very private issues in public, Todd?

Rachel McCord Wears Bikini Bottoms, Makes Out with Gross Jersey Shore Reject




Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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Man Arrested For Suspected Drug Use After Trying To Fix Flat Tire With Gauze And Band-Aids From First Aid Kit

Pretty Depressing

Are Samsung’s Galaxy Buds the wireless headphones you’ve dreamed of?

Ethan Sacks on Interviewing KISS, Then Writing a “KISS Zombies” Comic From Dynamite in November

Dynamite is to launch a new licenced comic book from the popular beat combo, Kiss. And as the nights draw into November, this little outing will be a little on the undead side as Kiss: Zombies.

Written by New York Daily News’ Ethan Sacks and drawn by Rodney Buchemi, it will follow Dynamite’s recent Kiss: The End… beyond the end.

Picking up decades after the fall of civilization, humans are now an endangered species isolated to strongholds such as the central New Detroit. These undead are attracted to sound, so music and all related iconography have been banned. Especially that of the greatest band in history. However, a group of teenagers are not going to live this way and set out on a quest to track down KISS! Who may ultimately be the ultimate weapon to turn the tide against the zombies! Sacks has described the series as a cocktail of Land of the Dead, A Quiet Place, Seven Samurai and even Footloose!

“In my two and a half decades as an entertainment journalist, one of my most proud achievements was interviewing Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for a 40th anniversary retrospective of KISS,” said writer Ethan Sacks. “After all, this was a band that had provided the soundtrack for much of my life, and their eerie black and white makeup aesthetic seared itself in my brain during my childhood when I first spied those album covers in an older cousin’s record collection. So, all these years later, I jumped at the chance to write a KISS comic. Then my editor, Kevin Ketner, went and threw in zombies too. Allowing a George Romero uber-fan to pen a book about the undead is like waving slivers of brain in front of an actual zombie.”

With covers by Arthur Suydam, Stuart Sayger, Rodney Buchemi and photo covers. The previous KISS series, The End by Amy Chu, William Messner-Loebs and Edu Menna will also be collected in paperback for November…

Dynamite Launches KISS Zombies Comic in November Auto Draft Auto Draft Auto Draft Auto Draft


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On-demand parking startup SpotHero raises $50 million

SPIDER-MAN: All The Dumb (And Decent!) Ideas Sony Had Planned For Spidey Before They Partnered With Disney

Spider-Man is back in Sony's hands, but what do the studio's past plans for Spidey tell us about what might be in store for the hero on the big screen? Some of these are amazing, but most are truly awful!

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Rising summer heat could soon endanger travelers on annual Muslim pilgrimage

Over two million Muslim travelers just finished the annual religious pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, traveling during some of the country's hottest weather. New research finds pilgrims in future summers may have to endure heat and humidity extreme enough to endanger their health.

Damon Dash Says Jay-Z’s NFL Deal Proves He ‘Ain’t S**t’

Jay-Z's ex-business-partner-turned-nemesis, Damon Dash, claims the mogul's new NFL partnership has exposed him as a backstabber who "ain't s**t!" Dame fired that brutal shot while talking to Adam22 on the No Jumper podcast. Dash, who started…

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Mirka Andolfo’s Sex Comedy Un/Sacred Finds an American Home with Ablaze

German Theme Park Ride Resembles Nazi Swastika

Well this is fun ... jumping on what people are calling the holocoaster ... smack in the heart of Germany. Seriously, it's like if Hitler designed Magic Mountain ... in this case an amusement park featuring an attraction called Eagle's Flight. It's…

New Year, New Brody! Jenner Celebrates 36th Birthday With Girlfriend Josie Canseco

Hyundai teases all-electric concept ’45’ for Frankfurt

Kim Kardashian Shares “Impossible” Photo of All Four Children!

Kim Kardashian is a busy businesswoman, but with four kids, her home life offers just as much to wrangle as her business empire.

She already gets mom-shamed for harmless stuff, but surely even the worst mom-shamers will cut her a break this time ... right?

See, Kim had to somehow manage to get all four of her young children to pose for a photo. See the "impossible" results:

Kim Kardashian With North West, Saint West, Chicago West, and Psalm West

Kim and her family are in the Bahamas, soaking up the sun and enjoying the crystal clear water.

"Bahamas Pics Coming Up!" Kim writes in the captions on Instagram.

"I thought taking a pic with three kids was hard," she admits.

Four, it seems, was an even greater challenge.

Kim admits: "OMG this is almost impossible!"

Kim Kardashian IG bahamas 4 child pic caption

Proud grandmomager Kris Jenner of course commented on the photo of her daughter and four of her grandbabies.

"This is so beautiful," Kris gushed in presumably the same tone that she uses when looking at Kylie's net worth.

Khloe also commented with a rave review.

"Honestly you’re perfect!!!!" Khloe exclaimed.

"Your beautiful family!!" she praised. "You are everything."

Kim Kardashian with North West and Chicago West in the Bahamas

Kim also shared an outtake photo in which she is only posing with North and Chicago.

Like she said, it was nearly impossible to wrangle all four children into the same pic.

A number of commenters noticed that North was compression wrap on her lower leg.

Kim explained: "She wanted to wear that."

Little kids like wearing all sorts of things. Good for Kim for indulging her daughter while on vacation.

Khloe Kardashian and True Thompson in the Bahamas

Kim and her brood aren't vacationing alone, by the way.

Khloe Kardashian may be a single mom, but that doesn't mean that she and True have to vacation all by themselves.

She was along for the ride, and showed herself and True playing on the beach in front of that gorgeous, Gatorade-blue water.

"I still can’t get over our beautiful vacation location," Khloe gushed on her own Instagram. "This beach is a slice of heaven!"

Her captions praised: "Lord, thank You! Forever and always, thank You!!"

Kim Kardashian: ‘90s Throwback!

Just as Khloe had commented on her photos, Kim responded to Khloe's post.

"The best!" Kim gushed in the captions, referring to their vacation experience.

It's no surprise that these two gorgeous, famous millionaires are enjoying themselves on vacation.

Summer (finally!) comes to an end next month. People who enjoy sunlight and excessive heat are soaking it all up while they still can.

But it's absolutely adorable that their young children are along to enjoy the beach.

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look 2019

It's a good idea to remember that the coast of Southern California is extremely different from what Kim or Khloe are experiencing in the Bahamas.

Around LA, the Pacific ocean is extremely cold -- and it only gets colder as one heads north.

One only needs to get close to the water to find that there is a tremendous amount of seaweed that washes in from the Pacific.

It is a wildly different experience from what one gets in the Gulf or East Coast.

To truly appreciate the beach, it makes a world of sense that Kim and Khloe headed to the Bahamas. Just look at that view!

Bose’s new portable home speaker sports Alexa and Google Assistant

Derek Peth: Fans Campaign to Make Demi’s Ex the Next Bachelor

If you've been watching Bachelor in Paradise in recent weeks, you know the controversial spinoff has delivered some major drama this season.

The most talked-about development, of course, is the arrival of Demi Burnett's girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty.

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty

Demi and Kristian are the first same-sex couple in Bachelor history, and aside from a handful of homophobic jackasses, viewers have been overwhelmingly supportive.

(Of course, Demi been compared to Jed Wyatt due to the fact that she was not single at the start of filming, and many have questioned whether she deserves a spot on the show. But that's a conversation for another time.)

Unfortunately, progress usually comes at a cost, and the egg that was broken to make the Demi-Kristian omelet happen was an unlucky suitor named Derek Peth.

Derek and Demi formed a connection right off the bat, but she informed him early on that she's also dating Kristian and may have a hard time choosing between the two of them

Derek and Demi

Never one to miss an opportunity for drama, host Chris Harrison had Kristian delivered to Mexico, where she and Demi immediately rekindled their romance.

That made Derek the odd man out, but he handled the breakup with grace and dignity, wishing Demi love and happiness in her new relationship.

Of course, when Chris Harrison closes a door, he opens a window.

And it seems that Derek's admirable handling of the situation may have presented him with a big new opportunity.

Demi Burnett, Girlfriend

BiP viewers have launched a campaign to have Derek named the next Bachelor:

"@BachelorABC I have found your next bachelor...@PethDerek!" one fan tweeted.

"He's handsome, sweet, loyal...and been royally screwed on this show multiple times. He deserves a happy ending!! #DerekForBachelor."

Another staunch Derek supporter added:

Derek Peth Photo

"Not to be dramatic…but like if @PethDerek is not the Bachelor I will riot in the streets #BachelorInParadise #DerekforBachelor."

A third tweeted simply, "@PethDerek for the next #bachelor please and thank you. @BachParadise #BachelorinParadise." 

Derek has even earned the support of several stars of the franchise:

"Please like and retweet if you agree this GEM should be the next #Bachelor #bachelorinpadadise @PethDerek," tweeted colleague Chris Randone.

Derek P.

But Derek's biggest supporter might be former Bachelorette star Wells Adams, who recently got engaged to Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame.

"My bourbon drinking buddy," Wells wrote on Instagram.

"My bestie from the TV world and honestly the one of the best guys I’ve ever met. We don’t deserve @pethderek."

Needless to say, Peth seems like a good guy, and he seems to have a lot of support -- but we're still firmly in the Mike Johnson for Bachelor camp.

Are we really protecting rivers from pollution? It’s hard to say, and that’s a problem

More public and private resources than ever are being directed to protecting and preserving aquatic ecosystems and watersheds. Whether mandated for land development, farming or in response to the growing severity and number of natural disasters - scientists found evidence that decades of watershed restoration and mitigation projects have taken place, but their impact is mostly perceived; data is relatively undocumented -- or simply missing.

Slow electrons to combat cancer

Slow electons can be used to destroy cancer cells - but how exactly this happens has not been well understood. Now scientists have been able to demonstrate that a previously little-observed effect actually plays a pivotal role: Due to a process called interatomic Coulombic decay, an ion can pass on additional energy to surrounding atoms. This frees a huge number of electrons, with precisely the right amount of energy to cause optimal damage to the DNA of the cancer cells.

E-cigs can trigger same lung changes seen in smokers, emphysema

Scientists found that the lungs of vapers -- like the lungs of smokers -- have elevated levels of protease enzymes, a condition known to cause emphysema in smokers. The researchers also found that the nicotine in vaping liquids is responsible for the increase in protease enzymes.

Computer model could help test new sickle cell drugs

A new computer model that captures the dynamics of the red blood cell sickling process could help in evaluating drugs for treating sickle cell disease.

Fatigue in Parkinson’s disease is associated with lower diastolic blood pressure

Fatigue is a common debilitating symptom in Parkinson's disease (PD). A novel research study has found that fatigue symptoms in PD are associated with small but persistent reductions in diastolic blood pressure (DBP) throughout the day.

Temperatures of 800 billion degrees in the cosmic kitchen

It is among the most spectacular events in the universe: a merger of neutron stars. Astronomers have completed the first laboratory measurements of thermal electromagnetic radiation arising in such collisions. The resulting data enabled them to calculate the prevailing temperature when such stars merge.

New light on contested identity of medieval skeleton found at Prague Castle

Used as a propaganda tool by the Nazis and Soviets during the Second World War and Cold War, the remains of a 10th century male, unearthed beneath Prague Castle in 1928, have been the subject of continued debate and archaeological manipulation.

Mackenzie McKee: Mother Stops Chemo After Revealing She Has Only Six Months to Live

If you saw this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, the season finale, then you saw the heartbreaking scenes with Mackenzie McKee and her mother, Angie.

And, well, sorry, but it's about to get even more tragic.

Mackenzie McKee and Angie Douthit

All the way back at the very beginning of 2018, Angie was diagnosed with cancer: it was in her brain, in her lungs, then in her bones ...

When she was diagnosed, it was determined that she was already in Stage Four, the last stage of cancer development.

Her prognosis has been getting worse and worse, but somehow, she's kept going, and she's kept her faith.

Despite the fact that the cancer continues to spread, she and Mackenzie and the rest of the family keep hoping that she'll be cured.

Mackenzie McKee with Mom

Sadly, now she seems to realize that that probably won't happen.

On Monday's episode, we saw Angie tell her family that after her latest doctor's visit, the cancer is "in both femurs, it's in my breast bone, it's in my hip bones -- this backbone that's attached to your hip bone, it's back there."

"It's half of my liver. It's in the lymph nodes of my colon and the lymph nodes in my lungs. I have another tumor in my head."

And if that wasn't bad enough, she said that her doctor told her that "six months would be really, really pushing it."

Angie Douthit Smiles Despite Everything

"The doctors know they can't do anything about this, really," she admitted.

We're not sure exactly when that conversation was filmed, but considering the other things featured in the episode, we'd wager that tough talk took place no more than two months ago.

So how is Angie doing these days?

Well, we wish we had good news, but that's simply not the case.

Ange Douthit Image

Mackenzie just spoke with Radar Online about the situation, and as she explained it, "We just got the news yesterday that her blood counts are too low to continue with chemo."

"There has been no miracle," she added, "but she is still with us."

Angie explained this a little more thoroughly on Instagram -- apparently she goes in for chemo every Monday, and they check her blood count first to see if it's high enough.

It hasn't been for the past couple of weeks, and this week it was low enough that she was sent to get blood instead of just being sent home.

Ange Douthit and Family

In classic Angie fashion, she said that she looked at it is a nice little break from chemo, but she did say that she'll go back next Monday to see if she can get the treatment again.

"God knows if I'll ever need chemo again," she wrote. "I refuse to stress knowing God is in control."

It seems like she now understands the hard truth that she won't be cured.

On Teen Mom OG, we saw her say that the hardest part of the whole thing is that her grandchildren "won't remember" her after she's gone.

Mackenzie McKee, Son

"I hope I've been a good mom and a good nanny," she said. "And I hope you guys will tell your kids about me all the time."

We don't think that will be a problem -- Mackenzie's oldest son, Gannon, is definitely old enough to remember his grandmother.

And Mackenzie told Radar that he's spending as much time with her as possible.

"Everyday is a new day with Gannon," she said. "He always wants to be with her."

"She lives down the road from my new home so sometimes he escapes to go sit with her."

We hope that Gannon and the rest of Angie's grandchildren have lots and lots of time left with her, and that she remains happy and comfortable and comforted in the coming months.

What an absolute tragedy.

Spotify matches Apple Music’s 3-month trial

The EU may give citizens more control of their facial recognition data

Comic Stores to Get Free Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass Special Edition Next Week

Guy Goes Nuts After Shooting Pool Ball Over High Bar Into Corner Pocket

‘Bombshell’ Positioning Itself as This Year’s ‘Vice’ What With All the Wigs and Makeup


Last Christmas, Adam McKay delivered Vice, the ultimate political biopic featuring respectable actors in ridiculous wigs and makeup. This Christmas, we’re getting a very different kind of political movie, one more female-centric, with Bombshell. But don’t you worry, this is equal opportunity territory because they’ve buried Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron under wigs and latex.

Much like the acclaimed Showtime miniseries The Loudest Voice, Bombshell will tackle the story of former Fox News kingpin Roger Ailes and his subsequent takedown at the hands of several high profile women a few years back. This time around, John Lithgow is playing the loathsome Ailes, while Kidman and Theron will play, respectively, Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly. Margot Robbie is the other lead, playing the fictional Kayla Pospisil.

The film also has a solid supporting cast featuring Allison Janney, Stephen Root, Kate McKinnon, Alice Eve, and in my favorite bit of casting, Malcolm McDowell as Rupert Murdoch. I’m not sure how no one thought of this before now. As far as the creative team goes, Oscar winning writer Charles Randolph penned the script, and Meet the Parents‘ Jay Roach is directing.

