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Jim Lee Tries To Bribe Jonathan Hickman With Lunch For Ending Of SHIELD

Jim Lee Tries To Bribe Jonathan Hickman With Lunch For Ending Of SHIELD

Hickman then launched into a 4 hour presentation, with PowerPoint slides; Lee fell asleep 3 minutes into it because he is a cat.

Source: Twitter

Full-time cat and part-time something to do with comics Jim Lee tweeted a picture of Jonathan Hickman joining him for avocado toast at the Warner Bros commissary.

While some are quick to jump to the conclusion that Lee is courting Hickman for a DC title after Hickman's long-term Marvel run, The Outhouse can EXXXCLUSIVELY reveal that Lee was simply buttering Hickman up to find out the long-awaited ending to his run on S.H.I.E.L.D. The most recent issue of the title was #4 released in February 2012 and ever since then, fans have been dying to know what happens. Or dying while they wait to find out what happens. It has been over five years, after all.

Hickman and Lee were both unable to be reached for comment as I only tried yelling their names outside my front door.

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura

CM Punk Will Write Master of Kung Fu One-Shot For Marvel Legacy

CM Punk Will Write Master of Kung Fu One-Shot For Marvel Legacy

Couldn't they have picked a UFC fighter with a winning record?

Source: SyFy

After a successful wrestling career and a failed mixed martial arts career, CM Punk has been making a name for himself as a comic book writer at Vertigo and Marvel. His Marvel streak will continue as he takes on Shang-Chi in the Marvel Legacy one-shot Master of Kung Fu. Joining Punk on art is Dalibor Talajic.

The one-shot will be released as Master of Kung Fu #126 because that's not confusing at all the original Bronze Age MoKF ended at #125. Punk and Talajic are the second creative team announced on the series of Marvel Legacy one-shots, whic also include Silver Sable #36, Not Brand Echh #14, Dazzler #43, and Darkhawk #51. It was previously revealed that Devin Grayson would make her comic return with artist Marika Cresta on Power Pack #63.

The solicit info for the issue out in November is below.

CM Punk (W) • Dalibor Talajic (A)
Shang-Chi's Day Off Part 1 (OF 1)
The Marvel Universe is full of fighters: brawlers, scrappers, weapons experts, mystical kung fu virtuosi. But there's only one martial artist skilled enough to be called the greatest. SHANG-CHI has been a pinch hitter for a long time, stepping in for Avengers missions when no one else would do, but when no one can match your speed or skill, sometimes it's best to work alone. To see what you've been missing if you don't know Shang-Chi, don't miss MASTER OF KUNG FU!

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura

DC Version Of Marvel Unlimited Unlikely With Madefire Partnership

DC Version Of Marvel Unlimited Unlikely With Madefire Partnership

Madefire is a comic book reader app.

Source: Kitsuga

Fans have long clamored for a DC equivalent of Marvel Unlimited, the service that for a low monthly fee gives you access to every older Marvel comic. Those fans will still have to wait as DC has partnered with Madefire, "the most popular reader on both android and iOS". This deal with give the comic book app an extensive line-up of new and back list DC titles, starting Wednesday with the release of Dark Nights: Metal #1.

The addition of DC will be the largest content update for the app, giving the service over 80,000 comics and motion books by 2018. DC will join the ranks of ArchieboomDynamiteTitan, and Valiant which are already available on the app.

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura

Wizard World Lays Out Plans To Collapse Digital Comic Market

Wizard World Lays Out Plans To Collapse Digital Comic Market

Denies links between announcement and unexpected decrease in bitcoin values.

Source: Business Wire

Wizard World Inc., not being content with being remembered as one of primary causes of the collapse of the comic book market in the 1990s, looked to the future as they announced their re-launch of their Wizard brand in a new digital format as well as publishing a quarterly "premium" magazine. Seriously though, look at almost any documentary, article, or story written about the collapse of the comic market in the late '90s and there is a reference, citation or footnote pointing out that Wizard had a direct hand in creating the environment that almost led to the extinction of the comic industry.

