Blindsided! Blake Shelton Knew Nothing About Miranda Lambert’s Shock Wedding

Blake Shelton Blindsided By Miranda Lambert Shock Wedding

They may have been married for several years but Blake Shelton knew nothing about Miranda Lambert‘s shock wedding.

Shelton – who is rumored to be getting wed to Gwen Stefani this year – was stunned to hear about Lambert’s union to Brendan Mcloughlin.

The Voice judge met Lambert in 2005 before the pair got married in 2011, formalizing their divorce in 2015.

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A source told “Blake found about the wedding at the same time everyone else did.

“He was NOT given a heads up and doesn’t know her new husband. Since they split they have had almost zero contact.”

A rep for the Lambert confirmed the marriage to Mcloughlin saying that it happened a while ago after she went public this weekend.

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The 35-year-old blonde baffled followers by walking down the aisle with the New York City cop and model after splitting with singer Evan Felker just last August.

And it appears as if her new husband has some serious baggage of his own. revealed that Mcloughlin welcomed a child with a baby mama in November 2018, making him the father of a 3-month-old, as a baby registry proves.

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Lambert totally shocked her fans when she announced via social media on February 16, 2019, that the pair was now husband and wife. reported recently how the country singer got involved in a bizarre incident at a Nashville steakhouse.

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27 Dumb Memes For The Greater Good

And Yahoo Answers too

2019 Daytona 500 results: Denny Hamlin holds off Kyle Busch, avoids crashes to win NASCAR’s biggest race – CBS Sports

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Jussie Smollett Defends Himself Against Damning Hoax Allegations

The investigation into Jussie Smollett has taken more twists and turns than an Empire season finale.

In the latest unexpected development to emanate from what had originally appeared to be a simple (albeit horrific) case of assault against the star, Smollett has released a statement through his legal team.

It seeks to end speculation that Smollett actually staged the attack late last month in which he was allegedly beaten and taunted by a pair of racist assailants.

Jussie Smollett: A Selfie

This is what Smollett's attorney said late Saturday on his client's behalf:

As a victim of a hate crime who has cooperated with the police investigation, Jussie Smollett is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with.

He has now been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpetrators that Jussie played a role in his own attack.

Nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying.

How did we possibly get to this point?

It's a long and convoluted story...

Jussie Smollett on Fox

Smollett told Chicago police that he was savagely beaten early on the morning of January 29.

He told authorities back then that the two suspects screamed yelled that he was in "MAGA country," that they tied a rope around his neck, that they poured bleach all over him and that he eventually took himself to a hospital for treatment.

The case made national headlines.

Numerous 2020 Presidential candidates sent their thoughts to Smollett, celebrities everywhere showered him with support and Donald Trump told the press it was a "horrible" incident.

The beating was referring to in the press as a "hate crime" and a "modern-day lynching."

Shortly after this story went viral, however, the police and the media were given reason to have some doubts.

Smollett, for example, reportedly refused to turn over his full cell phone records to the cops.

According to a new TMZ article, the police were also suspicious after Smollett took them to the scene of the alleged crime and immediately pointed out an obscure security camera in the vicinity.

Questions were raised internally over how Smollett know about this camera and whether he actually planned the attack to occur within the sight of it.

Jussie Smollett on Instagram

Then... two arrests were made in the case.

However, the men arrested were brothers from Nicaragua who actually worked in the past as extras on Empire. They knew Smollett somewhat well.

This raised even more questions, along the lines of:

  • Would two African-Americans really scream racial epithets at Smollett?
  • Might Smollett have paid these associates off as part of an elaborate hoax?

This theory is now gaining quite a bit of momentum.

For starters, the brothers were released without being charged -- and the reason given by Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi certainly raises a bunch of eyebrows:

"We can confirm that the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in the Empire case has in fact shifted the trajectory of the investigation."

Shifted the trajectory of the investigation.

The latest update from CNN also begins as follows:

Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN that Chicago Police believe actor Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate an assault on him that he reported late last month...

Multiple outlets claim that Smollett paid the siblings $4,000 in exchange for their role in the assault.

Why would he do this?

Presumably, sources have alleged, because he was being written off Empire and thought producers would change their minds after he became such a sympathetic figure on the national stage.

It's worth noting, however, that all executives and writers associated with Empire have strongly denied having any plans to let Smollett go.

Jussie Smollett on Fox

As you can see, this is a confusing and disturbing case all around.

Either Smollett really was the victim of a violent hate crime... or he's lying about it. There's no in between at this point.

Speaking to Robin Roberts of Good Morning America last Thursday, Smollett insisted he was telling the truth.

"It feels like if I had said it was a Muslim or a Mexican or someone black I feel like the doubters would have supported me a lot much more," Smollett said.

"And that says a lot about the place where we are as a country right now."

Solo Tristan Thompson Hits Club After Khloe Kardashian Split – See The Photos

Khloe Kardashian Baby Daddy Tristan Leaves Restaurant After Split

Tristan Thompson hit up a Los Angeles club as his relationship with Khloe Kardashian is in tatters. broke the story that the reality star has finally had enough of the womanizer.

And the Cleveland Cavaliers star acted like a single man as he visited Delilah restaurant and cocktail lounge this weekend.

As the paparazzi captured the 6ft 9inch basketball player leaving the club in a private car he kept his head down.

He was spotted leaving Delilah’s around 2am on Sunday during the early hours.

For more details – click through the images.

Stop saying, “We take your privacy and security seriously”

In my years covering cybersecurity, there’s one variation of the same lie that floats above the rest. “We take your privacy and security seriously.”

You might have heard the phrase here and there. It’s a common trope used by companies in the wake of a data breach — either in a “mea culpa” email to their customers or a statement on their website to tell you that they care about your data, even though in the next sentence they all too often admit to misusing or losing it.

The truth is, most companies don’t care about the privacy or security of your data. They care about having to explain to their customers that their data was stolen.

I’ve never understood exactly what it means when a company says it values my privacy. If that were the case, data hungry companies like Google and Facebook, which sell data about you to advertisers, wouldn’t even exist.

I was curious how often this go-to one liner was used. I scraped every reported notification to the California attorney general, a requirement under state law in the event of a breach or security lapse, stitched them together, and converted it into machine-readable text.

About one-third of all 285 data breach notifications had some variation of the line.

It doesn’t show that companies care about your data. It shows that they don’t know what to do next.

A perfect example of a company not caring: Last week, we reported several OkCupid users had complained their accounts were hacked. More likely than not, the accounts were hit by credential stuffing, where hackers take lists of usernames and passwords and try to brute-force their way into people’s accounts. Other companies have learned from such attacks and took the time to improve account security, like rolling out two-factor authentication.

Instead, OkCupid’s response was to deflect, defend, and deny, a common way for companies to get ahead of a negative story. It looked like this:

  • Deflect: “All websites constantly experience account takeover attempts,” the company said.
  • Defend: “There’s no story here,” the company later told another publication.
  • Deny: “No further comment,” when asked what the company will do about it.

It would’ve been great to hear OkCupid say it cared about the matter and what it was going to do about it.

Every industry has long neglected security. Most of the breaches today are the result of shoddy security over years or sometimes decades, coming back to haunt them. Nowadays, every company has to be a security company, whether it’s a bank, a toymaker, or a single app developer.

Companies can start off small: tell people how to reach contact them with security flaws, roll out a bug bounty to encourage bug submissions, and grant good-faith researchers safe harbor by promising not to sue. Startup founders can also fill their executive suite with a chief security officer from the very beginning. They’d be better off than 95 percent of the world’s richest companies that haven’t even bothered.

But this isn’t what happens. Instead, companies would rather just pay the fines.

Target paid $18.5 million for a data breach that ensnared 41 million credit cards, compared to full-year revenues of $72 billion. Anthem paid $115 million in fines after a data breach put 79 million insurance holders’ data at risk, on revenues that year of $79 billion. And, remember Equifax? The biggest breach of 2017 led to all talk but no action.

With no incentive to change, companies will continue to parrot their usual hollow remarks. Instead, they should do something about it.

Exclusive: U.S. blocks North Korean air traffic revival ahead of Trump-Kim summit – sources – Reuters

Exclusive: U.S. blocks North Korean air traffic revival ahead of Trump-Kim summit - sources  Reuters

The United States has blocked efforts by a U.N. agency to improve civil aviation in North Korea at a time when Pyongyang is trying to reopen part of its airspace ...

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Chinese surveillance company found tracking 2.5 million people

UK parliament calls for antitrust, data abuse probe of Facebook

A final report by a British parliamentary committee which spent months last year investigating online political disinformation makes very uncomfortable reading for Facebook — with the company singled out for “disingenuous” and “bad faith” responses to democratic concerns about the misuse of people’s data.

In the report, published today, the committee has also called for Facebook’s use of user data to be investigated by the UK’s data watchdog.

In an evidence session to the committee late last year, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) suggested Facebook needs to change its business model — warning the company risks burning user trust for good.

Last summer the ICO also called for an ethical pause of social media ads for election campaigning, warning of the risk of developing “a system of voter surveillance by default”.

Interrogating the distribution of ‘fake news’

The UK parliamentary enquiry looked into both Facebook’s own use of personal data to further its business interests, such as by providing access to user data to developers and advertisers in order to increase revenue and/or usage; and examined what Facebook claimed as ‘abuse’ of its platform by the disgraced (and now defunct) political data company Cambridge Analytica — which in 2014 paid a developer with access to Facebook’s developer platform to extract information on millions of Facebook users in build voter profiles to try to influence elections.

The committee’s conclusion about Facebook’s business is a damning one with the company accused of operating a business model that’s predicated on selling abusive access to people’s data.

Far from Facebook acting against “sketchy” or “abusive” apps, of which action it has produced no evidence at all, it, in fact, worked with such apps as an intrinsic part of its business model,” the committee argues. This explains why it recruited the people who created them, such as Joseph Chancellor [the co-founder of GSR, the developer which sold Facebook user data to Cambridge Analytica]. Nothing in Facebook’s actions supports the statements of Mark Zuckerberg who, we believe, lapsed into “PR crisis mode”, when its real business model was exposed.

“This is just one example of the bad faith which we believe justifies governments holding a business such as Facebook at arms’ length. It seems clear to us that Facebook acts only when serious breaches become public. This is what happened in 2015 and 2018.”

“We consider that data transfer for value is Facebook’s business model and that Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that ‘we’ve never sold anyone’s data” is simply untrue’,” the committee also concludes.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment on the committee’s report.

Last fall the company was issued the maximum possible fine under relevant UK data protection law for failing to safeguard user data from Cambridge Analytica saga. Although Facebook is appealing the ICO’s penalty, claiming there’s no evidence UK users’ data got misused.