Bombshell, cheeky title and all, is set to hit theaters on December 20, the same day as Episode IX. Good luck Bombshell.

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Naomi Cambell: What Jeffrey Epstein ‘has done is indefensible, I stand with the victims’

The Wimbledon Championships 2019

It’s a little bit sad-funny to see the British tabloids in such a tizzy about Prince Andrew and his connections to Jeffrey Epstein. They truly don’t know how to report it. To be fair, I imagine that Buckingham Palace courtiers are trying their best to massage the story, all while encouraging the press to throw certain other people under the bus to protect the Queen’s favorite son. For weeks, it was the Duchess of Sussex being thrown under the bus. But now Naomi Campbell is getting thrown too. Naomi was casually acquainted with Epstein, just like she was casually acquainted with Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and actual, like, war criminals. The Daily Mail did a big write-up about how Naomi doesn’t deserve any humanitarian awards because of these associations. To that I say: has any woman come out and said that Naomi raped her or that Naomi accepted trafficked women or children as sexual “gifts”? If not, then it’s not the same.

Anyway, Naomi wasn’t pleased that her name has cropped up in the Epstein stories. To be fair to the Daily Mail – I know, I know – Naomi did fly on Epstein’s jet a few times years before his 2008-09 arrest and plea deal. She doesn’t have any answers for THAT. But simply knowing Epstein socially, in those circles? Yeah, that was how he had so much access – he bought it. He spent money to hang out with the biggest names. So Naomi decided to post this video to her YouTube channel – it’s basically a fake “interview” where she talks about the Epstein stuff and other stuff:

What she said about the Epstein stuff:

“What [Epstein] has done is indefensible, and when I heard it sickened me to my stomach just like everybody else…I’ve had my fair share of sexual predators and thank God I had good people around who protected me from this. I stand with the victims. They are scarred for life.”

One of Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Giuffre, and his alleged madame Ghislaine Maxwell, were pictured on a yacht in the French Riviera where Campbell was celebrating her 31st birthday with her then-boyfriend, Flavio Briatore. Giuffre, now Roberts, was 17 at the time. Campbell said she was introduced to Epstein at that 2001 party in Saint-Tropez, by Flavio Briatore, an Italian businessman. In addition, “He was always front-and-center at the Victoria’s Secret shows,” she said.

“I find it extraordinary that of all the hundreds of thousands of people that I’ve stood next to to take pictures with at a public event they’ve only chosen these few,” she said, calling the article “character assassination…. it’s going to be very difficult to be photographed at public events because you’re going to be thinking, ‘If you do take a picture, it’s going to be taken out of context and used in a negative way.’ The frightening conclusion here is that if the negative action of your neighbour, colleague, or even an associate can somehow make you guilty too, simply by association, then we indeed live in very worrying times. This affects us all. It’s wrong. It’s unfair. And it must be stopped.”

[From Page Six & LaineyGossip]

As we saw when the #MeToo stories came out, people will always be all too eager to find some way to blame women for a predator’s actions and crimes. I think Naomi should explain why she used Epstein’s plane, but I also assume her explanation will be something like “rich men have always lent me their planes and it doesn’t mean that I cosign their activities.” But the rest of it is just… ugh. As I said before, if some survivor comes out and says she was trafficked to Naomi, then we’ll talk about how Naomi has some responsibility here. But Epstein was literally around tons of celebrities, royals and well-connected people for years and years.

The Fashion Awards 2019 and Fashion For Relief special announcement at The Ritz, London , UK

Photos courtesy of Naomi’s YouTube channel and Avalon Red.
The Fashion Awards 2019 and Fashion For Relief special announcement at The Ritz, London , UK The Wimbledon Championships 2019

Assorted Memes For Your Bored Butts (36 Pics)

Funny random memes, memes about going back to school, memes about gordon ramsay, self-deprecating memes.

This meme dump has got it ALL. Memes about dad and the dog, memes about going back to school, and, of course,self-deprecating memes that will make you feel a little less alone. Sit back, relax, and scroll your way to laughter.

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How Oculus squeezed sophisticated tracking into pipsqueak hardware

Making the VR experience simple and portable was the main goal of the Oculus Quest, and it definitely accomplishes that. But going from things in the room tracking your headset to your headset tracking things in the room was a complex process. I talked with Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer (“Schrep”) about the journey from “outside-in” to “inside-out.”

When you move your head and hands around with a VR headset and controllers, some part of the system has to track exactly where those things are at all times. There are two ways this is generally attempted.

One approach is to have sensors in the room you’re in, watching the devices and their embedded LEDs closely — looking from the outside in. The other is to have the sensors on the headset itself, which watches for signals in the room — looking from the inside out.

Both have their merits, but if you want a system to be wireless, your best bet is inside-out, since you don’t have to wirelessly send signals between the headset and the computer doing the actual position tracking, which can add hated latency to the experience.

Facebook and Oculus set a goal a few years back to achieve not just inside-out tracking, but make it as good or better than the wired systems that run on high-end PCs. And it would have to run anywhere, not just in a set scene with boundaries set by beacons or something, and do so within seconds of putting it on. The result is the impressive Quest headset, which succeeded with flying colors at this task (though it’s not much of a leap in others).

What’s impressive about it isn’t just that it can track objects around it and translate that to an accurate 3D position of itself, but that it can do so in real time on a chip with a fraction of the power of an ordinary computer.

“I’m unaware of any system that’s anywhere near this level of performance,” said Schroepfer. “In the early days there were a lot of debates about whether it would even work or not.”

Our hope is that for the long run, for most consumer applications, it’s going to all be inside-out tracking.
The term for what the headset does is simultaneous localization and mapping, or SLAM. It basically means building a map of your environment in 3D while also figuring out where you are in that map. Naturally robots have been doing this for some time, but they generally use specialized hardware like lidar, and have a more powerful processor at their disposal. All the new headsets would have are ordinary cameras.

“In a warehouse, I can make sure my lighting is right, I can put fiducials on the wall, which are markers that can help reset things if I get errors — that’s like a dramatic simplification of the problem, you know?” Schroepfer pointed out. “I’m not asking you to put fiducials up on your walls. We don’t make you put QR codes or precisely positioned GPS coordinates around your house.

“It’s never seen your living room before, and it just has to work. And in a relatively constrained computing environment — we’ve got a mobile CPU in this thing. And most of that mobile CPU is going to the content, too. The robot isn’t playing Beat Saber at the same time it’s cruising though the warehouse.”

It’s a difficult problem in multiple dimensions, then, which is why the team has been working on it for years. Ultimately several factors came together. One was simply that mobile chips became powerful enough that something like this is even possible. But Facebook can’t really take credit for that.

More important was the ongoing work in computer vision that Facebook’s AI division has been doing under the eye of Yann Lecun and others there. Machine learning models frontload a lot of the processing necessary for computer vision problems, and the resulting inference engines are lighter weight, if not necessarily well understood. Putting efficient, edge-oriented machine learning to work inched this problem closer to having a possible solution.

Most of the labor, however, went into the complex interactions of the multiple systems that interact in real time to do the SLAM work.

“I wish I could tell you it’s just this really clever formula, but there’s lots of bits to get this to work,” Schroepfer said. “For example, you have an IMU on the system, an inertial measurement unit, and that runs at a very high frequency, maybe 1000 Hz, much higher than the rest of the system [i.e. the sensors, not the processor]. But it has a lot of error. And then we run the tracker and mapper on separate threads. And actually we multi-threaded the mapper, because it’s the most expensive part [i.e. computationally]. Multi-threaded programming is a pain to begin with, but you do it across these three, and then they share data in interesting ways to make it quick.”

Schroepfer caught himself here; “I’d have to spend like three hours to take you through all the grungy bits.”

Part of the process was also extensive testing, for which they used a commercial motion tracking rig as ground truth. They’d track a user playing with the headset and controllers, and using the OptiTrack setup measure the precise motions made.


Testing with the OptiTrack system.

To see how the algorithms and sensing system performed, they’d basically play back the data from that session to a simulated version of it: video of what the camera saw, data from the IMU, and any other relevant metrics. If the simulation was close to the ground truth they’d collected externally, good. If it wasn’t, the machine learning system would adjust its parameters and they’d run the simulation again. Over time the smaller, more efficient system drew closer and closer to producing the same tracking data the OptiTrack rig had recorded.

Ultimately it needed to be as good or better than the standard Rift headset. Years after the original, no one would buy a headset that was a step down in any way, no matter how much cheaper it was.

“It’s one thing to say, well my error rate compared to ground truth is whatever, but how does it actually manifest in terms of the whole experience?” said Schroepfer. “As we got towards the end of development, we actually had a couple passionate Beat Saber players on the team, and they would play on the Rift and on the Quest. And the goal was, the same person should be able to get the same high score or better. That was a good way to reset our micro-metrics and say, well this is what we actually need to achieve the end experience that people want.”

the computer vision team here, they’re pretty bullish on cameras with really powerful algorithms behind them being the solution to many problems.
It doesn’t hurt that it’s cheaper, too. Lidar is expensive enough that even auto manufacturers are careful how they implement it, and time-of-flight or structured-light approaches like Kinect also bring the cost up. Yet they massively simplify the problem, being 3D sensing tools to begin with.

“What we said was, can we get just as good without that? Because it will dramatically reduce the long term cost of this product,” he said. “When you’re talking to the computer vision team here, they’re pretty bullish on cameras with really powerful algorithms behind them being the solution to many problems. So our hope is that for the long run, for most consumer applications, it’s going to all be inside-out tracking.”

I pointed out that VR is not considered by all to be a healthy industry, and that technological solutions may not do much to solve a more multi-layered problem.

Schroepfer replied that there are basically three problems facing VR adoption: cost, friction, and content. Cost is self-explanatory, but it would be wrong to say it’s gotten a lot cheaper over the years. Playstation VR established a low-cost entry early on but “real” VR has remained expensive. Friction is how difficult it is to get from “open the box” to “play a game,” and historically has been a sticking point for VR. Oculus Quest addresses both these issues quite well, being at $400 and as our review noted very easy to just pick up and use. All that computer vision work wasn’t for nothing.

Content is still thin on the ground, though. There have been some hits, like Superhot and Beat Saber, but nothing to really draw crowds to the platform (if it can be called that).

“What we’re seeing is, as we get these headsets out, and in developers hands that people come up with all sorts of creative ideas. I think we’re in the early stages — these platforms take some time to marinate,” Schroepfer admitted. “I think everyone should be patient, it’s going to take a while. But this is the way we’re approaching it, we’re just going to keep plugging away, building better content, better experiences, better headsets as fast as we can.”

iPhone Pro, new iPad and 16-inch MacBook Pro details emerge

Trump again says he is “seriously” considering ending birthright citizenship despite 14th Amendment – Salon

Trump again says he is "seriously" considering ending birthright citizenship despite 14th Amendment  Salon

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he is "very seriously" considering ending the right to citizenship for children born in the U.S. to non-citizens.

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Brody Jenner Says He’s Not Single, Josie Canseco’s Marriage Material

Brody Jenner's not even trying to play it cool -- he's way past his breakup with Kaitlynn Carter and is full steam ahead with Josie Canseco ... in fact, he may tie the knot with her. Brodes was out celebrating his 36th bday Wednesday night in…

Taylor Swift to Rerecord Songs to Spite Scooter Braun, But He May Benefit

Taylor Swift appeared on "Good Morning America" Thursday morning and revealed when she intends to begin rerecording her masters ... November 2020. She explains why. Taylor Swift's cooked up a plan to get back at Scooter Braun for buying the rights…

Oklahoma football: Time for Baker Mayfield to grow up – Oklahoman.com

Oklahoma football: Time for Baker Mayfield to grow up  Oklahoman.com

Baker Mayfield has apologized to Daniel Jones. That's good. Let's hope that Mayfield also apologized to Lincoln Riley and Joe Castiglione. Mayfield made news ...

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Explaining earthquakes we can’t feel

Researchers have explained mysterious slow-moving earthquakes known as slow slip events with the help of computer simulations. The answer, they learned, is in rocks' pores.

Australian men’s life expectancy tops other men’s

Australian men are now living longer than any other group of males in the world, according to new research.

First microscopic look at a tiny phenomenon with big potential implications

Matter behaves differently when it's tiny. At the nanoscale, electric current cuts through mountains of particles, spinning them into vortexes that can be used intentionally in quantum computing. The particles arrange themselves into a topological map, but the lines blur as electrons merge into indistinguishable quasiparticles with shifting properties. The trick is learning how to control such changeable materials.

An Idiot’s Guide to the Antonio Brown Helmet Grievance – The Ringer

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  2. Jon Gruden Talks with AB, and Antonio Brown Shares His New Mantra | Hard Knocks with the Raiders  NFL
  3. Antonio Brown: What should the Raiders do with polarizing receiver?  ClutchPoints
  4. Kyler Murray asked Antonio Brown, “Why they gotta bring the house on me, bro?”  Yahoo Sports
  5. Antonio Brown will play if his helmet appeal is denied by NFL – Drew Rosenhaus | Golic and Wingo  ESPN
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An Idiot’s Guide to the Antonio Brown Helmet Grievance – The Ringer

An Idiot’s Guide to the Antonio Brown Helmet Grievance  The Ringer

The end is in sight for the highest-profile headwear argument in NFL history. But you're probably still wondering how we got here.

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Quantum gravity’s tangled time

The theories of quantum mechanics and gravity are notorious for being incompatible, despite the efforts of scores of physicists over the past fifty years. However, physicists have now combined the key elements of the two theories describing the flow of time and discovered that temporal order between events can exhibit genuine quantum features.

Artificial muscles bloom, dance, and wave

Researchers have developed an ultrathin, artificial muscle for soft robotics. The advancement was demonstrated with a robotic blooming flower brooch, dancing robotic butterflies and fluttering tree leaves on a kinetic art piece.

Memory research: Fruit flies learn their body size once for an entire lifetime

Drosophila melanogaster develops stable long-term memory for its body size and reach through motion parallax while walking.

Duchess Meghan ‘is moving on & riding above the storm, she’s focused on bigger things’

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says He’s ‘Bruised Up Real Bad’ After Plane Crash

Dale Earnhardt Jr. says he's still VERY sore after surviving a plane crash just 7 days ago -- but he's already getting himself ready to RACE again next week. "My lower back is bruised up real bad," the 44-year-old NASCAR legend told a fan on…

Google ditches desserts as Q becomes Android 10

The dessert naming scheme was one of the best-loved legacies from Google past (though some were notably better than others). Every time the company got ready to release a new version of the mobile operating system, speculation would mount about which sweet foodstuff on which the company would ultimately settle. But while P offered confections a plenty, Q has been far less straightforward.

Quiche was questionable, at best — ditto for quesadillas and quinoa. With that giant question mark waiting for it with the next release, the company’s opted instead to abandon the beloved naming scheme. Of course, Google’s reasoning is far more diplomatic than, “we couldn’t think of anything that started with ‘Q.’”

HeroArticlePage 1500x850.max 1000x1000 1

Instead, it says that the desserts simply weren’t universal enough for the 2.5 billion active devices it has deployed around the world.

[W]e’ve heard feedback over the years that the names weren’t always understood by everyone in the global community. For example, L and R are not distinguishable when spoken in some languages.

So when some people heard us say Android Lollipop out loud, it wasn’t intuitively clear that it referred to the version after KitKat. It’s even harder for new Android users, who are unfamiliar with the naming convention, to understand if their phone is running the latest version. We also know that pies are not a dessert in some places, and that marshmallows, while delicious, are not a popular treat in many parts of the world.

