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Marcelo Ventura Creates Earthworm Spawn

Marcelo Ventura describes himself as a frustrated artist. But on the basis of responses to his most recent creations, he shouldn’t be frustrated for much longer. He specialises in detailed gothic recreation of other people’s charactes, whether that be Rick & Morty, Mario Bros, or a current Dumbo/Joker mashup.

But he got quite a lot of attention for a recent creation on Instagram, that of Doug TenNapel‘s Earthworm Jim as Todd McFarlane‘s Spawn. With the legend ‘for love he returned … By hate he became the King.’

Marcelo Ventura Creates Earthworm Spawn

As well as a few interim steps along the way.

Marcelo Ventura Creates Earthworm Spawn Marcelo Ventura Creates Earthworm Spawn

Given that kind of artistic skill, expect all sorts of publishers to be beating a path to his door… maybe even Todd or Doug themselves.


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Andrew Glennon to Amber Portwood: I’m Moving to California and I’m Taking the Baby with Me!

The hits just keep coming for Amber Portwood, huh?

But of course, that wouldn't be happening if she hadn't done the hitting in the first place.

Andrew Glennon with Amber

Or the machete-wielding.

Guys ... Amber really done messed up.

All the way back on the Fourth of July, she got all worked up because there was an issue with taking James, the son she shares with Andrew Glennon, to see fireworks.

The little family headed home instead of going to the festivities, and that's when Amber got violent.

Amber on TMOG

Andrew has said that she yelled at him and began beating him with a shoe, which she did admit to doing.

He took James and left for a few hours, then came back with dinner and a gift for Amber -- more than she deserved after assaulting him the first time -- and she was still very angry.

According to Andrew's story, Amber went off again, told him she was going to kill herself and even swallowed a handful of pills that she later vomited back up, and ended the night by chasing him around with a machete.

All while poor, sweet little baby James was there.

Amber Portwood in Her Bed

During the alleged machete incident, Andrew took James and went to another room, and he had to hold the door closed with his foot so he cold hold the baby and also alert 911 that an emergency was going down.

Police arrested Amber in the wee hours of the morning, she spent a few days in jail, and then things got even worse.

Because you can't assault people, especially when they're holding your baby.

Andrew was quick to file for custody of James, and thank goodness for that.

Andrew Glennon and His Son

He also got a no-contact order for both of them against Amber -- it was recently lifted for James so he could have the occasional supervised visit with his mother, but Andrew's still stands.

In all this madness, Andrew has been pretty open to Teen Mom fans who have asked him questions, and his stance has always been clear: he desperately wanted a family with Amber, but James' safety is his top priority.

And, as such, it looks like he's trying to take him from Indiana all the way to California.

He recently filed documents with the court to announce that he wishes to move back to Malibu, where he lived before he moved to Indiana to be with Amber.

Andrew Glennon, Up Close

He works there occasionally still, so the move does make sense.

He also explained in the documents that the only thing in Indiana for him was Amber, and that's done now, so why not go back home where he has family, friends, and work?

Andrew has said that he wants to make the move in November, so it's obvious that he's not trying to run away with James.

He's doing things by the book, and Amber has 60 days to respond to this new proposal.

Andrew Hugs James

It's all a bit more complicated, of course, because both Amber's criminal case and the custody battle are still happening, and we're not sure how that would affect Andrew's wishes to move states.

But based on everything we know about him, we're certain he wouldn't leave James behind.

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for Amber ...

Yeah, maybe don't bother to think that anymore.

Ikea doubles down on smart home tech with new business unit

Country Star Drake White Rushed To Hospital After Stage Collapse

House Of X #4 Will Break Your Heart With One Line

SoftBank reportedly plans to lend employees as much as $20 billion to invest in its VC fund

SoftBank has a plant to loan up to $20 billion to its employees, including CEO Masayoshi Son, for the purposes of having that capital re-invested in SoftBank’s own Vision venture fund, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. That’s a highly unusual move that could be risky in terms of how much exposure SoftBank Group has on the whole in terms of its startup bets, but the upside is that it can potentially fill out as much as a fifth of its newly announced second Vision Fund’s total target raise of $108 billion from a highly aligned investor pool.

SoftBank revealed its plans for its second Vision Fund last month, including $38 billion from SoftBank itself, as well as commitments from Apple, Microsoft and more. The company also took a similar approach to its original Vision Fund, WSJ reports, with stakes from employees provided with loans totalling $8 billion of that $100 billion commitment.

The potential pay-off is big, provided the fund has some solid winners that achieve liquidation events that provide big returns that employees can then use to pay off the original loans, walking away with profit. That’s definitely a risk, however, especially in the current global economic client. As WSJ notes, the Uber shares that Vision Fund I acquired are now worth less than what SoftBank originally paid for them according to sources, and SoftBank bet WeWork looks poised to be another company whose IPO might not make that much, if any, money for later stage investors.

‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Awarded Joint Custody Of Kids By Ex Thomas Ravenel

Behind the wheel of VW’s electric dune buggy prototype

Brody Jenner DJs and Hangs with Girlfriend Josie Canseco

Brody Jenner is back in circulation ... as if the whole "marriage" thing never happened. Brody was at the 1720 venue in DTLA Friday night, and was super effective in hyping up the crowd. At one point he took the stage with his band, AHZ, and tried…

Epstein spent last days emptying vending machines with lawyers – Business Insider

  1. Epstein spent last days emptying vending machines with lawyers  Business Insider
  2. New York medical examiner: Jeffrey Epstein's death was a suicide by hanging  Fox News
  3. Medical examiner rules Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide  CBS Evening News
  4. Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Results Show He Hanged Himself in Suicide  The New York Times
  5. Epstein isn’t the only one. Too many people kill themselves in jail.  Washington Post
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Finally, Todd McFarlane’s Own Cover For Spawn #300

It may be too late for FOC but Todd McFarlane has finally shown off his cover for Spawn #300 on Instagram, getting a bevvy of likes from the likes of Jim Lee, J Scott Campbell and company.