Undeterred by these facts and their place in comic history, Wizard has pressed on and is excited to announce a revamped, revitalized, and reanimated digital initiative which will feature a segment called "WizPop", a daily pop-culture news service. Even though the announcement by Wizard World Inc. is only hours old, speculation has already begun on if "WizPop" is the laziest name in the history of marketing. Some speculators contend it's simply the lamest.

The announcement touted Wizard's nearly two decade run as a "respected" voice of comics and vowed to continue to share their "unique authoritative point-of-view". If you think you can stomach the maddening inducing, revisionist history, fantasy land that Wizard perceives themselves in, you can read the full announcement here.

No word yet on whether the first quarterly "premium" magazine will be a chrome hologram Rob Liefeld cover or a gatefold chrome Jim Lee cover.

Written or Contributed by Nacho Man Randy Ravage

English Majors Rejoice As DC Announces Etrigan Comic

English Majors Rejoice As DC Announces Etrigan Comic

The Demon: Hell Is Earth will be Etrigan's first new series since The New 52's Demon Knights.

Source: DC Comics

English majors worldwide are celebrating the return of Jason Blood and Etrigan in The Demon: Hell Is Earth, ever since Demon Knights was part of DC's sixth wave of The New 52 cancellations, only 23 issues in. For those not in the know, Jason Blood loves a mean couplet.

This new mini-series will be written by Andrew Constant, with art by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy. It's described as "a large-scale, thrilling mix of action and terror featuring tense, conflicted relationships and brutal, kinetic combat, with no less than the fate of the world at stake. Because in the world of Etrigan, the Demon, war is literally hell."

The Outhouse caught up with George St. George, a Junior at Trump University majoring in English, who uses the handle Jason Sangre online. He said, "I'm happy to see a character that's on my intellectual level. Not many comics feature Shakespearean levels of writing. In fact, I wrote a couplet just for the occasion. Do you want to hear it? No? Are you sure?"

See the solicit info below.



Jason Blood and Etrigan: the best of enemies, destined to spend eternity bound together. When a haunting vision leads Jason to Death Valley, a supernatural weapon is unleashed, radically transforming not only the land, but also Blood...and the Demon. The worst, though, is yet to come, as hell begins to make its way into our world.

Don't miss the start of this horrifying miniseries, where Etrigan and Blood's relationship will be changed forever!

On sale NOVEMBER 15 • 32 pg, FC, 1 of 6, $2.99 US • RATED T

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura

Go Cast Alice: Hellboy Reboot Adds Sasha Lane

Go Cast Alice: Hellboy Reboot Adds Sasha Lane

Alice Monaghan was kidnapped as an infant by fairies.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Sasha Lane is in final negotiations to join Neil Marshall's Hellboy reboot. The actress, best known for American Honey, will play Alice Monaghan, who was kidnapped as a baby by fairies after they're unable to reproduce. She's rescued by Hellboy and eventually inherits the Fairy Queen title.

The Hellboy reboot, formerly titled Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen, is directed by Marshall, and stars David Harbour as Hellboy, Ian McShane as Trevor Bruttenholm, and Milla Jovovich as The Blood Queen. The film, which is shooting for an R rating, is set to film this fall for a 2018 release.

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura

The Doctor Is In… The Japanese ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer

The Doctor Is In… The Japanese 'Thor: Ragnarok' Trailer

Prognosis is dire

Source: New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer Features One Strange Doctor

The YouTube channel for Japanese website Cinema Today posted a new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Though it resembles the San Diego Comic-Con  trailer, there is a few more seconds of footage from the film (and a less rockin' sound). Most notable is the appearance of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in his Sanctum Sanctorum where Thor visited him during the end credits of Strange's movie.

Have a watch. Trailer is in English, though there is some Japanese narration near the end:


You'll notice that the Japanese name for the movie is different (that is common): Soh: Batoru Roiaru or Thor: Battle Royale. Here's a look at the Japanese poster for the movie:




Thor will journey to theaters November 3.

