Jesse Williams Ordered to Pay $100,000 a Month in Spousal and Child Support

Jesse Williams' divorce just got WAY more expensive, because a judge has just doubled his monthly nut. Jesse has been ordered to pay $50,000 a month in child support to estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee.  He had previously been ordered to pay $50k…

Stensul raises $7M to make email creation easier for marketers

Creed 2 Trailer and Release Date

Creed 2 features a personal fight between the sons of Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago.

News Joseph Baxter Don Kaye
Jun 20, 2018

Creed 2 will continue to showcase the legacy-embracing exploits of Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed, joined by his sagely mentor in Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa and his love interest, Tessa Thompson’s Bianca. 

Steven Caple Jr. (The Land, Class) will direct the film, working off a script by Cheo Hodari Coker (Luke Cage, Ray Donovan). Caple Jr. steps in for original Creed director Ryan Coogler, who’s looking towards a sequel to his Marvel mega-hit, Black Panther. The acquisition of Caple Jr. came after Sylvester Stallone himself had signed up to direct, only to bow out.

There was no question that a Creed sequel would happen: the 2015 film grossed $173 million worldwide, was acclaimed by fans and critics and even landed Stallone an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. However, basing Creed 2 on one of the least acclaimed (although most financially successful) entries in the original Rocky series might give one pause...until you watch this trailer.

Yes, Rocky 8 sure looks pretty cool.

Creed 2 Release Date

Creed 2 is set to arrive in theaters on November 21.

Creed 2 Story

This time, Adonis must uphold his family legacy in a fight against Vitor Drago (Florian Munteanu), son of Ivan Drago (a returning Dolph Lundgren), the roided Russian who, as famously depicted in 1985’s Rocky IV, killed his father, Apollo Creed, in the ring.

Here's what the official synopsis describes:

Life has become a balancing act for Adonis Creed. Between personal obligations and training for his next big fight, he is up against the challenge of his life. Facing an opponent with ties to his family's past only intensifies his impending battle in the ring. Rocky Balboa is there by his side through it all and, together, Rocky and Adonis will confront their shared legacy, question what's worth fighting for, and discover that nothing's more important than family. Creed II is about going back to basics to rediscover what made you a champion in the first place, and remembering that, no matter where you go, you can't escape your history.

Creed 2 Cast

Romanian boxer Florian Munteanu, known as "The Big Nasty" is Michael B. Jordan’s opponent in the ring in Creed 2. Munteanu will play the son of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), the Russian boxer who took on both Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) and Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) in 1985's Rocky IV -- with Apollo not walking away from their battle. Since Jordan’s Adonis Creed is Apollo’s son, he’s almost certainly going to want to inflict a world of hurt -- if not more -- on the offspring of the man who killed his dad.

Watch Creed on Amazon

Besides Jordan, Stallone and Thompson, the returning cast consists of Phylicia Rashad as Mary Anne, Wood Harris as Tony 'Little Duke' Burton, and Andre Ward as Danny 'Stuntman' Wheeler. Additionally, joining Creed newcomers Lundgren and Munteanu will be Russell Hornsby as Buddy Marcelle.

President Trump Says He’ll Sign Executive Order to Keep Immigrant Families Together

The national outrage has been heard, and President Trump says he will act immediately and stop separating immigrant families at the border. During a meeting with Republican lawmakers, POTUS said he will be "signing an executive order" that will…

InstagModel Alli Martinez’s Booty Is Glorious

Alli Martinez

Alli Martinez is an Instagram model who doesn’t have tons of followers, but she should since she has mastered her angles so well that her booty deserves it’s own Instagram page. Damn, how is it even possible for a chick to own that? She must have great booty genetics, cause no matter how much Ashley Graham does squats she could never have an a$$ like that.

A post shared by ALLI (@allimartinez) on

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Alli Martinez Alli Martinez Alli Martinez Alli Martinez Alli Martinez
Alli Martinez Alli Martinez Alli Martinez Alli Martinez Alli Martinez

Mobile website creator Universe nabs $4 million Series A

The small team behind Universe, an iOS app that allows users to build modular, simplistic websites in a minute or two, has scored some new funding as it looks to grow its operation and its ambitions.

The startup has closed a $4 million Series A investment from Javelin Venture Partners, General Catalyst, Y Combinator, Box Group, Eniac Ventures, Paul Buchheit, Yuri Sagalov, Louis Beryl and others. Universe has raised $7.2 million to date.

The startup’s focus on building mobile websites has aimed to bypass the more complicated approaches of desktop-first web design companies for a process that feels a bit more like editing an Instagram photo. More than 160 thousand sites have been built with the app.

We covered the Brooklyn-based company when it launched last year and when it graduated from Y Combinator with seed funding. The team is still just three full-time employees; with this latest funding the team is looking to grow a bit.

“Javelin got excited about Universe because we saw a massive group of content creators that aren’t sitting at a desk or taking the time and cost to develop a website with the traditional tools,” Noah Doyle, Javelin’s managing director said in a statement. “We loved how Universe’s grid-based interface gives anyone the power to design a high-quality web presence, and see it as transformative for artists, free agent professionals, small business owners and individual personal use, too.”

Universe has spent the last few months rethinking how it’s approaching monetization with power users of the service. The company is switching from an à la carte approach that let users use a custom URL or ditch Universe branding on their site for an extra $3 a pop to a Pro tier that’s a flat $10 per month and will gain new functionality over time.

Universe is iOS-only for now; you can check it out here.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William Announce Son’s Christening Date!

For the record:

Meghan Markle is not pregnant. Do not believe everything that you read.

But this doesn't mean there isn't some major Royal Baby news to announce.

Kate Middleton and Louis

Prince William and Kate Middleton confirmed on Wednesday that their eight-week-old son will be christened on Monday, July 9.

Remember Prince Louis?!?

His exciting birth has almost been forgotten about amidst the excitement of Prince Harry getting married and Pippa Middleton telling the world that she is pregnant with her first child.

But he's still here, still adorable and about to take a significant step in his life.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to announce that the christening of Prince Louis will take place on Monday 9th July at The Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace, London,” Kensington Palace said in a statement this morning.

Checking in on Kate

Following in the very cute footsteps of his brother and sister, Louis’ service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, who christened Prince George in October 2013 and Princess Charlotte in July 2015.

This same man most recently officiated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on May 19.

Three-year old Charlotte was christened at Sandringham’s St. Mary Magdalene church in Norfolk.

This is the the same church where her late grandmother, the beloved Princess Diana, was also christened.

The ceremony for four-year old George, meanwhile, was held at St. James’s Palace‘s Chapel Royal.

The Chapel Royal, where Louis’ service will also be, also happens to be where the Duchess of Sussex had her own baptism earlier this year.

Don't worry. There won't be a quiz on this later.

The Royal Welcome

At the moment, no further details are known about the christening, but you can expect the Royal Family to release some lovely portraits from the happy day.

Kate and William presented their third child's name to the world in late April.

He is officially His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge, with Louis having been the middle name of Queen Elizabeth II's youngest child, Prince Edward (otherwise known as Edward Antony Richard Louis).

We haven't heard a whole lot from William and Kate about their son since they welcomed him into the world, not since William said that the newborn was sleeping relatively well.

That must be quite the relief.

Prince Louis Picture

This may be the last update we receive for awhile, though, as William and Middleton have done an outstanding job of shielding their kids from the public.

It's always a huge deal when one is born and we get to enjoy a number of photos such as the ones above and below.

But then Kensington Palace works with the couple to make sure no paparazzi have access to various private family areas and the proud parents themselves do everything possible to ensure this same sort of privacy.

They only choose occasions such as this christening to share news with their millions of fans around the world.

Which is how it should be, right?

We'd love to have new Louis photos everyday, but the kid should absolutely grow up in as much peace as possible, given his circumstances in life.

Daily Deals: The Top Ranked Board Game Just Got Cheaper, Better Xbox One S Deal Than E3

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Jurassic Park Was Almost a James Cameron Movie

James Cameron was after the rights to Jurassic Park as well as the start of the 1990s...

News Simon Brew
Jun 20, 2018

One of Steven Spielberg’s biggest ever hits, Jurassic Park, celebrates its 25th birthday this year. It arrived in 1993, in a bumper year for the bearded megaphone wielder, coming as it did just months before his Oscar-dominating Schindler’s List. 1993 would be a pivotal year in his career.

But in a new interview, James Cameron – currently shooting many dozens or so of Avatar sequels – has revealed to The Huffington Post that he nearly beat Spielberg to the project. As the story goes, Cameron was interested in optioning Michael Crichton’s source novel, and pressed ahead. Turned out though that Spielberg got there first, by a few hours.

Cameron did cede that “when I saw the film, I realized that I was not the right person to make the film, he was."

He added that “he made a dinosaur movie for kids, and mine would have been aliens with dinosaurs, and that wouldn’t have been fair. Dinosaurs are for eight-year-olds. We can all enjoy it, too, but kids get dinosaurs and they should not have been excluded for that. His sensibility was right for that film, I’d have gone further, nastier, much nastier."

It's easy to imagine what James Cameron at the height of his powers would have done with the dinosaurs and potential horror of a movie like Jurassic Park, and while it surely would have been a lot of fun in its own right, we're pretty sure we got the right man for the job with Spielberg.

The fifth film in the franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, arrives in cinemas this summer.

Beamery closes $28M Series B to stoke support for its ‘talent CRM’

Who’s Hottest Three-Way: Sexy Sisters Taylor & Darby Ward Get Dinner With Model Arianna Ajtar

Did all of these women plan on meeting up with each other, or did they run into each other simply by accident? I only ask because none of them look like they are dressed for the same occasion.

Taylor Ward is wearing a mesh top, looking like she is about to hit the clubs. Arianna Ajtar looks like she is about to be a background dancer in a ‘90s rap video. And Darby Ward looks like she is going to…wherever it is people go wearing leather pants, possibly a Grease showing.

Despite their motley attire, there is still quite a bit of sexy going on. Taylor might have the win for this one, and I do not just say that because she is showing the most skin. She just so happens to be the tallest, and that stretched out look is really working for her.

Arianna is in a close second, but I hesitate to give her the title because I am worried I am only being swayed by her cleavage. If all three had their cleavage on display then it would be an even playing field, but since it is only one I feel like it unfairly stacks the deck.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA / Instagram 

The post Who’s Hottest Three-Way: Sexy Sisters Taylor & Darby Ward Get Dinner With Model Arianna Ajtar appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Oh Wow: Deep Learning AI Program Can Turn Standard 30FPS Footage Into Seamless High Quality Slow-Motion

XXXTentacion: Ex-Girlfriend Reacts to His Murder, Getting Banned From His Vigil

On Monday, 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead in Florida.

His reps have released a statement, asking that fans respect the privacy of those who cared about him. But one person who was very close to him has come forward.

The ex-girlfriend whom he allegedly brutalized through domestic violence has broken her silence.

Geneva Ayala

Gevena Ayala was XXXTentacion's ex-girlfriend.

In light of the horrifying and vicious abuse that he allegedly perpetrated against her, a number of people apparently sought to speak on her behalf in the wake of his sudden death.

She spoke up on Twitter to ask to be left out of the conversation.

"It’s disgusting that people are speaking for me," Geneva tweeted. "I don’t care if no one cared about me however many months ago, I didn’t lose my life. he did."

Medical reports say that she nearly lost her sight thanks to nerve damage and some nasty fractures of her skull. But yes, she is alive.

"It’s permanent," Geneva says, referring to her ex's death. "I’m still here."

We're glad that she's alive.

But she says that those who aren't exactly shedding any tears over XXXTentacion's death may be surprised by her feelings.

"Like how do you think that makes me feel?" Geneva asks. "Everyone expecting me to be relieved or happy?! No, I’m broken."

Geneva Ayala tweet

She followed that tweet with another.

"i know y’all don’t f--k [with] me, but this isn’t about me," Gevena says. "Just please stop tagging me in disrespectful threads and arguments."

That sounds like a very simple request.

People mourning XXXTentacion's death and also those who won't lose any sleep over one less abuser in the world alike should not be trying to loop her into the argument.

"I honestly don’t care for any of the hype," Geneva writes. "I lost someone close to me. Leave me alone."

Geneva also took to Instagram to express her grief.

"I want to scream at the top of my lungs until I can’t then keep screaming," Geneva says. "I don’t want to believe this. no one knows. the s--t I feel for you."

XXXTentacion memorial

Geneva even attended a vigil for XXXTentacion.

But, as she shared on social media, she was not well received by some of those who were present.

"They kicked me out of the vigil. so damn disrespectful," she laments on Instagram. "I can’t believe people are that selfish."

It is sadly not uncommon to see fans of alleged abusers express contempt or outright loathing for the alleged victims.

"I wasn’t even there 25 minutes," Geneva explains. "And I literally got pulled away from the memorial. I just wanted to stay. I wasn’t bothering anyone. This is unfair. I’m absolutely devastated."

In fact, there were reports that she got into a genuine scuffle with another young woman there, though that has not been confirmed.

Later, Geneva's grief magnified when she saw that even the offerings she left at the memorial had been destroyed.


"I left those things for him," she explains. "I didn’t bother anyone. I said nothing to no one. I can’t believe they’d do that. How did they let that happen. Why would anyone let that happen, where is the respect?"

"He would’ve wanted me there," she says of the deceased rapper. "I have no f--king words."

XXXTentacion and Geneva Ayala

XXXTentacion faced a litany of charges over his alleged abuse of Geneva.

Those charges included aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering.

(One of those mugshots is over allegedly intimidating a witness to his other alleged crimes)

According to court documents, Geneva in her deposition described beatings and more.

She detailed an instance of getting stabbed with a barbecue fork.

There was allegedly a time when XXXTentacion held her head underwater while threatening to drown her.

She accused him of making threats to cut out her tongue.

If you saw people on social media describe his alleged treatment of Geneva as "torture," all of that is why.

Geneva Ayala and XXXTentacion

Many may be surprised that Geneva is grieving this man, but those people have presumably never been in abusive relationships.

Women have taken to Twitter to explain times that they begged an abusive ex to not leave them, because they had become so emotionally dependent upon them.

Sometimes, abuse survivors still love their abusers. That doesn't make what happened acceptable. That's just how emotions work for some people.

So it is not actually a surprise to hear that the very young woman who accused XXXTentacion of such terrible things is in a state of emotional turmoil instead of relief.

We hope that she finds her peace.

How Batman & Robin Helped Bring About the Superhero Movie Renaissance

Without the notorious Batman & Robin we might not have gotten the better superhero movies that followed.

Feature David Crow
Jun 20, 2018

Batman & Robin. A superhero movie relic frozen in 1990s Hollywood excess. Its very name is still a hushed whisper of doom on internet comment sections. As the fourth entry in what was once the most popular franchise in the world, this 1997 sequel was a chilly warning of what happens when studio logic and corporate synergy run amok and to their most chaotic end. A two-hour toy commercial, a soulless cash-grab, and the film that did what no villain ever could when it killed the Batman (franchise), this gaudy monstrosity is a testament to two absolutes in this world: Everything freezes…and Batman & Robin is an abomination before the eyes of man and beast.

…But is it really that bad?

To answer this gnawing question—or perhaps just an excuse to kill some time as an icy assault of another kind took hold of the greater five borough area—I dared to revisit this Day-Glo gem. At about the two-minute and twelve-second mark I had my answer, just as Chris O’Donnell exclaimed, “I want a car, chicks dig the car,” and an instantaneously embarrassed George Clooney begrudgingly quipped, “This is why Superman works alone.”

Yes, it is that awful.

A myriad of bad choices that turned Gotham City into a neon nightmare more grotesque than the decades of eternal shame suffered by those who partook in disco, Batman & Robin indulges a litany of sins that only begin with the nipples on the Batsuit. After all, this is the film that gave us our textbook definition of toyetic—studio jargon about maximizing the merchandising value of a media property—and birthed into the world a Mr. Freeze whose weapon was designed by toy companies. In an attempt to make the film as Happy Meal friendly as possible (an ongoing reaction to the Batman Returns affair), Batman and Robin now were ice skating with thugs who spent their spare time doing Christmas movie sing-alongs before an Arnold Schwarzenegger who spoke exclusively in puns. Wonderfully horrid puns.

Truly, this film is a monument to what happens when studios attempt to shovel just about anything into our moviegoing mouths.

But even so, I am positive that it doesn't deserve the bitter acrimony that is synonymous with its name and director Joel Schumacher. Besides the fact that Schumacher, a talented filmmaker in his own right during better days (see: The Lost Boys, Falling Down), has apologized for his grievous errors by speaking in the behooved tones of a courtesan’s confession, Batman & Robin also serves a divine role in both the history of film and the gospel of the Dark Knight.

Indeed, this ghastly miscalculation of entertainment—which featured Uma Thurman doing a bad Mae West impersonation while dressed as a dancing gorilla—is single-handedly responsible for the Caped Crusader’s ascension to pop culture and pure cinema glories eight years later. Only a film this tastelessly garish, and only a box office failure this flamboyantly disastrous, could allow a studio to let Christopher Nolan do with their former cash cow what he did between 2005 and 2012. Without the iconic aberration that is Batman & Robin, there would be no The Dark Knight.

Or in other words: you can’t have your resurrection without a Judas.

In certain theological circles, there is a tradition that dates back to the Gnostic Christians, glorifying Judas as the devoted and perhaps most trusted disciple. The only way for Jesus to come back is if he is killed. And like this religious Gordian knot, there couldn’t have been a Batman movie where the Joker blows up the love interest and howls at the dawn of American paranoia if we didn’t first see Mr. Freeze say “Let’s kick some ice;” if you wanted Bane to break the Bat, first he had to break your speakers with his monosyllabic grunting; and to see Jim Gordon speak about his costumed ally with the reverence of an urban messiah, you needed to endure the Bat-Visa (I bet it came with a credit of 30 silver pieces). To get that applause, we all had to hear the deafening silence that greeted this cinematic tribulation.

But with all that said, Batman & Robin has also earned its abiding spot in genre history. Indeed, 18 years out, it is just as deliciously bad as it was upon its 1997 release, perhaps even more so. Like a lava lamp or leopard-skin chair, movies this cataclysmically awful are renewed over time like a time capsule full of kitsch—a pop culture artifact so abominable that it long outlives the blandly tolerable. For example, Schumacher’s previous effort, Batman Forever, is a more passable viewing experience, but it is also the worse for it. Rather than being allowed to revel in every cringe-inducing pun from Akiva Goldsman’s screenplay, crafted for maximal groaning when Schwarzenegger is onscreen, we are left to merely tolerate Jim Carrey’s "joygasms" and Tommy Lee Jones’ boredom. By contrast, Batman & Robin endures in the mind like all of humanity’s worst mistakes.

Watch Batman & Robin on Amazon

There is an argument to be made that Batman & Robin is a faithful recreation of the 1960s TV series starring Adam West. And if taken in as bite-sized pieces of consumption like 1966’s Batman, the Schumacher film is not totally devoid of entertainment. I even found myself smiling at the massively overdone production value in the film’s first 15 minutes, which includes ice skating, frozen brontosaurus-statue sliding, sky surfing, and dialogue exchanges so brilliantly appalling, that they end up not being appalling at all: “Hi Freeze, I’m Batman.” / “You’re not sending me to the cooler!”

Of course, then the film keeps going from that point on and the blatant desire to sell as many action figures and Taco Bell tie-in cups as there are saps around the world deflates this soul-numbing experience. Ultimately, it lacks the wit and charm of that 1960s series where character actors like Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, and Julie Newmar knew just when to hit the brake on the camp before plowing into the wall—a barrier that Schwarzenegger and Thurman obliterate by the movie’s 20-minute mark before swerving onward into that good night.

Nevertheless, a reputation for being one of the best-worst exercises in corporate Hollywood ineptitude has turned this film into a vulgar keepsake. In 1997, George Clooney was not yet the impressive human rights advocate and unofficial Hollywood ambassador that he is today, but his classy demeanor and future Cary Grant swagger hasn’t spared him from being accident-free. It’s not as if Ocean’s Twelve is one to polish off for a Golden Globes montage either, yet Batman & Robin lingers still as the paterfamilias of career mistakes, a spectacularly large albatross with a memorable wingspan. Even 17 years later, Clooney can’t help but bring it up when around certain audiences, such as a New York Comic Con panel for Tomorrowland I attended, where Clooney said, “I just met Adam West [backstage] and apologized to him.”

Similarly, you won’t recall in 10 years half of the superhero movies released in the last 12 months, but like the worst hangover of your life, memories from the Batman & Robin debacle will be with you until the grave. Hell, you probably have a better shot today at recollecting any of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “dialogue” and George Clooney’s sheepish shame than you do at describing a frame of Marvel’s more fan-friendly Thor: The Dark World or the last couple of Iron Man sequels. To be sure, Batman & Robin is a worse movie. It might even be the worst movie, but it’s still a movie! A gloriously gaudy one realized with wonderfully misjudged showmanship by Joel Schumacher, as opposed to being an interchangeable episode of blockbuster television, meant for instant disposal by the time the post-credit stinger rolls around.

Batman & Robin represents the most cynical aspects of the studio system when it comes to making a movie, but such monumental failure still towers in engraved permafrost above passably faded mediocrity. Just as Batman & Robin’s spectacular awfulness makes it infinitely more memorable than Batman Forever, it also offers an Omega to a genre that has since had its Dark Knight alpha. And just as there are still fond festivals thrown for Ed Wood and his perennial cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space, so too could Batman & Robin be celebrated for showcasing for good and all what not to do.

Comic enthusiasts, with however much reluctance, came to celebrate the garishness of the Dick Sprang era, so perhaps it’s time that genre movie lovers likewise tolerate some variation on their frowning demigod. Perhaps in another 20 years or so, Clooney can even have a laugh about it at its joint Bride of the Atom festival. Even the Gnostics eventually learned to let bygones be bygones…

 Disagree? Then you can chill out with me on Twitter @DCrowsNest. 

How Jaws Went From Best Selling Book to Blockbuster Movie

Looking back at where it all started for what might be the greatest summer movie of all time.

Feature Don Kaye
Jun 20, 2018

Jaws was the horror thriller that made Steven Spielberg a star director and changed the face of modern moviemaking and marketing. The simple story, about a Long Island beach town terrorized by attacks from a great white shark, became one of the most iconic films of all time and is both one of the cinema’s great adventure stories and most memorable monster movies. The roots of the movie lie in a novel by Peter Benchley, a writer and journalist who was trying to salvage his career when he penned the tale of the shark that drove millions of readers and moviegoers out of the water.

Benchley, who had always had an interest in the water and in sharks, came up with the idea for Jaws when he read about a fisherman who caught a 4,500-pound great white off the coast of Long Island in 1964. Benchley had written one book, a travel memoir called Time and a Ticket, but had spent most of the ’60s as a reporter and editor for outlets like The Washington Post and Newsweek before taking a job as a speechwriter for President Lyndon B. Johnson. By the early 1970s, however, Benchley was having a hard time making ends meet and supporting his family as a writer, and perhaps in desperation pitched his shark story idea to publishers.

Doubleday offered Benchley a $1,000 advance for the first 100 pages of his shark tale, with the author eventually receiving a total of $7,500 in advance money for the complete novel. But after Benchley delivered his first four chapters, his editor was not pleased and demanded a rewrite, reportedly keeping only the first five pages -- the now-legendary scene in which a woman swimming at night becomes the shark’s first victim. The editor, Thomas Congdon, wanted the entire book to follow the tone of that first scene. After a year and a half, Benchley finally delivered his manuscript, and he and Congdon threw around titles like The Stillness in the Water, The Jaws of Death, and Leviathan Rising before settling on one word: Jaws.

Jaws was published in February 1974 and, thanks to some canny marketing moves by Congdon -- like getting the then-influential book clubs interested -- became a tremendous success, spending 44 weeks on the New York Times hardcover best seller list. The film rights were sold to Universal and the paperback rights went to Bantam, which paid $575,000. More than five million copies of the paperback were in readers’ hands by the time the movie came out.

Watch Jaws on Amazon

Peter Benchley was given first crack at the screenplay for Jaws and wrote three drafts, but none were satisfactory and the script passed through several other hands, including award-winning playwright Howard Sackler, before Spielberg gave it to his friend, actor and writer Carl Gottlieb (who plays the newspaper editor Meadows in the film). Gottlieb was rewriting throughout the production while on set and is credited as the main screenwriter with Benchley, although filmmaker John Milius and others contributed further additions.

Benchley’s original novel is a fairly dark affair with pulp thriller pacing and overtones. His prose is not remarkable but functional. Compared to many modern paperback thrillers, which tend to fatten out at 400 pages or more, the first-run paperback of Jaws was a relatively slim 310 pages. And yet the author still managed to pack a variety of subplots into his story that had to be jettisoned for the screen (spoilers ahead if you’ve never read the book or seen the movie, as unlikely as that seems).

Perhaps the biggest changes had to do with the characterizations of Matt Hooper, the ichthyologist played by Richard Dreyfuss in the film, and Ellen Brody, the wife of police chief Martin Brody (played by Lorraine Gary and Roy Scheider, respectively). In the book, Ellen is an Amity native who came from money and, it is hinted, married “down” when she walked the aisle with the more blue-collar Brody. Hooper is also from the area, also from money, and Ellen at one time dated his older brother and hung out with young Matt occasionally back in their carefree summer days. Ellen’s longing for her previous life leads her to initiate a fling with Hooper – a brief afternoon one-off that nevertheless raises the suspicions of her husband, who is already feeling insecure over his wife and Hooper’s shared background.

Unlike the film, where Hooper and Brody quickly become a team despite their disparate backgrounds, there is a steadily rising tension between the two in the novel that culminates in a near-physical confrontation on Quint’s (Robert Shaw) boat during the shark hunt in the latter third of the story. And also unlike the movie, Hooper does not survive his encounter with the great white while in his shark cage: he dies horribly in its massive jaws, and to make matter worse, Brody accidentally hits his corpse in the neck with a bullet while shooting at the beast. Brody never does find out what happened between the scientist and Ellen, deciding to let it go, and Ellen realizes that her present life is more important than anything she held onto from the past.

The second major subplot eliminated from the movie is Mayor Larry Vaughan’s (Murray Hamilton) connections to the Mafia. In the film, Vaughan’s fatal reluctance to close the beaches is seen as, at best, trying to save his town’s economy and, at worst, sheer greed and ignorance. But in the book, Vaughan has helped members of the Mafia invest considerably in prime Amity real estate, and the longer the town beaches are closed, the more the value of their property goes down. This is discovered by Meadows, the newspaper editor who publishes the story as a way to redeem himself for helping with the cover-up of the initial shark attack (with the Mafia subplot removed, Meadows becomes far less important in the film, with Carl Gottlieb admitting in interviews that he cut a lot of his own role out of the picture).

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There’s even one grim sequence late in the book where Brody returns home to find his wife and family distraught: someone has walked up to their front yard and snapped their cat’s neck right in front of Brody’s youngest son as a “message” to the chief. Outraged at the clear threat, Brody brings the dead cat to Vaughan’s house and throws it at him. A horrified Vaughan, his life and career in ruins, soon leaves town with his wife.

There are numerous smaller changes from book to screen – such as an old man killed by the shark early in the novel being changed to a younger man eaten after the beach is reopened later in the story – but perhaps the third biggest alteration is in the way the fish eventually dies. In the book, Brody is left alone in the sinking wreck of Quint's boat, the Orca, after the shark has swamped it. Quint is dead (not eaten as in the film, but drowned as he is dragged underwater by a rope attached to one of the harpoons he struck the fish with) and the shark is now swimming for Brody, who floats helplessly in the water and awaits death, only to open his eyes and see the fish -- mere feet away from him – suddenly stop and slip beneath the waves, finally overcome by the three harpoons embedded in its flesh.

While that ending plays into the random nature of the shark’s overall attacks, it doesn’t sound like something that would make for an exciting or cinematic finale. So in the movie Brody shoots an air tank that has become lodged in the beast’s throat, blowing it to bits. As in the book, Brody swims back to shore, only accompanied in the movie by a still-living Hooper.

Some critics pointed out at the time of the book’s publication that none of the characters seemed particularly likable, and with the exception of Brody, they may be right. Quint comes off as more money-hungry, willing to let people die if the town doesn’t pay double his usual rate, and of course there’s already the sordid doings of Hooper, Ellen and Vaughan. The book also has a more dour, cynical tone to it. What Jaws the movie did was take the core story, strip away the other elements, and most importantly, start out as a horror tale and gradually shift into a high-seas adventure tale – a delicate balancing act that it pulls off incredibly well.

That’s why, 40 years later, we’re still talking about it and watching it. And while Benchley’s book was well done on its own terms – it’s a fast, terrific “summer read” – it’s the movie version of Jaws that has been more fully imprinted in our cultural memory.

Avengers 4: Josh Brolin Promises “Mind Blowing” Finale

But the actor behind Thanos admits even he didn’t always know what was being filmed.

News Don Kaye
Jun 20, 2018

This article contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

When we last saw Thanos (Josh Brolin) -- in the final shot of Avengers: Infinity War -- the Mad Titan was sitting inside his little shack on an unnamed planet, looking out at a rolling, tranquil field with a peaceful half-smile on his face. You’d never think this was a being who had just wiped out half of all living things in the known universe, including many of the Avengers and most of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

But since that was his mission and he had accomplished it, why not sit there satisfied with himself? The problem is, however, that there are still some Avengers out there, and they will no doubt come looking for Thanos in Avengers 4 as they try to undo the cataclysm he has created.

“There are a lot of things in the fourth (Avengers film) that I think are absolutely mind-blowing,” said Brolin when we got him on the phone recently. But even though Brolin is convinced that Avengers 4 will melt our brains, he not only won’t say any more about it but is not even exactly sure how it will all play out.

“Even though I saw some scenes, (directors Anthony and Joe Russo) were so covert,” explained the actor. “They did this genius thing like give you wrong scripts. By the time you did the scene and learned the scene, your mind was so fucked up and convoluted, you didn't know exactly what you were doing and what the throughline was.

"So when I saw the movie, I was like, ‘I didn't see that coming. I don't remember that happening. I didn't remember that being a story point,’” Brolin continues. “They're kind of geniuses at hiding things from the people who may give them up in a reaction or a moment.”

With Brolin promising that the untitled fourth Avengers film will be “mind-blowing” and Chris Hemsworth recently describing it as “even more shocking” than Infinity War, May 2019 seems like it’s a long time away. In the meantime, you can catch more from our interview with Brolin next week as he gears up for the June 29 opening of his next movie, Sicario: Day of the Soldado.

Lauren Swanson Sports Short Skirt, Stuns Duggar Fans

It's been three months since Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got engaged, but thus far, the couple has managed to keep a tight lid on their wedding plans.

The upside of all that secrecy is that the young lovebirds won't have to worry about party crashers whenever they tie the knot.

Lauren Swanson Rocks "Short" Skirt

The downside is that it's got fans obsessing over their every move even more than usual.

And it seems the situation is particularly burdensome for Lauren, who's not accustomed to the sort of scrutiny that's been a part of Josiah's life since childhood.

Josiah posted the above photo to his Instagram page, and it quickly attracted a surprising amount of attention.

"I didn’t know badminton could make me break a sweat... until I played Lauren!" he captioned the pic.

So the soon-to-be newlyweds got in a round of badminton on his family's compound.

Sounds innocent enough right?

Josiah and Lauren

(Well, except for the "compound" part. That's just a sinister-sounding word.)

Yes, but as many fans were quick to point out, this pic is downright pornographic by Duggar standards.

If you're familiar with the infamous Duggar dress code, then we probably don't need to tell you what the issue here is.

Lauren's skirt might not be short by the rest of the world's standards, but in Duggarland, it doesn't pass muster.

