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JURASSIC PARK Funko Pops Are Finally On The Way And They’re Seriously Awesome

If you're a Jurassic Park fan, you'll love these Funko Pops! The classic movie is finally getting a series of Vinyl figures featuring the likes of Dr. Ian Malcolm, the T-Rex, John Hammond, and more...

28 WEEKS LATER Director In Talks To Helm Disney’s Live-Action Remake Of THE SWORD IN THE STONE

Disney has enlisted Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) to direct the planned live-action remake of their classic animated take on Arthurian Legend, The Sword in the Stone. More past the jump...

SPOILERS: The Identity Of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s Red Goblin Has Been Revealed By An Amazon Listing

Dan Slott's final Amazing Spider-Man story will introduce us to the Red Goblin and fans have been wondering for weeks now who he could be. Well, an Amazon listing has spoiled the big reveal in advance...

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Officially Adds Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid-Flash As A Series Regular

Kid-Flash has been absent from The Flash for a while now but the character's future is looking brighter as it's been confirmed that he's about to race into Legends of Tomorrow as a permanent fixture.

STAR WARS REBELS Trailer Teases The Return Of An Iconic Villain For The Final Ever Episodes Of The Show

Disney XD has debuted an exciting trailer for the midseason 4 return of Star Wars Rebels, & it looks like Ezra and the crew of The Ghost are going to have to contend with the return of a powerful villain.

COMICS: Superman’s Red Trunks Will Return For ACTION COMICS #1000

Not seen since 2011's The New 52 reboot, Superman's classic red underwear will be a key component of a new costume that combines the best of old and new elements from the Man of Steel's storied history.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’s Josh Brolin Is Really Feeling This Thanos-Joker Makeover

Calling Thanos "one of the greatest roles and times" of his career, Josh Brolin's reaction to a fan-manip of the Mad Titan as Heath Ledger's Joker has the actor gushing about his filming experience.


Marvel has been looking for someone to assume ownership over Iron Man in the wake of Brian Michael Bendis' shocking jumping to DC Comics. Enter longtime flagship Spider-Man writer Dan Slott.

Marvel Studios Reportedly Hoping BLACK WIDOW Will Be An Even Bigger Hit Than WONDER WOMAN

If a new report is to be believed, Marvel Studios has very high hopes for its upcoming Black Widow movie and star Scarlett Johansson looks set to score a huge deal as a result. Read on for details...

Road To INFINITY WAR: Check Out This Epic Concept Art From THE AVENGERS’ Battle For New York

The first time Earth's Mightiest Heroes assembled, it was to go to war with Loki in New York. Hit the jump to check out some incredible concept art from that, including alternate designs and keyframes...

SUPERGIRL: Jimmy Olsen Suits Up As Guardian In New Photos From Season 3, Episode 11: “For Good”

When Lena Luthor finds herself in Morgan Edge's crosshairs, it's up to Jimmy Olsen to suit up once more as Guardian and save the day. Come check out fourteen new photos from the January 29th episode now!

STAR WARS: Check Out Some Awesome Darth Vader Artwork On The Latest Cover Of Empire Magazine

This month's issue of Empire Magazine is going to list the "Greatest Movie Villains Ever" and the publication has now revealed a very cool cover featuring some Darth Vader artwork by illustrator Pete Ware.

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: Social Media Uproar Ensues As Fans Claim The Wasp’s Suit Features Sexual Imagery

Ready for your daily dose of ridiculousness? Fans on Twitter are kicking off because they've noticed something a little off about The Wasp's costume and believe that it's deliberately sexual in nature!

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Samuel L. Jackson Reveals Some Surprising Details About Nick Fury’s Role

Samuel L. Jackson has shed some light on what we should expect to see from Nick Fury in Captain Marvel, dropped some surprising hints about a very different take on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Director...

GAME OF THRONES Star Ian McShane Reveals New Details About The HELLBOY Reboot

Ian McShane plays Professor Broom in the upcoming Hellboy reboot and he talks here about this new take on the character and how his performance will differ to what we saw from the late John Hurt...
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