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Board games are always a great gift option and our guide takes a look at some of the best releases this year alongside classics that are never too old to pass up on.

Daily Deals: Nintendo Switch Console under £300

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What Happens When You Mess With France

Nio unveils lower-cost ES6 electric SUV

Good Reason For Getting A Divorce

The Strangest Student Name

3D Printed Head Fools Android Face Recognition, iPhone X ‘Impenetrable’ – Mac Rumors

3D Printed Head Fools Android Face Recognition, iPhone X 'Impenetrable'  Mac Rumors

Forbes recently challenged a variety of smartphone face-recognition systems with a 3d printed head modeled after the author's head.The head was...

After 40 Years Of Marriage…

Offset Crashes Cardi B Show, Issues VERY Public Apology

Offset and Cardi B has turned their break-up into a public spectacle.

And it's making both parties look pretty awful.

As a quick refresher:

Cardi B announced several days ago that her marrage to Offset was over, keeping the reason why vague, but saying that she and the rapper would remain friends.

Not long afterward, rumors of Offset cheating on Cardi went viral, with at least one woman owning up to her Offset boning and apologizing for her role in this relationship's demise.

Cardi said very little in response, but Offset shared this video, in which he begged for his wife to forgive him:

So that brings us to Saturday night.

At Los Angeles’ Rolling Loud festival at the Banc of California Stadium, headlines by Cardi herself, an attendee captured a video of Offset crashing Cardi’s set to plead her to reignite their romance.

As you can see in the footage featured here... at one point, stagehands rolled out three boxes that spelled out “Take Me Back Cardi” in what appeared to be flowers.

From there, Offset appeared, a bouquet of white flowers in hand, to attempt to win Cardi back.

Into the microphone, the Migos member proclaimed that “in front of the world, I love you.”

How did Cardi response?

She appeared to be annoyed; the lights went dim; the stars talked briefly; and then Offset walked off stage.

Crazy, right?!?

Only if you somehow believe this was somehow not totally planned and staged by both Cardi and Offset.

We mean, there's simply no way security allows the rapper to just leap on stage in this manner unless Cardi was very much in on the so-called surprise crashing.

After this video went viral, and fans went off on both celebrities, Cardi told them to please take it easy on her estranged husband.

"I see a lot of people bashing me because they feel that because I’m defending my baby father, they think that I’m gonna get back together with him,” Cardi, who shares five-month-old daughter Kulture Kiari with Offset, said in one Instagram video, adding:

“I’m not saying that I’m gonna get back together with him. I just don’t like that bashing online thing."

She then referenced Pete Davidson's very recent breakdown, writing:

"Just earlier, you just saw how Pete Davidson was talking about how he don’t even want to be on this earth because mad people be coming at him every single day.

"I wouldn’t want my baby father to have that feeling because of millions of people be bashing him every day. That’s a nasty feeling, and I wouldn’t want that."

Also aware of the backlash, Offset jumped on Twitter on Sunday and wrote:

“All of my wrongs have been made public, I figure It’s only right that my apologies are made public too.

"A n-gga was just trying …..thank god I ain’t got no balloons sheeesh.”

We have no idea where this marriage is going, but it's all become pretty ridiculous at this stage.

Check out Offset's stage crash here.

Offset crashes cardi b concert issues very public apologu

Our Christmas Tree Is Looking Good

Sneaky parrot uses Amazon Alexa to shop while owner is away – WFLA

Sneaky parrot uses Amazon Alexa to shop while owner is away  WFLA

A foul-mouthed parrot, who was kicked out of an animal sanctuary for swearing too much, is using technology to cause even more trouble.

Saudi denounces US Senate vote as ‘blatant interference’ – Al Jazeera English

Saudi denounces US Senate vote as 'blatant interference'  Al Jazeera English

US senators backed measure accusing MBS of ordering Khashoggi's murder, urged end to support for Saudi-led Yemen war.

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California will require zero-emissions buses by 2040

Evilest Thing Ever Done

Menstrual Cycle Illustration

The Favourite Defies Oscars Definition of “Lead Actress”

Emma Stone, Olivia Colman, and Rachel Weisz are all the lead role in The Favourite. So why does film culture reduce analysis to Oscars?

The Favourite Lead Actress Oscars
Feature David Crow
Dec 16, 2018

When speaking with the filmmakers and cast of The Favourite earlier this month, we posed a simple yet impossible question: Who in this darkly hilarious tragedy is the protagonist? Or, just as easily, who is the lead character? It’s a preposterous query, because the answer between its triumvirate of acerbic performances is all of them. Or none of them. At different points, Rachel Weisz’s Lady Sarah, Emma Stone’s Abigail Hill, and Olivia Colman’s not-so-regal Queen Anne dominate the film’s narrative and our sympathies. But at no point do any of them maintain their ownership of that power, which is all the more remarkable since Yorgos Lanthimos’ film is entering an awards season that is compelled to simplify art to categories, and performance to titles.

“For me there was never one protagonist between the three of them,” Yorgos Lanthimos says when asked who is at the center of the film’s triangle. “From starting to write the screenplay with Tony McNamara, we knew that we wanted to create these three very complicated and complex women that, in different times within the film, they would kind of take the lead or have the upper-hand.”

It’s a fair assessment, even as it flies in the face of the arbitrary discussion that film culture is having around this obsidian-encrusted jewel box of a film. “Who should the Academy nominate for the Best Actress Oscar and who should be nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar?” were among the first remarks I heard from film journalists after two separate screenings of The Favourite. With three fantastic lead performances between Colman, Stone, and Weisz, it’s inevitable to want to discuss award recognition, but as film culture continues to be divided between prestige and blockbuster, art and commerce, so too does the ostensible high-quality work get reduced to a political analyst’s spreadsheet of vulnerabilities and assets after the latest poll.

In the actual film, Colman gives a supremely scene-stealing performance that reclaims Queen Anne from historical obscurity and makes a compelling case that she was every bit as mercurial and peculiar as the infamous, and oft Hollywoodized, Henry VIII. Yet while Henry is able to freely indulge his excesses and whims, the feminine Queen Anne is relegated to the shadows of her own court. Stricken with gout and a seeming legion of bodily weaknesses, Anne is emotionally vulnerable and paranoid throughout. Weisz is right when she tells us that the queen is quite toddler-like and lashes out, looking for distraction and some form of familial love after suffering 17 miscarriages.

She finds it in Weisz’s Lady Sarah, who in turn is as much a protagonist as her wrathful and insecure queen. Lady Sarah is the woman who has been closest to Anne since girlhood, and when Anne inexplicably comes into the crown, Sarah situates herself as Anne’s right-hand woman, usurping the men of early 18th century English court to essentially run the realm while Anne preens over her pet rabbits—17, one for each dead child.

“They were childhood friends and they’ve been best friends since before they were famous,” Weisz says. “But Sarah, my character, loves England and loves the Queen. But the Queen is England, and England is the Queen.”

It is a less bombastic turn than Colman’s, nor is it as deliciously duplicitous as Stone’s Abigail, who comes to court as a distant relation of Sarah begging for employment… but somehow winds up threatening Weisz’s status as the queen’s favorite courtier. Yet it is arguably the centerpiece as both women apply pressure on Sarah’s status. It’s also the position Hollywood would traditionally enjoy most, as she reflects the golden star who’s winning streak is threatened by a new ingénue, a la Anne Baxter in All About Eve. Still, Abigail is hardly a villain. Much of the first half of the film is viewed from her perspective, as she gets the lay of the land at court, and then starts making her moves. In a lesser period piece, those power plays would be seen as even a moment of heroic triumph, but in this film, Stone laughs at the idea of Abigail as a heroine.

“She’s no Joan of Arc,” Stone deadpans about her character. “She’s using any means necessary to survive. I think she’s a heroine unto herself for sure… But the protagonist [aspect] is hard, because you see the development of all three stories in a pretty equal way.” Stone even invites the All About Eve comparisons between her character and the eponymous Eve. “Near the end, some pretty irredeemable things, I think, start to occur.”

This also plays into how Weisz succinctly sums up all three central characters in the film: “vulnerable and cruel and sadistic and manipulative and bitchy.”

further reading: The Favourite Review

How Lanthimos’ grandiose compositions, and McNamara’s prose, contrast these three women’s journeys and sensibilities is what makes The Favourite a sardonic delight and one of the year’s best films. It is also what reveals the limitations of when film journalism and film culture reduce all works of art to the dated parameters of an institution nearing its centennial.

By virtue of political opportunity, Fox Searchlight is going to have to make some prudent decisions about which star they place in the Best Actress category and which they campaign for a Best Supporting statuette in, as two or three nominations in one category will inevitably cancel each other out (or turn off nominating Academy voters during the ballot process). Just ask All About Eve, which ran Baxter and Bette Davis in “Lead Actress,” where both shockingly went home empty-handed. Further still, choices like whether to run Stone in a category she won an Oscar for two years ago or in Supporting will have as much to do with who goes where as matters of screen time. But the reductive nature of this horse race becoming the focal point to The Favourite's target audience not only fails to celebrate films that land outside the box of Academy tastes, as fluctuating as those might be, but even deprives much of film criticism to freely evaluate cinema on its own terms.

Colman, Stone, and Weisz all provide awards-worthy performances and should all be recognized, but the obsession with who gets what award or is placed in which category risks robbing The Favourite of ruling on its own terms. It is a film about women who do not play by the rules of the patriarchy, yet much of cinema culture is all too eager to place them back inside that box.

David Crow is the Film Section Editor at Den of Geek. He’s also a member of the Online Film Critics Society. Read more of his work here. You can follow him on Twitter @DCrowsNest.

Overactive immune system ‘may trigger ME-like symptoms’ – BBC News

Overactive immune system 'may trigger ME-like symptoms'  BBC News

An overactive immune system may help explain the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, scientists from King's College London have suggested. Many sufferers of ...

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28 Amusing Memes That’ll Make Your Day Significantly Better

You Make Father Proud

Thor’s Most Evil Prank

David Eason stabs himself playing knife game, retracts anti-authority threats after being blocked from Instagram

Senate report details Russia’s online meddling in 2016 election

Brazil police say celebrity faith healer has turned himself in – NBC News

Brazil police say celebrity faith healer has turned himself in  NBC News

Celebrity faith healer Joao Teixeira de Faria, accused of sexually abusing more than 300 women, turned himself in to Brazilian authorities on Sunday.

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Bathroom Peace Disrupted

J. Jonah Jameson, This is Your Life! Next Week’s Amazing Spider-Man #12

Disney fires actor after police say he tried to meet a 13-year-old for sex – CNN

Disney fires actor after police say he tried to meet a 13-year-old for sex  CNN

Stoney Westmoreland has been released from his recurring role on the Disney Channel show "Andi Mack" after being arrested by police in Salt Lake City, ...

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Disney fires actor after police say he tried to meet a 13-year-old for sex – CNN

  1. Disney fires actor after police say he tried to meet a 13-year-old for sex  CNN
  2. Disney actor Stoney Westmoreland fired after arrest for allegedly trying to lure minor for sex  Fox News
  3. 'Andi Mack' actor Stoney Westmoreland fired by Disney after allegedly trying to meet 13-year-old for sex  WLS-TV
  4. 'Andi Mack' actor Stoney Westmoreland fired by Disney after arrest  WTVD-TV
  5. Disney fires ‘Andi Mack’ actor after police say he tried to meet a 13-year-old for sex  WITI FOX 6 Milwaukee
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Study finds chronic fatigue clues in overactive immune response – Channel NewsAsia

  1. Study finds chronic fatigue clues in overactive immune response  Channel NewsAsia
  2. Chronic fatigue condition Is caused by an over-active immune system, study claims  Daily Mail
  3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may be triggered by hyperactive immune system, study suggests
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Just Another Day In Class

Dems, White House refuse to budge over border wall as Friday shutdown looms – Fox News

  1. Dems, White House refuse to budge over border wall as Friday shutdown looms  Fox News
  2. Stephen Miller says Trump “absolutely” would shut down the government
  3. Schumer: Trump's 'temper tantrum' over wall funding is leading to shutdown  NBC News
  4. Stephen Miller: WH 'absolutely' will shut down government to get border wall  CNN
  5. White House, Democrats dig in as fears of partial shutdown intensify  The Washington Post
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Clone Drone Problems in Next Week’s Life of Captain Marvel #3

The strategic retconning of Captain Marvel’s past, presumably to bring things more in line with the upcoming movie, rolls on in next week’s issue of Life of Captain Marvel. This is the final issue, so things should be well in place for the series relaunch coming on January 2nd from Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero. But before we can get to a place of perfect cross-branded marketing synergy with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s just one more obstacle for Carol to overcome: clone drones.

Yeah, you heard us correctly. Clone drones.

Should Marvel have gone the more obvious route and just called this mini-series the Clone Drone Saga? That’s definitely what we would have went with.

Life of Captain Marvel concludes next Wednesday. Check out a preview below.

Life of Captain Marvel #5 (of 5)
(W) Margaret Stohl (A) Carlos Pacheco, Marguerite Sauvage (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco
Carol Danvers believed she was alone in this world, the product of a chance encounter combined with a lifetime of heroism. But her destiny runs far deeper than she’d dreamed. Now a bloodthirsty Kree soldier is at her doorstep – but will she face this final challenge alone?
Rated T+
In Shops: Dec 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



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15 Deliciously Dank Memes With The Edge You Crave

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Share First Photo of Baby!

What a year it's been for Ryan Edwards, huh?

He's done a whole lot of things -- most of them were real, real bad.

Mackenzie Standifer with Ryan Edwards

He's been arrested twice, once for violating probation by failing a drug test and once for violating probation by driving 35 MPH over the speed limit.

He spent a handful of days in jail, and three whole months in rehab!

Another big thing was when Maci Bookout had to get a restraining order against him for her and her family after he threatened to murder her husband.

So yeah, bad things, right?

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot (New)

Despite all of that, there was one very big, very good moment for Ryan this year.

He welcomed a brand new baby boy!

Yep, in October, Mackenzie Standifer gave birth to their first child together, a boy they named Jagger Ryan Edwards.

Well, she named him that, anyway -- he was still in rehab at the time.

Mackenzie Standifer with Baby

Besides Jagger, they have Hudson, Mackenzie's son from her first marriage, and of course there's Bentley, the son Ryan shares with Maci.

What a lovely little family, right?

Or at least we imagine they are -- Mackenzie refuses to show off her new baby on social media, or on Teen Mom OG.

It makes sense, really.

Mackenzie Standifer Baby Pic... Sort Of

After all, Ryan does attract a whole lot of hate, and Mackenzie herself receives even more.

They've been the big Teen Mom OG villains for a long time now, and though attention is beginning to shift to Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's marriage problems ...

Well, plenty of fans still have a whole mess of feelings about the Edwards.

If Mackenzie had posted pictures of little Jagger, then unfortunately, there's a decent chance she would have gotten negative comments about him, just because people don't like his parents.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Selfie

People can be awful like that.

She's said that she'll "probably never" show him off to the world, and honestly, it's understandable.

But luckily for us, she's reconsidered things!

Yep, today Mackenzie was kind enough to share a Christmas photo of her little family, minus Bentley:

Ryan Edwards and Family

And just look at that cute little baby!!!

Hudson is adorable too, as always, and Mackenzie looks phenomenal, especially for giving birth just a couple of months ago.

As for Ryan, well, remember a few days ago when we heard a report about how he's been seeming so happy and healthy these days?

He certainly looks like it in this photo!

Jagger Edwards

His smile looks genuine, and although it looks like he couldn't manage to spit out his dip for the Christmas card shoot, at least he doesn't look high here.