The comic will be published on September 4th, and will also be getting a big push at New York Comic-Con with an NYCC exclusive being given away at the show. Just in time for Spawn #301, maybe?

Auto Draft Auto Draft

SPAWN #300
(W) Todd McFarlane, Scott Snyder (A) Greg Capullo, Jason Shawn Alexander, J. Scott Campbell, Jerome Opena (A/CA) Todd McFarlane
SPAWN MAKES HISTORY! With this 300th issue, SPAWN becomes the longest-running independent series in comic book history. To celebrate, legendary artists TODD McFARLANE and GREG CAPULLO return with ALL-NEW interior pencils, with additional art provided by JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER, J. SCOTT CAMPBELL, and JEROME OPE A, a cavalcade of celebratory covers, and additional writing by SCOTT SNYDER! And next month, RECORDS WILL BE BROKEN with SPAWN #301!In Shops: Sep 04, 2019 SRP: $7.99

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Jamie Foxx with Beautiful Mystery Woman Amid Katie Holmes Breakup Rumors

Jamie Foxx is back in the game, or so it seems ... because he was out last night with a stunning woman who was not Katie Holmes. Jamie and the beautiful lady beelined it out of Bootsy Bellows in WeHo at around 2 AM.... hand in hand. They jumped in…

29 Memes For The Non-Geniuses

Funny memes, funny tweets, feral hogs.

We can't all be Einstein-level geniuses, but that is actually perfectly okay. And there are definitely memes out there for people with just a few less brain cells than everyone else. 

Submitted by:

The Morning After: The struggles of Formula 1’s underdogs

Mormons warns that coffee, vaping are no-nos despite fancy names, alluring flavors – Fox News

Mormons warns that coffee, vaping are no-nos despite fancy names, alluring flavors  Fox News

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has issued a warning to members that coffee is prohibited no matter how fancy the name, that vaping is banned ...

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Ask Engadget: I’m a student trying to find my first job or internship

WATCH: Former Auburn CB Jamel Dean snags INT in first NFL game – Saturday Down South

WATCH: Former Auburn CB Jamel Dean snags INT in first NFL game  Saturday Down South

In his NFL preseason debut, former Auburn CB Jamel Dean recorded his first pro interception. Dean's Tampa Bay Buccaneers were taking on the Miami ...

Ryan Gosling Spotted Having Lunch With THOR 4 Director Taika Waititi – Could He Be MCU Bound?

It's speculation time! Actor Ryan Gosling was photographed having lunch with Taika Waititi in LA on Friday, which has led to the assumption that he might be in line for a role in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Next Apple Watch could include new ceramic and titanium models

Guardian Publishes Art Spiegelman’s Full Essay That Marvel Rejected Over Politics

Privacy researchers devise a noise-exploitation attack that defeats dynamic anonymity


16 Times Donald Trump’s Twitter Game Was Crazily Unpresidented

GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS Director Mike Dougherty Shares Stunning Concept Art From The Movie

Godzilla: King of the Monsters was a great looking movie, and director Mike Dougherty has now shared a whole batch of gorgeous concept art featuring Rodan, Ghidorah, Mothra, and Big G himself. Take a look.

Mormons ban vaping, green tea and any drinks ending in ‘ccino’ – The Independent

Mormons ban vaping, green tea and any drinks ending in 'ccino'  The Independent

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wants to make clear that vaping, green tea and fancy coffee drinks are off limits under the religion's dietary code, ...

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Iran-Aligned Houthis Strike Major Saudi Oil Field – The Wall Street Journal

  1. Iran-Aligned Houthis Strike Major Saudi Oil Field  The Wall Street Journal
  2. Houthis in Yemen Claim Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities  The New York Times
  3. Saudi and UAE Allies Are Fighting Each Other, Now Yemen Is Questioning the Whole Coalition  Newsweek
  4. Separatists withdraw from key posts in Yemen's Aden  Aljazeera.com
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What’s The Big Frigin’ Difference?!

Don't get too starstuck by these two almost identical images of Cardi B. Keep your cool and make sure your eyes are on the prize ... See if you can hunt down all the switches made to this tricky pic! The Grammy-winning artist was photographed…

The man seen placing rice cookers around downtown New York is in custody, police say – CNN

The man seen placing rice cookers around downtown New York is in custody, police say  CNN

The man who police say is seen on video dropping off rice cookers Friday in downtown New York was taken into custody early Saturday morning, a law ...

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Sudan Signs Landmark Power-Sharing Deal After Months of Tumult – The New York Times

  1. Sudan Signs Landmark Power-Sharing Deal After Months of Tumult  The New York Times
  2. Analysis: Sudan military and opposition sign power-sharing deal  Al Jazeera English
  3. Sudan authorities allow reopening of Al Jazeera's Khartoum office  Aljazeera.com
  4. Omar al-Bashir’s trial will be a sham, but Sudan’s revolution is alive and well  The Guardian
  5. Sudan opposition and military sign final power-sharing accord  The Guardian
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New ceramic and titanium Apple Watch models spotted in watchOS 6 beta – The Verge

  1. New ceramic and titanium Apple Watch models spotted in watchOS 6 beta  The Verge
  2. An Apple insider with a stellar track record just leaked Apple Watch Series 5 details  BGR
  3. Here are all of the new products Apple is expected to launch by the end of the year  Business Insider
  4. Kuo: Apple Watch Series 5 Lineup to Launch in Fall With OLED Displays Supplied by Japan Display  MacRumors
  5. watchOS 6 assets reveal new Apple Watch models coming in titanium and ceramic cases  9to5Mac
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Carolina Panthers’ Eric Reid slams Jay-Z as ‘despicable’ over NFL ownership rumors: when has he ‘ever taken… – Fox News

  1. Carolina Panthers' Eric Reid slams Jay-Z as 'despicable' over NFL ownership rumors: when has he 'ever taken...  Fox News
  2. Jay-Z to Become Part Owner of NFL Team  TMZ
  3. The NFL’s Newest Best Friend Forever: Jay-Z  Townhall
  4. Reid rips Jay-Z over Kap remarks, deal with NFL  ESPN
  5. Op-Ed: Only an idiot would be shocked that Jay-Z’s NFL deal leaves out Colin Kaepernick  TheGrio
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Partner of El Paso shooting victim overwhelmed by hundreds of strangers at funeral – Fox News