Until they're married (at which point, their husbands decide what sort of attire is permissible), Duggar women are required to wear long skirts at all times, even when playing sports or engaging in other outdoor activities.

Fans quickly zeroed in on the violation, with many pointing out that Lauren gets by on a technicality -- she's not a Duggar .... yet.

But she has been approved by Jim Bob and Michelle, and she probably wouldn't have passed that test if she didn't share the majority of their fundamentalist values.

Josiah Duggar, Lauren Swanson Pic

Of course, there have been reports about Josiah rebelling against his parents, so perhaps they had little say in his choice of life partner.

Whatever the case, it seems Josiah and Lauren's wedding might be coming up much sooner than expected.

Despite rumors that the nuptials had been delayed until December, one commenter in a Duggar-related Reddit forum claims to have firsthand knowledge that the couple will be exchanging vows in the very near future:

"I met Jim Bob and Michelle yesterday, and Michelle mentioned a few times that Josiah's wedding is in two weeks!" the user wrote.

We'd say Lauren better rock those short skirts while she can, but something tells us this couple won't be eager to fall in line with Jim Bob's rules.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most controversial family.

Ryan Newman Gives Good Face

Ryan Newman

I have no clue who Ryan Newman is or what she is famous for, but she has mastered the Instagram selfie. This chick loves to post so many face pics of herself, that I think she may love her face more than her million followers. It’s a sickness, however, it is one I can get behind. That is if you’re hot. Keep them coming.

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Ryan Newman Ryan Newman Ryan Newman Ryan Newman Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman Ryan Newman Ryan Newman Ryan Newman Ryan Newman

Bose gets into the business of sleep

Why Tom Clancy’s Name Isn’t on the Patriot Games Poster

1992's Patriot Games was adapted from the Tom Clancy novel of the same name. Why, them, doesn't the poster say that?

Feature Simon Brew
Jun 20, 2018

The late Tom Clancy had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Hollywood adaptation of his movies. He sold the rights to The Hunt For Red October when he was just starting out as a writer, and ceded control over the project as a consequence. He was reportedly none-too-happy with the changes made to his story.

By the time we got to the second Jack Ryan movie reboot, The Sum Of All Fears, he was more sanguine. In fact, his DVD commentary to that film – a movie I really like, as it happens – is brilliant. He opens by introducing himself as the man who “wrote the book that they ignored," and pretty much lets rip from there. It’s in good humor, though, but you can imagine what being on the receiving end of a Clancy tirade might be like.

When it came to the second film based on a Jack Ryan story, Patriot Games, Clancy was just warming up though.

The film saw a significant change in personnel from The Hunt For Red October. Alec Baldwin was replaced in the lead role by Harrison Ford, following a disagreement over money/scheduling/Paramount wanting someone else/delete the stories you don’t believe. And behind the camera, John McTiernan’s director’s chair went to Phillip Noyce, the Australian director then riding high off the success of the thriller Dead Calm.

Noyce had never made a Hollywood movie before, and duly went to meet Clancy at his house. There were changes to the novel that needed to be made – Prince Charles is a character in the book, for instance – and the filmmakers also wanted to do a few more nips and tucks to the story to make it fit a film.

Clancy, though, was less enthusiastic. And when he received a draft of the screenplay that had been penned by Steven Zaillian, his levels of happiness, er, ‘decreased’. He complained that the character of Ryan had shifted from right wing to left, and would regularly send faxes outlining his umbrage. The filmmakers, eventually, started to ignore them.

Clancy was reportedly incandescent and – in a move unseen since Anne Rice had loudly vilified the casting of Tom Cruise in Interview With The Vampire (a criticism she retracted when she saw the final movie) – Clancy’s grumblings became public. He would complain to the Los Angeles Times, three months before the film was released, that of the 200 or so scenes in the movie, “only one corresponds with my book”.

So upset was he with the adaptation of his story that Clancy then asked for his name to be removed from the opening titles of the picture altogether. As you may recall, his name is actually in the credits, and that’s thanks to him changing his mind about that just prior to the film heading to theaters.

But you won’t find Clancy’s name on the posters or promos. Given that he was one of America’s best-selling authors at the time, this was a far from ideal situation for Paramount Pictures. Just two years prior, The Hunt For Red October, replete with Clancy’s name on the promotions, had been a major hit.

Yet the posters for Patriot Games would either ignore the source material, or simply read ‘from the best-selling novel’. Clancy’s name is buried in the credits, but if you didn’t know it was his book the film was based on, the poster certainly wasn’t going to tell you.

The film would go on to be a solid hit for Paramount in the summer of 1992, though, and certainly provide enough box office fuel for the studio to press ahead with the film of Clear And Present Danger, that followed in 1994.

However, Clancy was back on side, at least to a degree, even before Patriot Games finally made it to theaters. After a development and production cycle that had been on the hostile side, it turned out that Clancy entered negotiations with the same team at Paramount to sell the rights to The Sum Of All Fears in the weeks leading up to Patriot Games’ release. It’d take nine years for that project to get to the screen, but by the time it did, Clancy was wiser, and perhaps more resigned, to the process of having his work adapted for the screen…

New system connects your mind to a machine to help stop mistakes

How do you tell your robot not do something that could be catastrophic? You could give it a verbal or programmatic command or you could have it watch your brain for signs of distress and have it stop itself. That’s what researchers at MIT’s robotics research lab have done with a system that is wired to your brain and tells robots how to do their job.

The initial system is fairly simple. A scalp EEG and EMG system is connected to a Baxter work robot and lets a human wave or gesture when the robot is doing something that it shouldn’t be doing. For example, the robot could regularly do a task – drilling holes, for example – but when it approaches an unfamiliar scenario the human can gesture at the task that should be done.

“By looking at both muscle and brain signals, we can start to pick up on a person’s natural gestures along with their snap decisions about whether something is going wrong,” said PhD candidate Joseph DelPreto. “This helps make communicating with a robot more like communicating with another person.”

Because the system uses nuances like gestures and emotional reactions you can train robots to interact with humans with disabilities and even prevent accidents by catching concern or alarm before it is communicated verbally. This lets workers stop a robot before it damages something and even help the robot understand slight changes to its tasks before it begins.

In their tests the team trained Baxter to drill holes in an airplane fuselage. The task changed occasionally and a human standing nearby was able to gesture to the robot to change position before it drilled, essentially training it to do new tasks in the midst of its current task. Further, there was no actual programming involved on the human’s part, just a suggestion that the robot move the drill left or right on the fuselage. The most important thing? Humans don’t have to think in a special way or train themselves to interact with the machine.

“What’s great about this approach is that there’s no need to train users to think in a prescribed way,” said DelPreto. “The machine adapts to you, and not the other way around.”

The team will present their findings at the Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) conference.

Facebook tests ‘subscription Groups’ that charge for exclusive content

15 Mind-Numbing Moments Of Incredible Internet Stupidity

Vader Dies; WWE Legend Was 63

Leon White, who rose to fame inside the squared circle of professional wrestling under the name "Vader," died on Monday after a two-year battle with congestive heart failure.

He was 63 years old.

vader in ring

This sad piece of news was made public by Vader's son, who wrote the following on his famous father's Twitter account:

"It is with a heavy heart to inform everyone that my father, Leon White, passed away on Monday night (6/18/18) at approximately 7:25pm.

"Around a month ago my father was diagnosed with a severe case of Pneumonia. He fought extremely hard and clinically was making progress.

"Unfortunately, on Monday night his heart had enough and it was his time."

According to TMZ, Vader had undergone open heart surgery this past March and he appeared to be doing well.

However, his health took a turn for the worse over the past few weeks and he was unable to recover.

vader tweet

Prior to breaking into the wrestling industy, Vader was a star football player at the University of Colorado, twice earning All-American honors as an offensive lineman.

The big man was even drafted by the Rams in the thirrd round of the 1978 NFL Draft and played in Super Bowl XIV against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As a professional grapper, Vader was a major attraction around the globe, becoming a three-time WCW heavyweight champ and battling such legends as The Undertaker and Kane in the WWE.

Vader even made television appearances on shows such as Baywatch and Boy Meets World.


Nicknamed The Mastodon, Vader was considered by many to be the best, most versatile wrestler of his size in WWE history.

His heart condition was discovered after he visited two doctors because he was knocked unconscious for over half an hour following a car accident.

In April of 2017, he passed out during a match in Japan due to a head injury and had not wrestled since.

"WWE is saddened to learn that Leon White, better known to WWE audiences as Vader, passed away Monday night at the age of 63," Tweeted the company after news of Vader's death went viral.

WWE Diva Paige, meanwhile, simply wrote "RIP Vader" on Twitter, while Bubba Ray Dudley added "RIP BIG MAN."

Our condolences go out to Vader's friends, family members and loved ones.

This death comes about two months after the tragic passing of Bruno Sammartino, another WWE legend.

We've rundown a number of sad and notable wrestling deaths in the gallery above

May they all rest in peace.

Has the Hereditary Hype Really Hurt the Movie?

It's one of the most talked about movies of the year. But have the rave Hereditary reviews done more harm than good?

Feature Rosie Fletcher
Jun 20, 2018

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Spoilers lie ahead...

Hereditary hit theaters last week and fast became one of the most talked about movies of the year. The truth is it’s been one of the most talked about movies of the year, All year, since its premiere at Sundance in January, with early rave reviews suggesting it’s too scary and likening it to The Exorcist.

Then there was the deeply unsettling first trailer and the hilarious terrible news story of the time the trailer was accidentally played ahead of a screening of Peter Rabbit causing parents to cover their children’s eyes and ears and scream “make it stop!” at the projectionist.

Now the film is finally out and audiences get to see for themselves exactly what all the fuss is about. And they have done. On an estimated budget of $10 million, Hereditary has so far become production company A24’s highest opener ever, and was the 4th highest grossing film of its opening weekend in the US behind Ocean’s 8, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Deadpool 2, so far taking over $27 million and counting. Not bad at all for an independent horror movie.

But though Hereditary has a very solid 91% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences aren’t loving it anywhere near as much leaving it lingering on 56%, with comments like the following:

“Don’t be fooled (like I was) for any of the marketing you see for this movie. It is the worst movie I’ve paid to see at the theater for a very long time. It is not a horror movie. It is an overly long family drama with supernatural elements that crop up once you’re about half way in.”

“Why or who gave this 5 stars? It is one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.”

“The hype for this film is definitely not justified.”

Mixed in with other viewers who loved it and gave it rave reviews (it’s telling that anecdotally from a quick glance through, most reviews are either very high or very low - hardly anyone seems to have thought it was so-so).

Indeed the Cinemascore rating for this film - a rating by test audiences in the US spanning A - F - was D+ - pretty damning.

This weekend my Facebook feed (which, as a horror nerd, is packed with horror groups and other horror nerds) was full of discussions about whether Hereditary was or was not scary and whether the film was damaged by the hype.

But can a movie really be damaged by hype?

I have written positively about the film for Den of Geek, and in a previous professional life also reviewed the film for SFX magazine. I am therefore, part of the hype.

This is not because I’m part of some marketing campaign, or because any one is paying me (well I mean, they are, because obviously this is my job, but I’m not paid by anyone with a vested interest), nor do I know director Ari Aster and nor am I someone who hasn’t seen very many horror movies before. I just genuinely thought it was a masterpiece and one of the most deeply disturbing films I’ve seen in recent memory. I found it very scary, and I wouldn’t have said in the past that I scare especially easily.

But what scares one person is absolutely not the same as what scares another. So does labelling this movie as incredibly scary, or this generation’s Exorcist ramp up expectations impossibly high so the film can only ever be a disappointment? Does calling a film scary, somehow make it less scary? And could some of the audience’s negative reactions be partly blamed on the press? And finally, if so, what’s the solution?

The answer isn’t cut and dried and is something of a minefield.

Hereditary is a feature debut from an unknown film maker. Though Toni Collette is very famous, and Gabriel Byrne is quite famous, neither are names that would be able to ‘open a movie’ on their own. Hereditary isn’t part of a franchise, like, say Insidious 4, nor is it attached to a franchise, like something like The Conjuring spin-off The Nun. It’s not a remake, nor is it a reboot, like the upcoming Halloween. It’s not based on a well known property - like the recently very successful It: Chapter One or The Woman in Black.

Nor does it have an obvious genre hook - it’s not a zombie movie, it’s not a vampire film, nor is it a ghost story. It’s not based on a true story and although it does turn out to fit into a certain horror subgenre this doesn’t come into play until halfway through the movie so critics really ought not to tell you which it is.

Hereditary is, in fact, a very difficult sell indeed. And A24 does not have the kind of marketing spend of a major studio so it can’t put millions of dollars behind promotion. In fact, the biggest hook that Hereditary has is that it’s really good and really scary. Or rather, a lot of critics thought it was really good and really scary.

So, of course, this was the angle that A24 shouted from the rooftops. And, if you’ve seen the film, whether you enjoyed it or you didn’t, this is quite possibly why you’ve heard of it. Certainly the first reactions from Sundance were what made me so excited to see the film.

However, I can absolutely appreciate the annoyance of being told a film is the 'next big thing' only to watch it and think ‘meh’.

My guilty confession is that I thought Lady Bird was only ok. I like Saoirse Ronan very much. Laurie Metcalf was so brilliant in the film. It was very funny at points. And I am absolutely behind celebrating a female writer/director like Greta Gerwig telling her own story, which is a story about a female experience. But I kind of felt I’d seen it all before and wished everyone would stop talking it in the same breath as things like Dunkirk or Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri which were such blistering, challenging, exhausting, and highly cinematic experiences. For me. Which, of course, some people, didn’t really like…

The undeniable truth is that taste is subjective. And it’s personal. A film is only overrated or over-hyped if you didn’t like it as much as the majority of the press or your friends (If you love Hereditary as much as I did then you would think it was ‘correctly hyped’!).

And while that can be annoying and can affect your viewing experience it’s a paradox that we’re probably going to have live with. When the hype is for an enormous and well-known franchise everyone is familiar with it doesn’t tend to affect people so much - you probably already know how you feel about Marvel movies by now for example, and no amount of critical buzz is likely to affect that either way.

On the other hand, without the hype, would you have even heard of Hereditary? Would you have gone to see it? (And ok for many hardcore horror fans the answer is probably yes, but the movie’s smasher of an opening weekend indicates it’s more than just the hardcore who showed up.)

So much brilliant independent cinema with no backing and no stars completely falls by the wayside and never finds its audience outside festivals simply because without a hook there’s no guarantee that people will come.

When something like the brilliant Annihilation goes straight to Netflix in the UK because it was too risky a prospect for a theatrical release even with the likes of Alex Garland, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson and Jennifer Jason Leigh on board, what hope is there for most independent films with nowhere near that film’s credentials?

So love or hate Hereditary, if you’re a fan of independent cinema, and in particular horror, let’s be glad it exists. Let’s be glad that audiences went to see it, and let's remember that it’s a vote of confidence in smart, original, grown up cinema. Every time a moderate budget indie is a success story it’s a message to Hollywood that we, as viewers, don’t just need to be spoon-fed blockbusters. It’s an encouragement for them to take risks, and it’s a vote for trying out first time writer-directors.

And I will celebrate the existence of $10 million indie from a first time director Lady Bird, whether I thought it was over-hyped or not.

Hereditary is in theaters now.

YouTube woos brands with its new Creative Suite of ad tools

All Amazon Prime members can now try clothes before they buy

John Travolta’s Gotti and Its Strange Marketing Campaign

"Audiences loved Gotti but critics don't want you to see it". But is that true? We look at Gotti's strange marketing...

Feature Ryan Lambie
Jun 20, 2018

“We made this movie for the fans.” In recent years, variations on this phrase have emerged time and again - often in the wake of a poorly-reviewed major film.

A kind of half-hearted inoculation against gloomy critical notices, the “for the fans” defence has emerged during the promotion of such varied films as Suicide Squad, The Mummy, Batman v Superman, and Baywatch. Film School Rejects even compiled a handy spotter’s guide to the critics versus fans defense in 2017.

In the past, the “for the fans” defence was commonly applied to a high-profile movie, and uttered by a big name attached to it. Dwayne Johnson, for example, used a spin on it for his Baywatch film (“Fans LOVE the movie. Huge positive scores”), while Cara DeLevingne invoked it for Suicide Squad, in which she played the Enchantress (“It’s the fans that we made this movie for”).

This year’s Gotti, meanwhile, offers a strange new variation on the critic-fan theme.

First, a bit of context for the uninitiated. Gotti is a crime drama based on the violent history of New York mobster John Gotti, with John Travolta wearing a succession of wigs and makeup appliances as the smooth-dressing criminal. For several years, Gotti was a passion project for Travolta, and the actor’s stuck with it through numerous bouts of production turbulence - directors have come and gone, actors have entered and exited, while a disagreement with Gottis distributor saw its release delayed from 2017 to the summer of 2018.

To be clear, we haven’t seen Gotti for ourselves yet, but it’s fair to say that notices from other outlets haven’t been kind thus far: the drama can count itself among a small group of movies to score a zero on Rotten Tomatoes. This, clearly, isn’t good news for a relatively small film that its star has fought long and hard to release; according to The Hollywood Reporter’s sources, Travolta had hoped that Gotti would give him a shot at Oscar glory. The seething reception has likely nipped those ambitions in the bud.

With Gotti now in theaters, the film’s marketers have taken an unusually combative stance in the face of its dire notices. Take a look at a recent TV spot, shown on the Gotti movie’s official Twitter feed, and you’ll get a flavor of it: “Audiences loved Gotti,” the clip’s blurb reads, between scenes from the movie. “Critics put out the hit.”

Then comes the best part: “Who would you trust more? Yourself, or a troll behind a keyboard?”

It’s a bold way of putting things, certainly, and the tweet accompanying the clip has a similarly febrile atmosphere. “Audiences loved Gotti but critics don’t want you to see it... The question is why???” 

Leaving aside the Trumpian air of that tweet’s three question marks, you might be wondering who these audiences are that loved Gotti so much, given its opening weekend in the US wasn’t exactly a cash bonanza; reports suggest that it made a disappointing $1.7 million against its $10 million budget. A glance at Rotten Tomatoes, meanwhile, suggests that Gottis building up an immediate cult following. While aggregate scores from critics place the film at zero percent, the audience score sits at a notably high 75 percent - a sum harvested from a total of just under 7,000 users who, at the time of writing, gave Gotti an average score of 3.9 out of five.

This would appear to show a glaring disconnect between the reaction of audiences and critics - at least if we take the numbers at face value. On Twitter, Screen Junkies critic Dan Murrell has voiced suspicion at the sheer number of users who have left a rating for Gotti; he rightly points out that, although Travolta’s film had a relatively small release compared to Incredibles 2, Gotti got almost as many user reviews as Pixar’s movie did.

Could it be that someone, somewhere’s gaming the system? We couldn’t say, though The Hollywood Reporter’s piece on Gottis opening weekend offers one possible explanation. 

One of the film’s big sources of financing was MoviePass, an American company that offers cheap cinema tickets in exchange for a monthly subscription; according to The Hollywood Reporter, 40 percent of Gotti’s ticket sales came from MoviePass users. It’s just possible, we suppose, that those reviews flooded in from MoviePass’s unusually enthusiastic subscribers. (A recent Reddit post, by the by, points out that a number of the audience reviews came from new accounts on Rotten Tomatoes; many of those who reviewed Gotti also left a positive review for American Animals - another movie financed by MoviePass.)

Whatever the truth is, Gottis marketers have used the Rotten Tomatoes user score as evidence that cinema-goers have enjoyed the movie far more than critics.

“What is shocking to me is that 80 percent of audience members on Rotten Tomatoes and 4 out of 5 of them on Fandango liked the film,” Gotti’s publicity boss Dennis Rice told THR. “Clearly critics are out of touch with the people who actually vote with their pocketbook. It makes me wonder if the press and critics don't want a movie to succeed because they incorrectly think we are glorifying John Gotti.” 

Rice’s line - that critics have their knives out for Gotti and don’t want audiences to see it - is clearly echoed in the movie’s TV spot and Twitter feed. And in fairness, Gotti is a relatively small film that needs all the publicity it can get; if those who’ve turned up to see the crime drama have genuinely enjoyed it, then it’s only logical that their praise would be pointed out. Plenty of other movies have absorbed a drubbing from critics and gone on to enjoy a cult following - examples that immediately spring to mind are The Thing and Blade Runner. Both were condemned by reviewers and suffered at the box-office, only to enjoy a groundswell of support years later.

What’s more bizarre, though, is the decision to label Gotti’s critics as trolls with keyboards. On one hand, it no doubt follows the gangster swagger tone of the movie, but to say that a bunch of critics, from separate parts of the country with little to no contact with each other, would for some reason choose to focus all their negative energies on one minor crime movie, is far fetched to say the least.

Gottis TV spot is, however, noteworthy for its minor escalation in the “for the fans” tactic. As we’ve already seen, it’s a line that’s long been trotted out by stars or filmmakers in defence of their own films, usually in press tour interviews; as far as we’re aware, this is the first time a trailer for a movie has actively tried to pit cinema-goers against the writers who’ve criticised it. 

The advent of Rotten Tomatoes and other aggregate scoring sites has, for better or worse, helped to highlight the difference between what audiences and critics respond to. There are plenty of instances where critics have adored a movie that has subsequently left audiences nonplussed (see Hereditary as a recent example), and there are numerous instances where audiences have flocked to see movies that critics have hated. But it also goes without saying that critics are also fans of movies themselves; they may be jaded, and their tastes may vary wildly from the average film-goer, but they wouldn’t be in their job if they didn’t love movies on some level.

To accuse reviewers of deliberately trying to sink a movie’s chances is something of a stretch - particularly as most movie critics we know couldn’t organise a pub crawl, let alone a coordinated trolling campaign against a John Travolta flick.

Who knows? Maybe Gotti will shrug off its dismal critical response and go on to become a much-loved cult hit. If it does, we’d bet it won’t be thanks to its very strange marketing campaign.

Westworld: Why Maggie Simpson is Key to the Season 2 Finale

Jonathan Nolan explains the significance of the Westworld season 2 finale title, and where Maggie Simpson fits in…

News Louisa Mellor
Jun 20, 2018

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

When you clicked on this piece, who made the decision to read it? Was it you, or something behind your consciousness that’s really running the show?

At a Q&A following a public screening of Westworld season 2 finale, held this week at London’s BFI Southbank, co-creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan discussed the second season’s themes. The biggest, both agreed, were consciousness and free will. Does free will exist? And how does our belief or not in it affect our behavior?

“We started with this proposition in the finale,” said Nolan, “that ‘oh, actually humans don’t have free will’, which felt like a bit of a science-fiction conceit. Then the more we read about it, the more experimental evidence there is that that is actually the case.”

Nolan went on to mention a “fantastic article in The Atlantic several months ago” (a couple of years ago if this fascinating Stephen Cave feature is the piece in question) “that informed part of the last episode.” The Atlantic article, titled ‘There’s no such thing as free will, but we’re better off believing in it anyway’ basically lays out “that as far as we can tell, free will is an illusion,” said Nolan.

“If you image someone’s mind and put them in an experimental test, even doing something simple like, press a button on the left or a button on the right to click the right image, what they found—this has been repeated and has been in experimental record for thirty years—is that about a millisecond or so before you make the conscious choice to press the button to the left or the right, something else in your brain makes that decision for you. You can see it. You can see it in imaging.”

That “something else in your brain” is part of the inspiration for the Westworld season 2 finale’s title. “The name of the episode is The Passenger,” explained Nolan, “in part because there is this other thing really at the wheel—our subconscious.”

An easy way to picture it, said Nolan, is to think of the The Simpsons’ opening credits. “If you remember the beginning of The Simpsons, where Maggie has the little fake steering wheel? That’s consciousness,” he explained to laughter at the screening.

“Marge is at the wheel, we don’t get to talk to her, we’re Maggie looking out the window and imagining we’re making decisions and mostly of the phenomenal evidence seems to suggest that we’re not making decisions at all.”

The Westworld season 2 finale airs this Sunday on HBO.

How Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Have Really Kept Their Love Alive After 21 Years

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw may be the queen and king of country music, but it isn’t just country fans inspired by their long-lasting relationship. Everyone wants to know the secret to this power couple’s love story! And as part of People’s July cover story, the pair is opening up about how they continue to make their marriage work after more than two decades together.

But even though the couple is still just as in love as they were 21 years ago, they don’t make any false pretenses about their age or what it took to get them to this point. “It’s an honor to be up on stage with this 50-year-old man!” Hill told EW, prompting McGraw to joke, “She’s got my can ready for me every night.”

Funny GIF Of The Day: Well What Did You Think Was Gonna Happen?

Kit Harington plans to cut off all of his glorious Jon Snow hair very, very soon

Why Chameleons Don’t Play It

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Flashes Massive Diamond Ring

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn't officially said he's engaged to baby mama Georgina Rodriguez ... but her diamond ring was doing A LOT of talking at the Portugal game Wednesday in Russia!  There's been a lot of talk CR7 proposed to her back in April --…

Apollo Moon Rock Rediscovered in Cambodia Debuts on Display

A moon rock gifted to Cambodia by the U.S. amidst the Vietnam War has been found and put on display after being all but lost to time and strife.

NBA’s Larry Nance Jr. Gets Married In Yeezys and Lululemon Pants

Talk about a low-key wedding ... Cleveland Cavs player Larry Nance Jr. got married at an Ohio courthouse Tuesday and the dress code was as casual as it gets -- Yeezy shoes and Lululemon pants!  There's a story here ... the 25-year-old NBA…

Star Trek Animated Series in the Works at CBS

The animated Star Trek TV series it is one of many reportedly in development at CBS Television Studios.

News Kayti Burt
Jun 20, 2018

Star Trek: The Animated Series may not be the most-cited of the Star Trek TV universe series, but it has contributed to the canon of the rich science fiction world. Running for two seasons from 1973 to 1974, the series followed the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, keeping the universe alive until Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979.

Now, CBS reportedly seems poised to continue the tradition of animated Star Trek stories. According to Variety, an animated series is one of several Star Trek TV series in development by CBS Television Studios. Additionally, the studio is also reportedly developing a Picard-centric reboot featuring Patrick Stewart, a series set at Starfleet Academy, and a limited series which we have no plot details about.

Variety didn't have any specific details about what this new Star Trek animated series might look like, but it's excited to think about what an animated series could do that a live-action series could not, including bring back fan favorite characters played by characters who have aged, died or who are uninteresed in coming back. Animated series are also unbound by some of the logistical limits of a live-action series.

Could this new animated Star Trek series continue the tradition of filling in stories between series? I'd love to check back in with some of the Deep Space Nine characters. However, I'd also be open to a completely new, original series set in the Star Trek universe. Why not boldly go where no Star Trek series has gone before?

New Rick and Morty Seasons Will Be Released More Regularly

Co-creator Justin Roiland claims that the huge Rick and Morty episode order should make things run more smoothly.

News Joe Matar
Jun 20, 2018

We recently learned that Rick and Morty has received a whopping 70-episode order, ensuring the series will continue long past Cronenberg World becomes reality here in our own dimension. Happily, there's some chance we'll all live long enough to see it as well, because, according to co-creator Justin Roiland, there won't be any more of the massive gaps between seasons (a la, the year in a half between season two and three) that there have been before.

According to Roiland, the job security afforded by the 70-episode order, should mean the Rick and Morty factory will run more smoothly. "[Co-creator Dan] Harmon is in great spirits, we have a great writer's room," he told Polygon. "We want the episodes to stay good, but we do also want to try to turn them around a litlte quicker now that we have this big order, I think it gives us the ability to be faster. We're not going to do these long breaks, these chasms in-between seasons anymore. We're going to schedule vacation time and just keep the machine going. It's going to be really cool."

Hopefully, Roiland is right about it being "really cool,"though I personally wouldn't want to use the word "machine" to describe my creative property. But, hey, I guess when you've got 70 episodes on the horizon, there's no point in shying away from the assembly line nature of the production process.

On the other hand, this is just Roiland talking about how he feels everything is going. There's still every chance these jokers will drag their perfectionist feet and not get the next season out the door until 2022! However, he's confirmed they're already back in the writers' room and that the ideas are already flowing, so the gears are grinding into motion, at least.

Roiland also confirms there will be a lot of new Rick and Morty merch. He didn't mention anything specific but here's hoping you'll soon be able to get official Pickle Rick brand pickles that you can dip in Szechuan Sauce and then put them waaaaay up inside your butthole, Morty.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Reboot With Patrick Stewart Reportedly in Development

Rumors of the Picard-centric reboot come amid Alex Kurtzman extending his CBS contract for a planned expansion of the Star Trek TV universe.

News Kayti Burt
Jun 20, 2018

According to a THR article, there are unconfirmed rumors that CBS TV Studios is developing a Star Trek reboot starring Patrick Stewart in which he would reprise his The Next Generation role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. According to THR's sources, Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman are attached to the potential reboot. Not only is this an unconfirmed project, but THR's sources also say that the deal is far from complete and might not happen. Still, this would be huge news for Star Trek fandom—however you might feel about a Picard-centric reboot.

The rumors of the Picard reboot come amidst Kurtzman renewing his overall deal with CBS Television Studios, extending his contract by five years. This will keep him in partnership with the studio through 2023, for a reported $5 million per year.

Kurtzman was recently made sole showrunner of Star Trek: Discovery following the dismissal of previous co-showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg who left amidst reports of bullying behavior in the writers room. Goldsman, who served as an executive producer on Season 1 of Discovery, also left the show, reportedly due to a clash with the writing staff in terms of management style and personality, so it's interesting that he is still attached to the potential Picard-centric reboot.

In addition to his work on Star Trek: Discovery, Kurtzman's extended deal with CBS Television Studios will include an expansion of the Star Trek franchise on the small screen, including the development of new series, miniseries, and other content, including animation.

While this generally seems like good news for the Star Trek universe, it may also be disappointing, depending on what kind of Star Trek fan you are. While the move represents a reinvestment in the Star Trek TV universe, Kurtzman is not known for critical success. Previously, he has co-written the scripts for Transformers, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. More recently, he directed and co-wrote The Mummy. Not exactly the kind of nuanced science fiction writing Star Trek has, at its best, historically represented.

More news on the expanded Star Trek TV universe as we hear it.


Searching: Trailer for Acclaimed John Cho Thriller

John Cho stars in a very modern thriller, as he hunts for his missing daughter using his computer. Here's the trailer for Searching...

News Simon Brew
Jun 20, 2018

After earning plaudits at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, the new thriller Searching is making its way to theaters.

It’s a film that stars John Cho, who we see using social media, the web, and digital things to try and track down his missing 16-year old daughter. It sounds, on the surface, like it has something in common with the Blumhouse horror Unfriended, which is getting a sequel this summer too.

Debra Messing, Joseph Lee and Sarah Sohn star in the film, that’s directed by Aneesh Chagantry. Chagantry co-wrote the script too with Sev Ohanian. And here’s the trailer for the movie…

Here's the official synopsis:

After David Kim (John Cho)’s 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a local investigation is opened and a detective is assigned to the case. But 37 hours later and without a single lead, David decides to search the one place no one has looked yet, where all secrets are kept today: his daughter’s laptop. In a hyper-modern thriller told via the technology devices we use every day to communicate, David must trace his daughter’s digital footprints before she disappears forever.

Searching Release Date

Searching opens on August 3.

LG’s G7 and V35 are available for pre-order on Project Fi

Elric, Newbury & Hobbes and Oscar Martin Launch in Titan Comics September 2018 Solicits

September sees a brand new comic book from Dan Boultwood from Titan Comics which is always enough to get me interested. Newbury & Hobbes are a comic book take by George Mann on his own steampunk mystery novels and just the Victoriana element that makes Dan’s work shine…

Let’s see what else Titan Comics have planned for the month of September.