Hopefully he's finally come around to raising a baby with Mackenzie and there won't be any of the "call me when he's three" talk like there was at the beginning of the pregnancy.

Really, we just hope that things are as good as they possibly can be in the Edwards home.

And oh, what a Christmas miracle that would be!

The 90s, What A Wonderful Time To Be Alive

Chronic fatigue condition Is caused by an over-active immune system, study claims – Daily Mail

Chronic fatigue condition Is caused by an over-active immune system, study claims  Daily Mail

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a real condition caused by an over-active immune system, a study claims. The condition, known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or ...

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New EU referendum would break faith with Britons, May to warn MPs – BBC News

  1. New EU referendum would break faith with Britons, May to warn MPs  BBC News
  2. May Attacks Second Brexit Referendum Plan as a Breach of Trust  Bloomberg
  3. Theresa May condemns Tony Blair's new Brexit vote call  BBC News
  4. The Observer view on why the only sensible option for Britain is a second vote  The Guardian
  5. Brexit pressure rises, but UK government says no to second vote  Reuters Canada
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Japan restaurant explosion: Dozens injured in Sapporo’s Toyohira district today – CBS News

  1. Japan restaurant explosion: Dozens injured in Sapporo's Toyohira district today  CBS News
  2. Japan: huge flames and smoke after explosion at restaurant  Guardian News
  3. Explosion at restaurant in Japan injures more than 40, officials say  Fox News
  4. Explosion near pub in Sapporo, Japan injures dozens  CNN
  5. Suspected gas explosion destroys eatery in Japan, hurts 42  Yahoo News
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Unexpected Cat Photobomb

UCF seniors eager to close magical run with one more big win in Fiesta Bowl – Orlando Sentinel

UCF seniors eager to close magical run with one more big win in Fiesta Bowl  Orlando Sentinel

The UCF football team's 22 seniors are driven to beat LSU in the Fiesta Bowl, joining Nebraska as the only program to ever complete two consecutive ...

Teen tells climate negotiators they aren’t mature enough – CNN

  1. Teen tells climate negotiators they aren't mature enough  CNN
  2. Teen activist says leaders not ‘mature enough’ to take action on climate change  The Washington Post
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TITANS Season Finale Promo Stills & Synopsis May Reveal Why Batman Goes Bad – SPOILERS

DC fans were shocked to learn that the season finale of Titans would see Dick Grayson going up against a homicidal Dark Knight, but these promo images and synopsis seemingly reveal what's really going on.

Where’s the Other Side of the Climate Change Debate in Next Week’s Defenders: The Best Defense?

Virtual reality gaming and the pursuit of “flow state”

You need to stop procrastinating. Maybe it’s time for some…

Bulletproof Coffee, Modafinil, nootropics, microdoses of acid, caffeine from coffee, caffeine from bracelets, aromatherapy, noise-canceling headphones, meditation, custom co-working spaces, or productivity apps?

Whatever your choice, workers today (especially in the tech industry) will do just about anything to be more productive.

What we seek is that elusive, perfect focus or flow state. According to researchers, someone in flow will experience a lack of sense of self, a decline in fear, and time distortion. It is peak performance coupled with a euphoric high. All your happy neurotransmitters fire, and your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex performs differently –you do not second guess yourself, you quite simply just flow into the next stages of the activity at hand. And you happen to be performing at the highest level possible. Sounds amazing, right?

But how do we invite this state in? A detailed piece in Fast Company outlines how extreme sports (professional surfing, steep incline skiing, skydiving etc.) are the quickest way we’ve found to tap into human flow. Yet, these hobbies are just that — extreme. They require a large amount of skill and can be dangerous. For example, Steven Kotler, a pioneer in flow state research, broke almost 100 bones as a journalist researching the topic.

It all leads back to our collective (and very American) obsession with input versus output –are we achieving the most possible with the energy we put in? For all the bells and whistles at our disposal, we as a society are steadily declining in productivity as time goes on.

In 2014, a Gallup Poll found that the average American worker only spends a depressing 5% of their day in flow. A 2016 Atlantic article hypothesized that the main reason that we’re decreasing in productivity as a workforce is that we’re not introducing new technologies quickly enough. Tech like robotics and smartphones could add a productivity push, but aren’t being integrated into the workplace. Business models are for the large part not that different from 10 years ago. In essence, we’re bored — we’re not being challenged in an engaging way, so we’re working harder than ever but achieving less.

But what if getting into flow state could be as easy as playing a video game?

Gameplay in RaveRunner

I first met Job Stauffer, Co-Founder and CCO at Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment when I was, in fact, procrastinating from work. I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a clip of Job playing RaveRunner. As I love rhythm games, I immediately requested a build. Yet, I’d soon learn that this wasn’t just a simple VR experience.

RaveRunner was built for Vive, but easily ran on my Rift. When I first stepped into the game, I felt a bit overwhelmed — there was a lot of dark empty space; almost like something out of TRON. It was a little scary, which is actually very helpful for entering flow state. However, my fear soon dissipated as before me was a transparent yellow lady (Job calls her “Goldie”) dancing with the beat — providing a moving demo for gameplay. Unlike the hacking nature of Beat Saber where you smash blocks with lightsabers, in WaveRunner you touch blue and orange glowing circles with your controllers, and move your whole body to the rhythm of the music.

There’s a softer, feminine touch to WaveRunner, and it wasn’t just Goldie. Behind the design of this game is a woman, Ashley Cooper, who is the developer responsible for the gameplay mechanics that can help a player attain flow. “Being in the flow state is incredibly rewarding and we strive to help people reach it by creating experiences like RaveRunner,” says Cooper. RaveRunner is a game you can get lost in, and by stimulating so many senses it allows you to let your higher level thoughts slip away — you become purely reactionary and non-judgemental.

In essence — flow.

After playing in this world for an hour, I called Job and learned more about his company. Apart from RaveRunner, Orpheus has also rolled out two other experiences — MicrodoseVR and SoundSelf. I got my first hands-on demo of all three products in one sitting at a cannabis technology event in Los Angeles, Grassfed LA. Grassfed is specifically geared towards higher brow, hip tech enthusiasts; and the Orpheus suite of products fit right in.

As I lay in a dome with meditative lighting; a subwoofer purring below me; SoundSelf gave me one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had in VR. I chanted into a microphone and my voice directly influenced the visuals before me. It felt like my spirit, the God particle, whatever you want to call it, was being stimulated from all these sensations. It was such a beautiful experience, but also was pure flow. I felt 2 minutes pass in the experience. I would have bet a hundred dollars on this. But I was inside for 10. Time didn’t make sense — a key indicator of flow state.

Next up was Microdose VR. I first tried Microdose VR in 2016 at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Esalen is the birthplace of the human potential movement, and so it was fitting that it was there, where I initially grasped the potential of VR for transformational experiences. Every other experience I had tried up to that point had been First Person Shooters or 360-video marketing pieces. And not to slight those experiences, but I felt that VR must be able to do MORE. Android Jones’ Microdose blew my mind. Like with SoundSelf, I completely lost track of time. I was directly impacting visuals with my body movements, and sound was a big factor as well. It was the first time I could easily imagine staying in VR for hours. Most of all, it was an experience that was only possible within VR. The game was the biggest euphoric rush I’ve felt in VR, and that feeling occurred again at this event.

We have the power as consumers to play games that tie in intrinsically with self care but often don’t have options available. Job was propelled down this path when he asked himself “if I invest one hour of my time per day into playing a video game, what will I personally gain from that time invested, and will I even have time left over to do genuinely good things for myself?”

Orpheus is pioneering the fusion of game design with traditional self-care practices like meditation, dance/exercise, listening to music and creating art: “In short, we simply want players to feel amazing and have zero regrets about their time spent playing our games, allowing them to walk away knowing they have leveled up themselves, instead of their in-game avatars alone.”

One thing that will make it easier for people to try these experiences are portable headsets such as the ViveFocus and the Oculus Quest. Being untethered will allow people to travel with VR wherever they may go. Job sees this fundamental shift right ahead of us, as “video games and self-care are about to become one in the same. A paradigm shift. This is why all immersive Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment projects will be engineered for this critically important wave of VR.”

Orpheus is not a VR-only company, although their first three experiences are indeed for VR. As they expand, they hope to open up to a variety of types of immersive experiences, and are continually looking for projects that align with their holistic mission.

At the end of the day, I love that Orpheus is attempting to tap into a part of the market that so desperately needs their attention. If we don’t make self-care a major part of VR today, then we’ll continue to use VR as a distraction from, as opposed as a tool to enhance, our daily lives.

As for me, along with the peppermint tea, grapefruit candle, and music that make my focus possible, I’ll now be adding some Orpheus games into my flow repertoire.

Disney Channel Actor Arrested For Allegedly Enticing Minor Fired

12/16 -- Disney has fired Stoney Westmoreland two days after he was arrested for trying to entice a minor into sex. In a statement, Disney says ... "Given the nature of the charges and our responsibility for the welfare of employed minors, we have…

NFL Week 15 Grades: Cowboys, Giants get an ‘F’ for their ugly shutout losses, Steelers earn ‘B+’ – CBS Sports

  1. NFL Week 15 Grades: Cowboys, Giants get an 'F' for their ugly shutout losses, Steelers earn 'B+'  CBS Sports
  2. NFL playoff picture: Clinching scenarios for Week 15  Sporting News
  3. Bengals eliminated from NFL playoffs 2018  Cincy Jungle
  4. Steelers get must-win over Patriots; Bears wrap up NFC North; Colts shut out Cowboys  The Washington Post
  5. The Latest: Bears player proposes after playoff clincher  Yahoo Sports
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Patriots are hanging on to their ‘glory days’ – Ryan Clark | SportsCenter – ESPN

  1. Patriots are hanging on to their 'glory days' - Ryan Clark | SportsCenter  ESPN
  2. Joe Haden's late red-zone interception of Tom Brady helps secure huge Steelers win over Patriots  Yahoo Sports
  3. Patriots vs. Steelers Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018  NFL
  4. Patriots Lose To Steelers, Drop To No. 3 Seed In AFC  CBS Boston
  5. Self-inflicted wounds hurt Patriots in loss to Steelers - New England Patriots Blog- ESPN  ESPN
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Typical Snow Days

Simon Cowell Wears Transformers Mask On Jet Ski Ride With Son Eric – See The Photos

Simon Cowell is known as one of the toughest men in music.

But when it comes to his son Eric he is a big kid at heart too.

The latest evidence came as he enjoyed a winter break with Eric, 4, and his partner Lauren Silverman.

The X Factor boss, 59, wore a Bumblebee Transformers mask, to go on a jet-ski ride with his little boy.

Each Christmas Cowell escapes to Barbados to have some fun in the sun.

And his mini-me son also rocked a matching mask as the pair took to the high seas on his jet ski.

Eric wore a leader Autobots Optimus Prime mask as the pair was both helped on to their jet ski

The father and son were all smiles as they took to the warm waters as the crowds were oblivious to the famous mogul in their midst.

For more details – click through the images.

Driving Audi’s beautiful E-Tron GT concept car

You Guys Warm Yet?

Experience Baba Von Doom’s Thrice-Baked Potatoes in Next Week’s Runaways #16

Sean Shelby’s Shoes: What’s next for Al Iaquinta, UFC on FOX 31’s other winning fighters? – MMAjunkie

  1. Sean Shelby's Shoes: What's next for Al Iaquinta, UFC on FOX 31's other winning fighters?  MMAjunkie
  2. Dana White: Edson Barboza vs. Dan Hooker ‘should have been stopped earlier’  MMA Fighting
  3. Al Iaquinta speaks after defeating Kevin Lee | INTERVIEW | UFC on FOX  UFC ON FOX
  4. Kevin Lee Is ‘Devastated & Embarrassed’ Following Second Loss To Al Iaquinta  MMA News
  5. Fight Night Milwaukee: Al Iaquinta and Kevin Lee Octagon Interviews  UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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19 Goofy Comics That’ll Make Your Responsibilities Disappear

Funny comics.

These ain't your parents' comics! 

Submitted by:

Best Christmas Prank Ever

Ukraine Moves To Form A Unified Orthodox Church Independent From Russia – NPR

  1. Ukraine Moves To Form A Unified Orthodox Church Independent From Russia  NPR
  2. New Ukrainian Orthodox leader gives 1st liturgy, urges unity  Fox News
  3. Amid Russia Tensions, Ukraine Moves Toward Separate Church  The New York Times
  4. Russia is trying to undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty | TheHill  The Hill
  5. New Ukrainian Church Marks a Victory for President, Setback for Moscow  The Wall Street Journal
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Dream House! Nate Berkus Lists Hancock Park Home for $13.8 Million ­– See Photos

Home makeover guru Nate Berkus is selling his stunning Hancock Park home for $13.8 million.

Berkus and his husband Jeremiah Brent have spent a fortune renovating the Los Angeles Spanish Colonial property that they share with their daughter Poppy.

The beautiful home appeared in Architectural Digest after it was photographed by Douglas Friedman.

Berkus and Brent paid $8.185 million for the property, so, they are looking to make a healthy profit upon its sale.

Measuring in at 8,477 square feet, the house, which was built in 1928 by prolific Los Angeles builder Edwin S. Rowley.

Popular Berkus, 47, gained fame for his home makeovers on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

He previously hosted the home improvement competition series American Dream Builders and was an executive producer on the film ‘The Help’.

His husband Brent, 34, previously hosted the Emmy-winning series Home Made Simple.

He is a frequent guest on the Rachael Ray show and has also appeared on Trading Spaces and The View.

For more details on their beautiful home click through the images.

Startup now worth more than $1B seeks incentives, is moving headquarters to Memphis – USA TODAY

Startup now worth more than $1B seeks incentives, is moving headquarters to Memphis  USA TODAY

Indigo Ag plans to open its North American headquarters in Memphis. Its 700 jobs will average $90000 where per capita income is less than $24000.

Emily Blackwell Busty Underboob In Gorgeous Bikini Candids

Boy, oh boy, can I sympathize with Emily Blackwell. I mean, not about my boobs falling out the bottom of my top, but there was an occasion when I accidentally bought some boxer briefs that were just a little too small. I do not know what kind of elastic they were using for the leg holes, but it definitely needed an upgrade.

My boys were dangling like they were spelunking in Mexico. If only they were able to come back with an exciting story, as well, instead of just making me constantly grab my junk all day. That is not how you want to make your first impression at a new job, I can tell you that much. I’m still getting called Hands.

At least in my case there are no pictures documenting the event. My memories are vivid enough, I do not need that thrown on top of them as evidence. It does not seem to be bothering Emily that much, though. I wonder why that is? Her boobs must be less sensitive than the average ballsack. She might not even be aware that that happened at all.



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA 

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Morgan Le Fay Shows a Clear Lack of Gratitude in Weapon H #11

Offset Masks His Face in Diamonds at Birthday Party After Ambushing Cardi B

Offset kept the party going after crashing Cardi B's set with a second birthday bash for himself, where he covered up his face ... but not in shame or anything. Quite the opposite.  After ambushing Cardi's Rolling Loud set Saturday and begging…

Trump attacks NBC, ‘Saturday Night Live’: ‘Can’t be legal,’ suggests court test –

Trump attacks NBC, ‘Saturday Night Live’: ‘Can’t be legal,’ suggests court test

In this Dec. 13, 2018, photo, President Donald Trump listens during a meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington. Trump is criticizing ...

