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SpaceX Will Livestream Moon Tourist Flight in HD Virtual Reality, Elon Musk Says

Only a lucky handful of artists, and an ├╝ber-wealthy Japanese billionaire, will take a trip on a rocketship to the moon with SpaceX. But don't worry;, the moonshot won't just be televised; You'll get to experience it from Earth in virtual reality.

For Tiny Light Particles, ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Mean Nothing

This is how something can be both "before" and "after" something else.

This Experiment Will Shoot Ghostly Particles Through Earth, Answer Why We Exist

An international group of physicists has announced that they have seen the first signals in a cube-shaped detector called ProtoDUNE.

On This Day in Space! Sept. 20, 1970: Luna 16 Lands on the Moon

On Sept. 20, 1970, the Soviet Union's Luna 16 moon probe landed on the moon to retrieve a soil sample. See how it happened in our On This Day In Space video series.

Astronauts Going to Mars Will Absorb Crazy Amounts of Radiation. Now We Know How Much.

There are plenty of challenges to putting people on Mars, whether you look at the rocket, the astronaut or the planet itself.

Why NASA Needs a New Logo

As NASA celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, this seems like a good time for the agency to update its antiquated logo.

Yusaku Maezawa’s #dearMoon Project Aims for Lunar Art. Here’s What Some Artists Think.

When Elon Musk announced the first passenger to buy a trip around the moon on his yet-to-be-built rocket, there was a plot twist: That passenger, a Japanese billionaire, wanted to bring half a dozen artists on the journey with him.

Child-Porn Investigation Caused New Mexico Observatory Closure: Report

An FBI investigation into child pornography caused the peculiar closure of a New Mexico solar observatory earlier this month, according to the news agency Reuters.'s RSS Feed
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