(W) Michael Moorcock, Julien Blondel, Jean-Luc Cano, Jean Bastide (A) Robin Recht, Julien Telo (CA) Tim Sale
The gorgeous comic adaptation of Michael Moorcock’s world-renowned cult fantasy saga, acclaimed by the public, critics, and Moorcock himself!

A year has passed since Elric left Imrryr, his palace and his throne, leaving behind a heartbroken Cymoril. For a year he has walked the Young Kingdoms, under the distant gaze of his protector, Arioch. A year since he traded his skills as a wizard and fighter to the highest bidder, forging, in each battle, the legend of the albino warrior whose Black Sword terrifies the bravest of warriors. Today he is no longer Elric de Melnibone, the four hundred and twenty-eighth Emperor of the people of R’lin K’ren A’a. Today, the Young Kingdoms know him as the White Wolf.
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99







(W) James Peaty, Jody Houser (A) Brian Williamson, Rachael Stott (CA) Robert Hack
Follow the last steps on the Road to the Thirteenth Doctor!

In a new story from James Peaty (Supergirl), the Twelfth Doctor finds London’s Piccadilly Circus transformed into an empty wasteland of pterodactyls! Includes a serialized short story from the all-female creative team behind the new Thirteenth Doctor ongoing series: Jody Houser, Rachael Stott, and Enrica Angiolini!
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99







(W) Ales Kot (A) Piotr Kowalski (CA) Tradd Moore
The horror and mystery continue in Bloodborne, the comic based on FromSoftware’s critically acclaimed video game hit! Now an ongoing series, by popular demand!

The Hunter delves into the dark underbelly of the Healing Church, as writer Aleš Kot (Zero, Wolf, Generation Gone, Days of Hate) returns to the blood-soaked streets of Yharnam with artist Piotr Kowalski (Dark Tower, Sex, Robocop)!
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99









(W) Chris King (A) Jesus Hervas
Relive the first volume of the ongoing Penny Dreadful comic series in this stunning black & white art edition!

In the void left behind by Vanessa’s death, Ethan and Sir Malcolm must search for a new meaning in life. But the demimonde isn’t done with them yet, as decisions from the past come screaming back to haunt them…

Showcasing the mesmerising original artwork of Jesus Hervas, this black & white art edition of Penny Dreadful: The Awakening captures the aesthetic and atmosphere of the television show while bringing an original story to life.
In Shops: Dec 05, 2018
SRP: $29.99



(W) Ryan O’Sullivan (A) Anton Kokarev
Titan Comics returns to the very beginnings of the Dark Souls story with a dramatic retelling of the legends of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, and his loyal Knight Artorias!

In a world where ancient Lords wield god-like powers and Everlasting Dragons soar the skies, what place is there for mortal men? Join Silver Knight Arkon, a powerful warrior in Lord Gwyn’s army, on a quest for redemption and survival, as we journey to age before the undead curse blighted the land of Lordran.
In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $22.99



(W) Bridgit Connell (A) Bridgit Connell
Haunted trucker Brother Nash faces the monsters of the midnight road in Bridgit Connell’s mysterious adventure comic!

Nash is a trucker. He also sees ghosts, and when the moon is on the rise and violence threatens his friends, he roams as a wolf… As the highway beast! When Nash takes on a mysterious hitchhiker heading for Tucson, he and his friends are dragged headfirst into his biggest and most dangerous adventure yet!
In Shops: Oct 03, 2018
SRP: $19.99



(W) George Mann (A/CA) Dan Boultwood
Writer George Mann (Dark Souls, Doctor Who, Warhammer 40,000) brings his steampunk
mystery novels to comics for their 10th anniversary, alongside Dan Boultwood (It Came!, The Phoenix).

Whether dismantling rogue automata, uncovering plots against The Crown, or putting down infestations of zombies – it’s all in a day’s work for Newbury & Hobbes! Every issue also comes with a brand-new Newbury & Hobbes prose short, written by George Mann!
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99







(W) Andrew Cartmel, Ben Aaronovitch (A) Christopher Jones
Celebrate classic Doctor Who action with a modern twist!

An unknown alien intelligence in orbit around the Earth? Astronauts under attack? A terrifying, mysterious landing in the Australian interior? The future of the world itself at stake! Counter Measures activated! And the Seventh Doctor and Ace slap bang in the middle of it all! This is OPERATION VOLCANO!
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $16.99



(W) Simon Furman (A) Marco Turini, Hendry Prasetya
The hit comic series based on the world-famous, fan favorite animated epic continues with this third volume, featuring an all-new twist on the classic transforming-jetfighters-versus-giant-aliens adventure!

The war between the humans and the giant Zentraedi aliens gets more serious! Will there be more casualties? Collecting issues 9 to 12 of Titan Comics’ smash hit series. Things get worse for the stranded humans as more Zentraedi aliens join the fight – including Azonia and Miriya. A message from Earth spells danger for the human crew and Rick’s life is turned upside-down by a shocking development.
In Shops: Oct 17, 2018
SRP: $16.99



(W) Aaron Dempski-Bowden (A) Tazio Bettin
A dynamic new story in the Warhammer 40,000 franchise, from popular Warhammer 40,000 author Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Collects issues #1-4 of the Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch mini-series.

The Deathwatch calls on the deadliest Space Marines, recruiting from every Chapter in the galaxy, to serve as a last line of defense against the alien horrors threatening humanity. To serve in the Deathwatch is an honor granted only to the elite, but the details of their sacred duty remain secret and sealed – except in these pages!

Stranded and alone at the edge of the Calaphrax Cluster, one Deathwatch kill-team must hold the line against the xenos hordes. Assailed on all sides, they alone have the strength to stem the tide… whatever the cost!
In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $16.99



(W) Oscar Martin (A) Oscar Martin (CA) Sean Galloway
Road warrior? Meet rat warrior!

On an Earth ravaged by nuclear war, an array of mutant animals have repopulated the land. But these survivors of chaos are far from peaceful. Life is often short and always brutal, so when Solo’s family faces starvation, the young rat wanders the cannibal wastes to become a warrior.

The Statix Press debut of Oscar Martin, award-winning veteran writer-artist of Tom & Jerry.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $5.99





(W) Didier Alcante (A) Andrea Mutti
They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes…

The FBI have discovered how to make this a reality!

When new FBI technology puts his “slacker” son into a coma, Iraq Vet John Geb discovers a secret side to Ethan’s life. The Re-Mind machine can retrieve the vital information locked away in his son’s mind, but will only work on his deathbed; and while Agent McKee is willing to sacrifice Ethan to save millions from a terrorist plot, John has other plans…

A perfect blend of Total Recall and Minority Report, filtered through the lens of a post-9/11 world!
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $5.99



(W) Jean-Charles Gaudin (A/CA) Joan Urgell Mamba
It’s the Walking Dead meets Supernatural!

Have Steven’s reckless actions damned the world? The global zombie epidemic comes to a giant-sized climax!
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $6.99



(W) Sylvain Runberg (A) Juzhen
Gorgeously rendered epic fantasy, Konungar is the ultimate fusion of Game of Thrones and Warcraft!

In the Viking kingdom of Alstavik, civil war rages! Royal brothers Rildrig and Sigvald each claim succession to the throne, but with their people divided, the land is ripe for a Centaur invasion! Will the warring sons join forces to face the ancient foe of the Vikings, or does Alstavik face certain doom?
In Shops: Oct 03, 2018
SRP: $19.99



(W) Mickey Spillane, Max Allan Collins (A) Marcelo Salaza (CA) Alex Ronald
The bullet-riddled finale to an all-new Mike Hammer story!

Written by Max Allan Collins (Quarry, Road to Perdition), based on a plot from original creator Mickey Spillane!
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99





(W) Sylvain Runberg (A) Belen Ortega (CA) Claudia SG Iannicello
Lisbeth Salander returns in this gripping sequel to Stieg Larsson’s smash hit novel series, continuing Titan’s best-selling Millennium graphic novel saga.

The Swedish secret service falls into Lisbeth’s sights, as she prepares to hack a gigantic data centre and expose its secret files. Unfortunately, nothing is simple, and Lisbeth soon finds herself in need of Mikael Blomkvist’s help when her friend Trinity is kidnapped. In a world of conspiracy and mistrust, their investigation leads them to the secretive group known only as ‘Sparta’…
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $5.99





(W) Ollie Masters (A) Budi Setiawan (CA) Claudia SG Iannicello
As the events of the second movie rage, Rama, main character of The Raid, is trapped in prison. Can he protect an undercover cop? Can he even protect himself? Meanwhile, Jakarta crime boss Bejo begins causing havoc in the outside world as he strives to gain more and more power – ably assisted by two familiar faces: Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man…
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99





(W) Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel (A) Lee Sullivan (CA) Illeighstration
Spring Breakers meets Pulp Fiction on the banks of the Thames!

When two of the less well behaved river goddesses, Chelsea and Olympia, decide to earn a few quid on the side, Peter Grant and Bev find themselves drawn into a sordid cannabis-smuggling operation, controlled by London’s new queenpin of crime – the brutal and beautiful Hoodette!
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Guillaume Dorison (A) Patrick Pion
Featuring a brand new Assassin set against the backdrop of World War II.

As the atomic age dawns, fresh new assassin Eddie Gorm infiltrates the Templars to foil their plans to create a devastating new weapon.

A quest for revenge clashes with the race for the atomic bomb, dynamically illustrated by artist Patrick Pion!
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $5.99



(W) Alan Martin (A) Jim Mahfood (A/CA) Brett Parson
Tank Girl’s 30th anniversary birthday celebrations come to an unruly (and possibly literal) climax!
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99






Discover the secrets behind one of Marvel Studios’ biggest movie blockbusters, and uncover the story behind the making of Black Panther!

With revealing behind-the-scenes photos from the movie sets, stunning concept art revealing the beautiful, mysterious nation of Wakanda, and interviews with the cast and crew of the film, this stunning collector’s book is packed with images and articles. A must-have for all fans of everything Marvel!
In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $19.99




A deluxe collector’s edition offering a behind-the-scenes guide to the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi.

Scene-by-scene trivia and information from the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, along with interviews with the cast and crew of the film. Also features fantastic images and production art. An essential companion to the film and for all fans of the saga.
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $19.99




A Mirror Universe Special!
Featuring interviews with Shazad Latif (Tyler), Mary Chieffo (L’rell), Connor Trinneer (Trip), Walter Koenig (Chekov), and Nana Visitor (Kira) on their characters’ experiences with the Mirror Universe.
Exploring the origins and (future) history of the Mirror Universe – on TV and in comic books!
Mary Wiseman interview: Star Trek: Discovery’s Tilly on her voyage of self-discovery.
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $9.99




A Mirror Universe Special!
Featuring interviews with Shazad Latif (Tyler), Mary Chieffo (L’rell), Connor Trinneer (Trip), Walter Koenig (Chekov), and Nana Visitor (Kira) on their characters’ experiences with the Mirror Universe.
Exploring the origins and (future) history of the Mirror Universe – on TV and in comic books!
Mary Wiseman interview: Star Trek: Discovery’s Tilly on her voyage of self-discovery.
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $9.99



(W) Dane Hallett, Matt Hatton
This exclusive collection, containing two books, gives readers an insight into the most intriguing character from the Alien prequels. The in-universe sketchbook contains over two hundred illustrations from the set and will take you inside the mind of David. Then read Developing the Art of an Android for an interview with Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton, the artists behind all of the beautifully grotesque sketches.
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $49.95



(W) Andy McVittie
The Art of Alien: Isolation is a high-end art book featuring over 300 images from the latest game in the critically and commercially acclaimed Alien franchise, which hits shelves in October. Taking players back to the survival horror atmosphere of the first film, Alien: Isolation features Amanda Ripley, daughter of the original film hero, as the main character trying to survive on a wrecked space station. This book is the ultimate gallery of the game, a must-have for any fan. This is a lavish high-end art book featuring exclusive concept art and creator commentary from the team at Creative Assembly.
In Shops: Aug 22, 2018
SRP: $34.95



(W) Archie Goodwin (A/CA) Walter Simonson
Two of comics’ greatest talents – Walt Simonson and Archie Goodwin – joined forces to bring Ridley Scott’s epic Alien to the comic book page, including scenes cut from the final movie! This brand-new softcover edition of Alien: The Illustrated Story, released to coincide with Scott’s latest sci-fi epic, Prometheus, has been carefully reproduced from the original artwork in Walt Simonson’s studio. The limited run Artist’s Edition presents the story for the very first time in a huge 14″ x 17″ hardcover. The Artist’s Edition also includes never-before-published color try out pages, early sketches and Archie Goodwin’s complete annotated script, and an interview with Walt Simonson, providing an in-depth view into the creation of a legendary comic.
In Shops: Aug 15, 2018
SRP: $14.95

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A LEGO Hermit Crab Built In A Real Shell

Hermit Crab Because soon the only animals left on earth will be made of plastic, this is the hermit crab LEGO build created by LEGO enthusiast Paul Friesen. In his own words while I go down a rabbit hole online considering setting up a paludarium (a vivarium with both land and water features) for freshwater vampire crabs because my brain is a wild horse that can't be tamed:
I got this shell, and I knew what I needed to build. I used most of my smaller Flaming Yellowish Orange parts for the belly, and orange parts for the upper body. the claws can open and close, thanks to Droid bodies and Bionicle Eyes.
Great job. Also, I'm sure you'll all be interested to know that I've decided to put my vampire crab paludarium on hold for now because I'm going to be moving very soon, and the last thing I'd want to do is cause any undo stress to my animals -- their health and wellbeing is my utmost priority. "You never said you were moving. What about me?" What about you? "I'm your ROOMMATE." Our lease ends at midnight, I'd start packing. Thanks to Lydia, who agrees we have a lot to learn from crabs and turtles.

13 vintage sci-fi, fantasy, and horror shows on Amazon Prime Video

Here are some fun and unusual sci-fi and supernatural vintage discoveries to be made in the vaults of Amazon Prime Video…

Feature Louisa Mellor
Jun 20, 2018

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Dig through the depths of online streaming services and alongside all the well-promoted and critically feted shows, appears the odd historical gem. And odd is just the word. Below is a baker's dozen of twentieth century TV shows from across the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genre, ranging from the charmingly nostalgic to the downright eccentric, all currently available free to Amazon Prime members.

The Complete Animated Superman (1941-2)

The Fleischer Superman cartoons are beautiful. Short in duration and big in budget, each one is eight minutes of vintage Technicolor joy. Screened in cinemas during the so-called golden age of US animation, these seventeen rotoscoped, hand-drawn stories represent Superman’s first animated appearance, and therefore his first introduction to a great many people.

The voice of Jackson Beck voice opens each cartoon by introducing our hero with lines now embedded in the popular imagination: “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive!” Then followed troublesome robots, out-of-control trains, reanimated dinosaurs, volcanoes, giant gorillas…and, this being the early 1940s, Japanese prisoner of war camps.

Celebrated in their time (the first episode, Mad Scientist, was nominated for an Academy Award), the success of this extremely expensive series wasn’t enough to save the Fleischer brothers’ studios from financial difficulty, but among other productions, it ensured a well-respected legacy.

The Veil  (1958)

The camera travels through a stone archway into a lofty medieval room (actually Elstree Studios) where a fire roars in the inglenook. Boris Karloff, dressed in an immaculate three-piece suit bids us “Good evening,” with a slight bow. “Tonight I’m going to tell you another strange and unusual story of the unexplainable behind the veil…”

So began each twenty-five minute black-and-white episode of The Veil, dramatisations of strange tales, the majority of which also featured Karloff in the cast. At the end, our host was back to offer a conclusion to that particular story of “the world beyond our understanding.” Not that 1950s TV audiences would have known about it, because The Veil wasn’t broadcast. Footage from its episodes appeared in some late sixties TV movies, and a DVD release followed in the 1990s, but its cancellation prior to airing have made it a cult find.

Now, ten of the total twelve episodes are available on Amazon Prime Video, and well worth seeking out for fans of vintage supernatural anthologies.

One Step Beyond (1959)

Presented by John Newland, this anthology of weird stories stood apart from its CBS rival The Twilight Zone by affecting a sheen of realism. The tales of the paranormal, three seasons of which aired on ABC between 1959 and 1961, all purported to be based on real, unexplained events.

“The amazing drama you are about to see is a matter of human record,” runs Newland’s introduction. “The real people who lived this story, they believe it, they know, they took that one step beyond.” (Famously, Newland took one step beyond himself when making The Sacred Mushroom episode in which he ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms and filmed his reaction. It’s not available here, but it’s out there in both senses of the phrase.)

All three seasons are available to watch here, totalling seventy episodes telling logic-defying stories of ghosts, premonitions, possession, astral projection and more.

H.G. Wells’ Invisible Man (1958-9)

Despite its possessive name, H.G. Wells’ Invisible Man is only the loosest adaptation of the Wells celebrated sci-fi novel. It shares the premise of a scientist experimenting with optics who makes himself permanently invisible, but the similarities fall away somewhat after that. In the television series, the scientist in question, renamed Peter Brady, is recruited by British Intelligence and gets into all kinds of espionage-related scrapes. The show borrowed the 1933 James Whale film’s bandages and sunglasses costume for the titular sci-fi hero, cunningly adding a hat.

Two series of this ITV series, which also aired on CBS in the United States, aired in the late 1950s. All twenty-six episodes are available to stream.

Dark Shadows (1967)

“My name is Victoria Winters…” So begins the eerie voiceover to US Gothic soap Dark Shadows, which ran on ABC from 1966 – 1971. The series returned to popular consciousness in recent years thanks to Tim Burton’s 2012 feature film and a plot on AMC’s Mad Men.

Set in Collinswood, Maine, Dark Shadows is the story of the wealthy Collins family that begins with the awakening of a centuries-old vampire. It’s notable these days for being one of the few long-running 1960s soaps all of which is still intact and available. There are a whopping twenty-six seasons of the campy, black-and-white horror to stream on Amazon Prime Video, so you’ll never go wanting.

Science Fiction Dilogy (1974)

Here’s a bit of a strange one, unless you happen to speak Russian, in which case, you’re laughing. One of the stranger titbits available in the vaults of Amazon Prime Video are these two Russian TV films, each an hour and twenty minutes long.

Directed by Richard Viktorov and titled Moscow-Cassiopeia and The Teens in the Universe, the films appear to tell the story of a group of teenage interstellar travellers who venture to another planet, encounter some robots, every so often get inside little glass pyramids that float around in space. (Being a pastel-coloured, 1970s Russian film about natty children wearing neckerchiefs, they also look uncannily as though they were made by Wes Anderson.)

The official synopsis describes the first film as “A far away space travel of the group of the teens-spacemen”, which seems to sum it up. As the films don’t come with subtitles, non-Russian speakers are best off inviting some friends round, dividing up the characters, and doing their best to provide a live interpretation.

Guest From The Future (1984)

This children’s sci-fi series was a huge hit in its native Russia (whose language you’ll need to speak if you want to understand what’s going as there are no subtitles). It’s a five-part miniseries also known as Visitor From The Future, about two children – a boy, Kolya, from the present who jumps a century forward in time, and a girl, Alisa, from the future who jumps back to 1984. The hour-long episodes are adapted from the Russian novel by Kir Bulychov.

Highlander: The Series (1992)

Following a slight rejigging of the original film’s plot, Highlander: The Series followed Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, cousin to Christophe Lambert’s Connor. Played by Adrian Paul, Duncan is an immortal dealing with the usual immortal stuff – dying loved ones, eternal loneliness and the daily threat of decapitation as your peers battle endlessly for ‘The Prize’, which would endow them with power beyond imagination.

Decent swordfights, a lot of philosophical debates, and more 90s than Jordan Catalano at a No Doubt gig, there’s plenty of fun to be had here.  Only the first season of the six made is available here, but at twenty-two episodes, it’s no waste of your good time. You can read more about why the Highlander TV series is well worth a watch, here.

The X-Files (1993)

This needs no introduction. It’s The X-Files. Mulder and Scully. Cigarette Smoking Man. All that paranoid conspiracy sci-fi alien jazz. That’s two hundred and eight episodes of Spooky and Dana investigating the good, the bad and the unusually sticky.

The entire original 1993 – 2001 nine season run is available here to stream, alongside the addition of the 2016 revival (and soon to come, this year’s follow-up).

Lexx (1997)

This story of a misfit crew zooming through space on a living ship preceded Farscape by a couple of years, and similarities in premise between the two meant that when the Canadian-German co-production aired in the US, it was paired up with the Henson Company sci-fi in the schedule. (It aired on Channel 5’s Space strand here in the UK).

Four seasons of Lexx, created by Paul Donovan, were made, the first three of which are available to stream here. It’s a classic story of a galactic war between species and a search for home by the crew of the titular Lexx, which includes a captain, a love slave, an undead assassin, and a robot that’s nothing but a head. The first season is actually four two-hour films, while the rest are fifty-minute episodes. It might not have aged brilliantly, but for those looking for a shot of nostalgia, that’s all part of the charm.

Shaktimaan (1997)

This Hindi-language children’s series (sorry, no English subtitles here) was a huge hit on the Indian national television network, where it aired on Sunday lunchtimes for eight years, and around Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It’s the story of Shaktimaan, billed as “the first Indian superhero”, and his tireless battle to defeat society’s ills and restore justice to the world.

The titular hero is played by co-creator Mukhesh Khanna. As the lengthy opening sequence will tell you, Shaktimaan began life as a human selected by a mystical sect to master elemental forces through deep meditation, which is how he gained his powers.

Having started in 1997, it would be a lie to say the special effects have aged well, but there’s certainly a nostalgic charm to them nowadays.  Over five hundred episodes were produced, the first five of which are available in Hindi to stream here. Shaktimaan is so fondly regarded, a planned revival was announced in 2016.

Ghost Stories (1997)

“Come with me to a place of wondrous contradictions, a place that is silent and unstirring, yet restless and alive. A place of untold peace and boundless dread. Come with me into the very cradle of darkness, where those who dwell, dwell alone.”

Thus actor Rip Torn ushers viewers in to each episode of Ghost Stories, an American horror anthology series that ran for forty-four episodes in the late nineties. It’s the expected things-that-go-bump-in-the-night deal, tales of hauntings, vengeful ghosts, possessions and poltergeists, all dramatised in neat half hour instalments. Perhaps one for fans of Garth Morenghi’s Darkplace..?

The Tick (2001)

Well, if Limp Bizkit t-shirts are being sold as ‘vintage’ online (and they are), then the live-action version of The Tick starring Patrick Warburton can go on this list. Fans will need no primer (though if they do, may we recommend this one). Ben Edlund’s The Tick, an unusual lantern-jawed superhero with a knack for bizarre similes and strange battle cries, started life as a mascot, then a comic book character, then an animated TV hero, before becoming flesh and blood in 2001, and once again in 2016.

This comic superhero series was cancelled cruelly early at just nine episodes, but is a must for completists.

Orlando Bloom tells Cate Blanchett he had a crush on her during LOTR


Late Night with James Corden is filming in London this week. Possibly by coincidence, he had a very Commonwealth couch on Monday with Australian Cate Blanchett, English Orlando Bloom and Irish Niall Horan. It also, of course, meant a mini Lord of the Rings reunion for Cate (the majestic Galadriel) and Orlando (the hottest elf in town, Legolas). When James asked Orlando about his first impression of Cate, Orlando admitted to life imitating art: not only did Legolas have a huge crush on Galadriel, but Orlando did on Cate, as well. Unfortunately, as James pressed them both, Cate admitted she didn’t know who he was. Ouch.

On Monday’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, which was taped in London, the 41-year-old actor joined Cate Blanchett on the guest couch and confessed that he had a huge crush on her while the two were filming The Lord of the Rings.

When asked what his first impression of Blanchett was when she was playing Galadriel and he was portraying Legolas in LOTR, Bloom admitted, “I can’t think — I had such a crush. I had the biggest crush on you.”

Taken aback by the confession, Blanchett tried to give Bloom an out, saying, “Well, it was your character!”

Bloom stuck to his story, exclaiming, “No, it was me!”

Bloom noted that he was about 21 years old at the time of the filming and was intimidated by Blanchett, more than five years his senior. “What was I, 110?” the 49-year-old actress quipped.

The crush wasn’t mutual, but that may just be because Blanchett didn’t know who Bloom was for a large portion of her three weeks on set.

“I didn’t recognize you, because the first time I saw you, you had hair — like Fabio hair and blue eyes,” Blanchett recalled. “And then I just saw you — who is this really cute guy out of drama school — and I didn’t put two and two [together].”

Bloom chimed in, “And I was just walking around spying on her from the corner of the room — in a non creepy way.”

[From ET]

I really like Orlando, as most of you know, and there are times I find him charming. But the dude has no game. If you watch the clip below, he clumsily flirted with Cate and he was just so awkward. Cate, for her part, kept trying to bail him out but he wouldn’t take the bait. It’s actually kind of cute because it seemed like they regressed back to who they were when they first met. But I get why Orlando and Katy Perry work, they’re both kind of dorks. Adorable dorks, but dorks.

I don’t think Orlando is hurting about his crush on Cate remaining unrequited, though. Just a few weeks ago, Katy took a breather from her Witness Tour to pop over to London to see him. And just in case we forgot how hot they were for each other, Katy ‘accidentally’ left a racy comment on his public Instagram – oops! *giggle* Orlando is in London presently because he’s performing in the West End in Killer Joe. The reviews are really mixed, both on his performance and the play itself. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t weigh in on his performance, but he sure looks good.

Mighty the Pup pic!



Photo credit: WENN Photos and YouTube

Ducks Do It Too

Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande Move Into $16 Million Condo, Get Matching Tattoos, Post Tons Of Videos, Seem Stable

A post shared by Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) on

Nothing says Stable Mabel like making rapid-fire life decisions with a recovering addict, which is why everyone should be unwaveringly happy for Ariana Grande, and should definitely encourage her to go even faster and further with her relationship with Pete Davidson. The newly-engaged celeb duo is sparing no expense in celebrating their half-week-iversary – laying down $16 million dollars for their first and last place together in New York City.

They also recently revealed matching tattoos spelling out “H2GKMO.” Now get this for adorable. H2GKMO is an acronym for “Honest to God knock me out” – a phrase she claims to say “300 times a day.” Cuteness overload. And definitely a great decision too. All of these are great decisions. Live your truth Ariana. Don’t listen to the h8ers. He’ll be Bobby, you’ll be Whitney.


Any rational person would be skeptical of Grande’s whirlwind romance with Pete Davidson, especially considering that she has been very open about feeling vulnerable and traumatized in the wake of the Manchester bombing. Davidson is like a lech cleaning up at a funeral, but the media is so starved for celeb romances – no matter the context – that they’ve giving this relationship the stamp of approval. And now we’re doing the same. Grande and Davidson are posting dozens of videos of their time together, which is a great way to know that a couple is secure in their romance.


One would think Grande would have a rational and caring presence in her life to tell her that her new motto “Life is short, so sleep with someone who looks like a vampire” in the wake of the bombings doesn’t hold up over time. But that presence isn’t there. So go for broke Grande. Don’t sign a prenup. Get pregnant. Basically do whatever’s going to give us the best headlines when you break up in a month.

Head here to see their new $16 million NYC divorce pad 


u know what you’d dream it be like ? it’s better than that

A post shared by Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) on

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Rachel Maddow Cries, Can’t Finish Report on Immigrant Kids

Rachel Maddow tried.

She really did.

Toward the end of her program on Tuesday night, the MSNBC commentator tried to read a breaking news update about the immigration crisis in America.

But the pundit grew overwhelmed by emotion while reading a report about how babies and toddlers were being taken away from their parents and placed by the government in special holding areas/shelters.

"This is incredible," Maddow said to open this segment, quickly reading a news update from the Associated Press and then relaying it ti viewers as follows:

"Trump administration officials have been sending babies and other young children..."

She could not maintain her composure, however, not in the face of the latest atrocity committed by this administration.

"Oh, hold on," she said midway through her sentence.

Maddow attempted to continue, but she ended up concluding her show and introducing the host of the following program, Lawrence O'Donnell, who was live in Brownsville, Texas.

After the emotional footage webt viral, Maddow took to Twitter to apologize for the breakdown and share an outline of what she intended to say during the broadcast.

"Ugh, I'm sorry," she wrote in a series of tweets, adding:

"If nothing else, it is my job to actually be able to speak while I'm on TV. What I was trying to do-- when I suddenly couldn't say/do anything  -  was read this lede."

Maddow then shared the entire story with her followers.

"Again, I apologize for losing it there for a moment.  Not the way I intended that to go, not by a mile," Maddow said to wrap up her mea culpa.

As you might expect, the incident has drawn sympathy from Liberals and mockery from Conservatives.

Some believe Maddow was being sincere and can absolutely relate to the heartache she is experiencing while learning that young kids are being torn away from their parents at the U.S. border...

... while others are scoffing at her waterworks and using them as an example of how lame bleeding-heart Democrats can be.

We're not here to judge, really. Just to pass the clip along because it's now a part of the national discourse.

Check it out for yourself above.

Rachel maddow breaks down on air cant finish report on immigrant

The weirdest things we learned this week: biblical rhabdo, corpse adventures, and socks from the world’s loneliest island

Facebook will air live PGA Tour coverage on its Watch tab

WWE Legend Big Van Vader Dies From Heart Complications

Ex-WWE superstar Vader has died ... after a two-year battle with congestive heart failure. He was 63.  Vader's son broke the news on social media, saying, "Around a month ago my father was diagnosed with a severe case of Pneumonia. He fought…

Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Keep Getting More Tattoos Together

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson first had us questioning the laws of acceleration by getting matching tattoos quickly after they first got together. Tattoos would appear to be their thing, as they’ve recently spent time together getting even more.

According to Page Six, Ariana and Pete spent most of Monday shopping for rugs for their new place, and tattoos that will inevitably make a laser tattoo removal specialist very busy one day. So far, most of Ariana and Pete’s tattoos have been homages to each other, like Pete’s AG on his thumb and the bunny mask behind his ear. This time it’s much more random. They showed off their new matching tattoos in an Instagram story. Ariana, Pete and some friends all got “H2GKMO” tattooed on their hand. That isn’t Pete’s hand in the still shot above, but she did tag him in her IG Story. It’s believed that means “Honest to god knock me out.

I don’t know why Ariana says that 300 times a day. But based on their past history and behavior of being totally obsessed with each other, $10 says that’s a lyric from her upcoming songPete.” Or maybe I’m way off, and she’s involved in some kind of real-life Flatliners situation.

Since we’re on the subject of tattoos, Pete got the word REBORN on his left hand.

REBORN-@petedavidson inspired by that new @kidcudi the album is fire!

A post shared by Jon Mesa (@jonmesatattoos) on

It’s said that Pete’s new tattoo was inspired by Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s song of the same name.

H2GKMO isn’t the only ink they’ve shared recently. As expected, Ariana and her fiancé have moved into an apartment together. According to TMZ, they now live in a $16 million, 4,000 square foot, 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath apartment in Manhattan. If they’re renting, then I sure hope their landlord didn’t laugh too hard when Ariana and Pete signed the papers agreeing to a minimum 1-year lease. “Don’t worry about 12 post-dated checks – I have a feeling we won’t be needing those.

Pic: Instagram

Sally Ride’s Space Stamp Collection: Inside the Astronaut’s Albums

Before Sally Ride left her personal stamp on space history, the astronaut found a passion for collecting space-topical stamps. The first American woman to fly into space, Ride was honored with a United States postage stamp of her own.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Hot Fake World Cups

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio has amazing little funbags. Another example of a chick too skinny to have fake boobs, but she is so hot it doesn’t matter that they look like two tennis balls attached to her chest. Anyway, this is a great shoot and I’m digging the whole World Cup theme.