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CBS launches streaming-only news service for New York City

New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation’s scale and sweep – Salt Lake Tribune

  1. New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation's scale and sweep  Salt Lake Tribune
  2. Russia’s Pro-Trump Disinformation Campaign Used Every Major Social Media Platform  Slate
  3. New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation’s scale and sweep  The Washington Post
  4. New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation's scale and sweep  Los Angeles Times
  5. U.S. Senate report to detail extent of Russian election meddling: Washington Post  Reuters
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Samantha Markle Slams Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Over Christmas Card – E! NEWS

  1. Samantha Markle Slams Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Over Christmas Card  E! NEWS
  2. Prince Harry Is Reportedly Opting Out of a Royal Christmas Tradition Because of Meghan Markle
  3. Samantha Markle says Meghan is 'turning her back on family' in Christmas card  Page Six
  4. Prince Harry will snub traditional Royal Family Boxing Day shoot to avoid upsetting Meghan  Daily Mail
  5. Queen Elizabeth Is Reportedly Planning to Hand Over Some of Her Royal Duties to Meghan Markle
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SNL cold open: Watch the sketch that enraged Donald Trump. – Slate

SNL cold open: Watch the sketch that enraged Donald Trump.  Slate

President Donald Trump is having a normal one. On Sunday morning, he mused that perhaps the people behind Saturday Night Live should be sued or ...

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Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Mowgli’ offers a darker take on Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’

At first, “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle” might seem like an afterthought — or maybe a failed exercise in franchise-building.

This new take on the story of Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book” comes just two years after Disney’s version made nearly a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Plus, it seemed a little strange for director Andy Serkis to say he’d respect the “darkness” of the source material — this is, after all, a talking animal story. And Warner Bros’ last-minute decision to sell “Mowgli” to Netflix didn’t exactly suggest that it had much confidence in the film.

But as we argue in the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, “Mowgli” is actually a lot more interesting than the Disney film. It certainly has its flaws, including a rushed ending, but the increased darkness and maturity is surprisingly effective, giving real excitement and suspense to the action.

And thanks to Serkis’ background in performance capture (he played Gollum in Lord of the Rings and Caesar in the new Planet of the Apes films), the animals turn out to be the real highlight. Each of them seems to be animated by their actor’s personality — for example, Benedict Cumberbatch brings a sense of sly menace to the tiger Shere Khan — and the relationship between Mowgli (Rohan Chand) and Bagheera (Christian Bale) ends up being the heart of the movie.

Before our review, we also cover the latest streaming headlines, namely casting details for “The Mandalorian” and growth at Facebook Watch.

You can listen in the player below, subscribe using Apple Podcasts or find us in your podcast player of choice. If you like the show, please let us know by leaving a review on Apple. You also can send us feedback directly. (Or suggest shows and movies for us to review!)

Those Mullets Were Fire

Looking Good! Stylish & Solo Jennifer Garner Heads To Church – See The Photos

Solo Jennifer Garner Heads To Church

Jennifer Garner looked her stylish best as she headed to church today.

The ‘Pearl Harbor’ actress was spotted going solo to the service without her kids or her former husband Ben Affleck.

Garner has started a new romance with businessman John Miller following the demise of her 13-year marriage to Affleck back in October.

The pair are also determined to keep co-parenting their three children – Violet, 13, Seraphina, nine, and Samuel, six – as ‘seamlessly’ as possible.

They are regularly seen at church together or with their kids and the actress infamously even clutched a bible during an intervention that resulted in Affleck heading to rehab.

It was recently announced that Garner will re-unite with director J.J. Abrams on a 2019 limited series ‘My Glory Was I Had Such Friends’ for streaming service, Apple TV.

The actress is excited about the project as she previously worked with him on ‘Alias’.

Meanwhile, Affleck has been spotted working on his latest movie project ‘Torrance’ as he looks to get his life back on track.

He completed a 40-day stint in rehab for alcohol addiction after Garner staged an intervention and drove him to the treatment center with a friend.

For more details on her latest visit to church click through the images.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for Geeks

The holiday season is here, and with it, the anxiety that comes with finding the perfect Christmas gift for your geeky friends.

Star Wars Christmas
Feature Chris Cummins
Dec 16, 2018

We've searched far and wide to bring you the best shopping recommendations! Just a note: Den of Geek may receive a small commission from links on this page. Prices & stockage are accurate as of time of publication. 

Are you doing last minute online Christmas shopping? Is it finally time to start figuring out who we have to shop for and what to possibly get them? Shopping for a nerdy friend can be a daunting task indeed. So if the thought of Ho-Ho-Ho! has you saying "No! No! No!" we can't blame you.

But it doesn't have to be that way. What if there was a guide to gifts, a gift guide if you will, that could make it easy to find the perfect present for anyone on your list? Relax, your friends at Den of Geek have got this.

Here's our 2018 run-down of what nerd-centric items will bring a smile to the face of anyone in your life. Click the links to get taken to where you can buy them. We've saved you a whole bunch of trouble!

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy

Every year is a year to celebrate Star Wars, and 2018 is no different. Delight the Star Wars geek in your life with this beautifully-illustrated book featuring 75 profiles of some of the women from the Star Wars universe, including the films, fiction, comics, animation, and games. Characters featured include: Leia Organa, Rey, Ahsoka Tano, Iden Versio, Jyn Erso, Rose Tico, and Maz Kanata.

Each profile includes key story beats, fresh insights, and behind-the-scenes details, which means this is not only good for the Star Wars fan who knows everything about this universe, but for the more casual fan looking to get into the world or even for a future Star Wars fan you are cunningly trying to convert so you can nerd out about Star Wars together. You're welcome.

Buy Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy

The Making of Planet of the Apes

Well they did it. They finally did it. No, not blow up the Earth (yet!), but rather Harper Collins has released the definitive book chronicling the creation of one of the best-loved science fiction films of all-time. Written by J.W. Rinzler (whose behind-the-scenes chronicles of the original Star Wars trilogy should earn a place on every self-respecting nerd's bookshelf) The Making of Planet of the Apes charts the difficulties 20th Century Fox had in translating Pierre Boulle's 1963 novel to the big screen and into pop culture infamy through an insanely researched volume that is just as compelling as the feature itself. Our fingers are crossed for future volumes chronicling the saga's various sequels.

Buy The Making of Planet of the Apes

Spider-Man Classics Face of Venom Hoodie

For an evil symbiote from outer space, Venom is doing alright for himself. The brain-munching anti-hero had box office success far beyond anyone's dreams, and now he gets to be front and center on this stunning hoodie. Complete with front pocket, this long-sleeve hooded sweatshirt is a 10oz. cotton-poly blend with a 100% cotton face, meaning that it is both comfortable and be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. And no, it won't try to take over your body either. Sorry.

Buy the Spider-Man Classics Face of Venom Hoodie

The Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide for the World's Most Adventurous Kid

We all know that holiday gift-giving tends to be all about the kids in your life. This explorer's guide featuring profiles on countries all around the world is the perfect gift for the child in your life who nerds out about geography and cultures. (We all know one... many of us have been one.)

Billed as "a thrilling expedition to 100 of the most surprising, mysterious, and weird-but-true places on earth," The Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide for the World's Most Adventurous Kid takes its readers to a 355-foot waterfall in Zambia, to Antarctica's Blood Falls, and through ice caves in Argentina and Austria. You might not be able to actually zipline with your kid through rainforests, but this book is the next best thing until you do get there.

Buy The Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide for the World's Most Adventurous Kid

The League of Regrettable Sidekicks

Look, not everyone can be a Robin or Jimmy Olsen. With that in mind comes Jon Morris' The League of Regrettable Sidekicks. Following up his previous works (The League of Regrettable Superheroes and The League of Regrettable Supervillains), this time around Morris sets his comedic sights on second and third tier associates like Thor's pal Volstagg the Voluminous and Little Archie's off-abused pal Little Ambrose. While most of these characters are lovable -- if downright forgotten -- would-be assistants, others are absolute oddballs like Plastic Man's trouble-prone pal Woozy Winks who are captivating footnotes in comic book history.

Buy The League of Regrettable Sidekicks

Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down

If you're anything like everyone else on the planet, then you're desperately awaiting the arrival of more Stranger Things content. This book is not a new season, but it's still pretty darn awesome. The official behind-the-scenes companion to the Netflix show's first two seasons, it includes concept art, original commentary from Matt and Ross Duffer, interviews with the cast, and some of the earliest pitches and story drafts from the show's start. 

The kicker? It's all delivered in the form of a "used" book, which means the book itself is distressed to look like it has been around for awhile. This may strike you as the most millennial thing yet, but, for me, it makes the book not only a fascinating deep dive into this iconic show, but also a physical object that adds to your bookshelf, coffee table, or wherever else you (or your present-receiver) may want to lay this thing down and wait for friends to excitedly discover it. Oh yeah, and it includes some sneak peaks into season three!

Buy Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down 

Black Panther Wakandan Warriors Graffiti Fabric

Often times the best gifts are the ones we make ourselves for others. If the Venn diagram of your life includes some overlap between Black Panther and DIY crafting, we recommend you checking out this eye-catching fabric featuring everyone's favorite Wakandan warriors. No, it's not made of vibranium, but rather 100% cotton -- making this fabric perfect for use in quilting, appliqué, and crafts projects. (Available from the Zazzle website in various widths and sizes). Wakanda, and crafting, forever!

Buy Black Panther Wakandan Warriors Graffiti Fabric

Black Panther Panther Head Typography Graphic T-Shirt

Whoa! This 100% cotton T-shirt available in men's sizes from small to 4X features a stylized Black Panther logo that itself looks like a warrior cat. Black Panther was one of the year's best films overall -- and easily one of the greatest comic book movies ever made -- this T-shirt is a way for show to show your love for Wakanda wherever you may roam.

Buy the Black Panther Panther Head Typography Graphic T-Shirt

The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine

Be seeing you! Earlier this year, Titan did comic fans and cult TV obsessives a solid by publishing an artist's edition of a failed attempt by Marvel to bring The Prisoner to comic books in the 1970s that featured art by Jack Kirby and Gil Kane. It was a fascinating experiment, and one we wish had come to fruition. Eventually the series -- ostensibly about a secret agent who resigns and subsequently finds himself in the mysterious Village, although it explores much bigger issue -- was given a DC Comics sequel as 1988's The Prisoner: Shattered Visage mini-series. While by no means a failure, the book largely ignored the show's bonkers finale and thus wasn't fully satisfying. The same can't be said of Titan Comics' current The Prisoner series, an audacious contemporary take on the story that succeeds in all the ways that the regrettable AMC remake of a few years back failed. The first four issues of writer Peter Milligan and artist Colin Lorimer new take on the saga are collected in The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine. Having the thankless task of trying to put their own stamp on Patrick McGoohan's allegorical tale, the duo offers up a story rich with interesting new characters and the sort of mindfucks you'd come to expect from The Prisoner. In other words, it's great stuff.

Buy The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine

The Phantom of Eternia

For the past decade, a performer in Philadelphia named Carmen Martella III has been hosting a monthly karaoke night/comedy show. While this seems like a fairly ordinary occurance, there is a deliciously nerdy catch--he does so in the guise of an over-the-top spoof of Skeletor. This leads to such madcap fun as the performances being more Gong Show then anything (for example, attempting to sing "My Way" will earn you an instant booting off the stage). Adding to the insanity, 'Skeletor' peppers each event with his own custom song parodies, such as an evil take on Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison" in which he sings the praises of, well, poisioning the audience. One Skeletor Karaoke devotee is Kelly Phillips. Part of the all-girl comic art anthology collective Dirty Diamonds, Phillips is a bona-fide nerd whose Weird Me explores her Weird Al Yankovic fandom. In The Phantom of Eternia, she presents a compelling story about friendship and singing terrible songs in public that will forever change the way you think about both karaoke and Masters of the Universe.

Buy The Phantom of Eternia 

Worlds Seen in Passing: Ten Years of Short Fiction celebrates its tenth anniversary with this anthology of science fiction, fantasy, and horror from its first ten years as one of the go-to places for speculative fiction shorts. Edited by Irene Gallo and including work from some of speculative fiction's most exciting writers, such as N.K. Jemisin, Charlie Jane Anders, Ken Liu, Kameron Hurley, and Jeff VanderMeer (to mention a very few), this is the kind of present that can be savored over the course of many reading sessions. It's the perfect gift for the person in your life who is really up on their speculative fiction or for that literary friend you're trying to get into speculative fiction.

Read Worlds Seen in Passing: Ten Years of Short Fiction 

Buy Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket & Groot Pattern Leggings

Avengers Black Widow Icon Car Floor Mat

Look, unless you have Tony Stark money, chances are you aren't tooling around in a Quinjet. Still, there's no reason why your vehicle can't have some Avengers swagger. Enter this set of front and rear car mats (one of each included) that are made with a polyester surface and a non-skid Durgan backing, and feature Black Widow iconography. Having these in your car won't make you as cool as Natasha, but it's a solid first step...

Buy the Avengers Black Widow Icon Car Floor Mat Set

8Bit Iron Man Attack - Armor Up! Small Messenger Bag

We spent enough time in our youth playing the old Avengers arcade game that we can appreciate a retro-themed messenger bag like the one you see right here. Water resistant, lightweight, and including a quick-adjust shoulder strap, this bag is ideal for your trip to the Avengers Mansion or just to carry your stuff to work. Regardless of where you're going with this, you'll show off your love for both Iron Man and the glory days of 8-bit gaming by carrying this bag around.

Buy the 8Bit Iron Man Attack - Armor Up! Small Messenger Bag

Chilling Adventures in Sorcery

Long before Archie's current horror renaissance, the publisher originally dipped its toes in the genre with the short-lived 1970s comic Chilling Adventures in Sorcery. For the first two issues, the title was narrated by Sabrina the Teenage Witch and featured spooky stories done in the typical house style. From the third issue onwards, the book was issued through Archie's Red Circle imprint, Sabrina was jettisoned, and art was handled by the likes of Gray Morrow. This revamped work was just as compelling as the earlier weirdo dark Archie-style stories, and more than holds its own with classic horror comics like Tales from the Crypt and The Witching Hour. With Chilling Adventures of Sabrina once again stirring a cauldron of interest in spooky Archie tales, this book should be an in-demand item this holiday season...even if Halloween is long gone.

Buy Chilling Adventures in Sorcery

A History of Video Games in 64 Objects

We're getting to a place in the evolution of the video game where its history is valued, which means wonderful potential gifts like this one: A History of Video Games in 64 Objects. Inspired by A History of the World in 100 Objects, this book attempts to chronicle the history of video games so far, from Pong to first-person shooters, as told through the stories of some of the medium's most important objects.

Each object is paired with an in-depth essay outlining its significance in the history of gaming. Objects featured include: The Oregon Trail, the Atari 2600, and a World of Warcraft server blade. If you're based in New York City, pair this gift with a visit to the Museum of the Moving Image's sports video games exhibit. If you're not in New York City, no pairing needed!

Buy A History of Video Games in 64 Objects

The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories, Volume Three

There's all different kinds of nerds out there, and the history nerd is a special variety. This third volume of Christmas ghost stories from the Victorian era is the perfect gift for that person in your life who thinks learning and indulging in cultures past is just the coolest thing ever. Apparently, following the success of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Christmas ghost stories became all the rage in Victorian newspapers and magazines. Some of these stories have never been reprinted since... until now. The collection features 20 stories, and will make any holiday gathering just a little bit creepier.

Buy The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories, Volume Three

The Books of Earthsea: The Complete Illustrated Edition by Ursula K. Leguin

We lost Ursula K. Le Guin, one of the greatest speculative fiction writers of all time, this year, but we didn't lose her stories. Her legacy lives on in the many classics she left behind, including her beloved Earthsea series. Released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of A Wizard of Earthsea's release, this complete illustrated edition of the entire Earthsea chronicles includes over 50 illustrations done by Charles Vess and selected by Le Guin.