During the course of a multi-month enquiry last year investigating disinformation and fake news, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) committee heard from 73 witnesses in 23 oral evidence sessions, as well as taking in 170 written submissions. In all the committee says it posed more than 4,350 questions.

Its wide-ranging, 110-page report makes detailed observations on a number of technologies and business practices across the social media, adtech and strategic communications space, and culminates in a long list of recommendations for policymakers and regulators — reiterating its call for tech platforms to be made legally liable for content.

Among the report’s main recommendations are:

  • clear legal liabilities for tech companies to act against “harmful or illegal content”, with the committee calling for a compulsory Code of Ethics overseen by a independent regulatory with statutory powers to obtain information from companies; instigate legal proceedings and issue (“large”) fines for non-compliance
  • privacy law protections to cover inferred data so that models used to make inferences about individuals are clearly regulated under UK data protection rules
  • a levy on tech companies operating in the UK to support enhanced regulation of such platforms
  • a call for the ICO to investigate Facebook’s platform practices and use of user data
  • a call for the Competition Markets Authority to comprehensively “audit” the online advertising ecosystem, and also to investigate whether Facebook specifically has engaged in anti-competitive practices
  • changes to UK election law to take account of digital campaigning, including “absolute transparency of online political campaigning” — including “full disclosure of the targeting used” — and more powers for the Electoral Commission
  • a call for a government review of covert digital influence campaigns by foreign actors (plus a review of legislation in the area to consider if it’s adequate) — including the committee urging the government to launch independent investigations of recent past elections to examine “foreign influence, disinformation, funding, voter manipulation, and the sharing of data, so that appropriate changes to the law can be made and lessons can be learnt for future elections and referenda”
  • a requirement on social media platforms to develop tools to distinguish between “quality journalism” and low quality content sources, and/or work with existing providers to make such services available to users

Among the areas the committee’s report covers off with detailed commentary are data use and targeting; advertising and political campaigning — including foreign influence; and digital literacy.

It argues that regulation is urgently needed to restore democratic accountability and “make sure the people stay in charge of the machines”.

Ministers are due to produce a White Paper on social media safety regulation this winter and the committee writes that it hopes its recommendations will inform government thinking.

“Much has been said about the coarsening of public debate, but when these factors are brought to bear directly in election campaigns then the very fabric of our democracy is threatened,” the committee writes. “This situation is unlikely to change. What does need to change is the enforcement of greater transparency in the digital sphere, to ensure that we know the source of what we are reading, who has paid for it and why the information has been sent to us. We need to understand how the big tech companies work and what happens to our data.”

The report calls for tech companies to be regulated as a new category “not necessarily either a ‘platform’ or a ‘publisher”, but which legally tightens their liability for harmful content published on their platforms.

Last month another UK parliamentary committee also urged the government to place a legal ‘duty of care’ on platforms to protect users under the age of 18 — and the government said then that it has not ruled out doing so.

“Digital gangsters”

Competition concerns are also raised several times by the committee.

“Companies like Facebook should not be allowed to behave like ‘digital gangsters’ in the online world, considering themselves to be ahead of and beyond the law,” the DCMS committee writes, going on to urge the government to investigate whether Facebook specifically has been involved in any anti-competitive practices and conduct a review of its business practices towards other developers “to decide whether Facebook is unfairly using its dominant market position in social media to decide which businesses should succeed or fail”. 

“The big tech companies must not be allowed to expand exponentially, without constraint or proper regulatory oversight,” it adds.

The committee suggests existing legal tools are up to the task of reining in platform power, citing privacy laws, data protection legislation, antitrust and competition law — and calling for a “comprehensive audit” of the social media advertising market by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, and a specific antitrust probe of Facebook’s business practices.

“If companies become monopolies they can be broken up, in whatever sector,” the committee points out. “Facebook’s handling of personal data, and its use for political campaigns, are prime and legitimate areas for inspection by regulators, and it should not be able to evade all editorial responsibility for the content shared by its users across its platforms.”

The social networking giant was the recipient of many awkward queries during the course of the committee’s enquiry but it refused repeated requests for its founder Mark Zuckerberg to testify — sending a number of lesser staffers in his stead.

That decision continues to be seized upon by the committee as evidence of a lack of democratic accountability. It also accuses Facebook of having an intentionally “opaque management structure”.

“By choosing not to appear before the Committee and by choosing not to respond personally to any of our invitations, Mark Zuckerberg has shown contempt towards both the UK Parliament and the ‘International Grand Committee’, involving members from nine legislatures from around the world,” the committee writes.

“The management structure of Facebook is opaque to those outside the business and this seemed to be designed to conceal knowledge of and responsibility for specific decisions. Facebook used the strategy of sending witnesses who they said were the most appropriate representatives, yet had not been properly briefed on crucial issues, and could not or chose not to answer many of our questions. They then promised to follow up with letters, which—unsurprisingly—failed to address all of our questions. We are left in no doubt that this strategy was deliberate.”

It doubles down on the accusation that Facebook sought to deliberately mislead its enquiry — pointing to incorrect and/or inadequate responses from staffers who did testify.

“We are left with the impression that either [policy VP] Simon Milner and [CTO] Mike Schroepfer deliberately misled the Committee or they were deliberately not briefed by senior executives at Facebook about the extent of Russian interference in foreign elections,” it suggests.

In an unusual move late last year the committee used rare parliamentary powers to seize a cache of documents related to an active US lawsuit against Facebook filed by a developer called Six4Three.

The cache of documents is referenced extensively in the final report, and appears to have fuelled antitrust concerns, with the committee arguing that the evidence obtained from the internal company documents “indicates that Facebook was willing to override its users’ privacy settings in order to transfer data to some app developers, to charge high prices in advertising to some developers, for the exchange of that data, and to starve some developers… of that data, thereby causing them to lose their business”.

“It seems clear that Facebook was, at the very least, in violation of its Federal Trade Commission [privacy] settlement,” the committee also argues, citing evidence from the former chief technologist of the FTC, Ashkan Soltani .

On Soltani’s evidence, it writes:

Ashkan Soltani rejected [Facebook’s] claim, saying that up until 2012, platform controls did not exist, and privacy controls did not apply to apps. So even if a user set their profile to private, installed apps would still be able to access information. After 2012, Facebook added platform controls and made privacy controls applicable to apps. However, there were ‘whitelisted’ apps that could still access user data without permission and which, according to Ashkan Soltani, could access friends’ data for nearly a decade before that time. Apps were able to circumvent users’ privacy of platform settings and access friends’ information, even when the user disabled the Platform. This was an example of Facebook’s business model driving privacy violations.

While Facebook is singled out for the most eviscerating criticism in the report (and targeted for specific investigations), the committee’s long list of recommendations are addressed at social media businesses and online advertisers generally.

It also calls for far more transparency from platforms, writing that: “Social media companies need to be more transparent about their own sites, and how they work. Rather than hiding behind complex agreements, they should be informing users of how their sites work, including curation functions and the way in which algorithms are used to prioritise certain stories, news and videos, depending on each user’s profile. The more people know how the sites work, and how the sites use individuals’ data, the more informed we shall all be, which in turn will make choices about the use and privacy of sites easier to make.”

The committee also urges a raft of updates to UK election law — branding it “not fit for purpose” in the digital era.

Its interim report, published last summer, made many of the same recommendations.

Russian interest

But despite pressing the government for urgent action there was only a cool response from ministers then, with the government remaining tied up trying to shape a response to the 2016 Brexit vote which split the country (with social media’s election-law-deforming help). Instead it opted for a ‘wait and see‘ approach.

The government accepted just three of the preliminary report’s forty-two recommendations outright, and fully rejected four.

Nonetheless, the committee has doubled down on its preliminary conclusions, reiterating earlier recommendations and pushing the government once again to act.

It cites fresh evidence, including from additional testimony, as well as pointing to other reports (such as the recently published Cairncross Review) which it argues back up some of the conclusions reached. 

“Our inquiry over the last year has identified three big threats to our society. The challenge for the year ahead is to start to fix them; we cannot delay any longer,” writes Damian Collins MP and chair of the DCMS Committee, in a statement. “Democracy is at risk from the malicious and relentless targeting of citizens with disinformation and personalised ‘dark adverts’ from unidentifiable sources, delivered through the major social media platforms we use every day. Much of this is directed from agencies working in foreign countries, including Russia.

“The big tech companies are failing in the duty of care they owe to their users to act against harmful content, and to respect their data privacy rights. Companies like Facebook exercise massive market power which enables them to make money by bullying the smaller technology companies and developers who rely on this platform to reach their customers.”

“These are issues that the major tech companies are well aware of, yet continually fail to address. The guiding principle of the ‘move fast and break things’ culture often seems to be that it is better to apologise than ask permission. We need a radical shift in the balance of power between the platforms and the people,” he added.

“The age of inadequate self-regulation must come to an end. The rights of the citizen need to be established in statute, by requiring the tech companies to adhere to a code of conduct written into law by Parliament, and overseen by an independent regulator.”

The committee says it expects the government to respond to its recommendations within two months — noting rather dryly: “We hope that this will be much more comprehensive, practical, and constructive than their response to the Interim Report, published in October 2018. Several of our recommendations were not substantively answered and there is now an urgent need for the Government to respond to them.”

It also makes a point of including an analysis of Internet traffic to the government’s own response to its preliminary report last year — in which it highlights a “high proportion” of online visitors hailing from Russian cities including Moscow and Saint Petersburg…

Source: Web and publications unit, House of Commons

“This itself demonstrates the very clear interest from Russia in what we have had to say about their activities in overseas political campaigns,” the committee remarks, criticizing the government response to its preliminary report for claiming there’s no evidence of “successful” Russian interference in UK elections and democratic processes.

“It is surely a sufficient matter of concern that the Government has acknowledged that interference has occurred, irrespective of the lack of evidence of impact. The Government should be conducting analysis to understand the extent of Russian targeting of voters during elections,” it adds.

Three senior managers knew

Another interesting tidbit from the report is confirmation that the ICO has shared the names of three “senior managers” at Facebook who knew about the Cambridge Analytica data breach prior to the first press report in December 2015 — which is the date Facebook has repeatedly told the committee was when it first learnt of the breach, contradicting what the ICO found via its own investigations.

The committee’s report does not disclose the names of the three senior managers — saying the ICO has asked the names to remain confidential (we’ve reached out to the ICO to ask why it is not making this information public) — and implies the execs did not relay the information to Zuckerberg.

The committee dubs this as an example of “a profound failure” of internal governance, and also branding it evidence of “fundamental weakness” in how Facebook manages its responsibilities to users.