» view all 11 photos

Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative hires to donate tech, not just money

Pretty Much Everyone Has One

Which of Today’s Spider-Man Comics Will Make Make You Cry More?

The Queen embraced Meghan Markle so quickly because Meg is a ‘class act’

Grove just raised $8 million to make traditional financial planning affordable to pretty much everyone

Medical News Today: Is vitamin D deficiency to blame for lung disease?

New research from Johns Hopkins University has found that individuals with low blood levels of vitamin D may be more exposed to disabling lung disease.

Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Proposal Has The Internet Going Meme-Crazy

star wars starship troopers Death Star space force donald trump trump trump memes Aliens stormtrooper zenon austin powers - 5991173

Donald Trump announced yesterday that he plans to create a Space Force as the sixth branch of the United States Military. "We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force - separate but equal," Trump stated in a report by National Geographic

The internet isn't quite sure what to make of this Space Force proposal - what will it entail? Starship Troopers? A Death Star? No one knows for sure, so people have been making memes to try to make sense of the matter.

Submitted by:

DHS Kirstjen Nielsen Driven Out of Mexican Restaurant by Protesters

Kirstjen Nielsen -- the Secretary of Homeland Security -- busted out a walk of shame after a group of protesters disrupted her dinner at -- of all places -- a Mexican restaurant. The incident went down Tuesday night at the popular MXDC Cocina…

KICK-ASS Actress Chloe Grace Moretz Has No Intention Of Reprising The Role Of Hit-Girl

We recently found out that Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn has big plans for the characters first introduced in the pages of Mark Millar's comic series, but Chloe Grace Moretz wants no part of them...

Chrissy Teigen Steamed Her Vagina and We Just Can’t

We've all watched and laughed as Gwyneth Paltrow defends vaginal steaming despite medical science. We've laughed even harder when Farrah Abraham does it for attention.

But now, with a heavy heart, we must disclose that Chrissy Teigen has begun to dabble in vaginal steaming. It's heartbreaking.

In fact, Chrissy even documented her experience. You can see that below.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Father's Day 2018

Like most parents, Chrissy Teigen's tweets are often about her family, particular daughter Luna's ongoing milestones and baby Miles' breastfeeding antics.

(And about politics. Everyone tweets about the news and politics every day for these past couple of years because every day brings new horrors)

But Chrissy decided to share something personal -- very personal.

"Face mask / heat pad / vagina steam," she writes on Twitter, teasing the image to which she linked.

Care to guess which of those things made people's eyes bulge in surprise and horror? No need to guess -- it was "vagina steam."

"No, I don’t know if any of this works," she admits. "But it can’t hurt right?"

Well ...

Chrissy then answers her own question with: "*vagina dissolves*"

Chrissy Teigen Steams Her Genitals

That's quite the image.

"I said vagina," Chrissy tweets as a follow up as she looks at her own words.

She explains that it's one of thiose times when a word that you've written just doesn't look right.

"It looks so weird I wanna change it to vajay," she admits. "But I’m gonna try to be adult about this."

In the mean time, one of those Twitter bots that automatically responds to tweets with ads based upon key words tried to sell her a steamer.

"Lol," Chrissy replied.

Chrissy Teigen at the Tony Awards

Vaginal steaming is controversial to say the least.

The supposed benefits are said to include easing tension in the vagina, reducing bloating and period cramps. 

It is also supposed to "cleanse" the vagina and uterus.

But so much about the treatment is unproven  ... including whether it is safe or unsafe.

Medical science is leery of the concept in general.

See, vaginas are just not adapted. And many fear that the sudden influx of foreign moisture could create a cozy environment for unwanted bacteria and yeast.

That does not sound ideal.

John Legend Baby Picture

Of course, Chrissy Teigen is probably experiencing some postpartum discomfort and is clearly eager to try anything and everything to resolve it.

Just a little over a month ago, Chrissy and John welcomed their second baby, a precious little boy named Miles.

They have a lot of love for their child, just as they do for Luna.

But being a parent to a newborn is exhausting ... especially if you're breastfeeding.

Chrissy has been open about her experience on Twitter, revealing that Miles nurses every two hours.

She has also mentioned that he takes a while to nurse -- sometimes taking two hours and then immediately being hungry again.

We're glad that he's getting the nutrition that he needs, including gut flora and a jumpstart for his immune system, but that must be so exhausting for poor Chrissy.

Chrissy Teigen on Stage

So, Chrissy decided to steam clean her vajayjay.

Is that a little out there and arguably questionable? Yes.

But it's a far cry from shoving rocks into your vagina to get better at sex. In fact, steaming is one of Gwyneth's less ridiculous yet still absurd proposed remedies.

And unlike some stars we could name (Gwyneth is just one), Chrissy doesn't seem to be promoting the treatment.

She's just being frank and honest with her followers on social media.

That's part of her brand.

Kristen Doute: FIRED From Vanderpump Rules?!

Vanderpump Rules is unique among Bravo shows, in that the cast has endured very little restructuring over the course of their six seasons on the air.

Producers added Lala Kent and James Kennedy, and certain SUR folk have seen their roles diminished over the years (we miss you, Peter), but with the exception of flash-in-the-pan Vail Bloom, no one has been full-on fired from the show.

Until now?

Kristen Doute Reacts

Radar Online is reporting today that Kristen Doute will no longer be a full-time cast member as of the show's seventh season, which is currently filming.

The reason? Well, if you watch the show, we probably don't need to tell you.

In fact, if you were to ask a diehard Vanderpump fan what Kristen got up to this past season, you'd probably be met with the same blank stare that you'd get from someone who's never seen the show.

That's because Kristen has completed her transformation from "pasta"-fuelled, paranoid firebrand to tedious, chain-smoking bystander.

Aside from one trumped-up storyline in which she allegedly hooked up with James while on vacation in Mexico, Kristen was little more than vegetarian window-dressing this season.

Kristen Doute Drinking

An insider tells Radar that Kristen's newfound maturity and relatively drama-free relationship with Brian Carter have caused viewers to lose interest in her life.

And since she wasn't exactly a fan favorite to begin with, the feeling among producers is that they won't be receiving many complaints about Kristen's reduced role.

“She’s being downgraded to a ‘friend’ of the cast,” says the source, adding:

“She doesn’t have a lot of drama in her life these days.”

There are a few important takeaways here:

1. Carter is dude's last name?! We've never heard anyone call him anything else!

Kristen Doute Brian Carter Selfie Pic

2. You can be boring or unlikeable in the world of reality television, but you can't be both.

For six seasons, viewers looked on in horror as Kristen cheated on her doting boyfriend with her best friend's man, verbally assaulted her "lessers" at SUR, sabotaged an ex's relationship, and -- perhaps worst of all -- unleashed James Kennedy on the world.

Her behavior was appalling, but at least she kept things interesting.

The unfortunate drawback for Kristen is that it's hard to keep that pace up forever.

And if she'd spent the first six season endearing herself to fans instead of repulsing them in droves with her vile behavior, she could probably settle into a role as the show's dull but affable hanger-on.

Kristen Doute in Utah

Instead, she'll now serve as a walking exposition machine, forever prompting her more compelling friends with questions like "So what's going on with you and so-and-so?"

Doute recently responded to the rumors with a tweet reading:

"I hate giving that trash bag tabloid any attention. But that is #fakenews"

We're guessing Kristen is getting by on a technicality on that one, as she hasn't really been fired, merely demoted.

For their part, Bravo has declined to comment on the situation, so it's safe to say you'll be seeing far less of Ms. Doute in season seven.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to relive Kristen's wilder days.

Danielle Bregoli to Kylie Jenner: I’m Coming for Travis Scott!

Most people look forward to turning 18 years old for any one of several reasons:

They can vote. They can purchase cigarettes. They can buy pornography.

But Danielle Bregoli has made it clear for awhile now that she isn't like most people... and she's just proved it again, according to a hilarious new gossip item.

Danielle Bregoli at the Billboard Music Awards

You remember Danielle Bregoli, right?

Possibly? Maybe? Not anymore?

The teenager rose to fame via a couple appearances on the Dr. Phil Show, most notably the time in early 2017 when she screamed at an audience member with whom she was arguing to "Cash me ousside, howbow dah."

The phrase made so little sense, and Bregoli came across as such an entitled little angry brat by yelling it, that she became a D-List celebrity for several months.

(It's true. Welcome to the Social Media Era, folks.)

There was talk of a Danielle Bregoli reality show and even a music career for this very random 15-year old.

Thankfully, Bregoli has faded from the news of late, but In Touch Weekly claims she is formulating a plan to leap back into the spotlight.

It involves Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, sex and romance.

Kylie Jenner Rocks a Sporta Bra

Essentially, Bregoli plans to steal Scott from his baby mama.

"Danielle's telling all her friends [that] Kylie better enjoy this time with Travis because once she turns 18, he's hers," a source tells this tabloid, presumably with a straight face.

This insider adds:

"For the longest time, she's had the biggest crush on Travis. She digs his music, swag, sex appeal, everything about him.

"She'd love to collaborate with him because she thinks he's more than talented."

Scott, of course, is the father of Stormi Webster, a daughter to whom Kylie have birth back in February.

Over Here, Guys!

He and Jenner remain a romantic pairing, as proven by their above MET Gala appearance about six weeks ago.

They don't seem totally and completely in love or anything, though, so maybe Bregoli has a shot!

Here's the thing, though: Danielle turns 18 years old on March 26, 2021.

Does anyone really think he and Jenner will still be together at that point?

The consensus across the Internet is that Scott and Jenner didn't mean to get pregnant and are only pretending to be together for a certain period of time now in order to not sully their image.

We're guessing Kylie would happily just let Bregoli have Travis in a few years.

Danielle Bregoli, Tongue Out

Last August, meanwhile, Bregoli mocked Jenner for her lip implants, while she's often taken shots at her sister Kim Kardashian and other family members.

It's not a bad strategy, really, to go after the big kahunas in the reality TV space in order to establish oneself as a threat.

Danielle may have missed her opportunity, however.

She was (somehow) huge for awhile last year and has since faded back into obscurity.

If she thinks that getting with Travis Scott far down the line will help her become rich and famous once again... well ... we can't wait to watch her try!

Apple picks up the immigrant anthology series ‘Little America’ for its streaming service

Apple’s latest addition to its upcoming video streaming service is a timely one. The company has picked up “Little America,” a half-hour anthology series which looks at the “funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring, and surprising stories” of immigrants in America. The series comes from Oscar-nominated screenwriters of “The Big Sick,” Kumail Nanjiani (“Silicon Valley”) and Emily V. Gordon, and Emmy-nominated producer and writer Lee Eisenberg (“The Office,” “SMILF”).

Eisenberg will also exec produce alongside Emmy winning producer, writer and director Alan Yang (“Master of None,””Parks and Recreation”), and he will serve as showrunner.

Joshuah Bearman and Joshua Davis will executive produce for Epic Magazine, where the stories originated, alongside co-executive producer Arthur Spector.

“Little America” is being produced by Universal Television for Apple. 

The series, which was previously in development, was inspired by the true stories featured in Epic Magazine which aim to humanize immigrants at a time when nationalism and distrust of outsiders has taken root in the U.S.

As the “Little America” website explains:

Everyone here came from somewhere else. Even Native Americans crossed the Bering Strait at some point. This is the basic American idea — an identity open to all — but it can be easy to forget from inside. And that’s when politics can turn ugly, as it has recently, with our political narrative becoming a story of blame and fear. “Little America” is meant to counter that narrative with a fuller portrait of our most recent arrivals.

This is arguably Apple’s first show that has a political undertone, in the sense that it aims to increase empathy around the topic of immigration in a nation that’s currently lacking.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke out against the family separation taking place at the U.S. border, calling the situation “inhumane” and “heartbreaking,” so it’s not surprising that Apple would direct some of its investment towards a series like this.

Apple began developing the series in February, and has now given it a straight-to-series order. It’s only the second show at Apple to go that route, Deadline reports. (Octavia Spencer’s “Are You Sleeping” is the other.)

The show joins Apple’s growing roster of TV shows for its Netflix-like streaming service, reporting arriving in 2019.

Others in its lineup include s a reboot of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Storiesa Reese Witherspoon- and Jennifer Anniston-starring series set in the world of morning TVan adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books, a thriller starring Octavia Spencer, a Kristen Wiig-led comedy, a Kevin Durant-inspired scripted basketball show, a documentary about extraordinary homes, a series from “La La Land’s” director, a series about Emily Dickinson, and a show inspired by kid report Hilde Lysiak.


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GoFundMe now allows team fundraising, where multiple people collaborate to raise money

Lex Luthor Gets an Upgrade in Justice League #2 (SPOILERS)

Superman has had his Superman robots since the nineteen fifties. A product of the Silver Age, Superman duplicate robots were used as a substitute for Superman when he was away – serving him in the Fortress of Solitude or helping him preserve his secret identity from an inquisitive Lois Lane. Then, of course, Lois Lane had to have duplicate robots of her own, so did Supergirl, Linda Lee and others.

By the nineteen-seventies, comics had grown up (a little) and Earth pollution was an in-canon reason why the Superman robots no longer worked.

Then comics stopped pretending they were grown up and they began to return, first as non-human/Kryptonian robots, and then in the fashion of their earlier portrayal, admittedly with tongue-in-cheek. Until in last week’s Batman Wedding Prelude, they’re limousine drivers.

Lex Luthor, however, hasn’t had as much luck. Lexbots have looked like this in the DC LEGO universe…

And there’s also the household robots designed by Lex Luthor in the novel It’s Superman by Tom DeHaven. Lexbots were sold on the open market as assistants, who could help out with daily chores, but were secretly deadly and programmed to kill.

And more recently in the comic books, I mean, they would tend to stand out in public…

But now? Today’s Justice League suggests they’ve had an upgrade.

Fake Lex Luthors running around the place like Doombots, Iron Man suits or Life Model Decoys. New Model Lex Luthor Army soon anyone? Three Jokers… how about Three Hundred Lexes?

(W) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Jorge Jimenez
“THE TOTALITY” part two! The League faced an impossible decision…and now they must face the consequences! While Martian Manhunter and Batman attempt to recruit an old ally back into the fold, The Flash and Hawkgirl are blindsided by new challenges that could rewrite their mythologies!In Shops: Jun 20, 2018
SRP: $3.99



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Kimberley Garner In A Mismatched Bikini Is All You Need

There are some swimsuits that look more like underwear than swimwear, and what Kimberley has on definitely fits that bill. It is almost as if she had not been planning on going for a swim that day, but because the water looked so nice she decided to go in anyway. And for some reason that makes the look even hotter.

I cannot explain it, but underwear and bathing suits have very different kinds of sexiness despite looking nearly identical. It is like how a parent can tell their identical twin children apart, you simply know that there is a difference. I have spent so much time staring at bathing suits and underwear, both professionally and recreationally, that I am gaining the skills of a parent. Maybe someday I will see a two piece swimsuit trapped under a car’s tire and I will have a wave of superhuman strength come over me. Then I will lift the car, free the swimsuit, and return it to where it rightfully belongs: The fit body of a hot young woman.

There are stranger things that have happened in my life, so I am not ruling it out.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

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Charlamagne tha God Wanted XXXTentacion to Speak Life, Not Death

Charlamagne tha God wants new-school rappers to learn one thing from XXXTentacion's murder -- gain better perspective about life, and talk a lot less about dying. We got the 'Breakfast Club' cohost Tuesday night at NYC's Tribeca…

Nashville Predators’ Austin Watson Arrested at Gas Station, Domestic Violence

Nashville Predators forward Austin Watson was arrested on suspicion of domestic assault at a gas station in Tennessee ... TMZ Sports has learned. The Franklin Police Dept. tells us ... 26-year-old Watson -- a 1st-round pick in the 2010 NHL Draft --…

Just Jammin’ To Some Tunes

The Wrap: Chris Hardwick’s colleagues were not surprised by the abuse allegations

AMC’s ‘Stubs A-List’ subscription is a direct attack on MoviePass

Failed Father Tommy Lee Doesn’t Like Being A Dad

Tommy Lee’s son Brandon Lee could have just got his father the standard on-sale tie from Target and called it a day but no, he wrote an angry Instagram caption/letter to daddy. I get it, sometimes the guy you call dad can age into a prick over the years but at the very least you can be grateful that he was too drunk to wear a condom the night he made you. You honestly could have ended up inside the tip of Hanes sock, or casually been wiped off onto toilet paper after a wham, bam, thank you Pam quickie in the stall of a Hard Rock Cafe restroom. Instead of just ignoring his father or having an actual conversation, Brandon took the bait and feuded with his father on the internet.

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s famously contentious relationship with his son Brandon grew even more heated on Sunday after the elder Lee posted a cynical message on the rigors of fatherhood. In an Instagram post on Sunday, the drummer pulled no punches, writing, “Sometimes I feel like I failed as a father, because my kids don’t know the value of things.” He continued, “If they break something, they don’t care because they know they’ll just get a new one, if they hurt someone, they don’t care because so many people tell them it’s OK.“I never wanted this for my kids. I know I’m not fully to blame, because their mom has a lot to do with it, enabling bad behavior and buying things when they weren’t good, but I guess I hoped at the end of the day they would end up kind.

“I love my boys but they can be a–holes too … and that’s the truth (Cue Honest Guy music).”

Brandon Lee’s response:

“Remember what happened last time you said this s–? … You gotta show up to be a Dad big guy. If you think we’re so bad (which I can assure you we are not) then you should have showed up to a few more BDays and baseball games. Someone like you couldn’t raise a man like me. Once again painting our family in a negative light. Who the f— are you? Just move on dude… WE ALL HAVE.”

I’m not saying Tommy is the world’s greatest dad but at least he honed a skill and made something of himself. He’s known for his music while Brandon’s mother is known for being blonde with big tits. She would have never had the same amount of success had she been a brunette with B-cups but let’s blame daddy for everything like Anderson is the ideal mother. At some point you have to come to terms with your father being a rockstar instead of being the father of the year. Sure he’s an alcoholic tail chaser but at least you’re not living in a trailer. The lesson here is that irresponsible rockstars and blonde bimbos shouldn’t copulate and create children, it’s just a headache for everyone involved later on.

Sorry for the noise everyone. Hopefully this is the End.

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Janet Jackson Comes Clean About ‘Intense’ Battle With Depression

Janet Jackson Intense Battle Depression

Janet Jackson is living her best life, but in an emotional letter for Essence magazine, the music icon revealed that her happiness didn’t come easy.

Speaking of her many ups and downs, the “Scream” singer admitted she went through an “inteJanet Jackson Comes Clean About ‘Intense’ Battle With Depressionnse” battle with depression, and finally found peace when she became a mother.

In the post, Jackson, 52, wrote that her 30s were her hardest time, as her depression “was intense.”

PHOTOS: The Next LaToya? Janet Jackson Has Had ‘Multiple Plastic Surgeries’ – Top Doctors Detail The Nip & Tucks In 10 Revealing Photos

“I could analyze the source of my depression forever. Low self-esteem might be rooted in childhood feelings of inferiority,” she continued. “It could relate to failing to meet impossibly high standards. And, of course, there are always the societal issues of racism and sexism. Put it all together and depression is a tenacious and scary condition. Thankfully, I found my way through it.”

As readers know, Jackson has spoken about her struggles with depression before. In 2011, the star published her touching memoir, True You, in which she addressed her self-image and self-esteem issues, as well as her other inner demons.

“Now the height of happiness is holding my baby son in my arms and hearing him coo, or when I look into his smiling eyes and watch him respond to my tenderness. When I kiss him. When I sing him softly to sleep,” Jackson wrote in her magazine letter.

PHOTOS: Janet Jackson Doomed To Be Fat Forever?

As Radar readers know, the singer is currently sharing custody of 1-year-old son, Eissa with ex-husband Wissam Al Mana, 43.

“During those sacred times, happiness is everywhere. Happiness is in gratitude to God.”

What do you think about Janet Jackson opening up about her depression? Let us know in the comments below.

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Peter Fonda Says Separate Melania from Barron, Then Maybe Trump Will Get It

Peter Fonda's so fired up about the children in detention camps he might have just crossed a dangerous line ... by suggesting Melania Trump should be separated from her child. The Oscar winner said, "We should rip Barron Trump from his mother's arms…

Beluga whales have sensitive hearing, little age-related loss

Scientists published the first hearing tests on a wild population of healthy marine mammals. The tests on beluga whales in Bristol Bay, Alaska, revealed that the whales have sensitive hearing abilities and the number of animals that experienced extensive hearing losses was far less than what scientists had anticipated.

New theory deepens understanding of Turing patterns in biology

A team of researchers have expanded Alan Turing's seminal theory on how patterns are created in biological systems. This work may answer whether nature's patterns are governed by Turing's mathematical model and could have applications in tissue engineering.

Facebook is placing autoplay video ads inside Messenger

Poison Ivy Swears Off Mind Control – Before Engaging in Mind Control (Damage #6 Spoilers)

Tori Spelling photoshopped a body positivity bathing suit pic: funny or sad?

Embed from Getty Images
Amid all the horrible news that makes me sick to my stomach whenever I read or hear it, there’s some humor to be found in the predictably absurd. Enter Tori Spelling, who posted a body positivity message along with an obviously altered photo of herself in a bathing suit. We get it. She had her fifth baby last year, she’s 45 and her body didn’t snap back like it used to. She looks fine to me and completely normal but she’s surely self conscious about it because she’s posting messages like this along with a clumsily photoshopped picture. I’m including the text below the image because she already deleted this IG post.


After having my 5th baby I have to admit my body didn’t bounce back the way it did with the first 4! But I’ve been working at it and eating and playing to live my best life and I feel like it’s showing. Back in a one piece minus the coverup or shorts. [Dean] makes me feel great about myself no matter what weight I’m at. And I’m finally loving seeing my hard work start to pay off! Thanks Body! We got this!

[From Instagram via Hollywood Life]

I use Photoshop Elements on my Macbook as it costs less than $100 but Tori is never frugal so I would bet she has regular Photoshop. There are all sorts of tutorials for making people look thinner but it looks like someone just used the smudge and clone tools here and called it a day. WTF is up with her face? She looks like a cat. Her jawline is all weird. The pattern on the side of her bathing suit is all blurry.

After Tori got called out for this she posed for paparazzi photos in that bathing suit because of course she did. She called the guy she knows and arranged for the pics and I’m sure she made some money because they’re exclusives. You can see them here. I would be slightly amused by all this but we live in a world where Tori Spelling owes millions of dollars she has no intention of paying back and she still gets paid for manufacturing controversy. She also gets free vacations for posting about them. So f-k her. I guess I’m back to being mad now.

I wonder how much she paid for her daughter’s birthday party or if she got that comped too. Also look at all the hashtags.

I Need To Know

Medical News Today: Rheumatoid arthritis: How chronic inflammation affects the brain

A new study shows how rheumatoid arthritis inflammation affects different brain areas. The findings may explain the cognitive symptoms of the condition.

There’s A New Ceiling Cat In Town And It’s Reviving Some Excellent OG Memes

ceiling cat 2.0 animal twitter ceiling cat 2 ceiling cat twitter memes funny twitter ceiling cat ii cute animals animal memes cat memes funny cats - 5992197

If you're an OG memer, then you probably remember Ceiling Cat from long, long ago. He's the adorable kitty poking his head down through the ceiling, and he even inspired his arch-nemesis meme, Basement Cat. 

Scottish Twitter user Emma recently tweeted about a cat living in the ceiling of the animal welfare league that her friend's mom visited. The cat started garnering attention online and jogged some fond memories of the first Ceiling Cat.

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Image of the Day

NASA's Curiosity rover took this selfie on Mars during a planet-wide dust storm that forced the Opportunity rover to enter a sleep mode on June 12.

Ariel Winter Has Gone Prude

Ariel Winter

Someone must have told Ariel Winter to tone down her sluttiness on social media because now that Modern Family is no more, they need to get her a new show. Reality is no one wants to hire a wild child who acts like a ho’ on social media. Oh well, no more big boobs for us for a while.

Ariel Winter Ariel Winter Ariel Winter Ariel Winter  

Atul Gawande, the doctor and writer, named CEO of Amazon’s employee healthcare JV

Swedes have been brewing beer since the Iron Age, new evidence confirms

Archaeologists have found carbonized germinated grains showing that malt was produced for beer brewing as early as the Iron Age in the Nordic region. The findings made in Uppåkra in southern Sweden indicate a large-scale production of beer, possibly for feasting and trade.

Using bloodstains at crime scenes to determine age of a suspect or victim

From the spatter analysis made famous in the TV show Dexter to the frequent DNA profiling of CSI and the real cases covered in the FBI Files, blood tests are ubiquitous in forensic science. Now, researchers report that a new blood test, which could be performed at a crime scene, could help determine the age of a suspect or victim within just an hour.

Electron sandwich doubles thermoelectric performance

Researchers more than doubled the ability of a material to convert heat into electricity, which could help reduce the amount of wasted heat, and thus wasted fossil fuel, in daily activities and industries.

‘Green’-feed: Industrial microbes could feed cattle, pigs, chicken

Today, producing feed for pigs, cattle and chicken causes immense impacts for the climate and the environment. In the future, animal feed production is likely to be shifted from croplands to large-scale industrial facilities as it could bring both financial and environmental benefits. Replacing 2 percent feed with protein-rich microbes could decrease agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, global cropland area and nitrogen losses by over 5 percent.

Birds have time-honored traditions, too

By faithfully copying the most popular songs, swamp sparrows create time-honored song traditions that can be just as long-lasting as human traditions, finds a new study. The results show that creating traditions that pass the test of time doesn't necessarily require exceptional smarts.

Parent-child therapy helps young children with depression

New research demonstrates that an interactive therapy involving parents and their depressed preschoolers can reduce rates of depression and lower the severity of children's symptoms.

A dual-therapy approach to boost motor recovery after a stroke

Scientists have shown that combining a brain-computer interface (BCI) with functional electrical stimulation (FES) can help stroke victims recover greater use of their paralyzed arm -- even years after the stroke.

Controlling robots with brainwaves and hand gestures

System enables people to correct robot mistakes on multi-choice problems.

Surgery in space

With renewed public interest in manned space exploration comes the potential need to diagnose and treat medical issues encountered by future space travelers.

Do bats adapt to gates at abandoned mines?

Abandoned mines can serve as roost sites for bats, but because the mines pose serious risks to humans, officials often install gates at their entrances.

XXXTentacion: Representatives Release a Statement on Rapper’s Death

On Monday, 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead in Miami

Speculation has been mounting that he had predicted his death and reports came out claiming that XXXTentacion wanted to die young, and everyone has questions.

The late rapper's representation has now released a statement.

XXXTentaction Image

XXXTentacion's team released a statement to Entertainment Tonight.

"On June 18, 2018, Jahseh Onfroy -- known worldwide as XXXTentacion -- tragically passed away from a gunshot wound in Deerfield, Florida," the statement begins.

As you may remember, the 20-year-old rapper was leaving a motorcycle dealer when a gunman ran up to his vehicle and opened fire.

"It is with great sadness that the news is confirmed in this official statement by his team," the statement continues. "Manager Solomon Sobande, EMPIRE, Bob Celestin, Esq. and AKW PR."

That's very formal, but important, though this had already been reported by reputable sources and confirmed by local police.

The statement then goes on to make a request.


"In deference to his family, friends, and loved ones and in light of further investigation," the statement asks.

This part is standard when a celebrity dies.

The statement continues: "we ask that their privacy be respected at this time."

That is absolutely right. Whatever you may have thought of XXXTentacion himself, there were people who cared about him who are miserable right now.

The statement continues, this time with a tribute to the rapper's memory.

"XXXTentacion touched the lives of millions around the globe," the statement claims.

He certainly had many fans.

XXXTentacion Mug Shot

The statement says that the rapper connected with fans through music, "and will forever reside in the hearts of countless fans who listened to his music."

Sure. His music will be part of his legacy for as long as he is remembered.

The statement says that this legacy will also apply to fans who "attended his concerts, and felt the glow of his uncontainable, undeniable, and unique spirit."

That part is a little flowery, but appropriate for the context.

"News about memorial services to be issued forthcoming," the statement concludes.

XXXTentacion was a controversial figure, in life and in death.


As you may have noticed from the two different mugshots in this post, he had multiple run-ins with the law during his 20 short years.

The allegations of brutal domestic abuse against him were definitely a subject on the internet following the news of XXXTentacion being shot, and then again after it was confirmed that he was dead.

Some people who were fans of the rapper despite the horrifying allegations expressed their grief on social media.

Others were then shocked to see that they felt that way, because they were unwilling to shed a tear for a man accused of monstrous misdeeds.

Fan culture can be complicated. How does one separate the art from the artist? Is it immoral to mourn a bad person?

Those are not easy questions to answer, and it seems unlikely that the world will ever agree any time soon.

Those on both sides of the debate of how to respond to news of XXXTentacion's death can surely agree on one good cause.

The rapper's ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, whose serious facial injuries from a brutal alleged beating threaten even her eyesight, has a GoFundMe to help repair the damage to her face, skull, and eyes.

Following the news of his death -- which was the first time that some people learned of the allegations against him that go back at least two years -- she received an influx of donations to her GoFundMe.

While none of us should live in a world where vital healthcare should depend upon the generosity of strangers, this time, the strangers were very generous, and her page has now exceeded its goal.

Be warned -- the images of her injuries are graphic.

That is a very worthy cause that is getting some attention this week. However you may feel about XXXTentacion, it's good to channel those feelings into something good.

And, of course, let his loved ones grieve without trying to invade their privacy.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe officially launches to all U.S. Prime members

Atrial fibrillation: Weight loss reverses heart condition in obesity sufferers

Australian research shows for the first time that obese people who are suffering from atrial fibrillation can reduce or reverse the effects of the condition by losing weight.

Evaluation method for the impact of wind power fluctuation on power system quality

Abrupt changes of wind power generation output are a source of severe damage to power systems. Researchers have developed a stochastic modeling method that enables to evaluate the impact of such phenomena.

Encrypted messages in biological processes

RNA modifications can encrypt the RNA code and are responsible for a very sophisticated control of RNA function. A new study shows that modified RNA bases have a great impact on the dynamics of gene expression from DNA to functional RNA.

Is it their own fault?! How people judge the exclusion of others

The way people view the social exclusion of others varies -- depending on how much they think the excluded person is to blame. However, this is heavily influenced by how similar the group members are to each other, researchers report.

Cheyenne Floyd: Pissing Off Teen Mom OG Castmates ALREADY?!

Earlier this week, the world learned that Cheyenne Floyd will be replacing Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG.

Floyd is a bit of an odd selection, as she gave birth to her only child at the age of 24, and thus never had the experience of being a teen mom.

And while she's a reality TV vet, having appeared on MTV's Are You the One? and The Challenge, Cheyenne has never had any association with the Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant franchise before now.

Judging from the reaction on social media, fans are less than thrilled with the selection of Cheyenne.

And now we know that her castmates on the long-running series are just as unenthused ...

1. The New Mom In Town

Cheyenne floyd with her daughter
Fans were stunned by the announcement that Cheyenne had been cast as Farrah's replacement. In fact, many stated that they had no previous knowledge of the 25-year-old mother of one.

2. The Cheyenne Gang

Cheyenne floyd and cory wharton with daughter
Cheyenne will be joining the show along with her baby daddy, Cory Wharton, and their 1-year-old daughter, Ryder.

3. Stiff Competition

Cheyenne floyd photo
Cheyenne beat out a number of other moms, including two frontrunners who seemed to be the preferred selections of TMOG viewers.