In addition to the main books in the series, The Books of Earthsea: The Complete Illustrated Edition includes early short stories, Le Guin's "Earthsea Revisioned" Oxford lecture, and a new Earthsea story. If that wasn't enough, the book also includes a foreword by Le Guin herself. This is the perfect gift for fans of Earthsea and Le Guin or for friends who have yet to venture into this magical world.

Buy The Books of Earthsea: The Illustrated Edition by Ursula K. Leguin 

Marvel Emoji Characters Grid Pattern Yoga Mat

Back in the 1970s, The Mighty Marvel Comics Strength and Fitness Book had everyone from Ghost Rider to J. Jonah Jameson sharing exercise tips. While that book is sadly long out of print, we can't help but feel that its spiritual successor is this yoga mat emblazoned with emojis representing all aspects of life in the Marvel Universe. Staying healthy and being nerdy? That's a win/win right there. Measures 72" x 24", 0.25" thick.

Buy the Marvel Emoji Characters Grid Pattern Yoga Mat

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket & Groot Pattern Leggings

It tickles us to no end that the limb-obsessed Rocket Raccoon is one of two characters (the other being Groot) featured on these Guardians of the Galaxy-themed leggings. Both stylish and super comfy, these custom made leggings are available in women's sizes from XS to XL.

Buy Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket & Groot Pattern Leggings

Magic: The Gathering Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kit (All 5 Decks)

For fans of Magic: The Gathering, this gift is a must have. The Guilds of Ravnica guild kit includes all five kits including Selesnya, Boros, Golgari, Izzet, and Dimir. Each Deck Contains 1 Premium Card, 3 Alternate Art Cards and 1 Pin. Boost your MTG game with this awesome 5-pack!

Grab the decks right here on Amazon.

DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection

Although DC's live-action films have been struggling, everyone seems to overlook how the majority of the company's animated films have been truly great. Yes, there is the occasional clunker like Batman: The Killing Joke (ugh), but have you seen Justice League: The New Frontier or Batman: Year One? These efforts are fantastic adaptations of the source material and entertaining in their own right, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. This expansive 32-disc collector's set features 30 DC animated films, tons of special features, collectible packaging, an adult coloring book, and exclusive coins. Marvel may have the box office tied up, but when it comes to animated films they can't hold a candle to DC these days.

Buy DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection

The James Bond Collection

We hope you'll forgive us for saying so, but this Blu-ray collection of all of the official James Bond films -- from Dr. No to Spectre -- packed with mind-blowing special features has us both shaken AND stirred.

Buy The James Bond Collection

Avengers: Infinity War

Yeah, we fully admit that this one is the most obvious of choices, Avengers: Infinity War. Since you are reading this very website, you know our feelings on this flick. It's definitely a great gift idea, but you just have to make sure whomever you are planning on getting this for doesn't already have it. Because if that person is anything like us, they got this baby the second it hit stores.

Buy Avengers: Infinity War

Doctor Who: Tom Baker Complete Season One

Would you like a jelly baby? This stunning Blu-ray set collects the entire 12th season of Doctor Who...which just so happened to be Tom Baker's first year in the role. Out of the gate, Baker's Doctor is one full of wonder and mischief and he remains a joy to watch all these years later. The five serials that make up this season -- "Robot," "The Ark in Space," "The Sontaran Experiment," "Genesis of the Daleks" (widely considered to be the definitive Classic Who story), and "Revenge of the Cyberman" -- are solid, making this not only a great gift for Whovians, but a perfect entry point into the series for the unitiated as well.

Buy Doctor Who: Tom Baker Complete Season One

Doctor Who: Peter Davison: Complete Season One

Then again, if you prefer your Doctor wearing celery as opposed to excessively large scarfs, Peter Davison's first year as the Timelord may be more to your liking.

Buy Doctor Who: Peter Davison: Complete Season One

The Punisher Painted Skull Logo iPhone XS Max Case

If the action stylings of Frank Castle are more to your liking, might we recommend this Punisher iPhone XS Max case? Featuring the iconic painted Punisher skull logo, this case is as visually strong as it is durable. Slim, lightweight and featuring a glossy finish (and including a design feature that lets you charge your phone without removing the case), this is one gift idea that no one will want to punish you for getting them!

Buy the Punisher Painted Skull Logo iPhone XS Max Case

Kawaii Avengers In Colorful Blocks Barely There iPhone 6 Case

We know that the Avengers are the Earth's mightiest heroes, but if this colorful CaseMate Barely There phone case is anything to go by, they are the most huggable too! As impact resistant as it is cute, this case is compatible with the iPhone 6/6s with 4.7 inch screen.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Special Edition

Don't panic, as the 1981 television version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is finally on Blu-ray. Forget the problematic 2005 film adaptation, this is Douglas Adams' hilarious space saga as it was meant to be seen. Featuring several cast members from the original radio series (including Simon Jones as the bewildered Arthur Dent and a scenery-chewing Mark Wing Davey as Zaphod Beeblebrox) and, for their day, impressive special effects, this six-episode program takes viewers from the destruction of Earth to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and back again. This newly remastered version means that the series has never looked or sounded as good, and the special features from the DVD release -- including a touching tribute to Douglas Adams -- have been ported over alongside new exclusive features. A true intergalactic hitchhiker will always know where his or her towel is, but this Blu-ray shouldn't be far behind either.

Buy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Special Edition

Basket Case

It was a tough call, but our pick for this year's best horror Blu-ray is Basket Case. Director Frank Henenlotter's 1982 low-budget gorefest about two formerly conjoined twins -- one of whom is horribly deformed and lives in the titular basket -- who get revenge against those who performed the operation that separated them has had a fascinating journey in its 36-year-existence. Originally a staple on the New York City midnight movie circuit, the film found a larger audience thanks to VHS rentals and cable TV airings. Due to the film's tongue-in-cheek humor and how it serves as an inadvertent document of a sleazy NYC that no longer exists, recent years have seen Basket Case getting a critical re-evaluation. (Indeed, the stunning 4K restoration featured on this disc was created by the Museum of Modern Art, proof that this film has made the big time). So, what's in the basket? One of the sickest, funniest, and downright lovable horror films ever made.

Buy Basket Case

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

To be perfectly clear: By no means do we think that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is anything more or less than the goofiest entry in this long in the dino tooth franchise. That said, you almost certainly have a relative or an office Pollyanna or some sort of obilgatory holiday bullshit where you are going to require an inexpensive and inoffensive gift. And that's where this Blu-ray comes in. See, everybody's happy. Well, this is 2018, so not really, but you get the idea.

Buy Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Black Panther

We are seriously considering buying like 20 copies of this and giving it to everyone on our shopping list, just because it's that good. Consider this movie the anti-Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a blockbuster with heart, endlessly complex characters,  and social relevance. If the dino-flick is our suggestion for something to buy for people you must shop for, then Black Panther is a film for people in your life that you cherish and want the best for.

Buy Black Panther

Thor: Ragnarok

If anyone is out there grumbling "boy, this guide sure does have a lot of Marvel movies in it," well, then so does life. Just deal. But you know what there's still not nearly enough of in this damaged and dying world of ours? Jeff Motherfucking Goldblum. So you're goddamn right we are going to suggest this flick, which features the man's most hyperkinetic and amazing performance since Vibes, to buy for someone. Hell, we wish there were a Jeff Goldblum cinematic universe, so someone get on that.

Buy Thor: Ragnarok

Soulcalibur VI

We still think that Soulcalibur sounds like the name of a failed Sting musical, yet Bandai's enduring franchise remains one of the hottest titles of this holiday season. This time around, the game returns to the 16th century with ramped up action, characters, of course the inventive fighting moves that the series is known for.

Buy Soulcalibur VI

Lego DC Super Villains

Seeing how we live in an age where the bad guys always win, you might as well have some fun with it. That's the unspoken subtext of Lego DC Super Villains, a multi-platform game that puts The Joker, Darkseid, et al front and center. With both a story mode and an open world mode, the title allows players to create their own villainous character to frolic in the enthralling playground that is the DC Legoverse.

Buy Lego DC Super Villains

Just Dance 2019

The popular dancing game features contemporary hits from artists like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B, and G.G. Allin. Okay, we're lying about the last one. Nevertheless, this is the sort of video game that encourges movement, teaches rhythm and lets you exercise while having fun. Includes a free one-month trial to Just Dance Unlimited, which gives players access to more than 400 songs.

Buy Just Dance 2019

DC Primal Age Batman

From the Things We Didn't Realize We Needed In Our Lives department comes Funko's DC Primal Age line. Mixing DC heroes and villains with a Masters of the Universe aesthetic is such an inspired idea, we are shocked that these haven't hit the market sooner. The line also includes stylized takes on Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Scarecrow, King Shark, Mr. Freeze, and the Joker. (There are DC Primal versions of Ace the Bathound and the Batcave as well). Nostalgia run amuck or genius toy design. A little of both really, not that anyone is complaining!

Buy DC Primal Age Batman

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Spin Vision Spider-Ham

As of this writing, we still don't know very much about Into the Spider Verse other than that it looks spectacular, pun intended. There's a lot about Sony's CGI take on the Miles Morales Spidey saga that we are interested in, but the hardcore Marvel nerd deep within us is freaking out about the fact that Spider-Ham is in this film. The porcine parody originally appeared in his own title back in Marvel's Star Comics line of kids books in the 1980s. While most of the Star characters have been lost to time (Planet Terry anyone?), Peter Porker AKA Spider-Ham has managed to reappear from time to time in the mainstream Marvel continuity. He also will be appearing in the new film voiced by none other than John Mulaney. Best of all, he gets his own toy which allows you to poke his ear to change his facial expression -- which brings astonishment to our goofy mugs.

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Riverdale Monopoly

There is a Riverdale-branded version of Monopoly. One of the game pieces is Cheryl Blossom's "iconic" spider broach. We are dead now.

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It's actually unfair how fun Catan is. It's a friendship-destroying kind of fun, really. Grab this tabletop game where you can trade resources, build, and settle the whole map before anyone else can.

Buy Catan right here on Amazon. 

Planet of the Apes ReAction Figure Statue of Liberty Action Playset

Umm, spoiler alert. Planet of the Apes turned 50 this year, and what better way to commemorate this milestone than with a playset based on the film's iconic ending. For use with Super 7's action figures from the film (sadly sold separately), this nostalgia-heavy toy is the ideal gift for the ape and/or Chuck Heston enthusiast on your shopping list.

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Lego Star Wars Darth Vader's Castle

We've been obsessed with the idea of Darth Vader having a castle hideaway since we learned that it was a proposed but ultimately rejected location for Return of the Jedi back in 1983. Its surprise appearance in Rogue One warmed our nerdy hearts as if they were immersed in Mustafarian lava, as did the recent IDW comic series Tales from Vader's Castle. So with this background information firmly established, you might have guessed that we can't wait to get our geeky hands all over this Lego rendition of Dath's Castle. Made up of 1,060 pieces, which includes a packaged build of the castle, a Tie Advanced Fighter, and five mini figures, this massive Lego set is mind-boggling. We can think of no better way of ushering in 2019 than by building this behemoth.

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Cards Against Humanity

There's no point in hiding how horrible you are with Cards Against Humanity. As the name implies, this question & answer matching card game will make you lose faith in humanity (but you'll still laugh your head off).

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Funko Pop! Marvel: Thor: Ragnarok Korg Collectible Vinyl Figure

He's obviously awesome, but Korg should be on everyone's wish list for no other reason than he had the distinction of deliveringhe this year's funniest movie line -- "piss off, ghost!"

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Funko GLOW Debbie & Ruth Two-Pack

Netflix's GLOW series continues to be a revelation. What could have been a nostalgic wink fest instead is one of TV's sharpest and funniest shows, and a tribute to the power of female friendship. The series' emotional core is the complicated friendship between Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin) and Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), whose off-stage battles have been known to carry over into the ring. Funko has recreated their wrestling personas, Liberty Belle and Zoya the Destroyer, in this two-pack of action figures that will dropkick the decorative competition on any shelf.

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Game of Thrones Hold the Door Doormat

What, too soon? Relive one of Game of Thrones' most heartbreaking moments -- which is really saying a lot -- with this 15.17"(L) x 23.6"(W) non-slip doormat that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Hodor.

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The Amazing Spider-Man Comic #122 T-Shirt

After the Green Goblin threw Gwen Stacy off of the George Washington Bridge back in The Amazing Spider-Man #121, our hero's life would never be the same again -- especially since his attempt to save her via his webbing actually is what killed her, but let's not split hairs. The love of his young life was dead, and Spidey wanted revenge. In the subsequent issue, Spidey and the Goblin faced off in a climactic battle that has not been matched since. The excitement of this storyline is captured in this T-shirt, recreating John Romita Jr.'s iconic cover for that issue. Available in men's sizes Adult S through 4X.

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To a wizard, his or her most important accessory is a trusty wand. Now Muggles can get in on the fun with Wow! Stuff's officially licensed Harry Potter's Light Painting Wand. Using an included app, this wand allows you to write or draw in augmented reality with LED light. The above video shows you how the wand works, and we think that you'll agree that this is a gift idea that is beyond magical.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Cutting Board

Oh man, this one is savage. What appears to be an adorable cutting board designed to look like Baby Groot takes a sinister turn once you realize that, oh shit, it could actually be Baby Groot. Happy holidays, everything is a nightmare!

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Avengers: Infinity War | Infinity Gauntlet Graphic OtterBox Symmetry iPhone X Case

Is there a person in your life who is constantly dropping their phone? If so, then shopping for them this year will be a snap (too soon?) with this durable Avengers: Infinity War OtterBox Symmetry iPhone X Case. With "the strongest protection in the slimmest style," this sturdy synthetic rubber and polycarbonate case includes dual-layer defense guards to protect against spills and tumbles. Best of all? The case can be personalized to your liking via Zazzle's website.

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Retro Captain America Comic Book Pattern Neck Tie

It would be impossible not to look heroic in this stylish officially licensed Captain America necktie. Made of 100% polyester with a silky finish, this 55" x 4" tie is a perfect, patriotic tribute to Cap and the American way!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Baby Groot iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus Case

"I am Groot?" More like you are cute, amirite? Although the next installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy saga is on hold while the hunt for a new director goes on, there's comfort to be found in the fact that the first two films are nothing but pure entertainment -- thanks in no small part to our wooden friend here. Designed for the Apple iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus, this slim and durable featherlight Case-Mate case comes with a downright adorable image of dancing Groot that can be customized with whatever name you like via the Zazzle website.

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Nintendo Game Boy Convertible Backpack/Computer Laptop Messenger Bag

Two bags in one! Whether used as a backpack on a computer laptop messenger bag, this versatile item will grant its wearer some serious retro gaming swagger. Our only complaint is that you can't actually play Tetris on it. It's a scientific fact that Tetris makes any commute better.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Pin

This soft enamel pin from Macabre Manor recreates Dan Decarlo's art from Archie's Madhouse #22, which introduced Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This 1.25" limited edition pin will cast its spell on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fan in your life.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Tote Bag

Douglas Adams reportedly hated the "Cosmic Cutie" -- the green, large-tongued blob who appeared on the covers of every Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book released in North America. We're going to have to respectfully disagree with him on this one, as we've been in love with the Cutie since we first laid eyes on his toothy grin. This 100% cotton canvas bag from Out of Print clothing includes artist Peter Cross' original Hitchhiker's art and is full of as much weird whimsy as the book's themselves. Bonus points go to this one because each purchase made at Out of Print helps fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need. And that would definitely bring a smile to the late author's face.