  1. Partner of El Paso shooting victim overwhelmed by hundreds of strangers at funeral  Fox News
  2. A husband worried few would attend an El Paso shooting victim's service. 700 strangers showed up  CNN
  3. In El Paso, Hundreds Show Up to Mourn a Woman They Didn’t Know  The New York Times
  4. El Paso shooting: Man shocked as hundreds attend wife's funeral  BBC News
  5. Hundreds join widower to attend funeral of El Paso shooting victim | TheHill  The Hill
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Startups Weekly: The mad dash to the public markets

Korg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable – Engadget

Korg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable  Engadget

This review is a little different. Normally when Engadget reviews something, we're bringing years of experience and expertise to the table. But not here. The Vo...

Korg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable – Engadget

Korg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable  Engadget

This review is a little different. Normally when Engadget reviews something, we're bringing years of experience and expertise to the table. But not here. The Vo...

Opinion: Hong Kong Protesters Might Bother Tourists, Or Pierce Their Conscience – NPR

  1. Opinion: Hong Kong Protesters Might Bother Tourists, Or Pierce Their Conscience  NPR
  2. Some Hong Kong protesters wonder if they're going too far  Los Angeles Times
  3. Hong Kong unrest continues as civilians hold public rally  ABC News
  4. A day in the life of armoured Hong Kong protester "The Dragon"  The Sun
  5. To Understand Hong Kong, Don’t Think About Tiananmen  The New York Times
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Korg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable

How Hong Kong got trapped in a cycle of violence – BBC News

  1. How Hong Kong got trapped in a cycle of violence  BBC News
  2. How Hong Kong's police are tackling protests  BBC News
  3. Hong Kongers stage more anti-government protests, braving storms  Reuters
  4. 'Protect the students': Hong Kong teachers join protests  Aljazeera.com
  5. Hong Kong Protests Lead to Police Standoffs, but No Clashes  The New York Times
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Country singer Drake White rushed to the hospital after almost collapsing onstage – CNN

  1. Country singer Drake White rushed to the hospital after almost collapsing onstage  CNN
  2. Scotty McCreery bring some Carolina to his concert at Elmwood Park  Roanoke Times
  3. Country Star Drake White Rushed to Hospital After Nearly Collapsing on Stage in Virginia  PEOPLE.com
  4. 'Prayers up for Drake White!' Musician taken to hospital after 'accident' during opening set for Scotty McCreery concert  WDBJ7
  5. Scotty McCreery rocks Roanoke; opener Drake White suffers medical emergency onstage  WSLS 10
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10 deals you don’t want to miss on Saturday: Free money from Amazon, $13 Anker wireless charger, Fire TV Stick, more – BGR

10 deals you don’t want to miss on Saturday: Free money from Amazon, $13 Anker wireless charger, Fire TV Stick, more  BGR

We've got a terrific daily deals roundup for you to check out on Saturday, and the cherry on top is some free money from Amazon! Buy $50 or more of Amazon ...

AOC laughs off Trump claim she’s ‘fuming’ that Tlaib, Omar now get more attention – Fox News

  1. AOC laughs off Trump claim she's 'fuming' that Tlaib, Omar now get more attention  Fox News
  2. Israel will allow Rashida Tlaib to enter country but maintains ban on Ilhan Omar  CBS This Morning
  3. Israeli minister rips Tlaib for nixing trip, says ‘her hate for Israel’ overcomes ‘love for her grandmother’  Fox News
  4. Israel's Ban on Tlaib and Omar Shows Netanyahu and Trump's Contempt for Democracy | Opinion  Newsweek
  5. Opinion | If You Think Trump Is Helping Israel, You're a Fool  The New York Times
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U.S.-China trade war: Huawei deadline flying under the radar – Fox Business

  1. U.S.-China trade war: Huawei deadline flying under the radar  Fox Business
  2. Exclusive: U.S. set to give Huawei another 90 days to buy from American suppliers - sources  Yahoo Finance
  3. US Ban on Huawei Shrugged Off in Southeast Asia as Washington Locked in Trade War With China  Sputnik International
  4. Exclusive: U.S. to extend Huawei's partial reprieve on supply curbs - sources  Reuters
  5. US to give Huawei another 90 days to buy from American suppliers  Business Insider
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Majority Leader Post Gives McConnell Power To Steer Trump Agenda – NPR

  1. Majority Leader Post Gives McConnell Power To Steer Trump Agenda  NPR
  2. ‘I’m worried’: Allies fear NRA has lost its power in Washington  POLITICO
  3. President Trump Says He'll Focus On Mental Illness, Not Gun Control | TIME  TIME
  4. Trump wants to bring back mental institutions to address mass shootings  CBS News
  5. Trump’s Gun Control “Expert” Is Elephant-Hunting Simpleton Don Jr.  Vanity Fair
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Why Does Metal Spark in the Microwave? – Livescience.com

Why Does Metal Spark in the Microwave?  Livescience.com

Why do metallic materials produce little firework displays in the microwave?