Of course, universality is an unclear concept in the online age. And hey, look at Apple, which has gone far more regional with its California-themed desktop OSes. Honestly, however, it may be better to avoid the letter Q altogether in the a political climate that reads like the backdrop to a back spy novel. It’s just too bad the company had to take Raisinettes, Skittles and Twizzlers with it.

Also new is a slight rebrand of Android itself, with the text shifting from Android Green to black. “It’s a small change, but we found the green was hard to read, especially for people with visual impairments,” the company writes. “The logo is often paired with colors that can make it hard to see—so we came up with a new set of color combinations that improve contrast. “

Folklords, The Magicians, B.B. Free and Hartbeat Launch in Boom Studios’ November 2019 Solicitations

BOOM! Studios Solicitations for November 2019-Shipping Titles (September Previews)


Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Lilah Sturges, Lev Grossman

Artist: Pius Bak

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Qistina Khalidah

Variant Cover: Alexa Sharpe



● Series creator Lev Grossman returns to BOOM! Studios for an all-new story in the world of The Magicians with Lilah Sturges and artist Pius Bak that features the first appearance of the next generation of heroes and villains!

● Long after Quentin Coldwater has graduated from Brakebills, Dean Fogg welcomes the first class in Brakebills history to include hedge magicians, who are known for being dangerous practitioners of unsanctioned magic.

● As these two student bodies clash to prove their superiority, everyone at Brakebills is forced to take a side – not realizing a new threat has targeted them all!

● But the reason for this change at Brakebills will rock them to their core – and shock longtime fans of The Magicians!


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Matt Smith

Cover Artists:

Main Cover : Matt Smith

Variant Cover : Duncan Fegredo


● From Narnia to Harry Potter , we’ve seen our hero leave the real world for a fantasy world—but in Ansel’s world of monsters and magic he’s haunted by visions of our world with tailored suits and modern technology!

● Ansel embarks on his Quest to find the mysterious Folklords, hoping they can explain his visions…but looking for the Folklords is punishable by death. What will Ansel risk to find out about the world he has never truly belonged in?

● Eisner Award-nominated writer Matt Kindt ( Grass Kings, Black Badge ) teams with acclaimed artist Matt Smith ( Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. ) challenge everything you know about the line between fantasy and reality in a new series for fans of Die, Middlewest and Fables .

B.B. FREE #1

Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Gabby Rivera

Artist: Royal Dunlap

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Royal Dunlap

Variant Cover: Natacha Bustos


● b.b. free broadcasts her underground radio show from her remote swamp community, and she has no idea she’s actually the chosen one.

● It’s been over a hundred years since the Plague That Ate Greed wiped out half the population, and it’s the only world that b.b. has ever known. But when b.b. rebels against her overbearing father, she realizes that everything she believes in could be a lie.

● On the run from her own family, b.b. will learn the truth about the world she lives in, and about the power she never knew she had.

● Writer Gabby Rivera and debuting artist Royal Dunlap present an adventure for fans of Blackbird and “mysterious destiny” heroic fiction like Naomi about finding your family when the whole world is against you.


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Maria Llovet

Artist: Maria Llovet

Cover Artist: Maria Llovet


● Eva, a high school outcast, finds herself witness to a horrible secret: the most popular boy in school enjoys the taste of blood and will kill to get his hands on it.

● Horrified and intrigued, Eva lets herself be pulled into Donatien’s macabre world. He offers the escape she has been looking for…but how much is Eva willing to betray her moral code in order to find something that gives her life meaning? And will she—or Donatien—ever find redemption?

● Maria Llovet ( Faithless) presents a dark, violent, decadent, disturbing story, in which life and death, blood and love, are inextricably intertwined.


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writers: Jordie Bellaire & Jeremy Lambert

Artist: Eleonora Carlini

Cover Artists:

Main Cover : Jenny Frison

Variant Cover : Goñi Montes


Buffy and Angel must find a way to work together as the Hellmouth begins to open and evil spreads across Sunnydale. But can Angel keep his true identity a secret from Buffy, or will the Hellmouth force him to reveal the monster within?


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Jordie Bellaire

Artist: David Lopez

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Marc Aspinall

Spotlight Cover: Kevin Wada

Connecting Cover: Goñi Montes

Preorder Cover: Ryan Inzana

Incentive Cover: Cara McGee

Synopsis: A HELLMOUTH TIE-IN! It’s up to the All-New Scooby Gang of Cordelia, Willow and Xander to save Sunnydale. There’s just one problem—the Hellmouth is spreading evil all over Sunnydale, putting everyone under its thrall. As the inhabitants of Sunnydale turn on one another, will the Scooby Gang be enough?


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Bryan Edward Hill|

Artist: Gleb Melnikov

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Dan Panosian

Variant Cover: Jakub Rebelka

Preorder Cover: Scott Buoncristiano

Incentive Cover: Jack T. Cole

Synopsis: A HELLMOUTH TIE-IN! Angel’s in Sunnydale, so it’s up to TEAM SPIKE to save Los Angeles from a horde of demons! But can Fred and Gunn find a way to work with Spike to save their city…or does Spike have a secret agenda?


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Dan McDaid

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Lee Garbett

Preorder Cover: Joe Quinones

Incentive Cover: Juan Doe

Synopsis: War has come to the small planet, and Mal finds himself caught between the two sides. Will Mal be able to stem the tide of war, or is he already too late to stop it? And how will the mysterious figure from his past influence his choice?



Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $29.99

Writer: Christos Gage

Artist: Rebekah Isaacs, Georges Jeanty, Megan Levens

Cover Artist: Steve Morris



Buffy and the Scoobies weren’t ready for this. When a tsunami and an enormous dragon devastate San Francisco, folks connected to the supernatural are blamed for causing the catastrophe and soon have restrictions placed on them in the name of safety. Buffy must choose sides, find a way for herself and her friends to survive, determine how the disaster happened, and not lose who she is in the process.

Writer Christos Gage ( Amazing Spider-Man ), along with artists Rebekah Isaacs, Georges Jeanty, & Megan Levens, present the next chapter in the official continuation of Joss Whedon’s award-winning television series.

Collects Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 #1-12 , along with bonus material.


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Dan Mora

Cover Artist: Dan Mora

Synopsis: Gran’s monster hunting wasn’t the only thing she kept from Duncan. He’s about to discover more of the family secrets, and the sacrifices one must make to reach the Holy Grail.


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Giannis Milonogiannis

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Giannis Milonogiannis

Preorder Cover: Ethan Young

Synopsis: Kenichi’s bandits confront the Shogun’s caravan, bringing him face to face with Hana for the first time in months. Faced between her sworn word to the Shogun and her loyalty to Kenichi and the home he represents, Hana must make a final choice.


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace

Artist: Francesco Mortarino

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: JLou

Variant Cover: Miguel Mercado

Incentive Cover: Amelia Vidal

Synopsis: NECESSARY EVIL CONTINUES! The Secret Origin of the OMEGA RANGERS continues as Jason

and the Blue Emissary search for new recruits to the ALL NEW POWER RANGER TEAM. But when Zordon and

Alpha-5 go missing, Jason must choose what’s more important – his friends or protecting the universe from the

fallout of SHATTERED GRID!



Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $16.99

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Simone di Meo

Cover Artist: Jamal Campbell



The Solar Rangers – an all-new Power Rangers team unlike any other – have defied the villainous Praetor

and survived. But their victory may be short-lived, as deadly forces move to stop them from regaining their

full powers and finding a way home. It’s the final battle between Solar Rangers and their deadliest enemy

as the shocking truth behind the Praetor is revealed – and the fates of two galaxies hang in the balance.

The critically-acclaimed team of GLAAD Media Award nominated writer Marguerite Bennett ( Batwoman ,

Animosity ) and fan-favorite artists Simone Di Meo, with French Carlomagno, deliver a jaw-dropping

conclusion to their Power Rangers epic.

Collects issues #35-39.


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Daniele di Nicuolo

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Jamal Campbel

Incentive Cover: Kris Anka


Morphin Power Rangers for the first time! But as they battle evil forces on the moon, it’s Jason—now the Red

Omega Ranger—who must face Lord Zedd alone! No matter who wins, nothing will ever be the same for any Power



Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $4.99

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Daniele di Nicuolo

Cover Artist: Goñi Montes

Synopsis: Continuing a new Foil Cover initiative from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40-49.


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Jeff Loveness

Artist: Lisandro Estherren

Cover Artist: Evan Cagle

Synopsis: The danger increases as Herring comes face to face with his nemesis, Keiner! Herring has infiltrated the

bunker beneath East Berlin, where research on the mysterious being that fell from the sky has already begun, only to

find an old enemy already inside. As the monster’s true powers begin to emerge, can Herring keep his cover

disguised from Keiner long enough to discover what is truly hidden in the bunker?


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Werther Dell’Edera

Cover Artist: Werther Dell’Edera

Synopsis: Things in Archer’s Peak are only growing worse. Erica Slaughter is on the hunt, but the children are still

dying. Angry and afraid, the inhabitants turn their suspicions on the stranger in their midst, the woman who arrived

just as the killings began. Will Erica be able to save the town, or will the very people she is trying to protect turn on



Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $13.99

Design by: Chelsea Roberts

Synopsis: Store your comic books in style with this printed short box, featuring character art from the best BOOM!

Studios has to offer. The boxes are stackable, simple to assemble and made from sturdy double-walled corrugated

material with two-layer handles and bottom. Each comic book storage box holds approximately 150-175 bagged and

boarded comics. Includes lid. Interior dimensions: 7 5/8″W x 107/8″H x 15/12″D.


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $13.99

Art by : Goñi Montes

Design by: Chelsea Roberts

Synopsis: Store your comic books in style with this printed short box, featuring exclusive art from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cover artist Goñi Montes. This box features the Montes covers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0.

The boxes are stackable, simple to assemble and made from sturdy double-walled corrugated material with

two-layer handles and bottom. Each comic book storage box holds approximately 150-175 bagged and boarded

comics. Includes lid. Interior dimensions: 7 5/8″W x 107/8″H x 15/12″D.


Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Nicole Andelfinger

Artist: Matias Basla

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Mona Finden

Variant Cover: Kelly and Nichole Matthews

Synopsis: When the Gelfling village of Stone-in-the-Wood is at the brink of annihilation from a terrible enemy, the

great warrior Ordon is sent on a quest to retrieve the mythical weapon that promises to turn the tide of battle. Now,

his quest is underway and Ordon has an ally in Fara, the future leader of the Stonewood clan. Together, they must

find the Dual Glaive before their entire way of life is destroyed. But with Ordon poisoned and Fara helpless, is their

quest over before it begins?



Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $14.99

Writer: Tom Siddell

Artist: Tom Siddell

Cover Artist: Tom Siddell


● Return to Gunnerkrigg Court with Antimony Carver and her friends as they delve deeper into the mysteries

of their school and the surrounding forest.

● Antimony “Annie” Carver is settling into her new job as the forest medium and has reunited with an old

friend. But the life she has built for herself is thrown into question when she learns a secret history behind

the Court she has grown to love.

Gunnerkrigg Court is the sixth installment of the multiple award-winning web series from storyteller Tom Siddell.


Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writers: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh

Artist: Kanesha C. Bryant

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Kat Leyh

Preorder Cover: Sas Milledge

Synopsis: It’s the Greco-Romans vs. the Norse Pagans, as Freya and Diane face off in the biggest battle between

immortals the Lumberjanes camp has ever seen. And the prize? One little kitten named Marigold…who may or may

not actually be Freya’s mythical chariot-pulling cat!


Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Sina Grace

Artist: Siobhan Keenan

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Siobhan Keenan

Variant Cover: Sina Grace

Synopsis: Daphne settles into life at Rycroft Manor. She’s starting to warm up to Los Angeles. She’s making friends, and some of them are even alive! But everything is thrown off when an old friend comes to visit, concerned that Daphne might be losing her mind. Because, you know, the ghost thing.


Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $14.99

Writer: Sina Grace

Artist: Siobhan Keenan

Cover Artist: Siobhan Keenan


● In Los Angeles, finding an apartment is killer—unless you live with the dead.

● Rycroft Manor may be old. It may be abandoned. It may even be haunted. But Daphne Walters doesn’t care about any of that—it has a pool and the rent is free.

● New to LA, coming off of a bad breakup and having a pretty terrible week, Daphne might need to crash on  this haunted couch for a while, but having undead roommates might be more than she bargained for!

● Will the dead be able to help Daphne find the life she’s been missing in the big city?

● From GLAAD Award-nominated Sina Grace ( Iceman ) and illustrator Siobhan Keenan ( Clueless, Jem and the Holograms ) comes a story about learning how to make friends, find love, and live to the fullest with a little help from some friends whose lives didn’t end at death.


Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Carly Usdin

Artist: Noah Hayes

Cover Artist: Noah Hayes

Synopsis: Charlie’s little sister and basketball wunderkind Allie has joined the Avant-Guards, which is great for the team! But maybe not so great for Charlie, who’s having a hard time getting used to her sister being there, and all the issues that brings up.



Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $14.99

Writer: John Allison

Artist: Christine Larsen

Cover Artist: Christine Larsen



● It’s time to uncover the truth of what really happened to old Chet Charles, how the Eidolon was created…and what it has to do with Jane’s parents. But as Heather, Jane, and their increasingly improbable team come face to face with the terrible truth of Spectrum, they’ll be forced to make choices that will forever change their futures—or totally, literally blow up in their faces and ensure they have no futures. No pressure or anything.

● Collects issues #8-12.



Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $14.99

Writer: Anthony Burch

Artist: Mattia Di Meo

Cover Artist: Ian McGinty


● Rocko returns in this new limited series from writer Anthony Burch ( Borderlands 2 ) and Mattia Di Meo ( Ben 10: For Science! ) for a spooky look at everyone’s favorite wallaby!

● Something is turning the good people of O-Town into mindless zombies and Rocko wants nothing to do with it. He barricades himself and Spunky in their home and is determined to outlast the hoards outside.

● But desperate times calls for desperate measures when Rocko’s best friend Heffer becomes infected, Rocko will have to risk it all to save his friends and his city.

● Collects the complete 4-issue series!


Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Birdie Willis

Artist: Rowan MacColl

Cover Artists:

Main Cover : Keezy Young

Preorder Cover : Missy Peña

Synopsis: It’s opening day for their play, but Greg and Wirt find they can’t remember any of the words! In fact, they can’t remember any of the song they’ve sung recently. Wirt starts to panic about his missing songs, and Greg finally realizes that Beatrice is missing. Will the two brothers be able to save her in time?


Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Writer: Taylor Robin

Artist: S.M. Mara

Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Missy Peña

Preorder Cover: Chan Chau

Synopsis: Join Lars and the Off-Colors as they begin the treacherous journey to Earth. As they travel, Lars tells the Gems about everything he misses about his home planet, becoming frustrated as the Gems can’t understand such human concepts.Will his crew ever be able to understand him, or is Lars stuck as an outsider forever on his own ship?