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Child Dikembe Mutombo Brought to United States is in Surgery for Tumor Removal

The little boy who came over from the Congo -- with a major assist from retired NBA star Dikembe Mutombo -- is on the operating table right now, and by day's end, he could be tumor free. TMZ has learned 8-year-old Matadi went into surgery Sunday at…

What Does Loki Think of His Future? Next Week’s Infinity Wars Finale

Why James Wan Turned Down The Flash Movie to Make Aquaman

James Wan brought Aquaman to the big screen, but he was also offered The Flash movie.

The Flash and Aquaman in the Justice League movie
News Mike Cecchini
Dec 16, 2018

One way that Warner Bros. has made sure its DCEU series of DC superhero movies feels distinct from its chief competition at Marvel has been how it has looked to attract directors with distinct visions for their characters. It's a holdover from the freedom afforded Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight trilogy, and despite the well publicized troubles with Justice League, there's no denying that Zack Snyder had a free hand with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So when James Wan was first announced as the director of the Aquaman movie in 2015, it was another sign that Warner Bros. was courting directors who could put their mark on their characters. And while Aquaman had long been a priority for the studio, he doesn't seem like the most obvious choice for a director like Wan, who made his mark in horror movies. But it turns out that the studio offered Wan his choice of superhero movies.

"It was two characters," Wan tells Den of Geek. "It was Aquaman and The Flash."

"I think the Flash is a really cool character," Wan says, "But the reason why, ultimately, I picked Aquaman is  that he had never been done on the big screen or the small screen before. At least, not to this level. I think there was The Man From Atlantis, the Patrick Duffy film. But that's not really an Aquaman story."

So why Aquaman and not a more well-known (and traditional) superhero like The Flash?

"I picked Aquaman because I felt like he was very unique. I've never seen him before. And also it allowed me to do my world creation film. The Flash lives more in the real world while Aquaman just lives in this world that I can just create from the ground up."

read more: Complete Schedule of Upcoming DCEU Movies

As a movie, Aquaman spends more time in its old fashioned fantasy world, or building on its adventure movie tone than it does on anything like superheroics, and that's something that Wan might not have had an opportunity to do with The Flash.

"I did not want to make a traditional superhero film," Wan says. "I did not want to make a movie that felt that way. I wanted to make an adventure, a fantasy film, not dissimilar to Lord of the Rings or Star Wars."

read more: Amy Adams Says Lois Lane DCEU Status Not Final

Aquaman opens on Dec. 21. The Flash doesn't have a release date at the moment, but Jonathan Goldstein and Jon Francis Daley are currently attached to direct.

We'll have more from our talk with James Wan in the coming days.

Mike Cecchini is the Editor in Chief of Den of Geek. You can read more of his work here. Follow him on Twitter @wayoutstuff.

Even Giants were in awe of Titans’ Saquon Barkley plan – New York Post

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  2. Titans vs. Giants Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018  NFL
  3. Watch Titans QB Marcus Mariota blast a linebacker on a run block  Yahoo Sports
  4. This is what happens when Eli Manning is abandoned  New York Post
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Shazam Trailer, Release Date, Cast, News, Story, Villain, Photos

Here's everything you need to know about the Shazam movie, coming to the DCEU in 2019.

Zachary Levi in the Shazam movie
News John Saavedra Joseph Baxter
Dec 16, 2018

The Shazam movie is finally becoming a reality. David Sandberg (Lights OutAnnabelle: Creation) is directing. Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke penned the script. Peter Safran, who worked with Sandberg on the Annabelle sequel, will produce. Dwayne Johnson, who has his own Shazam-related project in the works with the Black Adam movie, is serving as one of the film's executive producers, alongside Christopher Godsick, Jeffrey Chernov, Dany Garcia, and Hiram Garcia.

Here's everything else we know:

Shazam Trailer

The first Shazam trailer arrived back in July! Check it out below:

We broke down all the DC Comics lore in this trailer right here.

Expect a new trailer in early 2019.

Shazam Release Date

Shazam will arrive on April 5, 2019. The full DC superhero movie calendar can be found here. 

Shazam Cast

Zachary Levi, already a geek icon in his own right, will play Shazam, the grown, powers-imbued manifestation of child Billy Batson.

Levi made a name for himself as the star of NBC's wish-fulfillment spy dramedy series Chuck, which ran from 2007 to 2012. After that came to a conclusion, he boosted his geek cred with numerous voice roles in animated comic features, later ending up on NBC's short-lived people-with-powers franchise revival, Heroes Reborn. He also banked his share of film roles, notably picking up the part of companion Fandral in 2013's Thor: The Dark World and 2017's Thor: Ragnarok.

Asher Angel has been cast in the Shazam movie for the crucial role of Billy Batson. The role is essentially a co-starring one, since Billy is the child alter-ego of Zachary Levi’s titular titan. In the comic book lore, young Billy Batson was granted the magical ability to transform into an imposing, fully-grown superhero, summoning a cocktail of Greek-mythological powers, by saying the magic phrase, “Shazam” (an acronym for Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury).

Shazam is the story of Billy Batson, a young orphan boy chosen by an ancient wizard to embody the powers of mythological gods and heroes when he speaks one magic word. Saying "Shazam" grants Billy the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. He doesn't just gain super powers, he turns into an adult version of himself, complete with snappy superhero costume.

Djimon Hounsou will play the ancient wizard who bestows superhero powers to young Billy Batson, reports EW. It also contradicts a long-held belief, since, back in January, The Wrap reported that Ron Cephas Jones (Luke CageThis is Us) landed the role. Apparently it was scheduling conflicts that changed that.

Adam Brody, Ross Butler, and DJ Cotrona have roles. We have some details on who they might be playing right here.

Michelle Borth (Hawaii Five-0) and Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why) also have roles.

Mark Strong will play the villainous Dr. Thaddeus Sivana in the film. This would be Strong's second turn as a DC villain, having played Sinestro in the ill-fated Green Lantern movie in 2011.

Grace Fulton (Annabelle: Creation) will play "one of Billy Batson's friends," but she's almost certainly playing Billy's long lost sister, Mary, who has a superheroic future of her own as Mary Marvel.

Jack Dylan Grazer will play Freddy Freeman. Comic fans may recognize Freddy as not only Billy's best friend, but the kid who eventually becomes a superhero himself.

Ian Chen (Fresh Off The Boat) and Jovan Armand (Bella and the Bulldogs) will play Eugene and Pedro respectively. Eugene and Pedro were both created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank for their retelling of the Shazam origin story in 2012, and this would seem to indicate that we're getting a version of the character that hews a little closer to that.

Marta Milans will play Rosa Vasquez while Cooper Andrews will play Victor Vasquez. As Jerry, a loyalist to the Kingdom on The Walking Dead, Andrews knows his way around a comic book adaptations with fierce fan followings. 

Shazam Story

Here’s the official synopsis:

We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson’s (Angel) case, by shouting out one word—SHAZAM!—this streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult Super Hero Shazam (Levi), courtesy of an ancient wizard. Still a kid at heart—inside a ripped, godlike body—Shazam revels in this adult version of himself by doing what any teen would do with superpowers: have fun with them! Can he fly? Does he have X-ray vision? Can he shoot lightning out of his hands? Can he skip his social studies test? Shazam sets out to test the limits of his abilities with the joyful recklessness of a child. But he’ll need to master these powers quickly in order to fight the deadly forces of evil controlled by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Strong).

Shazam Villains

Despite earlier drafts that features Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, this movie will have one villain, and that's Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Maybe we'll get a Black Adam cameo in a post-credits scene or something, but for the moment, they're saving Dwayne Johnson and Black Adam for his solo movie, which is expected to begin filming in 2019.

Shazam Movie Photos

We wrote more about the costume details right here.

Shazam Poster

Check out the Shazam movie poster!

Check out the official logo art for the movie...

We'll update this with more information as it becomes available.

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Buccaneers vs. Ravens Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018 – NFL

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Packers vs. Bears Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018 – NFL

Packers vs. Bears Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018  NFL

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First photos of Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards’ son Jagger shared by Mackenzie

Jake Tapper Shuts Down Susan Collins’ Attempt To Spin Trump Hush Money Payments – HuffPost

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  5. Collins: 'I see nothing wrong with challengers' to Trump in 2020  CNN
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Colin Kroll, co-founder of HQ Trivia and Vine, found dead – CNN

Colin Kroll, co-founder of HQ Trivia and Vine, found dead  CNN

New York (CNN) Colin Kroll, co-founder and CEO of the hit gaming app HQ Trivia, was found dead Sunday morning in New York. He was 34 years old.

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New Texts Mystery Surrounds Missing Colorado Mom Kelsey Berreth – Details

New Texts Mystery Surrounds Missing Kelsey Berreth

A new text message mystery has emerged in the case of missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth.

It has emerged that her boss received a text from her three days after she was last seen alive. revealed that video emerged of Berreth, 29, entering a Safeway grocery store in Woodland Park on Thanksgiving Day with her baby.

Her fiancée Patrick Frazee told cops Berreth dropped their one-year-old daughter off with him after visiting the store.

PHOTOS: Still Missing! Scott Disick Hasn’t Been Seen With His Kids In 23 Days After Split With Kourtney Kardashian

However, she was not reported missing until ten days later and now news about the mysterious text message has been revealed.

“Right now, there are a lot more questions than there are answers,” Susan Medina, spokeswoman for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation revealed.

Investigators have not given up hope that the pilot trainer is still alive – her one-year-old daughter is currently in care of Frazee.

They are currently questioning her family and friends to find out any possible new leads in the case.

PHOTOS: Help Find America’s Missing Children! 19 Unsolved Mysteries Explained

Her mother Cheryl reported her missing after hearing about the text message.

Kelsey’s boss at Doss Aviation in Pueblo, Colorado, received a test message from the pilot instructor, informing them she would not be at work for the next week.

At the moment the authorities are still treating it as a ‘missing persons case’ although her mother says her daughter is not the type of person that ‘would run away’ from her family.

The pair has now not spoken for almost three weeks.

PHOTOS: Missing! Husband Pleads For Return Of ‘Endangered’ Wife

She added: “This is completely out of character – someone knows where she’s at.”

Her fiancé, Frazee, also received a text message from her cell phone after she disappeared.

The missing mom’s mobile phone pinged on a cell tower in Idaho, over 700 miles away from her last known whereabouts.

She did not live with her fiancé and his lawyer has defended his client despite the fact he missed a recent press conference for the missing woman.

His lawyer Jeremy Loew said: “Mr Frazee was first notified of the press conference approximately an hour prior to its commencement. Had he been given more advance notice, he would have participated.”

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for Email us at, or call us at (866) ON-RADAR (667-2327) any time, day or night.

5 thoughts from the Cowboys’ stunning loss to Colts: Dallas shut out for first time since 2003 – Dallas News

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 10 Return Date, Trailer, and Details

Supergirl Season 4 is taking a brief break, but we've got everything you need to know right here!

Supergirl Season 4 News, Reviews, and Episode Guide
News Mike Cecchini Joseph Baxter
Dec 16, 2018

Supergirl Season 4 is here!

Hopefully that extra night on the schedule means there's a little more room for the superhero shows to breathe, and we won't end up with another situation like we did with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow this year, with Legends taking over Supergirl's slot while Black Lightning airs, only for Supergirl to go on a three month long hiatus.

Supergirl Return Date

Up next is "Secrets and Lies" which airs on Jan. 20.  Check out the trailer! 

Check out all the easter eggs we found in the "Elseworlds" crossover right here.

Supergirl Season 4 Episodes

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 1: American Alien

"Diving back into reporting, Kara (Melissa Benoist) welcomes a new cub reporter to CatCo.  Meanwhile, James (Mehcad Brooks) and Lena (Katie McGrath) argue about James’ impending indictment for acting as the vigilante Guardian, while Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Brainy (Jesse Rath) struggle to get in sync at the DEO. Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) is called into action when remnants of the anti-alien terrorist organization Cadmus try to assassinate pro-alien leaders, but their endgame turns out to be much more sinister than she expected. J’onn (David Harewood) relishes his peaceful new life, but an outing with an old friend causes him concern."

airdate: 10/14/18

read our review of "American Alien" here.

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 2: Fallout

"A shocking revelation causes chaos in National City. Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) sets out to capture Mercy Graves (guest star Rhona Mitra), while Alex (Chyler Leigh) takes control at the DEO. Back at CatCo, Kara decides to write an investigative story on Mercy and asks Lena (Katie McGrath) if she can interview her as Mercy has ties to the Luthors. Meanwhile, Brainy (Jesse Rath) meets Nia (Nicole Maines) and the two end up in a precarious situation on Supergirl."

airdate: 10/21/18

read our review of "Fallout" here.

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 3: Man of Steel

"Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) didn’t always hate aliens.  Through a series of incidents, and input from his anti-alien father (guest star Xander Berkeley), Ben slowly transforms from a mild-mannered professor into the villainous Agent Liberty of today."

airdate: 10/28/18

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 4: Ahimsa

"When Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) needs help, Alex (Chyler Leigh) asks Lena (Katie McGrath) and Brainiac (Jesse Rath) to team up.  Meanwhile, J’onn (David Haredwood) questions his decision to quit the DEO. However, after running into Manchester Black (guest star David Ajala), he realizes there are a lot of ways to help his fellow aliens during this tumultuous time."

airdate: 11/4/18

read our review of "Ahimsa" right here.

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5: Parasite Lost

"Colonel Haley (April Parker Jones) makes a surprising decision regarding Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). Kara writes a series of articles highlighting aliens in National City in the hopes that humans will stop being so fearful of them.  Unfortunately, the article puts some of the aliens in harm’s way."

airdate: 11/11/18

read our review of "Parasite Lost" here.

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6: Call to Action

"Everyone gathers for Thanksgiving but Kara (Melissa Benoist) is feeling down after her televised debate with Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) about the anti-alien sentiment coursing through National City.  Meanwhile, James (Mehcad Brooks) and Lena (Katie McGrath) argue about the best way to handle the Children of Liberty."

airdate: 11/18/18

read our review of "Call to Action" here.

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7: Rather the Fallen Angel

"James (Mehcad Brooks) falls in deeper with the Children of Liberty in his efforts to meet Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer).  Meanwhile, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Manchester Black (guest star David Ajala) follow a lead on Agent Liberty’s location, but things take a dark turn."

airdate: 11/25/18

read our review of "Rather the Fallen Angel" here.

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 8: Bunker Hill

"Nia (Nicole Maines) has a powerful dream about Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) but refuses to look at it as a prophetic dream and pushes it aside.  After noticing something is bothering Nia, Kara (Melissa Benoist) enlists Brainy’s (Jesse Rath) help, and the two try to persuade Nia to embrace her destiny."

airdate: 12/2/18

read our review of "Bunker Hill" here.

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9: Elseworlds Part 3

"Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), The Flash (guest star Grant Gustin), Green Arrow (guest star Stephen Amell) and Superman (guest star Tyler Hoechlin) engage in the battle of their lives."

airdate: 12/11/18

Read our review of "Elseworlds Part 3" right here.

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 10: Secrets and Lies

airdate: 1/20/19

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 11: TBA

air date: 1/27/19

Supergirl Season 4 Cast

Konechny will play Agent Jensen, described by Deadline as "a DEO agent recruited by Alex (Chyler Leigh) who struggles to find his footing at the DEO."

Tyler Hoechlin will return as Superman as part of this year's Arrowverse crossover, but the show will also introduce Lois Lane! We have more details on that here.

Brent Spiner had been announced as Vice President Baker, but he was replaced by Bruce Boxleitner. We have more details on his character here.