Here’s the committee’s account of that detail:

We were keen to know when and which people working at Facebook first knew about the GSR/Cambridge Analytica breach. The ICO confirmed, in correspondence with the Committee, that three “senior managers” were involved in email exchanges earlier in 2015 concerning the GSR breach before December 2015, when it was first reported by The Guardian. At the request of the ICO, we have agreed to keep the names confidential, but it would seem that this important information was not shared with the most senior executives at Facebook, leading us to ask why this was the case.

The scale and importance of the GSR/Cambridge Analytica breach was such that its occurrence should have been referred to Mark Zuckerberg as its CEO immediately. The fact that it was not is evidence that Facebook did not treat the breach with the seriousness it merited. It was a profound failure of governance within Facebook that its CEO did not know what was going on, the company now maintains, until the issue became public to us all in 2018. The incident displays the fundamental weakness of Facebook in managing its responsibilities to the people whose data is used for its own commercial interests.

UK lawmakers: Facebook ‘intentionally and knowingly’ violated data privacy laws – CNN

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Bruce Banner Being a Hypocrite in Next Week’s Hulkverines #1 (Preview)

90 DAY FIANCE Evelyn Cormier makes American Idol Top 14, duets with Chris Isaak REPORT

28 Dank Lord Of The Rings Memes That’ll Scratch That Nerdy Itch

Lord of the Rings memes.

We don't care if it makes us geeky, we'll never get over these LOTR memes. They really never get old - just like the books. 

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Parents of Kelsey Berreth believe she was killed in a custody dispute – CNN

Parents of Kelsey Berreth believe she was killed in a custody dispute  CNN

It's been almost three months since Kelsey Berreth's toddler has seen her mom. Three months since anyone has seen Berreth alive. Now, Berreth's parents say ...

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Time To Delete Everything

Woman who called Michelle Obama an ‘ape’ defrauded FEMA of $18K – NBC News

Woman who called Michelle Obama an 'ape' defrauded FEMA of $18K  NBC News

The West Virginia woman who was fired in 2016 after she referred to Michelle Obama as an "ape" pleaded guilty to defrauding FEMA out of more than $18000.

In Next Week’s Black Widow #2, Natasha Shows Madripoor Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (Preview)

Black Widow’s new solo series continues with its second issue next week as Natasha works on cleaning up the streets of Madripoor, starting with the Pirate King, who thinks he can boss her around as long as he’s holding some local prostitutes hostage. But as it turns out, the Black Widow, free of the pesky rules and constraints of acting as an Avenger, has a lesson to teach the colorfully-dressed Pirate King that fans of WWE during the Attitude Era learned early on: pimpin’ ain’t easy!

Especially when you’re getting your ass kicked by the Black Widow.

Black Widow #2 hits stores next Wednesday.

Black Widow #2
(W) Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska (A) Flaviano (CA) Clayton Crain
• Black Widow came to Madripoor looking for trouble – and boy has she found it!
• With a lead on the worst men in Madripoor, Natasha cuts a swath through the island’s underworld, leaving bodies in her wake.
• An assassin, a ballerina and an Avenger walks into the Princess Bar. Tyger Tiger says, “Hey, Natasha.”
Rated T+
In Shops: Feb 20, 2019
SRP: $3.99


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Harper Beckham & Anna Wintour Have Hair ‘Twinning’ Moment At Victoria’s Fashion Show – See Photos

Harper Beckham And Anna Wintour Are Hair Twins

Harper Beckham and Anna Wintour had a ‘hair twining’ moment at Victoria Beckham’s London fashion show.

The pair sported chic fringed bob cuts and Harper’s dad David Beckham thought it was hilarious.

The Beckham family threw their support behind Victoria during her Autumn/ Winter 2019 collection showcase ar Tate Britain on Sunday.

And fashion icon Wintour, 69, was on hand to see the collection from Victoria’s Victoria’s ‘LFW’ show.

David, 47, held Harper’s hand as the 7-year-old sat close to ‘The Vogue’ editor to watch the show.

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UK parliament report will call for ‘sweeping’ regulation of Facebook

Someone Will Be In Trouble

Samsung quits making new Blu-ray players – The Verge

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  2. Samsung Gives Up on Blu-Ray, Will Not Release Any New Players in the US  Gizmodo
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Persephone Supports the Arts and Sciences in Next Week’s Return of Wolverine Finale (Preview)

Tumblr Thread About Playing D&D Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Tumblr thread about Death and D&D

We don't usually expect to get all teary-eyed from a Tumblr writing prompt, but we definitely appreciate surprises. This particular prompt imagines a situation in which Death decides to offer a game in exchange for our protagonist's life. Dungeons and Dragons, a game that can be endless, is quickly chosen. We follow their years-long journey and by the end the sappiness is supreme. 

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Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast: Russian Doll

There's plenty to discuss about the metaphysical journey of Netflix's Russian Doll, and our genre TV podcast hosts are equal to the task.

Nadia with cat Oatmeal in Russian Doll
Michael Ahr Dave Vitagliano
Feb 17, 2019

Typically our genre television podcast, Sci Fi Fidelity, takes on just a few episodes of a new or returning series that deserves viewer attention, but with Russian Doll, the complexity and literary aspects of the show demanded a full discussion of all eight half-hour episodes. With Natasha Lyonne lending her brash comedy to a metaphysical death loop storyline that goes way beyond the self-reflection of Groundhog Day, this series invites viewers to draw their own conclusions about a whole host of metaphorical interactions and moral quandaries.

The podcast begins with an appreciation for Nadia's logical progression of investigation into the strange circumstances of her repeated deaths after which she awakens back in the bathroom during her 36th birthday party. From the possible influence of a ketamine-laced joint to the haunting of the old, converted yeshiva in which her party takes place, Nadia does exactly what we might do if we found ourselves in her situation.

Further Reading: Russian Doll Season 2 Predictions: What's Next for the Netflix Show?

Then it's time to dive deep into the parallels and differences between Nadia's situation and that of Alan, another troubled person caught in a death loop. As the pair works on uncovering the rules of their new existence, the back stories reveal plenty of reason why the two of them find themselves working together. Everything from the strange characters Nadia and Alan encounter along the way to the opposite nature of our protagonists' personalities is up for discussion. And of course there's that amazing ending!

Spoilers are obviously throughout this episode of the podcast, so make sure you've seen the whole season of Russian Doll before diving in — a spoiler-free look is available here. Do you agree with some of the interpretations our hosts came up with? Feel free to chime in with your own theories on the podcast Facebook group or via Twitter. In the meantime, subscribe to Sci Fi Fidelity so that you never miss a single episode of this weekly podcast each Sunday, or simply listen below.

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Acast | check out his work here or follow him on Twitter (@mikescifi). Dave Vitagliano has been writing and podcasting about science fiction television since 2012. You can read more of his work here.

‘Answer my question’: Fox News host grills defiant Stephen Miller on Trump’s national emergency – The Washington Post

  1. ‘Answer my question’: Fox News host grills defiant Stephen Miller on Trump’s national emergency  The Washington Post
  2. Fox's Wallace presses Stephen Miller for example on Trump emergency declaration | TheHill  The Hill
  3. How to screw up an emergency declaration in 10 easy steps  The Washington Post
  4. Trump wins on border security with emergency declaration and funding by Congress  Fox News
  5. State of emergency: For once Donald Trump is telling the truth, by accident  Salon
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Whitestone Dome claims to be the only screen protector compatible w/ Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor – 9to5Google

  1. Whitestone Dome claims to be the only screen protector compatible w/ Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor  9to5Google
  2. Is the Galaxy S9+ Worth Upgrading To the Galaxy S10?  PhoneDog
  3. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is coming! Here’s what to expect  Ars Technica
  4. Samsung Galaxy S10: UNPACKED Date, Livestream, and Expected Product Drops  Inverse
  5. Samsung will open three new Experience Stores in the US  Android Police
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What business leaders can learn from Jeff Bezos’ leaked texts

The ‘below the belt selfie’ media circus surrounding Jeff Bezos has made encrypted communications top of mind among nervous executive handlers. Their assumption is that a product with serious cryptography like Wickr – where I work – or Signal could have helped help Mr. Bezos and Amazon avoid this drama.

It’s a good assumption, but a troubling conclusion.

I worry that moments like these will drag serious cryptography down to the level of the National Enquirer. I’m concerned that this media cycle may lead people to view privacy and cryptography as a safety net for billionaires rather than a transformative solution for data minimization and privacy.

We live in the chapter of computing when data is mostly unprotected because of corporate indifference. The leaders of our new economy – like the vast majority of society – value convenience and short-term gratification over the security and privacy of consumer, employee and corporate data.  

We cannot let this media cycle pass without recognizing that when corporate executives take a laissez-faire approach to digital privacy, their employees and organizations will follow suit.

Two recent examples illustrate the privacy indifference of our leaders…

  • The most powerful executive in the world is either indifferent to, or unaware that, unencrypted online flirtations would be accessed by nation states and competitors.
  • 2016 presidential campaigns were either indifferent to, or unaware that, unencrypted online communications detailing “off-the-record” correspondence with media and payments to adult actor(s) would be accessed by nation states and competitors.

If our leaders do not respect and understand online security and privacy, then their organizations will not make data protection a priority. It’s no surprise that we see a constant stream of large corporations and federal agencies breached by nation states and competitors.  Who then can we look to for leadership?

GDPR is an early attempt by regulators to lead. The European Union enacted GDPR to ensure individuals own their data and enforce penalties on companies who do not protect personal data.  It applies to all data processors, but the EU is clearly focused on sending a message to the large US based data processors – Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. In January, France’s National Data Protection Commission sent a message by fining Google $57 million for breaching GDPR rules. It was an unprecedented fine that garnered international attention. However, we must remember that in 2018 Google’s revenues were greater than $300 million … per day!  GPDR is, at best, an annoying speed-bump in the monetization strategy of large data processors.

It is through this lens that Senator Ron Wyden’s (Oregon) idealistic call for billions of dollars in corporate fines and jail time for executives who enable privacy breaches can be seen as reasonable.  When record financial penalties are inconsequential it is logical to pursue other avenues to protect our data.

Real change will come when our leaders understand that data privacy and security can increase profitability and reliability.  For example, the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council reports that an enterprise will spend as much as $50 million to protect 10 petabytes of data, and that $34.5 million of this is spent on protecting data that should be deleted. Serious efficiencies are waiting to be realized and serious cryptography can help.  

So, thank you Mr. Bezos for igniting corporate interest in secure communications. Let’s hope this news cycle convinces our corporate leaders and elected officials to embrace data privacy, protection and minimization because it responsible, profitable and efficient. We need leaders and elected officials to set an example and respect their own data and privacy if we have any hope of their organizations to protect ours.

Malia Obama Spotted Drinking Wine All Day At Miami Pool Bash – See The Photos

Malia Obama Spotted Drinking Wine All Day

Malia Obama is letting her hair down in Miami.