Gerard Pique’s rant at Ousmane Dembele in Athletic defeat – Sport English

  1. Gerard Pique's rant at Ousmane Dembele in Athletic defeat  Sport English
  2. Griezmann unable to lead Barca to victory in 6/10 showing on full debut  ESPN
  3. Trip to Bilbao ahead of LaLiga debut against Athletic Club  FC Barcelona
  4. Opinion: Athletic Bilbao 1-0 Barcelona - 5 players who were responsible for the Catalans' defeat  Sportskeeda
  5. Watch Spanish Striker Score Magnificent Goal With Bicycle Kick (Video)  Sputnik International
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Jane Fonda speaks out following brother Peter’s death: ‘He was my sweet-hearted baby brother’ – Fox News

  1. Jane Fonda speaks out following brother Peter's death: 'He was my sweet-hearted baby brother'  Fox News
  2. Peter Fonda's most memorable film performances  Guardian News
  3. 'Easy Rider' Peter Fonda dead at 79: 'Please raise a glass to freedom'  Yahoo Entertainment
  4. 'Easy Rider' star Peter Fonda, a counterculture icon, dead at 79  Los Angeles Times
  5. Peter Fonda Dead at 79 After Respiratory Failure from Lung Cancer: 'Please Raise a Glass to Freedom'  PEOPLE.com
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The Daily LITG, 17th August 2019, Happy Birthday Trina Robbins

How the Recession of 2020 Could Happen – The New York Times

  1. How the Recession of 2020 Could Happen  The New York Times
  2. The man Trump mocked as heavyset at his New Hampshire rally was a Trump supporter  The Washington Post
  3. Trump phones supporter he mocked for having a 'weight problem' | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Opinion: Trump tries to win over New Hampshire voters — by shamelessly lying to them  Los Angeles Times
  5. From Trump Boom to Trump Gloom  The New York Times
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US makes last-ditch attempt to stop Iranian supertanker setting sail – CNN

  1. US makes last-ditch attempt to stop Iranian supertanker setting sail  CNN
  2. US issues warrant to seize Iranian tanker off Gibraltar  CNBC
  3. Captain of Iranian supertanker that's trying to leave Gibraltar 'doesn't want to stay in command,' lawyer says  Fox News
  4. Europe Resists U.S. Pressure Over Iranian Tanker  Bloomberg
  5. The Iranian oil tanker row has left everyone with a win – except bungling John Bolton and the US hawks  The Independent
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Crowds Pack Hong Kong Streets for Another Weekend of Protests – The New York Times

Crowds Pack Hong Kong Streets for Another Weekend of Protests  The New York Times

A peaceful rally led by teachers began a weekend of planned protests, days after demonstrators and the police were both criticized for escalating violence.

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PDFs are a pain to edit, but these 4 free apps make it easy – CNET

PDFs are a pain to edit, but these 4 free apps make it easy  CNET

Sending PDF files is pretty straightforward, but editing one can be a hassle, especially on your phone's relatively small screen. Luckily I found easy and fast ways ...

More than 120 cases of lung disease in 15 states could be linked to vaping – CNN

  1. More than 120 cases of lung disease in 15 states could be linked to vaping  CNN
  2. Dozens of People in Multiple States Have Lung Disease Linked to Vaping, and No One Knows Why  Gizmodo
  3. Severe health problems linked to vaping reported in North Carolina  WSOC Charlotte
  4. First Texas case of lung disease linked to vaping found in teen  WFAA
  5. Mystery lung illness linked to vaping. Health officials investigating nearly 100 possible cases.  The Washington Post
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Anthony Pettis Says He’s Down To Smoke Weed W/ Nate Diaz After They Fight – TMZSports

Anthony Pettis Says He's Down To Smoke Weed W/ Nate Diaz After They Fight  TMZSports

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Black Democrats are split along generational lines – CNN

  1. Black Democrats are split along generational lines  CNN
  2. Volatile presidential polls spark new round of anxieties | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Elizabeth Warren Overtakes Joe Biden as Favorite to Win Democratic Party's 2020 Primary: U.K. Bookmaker  Newsweek
  4. Warren’s success depends on her answering these five questions  The Washington Post
  5. Tom Basile: Ahead of 2020 election, Trump needs to learn THIS fast  Fox News
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Guy Makes Insultingly Low Offer for Lawnmower So Dude Sends Him to Sears

Viewing Tips for Peak of Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight – Big Island Now

Viewing Tips for Peak of Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight  Big Island Now

The Perseid meteor shower is upon us. It is the most famous and active meteor shower of the year with up to 80 meteors an hour leaving long trails across the.

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Todd Chrisley’s Daughter Hopes to Make Peace One Day, But Not For TV

Todd Chrisley's estranged daughter hopes to someday patch things up with him -- despite claiming her dad recently tried extorting her with a sex tape -- with only one condition ... NO TV CAMERAS ALLOWED!!! Lindsie badly wants to reunite with the…

AVENGERS: ENDGAME Star Hayley Atwell On Shooting That Final Scene, WHAT IF?, And Whether Peggy’s Story Is Over

In a new interview, Hayley Atwell reveals when she shot her Avengers: Endgame scenes, whether there were any Peggy Carter moments that didn't make the final cut, her role in What If?, and much more!

Ezekiel Elliott Won’t Be Charged In Las Vegas Battery Case

Ezekiel Elliott will NOT face criminal charges over his Las Vegas altercation with a security guard, TMZ Sports has learned. According to police documents ... the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department met with prosecutors late last month -- and…

Stars and Scars — You Be the Judge

Insane week ... Jay-Z teaming up with the NFL stirred the pot, and Miley and Liam have very different breakup stories. So, we gotta ask ...

Boosie Badazz Charged with Marijuana Possession

It could've been way worse for Boosie Badazz ... but it's still pretty bad, because he's facing 2 felony charges in Georgia from his April drug bust. The D.A. in Coweta County slapped the Louisiana rapper with possession of less than an ounce of…

Aaron Carter Says ‘Live and Learn’ After Violent Breakup

Aaron Carter's having fun living the single life, but he's also taking time to reflect after what he claims was a nasty and physical breakup ... and admits it's time to make some changes. We got Aaron out at Dream Motor Cars in L.A. where he was…

Lawmakers urge the FCC to seek public input on T-Mobile / Sprint merger

NBA’s Andrew Wiggins Burglarized In L.A., Shoes & Luggage Stolen

Former No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins was burglarized in Los Angeles ... and TMZ Sports has learned the thieves made off with the NBA star's shoes and luggage. Law enforcement sources tell us the 24-year-old -- who's been in L.A. training for…

Waterfall For These Hot Stars!

Celebrities are making a real splash in these cascade candids!!! These Hollywood hotties are proud to show off their bodies at the source of nature's finest ... from models, to stars on the big screen, it seems as though everyone is going with the…

Killjoys Season 5 Episode 5 Review: A Bout, A Girl

Killjoys reaches its season midpoint as Dutch tries to fight her way off the prison ship, and Kendry admits her feelings for Jaq.