Nicole Maines will play Nia Nal, "the newest addition to the CatCo reporting team. A soulful young transgender woman with a fierce drive to protect others, Nia’s journey this season means fulfilling her destiny as the superhero Dreamer (much like Kara came into her own as Supergirl)." We have more details on her character right here.

April Parker Jones will play Colonel Haley, a "hardline career military woman [who] lives and dies by the orders of her commanding officers. Dedicated to her country, she always acts in its best interest — even if it’s not her own."

David Ajala is Manchester Black, "the type of guy who brings a knife to a gunfight and still walks away the winner. With a dark past, he easily deflects the brutality of his mission with his charm and sense of humor." We have more details on his character right here.

Rhona Mitra is Mercy Graves, "an ex-CADMUS agent who  has always believed in human exceptionalism. But with both Lex and Lillian in prison, Mercy is stepping out of the Luthor shadow and running her own show. With her biting wit and lethal brawn, Mercy steadily becomes a key figure in National City’s growing 'human-first' movement."

Robert Baker is Otis Graves, "Mercy’s defacto right hand man. What he lacks in brains, he makes up for with his savant-like abilities to assassinate aliens." (both of those character descriptions come via Deadline).

Does any of this mean the show will introduce Lex Luthor? We hope so, and we examined this possibility more right here.

Jeremy Jordan will no longer be a series regular, instead he'll be a recurring character. This news comes via TV Line. Jesse Rath's Brainiac 5 will be a series regular, instead.

TV Line also reports that Chris Wood won't be back as Mon-El, as the plan was always for the character to have a two season arc. Now that's completed, so...adios!

In other recent, exciting news, we now know that Supergirl Season 4 is in the process of casting Lex Luthor. More on that here!

Supergirl Season 4 Trailer

A new Supergirl Season 4 trailer has arrived, loaded with new characters, teasing a reset playing field, both story-wise and cast-wise.

The most notable first look here comes with a close shot of Nia Nal (Nicole Maines), who will debut as a cub reporter for CatCo and a transgender woman destined for an arc that will lead to becoming Dreamer, TV’s first transgender superhero. We also see brief glimpses of villains Mercy Graves (Rhona Mitra) and Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer). – Oh, and we don’t quite know what the deal is with that new armored Supergirl suit, but it does look cool.

Here's the Comic-Con trailer for Supergirl Season 4...

Supergirl Season 4 Villain

Sam Witwer will play Agent Liberty. That's his voice you heard in the trailer, stoking xenophobia and paranoia in the name of patriotism as villains usually do. According to Entertainment Weekly...

"Agent Liberty is the ruthless and terrifying founder and figurehead of Children of Liberty, a hate group that supports a human-first world order. According to a description from the show’s producers, he’s “a brilliant orator in the guise of a family man” and the scariest thing about him is how easily he can convince people that he’s right. Given that Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and the DEO tend to be pro-alien integration, it’s definitely fair to assume they won’t get along with Agent Liberty and his Children of Liberty."

Supergirl Season 4 Story

Here's the first official synopsis for Supergirl Season 4!

Season three saw Supergirl stop Reign and the other Worldkillers’ threat to humanity and our planet, and in the process, Kara was shocked to find her mother Alura alive and living in a salvaged Argo City that survived the destruction of Krypton. Reconnecting with her past caused Kara to realize that her true home is now here on Earth, where big changes are taking place for her and all of her friends in National City – and also, it appears, for a doppelganger in Russia! Season four promises to be full of surprises, action, adventure and lots of big revelations for Supergirl, Alex, James, J’onn, Lena and Brainy.

We'll update this with more information as it becomes available.

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Thank FOC It’s Sunday #7 – That Was The Week That Was

We just get later and later…

Welcome to Thank FOC It’s Friday Sunday, a weekly-ish mailing list, similar to The Daily LITG, but (mostly) every Friday and planned to coincide and cover the demands of Final Order Cut Off. The date when retailers have a last chance to amend their advance orders for comic books without penalty. A last chance for publishers to promote books while orders can still be added. And a time for credits to be amends, new covers to be revealed and a final push given. This is an attempt to sift through them all and find the most relevant items.

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Hell of a week. And Diamond have laid out the year ahead…

Joe Illidge parted from Valiant and has become a freelance editor amongst other departures and Robert Meyers is promoted. Eric S Esquivel was the latest comics creator to receive allegations of abuse and DC Comics has cancelled Border Town in its wake and make the whole series returnable to retailers. It’s all change at Ms Marvel as G Willow Wilson leaves the book and Saladin Ahmed joins itComic shops closebut also a few open. We get a full list of Stan Lee black armband covers. And what price your pull boxes?

We have Marvel reprints, Antarctic reprints, Vault reprintssolicitation changes from Marvel Comics and from DC Comics, and retailers prepare for the monster that is Captain Marvel.

DC Comics Archive opens to raise money for an LGBTQ charity, Hindus call for a Marvel apology over Uncanny X-Men, and Dark Horse is to crossover Black Hammer with DC Comics. But DC cancels the final issue of Batman: Creature Of The Night and the Harley and Joker Bombshells action figures.

How did your sales this week match up with the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List? And did you find hidden variant covers in Grumble #1?

Titles FOCing tomorrow:

Aliens Resistance #1, a Fox license that Dark Horse still have. And Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path #1 is another one. Additional discount to retailers who order more 10 or more copies for the latter one. Black Hammer’s Directors Cut ahead of the DC crossover news going official. Starcraft Soldiers #1, Jody Houser is building up quite the portfolio

Aquaman #44 will pick up on the shipping-this-week Kelly Sue/Robson Rocha high profile relaunch – care to make a gamble on how the film does?

Batman #63 – Tom King writes John Constantine, Mikel Janin draws him. People may buy this… The Batman Who Laughs #2 – how did #1 do for you? And Doomsday Clock #9 – it looks as if things are finally happening for the DC Universe.

Goddess Mode #2 – how did #1 do for you? Was it tainted? Note that Naomi #1 is returnable and tying in with Bendis’ Supertitles. Superman #7 with an older, taller, wiser Superboy. If that’s who he is. And Mysteries Of Love In Space will be there for Valentine’s Day

Atomic Robo gets a new series, Dawn Of A New Era, There’s the beginning of the Star Trek Q Conflict that will crossover all the eras of Star Trek as well as Shredder going to hell in TMNT.

How did IDW’s Marvel Action series go? Both Avengers and Miles Morales are having their #2 FOCs… There’s the final final final issue of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Tempest Book Four. How did #3 do with the 3D glasses?

Isola #6 is FOCing as is the Isola Prologue story that caused such fuss a few months ago. Image Comics also launch Oliver #1 and Vindication #1.

Man-Eaters #3 has a new cover from Lia Miternique

Marvel is launching Black Widow #1, Crypt Of Shadows #1, but most of their fuss is over Fantastic Four #6 – and retailers will be getting free copies of a Mystery Variant. There’s the Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 launch party and a new Invaders laugh as well. Watch those Ironheart #2 reorders – how well did the first do? There’s the new supremely oversized Kirby Is Fantastic Oversized King Hardcover. And a new launch for Marvel Comics Presents. The Captain Marvel Prelude TPB may be one to stock up ahead of March’s movie. And Howard Chaykin has a war comic from Marvel, War Is Hell.

Marceline and Simon are getting a post-season-cancellation revival launch from Boom,

Black Badge #6 now includes an all-new, open-to-order, virgin art FOC cover by Julian Totino Tedesco.

Firefly #3 now includes an all-new, open-to-order, virgin art FOC cover by Daniel Warren Johnson.

Chad Cicconi is launching Null Faeries from Action Lab. Archie has Blossoms 666 #1. And Dynamite has Eliva: Shape Of Elvira #1 with a 1 in 5 copy for FOC by Dave Acosta.



And tomorrow? The return of Mark Seifert’s Marvel’s Declassified on Bleeding Cool…

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15 Elon Musk Memes That’ll Restore Your Receding Hairline

elong musk memes that are funny and will restore your faith 4m6c9hx

Our boy Elon Musk might be the most cringey billionaire on the scene right now, and we can't help but love the resulting meme content. 

Submitted by:

The best wireless powered bookshelf speakers

Ariana ‘Feels Horrible’ About Pete’s Breakdown — But ‘Will Not Be Guilted’

Ariana Grande Pete Davidson Suicide Post Reaction

Ariana Grande rushed to try to help her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson following his disturbing suicide post Saturday, but she’s now ready to back away so he can heal, has exclusively learned.

“She feels horrible and will be there for him if he needs someone to talk to, but Pete is not Ariana’s responsibility anymore,” a source explained.

As Radar reported, Davidson, 25, took to Instagram on Dec. 15 and posted a disturbing message to his followers: “I really don’t want to be on this earth anymore. I’m doing my best to stay here for you but I actually don’t know how much longer I can last,” he wrote. “All I’ve ever tried to do was help people. Just remember I told you so.”

PHOTOS: Ariana Grande & Others React To Demi’s Horrifying Overdose: ‘Addiction Is Terrifying’

Shortly after putting up the post, Davidson deleted it — along with his entire Instagram account.

“I’m downstairs and I’m not going anywhere if you need anyone or anything,” Grande, 25, tweeted Davidson, who, it was later revealed, turned up at his Saturday Night Live gig in New York City. “I know u have everyone u need and that’s not me, but I’m here too.”

Now that Grande has had a little time to think about the emotional roller coaster ride Davidson was on Saturday, she’s focusing on protecting herself and looking out for her own wellbeing.

PHOTOS: The One-Month Love Affair: An Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Relationship Timeline

“Ariana will not be guilted into believing she is the cause of Pete’s pain,” said the source, who pointed out that “his pain existed long before her and his mental issues are something he should deal with with a doctor, not social media.”

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Miley Cyrus Wore a Super Revealing Outfit on ‘SNL’ Last Night and Twitter Is Losing It –

  1. Miley Cyrus Wore a Super Revealing Outfit on 'SNL' Last Night and Twitter Is Losing It
  2. Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus ft. Sean Ono Lennon: (Happy Xmas) War Is Over (Live) - SNL  Saturday Night Live
  3. Twitter Goes Wild After Miley Cyrus Risks a Nip Slip During Performance on ‘Saturday Night Live’  Us Weekly
  4. Liam Hemsworth Joins Miley Cyrus in New York City Before Her Saturday Night Live Appearance
  5. Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus: Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Live) - SNL  Saturday Night Live
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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Post-Credits Scene Explained

Worlds keep colliding in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. So what the hell was going on in those final moments?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Post Credits Scene Explained
Feature Gavin Jasper
Dec 16, 2018

Spoiler sense tingling! This article contains Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse spoilers. Seriously, why would you click on this link without realizing that spoilers are going to happen?

Like nearly any superhero movie from the past few years, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has stuff after the credits. It’s just that this one may have the best post-credits sequence of the year. At the very least, it’s on the level of the mid-credits stuff in Deadpool 2. Plus it’s just a wonderful movie in general and you should really see it.

What happens: So we get some very stylized initial credits with a psychedelic Spider-Man party followed by a sad dedication to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Regular credits kick in, we get to hear Spider-Man’s Christmas song in full, and finally the really good stuff.

“Meanwhile, in Nueva York...”

We’re in the point of view of a man voiced by Oscar Isaac, walking through a lair of darkness, only lit by monitors and a woman named Lyla, who appears to be a hologram. Lyla sums up the gist of the movie’s plot, but mainly the part about how the dimension-spanning technology has proven successful and the multiverse hasn’t blown up.

read more - Every Marvel Easter Egg in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Lyla refers to our character as “Miguel” and he suits up in a blue and red outfit. He is Miguel O’Hara, otherwise known as Spider-Man 2099. He’s going to take this new technology for a spin and decides to start at the beginning.

He enters “Earth-67,” where he appears before a stiffly-animated 2D Spider-Man. Miguel is just as stiffly-animated and his attempt to introduce himself gets turned into a loud and angry argument filled with the two Spider-Men pointing at each other repeatedly. Nearby, a police officer and an angry J. Jonah Jameson don’t know what to make of the situation.

read more - Doctor Strange Was Almost in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

What it means: First off, I just want to point out that it’s been 11 years since Spider-Man 3 and despite six different movies with Spider-Man since, plus that Venom movie, the only time we’ve seen J. Jonah Jameson is a post-credits gag replaying animation from a 50-year-old cartoon. They’ll kill off Jonah’s son, but they won’t put him in a movie. That’s how untouchable JK Simmons’ performance was, I guess.

Who is Spider-Man 2099?

Anyway, Spider-Man 2099. Created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi, he first appeared in 1992 and he brought the entire Marvel 2099 line with him. In a future where superheroes were but a faded legend from the past, Miguel O’Hara worked for Alchemax, the same company that gave Miles Morales his powers. He wasn’t exactly happy with the company’s lack of morality and it led to his boss Tyler Stone forced him into loyalty by tricking him into taking an addictive drug that only Alchemax produced.

Down the line, Tyler Stone turned out to be Miguel’s father, so it’s especially messed up.

Miguel had his own DNA on file and tried to rewrite his addicted biology with his previous biology, like using a video game savestate. Something went wrong and he ended up with 50% spider DNA and his own set of spider powers, such as strength, speed, reflexes, super senses, organic webbing, talons, venomous fangs, and a special costume that allows him to glide. With those powers, he would fight against evil in Nueva York.

read more - The Making of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

He became a superhero and in a world that worshipped Thor like he was Christ, various followers were pumped because they believed that the return of Spider-Man would act as the first step in the return of Thor.

Over the next several years, more re-imagined heroes appeared in that world from X-Men 2099, Hulk 2099, Ghost Rider 2099, Doom 2099, and the extra-ridiculous Punisher 2099. All of this in an early 90s’ take on what the future would probably be like. You know, like Lyla being his holographic Siri/Alexa.

read more - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Ending Explained

Spider-Man 2099 lasted for 44 issues and sometime after its cancellation, as well as the cancellation of the other 2099 titles, they added closure to his story by revealing that he was indeed the herald for the return of Thor: Miguel O’Hara himself would wield Mjolnir and bring peace to the galaxy over the course of a thousand years before retiring.

Despite that closure, he’d still show up over the years. He became a member of the reality-hopping Exiles team for a bit. He became stranded in the present and fought alongside various other Spider-Men from different dimensions.

Funny thing is that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its post-credits scene acts as a companion piece to the 2010 video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, which seemingly inspired the comic that inspired this movie. The game had mainstream Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man (still Peter Parker, albeit with a symbiote), Spider-Man Noir, and Spider-Man 2099 (voiced by Dan Gilvezan, who voiced Peter Parker back in the early 80s for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends) teaming up to save the multiverse. In the post-credits scene, it’s Spider-Ham who gets the comedic fan-service crossover appearance.

Now the shoe’s on the other foot, I guess.

This could very well be a teaser for a sequel, but the joke of it all means it doesn’t have to be.

Earth-67 ends up being the world of the Spider-Man animated series from 1967-1970. Most notably, it takes place during the season 1 episode “Double Identity,” where an actor named Charles Cameo tries to steal priceless pieces of art via being a master of disguise. This includes dressing up as Spider-Man, which leads to the real Spider-Man confronting him. The two point at each other, yelling that the other is an imposter, before throwing down.

read more: The Many Spider-Men of the Spider-Verse

Even though Cameo has the webbing and wall-crawling abilities somehow, the real Spider-Man proves himself via his superior strength and skill.

In recent years, the still of the two Spider-Men pointing at each other has became a beloved interent meme. I mean, many screenshots from that series have become memes, but that one’s easily the most popular. The fact that this Spider-Verse scene is built on two Spider-Men interacting just makes it a better fit.