The 20-year-old is celebrating President’s Day weekend with her girlfriends in Florida.

And she was spotted downing an $80 bottle of ‘Whispering Angel’ Rose wine as she enjoyed the warm weather.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama‘s eldest daughter and her friends hit up a Miami Beach pool party.

And they enjoyed a boozy poolside sunbathing session together as they all appeared to be having a fun time.

For more details – click through the images.

J.D. Martinez commits to White House visit with Red Sox – Yahoo Sports

  1. J.D. Martinez commits to White House visit with Red Sox  Yahoo Sports
  2. J.D. Martinez, Red Sox slugger: 'For a DH to win MVP they're going to have to walk on water'
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  4. J.D. looking to build off monster 2018 campaign
  5. Red Sox’ J.D. Martinez not sweating opt-out  The Boston Globe
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Man discovers 30 year old Apple computer still in working order – CNN

Man discovers 30 year old Apple computer still in working order  CNN

A New York professor has Gen Xers reminiscing about their childhood after he posted images of his decades old Apple lle computer on Twitter Saturday night.

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Are Meghan Markle’s Friends Causing More Harm Than Good? – The Cheat Sheet

  1. Are Meghan Markle's Friends Causing More Harm Than Good?  The Cheat Sheet
  2. Meghan Markle wanted to be 'Diana 2.0,' royal biographer claims  Fox News
  3. Meghan Markle and Harry May Send Their Child to an American School  E! NEWS
  4. The Best Way Meghan Markle Has Changed Since Marrying Prince Harry  The Cheat Sheet
  5. Prince William and Prince Harry to split household after 10 years  AOL
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From LOKI To SWAMP THING: Charting The Future Of Superhero Film And TV Streaming

Where Netflix once reigned supreme, the future is full of uncertainty as the undisputed king of streaming platforms will soon have a lot more competition from Disney+, WB, Amazon Prime, Apple and more.

Common Doesn’t Think Kaepernick’s a Sellout for Settling with NFL

Colin Kaepernick is far from a sellout by settling with the NFL -- because he shed an important spotlight along the way that won't soon be forgotten ... so says Common.  We got the rapper leaving WeHo Sunday, where we asked what he…

Isn’t It About Time for a Vampire Ghost Rider? Next Week’s Avengers #15 (Preview)

‘Selfie harm’ and the damage done by social media

16 Highly Intellectual Memes That Plebes Just Won’t Understand

Parents Charged After Girl’s Body Found In Bucket Of Acid Inside Closet

Parents Charged After Girls Remains Found In Bucket

Parents of a three-year-old girl in Texas have been charged after a horror incident.

The remains of their daughter, Rebecka Zavala, were found in a bucket apparently containing acid on Thursday.

Parents Gerardo Zavala-Loredo, 32, and Monica Yvonne Dominguez, 37, are charged with abusing a human corpse and evidence tampering.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Caught Living It Up Amid Shocking Sex Scandal

Detectives in Laredo, Texas, are still investigating the horrific crime scene.

Dominguez, the mother, is also charged with two counts of child endangerment for allegedly leaving Rebecka to bathe alone leading to her drowning.

Detectives believe that she enlisted her husband’s aid in disposing of the child’s body.

PHOTOS: Running From Her Past? Casey Anthony Surfaces In Florida Nearly 7 Years After Daughter’s Murder — 10 Photos Of Her New Life

‘The investigative team recovered what appears to be body parts, decomposing body parts, in this bucket that was located in the bedroom closet,’ said Laredo Chief of Police Claudio Treviño during a press conference.

Four other children in the household, ranging in ages from 1 to 11, were placed in the care of Child Protective Services.

Zavala is in Webb County Jail on a $125,000 bond while Dominguez is jailed on a $175,000 bond.

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Scary Skinny Still? Tara Reid Jogs With New Fitness Trainer

Scary Skinny Tara Reid Jogs With New Fitness Trainer

Tara Reid has started a new fitness regime with celebrity trainer Jenna Willis, as’s photos show.

The Sharknado star, 43, has become famous for her scary skinny body, although a leading nutritionist told Radar late last year that it looked like she’d gained 40 pounds of “healthy weight.”

But on Saturday, February 16, 2019, Reid still looked fragile as she jogged with celebrity trainer Jenna Willis.

Later in the day, she showed off her body in a shimmering purple dress as she headed to the Nice Guy restaurant with pal Steve Stanulis, her co-star in the upcoming movie The Fifth Boro.

Scroll through Radar’s gallery for more!

Rush Limbaugh: Spending bill was effort by some Republicans to sabotage Trump – Fox News

  1. Rush Limbaugh: Spending bill was effort by some Republicans to sabotage Trump  Fox News
  2. Chris Wallace calls out Limbaugh for being ‘outraged’ when Obama took executive action | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Limbaugh denies influence over Trump: 'I don’t make policy'  POLITICO
  4. Rush Limbaugh backs Trump on wall declaration: 'Culture' at risk from 'parade of illegal people who are uneducated'  Washington Examiner
  5. Donald Trump takes the wall campaign in a different direction  Fox News
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Open Post: Hosted By Shawn Mendes In His Underwear For Calvin Klein

Advertorial stunt queen Calvin Klein is no dummy when it comes to selecting the right model at the right time to shill his panties and scents. This is the same company who put Marky Mark up there in his drawers for the millisecond that he was hot until he, unfortunately, opened his mouth and spoke words, and we all learned about his racist attack. CK’s latest pick is Shawn Mendes. 20-year-old Shawn Mendes would seem to have figured out how to remove his clothing finally, and he’s sitting around in his boxer briefs for Calvin.

Here’s another shot of Shawn’s lost-Jonas-brother-looking ass in his Calvins:

To which, many of us say, “Better than Bieber!” This is enough to distract us from automatically associating your last name with the crimson wave whenever we read or hear it. Your bulge is what will finally release you from period jokes! Now all you have to do is stop waxing your chest and you’ll be all set. Seriously, stop with the chest waxing. If God gave you a furry chest, let your masculinity present itself proudly. Unless you’ve got hairy nipples. You should nix those. That’s just a personal preference.

Pic: Twitter/Calvin Klein

Lightsaber Academy helps you practice your Jedi swing

‘Spreading Like a Poison’: Anti-Semitic Acts Increase in France – The Wall Street Journal

  1. ‘Spreading Like a Poison’: Anti-Semitic Acts Increase in France  The Wall Street Journal
  2. Macron condemns anti-Semitic abuse at 'yellow vest' protest  Al Jazeera English
  3. Macron attacks yellow vests after philosopher abused at rally  CNN
  4. France's yellow vests mark 3 months amid racist tensions  Fox News
  5. Yellow-vest protests: Macron condemns anti-Semitic abuse  BBC News
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How many push-ups can you do? Study finds men who can do 40 have lower risk of heart disease – USA TODAY

  1. How many push-ups can you do? Study finds men who can do 40 have lower risk of heart disease  USA TODAY
  2. Men Who Can Do More Than 40 Push-Ups Far Less Likely To Develop Heart Disease  Study Finds
  3. Push-up capacity may predict men's heart disease risk  GMA News
  4. New science shows the power of the pushup  Quartz
  5. What Push-Ups Can Tell You About Your Cardiovascular Risk  Forbes
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Terrible Ideas Follow Iron Man Everywhere in Next Week’s Shuri #5 (Preview)

14 Sick Comebacks That’ll Elicit A Third-Degree Burn

Jussie Smollett Case to Go to Grand Jury

A grand jury will hear the Jussie Smollett case early next week ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. Law enforcement sources connected to the investigation tell TMZ, the 2 brothers who were arrested and then released are staying somewhere around…

Box Office: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ No Match for China’s ‘Wandering Earth’ Overseas – Variety

  1. Box Office: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ No Match for China’s ‘Wandering Earth’ Overseas  Variety
  2. Fox's 'Alita' Leads Worst President's Day Weekend in 15 Years  Box Office Mojo
  3. 'Alita: Battle Angel' Tops Box Office With A Promising $42 Million Weekend  Forbes
  4. Box Office: 'Alita: Battle Angel' Wins Dismal President's Day Weekend  Variety
  5. ‘Alita’ Adds $56M Overseas; ‘The Wandering Earth’ Becomes #2 Movie Ever In China – International Box Office  Deadline
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The Doom Patrol: A Guide to the Misfit Heroes of the DC Universe

The Doom Patrol, the World's Strangest Heroes, are coming to DC Universe. Here's everything you need to know...

A Brief History of Doom Patrol
Jim Dandy
Feb 17, 2019

The Doom Patrol is an odd team to give a show to. At this point, they’re probably best known in the popular consciousness for starting Beast Boy’s career and then dying. Repeatedly. But they’re kind of a big deal, both in continuity and as an artifact of comics history. Why? Well aren’t you glad we’re here to tell you!

The World’s Strangest Heroes are a dense, intricate bunch, but we’ve examined them closely and are happy to introduce you to them ahead of their arrival on DC Universe.

Doom Patrol Debut in My Greatest Adventure


Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani introduced the Doom Patrol in the pages of My Greatest Adventure in 1963. Titans did a surprisingly good job of summing the Doom Patrol up in the episode that introduced them. They’re the weirdos, the people with strange gifts whose abilities make them not international heroes like the Justice League, but a bunch of misfit freaks. Their tagline when they were introduced in 1963 was “...The World’s Strangest Heroes,” and it was accurate. This wasn’t a team of square-jawed supermen fighting for justice: it was a robot with the mind of a racecar driver and a guy who could shoot his radioactive soul out of his chest at the bad guys.

They were about as popular as you would expect: the team had their own series for a little more than 40 issues before being canceled. Drake, in what seems like a fit of pique at the books cancellation and its weird similarities to the X-Men (who arrived AFTER the Doom Patrol, it should be noted), killed off everyone. Everyone.

The book didn’t do much better the next two times it was trotted out: an almost entirely new team came out in the late ‘70s to no acclaim whatsoever, and again just after Crisis on Infinite Earths in the late ‘80s. It was two events in the ‘80s that kept the Doom Patrol in the public eye for the rest of comics history: Marv Wolfman and George Perez integrating Beast Boy, his Doom Patrol history, and some of his colleagues into the Teen Titans; and DC getting tired of another round of poor sales for a Doom Patrol relaunch and going in an extremely different direction.

Starting with issue #19 of volume 2 (the post Crisis edition), Grant Morrison and Richard Case took over Doom Patrol. This book, along with titles like Animal Man, Sandman, Hellblazer, and Saga of the Swamp Thing (among others) is responsible for the birth of Vertigo, the mature readers/semi-creator owned line of extremely influential DC books. Morrison’s run was as memorable as it was influential, and only its immediate follow up (by Rachel Pollack) and one relaunch attempt since has made any significant mark. In 2016, former DC Comics intern Gerard Way (whose claim to fame is being the lead singer of My Chemical Romance) launched Young Animal, a curated line of comics that included his and Nick Derington’s spiritual and in-continuity successor to Morrison and Pollack’s run.