Written or Contributed by sdsichero

Archie Comics November 2017 Solicitations

Archie Comics November 2017 Solicitations

Highlights include The Archies #2, Betty and Veronica: Vixens #1, and Jughead: The Hunger #2.

Source: Valnet Inc. Presents Comic Book Resources


Over the centuries, THE SHIELD has battled enemies of the United States—but what happens when she's not sure who the enemy is? This graphic novel collects THE SHIELD issues 1-4.Script: Adam Christopher, Chuck WendigArt: Drew Johnson, Al Barrionuevo, Greg Scott, Ray Snyder, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Rachel DeeringCover: David Williams$14.99/$16.99 CAN144 pp, Full ColorDirect Market On-Sale Date: 11/1


HEART OF RIVERDALE, Part 3! Reggie Mantle has nowhere to turn now that the whole town holds him responsible for Betty's fate. Meanwhile, Betty learns just how true and noble one of her friends is!Script: Mark WaidArt: Audrey Mok, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jack MorelliArchie #25 CVR A Reg: Audrey MokArchie #25 CVR B Var: Rafael AlbuquerqueArchie #25 CVR C Var: Jen BartelOn Sale Date: 11/132-page, full color comic • $3.99 U.S.


NEW ONGOING SERIES! The Archies hit the road—but tour isn't all it's cracked up to be! Can they still make some great music? Or will they go broke and make a U-turn for home?Script: Alex Segura and Matt RosenbergArt: Joe Eisma, Matt Herms, Jack MorelliThe Archies #2 CVR A Reg: Greg SmallwoodThe Archies #2 CVR B Var: Fiona StaplesOn Sale Date: 11/832-page, full color comic • $3.99 U.S.


Collected for the first time in one graphic novel, BETTY AND VERONICA issues 1-3 by legendary comics creator Adam Hughes!Script: Adam HughesArt: Adam Hughes, Jose Villarrubia, Jack MorelliCover: Adam Hughes$12.99/$14.99 CAN104 pp, Full ColorDirect Market On-Sale Date: 11/8


NEW ONGOING SERIES! The toughest gang in Riverdale is one you'd least expect: the Vixens, led by Riverdale High's own Betty and Veronica!Script: Jamie L. RotanteArt: Eva Cabrera, Elaina Unger, Rachel DeeringB&V: Vixens #1 CVR A Reg: Eva CabreraB&V: Vixens #1 CVR B Var: Robert HackB&V: Vixens #1 CVR C Var: Fiona StaplesOn Sale Date: 11/1532-page, full color comic • $3.99 U.S.


NEW ONGOING SERIES! As Jughead's life as a fugitive grows deadlier, Betty and Archie close in—and they're not alone. Betty's werewolf hunter relatives' ruthlessness may spell the end for good ol' Jug!Script: Frank TieriArt: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Matt Herms, Jack MorelliJughead: The Hunger #2 CVR A Reg: Adam GorhamJughead: The Hunger #2 CVR B Var: T. RexOn Sale Date: 11/2932-page, full color comic • $3.99 U.S.


Small town kids get a taste of big city life when the "core four" go to NYC for the weekend. Archie tries to keep up with Veronica's high society pals, Betty and Jughead worry that their relationship may not survive outside the bubble of their hometown, and Kevin and Cheryl don't intend to miss out on a day of mischief in the Big Apple...Script: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & VariousArt: Thomas Pitilli, Andre Szymanowicz, John WorkmanRiverdale #8 CVR A Reg: CW Photo Cover – BettyRiverdale #8 CVR B Var: CW Photo Cover – VeronicaOn Sale Date: 11/2232-page, full color comic • $3.99 U.S.


See how everything led to the CW's Riverdale TV show with this digest-sized collection featuring stories from our relaunched titles as well as classic Archie stories!Script: VariousArt: VariousCover: CW Photo CoverOn Sale Date: 11/8128-page, full color comic • $6.99 U.S.