That’s not the only time one of these crossovers has referenced the Spider-Man ’67 memes. Web-Warriors, a dimensional Spider-Man team-up book, begins with a battle going on in the Spider-Man ’67 world.

Those spider-heroes lead such interesting lives...

Gavin Jasper writes for Den of Geek and can’t believe that Peter Parker died on the big screen twice this year. Read his other articles here and follow him on Twitter @Gavin4L

Kenneka Jenkins’ Mom Sues Hotel for $50M After Teen Found Dead in Freezer

The mother of Kenneka Jenkins -- who was found dead in a hotel freezer -- says the establishment is to blame for her daughter's 2017 death ... and now wants $50 million. Teresa Martin has filed suit on behalf of her late daughter's estate…

Relationship Troubles Abound in Next Week’s West Coast Avengers #6

Kentucky restricts transport of deer killed in Tennessee – WLKY Louisville

Kentucky restricts transport of deer killed in Tennessee  WLKY Louisville

Wildlife officials have placed restrictions on the transport of deer from Tennessee into Kentucky in response to the detection of chronic wasting disease.

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Renault Urges Nissan to Call for Shareholder Meeting Following Nissan Indictment – The Wall Street Journal

Renault Urges Nissan to Call for Shareholder Meeting Following Nissan Indictment  The Wall Street Journal

French auto maker Renault has urged Nissan Motor to call a meeting of its shareholders after the Japanese company and its former chairman, Carlos Ghosn, ...

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Renault Urges Nissan to Call for Shareholder Meeting Following Nissan Indictment – The Wall Street Journal

  1. Renault Urges Nissan to Call for Shareholder Meeting Following Nissan Indictment  The Wall Street Journal
  2. Mitsubishi Motors re-enters tie-up with Daimler after 13 years  Nikkei Asian Review
  3. Renault urges Nissan to call shareholder meeting over Ghosn  Financial Times
  4. Carlos Ghosn's arrest spurs debate on executive salaries in Japan  The Japan Times
  5. Ghosn’s fall from grace: Secret probe by Nissan led to arrest - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post
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‘Crisis level’: Republican women sound warning after election losses – The Washington Post

  1. ‘Crisis level’: Republican women sound warning after election losses  The Washington Post
  2. GOP set for blame over shutdown | TheHill  The Hill
  3. A Shutdown Looms. Can the G.O.P. Get Lawmakers to Show Up to Vote?  The New York Times
  4. How Democrats Can Thrive in the Age of Trump  Bloomberg
  5. Trump will likely win reelection in 2020 | TheHill  The Hill
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Camp Fire clean-up workers fired after posting insensitive photos with wreckage – NBC News

Camp Fire clean-up workers fired after posting insensitive photos with wreckage  NBC News

Three employees of a construction company helping to clear the wreckage of the Camp Fire were fired after posting insensitive photos at destroyed properties.

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Camp Fire clean-up workers fired after posting insensitive photos online – AOL

  1. Camp Fire clean-up workers fired after posting insensitive photos online  AOL
  2. Camp Fire clean-up workers fired after posting insensitive photos with wreckage  NBC News
  3. Crane company fires 3 employees after they post inappropriate pictures in Camp Fire wreckage  CNN
  4. Paradise officials and private citizens react to Freestone photos  KRCRTV.COM
  5. Employees fired for inappropriate pictures in Camp Fire wreckage  WDIV ClickOnDetroit
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SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME’s Tom Holland Calls INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE “One Of The Coolest Films” He’s Seen

Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, shared his thoughts on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Check out what the Far From Home star had to say about Sony's animated film.

Hemp industry expected to blossom under new Farm Bill – NBC News

Hemp industry expected to blossom under new Farm Bill  NBC News

The U.S. hemp industry is expecting business to expand and investors to beckon after Congress on Wednesday passed farm legislation that included a ...

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Hemp industry expected to blossom under new Farm Bill – NBC News

  1. Hemp industry expected to blossom under new Farm Bill  NBC News
  2. Hemp Is on the Brink of U.S. Legalization: Is Canopy Growth Positioned to Profit?  Motley Fool
  3. Hemp! Hemp! Hooray! Congress Passes the Farm Bill  The Motley Fool
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Parrot used Amazon Alexa to order items while his owner was away – Fox5NY

Parrot used Amazon Alexa to order items while his owner was away  Fox5NY

A parrot has fallen in love with his owner's Amazon Alexa — but keeps using it to order shopping.

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Stephen Miller says Trump “absolutely” would shut down the government –

Stephen Miller says Trump “absolutely” would shut down the government

Miller told Face the Nation on Sunday that Donald Trump will do "whatever is necessary" to secure funding for the border wall.

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Cydia closes purchases for its iOS jailbreak store – The Verge

Cydia closes purchases for its iOS jailbreak store  The Verge

In the earliest days of the iPhone, Cydia arose as a rival distribution channel to Apple's App Store, built specifically for jailbroken smartphones. Now, more than ...

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Cydia closes purchases for its iOS jailbreak store – The Verge

  1. Cydia closes purchases for its iOS jailbreak store  The Verge
  2. Cydia's app store for jailbroken iPhones shuts down purchases (updated)  Engadget
  3. Cydia, Onetime Hotspot for Apple Jailbreakers, Shuts Down Purchasing Functions  Gizmodo
  4. Cydia, the app store for jailbroken iOS devices, will no longer sell apps  Boing Boing
  5. iOS jailbreak app store Cydia shuts down purchasing  Digital Trends
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UFC on FOX 31 Aftermath: Al Iaquinta answers the questions – MMA Fighting

UFC on FOX 31 Aftermath: Al Iaquinta answers the questions  MMA Fighting

In case there was any doubt Al Iaquinta belongs on the short list at lightweight, his performance in the championship rounds at UFC on FOX 31 proved his ...

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24 Relatable Tweets That Speak The Truth

Giuliani indicates conversations with Trump on Trump Tower Moscow occurred later than previously known – CNN

Giuliani indicates conversations with Trump on Trump Tower Moscow occurred later than previously known  CNN

President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani suggested on Sunday that Trump had spoken with his former attorney Michael Cohen past January 2016 about ...

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Protests Grip Hungary In Response To Overtime Measure That Critics Call A ‘Slave Law’ – NPR

  1. Protests Grip Hungary In Response To Overtime Measure That Critics Call A 'Slave Law'  NPR
  2. 'All I Want For Christmas Is Democracy,' Say Hungary Protesters  HuffPost
  3. Hungarians rally again against 'slave laws'  BBC News
  4. Budapest Hit by Protests Over ‘Slave Law’  The Wall Street Journal
  5. Around 10,000 in Hungary protest Orban's rule, calling new labor code a 'slave law'  NBC News
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Canelo Álvarez builds brand with simple demolition of Rocky Fielding – The Guardian

  1. Canelo Álvarez builds brand with simple demolition of Rocky Fielding  The Guardian
  2. Canelo Alvarez defeats Rocky Fielding by third-round TKO  ESPN
  3. Canelo Alvarez punishes Rocky Fielding for WBA super middleweight title  Yahoo Sports
  4. Canelo Alvarez has plenty of options after Saturday's win  Los Angeles Times
  5. Canelo Alvarez speaks at the post-fight press conference  boxingnewsonline
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Canelo Álvarez builds brand with simple demolition of Rocky Fielding – The Guardian

Canelo Álvarez builds brand with simple demolition of Rocky Fielding  The Guardian

Canelo Álvarez's three-round knockabout of Rocky Fielding felt more like a brand-building exercise than a genuine world title contest.

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NASA Live: Earth Views from the Space Station – NASA

NASA Live: Earth Views from the Space Station  NASA

JWoww Allows Kids To See Her Estranged Ex After Filing Restraining Order

JWoww Kids Dad Roger Matthews

Jennifer “JWoww” Farley may have filed a restraining order against her husband Roger Mathews as their increasingly bitter divorce and custody war rages on, but has learned she has no intention of keeping their kids away from him — despite what he may believe.

As Radar previously reported, JWoww asked for the protective order against Mathews following a recent heated argument inside their New Jersey home that resulted in him getting hauled away by police.

PHOTOS: Jersey Shore Cast Take To The Streets On Emmy Campaign – See Photos

“This is the level my ex-wife takes it to after telling my kids their dad is a piece of s–t and she’s sorry she ever had children with him,” Mathews wrote on Instagram on Dec. 14 following the explosive incident. “She gets so emotional and irrational in her anger this is the level she brings it too.”

Mathews also posted on social media that he will “fight” for his children, Meilani, 4, and Greyson, 2, and he complained that “to use children as pawns is about the most [despicable] act a person can possibly do.”

Though Farley, 32, “does not feel safe around” 43-year-old Mathews, countered the source, “she does not want her children to suffer because of her own feelings.”

PHOTOS: ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena Cortese Honors Late Dad In Heartbreaking Wedding Tribute

“Jenni never wanted to put her kids in the middle and thinks it is important for them to have their father in their life,” explained the insider. “She is trying her best to remain fair in that realm.”

However, added the source, “she will be seeking primary custody as the children belong with their mother.”

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Top Republican predicts Flynn guilty plea will be thrown out, citing FBI ‘misconduct’ – Fox News

  1. Top Republican predicts Flynn guilty plea will be thrown out, citing FBI 'misconduct'  Fox News
  2. Where Is the Flynn 302?  National Review
  3. Flynn mystery: Sometimes the quiet one has the most to say  CNN
  4. Dershowitz: FBI Knew Truth Before Questioning Flynn, Was 'Giving Him the Opportunity to Lie'  Fox News Insider
  5. Darrell Issa: Michael Flynn's conviction will be 'overturned' due to Justice Department, FBI wrongdoing  Washington Examiner
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HQ Trivia and Vine co-founder Colin Kroll dies of apparent overdose

Shakira Has Been Charged With Tax Evasion And Owes $16.3 Million

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Michael arrested again, back behind bars EXCLUSIVE

‘Five Eyes’ Spy Chiefs Agreed to Contain Huawei’s Global Reach at Meeting in July: Report – Gizmodo

  1. 'Five Eyes' Spy Chiefs Agreed to Contain Huawei's Global Reach at Meeting in July: Report  Gizmodo
  2. The fallout Canada, U.S. face following Huawei CFO's arrest  Global News
  3. US and China feud. Canada pays the price  CNN
  4. Again, China debases the rule of law. This time, President Trump chimes right in.  The Washington Post
  5. Why the US needs to stand with Canada in prosecution of Huawei’s CFO  South China Morning Post
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Parrot used Amazon Alexa to order items while his owner was away – Fox5NY

  1. Parrot used Amazon Alexa to order items while his owner was away  Fox5NY
  2. Rocco The Cheeky Parrot Keeps Using Amazon's Alexa To Order Snacks  HuffPost
  3. Foul-mouthed parrot uses Amazon Alexa to order things while owner is away | WPXI  WPXI Pittsburgh
  4. Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa to Order Items While Owner Is Away  The Epoch Times
  5. Parrot uses Alexa to make Amazon purchases while his owner is away  WGHP FOX 8 Greensboro
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Parrot uses Amazon Alexa to order items while owner is away – KCRA Sacramento

Parrot uses Amazon Alexa to order items while owner is away  KCRA Sacramento

Rocco the parrot has used the device to order watermelon and strawberries. He also attempted to order light bulbs, ice cream and a kite.

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Giuliani indicates conversations with Trump on Trump Tower Moscow occurred later than previously known – CNN

  1. Giuliani indicates conversations with Trump on Trump Tower Moscow occurred later than previously known  CNN
  2. Giuliani on whether Trump will sit down with Mueller: 'Good luck -- over my dead body'  Fox News
  3. Mueller Is Fighting a Witness in Court. Who Is It?  The New York Times
  4. A Justice Department Coup?  RealClearPolitics
  5. Rudy Giuliani on Michael Cohen's prison term, Flynn memos  Fox News
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Holiday buzzkill: This exact time on Christmas Eve carries highest heart attack risk of entire year – RT

  1. Holiday buzzkill: This exact time on Christmas Eve carries highest heart attack risk of entire year  RT
  2. Heart attack risk spikes on Christmas Eve at this specific time, study says  Boston 25 News
  3. Holidays hike heart attack risk  Health24
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Success on the road remains elusive for Packers –

  1. Success on the road remains elusive for Packers
  2. Packers vs. Bears Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018  NFL
  3. Aaron Rodgers' record streak without interception ends at 402 pass attempts  ESPN
  4. Bears defeat Packers to clinch NFC North title
  5. Packers officially eliminated from playoff contention after week 15 games  Acme Packing Company
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Win a Private Tour of DC Comics’ Archive for LGBTQ Charity

Yeah Could You Just Smile Like A Normal Human

One state set to drop blood-alcohol limit to .05, strictest in country – Valley News Live

  1. One state set to drop blood-alcohol limit to .05, strictest in country  Valley News Live
  2. Utah set to drop blood-alcohol limit to .05, strictest in country  NBC News
  3. Utah to impose nation's strictest DUI limit | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Utah set to drop blood alcohol limit to .05, making it the strictest in the country  WPVI-TV
  5. Utah to impose nation's strictest DUI limit
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Offset Responds After Cardi B Rejects Him at Her Show – E! NEWS

  1. Offset Responds After Cardi B Rejects Him at Her Show  E! NEWS
  2. Cardi B Becomes 1st Woman to Headline Rolling Loud Festival, Then Rolling Loud Becomes 1st Festival to Allow Its Headliner to Be Harassed on Stage  The Root
  3. Offset Crashes Cardi B’s Set at Rolling Loud Festival (Watch)  Variety
  4. Offset interrupted Cardi B on stage and she was not having it  CNN
  5. Offset Crashes Cardi B's Set to Beg for Her Back — and She Kicks Him Off the Stage
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Big Fan! British Star David Walliams Calls Jennifer Aniston ‘Lovely And Charming’

David Walliams Calls Jennifer Aniston Lovely And Charming

British actor and comic David Walliams is a big fan of Jennifer Aniston  and admits that he was smitten when they first met before working together on the upcoming Netflix movie Murder Mystery.

“She is a dream. I was so starstruck because she’s so, so famous,” Walliams told Heat. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Jennifer Aniston. What do I say to her?’  But she’s so charming and lovely.”

PHOTOS: Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Birthday Suit In Skimpy Bikinis Over The Years

And while the actor’s pals were hoping that sparks might fly between the pair, Walliams, 47, was was quick to play down his chances given the 49-year-old actress’ handsome former husbands.

“Some of my friends were saying, ‘You should go out with her,’ but I think it would be a bit of a comedown from Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. I wouldn’t wish that on her,” joked Walliams, who has a five-year-old son, Alfred, with his ex-wife, Lara Stone.

PHOTOS: Ultimate Betrayal! Jennifer Aniston’s BFF Is Still Hanging With Justin Theroux

Despite his uncertainty when it comes to love, at least he is confident he and Aniston did make magic on the set of their new movie!