Doom Patrol Roster


Your television Doom Patrol members include:

- Robotman - Cliff Steele, a racecar driver whose body was obliterated during the Indy 500. His brain was put into a robot body by the Chief, and now he has lots of varied robot powers, like self repair and super-strength.

- Negative Man - Larry Trainor, an irradiated test pilot who can shoot his radioactive soul out of his body. The radioactive soul can fly, cause explosions, go intangible, typical soul stuff.

- Elastigirl - Rita Farr is a gold-medal swimmer and actress exposed to weird volcano gases on a movie shoot that give her the power to grow or shrink. She thinks this makes her a freak.

- Crazy Jane - Kay Challis has 64 personalities, each of which has a different super power. She’s basically Legion.

- The Chief - Niles Caulder is a wheelchair-bound genius who’s also kind of an asshole.

- Beast Boy - Garfield Logan left the Doom Patrol to join Dick Grayson’s team in Titans, but before that he contracted a rare illness in Africa as a young child, and to cure it his father injected him with a serum that turned him into an immune monkey for a little while while the disease ran itself out. His parents later died. He’s probably better off.

- Cyborg - the only member of the upcoming show who has nothing to do with the Doom Patrol in any incarnation, Victor Stone had horrible damage done to his body by...different things according to which continuity (right now it’s a Mother Box accident), and he was turned into a cyborg by his genius scientist father. Vic is a Teen Titans mainstay, and since the New 52 relaunch, was also a founding member of the Justice League.

Doom Patrol Flex Mentallo

Other notable members include:

-Mento - Steve Dayton is uber wealthy, so he did what any rich guy might do: spent a ton of money on a weird helmet to give him psychic powers so he could impress an actress. Turns out it worked, though, and he eventually married Elastigirl and adopted Beast Boy.

-Dorothy Spinner - Dorothy has a physical deformity that makes her look like a chimp, so she wasn’t particularly social when she was younger. It was there that she discovered her power of making her imaginary friends real.

-Danny the Street - Literally a sentient street.

-Flex Mentallo - a 98 pound weakling who gained the power of Muscle Mystery, which let him rewrite reality if he flexed a certain way.

-Ambush Bug - Irwin Schwab is a teleporter who knows he’s a comic book character and is probably the most normal one from the “other notable members” section.

Doom Patrol - Brotherhood of Evil


The main villains for the Doom Patrol are the Brotherhood of Evil. The Brain, a disembodied brain in a jar, is out to get revenge on the Chief for...well, it’s actually pretty justified. The Chief tried to kill the Brain so he could put the Brain’s mind in Robotman’s body. The Chief is pretty messed up.

He’s joined on the team by Monseiur Mallah, a supersmart gorilla with a huge machine gun and a beret; Madame Rouge, a shapeshifting stretchy lady; Animal-Vegetable-Mineral man, who can change any part of his body into anything animal, vegetable or mineral; General Immortus, a semi-immortal general with a grasp of tactics unseen by the world; and General Zahl, a former U-Boat captain.

Later incarnations of the Doom Patrol would fight variations on the Brotherhood like the Brotherhood of Dada, anarchists with insane powers who stole a painting that they then trapped the city of Paris in. They’d also fight Red Jack, a being with the power of God who thinks he’s Jack the Ripper and spends all day torturing butterflies in a hidden realm. They also faced off against the Scissormen of Orquith, who cut beings out of reality.

Doom Patrol in Batman: The Brave & The Bold


Titans of course. The weird team showed up a couple of times in DC Universe’s flagship series before it was announced that they were getting their own spin off.

Teen Titans - The Doom Patrol was part of the inciting backstory for season 5 of the incredible TV predecessor to Teen Titans GO! The full Patrol crossed over with the Titans in the first two episodes of season 5, and the Brotherhood of Evil was that season’s overarching villain.

Batman: The Brave & The Bold where the Patrol dies helping Batman fight off the Brotherhood of Evil.

Young Justice: Outsiders. You really need to see this to believe it.

-inexplicably never in a video game, even though Negative Man is basically Noob Saibot and it wouldn’t have been that hard to make a stage in Injustice 2 Danny the Street. Or if they were really feeling ambitious, put a stage in the painting that ate Paris.

Doom Patrol - Gerard Way


The Original Doom Patrol: The Drake/Haney/Premiani run is available as an omnibus edition or on DC Universe. This will give you a good foundation with the team, their world, and a taste of the weirdness that will come to define them. You can find that omnibus on Amazon.

Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison - this is where so much of their weirdness and influence comes from that it’s almost certainly the most important to read. Morrison and Richard Case introduce Crazy Jane, Red Jack, Danny, the Scissormen, the Beard Hunter, the Brotherhood of Dada, Mallah and Brain’s relationship, and more. This run is what defined the Doom Patrol for thirty years. The whole run is on DC Universe and you can also find it on Amazon.

Doom Patrol by Rachel Pollack  - If you can find this, grab it. Pollack took the concepts Morrison introduced and went deeper into them. The issues are scanned and online, but not on DC Universe nor collected in print.

Literally nothing for 20 years after that - John Byrne and John Arcudi both tried to relaunch the book as a more traditional superhero book, but neither worked. The team has shown up a few times in the pages of Justice League, but those appearances tend to fit the tone of the crossover book rather than the spirit of the Doom Patrol.

Gerard Way and Nick Derington’s relaunch of Doom Patrol is very much in synch with Morrison and Pollack’s runs. It feels like a direct sequel, filtered through Way’s sensibility: hitting the same themes, but a little shallower and a little more bubblegum pop (as opposed to Morrison’s listening-to-someone-on-acid-play-the-sitar-style storytelling). Derington’s art is fantastic, though - definitely the best of the bunch. A chunk of it is on DC Universe and you can also buy it on Amazon.

Doom Patrol premieres on DC Universe on Feb. 15.

Transgender Caitlyn Jenner Becomes Grandmother For The Sixth Time

Caitlyn Jenner Becomes Grandmother For Sixth Time

Transgender Caitlyn Jenner experienced some baby joy this weekend.

The 69-year-old became a grandmother for the sixth time with the arrival of baby William Behr.

Caitlyn share an image of herself with the baby boy who was born on February 9, 2019.

His father is Burt, from Caitlyn’s relationship with first wife Chrystie Crownover, while the new baby’s mom is Valerie Pitalo.

PHOTOS: Birthday Girl Caitlyn Jenner Shows Off Beach Body In Mexico

The little boy was named after the former Olympic athlete who was actually born William not Bruce.

Caitlyn also has a one-year-old granddaughter Stormi (through Kylie Jenner), three-year-old granddaughter Eva (through Brandon Jenner), as well as a 10-year-old granddaughter Francesca & seven-year-old granddaughter Isabella (through Cassandra Marino).

She posted a sweet photograph of her with baby William with a caption that read: Welcome to the world William Behr Jenner. Congratulations @burtonjenner abd @valeriepitalo !! Love you guys.

PHOTOS: Caitlyn Jenner Takes Love Sophia Hutchins On Romantic Date After Relationship Reveal

Caitlyn is still romantically involved with her much younger transgender girlfriend Sophia Hutchins.

The couple enjoyed Valentine’s Day together inside her $3.5M, four-bedroom Malibu hilltop home, which was almost destroyed in the recent wildfires.

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Nico Tortorella Drank Hilary Duff’s Breast Milk

In his on-going quest to be that much extra, Younger actor and polyamory activist Nico Tortorella drank his co-star Hilary Duff’s breast milk in an Instagram Story (via E!). There’s a lot to unpack here but the biggest takeaway is that Lizzie McGuire is well and truly dead for many of us after this sordid, lactose tolerant story.

E! reports that the cast of Younger was at a table read and Hilary was using her breast pump to express milk meant for 3-month-old daughter Banks Violet Bair when Nico decided to give it a try. And an adult male drinking breast milk didn’t happen unless it’s up on IG…

“I’m for real doing this right now,” he says in the clip, which he posted on his Instagram Story.

Even though the person typing this and many of you readers are nauseous from picturing Nico using his co-star as a human-bovine, he claimed to have really enjoyed his boob beverage.

“Mmm,” he says, after appearing to take a sip. “Oh my God, it is delicious!”

Hilary, who let him drink her mother’s milk so she’s to blame, summed it all up nicely. She also confirmed that it wasn’t a fake-out. Can THIS be the hoax as opposed to certain other crimes that might be?

“You’re a sicko, dude,” Duff replies.

Duff later posted on her own Instagram Story, “Actually he did that. Banks gonna be pissed.”

Hopefully Debi Mazar is calling the cops because this isn’t right at all.

“Banks” might be more pissed over the fact that her first name makes her sound like what Delta Delta Dildo calls the guy who turned his corner room in the frat house into a tiki bar. Yo, Banks! Got them roofies you said you had, broseph?

As for Nico, a little less attention-whoring, a little more standing nekkid on rocks, thank you. (Don’t try to read what he wrote or you’re going to get a contact high and what if you’re at work or something?)

View this post on Instagram

all love it is you. the idea of being full of yourself is looked down upon in the modern world. as i leave a week in the coastal jungles of costa rica working with shipibo healers and the master plant medicine ayahuasca, in deep gratitude i’m finding myself questioning said belief. today i am full of myself. i am full of the medicine that is i. full of the earth that builds me. the fire and water and air that is. the flesh and bone. the mind. the spirit. the past programming, present and future. the son and daughter, husband and wife, father and mother. the space between. the ability to know nothing at all and everything at the same time. the student. the master. the healing and the healer. the artwork. the storytelling. the nobody and the everybody. my cup runneth over with all that is myself. and all of it is you. all love it is i. all love it is you. @soltarahealingcenter #allofitisyou

A post shared by nicotortorella (@nicotortorella) on

Pics: Instagram,

Mike Pence Expected Applause When He Mentioned Trump in Munich. He Got Silence. – Slate

  1. Mike Pence Expected Applause When He Mentioned Trump in Munich. He Got Silence.  Slate
  2. Merkel, Pence clash on Iran deal at Munich conference | Al Jazeera English  Al Jazeera English
  3. Pence’s Calls to Pressure Iran Fall on Deaf Ears in Europe  The Wall Street Journal
  4. An off-key Pence sings from the Trump hymnal to a stony European reception  The Washington Post
  5. Vice President Pence Receives Awkward Silence in Munich After Offering 'Greetings' From President Trump  TIME
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‘Overwatch’ action figures and Monopoly are coming this spring

Anthony Weiner Is Out of Prison, and in a Re-Entry Center in Brooklyn – The New York Times

  1. Anthony Weiner Is Out of Prison, and in a Re-Entry Center in Brooklyn  The New York Times
  2. Anthony Weiner released from prison as part of federal re-entry program  Fox News
  3. Anthony Weiner has been released from federal prison  CNN
  4. Anthony Weiner released from federal prison early under re-entry program  CBS News
  5. Anthony Weiner Released From Prison Early After Teen Sexting Case  The Daily Beast
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Indigenous hunters have positive impacts on food webs in desert Australia

Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world. Resettlement of indigenous communities resulted in the spread of invasive species, the absence of human-set fires, and a general cascade in the interconnected food web that led to the largest mammalian extinction event ever recorded. In this case, the absence of direct human activity on the landscape may be the cause of the extinctions, according to an anthropologist.