4. Mackenzie #1

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Many fans thought that Ryan Edwards' wife, Mackenzie Standifer, had earned a full-time cast member gig after putting up with Ryan's erratic behavior for so long. On top of that, Mackenzie welcomed a child while she was in her teens, and thus, meets the show's only casting requirement.

5. Mackenzie #2

Mackenzie mckee and broncs
Mackenzie McKee would've been another obvious choice. Like Briana DeJesus, McKee was one of the stars of the short-lived Teen Mom 3, and the courage with which she's faced a number of major life challenges has made her a favorite among viewers.

6. Alas, No Macks

Teen mom cast title card
Both Mackenzies reportedly campaigned hard for the position, but were passed over. And sources say the other moms on the cast are very, very unhappy with Farrah's replacement.
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Having a meal activates the functioning of human brown fat

The importance of the human brown adipose tissue (BAT) has become clearer during the past ten years. Using positron emission tomography, PET, it was shown that adult humans have functional BAT. Coldness is an effective activator of the BAT metabolic function but, in rodents, eating has the same effect. Now, researchers have shown that having a meal increases oxygen consumption in human BAT as much as coldness.

Lonely and prolonged struggle for people with severe obesity

The majority of people with severe obesity have a lonely and prolonged struggle with their weight. In one study spanning more than 10 years, 83 percent report that they constantly strive to lose weight or prevent weight gain.

A smartphone camera is the most boring device for documenting your life

Jay-Z Says He Turned Down NFL’s Super Bowl Offer

Jay-Z says the NFL approached him to perform at the Super Bowl -- but he shot them down saying, "You need me, I don't need you." It's all part of Jay and Beyonce's new song, "Apesh*t" (featuring Quavo and Offset), which dropped this past weekend.…

Michigan Student Facing Up To 4 Years In Prison After Lying About Being Raped

Michigan Student Prison Lied Being Raped

A Michigan college student is facing up to four years in prison after lying to authorities about being raped. has learned Mary Zolkowski, 21, pleaded guilty to fabricating her bizarre sexual assault story and was immediately sentenced to 45 days behind bars.

Initially, the woman told her mother she had been raped in the parking lot of her Bay County school, Delta College. She then changed her story, to say she was raped inside her car by a man who choked her. She said she couldn’t see the man’s face but he penetrated her without a condom.

PHOTOS: Fall From Grace: The Twists & Turns Of Cosby’s Sex Assault Trial Before Found Guilty

While medical professionals offered to treat her, the student refused a physical exam.

During another interrogation, Zolkowski changed her story once again, saying that the man who raped her was actually an acquaintance and the incident occurred in her apartment.

Afterwards, she told police that she had actually been having consensual sex with a man and meant to tell him to stop, but it all ended before she could.

“I called Delta College and falsely reported the rape on their campus. My mother made the initial call and I took the phone and continued to report,” the woman told the judge during her latest hearing.

PHOTOS: Amber Heard Found Guilty In Court

According to, Zolkowski was ordered to receive a mental health assessment by Judge Joseph Sheeran. Apart from facing up to four years in jail, the troubled female student will also serve two years of probation after she finishes her time. She will then be tested for drugs and alcohol and take part in substance abuse counseling.

Mary Zolkowski was fined $2,000 and is still awaiting her prison sentence.

Stay with Radar for updates.

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Eva Longoria, 43, gave birth to her first child, a boy named Santiago Enrique

Over the past few weeks, I kept seeing photos of Eva Longoria pop up on photo agency feeds, and I kept thinking, “good lord, it seems like she’s been pregnant for two years!” Which is weird because it’s not even like Eva gets non-stop attention at this point. She’s just been a bit over-the-top about this, her first pregnancy. Anyway, she gave birth yesterday and immediately sold the photos to HOLA! She gave birth to a little boy, and they’ve named him Santiago.

Baby Bastón is here! Eva Longoria welcomed her first child, a son named Santiago Enrique Bastón, with husband José “Pepe” Bastón on Tuesday, June 19, the actress confirmed to Hola.

Weighing in at 6 lbs., 13 oz., baby boy arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the outlet reported. The happy couple shared the first image of Santiago Enrique with Hola, saying, “We are so grateful for this beautiful blessing.”

Though this is the first child for Longoria, 43, the new addition will have older-sibling guidance: He will join Bastón’s three children from a previous marriage.

[From People]

What do you think of the name Santiago Enrique? I quite like it, and I like the order – Enrique is fine as a middle name and I think Santiago is a beautiful boy’s name. Santiago Baston sounds like the name of a kid who will eventually rule the world. As for Eva’s age… first baby at 43, I sort of think Santiago will be her first and last. But who knows, she seemed to enjoy being pregnant.

Pregnant Eva Longoria goes to lunch at Porta Via with husband Jose Baston

Photos courtesy of WENN, cover courtesy of HOLA!.
Premiere Of Lionsgate And Pantelion Film's "Overboard" Pregnant Eva Longoria goes to lunch at Porta Via with husband Jose Baston Eva Longoria ready to pop

Spinning Umbrella Of Death

Mama Said This ‘Creed II’ Trailer’s Gonna Knock You Out (VIDEO)


2015’s Creed proved to be one of the better entries in a Rocky franchise that has been nothing if not, well, rocky. Thanks to the film’s box office success—not to mention the countless non-Oscar awards Sly Stallone won for his return to the role that made him famous—a sequel was inevitable, and now it’s here in the form of Creed II.

Though director Ryan Coogler didn’t return for this November’s sequel, Michael B. Jordan is back in the title role, this time finding himself pitted against the son of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), the man who killed his father. While it’s not the most original premise in the world, I suppose most folks were waiting for this the minute the son of Apollo Creed showed up.

Director Steven Caple Jr. takes over directorial duties from Coogler, who has transitioned to executive producer on this sequel. Caple’s only other feature directorial effort is 2016’s critically acclaimed film The Land, so there’s really no telling what to expect this time around. It’s good to see Jordan and Stallone together again, as well as Tessa Thompson and Claire Huxtable, looking fantastic once again. I get the feeling we’re all willing to give this one the benefit of the doubt when it hits theaters on November 21.

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Blac Chyna Dumped By Teen Boyfriend For Being ‘Too Clingy’ — And Too Much Drama!

Blac Chyna Dumped Teen Boyfriend

Another day, another drama for Blac Chyna!

After her 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay announced their split, can exclusively report that the teen rapper found his 30-year-old girlfriend “too clingy.”

A source close to Jay told Radar that the single mom of two “freaked him out” when she started talking about their future and wanting to
have his children.

PHOTOS: Blac Chyna Claims Ex Rob Kardashian ‘Is Mentally Ill’ Following Shocking Split

“She wanted a very serious relationship and started talking about wanting more kids with him,” the source claimed. “All that scared the hell out of him.

“Jay had to let her go. She’s too clingy.”

The source said the breakup was amicable and Jay is still cool with Chyna but, at this point in his life, he wants to focus on his
music — and being a teenager!

PHOTOS: Blac Chyna’s Vicious Scheme Exposed: Her Plan To Keep Rob Kardashian In Her Clutches ‘Forever!’

“He wants to be young and not be tied down to a grown woman with two kids and lots of drama going on in her life,” the source explained.

“Plus, he’s seen how things ended with Tyga and Rob, and he’s too young to have those type of adult problems in his life.”

As Radar previously reported, Chyna is currently in a nasty legal battle with baby daddy Kardashian and his mother and sisters. She sued the famous family for allegedly defaming her and scheming to shut down the second season of her reality show, Rob & Chyna.

On Father’s Day, she accused Kardashian and baby daddy #1, rapper Tyga, of refusing to pay child support.

Chyna and Jay started dating in March.

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Amy Roloff Actually Defends Ex-Husband, Sticks It to Haters

Family feud?

WHAT family feud?!?

This is basically what Amy Roloff just said on Facebook, after a few followers of hers either hurled shade at Matt Roloff or at Amy herself for implying that Matt was a bad father.

Amy Roloff on the Beach

It all started on Father's Day this weekend because Amy shared a collage of photos that featured her sons, Zach and Jeremy, both of whom became parents over the past year.

This was the first time each had a chance to be celebrated on a holiday specifically designated for dads.

"Happy Happy Father's [sic] Day Zach Roloff and Jeremy James Roloff," wrote the Little People, Big World star as a caption to the following image.

She added:

"I'm so proud of you both and the Dad you are growing into for your son and daughter. It's the best forever role that keeps blessing you everyday."

Very sweet and simple, right?

amy collage

Yes, everyone agrees.

But some also noticed that Amy did not acknowledge her ex-husband on this occasion, despite Matt being the father of her four children.

Matt Roloff and Amy, it ought to be noted, got divorced two years ago, although they remain in very close contact, working together on the family farm and starring together on the aforementioned TLC series.

In response to Facebook comments that called her out for excluding Matt from her well wishes, Amy said the following:

It's all good. Matt is a good father and we're both a part of our kids and we both love them greatly.

defending matt

This certainly does appear to be the case.

Matt has filled up his social media feeds with photos of himself, his kids and his grandchildren.

However, there has clearly been tension between Matt and Amy on recent episodes of their reality show.

Late last month, for example, Matt blasted Amy as insecure and not business savvy.

Moreover, the romance between Matt and Caryn Chandler has admittedly started to bother Amy a lot.

Then there was last night's installment of Little People, Big World.

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff Together

A bulk of this episode centered on last Christmas and the exes trying to decide if they wanted to host one giant family gathering in honor of Jesus Christ's birthday.

This would have meant Amy and boyfriend Chris Marek hanging out with Matt and Caryn, of course.

"I do not have to be best friends with Matt and Caryn," Amy told the camera at one point. "In fact, I don't even have to be friends with them, but I try to be respectful for the sake of my kids."

Matt and Chandler felt similarly hesitant about getting everyone together for the party, but the former seemed a tad bit more open about building a friendship with his ex-wife down the line.

Said Matt:

"Obviously a lot of divorces, there's all this tension and stuff and then over time exes become friends, but if Amy were to say, 'Hey, I don't want you and your girlfriend here at the farm,'" then we would have to change things.

Despite all that we've seen of late, though, Matt insisted awhile ago that everything is great between him and his loved ones.

Amy seems to be echoing that sentiment here -- and we're glad to hear it.

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IDW Solicits for September 2018 Begin with Star Trek Vs Transformers

IDW’s September 2018 solicitations begin with what will no doubt be a monster hit, Star Trek Vs Transformers, using the stylings of the seventies Star Trek cartoon and the eighties Transformers cartoon. Nostalgia has never been quite so visceral…

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita #3—Cover A: Tony Shasteen
Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • Angel Hernandez (a) Tony Shasteen (c)
On the heels of the blockbuster THROUGH THE MIRROR miniseries comes a brand-new NEXT GENERATION series, featuring untold tales of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D! With a high-ranking Federation official’s life hanging in the balance, Doctor Selar faces a difficult decision when she must choose between her responsibility as a physician and her adherence to Vulcan philosophy.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita #3—Cover B: Photo
Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • Angel Hernandez (a) • Photo (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
From the creative forces behind Star Trek: The Next Generation—Mirror Broken!
Takes place during Star Trek: The Next Generation’s critically acclaimed fourth season!
Featuring covers by Mirror Broken co-creator and designer J.K. Woodward!
The unexpected twist ending of Through the Mirror continues!
Variant cover by Elizabeth Beals!

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through the Mirror—SPOTLIGHT
Scott Tipton, David Tipton (w) • Chris Johnson, Marcus To, Josh Hood, Carlos Nieto, Debora Carita (a) • J.K. Woodward (c)
The Mirror Universe Next Generation crew is looking for new worlds to conquer, and they’re crossing over to the Prime Star Trek Universe to find them! When the Enterprise-D discovers a burned-out, pillaged Andorian vessel, the search for the culprits behind it leads to some startlingly familiar faces. But, how did the Mirror Universe crew find their way to ours, and what does Emperor Spock have to do with it? Plus, it’s interstellar espionage aboard the Enterprise-D when the Mirror Universe crew infiltrates Captain Picard’s ship!
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 128 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-343-8

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
“An absolute blast for Star Trek fans.”—

Star Trek vs. Transformers #1 (of 4)—Cover A: Philip Murphy—GEM OF THE MONTH
John Barber & Mike Johnson (w) • Philip Murphy (a & c)
The Transformers ‘80s cartoon series meets Star Trek: The Animated Series in a no-holds-barred Saturday Morning mash-up for the ages!

At the edge of Klingon space, the Starship Enterprise finds there’s more to the final frontier than meets the eye, when Kirk and his crew come face to face with the strangest life forms of all: Cybertronians! This unprecedented crossover brings together two of the greatest science fiction universes of all time—in the style of their classic animated series! A five-year mission meets a four-million-year war!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Star Trek vs. Transformers #1 (of 4)—Cover B: Philip Murphy—GEM OF THE MONTH
John Barber & Mike Johnson (w) • Philip Murphy (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Written by two titans of their respective properties, John Barber (Optimus Prime, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Transformers: Bumblebee Movie Prequel) and Mike Johnson (the most prolific Star Trek comic book writer of ALL TIME!)!
Philip Murphy’s A & B covers connect to form an amazing heroes and villains image!
Don’t miss two amazing R.I. covers from Paulina Ganucheau (Zodiac Starforce, Shade the Changing Girl) and Eisner Award-winning artist Derek Charm!

Transformers: Unicron #5 (of 6)—Cover A: Alex Milne—SPOTLIGHT
John Barber (w) • Alex Milne (a & c)
THE END IS HERE! The Transformers bots make one last, desperate stand against Unicron, as Optimus Prime plunges deep into the monster—and into the dark history that spawned them both.
FC • 32 pages • $4.99

Transformers: Unicron #5 (of 6)—Cover B: James Raiz—SPOTLIGHT
John Barber (w) • Alex Milne (a) • James Raiz (c)
FC • 32 pages • $4.99

Bullet points:
The final battle rages as Unicron attacks the Earth!
Jam-packed with guest stars in a battle for survival—but will anyone make it out alive?
Variant covers by Fico Ossio and Francesco Francavilla!

Transformers: Lost Light #24—Cover A: Nick Roche—SPOTLIGHT
James Roberts (w) •Brandon Cahill (a) • Nick Roche (c)
LAST STAND! All they wanted was an adventure. Now, as worlds turn to dust and every sacred truth is undone, as everything they’ve run from catches up with them and every gruesome future comes to pass, Rodimus and his loved ones just want it all to stop. But the end of the universe waits for no one, and so the survivors of the Lost Light must take up arms… for the very last time.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers: Lost Light #24—Cover B: Geoff Senior—SPOTLIGHT
James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a) • Geoff Senior (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Only two issues left! Closing a story six years in the making!
Don’t miss the B cover by beloved Transformers artist Geoff Senior!
Black & White variant cover by Jack Lawrence!

Optimus Prime #24—Cover A: Kei Zama—SPOTLIGHT
John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith (a) • Kei Zama (c)
YOUTH IN REVOLT! As Unicron approaches, Optimus Prime’s colonist soldiers take matters into their own hands. With Autobot forces spread thin, will anybody stand in their way? And—more importantly—SHOULD anybody stop them?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Optimus Prime #24—Cover B: Andrew Griffith—SPOTLIGHT
John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Ties in to the Unicron event!
Part of the summer of Transformers—all building up to the end of the universe as we know it!
The penultimate issue before the conclusion you have to see to believe!
Black & white variant cover by Kei Zama!

Transformers: Bumblebee Movie Prequel: From Cybertron with Love—SPOTLIGHT
John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith (a) • Sara Pitre-Durocher (c)
Fan-favorite Autobot Bumblebee is recruited for a top secret mission, and 1960s London won’t know what hit it when this robot in disguise goes undercover. It’s high-tech, high-octane, high-clearance spy hijinks in…. From Cybertron with Love.

Some call him Goldfender, but the name’s Bee… Bumblebee. On loan to MI6 and teamed with a human partner, Bee’s trapped in the middle of a Cold War plot to disrupt British Secret Intelligence. But when their base is destroyed from within, it’s up to Bee to discover if there’s a traitor in their midst…and, in the spy world, allegiances can change just as easily as a Cybertronian. Collects issues #1-4!
TPB • FC • $14.99 • 96 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-229-5

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
The official prequel to the new Bumblebee film, in theaters December 2018.

Transformers: Bumblebee Movie Prequel #4 (of 4)—Cover A: Andrew Griffith
John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith (a & c)
In 1960s England, Bumblebee and his super-spy allies infiltrate the Decepticons’ clandestine island headquarters. Is it a trap? Of course it’s a trap. But in the high-stakes game of counterintelligence, who’s trapping who?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers: Bumblebee Movie Prequel #4 (of 4)—Cover B: Fico Ossio
John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith (a)• Fico Ossio (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
The prequel to the new Bumblebee film (coming this winter), geared toward a younger audience!
Sometimes serious, sometimes campy action spy adventure for fans of James Bond or Mission Impossible!
Black & white variant cover by Andrew Griffith!

Ghostbusters: Crossing Over #7—Cover A: Dan Schoening
Erik Burnham (w) • Dan Schoening (a & c)
Several teams of Ghostbusters from across the multiverse have just about pulled off a very difficult task—tracking down and recapturing all the ghosts that had escaped from the containment unit. Crisis averted, right? They wish. In this issue, the Ghostbusters of many worlds come face-to-face with the goddess of chaos herself. TIAMAT HAS RETURNED!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Ghostbusters: Crossing Over #7—Cover B: Tim Lattie
Erik Burnham (w) • Dan Schoening (a) • Tim Lattie (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Variant cover by Harvey Tolibao!

Real Science Adventures: The Nicodemus Job #3—Cover A: Meredith McClaren
Brian Clevinger (w) • Meredith McClaren (a & c)
Ever wondered how to sneak a cart, a donkey, and five thieves into the Imperial Library of Constantinople to steal half a dozen heretical texts from the most secure vault of forbidden knowledge in the ancient world? Well, this is the comic for you!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Real Science Adventures: The Nicodemus Job #3—Cover B: Sarah Leuver
Brian Clevinger (w) • Meredith McClaren (a) • Sarah Leuver (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand: Riding V.E.N.O.M.’s Trail
Brandon Easton (w) • Tony Vargas, Juan Samu, Drew Moss, Andrew Griffith (a) • Artyom Trakhanov (c)
M.A.S.K.: the special ops team that streaks into the dangerous landscape of dark wars, high intrigue, and non-stop action to stop the impossible threat of Miles Mayhem and his black ops squadron, V.E.N.O.M.

An untested Matt Trakker must lead M.A.S.K. through a complex new world order where nothing is as it seems! Plus, the origin of V.E.N.O.M.! Trakker goes on a solo mission to identify new recruits and, along the way, he crosses paths with Dr. Mindbender, who instructs him on the art of leadership and manipulation. Collects the M.A.S.K. Revolution one-shot, all 10 issues of the series, and the 2017 Annual.
TPB • FC • $29.99 • 296 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-341-4

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
Winner of two 2017 Glyph Awards: Best Male Character and Fan Award for Best Work!

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #256—Cover A: Ron Joseph
Larry Hama (w) • Ron Joseph (a & c)
“The Cobra’s Venom,” Part 1 (of 5)! With a dangerously mysterious weapons shipment enroute to Springfield, can our Real American Heroes—at home and abroad—find a way to stop the evil machinations of… Dr. Venom?! A bombastic new chapter of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero lore from living legend Larry Hama and exciting new artist Ron Joseph (Revolutionaries)!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #256—Cover B: John Royle
Larry Hama (w) • Ron Joseph (a) • John Royle (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
The start of an exciting new story arc! Great jumping on point for new readers!
First of five JOE/COBRA vehicle/gear-themed RI covers by Jamie Sullivan!

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Silent Option #1 (of 4)—Cover A: Netho Diaz—SPOTLIGHT
Larry Hama & Ryan Ferrier (w) • Netho Diaz & Kenneth Loh (a) • Netho Diaz (c)
“Silent Option,” Part 1 (of 4)! Following in the bloody footsteps of the smash-hit “Dawn of the Arashikage” story arc, living legend Larry Hama brings us the newest chapter in breakout character Dawn Moreno’s G.I. JOE journey—and her first (un)official mission as a JOE may very well be her last… and nobody will ever know. Because when Agent Helix is involved, the only option is the SILENT OPTION.
FC • 40 pages • $4.99

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Silent Option #1 (of 4)—Cover B: Kenneth Loh—SPOTLIGHT
Larry Hama & Ryan Ferrier(w) • Netho Diaz & Kenneth Loh (a) • Kenneth Loh (c)
FC • 40 pages • $4.99

Bullet points:
The return of breakout character Dawn Moreno (Snake Eyes) to the pages of G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero!
The introduction of Agent Helix to the G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero universe!
Each over-sized issue includes the 20-page main story by the “Dawn of the Arashikage” superstar creative team of Larry Hama and Netho Diaz, plus a four-page backup “Codename: Helix” origin story by Ryan Ferrier (G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero vs. The Six Million Dollar Man) and Kenneth Loh (Dead Rising: Road to Fortune, KISS).
A great jumping on point for new readers!
Self-contained canonical mini-series that takes place within the G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero continuity!
Variant covers by Luca Pizzari and Mateus Santolouco!

Batman/The Maxx #1 (of 5)—Cover A: Sam Kieth—GEM OF THE MONTH
John Layman & Sam Kieth (w) • Sam Kieth (a & c)
Batman must face the strangest and most bizarre adventure of his career, as he meets comics’ strangest and most bizarre hero… THE MAXX! IDW and DC Comics proudly present the most surreal, quirky, and wonderful crossover of all time!

A devious new doctor at Arkham Asylum is conducting unconventional experiments into the human psyche, and he kicks off a chain reaction of disaster when he experiments on Arkham’s newest patient, The Maxx! The city of Gotham is starting to merge with The Maxx’s psychedelic mental landscape, known as the Outback, blurring the line between real and unreal. It’s up to Batman to save not just Gotham, but all of reality, and he and The Maxx are going to have to travel through some of the darkest places imaginable—the twisted minds of Batman’s greatest enemies!

Join Batman and The Maxx on an off-kilter and unforgettable romp through the diabolical consciousnesses of Batman’s greatest foes. Legendary artist Sam Kieth (Sandman, Wolverine) returns to his greatest creation, The Maxx, and returns to Gotham as well, assisted by multi-Eisner Award-winning writer John Layman (Detective, Chew).
FC • 32 pages • $4.99

Batman/The Maxx #1 (of 5)—Cover B: Sam Kieth—GEM OF THE MONTH
John Layman (w) • Sam Kieth (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $4.99

Bullet points:
First new The Maxx story in more than a decade!
Ask your retailer how to get the Jim Lee variant cover!

Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #1 (of 4)—Cover A: Michael Allred—SPOTLIGHT
Lee & Michael Allred (w) • Rich Tommaso & Michael Allred (a) • Laura Allred (co) • Michael Allred (c)
IDW Publishing proudly presents the rebirth of one the most iconic comic-strip heroes of all time, Dick Tracy! The All-American detective just made the biggest collar of his career, and it only cost him his job! But now the honest cop has packed his bags for “the city by the lake,” and its criminals better watch out! Reimagined for the 21st century through a retro lens by the superstar team of Michael Allred, Lee Allred, Rich Tommaso, and Laura Allred, Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive is a lock to be the pop-art event of 2018!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #1 (of 4)—Cover B: Rich Tommaso—SPOTLIGHT
Lee & Michael Allred (w) • Rich Tommaso & Michael Allred (a) • Laura Allred (co) • Rich Tommaso (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Bizarre villains! Crooked cops! Gunfights galore!
Cover art and co-written by Eisner Award-winning superstar Michael Allred (Madman, iZombie, Silver Surfer, Batman ‘66)!
Illustrated by Rich Tommaso (Spy Seal, Dry County) with Michael Allred inks!
Each issue features a “mug shot” alternate cover by Rich Tommaso!
Ask your retailer about the “coloring book” variant cover by Michael Allred!
Ask your retailer about the ultra-rare Mike Oeming variant cover!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #86—Cover A: Dave Wachter
Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman (w) • Dave Wachter (a & c)
“Battle Lines,” Part 1 of 3! The maniacal Bishop has his eyes set on destroying the Utroms and the Triceratons once and for all. The Turtles will have to use all of their resources to stop him… but new divisions between the brothers threaten to ruin the plan before it begins!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #86—Cover B: Kevin Eastman
Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman (w) • Dave Wachter (a) • Kevin Eastman (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
The start of a pivotal new story arc!
Variant cover by Kevin Hopgood!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 20: Kingdom of Rats—SPOTLIGHT
Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz (w) • Dave Wachter (a & c)
In the wake of total destruction, the exhausted Turtles must prevent catastrophe, as disparate forces converge on New York and a sinister power-play takes shape. Following the Triceratop Invasion, New York is in ruins. Various groups jockey for control in the power vacuum, each with their own agendas and goals. But there is one who doesn’t care about power or victory, only chaos… the Rat King! Will the TMNT be able to stop him from doing the unspeakable? Collects issues #81–85 of the ongoing series.
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 128 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-345-2

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!

Offered Again!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 1: Change is Constant • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-139-6
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 3: Shadows of the Past • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-405-2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 4: Sins of the Father • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-568-4
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 5: Krang War • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-640-7
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 7: City Fall, Part 2 • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-876-0
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 8: Northampton • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-984-2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 9: Monsters Misfits and Madmen • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-132-9
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 10: New Mutant Order • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-233-3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 11: Attack on Technodrome • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-341-5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 13: Vengeance, Part 2 • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-523-5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 14: Order from Chaos • FC • $19.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-612-6
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TP Vol. 16: Chasing Phantoms • FC • $19.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-859-5

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Macro-Series: Donatello—Cover A: David Petersen—SPOTLIGHT
Paul Allor (w) • Brahm Revel (a) • David Petersen (c)
TMNT returns to its roots with new spotlights on individual Turtles, but this time they’re extra-large! Donatello understands that more is at stake than his brothers realize. In order to prepare for the coming conflict, Don will aim to repair his relationship with his mentor Harold… and his malicious robotic counterpart Metalhead!
FC • 48 pages • $7.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Macro-Series: Donatello—Cover B: Ryan Brown—SPOTLIGHT
Paul Allor (w) • Brahm Revel (a) • Ryan Brown (c)
FC • 48 pages • $7.99

Bullet points:
The new “Macros” will set up each individual Turtle for the climactic storyline leading to TMNT #100!
Variant cover by Brahm Revel!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rise of the TMNT #1 (of 2)—Cover A: Andy Suriano—SPOTLIGHT
Matthew K. Manning (w) • Chad Thomas (a) • Andy Suriano (c)
A new age of Turtle-mania begins! This new comic spins out of the highly anticipated Rise of the TMNT animated series! The Turtles are hitting the sewers with brand new weapons, brand new enemies, and a brand-new vision!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Overseen by showrunners Andy Suriano (Cosmic Scoundrels) and Ant Ward!
Kinetic, action-packed, and hilarious!
Variant cover by Chad Thomas!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends #5—Cover A: Frank Fosco
Gary Carlson (w) • Frank Fosco (a & c)
TMNT Volume 3 continues in all-new four-color glory as creators Gary Carlson and Frank Fosco take the Heroes in a Half-Shell on some of their most amazing and dangerous and bizarre adventures ever! In this issue, as Master Splinter uncovers shocking revelations in Warlord Komodo’s compound, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo hatch a daring rescue mission… but they won’t be on their own. An old friend is coming to the party, and he’s bringing some deadly new toys…
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends #5—Cover B: Frank Fosco & Erik Larsen
Gary Carlson (w) • Frank Fosco (a) • Frank Fosco & Erik Larsen (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Featuring new cover art by Frank Fosco and TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman!

Star Wars Adventures #14—Cover A: Mauricet
John Barber (w) • Mauricet (a & c)
Han has left to get himself into more trouble, leaving Chewie all alone with the perplexing new problem that is a major pain in his hide! The iconic Wookiee will have to use all of his strength, wits, and patience to overcome this latest danger!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Star Wars Adventures #14—Cover B: Philip Murphy
John Barber (w) • Mauricet (a) • Philip Murphy (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Fan-favorite Chewbacca in his first solo Adventures tale!
Plus, an exciting new backup feature, Flight of the Falcon!
Variant cover by Ryan Jampole!

Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 4: Smuggler’s Blues—SPOTLIGHT
Cavan Scott, Elsa Charretier, Pierrick Colinet (w) • Derek Charm, Elsa Charretier (a) • Derek Charm (c)
Set before the events of Episode IV: A New Hope, join everyone’s favorite stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder on a daring new caper! Feared bounty hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM are hot on the heels of the most notorious scoundrels in the galaxy, Han Solo and Chewbacca! To evade their pursuers, Han and Chewie will risk landing on a mysterious planet that somehow shuts down all electronics. With the Millenium Falcon unable to take off, how will the boys escape? Collects Star Wars Adventures issues #10 and #11, plus the 2018 Free Comic Book Day issue.
TPB • FC • $9.99 • 80 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-344-5

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
Contains a multi-chapter story featuring characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story with Blu-ray in stores late summer early/fall.

Offered Again!
Star Wars Adventures TP Vol. 1 • FC • $9.99 • ISBN: 978-1-68405-205-9
Star Wars Adventures TP Vol. 2 • FC • $9.99 • ISBN: 978-1-68405-169-4
Star Wars Adventures TP Vol. 3 • FC • $9.99 • ISBN: 978-1-68405-249-3

Big Hero 6 #3—Cover A: Gurihiru
Hannah Blumenreich (w) • Nicoletta Baldari (a) • Gurihiru (c)
When Hiro tragically lost his parents, his older brother Tadahashi was determined to do anything he could to help him deal with the loss. And when you have a mind like Tadahashi’s, you offer comfort the best way you know how—you develop your first invention.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Big Hero 6 #3—Cover B: Nicoletta Baldari
Hannah Blumenreich (w) • Nicoletta Baldari (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Variant cover by Tara Nicole Whitaker!

Big Hero 6: The Series—Technology is Magic—SPOTLIGHT
Hannah Blumenreich (w) • Nicoletta Baldari (a) • Gurihiru (c)
Join Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, Go Go, Honey Lemon, and Baymax for new adventures, new friends, and new adversaries as the Big Hero 6 team continue the fight to protect San Fransokyo! This young reader-friendly book is perfect for newcomers or fans of the series!
TPB • FC • $9.99 • 80 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-297-4

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
Based on the brand-new Disney Channel series!

DuckTales #13—Cover A: Giuseppe Fontana
Steve Behling (w) • Gianfranco Florio (a) • Giuseppe Fontana (c)
Two brand-new stories of life in Duckburg await in DuckTales #13! Join Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, and their friends as they deal with the “Countdown to Termination” and hit the ice in “The Mighty Ducks of Duckburg!”
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

DuckTales #13—Cover B: Marco Ghiglione
Steve Behling (w) • Gianfranco Florio (a) • Marco Ghiglione (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Uncle Scrooge: My First Millions #1 (of 4)—Cover A: Marco Gervasio—CERTIFIED COOL
Fausto Vitaliano (w) • Marco Mazzarello (a) • Marco Gervasio (c)
The origin of Uncle Scrooge like you’ve never seen it before! We travel back in time to find out how Uncle Scrooge made his first, second, third, and fourth millions in part one of a four-issue mini-series that answers all your burning questions about how Scrooge McDuck got so very, very rich!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Variant cover by Marco Mazzarello!