This Killjoys review contains spoilers.

Killljoys Season 5 Episode 5

“Get behind me; I’m hunting asshole.”

Though “love conquers all” admittedly comes across as a trite sentiment, the most basic of all human emotions finds itself front and center as Killjoys reaches the midpoint of its final season. “A Bout, A Girl” features the welcome return of the reinvented Delle Seyah Kendry and a multi-faceted prison tale surprises viewers and inmates alike despite its familiar situations.

The cold open finds an angry man pursuing Jaq through a strange wooded area and gives Kendry a chance to remind us that this is a woman whose profound transformation significantly alters the status quo. Instead of the pampered, domineering Qreshy queen of the past, we now see a devoted protector doing whatever is necessary to insure Jaq’s safety. Whether her combat skills always included prowess with a bow seems unlikely, and after she dispenses with the immediate threat, we see another side of her as she fields uncomfortable questions about Jaq’s parentage. At first, DSK attempts to deflect queries about his mother Aneela with her usual sarcasm and wit, but it seems the young man means much more to her than she’s immediately willing to admit.

The complexity surrounding Jaq’s birth often gets lost amidst the apocalyptic future The Lady threatens, and now that he demands answers, Kendry faces some uncomfortable truths. Despite her cold exterior and uncaring demeanor, it’s obvious she loves Jaq and has no intention of allowing anything to happen to him whether or not he holds the key to Westerly’s survival. Still, she understands the gravity of the situation they face with The Lady, and when she challenges the boy to regain his focus, his psychic connection with his father momentarily threatens to derail their mission to find the mirror cube. 

Read more: Killjoys Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Ship Outta Luck

Though she comes across a bit harsh shooting down Jaq’s desire to save D’avin and the others, it’s his reaction to her honest, though ill-considered admission. Of course, she’s right to suspect a trap. “Using your loved ones enemies against them. I invented that move. It’s bad bitch 101.” But Jaq is still a boy, and when he lashes out at her with the cruelest of wishes, our hearts sink with hers. “I wish it was you we lost in the green,” he tells her. 

Kendry now finds herself in a difficult position. Jaq’s declaration forces her to reassess her feelings, and admit to herself and the boy, how she sees their relationship. “You are my son, and I am your mother. Losing Aneela doesn’t change that.” However, her decision to give Jaq some space and allow him to search for D’avin becomes moot when he reveals they’ve been at the cube this entire time and unexpectedly pulls Aneela out of the cube and into the daylight. So it now becomes a question of whether Aneela’s DNA or Kendry’s motherly sacrifices take precedence in Jaq’s mind. Of course, it’s not unthinkable for these two to renew their own relationship.

Despite the overwhelming odds against her, you have to love Dutch’s confidence that they’ll escape the supermax prison ship, return to Westerly, and stop The Lady’s plot dead in its tracks. However, the beauty of this story line resides in the twists and turns along the way, and even though at the end of the episode Dutch and the boys remain prisoners, it feels as if progress has been made. The warden continues to be a difficult read which makes their stay here even more intriguing, and when the Qreshy benefactors appear to host this year’s Bellaxion tournament, Dutch has her opening. John’s plan to disable the prisoners’ ID chips seems fairly straightforward until we realize how Dutch plans to obtain one of the chips for Johnny to use. Fair to say Dutch could now successfully guest star on Van Helsing.

Killjoys interview: Luke Macfarland on D’avin as a dad.

It would have been fine to dispense with the pretense that Dutch won’t be allowed to participate in the tournament, but it’s always good to watch her wail on a big guy. And when she polishes off her first opponent in mere seconds, it appears she’ll have a cakewalk to the final against the Qreshy champion. She keeps winning, but it’s difficult watching her absorb this much punishment, and when her last fight ends, it seems impossible she’ll have enough energy to win the tournament and her release. Of course, Dutch frequently does the impossible, so there is that. 

While Johnny’s off doing his tech thing with the prison ID chips, D’avin and Dutch enjoy a quiet moment before the final bout as he tapes her hands and she finally reveals what we’ve suspected all along. The Lady took “my Johnny away,” and she needs to get him back. We know that in the end it will all work out, but going into this fight with that weighing on her mind can’t be easy.

I have to be honest; I did not see Sparlo (Al Goulem) and Coren (Dmitri Chepovetsky) joining forces to take over the prison to spoil Dutch’s plan of escape, but in retrospect it makes perfect sense. When the gunshot rings out and the former champion falls dead to the ground, the suspect list points in a more high brow direction. Nevertheless, no plan is ever simple with the killjoys, and when D’avin agrees to murder Silas in return for Sparlo’s help to return Dutch to the tournament, how far D’av is willing to compromise his morality becomes a serious question. Naturally, we assume he plans to play the convict and do nothing of the sort, but inside the prison walls, it’s always dangerous to mess with the man who controls what takes place behind those walls. 

Amidst the complex plan to escape the prison ship and return to Lucy, there are some truly touching moments that deserve mention. The illuminating campfire dream in which D’avin and Delle Seyah talk about their frustrations taking care of their son hits home because we know that either would give his/her life to protect Jaq. Concerned that she’s not sheltering him enough, Kendry admits “I’ve been a little too murdery around him. I don’t think he’s ever had a vegetable.” Even the gentle manner in which D’avin tapes Dutch’s hands before sending her out against the Qreshy champion reveals far more than the discussed realization that they’re being manipulated by multiple sources.

With only five episodes remaining, it’s impossible to avoid speculating about the series’ end and what the fates hold for Dutch and the gang. “A Bout, A Girl” reminds us that at its core, this is a family, and like all families, it has its share of hurdles to overcome. But one hurdle at a time. First, the lady and then the relationships. 

Dave Vitagliano has been writing and podcasting about science fiction television since 2012. You can read more of his work here. He presently hosts the Sci Fi Fidelity podcast.