There’s a place for us: New research reveals humanity’s roles in ecosystems

In two back-to-back symposia a cross-disciplinary cohort of scientists will present the first comprehensive investigations of how humans interacted with plant and animal species in different cultures worldwide through time.

Meghan Markle And Harry Split Staff With William And Kate Amid Feud

Meghan Harry William Kate Splitting Staff Amid Feud

In more evidence of a royal feud, Princes Harry and William plan to “split their staff in an effort to ease tension” between their wives Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, according to The Mail On Sunday.

The source said the major change will be in the couple’s communications team.

An insider said, “When William becomes the Prince of Wales, he will take on a lot of extra responsibility, including the Duchy of Cornwall. Harry and Meghan have none of that, and seem ambitious about forging their own paths.

“If you have one private office trying to manage both, things get difficult. William and Harry’s double act has naturally been supplanted by the two couples and their families.”

PHOTOS: Baby Fever? Prince Harry Plays With Kids During Children’s Home Visit

Currently, American PR guru Jason Knauf advises both couples on media relations but it’s now rumored that he will now concentrate solely on Prince William and Kate, with his deputy, Christian Jones, focusing on the Sussexes.

Knauf has denied the report.

For months, however, pregnant Meghan has been publicly slammed, with many calling her a diva Duchess, and the Palace has worried she isn’t taking their advice.

Harry, 34, and William, 36, are expected to divide their shared household in the next few weeks due to supposed help ease bad feelings between them and their wives.

PHOTOS: Meghan Markle Rocks Curve-Hugging Yellow Dress On Royal Outing With Prince Harry

Among other reports, Meghan, 37, has been accused of making Kate, also 37, cry at a bridesmaid dress fitting before her wedding to Harry.

In royal biographer Robert Jobson’s book Charles at 70: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams, he claimed that pre wedding, Prince Harry raised his voice and yelled, “What Meghan wants, she gets!”

Alarm bells also went off after Markle’s personal assistant quit just six months into the job. The Duchess had reportedly driven the woman, Melissa Toubati, to tears with her demands.

Some gossiped that Harry and William’s brotherly relationship has also suffered strain.

PHOTOS: Meghan’s Ex Trevor Moves On! 5 Things To Know About Markle’s Replacement

But others have termed the royal “divorce” a normal outgrowth of the couple’s changing responsibilities.

However, a source told The Mail that Knauf was allegedly upset over Meghan asking her friends to “set the record straight” over her troubled relationship with her father Thomas Markle for a magazine.

In response, loose cannon Thomas released a letter his daughter had sent to him, dissing her again and causing a new scandal.

Knauf reportedly believed Meghan made a big mistake in approving her pals to speak out on the situation, and brought back bad memories of Harry’s mother Princess Diana’s controversial relationship with the press.

PHOTOS: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Walk Down The Aisle In Jamaica

As Radar previously reported, Meghan and Harry, who expect their first child in April, will soon leave William and Kate’s abode, moving from Kensington Palace in London to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate.

It’s thought that the couples now need separate teams to help them forge their own styles—and that will end the much speculated upon rivalry!

Another source said, “There is a gulf in the style and approach to the type of work that William and Kate will increasingly do as future head of state and consort, and Harry and Meghan, who have more of a blank canvas with their roles.

“The brothers have leant on each other and looked after each other since their mother died. But now they have their own families, they no longer rely on each other as before. They have become different people with different outlooks on life.”

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Miranda Lambert Got Surprise Married To Her NYPD Boyfriend Of A Few Months

Well I’ll be a corn shucker’s silver dollar pancake! Last week boot scootin’ salad tosser Miranda Lambert went and surprised us all (not really) by throwing some lettuce on a stranger in a steak restaurant. Not that Miranda needs an excuse to toss a salad in public whenever she feels like it, but now we know the real reason why she did it! Miranda was just releasing some pre-wedding jitters. That’s right, Miranda has gone and surprised us all again (not really) by getting secret married to her new boyfriend of a few minutes.

Show of hands if you knew Miranda was dating anyone. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller… Bueller? Me, neither. After her August 2018 breakup from Evan Felker (it appears he was just a little too available, since she dumped him right after his divorce was finalized), Miranda seemed to be laying low, even releasing a country Single Ladies anthem titled I Got My Name Changed Back about quitting the marriage business. Miranda is surely keeping us on our toes, because she just went and did the opposite.

Yesterday on Instagram, 35-year-old Miranda pulled the curtain on the big reveal that she has married a 28-year-old man named Brendan McLoughlin. Brendan is her second husband. Her marriage to Blake Shelton died officially in 2015. And who is this sucker lucky man who has stolen Miranda’s heart for the time being? He doesn’t seem to fit her usual modus operandi of country musician. No, Brendan is a NYPD officer from Staten Island and one-time part-time model. Here’s a better pic of him:

But let’s let Brendan describe himself in his own words, through his old Model Mayhem site (via People):

“My style is all american boy/ abercrombie/ sporty but I’m open minded, so feel free to network with me, share your ideas, and organize sessions.”

Miranda’s man is an all-American, open-minded boy. So what’s the catch? Miranda usually like her love affairs with a side of drama. I’m not saying that there’s any dirt to be had, but just offering the fact that Brendan appears to have welcomed a child with a former partner a few months ago, making Miranda an instant step-monster mother. So there’s THAT.

A source confirms to PEOPLE that McLoughlin recently welcomed a child from a previous relationship. According to multiple comments posted on social media, the baby was born in November of 2018, making McLoughlin the father of a 3-month-old — and Lambert a new stepmom!

And here’s a photo of the couple whose marriage will definitely last forever:

Clearly my brain is fantasy fucked, because I thought that hashtag said #Theon, as in Theon Greyjoy from Game Of Thrones and I perked up a bit thinking there was more to Miranda and her new husband than meets the eye, like they met in Cosplay at Comicon. But no, it really says #The One. And by #The One, I’m pretty sure that really means “one in the middle of about 500 so enjoy your 15 minutes with me, Babe. These country songs aren’t going to write themselves.”

Pic: Instagram

Johnny Storm is Slow on the Uptake in Next Week’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3 (Preview)


Miranda Lambert and New Husband Flash Wedding Bands in NYC

Miranda Lambert has left Tennesse and is now back in the Big Apple with a hunk of a husband hanging from her arm ... and some sweet new bling perched on her finger. The country singer was spotted hand-in-hand with Brendan McLoughlin Saturday in…

11-year-old arrested after refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance – New York Post

  1. 11-year-old arrested after refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance  New York Post
  2. Florida boy, 11, arrested after refusing to recite ‘racist’ Pledge of Allegiance: report  Fox News
  3. Boy, 11, arrested after refusing to recite ‘racist' Pledge of Allegiance: report  Fox 32 Chicago
  4. 11-Year-Old Arrested At School After Refusing To Stand For The Pledge  HuffPost
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Death Star Meets ‘Up’

Robotic Castration as a Solution for Sexual Harassment in Next Week’s Love Romances #1 (Preview)

Looks Better Than My Living Room

Darren Criss Got Married

The slyly THOT-ful Darren Criss, 32, got married. The Glee refugee and television serial killer married his lady love of eight years, Mia Swier, in New Orleans yesterday according to Us Weekly. Darren wore an all-white tux. What a slap in the face to all of us that white tux is. Why not keep it elegant yet simple by wearing a tuxedo speedo, Darren? You’re always wearing wacky shit anyways!

Darren and Mia got engaged in January of last year. People reports that they were married at a New Orleans hotel with his former Glee co-stars Lea Michele, John Stamos, Chord Overstreet, and Harry Shum Jr. in attendance.

Darren and his bride are brave types for inviting Lea, because we know ALL about her grandstanding ass and she probably got them to let her sing with the band and then she probably wouldn’t get off the stage until she had performed every song from Funny Girl. Sit down, Lea. Why invite that chick when you could have invited a positive representation of grandstanding such as Darren’s American Crime Story co-star Judith Light?

We know what Darren does, and Mia is a writer and producer for FOX. Here’s pic of Darren in his virginal white tux and Mia:

How Mia married Darren is beyond comprehension. Didn’t she watch The Assassination of Gianni Veresace: American Crime Story? Besides Edgar Ramirez’s fake Gianni Versace scalp, Darren as crazy hooker/preppie/lie-teller/serial killer Andrew Cunanan is the most terrifying thing going on Netflix right now. Jesus please us, he even managed to make (SPOILER ALERT) go-go dancing around in bikini briefs utterly disturbing. It might have been because his character was holding a sharp object while flamboyantly sashaying around the hotel room while his trick was suffocating to death on the bed. It also might have been because he was dancing to “Easy Lover”. Yeah, it was probably that last bit.


Tori And Dean Go House Hunting Amid Financial And Marriage Problems

Tori Spelling And Dean Go House Hunting

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott were spotted shopping for a new house—despite their many financial and marriage issues chronicled by!

The former Beverly Hills 90210 star, 45, sported a casual look as she went to an open house in Calabasas, California, the high-priced stomping grounds of the Kardashians, among other celebrities.

Fans will be asking if Tori and Dean can afford the neighborhood as they’ve gone through money woes in recent years.

Plus, their domestic life has been turbulent as a source told Radar last year that Tori threw her spouse out of their current house over the holidays.

Late TV mogul Aaron Spelling‘s daughter, the former poor little rich girl, dressed way down for the Saturday, February 16, 2019 outing with her actor husband.

The parents of five also brought along baby Beau and daughter Hattie on the house browse.

Brendan Mcloughlin: Who is Miranda Lambert’s New Husband?!?


Miranda Lambert suddenly has a brand new reason to be singing a very happy tune right now.

The beloved singer stunned followers on Instagram this weekend by announcing that she's a married woman... and some dude named Brendan Mcloughlin is her very lucky husband.

Brendan Mcloughlin

As a caption to the photos above and below, Lambert wrote the following on social media yesterday:

In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share some news. I met the love of my life. And we got hitched! My heart is full. Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for.... me.

