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A Warm Welcome


Funny meme about Stevie Wonder and Disney channel.

Submitted by: (via jjonahs)

Tagged: disney , stevie wonder , Memes

34 Funny Memes To Obliterate Your Boredom

What A Beautiful Song

Funny meme about stomach making sounds in the middle of a test.

Submitted by: (via Redrumey)

Tagged: school , Memes

Hopefully You Don’t Have Roommates

19 Skeleton Memes To Get You Into The Spooktober Spirit

Snoop Knows The Tricks

Funny meme about creating new accounts for free trials featuring photos of Snoop Dogg in costumes.

Submitted by: (via Lock Me Up)

Tagged: Memes , snoop dogg

This Web Comic About Losing Will Inspire You

Wholesome web comic from Owl Turd Comix called Super Losers, about winning, losing and comparing yourself to others.

Owl Turd Comix has been churning out thoughtful web comics about life's ups and downs since 2013. This one really hit us in the feels, a reminder that it's important to put life's "losses" into perspective - especially when comparing yourself to others. 

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Tagged: life , losing , winning , web comics

Oh Snap

I Swear It’s Here

10 Flirty Memes You Should Send To That Special Someone

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