Magica De Spell Giant Halloween Hex
Francesco Artibani, Lello Arena, Terry LaBan, and Thad Komorowski (w) • Giorgio Cavazzano and Terry LaBan (a) • Francisco Rodriguez Peinado (c)
Magica De Spell’s altogether spooky family is back in Duckburg for an extra-thick Halloween special! “The Gifts of the Gods!”: Armed with hexes from ancient Rome, they’re going to “help” Magica take Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin by storm—whether Magica likes it or not!
FC • 48 pages • $5.99

Donald and Mickey: The Walt Disney Showcase Collection
Giorgio Cavazzano, Tito Faraci, Rudy Salvagnini, Lara Molinari, Stefano Ambrosio (w & a) • Marco Mazzarello (c)
Collecting the best stories from Disney comics! Explore Duckburg and Mouseton with your favorite characters, big and small, as they go on daredevil adventures! Includes stories featuring Mickey, Donald, and Scrooge McDuck, as well as the Beagle Boys, Arizona Goof, Peg-Leg Pete, and the Phantom Blot! Donald and Fethry play Robinson Crusoe with Scrooge’s luxury liner; Mickey’s hot on the trail of his Wild West desperado ancestor; the Beagles shake down Ludwig Von Drake’s hi-tech history museum… and much, much more!
TPB • FC • $24.99 • 232 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-347-6

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
“A great start for finding longer stories featuring your favorite Disney characters.”—

Offered Again!
Donald & Mickey: The Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories 75th Anniversary Collection • FC • $12.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-541-9
Donald & Mickey: The Magic Kingdom Collection • FC • $12.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-796-3

Disney Comics and Stories #1—Cover A: Alessandro Perina
Vito Stabile & Byron Erickson (w) • Marco Mazzarello & Francisco Rodriguez Peinado (a) • Disney Italia (c)
This issue, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories becomes Disney Comics and Stories and launches with an all-new #1! What better way to start things off than to present two tales featuring two iconic characters: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! “My Friend Mickey Mouse” explores the friendship and bond between Mickey and Goofy, and why nothing can come between them, and in “Oh, Grow Up!” Donald demands respect from his nephews. But will he actually get the respect he deserves—and if so, at what cost?! Get ready for exciting new tales and an exciting new direction!
FC • 48 pages • $5.99

Bullet points:
Continuing from the Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories legacy numbering #744!

Tangled: Hair-Raising Adventures #1 (of 3)—Cover A: Eduard Petrovich, Rosa La Barbera, Vita Efremova, and Ekaterina Myshalova—SPOTLIGHT
Katie Cook (w) • Eduard Petrovich, Rosa La Barbera, and Diego Saito (a) • Eduard Petrovich, Rosa La Barbera, Vita Efremova, and Ekaterina Myshalova (c)
What new adventures await Rapunzel and her friends? Find out in an all-new series of Tangled: The Series! Every day in Corona brings something new for Rapunzel, Eugene, Cassandra, and their friends, and with two tales guaranteed to please, you won’t want to miss this first issue!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
A brand-new three-issue series featuring stories written by fan-favorite Katie Cook starts with this issue!
Get ready for all-new adventures featuring Rapunzel, Eugene, Cassandra, Pascal, Maximus, and more!
Each issue features an exclusive retailer incentive cover illustrated by artist Gabby Zapata!

Disney’s Tsum Tsum Kingdom—SPOTLIGHT
Thom Zahler, Jeremy Lambert (w) • Philip Murphy, Nico Pena (a) • Nicoletta Baldari (c)
Dive into the secret world of the adorable toys that have taken the world by storm! Tsums Tsums are the loveable, stackable plush toys that are beloved by adults and children alike, but did you know that when people are away, the Tsum Tsums play? Follow along with their silly adventures in this one-shot that’s sure to leave a smile on your face.
FC • 48 pages • $7.99 • ISBN: 978-1-68405-465-7

Bullet points:
Written by Thom Zahler (My Little Pony, Love & Capes) and Jerry Lambert (Goosebumps, Monsters at Midnight)
More all-ages adventures in the style of the hit YouTube series!
With millions of toys sold, Tsum Tsum is a worldwide hit!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #70—Cover A: Toni Kuusisto
Jeremy Whitley (w) • Toni Kuusisto (a & c)
Rainbow Dash decides the elderly ponies of the retirement village could use some more excitement in their lives. So she invents EXTREME BINGO! What could go wrong?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #70—Cover B: Sara Richard
Jeremy Whitley (w) • Toni Kuusisto (a) • Sara Richard (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
A touching tale of crossing the generational divide!
Variant cover by Magdalene Calbraith!

My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries #5—Cover A: Agnes Garbowska
Christina Rice (w) • Agnes Garbowska (a & c)
The Crusaders have their biggest case yet when a priceless artifact belonging to superstar Songbird Serenade is stolen!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries #5—Cover B: Philip Murphy
Christina Rice (w) • Agnes Garbowska (a) • Philip Murphy (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Final issue!
Variant cover by Konrad Kachel!

Sonic the Hedgehog #9—Cover A: Lamar Wells
Ian Flynn (w) • Tracy Yardley (a) • Lamar Wells (c)
“The Battle for Angel Island,” Part 1. One of the greatest threats Sonic has ever faced descends upon Angel Island, home of the mystical Master Emerald, seeking to take the Emerald’s power and control the world. Can Sonic and his friends stop the attack on the island—or is it already too late?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Sonic the Hedgehog #9—Cover B: Tracy Yardley
Ian Flynn (w) • Tracy Yardley (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Tangle, Whisper, Shadow… Everyone’s in this issue!
It’s all been building to this!
Variant cover by Nathalie Fourdraine!

Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons #2 (of 4)—Cover A: Troy Little
Patrick Rothfuss & Jim Zub (w) • Troy Little (a & c)
Death, dice, and diabolical plans! Rick Sanchez has been power gaming since the ‘70s, but this time he may have finally met his match—his family.

The world’s greatest role-playing game.
Reality’s most dysfunctional animated series.
What could go wrong?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons #2 (of 4)—Cover B: Troy Little
Patrick Rothfuss & Jim Zub (w) • Troy Little (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Presented in conjunction with ONI PRESS!
Patrick Rothfuss, the multiple award-winning, bestselling author of The Kingkiller Chronicle series, joins Dungeons & Dragons fan-favorite author Jim Zub (Avengers, Wayward) on a tri-dimensional fantasy adventure!
Rick and Morty is one of the most popular shows in Adult Swim history, with a steady fan following since it debuted in 2013. This is the first official Rick and Morty team-up story and should have deep traction in fan circles!
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition sales continue to grow each year and the Baldur’s Gate video games have sold millions of copies around the world. D&D has returned as a cultural force in bookstores and online.
Variant covers by Julia Scott, and Tess Fowler!

Impossible Inc. #1 (of 5)—CERTIFIED COOL
J.M. DeMatteis (w) • Mike Cavallaro (a & c)
Join 17-year-old Number Horowitz as she and her team board a cosmic train called the Non-Local Express, riding across the quantum sea and into the Infinite Spiral that leads to other worlds, new dimensions, parallel universes and through time itself. Impossible, Incorporated is the tale of a teenage girl with extraordinary abilities, seeking the truth about the universe—and her own mysterious past!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Written by Eisner winner J.M. DeMatteis (JLA, The Amazing Spider-Man)
With art by Mike Cavallaro (Ben 10 Omniverse, Cartoon Network Action Pack)!
Variant cover by Mike Cavallaro!

Lowlifes #4 (of 4)—Cover A: Brian Buccellato
Brian Buccellato (w) • Alexis Sentenac (a) • Brian Buccellato (c)
In the seedy Los Angeles underworld, lives intersect like freeway overpasses. When a crime boss’s poker game is robbed, three lowlifes—a bad cop, a drug addict, and a haunted criminal—attempt to stay one step ahead of each other, because redemption or destruction is their only ticket out…
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
From New York Times bestselling writer Brian Buccellato (Injustice: Gods Among Us, Sons of the Devil) comes this neo-noir thriller!
With sun-drenched streets and shadowy alleys skillfully illustrated by French artist Alexis Sentenac (Siberia 56)!
Black & white variant cover by Brian Buccellato!

Joe Hill (w) • Charles Paul Wilson, III (a) • Gabriel Rodriguez (c)
A graphic novel prequel to Hill’s New York Times bestselling novel NOS4A2. Discover the terrifying funhouse world of Christmasland and the ageless monster who rules it. Climb into the passenger seat as Hill and artist Charlie “Talent” Wilson III explore Charlie Manx’s twisted beginnings, introduce a new and depraved cast of characters to Christmasland, and take us for a 100 MPH ride down an icy nightmare road in a car with no brakes…
TPB • FC • $24.99 • 204 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-348-3

Bullet points:
Written in conjunction with the bestselling novel NOS4A2.
“Terrifying at its core, horror fans should definitely pick up.”—Bloody Disgusting
NOS4A2 in development for AMC!

Offered Again!
V-Wars, Vol. 1: Crimson Queen
Jonathan Maberry (w) • Alan Robinson (a) • Ryan Brown (c)
V-Wars is set in a world transformed by a global pandemic caused by a millennia-old virus that, once triggered, affects individuals differently depending on their DNA. The result is vampires as unique as their cultures, a response from unaffected humans like never before, and a story that is old-school, scary and complicated.
Springing from the mind of New York Times best-selling author, Jonathan Maberry, this collection begins a non-stop thrill ride of action, horror, and suspense!
TPB • FC • $9.99 • 120 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-063-6

Bullet points:
“Jonathan Maberry creates the freshest vampire lore I’ve ever experienced.”–Bree Ogden, Comics Bulletin
Soon to be a Netflix series starring Ian Somerhalder!

Offered Again!
V-Wars TPB Vol. 2: All of Us Monsters • FC • $19.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-255-5

Batman: The Complete Silver Age Newspaper Comics Slipcase Set—SPOTLIGHT
Whitney Ellsworth (w) • Shelly Moldoff, Joe Giella, Carmine Infantino, Al Plastino (a) • Pete Poplaski (c)
A three-volume omnibus of the Caped Crusader’s 1960s newspaper strip adventures—never before collected—now in a premium slipcase suitable for stately Wayne Manor. The daily Batman newspaper strip began in 1966, on the heels of the Batmania craze created by the hit television series starring Adam West, and ran through the early 1970s. The strip boasted stories by longtime editor Whitney Ellsworth and art by DC stalwarts Shelly Moldoff, Joe Giella, and Carmine Infantino. This three-book set includes all the black-and-white dailies, plus all the color Sunday strips.
BX-TPB • FC • $99.99 • 768 pages • 11” x 8-1/2” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-396-4

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
Featuring a veritable Who’s Who of Gotham City and beyond: Superman, Green Arrow, The Penguin, The Joker, Mad Hatter, Riddler, Scarecrow, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Two-Face, Catwoman, Batgirl, Killer Moth, Poison Ivy, and Black Canary!

King of the Comics: One Hundred Years of King Features Syndicate
Dean Mullaney, Bruce Canwell, Brian Walker (w) • Various (a & c)
King Features has had a more illustrious and long-lasting history than any other newspaper syndicate, even as it leads the way into the digital age and beyond.

Krazy Kat! Popeye! Flash Gordon! Beetle Bailey! Blondie! Prince Valiant! Hagar the Horrible! Barney Google and Snuffy Smith! Baby Blues! Mutt & Jeff! Zits! Juliet Jones! Buz Sawyer! Steve Canyon! Bizarro! Hi & Lois! Maggie & Jiggs! Johnny Hazard! There are simply too many to list!

From the earliest days, when William Randolph Hearst first added cartoons to his newspapers, comic strips have had a profound impact on popular culture. With the consolidation of Hearst’s various distribution channels in November 1915, King Features was born. A century later, the world’s largest syndicate leads the way into the 21st century and beyond.
TPB • FC • $39.99 • 308 pages • 8-1/2” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-339-1

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
Nominated for two 2016 Eisner Awards: Best Comics-Related Book and Best Publication Design!

LOAC Essentials, Vol. 12: Baron Bean, 1918
George Harriman (w & a & c)
Reprinted for the very first time, these century-old strips comprise a key early work from the creator of Krazy Kat, perhaps the most lauded cartoonist of all time. This book concludes a three-volume LOAC Essentials sub-series by presenting the final year of Baron Bean, one of Herriman’s richest and funniest creations, second only to Krazy Kat, whose citizens occasionally grace these panels.
HC • B&W • $29.99 • 328 pages • 11-1/2” x 4-1/4” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-355-1

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for November release!
The New York Journal of Books said that the first volume of LOAC Essentials (Baron Bean) “sets the standard for archival and reprint quality.”

Offered Again!
LOAC Essentials HC Vol. 1: Baron Bean 1916 • B&W • $19.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-442-7
LOAC Essentials HC Vol. 6: Baron Bean 1917 • B&W • $29.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-157-2

Complete Little Orphan Annie, Vol. 15
Harold Gray (w & a & c)
It’s “Open Season for Trouble” as America’s spunkiest kid, “Daddy” Warbucks, and his bodyguards Punjab and The Asp battle wily Communist spies, search for a potentially game-changing mineral known as QX-7, contend with small-town cheats, and make a frightful discovery about disappearing patients at a shady rest home. The action ranges from the played-out mining town of Fiasco, where “Daddy” made his first million, to the land of the genii, where Punjab dispatches his enemies. Meanwhile, Annie and Sandy are separated, but their inevitable reunion may be a silver lining inside a very dark cloud! Volume 15 collects the daily strips and the full-color Sunday pages from March 13, 1950 to October 28, 1951.
HC • PC • $49.99 • 276 pages • 11” x 8-1/2” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-351-3

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for November release!
“One of the most impressive comic-strip collections ever produced.”—The Washington Times

Euthanauts #3—Cover A: Nick Robles
Tini Howard (w) • Nick Robles (a & c)
There’s nothing worse than someone coming into your life and solving all your problems. The mess of inheritance burdens Thalia with the ghosts of Mercy’s past while Indigo presents the future. Saga meets The Sandman in a series that explores death, dynasties, and psychonautic mindspaces.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Euthanauts #3—Cover B: Jen Bartel
Tini Howard (w) • Nick Robles (a) • Jen Bartel (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Don’t miss a special enhanced RI variant cover from Jen Bartel (Jem & the Holograms)!
Process pages, letters column, behind-the-panel secrets and more!

House Amok #2—Cover A: Shawn McManus
Christopher Sebela (w) • Shawn McManus (a & c)
The Sandifers weren’t always nuts. They were made that way by stories, conspiracies, and coincidence. As Dylan continues to recount how she spent her summer vacation full of murder, the truth behind how she and her family infected each other with madness comes out. Secrets and blood run deep, but family is forever, no matter how deranged they might be.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

House Amok #2—Cover B: Caitlin Yarsky
Christopher Sebela (w) • Shawn McManus (a) • Caitlin Yarsky (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Variant cover by Caitlin Yarsky!

Punks Not Dead, Vol. 1: Teenage Kicks—CERTIFIED COOL
David Barnett (w) • Martin Simmonds (a & c)
As if being an awkward, bullied 15-year-old wasn’t enough, suddenly “Fergie” Ferguson can see ghosts. Well, one ghost specifically… a certain punk rocker named Sid.

Sid’s spirit has been trapped in London’s Heathrow airport for 40 years, until the day he meets Fergie. Now Sid’s ghost is stuck to Fergie, and Fergie has to content with an unruly Ghost sidekick and some weird, uncontrollable new “abilities.” How does the father Fergie never knew fit into all this? And why is the Department of Extra-Usual Affairs showing an interest? Never mind the bollocks—all of this, plus fish fingers, chunky chips, and endless pints of anarchy in the critically-acclaimed series that collects Punks Not Dead issues #1-6.
TPB • FC • $19.99 • 152 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-342-1

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
With an introduction by Kieron Gillen!

Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers—CERTIFIED COOL
Joshua Jabcuga (w) • Tadd Galusha (a) • Baldemar Rivas (c)
Return to the world of the cult-classic film with this prequel from the mind of its original creator! President Nixon has discovered an alien threat, and he knows there’s only one man he can reach out to for help: Elvis Presley. But will Elvis be enough to defeat a horde of Cosmic Blood-Suckers? This all-new story takes readers back to a world when Elvis truly was The King!
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 128 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-333-9

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
“… A gore-splattered funfest.”—Publisher’s Weekly

From Hell: Master Edition #1—Cover A: Eddie Campbell—CERTIFIED COOL
Alan Moore (w) • Eddie Campbell (a & c)
Jack is back—and this time, the blood is red.

“My all-time favorite graphic novel… an immense, majestic work about the Jack the Ripper murders, the dark Victorian world they happen in, and the birth of the 20th century.”—Warren Ellis, Entertainment Weekly

Experience FROM HELL as never seen before: fully restored and in color for the first time!

Five unsolved murders. Two of the greatest creators in the history of comics. One sprawling conspiracy, one metropolis on the brink of the 20th century, and one bloody-minded Ripper ushering London into the modern age of terror. The award-winning bestseller FROM HELL, often ranked among the greatest graphic novels of all time, takes on haunting new dimensions in FROM HELL: The Master Edition, enhanced with impressionistic hues by Eddie Campbell himself.
FC • 64 pages • $7.99

Bullet points:
This volume contains the prologue, chapters 1 and 2, and all the original annotations!
Co-published by Top Shelf Productions (US) and Knockabout (UK)!

The Crow: Memento Mori
Roberto Recchioni and various (w) • Werther Dell’Edera and various (a) • Werther Dell’Edera (c)
The return of a cult icon! Murderers may escape the law, but they’re not safe from the vengeance of The Crow in this all-new story. Follow David through the streets of Rome, as he deals with the memories and emotional pain of his loss and seeks holy vengeance against the terrorists that murdered him and his girlfriend. This new story continues the major themes of the original indie-comics cult classic that spawned a goth franchise. Also includes a short story by Micol Beltramini and Angelo Mennillo.
TPB • FC • $15.99 • 96 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-334-6

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
“Not only is it absolutely stunning visually—Werther Dell’Edera’s art and Giovanna Niro’s colors are gorgeous and perfect for the feel of the issue—–but the story is striking while also bringing something new to the table.”—

Offered Again!
The Crow: Curare TP • FC • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-746-6
The Crow: Death and Rebirth HC • FC • $24.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-558-5
The Crow: Midnight Legends, TP Vol. 2: Flesh and Blood • B&W • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-483-0

Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmas Coloring Book—CERTIFIED COOL
Alan Robert (a & c)
This new addition to the popular series of adult coloring books will fill even the longest nights of the year with the Beauty of Horror. May your days be scary and bright! Ghouliana sinks her fangs into The North Pole, causing all kinds of chaos and havoc on Christmas Eve with this spooktacular holiday-themed coloring book! Each perforated page is easily removable and ready for display under the mistletoe. Ghosts of Christmas is intricately illustrated by best-selling artist Alan Robert and is overflowing with limb-filled stockings, zombified elves, burning gingerbread houses, and decaying reindeer. Even good ol’ Saint Nick is terrified to turn the pages! A terrific gift idea for horror enthusiasts and fans of the Beauty of Horror series.
TPB • B&W • $12.99 • 64 pages • 7” x 7” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-332-2

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release! called the second book in the series “the perfect gift to give someone who likes a little scare.”

Giantkillers—Cover A: Bart Sears
Bart Sears (w) • Rick Leonardi, Matthew Dow Smith, Meghan Hetrick, Bart Sears (a) • Bart Sears (c)
Arkon the Giantkiller is fated to protect Auoro, the One True Chosen, so that she may destroy the evil Lord Omin. She just has to survive long enough to do it! Bart Sears pens the story he has always wanted to tell, a tale of brutal sword-swinging action as Arkon seeks to rescue the infant Auoro from her captors. With art by the all-star team of Rick Leonardi (X-Men) and Matthew Dow Smith (X-Files), the issue also includes a short story with art by Meghan Hetrick (Red Thorn), and a prose story written and illustrated by Bart Sears. Only an oversized, prestige format could contain this much epic storytelling!
FC • 48 pages • $7.99

Giantkillers—Cover B: Meghan Hetrick
Bart Sears (w) • Rick Leonardi, Matthew Dow Smith, Meghan Hetrick, Bart Sears (a) • Meghan Hetrick (c)
FC • 48 pages • $7.99

Bullet points:
An exciting new one-shot printed in prestige format!

Rick Veitch’s The One—CERTIFIED COOL
Rick Veitch (w & a & c)
The classic revisionist superhero saga that predates Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns and presented a shocking worldview that almost predicted today’s political climate! Rick Veitch’s groundbreaking series has been called the last word on superheroes. It is a world-spanning, continent-crushing, over-the-top adventure story that brings the United States and Russia to the brink of annihilation… from both nuclear warheads and crazed superheroes-run-amok!
HC • FC • $29.99 • 200 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-358-2

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for November release!
Completely remastered with new scans and updated color—all overseen by Veitch himself.
Introduction by Alan Moore!

James Cameron’s The Abyss Artisan Edition: Adapted by Michael William Kaluta
Randy Stradley (w) • Michael Wm. Kaluta (a & c)
Now in the one-of-a-kind Artisan Edition format, the comic adaptation of the Academy Award-winning film from the director of Aliens, Avatar, The Terminator, and Titanic.
In 1989, writer Randy Stradley and acclaimed artist M.W. Kaluta released their comic adaptation of James Cameron’s Academy Award-winning film The Abyss, the story of the crew of an experimental underwater drilling rig called Deepcore and their dangerous mission to the bottom of the ocean in search of a missing U.S. Navy submarine that would change the world (and their lives) forever. Now, IDW Publishing is proud to bring you The Abyss in our Artisan Edition format, presented with the same exacting quality standards as our award-winning Artist’s Edition series, just at a smaller (and more manageable!) size. Nearly every page has been scanned from M.W. Kaluta’s incredible original art in full color in order to capture all the nuances that make original art special and unique–blue pencil notations, tape, white-out, and more.
HC • B&W • $39.99 • 80 pages • 8” x 12” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-349-0
Expected in-store date: 11/14/18
Bullet points:
Advance solicited for November release!
2019 marks the 30th anniversary of The Abyss.
Gallery section including sketches and preliminaries by M.W. Kaluta!

Nickelodeon’s Splat Attack!
Jonathan Ying (d) • Troy Little and David Garcia Cruz (a)
Prepare for the food fight to end all food fights in an all-star, jam-packed, crossover event featuring Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, and Invader Zim. In Nickelodeon’s Splat Attack!, two to four players select a team and head to the cafeteria to unload their trays! Sling unique food items and roll dice to determine your hits! When getting splattered with food, pull a splat token from a lunch bag and place it on your character’s grid. If your character’s grid is full, then they’re splat’d and out of the game!

Nickelodeon’s Splat Attack! is a family-friendly, miniatures combat game that features custom dice-rolling combat, hand management, and a unique damage system that has players laying splat tiles onto their characters until their characters are completely covered in food-splats!
2-4 players • Playable from ages 14+ • 45-60 minutes • MSRP $59.99 • UPC: 8-27714-01480-8

Bullet points:
Advance solicited for October release!
Includes 16 highly-detailed plastic miniatures and custom dice!
Features inventive player damage system designed by Jonathan Ying!
Incredible artwork from Troy Little and David Garcia Cruz!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deck Boxes (Set of 4)
Kevin Eastman (a)
Protect your cards with official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deck Boxes! Featuring each of your favorite Turtles, this two-piece constructed deck box holds up to 82 standard sized cards in sleeves and is made with super thick, 800gsm chipboard with full color printing. Protect your cards or use it to store your tokens, dice, and other accessories! This set of four deck boxes is a must-have for all Turtle fans!
MSRP $14.99 • UPC: 8-27714-01604-8
Bullet points:
Artwork from TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman!
Each deck box holds up to 100 standard sized cards or 82 cards in sleeves!

Offered again!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past
Kevin Wilson (d) • Tony Vargas (a) • Mateus Santalouco (c)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past is a miniatures combat, scenario-driven campaign game that features story content from the IDW TMNT comic. Taking the role of their favorite Turtle or the ultimate villain Shredder, players battle their way through a series of 60 to 90-minute missions in which they develop their characters’ strengths, fighting styles, and equipment along the way to create a lasting story arc. Fan-favorite characters like Casey Jones and Alopex appear throughout the missions as the Turtles call on their closest allies for help in battling their deadliest foes. Designed by premiere game designer Kevin Wilson (Descent, Arkham Horror) and featuring more than 40 sculpted miniatures, 12 unique maps and over 100 cards with all-new original artwork, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past is the definitive gaming experience.
2-5 players • Playable from ages 14_ • 60-90 minutes • MSRP $89.99 • UPC: 8-27714-00929-3

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Nginx lands $43 million Series C to fuel expansion

Bag Week 2018: Chrome’s MXD Pace Tote is the perfect little hybrid backpack

I admit I was a little reluctant to try this pack out, but in the end it was my favorite of the Chrome bags I tested for TechCrunch Bag Week 2018, perhaps not coincidentally, one of the least Chrome-like. If you’re familiar with Chrome’s bike messenger bag roots, the Pace feels like an abrupt departure, but it’s one you might fall in love with.

Wearing the Pace just feels…. fun? I don’t really know another way to describe it. For one, you can wear it as a tote bag or as a backpack and that is surprisingly liberating.

Plenty of bags, including Chrome’s oversized, industrial-strength packs, feel a bit like readying for a battle when you put them on. With a big pack on, you are no longer a person just shopping for groceries or going to the bookstore, you’re a person with a very serious backpack who is also doing those things. Maybe you’re some kind of hardcore bike person. And whether you are or not, wearing a huge backpack around town can just look like you take yourself very seriously.

The Pace is the opposite of that, while still managing that efficient, industrial thing that Chrome does so well. At 18L, it’s like you barely remembered to grab a bag at all, but here you are with a practical way (two ways!) to carry just the essentials. At first glance, the Pace looks tiny, but for me it comfortably fit a laptop, a 16oz water bottle, various pens, a book, my phone, charging cables and assorted other stuff I compulsively drag around every single day just in case because my anxiety medicine doesn’t work all the way.

Photo via Chrome Industries

The Pace, like the MXD Fathom, its less convertible twin, is tough black pack made from 1680d ballistic nylon and seatbelt-style webbing. The pack has a tote-style top-loading interior that zips up (why don’t all totes zip up?) and two stowaway backpack straps hidden behind a zipper on the back.

The Pace’s two external pockets are super thoughtful and great for a phone and sunglasses and keys or whatever other instant access stuff you need. From my experience, you need to be mindful about making sure those particular zippers are closed all the way around because it’s easy to leave them a little open. The zippers all felt great, though the main top zipper, which I didn’t even close most of the time because i’m living that #hybridbaglife, did snag on the material under it sometimes. It wasn’t hard to get loose, but still worth mentioning since it happened two or three times over five days or so of regular use.

My cat was inexplicably obsessed with the Pace. TechCrunch/Taylor Hatmaker

One complaint I had because I did get so comfortable carrying this pack around is that an optional sternum strap would be nice, even if it’d harsh the vibe a little. The pack is super comfy somehow, in spite of its relative lack of structure, but did slide out toward my shoulders occasionally. This might be because most Chrome stuff is designed for broad dudes doing broad dude stuff, but on the whole the Pace felt like one of the least big dude-centric designs that I’ve ever seen from the company. The Pace’s ability to casually transform into a sturdy little tote bag should be a selling point for women and other smaller-bodied folks who aren’t built like tree trunks.

TechCrunch/Taylor Hatmaker

Aside from carrying my laptop around (one complaint: no padding on the bottom of the laptop sleeve), I mostly used the Pace to haul a small assortment of stuff back and forth at a weeklong event and it performed well all around. I also managed to take it on a short, steep hike and it did just fine, though it’s such a breeze to carry I actually didn’t notice that I wasn’t wearing it, left it at the top of the hike and had to re-hike back up there to get it. It must have been pretty comfortable because forgetting my pack is not a thing that happens to me.

I’m usually a rigid-backed pack person but I actually liked how unstructured this bag is. One night I went out to cover an event and was surprised to realize that the Pace carried my Sony A7S II and a change of lens just fine, distributing its weight and carrying it so well I forgot it was in there. I’m not sure what kind of dark tote bag magic is to thank here, but usually carrying any kind of camera in a non-camera bag makes for an awkward, lumpy experience.

What else? The Pace has some great internal organization pockets, though a few felt redundant enough that I couldn’t ever remember where I’d put my chapstick or my notebook or whatever I was reaching for at the moment, leading me to check the non-mesh internal pocket, the main internal compartment, the outside zippered area and the zip area that the straps tuck back into, which was convenient enough that I accidentally stuck stuff in there a lot.

She’s still doing it. TechCrunch/Taylor Hatmaker

I liked the Pace enough that I’d consider picking up the Fathom just to see what it feels like. There’s something special about this design. The Pace is a clever, lighthearted bag and it genuinely feels fun to carry. If that sounds dumb, then get the hell out of here, why are you reading bag reviews instead of checking your altcoin portfolio or whatever?

The Pace is an excellent casual city bag for when you want to run out the door to do something fun and carefree and mildly edgy, but you don’t want to look too prepared or like you brought your laptop even though you totally did. Like you’re showing up to a music video shoot that you’re not cast in or just want to look casual lowkey famous at brunch. Or like sleeping over at a date’s house but looking like you are playing it very cool and not carrying a change of clothes, a toothbrush and your Kindle. It’s unassuming and cool and might just be my new everyday pack.

What it is: A small tote/backpack hybrid that is very cool and not dorky.

What is isn’t: Capable of hauling many massive, heavy things. Run-of-the-mill.

Read more reviews from TechCrunch Bag Week 2018 here.

Probably The Cutest Burrito Ever

Medical News Today: What does it mean if you have shaky hands?

Shaky hands can interfere with everyday activities, and the tremors vary in severity. Neurological conditions, movement disorders, and issues such as anxiety or withdrawal may be responsible for the tremors, and a wide range of treatments are available. Learn more about shaky hands and types of tremor here.

How Jupiter May Have Gifted Early Earth With Water

A closer look at the BlackBerry KEY2’s new dual camera

Up close with the Galaxy S9 in ‘Sunrise Gold’

I Swear, If I ever See Another Minion…

Disney Has Now Outbid Comcast With A Massive $71.3 Billion Offer For 21st Century Fox’s Assets

We found out yesterday that Disney was expected to make another bid for Fox's assets, & news has just broke that the House of Mouse has now topped Comcast's most recent offer with a whopping $71.3 Billion.

Steve Schmidt, former McCain campaign manager, renounced his GOP membership

The Golden Nymph Awards Ceremony at the 58th Monte Carlo Television Festival

I “hibernate” from the news sometimes – I’ll go for a week without even watching a news show or anything, although I’m always reading news stories. I just can’t watch it most of the time – I need some space to decompress and compartmentalize. That being said, when I do watch the news, I’m sort of in love with Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show in the afternoon. She comes on at 4 pm EST and she’s amazing. Wallace worked in communications positions for both Bush administrations, and she’s also worked for John McCain’s campaigns at various times.

In the HBO TV-movie Game Change, Wallace was played by Sarah Paulson and McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt was played by Woody Harrelson. Schmidt and Wallace are very old friends, and Schmidt often appears on Wallace’s show (as well as MSNBC’s Morning Joe), where he rips into the current crop of Republicans on a daily basis. Even though he didn’t vote for Donald Trump, Schmidt still considered himself a Republican. Not anymore though. Schmidt just posted a tweet-thread about why he’s leaving the party:

29 years and nine months ago I registered to vote and became a member of The Republican Party which was founded in 1854 to oppose slavery and stand for the dignity of human life. Today I renounce my membership in the Republican Party. It is fully the party of Trump.

It is corrupt, indecent and immoral. With the exception of a few Governors like Baker, Hogan and Kasich it is filled with feckless cowards who disgrace and dishonor the legacies of the party’s greatest leaders. This child separation policy is connected to the worst abuses of humanity in our history. It is connected by the same evil that separated families during slavery and dislocated tribes and broke up Native American families. It is immoral and must be repudiated.