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Ryan Seacrest & Girlfriend Shayna Taylor Show Off Beach Bodies On Italian Getaway

OtterBox launches OtterSpot modular home and portable wireless charging system for iPhone and more – 9to5Mac

  1. OtterBox launches OtterSpot modular home and portable wireless charging system for iPhone and more  9to5Mac
  2. OtterBox’s latest creation is a stackable wireless charging battery system  The Verge
  3. Otterbox's new wireless charging system stacks up nicely  CNET
  4. OtterBox launches OtterSpot Wireless Charging System with stackable portable batteries  Android Central
  5. Get a best-selling Wi-Fi extender with 12,000 5-star ratings for $17  BGR
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White Trees #1, Pretty Violent #1, Show’s End #1 Get Second Printings

25th September sees second printings from comic books not published by Marvel. White Trees #1 by Chip Zdarsky and Kris Anka from Image Comics has stood a second printing to attention. Pretty Violent #1 by Derek Hunter and Jason Young, also from Image, gets a second printing. And Show’s End #1 by Anthony Cleveland and Jeferson Sadzinski from Mad Cave Studios. And for that, we have the cover…

Auto Draft


(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Kris Anka
MINISERIES PREMIERE! Acclaimed Daredevil writer CHIP ZDARSKY teams up with superstar Runaways artists KRIS ANKA and MATT WILSON for this spectacular OVERSIZED TWO-ISSUE MINISERIES! In the fantastical world of Blacksand, peace was hard-won, and three unbending warriors carry the scars to prove it. Now, almost twenty years later, their children are missing and war is on the horizon. Can they put aside their memories of the war-and each other-for one last adventure? $4.99

(W) Derek Hunter, Jason Young (A/CA) Derek Hunter
SERIES PREMIERE! Gamma Rae wants to be a superhero, and why shouldn’t she!? She’s been strong since she was a baby. The only problem is, all her siblings are notorious hero-murdering criminals! Join artist DEREK HUNTER (DuckTales, Adventure Time), and writer JASON YOUNG (I HATE FAIRYLAND) for this all-new ongoing, gore-filled, laugh-out-loud comedy for mature readers that explores one girl’s journey through the rift between personal and family identity. $3.99

(W) Anthony Cleveland (A) Jeferson Sadzinski (CA) Julian Gonzalez
Second Printing ! Equal parts brutal and beautiful, Show’s End takes place in Georgia during the1920s and follows Loralye, a 12-year-old runaway seeking refuge with a traveling group of freak show performers. At first, she isn’t welcomed for being too “ordinary.” But what her new found family doesn’t know, is that Loralye is hiding a secret more freakish than anyone could ever imagine! $3.99


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Gold Prices Below $1,500 After Large Drop in Jobless Claims – GoldPrice.org

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  2. Weekly Jobless Claims Fall More Than Expected  Breitbart
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  4. Jobless claims fall 12,000 to 209,000 in mid-August, back near half-century low  MarketWatch
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Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Star-studded 12-team PPR draft features Ezekiel Elliott first overall – CBS Sports

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Kailyn Lowry Blasts Javi Marroquin: Don’t Make Me Spill All Your Secrets!

Javi Marroquin is not having the greatest week.

On Saturday, cops were called to Javi's home during an intense fight between the Teen Mom 2 star and his then-fiancee, Lauren Comeau.

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are Engaged!

We now know that it was Javi who called the cops and that the move was a response to behavior from his sister, not Lauren.

Apparently, Lidia Marroquin was informed of the fight by a witness (several of Javi and Lauren's friends were on hand at the time), and she showed up hoping to remove his infant son from the scene before the situation escalated further.

“Javi didn’t want Lidia there, and didn’t want her taking his son, so he called 911 because she refused to leave without the baby,” a source close to the situation tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

Like we said, not the most laid-back weekend.

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: Engagement Pic

But believe it or not, Javi's situation only got worse in the days that followed.

We now know that Marroquin and Comeau have separated and that the fight began because Javi was caught cheating on Lauren.

The latter fact was first reported by The Hollywood Gossip, and it seems Javi became irate when he learned that his latest infidelity had become public knowledge.

He apparently went into damage control mode, and in an attempt to identify the leak, he lashed out at his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry.

Big mistake.

Soaking the Sun

Kailyn had previously refused to comment on Javi's latest drama -- but that all changed when he texted her demanding to know why she had spoken with the press.

"Since [Javi Marroquin] wants to text me asking if I'm leaking the info about him and his girl. I'm about to," she tweeted on Wednesday.

"I could have by now and I have not but if I'm being accused I might as well, right?" Lowry continued, adding that she once again plans to be the bigger person:

"But I won't do what he did to me during our divorce so I'll keep my mouth shut."

Sounds like Kail decided to let Javi off easy.

Javi Marroquin, Lauren Comeau and Family

That act of mercy may have been motivated by the fact that his whole world seems to be crumbling around him.

"Karma is a bitch and I'll let her do her work," Lowry later tweeted.

Thus far, it looks like karma isn't letting Kail down.

By his own admission, Javi has lost everything, and since his downfall is entirely his doing, he's receiving zero sympathy from the public.

He might be having the worst week of anyone in the entire Teen Mom franchise, which is really saying something.

CBP Commissioner calls new rule a ‘game-changer’ in fight against illegal immigration – Fox News

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The CareVoice raises $10 million to develop better tech for insurance providers in Asia

Remediant lands $15M Series A to disrupt privileged access security

Gwyneth Paltrow paid someone to buy 500 books as home decor, just FYI

VW CEO is open to investing in Tesla (TSLA) [Update: VW denies] – Electrek

VW CEO is open to investing in Tesla (TSLA) [Update: VW denies]  Electrek

Tesla (TSLA) has attracted interest from many established automakers over the years, and now it adds Volkswagen to the list as VW CEO Herbert Diess says he ...

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The end of America’s 30-year engagement with China? – Washington Examiner

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Russia tests new Soyuz rocket by sending a humanoid robot to the ISS

Sterling rises as Germany’s Merkel comments on possible Brexit solution – CNBC

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Meri Brown Bashed by Fans for Participating in Pyramid Scheme!

With her independence journey underway, Meri Brown insists that she's a good person and she wants Sister Wives fans to know it.

But her current business venture has followers alarmed -- and shaking their heads in dismay.

Has Meri joined up with a predatory business scheme that seeks to siphon money from her impressionable fans?

Meri Brown, No Ring

"They say if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life," Meri writes on Instagram.

Her caption continues: "Never in a million years did I think I would have a 'job' where I'd be traveling all over the place.

Meri gushes that she is "catching flights, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and creating lifelong friendships literally all across the country."

"Sitting on yet another plane today," she writes. "I feel blessed."

Meri's tags are what really got people's attention: "#LuLaRoeForLife #LuLaRoeMoreThanJustLeggings #LuLaRoeValentina."

Meri Brown in Good Spirits

No one begrudges seeing Meri in good spirits, but her choice of employment set off alarm bells with a number of fans.

"Isn’t Lularoe a pyramid scam?" asked one comment.

A number of other followers replied: "yes."

As evidence, some of the comments pointed to a merciless article in Bloomberg that wholly condemned LuLaRoe with testimony from thousands of women.

Others made reference to a Vice documentary along the same lines.

Meri Brown and a Dog

So, what exactly is a pyramid scheme?

According to the FTC, such a scam "promise[s] consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program."

The definition continues: "not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public."

Now, LuLaRoe absolutely does sell products to the public.

But its critics argue that it relies more upon inventory purchase profits than upon actual sales.

Someone like Meri might be making six figures from the gig, but those profits may come from having more people below her rather than from sales.

Meri Brown Outside

Another commenter points out that folks like Meri "have to bring people under them, classic pyramid scheme structure."

"They don’t make much money at all from selling the actual clothes," points out another follower.

That comment continues: "They make money from recruits."

"They convince vulnerable women to spend thousands of dollars to ‘start a business,’" that same fan accuses.

The commenter concludes: "And they have to keep purchasing every month to maintain the status to earn bonuses."

Meri Brown on Her Gram

To be clear, no one is accusing Meri of being some sort of nasty predator who leeches money from vulnerable women.

For one thing, whatever LuLaRoe's deal is, it's clearly working well for her.

She seems happy and, as we mentioned, she may be drawing in a hefty income from the gig, even if others cannot say the same.

It's not Meri's only source of income, either.

Remember, she also owns a bed-and-breakfast back in Utah.

Meri Brown in Disney

With reports that Meri's marriage to Kody is finally over, she exactly fits the demographic that multi-level marketing schemes seek.

That is, women who are looking for new sources of income who, through desperation or optimism, are willing to spend money to make money.

But like we said, this seems to be working for her, both financially and emotionally.

If her commenters think that LuLaRoe is so bad, there are places to discuss that that aren't in her comments.

Right now, let's try to let Meri enjoy herself.

At least 8 jail workers knew Jeffrey Epstein shouldn’t have been left alone in cell – New York Post

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NASA’s new HPE-built supercomputer will prepare for landing Artemis astronauts on the Moon

Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers to launch a protest caravan across California

If you’re like me, chances are good you just distractedly clicked on this article while scrolling through your feed in, or while waiting for, a Lyft. Maybe, like me, you need that app to get to back-to-back meetings in different locations today, as you’re well on your way to at least a 60-hour workweek between the various things you do. Maybe you’re exhausted. Maybe the ride you just took, zoning out on your phone in an Uber on Quiet Mode, was actually a lifesaver.

And as you settle into each new driver’s backseat, en route to each new destination in your crazy busy life, maybe, like me, you find yourself somewhat unwittingly implicated in one of the most contentious ethical struggles of this generation – a struggle with profound implications for the future of work.

Yesterday, California-based advocacy organizations Gig Workers Rising and Mobile Workers Alliance announced that a caravan of Uber and Lyft drivers will drive from SoCal through San Francisco to Sacramento, next Monday, August 26 through Wednesday, August 28th. Over 200 drivers in more than 75 cars plan to drive south to north, with more drivers joining along the way, to take dramatic action in advocating for California State Legislature bill AB5, and for a drivers union. 

With AB5 almost certain to pass the CA Senate, this coming week presents a crucial moment in the history of gig work and tech more broadly: an opportunity for drivers to demonstrate the efficacy of 21st century labor modes of organizing, even as Uber and Lyft continue ramping up efforts to kill AB5, drop pay rates, and generally mistreat drivers.

For the first time, drivers will use their sole work tool, their cars, to demonstrate publicly (and likely disruptively, though I have no knowledge of the precise actions planned at this time) at key locations like outside Uber’s HQ in downtown San Francisco and the Capitol steps in Sacramento.

I recently had the chance to speak with Annette Rivero, one of the drivers and an organizer of the protest efforts. At the time we spoke, I didn’t know anything about Annette, not even whether she would allow me to use her last name. But this 37-year-old mother of five, a straight-A student and full-time-plus Lyft/Uber driver, told me the story of her life and career, without hesitation, even as it raised what I worried could be the possibility of retaliation against her and her colleagues.

As Annette opened up to me about drivers work conditions and their mental and physical health struggles, I found myself thinking that her family’s story puts human faces on and likely represents the trendline of an industry that, in only a decade, has moved a hundred billion dollars and given new meaning to the word “disrupt.”

I hope everyone with a stake in these issues – whether you work in tech or VC or just occasionally use your smartphone to summon a ride – will read her words and think about where all of us are headed, together.

67402994 1566413612992

Annette Rivero. Image via Annette Rivero

Greg Epstein: Annette, thank you very much for taking the time to talk with me for this TechCrunch series exploring technology and ethics, and what it might mean to use technology ethically and humanistically today. Can you share your full name or is that not something that you’re comfortable sharing? Either way is fine.

Annette Rivero: My name’s Annette Rivero.

Epstein: How old are you?

Rivero: I am 37.

Epstein: And what do you do for your work that you’re connected with what we’re speaking about?

Rivero: I drive for both Uber and Lyft .

Epstein: How long have you been doing that?

Rivero: About two years.

Epstein: Full-time, or how does your schedule work?

Rivero: Right now I’m driving full-time, so I drive about eight to nine hours and I try to drive every day.

Epstein: Seven days a week?

Rivero: Yes.

Epstein: You’ve been trying to do that for a long time?

Rivero: All summer I’ve been really trying. I mean, of course things happen and there’s always one or two days maybe where I don’t get to, but it’s definitely my goal because I only make $150 a day. So, if I miss a day, I try to work longer on the other days.

Epstein: That’s about 60 hours a week or so.

Rivero: Yeah.

Epstein: Wow. You’re a very hard worker, Annette.

Rivero: Oh, thanks.

Epstein: And you live somewhere in California?

Rivero: I live in San Jose, so South Bay area.

Epstein: So, you’re driving 60 hours a week or so, working for a tech company not far from the global epicenter of tech.

Rivero: That’s right.

Epstein: You must get a fair number of tech people in your car with you.

Rivero: Yes, I do.

Epstein: I’ll ask you more about yourself in a moment, but please tell me what you’re involved in and how we got connected for this interview.

Rivero: Around April, or May, I got involved with a group called Gig Workers Rising. I was very frustrated with some of the things going on between me and Uber. I was looking for somebody I could confide in, exchange stories, because I felt very alone, so I signed up with their Facebook group. They invited all their new members to a conference call, which I joined, and then from there they invited us to do a health survey to talk about the problems that we have with our health as far as rideshare goes. From there I’ve been at pretty much every action and meeting.

What we’re trying to do is let everyone know what’s going on. What the drivers are going through, the decreases in pay in contradiction to the increases in rates, and really let people know that they’re kind of manipulating the system to gain profits, but they’re taking those profits from people by paying extremely low rates.

Epstein: You mentioned a health survey: how are you doing health-wise?

Rivero: [When] that was all happening, I was extremely stressed; my anxiety was through the roof and I was probably pretty depressed because my situation was looking very bleak. They had already cut the surge at the end of last year, which probably cut rates about 40% at least. Then in the beginning of this year they cut the bonuses. A combination of those things cut the money I was making per week by two thirds. I was making about $1,500 working probably less than 40 hours. And now I work about 60 hours and I’m making barely a thousand dollars. I do feel better [now], but I think I feel better because I have a community of drivers that I work with and I talk to on a daily basis. And I am working on this project to bring light to the situation. I feel more empowered than I did before.

GWR UberIPO 050819 7

Image via Working Partnerships USA / Jeff Barrera

Epstein: Feeling empowered and being connected with people who are working together for the same cause is, generally speaking, a positive factor in health. I’m glad to hear that.

Rivero: Yeah.

Epstein: Can you tell me about the demonstration you’re about to participate in?

Rivero: Right now we’re preparing for an action to unite all the drivers in California from the north end to the south end and in the middle, which is something we haven’t been able to demonstrate yet. But [we are] going to show it’s not just one area.

We may have differences but we have one thing that’s the same and that is dissatisfaction with the way things are going with rideshare right now. Everything that’s going on is not okay and all drivers across the state have just had it. They’re just done with what’s going on. So, without giving too many details, we will be in pretty big cities throughout the state and we will be making sure that we’re seen.

Epstein: At this point it’s been announced you’ll be stopping in L.A., San Francisco and Sacramento.

Rivero: As far as what we will do in those cities, we want to keep that under wraps. But yes, we are caravaning from LA to Sacramento, and at each stop we will take an action, not just with the [driver] community but other important people in those cities.

Epstein: Sounds like whatever actions you and your colleagues are going to take are going to be the sorts of things that have never quite happened before. People interested in this issue are probably going to want to see what you all are going to do next week, huh?

Rivero: Yeah, definitely. And our message is definitely focused on not just legislators but the Senate and then Governor Newsom, because they’re our next targets — to get their attention, let them know what’s going on and how we feel. We know they’ve already heard some, but we’re trying to really drill it in.

Epstein: Gig Workers Rising is working specifically on this bill, California AB5, with regard to the status of employees and independent contractors and what rights and obligations companies like Uber and Lyft have towards contractors like yourself. What do you want to say about the bill in particular?