Review Dave Vitagliano
Aug 16, 2019

UFC 241 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 7 – UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

  1. UFC 241 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 7  UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
  2. Even as a no-show, Nate Diaz blazes a path over UFC 241 | Opinion  MMA Junkie
  3. Does Doing Your Talking in the Cage Work? Stipe Might Be the Ultimate Test Case  Bleacher Report
  4. UFC 241: Weigh-in  UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
  5. Opinion: Quantity Over Quality, UFC Cards in the ESPN Era  Sherdog.com
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Heather Locklear pleads no contest to fighting with first responders – CBS News

  1. Heather Locklear pleads no contest to fighting with first responders  CBS News
  2. Heather Locklear Ordered to Mental Health Facility in Police Battery Case  TMZ
  3. Heather Locklear Ordered to Mental Health Facility After Pleading No Contest to Battery Charges  Yahoo Entertainment
  4. Heather Locklear Pleads No Contest to 8 Misdemeanor Offenses, Ordered to Treatment Facility: Report  PEOPLE.com
  5. Heather Locklear ordered to treatment program for attacking first responders at her home  CNN
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The Batman Solo Movie: Release Date, Cast, Villains, and More Details About the DCEU Movie

The Batman solo movie will have a new actor under the cowl, but is still on track for a 2021 release. Here's everything you need to know.

It would be fair to say the DCEU has been through some major changes since The Batman solo movie was originally announced. Back in 2015, before Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad, and well before Wonder WomanJustice LeagueAquaman, and ShazamWarner Bros. had planned a Batman movie to star, and be directed by Ben Affleck. 

Back then Zack Snyder was overseer of the DCEU, but after disappointing reactions to BvSSuicide Squad, and Justice LeagueWarner Bros. decided to change tack, and Affleck found "a graceful and cool way to segue out of it."

The movie is still going ahead, but Ben Affleck is out, both in front of and behind the camera.

So what can we expect from The Batman (the title remained, at least for now)? Here's everything we know so far - we'll keep this updated, so pop back for the latest. 

The Batman Director

When Ben Affleck stepped down as director on The Batman, he was initially still attached to star. Sliding into the director's chair back in 2017 was Dawn of the Planet Of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes helmer Matt Reeves, and as of writing Reeves is still attached. 

The current plan is for The Batman to begin filming in early 2020.

The Batman Story

Back in 2017, working from a script co-written by Affleck, Reeves described his vision as a noirish detective story.

"I think there’s a chance to do an almost noir-driven, detective version of Batman that is point of view driven in a very, very powerful way that is hopefully going to connect you to what’s going inside of his head, and inside of his heart," he said at the time.

But that was back in the Affleck era. Since Affleck left, the story has shifted focus onto a younger Batman, but talking to THR at the start of the year, Reeves echoed his previous statements, suggesting the tone might not have shifted too much.

"It's very much a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale," Reeves said. "It's told very squarely on his shoulders, and I hope it's going to be a story that will be thrilling but also emotional."

The film will tell a story about Batman's early days, but won't be an origin story, and may be planned as a new trilogy.

The Batman Cast

It's official, your new DCEU Batman is none other than Robert Pattinson, who outside of Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga has done some great work in movies such as The Rover, Cosmopolis, Good Time, The Lost City Of Z, and Maps to the Stars

Back when Affleck was still on board, Jeremy Irons was set to return as Alfred with Joe Managaniello as villain Deathstroke, but it's a fairly safe bet that both of these inclusions are now off the table, whether this young Batman take is set in the past or in an entirely different universe.

The Batman Villains

The latest rumor suggests that The Batman's adversaries will be none other than The Penguin and Catwoman - who will make up "around half-a-dozen villains" who will appear in the film. We last saw the duo together on the big screen back in Tim Burton's Batman Returns in 1992, played by Danny Devito and Michelle Pfeiffer, though of course Catwoman got a Nolan-era reinvention, played by Anne Hathaway.

No word yet whether the two will team up in Reeves' movie or even whether Selina Kyle will be more anti-heroic than villainous, as she's sometimes portrayed.

Although there's been no official announcement, Josh Gad seems to have thrown his name into the hat for the role of Penguin. The Olaf-from-Frozen actor has Tweeted the teasing words "Good Knight" with a Penguin GIF, leading to speculation that he's already nabbed the part. Watch this space for official news.

The Batman Release Date

The Batman is currently slated to open on June 25, 2021. The full schedule of upcoming DCEU superhero movies can be found here.

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Ben Affleck as Batman in the DCEU
News Rosie Fletcher
Aug 16, 2019

‘RHOBH’: Lisa Rinna’s Friend ‘Highly Rumored’ To Be Joining Cast After Lisa Vanderpump’s Exit – Hollywood Life

‘RHOBH’: Lisa Rinna’s Friend ‘Highly Rumored’ To Be Joining Cast After Lisa Vanderpump’s Exit  Hollywood Life

The 'RHOBH' ladies were 'notified that one new lady' will be joining the cast, and rumors are suggesting it's Lisa Rinna's 'dear friend.' She once landed on an ...

New RoboCop Movie Loses Director

Neill Blomkamp won't direct the new RoboCop sequel after all.

"Dick, I am very disappointed."

This was an unfortunately brief honeymoon. Last year it was announced that Neill Blomkamp had signed on to direct a new RoboCop movie. And not just any new RoboCop movie (and certainly not another dreaded reboot). No, Blomkamp was here to "serve the public trust" and deliver a direct sequel to the first (and classic) RoboCop movie. So, forget about the disappointing (and strange) turns the franchise has taken since 1987 and instead think of how last year's Halloween pretended the other seven sequels and the two ill-advised reboot entries never happened and that's basically the approach RoboCop Returns was going for.

But a mere 13 months later, Blomkamp has had to depart the project because he's shooting "a new horror thriller" and MGM is intent on shooting RoboCop Returns "now." Here's the director's full statement on the subject.

Blomkamp, of course, seemed to be the perfect modern choice for RoboCop, dealing in gritty, near-future political allegory and sci-fi in the masterful District 9, near-future semi-dystopianism and cybernetics with Elysium, and near-future political semi-dystopianism and robots with Chappie. If anyone could approximate that old Verhoeven subversive ultra-violence, Blomkamp seemed like our best hope.

