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Depression Memes For Those Lacking In The Serotonin Department

Funny and relatable memes and tweets about depression, mental illness | woman in a bed with satin sheets u pamper urself, do ur skin routine, listen pretty music give urself pep talk and ur still sad. woman avoiding laser beams: Trying be honest with my therapist but not so honest get involuntarily hospitalized

Let's just get this out of the way: depression is no joke. However, it can be a good thing to occasionally make light of it to lift your spirits. Laughter definitely isn't the best medicine like they say, but it certainly can help. 

Want more mental health content? Never fear, 'cause eBaum's World has it!

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Eighteen Of Our Favorite Dank Gems Of The Week

Planters Just Killed Off Mr. Peanut & Twitter Has Mixed Feelings About It

Funny tweets in response to Planers killing off Mr. Peanut, RIPeanut, planters nuts, advertising, super bowl.

In what can only been seen as peak late stage capitalism, Planters announced today on Twitter that their mascot Mr. Peanut has died in an act of heroic sacrifice. According to a pre-Super Bowl advertisement, the beloved monocled peanut passed while saving two friends from a terrifying car wreck. 

According to a press release, the company will be broadcasting Mr. Peanut's funeral during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. Twitter users are reacting to this "news" with a mixture of grief, puns, memes and outrage. The outrage comes from people who think it's absolutely insane that advertising has stopped to the level of "killing" fictional characters before the most profitable advertising event in the country. We're inclined to agree, but some of these jokes (particularly the ones regarding peanut allergies) are too good for us to ignore. 

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Twenty-Three ‘He Is The Messiah’ Memes Inspired By ‘Life Of Brian’

Twitter Users Share Their Worst Interview Horror Stories

Funny tweets about bad job interview experiences | tweet by so_bad_ass went an interview really hungover interviewer came meet and show room, she held out her hand guiding way my hungover state stood up and held her hand! Both us were too embarrassed let go so walked interview room hand hand. tweet by q1t3d0 Got date wrong, ended up at interview after dentist. Arrived late and flustered. 2-page questionnaire fill Stabbed finger lifting staple read 2nd sheet. Tried drink coffee

Interviewing for jobs is like a full-time job in and of itself. And honestly, way more stressful. The pressure, the anxiety, the sweating, the fear of eye contact. Wait -- that's not your experience? Whatever your interviewing habits, we're sure they haven't all been positive. Twitter user Harriet Williamson had that same hunch. She asked her followers to share their worst-ever job interview stories, and boy are some of them wild. They almost rival the weird date tweets we talked about earlier this week. Most of all, we hope none of this stuff happens to us. 

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Wuhan Coronavirus Inspires Tons Of Plague Memes On Reddit

Dank memes about the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, funny memes, anxiety memes, plague memes, 2020 plague memes.

The internet was rich with 2020 plague memes around the new year, and with the news of the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, memers are back to the meme drawing board. So, Photoshop. The virus has already sickened hundreds and claimed six lives in China - but the news of the first case in the United States is causing some anxiety. While it's being said that the risk to the public is low, comedy flourishes in times of tension, and the memes are proving to be unstoppable. And that's all good - it's better to laugh at fear than succumb to it. 

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Tasty Memes For Tired & Bored People

Funny random memes, memes about depression, memes about the mandalorian, baby yoda memes, star wars, funny meme about when your mom starts talking to someone she knows at the store, guy curled up in an aisle with a pillow, blanket and lamp | baby yoda holding his arms up to stop an exploding fire: Girls checking water temperature before they take shower. person sleeping on the floor in an aisle at a store. go store with mom and she sees someone she knows and starts talking them.

Life sucks and then you die. In between? It's pain. You mostly experience pain. Maybe you pop out a few kids. Go on vacation for a couple days weeks over the span of a decade. Get fat. Lose weight. Get fat again. Hate yourself. Why not let yourself enjoy a few meaningless moments before you disappear into the ether? These memes could help you do just that. 

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