Rivero: All [AB5] is doing is defining even more what it means to be an employee and what it means to be an independent contractor. It doesn’t do anything else in my opinion. If there was something on the table about creating the appropriate protections, that applied more to gig workers for lack of a better word, I’m sure everybody would be looking at that.

But there isn’t, so this is what we have. And instead of having people working without protections and for extremely low labor costs, we have to do something. Because there’s a lot of people out there who are barely making it, barely surviving, can’t even put food on the table, can’t even afford healthcare.

And these companies should be held accountable for it. They should be held responsible for it.

It’s their responsibility as a business owner to give back to the community, not just take from the community. Redefining these two things is just going to help make that happen.

Epstein: I don’t mind saying I completely agree with you. If these companies want to exist, they don’t just have a right to exist purely to make their executives rich. We, the people, can take that right away from them by forcing them to shut down, unless they can show that their business model is actually decent for the human beings involved in it.

Rivero: Right. I wish more people felt the way you just worded that. People just don’t understand the power they have.

Epstein: Would you feel comfortable sharing a bit more about yourself, like who you are beyond working for Lyft and Uber, and how you got involved in driving for them originally?

Rivero: I basically worked in healthcare for about 14 years. I’m one of those people where I work hard and it doesn’t matter how much money I make, as long as the work makes me feel good. I work really hard. Throughout the years, I’ve learned many things about healthcare billing.

So, I got to a place where I was doing various things in one position, but didn’t feel like I was getting paid what I should have been paid, even though that’s contradictory to what I just said. I felt like I could be a manager and make more money so I can take care of my kids, send them to school.

And my parents are getting older. So I was thinking, I can also help both of my parents start to retire, because they’re not getting younger and they’re getting sicker.

So, I made a very scary decision to leave my job at Stanford where I was making about $80,000 a year. I decided to go back to school. Some people call me crazy, but I just feel like I’m worth more than that, and I think I could’ve made more than that. So I went back to school full-time to get my degree in business management.

FB IMG 1566413270651 1566413533542

Annette Rivero. Image via Annette Rivero

Epstein: When was this?

Rivero: This was about two and a half years ago.

Epstein: So, you were making $80,000 a year or so working in the healthcare system at Stanford University Hospital, essentially? Before that had you gone to college or no?

Rivero: No.

Epstein: And you grew up in the San Jose area, or somewhere else?

Rivero: Half of my life, I grew up in San Jose and then the other half I grew up in a small town called Hollister, an hour South of here. I always wanted to go back to school and it was just such a big thing for me and then I just felt like it was now or never.

Because the situation I was in, we lived in an apartment that was affordable and I had money saved up. It wasn’t impossible. But once I started driving about six months in, or maybe within those first six months, I started to notice a subtle decrease in pay, and it was so subtle, you could hardly tell.

Epstein: You started driving while you were going to school full-time, to put yourself through school?

Rivero: Mm-hmm.

Epstein: Wow.

Rivero: I only had to work about six hours a day.

Epstein: Only! You were working six hours a day and then you would go to class or study?

Rivero: Yeah. And I was only working like four, maybe five days, making more money then than I’m making now. And the classes I did take, I did get straight A’s, so thank you. It was possible. It’s not like something I made up or fabricated. And a lot of people were doing it.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who drove and were going to school or went on elaborate vacations, making extra money off of Uber and Lyft. But you can’t do that now. It’s not possible.

Epstein: You were driving five, six hours a day, studying and getting straight A’s, and did you have a family?

Rivero: One of our kids is already grown, but we have four that we’re raising.

Epstein: What does your partner do during the day?

Rivero: He is a warehouse manager for a plumbing company; he works anywhere from eight to 12 hours a day.

Epstein: You are obviously both extremely hard workers, trying to better your lives. This is very impressive.

Rivero: Thank you.

Epstein: Tell me how it started to get worse.

Rivero: To break it down a little bit, when you first start on, they give you really great bonuses. Then, little by little, they make changes to your bonus amount.

They’ll either lower the amount that you receive or they’ll increase the rides. So gradually you don’t notice, but the amount extra you’re getting per ride is lowering.

After that, [rates] started to decrease, and surge rates changed. What they used to do is a multiplier So, if there is a ride I usually do that I can make $8 off of and there was a surge during that time, then it would say ‘times two.’ That means I would make $16 off of that ride.

Today, they put a dollar amount instead; let’s say they just put $2. That means that I’m only going to make an extra $2 on that eight, from making $16 during surge to $10 during surge. And a majority of rides are during those times of surge, before work and school, when everyone’s trying to get somewhere, after work and school when everyone’s trying to get home, or on weekends when everybody’s partying.

Epstein: Which means drivers like you have to work at some of the times when it would be most convenient to be with your families. I just last week did another column largely about the effects of people having to be constantly available that way.

Rivero: Right. I can’t always work those times because I need to be with my family. So, instead of making a little more money during those times when it’s busier, I have to work slow times and make less money. But the reason we’re making less money is because the system is oversaturated with drivers, and that’s been done intentionally.

They were giving out really large bonuses to get drivers on board. I recruited my dad and made $500 for recruiting him. They’re constantly having new drivers recruited and now they have so many drivers, they don’t have to pay a surge anymore.

Because there’s more than enough drivers on the road at all times. Which brings me to another point, which is they’re charging riders for high demand rates when it’s not even necessary because they have so many drivers on the road. They don’t need to charge high rates. There’s somebody around the corner.

Epstein: I stopped using Uber for ethical reasons, but I use Lyft. I live someplace where it’s really hard to get from my house to work with public transportation and I work three or more jobs while spending a lot of time with my young kid, so I’m constantly running from one place to another and I definitely don’t have time to park a car.

it’s amazing: no matter where I am, or when, there’s always a car within a few minutes. And I take all these rides and almost never get the same driver twice. And I go to other cities or states, even remote areas: there are Lyft drivers everywhere.

It’s amazing how many people, like yourself, they’ve put out onto the road. What is that like for you? What have you heard from colleagues or friends through Gig Workers Rising, about what this is like for them?

Rivero: A couple of friends can’t afford their medication. One of them has high blood pressure. I could lose a friend because he can’t afford his high blood pressure medicine, because he doesn’t make enough. But he doesn’t qualify for Medi-Cal because we have to file all that money we’re paying Uber and Lyft on our taxes.

It looks like we’re making all this money, but we’re not. I have another friend who had kidney failure last year because drivers don’t want to drink water. They don’t want to have to stop to go to the bathroom because then that stops them from making money.

GWR UberIPO 050819 4

Image via Working Partnerships USA / Jeff Barrera

Epstein: What do you do about stopping to go to the bathroom, Annette?

Rivero: When I drop the kids off in the morning at 7:15, I’ll have one coffee and I’ll probably have to go to the bathroom once. So I’ll stop either at a Starbucks, a grocery store, or a Target. Then I don’t eat until I get home, which is when I pick up the kids at 3:45 and then I take them home.

Epstein: So, you’re driving around all that time on one or two coffees, no water, and no food?

Rivero: That’s right.

Epstein: First of all, I’m concerned for you. It’s not particularly healthy to sit in a car for eight or nine hours a day. Do you stretch much?

Rivero: Yeah. Sometimes I’ll get out of the car. When people need help, I’ll get out and help them. If I’m-

Epstein: I’m always telling my drivers to get up and stretch because it’s really bad for a person to sit without even stretching their legs for eight, nine hours a day. But then… I say this with a smile and I actually really trust you, you seem like an amazing person. But, are you being safe out there? I mean, all those hours without eating or hydrating, that doesn’t seem like the best mindset to be driving in.

Rivero: I have a goal, every day, to make $150. [Recently,] at the end of [the night] I needed 30 more dollars, and I was like, “Okay, I’m tired and I want to stop.” But I wasn’t at the point where I was dangerously tired. When I say dangerously tired, I mean I have a migraine, my eyes are getting blurry, or I’m so tired I’ve made a mistake, like I was at the light and I could have turned right but I just wasn’t paying attention.

Something small like that. I’ve never caused an accident. I’m not irresponsible in that way, but I notice the subtle things about myself when I know it’s time to go home.

But yeah, without a doubt there are drivers out there who are driving beyond that moment when they realize they shouldn’t be driving. They’re driving anywhere from 10, maybe 14, maybe even 16 hours a day.

And the ones sleeping in their car don’t really sleep. How do you sleep in your car?

Epstein: Are a lot of drivers sleeping in their cars, in your experience?

Rivero: I know a lot of drivers sleep in their car.

Epstein: How do you know that?

Rivero: Well, friends. My dad sleeps in his car. My dad’s too proud to come sleep at my house, but he’ll stay in his car. And he’s not sleeping.

Epstein: Why? Because he doesn’t have someplace to go?

Rivero: He lives in Los Banos, about an hour and a half away. Not only that, he can’t really afford the gas to keep going back and forth every night.

Epstein: Right — if you’re driving Lyft or Uber, almost by definition you can’t afford to live in a high rent area, but of course most rides are in high rent areas. So almost by design, most of the drivers are living far away from where they’re working, and when you get them so exhausted that they can’t drive home, it sounds like they’re essentially living out of their cars for how many days a week.

Rivero: Exactly. I also know another person who, from the loneliness of sleeping in their car and just the loneliness of not talking to anybody, because drivers don’t talk to each other really. He became-

Epstein: Yeah. And there’s even this new… What is the mode again for Uber?

Rivero: Oh, the quiet mode?

Epstein: Can I just say that I find that disgusting? You’re going to make me work for how much? And then you’re going to act like you have the right to just tell me I’m a nuisance to you and don’t talk to you?

Rivero: I understand sometimes people want to just not say anything, but it’s the way that it’s been done that’s terrible. It’s really about why can’t people communicate and just say, “You know what? I’m so sorry but I’m exhausted today. I had a really long day,” or whatever.

You don’t even have to explain. You just have to say, “Do you mind if we just not conversate right now? Just not up for it.”

Epstein: Yes. Suck it up and use your words to say that you don’t want to use your words, bro.

Rivero: Exactly. And that’s how we’re treated on a daily basis from, not all riders, but there are riders that treat us that way.

Epstein: Anyway, I interrupted you earlier. We were talking about you and other drivers risking their health, some people risking the health of others on the road. People certainly putting their mental health at risk is something that I hear here: there’s a lot of loneliness, isolation.

Rivero: The person I was talking about that was lonely actually had a drug addiction: coke. And the coke was initially to stay awake, then became a bad habit because they were lonely and depressed and then they couldn’t stop.

Epstein: And that person’s still out there driving?

Rivero: Not at the moment. Money all went to the coke and they couldn’t pay the bills. Got a ticket, lost a license.

Epstein: Still, what I’m hearing is that these kinds of situations that people are being put into make that kind of story, and its dangers, more likely.

Rivero: Yes. Yes.

GWR UberIPO 050819 5

Image via Working Partnerships USA / Jeff Barrera

Epstein: So, now you’re part of a group taking action to try to bring about some change. What do you most want people to think about and feel when they see you and your fellow drivers, your fellow gig workers, your fellow human beings driving across the state of California and demonstrating next week?

Rivero: I want everybody to think about where they work and to imagine that one day they walk in and their boss tells them, “We’re going to make you an independent contractor today. Congratulations. You get to set your own schedule. You get to have the flexibility you want, but we’re no longer going to pay you your benefits, your retirement plan, or anything else we gave you as an employee.”

Because I have security guards in my building at home, who are independent contractors, who I thought were employees collecting benefits. Companies like Bench, who provide accounting and bookkeeping services, [have] admitted they want to provide the cheapest and fastest service possible.

What that’s going to do is put businesses out of business in [those industries], and they’re not going to be the last. So, I want people to think about their jobs; they could be next if we don’t put a stop to [the current practices of] Uber and Lyft, because they’re the example of where we’re going.

Epstein: There are certainly many billions of dollars involved in Uber and Lyft and a lot of relatively wealthy people feel that they have something riding on the success of those companies.

Is there anything else that you want to share in gearing up for these actions next week?

Rivero: Just that AB5 doesn’t take away anybody’s flexibility, it’s the companies that take away the flexibility. Because I know that that’s something that everyone’s stuck on right now, and it’s a lie. There’s no truth to it.

Epstein: The last question I ask at the end of all of my TechCrunch interviews about technology and ethics is, how optimistic are you about our shared human future? About the future that we all share together, as human beings?

Rivero: That’s a day by day question because I feel like things change so much. Some days it just feels like we go five steps back. Right now, in my world, we’ve gone way back. It’s just evolving. So I really can’t give a defined answer.

Epstein: That’s a good answer, regardless. Thank you very much.

Us: Katie Holmes was disrespected by Jamie Foxx, who cheated on her for years

Embed from Getty Images
As we heard earlier this week, Katie Holmes dumped Jamie Foxx sometime this spring after six years of dating mostly undercover, right after they made their FIRST public appearance together at the Met Gala. Jamie was most recently seen out with a girl young enough to be his daughter, a singer whom he claims he’s helping out (sure he is). We know Katie dumped Jamie because a source told Us Magazine (if that’s true and I believe it). A source also told Us that Jamie cheated on Katie for years. This isn’t surprising at all.

Not on the same page. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were living very “different lives,” which ultimately led to their split, an insider reveals to Us Weekly exclusively.

“It has been many years of him stepping out with other women,” the source says. “He’s disrespectful and their lives were different. His partying ways don’t fit with hers as she’s focused on raising her daughter and working.”

Speculation of a breakup between Holmes and Foxx started earlier this month when the “Blame It” rapper was seen with two different women in Los Angeles. The Ray actor was first seen with a mystery blonde at clubs Delilah and Highlight Room on Thursday, August 15. Two days later, he was spotted holding hands with singer Sela Vave at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood.

[From US Magazine]

The rest of the article is a recap of stuff about their relationship which we already know. I believe that Katie dumped Jamie, because he’s acting like he’s hurt. He’s been taking these other women out to paparazzi hot spots as if he has something to prove. Although there were a couple of staged outings with Katie over the years, I distinctly remember a beach photo op, he didn’t take her to the LA celebrity spots! I bet Jamie thought Katie would stay on the back burner and he could take her back whenever he wanted, because it sounds like that was their pattern. She didn’t do that this time so he wanted to let her know he’s over her. By being petty like this he’s the one showing that he’s hurt. (See also: Miley Cyrus.)

Let’s play who should Katie date next. Maybe an agent or lawyer type, someone adjacent to her industry but not as famous as she is. Ooh I would love for her to get with someone funny who can make her laugh, like a comedian or up-and-coming actor who isn’t in it for the headlines and will be crazy about her.

After I wrote all that I found this story about a video that Jamie Foxx, 51, made about his relationship with that extremely young singer, whom a source previously told People was “just a girl,” a “young singer” he was “helping out” Here’s what he said. He claimed he discovered her, basically, and is mentoring her:

“When I met Ed Sheeran, I didn’t know him from Adam. He slept on my couch for six weeks — he ended up going on to do great things,” Foxx said of the British singer.

“Nick Cannon was 13 years old, he would sleep in my old house. Before Ne-Yo was Ne-Yo, he would come to the crib,” Foxx continued.”Everybody comes to my crib, no matter who you are.”

“But here was the thing, there is a young lady by the name of Sela Vave. I did the same thing with her.”

Foxx shared that he was introduced to Vave by one of his other artists. He then got to hear her sing on the front steps of his house — a moment that Vave has shared on social media.

“She’s singing broken down Beyoncé, playing the guitar and I said ‘How the f— did this happen?’”

“So, we took her under our wing,” Foxx explained.