Our country is in trouble. Our politics are badly broken. The first step to a season of renewal in our land is the absolute and utter repudiation of Trump and his vile enablers in the 2018 election by electing Democratic majorities. I do not say this as an advocate of a progressive agenda. I say it as someone who retains belief in DEMOCRACY and decency.

On Ronald Reagan’s grave are these words. “ I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph and there is purpose and worth to each and every life.” He would be ashamed of McConnell and Ryan and all the rest while this corrupt government establishes internment camps for babies. Everyone of these complicit leaders will carry this shame through history. There legacies will be ones of well earned ignominy. They have disgraced their country and brought dishonor to the Party of Lincoln.

have spent much of my life working in GOP politics. I have always believed that both parties were two of the most important institutions to the advancement of human freedom and dignity in the history of the world. Today the GOP has become a danger to our democracy and values. This Independent voter will be aligned with the only party left in America that stands for what is right and decent and remains fidelitous to our Republic, objective truth, the rule of law and our Allies. That party is the Democratic Party.

[From Steve Schmidt’s Twitter]

This felt cathartic to me too, knowing that at least there are a few white-dude conservatives who look at babies in internment camps and children in cages and say “WTF NO.” And before people complain about Schmidt being a Resistance-Come-Lately… he was on television a lot during the 2016 election cycle and ever since, and he’s always despised Donald Trump AND the Deplorables. Schmidt has always been a harsh critic of all of these policies and ideas. He just considered himself a Republican at the same time he was criticizing. No more.

Screencap courtesy of MSNBC.

Brad Pitt ‘Was Done Being Mr. Nice Guy’ In Custody Battle With Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt ‘Was Done Being Mr. Nice Guy’ In Custody Battle With Angelina Jolie

Will Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Scandal Be On ‘KUWTK’?

Kristen Doute Dumped From ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Inside Jen Aniston’s Heartbreak Over Justin & Emma

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TouchPal built an AI for its alternative Android keyboard

The Counterintuitive Reason Why Dark Energy Makes The Universe Accelerate – Forbes


The Counterintuitive Reason Why Dark Energy Makes The Universe Accelerate
The expanding Universe, full of galaxies and complex structure we see today, arose from a smaller, hotter, denser, more uniform state in the past. There must be some new form of energy driving the current phase of accelerated expansion, beyond the ...
Could aliens harness stars to keep ahead of expanding universe?Phys.Org
From the Farside --"Alien Civilizations May Corral Stars As Energy Sources to Survive in an Expanding Universe"The Daily Galaxy (blog)

all 3 news articles »

Kim Kardashian West Fake Scolds North For Using Her Makeup

Kim Kardashian West couldn't hold back her laughter telling her daughter North to put the eye shadow brush down as her mini-me generously applied it all over her face, and we do mean ALL over. Kim shared a video of North back to her usual hijinx --…

‘Declined’: Scott Baio Sexual Assault Case Dismissed

Scott Baio Sexual Assault Case Dismissed

Scott Baio‘s scandalous sexual assault case has been dismissed, can confirm.

According to a report from the Los Angeles County District Attorney, “The applicable statute of limitations of the crimes alleged by the victim have expired. Thus, the case is declined.”

Radar readers know Baio, 57, was accused of sexually assaulting former Charles in Charge costar, Nicole Eggert, when she was 14 years old. The actress told police that the “molestation” continued until she left the show, at age 17.

PHOTOS: Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case: Smiling Wife Camille Arrives For Deposition

Baio vehemently denied the claims when Eggert, 46, first reported them on May 23, 2018, and even called her a liar in a fiery GMA interview.

“I’m trying to figure out which time she’s lying and which time she’s not lying because the story seems to change quite a bit. I can’t keep up with it quite honestly,” he said at the time.

He did confess, however, that the two had consensual sex when she was 18— and she came onto him.

PHOTOS: ‘We Want To Seek Justice!’ Philly DA Vows To Reveal ‘Truth’ About Cosby Sex Assault

Despite his denial, 12 witnesses soon came forward to support Eggert’s account.

During their legal battle, Eggert’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, claimed the actress had received threatening letters from Baio’s team, and was “scared.”

Now, despite the evidence, Baio will continue being a free man.

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Dark Horse Comics September 2018 Solicits – Stranger Things, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Olivia Twist, Call of Duty Zombies 2, War Bears, Gamma and Joe Golem

September 2018 comes to Dark Horse Comics solicitations. With the launch of their Stranger Things comic book alongside Mystery Science Theater 3000, Olivia Twist, Call of Duty Zombies 2, War Bears, Gamma and Joe Golem – and the new Zelda coffee table book for Breath Of The Wild



(W) Jody Houser (A) Stefano Martino (CA) Aleksi Briclot
The nostalgia igniting hit Netflix original series comes to comic shelves. Follow Will Byers into a dimension of decay and destruction where he must use his wits and resolve to dodge the pursuit of the Demogorgon and escape the Upside Down.

o Written by award winning comics veteran Jody Houser (Faith, Orphan Black, Mother Panic)

o Based on Will’s unseen journey during season 1 of hit Netflix show Stranger Things.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99







(W) Jody Houser (A) Stefano Martino (CA) Patrick Satterfield
The nostalgia igniting hit Netflix original series comes to comic shelves. Follow Will Byers into a dimension of decay and destruction where he must use his wits and resolve to dodge the pursuit of the Demogorgon and escape the Upside Down.

o Written by award winning comics veteran Jody Houser (Faith, Orphan Black, Mother Panic)

o Based on Will’s unseen journey during season 1 of hit Netflix show Stranger Things.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Joel Hodgson, Harold Buchholz, Matt McGinnis, Mary Robinson, Seth Robinson, Sharyl Volpe (A) Mike Manley, Wes Dzioba (A/CA) Todd Nauck
The riffing hilarity of Mystery Science Theater 3000 comes to comics when Kinga Forrester pairs her Kingachrome Liquid Medium with her latest invention-the Bubbulat-R! Jonah Heston, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo find themselves thrust into the 2-D world of public domain comics, with riffing as their only defense!

o Created for comics by Joel Hodgson!

o The hit Netflix show has come to comics!

o Variant cover by longtime MST3K DVD artist Steve Vance!
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99





(W) Usa Nintendo (A) Usa Nintendo
This oversized hardcover is the ultimate companion to the award-winning video game The Legend of Zeldaâ„¢: Breath of the Wild
  and includes material from both of its DLC packs. This book features nearly fifty pages of sketches and official illustrations from Takumi Wada, two-hundred and ninety-six pages of design artwork and commentary about the making of the game from the creators, a fifty-five-page historical section that divulges the history of Hyrule as it is known in-game, and interviews with key members of the development team-Hidemaro Fujibayashi, Satoru Takizawa, Takumi Wada, and Eiji Aonuma. Witness the making of a champion!

o An in-depth history of the Hyrule of Breath of the Wild.

o Insights from the creators on the making of the game.

o Three-hundred and fifty pages of illustrations and designs.
In Shops: Nov 21, 2018
SRP: $39.99




Meet the brand-new cast of characters from this year’s Call of Duty: Zombies offering in this prequel! The year is 1910, the place is Morocco, and there is a job that needs doing. The man to do it? A commanding officer in the French Foreign Legion. The prize? An artifact of unspeakable power. The price? More than he bargained for.
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Darin Strauss, Adam Dalva (A/CA) Emma Vieceli
To save a boy she barely knows, teenage orphan Olivia Twist joins THE ESTHERS, a rag-tag girl gang of thieves running free in a dangerous future. Olivia’s life in this imminent London of internment camps and strange technology gets even more complicated when she discovers that she has more power and wealth than she’s ever dreamed of. But it comes with a great cost.

o Debut comic by internationally best-selling author, Darin Strauss.

o Art by Dr. Who and The Adventures of Supergirl artist, Emma Vieceli.

o Co-written by Adam Dalva, previously published in The Guardian and Tin House.

o The latest from the Berger Books imprint!
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $4.99



(W) Ann Nocenti (A/CA) David Aja
In which a spaceman overshoots his mark, the Queen Maker arrives, the bees are fed up, someone is kidnapped, the American Dream gets feral, the alien Race is buried in the quicksand of love, and the secrets of the zone are revealed.
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Christopher Cantwell (A/CA) Martin Morazzo
Luna comes face-to-face – sort of – with the Flying Woman through a recently discovered diary, just as she and Bill Meigs have forged an uneasy truce. But the EON-DEF security team is hot on their trail, desperate to eliminate anyone with knowledge of the secret and troubled Accelerator project. Will the Flying Woman’s diary provide the answers that Luna is looking for?
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $4.99



(W) Emma Beeby (A/CA) Ariela Kristantina
Dancer. Courtesan. Spy. Executed by a French firing squad in 1917. One hundred years on from her death, questions are still raised about her conviction.

Now, the story of the woman who claimed she was born a princess and died a figure of public hatred is told by break-out talent writer Emma Beeby (Judge Dredd), artist Ariela Kristantina (Insexts), and colorist Pat Masioni drawing on biographies and released MI5 files.

We meet Mata Hari in prison at the end of her life as she writes her memoir-part romantic tale of a Javanese princess, and part real-life saga of a disgraced wife and mother. As she sits trial for treason and espionage, we hear another tale, of a flamboyant Dutch woman who became “the most dangerous spy France has ever captured”-a double agent who whored herself for secrets, lived a life of scandal, and loved only money.

Leading us to ask . . . who was the real Mata Hari?

This hardcover collects Mata Hari #1-#5, as well as additional historical material and an artist’s sketchbook.

“Mata Hari is a fascinating use of a medium to explore its titles perplexing historical figure.” -You Don’t Read Comics
In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $19.99



(W) Margaret Atwood (A/CA) Ken Steacy
From the Booker Prize-winning author of The Handmaid’s Tale, comes this historical fiction graphic novel tracing the Golden Age of comic books.

Oursonette, a fictional Nazi-fighting superheroine, is created at the peak of World War II by comic book creator Al Zurakowski who dreams of making it big in the early world of comics publishing.

A story that follows the early days of comics in Toronto, a brutal war that greatly strains Al personally and professionally, and how the rise of post-war American comics puts an end to his dreams.

Internationally and New York Times best-selling novelist Margaret Atwood and acclaimed artist Ken Steacy collaborate for one of the most highly anticipated comic book and literary events!
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $4.99



(W) Rick Remender (A/CA) Eric Nguyen
Who is this invader demolishing San Francisco? Why is he being attacked by strange alien beings? And why is he so GIGANTIC? A twist on The Truman Show, a brainwashed alien superhero is deposited on Earth to be the spotlight of an intrusive television program being filmed without his knowledge. Rick Remender and Eric Nguyen teamed up to bring Gigantic to life and now the five-issue series is available in a prestige format for the first time!

o A deluxe, oversized hardcover format!

o All-star creative team: Rick Remender, Eric Nguyen, and Matthew Wilson!

“A heart-rending, yet fun, five-issue ride.” -Comic Book Resources
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018
SRP: $24.99



(W) Erick Freitas, Ulises Farinas (A/CA) Ulises Farinas
Pokémon meets Power Rangers in this kaiju-packed mature parody that follows a monster trainer whose dreams of fortune and glory collide with his own hubris and the downfall of the entire planet in a story about betrayal and redemption in a world of bizarre, cute, and deadly monsters.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Dean Ormston
The Eisner Award-winning superhero saga returns with lots of revelations!

Our heroes’ journey from Spiral City to the farm is finally revealed and will change them forever!

“Black Hammer is the maddest, most brilliant comic I’ve read in years.”-Mark Millar (Kick Ass)

“This whole weird pulpy world is so fun and gorgeous.” -IGN
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Dean Ormston (CA) F?bio Moon
The Eisner Award-winning superhero saga returns with lots of revelations!

Our heroes’ journey from Spiral City to the farm is finally revealed and will change them forever!

“Black Hammer is the maddest, most brilliant comic I’ve read in years.”-Mark Millar (Kick Ass)

“This whole weird pulpy world is so fun and gorgeous.” -IGN
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Wilfredo Torres
Our heroes origins are revealed as team leader Archive V takes us from his technological birth to the breakup of the League, and a Black Hammer favorite makes a shocking return!

o Ties directly into the Eisner-Award winning Black Hammer comic books series and is written by main writer Jeff Lemire.
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Wilfredo Torres
Our heroes origins are revealed as team leader Archive V takes us from his technological birth to the breakup of the League, and a Black Hammer favorite makes a shocking return!

o Ties directly into the Eisner-Award winning Black Hammer comic books series and is written by main writer Jeff Lemire.
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell (A) P. Craig Russell, Scott Hampton (CA) Glenn Fabry, Adam Brown
Shadow and Wednesday find themselves on the run from both the police and the mysterious Mr. Town. Along the way, they find help in their evasion from Whiskey Jack and John Chapman, all the while Shadow continues to try to sort through the chaos in his life.

The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula award-winning novel and hit Starz television series by Neil Gaiman is adapted as a comic series!
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell (A) P. Craig Russell, Scott Hampton (CA) David Mack
Shadow and Wednesday find themselves on the run from both the police and the mysterious Mr. Town. Along the way, they find help in their evasion from Whiskey Jack and John Chapman, all the while Shadow continues to try to sort through the chaos in his life.

The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula award-winning novel and hit Starz television series by Neil Gaiman is adapted as a comic series!
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Matt Kindt (A/CA) David Rubin
From New York Times bestselling Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt and Black Hammer’s David Rubín comes this fantasy adventure about a science-minded hero intent on keeping the balance between Earth and a magic world!

With the final portal within their grasp, Boone, Grander, and team are on the cusp of saving both the Ether and Earth. However, victory won’t be sweet, as Ubel holds more power than once thought. This conclusion of book two packs in action while also pulling your heartstrings!

“Ether is back in an emotionally devastating way, but I was happy to get wrecked by it.” -Comic Bastards
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Matt Kindt (A) David Rubin (CA) Jen Bartel
From New York Times bestselling Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt and Black Hammer’s David Rubín comes this fantasy adventure about a science-minded hero intent on keeping the balance between Earth and a magic world!

With the final portal within their grasp, Boone, Grander, and team are on the cusp of saving both the Ether and Earth. However, victory won’t be sweet, as Ubel holds more power than once thought. This conclusion of book two packs in action while also pulling your heartstrings!

“Ether is back in an emotionally devastating way, but I was happy to get wrecked by it.” -Comic Bastards
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Rafer Roberts (A/CA) Kristen Gudsnuk
The nefarious Cultists mange to summon the fire demon on the equinox! The fate of the city, maybe the world, hangs in the balance as Sage and her friends battle the Balrog head on. Will the demon be too powerful for our young heroes?! Don’t miss the epic conclusion here!     Â
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Peter Hogan (A/CA) Steve Parkhouse
A stranded alien continues to hide in plain sight in Patience, Washington, posing as the small town’s doctor. He has no intention of leaving-unless it’s to get back to his home planet! When a startling new mystery catches his attention, he takes a trip to New York City with the hope of finally finding a way to communicate with his home world. Collects the four-issue series.

“Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse build an interesting world that engages its audience. An Alien in New York is great read for sci fi and mystery fans.” -Adventures In Poor Taste
In Shops: Nov 21, 2018
SRP: $14.99



(W) Stan Sakai (A/CA) Stan Sakai
At last, Usagi and Inspector Ishida have cracked the mystery surrounding the foreign box, revealing a secret so explosive it could eradicate the Shogunate. However, unbeknownst to the duo, the government isn’t as oblivious as they assumed and may just be one step ahead of the pair, ready to spring a trap!
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Christos Gage (A) J. Bone (A/CA) Gurihiru
Intense Super training with their dad has soured Dash and Violet on the idea of becoming Supers. Though discouraged, a reminder from Helen about his own training leads Bob to realize his mistake with the kids. But when they go to find the kids at the mall, the family reunion is interrupted by an attack from Bomb Voyage, and the Incredibles must reunite! Then, Bob’s continued bedtime story of his secret first date with Elastigirl reveals how the Supers were saved from complete defeat-and realized something about their new relationship in the process. Â
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99







(W) Joe Caramagna (A/CA) Kawaii Creative Studio
Anna and new friend Mari try their hands at the many jobs Arendelle has to offer – from baking in the bakery, to being storekeepers, to harvesting ice… Finding a perfect fit is a challenge. Meanwhile, Elsa delves deeper into the mystery in the western woods!
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99






Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of pirates, treasure, and swashbuckling adventure comes to life in this adaptation that stars Mickey, Goofy, and Pegleg Pete! When Jim Mousekins discovers a map to buried treasure, his dream of adventure is realized with a voyage on the high seas, a quest through tropical island jungles… and a race to evade cutthroat pirates!
In Shops: Oct 31, 2018
SRP: $10.99




In an adaptation of Herman Melville’s classic, Scrooge McDuck, Donald, and nephews venture out on the high seas in pursuit of the white whale Moby Dick who stole Captain Quackhab’s lucky dime. As Quackhab scours the ocean in pursuit of his nemesis, facing other dangers of the sea, the crew begins to wonder: how far will their captain go for revenge?
In Shops: Nov 21, 2018
SRP: $10.99



(W) Mike Mignola, Chris Golden (A) Peter Bergting (CA) David Palumbo
A psychic medium is captured by a crazed scientist desperate to find an occult object that will connect him to worlds beyond the veil, and paranormal investigator Simon Church and his hardy detective race to find the artifact with the help of the medium’s assistant before its supernatural side effects can destroy the city. But another mystery looms more than ever, as the occult detective searches for answers about his real identity and his past that’s been kept secret for so long. Â
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Mike Mignola, Scott Allie (A) Laurence Campbell (CA) Mike Mignola, Max Fiumara
The  B.P.R.D. tries to regain traction after a devastating blow, while Varvara plans to attack the agency from the inside.

“It’s a stunning achievement that shows off the craft of every creator on this book from artists to letterer.”
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson (A/CA) D’Israeli
Magic and science collide above London! The Witchfinder and his allies make a final stand when terror descends from the skies, and their nightmarish foe is finally revealed!
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Christos Gage, Joss Whedon (A) Georges Jeanty (CA) Stephanie Hans
Buffy, Fray, the Scoobies, and the Slayers are in an epic battle against Harth, and his army of baddies. His attempt to steal the power of the Slayers has brought Buffy and her crew to the turning point that they have been trying desperately to avoid. With all other options spent, it is only Buffy and her sacrifice that can save the world . . .

o The entire Buffyverse is united here in the culmination of all Buffy Seasons!

o The return of Fray!
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99





(W) Christos Gage (A) Rebekah Isaacs, Megan Levens (CA) Scott Fischer
A powerful portal-creating artifact has fallen into the hands of a trio of demons. While fighting the Big Bads, Dawn and Xander are swept into another dimension. Buffy and crew, struggling to come together, likewise struggle to get them back . . . Matters get worse when an unexpected fourth Big Bad is out to steal the magic rulebook at the same time! Collects Buffy Season 10 volumes 5 & 6, plus the 8-page story from DH Day 2016 and all covers, and sketchbook materials.
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $29.99



(W) Nick Keller (A/CA) Conor Nolan
The friends must face the terrifying Mr. Bedtime and his ghoulish army of nightmares in a final showdown, or it’s lights out for all of them.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Evan Dorkin (A/CA) Benjamin Dewey
The dogs have started to solve the occult activity happening around them until one of their own is struck down and puts the mission in jeopardy.

“Perfect storytelling isn’t easy to come by but Beasts of Burden has continually been able to do that.” -Outright Geekery
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99




(W) Compulsion Games (A) Compulsion Games
Two-hundred pages of mind-bending art and insightful creator commentary exploring the conceptualization and execution of We Happy Few!

October, 1964. The City of Wellington Wells is all that’s left of England after the German invasion and four years of occupation. But it’s still the swinging ’60s, and everyone is fab, especially because they’re taking happy pills-Joy-and wearing Happy Face masks so they’re always smiling . . . everyone except the awful Downers who live in the abandoned Garden District and refuse to take their Joy.
Dark Horse Books and Compulsion Games are thrilled to present The Art of We Happy Few. Showcasing a unique retro-futuristic style, this book includes hundreds of pieces of concept art, paired with exclusive commentary from the team that created it! Don’t be a downer by missing out on this perfect companion to the psychedelic videogame experience!   Â
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $39.99



(W) Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly (A) Phillip Sevy, Michael Atiyeh (CA) Hannah Templer
It all ends here! A friendly face shows up to aid Lara as she works her way out of the mental haze she’s trapped in. Unexpectedly, Lara discovers the key to her survival and how to beat Trinity once and for all but must act quick as time is fighting against her. Will Lara be able to make the tough choice in the end against everything she’s always fought for, or will Trinity finally prevail?
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Brian Reed, Chris Schlerf, Duffy Boudreau (A) Ricardo Sanchez, Sergio Arino, Various (CA) Jean-Sebastien Rossbach
Showcasing chapters written by Halo® 5: Guardians lead writer Brian Reed and Halo 4 senior writer Chris Schlerf, this convenient paperback collects Halo: Initiation #1-#3 and Halo: Escalation #1-#12, and features a complete cover gallery and process pages.
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018
SRP: $24.99



(W) Jody Houser (A) Michael Atiyeh (A/CA) Gabriel Guzman
A group of terran space scavengers are ambushed by an invisible, deadly stalker-and then by aggressive Dominion forces out to ruin their salvage operation! Writer Jody Houser (Orphan Black, Faith) and artist Gabriel Guzmán (Star Wars, Mass Effect) join forces for an exciting new sci-fi series that expands the universe of Blizzard’s hit game.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Garth Ennis (A) P. J. Holden, Michael Atiyeh (CA) Isaac Hannaford
In the aftermath of the terrible Battle of Kursk, Kraft and Stadler are given one last job to do-but Piotr and Ginger have some unfinished business of their own. The two sides meet head-on amidst the blood and wreckage of two armies, as the fates of Germany and Russia are decided once and for all.
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Gabriel Hardman (A) Rain Beredo (A/CA) Gabriel Hardman
A mother and son bound by a shared terror-separated by an implacable alien force! A spaceship that should carry them away from the fear becomes a deathtrap from which escape seems impossible!
The Trono colony on LV-871 is under attack. Emergency evacuations are ordered. Twelve-year-old Maxon and his mom face the most terrifying creatures in the galaxy . . . Aliens! A terrifying coming-of-age story by master storyteller Gabriel Hardman. Collects issues #1-#4 of the series.

“Aliens: Dust to Dust is solid comics storytelling that reminds us how much Aliens has always played on our primal fears.” – Monkeys Fighting Robots
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $17.99



(W) Chris Warner (A) Neeraj Menon (A/CA) Agustin Padilla
A reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan turns into a deadly three-way game of cat-and-mouse as the Hunters track a Predator-and attempt to avoid a government-sponsored team after the same prey!
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Chris Warner (A) Agustin Padilla, Neeraj Menon
A reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan turns into a deadly three-way game of cat-and-mouse as the Hunters track a Predator-and attempt to avoid a government-sponsored team after the same prey!
In Shops: Sep 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Brian Wood (A) Jeff Stokely
NYPD officer Lucy Castro is being hunted by the T-800, and seeks protection from a local crime boss in order to survive the night. Will it be enough?
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Brian Wood (A) Jeff Stokely
NYPD officer Lucy Castro is being hunted by the T-800, and seeks protection from a local crime boss in order to survive the night. Will it be enough?
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99



(W) Tom Yeates, Alan Gordon (A) Bo Hampton, Lori Almeida, Steve Oliff (A/CA) Tom Yeates
A surprising new tale that drops the lord of the jungle into an unfamiliar setting-the future! Can Tarzan’s vine-swinging skills serve him in the half-flooded ruins of a future London? Collects the complete story from the pages of Dark Horse Presents, along with over 40 pages of new material.
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018
SRP: $14.99



(W) Wendy Pini, Richard Pini (A) Wendy Pini
The latest collection of the classic fantasy series by Wendy and Richard Pini continues the canonical adventures of the Wolfriders. With Cutter leading his warriors against the human warlord Grohmul Djun, his chief-daughter Ember takes her tribemates far away into unknown lands, where she pits her skills and courage against new threats and unexpected revelations.

This fifth volume of the New York Times best-selling series weighs in at a hefty 760 pages. It collects material from Elfquest: Hidden Years #16-29, as well as the entire “Wild Hunt” sequence from Elfquest comics (vol.2). A stunning collection of art and story from Wendy and Richard Pini and others.
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $24.99



(W) Fred Van Lente (A) Brian Ching, Guiu Villanova, Michael Atiyeh (CA) Daryl Mandryk
Fred Van Lente adapts Robert E. Howard’s “Xuthal of the Dusk” and “A Witch Shall Be Born.” A heartbroken Conan travels to the desert to peddle his sword arm and seek ancient treasure. But there will be little time for mourning when Conan encounters his nemesis, the Stygian necromancer Thoth-Amon! Collects Conan Vol. 18: The Damned Horde (Conan the Avenger #7-12), Conan Vol. 19: Xuthal of the Dusk (Conan the Avenger #13–#19), Conan Vol. 20: A Witch Shall Be Born (Conan the Avenger #20–#25).

o The award-winning Dark Horse Conan series now available in value-priced Omnibus format.

o New Conan TV series in development at Amazon.
In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $24.99



(W) Timothy Truman (A) Jos? Villarrubia (A/CA) Tomas Giorello
As the king of Aquilonia, Conan struggles with internal threats to his throne as well as dangers beyond his country’s borders. Dark Horse’s award-winning King Conan comics by Timothy Truman, Tomás Giorello, and José Villarrubia are all collected into one deluxe hardcover! Adaptations of Howard’s short stories “The Scarlet Citadel,” “The Phoenix on the Sword,” and “Wolves Beyond the Border” are included, as well as the twelve-issue adaptation of Howard’s only Conan novel, The Hour of the Dragon.
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $99.99



(W) Hiroaki Samura (A) Hiroaki Samura
Collecting the “Demon Lair” story arc, which features a massive prison escape helmed by young Rin, and “Footsteps,” a key story arc that builds up to Blade of the Immortal’s intense, multi-volume final battle! Dishonored military leader Kagimura must destroy Anotsu and the hated Itto-ry? school, so he forms the new Rokki-dan gang of odd criminal misfits to help him track Anotsu down. Collects volumes 20-22.
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $21.99




Creepy Archives opens one crypt too many to expose a writhing mass of frightful fun. Including stories by William DuBay, Alfredo Alcala, Nicola Cuti, Budd Lewis, and more, Creepy Archives Volume 27 reanimates classic tales of terror from the most harrowing series in comics history! Collects Creepy magazine issues #128-#133.
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018
SRP: $49.99



(W) Square Enix (A) Square Enix
Explore the art and adventure of the quintessential entries in the Final Fantasy saga with this gorgeous 300-plus-page hardcover. Collecting concept art, design notes, creator retrospectives, and more from Final Faintasy VII, VIII, and IX, Dark Horse and Square Enix’s journey through the creation of the groundbreaking role-playing masterpiece continues!

o Collecting the art and notes from the creation of Final Fantasy games seven-through-nine.

o Available in English for the first time!
In Shops: Nov 21, 2018
SRP: $39.99



(W) Kengo Hanazawa (A) Kengo Hanazawa
As the ZQN virus continues to mutate and alter those living and dead, Yabu and Hiromi attempt to get free from a zombie swarm and find help for Hideo. Across Japan, those who are fully ZQN begin to band together in surprising ways. Another group of survivors is found, and Kengo Hanazawa’s epic manga series begins to rev up the action as it moves toward its stunning finale!
In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $19.99




The perfect size for your desk or windowsill, Dark Horse is proud to present a new mini replica of the iconic Iron Throne from HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones. Each sword that comprises the Iron Throne is captured in both sculpture and paint. Packaged in a full color box.
In Shops: Nov 21, 2018
SRP: $24.99




The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been praised for its expansive and immersive world. This challenging 1,000 piece deluxe puzzle of the fanciful map of the Witcher world can now be brought home for hours of puzzling entertainment. From Vizima, to Kaer Trolde, each city, keep and village is beautifully detailed. The completed puzzle measures 20″ x 27″ and comes packaged in a full color box. Both puzzle and box are treated in a high quality matte finish.
In Shops: Oct 17, 2018
SRP: $19.99






Jack’s Crocodile Bar: where deals are made over a beer and a bite. This set features a variety of Jack’s logos on sturdy, cork-backed coasters.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $9.99






When Shadow Moon enters the employ of the mysterious Mr. Wednesday in the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, a new world unfolds. They seal the deal in the Crocodile Bar, drinking three shots: one is the charm, one is the compact, one is the seal. You can try this at home with our new three-pack of custom shot glasses. Packaged in a full-color box with a photo of the scene and explanation of the deal.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $14.99




When Shadow Moon enters the employ of the mysterious Mr. Wednesday in the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, a new world unfolds. They seal the deal in the Crocodile Bar, drinking three shots: one is the bargain, one is the compact, one is the seal. You can try this at home with our new three-pack of custom shot glasses. Packaged in a full-color box with a photo of the scene and explanation of the deal.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $19.99




When you’re on a road trip, there’s nothing more comforting than a hot cup of coffee in a diner mug. This 10-ounce mug features the logo of Motel America, one of Shadow Moon’s varied stops on the acclaimed show American Gods.
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $12.99

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These videos of protesters screaming at Kirstjen Nielsen are pretty cathartic, actually

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen holds a news briefing at the White House

I thought this was going to make me feel even more helpless than I already feel, but it ended up being a pretty cathartic, feel-good video. Nazi Bitch Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump’s Homeland Security chief and the Nazi slug in human form, can’t even go out to dinner without outraged citizens screaming at her. This reminds me a little bit of 2005, post-Katrina, when the Bush administration’s officials didn’t end their vacations while Americans died in New Orleans. Back then, outraged citizens literally chased Condoleezza Rice out of a Broadway show. That’s the way it should be done. None of these Trump people – and no Republican in Congress – should be allowed to live their lives or go out to eat or go to a movie or walk down the street without people screaming at them about the children in cages. So, Nazi Bitch Kirstjen Nielsen was trying to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant. This is what happened:

I admire the protesters’ ability to simply stand back and shout and chant. I wouldn’t have been capable of such restraint. I know myself, and I know my temper: I would have been arrested for felony assault, because I would have been throwing sh-t at her and a lot worse, all while screaming about Nazis. How are people capable of this kind of restraint?

This is the face of evil in America, and please keep remembering that Trump and his people are putting these blonde white women out there as the face of their policies for a reason. Also, this Nazi Bitch needs to get her roots done. I hope her hairstylist protests her Nazi ass too.

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen holds a news briefing at the White House

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.
U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen holds a news briefing at the White House U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen holds a news briefing at the White House

Facebook launches Workplace for Good, a free version of its enterprise product for non-profits

Steam lets game developers customize their homepages

Birthday Sluts

Embed from Getty Images

Bob Vila (72)
Serayah (23)
Alexis Neiers (27)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse (29)
Dreama Walker (32)
Grace Potter (35)
Tika Sumpter (38)
Frank Lampard (40)
Chino Moreno (45)
Josh Lucas (47)
Twiggy Ramirez (47)
Peter Paige (49)
Robert Rodriguez (50)
Nicole Kidman (51)
John Taylor (58)
Michael Anthony (64)
John Goodman (66)
Lionel Richie (69)
Tina Sinatra (70)
Anne Murray (73)
Brian Wilson (76)
Stephen Frears (77)
Danny Aiello (85)
Olympia Dukakis (87)
John Mahoney (1940-2018)
Martin Landau (1928-2017)
Lillian Hellman (1905-1984)

Mario Tennis On Switch Is Mostly Fun (But Frustrating) – Kotaku


Mario Tennis On Switch Is Mostly Fun (But Frustrating)
If you have ever wanted to play a tennis game in which you have a better chance of breaking your racket than hitting the ball out of bounds, then Mario Tennis Aces is for you. Just get ready for some frustrating matches. This new Mario Tennis, which ...
'Mario Tennis Aces' Review Roundup: A Fighting Game In Disguise?Forbes
Mario Tennis Aces ReviewIGN
Mario Tennis Aces is great, but it's not the game we expectedPolygon
GameSpot -VentureBeat -Shacknews -Bleacher Report
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Why didn’t Duchess Meghan wear a name-tag on her Givenchy at Royal Ascot?