She even added the hashtag #theone to her post.

According to E! News, Lambert and McLoughlin tied the knot on January 26 in Davidson County, Tennessee, which is where Miranda's home town of Nashville is located.

Miranda Lambert Wedding Pic

Incredibly, as far as we can tell, this is the first time Lambert has ever mentioned McLoughlin.

Last August, she had said she was "happily single" after a breakup with Evan Felker of the band The Turnpike Troubadours.

Those two musicians two dated for a few months after Lambert split from  Anderson East in April, a romance that lasted about two years.

And that relationship followed a four-year marriage to Blake Shelton, from whom she got divorced in 2015.

But these unexpected nuptials have left the Internet asking a very pertinent and obvious question:

Who the heck is Brendan Mcloughlin?

Miranda Lambert at the Mic

Here is what we've gleaned about him, courtesy of the Internet:

He's a police officer from Staten Island, the Midtown South Precinct to be exact, as a Tweet from March 2018 read as follows:

"PO McLoughlin apprehended [the] perpetrator in a bank robbery in progress.

He's a father.

A source confirms to People Magazine that McLoughlin recently welcomed a child from a previous relationship.

According to numerous comments shared on social media, the child was born in November of 2018, making McLoughlin the father of a three-month-old.

This is a photo of the new Mr. Miranda Lambert in uniform:

Mcloughlin tweet

He's a runner.

In another tweet from his colleagues at the NYPD, McLoughlin is featured holding up a trophy after winning a 5K race.

“Officer McLoughlin wins 1st place for #NYPD Keith Ferguson Memorial 5k Brooklyn Bridge Run!” the message reads.

He has a a profile on Model Mayhem, a widely used site for models to network as well as seek and lock in jobs.

“My name is Brendan McLoughlin. I am 19 years old and live in New York. I am on this site to build my portfolio,” reads a Model Mayhem profile page, last updated in 2011 and showing a shirtless picture of McLoughlin.

Miranda Lambert on Guitar

And also? He's very fortunate!

We send our best wishes to Lambert and Brendan Mcloughlin.

Math Class Never Taught Me About This

Alpantuni’s Gay Muslim Cartoons ‘Disappeared’ From Instagram

Piggy USB Hub

22 Mildly Edgy Memes For When You Need A Bit Of Spice

The best portable power stations

Quick LSD Test

Daily Deals: Young Link, Ken, and Daisy Amiibo All Available for Preorder

Welcome to IGN's Daily Deals, your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use.

We bring you the best deals we've found today on video games, hardware, electronics, and a bunch of random stuff too. Check them out here or like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest deals.


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Chicago PD Are Investigating Jussie Smollett As An “Active Participant” In His Own Attack

Despite the Chicago Police Department denying earlier reports that they thought Empire actor Jussie Smollett staged his own hate crime victimization, they’ve changed their minds and have now come to the conclusion that it was probably staged. Not even Lee Daniels, the master of soap opera fuckery, could come up with a messier storyline. Lee probably should’ve given Jussie a job in the writer’s room.

Here’s what a source and a rep for the Chicago PD tells Deadline Hollywood:

“The new direction of the investigation is now based on the premise that Mr. Smollett was an active participant in the incident,” a law enforcement source close to the situation told Deadline today.

“We can confirm that the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in the Empire case has in fact shifted the trajectory of the investigation,” a Chicago PD statement late Saturday declared. “We’ve reached out to the ‘Empire’ cast member’s attorney to request a follow-up interview.”

In a statement released last night, Jussie’s lawyers said that he feels that he’s being “further victimized” by the accusation. (via CNN):

“As a victim of a hate crime who has cooperated with the police investigation, Jussie Smollett is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with. He has now been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpetrators that Jussie played a role in his own attack. Nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying.”

CNN reports that “two law enforcement sources” with “knowledge of the investigation” told them that the Chicago cops think Jussie paid the two Nigerians, who were in custody, $3,000 “to orchestrate an assault on him.” They’ve reportedly got receipts. Literally.

The sources told CNN there are records that show the two brothers purchased the rope found around Smollett’s neck at a hardware store in Chicago.

Page Six reports that Jussie has hired Trump’s favorite turncoat Michael Cohen’s lawyer. This is what that definitely busy now dude had to say.

“Yes, at the moment, I am,” Michael Monico, a former federal prosecutor in Illinois’ Northern District, told WGN’s “The Roe Conn Show” on Thursday.

After Nigerian brothers Ola and Abel Osundairo were released from police custody on Friday without being charged with anything, police cited “new evidence” in the case and said they had “additional investigative work” to do. The Osundairos’ lawyer hinted that the “new evidence” was supplied during police interviews with Ola and Abel.

As for Jussie’s alleged motivation that he was trying to get attention so he wouldn’t get written off of Empire (which, wow, that’s a silly way to go about things if true), Empire co-creator Danny Strong tweeted on Thursday that Jamal Lyon will remain a mainstay on the show.

I’m no historian, but this may be the first time when people besides raging assholes hope that a hate crime did go down and Jussie is still telling the truth, because if not, this is going to hurt more than just Jussie’s career and life.


Hundreds of passengers stranded ‘with no explanation’ as British airline Flybmi collapses – USA TODAY

  1. Hundreds of passengers stranded 'with no explanation' as British airline Flybmi collapses  USA TODAY
  2. Hundreds stranded as British airline Flybmi collapses  Yahoo News
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  4. What customers affected by massive Flybmi collapse should do next  Daily Record
  5. British regional airline Flybmi suddenly shuts, stranding passengers  MarketWatch
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Walmart Doing The Right Thing

Investigators in Alaska say they have solved brutal 1993 murder of 20-year-old Sophie Sergie – New York Daily News

  1. Investigators in Alaska say they have solved brutal 1993 murder of 20-year-old Sophie Sergie  New York Daily News
  2. Court document details how Alaska State Troopers tracked down murder suspect in Maine  Press Herald
  3. Arrest made in 1993 cold case murder of college student found dead in a dorm room bathtub  CBS46 News Atlanta
  4. Suspect in 1993 murder is registered nurse | Alaska News  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
  5. Sophie Sergie: Alaska's 25-year cold murder case ends with arrest of Steven Downs  The Washington Post
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BOX OFFICE: AQUAMAN Is Now One Of The 20 Highest Grossing Films Of All-Time

Aquaman is still playing in select theaters and the film's weekend haul will be just enough to surpass Transformers: Dark of the Moon for the 20th spot on the list of highest-grossing movies of all time.

Every Time I Go For An Oil Change

More Than 300 Chemical Attacks Launched During Syrian Civil War, Study Says – NPR

  1. More Than 300 Chemical Attacks Launched During Syrian Civil War, Study Says  NPR
  2. Syria's Assad to rebels: U.S. will sell out those relying on it  AOL
  3. U.S. cannot back Syrian forces who align with Assad: U.S. commander  Reuters
  4. Syrian military linked to more than 300 chemical attacks, report says  The Washington Post
  5. Syria used chemical weapons more than 300 times, researchers say | TheHill  The Hill
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DC Cancels Their Second Meeting With Looney Tunes

Anthony Davis finally takes control of situation, but it remains murky as ever – Yahoo Sports

  1. Anthony Davis finally takes control of situation, but it remains murky as ever  Yahoo Sports
  2. Anthony Davis says Celtics, all teams but Pelicans on trade list  ESPN
  3. Anthony Davis spotted hanging out with LeBron James  ClutchPoints
  4. New Orleans Pelicans: Top 5 replacements for Dell Demps as general manager  Pelican Debrief
  5. I never said the Celtics weren't on my list - Anthony Davis | NBA All-Star 2019  ESPN
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Watch Out, Yawning Is Contagious

BlocBoy JB Wanted by Police in Tennessee Over Drug & Gun Charges

BlocBoy JB is a wanted man in his home state of Tennessee ... according to police, who say he's facing multiple criminal charges.  The Shelby County Sheriff's Office tweeted out the news Saturday about the local Memphis MC, saying BB JB --…

18 Classical Art Memes For The Highly Sophisticated

Drug combination may become new standard treatment for advanced kidney cancer

A combination of two drugs -- one of them an immunotherapy agent -- could become a new standard, first-line treatment for patients with metastatic kidney cancer, results from a phase 3 clinical trial suggest.

A hidden source of air pollution? Your daily household tasks

Cooking, cleaning and other routine household activities generate significant levels of volatile and particulate chemicals inside the average home, leading to indoor air quality levels on par with a polluted major city.

Weak spots for Mission to Mars revealed

Researchers are developing a predictive model to help NASA anticipate conflicts and communication breakdowns among crew members and head off problems that could make or break the Mission to Mars.

Tiny fibers create unseen plastic pollution

While the polyester leisure suit was a 1970s mistake, polyester and other synthetic fibers like nylon are still around and are a major contributor to the microplastics load in the environment, according to a materials scientist, who suggests switching to biosynthetic fibers to solve this problem.

Altered data sets can still provide statistical integrity and preserve privacy

Synthetic networks may increase the availability of some data while still protecting individual or institutional privacy, according to a statistician.

Virus-infected bacteria could provide help in the fight against climate change

Understanding the relationship between microbes and viruses is beneficial not only for medical research and practical applications but also in marine biology, say researchers.

Understanding carbon cycle feedbacks to predict climate change at large scale

Researches have identified long-disappeared forests available for restoration across the world. They describe how such an effort, could absorb as much as 135 gigatons of atmospheric carbon.

Children carry evidence of toxins from home flooring and furniture

Children living in homes with all vinyl flooring or flame-retardant chemicals in the sofa have significantly higher concentrations of potentially harmful semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in their blood or urine than children from homes where these materials are not present, according to new research.

Meanwhile In Ireland, Challenge Accepted

Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett Launch Section Zero 1959 – the Year They Were Both Born

Tom Grummett and Karl Kesel just launched a Kickstarter for their first Section Zero original graphic novel titled Section Zero 1959, their tribute to Jack Kirby’s Challengers of the Unknown and Marvel monster comics like Fin Fang Foom.

And set in 1959 because that’s the year Tom and Karl were born – 60 years ago.

SECTION ZERO is not a secret section of the United Nation’s charter. It does not fund a team of experts and explorers to investigate the strange and unknown. This team is an urban myth— as “real” as the UFOs and monsters they’re “protecting mankind from.”

And in 1959— they didn’t know how much they didn’t know.

Karl tells us,

SECTION ZERO 1959 is Tom and my love letter to both Kirby’s Challengers of the Unknown, and those early Marvel monster stories that filled titles like Tales to Astonish. For better or worse, those comics definitely left a mark on me!