The star then explained the photographs taken of himself and Vave holding hands as they left Bootsy Bellows nightclub last Friday.

“I’m escorting her to my car, to put her in the car — my artist, who hangs out with my kids and is as young as my daughter,” Foxx said.

“People try to make mountains out of molehills. We want to treat her the same way and give her the same opportunities,” Foxx said, adding that he warned Vave of the “haters.”

“I told her it’s going to be this way. It’s a double standard when it comes to women,” Foxx said.

Foxx said that he chose to speak out because “we protect our own.”

“I spoke to that girl’s mom, and she put her trust in me,” Foxx said of Vave. “We want to make sure she has the opportunity to show you the talent we saw. All of the unnecessary hate for the woman, just because the guys are coming here and they’re working hard, but when a girl does it, she has an ulterior motive. Stop that s—.”

“I embrace all the artists [who] come here. That’s our artist. She’s been brought into the family, she works hard, and she’s a beautiful singer.”

Vave also slammed the trolls in the caption of Foxx’s live video, writing, “For the people who care… here is the TRUE story… for everyone else you can keep talking and calling me a w—-, slut, home wrecker, thot, gold digger, that I should die, and whatever else you want.”

“It doesn’t matter to me, I’m out here to work and do what I love most. #music #killthedoublestandard.”

[From People]

I couldn’t see that video because it’s expired. It’s somewhat convincing to me and maybe he’s telling the truth. However, where is the part where he says “there is absolutely nothing going on between us and I’m offended by that?” Do you know what I mean? This sounds genuine, but he could have said something like that. Also, he knew how this would look. He knows there are photographers outside Bootsy Bellows. He could have written a statement denying any romantic relationship with her and posted it to IG. I’m just still kind of skeptical and I’m sure he gave these type of excuses to Katie.

Jamie posted this photo with his daughters on the set of Beat Shazam, the name that tune show on Fox which he hosts. He also posted a photo with his sister. This makes me think that he easily could have gone out with family or guy friends to be photographed, but that wouldn’t have gotten press or Katie’s attention, would it?

This photo of the two of them out in NYC is from April.

Katie on June 29th in Disneyland:

Embed from Getty Images

photos credit: Backgrid, Getty, WENN and via Instagram

Vitaly’s Girls Are Now All Topless, And You LEGIT Won’t Believe His Controversial Pranks

Dark Captain Marvel Launches in November

Google proposes new privacy and anti-fingerprinting controls for the web

Google today announced a new long-term initiative that, if fully realized, will make it harder for online marketers and advertisers to track you across the web. This new proposal follows the company’s plans to change how cookies in Chrome work and to make it easier for users to block tracking cookies.

Today’s proposal for a new open standard extends this by looking at how Chrome can close the loopholes that the digital advertising ecosystem can use to circumvent that. And soon, that may mean that your browser will feature new options that give you more control over how much you share without losing your anonymity.

Over the course of the last few months, Google started talking about a ‘Privacy Sandbox’ which would allow for a certain degree of personalization while still protecting a user’s privacy.

“We have a great reputation on security. […] I feel the way we earned that reputation was by really moving the web forward,” Justin Schuh, Google’s engineering director for Chrome security and privacy told me. “We provide a lot of benefits, worked on a lot of different fronts. What we’re trying to do today is basically do the same thing for privacy: have the same kind of big, bold vision for how we think privacy should work on the web, how we should make browsers and the web more private by default.”

Here is the technical side of what Google is proposing today: to prevent the kind of fingerprinting that makes your machine uniquely identifiable as yours, Google is proposing the idea of a privacy budget. With this, a browser could allow websites to make enough API calls to get enough information about you to group your into a larger cohort but not to the point where you give up your anonymity. Once a site has exhausted this budget, the browser stops responding to any further calls.

Some browsers also already implement a very restrictive form of cookie blocking. Google argues that this has unintended consequences and that there needs to be an agreed-upon set of standards. “The other browser vendors, for the most part, we think really are committed to an open web,” said Schuh, who also stressed that Google wants this to be an open standard and develop it in collaboration with other players in the web ecosystem.

“There’s definitely been a lot of not intentional misinformation but just incorrect data about how sites monetize and how publishers are actually funded,” Schuh stressed. Indeed, Google today notes that its research has shown that publishers lose an average of 52 percent of their advertising revenue when their readers block cookies. That number is even higher for news sites.

In addition, blocking all third-party cookies is not a viable solution according to Google because developers will find ways around this restriction by relying on fingerprinting a user’s machine instead. Yet while you can opt out of cookies and delete them from your browser, you can’t opt out of being fingerprinted since there’s no data stored on your machine (unless you regularly change the configuration of your laptop, the fonts you have installed and other identifiable traits that make your laptop uniquely yours).

What Google basically wants to do here is change the incentive structure for the advertising ecosystem. Instead of trying to circumvent a browser’s cookie and fingerprinting restrictions, the privacy budget, in combination with the industry’s work on federated learning and differential privacy, this is meant to give advertisers the tools they need without hurting publishers, while still respecting the users’ privacy. That’s not an easy switch and something that, as Google freely acknowledges, will take years.

“It’s going to be a multi-year journey,” said Schuh. “What I can say is that I have very high confidence that we will be able to change the incentive structures with this. So we are committed to taking very strong measures to preserve user privacy, we are committed to combating abuses of user privacy. […] But as we’re doing that, we have to move the platform forward and make the platform inherently provide much more robust privacy protections.”

Most of the big tech companies now understand that they have a responsibility to help their users retain their privacy online. Yet at the same time, personalized advertising relies on knowing as much as possible about a given user and Google itself makes the vast majority of its income from its various ad services. It sounds like this should create some tension inside the company. Schuh, however, argued that Google’s ad side and the Chrome team have their independence. “At the end of the day, we’re a web browser, we are concerned about our users base. We are going to make the decisions that are most in their interest so we have to weigh how all of this fits in,” said Schuh. He also noted that the ad side has a very strong commitment to user transparency and user control — and that if users don’t trust the ads ecosystem, that’s a problem, too.

For the time being, though, there’s nothing here for you to try out or any bits being shipped in the Chrome browser. For now, this is simply a proposal and an effort on the Chrome team’s part to start a conversation. We should expect the company to start experimenting with some of these ideas in the near future, though.

Just like with its proposed changes to how advertisers and sites use cookies, this is very much a long-term project for the company. Some users will argue that Google could take more drastic measures and simply use its tech prowess to stop the ad ecosystem from tracking you through cookies, fingerprinting and whatever else the adtech boffins will dream up next. If Google’s numbers are correct, though, that would definitely hurt publishers and few publications are in a position to handle a 50 percent drop in revenue. I can see why Google doesn’t want to do this alone, but it does have the market position to be more aggressive in pushing for these changes.

Apple, which doesn’t have any vested interest in the advertising business, has already made this more drastic move with the latest release of Safari. Its browser now blocks a number of tracking technologies, including fingerprinting, without making any concessions to advertisers. The results of this for publishers is in line with Google’s cookie study.

As far as the rest of Chrome’s competitors, Firefox has started to add anti-fingerprinting techniques as well. Upstart Brave, too, has added fingerprinting protection for all third-party content, while Microsoft’s new Edge currently focuses on cookies for tracking prevention.

By trying to find a middle path, Chrome runs the risk of falling behind as users look for browsers that protect their privacy today — especially now that there are compelling alternatives again.


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What to expect at IFA 2019

Android Q is now simply Android 10

Cipriani head chef missing, reportedly last seen getting into car – Fox News

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In a new interview, Avengers: Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely double down on the theory that Peggy Carter's husband in the MCU has been Steve Rogers all along. Check it out...

Crimson Education, a platform to help students get into top universities, nabs $5M at a $245M valuation

Aaron Rodgers Rocks Canadian Tuxedo In Canada

Is this cultural appropriation??? Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers touched down in Winnipeg on Wednesday wearing traditional Canadian garb -- denim from head to toe -- and it was pretty amazing!!! The 35-year-old paired his "Canadian…

Analysis | The Health 202: Migrants kids could stay in detention for months instead of weeks, under new Trump rule – Washington Post

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  2. Migrant children face more serious health risks with longer detentions, groups warn  NBC News
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Kim Kardashian shares ‘almost impossible’ first photo with all four kids – CNN

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So In Love! Miranda Lambert & Husband Brendan Show Sweet PDA At Nashville Event

‘Queer Eye’ star Karamo Brown breaks silence on ‘DWTS’ Sean Spicer controversy – Fox News

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  5. Opinion: 'Dancing with the Stars' on wrong foot with Ray Lewis, Lamar Odom and Sean Spicer  USA TODAY
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Google Photos’ face-grouping feature comes to Europe

Prince William made sure to get pap’d taking a ‘budget flight’ to Scotland, lmao

King's Cup regatta

Why is everything so funny to me today? I swear, I have been laugh-crying as I write all morning. People just can’t help being a–holes. People just can’t help but show us exactly what they’re doing. So, for the past two weeks, the British press has settled on a narrative about the Sussexes. Like many of the narratives, it seemed utterly plucked from thin air, and all of the “haters” decided to pounce and proclaim far and wide that THIS is the real reason why Harry and Meghan are awful: because they fly on private planes. Nevermind that the Duke of York, the Prince of Wales, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are all regular passengers on private planes and helicopters. It’s all about how Harry and Meghan are terrible.

Where did this narrative come from? Why now? How? Well, far be it from me to suggest that Prince William is the one quietly pushing the narrative. But he’s certainly going to go out of his way to BENEFIT from the narrative. Behold, William wants us to see that he and his family took a cheap flight to Scotland:

And if the photos weren’t enough, the Daily Mail had to tell you what it’s all about:

Prince William, his wife Kate and their children have been spotted getting off a £73 budget flight to Scotland, amid a row over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s private jet trips. The Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge took the 8.45am flight from Norwich International Airport to Aberdeen Airport with their children this morning. The royal couple and their children can be spotted being escorted from the budget FlyBe plane and getting into waiting vehicles, where they are expected to be whisked away to visit the Queen and Prince Philip at Balmoral.

A passenger on the plane who spotted them said: ‘The family were sat right at the front. I fly this route all the time and we were non the wiser. No-one knew they were on the flight. Later on I realised that Kate’s mother was sat a few rows in front of me.’

Looking like you archetypal family man on holiday, Prince William can be seen clutching a number of bags while George and Charlotte run excitably alongside him. A spokesman for Kensington Palace said: ‘We do not comment on what they do with their private time as a family.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Oh well, I guess that means that William and his family are truly the most royal and perfect people ever, because they would never, ever use a private plane to go anywhere! Oh, what’s that? You mean Poor Jason was especially keen to get this information out there, and he probably told the Daily Mail exactly where to set up their cameras? LOL. I mean, on one side, fair is fair and this was a well-played move on William’s part, albeit super-obvious. On the other side, it’s also pretty clear that William is behind so many of the smears of Harry and Meghan. Which is not funny, it’s just depressing.

William and Kate attend the St Patrick's Day Parade

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red and Backgrid.
TENNIS : Wimbledon 2019  - Grande Bretagne - 14/07/2019 William and Kate attend the St Patrick's Day Parade Royal Ascot, Day 1, UK - 18 Jun 2019 King's Cup regatta

Cindy Adams: The Sussexes ‘might get shipped to Africa as their semi-permanent home’

iPhone Pro, new iPad and 16-inch MacBook Pro details emerge – Engadget

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‘Blair Witch’ expertly remixes horror gaming’s greatest hits

Eminem’s publisher sues Spotify in Nashville court over copyright infringement – WZTV

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  2. Eminem's Publisher Sues Spotify, Says It Pretended It Didn't Know Who Held Rights to 'Lose Yourself'  Gizmodo
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Donald Trump called himself ‘the King of Israel’ and ‘the Chosen One’

Trump Departs for Louisville, KY

I burst out laughing with many of the Trump headlines from the last 24 hours. I have to laugh to keep from crying and going into a depression spiral. Everything is absurd. Everything is surreal. Nothing matters. On Tuesday, Donald Trump was speaking about Israel and his ass-backwards support of Israel, and he basically said that American Jewish voters should be supporting him, because: “I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” Ah, yes, “disloyalty.” What we absolutely needed this week was an old anti-Semitic trope. Then Trump decided to tweet out some compliments, because of course. And he called himself the King of Israel.

Did you also know that Donald Trump, the King of Israel, is also The Chosen One?

And if that wasn’t enough, Trump decided to tweet out some criticism of current car manufacturers for… trying to make cleaner, more environmentally friendly cars while he’s trying to rollback regulations on emissions. He ended up praising Henry Ford, who was a notorious anti-Semite. Ford was one of Adolf Hitler’s favorite people.

Oh, and he’s still bitching about how he wasn’t allowed to “buy Greenland.” Yesterday, the female prime minister of Denmark talked sh-t about Trump and he, in turn, called her “nasty.”

Trump Departs for Louisville, KY

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.
Trump Departs for Louisville, KY Trump Departs for Louisville, KY

Trump claims the US economy is ‘incredible’ and far from recession — but 4 of his favorite indicators paint a different picture | Markets – Business Insider

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Apple reportedly launching new iPhone Pro and iPads with better cameras, 16-inch MacBook Pro and new AirPods

Enzyme that helps protect us from stress linked to liver cancer growth

An enzyme induced by stress to help reduce production of damaging free radicals is also used by liver cancer to regulate two major cell proliferation pathways that enable the cancer to thrive, scientists report.

Underground links between quakes and eruptions of Japan’s biggest active volcano

To better understand subsurface processes associated with earthquakes and eruptions of Mount Aso, researchers investigated a very long period (VLP) seismicity dataset collected over two years. A new technique was developed to locate VLP events, and two clusters of such events were detected. Changes in the locations of VLP events were closely associated with earthquake and eruption occurrences. This method advances understanding of seismic and volcanic processes and could contribute to disaster mitigation.

There are way more species of horseshoe bats than scientists thought

Horseshoe bats are bizarre-looking animals with giant ears and elaborate flaps of skin on their noses that they use like satellite dishes. There are about a hundred different species of horseshoe bats -- and that number is only going to grow. By studying the DNA of horseshoe bat specimens in museum collections, scientists have discovered that there are probably a dozen new species of horseshoe bat that haven't been officially described yet.

Switching on the Atlantic Ocean heat pump

34 million years ago the warm 'greenhouse climate' of the dinosaur age ended and the colder 'icehouse climate' of today commenced. Antarctica glaciated first and geological data imply that the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, the global ocean conveyor belt of heat and nutrients that today helps keep Europe warm, also started at this time. Why exactly, has remained a mystery.

Visualizing strong magnetic fields with neutrons

Researchers have developed a new method with which strong magnetic fields can be precisely measured. They use neutrons obtained from the SINQ spallation source. In the future, it will therefore be possible to measure the fields of magnets that are already installed in devices and thus are inaccessible by other probing techniques.

Brain finds order amidst chaos

How does the brain find order amidst a sea of noise and chaos? Researchers have found the answer by using advanced simulation techniques to investigate the way neurons talk to each other. They found that by working as a team, cortical neurons can respond even to weak input against the backdrop of noise and chaos, allowing the brain to find order.

High-intensity step training boosts stroke survivors’ walking skills

High-intensity step training that mimics real world conditions may better improve walking ability in stroke survivors compared to traditional, low-impact training.