Congressional Intern Yells ‘F*** You!’ to President Trump

President Trump got an earful in Congress -- not from an elected official -- but from an intern who yelled "F**k you!" The moment was captured on video Tuesday evening as POTUS walked through the Capitol Rotunda of the Congressional building -- he…

Medical News Today: What to know about hypohidrosis

People with hypohidrosis sweat less than they should. This impairs the body’s ability to cool down and can cause heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke. Hypohidrosis is a less extreme form of anhidrosis, where a person is unable to sweat. Learn about hypohidrosis here, including its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Auburn aims to add 1 or 2 of nation’s ‘best’ running backs in 2019 class

Auburn will sign at least one running back in the 2019 class, though the Tigers could take a second one this cycle.

Why People Believed Hippos Were Related to Whales

Things Will Never Be The Same

Preview: Teen Titans #23 Goes Full-Out Akira

Taiwan-based media startup The News Lens raises Series C for its international growth plans

The News Lens launched in 2013 as an independent news site for Taiwanese readers disenchanted with the country’s tabloid-ridden media. Now it has 9 million monthly unique readers, offices in Taipei and Hong Kong and just announced it has raised a Series C. The Taipei-based startup did not disclose the exact amount of the round, but founder and CEO Joey Chung told TechCrunch it’s between $3 million to $4 million.

The round includes participation from Dorcas, Hazel Asset Management, Walden International and returning investor North Base Media. Individual investors in the round include Steve Chen, co-founder and former chief technology officer of YouTube, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and Charles Huang, the co-creator of Guitar Hero.

At the very beginning, The News Lens was a Facebook page that shared news and analysis before launching its eponymous site with original content and videos. Now the startup envisions its future as a media group, with several brands. Earlier this year, The News Lens acquired two Taiwanese content producers, tech news site Inside and sports site Sports Vision, which still operate as separate brands. The News Lens’ two other verticals are its flagship news site, which now has Chinese-language editions for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, as well as an English version for international readers, and ELD, which covers lifestyle and fashion.

The News Lens will use some of its new capital to launch its in-house content management and data analytics platform and plans to gain more international readers through strategic partnerships or acquisitions of other Chinese-language online media companies.


Aaptiv raises $22M from Amazon, Disney and more for its “Netflix for fitness”, now valued over $200M

India’s budget hotel network unicorn OYO expands into China

The 10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Can't think of a Father's Day gift? Look no further, as IGN have rounded up 10 Tech gift ideas for Father's Day, which falls on 17th June 2018.

Who was the best-dressed York princess at the Serpentine Gallery party?

The Summer Party 2018 presented by Serpentine Galleries and Chanel - Arrivals

The York princesses pulled double-duty yesterday, attending Royal Ascot with the Queen and other family members, then changing their whole fashion vibes for an evening appearance at the annual summer party for the Serpentine Gallery. Princess Eugenie brought her fiance Jack Brooksbank, and they’re really growing on me as a couple. Maybe I’m totally off the mark, but the vibe I get from Jack is that he’s “nice but dim,” as the Brits would say. He’s a lovely bloke who treats Eugenie like a princess, but he’s never going to set the world on fire with his intellect. Which is fine. Eugenie wore this black-and-purple one-shoulder tunic thing with leather pants (??), all of which is cute, but the outfit is all about those crazy shoes.

As for Beatrice… it felt like she was tagging along with her sister, honestly. Eugenie is the artistic one, the one who works for art galleries and has all of these connections in the art and fashion worlds. That being said, Beatrice and Eugenie are both regulars at this summer party, so it wasn’t a tag-along situation. Beatrice is the last single girl standing of her generation, doesn’t it feel that way? Her dress here is Mary Katrantzou. I like it?

Celebrities at The Serpentine Summer Party

I also didn’t get a chance to post any photos of Bea and Eugenie at Royal Ascot. I honestly forgot, and it seemed like photographers weren’t going out of their way to get shots of them. I hated what Beatrice wore – a dress by Claire Mischevani which is way too conservative and matronly for a woman of 29. Eugenie wore an Osman wrap dress which…I actually like, even though I think it looks so costume-y. It looks like something a character would wear on an episode of Poiret.

Embed from Getty Images

Royal Ascot 2018

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Getty and WENN.
Royal Ascot 2018 Celebrities at The Serpentine Summer Party The Summer Party 2018 presented by Serpentine Galleries and Chanel - Arrivals The Summer Party 2018 presented by Serpentine Galleries and Chanel - Arrivals The Serpentine Summer Party 2018 held at the Serpentine Gallery The Serpentine Summer Party 2018 held at the Serpentine Gallery

Eva Longoria Gives Birth To Beautiful Baby Boy

Eva Longoria Baby Birth Boy Photos

Eva Longoria has given birth to a beautiful baby boy!

As has learned, the former Desperate Housewives star welcomed her first child this Tuesday, June 19, in Los Angeles. She and husband José Bastón spoke to HOLA! USA about their new bundle of joy, saying “We are so grateful for this beautiful blessing.”

PHOTOS: Eva Longoria Marries Jose Baston In Romantic Mexican Ceremony — See The Photos!

The publication also shared the first photos of the gorgeous newborn, who will now be known as Santiago Enrique Bastón.


As Radar readers know, Longoria, 43, and Bastón, 50, tied the knot in Mexico in 2016. While the Mexican TV mogul is already a father to four grown children from his previous relationship, he is ecstatic to start his own family with the brunette beauty.

In the past few months, Longoria has been active as ever. After admitting that her growing belly bump was, in fact, not a “ball of cheese,” the actress proudly displayed her curves around town—and at work!

During her pregnancy, Longoria produced her film Overboard, celebrated her Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and sold her beloved Hollywood Hills home.

PHOTOS: First Class All The Way! Inside Eva Longoria’s Over-The-Top Mexican Wedding

She and her hubby will now reside full time in their Bel Air Crest mansion, which is where they will raise their baby boy.

What do you think of the first photos of Eva Longoria’s son? Let us know in the comments below.

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for Email us at, or call us at (866) ON-RADAR (667-2327) any time, day or night.

Talented Stock Boy

Prince Louis of Cambridge’s christening is scheduled for July 9th, in London

‘RHOC’ Rush To The Altar! Shannon Beador’s Ex To Marry Girlfriend After Divorce Finalized

David Beador Marrying Lesley Cook After Divorce

It’s is not only the temperature that is heating up in Orange County, California! has exclusively learned that The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador‘s soon-to-be ex-husband David is getting “super serious” with his girlfriend of six months, Lesley Cook — so serious, that he plans to pop the question as soon as his messy divorce is finalized!

“David and Lesley are madly in love with each other. He feels like he was meant to meet her when he did and the two of them are soul mates,” a source close to David, 53, said.

PHOTOS: The RHOC Ca$h List EXPOSED — Who Gets Paid Big & Whose Salary Is PATHETICALLY Sad!

But that’s not all! According to the pal, David — who is already a father of three teen girls with ex Shannon — ALSO wants to have another baby with Lesley after their quickie wedding!

“David is such a good father to his girls, and Lesley’s kids love him already. He has really become a father figure to them and he absolutely loves it. But they definitely want to have a kid of their own after becoming husband and wife,” the source told Radar.

As fans know, David and Shannon, 54, are stuck in the middle of a nasty court battle over spousal support.

PHOTOS: She’s Back! Meghan Edmonds Rejoins ‘RHOC’ As Full-Time Cast Member

They are slated to face off in court this summer in hopes to finalize the divorce.

“David just wants to wait until everything is finalized with Shannon because he doesn’t want her to try and come after him for more money or something. He honestly does not care what anyone thinks because he is living his life with Lesley in private.”

Do you think that David Beador and Lesley Cook make a good couple? Sound off in the comments below.

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Canaan Partners gives $20 million to its two youngest employees to invest in consumer startups

Canaan Partners, the venture capital firm that has backed companies like Skybox Imaging, and Lending Club, has a new investment strategy. Called Canaan Beta, it entails setting aside $20 million of its $800 million fund to its two youngest employees, and then empowering them to make their own investment decisions as a duo. The bet is that, just how Jeremy Liew found out about Snapchat from his teenage daughter, Canaan’s youngest staffers will find other potentially lucrative opportunities.

As the speed of technological innovation continues to increase, the barriers to starting a tech company decline and the demographics in the U.S. go in the direction of non-white, Canaan envisions its Beta program being potentially game-changing for the firm. Since January, Hootan Rashidifard (28 years old) and Adina Tecklu (27 years old) have invested in five seed stage startups, with checks ranging in size from $250,000 – $500,000 each. Before Canaan Beta kicked off, Rashidifard and Tecklu worked as analysts at Canaan, where they have supported partners and founders but have not been autonomous check writers. By empowering its two youngest employees with decision-making power, Canaan hopes to better tap into the non-white, younger consumer market.

Rashidifard and Tecklu, both people of color, have joined an industry where 73 percent of investment professionals are white, according to a report from the Kapor Center for Social Impact. Meanwhile, just 12 percent of all investment professionals are women.

“We can use our backgrounds and our perspectives to see opportunities that others might overlook, which is really awesome,” Rashidifard told TechCrunch. “We might be seeing something that other people aren’t.”

More specifically, Rashidifard and Tecklu are looking at companies in blockchain, gaming, digital media, social and digital health.

“We’re not looking for incremental improvements to products or services,” Tecklu told TechCrunch. “We’re looking at category defining and category creating companies here. So the scope feels quite large but what they all have in common is that we’re really backing tenacious founders with audacious visions for what the future looks like and they’re building towards that.”

To hear more about Tecklu’s new role, and her take on all-things technology and culture, check out the latest episode of CTRL+T.

Newly Unearthed Civil War Bones Speak Silently to the Grim Aftermath of Battle

SpaceX: Elon Musk Shares Staggering Video That Shows True Size of Rockets – Inverse


SpaceX: Elon Musk Shares Staggering Video That Shows True Size of Rockets
Elon Musk has shared a video that helps visualize the sheer scale of SpaceX's rockets, and the results are awe-inspiring. The CEO retweeted a video on Wednesday from YouTube channel Corridor Crew, which uses visual effects to show the size of the ...
Superalloys to help reach MarsSpaceflight News
SpaceX Falcon 9 & BFR rockets are huge, but how big are they really? [Video]Teslarati

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Meditation app Calm hits a $250M valuation amid an explosion of interest in mindfulness apps

Catwoman Gets Her Own Killing Joke Moment in Batman #49 (Major SPOILERS)

Today sees the publication of Batman #49 by Tom King, Mikel Janin and June Chung.

Much has been made of the Joker’s intention to attend the wedding of Batman and Catwoman. Indeed, today’s Batman Wedding Prelude: Red Hood Vs Anarky is focused on that fact as well.

Batman and the Joker have circled each other since the beginning. And there was one moment, most telling, in Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, where that final scene saw Batman recognise something in the Joker as something in him. The suggestion sometimes taken in this final page is that Batman finally kills the Joker. Batman leans on the Joker – or is he strangling him? The laughter stops, the sirens blare…

Well, in today’s Batman #49, the Joker remembers that scene. So, guessing he didn’t die. Unless that was one of the Three Jokers.

So the Joker believes he held Batman as opposed to the other way round? But as much as this is about the Joker and Batman, it is also about the Joker and Catwoman, and they do have a sort of Mexican bleed-off….


And the love that only speaks its name in the Batman Lego Movie.

We have also talked about what this Batwedding could mean for Batman and Catwoman, after reading through Tom King’s run in one go…

A Batwedding means no more Batman. And a Joker needs his Batman.

And without a Batman, The Joker might just as well…

The Catwoman laughs. Finally, she laughs. Just as Batman did in The Killing Joke. And just as the Joker did back then, he dies.

The death of the Joker, folks. The laugh of the Catwoman. And the end of the marriage…?

Batman #49 is published today. No retailer has ordered enough copies if this follows through…

Batman #50 is published on the 4th July.

(W) Tom King (A/CA) Mikel Janin
“THE BEST MAN” part two! Now it’s up to Catwoman to rescue her one true love. It’s the Cat vs. the Clown in one exciting showdown that sets the stage for our giant anniversary issue-and the biggest union in comics! In Shops: Jun 20, 2018
SRP: $2.99

(W) Tom King (A) David Finch, Joelle Jones, Mitch Gerads, Rafael Albuquerque, Neal Adams, Andy Kubert, Becky Cloonan, Ty Templeton, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Frank Miller, Lee Bermejo (A/CA) Mikel Janin
It’s the wedding you never thought you’d see! The Batrimony is real as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are set to tie the knot in a can’t-miss, extra-length milestone issue that will reshape Gotham City. All their friends (and a few enemies?) will be party to a comic book coupling for the ages. Superstar scribe Tom King officiates the sure-to-be-offbeat nuptials, joined by an all-star lineup of guest classic Bat-artists doffing their hats to the lucky couple in a series of pre-wedding flashback scenes sure to set the romantic mood.In Shops: Jul 04, 2018
SRP: $4.99


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Ford’s future transportation plans include an iconic Detroit train station

Rachel Maddow wept on-air when trying to read about babies in detention centers


America is a horror show. We had the anecdotal stories before now. Mothers have been telling journalists for the past week that ICE agents and border patrol agents literally stole their babies. Mothers were nursing their babies, holding onto their small children, and those babies were ripped from their arms. We’ve seen the images of children being kept in cages at these detention centers too, but there haven’t been any images of the actual stolen babies (nor can anyone confirm where all the stolen little girls are). Now we know, because the Associated Press broke the news last night: the babies and young toddlers are being sent to “tender age shelters” in South Texas. Shelters as in plural – there are multiple tender age shelters filled with stolen, traumatized babies and toddlers. The news broke at the end of Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show. This is what happened:

Maddow is a professional broadcaster, used to breaking news and emotional stories about traumatic events, but the AP report broadsided her and she couldn’t handle it. She’s human. She later apologized on Twitter for crying on air and added information about the stolen babies being caged in detention centers away from their parents.

America is a horror show.

A few hours before Maddow went on the air, Fox News was doing a segment about the children being kept in cages by the American government. One guest was trying to describe the report, which came out yesterday, of a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome who has been forcibly separated from her parents. A story of a traumatized little girl with Down syndrome was hilarious to Corey Lewandowski, a former Trump employee and current Fox News talking head. He greeted the story with a “womp womp.”

America is a horror show.

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Europe takes another step towards copyright pre-filters for user generated content

In a key vote this morning the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee has backed the two most controversial elements of a digital copyright reform package — which critics warn could have a chilling effect on Internet norms like memes and also damage freedom of expression online.

In the draft copyright directive, Article 11; “Protection of press publications concerning online uses” — which targets news aggregator business models by setting out a neighboring right for snippets of journalistic content that requires a license from the publisher to use this type of content (aka ‘the link tax’, as critics dub it) — was adopted by a 13:12 majority of the legal committee.

While, Article 13; “Use of protected content by online content sharing service providers”, which makes platforms directly liable for copyright infringements by their users — thereby pushing them towards creating filters that monitor all content uploads with all the associated potential chilling affects (aka ‘censorship machines’) — was adopted by a 15:10 majority.

MEPs critical of the proposals have vowed to continue to oppose the measures, and the EU parliament will eventually need to vote as a whole.

EU Member State representatives in the EU Council will also need to vote on the reforms before the directive can become law. Though, as it stands, a majority of European governments appear to back the proposals.

European digital rights group EDRi, a long-standing critic of Article 13, has a breakdown of the next steps for the copyright directive here. It’s possible there could be another key vote in the parliament next month — ahead of negotiations with the European Council, which could be finished by fall. A final vote on a legally checked text will take place in the parliament — perhaps before the end of the year.

Derailing the proposals now essentially rests on whether enough MEPs can be convinced it’s politically expedient to do so — factoring in a timeline that includes the next EU parliament elections, in May 2019.

Last week, a coalition of original Internet architects, computer scientists, academics and supporters — including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf, Bruce Schneier, Jimmy Wales and Mitch Kapor — penned an open letter to the European Parliament’s president to oppose Article 13, warning that while “well-intended” the requirement that Internet platforms perform automatic filtering of all content uploaded by users “takes an unprecedented step towards the transformation of the Internet from an open platform for sharing and innovation, into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users”.

“As creators ourselves, we share the concern that there should be a fair distribution of revenues from the online use of copyright works, that benefits creators, publishers, and platforms alike. But Article 13 is not the right way to achieve this,” they write in the letter.

“By inverting this liability model and essentially making platforms directly responsible for ensuring the legality of content in the first instance, the business models and investments of platforms large and small will be impacted. The damage that this may do to the free and open Internet as we know it is hard to predict, but in our opinions could be substantial.”

The Wikimedia Foundational also blogged separately, setting out some specific concerns about the impact that mandatory upload filters could have on Wikipedia.

“[A]ny sort of law which mandates the deployment of automatic filters to screen all uploaded content using AI or related technologies does not leave room for the types of community processes which have been so effective on the Wikimedia projects,” it warned last week. “As previously mentioned, upload filters as they exist today view content through a broad lens, that can miss a lot of the nuances which are crucial for the review of content and assessments of legality or veracity.”

More generally critics warn that expressive and creative remix formats like memes and GIFs — which have come to form an integral part of the rich communication currency of the Internet — will be at risk if the proposals become law…

Regarding Article 11, Europe already has experience experimenting with a neighboring right for news, after an ancillary copyright law was enacted in Germany in 2013. But local publishers ended up offering Google free consent to display their snippets after they saw traffic fall substantially when Google stopped showing their content rather than pay for using them.

Spain also enacted a similar law for publishers in 2014, but its implementation required publishers to charge for using their snippets — leading Google to permanently close its news aggregation service in the country.

Critics of this component of the digital copyright reform package also warn it’s unclear what kinds of news content will constitute a snippet, and thus fall under the proposal — even suggesting a URL including the headline of an article could fall foul of the copyright extension; ergo that the hyperlink itself could be in danger.

They also argue that an amendment giving Member States the flexibility to decide whether or not a snippet should be considered “insubstantial” (and thus freely shared) or not, does not clear up problems — saying it just risks causing fresh fragmentation across the bloc, at a time when the Commission is keenly pushing a so-called ‘Digital Single Market’ strategy.

“Instead of one Europe-wide law, we’d have 28,” warns Reda on that. “With the most extreme becoming the de-facto standard: To avoid being sued, international internet platforms would be motivated to comply with the strictest version implemented by any member state.”

However several European news and magazine publisher groups have welcomed the committee’s backing for Article 11. In a joint statement on behalf of publishing groups EMMAENPAEPC and NME a spokesperson said: “The Internet is only as useful as the content that populates it. This Publisher’s neighbouring Right will be key to encouraging further investment in professional, diverse, fact-checked content for the enrichment and enjoyment of everyone, everywhere.”

Returning to Article 13, the EU’s executive, the Commission — the body responsible for drafting the copyright reforms — has also been pushing online platforms towards pre-filtering content as a mechanism for combating terrorist content, setting out a “one hour rule” for takedowns of this type of content earlier this year, for example.

But again critics of the copyright reforms argue it’s outrageously disproportionate to seek to apply the same measures that are being applied to try to clamp down on terrorist propaganda and serious criminal offenses like child exploitation to police copyright.

“For copyrighted content these automated tools simply undermine copyright exceptions. And they are not proportionate,” Reda told us last year. “We are not talking about violent crimes here in the way that terrorism or child abuse are. We’re talking about something that is a really widespread phenomenon and that’s dealt with by providing attractive legal offers to people. And not by treating them as criminals.”

Responding to today’s committee vote, Jim Killock, executive director of digital rights group, the Open Rights Group, attacked what he dubbed a “dreadful law”, warning it would have a chilling effect on freedom of expression online.

“Article 13 must go,” he said in a statement. “The EU Parliament’s duty is to defend citizens from unfair and unjust laws. MEPs must reject this law, which would create a Robo-copyright regime intended to zap any image, text, meme or video that appears to include copyright material, even when it is entirely legal material.”

Also reacting to the vote today, Monique Goyens, director general of European consumer rights group BEUC, said: “The internet as we know it will change when platforms will need to systematically filter content that users want to upload. The internet will change from a place where consumers can enjoy sharing creations and ideas to an environment that is restricted and controlled. Fair remuneration for creators is important, but consumers should not be at the losing end.”

Goyens blamed the “pressure of the copyright industry” for scuppering “even modest attempts to modernise copyright law”.

“Today’s rules are outdated and patchy. It is high time that copyright laws take into account that consumers share and create videos, music and photos on a daily basis. The majority of MEPs failed to find a solution that would have benefitted consumers and creators,” she added in a statement.

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On This Day In Space! June 20, 1983: Challenger Launches Palapa B Satellite

On June 20, 1983, the crew of the space shuttle Challenger – including America's first space woman Sally Ride -- deployed an Indonesian communications satellite called Palapa-B1 into orbit. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series.

Should we expect Fox-employed artists to quit their jobs in protest of Fox News?

Sofia Vergara honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The other day, I covered Seth MacFarlane’s tweet about how he was and is “embarrassed” to work for Fox, which is part of the same corporation which owns Fox News. Artists who work for Fox these days are particularly upset, given that Fox News is the propaganda network for a fascist dictator who throws small children and babies into cages. Seth has a long-standing and lucrative deal with Fox, and I don’t see him leaving the network anytime soon. But it was nice to hear him air some grievances. Who knew that it would be the start of something interesting though?

First, Steve Levitan tweeted his agreement with Seth’s tweet, then Levitan added this:

Levitan is the creator/producer on Modern Family, which airs on ABC but was produced and developed by Fox, and it shoots on the Fox lot. Fox makes money off of Modern Family, and Levitan is technically in business with Fox. After that tweet, which made Levitan sound like he was about to pull Modern Family out of Fox, he tweeted this:

“Fox Studio has been a wonderful home for most of my career – so many amazing people there who share the concerns about @FoxNews but aren’t in the position to speak out. I have no problem with fact-based conservatism (such as WSJ), but @FoxNew’s 23-hour-a-day support of the NRA, conspiracy theories and Trump’s lies gets harder to swallow every day as I drive onto that lot to make a show about inclusion. I look forward to seeing #ModernFamily through to the end and then, sale or no sale, setting up shop elsewhere.

[From Levitan’s Twitter]

Which is sort of a cop-out, but it’s also realistic: he’s under contract too. And he would be sued into oblivion if he tried to disentangle Modern Family from Fox, especially since this next season is likely to be MF’s last. That being said, Levitan isn’t exactly a profile in courage. But other people are trying, like Paul Feig:

Judd Apatow was also tweeting a lot about all of this, and what kind of responsibility artists should have while working for Fox Entertainment – go here to read some of Judd’s thoughts.

So what do you think? I’ve never flat-out blamed the artists who work for or with Fox, quite honestly. Maybe I would feel differently if it felt like the Murdochs were super-involved with their entertainment divisions, but as I said in the MacFarlane post, the Murdochs only care about their “news” divisions, print and television. They’ve always given Fox Entertainment free rein to do whatever. To make the Nazi comparison, it’s not like artists working for Fox are working for the Nazis. The artists are working for a subcontractor who is in business with the Nazi propaganda machine. It’s still problematic AF, but let’s be real: other entertainment corporations have huge political issues too.

Chrysalis Butterfly Ball 2018

Los Angeles Premiere of 'Blockers' - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.
Sofia Vergara honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ABC TCA Summer 2016 Party Los Angeles Premiere of 'Blockers' - Arrivals Chrysalis Butterfly Ball 2018

Donald Trump Wants a ‘Space Force,’ But America Already Has One

In a meeting of the National Space Council yesterday (June 18), President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to get cracking on building a sixth branch of the U.S. military called the Space Force. We have one. It's called the Air Force.

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SpongeBob NoPants? Bizarre ‘Nude’ Sea Creature May Be a Sponge Relative After All – Live Science

Live Science

SpongeBob NoPants? Bizarre 'Nude' Sea Creature May Be a Sponge Relative After All
Live Science
A "nude" sponge-like animal with no organs and just one orifice that lived 500,000 years ago is offering compelling new clues about a bizarre group of ancient creatures. Though it somewhat resembles a sponge, the newcomer — now called Allonnia nuda ...
Strange sponge-like fossil creature from half a billion years agoScience Daily
Strange 'nude' fossil creature from half a billion years agoScience Codex
Bizarre 'nude' creature fossil discovery poses so many
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‘PUBG’ celebrates 50 million sales with first Steam discount

James Bond and Stranger Things on Cover of Next Week’s Diamond Previews

Medical News Today: How can I tell if I have low magnesium?

Early signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency can include vomiting, loss of appetite, and tiredness. However, magnesium deficiency is rare, and symptoms usually indicate an underlying health condition. In this article, we look at the symptoms and implications of magnesium deficiency, as well as how to correct it.


Trump’s Space Force Push Reopens Arguments About Military in Space

President Donald Trump's call this week that to create a sixth branch of the U.S. military — which he called the "Space Force" — has reopened a wider debate on the military's role in space.

BBVA and Repsol to build blockchain finance apps, BBVA issues record €325M credit line on its blockchain network

Why Are Astronauts Moonwalking on the Bottom of This Giant Pool?

With government leaders and space organizations aiming to bring humans back to the moon, how do astronauts train to work on the lunar surface? A really, really deep pool.

Blac Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay: It’s Over!!!!!

Good/frightening news, men around the world:

Blac Chyna is backon the market!

Just a few weeks after rumors spread around the Internet that the reality star and YBN Almighty Jay were expecting a baby, the rapper himself has confirmed a tragic piece of news...

Blac Chyna Car Selfie

... this relationship is over.

The random, previously-unheard-of teenage rapper made this development known via his Instagram Stories on Monday, writing very simply:

@blacchyna and I are no longer together.

We can't say we're especially shocked by this outcome, although we are surprised that the couple apparently split without any tension or public, knock-down, drag-out ugly fights.

Chyna appeared to be rocking a baby bump at her son King Cairo's graduation last week, following chatter in late April that she was actually pregnant with her third child.

(Chyna is the mother of a son with ex-boyfriend Tyga and the mother of a daughter with ex-fiance Rob Kardashian.)

over with chyna

This is not to say that Chyna can't be pregnant AND the relationship can't be over.

Both those things could most certainly still be true.

The stars, who confirmed their romance in March, reportedly met on Christian Mingle.

They were first spotted together in February at Pinz Bowling Alley in Los Angeles, raising many eyebrows due to YBN Almighty Jay's age; the dude is only 18 years old.

He said in a podcast this spring that he "don't wear condoms" because he's a giant moron in the wake of the aforementioned pregnancy rumors, adding that he'd be happy to start a family with Chyna.

"I would not want to fck a bitch I did not want to get pregnant,” he explained at the time. “If Chyna got pregnant, I would keep that sh-t like ‘ohh daddy love you,’ I love that ass."

We really have no idea why Chyna wouldn't want to be with this guy forever.

YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna

Chyna, has yet to comment on the breakup, although she shared a video of herself lying on a purple couch on Instagram shortly after Jay shared the news yesterday.

Chyna also spoke out regarding her other past relationships on Sunday, June 17. Yes, on Father's Day.

The former Rob & Chyna star accused both her exes, Kardashian and Tyga, of NOT paying child support, writing on her Instagram Story the following:

“WOW Tyga and child support BOSS B---H 201....."

Sources say Rob was angry over being called out in such a manner, believing Chyna is just trying to extort him for even more money.

These two have actually been rather mature when it comes to little Dream, with Chyna not keeping the young girl away from her dad, despite some of Rob's past actions.

We have no idea where this feud will go in the future, but let's hope the child isn't used as any sort of pawn between the former lovers.

Whoa! Watch This Fireball Blaze Over a Foo Fighters Concert in the Netherlands

A brilliant fireball brought some out-of-this-world fireworks to a Foo Fighters concert in the Netherlands on Saturday (June 16).

Space Station Astronaut Chats with Passengers Aboard ‘Viking Orion’ Cruise Ship –

Space Station Astronaut Chats with Passengers Aboard 'Viking Orion' Cruise Ship
MONTE CARLO, Monaco — NASA astronaut Drew Feustel called the Viking Orion cruise ship Saturday (June 16) to speak with his wife, son and passengers on board, marking the first time that the International Space Station has contacted a nonmilitary ...
Astronaut Clayton Anderson to Autograph NGC

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Redmond O’Neal Stabbing Victim Faces ‘Years Of Recovery’ After Vicious ‘Kill Attack’

Savagely slashed and left for dead, a victim of the jailbird son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal faces years of recovery,  claimed a family friend who told exclusively: “This was a kill attack! This was him saying, ‘I am going to kill you!’” Aspiring actor Anton Folkerson, 34, spent two days in a coma after the brutal May assault — which police said came at the hands of junkie Redmond O’Neal, who now faces hard time for attempted murder!  Authorities charge 33-year-old Redmond plunged a knife THREE-AND-A-HALF INCHES into Anton’s brain before slitting his throat along the carotid artery! Anton’s gruesome injuries are revealed for the first time in a world exclusive photo obtained by Radar! Click through for an close-up shot of Folkerson’s bloody wounds.

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Brittany Picks ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Costars As Bridesmaids For Wedding To Jax!

Brittany Cartwright and fiancée Jax Taylor are keeping most details about their upcoming Kentucky wedding a secret!

But has exclusively learned that the Vanderpump Rules bride-to-be has chosen her bridesmaids, and they are the “five women who have been there for her since day one,” a source claimed.

According to an insider close to the reality star and bad boy fiance Taylor, 38, Cartwright’s fellow SURvers and friends Scheana Shay, 34, Katie Maloney, 31, Stassi Schroeder, 29, Kristen Doute, 35, and Ariana Madix, 32, will all serve as bridesmaids for Cartwright and Taylor’s wedding.

PHOTOS: ‘VPR’ Sex Scandal: Jax Taylor’s Mistress Faith Stowers Has Proof Of Sordid Affair

“Brittany can’t believe she is finally getting married to Jax after all these years, and she just wants everything to be perfect.”

“The fact that they are all going to help Brittany plan this wedding and pick out dresses and décor and everything has given them a huge new project and they are determined to make it the most beautiful wedding ever,” the insider continued.

As fans know, however, Cartwright, 29, and Taylor split last year after he was caught cheating with Faith Stowers. However, they got back together amid Taylor’s father’s cancer crisis and later tragic death.

PHOTOS: Just The Guys! Jax Taylor Caught Without Girlfriend Amid Cheating Rumors

“Brittany feels that she made the right decision for herself by saying yes to him,” the source claimed. “He promises his infidelities are no more, and he’s a changed man.”

Do you think that Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor’s marriage will last? Sound off in the comments.

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Why Is Nintendo’s Switch So Successful? It’s All About The Marketing – Forbes


Why Is Nintendo's Switch So Successful? It's All About The Marketing
The Wii was Nintendo's best-selling home console of all time, so of course its successor launched with impossibly high expectations. And yes, the Wii U was an abject failure, despite having a number of excellent first-party Nintendo games. Don't worry ...
A more unified Nintendo is the secret to the Switch's massive successThe Verge

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