The main story— with the characters in their SECTION ZERO uniforms— will be presented like any other comic, but there will also be four solo stories of the characters before they joined the team. These stories will undergo “1959-ization” to better capture the feel of comics from that time…

With some Kickstarter details to follow…

We’re Kickstarting the SECTION ZERO 1959 ULTRA-COOL COLLECTORS’ EDITION, which will look a lot like this:

Hardcover Oversized— 7.5 x 11 inches. Larger than most trade paperbacks.
124+ Full-color Pages
Introduction by Mark Waid. I hear he knows a few things about comics.
Pin-ups by Erik Larsen! Steve Rude! Ron Randall! Leila del Duca! And more! With theircreator-owned characters teaming-up with Tom and my SECTION ZERO characters! How cool is that?
“Zero Secrets”— behind-the-scenes sketches and stories about how the book came together.
Spot gloss on the cover? Ribbon bookmark? Full color endsheets? Fingers crossed. See Stretch Goals.

And here’s a look ahead…



The post Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett Launch Section Zero 1959 – the Year They Were Both Born appeared first on Bleeding Cool News And Rumors.

After Math: Love is in the AR

Vicki Gunvalson ‘Takes Big Pay Cut, Promises Engagement’ To Save ‘RHOC’ Gig

Vicki Gunvalson Takes Pay Cut To Continue On RHOC

Vicki Gunvalson has taken a humiliating pay cut and has promised to get engaged to her boyfriend Steve Lodge to save her gig on The Real Housewives of Orange County, has exclusively learned. Gunvalson took to her Instagram account on Saturday to tell fans she was back for the new RHOC season, writing as a video caption, “First night of filming for me and @stevelodge_oc in the books. Season 14 @evolutionusa #bravo #rhoc.”

PHOTOS: ‘RHOC’ Rivalry Explodes! Vicki Trashes Tamra Judge As ‘Classless’

But there’s been huge drama behind the scenes! A source told Radar that the original Bravo housewife, who was rumored to be demoted into a “friend” role on the show, “took a nearly 50 percent pay cut per episode, and she has no guarantee for episodes.

“Vicki already missed a week of filming.” According to the Radar source, “Vicki’s attorney pitched to the show the idea of her getting engaged to Steve as part of a big storyline. That was basically her only leverage.”

Another source told Radar, “It’s soon to tell whether Vicki will be an RHOC full-time member or a part-time member. She will, however, have getting engaged and getting married as a major part of her story line this season. That was a game changer when she brought that to the table.”

The insider added that producers “will let Vicki say whatever she wants about the negotiations. They aren’t going to trash talk her.”

PHOTOS: ‘RHOC’ Drug Scandal! Kelly Dodd Accuses Tamra Judge Of Steroid Abuse In Wild Claim

However, some in the housewives world believe that Gunvalson “should have walked like NeNe Leakes did after The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 7.

“Producers did the same thing to her that they did to Vicki. But NeNe left making $50,000 an episode and then ratings tanked without her. NeNe then returned at $100,000 per episode, getting the last laugh!” But Gunvalson, 56, has made her deal, and she told the source she got “exactly what she wanted.”

PHOTOS: Conned Again? Vicki Gunvalson Already ‘In Love’ With New Boyfriend Steve Lodge

It’s so far unclear if she’ll be termed a “friend” or will be a “full-time” housewife. As Radar previously reported, Gunvalson’s rivals Jeff Lewis and Kelly Dodd first started the talk that she was being demoted. After that, Gunvalson shared a romantic photo of herself and Lodge on a Bahamas getaway but said nothing about her RHOC status.

This weekend, however, she finally said she’s back filming the reality show that made her a household name.

PHOTOS: Split Secrets Exposed! Inside Shannon Beador’s Marriage Hell

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Jussie Smollett Not Officially ‘Suspect’ But Police Sources Say Otherwise

Jussie Smollett is not officially a suspect in the Chicago PD investigation, despite multiple sources inside the department who tell us he is squarely just that. We reached out to Chi PD and asked if the status of the "Empire" star has officially…

Snape’s Sophisticated Sense Of Humor

How time spent in space creates unusual immune-system impact – New Zealand Herald

  1. How time spent in space creates unusual immune-system impact  New Zealand Herald
  2. Mark Kelly could join a small club of congressmen who have traveled in space  CBS News
  3. Twins in NASA research offer clues to rigors of space  SFGate
  4. 'Every Day Is A Good Day When You're Floating': Anne McClain Talks Life In Space  NPR
  5. NASA Reveals How Space Affected Astronaut’s Body Compared To His Twin  LADbible
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That’s Just Impressive

Adam Schiff refuses to stand down if Mueller finds no collusion – Washington Examiner

  1. Adam Schiff refuses to stand down if Mueller finds no collusion  Washington Examiner
  2. Schiff: Evidence of collusion between Trump campaign, Russia 'pretty compelling' | TheHill  The Hill
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  4. ‘Evidence in plain sight’ of Trump collusion with Russia, Schiff says  POLITICO
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NBA All Star Game 2019 LIVE: Team LeBron vs Team Giannis updates, live score – Express

  1. NBA All Star Game 2019 LIVE: Team LeBron vs Team Giannis updates, live score  Express
  2. 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend Charlotte: NBA All-Star Game Rosters, Preview & TV Info
  3. How to watch 2019 NBA All-Star Game live on TV, online
  4. Nets' Joe Harris Wins 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend Three-Point Contest  Sports Illustrated
  5. All-Star Weekend focuses on Charlotte impact with social issue discussions  WSOC Charlotte
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Aurora shooter brought gun to termination meeting, opened fire as soon as he was fired, police say – Fox News

  1. Aurora shooter brought gun to termination meeting, opened fire as soon as he was fired, police say  Fox News
  2. Police chief on gunman: "He was not supposed to be in possession of a firearm"  CBS News
  3. Aurora shooter Gary Martin had a history of domestic violence, assault
  4. Aurora shooting: Victims identified in shooting at Henry Pratt Company; gunman was terminated employee with felony conviction  WLS-TV
  5. Victims identified in Illinois workplace shooting; gunman had prior felony conviction  WDAF FOX4 Kansas City
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Germany cool on Trump appeal to take back IS fighters from Syria – Reuters

  1. Germany cool on Trump appeal to take back IS fighters from Syria  Reuters
  2. ISIS forces now cornered in Syria  ABC News
  3. Islamic State's 'caliphate' is on the brink of defeat in Syria  New York Post
  4. Without territory or new recruits, Islamic State is in its death throes  The Guardian
  5. How the U.S. might stay in Syria, and leave at the same time  The Washington Post
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This Idea Should Be Implemented Everywhere

NYPD Officer Denies Telling Cops to Shoot 50 Cent on Sight

1:22 PM PST -- Roy Richter -- who serves as the president of the Captains Endowment Association, a union that reps Emanuel Gonzalez -- tells TMZ ... the allegation that Gonzalez told fellow officers to shoot 50 Cent on sight last year is completely…

She Better Has Bought It

Politicians squabble over who is to blame for Amazon decision to ditch New York – USA TODAY

  1. Politicians squabble over who is to blame for Amazon decision to ditch New York  USA TODAY
  2. New York mayor says Amazon headquarters debacle was 'an abuse of corporate power'  CNN
  3. Pete King: Ocasio-Cortez, NY Dem Legislature Killed Amazon Deal  Newsmax
  4. Rep. Peter King: If Ocasio-Cortez hadn't won, Amazon wouldn't have scrapped deal  New York Post
  5. New York hates Amazon | TheHill  The Hill
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Hot Slut Of The Day!

Driving In Japan When Suddenly

40 Time-Wasting Memes Of Assorted Quality

Schiff: Trump ‘daring the courts’ to strike down national emergency – CNN

Schiff: Trump 'daring the courts' to strike down national emergency  CNN

Washington (CNN) House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Sunday the national emergency President Donald Trump announced is ...

View full coverage on Google News

The Real Mystery

2019 Genesis Open leaderboard: Live coverage, golf scores, Tiger Woods score, Sunday highlights – CBS Sports

  1. 2019 Genesis Open leaderboard: Live coverage, golf scores, Tiger Woods score, Sunday highlights  CBS Sports
  2. Highlights | Round 3 | Genesis Open 2019  PGA TOUR
  3. Tiger Woods begins third round at Riviera with eagle, three birdies  ESPN
  4. PGA Tour 2019: Live leaderboard for Genesis Open 3rd round (Tiger on fire)
  5. Tiger Woods eagles No. 11 at Genesis Open 2019  PGA TOUR
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2019 Genesis Open leaderboard: Live coverage, golf scores, Tiger Woods score, Sunday highlights –

2019 Genesis Open leaderboard: Live coverage, golf scores, Tiger Woods score, Sunday highlights

Live updates, analysis and highlights from Sunday's action in the 2019 Genesis Open at Riviera.

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Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry – The New York Times

  1. Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry  The New York Times
  2. Pence met with silence after mentioning Trump in Munich speech | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Pence’s Calls to Pressure Iran Fall on Deaf Ears in Europe  The Wall Street Journal
  4. Munich or a Requiem for the West  The New York Times
  5. Trump foreign policy under attack from all sides at European security conference  The Washington Post
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Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry – The New York Times

Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry  The New York Times

Europeans pushed back against the Trump administration's unilateralism at the Munich Security Conference, signaling a shift that is likely to be exploited by ...

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Heather Nauert ends bid to be next US ambassador to UN | Al Jazeera English – Al Jazeera English

  1. Heather Nauert ends bid to be next US ambassador to UN | Al Jazeera English  Al Jazeera English
  2. Heather Nauert withdraws from consideration for UN ambassador nomination, State Department says  Fox News
  3. Heather Nauert withdraws from consideration as UN ambassador  CNN
  4. Trump’s U.N. pick Heather Nauert withdraws over nanny’s work status, unpaid taxes  ThinkProgress
  5. Heather Nauert, Trump’s pick for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, withdraws from consideration  The Washington Post
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NASA backs tiny 3D-printed sensors for planetary rovers

Miranda Lambert reveals she secretly wed Brendan McLoughlin – Page Six

Miranda Lambert reveals she secretly wed Brendan McLoughlin  Page Six

Miranda Lambert revealed Saturday she married Brendan McLoughlin, calling the Staten Island native "the love of my life."

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Somebody Enjoys Their Job

Diallo vs. Zion in 2020? Here’s what it could look like – ESPN

  1. Diallo vs. Zion in 2020? Here's what it could look like  ESPN
  2. Oklahoma City's Diallo leaps over Shaq to win dunk contest  Fox News
  3. Social media reacts to All-Star Saturday  Sporting News
  4. Hamidou Diallo wins dunk contest; Jayson Tatum best in skills challenge  ESPN
  5. Hamidou Diallo won All-Star Saturday Night  FanSided
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