A Chunk of Trinitite Reminds Us of the Sheer, Devastating Power of the Atomic Bomb

A 42,000-Year-Old Man Finally Goes Home

‘Blacksad’ is a promising detective game based on a cult comic

Taylor Swift confirms she’ll begin rerecording her first five albums in 2020 amid feud with former label – Yahoo Entertainment

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Jamie Foxx Defends Relationship With Sela Vave After Shocking Katie Holmes Split

Sean Spicer is a contestant on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ & no one’s happy about it

Embed from Getty Images

I made a pledge to myself and to all of you that I would never forget what these Deplorable people have done to America and the world. With each day that passes in this Trumpian hellscape, a long memory is needed – we actually need total recall of the fraud, the lies, the treason, the war crimes, the babies in cages. We need to remember the names of every white supremacist, every racist, every misogynist, every a–hole who helped Trump. Sean Spicer is one of those names – he was and is a petty liar, anti-Semite and fraud. He was Trump’s first press secretary and I will not forget what he did and the lies he told.

It seems like other people are willing to forget though. People like… ABC and Disney. Spicer was chosen for the new cast of Dancing with the Stars. Depending on how far he goes in the competition, he’ll walk away with anywhere between $125K to $295K. Spicer’s other DWTS castmates include: Mary Wilson, Karamo Brown, Hannah Brown (The Bachelorette), Christie Brinkley, James Ven Der Beek (!!), Ray Lewis (yikes) and Lamar Odom, amongst others. Spicer stands out like a sore thumb as a political guy, but let’s be real – DWTS has done this sh-t before, they’ve done their bit to help image-rehab some political or political-adjacent person.

Anyway, some people aren’t happy about this sh-t. People like… DWTS host Tom Bergeron, who actually made his feelings known in a social media post:

Dancing with the Stars has unveiled its celebrity competitors for season 28, but host Tom Bergeron isn’t pleased with one of the selections. Just hours after ABC announced the cast on Wednesday, Bergeron, 64, posted a lengthy message on Twitter, revealing that he met with the DWTS executive producer several months ago and tried to steer the show away from politics.

“Chief among them was my hope that DWTS, in its return following an unprecedented year-hiatus, would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably decisive booking from ANY political affiliations,” Bergeron wrote, adding that he “left that lunch convinced we were in agreement. Subsequently (and rather obviously), a decision was made to, as we often say in Hollywood, ‘go in a different direction.’ It is the prerogative of the producers, in partnership with the network, to make whatever decisions they feel are in the best long-term interests of the franchise.”

“We can agree to disagree, as we do now, but ultimately it’s their call. I’ll leave it to them to answer any further questions about those decisions. For me, as host, I always gaze into the camera’s lens and imagine you on the other side, looking for a two hour escape from whatever life hassles you’ve been wrestling with,” he continued, joking that he’s always ready to supply “dad jokes.”

Bergeron echoed his feelings on Spicer, 47, while speaking to Sirius XM’s Entertainment Weekly Liveon Wednesday. Calling him a “political lightning rod,” Bergeron explained his “preference” was for Spicer to not have been cast. “Dancing, at its best, is an oasis, away from all the divisiveness and all the stuff we are wrestling with right now,” the host said. “And so, that was a call they made, and my job as host, to the best of my ability, is to be Switzerland for those two hours a week. For the other 166 hours a week, I am pretty clear where I stand politically.”

[From People]

Basically, Tom Bergeron doesn’t want to be blamed when this Spicer sh-t blows up in Disney’s face, and/or Dancing With the Stars turns into a g–damn MAGA rally. It’s clear that ABC brass were sufficiently warned, and it’s clear that they ignored those warnings for ratings and tapping into the lucrative “white supremacist morons who like dancing shows” demo.

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty.

‘Disintegration’ is a tactical shooter that questions transhumanism

Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce & dashes Miley Cyrus’s hopes for reconciliation

Large swathes of the Amazon rainforest are burning – video – The Guardian

  1. Large swathes of the Amazon rainforest are burning – video  The Guardian
  2. Jair Bolsonaro claims NGOs may be setting Amazon rainforest on fire  Guardian News
  3. Amazon fires: President Jair Bolsonaro suggests NGOs to blame  BBC News
  4. The Amazon rainforests are on fire. Brazil's Trump-like president, Jair Bolsonaro, is to blame.  NBCNews.com
  5. Amazon rainforest fire: How big is Amazon rainforest? How much of the rainforest is left?  Express.co.uk
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Apple’s noise-canceling AirPods and cheaper HomePod expected in 2020 – The Verge

  1. Apple’s noise-canceling AirPods and cheaper HomePod expected in 2020  The Verge
  2. Apple Readies Camera-Focused Pro iPhones, New iPads, Larger MacBook Pro  Bloomberg
  3. Bloomberg: iPhone 11 will take better low light photos, multi-angle Face ID, new iPads coming, cheaper HomePod in 2020  9to5Mac
  4. Apple’s Pro iPhones, new iPads, and 16-inch MacBook Pro detailed in Bloomberg report  Circuit Breaker
  5. 2019 iPhones Said to Have Improved Shatter Resistance, Multi-Angle Face ID That Works Flat on Tables  Mac Rumors
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Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper launches campaign for Senate – CNN

  1. Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper launches campaign for Senate  CNN
  2. Hickenlooper to run for Senate in Colorado  POLITICO
  3. Hickenlooper to run for Senate in Colorado, looking to oust GOP Sen. Gardner: report  Fox News
  4. Hickenlooper joins crowded Senate race in Colorado after dropping presidential bid  Washington Post
  5. John Hickenlooper Will Run for Senate in Colorado, a Key Target for Democrats  The New York Times
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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was the highest paid actor last year


Forbes released its highest paid actor list yesterday and the reigning king of Hollywood dollars is Dwayne The Rock Johnson. This is despite the fact that he earned $20M less than the year before, when he came in at #2. Poor kid, he’s going to have to find a way to get by on just $90M.

He climbed from his number two placing last year – despite his $89.4m (£73.6m) earnings actually being less than the $119m (£98.1m) he made in 2018.

The lists include celebrities’ overall earnings, including brand endorsements and don’t solely consist of payments for acting.

Johnson’s endorsements include sportswear firm Under Armour.

In the last year, he has starred in the Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw, Skyscraper and has produced films like Fighting with My Family and Shazam!.

Later this year, he will star in Jumanji: The Next Level alongside Kevin Hart and Jack Black.

[From BBC]

Well, now we know why Lauren finally agreed to marry him – I’M KIDDING! I actually did not know that their endorsement deals are included in their ranking numbers. It makes sense, I just didn’t know. It also clarifies why some outlets are saying DJ is the highest paid actor for the second year in a row. Technically, George Clooney was last’s year’s number one earner, but his numbers came from the $1B sale of Casamigos. But since George didn’t appear in any film, DJ was the top earner for acting. I’m not surprised by DJ’s coming out on top, action stars usually head these lists. I remember when Tom Cruise could not be toppled from them. Popcorn films pay off – for everyone, apparently. Forbes full Top Ten is as follows:

1. Dwayne Johnson – $89.4m (£73.6m)
2. Chris Hemsworth – $76.4m (£62.9m)
3. Robert Downey Jr – $66m (£54.4m)
4. Akshay Kumar – $65m (£53.5m)
5. Jackie Chan – $58m (£47.8m)
6. Bradley Cooper – $57m (£46.9m)
7. Adam Sandler – $57m (£46.9m)
8. Chris Evans – $43m (£35.4m)
9. Paul Rudd – $41m (£33.8m)
10. Will Smith – $35m (£28.8m)

If you want to know the Top Ten earning actresses, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Forbes releases the lists a few days apart. I assume this is so we will all forget how many zeros seem to be missing from the list of highly accomplished women’s earnings by the time it comes out.




Photo credit: WENN Photos

Kansas City Fed’s Esther George says the July rate cut was not needed – CNBC

  1. Kansas City Fed's Esther George says the July rate cut was not needed  CNBC
  2. U.S. deficit to expand by $800 billion more than previously expected over 10 years  Press Herald
  3. Fed's George Says U.S. Economy Doesn't Need Lower Interest Rates  Bloomberg
  4. Don't worry, interest rates will stay low. But is that good?  The Edge Markets MY
  5. Bond market yield curve inverts, signaling Fed may be too slow to cut rates, risks recession  CNBC
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Andy Richter shames passenger who put bare feet on plane’s personal TV

Embed from Getty Images
Adding a document to what I’ll call my Gross! WHY?! file, an airline passenger put his bare feet on the TV screen at his seat. Unfortunately for him (and for us, too, maybe?) one of the other passengers was comedian Andy Richter, whom you might know as Conan O’Brian’s sidekick. He decided to tweet about it:

Break basic airplane etiquette around comedian Andy Richter at your peril. [He] used Twitter to publicly shame a fellow passenger who repeatedly placed his bare feet on the seatback TV screen in front of him.

Richter explained in a series of tweets how he first “snitched this f-cker out to the flight attendant.” He then asked the man to put his feet down. “When he just put them back up I decided f-ck it, I’m tweeting,” he explained.

The man ended up leaving “dirty toe smudges” on the screen,” Richter wrote.

[From HuffPo]

You can read Andy’s first (NSFW) tweet here, but here are two of the later ones:

Mark Hamill and Wajahat Ali were among those who praised Andy:

HuffPo notes that in addition to accolades, Andy was the recipient of people’s similar stories of outrageous breaches of etiquette and common sense:

Ugh. One of the most stunning parts of this is the man’s response to the flight attendant, confused that this behavior is a problem. When has he ever heard anybody say anything involving the position of passengers’ feet while taxiing? Maybe he’s never flown before? (I’m serious, because I’m trying to understand why he’d think this would be OK.) I understand needing and wanting to stretch, but you’re supposed to get up and walk around! If you’re not on the aisle, politely ask whomever to let you by and then walk up and down the aisle a couple of times. And…I doubt those screens are wiped down regularly, if at all. Who knows what germs are on them?! Why would you want the screen to come into contact with your bare feet in the first place? With all the flying I’ve done, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that out-of-line etiquette-wise. I thought that the strangest story I’d read about an airplane this summer was the one about the flight attendant who hid in an overhead bin. I was wrong.

Here’s the image and you can see the tweet here.

Embed from Getty Images

Is Stevie J about to reunite with Joseline for a new reality show?

Charlize Theron is frighteningly accurate as Megyn Kelly in the ‘Bombshell’ trailer

Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2018 TCA

Okay, so I totally got confused about these two competing projects about the decline and ousting of Roger Ailes from Fox News. We’ve already talked about the Showtime limited series, The Loudest Voice, which had Russell Crowe playing Ailes. Crowe seemed to think that Ailes was a sympathetic character, rather than a serial predator who created a toxic work environment. So, The Loudest Voice was actually a bad idea. What if we could tell the Roger Ailes story through his victims and the handful of women who took him down? Enter Bombshell.

Say what you will about Megyn Kelly – she’s a white supremacist moron and a sh-tty journalist – but she deserves a lot of credit for being one of the big names taking Ailes down. Gretchen Carlson is another victim-turned-heroine, and Carlson’s lawsuit was what really got things going. In Bombshell, Charlize Theron plays Megyn Kelly and Nicole Kidman plays Carlson. Margot Robbie plays Kayla Pospisil (not a real person, this character is complete fiction). The cast also includes Alice Eve as Ainsley Earhardt, Kate McKinnon, Allison Janney as Susan Estrich and… John Lithgow as Roger Ailes. The first trailer came out and what’s great is that it’s clear that it’s about the WOMEN. As it should be.

Everyone is freaking out about Charlize-as-Megyn Kelly. As they should be, it’s actually kind of insane. What did they do to Charlize here? The haircut/wig is perfect and I think she’s wearing dark contacts. But is there anything else? Is that her real nose and chin? Charlize looks unsettlingly like Megyn Kelly. Nicole, on the other hand, looks nothing like Gretchen Carlson but it’s fine. I’m into this. We’ll see. In any case, it will be much better than Russell Crowe’s garbage apologia to Ailes.

Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2018 TCA

Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2018 TCA

Photos courtesy of Lionsgate, screengrabs from trailer.
Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2018 TCA Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2018 TCA Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2018 TCA Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2018 TCA Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2018 TCA

Britney Spears: ‘You never know who to trust, people can be fake’

Britney Spears ticked off a portion of the internet last week when she posted a picture of a pair of $6,000 Louboutins that she’s never worn in the four years that she’s owned them. Maybe that partially fueled her choice to post advice that all of her followers can make use of, even if they can’t afford ridiculously expensive snakeskin heels:

Here’s the caption:

Living in LA is such a trip !!! It can be lonely at times. You never know who to trust, and some people can be fake. I have a very small circle of friends, and simply do what makes me happy !!! It breaks my heart to see the comments on my posts sometimes …. so I simply choose not to look anymore … let the clever haters do what they do best …. hate!!!

My social media feeds are full of 1) pictures of people’s children, 2) nerdy fandom-specific memes, 3) news stories about how the world is coming apart at the seams, 4) photos of quotations from people that are meant to uplift and inspire. I’ve seen umpteen versions of this idea, but at the moment, it’s a good reminder. Maybe a lot of her followers needed to see it, too. The question is, of course, what’s led Britney to share this? Is she referring to someone specific in her own life who didn’t show up when she achieved something important? Someone who’s likely to see this?

In ET’s coverage, they shared a picture of a comment from Britney’s boyfriend so we can probably cross him off the list:


Regardless of whether this is meant to be a dig at a particular individual or a general comment on her life at the moment, Britney is posting this to remind herself, along with her fans, to pay attention to whom she lets in her life. ET has a rundown of her year so far, which has been chaotic: In May, Britney’s conservatorship was up for review. We learned that Jamie Spears filed paperwork to extend it beyond California to include Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana. Britney also told the court that her father had her committed to a mental health facility against her will and authorized that she be given medication without her consent. Britney requested that her conservatorship be relaxed a bit to give her more freedom. Her mother, Lynne, was also in court and asked that she be informed of changes to the conservatorship. Additionally, doctors were trying to adjust Britney’s medication(s) so that her health would hopefully improve.

Months before all this, late last year, Jamie Spears was hospitalized with what we later learned was a ruptured colon, and in January, Britney canceled her Vegas show to be with him. I felt mildly anxious typing all of that (and that’s only a fraction of the recent stories about Britney that we’ve covered). I can’t imagine what it’s been like for Britney to actually live all of it.

In some good news, earlier this month, she posted photos on Instagram of her sons, Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12, during a trip to Disneyland:

There were reports that Kevin Federline wouldn’t let Britney spend more time with their sons until her health started to improve, so it’s possible that that’s happened. I hope for her sake that that’s the case. Then again, it’s possible that Kevin was along for the trip. Kevin is (rightly) looking out for Sean and Jaden, and he also seems to be looking out for Britney, too.

Like I said, I really hope that Britney’s health has begun to improve. I’d be happy to read more stories about her Target runs. Figuring out which combinations of medications will properly manage one (or more) mental illnesses without causing terrible side effects is like playing a game of Jenga, except all of the blocks are made of incredibly thin glass, and the table that they are stacked on is constantly spinning and rocking back and forth, too.


Britney Spears pictured while out shopping at the Oaks Mall

photos credit: Avalon.red, Backgrid and via Instagram

N26 launches Shared Spaces and is now fully available in the U.S.

Amazon End of Summer Sale: Best Deals on 4K TVs, Laptops, Headphones, and More

Welcome to IGN's Amazon End of Summer Sale 2019 deals page, your source for all the best deals from Amazon's End of Summer Sale in the UK. 

Amazon's End of Summer Sale begins today, and will continue for eight more days until 23:59PM on Friday 30 August 2019. The event, which looks to be Amazon's biggest ever end of summer sale, sees products such as Amazon Devices, 4K TVs, gaming laptops, headphones and much more all dropping in price, so you have a great range of choice on deals to snag before the bank holiday weekend and after.