After Mr. Lodge permanently bans Archie from the mansion, what happens when he finds Archie behind the wheel of his limousine? Plus, part 4 of the connecting variant cover image!Script: Ty TempletonArt: Dan Parent, Ty Templeton, Jack Morelli, Andre SzymanowiczYour Pal Archie #4 CVR A Reg: Dan ParentYour Pal Archie #4 CVR B Var: Les McClaineOn Sale Date: 11/1532-page, full color comic • $3.99 U.S.


In the BRAND NEW holiday story "Carol Peril," The gang decides to go caroling for charity–until the blizzard of the century hits!Script: Dan ParentArt: Bill GolliherCover: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Bob SmithOn Sale Date: 11/29160-page, full color comic • $5.99 U.S.


In the BRAND NEW holiday story "Jingles Jangle," Jingles the elf loses his holiday powers due to a spell cast by Sugarplum—so his only choice is to take up residence with Archie!Script: Dan ParentArt: Bill GalvanCover: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Bob SmithOn Sale Date: 11/22128-page, full color comic • $6.99 U.S.


Since 1941, Archie and his perennial teenage friends have entertained the masses. In this sister volume to our best-selling BEST OF ARCHIE series, you'll journey the 1940s and 1950s and unearth the roots of an American institution.Script: VariousArt: VariousCover: George Frese$9.99/$11.99 CAN416 pp, Full ColorDirect Market On-Sale Date: 11/22


In the BRAND NEW Christmas story "The LAST Noelle," Santa's daughter Noelle wants to experience normal high school life—but if Betty & Veronica interfere, will Santa put them on his naughty list?Script: Dan ParentArt: Jeff ShultzCover: Bill Galvan, Bob SmithOn Sale Date: 11/15160-page, full color comic • $5.99 U.S.


In the festive BRAND NEW story "All Aboard," Archie wants to get his parents a model train for their holiday village display—unless his plans get derailed!Script: Dan ParentArt: Bill GalvanCover: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Bob SmithOn Sale Date: 11/1192-page, full color comic • $6.99 U.S.

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura

Casey Affleck Lends Credence To Outhouse Theory Of Ben Affleck Abandoning The Batman

Casey Affleck Lends Credence To Outhouse Theory Of Ben Affleck Abandoning The Batman

The Outhouse first broke the theory in February.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Outhouse posited a theory in February that Ben Affleck was doing his damnedest to get out of anything to do with The Batman, after he stepped down from directorial duties and new directer Matt Reeves dropped Affleck's script. Now Ben's brother Casey Affleck let slip that he wouldn't be returning for The Batman.

"I thought he was an OK Batman," Casey said. "No, he was great. He was great. He's a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he's not going to do that movie [The Batman], I don't think. Sorry to say."

Casey then tried to take back what he said.

"Is that breaking news? Because I was just kind of making that up, I don't know," he said.

At San Diego Comic Con, Affleck said that he wouldn't be exiting the role, but after his brother's statement, it looks like it's possible.

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura

Ben Affleck Promises More Traditional Batman In Justice League

Ben Affleck Promises More Traditional Batman In Justice League

He'll only use a handful of guns this time.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ben Affleck promises a "more traditional" Batman in Justice League, meaning the character will be heroic and actually save people. He compared this take to the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"Whereas this is a much more traditional Batman. He's heroic. He does things in his own way, but he wants to save people, help people."

Affleck also explained how part of the drama for Justice League will be whether or not the team will assemble.

"Part of the drama of the movie is the question of whether or not the team is going to come together. It's very different from the tenor of the last movie."

The actor went on to say that this Batman is more in line with the comics and also showed how above normal people he is by casually dropping "vis a vis" in conversation.

"This is more in keeping with the canon of how Batman's usually been portrayed, and how he's portrayed vis a vis the Justice League in the comics," he explains. "This is more the Batman you would find if you opened up your average Batman comic book."

Directed by Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon, who recently said he was changing the film's ending so it "ended like a movie", Justice League stars Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as SupermanGal Gadot as Wonder WomanJason Momoa as AquamanEzra Miller as The FlashRay Fisher as Cyborg, and Ciarán Hinds as Steppenwolf. The film is set to release November 17, 2017.

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura

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