Alas, it isn't to be, and MGM has yet to announce a replacement in the director's chair. Hopefully they can find a good fit, especially since RoboCop Returns was going to be based on the original, unmade script for RoboCop 2, a drastically different and far weirder movie that would have sent Officer Murphy even further into the future and the usual sequel concerns. We have some more details on that right here. There has even been some talk of original Robo Peter Murphy returning, having departed the role before RoboCop 3 became reality.

We'll update this as more information becomes available.

Mike Cecchini is the Editor in Chief of Den of Geek. You can read more of his work here. Follow him on Twitter @wayoutstuff.

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Peter Weller as RoboCop
News Mike Cecchini
Aug 17, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus unboxing and first 24 hours – TechRadar

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus unboxing and first 24 hours  TechRadar

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus finally in hand, we're able to do an unboxing, offer details about what's included, and tell you how the phone performs.

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Easy Rider Star Peter Fonda Dies at 79

Peter Fonda was a counterculture film icon who gave John Lennon a bad trip but a great song.

Actor and director Peter Fonda died of respiratory failure due to lung cancer at his Los Angeles home on Friday, Aug. 16, his manager, Alan Somers, announced via Variety. The Oscar-nominated screenwriter and star of Easy Rider was 79.

“It is with deep sorrow that we share the news that Peter Fonda has passed away at his home in Los Angeles surrounded by family,” the Fonda family said in a statement. “In one of the saddest moments of our lives, we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our hearts. And, while we mourn the loss of this sweet and gracious man, we also wish for all to celebrate his indomitable spirit and love of life. In honor of Peter, please raise a glass to freedom.”

Peter Fonda was the son of Hollywood legend Peter Fonda, and the younger brother of the equally iconic Jane Fonda. His death comes just after the 50th anniversary of Easy Rider, which he wrote with Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern, and co-starred in as "Captain America." Produced for about $384,000, the film about two bikers who score big on a drug deal and head off to Mardi Gras captured the free spirit of the times and the growing independence of filmmaking. The film, which also featured Jack Nicholson, was shot in seven weeks between L.A. and New Orleans. Nominated for Best Original Screenplay Oscar, Easy Rider lost out to William Goldman's script for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It was included in the United States National Film Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" in 1998.

Fonda's other historically significant role was as an unwitting muse to a classic Beatles song. The young actor embraced the counterculture and visited the group along with his friends in the band the Byrds in Benedict Canyon in Los Angeles in August 1965. “Peter Fonda came in when we were on acid and he kept coming over, wearing shades, and sitting next to me and whispering, ‘I know what it’s like to be dead,'” John Lennon said in a 1980 Playboy interview. Lennon used the line for the song, "She Said She Said" on the band's 1966 album Revolver.

Fonda was arrested in the Sunset Strip riot in 1966, which inspired the Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth."

Peter Henry Fonda was born in New York City on February 23, 1940. His mother Frances Ford Seymour committed suicide in a mental hospital when he was ten. Fonda began his career as a Broadway actor, first recognized for his part in the 1961 play Blood, Sweat and Stanley Poole, written by James and William Goldman.

Fonda guest starred on TV shows like Naked City, The New Breed, Wagon Train, The Defenders, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and 12 O'Clock High. He made his film debut playing Sandra Dee's love interest in Tammy and the Doctor (1963). Fonda won a Golden Globe Award for most promising newcomer for his role in the World War II film The Victors (1963), directed by Carl Foreman. He played a supporting role alongside Warren Beatty, Jean Seberg and Gene Hackman in Lilith (1964). His first starring film was The Young Lovers (1964).

Fonda went counterculture in the 1966 Roger Corman biker movie, The Wild Angels (1966) which also starred Bruce Dern, Nancy Sinatra and Diane Ladd. He followed this up with Corman's psychedelic cult favorite The Trip (1967), which was written by Nicholson. He acted against his sister Jane in the horror movie Spirits of the Dead (1968), directed by her husband Roger Vadim.

After the success of Easy Rider, Fonda directed himself in the 1971 Western The Hired Hand, which featured Warren Oates, Verna Bloom and Beat poet Michael McClure, He also directed the 1973 science fiction film Idaho Transfer, and directed and starred in the 1979 mystery comedy Wanda Nevada, which costarred Brooke Shields. Henry Fonda also appears in the film which is the only movie they acted in together.

In the 1970s, Fonda acted in the films Two People (1973) Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974), Open Season (1974), Race With the Devil (1975), which co-starred Dark Shadows' Lara Parker and Loretta Swit from M*A*S*H.  92 in the Shade (1975), Killer Force (1976), Futureworld (1976), and Fighting Mad (1976), which was produced by Roger Corman and directed by Jonathan Demme. He closed out the decade in the films Outlaw Blues (1977), and High-Ballin' (1978).

In the 1980s, Fonda starred in the TV movie The Hostage Tower (1980), made a cameo in Burt Reynolds' The Cannonball Run (1981), and played a cult leader in Split Image (1982), which also starred James Woods, Karen Allen and Brian Dennehy.  He acted internationally making Daijōbu, My Friend (1983), Dance of the Dwarfs (1983); Peppermint-Frieden (1983). He starred in Spasms (1983), A Reason to Live (1985), Certain Fury (1985), Mercenary Fighters (1988), Hawken's Breed (1988), Sound (1988); Gli indifferenti (1989) and The Rose Garden (1989).

Fonda starred in Family Express (1991) and South Beach (1993), and played supporting roles in the independent films Deadfall (1993), Bodies, Rest & Motion (1993), Molly and Gina (1994), Love and a .45 (1994), and Nadja (1994). He also acted in John Carpenter's 1996 film Escape from L.A. and Don't Look Back, also made in 1996.

Fonda played Mephistopheles in Ghost Rider, which starred the Nicolas Cage, and played Cage's father in the 2015 Louisiana political drama The Runner. He got back on the bike for the John Travolta/Tim Allen comedy Wild Hogs. Fonda played a bounty hunter in the 2007 remake of the western 3:10 to Yuma. Fonda will be seen in Todd Robinson's upcoming war movie The Last Full Measure.