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Authorities finish searching property of missing Colorado woman Kelsey Berreth’s fiancé – NBC News

  1. Authorities finish searching property of missing Colorado woman Kelsey Berreth's fiancé  NBC News
  2. Neighbors react to heavy law enforcement presence in Florissant  KOAA 5
  3. Authorities complete search on property of missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth's fiance  Yahoo News
  4. ‘We still have not found Kelsey:’ Officials complete search of home belonging to missing mother’s fiance  FOX 31 Denver
  5. Authorities complete search of Frazee property, Kelsey Berreth still missing  KOAA 5
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Aftermath: Devin Booker is the key to any Suns resurgence – Bright Side of the Sun

  1. Aftermath: Devin Booker is the key to any Suns resurgence  Bright Side of the Sun
  2. Booker magnificent in return, Suns beginning to gel in win over T-Wolves  Arizona Sports
  3. Suns 107, Wolves 99: Wolves Once Again Awful on the Road  Canis Hoopus
  4. Quick Recap: Suns win second straight, knock off Timberwolves, 107-99  Bright Side of the Sun
  5. Phoenix Suns: De’Anthony Melton must remain starting point guard  Hoops Habit
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Tell Us What You Loved About the X-Men Comics This Year [X-ual Healing 12-12-18]

Shock Death! Vine & HQ Trivia Co Founder Colin Kroll Dead After Suspected Overdose

Vine And HQ Trivia Co Founder Colin Kroll Dead After Suspected Overdose

Vine and HQ Trivia co-founder Colin Kroll has died from a suspected drugs overdose.

The 35-year-old was found in his Manhattan apartment today after reportedly taking cocaine and heroin.

The tech entrepreneur’s friends and family became worried when he stopped taking calls from his girlfriend.

When police arrived at his apartment on Spring Street they found Kroll dead in his bedroom with drug paraphernalia near his body.

PHOTOS: Inside George Michael’s Home — See Where The Singer Died

Police believe cocaine and heroin were the drugs they found inside his home.

Kroll was named the CEO of HQ Trivia in 2015, prior to that he was the co-founder of Vine and did a brief stint at Twitter.

When Twitter purchased Vine, they brought Kroll on board. However 18 months after being hired with Twitter Kroll was fired over allegations lodged against him by female colleagues.

He was accused of being ‘verbally abusive to colleagues’ while at work.

PHOTOS: The Curse Of Reality TV — 30 Reality Stars Who Died From Murder, Suicide, Overdoses & More

HQ Trivia had been in the top 10 list of downloaded iPhone games in at the start of the year but slid to the top 500 spot.

Troubled Kroll was also facing a complaint filed by an HQ Trivia employee for his ‘aggressive management style.’

He was also a co-founder of Vine and was the Chief Technology Officer for Jetsetter. From 2007 to 2009 he was the engineering manager at Yahoo.

The Medical Examiner’s office will determine the exact cause of death.

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David Eason Cuts Self on Instagram as Sister Confirms He’s Lost It

Pete Davidson deletes social media accounts after distressing Instagram post – The A.V. Club

Pete Davidson deletes social media accounts after distressing Instagram post  The A.V. Club

Concern circulated throughout the pop culture world yesterday over the health and well-being of Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, who deleted his social ...

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William Shatner Defends Christmas Jingle

Saudi denounces US Senate vote as ‘blatant interference’ – Al Jazeera English

  1. Saudi denounces US Senate vote as 'blatant interference'  Al Jazeera English
  2. Saudi Arabia condemns US Senate 'interference'  BBC News
  3. The unsuccessful whitewashing of MBS's image as peacemaker  Al Jazeera English
  4. So, I Asked People in Saudi Arabia About Their Mad, Murderous Crown Prince  The New York Times
  5. Saudi Arabia rejects U.S. Senate position on Khashoggi: statement  Reuters
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Offset Crashed Cardi B’s Concert Last Night In A Public Attempt To Win Her Back

Last night, Offset took his public appeal to woo back his estranged wife Cardi B when he crashed her set, begging her on stage with flowers to take him back. It looks like he has upped his game, but -UGH- this guy. There were 7th grade couples at my school who had more exciting and less predictable make up/break up drama than these two. So how did Cardi react to Offset’s little reindeer games? Let’s just say she wasn’t quick to recreate their old finger banging antics on stage.

Cardi’s set at the Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles when Offset crossed the stage with a bunch of vegetation grasped in his clutches. But wait, that’s not all. Offset also had three massive flower arrangements wheeled in on amps (a nice touch, very rock ‘n’ roll) that spelled out “Take Me Back Cardi” in white and red roses.

Here is the film clip of the big event:

Offset leans in for a kiss and… DENIED! He sulks off the stage after Cardi lectures him for a minute and tells those stage hands to wheel those God Damn flowers off of her stage. Later she posted a followup from what appears to be backstage, asking her fans to leave Offset alone during their very public relationship mess:

Even later she took her perfect tatas to another Instagram confessional (Pillow Talk Edition) where she again pleaded with her fans to step off of Offset and stop bashing him online, name checking Pete Davidson‘s recent desire to leave the earth in the process:

I was all for Offset’s All I Want For My Bday Is You single to drop, but this new public hang doggery feels too phoned in and frankly just brings the sads. Do they have the same publicists as Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra (“Prick“, if we’re going to waste such an amazing moniker on them) or is it a coincidence that Cardi was just giving a major Instagram shoutout to the exact same florist, then low and behold Offset magically appears with them?

I can’t deal with this fakery and foolery. Until Offset brings some bruja hanging by the skin of his nipples by hooks over a Satanic Alter realness to his quest to once again be Cardi’s man, I’ll be flipping through my Junior High yearbooks reliving the real excitement and drama that the IT couples used to go through.

Pic: Twitter

California abandons plan to tax text messages – CNN

California abandons plan to tax text messages  CNN

San Francisco (CNN Business) California regulators no longer plan to tax text messages. The California Public Utilities Commission said a new FCC ruling ...

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California abandons plan to tax text messages – CNN

  1. California abandons plan to tax text messages  CNN
  2. ‘Text tax’ vote canceled by California utilities panel after FCC ruling  Fox News
  3. California abandons plan to tax text messages after FCC ruling  FOX 31 Denver
  4. California Drops Plan to Tax Texts  Newsmax
  5. California Abandons Text Message Fee Intended to Fund Programs for Underserved Residents  KTLA Los Angeles
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Culture You Can Heft

Hindus Call For Apology From Marvel Over Uncanny X-Men #5

Charles Martinet enters Guinness Book of World Records for Mario voiceover work – Destructoid

  1. Charles Martinet enters Guinness Book of World Records for Mario voiceover work  Destructoid
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Charles Martinet’s 100th credit as Mario  Polygon
  3. Charles Martinet Receives Guinness World Record for Voicing Nintendo's 'Mario'  HYPEBEAST
  4. Charles Martinet now holds a Guinness record for voicing Super Mario 100 times  The A.V. Club
  5. Wa-hoo! Mario Voice Actor Charles Martinet Sets Guinness Record  Crunchyroll News
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Thirsty Dude Flirts In A Help Chat And Gets A Hilarious Surprise In The End

Rocket Lab launches NASA’s first dedicated cubesat mission

Iowa Poll: Republicans back the President, but welcome challengers – CNN

  1. Iowa Poll: Republicans back the President, but welcome challengers  CNN
  2. Beto O’Rourke Places Well in Iowa Poll, Behind Biden and Sanders  The New York Times
  3. Poll: Two-thirds of Iowa Republicans say they would vote to reelect Trump | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Poll: Iowa GOP backs Trump; open to challengers  CNN
  5. Biden, Sanders viewed as top 2020 contenders among Iowa's Democratic voters: poll  Fox News
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Colin Kroll, CEO and Co-Founder of HQ Trivia, Dead of Apparent Overdose

Colin Kroll, the co-founder and CEO of HQ Trivia, was found dead early Sunday morning in his Manhattan apartment.

He was 35 years old.

Colin Kroll in 2014

According to TMZ, Kroll's girlfriend called police and asked for someone to check on Kroll after she grew concerned because she could not get in touch with him.

Cops then went to Kroll's's downtown Manhattan residence, entered... and discovered Kroll's body in his bedroom. He was face down and there was drug paraphernalia nearby.

It is believed that he died of an overdose.

At this point (before any tests have been run, we ought to note), law enforcement officials think Kroll passed away due to a mixture of cocaine and heroin.

kroll snapshot

Kroll was named CEO of HQ Trivia in 2015.

A year earlier, he was fired from Twitter after he was determined to be a "bad manager," most notably because female employees alleged his behavior made them uncomfortable.

However, no sexual harassment claims were ever filed.

Kroll was also the co-founder of Vine and served as the General Manager of this company/platform between 2013 and 2014.

Morever, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Jetsetter.

Prior to that role, Kroll worked as the Engineering Manager at Yahoo between 2007 to 2009.

breakthrough award

Here is the official NYPD statement on the incident:

On Sunday, December 16, 2018 at 0018 hours, police responded to a 911 call for a wellness check at 56 Spring Street within the confines of the 5th Precinct.

Upon arrival, officers discovered a 35-year-old male unconscious and unresponsive in a bedroom.

EMS responded and pronounced the individual deceased on scene. The investigation is ongoing and the Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death.

HQ Trivia is a live quiz app; it was launched in August of 2017 and was one of iPhone's 10 most-downloaded apps in January of this year.

At the moment, however, it has fallen down to somewhere between 250 and 500.


Representatives for HQ Trivia were not immediately available to comment.

Kroll does not leave behind any kids.

May he rest in peace.

We'll update this story with more news as it breaks.

Facebook Apologizes For Exposing Photos Of 6.8 Million Users – HotNewHipHop

Facebook Apologizes For Exposing Photos Of 6.8 Million Users  HotNewHipHop

"Some third-party apps may have had access to a broader set of photos than usual for 12 days between September 13 to September 25, 2018," explained Tomer ...

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Daily Deals: PlayStation Classic for $75 + $25 Gift Card, Spider-Man Film Trilogy for $27

Welcome to IGN's Daily Deals, your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use.


Spider-Man Trilogy (2002-2007) Set for $26.19

Pick up all three movies from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker. The set features seven Blu-ray discs along with a booklet.

Continue reading…

Fakes! Exes Cardi B & Offset ‘Playing Everyone’ With Their Desperate Onstage Antics

Cardi B was supposedly blindsided when her estranged ex, Offset, crashed her Saturday night musical performance and begged her for forgiveness. While she acted put off, not everything was as it appeared, has learned. Click through the gallery to find out more.

Review: Whitestone Dome Glass for iPhone XS is a great screen protector w/ a unique installation process – 9to5Mac

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  2. Lawsuit Claims Apple Lied About Its Display and Shady Marketing Obscured the Notch  Gizmodo
  3. New lawsuit claims Apple hid the notch in its iPhone XS marketing  TechRadar
  4. Lawsuit alleges Apple’s iPhone XS marketing images deceptively hide the notch  9to5Mac
  5. Lawsuit alleges Apple falsely advertised the screen size of the iPhone X  Digital Trends
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Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 16th December 2018 – Batman Damned Beats The One Who Laughs

Which SEC team did the best job of keeping its best recruits home? – Saturday Down South

Which SEC team did the best job of keeping its best recruits home?  Saturday Down South

Scooping up the local talent is a must in the SEC if you want to compete for championships and keep the fan base happy. Problem is, there's such a plethora of ...

Giuliani on whether Trump will sit down with Mueller: ‘Good luck — over my dead body’ – Fox News

  1. Giuliani on whether Trump will sit down with Mueller: 'Good luck -- over my dead body'  Fox News
  2. Giuliani indicates Trump Tower Moscow discussions took place up until November 2016 | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Giuliani on Trump interview with Mueller: ‘Over my dead body’  POLITICO
  4. Rudy Giuliani on Michael Cohen's prison term, Flynn memos  Fox News
  5. Giuliani: Trump will only sit for interview with Mueller ‘over my dead body’ | TheHill  The Hill
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The Epic Batcake

Pete Davidson Was Briefly On “Saturday Night Live” Last Night After Disturbing Instagram Post

Twitter was an entire battleground of drama on Saturday. Kanye West and Ariana Grande exchanged a few jabs at each other, which ultimately led to Ari’s ex Pete Davidson getting involved then ending with a very dark Instagram post before deleting his account altogether. It was the equivalent of eating a sundae only to discover the chocolate sprinkles on top were really mouse droppings. Thankfully Pete is fine and last night he made a very brief appearance during Saturday Night Live.

After Pete caused the entire world to slip him the number for a suicide hotline after saying he didn’t want to be here anymore,  Ariana tried to reach out to him on Twitter:

Pete’s post caused major concern for many people, especially fans who reached out to the NYPD to check on him. Ultimately he was found at NBC Studios in New York City rehearsing for last night’s episode. However, his appearance was only relegated to a pre-recorded  sketch and introducing musical guests Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson. Today things seem to have calmed down, especially since Ariana has apparently deleted all of her tweets from yesterday. A quick check on her Twitter page reveals that her last tweet was on December 14 in reference to her new single ‘Imagine‘, yet everything else has disappeared entirely. However, she did still interact with fans whose concern for Davidson far outweighed her failed attempt at garnering buzz for her new song. When one fan asked why didn’t she text Davidson to check on him Ari responded with the following;

I’m sure Ari didn’t intend for her initial post to explode into such a debacle but if she was looking for attention she most certainly got it. Then again, this entire situation will more than likely go down in history under the category of What NOT To Do When You Want To Market Your New Song.

Here’s Pete last night introducing Miley and her ear murdering Christmas song on SNL.

Pic: YouTube/NBC

14 Hysterical Flyers That’ll Make You Chuckle And Then Immediately Say ‘WTF’

Jacquees and Keith Sweat Keep the King of R&B Debate Alive

Jacquees was happy to re-crown himself as the reigning King of R&B -- even in front of rhythm and blues royalty like Keith Sweat ... who bit his tongue around the youngin'. We got Keith backstage Saturday at the V-103 Winterfest concert at the…

HQ Trivia and Vine co-founder Colin Kroll found dead of suspected overdose

BUMBLEBEE Spoiler-Free Review; “[It] Doesn’t Bring Anything New Or Original To The Table”

Bumblebee arrives in theaters next week but does the Transformers spinoff/prequel set the franchise back on the right track after Michael Bay's disastrous efforts? Find out my verdict right here...

Monica’s Gang/DC Comics Crossover Published in Brazil

That the recent CCXP 2018 comic book convention in Brazil saw the release of the DC Comics crossover with Monica’s Gang characters in a variety of forms.

Monica’s Gang is America’s best selling comic… it just happens to mostly sell in South America, with around a 400,000 circulation. Created by Mauricio de Sousa and based on a newspaper comic strip from 1959, over the years the series has gained a large audience, with new characters constantly being added to the lineup, spinning off. Jimmy Five (Cebolinha) and Monica into her own comic book, Monica’s Gang. The stories revolve around the adventures of Monica and her many friends in a fictional neighborhood known as “Lemon Tree” inspired by the neighborhood of Cambuí, in Campinas and the city of Mogi das Cruzes, where de Sousa spent his childhood.

Published in the US as Monica And Her Friends, she is now getting a bunch of Superfriends.

As well as being published in the usual cartoony Monica’s Gang style. With special attention towards Capitão Pitoco, a character already created as a parody of Superman within the Monica’s Gang world.

There are also a series of variant covers, drawn closer to the DC Comics house style by artists who often draw for DC Comics anyway.

There seem no plans to publish this set of crossover comics in the USA. For now, at least.

But they took pride of place at the show.

Could the grey market turn these volumes into collector items in the USA?

Keep an eye on eBay and Amazon Marketplace…


The post Monica’s Gang/DC Comics Crossover Published in Brazil appeared first on Bleeding Cool News And Rumors.

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Smart Male

4 Reasons Disney Could Soar – The Motley Fool

  1. 4 Reasons Disney Could Soar  The Motley Fool
  2. Small US movie theaters are terrified of Disney's power  Quartz
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After Math: Where are the adults

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Swings To $35.4 Million Debut; AQUAMAN Swims Past $260M Worldwide

Marvel is king of the box office yet again as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is swinging to a strong $35.4 million opening weekend, which would be the biggest December debut for an animated film ever!
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