Image result for amazon spring sale

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SEC Football: Preview and Predictions for the 2019 Season – Bleacher Report

SEC Football: Preview and Predictions for the 2019 Season  Bleacher Report

For the past two seasons, Alabama not only has had Georgia's number, but the Crimson Tide have also programmed it in their phone and pranked-called the ...

Kristen Wiig is engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Avi Rothman

Embed from Getty Images
We hardly ever get to write about Kristen Wiig so it’s always such a joy when we do. And this is especially joyful because it’s good news! Kristen Wiig and her boyfriend of three years are getting married. Her fiancé, Avi Rothman, is an actor, writer, producer and director as well as fellow Groundling. They got engaged earlier this year. I don’t know when but Kristen was spotted wearing a ring on her left hand at a Booksmart screening in May.

Kristen Wiig is getting married!

The former Saturday Night Live actress and longtime boyfriend Avi Rothman are engaged, PEOPLE confirmed Friday. The pair got engaged earlier this year.

The couple has been together for more than three years, however they’ve kept their relationship far from the spotlight since first being spotted together in 2016. At the time, the two were seen showing off some PDA in Kauai, Hawaii, and a source exclusively revealed to PEOPLE that the couple had been “secretly dating for a few months.”

“They’re really happy together,” the source added.

Rothman is a writer, actor, producer and director who trained at the Groundlings theater in Los Angeles (where Wiig also studied). His IMDb page lists several acting, writing and producing credits in films, shorts and TV series. He also directed the short film Bunion, which premiered at the WILDsound Film Festival in 2015.

[From People]

That’s all we know and it’s probably all we will know until they announce they’ve married. Kristen keeps her private life very private. I had no idea she had a boyfriend, let alone that the relationship was three years deep. I also didn’t know that she’d been married to Hayes Hargrove from 2005 to 2009. I mean, good for her for keeping her stuff on lockdown, I was just caught off guard with this announcement. But like I said, I’m very happy to hear it. As are they, I guess, since the only bit of personal information about the couple we get is that they are happy together, which is good. Congrats!

I wonder if the wedding will happen before or after her next film coming out: Wonder Woman 1984. Kristen plays Barbara Minerva/Cheetah and I’m sure the promo for it will suck up most of her time. I can’t wait, I think she’ll be great in that role. I also think she’s probably great in Where’d You Go, Bernadette but if it keeps tanking at the box office, I might not get a chance to find out. I’m really bummed it’s not doing better because I loved the book (although I kind of hated the ending and had hoped the movie would change it). I still plan to see it, I’d just better hurry.

Embed from Getty Images



Photo credit: WENN Photos and Getty Images

30 Epic Yearbook Quotes That Deserve An A+

epic yearbook quotes that are written in paper and can't be taken back so easily

It's that final goodbye you leave to all your classmates and school. How will you be remembered? 

Submitted by:

Biblical War Revealed on 2,800-Year-Old Stone Altar – Livescience.com

Biblical War Revealed on 2,800-Year-Old Stone Altar  Livescience.com

A 2,800-year-old inscribed stone altar, found within a Moabite sanctuary in the ancient city of Ataroth in Jordan, may shed light on an ancient biblical war.

The Morning After: The Apple Card is incompatible with leather

9021-Oh Hell No! Ian Ziering’s Nightmare Neighbor Habits Exposed

Birth Mom Of Ted Danson’s Adopted Daughter Is Homeless Ex-Con!

A-List Stars Scared Stiff Over Upcoming Hollywood Sex Club Tell-All!

SPIDER-MAN: There’s A Chance Neither Jon Watts Nor Tom Holland Will Return For The Next Movie

Whatever the future may or may not hold in store for the Spider-Man franchise, it sounds like there's a chance that neither star Tom Holland nor director Jon Watts are going to be part of Sony's plans...

Ringgit slips ahead of Jackson Hole symposium – Malay Mail

  1. Ringgit slips ahead of Jackson Hole symposium  Malay Mail
  2. Jackson Hole’s Greatest Hits Justify Obsessing Over Fed Meeting  Bloomberg
  3. US Treasury yields tick higher ahead of Jackson Hole symposium  CNBC
  4. Powell Needs to Side With Markets at Jackson Hole  Bloomberg
  5. Fed boss needs straight talk to win back investors  The Australian Financial Review
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Your titanium Apple Card is a weakling that can be damaged by basically anything – Fast Company

  1. Your titanium Apple Card is a weakling that can be damaged by basically anything  Fast Company
  2. The Morning After: The Apple Card is incompatible with leather  Engadget
  3. Why You Shouldn't Put the Apple Card in Your Wallet (Seriously)  Lifehacker
  4. Apple warns against storing its titanium credit card in leather  Engadget
  5. Apple Card vs Chase Freedom Unlimited: Which credit card should you get?  iMore
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Oklahoma football: Time for Baker Mayfield to grow up – Oklahoman.com

  1. Oklahoma football: Time for Baker Mayfield to grow up  Oklahoman.com
  2. Mayfield reaches out to Giants' Jones to clear air  ESPN
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. and Cleveland are an unlikely fit but might be exactly what each other needs  The Washington Post
  4. Odell Beckham Jr. Takes Jabs At NY Giants For Making Trade 'Personal' | The Jim Rome Show  CBS Sports
  5. Baker Mayfield Texts Daniel Jones, Smooths Things Over  WFAN
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Marvel Reveals ‘Dark Captain Marvel’ as Carol Danvers Breaks Bad

This November, Captain Marvel will step over to the dark side in The Last Avenger, a brand-new character arc presented in Captain Marvel #12.

CBR reports that this daring new take on Carol Danvers' superhero alter-ego, written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Lee Garbett, will see one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes break bad to battle her former Avengers teammates.

"As Kelly continues her daring and defining run on Captain Marvel, in this new arc, 'The Last Avenger', she pushes the boundaries even further by taking Carol in a dark… and deadly… new direction," Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski told the outlet.

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Spotify triples its free Premium trial period to three months

Air Pollution Linked to Psychiatric Illness – Medscape

  1. Air Pollution Linked to Psychiatric Illness  Medscape
  2. Air pollution can kill, even when it meets air quality guidelines, study finds  CNN
  3. Dirty Air May Increase Your Risk for Depression and Bipolar Disorder  Gizmodo
  4. Study: Air Pollution Linked to Increased Risk of Death  U.S. News & World Report
  5. Mental health disorders may rise with air pollution, study suggests  UPI News
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Briana DeJesus Confirms Split; Did John Rodriguez Cheat?!?

Briana DeJesus is once again single.

And ready to mingle?


Before the Teen Mom star can talk about the future, however, she discussed her recent break-up from John Rodriguez, detailing to the tabloid just where things went wrong and responding to a pressing rumor out there:

Did he cheat on her?

Scroll down to read through what Briana has to say...

1. How Did These Two Meet?

Briana dejesus with john rodriguez
In rather unusual fashion: at a chicken restaurant, hence why Briana referred to John as Chicken Guy to her friends for awhile.

2. An Unusual Start to the Romance

Briana dejesus with johnny rodriguez
"He f-cking stalked the sh-t out of me," she told told friends on a Teen Mom 2 episode in early 2019.

3. It Wasn't Love at First Sight, But...

Briana and johnny
"We just vibe. You know when you meet somebody and you just vibe?" she said on this same episode. "You talk all night, and you guys are comfortable around each other? It’s like that. I don’t know what it is about him … he has nice eyes, I don't know."

4. Officially Happy

Briana dejesus and boyfriend
Briana and Johnny went Instagram public in September 2018, with DeJesus telling Radar two months later: "I'm legitimately the happiest I've ever been in any relationship in my life."

5. Wow, Okay. So What Has Happened Then?

Briana dejesus and johnny rodriguez
Briana and Johnny have broken up, that's what. Was it really because he cheated on her?

6. DeJesus Has Clearly Heard This Chatter

Briana is all smiles
“To be perfectly frank, I did not plan on addressing my personal life and what was going on in it whatsoever publicly at this time,” she tells Us Weekly. “I decided it was best to take matters into my own hands and just address the truth head on."
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LHHH Antonio Velaz claims production fakery during the Summer Bunni and Apple Watts fight, threatens legal action against producers

Boeing spacecraft astronauts see new frontier for commercial space – Reuters

Boeing spacecraft astronauts see new frontier for commercial space  Reuters

A crew of veteran U.S. astronauts and aviators are training in Houston for a manned mission to the International Space Station aboard Boeing's new Starliner ...

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Boeing spacecraft astronauts see new frontier for commercial space – Reuters

Boeing spacecraft astronauts see new frontier for commercial space  Reuters

A crew of veteran U.S. astronauts and aviators are training in Houston for a manned mission to the International Space Station aboard Boeing's new Starliner ...

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California man threatened to ‘shoot up’ hotel, had rifles and high-capacity magazines, police say – Washington Post

  1. California man threatened to ‘shoot up’ hotel, had rifles and high-capacity magazines, police say  Washington Post
  2. Police thwart potential major mass killing after disgruntled chef reportedly threatens to execute hotel staff  TheBlaze
  3. A cook planned to gun down his own coworkers and guests at a California hotel, police say. He's been arrested  CNN
  4. Hotel employee in custody after threatening to 'shoot up' Marriott Hotel in Long Beach  FOX 11 Los Angeles
  5. Police arrest hotel cook for plotting to kill co-workers, hotel guests  WTVR CBS 6 News
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Kirby Smart comments on ‘championship or bust’ mentality surrounding Georgia football – DawgNation

Kirby Smart comments on ‘championship or bust’ mentality surrounding Georgia football  DawgNation

Welcome to Good Day, UGA, your one-stop shop for Georgia football news and takes. Check us out every weekday morning for everything you need to know ...

EVgo and Electrify America let you charge your EV with just one account

Do Goats Really Love to Jump and More Questions From Our Readers

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill fires back at union boss over Pantaleo firing – New York Post

  1. NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill fires back at union boss over Pantaleo firing  New York Post
  2. NYPD commissioner on his decision to fire Daniel Pantaleo: "I've had 5 years to think about this"  CBS This Morning
  3. NYPD sergeant loses 20 vacation days over role in Eric Garner's death  New York Post
  4. Island Rep. Max Rose, GOP congressional rivals split on Pantaleo decision  SILive.com
  5. CTM: Police Commissioner O'Neill Talks Pantaleo Firing  CBS New York
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South Korea To End Intelligence-Sharing Agreement with Japan, Citing ‘National Interest’ – NPR

  1. South Korea To End Intelligence-Sharing Agreement with Japan, Citing 'National Interest'  NPR
  2. South Korea Says It Will Scrap Intelligence-Sharing Deal With Japan  The New York Times
  3. South Korea axes pact on sharing military intelligence with Japan  The Washington Post
  4. South Korea to nix intelligence-sharing deal with Japan, alarming US military officials  USA TODAY
  5. South Korea to Stop Sharing Intel With Japan  Bloomberg
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Zomato hits roadblocks in India as restaurants lose appetite for gold

Iran is prepared to work on French nuclear deal proposals: foreign… – Reuters

  1. Iran is prepared to work on French nuclear deal proposals: foreign...  Reuters
  2. Iran ready to work on French nuclear deal proposals, does not want war: foreign minister  Reuters
  3. Tech-savvy Iranians stay connected on social media despite regime restrictions  NBC News
  4. Iran ready to capitulate: Tehran ready to return to nuclear deal in just ‘hours’  Express.co.uk
  5. Iran's president unveils long-range missile defense system, says 'talks are useless'  NBCNews.com
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JOKER Star Marc Maron Dismisses Marvel Movies As Being Made For “Grown, Male Nerd Childs”

Joker star Marc Maron shares his thoughts on Marvel movies in a new interview and makes it clear that he's not a fan of the genre and reveals who he believes comic book adaptations like that are made for.

The Daily LITG, 22nd August 2019, Three Bites of The Bat-Cherry

JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Ezra Miller Says THE FLASH Movie Is Still “Absolutely Confirmed”

The Flash has been hit with delay after delay and many fans remain convinced that it's never actually going to happen. Now, lead star Ezra Miller has promised that the Scarlet Speedster's movie is coming!

Tesla suspension update helps Model S and Model X high-speed driving

Former Tea Party congressman and recent Trump critic Joe Walsh considering throwing his hat into the ring for the Republican presidential nomination – AOL

  1. Former Tea Party congressman and recent Trump critic Joe Walsh considering throwing his hat into the ring for the Republican presidential nomination  AOL
  2. Joe Walsh: Strongly considering primary challenge to Trump  CNN
  3. A Former Congressman and Tea Party Republican Considers a Challenge to Trump  The New York Times
  4. Joe Walsh might be just the guy to take on Trump  The Washington Post
  5. Republicans have a choice, but they prefer the racist anti-Semite  The Washington Post
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A $44m series B Drop in the bucket for millennial loyalty

Commerce and marketing are radically changing these days. Consumers are increasingly looking for brands they identify with, while at the same time, the cost of acquiring users is increasing year-over-year for marketers. For brands, that math makes marketing complicated: they want to reach the right customers with the most efficient acquisition channels in order to drive the best return.

Toronto-headquartered Drop thinks it has a formula — and one that might put some dollars (Canadian and U.S.) in consumers’ pockets. Drop is a mobile app that scans your credit card purchases and then proceeds to give you offers on things you might want to spend.

Those offers have now led to a big offer from VCs, to the tune of a $44 million series B round of capital led by Onsi Sawiris of HOF Capital . In addition, the Royal Bank of Canada joined the round as a strategic investor.

When we last caught up with CEO and founder Derrick Fung, Drop had recently raised its series A from NEA. In the interim, the startup has continued to grow rapidly, providing customers $19 million in rewards and helping to drive $350 million in sales to 300 merchant partners, according to the company.

Fung said that “our thesis … from two years ago is generally the same: consumers, especially this new generation of consumers, are all looking for new ways to save money and improve their financial health.” Meanwhile, “with retailers, they’re all hungry to find more cost-effective ways to market. And I’d say more than ever before, Facebook, Google, and the traditional platforms are just very expensive.”

Drop App Offer@2x

Drop offers consumers ways to gain points and spend them, such as this offer from Warby Parker. (Via Drop)

Drop wants to take those digital ad dollars and turn them into much more direct engagement with actual consumers. “What we’ve introduced, which we think is very unique, is instead of displaying ads, we are essentially cutting the consumer in on the deal. […] That’s what makes our platform more cost effective, because the consumer actually gets something in return.”

While Drop is now available in the U.S. and Canada on both iOS and Android, Fung says that the company’s next two markets will be Australia and the United Kingdom.

The loyalty space has heated up in the last few years with different strategic plays. Bumped, an app that pays consumers in the stock of the companies they shop at, has raised capital from Canaan. Meanwhile, New York City-based Lolli has taken a similar approach but pays out bitcoin instead.

Despite those new entrants, Fung believes that Drop’s current focus on points is the right call. “I’d say that based on research we’ve done, points is still the most favorite reward for consumers,” he said.

Since the company’s last fundraise, it acquired YC-backed Canopy Labs, which offered a service that helped companies evaluate customer journeys on their sites. The acquisition was designed to accelerate Drop’s machine learning capabilities to better match merchants and consumers as the company expands the depth of its two-sided marketplace.

The company currently has 77 employees across its Toronto and New York offices, and expects to double that count in the next 18 to 24 months. In addition to HOF and RBC, the round was joined by previous investors NEA, Sierra, and White Star Capital.

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