Fonda was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Ulee's Gold (1997), for which he won a Golden Globe, and was nominated for the best-supporting actor Oscar for The Passion of Ayn Rand. He produced the 2011 documentary The Big Fix, about BP's role in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Fonda is survived by his wife Margaret, children Bridget and Justin, and his sister Jane.

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Culture Editor Tony Sokol cut his teeth on the wire services and also wrote and produced New York City's Vampyr Theatre and the rock opera AssassiNation: We Killed JFKRead more of his work here or find him on Twitter @tsokol.

Peter Fonda in Easy Rider
News Tony Sokol
Aug 16, 2019

First updates released that fix the Windows VB bugs – Ghacks Technology News

  1. First updates released that fix the Windows VB bugs  Ghacks Technology News
  2. Microsoft Confirms Update Warning For Windows 10, Windows 8.1 And Windows 7 Users  Forbes
  3. Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Task Manager, virtual desktop, and mouse cursor improvements  VentureBeat
  4. New Windows 10 build adds GPU temp monitoring, desktop renaming, and Settings updates  PCWorld
  5. Microsoft release Windows 10 20H1 Insider Preview Build 18963 with a massive number of new features  MSPoweruser
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Supergirl Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Supergirl season 5 is happening! Here are all the details we have so far.

National City's Girl of Steel will return for Supergirl season 5, undoubtedly facing off against a new alien menace seeking to conquer the planet. The news was confirmed by The CW earlier this year.

One of the biggest narratives going into this season is that Supergirl will have a new costume. Find out more about that here!

Season 5 began production in Vancouver in June, and Melissa Benoist herself took to Instagram to share the news.

Here's everything else we know about Supergirl Season 5 so far...

Supergirl Season 5 Release Date

Supergirl season 5 will premiere on Oct. 6, in a new timeslot: Supergirl will share Sundays with Batwoman, which will air at 8 pm, moving Kara and friends to the 9 pm hour.

Supergirl Season 5 Cast

Most recently, news broke that Jennifer Cheon Garcia has been cast as Midnight for the Supergirl Season 5 premiere. "Described as the physical manifestation of darkness," via Variety, "Midnight is a murderous villain released from an otherwordly prison to enact revenge against the person who put her there." Yikes!

Additionally, Kate Micucci will appear in the season 5 premiere and “has a small cameo as a character working in a museum.” (via TV Line)

In other news, Jon Cryer will return as Lex Luthor, as revealed at SDCC 2019! "The character I played died, which is really sad, because I don't know if you know anything about comics, but if a character is dead, they're dead," Cryer said during the Supergirl panel. We don't know how Luthor will return just yet, but we'll keep you updated!

Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars) has joined the cast as Andrea Rojas, also known as the hero Acrata, a character first introduced to Superman comics in 2000. She is described as "a polished businesswoman and heir to a Central American tech empire [who is] now making a hostile advance into the world of media. Unapologetic and unafraid to make waves, she also holds a mystical secret." Rojas will become the head of CatCo this season.

Staz Nair (Game of Thrones) has been cast as William Dey, "a hardened reporter" who's "a cynic and a sellout who looks down on Kara’s earnest idealism. Dey’s not interested in making friends, he just wants to get the story — but his ties to the criminal underworld could prove problematic.”

Meghan Rath (Being Human) is set to play a female Brainiac 5.

Jeremy Jordan’s Winn Schott is also returning! The news, arriving via ET and confirmed by Jordan himself, reveals that he is set to reprise the role of Winn in three episodes, which will air in the second half of the season (thus, sometime in 2020).

Unfortunately, another series regular is leaving the show: Mehcad Brooks, Supergirl's Jimmy Olsen, will exit in the first half of the season, according to EW.

This news comes a few days after Andrea Brooks's promotion from recurring player to series regular for her role as Eve Teschmacher, which was revealed via TV Line.

Melissa Benoist will be back as Kara Danvers/Supergirl, of course, along with series regulars Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers, David Harewood as J'onn J'onzz, and Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor. Jesse Rath as Brainy, April Parker Jones as Colonel Haley, and Nicole Maines as Nia are also back, with Azie Tesfai as Kelly Olsen becoming a series regular in Season 5.

Supergirl Season 5 Trailer

The Supergirl season 5 trailer arrived at SDCC 2019! Watch it below:

We chatted with Melissa Benoist and executive producer Jessica Queller at SDCC about what we can expect from the Kara/Lena relationship moving forward. Here's what they told us!

Supergirl Season 5 Story

What Supergirl season 5 will have in store for its heroes is anybody's guess at the moment, but we do know that, at the very least, the show will feature some sort of lead up to and deal with the aftershocks of this year's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, which promises to shake the Arrowverse to its very core.

read more: Batwoman — Everything We Know

Supergirl has a very famous history with DC's very first Crisis. After all, she did die in the pages of that game-changing crossover comic. Might Kara suffer the same fate on TV? We know The CW might not be able to help itself when it comes to reproducing that iconic image from Crisis on Infinite Earths of Superman cradling a dead Supergirl in his arms...

Supergirl Season 5 Villain

Supergirl seems poised to face off against the powerful, secret organization known as Leviathan in Season 5. In the Season 4 finale, they were revealed to be controlling Lex Luthor. Furthermore, Eve Teschmacher (Andrea Brooks) was approached by an old lady who told her: "Leviathan is everywhere. Leviathan is everyone. And Leviathan is coming." 

We chatted with executive producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner at Comic-Con about what we can expect from the Leviathan storyline. Find out more about that here.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more about Supergirl Season 5. In the meantime, check out our primer on what exactly Crisis on Infinite Earths means for the Arrowverse!

Read and download the Den of Geek SDCC 2019 Special Edition Magazine right here!

John Saavedra is an associate editor at Den of Geek. Read more of his work here. Follow him on Twitter @johnsjr9

Supergirl Season 5: Trailer, Release Date, Cast, and News
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Aug 16, 2019
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